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Republicans Threaten
Reprisals if Taft 'sNom
inationsAre Held Up.
Opposition Sure to Be Made to
Presidential Appointments in
South and to Federal Bench.
Vigorous Attack on Order
Putting Postmasters in
Civil Service.
Marshall nellevra Ihr? Should CiSS
? r,n.irrn Religious Inetructloa.
' hlcago i ntcminher ? - Vlce-I'ree?
dent-F.leet Thomas R Marshall, who Is
a iSIS4f**S to th. Federal i'ounctl of
Ut? Churceea of ?'hrist In America In
session here devoted hla address to the
delegates to-night chiefly to the sub
Uf t family life and the. Sure-jay
aekeoL Me raid Sunday rehools tak
children through the Pcrlpture wit
'hop. Set SB and lump", that religious
in-ti >.. tlon In the family wdh no longer I
I ?'? and children were supposed to!
get tkeil knowledge of the Bible IB I
S'.noav scnools This evaalon of the
duty of parents to Instruct thetr chli
BrpB ,n their religion. the Governor
said, raaaltad IB I religious and wsy
w a rd children
"Whin Itobert Raikea started the
i.Sunday school a little over a century
]?go he did not have In mjnd the re
i leavslng of parents from thelf oblige
Hop lo give rellgionjs Instruction to | ?____??
their children." said the Governor, j
Family ues -o strong m the past, are ; jjjg Outburst Comes When It Is
? ned now wlih the evasion of
(Panntal responsibility"
Governor Marshall sari that the
I Sunday school Is Intended to round out
famllv demotion*, not to take their
The day's aeaslor.a of the council
were given to reports and dla< uselona |
eg rj -h work and church co-operation
f'.r the improvement of the lives of
eltf dwellers
!. W. A. May, Witness,
Gives Senate Moment
of Excitement.
Intimated That He Had With?
drawn Contract With Judge
After Hearing That Latter s
Conduct Was to Be
k> a-hiugton. p. C. Peccrnber 6?Tue
threatened light of the Domoorataa
oei.ators against nominations cent ta
tht Senati by President Taft du: Ina;
tlir present Segalen becam. mop acut?,
to-day. when Republican- rtsrls.rs< vary
pointedly to Democrats, that leprirals *?fTlc|a!e
will SS poan.ble timing tin next four partinent
years under t|j. Domoorail. adminis?
tration in the wi.iie Heaps
Democratic S.-natora have not de
:d*d upon a definite pollcj towaid
Negotiating BYBak argentine i.evera
menl for Powerful Vraael.
Washington. D C. December ? ?
the State and Navy Da?
re Interested in reports
Irom < "onstantinople that negotiations
h?tween. Kelih B?y. Turkish Mm Mer of
Marine, and the Argentine government
for the purchase of a powerful wa
Taft nominations, but there are a good ?n|P h?vr reacned an advanced
Washington. December 6.?The #??
I rlematton by W. A May, of gaTTSBlast
I that "If that a the claim it's a lie.'
thrust into the routine testimony In
the Impeachment trial of Judge Robert
W. Arch bald, of the Commerce Court,
gave the Seriate a moment of excite?
ment to-day. and brought down upon
Mr. May's head the censure of Henalor
Bacon, the presiding officer.
Mr. May's exclamation was direct?
ed toward the managers foi the House.
i _
'witness * wears It Ilia Not Hefer to
D?oam||e Kxploaloas.
1 Indianapolis, Ind. December 6.?
j Seven words embraced In the phrase
I "pretty haid to do anything to it
were produced by the government at
the trial of the accused "bomb plot?
ters" to-day as Its evidence that Her?
man 'i .Seifert, Mi'waukee, was im
plicat. i In the dvnamite conspirac}.
belt' ' as one of the forty-one ac
eus<v] ,mon officials, had waited weeks
to testify, and he was on the stand
less than twenty minutes explaining
what he meant by that phrase About
a month before an explosion In Mil?
waukee op March IS. 1911. when a
">ob" was damaged by dynamite, with
i.'.O.OO'i loss, Seifert took the place of
William I Reddin. business agent of
I the Iron workers' union, who was sieK
! for four days During that time Seifert
wrote a letter to John J. McN'amara
at Indianapolis,
i t'sing that phrase, the witness said
? h? referred to efforts to unionize the
I Job Seifert asserted he first learned
! of tha explosion from newspapers.
MeManigal confesse.d to hawing ac?
tually placed the explosive.
Red-tin. also a defendant, testified
that in response to demands from BBB
Indianapolis headquarters he sent In?
formation about eonstruetion work i>t
Clinton. Ia. which afterwards was
blown up He said McNamara also re?
quired him to forward newspaper ex
counts of exB-losiors at Milwaukee and
Green Bav, Wis.
