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Sot 1-or bill tic n tu Women by
Recent Edict Regulating
usually kept covered
Dr. Yauiei Kin Discourses on
'Una Interesting Article
of Apparel.
. BjM ial tu The Tlmes-l-bspatch. I
N-w Yoi*. January I.?Trousers, as
?ti article of worm-n's weal, were not
ebolteaed bj the recent CMnese edict
regelattag frmleaaa 6raaa This inter
? Ming feet ?'?? cuul?u>-d la a group
? .; New York worn* u who besiege! a
? blaeee steter. \>r *am?i Kin, at the
immt of ? lecture she delivered this
niorniim .t the Hudson Taaatrai
i?r Kiii who resetted mm eeharaitaa
hi tin. eoaatr gad speaks laeast Kne
Usb. phtiSTOd get own tronseis worn
?intier a Iotas outer garaaeM el oia<:k
brocaded satin coming lo ner nakl-.
S%t letM tnat ?an the dress of Norm?
ern China, and toat a skn i and t: jus
era are worn in the Sou'a
"If has never beea considered the
? >t term for Chinese women to he
SOI I in public In trousers, ' said Dr.
Km. * They were worn, to be sure,
nut tea I salad be other garments,
-ii >? ti.e revgluttaa women have gone
enSMl with BO much more fieedom tnat I
tlieie vras a tend, ney to ignore Bad '
itemaette' resinusacl tnat the trousers
be careered Hence the Present edict,
v. hich. by the Kay, was mistaklngly re.
l orted in American papers as requiring
i hit ese w omen to wear hats also.
"From the reports printed in yo;r
pope I a" Vr Kin continued "you are
? <i to be!i?ve that woman adMrage is
' Reset an armmpHahed fact in Cnl.u
The truth 1?. that Wi haven t even
l .ii manhood suffrage fret
? The only tangible result so far from
the agitation in China for woman suf?
frage that 1 know of ie thia: Vian
Shi Kai received a s iJTragist?I don't |
know who it was?and be wss so bore 11
fey Bei two hours' talk that he issued'
an order that no more stiffragiefa w-tre |
' ? be adml'ted to an audience with]
Df Kin has just come from Wash?
ington. Where she talked with many
i?ov. rnment ofB' laJs So when SSked
whether sin desired this comtry to
I ex ISI a I as t*e Chinese republic her re
pic* was awaited with Interest.
"As jet." she said, "there *f no es?
tablished ar'i fermstSSMd government'
to b? rerornlzed With wh"m for In-1
stance, eeuld \ou treat? With Yuan I
Shi Kal" There are provinces which,
da had foe eg urns Mm.
I %m not in favor of reros r.izmg
the republic as such until *jt haa pro?
gressed further.
"Yuan is a mau of s:ch sbility. ta^-i
and power, that now the south is afraid ]
bave theli readers come north. They 1
s.^ Yuan wine them all to his party.' ;
she said
Praglenj for ???ffrsae.
; si.. ? :al to The Ttmes-Dlspatt h i j
\v>.- Yi>rk. Jaauaigr t.?One-minute]
:.i>ers. for the success of woman)
-i'Ciage will l>e offered every day at i
i >?;, by the i-hgiously Inclined if a[
iir oanacadalion made to-dey by Dr.'
Anna Howard Shaw la carried out
Dr. Shaw s*iid that the Enslish '
worn, ii um piaying for the succesr of'
tbetr ca-is.. and ehe thought it would,
ie- a good thing if the American
paaian aUd the same, she is opposed!
to Knglisb militant methods as a rale.i
.ii.i sags that militant Christianity is (
as rieetly allowable. i
"It would b. a good thins." she said 1
to-day. "for it would prove that suf?
frage agitation Is not the i.'relia ous.
aafsoetic, fetee^aeeaasei thing son.
peapSt say It Is. It would do the
women th< ins. lves good I don't think
it wouid really cause the Almighty
Ie . ha-i*. His attitude But then 1
dea'l l!.' i; U IPs attitude needs chaiiB
'I' would perhape have some effect
on the church'?, and that Is needed.'
The church Is a cowardly institution
on the subject of actual work for re?
forms. The churches ought to be
firhtina* mod- rn evils, such as the
white slave trafBc."
rbmsraal te The Timrs-Pisr>ateh.l
. N. Cm January I.?The first
? if?eeeatoa of Bingham Scho->i was a
most s iceessful one. ;n that it proved
to be wonderfully helpful as well as
interesting and plep.ssnt to all con?
cern-d. The cadets showed remark?
able improvement, .-?nd together with
<JCould you play
anything on an
ordinary piano?
