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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, January 04, 1913, Image 2

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aad similar krwlu eioeg ?? ?o th
?rn. fteaboard Air Line, Chesapeake ?ud
Ohl?, ?nd Norfolk and Weg torn Uall
i-oad* threatened for a time to para?
lyse the service.
?The Postal experienced similar diffi?
culties atid for a ?bot t llano wae out
of communication with Norfolk. A
number of ?Ire? snapped on the Pos?
tal i'.nes south of Petersburg, and at
\>ck a large part of Southeastei a.,
Virginia was w ithout telegraphic ser- I
Tlce. Moth companies rueh-d emer- !
njancr crenra to the trouble points.
The situation wae reported to be satis
tmt lory last night
i.orig dS'.i ? ]ep!;one service c t
of UM CSt* Was crippled all d;.y. CnsV
DcetMM were oV'taliicd with dilti -
.ultv. and wires srere down in every
direction*, laocally. rhc Chesapeake!
at:d Potomac Teh phaaa Company es
raped with small damage. Between
lid and ?00 Meal teat phones: were out of
commission during tbo day.
?iud w.mi kj HUtory.
According to tUe records of the local;
Weather Bureau, yesterdays blow was
the worst Ii tbt history of the city.
The neatc-st approach to yesterday's
s \ . -lour-miie gale came on ivhruary
>i |sej when the nrteC, IlkeerkM a
sou'wester, attained a velocity of tix
tjr ans miles an hour. Oa Dneaaabei
ISST, it Mew nfty-three mllee
record shows that the gale do
stiinded upon tks ettjr shortly aftetj
t. oCsKa* headed norltie.tst. At lldl
.?"ejo-k !? btt the high mack, con- i
: nnit-t :<>- m- re than two hours .Ct.i
at an ..v. rag! slxtj ?mile gait. The
y.n? slowed ?lowu gradually In Iks
if noon, and was comparatively tame
?r thf s V M. observation, with anj
average veioity of twenty-five- miles r
SD h?ur- *
The. storm centre hovered over an,
arts of Ion pressure in Northern Vlr-i
gtala la ITInnaMial the baroraetei
.. k to ?8.1?an almost nagreeedenMd
drop "reu the uotmal, which is about
?urlirtig llulidlne ? oudenmed.
Following the collapse of the bt|
Wat. : tank at the Snrbrug Con pan) -
plant. BuliJ.n.g Ingajnrtm But!.:
ordered the waTehonM vacatei!. ? ft j
c ontained, in etie i :id, the esacee of the]
company. Bulging and cracked walls
showed that the entire three-story
portion of the factory had been ren?
dered unsafe, and Mr Butler stated I
that it wouM haw to be entirely re-!
Assistant Fire Chief P.affo. who was!
?aiiy on the scene, ordered the street'
raped ofT. tearing a collapse of the!
bulging front wall. A large crowd'
vrmch gathered at 11 o'clock to glen {
the damage was ken: g| a Safe die-1
fast re by a cordon of polio- detailed ?
from the First Station General Mati-|
acer Alexander Cameron. Jt.. atatedj
>ast nig tu that the leas of the tank.'
and the other a--?ty wenld la no way I
Interfere with the reopening and an
ating of the factory next Monday. (
lelearam? ly Iraiu.
0 -'irate wi:e t- gbleg nil th? aft *r
noon and r:g t drove both th?- t> i- -
graph companies to the exne<llent if
forward, ng nteesagas to Norfolk by
expresse messenger service. The ser- :
vire betareea this c'.ty and Kerfolk be
came hopelessly clogged, and the few
remaining wires were nnahlc to t.:k?'
care of more than a fra ttion of the
bantnesa Be ires of messengers were
pres.. j int? ? gad shntUed back
and forth on the afternoon and nicht
expresses witr. telegrams n.cr.t
I orjtery ? ase t ontiutied.
The case of L?*roy- Houston, alias
Hugh .'- O'Por.nell. accused of forging
the name of A. I. Hawse to a check for
UM und ? nahlng it st the Asm rlenn
National 1-ar.k. was again postponed
y esterdae jn Polii. Court, owing la
the akaeska of ?slealaJ witnesses, 'us
tice (Tmtchfleld will make an effort to
take .ip the bearing this morning. I
Charters l-?ucd.
Sawthella Mirer.,- rnjilBgi ilne.V, ItSek
no.r.d. ? :s Blnshnam $J*> ?m. rrtrif
n.uni. J e i. John Carair.d I'oi.ard .'? - -
?set r>r .t C WatMfl ekae-aTi ?:<?e-?; r m
Kent, secretary sad treasure-?ali of Rleh
Hazard Csal lame Oeaapoay line.), Been
?.ke. Va capita. Max las am. KMa\ea>; mlr.i
miB:. *ie.?? w .1 R-owu. peestdeet. Brie
r. r Wskhetn, rite gfasSMest, ItaenoS
?. D Hfrl. Jr. teerstary and treesaier,
Keanekr. Va
i ? waeesHe rjanagans aaawer.
