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earned hoi iwijr Blinded and stunned
by the sheath. > aplsao tillbsrt ran about
th? deck, his shouts to locate his wife
being plainly heard above the boom
Cl the waves.
"He could leave savod himself.'" said
Officer Brunn, who had related the
rlrcumstancee. "but Instead he chose
to go down. He swam about In litfle
demies, apparently looking for bis
wWe. each t.mc growing weaker, and
being dashed his her and Malier by the
w urea.
ft "A short distance away?a very
abort distance?the Indraknala was
IMS el IBS her lifeboats, nad we tnougnt
we were to be saved. Howe., r. they
didn't come our way. Tuen the indra?
kuaia turned her nose to th? beach
end made for It at full speed '
Men >>a?e Thrmeeltea.
Other survivors to-night sail that
at one time the ladrakuals ???< eppar
ently only fifty yards away and steinet)
to be >nly slightly damaged. Her ;
crew, thev asserted, poured over the I
side info lifeboats, and th.- survivors
think tiny pulled for the shore after
the vessel was beae'v-d. although this
does not explain how men on the ves?
sel upparently later sent th? I'atiish
liner Pennsylvania to the Lucketihacli's '
aid. 1
No word was reoelved here to-night I
from the Indrakuaia. She is tot sup-J
posed t<> 1" in any immediate danger,
and lies :n fairly smooth watet, her j
bottom an the sand. The revenue cut- I
ter Apache left here this afternoon I
to stand by and render assistance If |
any were needed. BOOl ral wrecking ]
tugs are searching the waters above .
the ileath Fl ip I.urk?r>baeh for bodies.
There is practically no hope, mariners I
say. that any will he recovered unless ,'
the hulk of the ship Is opened or Civ- j
era penetrate to the cabins and release
th. dead.
Those w. re men who came on the
Pennsylvania." said Losher, detailing,
the rescue "They came after us like .
there was something at stake The
seas heat ?H?ver their boats, and they j
wore carried hack again and again. I
But the* worked on just the same.
Their bravery helped us wonderfully, i
If thos. men could risk their lives In
sunull b tat? in rt seventy-mile, frei z- '
ing gale to save us. I thought we had .
a lot to be thankful for. I tell you I
I never want to see braver men than
those. 1 don't belkhBe. there arc any I
braver in the world." .
Sasfeea Torture.
"I don't know how I escaped." sajd !
Oil. Officer Hunt. "After the ship!
went dawn I found myself dangling in
the rigirinc. and there11 Stayed. No I
lifeboat was to be had. so quickly did i
the Luckeubach go down. I never I
suffered such torture In my life. My* .'
clothes were torn to shreds by the j
high winds, and the seas heat me al- j
most into insensibility. Too mii' h can- j
n it be said In praise of the daring j
bravery displayed by the officers ami '
crew of the Pennsylvania, who rescued
Tlo- IsrjckeabaCB. now lies in about
fifty-two feet of water.
The survlvars arc:
P, ll. Hunt, chief officer. BbHIbSBIS. |
Yt llllam Prunn, ?econd officer, New .
\ sek.
? ieorge l.ltlle. first engineer. \rw J
CtoagQ Iloyle. third asaiK-tntit ensJ- .
Bieer. rhilnrirlpbin.
GeaeatS l>??i-. i|uartcrn>a?ter.
Hill? Hotlinan. fireman.
Theodore loser, seaman.
P. tHdernon. nratuan.
Tiie dead:
t ajMaln II. A. (illbert and hi* wife,
or Itaitlnanre.
thief Knalaeer I'hrlst Kuudacn. of
?econd Knginerr l.ouia Itoth. of (.er?
sann j .
seventeen members of the crew,
nearly all foreigners.
inveatiaation Likely.
Washington. January a.?An investi?
gation by Federal authorities of the
collision uetnreoa the steamers Jalia
Ivuckenbarli and Indraknala. in which
twenty-two persons lost their lives,
was believed likely to-night when Com-|
missio::er "f Navigatie.il Chamberlain!
left Washington foe Newport News
Although it was explnined tri 111
Chamberlain's departure had been pre
atraiiitui end was not directly as a
result of the collision, it was admitted
that be w.iul.I ttrobably make a pre-[
llmlnary inveetlgBttea on his own ini-;
ttatlve covering the . hatges of Second j
Officer Br?nn, one of the surr-vor*. I
Brunn alleged that the Indrakuaia.!
which struck the Julia IdtOki nba<-h
made no effort to render assistance t il
the distressed ship.
