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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, December 11, 1912, Image 2

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Will i et Oo of Yen
>*J)*n to? eorreo? th* Mb ?, -.(* ? u?
of roar bloct on wblah tt Jepaad*. /*
only ieeaene Ho bold tor o> n.V> When
? apply ar*? - ? or Un!m*nfs to ?-ojr
< - -1 Joints or stiff muecl*?. Take
Hood * SarsapariHa
whl'h hat e?fer!*J th* most wnnd*r- |
(t I radical aid permureit rjru.
U*t t to-uiy la usual liquid form j
??r ehooiaied tshl*ta ?aJ:?l *>*r?ntnh?.
(JMrortloaasaat.) j
otittVno Iba puwsrful and corrupt!
machine that betrayed ar-i st: aJBgled \
the Republican part;. don dav th*i
iioneat men and w omen who m?kr ;.pi
th* tank aad Im of tha Republican
party v,~l realize the full iniquity of
which the tner. were guilty, who >??
th* Republican convention of June
lie? fif fiel.berate political theft,
w^enohed th* ontrol of the party
from th* teopTe. made it the party
Of reaction and gave it Into the ai.s..
lute control of fho bosses.
.V- Rocse*: rer.fwed Iiis proposal
t-. great a commission like the Inter?
state ?."ommerce PSBamlMlon to i iper
rtao i <? bis industrial tonn iitf d*dag|
tn to ratals tuilnoos f I < roatlnued; \
l irual that the Progressive Sena?
ts * ?r:?l I'>pgressir.en at Washington;
will S'* together aid push this and all
other proposals of the Progressiv e
part>. l hope, moreover, that each'
group of Progressive mimibars a'adti
of the legislatures of thl sevcial
States va ill 11.. < t and plan united ac?
tion "pon the organisation Of their
respective assembtlee, upon the
da'** for the l.'rited States Senate, and
upon proposed legislation. The direct
primary plan reached will be uni
roraglly arrdieti
?'We should support legislation tlint
will carr; out our principles regard
less of whal part- may introduce it in
tiie several States
"The dc,trine of the divine rlsht of
'udges to rule the people," lie said, "is
every whit as Ignoble as the doctrine
. f the ,;.ur.f right of kings, and th: ?
doctrine is now chiefly and powerful I ]
uphoM by the legal und financial rep?
resentatives yf privilege.
? We stand for every principle set
forth in our platform. We stand for
the purging of the roll of Americas
public life by driving out of politics
the big beam i who thwart the popu
"?r will, who rely on corruption as a
political instrument, and who serve the
cause of privilege. Rut the function
of the new party is not limited to
securing the ci. actmer.t of tha meas?
ures advocated :t. trie new party's plat?
form and the retirement of a few
bosses. Our purpose 's to keep up a
continuous campaign for so.-ui ami :n
eiustrial Justice and for genuine gov?
ernment by Hie people and lor the
people. Such a campaign cannot be
r\pected from any party which Is
portly reactionary; an i at their best
both of the old parties are parti;., and
they are usually domluaatly, reaction-1
No tjm.nim at .Imnt B*sslea
The i?;nt session of the CMm.t Council
anu Board o' AMwr.'n, raited *t
Light, failed of a quorum. Moat of thj Ai?
de: met. wei ? Is their sest*. ?>??? only a few
Cour.ct'.rr.en -e.'jlil be found Action SB lbs
Tts.lgns.tKo* .Ter:; Baebe se a
th* CKy School Bes-d and .it. 1
e* eita BBj*e*BB*i thofofhi * deferred. Tlie
Csv vr.-.r-i ..- tgatlsu wa* r ' ? red to som?
it::? Wallie- C. O-treH. bat had a* oppei
tunlty heraus? ?* th* absence r?f a quorum.
liiTltaflrjgg have been issued by
Dcvs i^odge. V?. 61. Ancic.il Free ana
Accepted Ma?oam. -o ltd .xty second
e-.ci."ereary to be held its ",odg?
rooms st the .la < ? - Tata] la oa fid -
day night at " SO o"< lota The oooa
?Ion will bs one of special note la *J?e
h!?ro-T of the ladga Worshipful
Brother Carter ? bisons, worshipf-il
master of Tempi? Dodge, tier. *2 of
"Vaahlngton. v orttl b<j the spe
oiel guest ef tbe evsnlaff, and will de?