The branch of the American Tyv-nmo-?
t?? Ceasneay wra c ? ? i gleam to .he
fe^rl? ..' :. e .iopartmetits at V"> s'CMCk
re-nla-ht at the aji Ms id Betel
Bro t n s,lt^ eeH? RlehartlxHi.
T'ie e;,oer"'e yeaiel ii,e .ur- . .. . : Ike at* ]
geasMssai ot J Ti.orr.pson Brown, of Rieh
niood. to succeed Jude? d C RjetMraaea.
i-oiRnjii si representatrsi rrem \ :r.-i- ia
the eaWmlttee *or the eekssrntMs of the
ssast-eawtinslal mt the bat-> ?? fii lljskaig
C n ?-j:uin,r.
( alia* on XftrflwaiDe.
?kW M;--. .-- H-*r>,-\.r:, ic. ??-r?nry sf
IM aTettk l ?rollt.? ? t.ibrwrv Catnai ?
al.ed ee .o.t- elruin Maflaalut rcater
?ajj mn'. ?:.?? m^.~rf -natters pertatnint; tn
- u. If ? -rk
W.erriace I ksaOSM
nraaJiinatev January ?-Marrlase rlriBSH1
? : ? ? . rat to ? r
*r.i Hase K Ra'. v.r-1 o? fanetles
llle. Va J< septi I. Dtadlabsek. mt Ka?i
ais, .?*? va ,,.a Ma-Ce K. Xtmmx sf
"?"??'?? ?? '?1 v w.-ar- I Inder
of ersitea. Va and Fannie ?= San
For the
Daddy cI-vesrTt go out
to hue? Sor rabKit skins
to keep the babv warm.
He is less romintjc,
but more practical.
He buys a
and all during the cold Fall and Winter
months his house is kept warm and
cozy for his wife and babies.
A PaaTWtjr.fi Oil Heater is almoat indispene.
able whan there are children in the home, ttery
home baa uses for it.
?f ?*???'>''-? ?- ?? r .-.???'?????*-? '?'?"-'??
lin 4i?m f>.??-?.i?. /?..???.?.. i . . resea
stsaaV eeeseel fr?? f ?? m* * ' -?-? -?? ? ?? - ?'?
Better than
most kinds
at that price
garments, of ex?
cellent quality and
finish. One of our
strongest values. ?
The line embraces a good variety of
styles, including the fashionable knee length
models in vogue this year. Critical
men will find in these coats complete satis?
faction at decidedly moderate cost.
O. H. Berry & Co.
News of South Richmond
W "Pk of ?Irrel ? tenner- nml I iir Ser
ikr i rtticlxed?Oflieer? i:lee1eil.
Street car service am! the work ot
?n St reel Cleaning Dnpartmsnt. or
rather lack of both, was severely criti
.?? i last : ijcat before the Rlclanond
and Chesterfield Business .Men s Aeeo
i iarioti. w h'ch met in the quarter! at
the organisation In Fraternal Hall. \
<-ommittoe, composed of J. I'. Uyland.
i\ P MoCanaetl atid \V F. Itudd. was
appointed Ue look into the formet
ntetter, while the secretary of the as
eo lattea eras instructed to inform tiic
Administrative Board In regard to the
Ttie mevtSng. the rftrular quart' rlj
gathering t,f Southaide business
men. was the occasion of the election
of officers for th? eusulag year. D. L.
Tor ey. ov. r his v< h> m- nt protests, was
unanimously re-elected to 'ill the presi
e:.nt;al chair, a position he has OCCU
j... 1 since the formation of the aSSO
? Lertion prior to annexation, a. v. Pet?
ti gre . ee ci etary end treasurer, was
kewlse honored, seven vkee-preel
d< nts?F. i?. McOonnel, Samnaboro;
Charles Kahl Woodland Height* ami
i'or.-st Hill: T M Cheatham, rhojiter
BeM i'ounty ix it IJerd. C C, Jones,
W. H. <>wens r.rirt John W. lfapey
?.< ere elected, fifteen directors erste
aso chosen. The meeting was follow.d
by a rmoker and ranCB#On.
Merer ere \s. mpts Is Red Hie Lite
\\ iih Ptatal and Kuife.
Presented. !t is thought. t>y dernee
tie troubles. John Brooks, col g< I
thirty years obi. ..f JJH Mull fttreet
PwatnrhoTti yeatsiday morninc at i i#
...lock, shot and instantly killed his
a fe, Mary Brooks, tweiity-fiv reara
eld, and after slashing his own throat
m BBBBttf fBl attempt to end his
life, fired one hull into his breast. He
near i>< la the City Hospital at the
point of cl.-ath
Brook?, it ?a'd. quarreled with his
wife the sight h fore t?... tragedy, and
left home greatlj angered yesterday
morning the aroaaaa left home to no
;?? the atOTe ?f .lonrj a <'le:nent to
Baske a parcaaee. Whs n in front '>f
hufldlag s!i> was ioufisuted i?v the
man. who. without warning, drew Ins
nun and fired. The bullet pierced fro
heart, and she fell at his feet
The crazed man began backing at
his throat wi?h a heee-bladed knife.
