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Government Takes Su?
pervision Over Sta?
tions and Vessels.
Two Operators Required Where
Voyage Exceeds 200 Miles, and
Provisions Arc Made for
Rapid Handling of Distress
Signals?Statute Framed
After Titanic Disaster.
> a-JiimglO!.. December k.-Aa ex
bsnaten system of Bovert.m< Bl super
vision over wireless telegraphy will
? ? aged effective aagt Wt%tm0> tour
tiontha from the du,to of tnc cnact
M Bl of the law Plans have been
?riede to earry our th> new stem,
?oth as to the ? antra y.taUona and
?taaaagl?ps operated by .<,][>inert tai
? orupanles and Mae army and navy ata?
'rovernment lir^ne?? hereafter win
be required for all eh"r> r'ations and
for steamers leasing Ajaerteaa Port.?
TriM>; licenses at? ><idk [irepared.
begad upon Inspection b] govemment
> xperts. There r.r- set^ra! hundred
share atatlnne ajaadj tin Atlantic an<i
PaetftV coasti- She G-'f and the <Jreat
Usjtea and Port., Rico. The number
af steamahlps required to earry wlre
Jeasi under the n~w law in estimated
at 1 Aoo.
>!???? Heve Inn "eeratnre.
Kvery steamer having a capacity or
' it ? passengers on trtps. eitendfng 2<< ?
tnllee. )e required to have two operator*
far its wlreie-ss equipment in order to
provide eontmuous watehf.lneae for
Mgriale of dt.?tre?s Safeguards for
?.ulek eommtint-atlo'. between tne
??ridge of ?tfurnrrs and the ?ireiea^
'?perating-room are provided.
tf accident to the ship should de
range the current for the aerial te >
= raph prnvielon ts made for auxlilarv
?lS'-hlnery te co-tin.' the wireless in
1 deration
The goverrrment plan? about to tv
put Into force combine the art of Au
t'Jtt 13 laat and various preceding acts,
'??gether with regulation* issued by ti?
l'ej>artment of Commeree and Labor
??ring inanv det.it'.? of radio conimu
The country and beer. div! led into
it distrlete to carry out the super.
.?ion rhe divisional headquarters Iba?
ne Boeton. New Tork. Baltimore. P>
ar.nah New Orleans. ?an Francisse
?attle. rieveland ar,ri Chlcaao
The govement inspectors are re.
!r?d to visit the euore stations and
v,lp* and to report upon the equip?
ment and efficiency of Instrument?
Theee reports are to be made the basts
??' .l'*t.?ea issued by the government
No station or ?h!p wi!l be permitted to
??perate a wlreles? plsnt without such
Wet nee. Wir? lee, operators also must
Open for (General Baslae*a>
Fader the new eyetem some of the
.-. ai atadtggsj of the South Atlantic
? 'oast ard on th? Pacific roast ?nd the
rtWf station? !n Alaska, where there
: 1. 1 immeroial stations, a Ol be
B ken for gene ml business
The new law was framed shnrt'v
?ft) r the T-tanic disaster, and one of
Irs provisions ?rlv*? 3 ritrht of way
for distress signals, se follows:
"All stattors are reoutred to give
- gate t.riorlty fo signals md radio
trams rehitlnsr to *hii>r- In di.?trese: to
e?a?e all sending on hearlna a dis
?igr.il and eveenr when encaged
la innwrinn or aidlnc the ship Ig
.???stress, to retrain fro-' -entlnar nrtil
? e>ni!? reletlnc to the .iTStreso c*lt
. -e completed
It Will Be leadered to Mrs. t\ nod row
y* gaasa end Her llenahtera.
\ew Tork December ??Completion
ad preliminary arrangements for "vlo
? .--??? reception and hreskfas*. WBge*
? 11 be tendered hy the Woman's
?~re.o.--aMc flub to Mr? Woodrow
u'llton and the Misse? WBauB Pstur
da; Tvcemher ?t at t*e WnJderf-Aa
? .rfa. was snrotir.^e: to-nlgn
Among the women of nrorr.te-n<e
ho ha"e aeceptet *n-ttst|ons to ne
g ie?ts or honor are Mrs Orassar neve,
tmd. Mrs Adlsl F'evensor.. Mr? T-.?
\ Dix. Mrs William MBIT. Mrs Jud
? ?n Hsrmon. of Ohio Mrs F.ugene A
; oss of Massachusetts Mrs winiam
' Brran. Mr*. Champ nark. M? <?'?
Crtderwced Mrs Wl'lam I ?BT
- ?rd Mrs Thomss Fortan' Ttvan
<? Pr<?B freer rfs Toffe I etter ?0 Victor
R^ts. Tweembe- e ? Kmi- Vt for Cm
- inttel ;o-da; received American Am
'???idor Thomas J cy Brlen. who pre
I n-ed a letter ft-o-n Fyesldent Taft
Tbe aadtenee was mo*t ^o-.ttai th
i.'ing displaying great lntere<.t -r. re
. -nt events m the Fn^ed Stsiee lie
gd aleo of the renewal of the tnpl
1 e wh'ch. it Is believed here, hss
1 ? . .) renewed for twelve years
ll's MaJtstv eapreaaed his great gsnV
t on over thle ae the means of a
.-?maact wttich for more than thirty
'?are has preserved peace smona the
-?at powers ard enabled ftslv to frei
asj sf home and develop her In
t -nel -eeources
? nnat* tevrp? Testl"? rr?ger ?f Wet
tlrablp t? VI??? Paaataa
Washington. Kecemher s Fr. ?1.1? f
? Wllaon has deeimed to accept
t resident Taft's oaTer te plac- at h's
d irrfml one of the navy's b.a battle
s lifts to mahe a trip to tb< Panama
? : /one it is and?rsto?v| that M
Wilson whtts eaaewaalng a np - daft an
t*ie Bag (ddetrt's thooghtfu-i' ??
