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Panama Canal la that the waterway
ahall be free and open la Ute r< ?
of commerce and war . of all aatiOMI
observing the rules avj tar ft of en?
tire equality, ia that then- shall he M
discrimination against such nation. It
is salu thai the President .- statement
of the c??e is wholly at variance v\ lit
th* real l-rovisli ns. when he tieatl
worda "ail nations' as excluding the
t nited fltelae. aaeataae it had cansti
ed the canal on its own territory, :iii<!
thereby acquired an -absolute right el
ownership, including the right to al?
low its own commerce to use the canal
upon such terms as It saw fit.
Hen Klsbt v?a? Keiiiiliieil.
"They ith.- iiritlfh -n>vtrtwii nti con
Slder.' sul.l Sir K.lward. "'that by t'?>?
Cluyicn-Bulwer treaty, the Halted
State? lia.i auriimien .1 riiiht to
construct the canal, anil thai l>y the
Hav-Paui:. ?. fote treaty tl:<?y re. .-v. ? ? ?I
that rttfl t upon Um fa >tiri? thai tag
? ar.al should he opened to Hritish and
I'nited States vessels upon terns of
equal treatment."
The next point made is thai txe-flap
tion of Ano : ? ? .iii iippiiiiiT from toils
would violate the und.II Si sBdiag -hat
?'tails should be ju?t and equitable,
t'nless the whole volume of shipping
pagglag thii.'iKh tin oatuil hi taken
:rito at ?TOS at, there are no means of
determining whether the tolls charged I
?ipon any pertlcslar vessel repri -? I
hsr fair preportlea .>f th. cerrowi ex-\
essditurs property chargeable s re sal
the canal. Therefore Um British gas?i
SflMheal Is entitled "to demand. tsB bt -
iialf of th- Hritish shipping, that all
vessels p.i??l:nr through the inn ii.
waati-ver their flag or char.n ter, Shall
be taken into account In nxlag ths
a:sou:it of th.- tolls."
Regarding the President's contention |
that the effect of the British claims
would be to prevent the (Tatted >::;.,-s
from aidin? :t< own commerce In ?
way that all nations may fr.-. ly do, :t
Is said that this .s sol >. ESjOal irret?
tiient as specified in the treaty la all
that tile British gOVSraSaSnt claims.
But It does not follow that the Halted
States may not bs deharred by ths
treaty f. om panting a subsidy to c. r
tain Shipping la a particular way. if
the effect weald bs to impost upon
Brltisii or other foreign shipping an
unfair share ? tee burden of the
upkeep of th.- cana! or ;o create s dig
crimination or prejudice to British
shipping ri-e'nts. Therefore, it la hold
tiiat exempt!on of americaa tr-oatftwise
shlppiiiK. as wi i :>? of Panama ship?
ping, clearly conflicts w-it!i th- treaty
gear an tees of equal treatment for itrit?
ish and Ameri ran ships, and that in- '
terests of foreign nations would there,
by be seriously Inj Bred in two H - ,
spects. rirst. In placing the entire cost'
of building the canal upon foreign
vessels. gad, second. :n placing Anieri-;
can coastw ise trade in a ]>r> feroBtial,
position as retra-ds other shipping.
In conclusion. .Sir Bdward reiterates j
his gevi rameat'a assertion that the,'
provisions of the canal act as to tolls
.onfltct With ti e British treat;, right*.j
and a-Us.
"But they recognize that many per?
sons of note in th'- I'nited States.
WhOee opinions are entitled to great
weight, hold that the provisions ot ;
the act do net infringe the COnvi n- .
tlonal obl.Kati.ins by which the Halted
States is bound, and under these cir- j
CtSBSataacea they desire to state liielr ;
perfect readiness to sabmtt the ques?
tion to arbitration if the government
mi the I'nited states eroald prefer to j
take this course. A reference to ar- ;
bitration would bs rendered unneo-s;:
sary if the government of the United
stales sTiouid be art pare J to take
such sti ps us woul. remove the oh
Isctssiis to the act which His MaJeaHj i; ',
governm-nt have stated."
i uun i piieiiN Csmastssasa's larlsdlt
linn liter < hicaf-.ii Mmk Vard*. I
Washington. December !>. ? Juris-I
?liction of the Interstate CommerceI
Commission over the inioti Btockl
Yards and Transit I'om-iany. of Chica-J
so, was to-day upheld ' y the Supreme
Court, which sustained the com mis- |
fcion's r.Rht to bring suit to hav.- the
? on.pany's centred to pay fSd.eeg to
._,?.s^ Storm Coats
CTYLISH, serviceable garments?big, warm and
easy. To i vest in one is to insure 3'ourse!f
against discomfort on the coldest, stormiest day.
