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Wtr<&\mt$ t^^^ gjjsiretrfi _j
ill^l^J^ WHOLE NUMBER If?,221. RICHMOND, VA? SUNDAY, JANUARY 5, 1913. nu w,.m??-,. ...-.> w-,..,r. PRICK FIVE CENTS.
Republicans Successful
in Preventing Success
of Prot ressive Party.
Attributes Failure of Many of
His Measures to "'Taftophobia,"
or Personal Dislike for Him.
Sounds Fighting Call for
His Party, Inviting Wan?
derers Back to the Fold.
rSp*c;?l to The Tlmti-Ii:?|i*i n ]
New fork. January 4.?Do- lar.ng
that the Republican party was suc?
cessful in Its defem betauw Jt ha<l pre?
vented the tucxtm of the Progressive
party, with Its creed of "class hatred,
unbalanced fanaticism and Us "chim?
erical promise of an Ideal ItaipoaalhTa
to Tealtse." President Taft to-night
at the "rehabilitation" banquet of the j
.Republican party at the Waldorf- ;
Aatorla urged bla hearera to 'buck!.- on
their armor for th? '.tattle for human- !
Ity and the common people" that roust
b? fought fuur yeara hence.
Calla I? -TartoBhobla."
The President reviewed at length hl? ]
administrate:, and de bared that he .
had to the beat of his ability followed 1
out the platform upon which he was |
elected. The defeat of many of hie j
tneaauree he laid to personal dislike, i
which he characterised as "Taft >pho- I
ble." that m?:r- senators and Kepre- !
eentatlves felt far him. This eondi- j
tlon of affairs. h? declared was
brought about beeauae. through the J
help of the r-ld-tinie Republican*, 'who \
were called reaattooafteo.** h> aecured
the passage 0f much valuable leglala
tlon. I
'In doing e V he said. *T waa brought
Into opposition with a faction tnat has
ttecome Insurgent and declined to fol- I
lr?w the leadership of the dominant
The major poitloti if the Pr??'dent's
address waa de-. .ited to t lie assumption !
of a position against the Progressive
party and the principles it advocates. I
In bitter terms he predicted that If i
the Progreaslve partv elected -.on its j
present platform a national ticket it .
would mean the engulfing of popular,
government ia S stream of class ha- !
tred and cintt.ir.pt for constitutional!
Defining sn "insurgent." the Presi?
dent sarcastically ?le"larrd that there
was little that waa personal In th<
sppalbf low
"If one men has ssivocated a propo?
sition." he said, snillingty. "it is all
right, because he Is an insurgent. On
the other hand if another who ia re-1
puted a 'reactj.-.narr' Uas offered the I
toearure. it has been condemned, be -
? wnse of the source from whence III
came "
Still Tlrtnrloua.
TThv ?? he continued "s.me we ?et?
beaten in the last race, since we ran1
third, are we he e with so much ?pir-.
It? ft is not that in spite of defeat i
ternrded in November we were still]
victorious??victorious in savin--; our I
country from an administration s hose
policy Involved shaping th? founds- i
Ilona "f democratic, constitutional,
representative government, wnose ap-?
l>esls to tr.e people were calculated
to are'ise class 1-atred that has he.eto
fore been the ruin of popular govern?
ment, and whose contempt for the
limitations of constitutional law aim
the guarantees of civil liberty promises
chaos and anarchy In a 'ountry that
hss to this time beer t M nv.dei .,f
iadivtdu.il freedem end popular gov?
ern nient.
'f is true we were defeated ?>: ...r
old-time opponents. Ike Democratic
partv It is true that they are going
to work out again the problem ef f?l?
lig yoirr cake and having it. too. hv
showing how It is possible to change
from a system of protection of manu?
facture*! industries to one for tariff
for revenue only, without affecting in?
dustries to their detriment, and with?
out, halting production or le STO!1 Og
"?ag?? It 11 true we are to wit if s
an attempt to satisfy the rrying n.--e
for s new banking and "urgency law
by e plan that is to embody as many
aa possible of the featu-es of the Ald
rle,Ki monetary commission plan, dis?
guised as murh as may b<- so as to
permit rtenaV of resemblance Hut
we have been thrcugh this before."