I at t.o; BStlSfled with thiji means f
rndlag hi> estetenSe pie rod the re?
volver ageinel hit breast and fired.
He fell across th- bat] of his d.a'l
er if a ? <
The city ambulance. lr> rbarce e?-' T*>r
if Taylor Hewklaa responded to ?
'. rry ,al: arid rushed the man to the
boeattal. ?hrt? un operation was Im
?diatelv BerfOfBieeV The ballet has
Bet yet been resaeved from file man's
??rime was committed Just a
. few yards beyond the corporate line.
:tind if Brooke recover* lie will face a
I ebarge o: nurdur la the ChosleinoM
' courts.
! \'i inquest t;- the dead woman
[artll be held this afternoon at 2 o'alock
by Coroner J. B. Laving.
Hurt br FalMun; BaUdlng.
Pianajfl beneath falllag timbers. T. H.
Perkins, a carpenter, living at $?04
West Marshall Btreet, was badly cut
ebottl th?- face and head yesterday
morning when a small frame dwelling
al Sixteenth and M.mry Streets was
demolished by the high windstorm
which swept over this vicinity.
The bn'Mlng. which was small, was
completely wrecked. Perkins. who
was work ntr on the side, was severely
hurt His wounds were trated by Dr.
H. Taylor Hawkins, of the city am?
bulance. The man was able to return
:.. his borne without ussistanre.
i'onsiderah'e other damage was
wrought throughout the Southslde by
the storm Whleft was one <i the most
violent that has vfruck this section In
years. Many large trees were uprooted,
und carried telephone poles rr??d wires
with them. The debris completely
Mocks sevmi streets. A number o;
tin roots aero blown pit', while win?
dows all over the Southside were
shattered. The monetarv damage will
[he heavy.
To Dedicate Church.
Dedication exercises will be iieid on
Sunda) morning, January 1?. ;,t the
:;>?(?;.tur Street Method's! Church, at
?Ninth and Decatur Streets. The now
stru ture has just been eeaapieted at
coot of lir>.nni>.
Rev. Oeorge T. FOrreater, r,f ports
mouth, under whose pastarnte the
larg ? portion of the w ok. both of
raining the necessary money nad of
actum construction, was a ccomplla bed.
will be preaeat und take a prominent
part in th- dedication ceremony. The
service s will s?- ? etnructed by Rev. b.
; M. White, successor to Mr. Forrester.
CsaWKIad of Larceny.
Bemaei Hale, a jisani. married man.
was convicted yesterday before Just'ce
H. A. M.-.urb e on -i ebarge ?: the lar
? ? ny or a ton of coal. Hale was ar
reated on a wart ant in which M. J.
Johnson, n merchant, of 20ul Hull
Btreet, was the roaiplaiannt The coal
a ta Sent to Hales home C O- D. ani
w.is received, bat no payment was
made. This, co ipled with intent to
defraud. Is made a crime rev statute.
An appeal whs noted.
?loin, E. McDevltt and J. K Barton
?eu enea gives tea days in which
to sober up.
\t "oiithnlde < horche?.
\; thi As bury M ' leaflet Church to
v merning the pastor. Rev. J. R
Bggleefn will take as his morning
.- ibject, ' ?.'oiiliderce.'' At the evening
be will preach on "The New
fear* a M ansage." All are cordially
Invited to attend.
v ?:.<? morning service to-morrow at
Unk Orovi isepttet Chur. h the pastor.
Rev*. '.>. r lanraetor. win preach on
the ewbjeit of ?The Christians." The
? will Im ?<;:\ing Kur
Bs re versag I r,.m operation.
-> balden Bebeitssn. of Amelia
ity, who h;,s been in St. l.uke'i
dtul foe eesera! weeks. hnvrlng
* perat*en for ap
leitls, i.'t ta.- benpitnl yesterday,
it now at the home or her uncle,
R ? i ts..n. of I-..rest HIM.
letters SaOSSj In trlrona.
i ??. Phi ? - t>israt>a 1
erg Va>, J-i.mn ; -a 1?. Apper
- ?. . ? i :..n ubursr Traeti.,-,
? eaapeay, tfl here Decem
MS \r .- eioil the t?|n
* animated kj M-? Apr-err*.n.
a"t ^r.d several tc.n?tive? hsi ?r
, i eeerfeatssn. The trip
snsnaani in- .
M ? d t .iTiarkabiv
a . . setter health at its chat* teas
rnkvaa n? to ?Mhmk- ?wteral Mal?
ler, f., < Itv t eonseil
I -.- s? Na r??j
-' .?? '.IV ?':?moo? ?t ;*.
