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Six on Each Club Win Fifty
J'cr t.cut of (janics
Just. That Number Are Credited
W itli ?.lopping I lalf of
X- a Voik. January 4.?if more than
So |irr cent of til.- . ff.? i' ll, y of .1 l..i<.
it.ill drab .1 ;?? l?a ui>on the pitching, ..^
many players believe, it might I"- welt.
a.o look over what the twlrlers of tiic!
\ariou? National League, clubs did lastj
>? ai ?. :i seeking to dope out the pos.
aib?iti.s of tin* y.ar's race. Twenty-'
four p;te:t. I.* were OlEcially credited!
with winning per cent or aast a of!
?their v>.""ea Of t.'iese als ware Now
-Tt'oii? uniforms. six were Cubs, four
*v< n I'liates. i 'll.- pitched for the
^Phillies. Brooklyn had two ami On- |
eimiuti ami Horton one cadi. I'erduei
'Was th-. Huston pitcher who had the;
kighest official natures and his uv> .
as;e was. 4 I -.
The New Y01 k pitchers were Tesr au.
Itorquard, Ames, Mathew *>ou. Crandall 1
and VViltse. and they arc still In the
fold. The six Chicago men were Che-.
y.gWMf, Richk, j^eitield, C. Smith, Heu!-!
eSach and Ij?v?nder. Th^ Pittsburgh
Jtwiilers who won over half 01' theirj
games were Hendrix, Cammitz, Itobin
tsoii and Adams. The lMiMitd? l;i!:ia iinn
were Seaton. Brcnnan. Alexander and'
Itixey. Stack and Kent, of Brooklyn, I
^uggs. of Cincinnati, ami Harmon, o! '
jfit. JLouis, nil got over the .150 mark,
sure Is star \u:iii;.
There are certain twlrlers In thisj
tot who are almost sure stai aga n
In the coming season. New Turk can]
..i>.">,1 on Mathewson, Tcsreau, Ma; - j
guard and Crandall; Chicago upon 1
Cjssasy. Richie and LAvender; Wtts
burgh upon Hendrix, famniiz, Uobin-j
son and possibly Adams and < ?'T00I0.;
mid Philadelphia upon Seaton, Alo\-i
ander, Rlxey and possibly Moore.
Considering these same pitchers In,
relation to til e.uns earned off them
last season. New York makes far the
best show nig of the lot.
Other teams, for instance, averaged
1'ui :.:n> runs off Tcsnau and S.H runs I
?.?If Itathewson to the regulation game.!
I Ms against r.r.s runs off Hendrix and]
?.Si runs off Cheney. That the sup?
port given a pltchet r ally counts in I
a larger degree than the ball players!
app. ir to Imagine is-plainly shown by |
th, lisures on Nap Rucker. As far as'
|S>c "percentage of games won and lostj
SM at Rucker stood twenty-eight on
the list of National League pltafSers.j
Out of HJ1 total runs, however, bur j
Bevestty-three were chargeable direct
3\ t< hint, and opponents averaged but 1
runs "if him i>c-.- game.
Rucker Is onr of the greatest left-'
hand< 1 ? the game ever produced, BE?1
they fact that Mathewson outstrips him
in the ngur.,s shows as well p.s .-?ny-I
thing else what a mnrvelous boxmanj
B*x ?s really ??. Mathewson pitchedI
519 Innings. Rucker 29?. Matty hit]
two batsman. H?cker three ftfatt>*|
gave thirty-four bases on ball?, Ruck er I
scvetit>-two. Th? New York man
struck out i.".l opponents, the Brook-1
lynite '..">!. Matty mad.- tliree wild
pill hin. H?cker six, l?~ runs were
niada orr Ifatbewaon. of which seventy
three were chargeable solely to hitnij
let rui.s were made* off Rucker, ofi
which seventy-three acre chargeable
sob-iy to him. Opponents averaged
-1; runs off Matty and 2.no rubs off
Rucker per game.
Take Botfc Ends of Double
Header in Basketball
Last Night.
Urs Howitzer Sealers defeated thei
West End Aast? iation last night, the
f and aeon bei ;?> tk\ it was a!
1 rather :i ?w game, but rr rv cTenn. only
? few ttmm b. ing called. For the.
altUlernnen, Tucker and 1-awrer.ee did I
moot <?f the scoring. H>an played at
.?t;ir game i.t guard. Z*nder. for Weeg .
Rad. pst.up a nl 1 game. The Has op. '
\v. Bad
U ,;.-.era. IVm'.i.. a.. ,.it ?>: .