Whether the defendants helped raise
s fund for the defense of t'.e Mi Na
mara brother, at tejs Angeles, and
whether they attempted to BBesrfa ?
whether the McNamaras were guilty,
were made points of inejttiry in the
government's cross-examination of appointment
Reddin. Seifert. Charles N Beum. Min- (Jo\ -rnors t
Governors' Conference
Asks Committee to
Draft a Bill.
M. C. RUey, of Madison, Wis.,
Elected First Secretary?Rich?
mond Thanked for Hospital?
ity?Ambassador Herrick
and Governor O'Neal Dis?
cuss Farmers' Banks.
I Krideaee Offered Against If a vr thorae'e
Mlolag 1 It nature.
I New Tork. December 6?The govern
' ment to-day introduced testimony to
j discredit portions of Utters and circu
I lars describing favorably the various
I Hawthorne mines in the continued
trial of Julian Hawthorne. Joe.ah
Wulncy. Albert Freeman and Pr. BTfl.
Ham J. Morton, accused of making
fraudulent use of Ule mails in pro?
moting mine claims Federal attor?
neys sought to shiw aiao that ' dummy '
officers were elects 1 in several com?
Woodford Brooke, formerly of At?
lanta. Ga.. and Forth Worth, Te\?s,
president of the Temagami 'Jobalt
Mining Company, testified regarding
a report he waa purported to bav? made
to Hawthorne regarding the property
He aaid that be did not make tbe report
and that the only Ume he visited a
mine was when ho was a hoy. "I for
jget whether It wa. an asbestos mine , Opinion of Fellow-ExeCUtives
I or a coal mine, be added,
j Mr. Brooks said Freeman in 1907
! asked him to become president, and
j he did so. holding the position three
( months He said he put up no money.
! visited the office "for a short time
once a week." and that his duties were
' signing checks principally.''
William F. Melhulsh. automobile
salesman, testified he "believed" he
was a secretary-treasurer of the
Temagami Cobalt Mines He "did not
know' how he came to have this of
Governors Pass Resolu?
tion Condemning Vio?
lence by Mobs.
South Carolinian Indifferent to
Boasts He Will Be United
States Senator When Other
Governors Have Been Re?
tired to Private Life.
As the net result of an extended
discussion on the subject of rural credit
BSBBSHSBj to enable the farmers to bor?
row money for their business needs, a j flee, he said, and he put up no money
resolution w as passed by the croveraors
many of them who vpenly dej lare they
-win do all they can to prevent con?
firmation of a great many of the ap
It is thought here t at If the T'.rkisi
government is negotiating with Ar
Btiaa for a warship, the lauer gov
who are conducting the proaecutlon of ne>ap>r>lla; Daniel Buckley. DavenporB
No formal r.r.rice to that -rnment must have !n mind the sale of
eff.ct has been served upon the Re?
publicans, and there has be-n no open
Indication of it in e*e.-u?lve eesaione of
the rienafe. But the plan has develop?
ed so far informally that Republicans
are up and doing to counteract IL
Rrprtaala Threatened,
^t hat le sauce for the goose :s
aauce for the gander." Republican Sen
or.. ? if the tw o Argentine na-. al ??*?
srls now building In the Cnlted Stat-s.
?;nce its present naey consists in the
n.*!ti >f two old roast d> fei.se ship: and
four old armored cruisers Although
j li e prispc11\? sale could be ooiisum
I mated tie warship could not he d?Tlv
I eyed te, Turkey SBtU peace has been
'made between that government S>nd
the Balkan allies. Earlier this year
Judge Archbaid for alleged misuse of
Iiis judicial power. Attorne
Worthington. for Judge Archbald. was ,r|hut1ons to the fund hut
cross-examining Mr. Mny. who Is gen- nr>t make an in .estigatlon.
and Murray I* Pennell. Springfield.
All replied thev had urged con
they did
Erie Railroad's the McNamaras wer
Hillside Ceal and Iron they plea-led fHfltJf-'
innocent until
Confereaca yesterday morning taking
a definite position and affirmative ac?
tion. It was offered by Governor
Mann, of Virginia, and provides for the
of a committee of five
prepare a. bill on the
subject. Aft?r its approval hj at learrt
two-thirds of the Governors. It is to
he recommended by .?ach executive to
the Legislature of his State. On mo?
tion of Governor ''("N'oal. of Alabama,
the resolution was amended by adding
the entir. subject of co-operative asso
aters have told ntme? ran who have four destroyers were sold by Arg*-n
eral managor
subsidi?r\, the
i'ompany. as to his motive for recall* This line of iniulrv was pat Utltted by I ,.j3tions to the duties of the eommU
mg a contract of the Katydid calmj the court on the ground that the Los An- -j?he committee will be named to
bank which had been sent to a pro- jreles Time, e>pioston was part of the, by QQVpmo,. Frederick W. Plaisted.
spectlve buyer, secured throusrh I .1. general conspirac y In which the pres- : ?f j?atne. chairman of the final session
WiUiams. the burinoas aseo<9ate of i *nt defendants are alleged to have l v,st<,rday
'udge Archbald. 'been Implicated
-ay. claim la a Lie.