liver an address Right Worshipful
Chartas X Neabttt will pay the lodce
nu aOctal vjait Toe maai a] pi >g lb
will be under the direction of Brother j
Erasas' H Cosby
The Invitations and anniversary ;
booklet of the 1o::jjo are fine apS-ci- j
mens, of artistic print lag and include'
n group picture of the officers. seve:ai:
interior views of the lodge rooms, with !
the handsome furniture and the spo-,
etaj Masonic amhtaana wb<eta a-re thej
P'ide of the lodge, including photo- j
grspha of the two ashlars brought (
from near the Damascus Oute at I
larusalata, bellevad to have been taj;e:ij
ft ort, the quarry from which Kins i
Solomon secured the a tones with w hi all
the o-iglnal temple was constructed j
The present oalcstS of the lodge sra:
W. Withers Miller, worshipful master.
W I? Prince, sentbl wurden; W. Gray'
Wnrt'Ori Junior warden. P. St. OSSf gS
Coake. BSnJpr oca-on; Qssrge W. Watt, j
? ::-.rc deacon; Hay T Thornton, treaa
?rar; BeniaraiB T. August, secretary; |
Aifred H. McDowell and Pan K. Har
v. ood. Stewards; Charles P Sel?en, i
Hie- a W. Bakar, purveyor; Bar. F. j
T. MaFoden and Rev. 8 H. Tempieman,]
- I
When W P. C Dutch"i Leamaa refused to;
ruireiiUe; .i petltVoa ie:a-inn to the contest'
ed spp leatIon ef the Richmond and Henries
Hsilssy Company tor a power and light
Etna \ he aae assaulted and cut ehest
thi hi mi b) itooeri 1.. Jeaklaa brother of
W. r Jen? Ian, vice.president of the nee
re.... ye.ter.hiy morni: k in Mam Stieel near.
Ninth The ntta< k v. a* aitaeeaed by JJe
tectlve deatry, ? ho was standing acrssa the
sir. el. Bad befor.- a Becoad blow could b<M
pstaed he had rpiloted Jenkins, she is ef i
hagi proportlooa, and Dlaced elm under ar-1
rest for ns?11nk in the sti>..-.. 1.. ajnan noli
la ro blows. He aad hi* naud5 pi the p04 k- !
e-s of his overcoat when be ius attacked.,
I: aaa said
After he had been arrested on the mlsde
mesaer charge ami bailed la the sum of Jlwi
'.or ins appearance in Police Court ibis]
morning, Jenkins uar> later served with a
?? acari- a... nine (elsaioas SSSSnlt. IPs bond :
fei this was fixed ut i.7tSe.
? The attack upon bm was unprovoked,"!
..eauian s.? id "Jeakias demanded a pap. i
irem bm whieh was aehher mine nor hie
property, ami ternsthtag which be hau,
nj tit. i aoald luu- given it tu no man1
? cept its rightful eeraer. n wag w h?-n l;
refused te ghre it to Mm that he hit me." j
Malted f.n leamaa.
J> nkina 1? said t,i have called at L.?araan'?
in fie: in Mutual Banding about t \
? . Finding ?..m absent ue went into'
the street tu .i v*:: 11 hi> return When Lea I
buss arrived Jeaklai is said to have grabbed
.tu bv both shoulders and demanded the I
petition. When his demand was curtly re
An Ante-Xmas Sale of
Girls' and Misses' Coats
_ SmgJ The popular man tailored
>>?* -jfrSS^e Bern < oat has become an
r?3&S^k ^^_^/Sm& institution in Richmond. The
&ft j. *K vf-fl^^oK K"'a< demand for variety in
MkV^at ^ !);,t,mis 'II1r' cloths has been
/ ' r j 1 met by US, and the result i>- a
?j^ - 'jj^' ^ ^| 1 ^r?at aKSr0Rat'?n ?^ broken
ySm^j f-^^fi^^j 1 'reatiy r e d1'c e1 >
Wft jj II fc'^i^ ,,RI( I s vvhilr ,ho ,,r,nan,J
^r^Wj SI II ? ? is still on is the plan we've hit
pr?v if <|' 1 So here goes?
mJM^^4^3 beginning this
$28, S25 and $22 Chinchilla Coats $|?