' V "IT S ? ;-n*s*>r a*
on - ! 1e-a: Ion pr?
? ..<r~.iwr-.ri to th? <-fv
? m'lir ??? e.cia ?
tl , .-?? ? e until taey
SBtl s;c>olnted prob?
??"??? ? reo? am fsr e
rrsts h?'r*T preaeat by
' .? i ooee) that ?he
? SS the PeSir.isry
edsv ?t.rtinon
l'enib of a ? Slid.
>en re-?l-ieel
M ?he
Question Is to Be Determined
in J'rieiivllv Litiga?
Member- and (.Merks I onic Leif
nrelv to W ork?Duniurd
Is kept Busy.
recommendation to the Council of
adoption of the resolution drawn ' y
City Attorney Pollard regarding cou
I sti u. tion of street railway tracks on
tin BOW Maio BrMM i ohm it iited the
most important action taken by the
Adnil his 11 a 11 Vc Hoard yesterday. The
resolution heretofore rsroiaesoatlsd by
Uns Strict COSBSSlttSS, is in the nature
id' a i ompiomise. securing pr..iti|.t
Construction work and I SUSI ling all
BOlntl for later determination.
The Virginia Hallway and Fow?t Oeae?
puny has u franchise to operate cars
OVCV the bridge?in fact, it could remove
111 <a:s from the old bridge only wh?n
that structure was condemned. The
question now arises, who shall paj
tor the construction sf tracks? In CSO
BSCtlOn with their bid for the bridge
Itself, i. .1 Smith. $} Ca* offered to eaa?
>;ruct thi m at $i;..f.tin City A11 ?: i.? >
Pollard holds that tb? bridge is a
private Structural that the <i<\ should
construe) and pay for tracks and read
I'..; and would thereafter ha\ a ttM
right to charge such toll as might i>e
reasonable fee the US' of the ' r.d?e
by street ? at s.
?aj He I'nhiic Thsroeerhferi
The Street l.ailu aCompany .on- j
tends that the aosr bridge will h< a
public thoroughfare, having the Ian*
status as all public streets, and that,
having a franchise to use it it Is in-;
CtteaboBl on the srVeet railway com- .
pany not onl) to construct the kracke,I
but to pave the roadbed between and ,
for two feet ,jh cither side, as In the
case of all streets.
Within :t faw weeks the bridge COn-1
tractor will have reached the point
where work should be done on tracK |
. onstmetton. in order n 't to delay
construction, Hr Pollard pro pease, with
consent of counsel for the Virginiaj
Hallway and Power Company, a Joint
i ?solution providing thut 1. J. Sm'th
& Co.. bridge contractors, shall lay
the tracks In connection with otbjtr
work at the bid price of 115.5oo, the
work to be of standard const rut ion.
y-:)> e< t to supervision of the Citj Kn
glneer, and t<> be paid for oa contple
Uoa by the Vlrsrinla Railway ann pow?
er Company. Thereafter ti e matter is
to lie submitted to a friendly litiKation
to determine whether tiie bridge is a
privets or a public thoroughfare; if
the city wins it is to reimburse the;
street car company with interest and
thereafter charire a toll for use of
the bridge: if the company wins It
Will receive no reimbursement for the
amount so expended, but will be re?
quired to maintain the paving be?
tween its tracks, paying no other toll.
Dunford Dees til the Work.
At It ?? clock : esterday morning?
th" announce.. meeting hour?only
'.i.tee, commissioners ?. ie areaeet
Maaara '?? ? u. Polkas and Hrrechberg.
In the absence- of Chalrrnar. \\ hittet
l Vlce-ChairSKaa Hirs'hberg r..ppei tic
meeting to order and began the rou?
tine order of business.
I-iter ilr. Whlttel entered, and was
followed by Hookkeeper Charles i-:
Shepherd, who. although a regular at?
tendant at T**? formal meetings, has
not begun any duties in conne'f ion
with his position, the three clerks em?
ployed having left practV'atly all ot
the work so far to W. W. I>unford.
? lerk to the heard, who. without the
assistance ..f a stenographer, has he SB
kept constantly busy with voluminous
minutes and correspondence i ?f th?
five board members and three clerks,
Mr. Dunford Is the only BBS who yet
boasts a desk or a definite ecBBBnfJBB
outside of formal meeting h'.ur*
W. P. Know'es. Superintendent of
.the Oas Works. Was before the board
in reference to extension of certain
pas mains, whieh were ordered.
Citv Kne'.ncer Holling was before
Have you enjoyed
this great "quality
blend" ?
No expense wasted
on j *3ncy package
? th '8 why we
give tc.i additional.
20 for 15 cents
More money la spent for
FA i IMA.s thaa lor aoy
other ngsrette.
^^y--"V^/^s??e^ii i Car |
"Berry's for Clothes.
The man wi th the
well-balanced head will
butt in?-a saving to
him of a dollar or two!
Our winter hats must
find new headquarters.