May claims he r. called the contract
and owned no stock.
George H. Guy, secretary of the New |
Y>rk Electrical Society, testified he be
eases a director of the Temagami Co- !
bait Company at Hawthorne's request,
eat resigned because he objected to .
his electrical society posi?on being '
mentioned In Hawthorne's literature.
The hearing will be resumed Mon?
advanced the hold-up scheme. The .
Democratic, rraargln of control In the'
oenate avfte.r MarcU 4 w-ill not be aa
large ss that of the Republicans at this
aerston. U is ehow-n. and if the p?n."- '
crate cen be sJMaasaCal in thi hold-ut"'
during thla aesslon. the Republicans
can practically be ae successful in the'
next sessions. when a Democratic
Fr<?ident will be making the sslsc I
t o?e
The RepublJeans too, have. taken
o< ear ion la leek up the records of the!
treatment accorded President Cleveland
h?.?ween the ejection and the inaugura?
tion of Prealdent MaKTnl? y. Beaaler
Lodge, of .-a?sa. fc'iaett?. has had the
task In haed. >n?l. It is undetstood, he
be* found 'hat about 4.*o nominations
were sect te the Sens'e by Mr Cleve?
land during the period In queatlon. All
were confirmed by a >>n?t? that was
Republican except eighty-eight po:t
masters and four other appointments.
Thlr number of unconfirmed nomina?
tions it Is held by the Republicans, is
only little greater than the usual num?
ber left over at the close of an average
segslon with no chang;e of admtnletra-'
tlon pending.
Appoiatraeats lavolved.
Talk among th? Democrat!- o-d.y
Indicated tfjat the appointments at
which thej are aiming eklefly are ??-. ,0
to Federal office^ in States reg! I aaillld
by Ddmocr^nr Senators, chiefly in the
tSouth. There probably will be r.o nsht
agalr.et nominations af army ar.d navy
?fleers for promotion, for those are :?
garde.! a.s sufomstlr.
i.-. "I-'tive. j ne,r ailtmi'm
at robbery were unsuccessful until
.a?t night when they j'jmpeel frorrj a
thieket and crabbed a r.andiag from
Mr>. John S. Olney. wife if a mem?
ber af tisS Stock Evbange The bag
contained $:.0<?" in cash and lew. Is
Mrs ''Inev r : earned and a I 11 sqau n
eapeared Fraek. The other two ban?
dit. . araga d.
tina to Greece, and thei rdeliver- was
hastened so they could be under the
Greek flag before the opening of hos?
tilities on the Balkan peninsular
Major .???? ' . Maller? Had Been Suf?
ferer Iron Melancholia.
V?w Voik. December *.?Major John
C. Maller}. I", fi. A-. retired jumped
f:-om the tenth floor of the Hotel Msn
hattsn to-tlav and was Instantly killed
He had been suffering from melancholia Ma
and under the care of a nurse.
Hts wife, who a/sjg * Miss Turnnre, of
Aiken. 8. C. also was iU Their home charl
was In Newport. B T and thev han manage
because h-. recelvod letters claiming
that others had an Interest In the bank
Mr Worthinjrton remarked to the wit?
ness that the claim had Leen made
that these letters were fictitious, and
that the rea.1 reason for w-lthdraw inr the
? ontract was a tip about a Washington
mreMi?sat1e?r into .'udgre Archbald s
"If that claim is made, it is a lie,"
shouted Mr. May.
Senator Bacon presiding, cautioned
hin- that such language should not be
used In the Senate chamber, and Mr.
Oaeta* r Bre.wnw?U. of New Tork.
generst satlssasr af the Erie Railroad
flovernor Bleasw of South Carolina,
! eAst the only negative vote, on the
Balkan S Bat IS Heady to t lalns Mctora'
?tpolle From Turkey.
