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Are You Saving the Coupons?
that are attached to the tickets issued with every gallon and half-gallon order of
We are going to tell you about these coupons a little later on, and in the mean while save them carefully. You will find them
attached to the tickets to the
You have no doubt received your ticket to the Festival ere this, but have you been saving the coupons? Get all you can---You'll
understand why to-morrow, and you'll be agreeably surprised.
Tel! Mother or Father to order the Velvet Kind Ire Cream for dessert. It Lfl murh better for you than
pici "tr:d puddings. It will save mother lots of trouble, too. and you'll find that she will gladly have the Velvet
Kind Ice Cream for dessert when she understands that it is better for your health than pastries?that it is
MORE NOURISHING, in fact, than many standard foods.
Make sun.' that your ticket is with the order when delivered. They arc enclosed in the envelope con?
taining tht bill?a WHITE ticket with each GALLON order and a PINK tickrt with each HALF-GALLON
order. One WHITE ticket or two PINK tickets entitle you to all the privilege? of the Christmas Festival
.ind to a present. Tickets are being issued on all RETAIL or HOME order* received for delivery ?jp to and
including December 22d
Out-of-Town Orders
On out-of-town orders, tickets will be issued ONLY ON GALLON ORDERS. The Velvet Kind Ice
? Cream costs $1.25 a gallon, and is shipped expres-- collect, charges averaging between 25c and 30c.
Send orders direct to our Richmond office. We guarantee delivery in perfect condition. Out-of-town
customers who cannot attend the Christmas Festival may receive their presents by mailing their tickets to
us with 4c to cover the cost of forwarding.
To obtain tickets to this great Festival no entrance fee is required?there are no conditions?there are
no restrictions as to the number of guests, provided each has the required WHITE ticket or the TWO PINK
tirkets. Parents or guardians may accompany the children, however, without the formality of a ticket.
Remember, no tickets will be issued on orders received for delivery after December 22d, and it will be
to your advantage to obtain all the coupons you can.
Phone Monroe 1861 10 South Jefferson Street
Quantity Better Than Last
Year Despite Long
: > TR Tii -s-Dispatch.)
? ppeeaatte\. v*., n?cembere.?h-av>
r daSBg da.; 3 have prevailed
thro this section during the past
?ki.? arid tr.e farm. r> have been ubie
- lk? .i large pail of the tobacco
ip. Mack vi the crop is being mar?
keted and i he ynce- ran.e according
i-....,t> arl :ch .s very poor. As
ch h >> bat n sold so far aa was aoid
Ukal ear at this ttsne n .twithstanding
t . KtratM ? . a .cht during the iura
? r..l af th.- ? ffictals of the Nor
f < \y -lern Haiiw..- a< re visitors
^ hi, . ??t -*e. a ln-pectintr the
? ? tl . king of the road and pros
?? t i.^: r> <-irdinK Imnro'.tmer.t In tie
i Aanetag th^-m an re Vice-l*re?i
ct ? t Mane-, 'j-nerai Manager Needlea.
? . i gupatlat?det Riton and Di
v : S'lpei intendent Blake. It is re
1 ted that! Mr MaUBSV promis-d a new
t tkfa p!..cc. and that sort
? ? began soon,
? las many improvements and
n?w bui.dings going up In and around
the town, none is more extensive than
the r.ew retlden-e of Sam Ferguson.
Cornmcnwealth's Attorney, which Is
now Hearing completion* Situated dl
roctly m front of the onnrthnnee and
with thirty-five or more rooms, three
stone- bagh. with a small roof garden
on top, and being lighted With gas ana
electricity. It piesenl* a most attrax
- pearance.
Tie fr.ende of Walter Durham, an
Appeenattes boy, are g ad to haar or
Uka tugn honor recent.y bestowed upon
l.,m la awarding to him the r.hojes '
scholarship for \ irglrua. Air Durban,
was born and reai. d ,n Appomattox
Conaty, graduat? J wit;-, honors from ihe ;
Appomattox High School. He then
tuck Ina master a degree from Rich
Bwtbtai Ooilegf. wher. be spent severai
years He now- is vire-p.osident ana
teacher in a Woman's college in elreen- |
eil e. S. C
Ti.* teachers of the Appomattox Ag
rlcu.turai High Scho-i a; parent.y are
in demand Two years .-(to Miss ReeKs.
of the ..apartment of mathematics, who
is a graduate of th" Woman's College.