Denying that he deserved the i.tle
? aristooraf given h*m by many W&r
ponents. the President as?a<led the
r-wnera of newspa|?ers and magazines.
r?r what he term?d ?their inj*i."t|e,.
in attacking him bersuaOS tr.fv reeeated
the prtnt paper tariff section and the
? ?rond-class mail law. put into eff.-. t
tiering hh? administration
Pear >?? ?erttlag Poorer,
slaying it waa possible that th. r.. h
Were poenibly becoming richer the
President declared that the poo- were
not getting poorer, and insisted that,
on the contrary, their general . ...
dition was Improving l'nd. r the pro.
loosed part\ regime, i.ie m ... ? t?> earned
liv the successfti: w*?ild be taken aw ay
and distributed among the unsuccess?
ful, he alleged.
In outlining the policies of th? Re?
publican party he said:
"The Republican partv stands for
protection of the nation's Industries
for the retention of the Philippines,
sod the enllghtenmsni of the Fiilpi
noe. for thoee election iews which giv.
the people the boot opportunity te
'Sprees th?lr pre erenee for all really
practical measures?but above all It
ataads for the preservation of the pil?
lars of the government, it stands for
the maintenance of th' rights of all.
fot the greatest good to the greatest
number, and It believes 'net these
? into sre attainable through the raa
tret of the major!iy prwperiv limited
by fondamental law"
In Ope>alng his address the Preeid. rt
'aurhlnglv re err. d to himself as a
Vtrpoe" and the bericpiei the funeral
"?it," be said I a' ?pt I'- lor.
With pleasure and take pai t in th
aro.ssdinos ?Ith ?M t'o t- test ,,f ,,n.
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He Wants Panama Canal
Dispute Submitted to
The Hague.
No Doubt About What He Will
Do When Occasion Arises?Be
lieves This Is Time to Apply
Test to Faith in Interna?
tional Tribunal?Senate
Sharply Divided.
New York. January 4.?President
1 Taft, referring this afternoon to U..
<i)?iiute between the t'nlied ?tates and
Great Britain :n !!.? Panama Canal toll
regulations, said thai he wae lu favor
of submitting Use question to The
!i;.K'i- tri on rial for arbitration
tim Piendent' v. aa speaking at ?
lurn-heou li: trts honor at the Waldorf
Astoria, given o> the international
p.-ace I'oiuiii ThJa is his first formal
declaration on the question since Oreai
Britain Bled Its protest with the State
I o-partment.
When the time comce there will b.
no doubt about what I will do about
submitting this question to an irnpai
tlal tribunal for declglon." the Presi?
dent suid.
I will willing t<> arbitrate with
Oreat Britain as. soon as w* get down
to the pelt at issue.
?This is just the time when I am tn
favor of e.rbltratlon. ' President Taft
continued. 'It is the time when we
kre afraid w.. might not win that testa
our faith In arbitration.''
Need ne >.. tbsesbc
" There need not be any publn dojbt
en that subject so far as this aatebaia
l ration is concerned.'' continued the
Preetdatpl Wnen there is a differ?
ence that cannot be retoneiled by In?
ternational negotiation and adjustm~:;t
then an are ettrelj willing to subn.it
to an impartial tribunal. 1 a:n hope?
ful that w.- may get it either to
settlement or to submission >efoie
tins adn.iiiistrat.on shall cease, but it
may r.ot be. because thtae negotia?
tions move slowly. But I am glad to
take this opportunity .n this pre-- I -
to ?ey that if the time comes, there
will be no doubt ai>out what I will
do in e,:,_ to th- submission of that
question, as far as my power goes, to
?n impartial tribunal for its settle
inint, if that is necesssry ??
The President's remarks apparently
?jrers, prataaeked kg a declaration in a
sp? ech by Henry Clews ' anker, is
s< rtlng that for President Taft e admin?
istration to concede the right to arbi
irate. the d.fference woula be a splen?
did achievem-nt. ?but I hold that we
a.? .:. tn- wr.Titr. and most likely to
be defeated if H should go to The
Hague for decision.