$20, $18 and $16.50 Coats $12 75
$15 and $12.50 Coats
$11 and $10 Coats Jg
>>i/i-s 5 to 20 years. Practically .ill the winter weights arc
in the sale,
fused he booked away and struik Loama? a
poweidai Moat nn the right temple, Inflbt
la| ? < ut about :?ur in'1-..-s k*ng. The Men
kro< Ited ?rr Leaman'i hat, and u* thai lattet
?tti mated ta r*<-.r it Jeaklai 1? said M
ba\? baas prepared to follow up his atta-k
nhea a* was aahhad bv Gentry.
-jf it hadn't taten far this .iu.k (meaning
(tentry) I vtuut.i hatr ? leaned him up."
Jenkins mattered as he was walked auray
tram ereae. Gentry agreed :,..t :? eat
I1I4 artaener In a patrol, but nccompaaied
?um h, a tasJcab te the ys.rit Poll, e station,
urns re he wma batted bjt his brother
'I !??? .petition art?ob ? aused the aaeaall had
been preeeated :?? Aldermen Powers. Per?
du* and Dleaey. at Madbjee Ward, and nai
sianed by tiers,.us desiring the pa??ase o."
tbi erdmoaee graarJaa the (raaeaiee to tbe
new eaabpaay. Laamaa had it la but peaeee
siim tor the purpose of oacertaJatng a aether
the persons ft im signed it wen roters er
The rase ?rill be called this meraing before|
Police Jus-!, e Cratebgeld. i
?f,e Cberett SS?abbep (Lompanp
tovbiallv \nb\tt t>our attention
to ti\i\v titQ?nt bisplav of
$ohbap <$ift poxes of -fflriting #aptr
^^uisitc Pro** Articles for tljc Qesfe
Icatticr &oobs, Cbnstmas Carbs anb Calenbar
\\05 Cast ittain ^trec.
Our New Catalogue
of Table Delicacies
Ready for You
B*- Mirr to send a postal no*. It will
afTfC \>>m much tvorrv anrl thought* in
rtwfcing \otir holiday Urd?t.
Order You. to Avoid Christmas
Rush and Delay
A World of New Treats for the Holidays
G P*9 l3"aatl
i, tw.r R>*. 4 yr*: s
ri> -a-ardn? Merur 'J I
NtT >r?- c:a Lo ? ?
T?1 U ? ?
frrr.wy Ptt .
Pane-ft", tnff
App'w bri."..
c 1 '?r- j a V .
Kanaa n
Untier. a> D*W* V
?Va* MUat !? <
Caajoa Dry 6 l
Amae'cee it
-~r>-kr -
Brittle i
$1 i"> j
11 t* j
SI 0#
Si to
Si ?0
Si M
si a
SI 2?
SI 2?
SI ?
IVe*TC li'rri!!- . ,r. ' ,,| \KltT\,\ (of |h-t thiriR- to tat and
e\rrvthit** in thi- ,;r< it rtor*. brar? Mir p'>-ili\?- ?jjn.ir.iiitr'r to be
the best procurable ;it tin- pricrv
Hunt lev ? Palmer Rim uits I he
I ineM ".Ijde
?raa&naat ptf ...... Ut
Wirne-. pkfc . . .'V
I.'nnfrvn .Uh
ijttw..i,. pifj . rv
Rj ? - . 1.0,
7'a , k# . iS
WBaattannl pajj . j*,
Faw - ?. iSc
. 75?
! I 1 . SI M
I jn< ?
( a Si
I'a.kjgrs of llnnllev A
I'jlmt-r (rO?xls
. Mn
"?fH?< '?>? K?l lUr No " P. ?
? ? . ? '.LtrMT ?hv h * Im
I ?? ie-<..nr)' A- x-. t{
fl.l# . . ?. jur'" I \ran M
TiUlH M-"' ''? *
-ill latt BraaaS. Rtrhaaa-ad. Va.
Uttel playla? a gam? at bid.- ??*?**"
with the poise*, .lotin Koller. tu* .ovwi.*
HancartaB. B?J?d?ed httJMM by a Inw
wmmMM. la again a i..vtlent la the ' ">
lai Hospital II? ?a- breugnt lo lib hmond
ala v.srerdav alternoon by Det**tWO-?*?
geaat mWn iron ivtersburg.