The TndrakiMtjs's story Of the col-'
lislon baa i.ut pea been teM. if th
Lackenbeeh aui?Huta stories sr.- .Mib-|
stantiated however, the officers of th?-:
Indrakuslt ar? subject to drastic pen-,
allies. The law of l?ro. prnvid.-e
"'Iii every case of collision bet w< en I
two Vessels ;t shall be the duty of the|
inastir. la so far as he tan do pa]
without terteaa danaer to bis awaj
vessel, crrw and passe riser*, to stand'
by Ihe other vessel until he baa ss-i
eertaiued that she is in need of noj
further assistance, and to render to I
me other v. s?.el. any such asslstate ?
a . may I" prai tl* able, and as may be
necessary, in order to save them from
atiT dann, r "
Heavy (ie.e and imprisonment Is the
penalty provided.
"la *>f i rev* Hesroed.
Kartslh, V;i? January t ?.\ report'
from Newpoi; News received here |.,-i
night. Says is . seags was re^
cereed tl rrea ? i. revenu. cutter.
Apache, stains t:.at the indrakual.
reacut.l six ?.f the crew ?.f tie Julia
I?nckrnbaf t.. W M AlrDor.?lcl a tmmX
paaeer. died ..r board the ladrak sin
The names of the eejnBj fve mm orere
aal iuv?v
The ln.iiak...:a Is reported to !>? '
1-edlv damage-; forward and las ashen
in cor.si1eral.ie water Th? Aparh.
.-atya the officers an ! . r. w cf she Rtir
ish ship are grieved over the loss c.
so many men from the ijuckcnhseri.
Th? Apache will stand by the Jndrak
nala until the weather clears, when she
?fall attempt to tow the vessel to New
port New s.
Leave for >ctt York.
Norfolk. Va.. January 1.?The ctcht
aunrtvon of the- Julia Lackeakach
indrakuala collision left here for New
York bo-night. Their departure wag
unexpected* as itsjwas thought that.
they wwui.i renken her? for seven!'
dare. They expect to find employment;
in New York.
Krrpa Her Pledge.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.!
Baltimore. Md.. January 4.?A pledge
that if ever her husband WOttt to his
death on the ocean she would die wlthj
iiim. was kept hy Mrs. ?Ulbert, wife
Of C.i ptuiu (Ulbert when they lost'
their Ilaree to-djapr in the atorm tha1
.-wept the Slaking; steamer Julia l.uck
enbeeh in Chesapeake Bay. It wat la
the homo (.f Mrs. Ann l.ogue. In BMP'
berty, while the Gilberts were enter,
?e'ntna at a holiday dinner a few
' venitips ;.go First Mate and Mrs.
l-'i.jd'erlek n. Hunt and other friends
tliat a possible premonition of doomi
!. 1 .Mis. Gilbert to say:
"If my husband eve- goes dnw-n. LH
go with him.'* She had spoken of ei:
jov iiiz ker trips with him on the ves-:
Sei. I
officer Hunt. who. with aever. men of
t!;e crew was Ba*ad to-day, wtts also a;
resident of Baltimore.
Nu \dvieea of Disaster.
Wee' York. January 4.?The steamer;
'ulia twrfrin aeh was commanded bjr]
? '..p'tain A. H. Oilbert. of New York.;
I'ie?lerirk H. Hunt, of New Y'ork. was;
? i Iii st officer, and Christopher Knud.,
?a .i. of Brooklyn, her chief engineer. ?
Her crew was signed la Baltimore. I
Tlio Vessel was formerly the Duteh:
its aaset Beaadara, and was built in
Rotterdam in IMS.
She was of 3.1'ui tons gross burden
ami tU feet in length. Her owners'
Ii? ra had received no advices of the
- HFh ? this morning.
T. ?? i::drakiiala. a uewlv built steel
i ui? . at kit] tt?ns burden and lit"
feel in iength. was bound from Bal
ti imre to New York en route fr<jm
Yokohama. She is reported to have
MM 1 Baltimoie at 4.1i P. M Thurs?