IT of Ol I lag to the Panama Canal
t.. tt>. President Taft, who had en id
ths outset of his remarka that be
1 r.??<- " with mingled feelings of aormw
ami p!?asure. ' eontinu.-d:
' -My friend. Mr. He?'i. differs w:th
r e and with the administration in the
? onstr-.tctlon of that treaty. That is
all right
"I suppose questions before have
arise jj to < onstruction of contracts
in which good honest people have been
?>:i ooth sides Vow that presents to
?m a very significant and useful ex?
ample with respect to arbitration. A
good niativ people are saying "don't
arbitrate, because you sre going to
loee.' .This is our own < anal, and Spelle
Kurland is making a point of It Eng?
land would not fight about it. and
therefore wh> give up when you are
not hkely to g.-t an arbitration that
will r... satisfactory- to you and your
view of the construction.
?'Now that, even If this view were
corrt ct as to probabilities of the re?
sult, which t nped not aduut. is just
the tlm.- when I am In favor of an
arbitration. I mean that I have not
gon. about the rountry urging arbi?
tration for the purp?*?- of using
that as a platform ?ub.fect to attract
the attention and approval of the audi?
Deeouacea the Seoefe.
Mr Tafl warmly denounced the Sen
ete in connection of the defeat of th
proposed arbitration treaties with
Creat Britain and Prance.
"Oil'.- kt I while.? he said, "there
comes an opportunity that wm? to
h>- a great step ford ward and when
that opportunity is lost, when the %tep
srhtch might have been taken Is not
taken, the hearts of these whose hope*
trontinued on :*ecnnd Page i
Traction Magnate Ex?
pected to Star Before
Pujo Committee.
Investigators Wish to Know
Why He Gave Up Stock Ol
Life Insurance Company to
Morgan After Declaring He
Did Not Want to
I \\ ashitigton. January i?Thomas
ITnlMI Ryan millionaire traction
magnate of New York Bau] Virginia. U
to be a rival 'star'' witness to J. 1'.
Morgan In the House money trust in
j veatigatlon. It was learned to-day.
The summoning of Kyan. it waa re?
ported, was U) secure lite version eJ
Morgan's acquisition *4 the stock of
i the i;?iuitahle l>ife Company. Mor?
gan said he tcld Ryan that he <Moi
ganl wanted the stock, ami. aftsr some
I demurring, lijraa "gave it up. The
J stock. It is said, will control assets of
? many millions within a generation.
' l'lans to conclude the money trust
probe by January M were announce 1
'to-day. The date for the wind-up of
the :n?iuiry will be definitely set when
I the casasatttee resumes its work Mot.
I day.
A leport of its a:>d'.ngs and recoi:.
| menuatione for remedial legislation ? n:
be maue by the < ommittce. early in
Februaty The recommendations, it is
said, will urgts drastic reform in the
currency system and operation of stoci:
exchanges, clearing housoe. banks ar.d
trast companies.
To hold longer sessions of the com?
mittee daily is planned. In order to
; conclude the entire investigation Jaa
i uary 2?. ,
ieSN Hinkrr. to Tearlf?.
More New York bankers will be bal?
ed here Msxnday for witness stand or
? deals. They will precede the propose-i
! appearance of Kya.i and William
j Rockefeller. The invest 1 gatloas n vet
! week, it was officially atated to-day.
j mil he along Hues eimilar to that as
j Morgan, delving into the transactions
led other fiscal agencies of lesser Tnan
|?ual power than the Morgan house.
I -i-l.-.g of several big bond Issues ar.d
loans of some of the principal banks
will also he inquired into.
I^iwrence Ol Murray. Comptroller ot
the Currency, is scheduled to be the
first witness examined Monday after?
noon, when the committee, resumes its
hearings. It was reported to-day thai
Murray was to tie quizzed regarding
the reported refusal of Attorney-elen
eral R '-.ckersiiam and 1'resident Tsft to
?d I his disclosure to the Pujo com?
mittee of confidential reports made to
! his offi' .- bv national banks.
I ttasea William Rockefeller will open
, his lips ?if ever?to the money trust
pa eh HI a was more doubtful than ever
la-Bight Paje ommltt^men ?u
mitte.1 that Rockefeller might never
glee eae word of testimony because of
his physical condition. Rockefeller's
appearance here, according to the
subpoena Issued, is scheduled Januar v
twalt Front of lllaeas.