London. December 6.-Pending tne _
assembling of tin peace de.e?aith iB
l?ndon. taa Ba kan allies are occupies
in preparing a joint draft of the <ae
mands which are to be made iP*>B
Turkey and. it is understood, >-x- i
'hanging omniunicallons with a view)
to arriving at an agreement denning
their own BSBtaal or>iigaaions
The formai acceptasc s ef all me
powers to send d> .cgutcs to 'Lie am?
bassadorial conferen e to be held in
bundon h?\e not yet been received. b'H
tnere Is no reason to suppose there wii.
be any delay in the assembling ot the
P. ronn, of Trenton, general conference. ..^^ ^
Frie subeidtary. ^" aign thpr IrmUUoa remains uu.nan.eu.
island of Cnlus
then shipe are
hesti stopping here for the laet two Lsckawanna and Wvoming Valley Eler- T"e qrteka ate ?sid 1
Road, and Charles F Prior, of ,^Alr campaign an th<
Major MaJ>-- w-a? sisljl sdas I ?are firranton. were nih?r w-ltnessee examln- and at Janitia. ano
Md and a graduate of Wert point in
?he cliss of He was born in
t ? nnsylvanla. and was appointed to
the Military Academy from Alabama.
Sir.ec his retirement In 1*91 he had
lived much of the time in Paris
?ewirc lakes \eilo? In ? a?e of National
a arehnuee 1 ntnpnnr.
?IS* ESS W, Mis.-. 1'eccmber i-<fsv
isilos E f.> all to.,jay BBtjsaSwted ?s
reee|v.r> of m- Ha.tlor.a.1 v\.?r.-hou?o
t'ompa:i\ I loo. ge k Power, an sttor
??? I of ti'ie titj .. '.<! W R. Sewe.l. ^. -
? ? 11 r\-t rcas re. ..f the erin)pany. ,.n
petitiea of the Bee keys Cotton <?ti
Company, of lachSOn. The gSJJI ark*
?o- ., refund of a balance of i" nfto from
a fund of I*; ?<mi Hdvaiv ed the ware
?.mpatK ?nd cotton-seofj
? ;-t.nc fo |lfi nd* stored in
rarle'i? depots
Th? attar ist s btalnalaa the action
ss I c..t I key bettered 'sattnfact'K-'
adlu sttMei Bad the payment of ail
errdlters m fan eeartd be expected."
I I-mm r l-<.e.i r reor \eO"let. |>emo
rral tlion?>-??eeeml.
' ?"^reon CttT. Nrv.. December ?.?In
the ?b>' , i af '. -'frnor Oddle Lieu
t, , t-Geieraai l?elBBf"l C. Ross to -
.;r lated C.crge R Thatcher, of I
Tonopah. Attorn. y-General of Ne- j
i sda fat the nnetpirert term of the
A ttorneT.?>r . 'il Clevetand li.,
|- gel s SB d ol Thursday The com -
all i w^? -tuned anil delivered this ?
<:..-.. .Cde a Rep,ihjjran ar.d
ed .e would apeeint e
|S< p. i ? . ? to ?ur^e?^ the late Petr.o
. -ati. At tome v -C.eneral. Lieutenant
?? -. Democrat, and his
Ro< Bandit ? eptured In New lurk,
hut Iiis \\im sasaava,
New York. December ?. ? The
?.e.ijngest "hold-'ip man" ever arrested
in New York <"'.ty is awaiting trial
here Is isj He .a f?tto Fl liafc. tw elv e
years old. eon of an Esst Sid- tailor.
Wiht two masked companions, Frueh
.s efar^.d with waylaylne pedestrians
JLssa-lgpe' i silk rwe? ?... ...?,lTyn ^firfATy'-f,***
The I|oti?e manager* won a point
when Senator Racon ruled fhst the;.
"ould offer in evlflence the deposition
given by E J. Williams to Attorney
W-i?le- flrowr of the Pepa'tm?rtt r.f
Jtsstdee. ls?t April to contradict evi?
dence wnMasas aas given the senate.
Tell, of arehhnld'a t Ult.
The Katvdid deal waa the subjeet o*
tho enami: ifton of .Jeoree F Rrowo
?P yeneral solicitor for the Krie Rail
read and the Hillside Coal and Iron
<"ompa-iy He told of Judge Arehbaie;
calllr.z af hfS office 'n New Toel< to a?k
who wa.e the proper person to See : 1
-era-d rd ?-? p-irrhase of the Katy I d
dump The witness testified Judse
Archbald =a 1 '-> substance that he
was ?"i-itercsfed" hi clearing up tve
t:tle to the property, ard he had cone
to Mr Rrownell. as Rrownell was the
onlv ofndal of the Hillside Coronen,
he kaeW with the exception of y%r
cd tl'irmc the day
UV ftrow-nell ;old of Judge Arch
haid's visit to hltn in hie New Tork
..fll-es Mr. c-onn told of efforts of
I-Jlge Archhald fo dlspo.'e of the Areh
B?ld-WiUiaass interest in the Katydid
i.ank ta the electric railroad and Mr
Prior testified to having; been present
w-heri rh? "silent party" ass-.gTment
was drawn ip ar.d signed by E J. Wil- .
liamw in Scranton In this paper Mr.