? ?f L.ynchbjrg. was offered a pos.tton
by the John Marshall Hitch .-choo'.. of
Richmond, and she accepted Now the
Maury High School of Norfolk, has
made a similar offer to Mm* Cob s, of
the department of latin and history,
who is an A. B of Cornell University.
Miss Cobbe before coming hf re bad
taught in some of the leading htgn
schoo.s of New Tork Stste, as well as
in Virginia She came h-re from the
CoM Modal. LoM?am. ttU
Lmrtttt S*U HIGH-GRADE Tm im Wm-kt
For TEN Cents yon can buy at yonr
grocer's a sample package of Ridgways
Tea, the WORLD'S FINEST for nearly
a century, that will make fifty cups of
the most fragrant and delicious tea that
you've _ever tasted. Try it?A10_cents.
Capital Household
50c. per pound*
I h V*M At-Ttf? Ptsjm.
' an f!-nt r i?m >???????)
Ordw TrwJ Pack??*
High Sciiooi of Mart, nsvi lie. She la
native of Pittsyvania County.
What takes the place of the ?.niver
slty extension course at the Appomat
tox Agr;julturai School lor this year
will be a lyce'im course of the very
best taient.
Socialists and Centrists Arrayed
Against Private Petroleum
[Special Cable to The Times-Dispatch 1
Berlin. DecriT>ber 8.? it Is gen?
erally believed that the fate of
the government's bill gatahllahlraj
a private monopoly In petroleum un
d~r government control was ?calci
when the measure was tntrod i. ? .1 it.
the Reichatair yesterday. Speaking for ?
the Socialists. Herr Emmanuel Wurm
declared that tola pai'.y would oppose
the bill unlees it was -handed >o as to
provide tor an outright government
monopoly. j
Herr Meyer, a member cf the Catho?
lic Centre, announced that his party
was unalterably opposed to the bill in
Its present form. but the C< ntfists
would sumsest changes when th- gesont
?re was in the committee t-lage. Herr.
Wever d?nled t!':tt there was any c..r.-'
nection between the opposition thej
Centrists to the bill and the split b. .
tween that psrt> and the gov?-rnnt?nt
over the .lev ult question. Her- Me:pet
declared that the Centrists were op-,
posed to the proposition from the first1
announc-em*nt of trie project. He de?
clared that .1 necesaity for such a I
measure did rot exist, but the povern-l
nv-nt's proposition might create a pert*
ous dene- r
A very Important r,tiestton ?**??
Whether O'TT.ar.y w,.u'd to able to t ??
cure supplies without the standard ?*t!
Corporation. He did not believ. this
could be done
Herr Wurm .-.Is? expressed doubts of
the ability of the government to earrv
out its declaration of Germany's inde
P? nd? r.c* of the Standard <?;l '-1
With th* Socialist* and Centrists.
Who l-eprefe-t ;iJ out of \ t.s 10
the rteichstrc. aWthftni sga nst th-- bill,
its defeat la crrta'n In ita SSsjBBJg**| form
it anas either d:- in eeenaaentesa II ataa
It will be so changed that w ben it !?
returned the Burdeevatn w li not
accept it
In replv to a question spbm'tt.a
the antl-.?emit ( fSftirn tn ?h It
' IPS !??? T> ***?? '\
: o\ rnmenT ... ?> t . he k
lh> a 11 -v -?- of ;h- t-rer;es-> '..be ..
trust in r;?rmnr. it was ?r 1 c-jn-? .1
fo.fj.iv that ibe ati'Wer would '?? gl?, n
fi'ti Tuesda
seoeeklac for Ifer HtOisH
|j*p? fjsl to The T.rne-e-IWepate*! J
AssaaaaVla, Vs.. I*a?eemh?-r * -The
lora.1 pol'ce hsve beer -eouest-d V
Vr? \rii ? Me' -o.b to 'oot, f,.- c,.
b'ishand. c o MeT-itoah Sftv-twn
vears old s? no ttirtist is set d'-??r
peered f'orn the ho??., of h's deurbt
er Arl'ngto- .tlrvand-'a Co'>r.t> 1
Investigation of Tax-Dodging
Creates Sensation in Cul
peper County.