It was stated to-night that the com?
mittee will ?alt for Rockefeller to
areeeal ;ns proofs, by physicians' af?
fidavits, that he 19 too feeble to test",
fy. and then send eaaBS specialist to
make a competent examination of the
millionaire. If the committees spe?
cialist confirms the diagnosis of Rocke?
fellers physician, the committee will
endeavor to secure Rockefeller s testi?
mony in New York, either by a Journey
there of ft.e committee, or deposition
upon questions prepared by the esaa>
mute.-s atteraer. Samuel Fntermyer.
Capitulation of Rockefeller to the
sie?,- ?, S.TK? ar.t-at-Arms Ridden and
his ,-ps of forty deputies and d-tec
tiv.s la N-w York, is admitted b> th?
committee to solve a nastv" prob
lern and dlfllrolt situation.
"We wer- put In the position of
showing the coeatlj whether Rorke
fel er was a bigger mar. than the gov?
ernment, and we proposed to go
fhroiij-ii with it." said one commit
tee man to-day.
Cera sc d Indignity.
?eSB William Rockefeller, of th? 1
Standard nil Company, has l*rn aaved
the "lnd*?nlty" of being actually aerv. t
with the subpoena of the money trust
Continued on Pas. n?e?? > ~i
NoFormal Agreement or
Discussion, butMajority
Known to Favor Him.
Dr. Edwin A. Alderman on
Record in Favor of Medical
Department Coming Here.
Union of All State Medical
Colleges Urged by Edu?
cation Commission.
Although tbcie Is understood to be
mm wrmeu agreement coiaverning m
head tor the new Institution- in tho
! articles of consolidation drawn up be
1 tween the University College of Medi?
cine and tha Medical College of VU>
g.nia. tiierc se-ms to be a tacit under?
standing thai Jti return for surrender?
ing its name, the I'niveisite College of
I hjsdlf lilt will be allowed to name a
dean ?,r the faculty.
This is equivalent to saying that l?r.
I Stuart MeOatre, at present pve?i'i. in
I of the University College of Mattetet,
will b<- sei., ted t.r head the new Medi?
cal t'olleg.- of Virginia. As a matter >t
fact. eOccTa of both schools declare
emphatically that the question of who
j Is to be dean of the faculty has not
j beea actually discussed in connection
! with the merge!.
! "The matter is of such inconsequence
j compared t I the good to be accoinplisb
J ed by the union of the two collegia
I that the probable dean of tiie faculty
j has not. even been discussed." said Dr.
j?uorge Ben Johnston, a leader of the
[etesHral College of Virginia "Most oer
. tainly the leaders in the merger move?
ment have not stoppd to quibble over
a small point like that when the great
>-,u st:on of consolidation is under dis?
cussion. No one knows who will he
,: selected to head the faculty of the
1 united Institutions, and no one Vitalis
cares. Such a matter will not be al
i lowed to cloud the jjreat issue."
>ot < auae for Oioarot Ion.
Dr. Christopher Tompkins. dean of
the Medical College of Virginia, con?
firms the statement of Dr. Johnston.
! and has intimated uumlstakabljr to a
: reporter for Tu? Times-l'lapatch that
I he will not ^insider the bohojt f ?? hin
1 seit'. I'.tmi talk o Ard among men ot
; the medical profession !n this city yes
; terday, however the election of Dr.
Stuart Mo'juire to head the faculty ot
i the new Institution is practically con
; ceded.
While there has been no disposition
, on the part of the two boards of Vist
I tors to haggle over minor details of
the plans of the merger. It Is recognize !
: that certain concessions are due the
IUniversity College of Medicine, sln.-e
; it relinquishes its name in the con?
solidation :tnd brings into the union
a splendid new plant. Chief among
these concessions is thought to be that
of naming the dean of the faculty. It
: is not to be understood, however, that
the University College mt Medicine is
j holding back from the merger on any
I such grounds, and so strong Is tho
generous spirit mt union that no small
point coubi possibly arise as a factor
for permanent dlssention.
vt tint i eAeeeeaty in.
Since the dream mt the local pro?
fession is about to be realized in one
f great medical institution in this city,
'determined efforts wilj he made, both
? by the members of the colleges about
j to be merged and State officials to have
j the medb a! department of the Uni
? verstty of Virginia become a party to
jthe consolidation thus making a single
j medical training centre for the State.
