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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, December 05, 1912, Image 2

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ffrolld South and .aus? riots,'and dis?
turbs nccs."
Mould SsSSJSSSSU the Bar.
Wash lagt? a. Daessaebe* 4 ?Th?'
House got a lively debate tu SSj w b's
it began cottstslssTSitlusi <>r tii. Walk I ns
bill to remove Iks bai of the ?tetute
?f limitation and inakr unnec? ss.i: y
?proof <>f loyalty - In claims for Bte>"
?arty s4 Bouthsta seepb seised ?3
the Fexler*! goveriatn, nt ni f.? 11in. nf
f tkW Civil ??i Th. re ia about i.
\ oflo still du :'n the payment ol such
I clalnsa. and It Is netimat .1 tii.it pa]
! mint of $1 nn?.og?i would ? < .ir.,.ii'i
' by the Watkins Mtl
i -
Spanl>h- Inirrl.SM Hm l'rn?li.Oi.
Washington, December I Mauri]
' a.see widows and minoi children ol
veterans of th. Spanish-Asserlcaa
?war ot rh?- Phlllppim insurreelleu
w ould sm i iv? pensions ussier th>
? rago bill. pa>s> d to-day by the
House without detests
Th? b^i provides tliat the wido?
of any offlni si astUSted nisn who
served ninety days durtag the Span
lab tsasrlrsn war. or the Philipelm
iiisurr? et,.??. between a pi il is, ihtifc
ur.d July I, I ted, ,.?t tsrtSlS eonditiotis.
shall reoeiv? a pension of $12 a
ui'-nth. roi seek nalavei fh'id th.
widow noiiU . ??<i\< J.'. and In Base
Of trie widow's SeStfcethe 112 would hi
paid te the ihild or children.
Fe? Iniliallte? nntl Kreall.
Washington. Pscsatbai 4.--The in?
itiative aj:d the recall of judicial d.
c-slons. as .monuments to th.' fed-1
i ral CeesMltutieat, arera proposed to?
day 'by Si nanu M? let II ? in resolutions
ia:d PesfOrc the Senate.
The lust resolution would permit'
the Pr< .-el, nt to submit to popular]
vote at a emm ess-ioual election, any1
measure In had raromSScnrifiri to Con-j
press. and upon which no action has
been nk'n f.o six no-nths The j
second wouid provide that "tho-uld the
Supreme Court decide a law < SSCtsd
by Congr?ss. is la violation 01 the]
provisions trie COMtltsielon, the'
r.ext r'gulsi aeSJawM held after luoti
rise's f.- may submit tSM acl to th
electors at a regular rnngre;stehe]
election '
Cnder each amendment it is proposed
that the questions submitted to the
people must hax-e a majority of the!
populsr vote !n a majority of the}
States as well as |n a majority of the '
congressional districts of the nation I
Tn a brief explanation. Senate-- Bris- I
tow deolsrril the amendment effecting
the President ureuM enable him to ap- >
peal from a dilator;, or adverse Oon
r-ees to the reople. and that a Prest- |
dent could not. ris sn excuse for s.(in
Ing sn nudes'-abb measure, say that
It was the best he could get from an
unfc.er.d'v Congress
?enatoe BristOW. in support of h:? I
a*n-Tdrne"t * Peering? decisions of the .
Purremc Oeart, deels-ed that it won'.'
"'g'v? to the peopi? an oppo-tun fv to
s?a-e whetber thev desire the law SS
? eted bj Ouetgrees end arpr"ved bj the,
P-?fldent to stand -s the last expres?
sion of the" w-ll aod tudement"
The reSOlUtlOBB were referred to the J
' .d'- sry Committee
reneges Peril r?tie
tfhsaadegteh. December ? ?g bin'
,? fe-- ?c --. -1-<- rear admirals In]
*jSjjysse>g?l of Hi*. MMhrl* ind r?c-ee i
s,..-^?fc - neeti the furl titles of sd-]
Sal re Is ares ??- lured In the House j
te-dax- b- Cha-, r-a^rett of th.j
Neva' Affairs Committee Tve nfs -?r (
ssfsltig a* secead In ^""in^ of r?^h
eieef woijld ht C' SdlWlrSl
Vt'a.sh ?.il"- tl'cernber | Trope.-,,?,?
srltneeeea soon * n testify b?f<>r? the.
cenat* subcommittee ??vestizatina con ?
ditionr Jl"'l3 th. Mtvii-OI border I
Cheirm?- P llllam IM> ? Smith said ;
to..lav th- ..-r rit^e n r,,|id .eturp (,x
the M't' -J V-r f^. rnm;,l?|^ InveStl-|
gat on?. and probably would report In,
?January I
Cha'ri"' Smith Intimsteg t'-at ???p
resentatlons would be m.xde to Presl
dent Taft r.ea--'linir allested violation
ef the neutrality law.
