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m Good
j mil
lff| Persian Rugs
1/ You Desire to Qive
Gifts of Lasting
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Rug; we mean Rugs that are WOVEN BY HAND and
dyed with PURE VEGETABLE DYES! They are a joy
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Mahala and Kermanshahs? Rug Section, third floor.
John W. Lane, Despondent Over
Estrangement From Wife,
Kills Himself.
With a bullet wound In his right
emple at.a ? rwaalaai tightly clasped'
(a bla rurht hand. John \V. Lane,
wenty-aoven yaara old. was found
leaa yesterday mor tr ng at 7:30 o'clock
? y his brother. I. U. Lane. In a stable
.ti the rear Of 3.106 Kast Marshal-- ?
Street, arttoro the two conducted a.
grocery store. Lane. It was learned,
.v :.s driven to suicide through de?
spondency over his separation front
ui.- w.f- snd the appaaent hopelessness
>.f a reconciliation. However, bo had
edven i.o intimation of his sorrow, ana
Sunday night h;ul appeared in the best
of spirits
1 'or some time Lane was employed
:ts s driver by a local dairy company,
but gave up thai place several weeks
aafo to Join his brother in the oper?
ation of the grocery store. At the
; in.. b? w.*u? downcast over the return
of his wife to bar parents in Prince
GeaprajC "outity. <ut this sorrow, it
was said. s. etned to be gradually leav?
ing blm. a:.a he haa a most ratnrned
to hi.- normal . beerf nlata!
I 11. Lajat, who lives in PetOISbUlK.
left hirn in S pleasant mood Satur?
day .nicht. When he arr.ved yejitcr
day morning to ta*. ?> I la jMh -
was s : ;?: .-? ; ;.. rind t -. fcu';
?tore had not been, opened by?tits
I roth. r. II>- at an C began an lnveati
Me four..1 the rear door of the
-taMe open, and upon entering was
hOTT |?d at the ghastly sieht of his
r ther'-a llfedeaa forai upon a ag of
Wit ---Te.it pool of blood about
Col Taylor, who viewed the
body, I i. i tli. t-iar. had been deed
..- bast Tt.. re being io
iuesti d t: ;? :? w.?- a eaae of suicide,
tben w D : ? Inquest
? :an ived this after
i'liinkeii Goos s".^.-, in i aassabiaaafaa
na i. j Bastta. ,\ t ...
t f i, ' ' 1 < r * .?,*?* 1 J
li_ J
paaajjjjjnBjajBaajBjjBajanBjBBBB anjaM?asWneaWBeV^B\bjBeWneV^
Elko Man Victim of Attack
by Hanover County
Henri CO County Policemen Tiller
ami Martin were engaged yesterday in
in attempt to secure information that
.vuuld leud to the capture of two Han?
over County negroes who are reported
to have beaten and robbed a man
named Oodaay, ahoee home is at Eik<\
while the three were going out of th.
city on the t'reightun Road at a lat
hour on Saturday night.
Godsey. the victim of the occurrence,
was unable to give any detailed in?
formation about ins assailants. H
?a>s. however, that he feeil sure of his
a lltty to identify one of them, OBCO
they ore captured. The principal item
or which the police base their work
Is a road cut. which the negroes said
to have left at a. shop In Rich?
mond on Saturday for repairs, and
removed late at niKlit. The cart. God
sey sa...-. aas attache*] to the dump
raa*oa in which all three rode.
According to bis story, Godsey was
late starting for hie home in BUM
Saturday night, and missed the mat
car on the BerVea Pines line. in lieu
of a better method of fi onepoi toiloii.
ho accepted aa invitation to ride la
the wagon with the negroes, who Wore
l'turning to their homo la Ilona*?r
County, rent th.- Creishtoa Road.