I This is entirely in line with the re
| commendation made by the State ttdu
: catl.?n Commission, of which President
j Kdwfn A Alderman, of the Unlversity
of Virginia. Is a member, to the last
, Legislature.
The report of the Stete l-Viuvatlon
Commission. ? or.curred in and signet
; by the president of the University of
? Vl'gtnia. recommended in str?ng terms
the merging of the three medical col?
leges of ihls State into a single insti?
tution. This course. It was ?leclared.
I is the only logc-al solution of the b?t
|ter strife in the medical fraternity of
j the State, and such unten alone will
promote ihe loyst Interests of mc-i-at
tr-iming la Vi-glnia. Although no of
fl< lal at tteu was taken by the Legis?
lature oi this recommendation, tne
general ?ept irnerit of the body seemed
in favor ml such a course
l?r. Ildrnnan PwlBia I ?!???.
The State Kducatlon Commission con?
sists of the following rr.en I >r Udwin
A. Aldcrmar T5i< herd E Bjie\ tne lete
(Continued or. Page Uie-.cn) ? I
If Adopted: Thousands of Fed
era! Jobs Must B* Va?
cated Soon.
i I f*p*'-i?i to The Tlmee-Pdapeteh |
Washington January 4 - The l?emn
cratlr caucus of the Senate fob ibly on ,
next T'it:r?da., will consider a ?ome- I
what startling patronage s- h?rne from
Its rmtronaife committee This <om
mltte? ? as %VV 'Inlorl to d*\l?e a plan'
r?f seti >n towar the nominations
wl Ii h i :. -id. Tsft baa s?>nt to t?e'
senate slm-e his defeat, and ?. >? -
the Iwmnrraiii thus far have held up
I Its priftam. if adopted a :I| result
; tr vacating* thousand* of Federal joha
I within a few moot ha after the iMuf
I oration of President Wllsow and the
? -t t itton ..{ a ,:oal of Democratic for
I Hepwhlsrsr .)?e?hoMrH
j Th?- ?. h. m ? original*?', it Is under
1 .' S^t.atoi t'Urhe. "f Ar j
|kausas. ??t It Is said lo bar? the a?-I
p-oval >f most of the other members
of Ihe rs.Jror.ace committee. Thee are
a.) Southerners Thei are Senators
Ms-tin. of Virginia. Stone, of
?oii-l < >w< n. of Oklahoma, and Hohr
Sm th. of t.eorgta.
The plan renl?mplai?a the enactment
hy ('orsxrewe of a la* tnat will term*
natr n?\' lulv the term* of odsoe of
all pr~?ir!< ntlal postmaster*, district
\ attorney*, marshals, revenee collec?
tors and other officeholder*. WfiMste
?e - _l _../ ?,lr tuolfOlJO .
w|th -hat ? ! ihe r*re*id?nt and men
J hers ?r Ms CarafsMnV Tba plan la to
propose the passage of eueh a law sa
tht see??io.. -f <"onares? with the u
dersiandlrs thst in the event of Repub?
licans ?upportin? It. all of the l.?0<>
Taft itominatiwns now being held up
shall be confirmed immediately, and
?hat all further nomination* made b
Mr Tafl uo to March 4 shall receive
fsvoraMe ionetderation at the beads of
Of course, the cnssrtment ef euch a
U* would then*- Oper, to the IlfllW
1 erat? hj a h!wk oti July 1 next all the
va?t f;?-i-i o? i-xtrrai patronae*
' l 'n<l?' ;.rr??m orandltloris many of trie
' Republic-n<. who have been appointed
. to office President Taft ?rilhJn the
, last year will hold ov-r thmuarh m??i
of the \Vi|?..j- administration ?nie??
Jfr Wilson r"""? to the removal of
1 /tepoaiican appnlntves before their
:e-m? ' xptre.
Itepnblieana who teamed to-de> of
! this proposition immediately anp'mn, -
ed that if would not be mr?ld"red for
' a mli.ute
-'?me of the pemot raltc advoeatee of
. the plea. h?we?er. contend that If it
i* not aereptrcl b-- a Republican *>n
ate at this session an effort will be
mad' to have a law passed lfm dtati
?\ following the it hi. to.n of th? new
?"onerreea when both branches will b*
rejrrr-d tv t be I>em<wtatej rix.it _
i July I as lire elate for the . xntre'ton ?f
i FedereJ wfBces of UUe ?bar acter.