Williams purported ro aswirn a one
third Interest la his culm hank prop
?rtv ro a "silent party." alleged to have
been Tudee Ar.-hbald.
little evidence sppM-?4 to-day that
had not bee- given at the investigation
last summ-r by the House JuJiciary
eleeelj searching foreign steamers
found' between the Pardanel.cc and
it Is reported from Vienna t at
Serrls has set up several batteries u?fi
the right bank of the Danube opposite
the llllBgJBliSB town of ctsove.
Boston l.raad Jury Holds \llegcd
>wladlrra of Harvard Mudcut.
lioston, December 6.?Six indict?
ments were returned by the Suffolk
County grand Jury to-day agains.
three of the alleged rare book swin?
dlers who have been operating
throughout the oountr>. Tw.. of the
(leo\.|. Vdl'ma.K:?'lhini
zround that It would be liest to wait
until the 'iovernors heard the views
of President Taft at the White House
Governor O'Neal and former Gover?
nor Myron T Herrick, of Ohio, now am
ha?.?ador to France delivered the prin?
cipal addresses on this subject, in
which the comferenee took a great in?
?.djonrna ?itne nie.
The frover-iorv r-onference adjourned
at t;M o clock yest<-rday afternoon, on
-o- an of (jovernor Judson Harmon, of
Ohio, to meet next yeAr at Colorado
Springs at the time to be heroafter
??!>??.-< hv 'he exerutlve oommlttee.
Following adjournment, the execu?
tive committee held a meeting and
elected M. C. Rile}, reference librarian
for the I/egis-laturw of Wisconsin, to
he permanent secretary, in accordance
with the plan of organisation for the
conference adopted at this session.
Former Governor John Franklin Fort,
of Sit w- J-trat -'. agreed to act as treas
S,.rr,e o' rhe Governors left vester
day afternoon for Washington, and the
-?-maInder veil! go this morning, leav?
ing si 5 o'clock from the Main Street
Station. If the train arrives on time,
it will he held until that hour. and. if
it Is late, a special wiii l*> made up
iind-r orders of President William rl
White, of the Richmond. Fre.1..ricks
hurg and Potomac Railroad. Tn the
capital cltv the Governors will i>?
j,,. str of President Taft at a Whit =
House luncheon at l:Sg a clock, and
will discuss with
What was tantamount to a reeol.i
tlon of censure of the utterances or
? Jovernor Cole L? B-eaao, of Bouth
?Carolina, in advocscy of lynching,
was adopted yesterday %y the Goesr
nors' Conference, on the lest day of'?
Its sesaion In this city. It was the in
taatlaa of the assembled exeouUees
to go on record as upholding the lsw
Kiid the courta. and many of them did
so Individually during the debate.
Several Governors disapproved the
resoluUon, feeling that in s body of
this sort, whose practice it has beert
?o Indulge merely In Individual '
opinion* on any subject before It, an,
act tending to limit free speech would.!
be a mistake. But the large majority
thought otherwise, and loaders took
j the position that Governor Blesse's j
utterances made some action necos- '
I --?ary.
t ares Nothing for Disapproval.
That individual himself, who has
furnished most of the interest in the
Hob Monas Jail aad 8wta*s Negro to
Mobile. Ala.. December C.?Dangling [
from the limb of a tree, the body of!
Azariah Curtis, s young negro, was I
found to-day at Butler. Ala., as mute]
evidence that the murder of B. Bush, a :
piant-r. who was shot to death last j proceedings of the conference* was not
Monday, had been avenged. jn the least ruffled. He uttered his
C irtls confessed that he and two | j^nariCp saying that the conference
other negroes killed Mr. Hush w hi I
they were lying In wait for two men ?
whom they intended robbing.
Aocording- to the negro's confession
the highwaymen were waiting for Tax I
Collector T. B. Bennett and J. F. How - j
ington, both of whom were know n to I
have large sums of money on their
Mr Bush was driving a wagon along I
the road on which It was ex;>?cted tn>
proposed victims of the negroes would ,
pass. CurFIs stepped out from his aid?
ing place and tired point blank at tb. ;
planter with a single-barrel shotgun j
I'eloading the woa.pon he fired two
shots at the planter's body as the '
mules attached to the wagon ran away. .
The negroes were captured by a
eherlff and his posse. After professng
his innocence Curtis Anally aaafiagliB
might expel him if it wished, hut that,
ho would not apologize and had noth
'ng ta retract. Be declined to vote,
explaining that It was a matter of
indifforenco to him and to South Caro?
lina whether the resolution was
passed or not.