All went w.-ll with th. party until
? point about Oao mill fr..m Hardta's
Shop was reached. There the negroes
became angry fa. some reaaoa, and
Htta- Ked Qadaoj Ji- says that they
ioat him up Considerably, and was
able to show hratOeO ahoat the head
and face in mi- slant lat loo of h's
statemeaL in addition, he says, the
ti.-groes t.e.k from him |2.Sd in money,
a ;cw hat. and four ro w shirts
After removing whit they desireri
from his pockets, tt.e ask rues ejected
, io.lsey froni their veh. ..? rind pro
i-eded on their Jaaraej H? was able
to reach the hearse of Prod K.-. n Bear
by, a hail he spent Ihej slfht.
Leaves Details of Rural Credit?
to Committee of Nine
N . i ? ? I rr??**tl ? s w.r. made
. ?? hv
Seemi Probable Because of 'Ef?
forts to Produce Newly
Discovered Evidence.
Speaker Byrd Hurries to Roa
nokc?' otispiracv Admitted
by Defense.
Furth? r rssplte for Hoyd Allen and
Claude Swansea Allen is now regarded
us probable, |a view of tin- efforts be
uss fcaaaa t.> produce aUaajed ufter-os-1
covered evidence la the HHIsvlUe
court massacre. No statement 01 ritt
metit of any sort has been made by
? iovernor Mann. A reprieve Is sur?
mised because of the fact that but
three dajs remain until the time set
for the execution of the -'eath Seil?
te!:. ??? on the condemned m ilderer?, a
period too short to permit of the
Katharina of evidence which has been
repoited to the attorneys for the de?
Aaaln, it is also guessed that noth?
ing so far presented to the ?Jovernor
has apio-ali-. to Bin as any reason for
commutation of the sentence of ClaU'le
Allen. He has not been altefl. save
in a sporadic way, to do anything lor
l-Toyd Allen. The most that is hopsd
for by those active In behalf of the
Condemned men is a life sentence tor
the younger murderer.
I.anyern See (.uvrroor.
if at smith, jr., Bichand Evelyn
Byrd and James K. Minor have been
retained as attorneys for the Allen
s> ntpathlaera They called at the of?
fice of the Qovernor yeateroay. accom?
panied by John P. Kranch. Judge W. }?".
Rbea. Judge j. n. Wlngfleld and i>. U.
Seherer. leaving voluminous papers.
One of these is understood to be a pe?
tition signed by u portion of the Jury
which tried Claude Allen, indorsing the
application for commutation of the
sentence to imprisonment In the peiil
t? ntiary for the remainder of the
young man's natural life.
Immediately after the conference, Mr.
Ilyrd hurried to Um H oviock train,
which ho boarded for Hoanoke. His
mission, it is understood, is to look
into the nature and reliability of the
lately discovered evi-.e-r.ee which has
been reported.
The plain in case this evidence
turns out to lie real are not divulged.
It is presumed, however, thut the evi?
dence in that event will be presented
to the Supreme Court of Appeals with
a petition for a iehearlng on the ap?
plication for a writ of error. That
court woul--i. of course, order a new
trial if it deemed the evidence of suf?
ficient Importance ti> have Influenced
the trial jury In its consideration of
a verdict. The Governor would, with?
out doubt, continue respites until tne
court had finally actc-i. It is not sup?
posed he w ill be asked to consider new
evidence, there being a remedy in
the courts in that event.
Petitions, of course, are worthless.
< wnaplracy Is Admitted.
The men at work moat earnestly on
the case in behalf oi Claude A.Ien base
their appea. on the gro.nd that he "was
led into the crime by nis fatner. Kioyd
Allen, tor ? horn t..ey are- n at asKini;
clemency. Practlcauly no other con?
sideration ennrs into their pveution.