Tea-her. Fvwatii ...... Lieedel
Bel!. Fwrxeard .Herring
tCaptair. . I
lasten'". Centre .Sydner
Ryan. Giar.i .Zander
!?< ineOT .. Ct-.ir..Sea'
Rowe-. Guard _Sutherland
Fgitiman Score?Howitzers.
Wen Km: \ - ? ;v Re ? : ee?
Me Tow."--. C. C A Krorel 1
son. C. 1 v fi-r' k-? ;?? ?? n..itot
and f?ti"?.t V. M CA T
?li ?rtaartea.
Hot. it ?er Uewertea ?? ?. t. \.
The aeeontl caMiteal \
kg Ufte crOWd belr ff ke->? In ee.r..,)
laoghter at tb? rapera C t .;. by tl..
f ? 1
?I- v. '/er.
i:?s-art ' ? f c \
Harrison. Forward .. ...Or
Allman. Forwar.I _Hamurach
? ..?*. \ '??!?.? 1
ilY-Carthv. Oi.atd _ \r.d. r...,.
?Chptair ? (Cantmri
dUe?er?t> ?: .. Rati reon
* Rurcm* j > ..r# Howitzer R<
#?: ??>. JJ. C C A ? '>'? if*-)lr.|
J-aw -? ? ? ? ?-. ? ?:?
ere?-Mineon and B* linn II ':
stnlnutes ea< h
.The Howltaer so .?d. under Manager
*eavy. will leav. next Saturday ex., ,,K
Extended Tournament for Fair
Sex at Pinehurst, With Many
Valuable Prizes.
nifeaiirei N. f . January | T o
coining week maumiiates> Ihc vxteii-l
I cd tournament m lioliile of the s.ilv. r
UM women's .totting ?".ub. twbftl
I events tilling: in tue time j ri?tr. Janttarj
; to April ... Of the forty-six at?
tractive tropatet offer.-.! the majority
: bevi :,.-.-n contributed by member* an?J
?' interested frlenda, arcon.c Ihpm: Mr*.
I R. C. King, of New Caanati. Conn.,
'Mrs. W. C Fowiiee, Jr.. of Pittsburgh;
Mrs. R. C. Shannon, id. of Hi ?>? I'-poi !.
IN. v.; Hn. i. ft Belaitta, <?f Bachesiei.
: X. V.; Mra. Allan Lird. of Waa.iin 'ton;
, Mrs. l k. lbaii. of I'nleasowa. Pa..
? .Mra. a. ?'. J.sarg af Mom-tlgli . Mra.
N J- s. anime:!. of Soar, ou s l'oiiit. M<1
(Mrs. T. J. Cluck, of New York. sUl
IC S. Waterhoiiae. af OeadsfglUe, lt. Li
Mrs. I', t;. Bsraea of Noa Haven; Ml*
C s. PaUilpa, af Atlant-..- Citj . Mra.
I B Price, of Pittsburgh: Mrs. II. u
Barrage, af Peats s; Mrs. .i. P- i;ar<i
aer, of Chicago; Mis. Sp. Bte? ?Vaters,
at New York; Mrs. II. 1- Jiliron. ol
vYoreSSU i : Mr. and Mis. Leonard Talts.
at lioston . M. If- row:,.' -. mi
ritts:>urg. and I '? J. RA*-. "f rtaVr
huist. sad UM Misses Haze' shannon,
af Buffalo: Mm Helaaer, of Coblcago:
Uwendolyu. Cuaatnlnga. of mrtmmtm?,
and Ixtuise Flklns, of Wtftbtirga.
January T - Medal play; ?1*1 and see
o:ui prizes prase ate0 by MJa* Kaan a art
and Mr.-. King.
January 14?Handicap vs. Bogey:
fleat and second p:izes pres. nt.-i hy
Mis. I'ownes. Jr.. and Mrs. Shann m.
JJaarOary IS?Putting contest; pr.r-'S
presented by Miss llelmer and club.
January -1? Swatfest: match play
ra the Said; prlr.es presented by Mis.
Robcson and Mrp. Lard.
January -'S. ft, "n- *1?Three-bill
ma tea: twenty-seven to qualify; play?
off mm six-point system; first and sec?
ond prizes presented by Mrs. Beall and
Mrs. TaftS.
i I'ebiuary 1?Putting contest; prizes
j presented by the club.
1 February 3?Foursome medal play:
prises presented by Mr. pawnes and
Mrs S.ammell.