Some difference of opinion exists
in regard to the ultimate effect of tho
resolution. Some Governors think;
that there bj nothing left for Governor .
Bleas.- but to withdraw himself from
an organization which ha* shown hmi
?hat his presence in it is distastefuL
Others do not believe that he can o
touched by such a measure, however
humiliating it might be to other men.
rind that the result will be amlssi -
A mob of 100 stormed the Jail and I massing situations, in whi.-h pre
'ynched Curtis. The other two negroes, chsirmen will b. sbl ^ d .1 times fa
Green Coleman and his brother, still' declare the South Carolinian Out i?f
are under arrest
the Mann Resolution.
The resuliuion as finally passi .1.
iffered as a substitute by Owe era >r
Mann, of Virginia, it> aa follows
??Heeolved. Thnt It la the sentiment .-r
the l.merniir?- Conference, in seaso u
nl Richmond. \ n.. December ?. t9t%
that the nbvlr power of the neifr/t
?taten should be used vrhenesrr in-.
I'ondticted for Ita ?aleatnen
Unna! rash Resrlater Company.
Cincinnati. December ?.?Consider?
able headway was made to-day In the
trial of President John H. Patterson
and twenty-nine other officers or eaeawj to protect person" BSMBtSl ad
former officials of the National Cash crime of ever> kind against the vlo
Reglster Company, on trial in the F.'l- lence as motm and to provide for
eral Court hero charge.! With BBS lag apeedv, orderly anil Impartial triaU
violated th. criminal Hun of the k) courts ?.f ewmpetenl inrtsdletlon. to
Sherman antitrust act I tbe end that the Ins? for the protec
John S. Inman. of Woodside. Montana. ,t,r P">pert? be duly en
told of buying an American cash regN- forced and respected hj the people."
him the ejuestlon ofi,?. and of th4, afforte of the Nstional Cov.-nor Rl.use, during his spee
Frank T. panicle, are under arr. si in
this city, and the third.' G BTgS M.
Fisher, alias George M. Wilson, is in
custody in New York. Two -pi. tm.n.s
were found m each lllStanrs, <?ie
-barging larcaaj af $?>..:???> from Frank
York, a Harvard | present credit system of the t nited
asrlrnlturc Boyentted.
The rural credit plan is to be based
largely, it :s expected on foreign sys?
tems, where it is working to the g-e?t
satisfaction of the people. Governor
'VNeal described in his speech the
<; csrnochan. o. New
student, and tue nthe
spiracy to steal monc
of csrnochan.
sneajing eaa
i aad chattels
Mr BiaBBtP ?a d he ntreduceaj him
to Vice-President Richardson.
Renreser'ative "layton was about to
ask that I personal attachment be made
for Richardson to get him' before the
Senate, ss he had rot responded to s
. .n?. when Senato- B?r?n ?ta'ed
he was informed Richarden ?p .- (
levspita! The strbject went ever until J
I. Rotasd In HnepHsl ?nffertng
T roaa *eri??s laiary.
Seattle, a a?h . r-rcetnber *?John M.
Roland, of New ye-h. son of John Bol
sifttes as a practl al boycott of agri
eaMare in the aaoooj markets of the
world, althoush it is an oceupatlon
addins |<.f"' '. Mg i nnu.i lly. to the coun?
try's Wealth and .11 which i;.oo>.o<t*
of the country's inhabitants are en-!
One of the chiee defects of the ex?
isting fliianoial s-stern. contlmied the
Alabamlan. is Its failure to provide
nicthexls by which the farmers may
i This is responsible, he asserted, for ?
many visionary and impracticable .
?ohern---. Some relief has resulted
from th* ;n< rease 1n production, du? to
. _i more SCSSBtiffe methc^ts of farming, but j
CMratx ??st . The aaatnjtkn ?,. h>m of hrtW thjt farrnrr. waa
w tner.ed iv . crowd an inter.,, rVe. iBllggl- eon,-!
men and ho,,, who ha* torn down the ^ r,?Vwals. of *u per cent,
board i-clorSr, ? i-^und r,? the^- afforded the credit' he tg en-!
low,, but th-re wa, r, otoer .nter.er
ence with the off)-e-? r* BBS .aw. Mi.es, _.. . .
made a sta'ement on the scsffold a.l
mitUnz h'.s rnlt it! i'-iaring that
?following the tevfj b-ought rv t"
this -
< nlorerf Msn on ?eatTold \dmiis lie
\??nnlte.i vheriffs lisnahlrr.
Princes.? Abb?. Md. Diwmksr s?Inj
a grove of pine trees on the countyI
*? ? , u_ ? - -. I procure mone- a: -easonable
alBMBsMBBS Barm .T-a- here. Tt esley j F?