They know that conspiracy is admitted
by the defense, beeause l-'riei Alien
and Mdna Kdwards pleadeii guilty to
conspiracy when they accepted ino
compromise verdicts of ions ten.is in
the Mate prison. It woubt have been
admttti-diy Impossible to pr<>\.- Has
death of nay particular person on tne
part of taaSO youths, and therefore
tloir action in p.eadint; giilty. it is
aaOeratopoX admit the bt^te ? Ihnetj of
Aaaln. the very fact thai Ploys
Allan will be allowed to no to his
death without an effort to save him.
i> taken to snow the perfect under?
standing on the part of the men wno
ar- working to save Claude, that ther..
was a conspiracy, .-in.-.- the same thing
is true of him ? it would be Impossible
to connect Man with tn>- deatn of one
pOISOU In letting Mm die under the
circumstances a conspiracy Is agreed
ta H it it is argued that the son was
dominated by his father.
Santa ?.f th<- leas balancedAUanaafvw
catea nave gone so f ir as to blame .lud-.
Haanaa with tne whole affair. In that
I . SM not have the All- ns searched.
It is a.'ualy said th it the crime cou.d
ha-.-.- been prevented by the Jurist In
reply It Is shown by th-- prosecution
that the .-rime cou'd have been pre?
vented had not I 'loj d 'lien uttered his
def:an< e ..f the a?- -"sjich a defiance."
said i ift\ THsnltaIn aaalanclni Plops]
..la! Cta id-, 'as ha- never liefere been
heard la I Virginia court rom >." It
4s abas aaad thai it cashed ha-.e .i.tn
prevented bad not I'sud. Allen, firing
the SflM Shot, of the oc ?sinn. ?Ii; -
i h.s sashed int.? the hody or
the esaarweed nan Safeaaaleai j :due on
H< nrh.
on., paaanral m.s*t.ire~i?.nt is that
M ss J. /. '.el ie:,d g:.v- her f-ther a
? I r-.r-g rht affair This la not,
. ...ige.; by ?m t"Kli, and has been re
peatedrj awnted bj Banter Goad on the
>-.i ad.
faaaasjsd BahM p
Wrong Man Arrested in Peters?
burg, but Real Offender
Taken Later.
Laid Visit to Her Home Yester?
day?Many Efforts to Make
Him Leave State.
When Detective Sergeant Wiley ar-1
rived in Petersburg yesterday after?
noon for the purpose of taking In cus?
tody John Koller, the Hungarian, who
was adjudged insane here after he had
per sistently annoyed a young society .
woman, an 1 who has twice been or?
dered to leave the State, hi- found that
the man under arrest was not the mad ?
foreigner He announced this fact to j
Chief of Polle? Werner when he re?
turned to Kichmoml after his fruitless
visit. A few hours after Sergeant j
Wiley had returned a long distance
telephone message from the Cockad.- I
City announced that the real Koller
had been found and was being de?
tained, pending action on the part of
the local authorities. An offleer will
probably tie sent for him to-day Steps
will then be taken to have him de
ported from this country to his native
land, it was said
Try to Mnke III m Leave.
The love-sick Koller first gained the
attention of the police when complaint
was made that he had been writing
letters and otherwise annoying the
young woman In West Franklin Street.
He was locked up. and a lunacy com?
mission pronounced him insane In?
stead of being committed to an asylum,
he was permitted to furnish bond and
leave the State, with the promise never
to return. He came back, however,
and was again locked up Par the
second time he was granted permis?
sion by Judge IX C. P.lohardson. In the
Hustings Court, to leave Virginia. tMMt
week he showed up. and went to the ,
home of the young woman whom he I
had before annoyed. When he at- |
tempted to enter the house It was
neoesoary for servants to forcibly eject
Yesterday morning a man who was ?
thought to be Koller was arrested in;
Petersburg-, hut It later developed tha:',
It was a case of mtstnHon Identity.
!? the meanwhile Major Werner-'
learned that Koller hat? paid a second j
visit to the West Franklin Street ad- j
dress yesterday afternoon, and had j
again to be thrown out of the house. |
Shortly afterwards he learned that the
real Koller had been located and locked;
up in Petersburg.
Major Werner has expressed his In- '
tention of using every effort to have
Kaller deported Instead of having him ,
committed to a state Institution.