Was III in lamps.
Tainp.v K'.a . January I ?Mrs. Oil- ]
bert. wife of Captain Gilbert, of thel
a ? ked ttesaaef Julia Jeckenbach.
?>? suffering with a broken leg when;
ti.. LaOtetgebaoh was in port here re
? i'tiy.. the aeaVared the accident at
Baltimore, and her Math had not sufti-|
i :enlly mended lo allow her to leave]
the steam* r erhwe it sailed f rani Tampa
? ? Deaeaaher
aeaeeaaea Disappear*.
H Imiagtea, ft c. Jaiuar> 4.?T..e
schooner Baeaaaah. from Jacksonville
to Pert lend, Me., raaeker India, which
(Went ashore aa Frying Pan shoals L?e
xrnber 17, has entirely dMteppe.are.l_ Jt
is ktl'eved the vceeel was broken up
Wa Wet to see daring yesterCav '*
eale. Kffortg wiil be made to locate
tn? ?b .t
I ws ?learner a la ? vlll-lnn
R rffele, N. Y. January 4?Pur!?:?. A
? nowstorin to-.?iigr.f the st? amer Sexon.
' from HtC'alo. collided
a ilk the vi., k of the steamer Btek
'-?11. twe*and a n..if enUee off Baf
faaBtPBtCT In response to d<s
iv Vwa\> trar* them to ?t*~w*'f Thr t'.ierr ... alntoot in-- Mfr
._- . .11 i j ? tv_ neou? I .a dir? ev4irr%r ?et?iMvr rr??ni?m*
u-'v " ' '? ' ' I I_;??),._.? .i-t, kMJ.,l?.
1k/oH- ? . h i'
riiitKit nflV -\-'. ->. rr.rr-jrbrd into |i w
t ie Wood V\ ?n n thi- f.i- -?: reerhe? thr ?.?n^a
detfcote bram ti-wme tf rauer- r .rfeotioo jan4| ?,
a d that dull, -i-kenuic headache , h
ra?raret< remove the f. i?* ?>> -timu- j they L
U:mg the live . making the bile and roej-1 area ?
jiipatrm pOeMO r?W an ani out oi the rncnt.
IO CCNT tOhM-hl-Y 0?l? 8T08?:
AntnthK ccot tw^rr
Men of ultra-critical tastes who come to us to
find satisfactory clothes are rarely disappointed.
We recognize only one standard in style?the BEST.
Berry garments are neither fogyish nor foppish, but
represent the conservative medium which appeals
to discriminating men. You'll find our ideals illus?
trated in our winter models in Suits and Overcoats,
$15 to $40.
Everything else men wear, as well as boys.
tr.um rockets, the tug Vale was sent
to the rescue.
The Saxon has a crew of twenty. A
moderate sea was running and the
vessel Wiis not believed to be in Im?
mediate danger.
l ikely to He Total Loss.
San Francisco. January 4.?Cable
advices to the Chamber of Commerce
ttdi. ate thai the Harrison Line steam?
er Workman, as hare fifteen miles south
of Rio de Janeiro, is likely to be a
total loss. In that case the loss on
hull ami' cargo will reach nearly H,
Meamrr Is Aground.
(lalvestoi-. Texas. January 4.?The
?teeaear ocmuigee. from Maw York to
Texea C'ty. is hard aground on the
bar at the entrance to Galvcston har?
bor, aeven mile- out. She Is trot In
a dangerous position. She went:
aground at low tide.
two Ships la Distress.
Washington. January 4.?United '
States revenue rutters are steaming to
two sailing eel pa in rJTsticsg off the
South Atlantic coast.
The Temacraw is hurrying to the
schooner J*rimuel DiUnway. reported
wrecked off ?le-orgetown. B. C. and the
Onondaga is going to the aid of the
scht.on. r Nancy Whllirifr, off the Vir?
ginia coast. I
Fierce storm Haging.
Denver, <"oi.. January 4.?One of the
ticnest storms In years la raving to
nieth over Colorado and Wyoming. In
Denver a heavy snowfall began this
afternoon and continued to-night.
Tea Steamers WHhIo Call.