Frenr |v Nominate.)
Vlhjghiegton December |.?President I
Taft to-dav sent to fh? Senat? the)
nominations of Walter F Pr? ar to be'
Governo: anl Bineet I Mott sm tii to:
be secret?-\ of f ? T? rrltory of Hawaii.
For postmaster?William A BTcRes,j
t* Be|uf"rt Jt c
"BerryS for Clothes"
It \<>u .ire riM? hinji out tor
tin- l>r>t tlicre i- in Iii? per
hafTt OM <>t our -ilk lined
ftrniag, .-uit- nay add to ><>ur
pulling qualities.
" There is no month in the
yror -?hen a 'itiin u> mm:: mtfdi
a tiress suit u> during Dtttm
livening Coats, (28.
Tuxedo Coal to match. $22. j
Trousers, SJS.
bpeciaJ Hack or white waist- j
I coats, $i.50 to $12: and th?' !
ectrett shirt-, ties gloves.
Suckev, patent c.tlior- and
handkcp hict- arc .ill here.
Tailor.- .?t your service to
make any necessary .ilicra
liuiis??free of cost t" you!
(Continued From Fl st ra*e. j
Rna greatly stimulate tne uol istrtes of
that serttnn a fadleiotrl pullins
for the rlahl )aa<.ttOB. Richmond would
become heir to the trad, of l territory
comparable in importance to that of
tiie ftOItUH Neck district, which will
he opened up to R'ohmo::d h\ the con?
struction of the Richmond and Rappa
hannoek River Railroad lo t'rbanna.
\t th* Stan?-d?vlt]e meeting twenty.,
th-ee representative haftl sub*' r'bed
$S r.r.n ej an e.irneat of their Intention
to back the r?ao with home capital '
Railroad builders from ?? York were
pr-??nt. and sta.ted t!t%,t aa f""n as.
etiffl-Hent local mon?y had heen ?ub
f-^fl there would he n? difficult^ In
"t'tain na the major part af the capita'
r?ouire<i from Vorth?rn Investors
T^te I? ^n'v three pa beef1 here are
Tohn S ' hapman p i Bakers h C
tarreft, E M sVvnrlll, f r> r"i-r?tte
1 H WUlteme, R A Fre?d?n Otip
p Ma- n.M. ride* Ia4aatiia| .;: hoe\
~a-e t tvh>.e tv b Biaea, tv b Mr
Mullen I. F m"r>!s. p I,, '"lieft. J. E.
sh?i">r t I Btaa, W a Prasrnard W.
S 1 ho proa n H W Vr.:.rm jr p
Branhaai I R Ma law?, ? r. Fttrhuah
and to- f r> Pa- 1?
IV road as p-o,?>rtcd will bm be
tneen thirty three and thtrtr-foar
miles Ion? Jt ?rill be eler-t rifiec] fv
w itri pOTV?- Tf o"olin?' "I* Should
be n\?-d u;>on aa the terminu? th" road
? HI la addition to ?he Junction at that
rn nt with the r-h?s-?peake ar>d <"?hie.
. anaai I with the Southern Railway at
ROmt I pel
The total er>?t of construction, it la
estimated will be about J.Viyin A
tentative statement of the traffic which
?nay 1 ?aaSaatllj be expected over the
pi uaoatd raad prepared b;. a railroad
man, shows that the line catsal *as:lv
earn Jii.wii snnuall-.. or s per cent
o:> an investment of $*fii.nno The ter.
tatlve table maVes an allowance of To
par cent of the ar.'ss ea-nlnes for op?
erating expenses and taxes
The best Safety "Raiser" for Ladies' use.
AI^o it materially shaves dowr the high cost of living
by its moderate price. 1 lb. 20c. ? %Hx 10c.? ', lb. 5c.
All ifoo<l t.rnccrs sell it or M ill get it for you.
Ca? eat tHe ilwt Caere*, earl weaint * ?* **>- efAre err* the eeeeeee
aaaaa amour* lanUBl eme-tp ery stria ef Osrtieeery SSasSeaa1 ?--f teS
aei i II eke ite?. at BM ere ot eactri-n*. aemi rrrij the fectary. caerhtar
clerk W? asi o-S-r accrstery L -J*L' it ituas . eae receiec yew ahesc? et
.-*??-'-?? ->??' Q T t | r j. t
T-e $4.00
a*ew l
WccSTrpiiv t ? -<
oicno>AtY ' 1
|Ua?tra?< <5 * !