Koiner Issues Bulletin Full of
Information on State's
Perhaps very few people in Vir?
ginia know that this State makes M
per cent, of the wood paving blocks :
used in the L'nited States, or that
Virginia bads the world in the manu?
facture of conduits used by te..graph
and telephone . ompanles. of fruit ..rid
. egetaiib- box.-"., of trunk boxes, ami
ot wooden shuttles.
Me-e tig-.:res are not always so im?
pressive, and yet it Is of Inter.-st to
know that BO less than I?'.oi'".dOij feet
of lumber is used In this State every
year in the building Of 'ai? and ten?
ders. The total forest product of the
Old Dominion is estimated at 2.690.
oOO.OOO feet, valued at KtS.#tS,#St, This!
is OCjaal in value to the wheat and to- |
haceo crops of Virginia combim-d.
I out one-third of the products of the[
forests is manufactured at home, the
reasalador boiasj shipped o>oewhere.
Virginia is fourth in the United
states In the value of (rood products.
All these facts, with others, are to i
be found in the latest bulletin of the I
1 ?epartrnent of Agriculture, issued by
smallaoleaer Kslaer la co-op. ration
with tha National DepartasOBI Of For?
estry It is devoted to the Broad ustng
industries of this State. it describes
the varying market values Of different
kind-* of wood, gives a list of manu- S
facturers of so.ci products with the
variety of material us.-d. and informs
the owner of increasing values so as
to guard against sa.es at figures that
are to? low.
- I
? olnre.i l.irl Justified In slayiag Her
MriMher-ln-l avt.
Oortraaa Klu*. a negro girl, wss
BUOOWead yesterday by a jury In the}
{Hustings Court of the muraer of neri
"? ott;er-in-i?w. Charles Wythe Fills.;
Inn the Muht of June .'1. 191.'. It wss'
I ?iesrl shown that the etlrl acted In ?
i-elf- ? frnse \VI'ni.o.j fstifUd that
la a,l sole to h- r home snd at- !
ta. ke.i h- r. He had kn.Klt.-l her down
Se serai time* .md ?. ? wnen she;
g.-<l to <|t> . him for a moment.
?rab a r-'olxc fi..':i a <Jr. sjo-r and
I.-. I ? t?ull?f thro-jsfh his breast.
kllllns htm almost insfantlv
Business Mistakes
Mim the . ntiy rrr. which OCCVf in every dav htiii
' I? RVOtdciJ Ijrj tir-t ?crtirir.g drj?endahlc int'"rma
OfJ the ?,<".'?!iv?mr?- -ituati>?ii.
The M"nthl\ Kcj-rt i^ur.l by fhi> hank make* it pnssi
lilr f<.r r\crv l-n?it;r.v .,...? f,, .jiiuklv inf?.rm himself before
n i:nj?<-rt.itjl iwurri, Write f-?r the rejw^rt to the
American National Bank
of Richmond, Virginia.
Political Activity Due as Soon
as Christmas Holidays
Are Ended.
Review of Situation to Date as
Regards Democratic Pri?
mary of ifij
As soon as th<- Christmas holidays
have ended, and tin* Sttnttg'TfrtT*
b. gin lo rub oul the Inadvertent ' i-.'U"
nnd rewrite it IUI, sundry citizens oi
Virginia will take the money ihey
have lei l after settling the- bil-s and
will make preparations tor the next
political campaign. Some candidates
will probably open headquarters very
early In the New Year, so as to lose
no time in making the voters ol the
Commonwealth acquainted with tin ir
fitness for a place in the Heids of oSa
cial usef ulrie--*
The campaign for Governor holds
for Virginians, as a rule, greater in?
terest than any other. '1 he presi?
dency not only seems rather remote,
und Virginia's voice so small, but
ev? rybody knows in advance for whom
her electoral Votes wilt e cast. So.
for that matter, do they know that B
lb mocrnt will be chosen to preside
over the flnatlnles of the oia no?
nunion at the election of next Novem?
ber. The real interest is in the cam
Maigii that procedoa th>- primary >juud
lennlali} h? id by the Democrats
11" o ? a Coateat.