? 01- ??y-t. wtth toe wo 90/m ?
?bont to n>'l b? datle? a?
<Mr>a/nnr wow Id *">>*? ?' 'mporeiht'
Xea ?> ?1 ??? '*s< ? tt ? -
Maar lavaatlgatloa* Will DrrinV la
tereat of Law maker*.
Washington, December S.?The re?
sumption of the money trust Investiga?
tion to-morrow and a hearing Tueaday
on the resolution for a congressional
inquire Into the Grand Trunk and New
York. New Haven and Hartford Rail?
road operations In New England, pro?
mise to divide congressional attention
this week with the Archbald Impeach?
ment trial and tbe consideration of
general legislation in the two house*.
Hefor? the . nd of the week it If, ex?
pected two other Inquiries will oe
under way?the campaign expenditure*
investigation by the Clapp committees
and the "shipping trust" inquiry bv
the House Committee on Merchant
Marine. Ranker? and financiers from
New *Vork, Baltimore and Pittsburgh
are under subpoena to appear before
Chairman Pujo's "money trust" inves?
tigation committee during the week
The trial by lmpreachment of Judge
Arcnbald. of the Commerce Court,
which began In the Senate last Tues?
day, had wearied a majority of th>
members of that body by the end of
last week. Efforts are to be made this.
x"k, through the medium of longer
sessions to hasten tbe presentation of,
Appropriation legislation will hold
? he right Of way In the Houae. It is'
expected that the legtstatlve. executive
and Judiclarv bill will be completed
and pai-ced during the Week, and that
consideration of the Indian appropria?
tion bill will begin. The Senate com?
mittee on Appropriations has kept
abreast of developments In the House
on the legislative bill, and it Is be?
ll? ved ihe :n?asure will be ready for
the Renate In a few days after the
Seriate lommittee receives It That
committee probably will make rhanK-s
?hat will add several millions of dol- .
ars t ?? t hf meA ore.
Criticism of I ?oeevelr and the Pro. |
g-rees!e? p-irty j ad of President Taft is
expected In til i Senate eary in the
week from Senator Works, of '.alifor
nls. It is understood he has prepared
a * nee -v, based upon the revelations of
campaign contributions and expendi
t ires.
It Will Arbitrate Pem*l*ry Claim* of
This Country aad England.
Washington. December 8.?Great
Britain and the United States have
?greec; jpon the composition of the
tribunal fo: the arbitration of pe--u
nl a ry claim* as provided in the ape
cla.1 agreement recently ratified by tbe
two governments
Str Charles Fltrpatrtek, chief Justice
cf Canada, and the British member of
the North Atlantic Coast Fisheries Ar?
bitration Tribunal at The Hague in
1911 art** represent Great Britain
Chandler P. .Anderson, counsellor of
the Department of State, will repre- '
neat the United States These will se
lejpt a third member, who will act as
umpire, arvd will be. a subject of neith?
er Great Britain nor the United Sta-tea
Th* third member's name will be an- !
r.ounced later.
Cecil J. B. Hurt, of 'he British For?
eign Office, will be chief counsel for'
tr eat Britain. Edmund L XewtMUBlbo
Canadian deputy minister tusticc.
will be associate.) with him Severe
MallaT* Pi I gal, of New York, will be
cnicf counsel for the United States. He'
was one of counsel In the \enezucla
boundary arbitration. Rouen Lan?
sing, ont of coins*! for the United
states in the tisheriee arbitration and
the Alaska ho ndary aiuliration, will
be associated with him.
A aWJaassasS of claimfc for submission
to arbitration h?? been agreed upon.
The annijr.t claimed on both bides is
altogether abo<it $1.000.000. It is un
?ier>too-. th;. a supplemental sched?
ule t.f clai-is is likely to oe agreed
-.-...n befor . the tribunal m-cts.
The els ms to b? discussed require
tn- a*cl- on of many interesting and
tmporta . <iuet,tiun* of .nletnational
It is expected that the tribunal w'll
meet negt aprinK. an-i by agreement ot
the two governments its first sersion
will be held in Washington.
The) SA'III niaeasa Pia*? Be \d?nnce
r?a*e af t atoalaax.
Atlanta, tie. December ??Interna-:
j tlonal Labor Union officials and rele?
gates from thirteen Soutneastern
States arrl\ed here to-d*v and to
nlget to ?ttenet the opening ?o-m,,
I row of the Southeastern Lobor Con?
gress, which will '-envene for a three
? - s' ???? '.n
Credentials have boon received from '
ctty and State organizations in thir
' teen of the southeastern States. It is
expecte-: that twenty internstional la?
bor officers also will be present during
the session of the cong-ess.