AH broken lots of
$3.50 and $4 soft hais
go on sale to-dav at
Bring in your head.
the board in if farnnjna to amsigsnsy
n pairs to a sewer at Hamsun Street
and Banna's Quarter Branch, and was
given authority to remedy conditions.
Captain McCarthy apologized for loin,?
more than an hour late, owing to the
storm conditions in fllnter Park, whnreJ
he makes Ms home.
Senas bttaee Matter?.
K. W. Trafford. Sup- tyitenderit of theI
Blectrle Plant, w as antheilisd to re- j
tain a s tenof rapher at ft'l a month is
a temporary measure. Superintendent
Henry Cohn, of the Street Cleaning!
Department, was authorized to r. tain]
the services of 1'ouudmaster Carl Illln '
for the present.
Among the matters informally dis?
cussed, without formal action, was the
eijuipme.it of the city tug with fire,
lighting apparatus for prat action afl
the water front, a new survey of the
older net Cons of the city in w hi. h
Ism present maps show muc-h confu?
sion, and repairs to the hospital at the
City Jail.
After Three Dsja ad Hard Work. Ad
minl-.|rati\e Ilourd I ae.es Hollilay.
Tiier.- win he no formal session of
the Administrative Board to-day The
rules adopted by the board tall for
business sessions each mornlnit at 14
o'cloc k, i M pt On Saturdays. Sunday."
and legal holidays. As a result, every j
one will have a holiday to-day except
Clerk Dunford. who by common con?
sent teams la have hi ea left ta do all
the real work. Whil- th- board Is not
fully launched as yet, and has not
orgaaheed Its assrk with any system, it
is believed rnat the rule omlttinc
mal meet Inga on Saturdays will prove
a i-'ood otic, as th' re will be S larite
amount of eshsV business of a routine
cJtarMter, which can be better at
tended to on a day when there ar
fewer interruptions and no lang
Whaded hearing*.
i>ir> ?>i m- iNJinir.s.
I IfSBSSS en Hl lated 1.1 Se?tlfS fcipirr? at
Hi, Bame.
|gpedal to fjiv,Time?-I'ispatc?! j
Cnwncer. X. C.,' Jaannry 3 ?<?torg- Ckeas
f'.rd. nreman or- the 111 'ated loruiuotice
? , Haas jji near DeavlUa a month aso.
nasjel g, the dcatli of Knslneer ?leorge w.
Koi.ri--'p. died at t..otr..- of bis par?-n:?
ut rmvideee t>-da>. He was seriously i.urt
In the explosion.. :,nd was trea-ed , . a haa
? Ii . at I-.mii::- and re'.eaarU ten da>? ?g?-.
After gssag te als eld hssna at DavtaSsa be
.. ,: rd and BSSnSBkSBSa Set :n. His ctond.
fl?>n had bee- h'*e>sa for three days His
laJnrlee In the accident were 0rlni ipa- >
burn* und hruisea ?Ix.ut the face head, neck
tnd Uatka Fireman Cranford Is SBTVtVed by
.. yenag eHe, ssssnes Ms parents and seeesnl
t.-., ..??- .. ?. .-'s- r- am pe ? .e-tn I? K M
r*rea*srd ef asmseer. Tiic latter. aitnuug.i
? i.-k hinsse'f. was at shfl bedside aj :.i =
tirorher at th? end
Kirernan Clsafsill was a meusber of the
Brotherhood of gell snap Fireman, snd rep
resent.-it ives n' tue bmtherh*>od w?l go to
Davidson tu atteiMl th" funeral st ? o'clock
Saturday ?rterr.oon.
rll Gel? Ileeiaion
Vew Orleans Le Js.iuary 5 -Crankle Rus
loccl lightweight was swarded the de
c htl on over Battlini: Ne.son In s ten-round
l-cut here tu-i?.skt.
I ?rersat: \ira>nla?l'alr >oturds> ;
itildrr |a ea-t portKisi Miadsy fair.
North ? arollsn?l'alr ?alurdsy . Sun?
day fslr; narasr.
Sksssenl l.cM-al Data for ? rsterds?.
II noon t< niperature . Ii
:t i*. m teases retort . 44
! Maximum temperature up to S
; p m. ??
M'nlnmm ten.p- rature up to 8
P M. 33
Mean peeseerotere . 4e
I Normal temperature . 3d
i Kxcess in temi-.-rature. g
Deficiency In temperature since
asasmh i . 43
Accum encsan in temperst ire since
January 1. 2d
DeBctea ? In rainfall since March
i I .4.1J
' Ac. um dtBiItmtrj in r ainfall since
i Januar-. 1 .IJ
I fecal ??b?er?s??OB I P, w. leatrrdac.
T. ni.. ml at .- 34
II Idit) . *l
\\ ind din eti.M,.s. ff.
Wand -1e. - it-.. 3t>
iWea'her .Clcar
comhtions m i?roitr?>T ? itik*.
t At a I*. j4. .astern "Standard Time.>
' ? e The' H T. UT W eat bar.