[Special to Tha T:met,-Dis patch. J
Oulpeper. Vi. Ut-A.1 mUr y?Th<s
Ml Pall grand jury which was ,-\ ses?
sion hcrt ci niasj !ast week inv< siigr:t t
i.^i the mall' r of u.< Codling h.is ere
ated quite a ?ensatlon li.ro :gh:>ul UM
county, a number of promunnt citi?
zens have bt.-n summoned to app< ur
ami show Why th y te i not giver, in
more tax.il.lv ptwwoi I .". In many
? a-.- t.\.^ h.v. been larg-ly .n
? r.-.is-d, Mag it is tn >.is;lu t:.ai iho.'S
;:na* of .iollnrs wtH bo sav. 4 to the
? "unty and >'ia...- bv this re.tss>ssm. nt.
N > indictments h.ive so far been re?
ported. T%4 ;nry will com rue in
MMtoa tf s WOoJC
Atw?!l ^m.-rv:'.Ie. chairman of the
Board of Hunrevisors. has sent ;n his
resignation to Ju.lg. ?George S. .^hai k
elford. of this c;rc.;it. tu tak. . ff.ct
May t. 1915. the reason as.sltrn d being
the pressure of his own affairs. Mr.
.?omerville h.is beer, a member of thai
biard for th<- last tweiv. y^ars during
uhi.-h tim-- M l as rer.de-ed mi.st vai
HMI services to the CO'JntV. Its
successor has r.<". yet been nam- d. but
will BfwaMMy ... appointed during the
present term of the court.
The banquet given bv the Od l-Fel
Equal Suffrage
Mass Meeting
Add . m by
Ml>> LMJKA CLAT, %i Rfatscfq:
MISS MARY ?OmCSF ?\. f Hi ImmmI
Jefferson Hotel Auditorium.
Tuesday. Decembrr l*th
rnxmsmf M
tMfer? the best choice 'or rJO to JoiVs
o ? ? ev juatkly by lnvr^tin,- m -e*.
? H
Addrrw* 0 V>. I W-<t Po-ot. Va
Broad Rock Water
It ccrntaxirts th* highe?' per
?e^f--- ,.' T If Mat, ItM hWm%\ W\
Total Solid*
low? on Tuesday night to members of
their own lodge, members of lodges
I from the nearby towns and ->thor
gneata waa greatly enjoyed. A sump?
tuous supper had been prepared, and
apeactabs and music filled the rest of
evening most delightfully. Major
Edwin U Slaughter was toast master,
and some of thos- who responded were ,
Major E. S. Gibson. Rev. T. TV. Hooper, ,
Rev. A. J. Harlow. Captain T. E. Grlms
ley and la. U Whftestone. The Cul- i
paper Mandolin Cab furnished music
for the oc-aslon
The Rev. Nelson L>ame. evangelist
of the DloPcae of Virginia, held a rn.s
sion at Brandy during th-- past week,
?aith services is:.e a day. I>r. Danv:
held such a nslaetea in Korasnber. at.-t
so much Interest was mnr.ifretod that
the ^isliop of t> e -Ur.crrr decided tg
grant to the people another week of
Dr. Dame's very helpful servie.-s.
David M Oallaway. formerly of
Scotland, but for the past year d ;w.*:
dent of Culpeper, took the oath of alle?
giance to the United SCSlSSJ durng
the term of court jjst ended gad a
h. come a na'uralD.ed I itizen after two
years' residence in this c.u't.frv. Mr
Galoway is an Importer of Ibjamff ?
bred hatraes and ;:as a aeaatnWr v.f trers
tine animals on a geatrkf/ far n
Vtll.L 4TTEM) l\ *H. I 11 \ tl<i\.
teaevllle >nldlrrs Will sea to Waietich
on special Train.
to The Tirnr*-Dispa?.-h I
Aeheville. N. f .. Dec- mis | s - -The
m-rulers of Companies E and K. the
lio -ai C.'-p? ?*a- a'ry Tr>..p n e>v!
the K.rst R.glmcnt Band wtll aCteted.
th< Inauguration of Oi?"ti.i- laedski
t'rsitt next month In a bodv. naviuc
?- N 'led la go to KaleiKr. on .. s--.-c:..l
tra'n f..r ti.. eeremonles.