Will Head New College
But .Neither Taft \or Roosevelt
< rh e< Any >ijrn i>'f
[ Notahlc Throng (jatherr- to toy
j Last Trihutc t<>
; ISfaeeial to The Tlmes-Pispatch. 1
New Yryrk. January 4.?Perhaps the
? most beautifully and impressive con
d uteri funeral sei eh.? ever held in this
city for a distinguished public man
? nas rasa] tust before noon to-day In
I in-- CSAtrsdral of st. John the Dirine
I over the body Of Whitcluw R.-id. late
? i.nibassador to the Court of St. -James,
ard proprietor of the New York Tri
; bu ric.
Conducted bv the Kicht Rev. Ibtvid
! H. Greet-. Rishop Of New York. wh<i
' u as assisted by eminent clergymen
of the liplscopal Chun-h of this and
other eitles in the I.'nited States and
Knxlatid. tttm funeral of Mr. Reid wa.-i
made notable also by the presence of
men wlm stand at the forefront of the
professions, of the arts and of coin
no trial life. It was said to-day that
more men who have figured largely
In the dtv< lopmeiit of this country ami
It the making of her history for the
past quarter of a century look part in
; the ceremonies to-day for Mr. Rei,|
. than have appeared at any similar ?*?
I cast on in recent years
Tart and lloosevell I are to Pare.
Ft leg c.i, ij other, almost in the
Ckatr stall of the chancel. Wer.- tlo'
President <.r lie Darted States. Wil?
liam H >war?i Taft, and former P.csi-I
dent The. dOrO Roosevelt. The lut ti-r
had sent Mr. feotd] to the Court of s,t. .
.lames the form-r had retained him
Tlo- greet cathedral on Mortilngsid?
Ileigh-s was Inj iflico ntly large, great
as Its ad oniinodatlons are. to receive
the Immense nuii.b-.s who. from ac
<}i>Hiptaie . or f.iendslip aitta the BBtOj
a u.!..i>sa'io ST fi"tn public Interest.)
sought a tn11 ta i.i'e.
Without the latiirdral a great crowd;
gathered ?>f ill the iS-Tal tributes
perhaps th< one tint attracted most'
Attention was an anchor ad white
carnsti 'tis and Immortelles, the ofle. -
lug of ."aptain Ureatore and the of- ;
fi .- and ship's company of the cmls-?
? r'Natal ?
When M- Rcld's b<?dv was borne to
the cath-- ral on Friday the anchor '
was the only floral tribute which was '
placed upon th? American flag that
?!raic I It coffin. After the service to?
day w li n ffOJ bode was taken to the
QfBjal <'. ,t.al Station to begin It*
journe-. to sleepy Molb w Ottiaterr. ?
in Tarry town, the- anchor alone <*f all
the floral offerings was p lac od on tne
i offln.
I if 5.d*rt Tsfl entered s few m.n-'
.?et. h.fi... tb. s- vi. . ? a? i i to ed
I \ - President Roosevelt ff?J n?t tern
Ms eyes Iowsrd Mr. T-ift then or i
thereafter, so far as was ofdM ea* lr. |
aid Mr Taft <Pd not indicate by I
nlanr? ot movement that he knew
that Mr. Roosevelt a as facing him
almost Immediately a. r..?* the chancel.
Rorwe b> Petlj
\t a few minutes p?M 11 o'clock,
: -,e f liners! pror-ewslop entered tr
< ithedral. 'he organist playing the
Mendelssohn funeral march. The body
.f Mt l'?'d ??? ar-b d from the crypt
.bven 'petty officers from the,
battleship Florida. In charge of Laea-1
? ? nth Paar? >
Heat Serrlee te fe'tf lie. standard ?e
tou'i'i faitt. r r--?"r.a::-. cosdweud ?rho it
oberse dell ? Sander- Bert a fg
WaeO a-Omiil Meet*. Kg feV Mais -Ads.
Mr>. Robert W. Archill.; Will
Go on Stand in Behalt
of Hu.-band.