Well, you CAN play anything
'you wish if vou have
That's a pretty strong state?
ment, but one is'C e.m make gtxxJ
if you will nve us the chance to
prove it. Priced to COMBgtt with
[any real good Piaii'?. Terms will
I Mitt, too.
>ur<-t?ora < able flau? 1 o.
Mad. 2586. 213 E. Broad.
the teachers, ire all looking firwani
with pleasure tu the spring term. whKn
I opens January T.
[ Those distinguish* ?1 I;. stid^-s dui
lajgj the term are as follows: William
B Blades, kdw.n Bowling. T. Kesler
Cobb. Tnomas CaT-hrar.. Lomns Gow.a.
Jonathan <iluson. Asa lioas-tt. Joint
flOOQ Itandolph Graves I W. Gray. V.
T Karris, l,*onard ll?:>s, Mark llem
don. Allen Ivo. Stuart Joh::sto:i. W. G.
Laser, inland afcCoratatU, ftaartla M -
Cutchcn. Wilbur Mcl'arland. Ma?on
ate*bene. tVlR'am Morga:,. lABasM
Phillip*. Knot; Proctot. V.'illiam Seai
b .rough. Georg.- S'nv.r. Me: *-.:, .-'..n
mer\i!le, Herbert Thornton. G'-orge
Wheelei. Preston and Robert Giay. J
Negro Held in Connection WitfV
Murder of Mansfield Thorn?
ton and Wife.
I reuen-kaburg. Va.. January *?j
t-ugt R. 11 I* Cnicnester. af t? r heat-!
lag ?vifien. I from a number of wit I
nesses In connection with the murder i
of Mansfl'-ld Tlutrmon and his wife
here on the nigh; of December 13 last
SSI application of Atfornev Lee J.
Graves, finilly consente/i to ball George
Scott, arfae is easier erreet in ooojon* -
tion with the murders, in the sum et
t ." for his sppesrame before th?
brand turv of tnc Circuit Court ol
Spoia-.-lvania '"ounty. Y. I* Hargrovt
is stitl in iriil at Srots> ivatirfl Oourt
hertsei charged with the rrrirder. and
no application wee made for ball tt
is expected that th* case will come up
in regula' court about February 1.
The Virginia Talc and Soapstone
Compan;.. of which Charles H. Hur
k.itnp is the marag. r. ! as awarded con?
tracts for the erection of a soaps; one
nelH on its p-operry n">;r V.-rdb rsvllle
in orange t'ounty. a quantity of new
ma-iunery has berp. ordered and some
Of it Is now on the way. and will be
installed as soon as It arrives
Rev. .t. J*. Lanier tea arrived from
North ?'arvdiria. arid will enter on his
duties at nn.v as rector of St George's
episcopal Church, to which he was
recently called.
lie Wolf Hopper Defeadaat la beaten
tsrouSbf hp His HKr.
Mineola. U I. lejptaarjr 4?Mrs Blent
B?*pt- -. KlOei Hopper, wif< of De.
?Tea Hopper. ;h< actor, began an ac?
tion for absolute d - rce from her hus?
band in the Supreme Court here to
dsy. Th. affidavit wa? submitted to
.Justice Townserd B. S-*udder by Sam
.el BS. Hamberger. of N'.-w York, coun?
sel for Mrs Hopper The papers were
sealed, and the court reserved decision
No evidence was taken, and the suit
was undefended. It was said that
seri Ice was by publication. Hopper
1 elr.g out of the p-.ate a: present
t'ounse; for th< plaintlft said thst
the alleged misconduct on the pert
of Hopper took place hj New York
t'itv within the paet > ear The Hop?
pers were married at a regietrer's oftlee
In the Kensington district of I?n
don on October ?. Itts. They have I
no children.
Governor Will Stay in .Mansion
Alone Until Inauguration
of Successor.
i Several (. anriidatcs for Clerical
l'osition.? at Next tien
I eral Assembly.
i Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
flaleigh. N. ?'., January (.?(Jov.-mu:
Kifhtn naId to-night that his fam'ly
i will leave Kalelgh on Monday for Kox
j boro. where he has had considerable
I Improv. ment? mad. in his home place,
i The Governor will or. >ip\ th- mansion
alon< from then until the inauguration
j of Governor fraig ?'hv h by common
I consent, teems I?, be lixod for Jatriar.