Dr. i: E Cnmpheii. th. pnater al
Hb '"' M I'r^sbyterlan Chur ...
trs:*-.' his twent eth anniv- isaiy -.s
th. art grau r at tht house of sssaaM
la del Rs is th'- old*, st panic at bestre
m joint ..f servl-e. and diirlm ?h
tlrr.- t a' he aa? (wupled the p r.pit
or t . P snyVitaa rb irch the fan e>
inatio hau lour.she.; T'e ni m!-*r
slnp has ?vperlenced s steady gi- v ili.
and Pal?ste] mlast?.na have sanaaV
1 sned The members of th. PhrM
Pr-sb;-?. rim Chur.-:i ha* a one gf th*
ha.-.dso-n,,? hUMir.a- In Iba Ott ff*
? airp'eii was fan ravdataetat .f ?:
? .-ncratulatlors .?n hl? ?o-k t
and ?h' miming eer-tre at his ??.i ir I
ass v/ry 1-rpi. ?'-? .
Th. ?i\?b snn'tsl ?th b'ti ?- af 'h
sashsvflli |.U|tr. ir.! ? m
rut.or ciosx-d r'.i*iay rtgh' H ?? m
,-.nd'Kted fou: ,*p . v.! u> . -? ???
t'e most <wv..jfasattarg -v- NrK
here. ')ver ."??? tl'-ls fron* all t arts ?sf
?h- "o.;ri-j :.o f?-r the "M^ns
and -?reptluns .-.-<' the ia?k af chors
ir.a th?- a Inn?1? i ??*? pa aewaaamdtf
diffi-up anm Th? d-a*s asM *> were
shewn were in go .a f -rr an<1 ?f'r.->-f d '
m isn't favrthle -o*-n?n?
Ths Mlasl'.n ef tri? Good f?m?-!e,p
sc o-jra-'rat.op founded a er sgo
for ran pjTr***? of i ??>(.,.-? aft- . Mat
? I V ?"*ng. re who '?r- f. II ? *;. '
hew fl-st apntissal "pasting, Tv-edsy
night and ma*te atf r.|.i''or. | g 'b*
coming years work TM? mleol..n ew
plnys a chaplain, who gives his ?ntlre
time fej ?rie'tine sVtfnna-rs h?-e i -d
assuring lh< n that the; ?- n^t alto
j ffedhwr In th? midst ea st:i^ge-s .f
fhej S'e ir'h er 'odre -,:bare
? he * r.arr-? ire "led with the visittr.g
I oasaaaltteee of the ?rpanlaations t*
, which thev s- ong and If th- .der'*
' ta?teng to anr hipewtssttor th-v are
1 t>laftaf refrularly by tie* ehaptaun I?
I? supported by the various Af-heville
churches and several of the local
lodges. The reports of the officers
showed that the first year's work had
been carried on extensively, and the
members 5f the mission were well
pleased with the results. The oid offi?
cers were re-elected. They are: pres?
ident. Dr. R. T, Campbell; v:re-prf?i
dent. I>r. U B. McBrayer: secretary.
W. E. Keed. treasurer. W. F. Duncan,
chaplain. J. S. Willlims. executive
committee?John A. Nichols, Dr. Carl
V. Reynolds. Thomas A. Jones' fc.id the
Th> ' giMrofl who are inmates of the
North Carolina Odd-Keitows' Oi j.nan
age are enjoying Wes'ern North Car?
olina appi-s. i shipment consisting of
<'???' LuMjels -< this (ruit having been
sent to the little feiks for the holi?
days. Two hundred aushels were sup?
plied by the two Intal lodge*, while
other U*e*?! i n Carol.M OTata)MamtlC1U
of OaM-Fcltowa furnished the remain?
ing tun bushels.
Th- handsome ?'hristlan Mnca
Church. WMcfc has OW n in the c > .i s
of ei.nstruction tjr the j,,??t .?'wr.il
months, hi'.s i>? eg com ;d-ted an l is ->no !
of the hadsAMaMM in the .lt.. It la
built <?! brick ?nd Is aTtmfH in '<n I
aiifirai.le tna M P i T I BWOWS of vr a
ship. It ras or' n-d fOtWtgtty kV. In- ?- .
day night won h'ugtl " IHrtrtt'd d --
Rvoroi mi address on The I'rineip'-s
Of <'nr:.-ilan III ?M ? ' t>. ?> largo itKli-1
ft* < -
1.:e ?t,m of $:** ts tlftlrooal f ?i bir I ?
?log in a suit of A II e. aaalna
the awotaai? Kallwai Th? H?''"": '
ll>nt he shipped a v?ry fm
? ?:. to N'?.'"rt W en aasaM WOS-iU
as.o and th.it 'h- .lea did not i?n h St ?