Promised That She W ill Explain
(jilt of Trip to
I Special to The Timc?-P;si-.i tt h !
j Washington. January A - \ promise
j that the wife of Judge Robert W.
Ar.haabl. of the C mump e Court,
would prT"li> the accused jurist on the
witness stand before the S~nnte on
Wednesday morning- was the last card
ol.r. this afternoon by counsel for
the defense in covering the general
field ..r testimony. The plan is that
Mrs. Arehbald shall explain the Kur i
peau trip given to her husband and
herself ip. lr>|0 by her couslu. OgBUJ
Camion, of New York, dirr-ctor in many
coirporat?ons nitflgin the Jurisdiction
of fh- Commerce Court.
T >-day's testimony ranged from an
att-mpt to show that Ar. hhald would
have been a lns.-r had he tried t > work
j any uc f ie culm properties for which
he bargained to a denial that he was
I wrong- in naming a corporati M law
I yer as jury commissioner.
' Among the witnesses of the day were
A. V. Cckrell. son of the former Sen?
ator from Miss iiirt. who. as seen t'irv
to Interstate t'ornmerc. Commission.??
Meyer, write the memoranda submit
terf to President Taft, which led to the
Senate sentiment appears to be ur.
chanced since the holiday recess a?
t i the fate of Archbald. lie will R
predicted, be voted guilty by a minor?
ity of the KepnM.cans and a large ma- ]
Jority of the ncrnocrgts.
Mrnrinc ftegln To-H?rr...t
Washington, Januar? \ - I'Iims w
compl-f.-d to-dnv hr the Hon. Wits
xi .1 M- i :> ' ?iiiu -tt ? -or active work,
beginning Morula?, in final prep tration
of the tariff program of the sp-cial
tariff session
The -tiltial h-arlngs to tp-mifa tu
rers. merchants and tariff experts get
all tariff 1. glslatlon win be icld Mon?
ds? At that time Sehcdul' \ r k
luting the duties on ? heniicals. oils |
and paints, will be token up V a
manufa t inrs plan to festlfe and als >
file written arguments for and against
the cheml.al Mil. which passed th
House twice during the list eighteen
?Tiairman Cnderwootl. of t e Wav?
sr.d Meone COmmltt'- Intimated to da?
that the ct-erntca] Mil. as originally I
presented, will he materially changed
N'e\t Weetoreslay the cart
glass* ar. tariff will be taken up. with .
hearing', and ?).. > 1 i- ?
the metal lief, wir r? gtven .-?.-..? iera
for ? erasers.
tannery 4.?Oovern -
'arm mortgages ?? loa
ere progoeed In a Mil
rs*tit?.tivv Bathrlck. of
The Mil would provide for Ike *s
taMlsbaeent of a bureau of fares l?et??
in the Traasury Ivpaiiri.? at with a
loan commissioner appointed by the
rreetdent. The Secretary of the Tr?a -
eerr weald be authorised bt rales
re nee far leading as "hieeM mure
of the ?olP on farm inert gagse by the
ls?.i|e o' government bonds at avt to
.. ade on farms of which at
eight rescued
from rigging
of sura ship
Fifteen Persons GoDown
Without Chance
for Life.
Survivors Charge That Officers
of British Steamer Which
Caused Collision in Chesa?
peake Bay Did Not Seek
to Ascertain Fate of
Stricken Vessel.
Fifteen Drowned
Is Final Toll
Newport New?. \ a., January 4.
Fifteen persons drowned wan the
death toll fixed to-night in i b<
?Inklnc of the tmerlcan t reicht
atenmer Julia I n. ken ho. h in Ches?
apeake Ha? enrlj yesterday, otter
If had been rnmiaed by the Hrttlah
tramp Mrimrr Indrakuala.
The aumher of dead was reduced
from tweut y-two. an at first re?
ported, when It m> learned ti>
ulcht Ihm the -hi., bad only twen?
ty -eIuhI prr?oon aboard at the lime
of the accident. The Danish ?teaas
er rcunsylxanla rescued eiaht per?
sona troio the rigging of thr III
fntcd \c?*cl, anil a wireless mea?
sure ir?m thr I nltrd Mates rev?
enue cutter \ cache fo-nlghl stated
that the Indrakuala had picked op
?l\ prrmi*. one of whom. W. M,
Mcllonald, a coal paaaer, died on
board the Indrakuala.