! 15. the legislature, om tally to la
I the ilate
j Governor Kltchlu says ha has mad'
i no definite arrangements as to arft> t
he win locate for the practice of law
I and 'hat he has very attractive offers
; from Winston-balem. Greensboro und
[Baialah. whib- there is a ehaaca thai
I mt a 111 resume residence and practice
?in I'oxbor?? 'i'her?, v repoi t also i f a
j co-part n< tshlp between he and Judu'
? J. S. Manning, of Durnam. with oflic >
aatl la Ualelgh and Durham, for joint
: practice.
I otls Self, who served last session as;
' principal clerk of the-Senate, and is
; an aetiv. candidate foi re-election, j
hse arrived from Wevsei and says lie.
! has every assurance of winning. It j
j is undera'oon that V*. fj Bulb, forme I -
1 ly of l.ai< Iah and now of Ne?r Bern,
I Is ac tively in the race lor the pla< ?
He was secretary of the North far ?
I ?be Gland Lodges of Masons for sev?
eral years before the election af Jot..
' . Drewry to that place Slxtaea *ea -
aeo. I ractlcaily all those who serv. i
lie- ia-t Iv-fclslatuic in va?!ou? p'?: . ?
Hons ate seeking ra-electlea, and in>i -
cations aie that the General Asseni!.'. ,
will be "manned as lt? al er leal
other foic this time by much t.o I
same graass of men
Dr Charlea i, Kaper, of the < hsir ofj
economica. rniversity of Marth CarO-1
!ina. is out In a pucdic statement in-J
slstlng that the present system of
properly a??*tsment for taxation In j
North Carolina must either be abol-|
ished or administered with th? utmost!
ability and justice. He !:.sIfis tl:;:i|
th< re continues to be too great In-1
..j-alities in atsessm-nts as betW eaj
counties, t'.-.e pr?. s:nt System amount?
ing to little more, he thinks, tlian
personal assessment by the owners
II? wants a state ta\ commissioner ap?
pointed at a salar.e of 13,09*1 to II."Ol
nith traveling and ofhee ,.-;penses. lb
iiaims that the Csiperatlea Osaasnie
? ,'jii is not in position to perform the
duties of state tax eeauadaaioa as asm
required, {or which the thr>< ton
rr.issioners receive $500 addition--!
I salary each. He wants ti.e county and
' not the township made the unit of as?
sessment work. lie belief's each
i < ? unt> should eupport a perminent tax
assessing office, to work under the
direction of supervision of a State
I fax assessor.
is. mmm
[Special ta The Times-Dispatch. 1
Vaeaesgtea .lanuarv : -Tks inn.a lab
?? Waar.lngton mt Mrs Ofwvei ? el
tier debajtante da tghter. M*r* Ks'hrr. has
aroused great :rr?ere<e in society gare. Mr*.
?^:eve:dhd I? expected oa Tueadav. and win
be the Burst for the rear of tne week of
Mr* Seas Baas Hammond. faUswlaaJ
Tuesday rr.crr.ir.g %s.c tritt C' Ie the home mt j
Mrs SvSBfy W. I?!rw>*k. -i?;er 'he !ate
ari iarv e. Wt.lrney. s?.T.i?r.- mi ihe N.. ? ?
under P e?.j>r.t c'.eveiaad. il-a ? :.v?|^ndj
wir ?pend TS? remainder or that v. e?K tfith
Mrs I>ln ??
The Preside, and Mrs Ta.'t have ar-i
raaeed a dtonet ;.erry in Mrs. I~|| it laaSTl
honor at tne VC.il: ? Uouae :r\t tatawdkc]
e'?n:cs <>n' feature of thi* dinner wUl le?
rne presence man.- wldc?? o: distinguish-.
ed .?tateiir.e-. a:.d officers mt ib- I'nited
frvat?s Pre* Themas J. Preston, whose en-:
S-a?emen- M M-? Cleveland recent :>- haa
been aarouncrd and shoe marrlaa;*- h I -
pected to take pas t in agrS. ?II! be one
er" the (uea-a at the dinner.
Mrs CtaeelBad eecee has ;>e?n inside the!
?rails Houee ?Ire? ?' .-. >'. ;. ?? f , w|f.