Ba rout- la Ricaaaoad Ko.Vr ta -l ?my.
1 reald aal Hs* In Boston. I'hUago. -New
v..rk. Norfolk -<r any other place where Um
? man ?ere not . haling alter me. I am ir
.U ,. to all of the.-n. far ?? ?>wn *? they
. . ;>..-.? ?* ir. ove with me. I dlseo* ?
...?a ti?a. PBtersbaru waa the aaly p aaa
? i . -e they wo ::.I B*t Lrother in-. ?u 1 ?a^
n?king a re?*. there."
.Ins; arbat ?> de ?Uli lbe mad liungaxiar.
is a question whlctl 1? pur* ins the pol;, e
Chief el Polle? \\v-!ier ha* I adle sled bia
purpoee o: conferring null the F-derai hav
Basretiofl authorities with a view ut hsv
\..s him deport-<l to his native Und. II tiil?
plan does not succeed Koller will vndoubl
, . ? .-e temniltiad the Beat era state Hea
.. i the laaaa? at \v"ilUamabi.re.
Ma, Told to l.ea?r and Not Return.
After Kaller was ttr-t adjudged laaaa*.
? ear.
: e furnished head and agreed to
>ave ibe State, never to reiurn. He came
. Par tr.e second ttaa* Judge JUl hard
son, in the Hantagi ' our:, laid him to skip,
and he was ph*r?d aboard a train hound f?r
Baltimore Tal* ?????' baralj .i month ago.
i..is: week h? aa^in lurried un in Ulcbsaeud
ja- len.wed un.\. :.om. attention! tu a
vouas society woman here and had tJ ?>??
tarawa :mm ta* hetaaa. I'omp'aim w..?
made i.? the pattca, and i: was thought on
atnsuaj IBM lie had ?????n found In Beters
i ..rg. Wiley waa sen; for him. but It was
feoad that the wroag man wa* in < ?;??.. I .
WHI ? tviiev waa in the CUckaUB city Koi>r
paM aaataer elati la the young woman's
haaae and alter a* had oeen ousted a se -
ti.l time returned to Petersburg. He ,paa<e.|
?Vlley, who waa returning lo ltlrlimunil?'''r
fraltteag *MI llo??ver. ?h.n a* ar?
rived in PatefaBsBrBJ this time Ms Identity
.-.i- BSV! mistaken, and he was tiken In rui
: ,o\ ..s i ?.ispi- ;n ;s character, and Major
Wcraer was not,s>d that the right man wa?
to ally under arrest.
lonond Man BMBfSWB CUBtBSBU "I'Miif
Host Will l><. Work.
I- Is BBBOani ad tr.ai Lieutenant lasted*** I
11 -son. I" S N.. liaa alien final ap
.?leva; BB the BWTIlfBBSIBI pur...;*?' o- the
?? ? ' - ? . e <:>nn li Curtis*.
Ucatenaa* K.:v?..n .? ?o? ..- He aad Mr*
i Thsedsn Btlyasa. at taaj rlty. h*> de
?- . .. mos- ?,' pfej time sin-? hla Mad) my
4 ? ? BB submarine -n<i gsnTtuI work
? ? irtall o- ihe CUrtBBa ma- hit.- were
. --. n et.ri nii:. f,;. ulrc-tion *: liana
i and** -. v y on November 3>? The
? I ? oi a-." m I* ? or.sfrtir ted ?o as Ba
I- isunehed frags tlte fl>. V uf a battieshle.
nia>.e nrtv nine jtdbs ,,n hou- o:i tf.e t:ial
gfSp This make* r :iie Bp**dB*M la SI Bf I
ei ' -.od the record :* ronalde.-^d r.-nars
aaa la .law o- Iba fa?t that It -arrl-d f.'-.e
a |.a?ss>n?er and _?i (uar.da adiii
Uassal "eight, and is in Ifa*;- mu n (,.-w, r
than lb* ^d;?.ar. a*?of.,?ne
F"8II Igsalj I Iralala aad North tar...
Una ? l air We.laesda;: I bur.da. fair.