1 February 11 ? Prize for best net score
! in qualifying round, St. Valentine's
1 tournament.
1. binary 13?Approaching and pui
Mng cog test; prize presented by Mr.
' i.oss.
lebruar;. IS ?Rest selected twelve
i holes, six in each nine; prizes present -
Ied by Mrs. Chech and Mrs. Waterhou. e.
I February SS, "". ???Team natch;
1 twelve to qualify from scratch; tw >
I classes play-off at match piny under
handicap; six CSSe presented by Mrs
March 1 ? Putting contest; prlz.-s
1 presented by club.
March 4 -Cemetery contest; prize;*;
presented by Mrs. Barnes and Mttfl
Ca minings.
March 11. 1?. 13. 14. It-? Round robin,
twenty-Segkd to qualify. The best
1 ? icnt jrros? women play a round robin
at aeratCt*, and the re-nalnlnc; form
fue dlviatetsj of four each, to play a
: handicap round robin. Prizes present?
ed by Miss k11;'.:>?. Mrs. Phillips. Mis.
' l'i i Mrs. Rurrarje and club.
March 1 <, IS?Sliver foils ohampion
ship. under handicap thirty-six hobs
medal play (eighteen holes ttm. lesawse,
eighteen holes xo. i tnmaa)". cups pre?
sented by Mrs. Farrows; prize for best
gross score In championship presented
by Mr. Tufts.
March -'"?Mixed foursome: medal
Blajr; prizes presented by club.
Mar** ?Team match for tirst an?
nual club dinner: details later.
March 2'.<?Putting contest: prlz? s
presented ay Mrs. Aham and club.
April l ? Handicap against bogey:
?tst pad second prizes presented bj
Mrs. GardtMr Sad Mrs. Waters.
April I?Approaching and putting
contest; ptize presented by Mrs. Jill
son: putting contest on clock; prizes
presented by club.
Y. M. C. A. Athletics
The evetata for the next indoor ath- ?
let'c meet, acheduled for Saturday
night. January So, will include M, 1U'?
and IS* vatd dashes, standing higu
- aaa running broad juuip. Keg
?ilar .lass work will pr.de th, events
t?ti next Saiurdac atgal tlio >;o. IS
SSet past and feast vault Will consti?
tute UM events in th.- g.-.id.sl class
all-ranad test.
Captalaa of th? new business men's
volley ball league met last night and
head theft teams for the new schedule,
which BStUaa Monday iiftcrnoon. at :?:*.'!
k. <>ther men o ho fai,Vd to reg
Ister, bed d.-sire to enter th>- 1-auue.
\- .11 placed on teams as soon as
USey register.
Team I ?Or. W. II. Street fcaptalnl
W Law ton. Jr. K. Ii. M ? ,i- Dr. t ii
M.-rrl.-k. Bradle} Rice. M. u Straus 1.
Terrell, p p Thornton
? ? WIUiatB k. Crawford (can
F A Boschen, |;. R jjlair. Dr. O
? Brunk. W. A. Orav.s. ?; Harrison.
^. I! Straus. Mrf\ Thornion
Tea as ; -D, i. m.. (captain1, H. B
artteav M Hagtt, K. Knaub. R c
WSZja lr. O. A Piilnev. W. A. Roper
. .1 Ta' V '
i " t if i> Bryaai fcapt..in> rs
Bethel h r nricg. Dr H s. tv. -.
a Gawthraa, 6 a. Montgomery, jj.
A ?'. telden. Jr.
Team ?. D- D D. Taliev. Jr. icjp
? l. I. takers, M Hill n. C Mos?
.1 t Ro'on.-on. F. A s>m>.-.,n B
. \ ted
Tea Dr l: A ni f"ls (cs;.taln?
>i H \\ lbf>?ii fj. |l. t Jewett,
t. B. I-ottr-1^ R. 1. Pasey. W JT. gtre*t
? It Winters.
Tbl? X? eek's f.aasrs.
Moi.dav?strce- vs Ctawfard Rica v?
IV. i ? aaaj Talk .? v? jriewols
swf ? Bryaal
F riday?Rice .?. .Nicho1? gtreat \s
~ lasl.ethall t a-c, is wra...
..... |he -., 3<" V P TU.-;..- v \
: V beets F H Tatnirc
-. l. H D as--' ?
? i P* rkh? a-! n K
. eo-e
Roup Easily Controlled
Tfcij ?*'???? Artrr.tttiT* p*?ttry 4hTMM* ' ??
yi*l*?? I* ?r-r-- J - ???-? ??1 cfcakor
prs*? Roup Cure ?
it Um drrtii?Jaf wmttr. Mt, Mr, ft. %mmmU tr*?.