I ash. vllle . a t> Clear
I Atlanta . M ?.% se Clear
' Atlantic City. XI :?<? It P. claudy
, Ko.ton . 4: ??: 4. C cloudy
?. tTalo . t; -t, -?? jSnow
.. r: rj
...44 ??*
1? ?
. :.n .*? l> 1* 'loui
. : ?; ? r ciou?
.... 5? a? It f'lear
. 4 1 ?>< I I Clear
... t" ri rs ??now
He .. 41 S? 4? Clear
lit .. Is - C , C
....?? 99 "* Clenr
?rv .it t C ear
an* . |< ?4 4* Clear
I ... n rtj anow
. !>? ?4 J<t Clear
1 .... as as clear
a ... ;? n ii fnnw
. ... 3< ?J 3* r*i??sr
_ n? 4: r? clear
.... n '4 a Cleat
.?? ? .< Oar
.... ii 4? ia Cesar
. 2! ?s :? Cloudy
. 14 Casnr
an .. II Rs si aCleajdy
.... -t ? -t dear
e . r? -f 2? fmew
Tarry Away fray of Diamonds
Alter Revolver fight
With Police.
Stah and Heat Ofliccr and Throw
11 im From Their
CUttf?, III.. Tlllirj z.?Peat ea<
!o>uijlj||.. bandit* snias...d in a Jewelry
store window here to-da> and eeeeB I
with a tray of diamonds aflat a iuii
litni r. \ dvor fight w.th the Belli
Their escape was aid ad by ? faabloe
dresscd woman who npparentl.
falntd Into tin- arms of the policeman
a? h<- pro parse1 to era et IiIh rovalver.
\- soon as th* thieves arere out <>f
light Hi. woman recovered and dlsat>
a fee# minut.s later the bandits
tad was board? d by a p di -"man. w!io
charged theat with speediag and or
dered tbeat to drive to a i>o|:cc sta?
tion They wheeled into' a nu et
street artta the aelleeaaaa and there
shot, rtahhe< and heat him and threw
him off the ear.
Tat inea abandoned their automobile,
which had been stolen Just before the
I ?bhery, und disappeared in a crowded
h lien ..r tin- West sid?. The thJevca
stole tae ear from In front of a down?
town business bu'ldlliK Ia,te Iii t ? af
teraoau. A short time late. ;i win?
dow of a Clarfe Street Jewelrv store
was smashed. Two men beat In the
ah >W window with bricks, seized a
tray af i a ngs and lamped into an au?
tomobile that Was moving slowly .jv
t ie ' urb. Poll, eman <'harleK Hans..ii
in up. but at that moment a WOK
Bate a shrbk and threw herself Into
Bt~ arms. Hanson could not draw h's
rtstol. but two tfi'dlremcii in plain
. lotl.es opened fire on the thieves.
The bandies returned the fin . and eae
of the thieves was MSB to fall lr;o I
a seat and Is thought to hare be. D j
wounded Twenty shots were ex?
changed as the machine gained speed
The chauffeur manipulated the Btachtna I
so that it poured ,jt a 'load of tmok".
which aided in the es. ape. The plain I
lothe? police ran after the car and at 1
the next corner '.?mmandeered a pass?
ive h,i*th-power automobile and or?
dered its ekaaffenr to pursue the
I levee, who. however ),ad such a
good start that they escaped.
The bandits' car was stepped by
Polleeataa Charles ttlckea !n a traffic,
i.im a few blocks from the scene of
the robbery. Sticken arreated th> '
. hauffeur for sppedlna"
"Jump in. old man. and we'll take
you to the station-house." eaM one of '
the men to St'cken. The policeman j
st >od on the running b.-aid and told
them which way to go. The chauffeur
took a wrong turn Into I?t SHlle Ave?
nue Sticken turned to protest and
received a atah with a knife over the
left eye. a blow .>n the back of th
head and a shot In the leg. and was
hurled from the car. The thieves tired
several shots at Sticken as he laj In
tiie street. He raised himself
elbow, drew his revolv.-t and fired sev?
eral times at the fteiing car. The
thieves then fired several more shots
at th. otfi. er and also turned their re?
volvers on citizens they passed Iti their
flight. None was stru k by bullets.
tlood descrlptlans of the m. n were
S.ven by citizens who saw them leap
from the car.
Mr?. Mary l.oulas Lewis.
Mis Mary Louisa Lewis widow ot
William LeWBB, bus*, daughter of the
late <v,lonel Thomas Burton and l.u> 1
Stith Bradle>. died at the home of her
son. Burmtt Lewis, at IM Baal Frank?
lin Street, at Z 30 o'clock on Thurs?
day aft- rnooii. tin I invrr.brr \Z she
. elebrated her eighty-eighth hlrtnda. .
beiiiK at the time of hat death the
obtest member of the First I'resb -
let M fhurch Darlag the ?ar B--j
tween the States she was active In
service to wounded an.; dying sol- |
djers. With fortunes depleted by the j
war. she opened a private school at
.ts .lose, many well known men of
I'd ?hm.in.l having been among her,
She leaves two sons?Beverly i'maiP
I?ewi3 and Burnett Lewis?nine gran?i
hildren and one K-eat-KrarschJu.