*Be.|?l I -.Ml Itala for I.Orrditv
12 gsBaSI t. mi erat ur.- . ..... ,?
.: P M t? ::.p. ratun- . ;i
AI^Mnum |rrn|sr?li;r. gaa f., s
I? ? . ;i
Mii'mun. tesap*rafi< aa t<? s
HM . 2*
M- ? t- t>. rstsjre . 3?
N- <i temperafir . 4;
Dedh ien- y In temperature . 4
1 lelb i. i.e.. ,n temperature since
Mar? h :. 7J
A. .in d- In ten. y in lemnerattii.
?BUS e litiuarv I .f.*r.
I'rH. i. n. v 'a rainfall BatBTU March
I . .1 Tt
Aecari bV fl > to \ in rainfall 1
Jar.uarv I ..
I oral liksrrtaikia ?? r. U. l.aleralas.
remperafir.. . 4i
llBUBtdltJ . ?I
W ud dire. 110,1 . ... . H
Bt ind vel.H itv. It
it siner ... . . . Cloudy
inMlllint. I\ ItlllisTtvr IUI??
? \ t ? r M l^at'tn standard T'sae.?
raa g .her II T LT Wasther.
\?hevlle 44 ?? 27 CfUBitf
A|,a. t? 44 4? . ? < loudv
Alaaufh Cltj . ** ?? 2? ri-ar
Ra|e-?Cl H * '?"?r
stl |ou,a . 4? -Z SS liest
ja, p. 1 I? a: I? Cload
p-aKr.aw uru. M M ? P classdy
UU1 ^ .nah
r? kaoe
id *: *~ ?'i"
? -a ;i <'loudv
it ?'lear
let ip.
H pM
W.nnlpeei ? ? ;* * .2 ?*^*
s .i.eiu. . 4* ?? ciesuuj
Sf" ?? <" **
? ? ? ? mm ? ? **
tiiui%Ti ?r ?? ??'*c
fia. emt>et II. 1st
loan riaeU_7 17 Morula? . ? ? j?
Chamber Directors to Consider
Entertainment for CommerciaJ
Men Home for Holidays.
At the board of directors' meeting
to-morrow afternoon, the Chamber of
Commerce will discuss the feasibility
of tendering a dinner; to the army of
I traveling; salesmen who will be In the
city for the holidays This function
was fullilligl last year by tin- big; civic
celebration which took place Ott Jan*
uary ;.
"The chief difficulty. said Business
Manager 1'ghgjry yesterday, discussing
the proposed dinner, 'is to secure any
j thing like approximate figures as to
the number of men who will b<- in
town. The board will probably for?
mulate plans to-morrow, in cas- the
dinner idea is adopted, for enlisting
the aid of Post A. Travelers' Protec
1 tivc Association, and the other com?
mercial orgaiiiz il.otis of the city, as
well as of the manufacturers and job?
bers. In determining the number of
commercial nag who will spend the
holiday period at home."
The chamber rlghtl) regards Rich?
mond's traveling population as its best
adv-rtisers abroad, and behind the plan
of a dinner far their entertalntnent Is
th< idea of brliiKing them together for
the purpose of renewing their ac?
quaintance with the chamber s plan of
trade expansion, such a gathering* .:
is believed, would send them back on
the road after the holidays art over
better equipped than ever to 01 ? -.i |
?!ie Itichmond --oH-pel
The board will la all probability also
take up In some detail the annexation
piogram outlined at the last < hamb.-r
dinner at the Jefferson Hotel. It Is
not believed that a AOOnlte plan wlllj
be formulated at thi' n.ting, but the I
directors will examine the matter from'
several angles and probabl} decide]
upon the preliminaries :o the generali
annexation campaign, which. ,n com-;
moil with several other important pro?
jects, will engage the chamber's at?
tention hi the coming year
William >I. iaie.
Adjutant-Qeneral William ICUsoa sale i
and John T. Sale, of this city, were
notified yesterday of the death of their i
father. Will'ara M. Sale, at his home
near I'a'rlleld. Ro. kbridge Countv.
[With Mrs. W. W. Sale they left at one*
for the home.
-Mr. Sale, wiio was tOVi Ity-thro*
years old. was stricken with paraly ?
sis three . years ago, and has!
