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Adopt Plan to Perpetu?
ate Conference as Na?
tional Institution.
Springs to Be Scene of 1913
Meeting?Employ Salaried Sec?
retary?States Assessed for
Expenses?Day Spent At?
tending Oyster Roast at
Virginia Beach.
So tii?t Um i,mi ? a 1 meatINaja of gov
?mom - i i.< Slates ma) become ?
paamaaam faeior la national affairs,
the executives la Beesten in it.cnmond
detcrninr <1 last night Ij lorni an or
?jag'sailon slung eeanite lines. Mara*
Safere, Ii, aseetiagi beve been rn?.c
Informal gatherings, ... S<< wslsai e
witii tentetlt sntfr rsi andlaga and
ten. p.,. * : I 1 UM I
Tine conclusion s aa rssshsd aft.r
a session at t?<> bears bektae closed
do ?. dum g which tile plan as pro?
posed by the committee *a-? w ar m 1 y
dlrx ueaed Considerable ,|iff. reaqs of
?hinten exited regarding the salary
to be Seed the secretai y - treasurer, a
oe? esacer created la tat plan but the
seeafereact at lest d<<.i?Wi to ut tbe
aurti of |1 " r.mnin ir, IBM committee
plan Boose Governors thought it too
?."olorado Springs. Cok, ?u sei SUSS d
ae the next place of meeting
'"c?nlun"B flan.
The official name is to be "The Gov?
ernors' Conference." It is to be com
jr .- I of Qeeeraera and Governo'*-e|ect
of the several States, as active mem
bera, while former Governors may be?
come honorary members, with all privi?
leges aa**J the right to vote.
The plan proceeds. "The functions
of The Goxernor's Conference shall be
to meet yearly for an exchange of
ete-s and e>.p rletices on subjects of
gen. rai Importance to the people of
the several Stales, the promotion of
greater aaifeemlty in State legislation
and (c attainment "f greater effici
BBSBP tn Stats administration. '
No permanent president shall ever
be elected for the conference. A chair?
man shell he chosen to act for each
half day s session There are to be BO
rules of procedure, each confc.-er.ee
adopt ins- ite own.
In vacation of the conferences, the
ex^-utlvi 'otomiMee of three members.
Shall guide its a!fa'-?
Hi<r Peed gaeesas,
A permanent secretary -treasu-er is
to be e|e.-tcd st an annual s?.arv of
IC.sen He is t" handle all money, giv?
ing bond for the performance of his
dutres. He is to attend to all eUTTBS
pondenc and do the detail work. One
ef his duties ts to keep in touch with
agencies engaged ,n the promotion of
unif.>-rcit; and efficiency in legislation
A provision which will prot-ably for
ev- h? r after exclude suffragists
from the floor ts to the effect that
persons not members of 'he conference
Shall not he hf a*d on any subject until
after all business has been transacted,
and then only by unanimous consent.
Had this restriction been In operation
forty-eight hours earlier, the address
which Is proposed to be delivered on
en :al suff-atp? t ould not heve been
made, since the vote on the subject
was s tie. the eh.iirrvan d'-ctding the
flijestjnn In the affirmative HereaTter.
but one BSSjatlVU y-te will be suffici?
Relieve ii?i?r??r?.
Programs for s.clal ? nt"Uinm?r.:?
ere to be approved by the saaeBttre
rommitf e in advance of future meet?
ings it ?as renlssed thst a* the ro-.
ference groars in sire and Importance
the social affair* BrtH 'nirea?e. and
trikir.g ths execagree e aaaaMea r?
sponrthle will tend to relieve the re?
sponsibilities of the ente-taining Oat -
Mho\ detail? weie ander dkeeusaten
during th* two hou-s of secret ses- !
Sion. btit the members BSOBBJ not talK I
for r-nhllcation. The matter of salary |
for the secretary -t reSMTS. er Is believed
to I saSBSBd mest of the dlsagroe
r 1
i ..1 owlne tbe adksptPSB of the plan
ef permsnertt ora ,niratlon. th? confer-.
ep"e proceed'd *o t^k' ?;-> th" d --
tlon of secur.ng the nioejey to nay e*
pensep snd ?sls-v '? ? .< . aUrtwrUl Bed
in h'fH esrri Mste |l\n pa^nvTif el
this ;s of course, optional, hu! fit. t or -
ferrflrr be]*exed BSSSt ist .r?? w II
anak? the appropriation. The Oma <
dtssembly of Virginia does not tn-e'
SJntll after next yesrs tens*1 I tac .
Com Ms It Ire la \ameS.