Baltimofa) Md . January 4.? Because
the British steamer laBrakaala was
? quipped with Wireless apparatus,
and to avoid possible complications,
her captain decided to land eight pas
i gera deetiaed for New York at this
port when -he vessel arrived here from
the Car Fast December 2S. The Tndrn
kuala carried a crew of seventy-one
m. Ii. which exceeded the limit placed
by government regulations on Amer?
ican vessels not equipped With wlre
:.-.-s. It was said to-night that ten
baj .-learners eiuipped with wireless
were within ceDIng distance at the
lime the imirakuals rarnrued the
Bathtub Trust Again Must Face
Court on Monopoly
[Special to The Tlmes-Diapatch 1
Washington. January 4.?The retrial
al Ike defendants In the criminal .as. s
against the officials of the "bathtub
? it" will be held In Detroit begin?
ning February 1 Attorney-Oer.eral
W c kersham has Instituted the t'nited
Stst. - gaatrtct attorney to make prep
. ns for the opening of ?he trial.
Ii.-. Tuttle. of the Cilted States Dis
Irl t r.iurt for the Fustern Distuct of
Mi baaaua, was Bf aep iting attorn-y at
t> ? t.o.e ..? the former trial and will
Hatietat? be ineligible to sit in the
Another district Judge will be
assigned to h. er ?he r ases. **inre the
former trial, whl. h ended In a disn
(. . ? :-ent. the Supreme Court of the
("tilted Btetea has bonded down a de
,.?,..n la the fB akBl under the sher
man antitrust law. adjudging the
? ha?'.tu,> <? .m'.'ii.sti"!:" a moncp >ly in
'restraint of trade and ordering its dis
1 soiotion,
Mrs. t>f> ?an Kollaad
l.n. hburg. Vs. Januarv 4?Mr*.
Merv Ant; Holland wife of W. (i. Hol?
land who ass fifty-fear years of age.
rt fd beer vsterday afternoon at her
home in f>irm*d. pneumonia being the
, , ?r o- h.-r eatb. In addition to
her husband. Mr- Holland lias two
sons I- H Hollen?, of Appomstto*.
and W f Holland of <;'..?d> a The
will be tak. ii to BrooeOeal fvr
burial. _
f Wesrtst n.. aw Mateweeet.
? rs?r h?JS |u.sMja? p>*?'?e :.,
egai requirements Ttila la an In -
r *;~.M* from :a*. ????
r la veu.t. gka.au.etr
a* i j.??rte? n i? i ?
?Breet ossapeewe sssne wHk eieertng
aeeaa aai iaSn r? arrrleg * per cent cash
aasassary ml state Seeks eed truet i ~reee
aaaa h *""*? set tn'^d. i le
Uses*, baa m ?-e i?:-?*e. ? ai tea
sas-.s. a?.^ ~, j*^mm*. euaes
I^aral tsoOsra. Mttja Oaor.?. t?Xm
, IVta depseits. PM4.ae.aje, If
j Two Bankruptcy Petitions Filed
I Yesterday Raises Total to
Six in Four Days.
I The eror of New Year business fall
i ures aaatlaaaa tu grow Bay by day.
Two more petitions in voluntary bank?
ruptcy tram filed yesterday in the Unit
el- states Pia tritt Court, bringing tne
total aaaaj tC of petitions tiled since
1 January 1 to six.
Charles II. Hall, a clerk of this city,
entered a petition naming liabilities
amounting to $859.94, with no assets.
Another was filed by S K. Ivdman. a
retail sh-ie merchant, with a place ot
business at 111 North Seventh Street.
1 The Led ma n petition lists liabilities
in the amount of 14,016.72. and assets
totaling 11.11?. The latter are subdi?
vided as follows: stock. 1225; tlxtures.
175: household goods, fill; debts due.
IUI; Insurance- policy. MM, and money
i in bunk. 135.
, The Hat of creditors holding tinSe
: cured claims Includes more than a
'score of firms *lh this and other cities.
The largest single creditor Is tin t cn
tral' National Hank, of this city, which
' holds a c ?;? im for 1776. An explana?
tory note states that this amount rep
i resents the balance due on a line ot
credit from the bank. The Indebted
I ness is evidenced by three homestead
waiver .iotes |n the denominations ot
I 1450. 1250 and 175, signed, by S. I?