I been ill ever sine? . He spent
part of the past ausaraei ?:in General
and Mrs. Sale at their home in H*nric0
County, his condition showing much
improvement. He <s survived t>j Mis.
Sale and five children?W. W Sale,
Ernest A.eBnle, John T. .-a:.-. pjrg i ? ;
Kyle and Miss Bcjti.a Sal
lie served as a private In the Four?
teenth V'rginia Cavalry througnouti
the Wat Between the Sta'.e.s, holding I
a record for gallantry.
l.eorge Ith hard Mrrronll.
'I'-oigf Richard Marrymaa died at
his home. mi| China Street, on Mon- I
day morning at 11:S4) o'clock, aged j
sixty-three years. Ha had been em- j
ployed an a foreman at the Tred?gar '
Works for forty-Bve years. Arrange- i
rn< tits for the funejal have not been j
I'ovthataa Psalll,
iSpe, iai to The Tlanes-Diepati |,.] I
Martlnsvillc, \'a. Paaeihai Id.?I
Powhatan f'amel. a well known mer- ,
chant here, died at his home on Brown |
Street at an early hon this morning.
Mr. Daniel was forty-seven vears old. .
and unmarried. He is survived by his I
mother. Mrs .1 W. Daniel; by two j
brothers. Robert Daniel. (.f South Hill. I
and i- D Daniel, of Baanoko. and one
sister. Mrs. Samuel a. Anderson, of j
Itichmond. He had been In hai health
lor some time, but was out yesterday,
and death can'- aa a distinct shock
to his many friei,da neie. The funeral
w'll take place here to-morrow, and
will be conducted with Pythian honors,
be ha/ng bee:, a member of Patrick
Henry Lodge .\ \-. ?f ir,is place,
.lames M. >loell. k.
?special to The Tirnes-Dispatch j
Pulaski Vs., December 10?Jaul's
M. Mo?-II. k. foi many years prominent?
ly engaged in tii>- mercantile business i
her. dead th.s morning ?n Poanoke.
where for several weeks he had been
critically 111. He was a native o; Am- |
herst Count:, fought through the Civil I
Wai. anH afterwards !o. ate.) at Lyn? h- |
burg. IP rame to pulaski in ISSs. and
took an a< live Interest ;n the bust- !
nesj, of the city. His w'fe died !
twenty-three \ears ago. and Iiis death j
v.? the second a r.r.; *??;>,? ry of the
death of his son. both dying at near- '
ly the same hour The body will be ,
tnken to Lyn, iIburg t v-morrow IPs
burial. There are two brothers
Sit ven Moellck, '.f Cj.htOrnis. and T. I
M Moeli. k. of Rui hanan
l.ahaa *t .Uiillea.
iSpe. ial to The Times. Dispatch. 1
Harrlsonburg. Va . December 1" ? !
I.aban McMulJen. s:\tv-three \ears ,,ld.
for years a well kt own aaastte ?? ho..'
teacher of the county, died BSsMesdl
yesterday near Turlevtown. USkssves
hlf widow, who was Maas Julia Iteele.
,,f West Virginia, and several eMtdUen,
In. Hiding Miss peoei- MeMaBsOV a
. her at Ct^rry Otove.
William ft. l.eeiia.
. iai to Tax Tnnea-Dlspsteh 1
< .. ictt, svllle. Va.. December I" ?
u iiiism Stanford lUearta aaaad ssieaty
j'our. one of the best known residents
..( Alh-mai|e c >w n t;.. died last even i>K
lat the :ome of his dn'.ishtei. Mis W. ,
t" ."hackeiford. I.-., near Stony point,
'lie was a member of Company K. AI
oemarle Light H >rse. dur'ng the f*lv I
War. He is survived by his wife
.Mr. Prance* Campbell l.ewis. and lb
following children. Mrs. Kugen? R.
Mai, of Afton Mrs S K. Page, of
Cobban. I Howell frf-wls. of Oxf.Td
Mis- Arthur S. l-ewls. of l/'inr'"i
K% Mrs I I" Kellam. of Atlant.,
?la..' snd Mra WS C Slia.s.e|ford. J'..
of Stof.v point
I?r. Ilrir. ?.rettea itlller
tspe. ia) to The Tlmes-Diepateb |
Charlottcville. Vs. Iwrember 1? ?