Pull cut; ankle length; with regulation or convert?
ible collar; with or without belt.
These styles, $ I 5 to $50.
Coats with distinctiveness, for boys, girls and young women?
$5 to $28.
l'fae'.zer & Sons, packers, for erect?
ing a plant adjacent to Hs track*,
annul! i a.s ?mtrnntlng to a rebnt?
? mi tiie theory Unat Chicago nock
\ urd bustneaa was interstate, com?
merce the Interstate Commerce. Com?
mission l>* nan an action in the Com
atefSe Churl to adjoin the t'nion Stock
Yard and Transit Company, the Chica?
go Junction Railway Company, which
operates the Transit Company, and
thi Chicago Janet Ion Railways an-i
Hatted Stock Yard Company. Whli li
hOldl the .slock of the other tWO com?
panies from engaging in Interstate
commerce until they had Had tariffs
with ih,- commission. Ii also aeked to
hSTO the contract witii the firm of
packen canceled.
The Commerce Court held that the
Chicago Junction Railway Company
aiso was engaged in Interstate com?
merce, and so required it to file tariffs,
liut dismssed the action as to the
other companies.
Justice i?a>. in announcing the Bu
IO-enie Court's opinion, said that the
Commerce court erred in hehUng that
tin Union stock Yard an.i Transit
Company had exempted iteell from the
operation <>f the Kedtral law bp teas
;nx Its property to the Railway Com*
Tiie supreme Court directed the
lower court to enter a doer 11 snjjoia
Ing the carrying out of the Ptaelaer
. ontrad
CoattSHSee to Isapiovi
The condition el Mrs, Cariet'aa
lobneton, nrho attempted t-> commit
Enjoy your auto ii\
Every roe\d ?\ royal highway
To-day California has a great
system of oiled highways, costing
millions. You can drive for hun?
dreds of miles, swiftly, safely, com?
fortably. One of the many outdoor
pleasures in this winteiiess land.
A Santa Fe train will take you there.
The California Limited ? l?rg < :" the limited-*?
cacjusHtjy fi>r trti -c!a?> travel? ram every day
? >let<-er f<>r Grand Cfcayi n.
Santa Fe de-Luxe ? :he i nry ex'rr. fare flyer, dti
cap i and Kn:-a* City lo Los .'?.??p;clc-??.>nce a
v.ce'; thi> winter?-America's fine-! tram.
California Fast Mail - ibrj the Los Angeles Express
and Sar. Francisco Express ? 'hrec --t'tcr daily
train* ? they earn- ?tandarl l'nllr.-.an*. toons,
?'rcrrs and chair car-a!! cl>-t> ? i tickets
tV.n? r< I
Fred Harvey -
VWl Grand Cany01 of Arizona er r-mte.
Say which trau r. Will mail 1
quantity of chloroform, was last nicht
laid to lie greatly improved, an I her
recovery waa confidently predicted.
She la under treatment at the City
Hospital, where she was ruahed after
she had swallowed the poison in the
attempt to end her lite after tiie s i i
den death of (I. ii. Muggins, the promi?
nent Ijrjanoke architect. With whom
she had been living in this city.
BnUdlaga : n?tttrr Macainoea l"?n>
tor New gsheola.
I A l?ri< f meeting of the Board of
Health w-Us held last night for ah*
I proval of ai Counts and transaction ol
routine business, in the absence of
Cblef Health Offlcer EL t'. Levy *ron:
t.'ie city, no new matters were tak?
en up.
The Committee on Buildings of the
The committee on buiiil'.ngs of the
dtp School Board was also in aeaslon
i for a time, discussing details of plans
j for new school bull-tinge. City Elec?
trica] Inspector Bpetgfbta and Building
Inspector Heck were before the com?
mittee in regard to the matters un?
der discussion.
Bridge i*ar?> (or Charity.