An eveeuttve csMWmltte? for th? er
gums cfir *??? el- t-l nwiMwd
tVvenn- F"-a-. R MrH H STS . ' * '*
e?n?'n. rhuirmni. O^v. Kti.ce
CPXral. r-r Absaaass '??<\ Oe'ttaaa tsatt
at, M hsaejM - irshSs
This eorrrr>ltfee el t . t-?n-r . .?.
BJBBgUajBri - ire >??; ? ?- [? . t- BS STS
eadnion that thi? <-w;. -r ?11; :-?- |ibs|
Seeretser ?1 It tier, ef Bjed sea * I
str Pll??v ?? leeio'st v, lefseewta 1
hrartan far rhe fcigaissla* sf st'iss.aa
?In H? has b-en a um - i t, ? ssaji
n. cenferen ?
ff J
Wee-? la ' et"'? So BaajSgSBJ
Tb? ?tif'r?tif? Bhea pr?-'?^ td M
the en?1ee nf 'h. "C r'l
Ing Ar. Ir.- '*?'"? *?- ?' en**d fron
Oolore^o Fnrinea ?d t^,t eit- will d"
the honors next 1 im? The ttm? "
? StnS ?0 he rV?'" ' ' ? 1-' stnaj
thst It ?-o,jid Petter s>iit the r?nveei.
aajee et sii na iif h s sWIta ea-ir?r
(">?<?> '? e f SvaSBhSW SseeajffjBpl ear?
lier tb^r 'ba' m'.T.lb ? t lid .'"i'I I ?
wears like thl? t!lh the ramrs'O" BS
teanv Governors
No open se?sion nt f?1? <~1 -'
fJOnferen^e was held reeterda' Th.
Sar ?se spent In th* trip to NesTteSB]
gnd Vlrplnts rtescn t-e p?r- no- re-|
turning to the cttv ttntil 7 ;e ?v|nck j
Isst night tt ?>? i o'clock when It*
ftnrernors sr,.? lo*ether ?fler dlnSMSr. I
The only hu-lnrss Iransacted before
rir ?live ?e??!?n m ss entered uf?*?n
wee the irnili-? of s telegram to *">?
bsssedo- Mvron T Iferriek -etjiesting
" (Continus? on Setcad Page )
They *ew Ha?c More I ..rmi.lai.ie
rarer Tbae Federals.
Fl Psso. T*xa?. P>c*mbfr 4.?Mexl
<an rebel group* under General Paa
!"?) Orosco, Jr.. Marcolo i'argveo and
\ntonlo P.ojas have combined along
the Mexican feneral RnflWSjr, mldwa>
between t'hlhauhua. City and Juarer.
making a command of morn thai I Ng
men led by General Arosco. These
form a much larger mobile force than
Is possessed by the Federals In Chi
nauhijA State.
Iri addition to reporting this, the
refugees arriving here to-night say
that in attacking tbe northern bound
Mexican Central t,?. . train be?
low Gallege jefteri'ay, th- r?oels b?
ileveti they a ere gaagalttag ib.e arm
'ted train, which is carry tag Mi Iti
fstittymrn on a cnatlaue-aa patrol of
tbe pin railroads b'fv. i Ii: hauhua
fit- and the border. i if the troop
guard af thiity-four defending the
passenger 11 win. tw?.ve including
i ?i'inin t, le^ndaroa ?er.- killed, and j
rig-Mean argnadnd Tar? af m? train
crew and ? number of p.ias. cers also!
?< re w ounded gk) far |h< Mexican
\"..rf n wentern Rai Ig/1 .11 An:?r|.?n - ,
11? nrd raad. remains 00*11 between the
state Capital at|d tag "?'der. although!
den era] Ines la la ig r. with i?o elMI-1
t'onal rebels is operating along that1
line. ,
The thirteen Federal wounded arbo
agvi tea 'ar*4 for by the United
S*3te? Arm. aseatlcal corps of Co
I am boa. New M< Meo. arrived to-day
at J agree wh<re they saiered the aUH
terv hospital. Their removal from the
I7ait?d s?at?s ??*.?. ?armlttad bj special
order from W asblngton. Tpe nine,
rebel wounded from the |*a1ninaa tit
BaaTesneat teniaiu at Catuatbag
Famous *or|et? I esder llles st Home
Id Paris.
Pans. Lecember 4 Mrs Hoheit
Goelet. of New York and P^rir. Jled
to-day at her Paris resi jence.
Robert Goelet was present at his
mothers beside when ?he ,!i*.i. The
cause of death is stated to hive b. .-n
a complication of i'lseases.
The body aril] be taken to the Fnited
Mrs Qoalefa ms.:den rams was H*r
riet Warren Rrie was married to Rob-,
ert Goelet In 1*79, and had two chil?
dren, Beatrice and Robert Walton Ooe
>t She passed much of her time
abroad, both during he- husband s life
snd afterward, mck'ng long cruises
on board their yacht, the Ntlitna. Mr.