Dr llenrv Grattan MPl?r died a: x ???
o.i. k lsst r,lght at the Martha '? '
ferson 8a:>at?rtnm. after an Mlnese
of about e month He Is survived ay
?MUilasASi "led. at hi. re-'den-e.
?oi chins Street. M'mdji pf 'mi>t
\ at II N A ? . ?;.:? IMHC KP HARD
.1 V '? l< \ M \ V aged ? x t> -three year*
He hsd been employed aa fore
man of the Tredegsr Iron Works
for 'ortv-l-e vears He leaves,
beside* bts widow, one son. i !?i
\ Merry man. and one daugh?
ter, kfrs. Conrad Fleming, of St Kd
waid \eb
r it.eral i ..i ? r ?I? ?
r.aj-ssr^ C^mail^ai
T?? teleheeteS esveiael ttxiett
Roche s Herbal Embrocation
W. ajsweeSe a San. aenioa. gaglaaS
^ ?se " e a. Peaai re a C*s>.
"esasasssseae) swi.au street, n. i aaawasssl
A Severe Sickness Leaves
The Kidneys Weak
After recoverini; from a MMN spoil of
aifJtMdl some* time UfO I ?a? all run
(town and suffering from poor blood. I
would have BnJaf, in ?? li.u k and hip*
and my kidne-v? bothered me all the ti*M
1 started taking Swamp-Root upOB l lie
recommendation of a friend, and found it
was just what I needed. 11% l>lo<*d be?
came all right, and after taking a t<rU
bot Uta I wa> IMrpritfld at the effect it had
on my kidnc>-. 'Mica hr entire))
tured, and I had much to be thankful fof
that \otir great remedy did for nil
Yours vcrv truly,
l'lifiii\ ( 'it v. Ala
Sworn to ami subscribed befotc Hbt,
this the Hth day of lujy, 1"?)1?
W.l. BIRS,
Just ice of t h<- I't act
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer & Co..
Binghamton, N. Y.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For You.
SCksd to [ir Kilmer A < '<> . Iliiigham
toll, X V., for ? .sample buttle It v. ill
convince any one. You uill alao ic<ei\ '?
a booklet ol valuable information, tclliog
all about the kidney- and bladder When
writing l?- ,urc and nietit i<.11 tile Rich
moral Dusty Time--I lispati h Regula:
lifty-cent and one-dollar -i/e bottle- for
sale at all drug store.- AdVI lliaf Iffll
three Kisier??Mrs. Oaetano L?*naa, ol
I'hilaoelphia; Mr- U M Btackwol]
ami A).*. Lucy Mill..-. ..f tkla euuavt)
Mr*. < bUrtadlU l*ler I trlrr.
-^l.Ul to The Tl!ll*H-l>!Htmt.-h j
Wine beater, v.r. Ducuaabur 1? ? Mr*
Charlutta isler Garter, wire ?r Wil?
liam E. Carter. depitv treasurer ??'
fiark COUBty, and aunt of .1. Rica
Smith, of Ul.hmond. died at bey borne
near Berry villa, a^ed eiahiy-one
years. Her husband. two sons and
one brother aurvive.
Mia. Mir.??! \. William?.
>|.e. ial to The TimasS-Dlapatch |
Winchester. Va., December id Miss
Ma reared a. Williame ninety-nine
'ears old, who died here last r.'K'il
Ht the hoiiie of her nephew. CbUrlas I.
Taylor, would have, in the opinion of
phystc'ana, lived some years over a
century had It not been for a fall
while ret;; inar lerorai nlaTbta since.
She led .1 vistoiou." life, and attend.-d
to household , dutie.a regularly until
injured. Slu wan tin- oldest member ,.
tiie Kent btreat Pregbyterian church,
and Rev. lamaa it. Orabam, i>. D., pas
yeni x. will officiate at the funeral ?n
\\ cdiicsday
HI.-nurd -Uu<r).
I Spe, I.ll to Tin Tlm.-s-IMspatch.J
llai i lmmliurK. Va.. December 10.??
Rlchaj-4 Miiuzi'V. aRPd eiaht V-cl0ht
"ears, died to-"Iay at McOaheVfevllle.