C 'be retlri-ir t'resieen: A tr.. ian rsSBSf
of entertainment* :n iddKin.i ?., tri?. Whit-j
Ho-iae aSSatar IBM been arransed 'or Mrs
Cbsi "-'and.
Mr* I'.eveland all: h? nm?ni Mrs. rUm
eek a artiest* at ts.* dinner In hoicr o: I'res
ia? and Mr* Ta't on .lanua-> li. and Xrs. .
Hammond ^ bava a dan-e for Mia*
Bsifefi ?teveland Friday evening.
Can be secured Ages 16 to 60, Quarterly Premiums for
$1,000, $2.81 to $11.08- further reduced by large annual
dividends, in my company with Assets $95,178,484.40.
Lowest Premiums of any American Company paying
Annual Dividends.
If you want Insurance it will be to your interest to
see me.
Phone Madison 341 922 American National Bank
To Those Having One Hundred Dollars, or More, Laid By:
s;; to 61
The most attractive Opportunity that has
ever been presented in Ric mond to
combine the saving and investment or
For further information apply to
Richmond Trust and Savings Company, Inc.
1109 East Main Street John Skelton Williams, President
Capital One Million Dollars
Sunday Services
In City Churches
Idui ?tk?rw'?? Htu la ;?-? I
eo'tUBu. uoftl MfTlMi will be eeu- j
Sue ted et eesvtesaai-* beers br eega- I
tar pasters ec leeel eherchae.
_._ *
. :.<? eheeebes of Bich.-r.ond beiiia .1 a
year with their services to-day. Tii^.- y<
Has particularly i.otabie in re:i-;i'.
circles tor severs; changes of hnsnrtSBf ? inj
tiu paatorau-s of various eeedeeeatleas aadj
es^cla!:y .'or th. succession UWhoji Donuiaj
j. fxceeactl as astseih bishop ef Cath?
olic Ltloeese of Itlchmond. Mtee-tag tbs|
death ef Hi-ho-> Van de Vyver.
Btsteee o'comei; was eeeflneei efth im
ereastva ceremonies, coedected at tbs -a- 'cj!
Been Cathedral on March l? by Cardinal I
rjitjjons and other dignitaries of the Cath-j
oiic church. His BeeeeBtaaent hi net i'up?
dales from cariy In Januar-. I
The centennial of Getateaer*" Methodist
Church, observed last month the ceeeeeWj
dation of the- Marshall street Christian]
Church with the A'.ien Avenue Ca.-istiau
'-aurcli. effectiv.; to-daj ; the r -i&i.on of
Bee. RytsnJ KniKbi, U 1>.. from thi i?tsior-|
ate of th" Calaeaj BeeebM church: :h? cen?
tenary of L'r.lon The.?:oei-ai r?.xxt '.i.i-: j and
of the First l*resu> . ("? jrcn. or>s- rved
durtne teii ?.-?ions et lb .-> ?od o." V :rglnia,
and the construction of me ripisjpat t'harch
of :hf aaeeeolea j:. iiish and i i..i are
among the at bat eatable church evt-tna of
l"ie i'restv t-rtan ehaiehea o' the city will,
hoij .1 joint eeesseaesea eMs ?t the Bee*]
ond C*bjeiI h aa-eieht at S e*ca*nk, with
preaching by Itev. Welter LlngM D. !>.. uf
tTatee ThaolaglrnJ Seminary. T)*a eertrtee
alii be the flrrt of .. s.-r.e.? ??' prayer- meet?
ing le eel lied tareuaa lbs eeek.
?etfevfaa; iha; the I hear* ehseH look
a'ter borir the spirituel tad leeasorel needa
cf mtr.. itev. n. I wry Hagi uri:: explain his
I'lea- at the Immsnj*' K*;>t2i>l Chorea 'a
alaet, ill- subject trill b- rile Church and
Ir? Cutiire." I
it? if D .? aTirenihlaa pastor of the'
Severin Street ChrtatJea church, ail I preach
tfcfi memn? at ii S*rtaib on the s-h.tect.
"Ha. ?/ a Liaise >?-.t M?:" fj-nlsht be
will take .or hie setaject, "Waat Am I
Wor.ii in <;od."
"The TweatteCl Century i hure a- still be'
:..< -j'.j.it el Fl- I 'I.. rg. \V Kemper'S'
-- r.no;. at th- H.!c..^\er Aveaee fhrlatiaa
Hue ssetrerag Pa-eight he win:
rreach on ' An o. J -r aahleeed Home." I
Itev. \v .1 Ts tag, jiaitor uf Oaf-nary!