I.edman and indorsed by him and Ins
Other creditors holding claims of
lleo and over are Hamilton llrown
Shoe Company. Hoston. $3oS; Kiev a ;
HutchltiP, Baltimore, 1200; smith-Brls- !
coe Shoo Company, I.yiichbiug, $:!C0; .1.
Altschul, Brooklyn, J157; Brown Shoe
I company, st. Louis. $22S; KrMea shoe
j Company. Kllzabethtown. Pa, 1275;
: Harvey Shoe Company. Lynn. kfaSS .
! |1M. and Wyer.berg Shoe Company.
I Malwaukee. $146.
I (Continued From Kirnt Page )
wore high are saddened, and this meet- i
ing brings back to me the earnest feel?
ing that I had In Be* sou! arfter I had i
visited almost every State In the
Union and urged the confirmation of
?reatles which we had made with Eng?
land and Prance, and then lived to find,
them defeated in the hlglie.-t legists- j
tlvo body of th- world, as some of the'
nrembers of that body are In the habit
of calling it.
"The defeat wfis more than a mufrc
destruction of our hope as to the pro
j gress that mlcHt be made by those J
I treaties, because the vote carried with j
tt a pporopteition which, if established'
as our constitutional lew, releg-ates.
1 the United States to the rear rank of1
; those nations which are to belp the j
cause of universal peace. For the!
I aropositlon is that the s>nato of the|
I United States may not consent with
. the President of the United States to a
treaty that shall bind the united states
[to arbitrate any general class of ques?
tions that may arise in the future but
j there must always be g condition that [
?th? Senate may subsequently, when.1
the facts may arise, determine whether)
in Its discretion the l.'nffed J?kctes
ought to arbitrate."
President Taft spoke of tiie ideals h?
1 had in minjd through th? making of
treaties, that they would form the
basis for treaties w-lth all nations and
between nations that would lead to u j
final interlocking of treaties vTtteb
alttaeately WOCM bring about the set?
tlement of all International questions
by a court of arbitration with power?
enforced by such treaties.
Sir F.rnest Shackleton. explorer <>t
j *.he South Polar region?, and lam?? K.
Watson, former Congressman from In
diana. also spoke.
iLBBll Sharply Divided.
Washington. January 4?President
j Taft s declaration that he Intends th?
Panama Caaal controversy with OrCBl
Brlrian sh-ill be s'ibmltted to arbitral
tion "as soon as we get down to thc-(
point at issue." aarafn brought out the'
sharp division that exists in the Sen-;
ate over the obligation of the United
States under its arbitration treaty.
Snator Bacon, the leading Democra
$100 Reward
One hundred dollars Will be paid for
information leading to th? arrest and
conviction of the person or persons
Who murdered and robbed one Ellas I
Paroody at "*4 North Second HlOdl?|
thla city, on the morning of I?ec?m- j
ber U, Itll
r.r.om.r. lIXSLtK,
_May or.
Do Not Mar Good Looks
No one can tell you
have donhle - vision
plasses when )'oa wear
Kryptoks. Xo seans,
iines or cement. They
are not freakish i n
Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect It.
Nature warn-: vou when the track of
health is not clear. Kidney and bladder
troubles compel you to pass water often
during the day and get up many times
during the ni^ht.
Unhealthy kidneys CM MM lumbago, rheumatism,
catarrh of the bladder, pain of dull ache in the
bark, joints or Hierloa, at times have headache or
indigestion, as time passes you may have a sallow
complexion, pull)' or dark circles under the eyes,
sometimes feel as though >?>u had heart trouble,
may have plenty of ambition, but no strength, get
weak and lose flesh.
If such conditions arc permitted to continue,
seriou- results are sure to follow; Hright's disease,
the very worst form of kidney trouble, may steal
upon you.
Prevalent ) of Kidney Disease.
Most people do not realize the alarming increase
and remarkable prevalent')- of kidney disease.
While kidney disorder- are the mo-t common dis?
eases that prevail, they are almost the last recog?
nised by patient and ph)>i< ians, who usually con?
tent themselves with do<toring the effects, while the
original disease constantly undermines the -ystcm.