0*0* Poultry Disinfectant
nhMI| t? fmm hrnmmm? ?'' frntti < > r
ftxm mt rot-a ?.- mtm?t 41a?*??? wmr b? mrmwrntZ.
^0?TlTjlOX#V ??if ? JT IT ?4JIA.? ,
#JH yr?iw fVr?ii mm? Bttmmn, ?
Good Game of Basketball Played
Despite Large Score of
D?avtlte, V?.. J.mua y I.? D.oivilic High
. ??- hc'r* I" Digiti by the
Lynthbuni Nigh Hcaoal ia i basketball
i ?I ?>?.. v. M. ?'. \. The score
??I tt i/, li >a favnr it! I.\ n- liming.
M .1 bjys were v. y nuich
? ? ,0 ? si I ?3Di, J?ut up
? .-.?>, .nid ( ., Danvtlb eras
? " arc*a, li ?a? an ofT
c.ufi.j lor (hi*- locals' goal aixxviinc anal they
filled iu cvarul ?ietiiirti. I.yne|:burg's goal
i. : i!? nas e\. ? i-e . IK i; ? It .und l.ee.
fot-wai-d*. tugrrcd tor ili# visitors, and Smith
? i . i - a, guard ...-id :??!-?urd. did the
tor rh< local team. It. UP Ion.
ruei 1. ?Vis diaqeui tiled
durum' ; Iii?! h i : :or >l.i .ping btnlth.
T!>" *ce*?l at the end of the first habt was
SmHt Kim fit Itaeqiieta.
Philadelphia, .lunuar) i.?New York
and i ilutde?peta spl't cv. u in the It rat
muteh of a series of double raoiuet
matohes between the two cities at the
Racquet ?*lui. to-day. riil'.-idelnhin.
"?.?.?;. ?..?., thi . d'/ant.'tte of the first
game over tho Oothamltes.
Rtehssead's anneal poultry iho>?\ conduct?
ed hi the Vlrgioia Poultry Sseiwiailea. win
jepea Tueeaa] a week and 'eenttgee onill
jjaneaty Ifc MBfistary <s. k. Opveraaiss' an-(
I neueres t hot .mere aetrtes have base receiv?
ed ihnt' , \, - stiere, end that this alflsreve
th*. Ipanner rn?w of . the St.urh. Many val
uau'c eosi and BSSh prize* will bo oCTc i ed
in the ae\t :aJ . c.asses
Adoption of English Stroke
Meets With Opposition
From Alumni.
N* B Il.-ven. Conn . Janttarv 4?The con
I temd'lated adoption by the Yale crews of the
? Raa i?h arrests i? said SSS CS he approved
; :.v many or th?se interested In Yale's sports.
: They sseni S? think that Yale I? courting
eertets de'eat. A.non; those said not to
I be pieas*?-d tvitti lite arrangement la ltob
. ?'ook. ami it I? understood to-day he WlH
! not help in the Ya'e (.?aching the coming
I season.
iUrbaaaaal akea a winner.
! cteorge M. Morris, a eaJeatea fancier of
Ria b BOnd. has .lust >i?rn notified that on.
<c i ts foeila w.m. second heu .in the barred
Ptyiaaeth Rack . hkss at the .Baltimore abets
in competition with winner* at the <"rys;ai
PalBtt sltow, London, and other leading
I exhibitions. *
mm thai
PbUadelphis. Pa.. Jaauary 4.?<"onnie alack,
manager cf in* Philadelphia AthlatBea, to
.1..-. ..I t'.ist hit. aqu.i.i <?: payers
Will iroirt ul San .xntor.lo.'Tex., this BPrtas
The squad v.lil leave here for the BaaSthera
city F.-bi-uarv .'I. and fn?m March 1 t? M i '
14 (im..< ai l be played every day between
ta? r. ? and Ihe jfan Antonio team.
The M]iia<i v. til be d v idexl into ram team
on i :i hoaneward ioumoy and piay teams
e i route. The dates for *ht second squad
include: Greenville. 5s. C, March SI: A?he-;
ville. .V ?'.. April 1 and '.'. Greensboro. X
<" . Ag ? Pt "teBBSegh, Va? April I; Nor-;
\ a.. Ae?? i end ,
Hurt b> Tr.ille, Mnidl.