The purpose of the congress is to
arrlvo at some uniform plan of pro- :
cedure bv which to advance the cauje i
of unionism
Jerome Joner. editor Of the Journal
of Labor, will call tne congress to or
1 der at * o'clock to-morrow afternoon
Atter addresses of welcome and re?
sponses. P. J Ponton. Washington.
j vice-president of the Internstionsl
! Association of Machinist*, is fhc
uled to deliver the principal address af I
, the day His subteet will bo. "Accom- i
i pilshments of Agitation"
?tleoMc r on?? Mae Ofr?e*?la Fart Rlaoa
Bj**a*da o* Trail.
ThomarvlHe. Ga . Decemh-r s.?An
Atlsntic Co?*t Line si?'?nt*r train
ronnlng between Thomaaville. Ga
?nd Montleol'o. Fie. was derailed at
Wades Crossing. G*. to-day aa th
result of a switch being open Er
glneer McOee was serlotislv Inj ire<<
but no pas?engers were h"r?
Railroad officials believe tbe switch
w*s opened by train w-eeke-s aed
deteetlvea with MWMMOTi? were serf
tc tbe ?eene In in attempt t-, rnr d ??
Ihe responsible per"*"*"*
Mlteteeoea rreaartnr fr.r Pareel? TasT
Washlnrten |v<*ml?' ? r>S*g***Jt j
ter-Oenerai Hit, brock has apport on? J \
lO 1.? ?*? pO?l-of||r, ? nil C:t> d*
tit^rv I'.en.aa* of the pat, el- pee* ap
pr>?pri?t ,'.o to b. ns-d for eqnlpment
fo- the doBverv of parcels post taejsi
r>. per t'.. e'sbl-.: ' ..' :->
parcel* powt eyetem lPosfmsMc-.
ct'nersl sl-esd' hi- -'tho-i'-d tb
.srwodtlOT, ef fn.ee* |..r >?pgN?<
* re it.
Intervention in Mexico
Implored at Special
Secretary of State Beseeches Help
of Church in Suppressing Re?
bellion, and Papal Decree Is
Issued?His Action Is
Questioned by
IteSlee CTlty. December %.?In o be?
dien re to a papal decree, there will
begin at midnight In WtmTf Catholic
church throughout the republic a spe?
cial ma?s for divine Intervention in
Ideate* Its Bt Peter's, at Rome, the
uiif hour, or ? o'clock, Rome time.
Monday norninR the Pope hlmaelf will
Join In the prayers for the restoration
"f peace.
Monelsrno- ?oggiani. th* apostolic
delegste. mill officiate !n the Church
>f Guadalupe. where a service of un
i>ual ?olemnltv 1s. planned, althousrh
the . ceremonies In the cathedral will
almost equally Imp"sslve
That t.h? revolution In Mexico has
"suited 1n conditions as) bad that
engst Illing more than human agencien
are necessary to rlrhr them 3-ppeara
to be indicated, not only by the reporta
of the real operations, but. bv the ac?
tion of the Secretary of the Interior.
Rafael Hernandez. The seeretary re
eently j'irnmoned Monsignor Boggiant
and appealed to him to use the power
of the church to aesiat 1n restoring
Archbishop Mora also was sum?
moned, but happened to be out of town
The secretary requested ?hat the Pope
i * su ?? a deeree to thst end.
Bad In Mae wilt Lassa.
The Liberals construed the act of
seyetaanrg fff rnand*i an being not la
line with the laws respecting the sep?
aration of the church snd the state,
and are considering the expediency of
lnterpe.Ja,ting the government in the
Chamber of Deputies. The new Sec?
retary of the Interior also has ad?
mitted that the army is not nearly
large enough to give protection to
hacienda*, and small towns. In reply
to requests fram th'K quarter?, he has
.-ent th- following note:
?*Th> government 1? making almos.
?unheard-of effort*, to give protection,
hut to a-cede to all demands would
require an army of half a million."
A plan has been outlined ask ng t ?
chambers of eaaaaatatsea and other mm
ilar organizations throughout the
country to apporpriate money to main?
tain bodies of volunteers, whom the
government will .quip with rifles and
ammunition, but it Is announced that
th' gov-rnmer.t would cxp?. et those
paying these volunteers to *jivv a
guarantee that the arms ar.d ammuni?
tion furnished will not tall nto the
hands of the rebels
According to official reports, the reb?
els. In a series of attacks In ?he last
thre?; days around T<mascaltcpee. in
the State of M. x.co. lost 1-'- men
kilkd Tne Federal loss is not given.
Mlnar successes In other regions also
are reported. According to unofficial
report.-', however, the rebels are win?
ning many successes, and there is no
doubt that they are gaining ground in
the north and i oast region of the
State of Guerrero. wh'Ie they ar.- fully
haadtng their own la the other re
gl yns.
Movement Vo? Belittled.
There is lean disposition in otflcial
circles to belittle ?he movement in th"
north, where the remnants of Orozco's
armv are ah awing more evidence of
concerted action. Cheche Campos and
Indio Mariano ar> praetically in the
eontrol of Northern Durango. The
latter ha* burned ail bridges of the
railroad between San Juan D? 1 Rio.
which he captured, and i'asa.? HIanra.
south of which is a fat at es IM Fed?
erals. Campos recently uas raided
fourteen hacfendas In connection with
these attacks, stories >f destruction
and artocltie* art common.