{. !1 LnL .'her f- ..' X ? - ?i .n pr.M on ha.-k P-r] ?
Hides, printed on P bte N ? rrd ro?e? and ?*r~e*, -
i Latest Edrtiop
at m
NOW oarf ONE Dt-.horery C
r?w* M laaseas? f I
? ^ r j Sea? e|
? r,d ?he 9&C
?? la ?sae?'r aal eaa ?
ae tbe It Senk, es
S.? ? style ef
pspaar IJUan
PSawayante? ? i (, , Irrmtf
???aaiaaaaaaaa . ar#f ?-? ????,,-.?
*-a?? 81c
TU? $2.00
v< tn-.ti eis*
nir mi.k?k>
Issaalis- a
IS In ?lern rlath hast
"i s*s*ee4 at ? ? 1
aaa Stare, aaa same
aap** eaate assaiie
-t t . ?
?a ras es*.
-. ?st .saj
M..I >aw tssre tW Pasaaae
mmm*\mtm^^ I IUI
(Continued From Frist raeu 1
I him io add re M ItM conference to-mor
I raa ea the subject at rural sestets H
, ,.,. ,. ,. .|..f..i. Maaanaal thai Mr.
111,111 k i.Kr sprsSSnl Pcshldshl Ta't
: at the runfiriamr, bei It ??s eeeeaed
fo-at te estead blai ? aa-aciau larstatlOBi
?>,?ler R?im ?? Hrarfc.
i 111 ,.; the visiting Governors savs
tu... with their wiv.s aad daastatara,
I 'Min b> N?rMk yest-rdax on u SPecUl
i train I?1 ? ? ? guests of thai city mil oi I
th, Nati.vial <iua:,l Ah*o. iatlon. Ma*
?in ssaalea tacts. The iptxcial Irdla
J I.-it tbi eitcsapoaa'i and uhte gtatieaj
ai i i.lack, catcaiafl the Norfolk I
I baa I ?<? Kswpart Koste. Aboard were:
th, Uu hi atari and then aertios, arttb I
. in, mix is of las tocaj rooaptisa taaa*j
mlttooa aad at Beeeraar btans'i stest, j
tad Invited guests in the partyl
,?.i. (secretary of th, Caanaioawcalikj
and Mrs H l> laasna GboiaTi *.
m. v. i:'. erstahenl al lac Caeeaneeai
and Ohls?; Aitecee) -tieuerni and Mr*.)
bamuel \v. Williams, .in.u,- Ueerpe!
I. Christ .in oloiivl I. u n c n. C Mai
nie, olivet J. Sauds. Dr. Goare;? '? "
KlCbard Bret)a By rd. CoUvaci John
Franklin Teaaplateei hum atlas Mar]
'i'_iiii'i. um. si IVay eeehoro Coloucl
and Mrs. Carreil L. Kidd. ?f Bristol
Colonel A. .1. Gray, Jr., Mayor and Mrs
ieor?t< Mnsii. I* /.. Herri*. Jamas
1>. Cramp Mr and Mrs. Jonathan
Bryan, pen r ?>\ken neui Cohea. Dr.
and Mrs, Herbert Mean. William
i lodges Mann. Ii.. Mrs. 1> C Richard
son and Miss Klrhardson. B B. Valen?
tine and Major Louis Werner.
I.??rrn..rs -alulc.
.\s tb< Cheeepeake and <?iuo frrry -
boat drew up to her deck in Norfolk
a platoon of the Norfolk Light Ar?
tillery Blues Ired the Bsvsrnors -a
lute Ol SSTSateea guns. Automobiles
e'ere la waiting, to i >avcy the pueets
te the Moatlcello Hotel Instead ef the,
National (Juaid met ting, which had
just adjourned. An informal reception
was had in th, palm room of I be ho
teL Then special cSra wire I...aided
foi Virginia Beach
Chairaaaa Harvey M Die has a, with
Vice - C?halrmss It*. ay, Bale, of the
general committee for the entertatn
tn, nt of the National Guard Associa?
tion, were on baud with their aides
to welcome the Governors and their
party. T? u bands a era taken to the
beach Some -n0 of th- volunteer
oflcers att. ii'led ihe oyster roast.
urhicH was given Jointly for th? mi
litlameti and the Gov4>fnOfp. The en?
tertainment al th" ? each was in th<
hands of a CemMlttei of which Majoi
? union l va right was chairman. Mrs
H*. W. Sale was chairman of the com?
mittee to receive visiting eromea.
it w l? rather remarkable that not
a drop of rain fell throughout the
dsy within ?ight of the party from
Richmond, a'thoiieh it was almost
continuous in this city. Fog during
the train .ind wV?r trip was sue
e?ed?d by clearing w?sth" and at
Vlfgtafth BeaCB. It was bricht and
seeoplnn? FMcb?