The Commonwealth Chapter of tiie
Daughters of the American Revolution
Wl|] give a bridge party at tile S\ tf> r
?oa Hotel to-day at t o'el< eh or the
benafit "f its new educational work,
a kIndersarten for children of foreign
parentage. The institution will ha
known us the Commonwealth Kinder?
garten, Mach table is requested to
i n' ;.-., its own playing lards.
Nine ( .ms.li I in ltaid.
Nine alleged -crap-shooters were
caught in a r;:id last night at Rock
Alley and Seventeenth Street by Pa?
trolmen BoeqWCtt anu Akers in a
heaae wMch has been under police
ebaervation for seine time, a tenth
man eai ?!!?? <! !>>" leaping from a sccrid
?tor] window to the ground. um- of
the nine was found :>y Boequett hang?
ing hla aausda from the window
with ihe hope af av< Ming eh tectioa,
bait be a-aa haded in sad seat t<? the
Fir*1 P> '.?->? Station with the rest.
Blues hull Dress Drill.
Admlesion will be by card only at
the full dress bejttal'en drill a*d dance
at tbe Blues' Armory la met rum night.
fn ii snot i Vlialate?fair, .mrmcr
Iii<-sds>: Wednesday Infr.
govfh , sr. l.r.a?trade and ninrnl.nl
??nruo r 'I BBWatsy.
spreiul Loeal Dntn for \e?lcrdji>.
||2 noon leinte reture . *J
i] p. m teaapi ratare .
Maximum temperature u;, te I
; p. ..i. n
M i-ini'. ni f :::p< ra'c.r. up to H
: p. m. I*
.v. ta leaaperatasre . JJ
IN- i mal tern ? atare . *
. . .. nrj in temperature .- i
I t..r. ?- .ri U nap a retare since
March 1 .
.v., ,ii. :. Heavy in t?laaparadara
sine Jatfaaserj I. - - - eBI
D| . c B I it. lain'; II w*wo M itch
I. ?>???
A,| ii . .?.-'!.-.. t.ev IS ruria.i since _ _
Janaary l .?._
i ... .-i ..???. r?aii?.r. g P. M. leoerreaay.
T?-rcp<-at^re. ;'.
?aaatd t> .V1
V. . I - ire' lion .1
\\ lad n lea Ry .^
Breather. 1
iiimiiii i> iM.i>Hi?\r ? hu a.
? At * P m P-arUrn Stan erd T.ne.'
Ashev lie ....
it T I. 1 xs eegjni
m gf M Ch ?!
X? M 52
nn SO Clear
j\ 2? If CM
U M ."? '" e ?
-: :.i :? rhsesl
,< :.? If ?? ?
12 n ii
to te ... ? -
-? >- ? ? ~ar
?1 M ?I f. i
-4 ?<t 2i Clear
i? *.e z% Cloudy
M ?' '
2? rf C at .1
i4 CM
?a 2: I'
24 1? '"lei?
te CMest
3? a CMesr
42 I? C* If
-.a tc Qan
SIMOIH? ?'M?N^ -
HP"... TII'K.
'?on rleee-" '?
Jfur. seta . ?
Mrs. Hufigins Not Informt-d of
Circumstances of Hus?
band's Death.
[Sp. ,-ial to T'.i?? Tini' s-fiispatch. ]
Roanoke, V... Dec. mix r r>. ? I he fu?
neral of 11. K HugRins. who dlfil in
It Ich mo ad Thuraasy under loasaawmla1
ing cireemstaacea, was In Id hole this
afternoon at the honn . The games
was FOodtli t' il b) tin- BSV, S. T. Konter
pusto: of Grot HI Memorial Church,
a'id a large number of lileliJs at?
Mi ara of Ute aesnasr of Mr, U eg glas's
death was a great shock 1 > Ml many
friends, ami was agrdiy bell. v d by
sueh of his relatives pa wire ;???
g sain ted alth the rtrcuajlataacea grhOt
.Mr. HUggtni was not a iliuieh mege
her, his life epeereetly s/as exemplary,
and his home life is aaU| m have been
aaPgy. Mrs. KuggtB S h is not been
'forated ?f tin- cireametaaees of gat
husband's death, the sewages* ra '??? i?ist
kept from aar.
aVaaaeea Seeare s^u.otsi ami startallj
\\ ouaii l&aeeeas deaaaagaa
ruaaa. < ui. nstiasbsi ? dir gern?
k'-i Kapeeaa, sreataaaad ea the Saasa?
era Pachtet I? rsparted <" hu?e beeu
behi ui> tanssgat aear Taft? Kern
Ceaaty. Tweasj iuoukumi! gallaia 1*
saM la base seen sbtaJeed b| the sab
hers, aba mar tall) wegaded uu express
Clbaeas Batate Said.