?Oagfsastfoo basing beer; lost n rout-,
to thi ToSMoawM .'.iy
.11 im.i: ?.n< |- to !tr\? r.tlMJ
IS. INH'1 II OrTarl or tiri tl ?>
A!? ??ai.d-:?. VaU PstraWer s.?At a,
? ? >' ? - of t'ie !t< .1 wim?i
( >ur* for Um Marter*. baMThrl of vir-1
?? hfV '. h ? ?'?rd-.?- ?ft. r- - .
befofS rwmtft TMwqnd Ws^diTt. an o--,
.. setter d nn is<- <j, nrirri r to,
f.- I- -??>--?s'.-?n ? th" ess* of \\. \v.
JVr- gal :Y >wn r-* Wjrrrnton.
??'.r'n? r?!s?-?!fr f-r 'I'm ?? fcv
th? ease \-a-d before Joatr* Ootr ;r
? '"olt-f * nrrsatt ?-.??_-! of Ajt
" R hm.-rd Tv obl'Ct of t.i?
su.t Ir t<? riOWTir damages !n the stjrr
af psVtag f ?- ?'? ? d ?t-n?"t of his
MaaW M ->???? t. )? riti't* du.
? . ? f-ogress : i.re <- ; v-e t"??T
C-nni *w . -??>-? at .
rb ' ? ?? ? ? M bef-t. t*. t'nte.l
<?,-.. -o-.:- fee Iba Plater*. fsV-ef
Of \' . r l ?1^1,. ^ge - tut g Ter*!
?net jn fate- of tbe fawn of Wsrren
ton ?as
Held in Southern Presbyterian
Church in Interest of
Charlotte. N. C. December S?Tri?
I r es of Presbyterian conferences Is
the Interest of evangelism and stew?
ardship which is now in progress in
tbi Boajlhf Presbyterian Church will
be discontinued until the tint wee*
in January. 1913, after the conferonoea
? ?f the .-.irr.ing week have been hold.
With the beginning of the year tho
? r.-nc will be continued as rap
aa possib!.- In presbyteries in all
? t the church until one or m >re
hatfJ aaag held lr. each preabyi.ery. and
rod this win have boen fa**
"ti i'Iish' ,1 by ti:e close of the rlrat
:r. February. The culmination
? : tb< conference campaign will be tho
irr? at missionary .-onv. ntlon to be held
la M'Diphls tVbruary 16-18. This oon
f< renee will be held under the dtrer
Itlve > ?mmlttees a..a
La] M.?s-or.arv Movement of
the feather* P-e?t>yter;an Church, and
it Is probable that it will be one of
? i m'?t Li*,-. I] ittended conventions its
? i--er? st o- rr.lss ons ever h. Id In
th. South.
The reapoas- whieii the men and)
women of the cborrh are giving to the
call of the chuich ;n the Preabyt-riai
.?onfer-. nrok is giving evidence of U*?
growtr-g Int. r* at In the missionary en?
terprise. No collertio.-ji are taken in
th. se tagst? r. r ? * and Tf pledges of
rn>.ney .ir. reqwewied, but the object
In holding the conferences 18 t?* gtre
t. ^.o-e wnr> attend them a program
that will prove of "rfu-af nal and in?
spirations I value regarding mission*
and thrM win rcauit in the quickening?
of Intense, in this cauae thruisgka^tH
th. . a*JTCh
mjm Iniestlaate Heath.
U?i isvdrta. v?j. T>e-? mber t ?A
grard Jar;- \n rbe r^rr^-atloo Caaart
at a'ojaeh to-worrow morning; wtm\
1- Ai i of psitrick
: ? ? wv. ->*.* bMr
- 1 re-ea ape tn tho
? , r>. tjr. ? ;?ri?t Sun
V ???'Ttv-r 1? TMrt*>
vitn aaes hive K ?n snrnaawaoaV.
? ? ' e * moex i ni plana
... -o : - - j?st over tho
b>d .f g jckley._
oi.d Health should be vour Hr*r Consideration
;?the purest Md mr?' u holeaom* H*k:*nT Powder.
There ? none herrrr rr.ade anywherre at any proa.
Get a can and try it
1 lb. 20c -;, lb. 10c?'? Ib. Sc
All fooel tVnrere eefl it or wtfl Bjflj ft far *?*?>

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