?eCfeedtet Church, wl I uk. .'or the aubject;
et his eermon this ni.rnins "I Make All
Thing? New." Ile -4. 1 p.-. arh tn-nlght on I
; "Making the B- of a U*d Job."
Ite\ K V '3-^..^ ?' Lbs Kairn'ounti
I Methodist ?*h:-.-? :-r. hi.- i-r. ? 1 t:-.ix maieleg
en ih. ?ub'- ? r. Home Relfgioa." ll< ??; ?
teas 'm bat t:,;5 .\er.u?s "Tie Mn
ner's iv-ay.r Anns-ere?!.'
"The ISaieeid l??k' erttl la; th^ subject j
on wench Has, vetarirle. 7 Beergei *
Mae hie X.? feeWa ??rnion at the Firs; 1
I nirarlao ch-jeeh ihia morn:r.g at 11 o'cio- V
i>avl<t lasele ?. re he address at th ?
regular BeastBf a?;-rn??.n >*?p. r ?er-tlee he d
!>? the v>une Woma . s < hraulaa Aasoria.
1 tlen l-i r:i- K7mnasl .ni iounrh and carv
Btreeea ? -da.- 1:1? a'cle-et gaMea Walk
si:; lead rn. m.s:--- pro-rani
Rev. Ttod?r'. k DaaeeaaM ein ?gsjn ad
dr.-s t-.< :; ...? rr -tint: a' the e>atra:
f< aal Men ? Ortarisa Aeae*rbWSsB this a'
terno.01 at ! *? o ' o?-k Hir subject Hi I
"i eeeaeaeVj 1 i
BMer ? Bfteeser wir. preach for tie!
I-.terratloa?. BBMa ?nioent? aasocia-tc
Ui.? sftern->on at 2 o'c.ocK in S:nlrb4es
j ."i- :;ni..n ? ?' ??? M.has moe?<t into!
i Its new home at VK l^uistena Ar-nii?. It I
en heal yeepi tuates ?r? eeawtar. Tu.? !
Sav. Tbarreear ;.nd ?atui-J?y at t o'clock. In!
the eien.ri; VI H I'tckham is su|-i i
ir.tendent. I
The other . he- bee ?.' Rfchnv->nd w!i: hold'
sen lce? at th eeejal h-Mjrj.
Cratxi?. V?. .lanuary I -Th. mar
rtaSM of Mi-? Nora Kt?.? Dpiwrson to
John Oaae^eaV Jones was sol.-mnlzed
at in o'. lock W.-.ln<sday morning at
Paseaejuet Oreere Method.si Cawreat, the
Hrv Mr Stiff ofncistlng The color
scheme aas lavender, pink and b :?
against a ba. ksround of green. Th
cenlral ai>l.- wes spanned b> twograce
fn' aVdhH of e-ciareen. urd.r which
rh? b-idai r**>r'> r>..sse.| Immediately
i-r--.d1r.c |?e c-r- -no;i- I;. lievc Me. If
All Th.-s. Cr.d? arlna Vom-; ?'harrns'
was song bl Mrs I A St.-ed. whll
Mrs N V .Vebletr preside! ^t the
or sen.
Th.- hr1de?"ia and rroomsmen en?
tered In the follow ine ..rde-; .1 W.
Matth- h * #e P-n-'.-t Cr ->erson.
brother ..? ? id- and \\ Samford.
Mi?s-s Hera K Matthews. Netejai Jkeajee,
?.s|. r ..f tc. groom. an?l lies-'
Matthew-. <;-orge fflflteges, of Itlch?
mond Msa'd Kpperson. and Herbert
t? Clia'-is
vt?|e WHM.im Matlh. h.? .1 AshK-.
?Hew ??' r.ehenrtnd assl Bernard VTII.
Hams Mis?.s Vtoia. IVnrl and Butlt
Matthew* Tb'-mas Bandoiph Matthews.