Rebels on the Pacific Ceast State
of Guerre.ro. are said to have acquired
a little post south ??' Acapulro. whence
they are shipping to the Interior am?
munition and supplies. which trt.-y re?
ceive there Th>se rebels er- <-om
manaed by \ndrew Almazan
The general Situation i> best de- 1
fined bv explaining that the ^overn
ment is in control of all the big towns
and many of t..< smaller p'.ace*. but
practically all the disturbed r. for
are in the newer of the tns'jrrectos
The scattered detachment* of L!be.-al.s
accomplish little and for the meat part
are left in the town, while the high
w?ye are at the m? rcy of the rebels.
Th? residente at Pu'hla arc authority
for the statement that It is not sate
to ride outside the c!ty limits.
While it is no secret that M<xica
and foreigners alike, in num?r.>us In
stances, are pacing the rrh?;.- ->.-:.-..).
icaily. yet Immunity is not always
MH ea?K? Itelay? ?-elerf W?e ?? litnrsni.
:l?a i ..??Itter ? aalrasaa.
Washtneton. I>er? iibrr s ?''>.?;: man
tt llliam F M -Comhe. of the l>. motre
tie N'atio.ial Commuter sp? nt the dar
in Washing!": r ,r.?. * ?<-, 1... i
Wrnvnii leaders toncernlng th
appotataient of a ch*frtnan for the la
Mgwrmtlon cmmitte? i, aas aa-J
.lor .slr.n wa? reaches. 1. r ? i.
animuree-m. i.i .oirr" '?? ?..,,!. ...
t'lev-ctmlraaa? Wintern M, ut.(-nr
?"tnr time ?r||h i'hairmao bt.?'? ? i. i
day. ae del r>< nalot <le>r? and ot?? r
ft* miii rallr leaders in i'ongrree Te?
.i'i rniati MtT'imhs alii
th. th- C.,|.it..| I" .'til- vita fta* ;.k
Me.er Nat Sen ne-l legest
Rome. P? ? rmVe- ? -The mun sip*:
Hsestsaeai apart head here ge-dkyj tu
tl ? \r-li ?? I' rt? al f,n?tlOst<' ' ..i
at,- r Nathan, sreer ,,,,-?. a Th*-,
Down Deep in Hearts
They Cherish Similar
Believes Governors of Southern
States Lost Opportunity to
Brush Aside Intemperate Ut?
terances and Explain Con?
ditions Which Brought
About Outbreak.
Jackson. Miss December 3.?Declar
lng that if one of hi*- immediate rela?
tiv ee had been a victim he might hav>
"gone to extremes which would have
shocked civilization to punish th*
brut* . United States ftSISSSWI TTflei t
J. K. 1 ardaman. former Governor
of Mississippi, to-night commented m
th" mob law sp'r~h delivered by Gov?
ernor i-olc L_ Blease. of South Carolina,
before the recent Governors' Confer?
ence at Richmond.
"Thonsand* of srood. la?--lovini-.
home-buildlnit. G..d-fearing white men.
both !n the Nor'h and In the South
do? n de< p in their hearts harbor i
feeling toward the black assailant
close akin to the sentiment rxprces"j
by iji.w rtior Hl?.i?f," said Senator-K'.- -t
Vae.jaman "I have- been Governor of
Iftas!ooigpl, and was called on rewoat
edli to . nforcr the law. and T did it
no other Governor before or staee III
the South ever ha* done to protect the
Mach ieapedlar of the white man's
home. And y. t f felt, when doing it
that if one of my loved- ones h3d been
the victim, that T would have gone tee
extreme* ttaal woui.i liavc ohocked
civilization to have punished the
"Spiendtd opportunity was lo?t By
the Governors of tht S'iuthem Stat. | la
the Richmond conference" Senato
Elect Vardaman added, "to teach the
uninformed nation the truth regard?
ing the anomalous condition existing
in the South, which condition caused
Governor Uleis. to mak- the extraor?
dinary speech credited to him. Instead
of commenting >>n and condemning the
ebullition of temper manifested on th?
part of the South Carolina executive
it would have been better to have
brush> d a?ld- the intemperate utter?
ances wljfh an expre?sion of depreca?
tion. If they felt like It. and then pro?
ceeded to explain to American people
th< reason."
'.??her to ?-tii<l? IKTecte of *. Icohol and
(Ither "?*rrof Ice.
?J ashirttor DaeoaaJhst P?p-.sti
guisbed American -<nd forriatn phvs:
? :%ns snd scientists will assemble here
n-xt Tu. sdav to attend the forty-sec?
ond annual rr?c. tins of the American
Society fcr the study ?r Alcohot and
Other v.irro; - The society is eorr,
posed of i>h- ?:? l s .nil others who are
eepaclallv t< M Sted in the s.-i.n.lfle
study of th* ? sTtsetl upon th' human
?ystem of alcohol and drugs The p in
clpal object of the meeting will he to
dlscus? the itej?t ind most author.ta
tlve Studier of alcoholism. ItM hrlety
and llshT* iah sai
< a?lre ??? 7 eke i gjae
Anta-erp. D*MJS*as>af S ?Clprianr.
X-r. ?s? exil'd i?re?i.lent of Vcn- - :' ?
who arrived here ~>i UM Steal
Windhuk theaterdiay. is beiirv^d t.. j -
remained sbosrd the vet??: Th' n'lni
huh proceeded for Hamburg to-da*.
and It is understood that Castro In?
tend* to take th. cure it "t\. -.f t -
Cerman resorts-.