The r>r,,-?rnors were 1'ned up in front!
of the ne? casino at the b?ach f"r a'
photeipraph but effo- e to get th? snl
tier* and others to join w ere enavall-'.
'it While IhS d'Sg'ist^d #h |.??, 3pber :
was packing als Instrumenl the avia,-<
b--<s b?en amneir-.g tha* s'etion'
tor Te??lts rnade a pretty flight in SI
m"""rl-,n' sosrtnc over the Gover- ?
no. s- head? He w?nt to the north for
ce.ni? d'?t*n'?. clre|?d and returned
?rr.-efin!; i land'nE "n th? h?arb. \u
frent of the c-asffto grmjndc As the
Governors w?r? bcardlnc the<r ears for
lb, '?turn tr'p. h? want up In the air
asaln. and returned Mr-the loner part ;
cf th? v Plag? ?rh?r? the centre of ac. ;
t ltl?s was nnee le.e?t?d
Tables wer? la'd both outside and;
Insidi IhS building for the fea,?t P^aw
ov?t?-s. roast ovster*. ham and turkey
w?r? s?rv?d The r"ast variety was a
nnv?lfv to many visitors Tb? only ;
attempt at * public feature was a toa^t
to ijnu-nnr Mann, proposed by an en
I neiestie Nat:onal cjijardsmsn
There wa# no tkuti to be lost, ar.1
Ihe part-.- was hurried at nn'? to cars|
f,.- thf -?turn le>?S'or'olk Th? special,
train left that city by Ihe Norfolk arid
.Vest'rn at .". o'clock, making the trlp;
In two hours and twent> akllrstes. The
:-a>n ran Into the rain storm n?ar
P. u eshure
tuton ob les took th? Governors back
the JeSTersea for the ni?ht m^iint.
?Ineh Me.lre-. ltefr...l-?
The remaining: sessions must neces
aarlll be ?-'?? W w ith events, since
the Governors are behind with their
p-osr-am "t'niformitv of M.i-r'ar?
snd Pleoret Taws'* I? the aahjeet
for |" lay and will b? entered into
pron'Pftv a' I , o clo. k wh?:i <;o-.ernor!
Task?r I. Oddle will read a nape- lt?
loreea?, \ Irs In la?I n-ettlrrl; prnH
eMy rain I'buraday and I rMi>.
MaeIft < arnllnn?Main I hiiraday anal
p-nlnhl. Krtnsv
Baesrtal i ?.?i nsta f?r I'eeseesaery,
i: aensa tosspersturt . 4f?
j p M lempsistait . io
Maximum temperst.re up to t
V M . 51
Mlntl ..m !en:perate.r? Bfj to %
r m . n:
Mean i?mp?r?tni? . 41
N-'mei temperature . ?J.1
EsCeSS >n temperature . I
lieft, i' t.. ? in I'-mperature since
Mar? h I . 1?
?treuen, esdkciency in te-i zerst?re
- n. c Ian isr,- i ... . .
Defl, ei,. ? Ir, ra nfall ?in?.? starch
|A ? l?S (ieticie;,cy In -ali.fa;' tln?c
January | ..V.">l
1^??-nl Oberes at Ion e I*. ?. >f?l!"'?'
i Tempers tun .... el
? Hamid f. .......... 9%
j Wine?C -eef r .N fe.
Win*1?velocttv . 5
Weether shsM
PL,,nfs.Ii '.est i: hour. N
??'M'iTi??>? is, iMi-mtiM riTir.e
i ' t ? p M tU'tern sitae :ard Tieseul
riae. Tb? h T i. T Wenthet
I agate v HI ?? ??: Id freed]
atlat ? ** *T gn ?'! an)]
letij is '? ?? lte?n
? a 14 ?? l> ?.'leid'
?t AI 4: Cle >4\
~,a *? "t ?A OO'idr
Itshaidh e? ? <? Ooeatp
, r. ?; e? 4* Rsln
is ?4 t* OeudV
it 4? ts n?,d>
riaaiSeas ** H?'
rsespap 4, a: Qeanty
is *4* tf n??.