'ioelet dlerl or. the Nahma In Naple*
harbor. April !7. 1S.J9. Mrs Goelet rcet
the Emperor William on several occa?
sions during her cruises, and both he
and the Crown Prince of Germanv
Ii e been guests on board |hg Nahma.
Mr" Goelet was tsk?n ear loualy hi
in August, this year, while ?t Sottrf
smpton, and ber ailment tto dtagnaaad
as cancer. She Imtaadlgfly left for
France to undergo treatment
R?porta as- to her condition s:ne? her
arrival In Farts had lern so favorable
that her ,i??th to-day was unexpected.
Mrs. Goelet a great wealth and social
importance made her an International
personage Aboard her vscht the
Na>ma crowned hea-Is snd mar.v tltlei
pe-jonages from time to time were her
former New 1 ork < haaaterlals Not
tenanted to Ball.
>.-.-. fork December 4?Sentence
upon Cnaries H. H>de. former City
Chamberlain, convicted of bribery in
conne-tion with the misuse of city
funds was deferred to-day when -lus
Uca Oast announced that he would taice
under i-or.sid?ration for one week the
plea of his attorney for an srrest of
M'anwhlle sn Ir.vestlgat on will be
made by the special "'.lohn pne" grand
hM . >d?-- orders from Justice G?"7 of
the charges that Hyde received und";*
favors while a prisoner In the Tombs
snd of t*-?- al egat'on that emp "yes nf
the prleoa 'isd knowledge of evidence
tending to show the conv Icted man s
Application by Hyde's couns?! that
hie client be admitted t-v bsll "us re?
fused by the court, and Hyde was
remanded to the Tombs until sentence
1? passed.
?iaj?c*B of *?rwat?ra and Representatives
Popular riarea.
Imperial to The Tlmes-P:*pateh )
Washington l>. C. r??c*mber 4.?
Among the well known Virginia poll
*:%iins i:> Waaaataartaa t >-dia- pv a*
former C .nKressmar. Harr; 1? Ma>
nar?l. of P" ismouth.
He ess mingling with tbe thron?
at th* New WllUrd. and though he
bad nothing special to es> regarding
the political situation. It Is not im?
probable te t he will be near when the
pie Is cut.
v h unte-s h'g-nnC
to throng the f'apltol and the offices
of th? N'iiJtfir? and llouse rr? mbera
tw be<r?m!ng a popular rendezvous.
Mr". Riirrom and I osssiaalea *?*e
tre. rd for KiUlaa I'erwarr's Husband
l.c-bon. O. December 4. ? Events
assfted avaadal] to-daj .n ta* trial of
M ? - f;-.-h*rd r.-.r-ow? and John Co
?urn ?:-arg-d ? ith the murder of the
a -'mar's b?i?b?nd. when, within five
a't'- the i-jry was Impaneled
paaaa al ?mtt*i of min?isughter were
. ; te-ed. the ttir' ass glOeed argU
t '-? a.? ? a ??? heard
ard ?.1,teri.-e ? a? pe-.nonnred Mrs
Burrows was sentence^ to fire year*
? f bar: UV->r n the penitentiary' snd
' oj?.,rn given an Indeterminate sen
.r- . bj -he Mans*-M Reformatory.
l'i" i ? r fwtwwa'eatt** SHI SSllawa
>nw I n?|?e??tMe
Ham'lfon R.-m a r,-r,mbee 4. hs
r>f Mrfi?n JamSlea r-eslfent
Fl?ct M ilson 'it n i?t t? enloy ht?
? ?->rainti??1esr?en d*r?ctly srlth *m*r
Ica aii'h eab'e I* c it off and there 1?
no prospect nf the defect helr.g repair?
ed for some time.
I araea4 Turtle fwr Beek era' Sens
Xesr Toek. rveeewiber 4 - The largest
fi.-tle ever brought to New Tork f-orn
the tropics !s to he made into soup'for
th* coming bervqiet of the Amesi<-an
Rankers' Aaaortatton The turtle. eh"t
arrlred on th* liner Tlsieaa. la tan
fe*t long and w sag ha a quarter of g
ton, ?^
If Terminus IsGordons
ville, Richmond Will
Reap Harvest.
Counties of Greene and Madison,
Now Without Railway Facili?
ties, to Have Line?Vast
Timber Lands to Be
Reached.?Section Rich
and Prosperous.