Cold Weathtr Comine.
but Sk.es Will Rr Fa.r
SA ?>illlt?n. |i?r#?i?rf-Ttse
r-ol4>?< ??eat her ot ine ..>??? and
fair .ale. e.111 per ?eil e*?l of tar
ttlaalaalprl River lae ?'?! part erf
Ith week, while we?i Bt Ihr r1?ee
j the teinaee-itare? will **? n?r?nVr??e
4airtM* the ?rU ?o'"' r'rye. ?H?
er Rnrean'a w-r-KIr beHetlo. t*.?wed
la-Oai. make* i?c. a. edt<-trr.n?
mm* sasjBjaaassat
-% *T?sl*ia*aee will appear la the
far Sle?t 1?. ??* ?*??e ea?l
mmrn BJBSl rw Ike M.n.lU- ?? e.i
?>??! \\ r+mr-.1?< i?a ihr *TaTata7**JSJ
?.(*te. Tkar-I.- ?r Irl*.. tat
at.INrfcan.t- BT**] SO s'ererfr? hy
! rtafa* IrarrriK" nad *? atleaOed
hj '???- i" saaaahawa ??* ?????? in
\ortaevn rll.lrl. ?? ??# *h* M?-t?,
SMiltl? (.car-rat r*?a? mil sahen
l. .mir la Ihr (??el*.- ?t?te? 4ar -
?BO (be latter ??*? ?? ??>e ?f?. ??
tradtaa ? ilMsrlMfr (bei ?III Bfja
pear Irr ?*?? rr-lnn aanaf llwoO'
?r t rtOO?."
Earlv Renewal of Drei?
bund Will Help Pre?
serve Peace.
Frightful Ottoman Excesses Re
ported From Gallipoli District.
Where Villagers Who Refuse
to Pay Ransom Are Mas?
sacred? Many Towns Pil?
laged and Destroyed.
London. December1 I.??CBreBfavetaneag
et th-.- renewal el lex lsretb.tiid ?ix
months bufere th. nc. ?>?lt: a' t*
#???? notice of Ite renen ?. ???? that
has i \ pirtii ts i-Kii.s.rii i. <i to hart npe*
BIm! :.t.|.in> to the BelllBB . . oltlo.n.
flentlBjt ntel b< ? speax 1? rwenvw on
Its o nrti al m east Biel ? d to make a
at ..? Impreaalen er Reeaia and >? -
ela. tkew aetptng t i? orubbivatl >b or
Turkey baa Bol j ? t eaTsdlally ap?
point..j he; p. ,.. o-i'-.l.- I.'I' all Inn
?lalkna BiBtcB malading, Qne?e?r, have
lianoil tlielre. and th> delegates lo?
hgar ran aril] .?'tart f..r i/>n'ioti
l?r. 1'aneff. president ??! ti Bulfja
(ai ian Chamber ??; Depul es nri|| :???.?
at Bv haregt on his aravj la London
end will .-ndea^ot t . reeeBBtle Rata
aiaj- territorial aBd economic aspira?
tions ?Ith Bul-Taria'.". late rents
Th? Greeks continue tne-r military
operation* and occupied Syrak.-n and
6f Georg;.-, villages four houra distant
from Janina. where the remnants of the
Turkish Monastlr arm' are raid 'o
have arrived.
Terrible Bast?es.
Constantinople. Passsalui I.?Letters
of a late dat? recclvd from Gall i pol:
i'eport terrible excesses b] the Turk?
ish troops in that district. The tele?
graph lines having been But beyond
?ialllpoll. the military authorlt'et* held
the Christtan villatrers responsible for
the work and ordered a detachment of
troops to punish the resident".
Thr trioos htirr.d th" hous.s. aM
many of the villagers for ran*om.
massacred those who refused to j a: .
assaulted tne womer. ar.d tarried on
wholesale pillatre. The villac. ??:
Malgsra. Kreiden. Karadjaia. Aloyli
Grabunar and Kxainlli practically were
dl stroyed.
Turkish reinforcement*, from As.a
Minor continue to arriv.. at Gallipdi.
The authorities report that ? ightcvn
battalions, .-omprlstnif the remnants of
the Monaatir army. haVi reneged there
with artillery and auimnajtjeej, tuus
strengthening th" T?rk?? position at
that impor tant AJhania'i lew a
Atlator la Flight ?bot.
Vienna. I'"',,mr??r ".?Tbc fate ef
Dr. Jules Cotaatsmtin. a French avia?
tor In the Hulaanan per Blee, Brise ??>
decorated bv Kins Ft rdlnand for bruv
erv. ts .(??(.??ribed in a dispatch ritt re*
reived here. Dr. CematBBfln started
from Sir ma villag- on his last flignt
over the Tcnalaita lines, with the ob?
ject of dropping bombs on the Turk?
ish troops. His biplaii. s-as seen t"
descend near the Bulgarian camp
The aviator was fannd lying on Ike
ground 'lead, with a wound in his
chesi The wings of tin biplane Batd
also been pierced bv bullets
The instruments >uow. d that he had
reached a height of nearly 4.9'"* feet.
He had photographe.l the Turkisn ll-ic
and evidently had been shot, bell had
strength to sruide the machine ?atffc
before h- expired
ClSaa Cull Honor*.
Tripel!. Itecernb. r ?.?Th.- Turks,
ravalry and art i i!?? i \ ?hl.h wen ? n
gaged in the war er Ith Italy em sa Hard
here to-day. Full military hon .."s ereVr
??iorded tn? troops, ? hi-.. gVs Uaatbsa
b.ts not been fl,vuli;. 'l.
noposes Partition of tlhnnln.