:* tS ?'iea,
aaMnavenj I? <? ** ?'|.."1t
?? :t 14 brew
, 4a ss 4* iloodv
WIM 411 n? 41 ?4 ix M
twremewr k 1*17
ii|c,h TTPf
? -'??a * 11 xU-vr? r| ; I?
is.-a set* ?M Eveaia? . .JM
80 Years,
Recovers Strength
Mart n Armbrust, of Belm? Ark .
Hyr I *u taken tin with Acut?
IpHi?e?"i-ir. and heart trouble. I had
a lump la my aaNRaaa that aaarly
aaaaaaaM I nie H death
I tonk all UinJt i f aaHMaa aad
wa* discouraged when my daughter
Decinl me to try
Duffy's Pure
m\X Whiskey
You would not kml.m* ? new much
rood it ha? <lcn? m*. I haven't taken
any other mudivlnr in tiro years
?nly Duffv . Pn-. Hall Whiskey, and
I nev?r will be AithcLt It.
1 in e^.i-tv y.?ri nX I do my
work, oat ar.>t .mj aad t?el (!???? arid
not >ld?r tbaa ri'ty I I ad rheuma?
tism but that s eon? toe."
So'd !>? d-vgeitt*. erac?r?.
dtM?-.S 1.00 a Urge bottle.
The Ouf.'r V,;t 'VnUkey Co.
Roche.' N. Y.
[a gltm
" Quality t!cnd"?
M^mv mercy it piid
over ine OOaBasaf ?or
Fat; m si Jian fcraay
other c - A
quality that su:ts the
great majority of
Yoo'U Hi HI
In ?n icex!?a?ve
20 for 15c
Assailant of Charlotte Town Ser?
geant Makes Getaway?Re?
ward of $300 Offered.
L 1 Sp.-t i.il la Tai i inus-vii.pati.il. J
CbaHSttS 1 um iiiuujv, \ a., Ijc< Mraabef
t MlaaaillUISrtl .-'.a Hum tin Slat*
I arm tu aid 1? trai king KIi Morton,
tlie ixgjo hbo !.t.-t mgiit ?hol soarB
Moarae i>i? k.-. sun. Iba Utarp eerajannt.
In front of loa ronrtbonaa. afclle las
aaWer araa tfjd>4V0i'*%H to ?oi\. .1
erarrant chavclaaj the aiaallanl a 1th
buraiar), wei* unable to aci-omplish
tlieir purpose. TBS) took up the soeat
a; lac gonna of tmt saootihs. InHanraa'
II to Urakea Braach, nhar* It was bast
uii t!<? ratlrand tr?ek, tn<- Ihnacy bains
that ihi a itra followed las raits until
a ceavenieat fi^iunt aav. him an op
partualty to tasks bis k<tavva>.
?luv. nwt Maaa, lor the state of Vir?
ginia, ha.? offered ? reward mi |1M
and Ihl low 11 a reward of Jjoo for the
ekatari si .Mot tun, srbS 1* Mud to be
about t w ? 111 > -1:v t ui tnitty ><ai: ?M
Uii.kcrscn is resting <|uiotl> at bla
home, and bis pbjgadan? say that un?
less COsValk at ions a :>'. b< will ic
eavar speedily.
The artnve for which Morton ua? la
have been anesti d araa orcai.uiK IStO
the .store of Sy. II. t-mith at Cm. Kev
aral anaasi are sun in s.arcn ol |th<
niKio. but little hope is ente+taiped
that b< ?111 at captured in this neigh
?jorhood. Tho town baa not fully r. -
covered from the e\'-!t.'meiit, and tbe
opinion is freely asserted that should
Morton br captured 11?r eabuuts, pun?
ishment otlt^r than that meted out by'
law may be inflicted.
[Spenal to Tlo- Time* - LMr-patch 1
i.a t'tosse. Vs.. December 4?a pr^t-i
tv marrlasre was Mil hraWd at tad
home of Mrs Kmnia Mosathy, at ljU[
Crosse. Tuesday at n R M.. when her
dauarhter. Maude Martha, Was united
in tiian ms;'- to tat sue a oh \v Pdrktn
SSM, formerly of Wi*?', N. t\. but now .,;
La I 'rosse.
.Miss Annie Mose|e\, slater af tl.e,
bride. wss nistd nf hnnoi Henry
Bfcelton a'-red as best :nan. Ihr Wi?
rtin* tnsrrhe.s arara rendPren' by Mrs.