[Spi rial toTheTimes-Dispatch.]
Star?raaeUle, Vs., Deeesfber The
real estate of the late Thomas m. rjib
' bons was sold here last week !>> CeaS
j rales loners .1. s. Chapmaa a:id ?;. BL
Walker by order of the eeart, to the
! following persons: |{ Mor ris & SOBS
bought the store building at 12.173, and
'Mrs Alit-e Sauml-rs and <\ X. tjibbons
: th.- mansion property at H.gSt, rheaa
I two properties an located on Ms n
Street, are both brick, and rery <io
I Sirable. TbiS is the largest real estate
sale here lor several yea:
He Is the Mini nbu?e Hoeey J.imn II.
Deke Staates).
New York. December I.?"The run
sumer is tiie man 1 am alter.'' Tliet>e
, wards weie attribute,! to .lames 15.
Duke, the tobacco rnr.gnate, by Albert
jHiUman, a tobacco jobber, who aas a
altneaa to-day in the ttOO.t*t daaaage
salt brought by Joi n E. Locker, of
! Uro,:klyn. again.-t the American To?
bacco Company, which is being tried
; in the United States Court here.
j Miliman described a dlsctjaalos re?
garding tobacco prices he hid with
Duke gbout the time of the ergaalaa
tlon of the Metropolitan Tobacco Com?
pany. Which, it was Blaimed, was the
local selling agent of the American.
' He said hi protested that jobbers could
i acivalue .11 ,cis. ano
Duke replied:
?'liaise your prices to the retails*.
Let the retailer raise his price to the
Ol iMlimer T.:e consumer is the aSSB
1 am after. If the retailers wofi't
I raise prices, wa will establish reta'I
, stores of our own."
I Counsel for koeker offered to pre?
sent evidence to show that tli? Ameri?
can TabaCCO Company had emsp'red
to inj in iadopendem Jobbers, bat the
court ruled out such tSSUlBQgt.
( ress Jewels Upturned.
Lsadea, Deeember %X?\ rumor I?
earveal in Loades le-aigbl ibai the
Irinii rcews jewels, slutl Mere mystes.
rtsasly ?i?len fram Dahlia Castle la
laae or Jaly, 111*17. lime been :i% TMnympm
t, rsOaslj replaced lataet in their arm>
laal pesltteai It has been hapsosgblc
no for ts obtain esriohorallea of lh'.?
Nr? i'irst gergeaat,
Captala Sftliieni a. Puller, jr.. t'.te
new eemmender of company a. Rteh
mond Blues, enaoencss the appoint?
ment of Roy R, Hilton .is final aar
ne.:at of the compaay. lie euccssis
J. I'. Puller, who was elected SO Dd
.i> utenant. ?
iaasca C Heath.
The raaeral of .! asn E. He ah win
taki place this morning from Bvrd
stre.-t gtatlen at 1:3a o'clock Mr
Heaiii dieo In Stew York on last Sat?
urday. Me had Heed in New York
for amay years, gn'n^ there from
Rtinhmsad, wher* he sp-mt most of
his early life. He was an elaaanas
I the Virginia MUltanr Institute and
, r the Uni-ereity ef^lrglals, ?r.
The Ceo. A. Hundley Co.
RMN F Broad Street.
%'t arc '-?rKr ?hirrprr? ?4 \\inr? .-,nd
.. v i -.. r If ' ( hcl.Hiv
goods. \\i i?erpa> Cipress od Ii * ?
? 9
m a
9 O
a a
9 8
9 9
9 9
8 8
9 9
' 9
Old friends
? the Colonel, the jimmy pipe and the Hdy red tin of Prince Albert
tobacco. Solace, happiness?born of pipe tobacco that can't bite the tongue.
Prince Albert cives pipe Mnokera a real idea of what a pipe MMtt ?;h"uld be. P. A.
is not onb rJdiciotis, tra^rnnt tobacco welcome in any home or office b'.d it w?il
neither song the tongue nor parch the throat. That's cut out by ;i patented process.