Stile?. . oiored. waa teattty hanged at,
dawn to-d^v rhe criminal assault upon 1
the ffteen-\. .r-otri d-n^hter of for-|
j mer Sheriff \v .; Ph.Tips, of Somerset)
He said Ho dlsmlsesd the National
-aleamen finally by tolling them thit
thev were "knockers." and that "I
would hot buy a machine from g
knocKer" if T could get it for 10 cent.- '
lohn R. Walters, of Pos Angeles
former National salesman, but now em
play?d by the Amrrlmn Cs?h R-glster
Company, testified that a sch.vol for
Nstional salesmen was condi'.-f in
lay- Angele?, where were given demon?
strations as to the way to show the
superiority of the National machines,
snd to "knock the other machines "
Court adjourned until Moniav
Woman Hae Nn Ftplanatlon to offer
for ? nmpenlon's Death
Cstlettsburg. K\ . I>e,-ember ? -Ids
Gullett. th- Wsaaaa fo?jnd in a ho'el
room here yesterday with the body of him
starch I. 1915. h>- wiU be sworn in as
a Senator of the Unite.i States from
th.- State af South t'arolina. This is
believed t > be his first definite dec|arA
tlon of s.i h an .nmbitlon. It means
that he will oppose Senator Ellison
A. Smyth la the primary of 1JH or
w ll run for any intervening vacancy
which might occur
Honst? and I.units
lie I irther said that some of tne
Oenreraeta aew against him waaM be
in th- shad.-s of private life while h?,
was honor, d by his State. He stated
that yeaterday inomlng he --ceivc<t
font letters threat'-ninK his life. It
was learned afterward that one o?,
these was mailed in Richmond, one in
Pi't?h-irgh. one In Washington and tha?
fourth in Ix>uisville. Ky. The letter
from Washington said that Governor
Mm sse would have to answer for h a
statement if h< ever slatted that e,ty.
lie that from Pittsburgh warn 4
'You will h" taker, to account
He ?ugzested the a pno' n t Tlag f of a
-e-rm ffee ?o prepare a bill autho-:?
-\s the organisation of land r><?rtaace
hanks for Incorporation under s.,.r
-^arfers s mtlar to t?r,?^ ?tist'.-.g -.
? >-?.any
No doubt was rvp-es??wj h> Govmor farres
o\eal thst the qa
tural finance can hr ?o!\ ed as su
fully in Amerlea as N hs? been in Flu
a girl and unconscious man. told a en sieht for your word," The othera
.oroner's Jury to-day sl.e couUl not ae- were unprintable said the Beatk Car
count for the death of the girl or the ol.nisr All were anonvmous
condition of the man She said that the Ti'e Rtea.se ine-d-r* -.f ysterda/
three retired soon after eeschtng tha came tu?t after th? cinference '.i*4
room, and 'h3t sh? ws? Ignorant as to passed s re.olution l'l IISBllaa for tue i
how the t-agedv o-curred
While th- ?nry reached ro ..one!-,.hsg
?_? to how tbe girl, registered as Min?
nie Turr.'r rams to her death, or what
appolntmertt of a committee to de? >e
a plan for rural credits. Gosel pot j
Fmmi t ONeai. of Alabama, arose.I
<-ertsin utters ices, he said had been
was th.
">t the condition ,>f made C ai ill amndrd s giislllrs declar
man found in the t - ? v .-onf-rence H- e ijoglieel j
'or of ag-'-il-J room, it h?ld T^rk snd th-. Gullett wo the r
man for further examination
s... -?>? ?'i'.l-'er' r e.e.?.-1o-i?-r..
and head of a Chicago <|eteCi,Ve nf v(, w d^w
sgenry. who was fo-jnd lste yesterd.. ?.,r. her ?on. Eds'
ir. the !s- stor} of s csfe suffering from \ son-ln-lsw. the Rev Cra-i.? ?m.soti
b frsctured skull, recovered cone- |e.u?- Emil:-is. hsrged with f.. m irtJar of
iress at the city Hospital to-day. It', Jacobson. An lllustr?
I? said he will recover
It la i.rne-pome I ?hlnlt to .liiry 1?
JureWn WSBBsS Trial.