Bay 1 BT .lohneitn. a. driver, waa eilglitly hurt
?eterday afternoon a: 12: ft o'clock ufien a,'
. ? .-i ... the Kieiirnoiiu Dairy {'o.npany was'
:-u'k by a aar ait the Broad and Twenty
fth > reel division o. the \irglnia Kail-i
?a- i .i rawer Ceaaveas' at Pbwsbbm and!
BreeS t) - He nsn ttented by Hr. Heek-1
? r. Otty Hespiiai aaaanssBnaa ?urgeon. The]
treflay and wagon were damatred to a small:
Art? Governor of New Hampshire
May Get Cabinet Place
OlMHliah Gardner, of Maine, mrnllouod for secretary of Agriculture In V* II
.<???*? Inhinel.
I M'-mphis. Tcnn.. January 4.?Kit
I'alton. formet- momWr of tho James
I boys and I'alton Kanx of bandits, said
I to-day that the lUT.OOO found by Ueorge
llardsook. a laborer, working on a
pipe line trench near ("laremore, Okla.,
was part of S7O.0O0 taken in a Mis?
souri I'ac'lic train robbery in 1S74, near
Moscreet, a town that has been abau
"The robbery was made one nWrht
'?? in Octobfr." said I>alton. -'The gang
was tod bj> Jesse Jsasss, and with him
v.ere l.?i< k Little, Jim Cummins, Jim
< olli 11s and four others. Collins and
Little boarded the blind at a water
tatiR just west of Moscreet.
"They got nearly $70.000, most of it
' Sets Fire' To and Destroys
Several Bags of
Mail. j
X, w Y01 k. January 4?A gasolene1
: tank on a mail truck loaded wit 11 mail
bags. man> of which contained parcels
post packages. aVeasted flames in the
driveway to the post-office at the Penn?
sylvania Terminal to-n'.?ht. A moment,
later the bass were burning. 1
Lewaj Terry, the chauffeur, shouted
for heip. and somebody t>:rn'.d in a'
tiro alarm. I
When Breesen arrived the flames had
eaten through the bottom of the truck.:
and a score of bags and their contents
had been destroyed.
Volunteers wet-down the rest of the
bass, and th>- mall will have to be
hung up to dry. The truck was prae
ticially destroyed.
. b< inn In l-? srolr] pieces, considerable
! in silver an<j the balance. In green
i backs.
"They escaped to a ravine, where the
. swag was to be divided. Peputies
I pressed them so hard, however, that
I they separated to meet at an Indian
! camp at Clarcmore. Indian Territory.
; I'nitf.J Mates marshals got wind ot
i their whereabouts and began to sur?
round them.
"The silver and gold was so heavy
; it was troublesome, and as all had to
I get away quickly, Jesse James bu:"ieu
the money near a big tree. The bal
! ancc was taken to a place on the batiK
[ of the Utile Blue River. Missouri.
jSoSaS of the gang returned to Indian
: Territory after the swag, but the
; markers had been moved. an>.l, as it
i was not safe to dig around there much,
! the> gave it up."
Manager of Richmond Locomo?
tive Works Entertains De?
partment Heads.
I Fifty departmental chiefs from the
iicaii Locomotive Works were the
guests last night at a New Tear ban
' uuet given in their honor at the Rich
! naesei Hotel by George Curry, man
I SgeS. and W. B. Seamans, Je. assistant
in.mager o; the local plant. The han
?;.-?t was the first of its kind ever
f-'iven the employes of the concern In
this city.
In addition to the guests from the
plant thete were also present W. T.
Dubniy, of the Chamber of Commerce:
>. K. <>ould. of the Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway system: W- II. Owens,
ef [SMI Southern Railway: W. F. Kupo.
? ?f the Richmond. Fredericksburg ;m<l
!'? > t omac Railroad; I>r. R. C. Bryan.
Murray M. McGuire and W. L. Reid.
e* New York, general manager of the
An attractive menu was served, after
I which a number of speakers responded
to the following toasts:
J. B. Rountree, "Blowholes": Murray
M. MoGuiro. -'Accidents'": C. C. Bart
!e-tt. "Stocks": T. \V. Gentry," "Tales
of My Childhood'; C. K. iaursiter,
"?actica! Theories"; W. T. Dabney.
"Greater Richmond"; 3. R. Gould. "Our
Railroad Friends", \V. S. Seaman-. Jr..
? IZsprit de Corps." and W. I.. IteM, ' Ntw
} . ,ir Resolutions "
SSSSBBSi ta Operation.