Forget the oM days of oroiied tongues and parched throats, you men who have
tried the ///v-brand s. P. A. will be a revelation to you I
the national joy smoke
makes the bullied cigarette you ever put between your hps, bar
none.. It's a scream when yuu hook it up i<> a iii:.:ch.
You take some- reai say-so and buy some P. A. and roll
up a few. Say, ret the i!<i\or ar.d the freshness and the long
burning! Weil, you certainly cash in nuiit the very firs. thne.
No, sir, no more ffosf-brarids ar.d chaff-bfUiOS fur yuurs. VVfafct
up! del a new lease on cigarette joy!
Prinre Albert it sc!d everywhere in Sc
toppy red bag*; l?c tidy r.-d tint ar.d hvnj
lome pound und hidt-pvund humidors.
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., .Yicbfon ialfa, !V. C.
9 C 9 9 O ? 9
9 8 ? 9 C 9 9 (
9 9 9 C 8 9 9
? 9 9 8 i
6 8 C 8 I
18 8 6 6
M. Heath anil Bdmoals naher, his
wife, and a grangooa of Janus i;.
Heath, for many years First Auditor
of Virginia, lie was a deeply leligi U?
man. for years a teacher in St.
James'* Sunday school bent, and later
an . fflc;ent worker in ?t. tJ. rgVa
Church. New York, in which church
funeral services wire h.-;.] yesterday,
lt. t'. Janata
K. I". J*m-i-. a iortnor resident of
?looc'iia...! County, ciied Friday night
it Tampa. Fla., where he had mads
his hunie for the peel two years. The
body will arrive in Kichnior>d this
morning, and will be akin to Qooch
and ior iiunal in the family cemetery.
Air James was sixty-t igr.t years add,
5nd mas a brother of Colonel Bea
i'Ti.li. i? Ja::.er. Secretary ,,f the Co:n
meawcaltk of Virginia.
Was BsSStl Ilium.
Miss Hannah Blum died at St. Luke's
Hospital Monday mornieg. she had
been l lonjr suffer, r. which site bore
With in BOhlng fortitude and trust
iu her Go:.
BBm leaves two sisters. Mrs lsuae
Thai, liner and M'ss UsO B ? m. a n 1
numeious reietleoa and friends to
mOUra their lost. Funeral eeTTlcSS
will ha held at the Mortuary Chapei
in the HehroW CeaAtery this afters on
at 4 c'c:nck.
GeengM Itlelmril Merr; man.
Georgs Richard Merrymaa goad at
ii:3? c ? >'ck yesterday met ging at his
r< ?t<i< act sal Chine street He ?<
SUTsited by his wMeW, eao &on. i'i.ir
. net a. laeeTyasan, and ests aaaghtee.
Mrs. Conrad riemmg, ef st. Sdward,
Mm. Merg.ir.-f L. <.o<ldln.
Mrs M il g .ret U ijoddin. ?f.\ty-<-ight
years eld. <i ?? ? at II .".o ? >Ylo. k >es
itrdai seeratag at the resilience of
lie:- s-:i-iu-law. Michael Berber, i-y
itorth Ta-ent>-ninth et reel she Is
Survived by foui children. Morgen H.
It ddhtl. M il d B'-'.ltcr .;odtltn. stone
wall Ooddln, and Berma Qod-ila. The
in i.e..11 v. ill b? conduct id lr'-m the
Bergei reehseaee at |g o'clock ie-nsee
r?w moreiata and the burial w ill ce in
i.-akw... i.
Mi rr:?< .ither \mlrr?<in Una.
[ageelal to Th.- TlamsvEMaaaei h j
Oardamev'Ba, v.?. Deeesnber a.?TIN
e(??iy of Meniweathei \; leswee
w'.io :ie in I'tah or: Tne-rl
mmm, seeengM t?> Oeesamoetlrt ?r, sun
day asevalagj aasl saaaa t. las baaaa
of his saetaer. Mrs. m C "Kit. aaae
Haltens, -a boaaaa Ceeatty, an?; ;?id :?.
rest in the old family barytag grwwad
Su.1.1a5 aft'i t ? -n ?t o'clock
Raw. .1 H. i'larki. i-estor o the fit r
?|ons-. i'.le Method.st Char. h. ceadacting
the burial service. Mr. OtfK was
t :?: -nine >e;.rs of atcr. .:.! r.eu hi-iP
raM)raaatag in Cbah for a number of.
years. Ucsltes bis mother, be is sur
S|1 by tare .:*:.is. Mr? Jack .??*,
'?f I?.inv!llr. and Mrs. J. Ii treWell.
mi Otter i.r. k- an ? fire i.r?tnera?