If you feel that your kidneys are the cause of
vour nckaOW or run-down condition, begin taking
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ineness of this offer is guaranteed.?Advertisement.
tic member of the Foreign delations
Committee. Senator lUtolMeeh, Demo?
cratic member of that committee, and
other promim-nt members eif Um Sen?
at? expressed their conviertlon that the
United States was bound by its treaty
with Great Britain to submit to arbi?
tration. Senator Hoot, of Near York,
hotels the same view. Senator Suther?
land. Republican, also a member of the
Committee . has previously expressed tho
belief that the subject is a domestic'
one, ami not one the United States is
compelled to arbitrate.
Would Ask Special Tribunal.
Se-nator Bacon, in a statement baseel
on Preslde.-nt Tail's announcement,
suggested that the United States, If itj
submitted to arbitration, could proper-1
ly ask for B special tribunal so con-i
stltuted as to insure an linparial judg-j
"I think the queatlon Great Britain'
raise?.'' .?aid Senator Bacon, "le one
that arises upon the Interpretation of
the Hay-Pauncefote treaty; and w-e
have a treaty with Great Britain which
specifically provides that we will sub?
mit tu arbitration any question grov.
lug out of the interpretation" of tret
ties, provided they do not affect the
vital interests, the Independence, or
the honor of the two contracting states,
and do not concern the interests ot
third parties,
"The question of free tolls for our
coastwise vessels does not affect the
vital interests of the United State*, .-.
does not fall within either of the othet
exceptions. 'Vial interests' means
something affecting the life of th*
nation. I voted against the Hav
Pauneefote treaty because I thought it
did bind as to #49 what Great Britain
now claims the treaty requires us to
do, and I was UN Uli eg for the Unte-i
States to bo bound In that way.
"While I th.nk'we are bound to con?
sent to arbitration, i also think we
could properly ask f >r a specially con
siituteel board of arbitration on the
ground that it would be difficult to
ilnd a strictly Impartial tribunal or- ,
ganized as is the permanent court of
arbitration at The Higue.
"The pe< uliar circumstances r.i this
case would, I think, justify us in ask?
ing for such specially constituted
board r.f artbitratlon."
Towe?eod Opposes It.
Senator Townsend. of the Canal Com- ??
mission, said: "We might as well aban- |
don the Monroe Doctrine as to submit
this question to arbitration. I am in- ,
cllned to prefer the reconsideration of
the canal legislation "
"It Is my judgment." said Senslor
e'ullom. chairman of the Foreign Rela?
tion Committee, "that of Its free will
fongress ought to collect tolls fr.?m
the coastwise carriers, as well ns from
other brmche. of the canal business,
without reference to any treaty. 1
am inclined to think that wh'tii":
we collect t -Iis or not we ought to
control the coastwise trade Every?
thing else involved between the United
Stete? end niher nation* I would be
willlncr to submit to arbitration."
Senator Burton, of the Foreign Re?
lations <v?mmittec. strongly favored
the submission of the question to arbl
n dee nor see how we can bonorablj
refuse tiiat tourse." be said.
"To submit this queation to arbi?
tration would be inilc.-d a iiipr'me test
of e. ir faith in arbitration.' said se-n?
ator Shlvely. liemnTiit sf the For?
eign Relations Committee.
Senator Page, of the tnterrw-egnl.
' anal ?*ommlttee. favored the repeet e.f
the lew "1 don't think the treety
>lio ,!d orstrued as applying to
oth'i our.tries and not to our own,;
as we have done" he declared.
M> disposition would be tJ leave
the entire subject to the nevt admin?
istration.'' said Senator Fletcher. t>em
eerrst. of Florida. "I have been In
? iined to oppo?e *-bit retl "?n. bat I do
not . onsld. r It e very grave queetlon. '
"The Panama question le purely e
dornest ic one. and not such e* we are
reqnir. d by treaty to submit to erbi
tration." declared Senator Jones, ot
Waeb'ngton. a iti'm'?r of the comm'. t -
ec Real framed the Panama Canal
? f at toll act
% Domestic ifoesflna.