Pans. Ducmb'r s.--Ti,e Tseng
prints a Constantinople ansfMStca am*
bodying an Intel \ i. w ?itli latMft
trtater Ktaaail Inaanai BfMi regaaad ???
the BBBMM I ? fiof latlon-. 1 h. gTBsBS]
a laset Baad Tt.rkey rouid not permit
V I..mi.1 fo h- i ut in t?" tu ..nab ?
f?. r?l . to -. a' Ii th. s. a mxI .-..uid ti"t
gi 1 ? up .vJrianopi' Na f'Ja.d. bar
?v< . to indtiat'- ?H?l it?nre?si.>T
Turk y was prepared l? <r.ak*
A*kcd if the governn.rr't I . or. 1
T itk' ' 1 ? ntry into th- H ifca:, led
erateea Ktamil ?a>d that ..I gegavded
??ti lb- value .>i tasl f-?i. rat; 1. ami
whet ad\antse> T rk'; was like y
f? J n ?uch a Onion
itn r.: t-- |h< p rf ? ? an 1
? ?? foreirn affaire KTts at| -*??? th
Po.tr desired and ? ar taajalrad 1
stand ??'ll with all UM 00? ???
that it must not he forrott -n
raiB?sy ??? ? marit'T .on-;. I
??as i h? re for. b< ? ror, .-s'?-ui ?
1- it on t" ha\e s.'-f< ?. :?: "ii
. t in nia-itlm- BBat
The goverrmet-.t - pol' ? I I
*??ui?. an eeBpeat ti
aid would iBJBPgfai
f >r is t." s".?ii s. fth ? ? "I
p. r rltt'd.
I a.tt r?r?pv I.e a' I- *" - ?
?saasrfadbrd Ike ar? id %'atrr. ?i??i 1.?
ertets Ihresiefs th- isi.t-inl Baaarg ??:
Tirhev. i,s>i t'lsi t... *e erssnsri
? .??t.i.:1 e?g I
? 1 Im Bat r.ii r- ??WS gift- r> n 1 ??
nulslaad a
?rasWslrsnlll rl t tvelr I >?? ?"n? I ?ar?
BgSgl llrlrkrr
V? ? >'-rV p.cemh? I l*1ft< , ?
after f. IW I?.' ?. ? ?
I in tb*> aehaade.
? K.silli ISfi'ilr ?? ..
i I * ? ? ? -I?l" e- r.
r?' -t?pSrr
I.-?| "" sa
llonaeielt aar! Per?, Iratr tor I're
? r'xhi < anventlon |a < alrage.
Chicago. r??ortnbT v.. rr para Hans
for th? ii.itiftfal . oefer? iv. .if tht Pro?
gressive party here TucedS} and ?Ved
nrbday erefi .-oinpi. tu.t to-tilg at, Mens?
hers of thr local reeamltlee on ar?
rangement* aawaaarsd th< 1 >.i
aorvfd BCraaaanahaMlloaaj tor about . aaa
awttoajavtoa. aantart the *ii..ai al Col
afaol s>*eeevejj aril parti ta ...
row, the National Proatreoelvi ?lea**
mitte.? ?in dH.'i-i .. alaa of ?
for Hie next four Euere. e/ht<
ably will b? laid before tat coafeioao
for aapraval
Gapeae) Boen?*v eel and .ui*.-. Ja
Adda me of Hull HOMO?. Ch loafs will
d<di> . i ihe ? in- : Maeveaaee at t.i
sessions .if Um eoafsreaco.
? iff tor i bli-ago.
Xea yotk l> eejauei ?. -< otaael
Tluudurc Uovs.'V.-li und IM othe| Pro
(resale's party leadera and neaaberv
i. ft fur Chdeagro le rtai on a *pt.c'.i:
Irajn o) t ?? ii .a.?. frotu tu?' na; >f
which, i" electric tetters, arete en
blazoned "Ball M teee tyteclaJ.*' The
occasion of this aiMa'lBter political
activity in tin propossd sallaHrjatlnri
of the n'-A party and the making
plans for future naaiiaalfjnn Mein??. ? -
from other States ar. et the ray 10
Iota in th. I'lmacv c-mference.
f*altnrl i:no??v?!t an<! als :>.?n wen
do-ered by a small ? rov d as tiv\ left
it i o'clock. aJthaash ihe Colooeil bat*
no eoninient ta make upon Ihe situs
tion aavej^al geossbsei af ate party,
pari fculart; i>f..y stiauw and Krank
A. iluti?. y. declared U.*t if the liaOUb
llcan par" hop.d tu prjaveaett Uaoli
It would have to he by tamiag l*ro
Th. ?c seottmcntj are ilt reference 'e
the Itepnblit mi ' Jove; no(?) . 0'Hcr-n ?
In TVaaWnyt-n ytteiorday to await hi -
"thcr -ear before fiVlns rleps 11 >
organise the parte with the hope . \
prrssed that Proe'<,.*ivi-. would be
br.oislit i.aek Into the fold
Mr afunaey saht thai (hose ??? mat?
ing this task ' h.i.j ? big iob so t.n -
hand' He add. d that In-- atllj ?n
t-. achieve the union wa> f<?; rtepuhl
'an< tt> accept tlic Progressiv, plot,
form and PoUctcs and come into Ihe
party as formed. If they did this., he
i^aid. the two partie? could be Matted
."timilar sentiments were e\pre?r.r !
by ,-everal others of the party
More than a scert of women were In
the party. which took the train here.
