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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, January 05, 1913, Image 34

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Mir? M?r- mmwtm, dnu.-k.rr ,.f Mr. ?.... Mr.. M illi-m ?.nrtb ho...
d(nB ?Hl ...W,- ?In.-.- In . h,.rl..?,.--%ill.- U..I,,.-,,.:., .x.".?u ?f 1hl?
The nmet important soclet) even! of
yesterday was the searrlagc of Miss
M* ta Randolph and Aaguata Bar
mil Turpin. alao ?'f this rity. WbiCtl lOOfc
place .it the hOHM of the bride* LSI]
Gray? Avenue, at I o'clock. The boui
was decorated throughout la pejane,
goBtkexB fmllTin and j'ink roses, and.
the ceremony was performed hy thej
Kivht Rer. Dennle j. O'Connel, Bishop!
?.?I Rh hrrtond.
The bride's wedding frown w:is fash-|
lened of white i liaiinsaai draped In
rr,ffr.n and trimmed In point lace, and!
her lull- veil, which lull to'tin hem ?>r
h- r tone train, was fastened with a
?wieath of orange Mob?ii Hie car?
ried a shower boagpot of Bride roaee
and lillea of the valley. The two
maids of honor, Miss Nora DouglasI
itanidolph, sister of the bride, and j
Miss Anita Irene Cusscn. wot, quaint!
B/SYarns of pink -clutrmi'iito- made with!
panniers of pink and lavender chiffon,
;.:id the:r boBgaott wet. of pink rOBSB
Cataghl With lavender tulle Thomas
Ja-fferson Turpin attended his brothel
?s ha best r.ian, and the nahen wer.
? ?r. a. B Ma?atelier, J- Ar gyle Tnrner.
of New York; Hal leiw Thread,'raft.
lines Madison Mae on. 111., and Kdl"i
Donnan. Jr.
Th'- marriace is one of much Inter?
nal throughout the State, both bridi
and groom belonging to families loiij;
prominent in the BBCifM aiel palltlcal
I istory of Virginia. The brldl is .1
davaghter of Mrm Janel Weaver if.au
doiph and the lat- Major Norman v
raadnlph and Mr. Turgin la a son of;
ih< late Dr. Tbonaaa Jefferson Turpin]
m.d Mary i.arianJ llojall. oi I'owiiatan
County. Some of the guests from B
liialKm - included Miss Mat y G. Moore.]
Bf Maryland. Dr. Joseph v. May!, of I
imviui,. Ohio Ktchaxd Ashhuxat, of]
Phtpbadelphia Miss Mary Butler, of J
Mathews County; John Toile. of Ita,?.
ton. Mr ar.d Mrs. VY. HartwelJ, Ol
Newport News; Qraham ?Velalger, ?1
Atlanta; Mis? Maiy Cache, af Bt, leoula;
Mrs- c. S Ramaar. MieaElisabethHar
rold and Biahop Harruld. all of West-1
over, on the James River.
Suffolk evrddlaa
A wedding to be CaasaBarnted in Suf?
folk this teeth ot inltrieat to sn. '. t]
here is that of Miss MargaVret PhlUlps,
daughter uf Mr. and Mra. Horace Phil- 1
i.ps. la J. Ross MiNcll. of North Car .-.
Una. Th. ? ereaaeny win take pu..
at the Methodist Church la Surfulk ~'
? o'clock on U'e%riesiia>- eTmlng. and,
th- thur, b wMJ ?e' Ualuntied With a]
brffllhaW gathering 01 rsaatlTes aadi
friends. Pi I BIBItSIIS will I? Vet"!
? iajTKirate. and the costii:.!'s Ihi
ride's attendants have been eopit I
from French models. Misses Bessie I
II .liana and Basal Siniotids. both at
? uffolk. will BS iua.Us ot honor, aril
their gown.- a; a j\ ,,al<*t r,ii,k chai
Iaa us? finish-d artth late. They will
tarry bic hansjaeta sf KUla^Satrj roses.I
The brid-sr. ?>?, Misses ThtTOSt N ; ?
<\ Mnry gl two nap. "Tffr*ri? and k-thei
fAseasp BaRl? and u.-u Tw.;t.. Mai
all of Suffolk, and a-avi?i*i''. Partei
?f N'Tth Carolina, w.il w. ,
? iaint.st .-? it ..f goWBS made ,,f white'
? h?rmen?.- o.. 1 ptah
. nd finisher! with d? ? ;>
? aught with ' ig, jink eres of t ,11.
'r'liej ?,.1 any tin.pl . t atafTi- eu.
i-ouou t? rf ;..r;K bwes cam '
leng tun? 1 trtaanirs m the top.