There is near.y always n warm
tight. Except when J. Hose Tyler was
rt candidate in 1191, no one nas been
permitted in many years to win the
nomination without a struggle,
other State officers are to be chosen,
and these frequently develop Inter?
esting situations, in a majority Of lo?
calities, candidates for the Legislature
are nominated at the Bamn l* me,
adding to the Work done In getting
out the vote.
la the election of November, 1?13.,
tht voters of Virginia Will elect a
Governor, a Lieutenant-Governor, an
Attorney-General, a Secretary of tne
Common WeSVth, a State Triasurer, a
Superintendent of Public Instruction,
and a Commissioner of Agriculture
and Immigration. They will also
choose a new ilouse of Delegates en?
tire. The present State Senate holu.?
over for two more years. So iar.
there is but one vacancy m sight In
the> upper body of the Legislatur??
from the city of Rlcbaaoaa, wbere
Senator K. C Palkes Still, in a few
days, tender his resignation. alt?r
many yeaa-s' service in tne General
Assem ly, to become a member ol the
Administrative board >.f the city on
..'a iiuary 1
The real choice, as has been said,
will be in the State primar>, which
will be held in tne summer, prooau...
in August. It is likely to be pre?
ceded by months of vigorous cam?
PiababU Candidate*.
Henry c Stuart, of Kussel], is one
of the candidates for the nomination
for Governor. Ha is positively in the
held, and it is probable that he will
Boon be actively so. Harry St. G> orgo
Tuik-r, of Rock bridge, is as asp.rant,
and. while his friends connect his Haans
frequently with a possible appoint?
ment to high Federal position, it ta re?
garded aa more likely that he would
prefer to be Governor. The name of
Westmoreland Oavis. of LaudOUH, has
been used as a possible candidate, but
he has male no statement.
For LI*. Btenant-Govemor, there is as
yet no avowed candidate. J. Taylor
?slipson, the- Incumbent, has not de?
termined if Be will accept ^nomina?
tion, but it is the general impression
that h- will.
Attorney-General Samuel YV. W'."
taaaaa win unq.nsBllonabtj' seek re-.iec
tloa. No one has as yet appeared to
measure swords with him. although
several names have b'i-n tentatively
The friends of Color.-l B. O. James
are of the opinion that he will be hard
ta beat for re-election as Secretary
of th.- Common wt alth. The same
conviction Is deep-rooted In the
minds of the adherents rif ASbl t
w. Harmaa, who has held tne
keya of the strong box of ,the Com?
monwealth for many years. The duties
of these two officials do not bring
IhQHI largely in contact with the pub?
lic, and it is a difficult matter for
them to make enemies.
iiioteui? position.
On the other hand, the offlc- of
Superintendent of Public Instruction
touch.s every community, no matter
how small, in the State. Local and
privat- grievances almost invariably
rind their way to the offi-e in Rich?
mond. ? tears the blame Is la.d. sup r
Interdent Kggleston has no opposition
Bo far. but in the event he is not a
candidate for this oiTic there will lo?
st least three men In the field- -Sec
r> t.tr\ ft c St? arr.es. |:..t>. rt Use Wan
ton and Hugh S. Bird.
J. Thompson Brown h.ts already an
noun. ? .1 he will again be a canj.date
against ?v.mmies...ner Georg.- \V K"in
er as band of the Department of Airr:
culture The name of \. B Thorn
hilL of Appomattoa. has been sug?
gest. .1 by offl.-t.tis "f th. Farm.-rs"
operative and KdU'ational I'nton of
Th.- Bnanpaags) for the legislature
has air> ady bea;un in Pranklin Coun?
ty, wh- re a primary has b.-. n ~.ii;ed to
nominate a member of the li..as- on
?i).. mt cond Saturday In Ma-< h. and
'?I 1 ji; ? wh. r- tl re are two men
In the field.
Lather to M>ar Nail .aal Wrrctifj mm
I ltd Srnlrr I. ale*.