Srehseb Must Tar Tonally for Kllllns
Ills Haalaeoa Partner.
Baldwin. Mich.. i?e.'e naher t.? A Jury
in the circuit Court to-day declared
O. M Arebat-h guiltv .?f ti-?t desrroe
lourder for the ?howlna of his part
ner, Henry Fieber, a Chicago susine-*
man. Fisher was killed in the ?iki,I>
near here last September. while the
two m?n were on a bunting trip.
Fisher, his wife and phUarfin aad
, A reboot, came her? late last surpm- r.
I taktng up their re aide gee on a sratt
? ur t>. wliicb F'.?lu:i recent);, had ;>ui -
! .-based.
' On the morning of September ;!? the
' two men went Into the woods :o hunt
pa-tnilces. M short time afterward?
\:-.-bacii rushed int.. a tieirrhborlna
faem BSMSee and reported that ftaher
had been a?"eldentall> shot Plahar*!
body was carried to an undertaker's
e.-tablishment In th!" elaee. BJtd. ?e
cording to . vldenc- given at the trial,
bot i Mr-. Fish fir and A"i-baeh endeav
o.-.-d to have It shipped to Iowa with?
out the f.,.TrlS-tt,v of a co-oner's ;n
SjSx St, The in.iueat took place, how
i v. r. r.nd A.-ebach was held r. spoti
slble for the slroot'nu.
According to .\r >bae'i s ttpry, while
aeuastag tiirougii the woods he stowped
to roll a cigarette, standing his rille
ajptinst a ?turn p. The wnnon acel
eVirtaOy fell und was d 1st bar great, tin
bullet passing tbrOSSSjh F'.aher'a bod>-.
F\idenee at th< trial tesjed t.- d:.-.
.. this c?nte|> ;..n. 't b.-ins aliowti
tltat the bullet j???'d t i. :-t??l ?4 n the
had] ii a direction ?iifTcr..i,t proat |hal
nhi.'i would b>- t.tken bv g Blle*tl<
ISfad by a rllte l\ in^ on the a^roaSMt
it airo aoeaaswotrat d that tax
waaBlsSJ ".tubl <???: b dice ha rged 'n .he
iitannei i lain a ??v a i ehath
Kleher'a life was hisyred for .ibt.uf
* ;n t'.i. p-ttl. i ? !?? i*i2 mad- i>:i> -
abb |o his wife. H Was tht I'?>.J ??'
th. pOoeocotloti I 'at frlendahif so
tne.n Arebi. 'i and At *. I*?<??>? ? ???- t...
mv.i as lot t la ava rata
i ona'eaa stsahea ? iin?T tstiliioai
llrt iati.na I eaas ?tipreair i aawt.
Whathragtsa. t?vwwhei h?hut
eral ispaertawl Wheiaiaa aatttrtlei la,?'
deeisittii. rl t: leatdtgej la Uas suprvm
Conn aaroahova ot Congf. so ar
rugg. ?Iii.. " tt i oi - ? ? ? > 1:.t I'
eeweo rej ?**i nsassala t" ii?' a ?tut ?
b.- aetai ?! tintil i ? ."111'. ha a.-t. j.
Th.- bard iOal trual . i ? mi- ; le- d<
. -i ?: 11 HOWJ IJ - t ??. ??: ;.
gent in? rattoa sadhatsaiati lajtala.
Ina a belb? ?n agr* a-ntewl ta reo
aattes 1 ... e. r is n viola I 1. t ? . .t
tru.t ataa areeeHeatSi4 t.> h*v ?
B)s lam a-- ?> -ir. , e*hj w .11 b
I N H Ihi ? j: t - to ?'le \a!>.l.i;.
..f aSM : ..f ? -.1 .1 ft.it. .
ahtchiSM i.i.*'- for allege
i ?' tses 01 ti.e >e.r .en adtHrw?;
|aa i?.t .t ti.e Ksrss t ie aaewt will
k s r?" '" aaajat . the '.-? , 4
e . - ? ? SS it. Ta.a will v? <. 1
? fees th. ?0.;.. sseaks/' raesr fro;i
. aeata as ssaashass? tti..r ?. 1 dVft
fwt Am
-iir'r i.?r- . ?. \ .. <. ,\ ? .
a. -.r ..j f p. so ? la ka I Salt ts 1
P> ? ?! ted .?t ???? leht aai inios.
' ? - seres' hw ??? re ijag* ? <?? set
n 1' Ii Ib.- c I* a .-? il? r? .1 e -j ,,{ .
baa "hat gsjhj ?rr pie.ilaitaal.
-nre > MsatT aad -TW Tar Raby
Vt Hi SJ, It. -... in ike tahBUSjSj*
All r: 1 'la. |N-n mht. v Ii I. t
pha lait-tl. and Pt r^t? g.boal* hi-,
tet.rro* Kr. r ?;? .bit." iTb. Tai
> ?' ? 1 i.t:.? ? sfaajCaa ,,t j , j .