<*hamber? tZlam ?aa operated on la?t night:
I at i*t Luke's Hospital for appendp iti? The'
wpera*lon. ?hieb was entire v successful. !
I was performed Bjr Dr. Stuart Mc'lulre. |
*eateaee la ( omanwted.
Columbus. Ohl?. January i.?Gover-I
i nor Harmon to-night commuted to ten
years the twenty-year sentence of
Montelle Wale, convicted *fi 1)11 at;
Newark, of inciting the mob that
lvnched ?~?r! Ktherlngton. KthTlngton
aas gathering evidence against linnor
Watcb All the Papers
This Week
Tor <.ar .id*" They will tell vou
alwrfit saving monev on Suit-. Over
rtalts ami H.it*. Too much *tork.
MtM turn urac into rash.
Kahn s of Richmond
71.) F. Broad Street.
Gordon Motor Co.
Takes Last Event to Decide
Point Trophy in Indoor
Junior Championships.
New York. January 4-?Possession of
' the i o.j.t trophy in the junior Indoor
i :iu:i:ploiish.ps of the Amateur Athle?
tic I'nion, held to-nlgiit at the Tin en
ty-Heeond l.-cHiment Armory, was in
doubt until the Dual event of the meet,
a two-mile run. Tina rue, nas won by
ML A. DcVciiney, of the Irish - American
.At!.l.iK Club and brou.Kht victory tu
the \\ lilted J'ltt athletes by the nar?
row margin of two points. The win
?taf ,1.;, had a total tally of twenty
two points, while its old-time rival,
the Sew York Athletic Club, ecored
tl ? iit>. The l^nng Island Athletic Club
?. is poor thhd with only eight, and
lli.:va:J I'niverslty was fourth, with
tlx. Bunched behind Harvard wer?
Mb Huston Athletic Association, Co?
lumbia I'niverslty. Dartmouth Col?
lege, Bronx Church House slid th*
Trinity Club, with five points each.
Harry W. Kltzpatrlck. president of
the Southern Association of the Ama?
teur Athletic Union, and representing
the Tenge; .Mus Uymnustlc Club, of
New Orb uns, was disqualified for run?
ning In the one-mile walking match.
Ti-e twelve-pound shot put was won
by i. a. Whitney, of Dartmouth, who
Salsaed third to McDonald and Hose
in tae Ol-mpic games at Stockholm.
His distance was il feet J", Inches.
J. Hv Kilpatrick, a former Yale foot?
ball caotain, was second, snd W. C.
Maxfl.-M, Merc, rsi.urg Academy, thlr't
Charles k. Brickley. tru Harvard foot?
ball half back, finished fourth, with 46
feet 8:? Inches.
Homer' Hak? r. New York Athletic
Club, won the 1.000-yard run In 2:1?
2-5. and th? I mi i Wille champl >nship
l was easily captured by M. A. Da van
ncy, of the Irish-American Athletic
Club, In *.*:43 3-5.
Harry Batwls. Boston Athletic Asso
elation, cleared six feet in the run
ii.ng.high jump-and won. I.. Kmea, of
New York, won the standing high
II. A. Lovell. Irish-American Athletic
Club, won the sixty-yard high hurdles
In 8 3-5 seconds, witli W. Trcnholm.
New York- Athletic Club, second, and
W. K. Porter. Yale, third.
Snorting and Puffing Little Tugs
Unable to Pull Her Into
Deep Water.
[Specie! to The Time? Dispatch. J
New fork. January ?.?"rttucic In the mud''
U a homely phrase tliat aptly describes the
exact state of the l.etS pasMrJtera and crew
i or the iiaiubarg-Amerlcan Uaer Amerika, ai
she laea to-night hard and fast on the cuz>
ooitorn of the upper bay jnat off Tompktna
vi le. States Island. Within 'ail *l?at ..' ; . e
I K>sm!n<r ?Kyscrapers oi :ower Manhattan.
[ which ought by tbla time to b- iO* mli-i
I astern, ai. hundreds of <ll?tlna;iil?hed pa?
| eaasjete making up til" flr?t- ass I abin :!?'.
easM do ?aa stand at the rail of the rao
I tlonlcas :ln~r and grunrtle at ihelr luck.
I it hart been .-xpe'ted liia: the big ship
could be floated at high tide, but when the
( flood came at ? o'clorlc this eva-lag Captain
Smidsen found himself atlil so flrml> ?edg
| ??>! in the sort bottom that all the snorting
and puffing little tug* ?ent to her alu sere
unable to budge her. When the tide began
i" too again the attempt aaa glveo
up unit: tho next flood a: dajoreak to-mor
j row. By pumping ali the water 'rom her
forward tank* and filling the after tank*
ta change the vessel's trim the captain ex
I pects to slide her off th* mud uank without
I any further trouble.