The local bror.rh of UM Internal
Havanna itsonefaftsa mt th? rn'ted
Mates met at 3 oci-ck Sunday affer
noo: at the Richmond Hotel to bear
an a-ldreaa by J Wll lam Stsrf'er. aec
r.tarv to the national <.rg ui'iatlon.
V,r mcei.ig attracted a lit > number
. i i"v< nji men ho d rg p..Ms in the
sr. .:.d re-, .no.- district of Vlrg'nla.
M. ph. fr-r spoke on ?ub;.-. :? of 'm
r'ejiate li ter-si to the revenue m?n.
more parfculartv upon their re.attons
to the rl?i service. He returne i yes?
terday aftern.?"n to his h-one Jn B-iltl
rfrr was f..rn?-i, sec
retar* to the clle lor of -nternat
rev.nu at BiHro-re. and served In
that .apattTJ when that post wa? held
i^ in. prraont Gavornor Golds
horotiah He hoo recently i "lared
irt.m the service.
The meet , ny; was preBlded o?er bv
Chief LKpstv Collev-tor Thomaa P.
Mean) of the local oeBCe. who la presi?
dent of tr- second mstrtct of Virttinla.
ta k Turn-r la secretary, and c. M
Dealer Is treasarer.
English Squares of Parisian Silks
Our window is of interest to men who recognize
and appreciate the extraordinary in neckwear. As
cots are in the best of form again, and these squaies
are the D< Luxe in neckwear.
Gans-Rady Company
Public Exercises in Honor of
Forty-Fifth Birthday of Syra?
cuse Lodge.
in eelobrstlSs of its forty-Sfth an
nlversary, Syracuse Lodge. No. ."?,
Knights of Pyteias, hold public exeiclxoej
lust Bight in Smithdeul Hull, which
?i rr attended by wore tiiun >0s per?
sons. The lodge had us its especial
k leaia for the ovaalas the paeiabe s
'?: Richmond Temple. No. o, pythlaa
A program of musk and toasts was
carried >ut. and refreshments served
lute in the ovehlag marked the close
of the nrraolnn j. u. lias I hero, chan?
cellor commander of the i.eig., a. tod
as master of ceremono s ana Intro?
duced the different Speakers
The fo.iowuig aasahers made up las
Music by the Blues Orchos.ra; TBO!
l-adles and the I'jthiati Order." by
James T. Pallcy; solo by \V. Taylor
Qootle; The one Kri.-ni," KeC star-I
ris S. Hagle, solo by A. Warren
Polttaux; -Why?" by Baajamln a.'
RuftlB; solo by Miss Baxter, of I'e- 1
Syracuse Lads**, {Co. 5. lias expert
em od -i remarkable development dur- ?
ing its forty-five yea to of sxtsteacs.
it now has more than .100 mamsera,and
is one of the must flourishing in the ;
city. I
The officers are John H. Leathers
chancellor Commander; Moiohsll Tal -
lor Bethel, vice-chancellor. James T
Bailey, master of sxchoaacr; Richard
Carter, master <>f Baaaoo; Anoerson til
Lamhin, assistant masts: of Snancei
Ooonte A B W .en. keeper of recotOS
and seal; Albion C, Statt*, must-r Of
work; V. T. Douglas, prelate; UelsadJ
W. Athinson, nssatci of arms. Herbert
K PerdUO, Inner guard. A. IC. r.van?.
outer guard.
Tie- celebration last niaht was un?
der the dlroctloa of a special commit?
tee catBBOSad of W. S. Tucker. Ander- ?
son E. LsvmBln and Mutt Schaaf.
Bflcaaees ? hainuan of liasoatlvo < um
esMtee ml Piae ? mmmrn.
It was announced yesterday that
James ?'. TlaSloy hud SUCeeeJed iy~.