.ii.. IsaWrtS w. f i~ r.-?.! pssjaa ea
of pr-iara'ti raaaaaa> ?sa^tajsaj t
...rt 1.is male .1. ..' ?
w .? Phi
i nteniOr..' ??e latlet
Sg ??<?*> t . K .? r ' asa
? - Bpt 1 -
Secretary of War Says
It's Responsible for
Reign of Vice.
Stimson Also Opposes IndepencU
ence tor Philippines on Ground
This Country Would Be Rev
creant to Its Duty in Thus
Casting Them Helpless
Upon the World.
aehington. December ?.?Cnepeur
? I ? I ? ? or. of those who would,
frvra "misplaced lentlmentallty or laay
s. ir-lntert-st.'' c.est the Filipinos upon
'"? ?orld In :h. ?late of h Ipl-ssnes*
an<J before they had aciuired the fall
'?? ? of American civilisation, la a,
strong feature In the annual report
??: Sccrotarj of War Henri L. Srlm
aon. Many other subjects of_ Interoat
are treated In the r-port, such aa tho
? l.t,ons of I he National iruard to tho
the Improvement In the army
'?'? eel ? : - tode, the Itiadeon&ey of
th.- present reserve law. the cryins?
.I of i ItiaeneMp for the Porto
?! na, ; i onsorvailoi; of the na.?
< iter powere in navigable,
ima, ami the advisability of a mend -
it tti Panama Canal tolls ?et ao aa
to r> Impose toil" on American cc-aet
? ..-e rhipplnir leaving the waterway .
Ke.ord fe ?harnefnl.
Pealln? first with purely mlUtary
?ubjeeta th- secretary states tho
strength of the regular army at the
heclnnlng ->f the present fiscal year at
::???" ??: increase during tho year of
IM edhrera md 1 ?:;4 enlisted men. Ho
says the spirit of the personnel of the
army continues to improve, attributa?
ble not only to the work of the ser?
vice schools and the general staff, but
t.i the arao leal opportunities afforded
by the rec-nt manoeuvres and changes
in orgnnlaatlon and methods. t*ntH of
ieeri art speedily discovered under the
l se ? hing tests of field conditions. "One
of the surest ways of (jetting r!d of
the <!? ad ?ood of our army is to work
it as fnr as possible, under the appli
cawory methods of modern military
training." the secretary declares. In
treatttag of ">r morale of the army..
.-' cre*ar! BtlmQea asserts his bellet
I that the eo-called antlcanteen legtsla
, tlon hae been responsible for orach
I rice, a statement w.ilcb Ito suppor:?
1 by a recital of the r? suits of his ov.
i leapsotlea ot forty-nine of the mobile
1 nrat] posts, where lie found the nettle
I tary reservation* adjoined by dives
.-.tij 111 resort" of the vilest character
The conditions he believes to be the
ultimate eaaaea "which make the rec?
ord at onr army in this reaped sitatii- -
ful beyond that of the army of any
civ nisei nation.**
t'ndei th? ii??d of r eo rg anIxatiaa of
the foreign garileous the report di?
rect.- attention i" ih* bvneflta Jtea-d
lag the subeUtutiun for twelve redocedj
strength rcglamita in the Philippines
hj, a gacriaaa of six icgiim nla of
full strength, with a resulting savins
of ovi r *t.'.,eag per year. The liu
mediate completion of the posts at
Panama and Hawaii h- stronsri orgod
as by far the most important items ?>:
military expenditure for the Immediate
fat arc. It is said that the Inks and
trtae-hlnery al Panama already have
reached a coudillvn of extreme bul
nerab.Uty In case of sudden j-ttaok,
\. , bo greater ?'??! '< 'an be sent thee
than m. one regiment i.ow <u. guaril
until n-?? quarters are constructed for
t .? in. and th. ??r. i?r> u-?es that
such ...ks should b-?in at ?u On
t.ie other han'l -a. - th< s?i-retary. the
al p. arl Harbor. Hawaii of far
ater sit -at^git- Importance . ?.? the
-.??.. tloti of lh- entire Pacific t'oast
from atl ??? k ten. it'1 of to- i .sitlons
thai ? I'd^-t ..-.v. -i. strung } tortl
ll.-d. N? naval ? ii-m> eould make a
. and .ffi fiv.- all.?- k :'??n any
, ..: the tmer.-.n laeclhe I'oasi
ml M had lirsl reduced I >r :..>s:tiein
,, mr.ater.lna ii? Hank Qtar
l.rs f..i the in. ii wh" ar- I?. pri-l-et thg
a . st >i..tl- ?? ? i- "al sod aea
? ??'st Bui - from falling ito ih. bands
of land atta ? - -houie! ?<? ptn.h?d t*?
taaipletj >n at mpM ? -? ????ssiMe.
Hrsrl??lr?tl"? .?? ?r?v
Th- t ?? 11 ..I - ?' ' o: of the
a-mi ..n th. basis ,.f infantry
divisions t ? rel^TI shown. Ivse n**g*
j t, ,. o - >*? ? itro.it con
gre.-reiomtl a- ' ? ?"- n the way ad
. r.. a.pots and a
. . ..' roater.iMiee of the general
..? ? a- >-.'?n planned
. v , - .it the time
i-utbreak of war
to ? irmy -sill h*
lj ?.-. US- (I - ,th
j... j ..... t t-? wards
. .. a-.es,. a as I, a sla. t in the '
ted State* and
aft! I
tb lb'
?I area
? for th pas
- r?en 1
meu now rn
. ager and SMN

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