Plans for an electric railroad to tap
extensive virgin territory in Greene
and Ma/lieon CouBtiea launched in
MamUi'jsville, cOatafa immense trsde
l">?g-t?il]t!es f'jr Ri<-tim?*nd. provided
the local comtTv' i ? ia.1 bodies co-operate
with the interest' behind the proposed
load to secure Ms routing in a manner
to lnsi> ? to this elt;. a laajor part of
Hie ttafflc
A? far as it has taker, shape, the
project contemplate* the construction
of an ?lactric road from Madison
Courthouse directly s?.uth to liberty
Mills in Orange County. Another
hraneh Is to be built Prem Standarde
ville. In a southeasterly direction, to
Join the first branch at Uberty Mills.
Crom that point the road is to be ex?
tended for trunk line connection, ??ither
to Orange or Gordonsvllle Coon the
['?cation of the terminal at one or the
other of these two points depends the
?mount of traffc which will go to
President T. M. Carrlngton. of th*i
Cnamber of Commerce; President T. P.
bryan. of the Bunineea Men's Club, and'
Gene-al Freight Agent E. P. Hotchkisa
of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway,
after an inspection of the prospectus,
yesterday declared '.i to be their opin?
ion that from Richmond's standpoint,
Gordons^ille ?as the more desirable
terminal for the new rcaad. Thus routed.
Lai > thought, t-afflr over the proponed
line would tend to be deflected to?
wards Richmond, because of the short?
er i!.-,ixl and a corresponding lower
freight rate that would be possible.
I hanbser Reedy to Help.
"In the absence of more definite data
to work upon." said Mr. Carrlngton. "It
would appear that Gordonsvllle is the
more oeeirable terminus from a Rich?
mond standpoint and the chamber will
l>e glad, as aoon as the matter Is pre
e nted to it In more detail, to suppovt
It as the point of Junction I w'!l
brine the matter to the attention of
th. Inland Trades Committee, which
passes upon this class of business for
the chamber."
"Gordonsvllle. without a doubt, seems
SB he the logical terminus, as far as
Richmond s advantage Is concerned."
said President T P. Bryan of the Bual
??>> Men's Club, after an inspection
of the plans. "F-om that point traffic
naturally moves to this city, while from
Orange most of It would be deflected
to Washington and Baltimore, where
the trad* of that section Is now going.
The Pi.s'.nees Men's Club stands ready
to co-operate with the other commer?
cial bod.es of the city in securing the
routing of the road through Gordons
"The fact that Gordonsv'lle Is nine
miles nearer Richmond than Orange,
and in a direct line south, would un?
doubtedly deflect traffic this way. ' said
F.. p. H-tchktes gene-al freight agent
of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Company. |
On the* other hand. If the road goes
to Orange, the distance to Richmond
and trashineton will he about the
same, but the movement of the traffic
wo ;id tend towards Washington and
the North. The Chesapeake and Ohio
? SBM, of course, prefer Gordonsvlll*.
Wtseia i' would have the field to Itself
to Orar.sre. where it would be in com?
petition with another road
Osesi Ts Fertile teetfnn.
The projected road will tap two r?ur
ties at present without transportation
facilities of any kind. The country has
vast timber resources In s practically
Brgts srste. and la an apple, cattle
-a-slnr and fsrminr country of the
? -?? Vest Sf ?~e product* -OW
;??. - way N Baltimore and other
Vorthern markets by ?|v of ?""ulpeper.
Rapidan and Oranre. where they are
hrousht hr wagon
it is believed h1* promoters o' the
-nsd that It would rsv from th? Start
iCo?tlnue?-: or Second Put' ? I
Member* of i.e-man Diplomatic I urpi
\ntl?ed ad lleaulatlnn.
Berlin. December 4.?The entry of
American-born wtv*s Into the licnnin
diplomatic corpa la forbidden from now
on. under a ruling of Imperial fhan
cellor von Berhmann-Hollwoa. who has
restored the regulation, made by the
lata Prine? Bismarck prohibiting Oer
man diplomats from marylng foreign?
In the course of rears the regulation
had fallsn Into desuetude Former Im?
perial Chancellor Prince Bernard van
H ielnw with hts Italian wife, Pi la engl
Ma- a F'.eeradelll dl Bologna. headf-1 a
serv!-e which was largely graced bv
American brides, who Included Lillian
May T.a:igham. of Lovlevllk*. Kv . th?
wife of che late Ambasssrl >- Bmt
Speck \ on .aternburg. and Jeanne
Lasest ease y er, of New York, wtf ?> of the
present i;*rmtn a ?? ?..?? ?.<->- st Wash
tngron fount Johann fistln riefe von
fiernstorff and other s.mb%***.dra????.<
I>r. von Bethmann-Hol)weg ha? no?
informed the members of the QeranM
dlploinatic service that the decision of
an offleial of the German diplomatic
corps serving abroad to marry a for?
eigner will hereafter be regardej as
an expression of his wish to retire
from the service
Jury i on* let* Ohl? Legislator of Ac?
cepting Bribe.