I J. ORK mi Mei-i.n- Frank "?e. of
pgaeei Pollard Qgg. of f it i
City. Utah; Oacar <>uf. <? Halid Cel..
and V . ? ? ?* . a ! ? ? ' 1 ' ? r < r
the ? aaeafct and tibi? Ka'iaay.
w'th headi?isr|e-? m IT'chmcrl
Mr. i sasasSea: r*. M?fr?nir.
ISpi ' ial |n Tiie Tim. s-1 ?!?;?..:- h 1
???rd"ii??itie. Vs. |?e,*mb~r ?.? Mrs.
iSSlrg at 11 n Mn, k. after
Irs bar bndy will be taken so
I i.-.i.r for Interment
Mm ii ks M. W??era.
Igpeei i t-> Th. Tlmi ? l>!<aatrh )
, ?. \ . i?....?- ???? - Mrs
ra.lttea of are ehe was
. egg, aril had onl)
bo?? two meek; a pass I"
ber' husband. who Is
rears eld. and seven call
Hows. T. 1*. Moyers, of
.ribank. XV. Va.. M. M . 11 XV . .1
kL, jr., j. d. Mr* Peasle i- Smith
and Mrm. j. Heary x\ ..ne, all ?I Ufa
Vir?. ? . \. Carter.
!Spv i.i 1 to Tin- Tliti**-Dispatch |
BerryvUle. yj . Docam'aor a.?Mrs. <".
A. Carter, artfa ? f w. H. Cat ter. <1 patp
iroamiai of ciaik. Coausty, died at hoc
home, nea.- !i?-rr> v>I:?.. on Sal r: -
evening*, i etsfctp yaara and rlarht
montha Mif. Carter waa formerly
Miaa, Charlotte later, ala achter ot the
latt Mi ar.d iir?. Jaoah Isler. al
ii-. rrj \ .i.e. and i* pav*el*ed bp he*
.. wband, one daughter, Mrs. W. Barton
tap, .i! ?ariaalcp; lata .?. ni. Owea Car?
tar, ??? Tfiah mlaai. 1> ?.'.. mil Raletsh
Carter, ol Clarke* and a number of
grandchildren. sh? araa an mint of
Mra Jo.-in <> Crown ;.nd J lii e Smith,
,'>f liic.-.m-nd. Ifaaiia| eervtceg wrrv
: held *n the M k. Ca arch, Booth, on
hfOJsda] attaM en. Rear* J. H. Strotn
? i. of Brulceteora. and s. A. fan ha i
offlclaMaaT Interment ?ui la <;r_.-a
Bin Cea* t- :>.
Hr?. j. ( . Baovp.
j "*r? ?""*-Tt?aa nioiaiaa: ]
Clarecont, x'e. Deeneaeee y.?Mra.
J. C. Harry, for alj. _n i ana half iea.-?
a riaioent of Clare moat, died tnla
nio.-nug at Uta home of her laugnter*
Ml? J. ? '. ("nai.'l.- eg.' >?
and 1! m She waa born in lass
al Kadlec a ? orth- lie*, a ad araa frai
MA THEWS.?Died, al C:M P. ii De
resaeei I Miss c C Math r:\.\-.
agr< in?*Jtj?free Mar?.
1 The remains ar. at ii West CIa>
Str?et. Kuner-i notice later.
MKRRYMAN Died, ,.t Ma rraHaata
>"i i'i.ir.a St: e? i.. M'.nd.i\ i>. ..-:i .
at I i ? .i. * M . ?I :< >lt Irl {?;? .i \U;,.
Mi:i:i.-:.'.!.\.v ?%c..i aixty-thm yaara
He h.-id t>e?ti en:, taped .-? s fore?
man ?f the Tredrtrar Iron Work?
f't I< rty-" . e peaarai He lea'-es.
beaMeO his widow, one son. Clar
enre .\. J|eir;.. .an. an?l MM aataapBtl r.