Senator Gallinger. chairman of the
I'.epubllear. ce-tcne. said: "t em TV
posed to the arbitration of Ihla sub?
ject be. a:r?e I ron?ld'T I? a dotneetic
questte.n The canal has beep bttllt en
? ? ;r owr soll v. <. ir 'Wn money, and
we should control It
"1 am inclined to think that we shall
he compelled bv the term of the- erbt
irstton to submit <he cartel queetlon
t. erWtration." said Senator r<ltck
?ck of the Foreign Relations Com?
mittee I r?cr-t the pecestalty, bet
think we a-e m honor bound "
gens tor Borah, member of both the
Foreign Relations end the Cenel eCem.
I reltt-es saiel. "Te coaocre grMtratioa
?would, establish a precedent that
I would be embarrassing".''
?'I would rather repeal the canal
I "aw than arbitrate.?? declared Senator
?Stone, -nemoerat, of the foreign atala
j tions Committee. "From my point <?!
I view the Imposition of tolle on canal
i trattle is meieiy a domestic question.
We have a right to enact the statute.
It is not important tu shipping that
it should stand, but it is Important
ilint we should not imperli our right* "
State Department officials wer.: un?
willing to dtaeoaa the position lakaa
to-day by President Tnft on the cow
I troveray. It repeatedly has b?en tnad?
Known at the State Department tfcaM
the administration would n"t submit
the matter to arbitration. Officials of
I he department, it Is known, have been
deeply engrossed with Sir Edward
Grey's letter of protest with a view
10.formulating a reply. K.-w officials
of the department, it is there-fore taken
for granted. hav? Neen aware that the
nature Of the reply would be so radi?
cally different from what President
Taft'S utterances to-day indicated it
would be.
( Mid Burned te Oeeth.
f Special to The Times-pispatch ]
Chatham. Va.. Janiary 4.?The three,
year-old daughter of Thomas Vates.
near aaWVaV was burned to death on
Wednesday. Several children were In
the yard playing and jumping over a
small blaze, and the clothing of the
little girl became Ignited and resulted
in such fearfnl burrs In a few BtlOUtee
that death resulted. She is survived
by her father, mother and several
brothers and sisters.
(a man Mns:* It With i.rrnt Kserea
ai?n W hen Impaled on llatalo.
f Special to The Times-plspatch. 1
MOW York. January 4.?Enrico Ca?
ruso, the "areat and onlv." sang a
new word hate the or.?ra of Tos- a at
the Metropolitan opera Mouse this af?
ternoon. ,,e sann it with great ex?
pression, an! delighted the audience.
The word was "Owch"*: the expression
BS of painful surprise, arl t a
delight Of the audience was manifest?
ed In hearty laughter. Tne cause of
it all was a long hatpin protruding
from the headgear of the fair fjeral
dine Parrar. Caruso embraced Oeral
dinc. aa the op> ra cailed for. and im
alcd the end of his thumb on the
pin. Caruso was the only person ? ho
didn't laugh.
At Least Three Deaths and
$500,000 Damage Caused
by Gale.
New York. January i.?At leaat three
deaths and approximately ISOO,.
property damage resulted from lust
nights eighty-nolle gale, which swept
New V01 k and vicinity. This morning
at 9 uclK'k the wind had dropped to
sixty miles an hour, but the mercuri'
had trawletUi down to 32, and
pedestrians suffered keenly. The
deaths reported were:
Mrs. Mary Kline, Brooklyn, died ot
luturles alter having been blown un?
der a street car.
Itobert Walker, a painter, fatally In?
jured in a fall from a scaffobl iti
i nidentlfled men blown into Newark
Bay from a Central Railroad of New
Jersey train
A three-masted schooner ashore and
flying signals of distress near ?gg
Harbor. V J , last night drifted ort
! shore near Bea<- h Haven, not far from
Atlantic City, to-day. anri life-savers
lost sight of lor. TI10 revenue cut?
ter Benec& is looking for her.
Belated returns of the damage do:.'
by the storm revealed that a clean
sweep of the wires had been made from
Jacksonville, 1'kc. to Maine, and that
the storm was the moat severe of re
' cent years Thousends of men ayece
at work to-day lepaliliig the Cam
High winds prevailed to-day along
the North? ra Atlantic Seaboard, but
1 the wire trouhl?-, U was reported, was
slight compared to that of yesterday.
The moat serious Instance to-elay wai
the break mar Philadelphia of mor>;
than sixty through wires between
New Y.i-k an?;? \Vas?ltig'oii.