Columbus, U.. Iiecember 4. -Another
Ohlo leglalator was found gilty of
bribery here to-day when a jury re?
turned a verdict against Senator Ueo.
K. Ceton. charged with accepting $-''>"
for hie vote on sn insuram r bill. Sen?
tence araa deferred.
As a result of the bribery trials
Rodney Plegie, the Senate S-rgeant-at
Arms. is serving a term of three year*:
three State Senators have feaag con?
vict erj and a Representative has con?
fessed to having been Implicated in the
scandal. Two sentences have b'-en ap?
pealed and Ceton s cas? ?rill take a HKe
Injured While PartlHsstlng In Switzer?
land's Winter Sports.
Berne. Switzerlasd. Iiecember 4.?
Recent heavy snowfalls have permitted
the early opening of the winter sports
season which is now lo full
everywhere. The first ac-id?nt occur?
red last night above Neucnatel
F.ngllsb students were garlangty in?
jured. Their bobsled dashed Into ?
barrier snd the youths were thrown
with great violence, all of them suf?
fering fractures or bad sprains
As there was no telephon- at hand,
some of their American comrades s;>ed
off on skis and brought a K"d
i ross autom"bi.?. and the victims were
conveyed to the hospital a- N-uehatei.
fits Votee Agalaat tfce Proposed >rT?
Los A-ge>? fa! December 4?Citi?
zens of Los Angeles awoke to-dav to
find with certainty that they had no
new cirv charter, b'lt that the saloon
free lun^h was left to them. Botu
propositions were voted on yester?
This was the first defeat s.ffere<1 by
the good gnvernrn? mt organisation
since it assumed control of the city's
affatrs with the recall of Mayor Har?
per four years ago. The charter prop?
osition was besten about two to one
The harbor soce of the city rejected
prohibition by a scant ?Mjarlty,
rHtratoeed Of to Satisfy Rank's JadsT
aseat of e-j.non.noo
Butte. Mont. December 4?On a
Judgment of $2.nnn i>nn obtained by the
Lincoln Trust Companv of New York
City as trustees December IB. th<
holdings of La Frar.ee Copper pBianany
In Butte, which was organized by F
Augustu? Heirze. were so'd to-day at
sheriff s ssle to T. ft Oagsy, of jjew
Tork. for $1 fin ?an
Mr. Crntey represented s newly or?
ganized JjH France fopper Company
The Lincoln Trust i'ompany obtained
the Judgment when the origins! La
France Fompanv defaulted on bonds.
Prince Katsora or fount Terenral May
Form New Owe.
Tokio. December I - P-*mi?- Sa'onJ'
and the ortier members of the Japan?
ese r-sbf*>ef 'esisrned to-daT as a result
of th* ?riais brought afeaajf. be tbe diffi?
culty af aaeTlng a ???.etwrnrnwr as war
minister to I/eufenant-GenersI Pre.
Tt Is einerfed thst either P-1nee
Taro Kats-ura SS ".Vuterrant-Oeneral
fount Tereucht. Tapanese rovernor
genera! of Ko-ea w 11 he ask*d to form
a new CHblnet.
Wins Point That Be?
sieged Towns Be Not
Pleads With Balkan States to Do
Nothing That Will Endanger or
Weaken League, Offering All
Her Naval and Military
Resources to Battle
With Turks.
London, December 4.?No news has
yet been re.-eived that Gr?"o hau
I signed the armistice In the Turkieh
j Balkan war. although ?h" !? expected
j to do so. as the protocol provides that
j the hes'eged garrison- "re BOt to be
provisioned Oreeee had strongly ob?
jected to their being rex-ictusl-d The
fact that Turloey has agreed to this
clause is V id tr> Indicate that there Is
no likelihood of the Immediate surren?
der of the fortresses.
ft Is possible that two <jonferentes
may be sitting cjoncurrentlv at T/xndon
after next week. The proposal for SS
ambassadorial conference reached
Vienna to-day. ajid Is said to have been
received sympathetically B>y the Aus?
trian Cabinet Count von T>rchtol. of
Austria, however, is delaying his reply
until he has consulted with the other
members of the triple alliance. As
Germany !? known to favor the con?
ference. It Is expected that Austria
will embrace the proposal, and the am?
bassadors are likely to meet at the
?am? time as the peace delegate*.
With respect to the dispute between
the allies. It appears that the Greek
government addressed last Saturday a
dignified and pathetic appeal to the
al'.:es. beseeching them to take no ac?
tion calculated to weaken or endansrer
1 the league. At the same time. Greee?