K. C Levy as chairman of the execu?
tive committee of the Tuberculosis
i'amp Socletj of Richmond. l>r. LaWV
fouad that Ms duties us Cnief Heal..,
OfScer of RicbmatK, were too ckactias
to permit of his . ontitiuing to give so
much tun,- to the work of Pine Camp,
in Which he is deeply lntcresteO. The
association in charge of P,ne i'amp
is now making Its annual appeal to
the p? ople of Kichmorid for funds for
thii enlargement and maintenance of
the sanatorium COndBct*d for the IB
iger-: lonsumptiv. s if RlChmoa !. Tue.
OporStloa of the camp is regarded not
only as a gr. at charity to those who
in. tectpleata of the attention of tac
camp, but also a great step in the
sanitation of the city since each case
removed to Pine Camp takes a poost
hie source of infection from some 1
dw.l?ng hoise in the city.
\nni.ul r.le? tion et ?l.Tl. er? for Ki< iininnd
t.ailrn.i ,.f Meunlne.
The resa.ar m--'lr,? the Steh mead
AeaeVau '?: aTedartae. which mi;: be tie a
to-i laat at 5 ss leeh in the DatieraMi
Oelteas of Medicine, will be especially lm
portaat became it la tr.. rime for tr,e ar.
r.uai e>. tlun of off Ken Dr A. I.. Ur+y.
the reilrin? pr.ildent. mill re?d a paper be?
fore las eadety on th- ?ul.jec; Tt.? X-Ray
Kaaatlaetssa of the cheat."
The ,l;>rviiii;on of the psper nl ; be led
by l>r ?' M Raw n ar.n I?r I> Ta:
Th ? reUrhai effttere "f the eeadomi a-, it
Ofay, r,r?s:denl. Dr. B I.. Talta.'crro. I)r
? .- FUaseraM sad i>r St sen n Mirh^ux,
ran pmsedeats: i?r M w Payosi setie
terj. and L?r W. A Shepherd. treaturer. ,
B'OJtA>''S imi KitlM t: lr:\'.IK
?>i urutwej mum rv-aoaJtow
atrs ? Sohseo aaaed n^*:re? t*iat
th. r<e-:'ar ij iar:. riy !><>. rd mi.f!i-.? ef the
U.rr.ai.'a T'diih r?.i^- I,, isn- t_'. An. r: a
at ' be held a: aeadaaaesera ? s-.jth TMrd
Streee. to-morrow rnornina. b**slnn,ns s: 14
.. . ... k. and will laat lnr.-.?h t'.. SSP. A
Utk- etaradoaei I? nrsrd aa busln'.as of
haaastSBM win t.e ?saasacoedl
His Real Estate to Be Leased by
Special Commissioner
of Court.
Thr u?o an ord r e;.ter?si y^eterdiy
in t.. Lam an?i rl jU.t.-. C.. ut. ahO I ?
of it; htaafai wsa leaaaj an <>;d bill
.iK i n.-: i-..ii II. San,la stsnding
s...MSshar -*. i>'>'. with msw i
a:..I er sts. The order sets forth that
Sands I- a uonr< s.d. nt, and that he
has n-.t paid an, ait. rwlo,, |.. ti?. juda
nler.,. oi.ia.i e.i ,.a-i.i.?t nim hy tne city
sni.-u-'o Ii Je. I*. Is further re
? 1 :h.?t Sat.ds la the owner of record
of a lot fron ns on Franklin Sirertr
l?l?efn S-vrnteenih and lllghte.-nth
Streit?, and "f s lot fi ntlng on Mar?
ket \lley The ord? r tines the defen?
dant ten <ls>s to sali?.y the Jude.-n-?I
with costs and ln|.r??ts. falllr.g which
se'l'ement Le*wts p. Jtsson Is ap;
ed s sperial o.mml?i|.inrr to leas, the
properly in ou?stl"n at not less than
fioa per .innum. a.nl lo pay all sums
Into the rourt. to be used to satisfy the
? ity's clslm
Sands ram? into some notice several
years ago. Wing the owner of a store
on Fast Main stre. t. which after belna
vacant for a long lime, inally beceme
dangerous and was ordered removed
U- failed to answer Ihe court ?ummons,
snd the bul'- Inc was removed by tne
city, the material Seine sold for costa
He la aald to own a number of piee.a
of property in different parts of the
Senator Martin Introduces Bf
for $15,000 for Marshall
Memorial in Post Office.