Watson Henl.ngs and l>r.?n Mat
thews. Miss.? Ilthel Trevett. of 'Men
litre. Netra I. Matthews, .md Fannie
Matth- ws
The ;.ridesr.'-iid1?. four of n hom wer -
atfirisi -*i lnvetiil -r. f.? t- in pink. .Ttd
four in bfjja*. laVtlWi 111 front -.f th
Che ace 1 The groom ent-red with his
attendants. Ilertwrt Kdwards. ef Cotirt ?
land. -ti<l .1. Kdward Matt .ewe. Th- >
wer* followed by Itttls Miss. Trances
tlago-d .-? fiower ,-lrl and Mis* KHa? ?
r-eth Matthews ?<!,.. '.-re the ring
rotrlng th* i-ereevcony selections from
? AnnV l^uri- were rendered. Wtl- I
Ham Rando|p^ Matth. w? ? and wm%*sJi
Matthews a.-tcd as -ish. ? s. and N W. 1
t*?wta was master of ceremonies
The groom is s protein. r,i' b.i*lne*?
man of |/?iiisvire. K ? . and bl* brld"
Is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. J. C.
Kppereon, of tiraedy. J
Wealth Represented Would Wipe
Out National Debt Several
Times Over.
|ljp(?.*a| to The Times-Dispatch.]
WtwlWIt, .lg.;-ir\ 4 -Four
s. ?.r. Di. n. trhiis.' . omron- d millions.
iir.r-d (n ||pa manufacture ,.f steel,
w?.uld wtpr mmt the national d'bt sev?
eral ttmtl ..v.-r. t-.-nlRht liin-d within
a speeiallv constructed pergola, roofed
With erlflejhl and loses, in the ban
qoetlmg room of th.- rviq'lt sne flub.
M w.fS the sixteenth annual banquet
of the operat'TiK official* of the Car
n? Str> I Company, ?hose dinners
for >e;,r* haw been the wonder of the
bai'iju. ttanj aearop throughout the
. ..Wife-?
i >> o' Andiew Carnegie's "boys"
WX i. th?re. and Ms personal telegraph?
ed men.iJie.. was greeted with cheers.
I'i e.?nl? r.t .fames \ Fsrrell. of the
??.I Sta:e? >te. 1 < "ornorat ion. V* - '
>-?t a bright pietur- of the steel ln
dostrvs area! future.
Kollow ina th. f..od. I.evi if Rurnetl.
Alvs Q Makel a;.! H V Hope told
of the ?wrlfar?" of their departments
v. b.,t iiiev ea'd waa for the "famMy"
"iiH. It was exTJlslned. fe.t the door*
... >. . ?. i:t j< ?>...i. mm. the dirr. r bea-a i
and "\viy pre. ?ution taken to pr? vent
Ik- of lb. hi ntng rorn l?ecom
The *nn rsrd was b ? ;nd In ?tee|
tat ion of furna.-e doors,
ard each represented the price of a
IIBasil) meal far manv of the workers
!? the i.fK mill* of Baa company.
Number of Important Decisions
Are Expected at Ses?
sion To-Morrow
?as al to Tne Times-DisajatchJ
Was*<nal?n- January 4 ? n nUe
slavery, corporation lax dodalng. the
maktr.a liyet.' and th" sugar
weighing frairda |n Mess Yorh are
?ome of the big qmetlons to he ewa
aidered by the supreme Coart nest
track when It reconvenes after its
holiday recess. It Is the most exten
atvi i.ga i program of this winter's
session o: the i ourt.
Several important decisions sre also
expected Monday, including the "in
termountain rat'" case, the State rate
'cases and the "cotton corner" case. Ar
; rest of .lack Johnson, the negro pugl
: list, at mil ago for alleged violation
'of the Mann "white Slavs" cases from
las many States, all testing the con?
stitutionality of the law, will be
I Conviction Sjf Charles R. Heike, for
I met- secretary of the American Sugar
' Refining Company, far alleged com
?? rdlclty In the sugar-weighing frauds
i uncovered in the New York customs
MMS t?o years ago. Wlii be reviewed
bp the tSaurt Heike 's appealing from
the conviction
Another important . ase set for ar
sumrnt is the government's appeal
from a decision of the Massachusetts
. --deral courts demiissing criminal In?
dictments ?Kamst others of the I'nlfed
Shoe Machinery Company for alleged,
conspiracy under the Sherman anti?
trust law
Title of the s*vitliern Pacific Rail?
road to valuabic oil lands will jjgs
be tested before the court In cases
bi ought Is] several r"allfornians
Kxtenslo-i ot the new Federal cor-1
noratlon law to corporations which
are not actively engaged in business,
but Jesse factories to other companies,
also will be tested.
\tk In-or.-laetuaaa.