Kor yeara he was editor of the (lieen
|.r|.-r I lit. IIiMTeiii . ?. I* wishurg. W. Va,,
and later editor of that Stuunton spec?
tator. Ha laaivaa Ibra* children.
Mrs. l.llaahetb I.. IM..ill
I ??aclal to The Tim.???-Dispatch I
Hampton Va . December iO Mr*.
ITItasVhatb I.emmann Db-siU. elKliti
:.\.- ?,-a:s old. died to-day In her Indue
In Phoebus. Sin- wan the wife of
Mi, ha. I D Dlestll. who rebuilt Kort
lioaro* at the close of th* Civil War.
Al. suii'lt ia. Va.. De,ember Id?.lohn
P, Robinson, sixty-eight years old. an
OCBcer in the Alexandria 1 urtili/.er and
Phsmlral < 'om pan \. died lb la after?
noon as tiie result of a stroke of
oerelysk*. During Um Civil War he
served in th* Confederate Army, be
w.ii a iiiemher of the Bla'k Horse
Calvary. Mr. Rabaaaaei, b.-sides his
wife, leaves a daughter Mies. Jose?
phine--and two sons?fii'iii ki. If. and
Harris RoMaeWB, the lattsr of Bir?
mingham, Ala. Ha was a brother of
C'lJ Treasurer Thomas W. Itoblnson
ami Mrs. West, of Fairfax
M . Valbert I'l aulmai.
[tjpaclal to Th. Tluies-Dispatcn 1
Ah.ieviiie. sv C. December la, -s*r.
Talhaal Pennlmaa, one of th.- city'a
Oldaat citizens, died last night at ln
o'elacb at a h. capital at HorbABten,
N i". where he had been a patient fat
the past several we.-ks. II" had ben
D paar health for some time j art, nr.I
to tho?e a* ho were familiar w th h'*
? enditloa the news if his depth arid
not , oaaa as a surprise. The remains
arare broatahl to A s he v i lie to-lay. and
the funeral aesvli aa probably will b*
end " ted to-morrow, although no di li
nite ,ii rang. inen.tn tor the si rvlc-a have
ret heap made jn. Pennlm ? wus
s t yeara of ax>- and bad been ? res?
ident of this city for several years.
He bad not been In business for some
time past, Having retired about flvs
fears ago. since which time he has re?
sided at his handsome home at Forest
HI1L ana this city a fashionable rea
Idnetial sections, fie i? survived by
three daughter* and one son.
PIIjCHEB McCABE.--Married. 6 30 TV
M. December i". IfflZ, at the resi?
dence of ?'>. Qlbaen Wore barn, 107
North Harris street. Richmond. Vs..
by Rev C n i? \ land. D D. KD WIN
MASOM PIIXTHhiB. of Richmond, and
A perfect Tooth \Va<ih and a ?afe and
efficient antiseptic for sore mouths, ror
ir.uiated by the eminent
This wash will do for your mouth and
teeth what r.o other preparation can. I:
is highly recornrae.ided aad has stood the
test for ?? Years.
At Reliable Dealera.
25c. Stc and $1.0 )
Asscls Over Two Million
The One Gift
You Owe
Your Boy
If jrenj aa:.t M -rlad'lrn the SOT, Baal at the same t!m?
brl|i him ISat of Bat?
ing?ci?r blm a ^ntlne* twiiinl for ? hrl?tma?:
Iii |p.iMt h.s ('iu i.--t.ii.i-' 'u"ii. - her?- as a starter
arid Sfssenl him with th.- bank hook Kneujr
h'.in t> ivi-. ?. per <? rit 'Merest allowed.
ST M hlahlBStasv I'res dent. .1 ri?? Walker. :d V.-Pres
j ay p.i.tn-rt. ist V.-Pr?
Aaatrew M Glover, Cashier.
Broad at
Broad Street Bank
Jn Sf-J. and h^cfiHsnr Designs at
ModIrate Prices. Making a Se?
ien ton a Matter nt Ease
and Pleasure.
C. Lumsden &
Son, Inc..
"Jewelers to the Southern People"
7*1 E. Main Street.
Mrrtkamdirr p%rr<If tevf sirs sin b*f
rrserved f?r < *ri>'eifi deinery.

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