Th.> funeral will take pla< ? this a:
iirr.oon from the home. The inter?
ment wilt bo prlvata The aervlces
will be . onducted fee Rev. F. T. Mc
Faden. I> D . pastor of the First Pre-- j
tyterian Church, assisted by Rev W
.1 Young. I). I?.. pastor of Ccntenaiyi
M-thodist i'hurch.
The following will act as pall-bear?
Active?Charles Hutzler. John H
Crlschkorn. W. S l>i*?ne:>. ?;iles u.
rieat. Thomas S Mac'on. W C Camp
J. W. Slnton and Colonel John S. liar
Honorary?John I'. Bianch. James B
l*a. e. J. B Blam, O. S. Morion. K. B
Addison an. l?r. T I> Merrlck.
Bsawal W. %mnn.
T-rnest W. Amos, prominent in peal
rrtate affairs of the city, died early
Frfday mornintr in h's home, s N'.?rjh
First Street. Mr. Amos contract. I a
severe rol l .?< vera.1 days aco. wtiicb
rapidiy developed into pn umonla. He
leaves a widow, his moth, r and fl. ?
brothers -?"laude and nlnvr A-'^s. of
i'olumbia. Vs.. and Kriwani. Charles
z-.* Haar) Ataea, ef Rlehjaaag.
II? was born in rjoochland Countv.
and -pen! the greater portion of his
life hi Richmond H - ra' about forty
y ars old. The funeral will be rsjr
ducted Tr<>m his residence this after
? BO at ?. o'clock. Bad the Interment
B 1! b- made in Hollywo.Kt
Tl pa.l)-lM-areem are
Active?Dr. R IT JefTeries. S r.
Vers at th, f, r Poin.Ievtcr. IT Laurie
riBsllh. Oilaeii R I?iru? P^bert Minor.
Fr-nk Jenkins. I? C B.ntiey.
Haaerary?I. w Harris Scott pol?
lock. I>r stuart Mflcbaea. Frank M:n?.r.
n V Roeer?. R n Wilson.
Mrs. h?phla Mal.lls
[faaawial la The Tir.iee-IHspalch.l I
I"r< dericks?.v;-e. V.l.. January 2.?
Mrs Peakeg Hsisllp. widow of Oiarles
R. Hai-I'p d: ?! at hi r home here lt>st
. v. nlr.r after a l'ngerlng illnesa She
t? surviv. d b- liei mother. 'wo sis?
ters and three brothers.
Perrr Cordns \tVln?e.s.
Percy Gordon ttkibeon. thlrty-r.ln?
... c]d dfSd Slddenlv yest'-day af
"1 st his he.ree. ;;a Xorth Tw?n
??Tth gtreet !T" w.\? the nf tn?
? ?r jsme? f Atkinson, and. besides
? s njejther, Isaeea a w dow. who was
\(i*c Stella'Bradley, four brothers and
^fCould you play
anything on an
ordinary piano?
Well, you CAN' play anyfJung
you wi^h if you have
That.1 pretty stroii1; statc
menti but one we can make xood
if \<?u will give the chance to
prove it. Priced to compete with
any real k?o<I Piano. Ternta will
suit, tOO.
?iiri'rtMrii t able I'taun ? o.
Mad. 258*. 213 K. Broad.
two atetera. Th.- funeral will taste
place to-morrow afternoon at 3:3)
o'oioek. ervlcee ?Hl be roartiHtod at
th>- grav. |g ou^-wood Cemetery.
Mr AdhtneOfl w as a rn- nrber of Met?
ropolitan LOdgi , No. ->i%, I. O. (J> F.
Orulh of lufuui.
'Jh.- Infant POfl ..t n/sM r Wilson ai.<l
Mr? Maud. Che WO 1 BO Wilson. grand
eon of A. J. Oh. wniny. of this . !tv.
died yesterday morning at thc hoin?:
of his parents, |sj Bowling Green, Va.
Tl.- I,od.'- n ..1 brought to ltnliniond
real rday afternoon and Interred n
HoU) wood.
vir?. J, V l onprr.
[Special M The Tim. ?1'Ispatch )
l-'redPi'ii'ksh'irK. Va . Jan laiy Z.?
Mrs. J. V i',i.p. i. of Sj?. ? i)\\atiia
Cotaaty. dud at her home near Chaa
eelloravllle y eater day. ug.u forty
years. She is survived by Ji-.-r bis
hand and riv. children
a.corae W. >el?ou.
IHo.-rial to The T:-e .? . . patch 1
Hr.stoi. Va. January s Oeorge w.