' offered all her nax-al and military re
I sources In case Turkey declined to
j accept terms lexss damaging to what
>: ?? t regarded as the allies' business
Interests. It Is understood that this
appeal forms an Important historical
do :umsnt which will show- that Greece.
I far from having any Intention to break
? away from the league, made the
I strongest efforta to maintain it In Its
j original form.
liar With Greeee Continues.
Constantinople, r>oe**mher t.?An offi?
cial note issued this evenlnjr says: "An
armistice has been concluded with Bul?
garia. Servia and Montenegro. The
state of war with Greece continues "
Although the complete terms of the
protocol have not been made public
It Is learned that the ouestlon of re
SlltllSSHllg the beleaguered towns was
abandoned, the eovernment heinr sat?
isfied that the towrvs were sufficiently
! supplied with foodstuffs to last until
i the conclusion of peace.
The only condition maintained In th?
. official communication to the press Is
I that the troops will remain 'n the po
| s;tlons now occupied. It Is said no
l'mlt has been placed on the armistice,
j which may be terminated by forty
eight hours' notice by- elthe- side. It
: x -i.:.ort?d that Bulgarian and Turkish
. delegates will meet again to-IUOfIOw
I at Baarbtch? to arrange preliminaries
I for the peace conference.
Wag Art Wfthont Allies.
Ithsas r>e-emb?r *.?atJommenting
upon the conclusion of the armistice,
the Athens newspapers esrpreas the
conviction that Greece will continue
the war without her allies.
Acic-rdlng to advloee from flal'vnlk;.
the GrsskS are meeting with consider?
able opposition In PJplru* The Turk?
ish arme wht.-h retreated from Mon
lagJr l-i> BS4 ? :-rendered, hut the sub?
mission of small detachments continues.
American Rar A aaoedaf lon'a Report
rtarella on Activities).
New Tork. December 4.?Efforts of
the American Bar Association to secure
reformation In law and legal procedure
;are dwelt ;por in the thirty - fifth a nnunl
rape11 of the association, made p ,v -
The work ;s proceeding thrnuEh
Standing eo-rmlttee? wbteh era r?n
stsntly emplo\ ed. the repor' show*.
The association n"w has S.M4 active
In New Building
Four departments of The Times-Dispatch have been
moved to the new "The Times-Dispatch" Building.
Persons having business with the
Advertising Department, Circulation Department,
Auditing Department and Business Department
Will find representatives of The Times-Dispatch at the
New Building.
Phone Monroe 1.
Deseocrsttc Clubs Sknnt President
fimors la and Pageant on Same Dnj.
iSpecial tu Tb,- Timcs-Diepaioh.]
Washington. December 1?The, Na?
tional League of Democratic Cluba coo
eluded its eassions here tu-day by the
election of officers and the adoption of
resolutions recommending Uiet the
o*remonl'-s of swearing in of the FVea
ldent and the attendant pageant should
not be sepa: a.led. favoring but oni
term of office for President and deplor?
ing as unjust and reprahenalble the
manner In which the Panama Canal
Zone was acquired.
The following officers ?e:e elected
President, Perry Belmont, of New
York, tint vice-president. Senator Hok*
Smith, of C.eorgle, second vl<;*?-pr<jel
dent. Frederick Lynch. Minnesota
third vice-presldsnt, Frederick W.
Plalsted, Maine, fourth vlcft-preelder.'
John 1- I e n tx, of Ohio, fifth vdce-pres
Meet, e i.nrles M- He|fn-?r. of Washing
ton. secretary a.nd organuer, W llllan.
C. Llller. of Indiana, treasurer. L'r
John W. OWi of New York, and aer
geant-at-arms. Colonel Jonn I. Martin
of Missouri
Honorary presidents of the olub was
chosen as follows. President-Elect
n oodrow Wilson. Vice-President-Elect
Thomas F.\ Marshall. WUium J. Bryan.
Adlal E. Stevenson, Senator John W.
Kara, of Indiana, Speaker Champ
t'Urk. and Representative Oscar W.
t ndr rwood. of Alabama
An executive board with a member?
ship representing practically every
state in the Fnlon was cho.-en. A com?
mittee of five, of which former Con?
gressman Laf> Pence, of Colorado, was
made chairman. was appointed to
aio'ise Interest among the llemocrat'C
elubs of the country in the forthcoming
inaueuraUon of President Wilson.
Among other resolutions adopted
v** one deploring the agitation for
th" compulsory purchase of "Mont I -
crllo." the home of Thomas Jefferson,
and another recommending that no
treaty should be entered into between
the United rttaoes and Russia until
Russia recognizes expatriation.