There is. no danger, aa the weather is
' 'ear and the ship 'lea . :o*e to shore. The
accident was an unavoidable one. The ship
nas in the proper channel, but owing to
the heavy storm of the pall twenty-four
boars there was aa exceptions-:- :?? tide,
lower than the older boatmen ijt the river
front have known In man;, years. Ordinari?
ly the Amerika with CBH cargo aboard can
clear the channel bottom at the point ahe
struck to-day even at low tide, alts several
feet to spare.
Keport? from fca?t I ml af Twa Women t i. -
time of "natch Inlet r?.
W>ti e st.ir?.iirr Nineteenth and Mun
Streets watting :or a car last night between
* and 7 e'SSeOk, Mrs Mary Me.ton. Hl? Tay.
lor Street, had a hnndnag ?natrhed from
her gnp hy an unidentlne.i negro boy. who
escaped. Mra. Melton reported the theft
the police of the Klrat Diatrl-t. Pl?e sat.l
the bag contained about II 2, ia cash and a
,'or personal crtleles.
M-? Melton described the negro ai beinx
"<m[ fttxreea years old and weighing about
M pounds.
Karll-r In the day Mrs. U. H. Mxnte'.o. or
.Is North Tweniy-thlrd street, reported at
police headquarter* that she was robbed Ir
a almJ ar mariner Friday Bight bj .North
Ta?nty-th!rd Street. She was paarl.nr,
ai.ej a am an unidentified person cra:>b.d
a po<-iceWev?k .'mm her. and vanishes In t_
darkness. Th- po- ketbuok contatne.i a ?mal;
1 ?um of change, eyeglasses and street ?
rolle* I.Much aa tlleged IMctare Mea
I "..I Hanker 'a * iila.
It ? bei Cable ;o The T.mea-Dispatch.)
Paris. January 4.?Two constables
stood by and laughed while thieves.
, pretending to be' moving m*n. ran
?a.-ked the country v'lla of a banker
and made off wit., !..?????<' ;(, loot. The
; story became known to-day.
I A well-dresses' straager gave a IsS"
j her from the bark to the constable
on the beat. The letter waa purported
I f., he signed by the banker, eaying
I that permission had been given to a
I < Ir.ematograph company to use the
villa for a robbery film. The letter
.added that the actors dkl not want to
be disturbed, and aakad the local Ms
stable to keep the public awgy fr-.m
i the grounds.
Ac-ommodatlngly. "the constable,
guarded '.Ire entrance to the banker's
place, while they watched one man
operate a sSppsoid moving picture
earners. Several rompaaiona broke
Into the house, while others, dressed
?ion. prepared to catg-h the
tf came ou?. Tha
const iblee laughed at |t al! until they
res. . in the newspapers that the rob?
bery was real?not real.
laeraa Mut'. V \ .. lefMetal's ?alart
aa? ?rar. T
N?w York. January 4 ?A SBWi -ouel
fo the salary an;,I recently paid the
P-'-ldct ? of the Cnltee fatale?, or to
tt.a: which tbe> highest salaried beads
'if corporations receive. :? said to have
been won b.. Ha; Ir Mager as eoanty
c.?rk of during the past year.
11 hv estlsasted that SSJtt papers were
Clad with tae eicrk at aa average fee
sf $1. eaab e.g a total af about t7?.ese.
o* which $(Ssee was the apt-' - -..??
Lader a new law the salary limit of
tae county clerk of Qnaeae will be,
I thle year.
1 They Have Made Hard Fight
Against Arbitrary Actions
of Managers.
(Special cable to The Tlmei-Dlspatch.)
U. rlln, January 4.?Th? lon? cam?
paign waged by German actora haa
resulted la the Introduction In the
l;.i<hstag of a bill designed to afford
? ..embers of the profession relief from
the present arbitrary decisions of thea
, trlcal managers.
If the legislation is enacted the
right of the manager to diacharge a
plaver after a months probation will
be denied. The MB aboliHbes all pro?
bationary or conditional contracts. No
i eliraraaIs msy be held sfter eveniag
performances, and rehearsals on Bun
days and holidays are sharply re
l strtcted. The producer, too. must aup.
ply all costumes that cannot be worn
in common life.