In IwryNN to lOQOltttioae recent
adopu- I uy the ItU w.r.ond Har Assocl
tlon, Senator Martin yesterday loir
duced a Mil la Congress approprl
Ina ?l'.?uy for U>e purpose of ere
in? .i Bsnrbli StatSS of John MarshaV
in in. n< a Kli bnaond Kederai Hull :i|l
In preaenting the resolution. Senat
Martin asked thai It be referred
the proper committee an.l b,j glv
early consideration. It will probab)
come up tor action and be pass
within the near future.
It is proposed to plane this etat
ltntuo.lately to the west of the e
trance to the chamber of the Unit
State? i'uurt of Appeals on tne fourl
?ce busldinft
An appropriate aJchd has been butf
into the wall ror this purpose and
marble base Is already in place.
Origin! plans contemplated the p
chase and placing of a statue to Jo
Mrshall out of the general fund a
propriated for Uie post-office. It w
founo. however, afte rthe : ... .i.g w
completed, that only enough tnon
remained to provide for the paint
and decorating;, winch still remains
?>e done, and the movement was St..
e.l to secure an appropriation for I
statue from Congress.
Tne ia<a. of placing a statue of t
nation's greatest Interpreter of
Constitution, a Virginian, at the ?
train e of highest Kederai trlbu
chsmbe.- In tne State has found 1
dorsement on all sides, and, it Is I
lleved, will flu. no opposition In C
*::e?s. It will stand at the end of t
east corridor leading to the courtr
< unstable ??? II- Hall, uf I'orteaiout
Katers Waci for Mars ho la outce.
The fourth avowed candidate f
the position of rnte-j States mars!
for the Kastern revenue district
Vlrg.nls ... II u. Mail, at present hl^
constable of Portsmouth Mr. Ha
M ? i ! naturdaj in Washington in at
foreaCO with Senators Swar.son i.
...at tin with teleiei.ee to his
du< y. Clerk Of the Courts James
Trehy. of Norfolk, was *ls> a callj
upon the Senators, hut said that
buatresa was of a private nature.
The present marshal Is Clarence
Smlthers There is a salary of JJ.'
per annum attached to the office,
the .?? .. ?a .i... 1'? ::.< erat*. <n additll
to Mr. Hall, have declared themsel\|
ready to assume the re*-,, nsibilitles
the position and 'ts emolument: 8e|
geant-at-Armi Qoargs C. Huskelt.
the if hmond City Council. John
Bllley, ?n-! W. p. (Dutch) Leraman.
of this city. _
Panama Canal
The almo-t human machinery, cutti
it- era) thr<uc,h mountains, is tretnf.
doosrjr improsivc.
Special Cruises
\ rfc $148 and
From Nca Orleans. $125 and
. Ki . West $110 and
Cafl f..r Illustrated {older.
MW E. Main Street.
The best roofing tl]
for the money is
G. M. Co.'s "Pearl"
Roofing Tin.
Gordon Metal Co.
?RichmoncL Va.
RooSnar Plate? of Unelltr.
M\t>t??iN. MiiMint: \\r> ihhiki
Send ua your ordere. We have
abundant supply in stock.
Richmond, Virginia
Wholesale Plumber'* and Tinr.|
Richmond Corrugate^
Paper Coropr
f lr-Sll N. Seventeenth Sr.
Werks. ??;,ce.
Monroe ?171
rfc Are Reducing
Household Drudge
Oyr ? er al far K :e* for dome. "Res,
A > h . be s r> ??- I isan
mj fmr cc.-moray and efficrcncy as ha
trrds of RrchiTHWid r^tnas
Phono us. Monroe 1*5? or 1*5*
The Royal Laundry\
M B Florehesm. Proprietor,
211 N. Seventh Streat.

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