Mrs i'onrad l-'li nlnn. of Sr Klwari.
Funeral notice later.
LMM. -Died Mond.iv nninir? at St.
I.uke> Hospital. MISS HANN A! I
Funeral Of I ?IM from ISartaarP
lebedai Caaaefajrp, this aF
TKJ:n?.hin ; o.Uck.
XX ALL.\tO KI: Died, r.t t ie residence
of he.- parents. I'Ms West l.e ah
ill! at', three montha
r in.ia! wif, tak. phaco from reel
'.' us ,T -d... ? AI'TKKN'e
. ! . ' * k. Interment in St. Mar>'s
Hi:\TH r lei in New Vrk. D-erm
ber 7 INS. JAMKs ? MeJATH In
ib.- atatl -?e, ..r.d y*ar of h-s aae.
|..;e,n.enl |Ioi,> w.-. d i>A ? r J
r? r l :?> l'?r? Myd ptrret Sta?
tion >. Ja A. M
llT..\VKFNI??lir -Died * !p Biltlrr" re
PJenday a. : IS. mks LCTTIS
BLAXXi N".i:r w,!"-? ' "e? i, ..
It. tik'tah'p Sh*? Uava lee rhll
drer.- Harrj. Willie. Sai ? nd Mrs
f rt4a Haeher. aaai Aroabelle
Blankrn hip.
ll-:> BUI Med. Der.rrler a. at Me
rr. v?ru-?- m Leaajaa <?->.inty. n--ar
polndeatrr. after a lonp and
i-alnfal Mlneaa. In the^ aiat)^-?eji t_ n
f.'r/'.VVAU If FNS- N H- l#e*-ea a wife
and tsree ehlldr-- t"" sons. Car?
roll and Ham. and one dauaMer
llarle- _ _ _
He art I be harried THIS ItaSMl
at : P. M al West -1, a
,;,.T?'IN tMed st II M'fi'i). I* "
eeTrber ?. al !??? tea daeee of *?er
.?? ir.iio hti ha-1 Duraet. i;?.
?;? .'eighth rear *he ie?vea fo?e
ehivrer. M"raar '"? ? idm Hand
H r?er. ston. a-a 1 Coddt-i a ad SJaaaaa
a<Farwral from tHe residence WKO
S-.' V ?r.NIVi; At ;., ouutt
Interment.In tJahwo-d.
mi.rr'ed ?<? Ailliim Kunlcho'user. of
wmltwo children?Charles I- Funk
?ou?er. now of Missouri, ami lira. T-*
L. Di'.key. . f Fairrleid. 111.- were born.
Her ircond marrieae was to Jt. |_
Barry und two talMraei aw born
of that i**u?-. They er- Mr* A J.
Calkin* &4 CTareaaent, and Mrs. r. a.
Cornwell, ?. PtoemiaaTtoa, Hi .she
alee 1-H .e- eleven Bran I? hildren.
Death was cans'd by ?11 in The
Junerul servb e? wi'l he held Wednes
? ? > end taceruaewi will take place la
ihr ("iaremor.t Cemetery.
HLOHFS?I,, tad out lovinK remem?
brance of my dfirltiiff motnc:. ?MRS.
sr-'.'.N a iii '.HKs, arse Meal ons
year a? . io-day. in <?oocr>land Coun?
ty. V?.. I'-crmber 4*. 1911. In her
set cnty-riinth year!
i W'? have sa*4l J*r. aelL dear mother,
rr-t eetfy a Brief Bewej-bjr;
j We hope aome day to meet you
in aea'.en. keypad the sky.
i Baal aew v.< t" **;:e > a >
! From your e?rtnl\ home:
F -.i :? .ears He s;,ar-d you to
us: ? .
v.'!.; should we aie-?md mourn?
11 when Win ?n redness
Te -tV-r vacaM s'at.
? Uo f*y. Toy will he done"
i 'T.i! wj* again si-ail BaafjVfc
Then with a happy Kreetl.-.a
sVell ? lasp each other's hand;
l .,. ? ie fa. ?-. m] tfeaetawaj m-ther.
fn thai beaetl t:i heavenly land.
? *? i: et??\t:i o*
Smith & Webster
?12 F.mmt Wala 'Irrel.
? ' J
TW UtX! i let Cma tad Cites km
New Factory
aWf.Na.SL CaiaU.71*

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