The inanagera claim that the last
provision would work, a great hardship
upon them and point out that It would
of necessity result In lowering still
further the already small aalariea
? hieb are paid to German actors and
actresses, except in the case of large.
we!]-pa>ing playhouaea lu the big
i: \V. Kerngeld, a fifteen-year-old
lad, haa just been honored by the pro.
durtion by the famoua Philharmonic
orchestra, under the direct! >i of Ar?
thur Nlkfsch. of a dramatic overture,
hin fourth work of Importance.
The Xikiach concerts ar? mualeai
events of the first Importance In mu?
sical Berlin, and when the program
waa announced mualeai critics and
habitual concert-goers worried their
heads over the identity of this tnys
1 terious composer whose work hmti been
I selected for such signal distinction.
Disregarding the youth of tne com?
poser, the critics have pralaed the
work highly as showing complete mas -
f of the art of orchestration and
modern musb a| technique and tne ex?
perience of a composer of years' train?
ing. A certain lack of originality, to
he expe< ted In so young a musician un?
der the Irfluence of composers like
Strauss, was the chief criticism brought
against him, and thla he la expected
to outgrow.
Although the story of Madame Hum
| bert and her fraudulent millions has
I presumably penetrated all parte of th?
'Woild. a German version of the swln
Idie has Just been atopped. and the per
! petrator, Mrs. Ann! Sanueck. sentenced
to two and a half years' Imprisonment.
With a companion, an architect
named Spei, ahe played upon the gul
of Berliners through an al?
leged Inheritance of 14-1'i.OOO from an
I uncle In Russia. Spel wsa able to
I embark in extensive building opera
j tiuns. many of which were conducted
' at s profit on credit based on the sup
[ posefl inherltsnce. but finally defraud -
? ed workmen, contractors and others
? out of h mdreds of thousands of dol
! lars.
The pair led a luxurious life while
the story was believed, furnished an
e\pensive apartment it: a good section
of the city and pleyed no small rolo
In the social life of their quarter until
the bubble hurst.
I ?>?? Healeaee Imposed.
Gustav Woelferllng. an ex-sergeant
In th? German army, has just been sen?
tenced to fifteen years' hard labor as
penslty for too much prosperity.
Woelferllng was long detailed as
[secretary st the military headquarters
Thorn, near the Russian frontier.
I where h- enjoyed the utmost confl
j dence and had access to confidential
; military plans.
Early In tattl he resigned frmi tne
jarmy with the best wishes of hla supe
I rior oflVera. but suspicion was aroused
I wnen after a few months of quiet life
i he began to spend money freely and
place mortgages on a acale all <>ut of
j proport! m with his former pay and
! pension.
The military authorities had him
i closely watched, and through counter
es-ilnnage and In other ways finally
: established that the trusted sergeant
i had for years been betraying to the
I Russian authorities mobilization plans
j snd other material of great value to
1 them in case of aar.
j After a secret trial be was g;v?n
j the highest permissible sentence, ftf
i teen years st hard labor, fined |3.7.?0
j and money loaned on mortgages by
j him to the amount of $17.?5') ordered
1 confiscated to the state, the total ?t
' I.'l.noo apparently representing his
pryfits ss a Russian spy.
I "Rittie Miss Brown." the amuaina
! farce that was seen st the X adorny
, of Music on Friday and Saturday. wV?
'continue on Its journey through the
South, but little Misa Georgia Olp.
v, a l iayed the title role here, will not
.continue with it. After the perform
aaee last night. Miss Olp retired from
i the cast, tu make way for Miss Ida
j St- I^eon. so long ldent>d)ed with "Polly
..r the Clrcua"
' Miss alt t^Kin appeared at the Acad?
emy on December 13. In "Finishing
'Fannv." which lasted only until It
I reached I'harleston. ft. C. where it da
' ished its abort career on January 2.
Arriving in Richmond yesterdsy. Mtse
St. I .eon immediately began to study
J the part, and it is expected that she
? will give her first performance of th*
! ro> next Saturday lg_ Charlotte. X C
Mi>s olp waa too indisposed te plav
: vesterday afternoon, and Miss Ninita
Omw Br'stow. who had beea acting a
! very small part in the farce, went on
at very shoit notice and without re
, hoarsal. and. It Is ssld. gave a meet
?i< l|g-htf :1 pe-fnemanee. Mise Briitow
' will continue In the role until Miss
St. I^on is up ia the pert
W. D .
Call For
Standard of the
World Whiskey
By its full name snd yoe wil' get a
good drink.

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