Holmes Harrison. who dur'np the
eeremonv played "Garden of l>rr;in>s"
Immediate)' nfter the ceremony. Mr
snd Mrs I'erkio.snn fcrfl f^r au extend
ed trip to Tsmpa and other points
South. Ree \v 1. Ware. 0* south
Hill, was the oAetattag derrvman.
Hester I? Appointed.
>*ew Orleans per-evnbrr 4 ?Henry Q !
Hester, .?efretary Of the SVn ilrle^nS
Flvrhanee. was to-d?v r*es4rpOftst#d SB 1
benaii set-xire e>n his faftjr*thlM year
i>>? h?srd mi aifatsiors all i reaapotnted
Henri- Plauche as assistant se<-?etar-.
Mr Plan the bagdas h'- ???tyh y*ar n 'th i
the ?v.'h.np.
*'ril'?n Over Pnds- of T V trmls'ead
Ir Centensrs- Metb-dlst Chaeeh.
The funeral "f T .- ArnHstead ?-h? !
died Tuesda" afterneon in Mf ma rial
Boaattal after an *\tfni?i| ilin?rs at'H
b? rondu ted tr>-ds> at n""!! front tha
Centenary Methoa'ai Chnrtrh. of w-hj^h
be was a member Rev .t Taans,
D D. psstor Of the rhureh. will mn
duet the perv|res P'lrtsl aril] be in
Holly a eea: f-m??ri
Th? aall-aaarers win b? pevton
r,rvin?f, Pr Robert g Bother '"harles
M Calp. M A i"hHtnb?rs Hugh Antrim.
Wallace Christian. Hush Millar and
Hal Taylor
Mr a.rtn|atead was i?nt eonneeted
with the business life r?f the rlty. hav
ins Peep p'??;de-t r>f a ??!l-k"P I
br^keras? firm, and an aaaoe?a*a of
tee j?te ciavT-in LefsaTre He was a
member of the rnmmorwealth Club,
the country Club of Virsinls and other
orf antratlops
r.enrsr W. tlartln.
i;??se pi Mart;:> 'iff.two >e?rs
old. died a? 11 oYlo'k yesterday tnorn
hn? st his honv. |S2J Kltftleston Street
He is suretvei by h-s wife and one
da ik-.X" Miss T'elia Martin. The fu
perai srllj take pla- at IS o'clock
Tn-rro-row mnrntnr fr'-oi Sacred Heart
fatbedral. and the burial will be In
Mount Oalsran CensStery.
Mra. atatllda T. Temsleman.
Mrs Matilda True^cart Templeman.
w td?w ?.f Ge?rge B. Teaspteamap, of
Taurjuler CoantT, -li'd at 1:11 o'.lork
vesjerdav ev?n'n?. at the residence of
her son Rev. ,-amuei H Tenspliman,
si:> Third Ataaaa, Cheataat Hill, in
the *e\entv-flrst "nr of h'-r a*- T ?
funeral will he held from tbe feOTtb
Shirt? ritt? Collar
The Effect!
You can dress well only when you start
with the H^ht shirt. But you don't
have to pay 'fancy" prices any longer.
At $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 and up
Gsv* vou material, atyle. fit and durability which
you'll hod it hard to ohtaio in any other make
at the nett higher prices. Wide range of ley Me*
in plain end colored fabrics. Colon guaranteed,
tun- and tub-proof.
Provrde the right oollar to complete the eferf.
Ihev are the covers thet hannhed the "Id tie
tvmg struggle. Now your tie alide* IrecN ?o
voiitie it /erf nra.? and qtjicklv. Sl.lDF VA ELL
COI I ARS have the little .hield over the hack
button. Sates vour tie end time end temper.
Your favorite style, 15c -2 for 25c
Thts* thirt* aaaf collars at any See habtrdat ' er ?
ride Baptist fhurrrt to-morrow at ]
noon. Th. bunal will be In th* family
plot at t\ arrrnton.
Mre. i Banal* ? ithe..
(Speciel t.. The T mes-Dlspatrh 1
Lj lu-hburg. Va , I??' ember 4?Mm '
runnie Wither, died here late vester
Ogq al *!,. h'-me 0f her ?Ister. Sir?. II.
!> I,er?rande. of l.jnchbure. after a:
long illness She was Lorn in 1?49 ,
at the old Walker family ho.ue. Rlver
rlew." an the .lame* River She was
msrr(?d In She !?ai?s two broth?
ers, who live at Hopklnsvllle, K>
Mrs W 'rhers was ? daughter of ?he
late Samuel Walker, of ^pp^ma'tni
' euntP, <itH had lived here a number
! e?ra
Mntnr Henry fit) Hunt.