Heu'ton. Me December k -Tneht^et. ror>__ and he added that H will stimu- I ph,-st iar? here rannot asce:tal-: ?h,t i- ?
r'ew'swedVn'f^er ,',!'Vv? ,bttee ini ?a*e laateaarteJ aasf aajlmBTfmaaa asrea|.| has -nested him aa aaeaafatt
the Suprenar Court here r.-dtr in tne
of Iron
taaiill Reunion llelsl at It
veT r?am Paesrmaar f -gyff [^ hU fra,,ue^
bnsii -a - 't'- o? ?-tl"'? ? s-- . ^. .
ttegle g* Id lee r easeaatJl a"' "?1 "???t
?fig uB of fe famegle vet?
eran A?no. latton at the eteel man s
b??jne in Fifth Av-noe. to-ntgh"
Mr ? .. -nea'e ras elected preslden:
f. r t .-.iint"| .ear i'1-?' m M
S. Hwab was < hose:i vice-President sod
Charles I Tayi.-r. ?eeretar
f tb. uliet? was given -y DT Cna lea
A* Roone a medical examine- s-ho
B-land had bem about the dt? alnee' how h#. tn p. rfrrmlr.g- fie
Thenhsglvlng Day and went to the <otopsy in the gravevsrd ?t -v?w
cafe yesterday. In his pocket was a swedea
smell sum of money and a pa" n ticket; Dr V r: Taig'rs-t th- neohson
for clothing. j fsmllv pkywrclsn who was - i
Apparentlv Poland walked ?lwjt' ^'nta! In haji
nd did t o. pat twaCk ef met*
I for the state
pment snd redhice the high oe>?t of
?ra Aanle Jacob- ? li'-ing
a I B?r I tvtni Cost '.rest IViiMfB
Th? grestest problem of the L'r *?t
-tstes fo-dsv aa 1 V r ??'?ado; H?r
-;e|t. who. as the offlciel representative
of President TafL was the n^'l
?peak.r. Is the incresslng fet of liv?
ing This Iticresse. ir. ,s .ntn on.
>rk lieri a"
and fa I ?
aro sasaed
satlon ba*.
??? p-o.
vtraadea ?teaaser Rasters Falle H,e.,if
Off R/w-hs
say-ng tvat
untry. af any per??*
prouder dvtlSi ''"?-1
began with Wash
?th Te? It was a
on law and order.
itt? and the NeBre.
I'd n vl be -
t - Ti
Ul Minn.. December <?Released ma-.
IM e'cloefe tkla ereataa. tbe strand- *(Bj<*t>
S share
Bat th?
? ed ?team-r Eastoa. of the Booth Line,
" r lied herself off Iroq?
p ?*
know the evtent of his Injuries.
The wonr.d may ha\? been Inflicte j
?n hour or so before he became uncon?
scious, phyttieiar-s oar
tlrclnlsn. Nominated
BVl to The Time? - Diapatch I
"??ton rveeember ??Presltjer.t
? hnreh. I.I?irsr-? asS Other ?imrt area
nt rntrlee. VI. T>esa?rwyesL
r*alrlee Vt Hxyrnhef ?. P*ire earlv
iiaieials Search fee lese ?rnlt?' #?
festen < nnse ef Btssst.
Huntinarton. VI V? . December C ?
PTve mew were killed hr fVe evp'oWow
of S bo'ler s? n sawmill rear Wilson
dale, arsvr.e Cotint'. W Va . last nltrht
The desd
IssuWI Ulrnarl r.,...?-,n.;.> Ci
?eqiiene?s. A rise of only
more points tn prices wll -.ruit in
widespread hardship tn cities wh*re
a modest living is nii ?? .-eedl-.g'y dlf- ;
cult to m?ny people As the farms
become more productive the flrandal ?
needa of their owners will in- r e_?e
Real estate credit wilt a growinsf I
Mr Herrlch hrteflr e?;--a.--d the tfce- j
m\ ' of banking ehew'ng fhs. iatfo al i
"Boks are f. rb .Vien w> law : I extend
real eetate credit w h - ' sIbo rmlts tne ;
dealings of-rr ?ort? ?f banha may j
hsve m this respect Theae r-etrl?- ;
?ions are but i S ???Ml -iside-i-ff i;#,,ft#f w iseart*>
Reef, and
neieceeded under ker own eteam to
I BT1 Arthur All aboard are safe she
'? expected to arrive tn Dulafk to?
morrow afternoon. Mace t:js Thurs?
day morning, tka boat baa been faat
on the roeka.
lightening the statr. s cargo was auf
flcteat lo allow tbe vessel te hack off
into clear water Captain Hawkleson .
examination of h'a veaaet t? ? ?
i I' ? ro serious injuries
tut lo
do not
In ??>?
r. ? i. ?
'VeC-ltlVe e.
i IS- \ *
dspe ad aat upt.%
try or a ?-? ?
majeetv and ? .??
?Ks nature
of land snd Its rsvur.ee.
Ss orh mb Mr
bs any
?* Vflit
I? said
In tb*
me mb?
Ts ft e
are al
In the
for Uf
A c<
g> Sled
is a 1
ftces 1
the p
t'. moi
A t
in th
be rr
Ir. pa
for tl
Ba aj
s* raft
lad t
? ? a

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