Duybr-ak to-day found the e?est
from Florida to Maine dotted wltn
corps, many of whom had worked all
night in the darkness.
t'efortueately for Him. tlnrun Mce
tleina \ame of -\Bgellaa."
[Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
New York. January 4 ?Francisco)
Abarno. a stationary engineer, talk* lit
his sleep. That somnambulistic DM'
versatVmal faculty probably will put
Abarno behind the ba:s for a term.
I f??r a few uight* ago while he was
slee:ping by hie wtf?-'s side iD their
home at S04 Hro'ik Avenue, the Bronx.
I Abarno murmured. "Angi lina" severai
I times, and that set Mrs. Abarno to in
I ^ eatlgatlng
I Abarno married BeeMe Marous on
? November Ir. telling her hi,* name was
iiomis. After Ike alee p-talking inci?
dent, the wife found a letter which
her husband had writt?m +r.d adJr<-eer>l
to Sli a. Angelina Aberuo. 113". Thirt>
eMThth Street. Brooklyn. She went tO)
. the Breokljru address.
There she found a deserted wife, the
I mother of sev?ra children They had a
; little heart to heart talk, and Mrs.Bond?,
or Abarno No :'. l-arti'd that the man
! she called husband had married An?
gelina Settld'-catl on Jatuaey %. 18*9.
an.I the oldest child was twelve yeart
'old. the youngest less than a year old.
: Wits No I procured the first mar?
riage certificate pinned that to her
own. obtain-*! after she and "Bonds'*
had been made ohe by Magistrate
Herbst laat November, and went out
for a walk with he r husband last night
At a street corner ahe saw D.-tcctivo
Buddemyer. whom she: knew, and she
asked the detective to arrest her hus?
band At the station and In court to?
day ?he displayed the two marrlago
?er tlficates.
Abarno was held for trial In Jt.OOO
Beea la tu 1 reek gel I laera. AU of Which
? Ml Be Delayed.
rspe-ial to The Times-Dispatch )
New York. January I.?The phenom?
enal storm that created a ninety-mile.
? last and the low.-st barometer for
this section e?n Friday, whirl-d to-day
gejr way of the St. Ijawretwc Valley.
That the dist :rbanee had lost little ot
its intensity was manifest when the
centre passed Father BoSnt. near tho
mouth e.f the St. f^wrence River, at
8 o'clock in the morning, sending ths
barometer down to !S.2ei. The blasr
had attiined more than seventv.flro
miles as It roared seaward Into the
track of liners, all of which will be
delayed, as wire'ees reports from them
indicate they are from two to three
da>* late.
ro weather, according to a Ion*
dlstan.-e prophecy sent ou\ to-day from
Washington, may h't New York, and
most folks In the frosty latitudes e?f
the country in the next three or four
As soon as it reaches the stomach all that distressing gas,
Sourness. Heartburn and Indigestion vanishes.
Time ii! In five minute* all stomach
i distress gone. Ms indigestion, heartburn.
! MeVMes or Wi hing of gas. arid, or rruc
! tations of undigested food, no -diriiness,
1 bloating, foul breath or headache.
I Par*"* Diapepein i- noted for its speed
I in regulating up-et stomachs. It i* the
: -urc-t, quickest ?toma< h do? for in the
! whole world, and bc*ides it i- harmle**
and delightful.
Million? ff men and women now cat
the'r favorite foods without fear ? they
know it i- needless to have a bad ?toma? h J
r.et a large fift v-rent r a*e of Pape's Dia
pepsm from any drug store and put your
stomach right. Stop being miserable?
Life is too ?h?rt?you arc not here long, so
make vow stay agreeable. Eat what you
like and digest it; enjoy it, without tear
of rebellion in the stomach.
Dtanpata belongs in your home.
Should one of the family eat something
which doesn't agree wfth them, or in case,
of an attack of indigestion, dvspepsia, gas
frit iv c,r stomach derangement, it is there
to give the quickest, surest relief known.
A perfect Trxyh Wash and a safe aad
efficient intaseptsr (or sore rnoatha Far
mutated by the emineat
This wash will do for row meota sad
teeth what no ?ither preparation caa It
is haddy recommended aad ha* stood the
taat for ?f Year*.
At Reliable Deal era.
2Sr. e*c and II ?

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