(Spee,a) to The Times-tdapatcr. J
Ashetiu*. X C Pe.-mb*r 4?atajor ]
Ifenry. Clap Hunt, on? o< th s city's !
eldest ana be?, vnewn elfi^ena. died
y est erde T afternoon at the h^m* of his
si lahter, Mr? i;jo?n Mas ret The :
fureral services wer? mnl'i t?1 this
afternoon |
M-il^r Heed was ?tehtv -.??rs of ag*. '
sod had r?s>d?d in this rity for th?
ease fatty years He had alwa^ s taker. 1
*n aettve part tn the ein * Sfralr* !
and was Instrumental 'n 'be purchase!
n? the wat?r'hed by Ike Hoard of 41
derrn'n for the purpose of giving- Ashe. j
vtiie better ureter He I? survived ay
fo-ir eblldren He was a native of |
Kentucky, having b??n born near Leg- |
tr.gton I'e removed to ?'In. innstl
|st*r ani then rame to Aah??llle For
s?me time pa?t h? had b?en in poor
health, and his death was not une\
Mm * > ri.hp.uk
TSpeeial to The Times - Hi spa t eh ) j
Chsrle>ttesv|!|e. Vs . I'e. ember 4 ?
Mr' Ktibank aged fiftv.ftve. wife of
fl a] Bliaenk the oldest member of
th* lo< si pollee roree in point of ser?
vier died nt 7 2" O'clock this morning
at her home on asUlUlOUt On August
S last ahe auf'ered a stroke of paralv
?>. and fipee that time had not been
able to lea-e her bed She v.l. before
marriage a Miss Tones dsugbter of
tbe late Ren lone., of Albemarle
countv Fixe children survive? w K.
M and W I. E 'b>nk an? Misses
Annie L snd SaW* A Fuhank The f i- i
ncral uritl take pla-e on Friday.
Mra. MB -ml?b.
f gy Stiel to The T,.Ties-1 Maps f eh. J
Thsrlottesvdle. Va . I>e<-ember 4 ?
Mis Id* sn.:tb. a^'l forty.-nen. wife
of Alexander Smith. ? ?e.i knows em- I
steps of the Cksaaprisks and Ohio
Railway, d.ed last inch; at b?r bSasa
on Liouglag Avenue.. after a brief Ill?
ness. Five chlld-en survive?three
sor? and two daughters. The funeral |
will take place from the residence
at 10:11 t'-morrow mornn.pt. and the (
bolv will be taken on the Chesapeake
May Preside Over Senate
?,.?11 wfWl?f? ?* t*? I ?H?-- ~'m'l~
and Ohio |r*)?) te where her
parent* are burled
Qr?Ttlte ->,?.,, Falsraaa Holland.
f KpeeU) to The Tun? [MS'?"-h. '
Suffolk Va Decent bet ? OrasVilta
Sharp I'atr;: nn Hoi,and ?z- I f?V?nlv.
four, on" of Suffolk >? '? ? ' .?Itlz-na
dl<rd this :?ft<-rr.o..n at l n'c|?.<k. Tha
derertent. who for oter f'ffjr year.* was
one of Suffolk's most prominent mer?
chant*. *u knonr, to an th- little
onea of this Beetles a? Santa Claus."
h*lna th' firm nercheat to handle toV?
here after the chi| arai M 'loiisnd a.
Confederate ?o|rl|er. Ik ?urv;i?1 t.-. 'no
Pr L. <? an! <; S r Holland.
Jr., and .<ne diiiehter Mlaa Annie H.
R Hilst* t heo^ore Breef
(Special to rh? rtnes-Dtaastels ?
tV!rKheat?r. V? . Deeemher t?A
meehaa;? to-day from Man?ne!d. Ohio.
ann"?ttieaa the death of William Ttteo
dor? Brent a*ed ?h^u' ast?ntv -ctrs.
member a pioneer At inertester fam?
ily, ? h'i had r>e.n m haalaaaa in M^rts
fl*!d amee in, Civil War His *H"w,
Mrs Marv a Rr?n' tart sai and fao
daughter* f.- \ rrm ?
F?e?. Jeha 11 'rih-on. D n
*5pe-lal to The Time? Dispatch J
Qaprteaarrllle, Va P?-?m?>?r 4 ? Fe"
'ohn ? Qlbsaa D D raetoi of Ch-ist
Fpl?ropal Church Hill daBB' Ilia, died
luddenlv at his horn." esnat 1? .to
o r\n<-y to r)a- B**id-* hi* wife. Dr.
r;th*o- |g tu reived h\ three i'n? and
two daughter*-Raa .tames B Gibson.
o# B?rk-:?v Norf.dk Philip P Ofseaa.
of Washington and '.-e l'n i verslty.