W i ?tklnaon and M<*s E'eaner Ja Vacn
?'i? quietly married a: Beaier [to. V?..
t ?.- heme ef the bride, en last Tbsrader by
R?v W. <" p?e? After ttic cer-eneey e
r. -efstien was held et Hanewr -s? hem*
o the creem a father
>' and V s A'klnsen art:: ro>ke '.heir
hem? a? Highland Sarins?
Socialist Mayor Visits Governor,
and Is Pleased With
Strike Story.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch, |
Albany. N. Y.. January 4.?Thla ra an
echo of the textile strike at Little
Falls, and George R. Lann, Socialist
Mayor of .Srheaectady. toW the story
to-niguit. as he left the big- executive
chamber, where he had called on Gov?
ernor .Sulzer:
"I Just came down to congratulate
the Governor on his stand for free
speech," said Mayor L?ne, "'and he
told'me the best thing about the Little
Kails strike I have heard yet. I only
wish I had known it earlier.
"Do you know that Governor Sulzer
came near be?jig arrested Just as 1
was? He was on his campaign trip
through the State, and had read of
my arrest for trying; to speak to the
\ people. So when he got to Little
i Falls he had his tratti stopped and
went over to the little park in front
of tiie mills. ife asked somebody ?
[ where I stood when I was arrested for
speaking to the people, and he hail ;*
bendi pulled up to the very spot anil
made an address.
"The people gathered oulckly. So
did the police. Then the factory win?
dows opened and some one yelled, 'Why
don't > ou arrest him as you did Mayor
Lunn? He's speak'ing. too.'"
"But Mr. Sulzer finished the speech,
and he told the people nobody had any
right to stop him or any one else.
" 'Dusty' Ieong. the Chief of Police,
was right there, and heard it, and it
was too much for him."
"Better call the Governor as a wit?
ness when your trials come off." sug?
gested a listener.
'?He'd come If I did," replied Mayor
Lunn. "but just now I'm more con?
cerned about the poor people under
arrest up there than I am for myself.
I don't want to see them railroaded,
for they did nothing to warrant their
Kaahleea la Feerrele Pat Flgarrs Is)
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. ]
1 Boston. January 4.?Faabions in
.funerals play an important part in tho
high cost of living, according to Fred?
erick L Brie;*s. secretary of the Mas?
sachusetts state Board of Embalming.
?lust as in weddings and recrpt'ons. 1
said Secretary Brtgers to-day. "tbe*e
is an excessive style put on in burials.
Tou can buv a sound, cheap,
some lunch without trimmings, so J*M
can buv a refpectabte. neat funeral
without the trlromlnga Often my of
?j la', duties have called me to tene?
ments where seme loved one lay dead.
Although there was no food In the
house these people vivsrlehty cast
aside any thought at a plain, eimp'o
funeral that would have heen s.-fflcient.
testimonial by the bereaved r.nes sod
plunge themselves into unreasonable
debt merely for en eetentatleua show
at the funeral. Tbl? affects the cost
baa; because thoee who live have,
therefore, less to live on. because of
the pomp end displey.
? Another deeplcable custom is that
practiced by many florists who. when
a fectorv worker dies, pay a small
bonua to take up flower subscriptions
Of course, the flowers fife purchssed
from the enterprising florist "
Brothers Wee ?"? nreefc eed Restat?
ed sweat Fay ?_o
.- r* M*rrtm*n_ t"1* "*?? acosttted a short
ah lie ase V the mar*er of hl? newborn
and h.s brother. E > Merrlroea.
.? I s sad easts raster*.*
jaietea is feile* court far belae dree*.
?lo*rd*r t end "seeing, the eo?c?
The brather, ?er? err?et*d several nigs:s
age bv Bi- >v ? CmY-er? Matt and Trailer
wbea thay wets feend flarbtlag Jsataacb
Iatias pear the Rear"", otr Tile policeman srere
r>e-; 1 e treaty eee ehelr stabs heeate
v--?-? - it? b? lebtsil Is ?'
Hi age i c C Meti I man received e sea.p
? . ?-. v v.a >? sawed a? by a
Hive l?ocn enrolled ,i* member? of cur
Christmas Savings Club
i<w 101?. during the fir-' five opening day* Join oon. a* our
Club is limited.
Richmond Bank and Trost Co.
Northwest Corner of Main and Eleventh St*
\ 3 3 n k of t he Pc^'' 1*nO\t^ Prop!?v_|

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