For Seven Bays He Had Bees on Manri
la l ash Reerfster lane.
Cincinnati. December 4.?After hav?
ing been under examination seven
days, Henry O. James, former Na?
tional Cash Register salesman, to-day
was excused from the witness stand
at the trial of thirty officials of the
National, accused of criminal viola
I tion of the Sherman law
James was excused durine: the aftcr
I noon, but not until the defense had
i made an attack upon the credibility
j of the witness by producing an aJsV
I davit that James admitted having
! signed In 1903. which slated that the
j National Omipany did not conspire to
] "Knock'- Hallwood machines. James
! said he did not read the affidavit when
I he signed It. and that he now knew
] part of it was untrue. He said that
j he had been instructed by the Na
' tional Company to sign it. He also
I branded as false that part of the a?Tl
I davit which said that the National
j Company had given him instructions
rot to Interfere with the Hall wood
James was followed on the stand i>y
W E. Warren, a former employe of
the National Company from 1905 to
j 1907. when the competitive deparl
; ment employed special men who were
j known as ''knockers." Warren was
on the stand ark as court adjourned.
They Deny Thst Purpose Is Reorgant
cstlon of I Ine?.
.Salt Lake QtT. ftah. December 4 ?
The first party of Harriman Line offi?
cials, who will hold a meeting here to.
morrow, arrived to-nlfrht headed by
J. A. Monroe, vice-president In charge
of traffic of the Union Pacific Railroad.
Otfeoe parties from the Cast and North,
a est will arrive to-morrow morning.
In spite of rumors from apparently
suthentlc sources. Mr. Monroe denied
to-night that the meeting to-mo-row
was fir the purpose of reorganizing
the Harriman lines In. compliant-.^ with
the recent derision of the Supreme
Court of the Fnlted rtfates. It was
admitted, however. by minor operating
officials thst the pT?l1m!nH-v work for
the reorganization of Hie Harriman
lines would h? based or: ?? ports and
discussions made at the leathering to?
'"The tneetlne of the operaf'nc heads
of the Harriman lines held fo-m?rro?."
said Mr. Monroe. "Is merely the annual
gathering of trafrV offl.-a!-. and I do
not know Just what will s.- taken up.
The meeting has nothlne to do with
the recent derision of the Untted States j
S'i prams Court.'?
Wealthy New inrh Women ? tn> la
fSeeeet Vxorfcins ?.Irla.
New York, ["?ember 4?Aiming to
i protet t wor king elrls. s comnutteo of
! wealthy New York women will ?e
i operate with ihr pol be in the supervis?
ion of holiday dances of a public or
semi-public character during the
CsM*mSag and New Year season. The
supervision ?111 apply more particu?
larly to masquerades, which the com?
mittee dacle res "are more likely to
degenerate Into unbridled orgies than
other dances"
Members ?f the committee a pp.
aa observers, recently attended some
masquerades In the uptown amuse
m'nf district and reported thet there
was a ahooktns, laxity In condt: *
Tb? oeTtmJ'Sa? win later aek the Shi |
Legislature for several amendments SS
tne existing law* governing dance
Masr Dielemsta \%?t< x?-.oS Panama
< aasl i ?af?ren -e
Atlanta Oa Pecetnixer 4 ?rtsht
diplomatic representative a from Cen?
tral end Poutfa American netlone win
s't?nd th* Panama Cenal non*-?
her? rex- ??eek. I' w as W'mi-? i ?
day by th? immitfee on STSnr
The meeting will deal especially ?l'.i
the cba- r- I lrad? relations -
result f>"e lbs np'nlne of '
R?C*r??ent*riv?f froen ?ut- ? -
merelai nrganiiattone thua far have
accep-ed Invitations to attend tne c n
ferer-e in addition to ten p-rstdeete!
of ratternd? and steamship '" m pen see I
Admiral i* M. Cheater, ef the I'sltegj
Plaice Heer, will 1? tor. na I ? aaalj
tw rSMBSjeeeren with the araam tauon of I
?ae w th* w?(.- ?a'. Sl?!k werej
recently anon-* to Piaxsieent Tsft sndl
hie Cabinet J
Full Committee Cuts Out
Appropriation for
As Originally Written. Measitrt
Would Have Made Fc>rmer
Presidents Representative?-*t
Large for Life at Annual
Salary of $17.500?Com?
merce Court Doomed.
What the Bill Proposed
tpproprlntrd l.l.-n: n.VMV
Prohibited transfers |D ,h
6rd ?er?!<?<? front itir department to
another nnlea* President stvee WrttV
ten approval, or unleaa employe has
been out of ?er? Ire eleven monthe.