Nelson, fifty-thre.. years of B.g< and for
many years Ida titled w.tb ii.e vir
aiiua an.i ri:>uihweet?ra Kailway .?r
shops, died at his home here early this
morning of heart failure. !(,. was m
his usual health When be r ?' :-d last
night. He la survived by his wife aud
one son.
?lr?. Joseph ey. Ilurfaam.
[S;e eia. t., 'i no Times-IdsBatuh.l
wllllaasabvrg, v.. . Januar) :; -Mn.
Jos.-ph w. Durham, a-g.-.j forty-three
yean., died in h.-r home on Oath a ;
Avenue last night, aft-r a short ill?
ness of pneumonia. Mrs. Durham was
ai>:? to sit up yesterday, but was taken
at or Bp during the nlaht. Bcf..re her
marria? s.-i- was Miss Ann1. Mo-".
cork, of Charles Citv. Bes.d-a her
h anband, she >? survived bv one son.
Tb.- rnnernl w ii take place to-morrww
afternoon at a o'clock from tne \vil
Hamaharg Methodist Church and bear
I lal will be m Cedar Orove CementPJ
? einmal \\. n gannswya.
I [Special teTm Tl men-DJs pair k. |
j Raleigh. K C. January 1 --Arrange
I meat! are rsrtag made h- re ft,.- th< ar?
rival of the body of Colonel ay; jt
Ii Burgwyn, from BfrBinllml. where pa
I died yesterday afternoon at S:"<
I e'eloeh, and for the funeral, to take
i place Sunday .-.tternoon at ! fl 1 offrtni k
from Christ Kpiscopa. Church. The
aeWS of the dea'.n of (,'ulone! BaigWyg.
who had been a prominent citizen of
? WVIdon for many years, brought dsSg
'. sorrow to many frit nds, h-ire. In ?f
'. fairs of church and gtat. , Colonel IPir
! gw-yn had for many vears b?-u veSry
i active and prominent
Baaaeval ed ion i ds? Hnrdr
[Special to The Times-ltlsnatch.]
W lSilstBCh. \a. Jan.iary .'??The,
1 funeral of Leonulas Hardy, a native Ot
Mannt Jackson. whoso death occurred
In the Johns Hopkins Hoop ta.1. Balti?
more, suridav. took place Tuesday gtV
? ternoOB fr >m t ??? hom- el I I brother*
i- - aw. Krank V.'lssler. of Stouat Jack
1 son. He is survlv. 1 hv his widow, who
was Miss Elizabeth Hlekman. or.e sis
t-r Mrs. Mny Hardy Win--, and ode
broth.-r, Henry Hardy, both of Mount
I Jackson. Funeral service] ernte, ta
eharg? nf the Mi-int Jack-on L?>dg ?.
A r A. M . of which he was a mctu-.
s.vk ?Ttied. Jaaaary -.. If 13. at irJl
A M.. at the residence of her son,
.!?-!? M .-'a- k. 11t South Laurel
Str. . t SfRJ SACK, in the seventy
fifth year of her age Besides her
son, sh.- leaves two dnuchters. Mrs,
K II Ho'.loway. M's It K Kasfmaiu
funeral wi.l take place from resi?
dence scnoav. :: I' M /'clock. In?
terment In Hollywood Cemetery,
Friends "nd acquaintances aro In?
vited to attend.
BI'RGWYX ? D'ed. at the residence of
I his nephew. l>r Harry B Bakey. 1
Kast QfSJOe Str.? t. at ha f past 1
o'clock A. M.. January ?,. 191:5. COLe
OKRIa ayttxTAM H 8. BL'F.c.WYX.
. of Weldon. K. C
; interment at Haleigh. N C.
1,1)WIS ? Died, In the home of her son,
u-in. tt l.ew .-. r-o. i: ,-t K'anklln
i Street Thursday afternoon. January
;. !!?!.: o'. ivek. Mies MARV
l/MISA LEW TS, in tn. .ichty-ninth
veur of her age Shi- Was the widow
. . of William Lewis ami mother of
j Beverly c. and Barneti laiwis
Funeral from reside th e SATUR?
DAY \PTERJirOON J mnary ith. at 3
s/eta k
interment private.
LOVl.NG tiied. at hi- residence. 41S
) West slam at - V. M. January 3. K.
b. i>?vini;
Funeral notice later.
\TKINS<-V. -Pie?i. suddenly, at his
residence. 7;a North Twenty-sixth
sf - - i at . . '? M Jc f!. 191. .
' fortieth year of his sge
' F'neral from the r-aidence BtTJt
DAY A FT K R Iff s >N. I:9f o"clock.
-v ices at tho grave. Interment In
JOHN C'llggOMS?Innusrv I. 1*1?. set
; 73 vears and 7 montha
? Net -ra II fece e poj ruppe It
Wind Storm Insurance.
Automatic Sprinkler and Tank
Leakage Insurance
Written by W. W. HARDWICKE,
Travelers Building

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