Lexington Jehn Gihi^n of the
M^dirai College of Vlrdaia, Richn-ie-tl.
Mr* Mlteheii Win,. ..f ro,t Sr.ellng.
Minn, and Mt*. VTallace. a! Hint'ng
'on. w Va
MARTIN?Died WedadsaVB; pe-?mber
3. 191 ? at 11 A M at hi* home 10.13
F.ggleetop Street GEOR6B W. M\R
TIN. in the Bfty-atcQTai year of hie
aae H' 1= ?urv.-.ed b> mil wife and
one daughter i >? a Martin
The funeral art] ltak? p'a^a from
Sacred Heart Cathedral TOM' 'R
ROW fFrid*' I MORMIRG Perer- h.?
*. at I? o r I' rk Interment in M-junt
Calvary C> netery
Baltimore paper* please enpjf.
liRiv.-rii-' at the Ekelte slag Ar-ns
H. .spitai. Dacetahav : MRS mar
I"?meral will take place from 3 W.
Blil'-y Coeapaay'l parlors. Third and
Marshal] Streets. TO-PAY at 3 P M.
Intertnent in attvarvMar CeiaofaiJ
Vi il.fnkfmfkp ?Mad at h:s resi?
dence. 1 *>09 West Cari || IS A M .
peeembe: IS1I. ACCCST VOI.KX
KKJin.r.. la the -nr?t >ears of
his a*e
Funeral fr"rr Sv Mary 1 Church
THIS MOttNIXG at |? ecleea> In
Prm<st tn 81 Mary's CeraatsfT.
Friends and SCaaaVataa ??? m? t"d
to attend
"V AL.K F.R.- Pied ar hif iome Fe-e?t
i>cvei." citari.-f City Coaatj*. v*,. Da
cemher 3. 1? o. iork P M ?iRAHAM
HAKWOOOR RrALKKR. I* tha tiftv
th<rd ?ear at Ma ag<-. son of the l-te
William V Bad M:-.-rva T 'V?lle r,
He leaxe, ., alaVva Mra virgnia
Waikei ..: I tare ? sad three
S'sterS Mrs J.ie Mi.or Misses
Juatiita r.n.1 Mflah ? <? " alln ? mO'.-n
their tfTaSssraMa or- ?ras %
severe loss to 'ts cotwoioaltp. 'or
none knew h l krat '" h?va h'ti. Sff
natr.ed htm but la ?. ? -?
TENI'I.KM vN I'i.d a' th 'iome of
her so" Re' Saavael II Tei.ti?leanan.
?1? Third .wn-e. Cheat nal HIU.
Wedt esday evenl at s 1 ? e/cl< h.
PI.K.MAN - ??I"" ??' H T-m
plemar ?f Paasjastr Caaaej in th*
eevenP -first raat af - ? see
funeral at) (at as wtli be h?ld
in ^e Nortbslde t^pt'.-^t Church FRI?
DA V 11 12 aaan Intersneat Hg the
fam'ly burial ground st WarSBptaski
Atlanta. v?? f.r'.an an! Wjsli
tnrton paprrs please Chf*
GIBS' 'n ? r>|. d . .'denlv st I t" PO?
C?n->er t 'o ?:? ?dOTtarlllf ? s . PFV.
.(IHN < G'Rf'N ia th< *rt>-aiath
jear of hit >S*
Funeral aSVRsl MSSI m
hr.frr.tf-t >i p. . - , .t :? ft
P M MAtr l ? -M ?> - Ift "f
I, 'r.seei I ly,ter ,-td d..- airar
M-? MM' . t. ,:?<t~..1 ?r? tea-**.
hes'des ' ? "d srd ra'he-.
flV? eh ldr?- ??? ?e -ro-he S ThOTiag
W . jo?-n .? srd Rteharri H f.?str sn.
snreh THt'B?t?AV PO
^ p. M Inte-taent at
porivr p.rrt at hfj -???derea. ?71
>|osb\ gfeet In SIS flftteta ? ? a -.
J P pev.NF He leaves % Wfg
aad eaanaa ehildrati
F-.^erat st home FSttr. < T | P st
latermmt tn <^k?r<r?d
vr\r, _ir ns-IPf .-?"-' ? '-??- ? ef ?a
?ranlfh'.ther MP? fOPTX t K TUft
, - . *,m* - .-.e-?>?r J l?1f
? tri Ks.
mad n ft et ta die

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