<???>? leave of ahtrarf to piece?
nork employ ea in tne nflire nf aadJ
lor for riwt.Offirr Department.
?.nollahed ( nmmerer . ?ort.
Provided |.1??9 salaries.
( at out 310 salaries.
Washington Docomber 4?Defeated
by the full Committee on Appropria?
tion? of th? House, the item for a pas?
sion of 117.500 a year for ex-l'testdents,
together with the proposition to gl*w
them a seat ir. the House of Repreaen
tatlves for life, was not reported ta
the House to-day with the rest of the
legislative, executive snd judicial ap?
propriation bill The item was lnolud
ed in the bill as It was prepared for
the entire committee, of which Hepre
Sen tat! V? Johnson, of South Carolina, la
chairman. Mr. Johnson himself la di?
rectly oppoa.?i to the proposition, bat
was outnumbered in the subcoraxtuttaa
when the legislation was pres. nted by,
Representative Huricaon, of Texan.
The report on the Dill, which ap?
propriate s aearl) IJe.vtO.ttOt), araa
printed i o aa to include the praaldaa
tia. pension, but a hen the report waa
taken up by the full appro iriatloa
cammUIsc earl) to-day tat propoaad
legislation was rejected.
Muhjrrtcd lo ( rl tilts aa.
Pensions for ex-Preetdcnts nave hesa
the cause uf inu h criticism and coat
j mcnt ..t the ?lap I '1 i v er since the an?
nouncement of th- presidential] pension
plan of the (Carnegie fund and the bur?
den of the criticism has been directed
against the United .Status for not hav?
ing already provided eonv- answer to
the question: "What sh;.li we do with
jour ex-1'rcsidents."
Tbe proposed legislation laeludetf
i Theodor- Roosevelt an 1 IT. stdent Tau,
land made theni representattwaa-ast?
I larg<^ of the people of tha United
j states, giving them n scat la tha
i Ho Bf R- p-e ? I I w IthOttt h
vote, at $17.50o a year for life.
The s-etion which ?ns strickan out
j read as follow a
?!<??? ?' President Of tha
IUnited States shall during his Ufa ha
I held and regarded as a representasrva
J at-large of th< people of the United
tttatea he aha 1 be entitled to a seat in
th" Me is. of Representatives and may
exercise all the rig!'-r* snd pri -i.esfea of
members of thi Hous< ot Ropreaeata
tives save that of voting, and receive
for his Service an annual salary af
111 That no "hllgatlon
to serve or, .??nmitiees of the ttouee
shall be Imposed upon such rSpreeau
tatlve. ?
[now "?der
cone (deration makes provtatan for tha
? ?f the several depart?
I Ir.t RIs SWgaatj ItlH
11 !- was th.- first of the htg supply
bil's reported st the praasat
s.-ssioti of Congress Tne mesa
?'? -reaae of
IS19.ai7.fl ft om the cor rspondtagj bill
in the previous session K?ttmataa of
the Seen-tary of the Treasury. (M,il4v*
95.', .'..">. wer? than a nsHhou
dollars by the committee.
Tne Coaassei rt la ao) p-ovtdod
' . BlMsr ' aaked
fm $.. t eoo for th- cominr fs<-al year,
hut the committee wouM not allow gas)
and Indicia! bill gave tli- court J?hst
enough money ? f,> continue It uaatfs
Mart h 4 next vesr
P-?s.e. -t >'. ? Ml ? i.It W*l|
traveling expenses
tha mil d
r!a'U?e pnttlr-g th' cle-ks of the aaasBV?
at sand
pav tng them d -eet
At present members d-aw- lUfgp gj,
rear for ihehf (*wai
clanks There as b-?t mt - easan
sa aas)
ga> ta fag Bhjrwj "*ht WtV -r.rm all
\, i iad aase srtatte*
sf c mwmn Idaho Mont", aast
Palt Le1?e .
The hill Will ^nStdeeed ?ja) thai
e drat
- ?.- ? ?? >*?? c-aata.
TV -??
? rc sr :ndus'
b-'Sk tp 'he
saagj aad dt
t,e-e?- Mm ?
-?-???? fhaaj
.. re e|?ef ?f
(s -
lea,iUna -v--- ?hoti.d ha at
, ... . . K,r? ff! Pai
. a l-.te the aid ?-t*a '
\f- P'-s-r said
The P?seat ratlr party la
< - ? stovh
d-t?iepaisat. It ?a Past
. , nnn mat ss* 'apnaaVsa
? rt o'tgh whtnh tha ?>rth
haa peassed durin? the
t?ara An In?murtal a?a*c
iM>ni oea rear ~*.?? ?
-???- ?a-d ?:??*? aed
Th a Uaaa tha aaaac ari4

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