[Special to The Times-I>i?patch.)
Newj?ort News. Va.. January 4.?Eight
I l .rvivors of the steamer Julia Laicken
I bach, rammed and sunk in Chesapeake
Bay early yesterday by the British
tramp Indrakuala. arrived "... re Ux-dav
and told how nearly twice their num?
ber had gone down without a chanc-'
for life. The fortunate eight, after a
six-hour battle with a terrific gale,
were taken from tho rigging of their
sinken ship by the Dani.-ii steamer
Pennsylvania. and brought here.
The Julia Luckenbac-n, a staunch
freighter, yesterday morning was en
route to Baltimore, at naming siowlv
up Chesapeake Ba>. near Tangier Is?
land. Out of the mist of the morning
loomed suddenly the steel bulk of the
steamer Indrakuala. a British vessel.
There wma no possibility of avoiding
a collision. Tho two ships struck with
a mlghtv impact. The L.uckenbach. an
old.".- vessel, crumpled up forwar*5
Survivors to-night said she seemed to
plunge almost at once as if dropping
through the air.
Left to Her Fate.
The Indrakuala veered off as if re
Iheiiadlng fruta th.- shock of collision.
j a v I was lost in the fog Surv ivors te>
; ekgfel ..barged that her officers masle
' no effort to ascertain the fate of the
[vessel thee hin struck. Instead, the
j Indrakuala was headed for trie near
, est shallow water a few miles away,
j where she was beached.
Th?re were onl> a dosun of th?
I.uckenbarh's crew on the deck at the
i time of C ? collialon.
The ot.' ers were below In thelt"
bunks Thev did not have a chance for
lif.. Pouring in the -treat wound in
hjof how. the wafer engulfed the strtch
eii steamer before o(fleers snd a?r"
drilled to aatrk ttrlaklng could man the
Cagtata ?;in.crt. of the kaatacr
i... .. and his wlfo w.-re among the
b*st Th- survivors h*W .scarcely reach?
ed the topmost parts of the rigging ot
the ..iit.rn- rged hulk when the sweep,
hag gale ?:' yesterday passed over the
bay. and for sie hours they fought for
Me, while some of their number, ex
baaeeaegv) dropped off one by one. te
With the wind blc?wlnc at cc.-ioirte
velo.-if. and wavee beating against
them, the hardiest oees h?W fsst eatil
. pit he s were lorn to shreds, an-1
v wer? on tho verge of exnaustlon.
Chief Knalnerr Chris Knuds-n was ort
,.t tho?. In the rigging He endured the
gal. until bis hands wero ble. d.nt from
snprdng the rop.s Mo became ex -
d let ao and ?ir.i do*?n before
assistance came
?bahnt Owe SI e Tlaee.
1 '1 <? Pan'sh steam. - r -n?rlvanla.
v? h.. h came he their assistance, could
not rea.'h them at first because of tbs
heavy s?a- Aftaf man? unsoece-sful
att-mrt?. lif?-lines were run to the
st-ugvltng men. and In two hours thev
weri 'ak.- off ot ? ,xt a tlTT" When
taken on b^ard the Pmmrylvania. eeese
?? -? ? and had t? t- iiven
!i- ?? -id tr.atmeat.
All maue th- direct charge igainet
lit. Indrakuala that tbe British ves?
sel deliberate]v veered off. apt-a cntly
too anxious to eave herself to laaejlM ea
to tbe fete of the asra at?oatd tar
I.oh. nhach
"Our men went down because the
men on the Indrakuala thought eatg
at themselves end left as to our t?te."
war the way Theodor? Leeher PJt H>
(me woman died in tbe ahlpwreck?
?I'.eg erltb her hueheed who. as eae
tain ef the vessel Kept te the best
traditio?*, ef the sea and hhaeatf.
peiished with his commend. Tke story
i' i i: Gilbert e bast a .me.rs
wee told by ti-oee of his ao wee aur
. ?, >o?*t >n
?eei had beea
end aa ?? ?
net on the ??tt-?t?
Then a rolghtv ewrg
ben Ireea h?r baas
a am* aatt

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