\ big dans 1 a 1! foiiovt , >;,
leceptlcn that U iciv-ii ; th.
t-aj-ty a- -he i.?/...e of Um bride
luedlatelv fotlOWlag tr-, . . : ? ,1,. T' .
Cane Tai!' be gtv< a al the armory ar.d I
? aids
af aas
Dun lop Flour
It Makes Everything
Ihr DunkwMilK V\^KtoXk\i}l<\
chighester S pills
eTll?li*>v>i.:'? _
Ispstv-a aa* rao- S-.tC- - . /\
< SI aaaa> laa-a aN-iaaM/h-a.a AIV\
f*Mu la Bed taei V.U , - V/
TaT. ?7 -Ibsf B./eT W
o-maava 4.. <f|M'a,< rrps
aiAafexn rrn.fi r.TT ?.'.?*
.53 nn\?Ltt
?va) rroai Baltimera for the pnrpees.
Ii was :i v. i?> lovely event, and "in
several vary hiawtkfnl fuadtloua
? U have been planned In Honor pi t???
Ifcaaetjm < (none* Itesuined.
Miss Clla Btaferd's denctna classes
win be reaumed Car tin- winter to?
morrow afternoon foHowiaw ,tke end
<?! Hi. aottdaya. TBs classes for ih.
tittle ckildres kefda ;>t half-past 9
p'clock pa .Monday afternoon and will
take place a! the hall of Ike Cea
kervatory of Music, corner, of Laurel
aril Hroad Street?. Tlie>>c dancing
....-ms are very intere-tinc sureats (or
the fasMonabJe little people im tow .
and a:. target* attended throughout
in. seasea
\t the Minotir.
Some of tin- prettiest informal rar
lies ttlven fiuriiijr tke kottdaya took
place durinK tkc paal week at the sign
of S.imnvar Tea Ko.ini. 2? Uapt Frank?
lin Street. The t?-n tallies kave aaaaj
arranged with vases ot pink carna?
tions, and aoma of thaae entertainlns
kerve been Mrs*, Orrol Montau 00, Mrs
r Newton Vauehaa, Mrs. Elmo re p.
HTotchklss, Miss Uertrude Camm. Mrs.
Malcolm Bruce, Mrs. St George Bryan,
M:>- Helsa Stevens, Miss Biotas w?i
drop, of Norfolk: Miss Haul- Sin.los
and Mrs. Aitl.ur Hlpley.
others noted recently iiav,- keen Miss
BeBe WBlard. Miss TlrgttH i < i-Nt 1 m.
Miss MhIiI.- Walker. DouKa|. Walker.
It. W. 11 Hlggtna, Miss l?elia Davaa
port, Miss tUHvbetk Hargrave, Mrs.
Areals Jones. Miss Jeaes, Mrs. it. rb
srt Wkltehurst, Ckanains Daniel, Mr.
Re hoe Sold, of London, Colston Bnead,
of W.st Virginia. W. <'? llat.-lier. ot
Hl W Voi k. and otho;s.
\ i?i:ina Hi-re.
M: and Mrs. V'USCeal A d a 11 iso it. of
Nea Vork Mr ami Mrs. s. i; Co win
und i half i hildrer. of Alabama. Mr.
and Mrs. .1 W. Hall, of St. Louis, and
Adaaoson apenl the halMajr
season with tkeir pareats, Mr. and
Mrs. A L Adams.at the CheSter
:... i I. part no tr.^ Mr an i Mrs Adam
son ? nt> rtain theli children In Rick
moad at rhrlatmss of .aeh year.
raSlIlafcaid at I?Inner.
Mr an I Mrs. If. T. BydaST enter
taiasd at .. dinner party given on Neat
Year's Eve at tkeii keoee, IUI tlrove
Avenue The aftair was in honor "f
Mi Wj Jam's brother. 11 Christian
Bydaor, of Missouri, sad their son. K.
Meredltk Oydaot. ?.f .Mississippi. onr
Isaaasdlata relative* and tkeir families
Wen Included in the initiations, and
roven wirra mM for tweaty-Bve.
1 ai als
ki the Woman ? < ksk.
Mra w. s (Jordan: i- chairmen of the
musfceate that will i>. jsiv w ha the
i',i!:"r< of ?M Woman's Ctahj to-mt?r
aw .iitein.'on .it halt-past -i o'cleck.
The hostesses for the af>l I SSSa will
ui.lud. M-s Lewia ?. i. it. M's wn
IkaSB Mead*, citrk. Mr< BTUllam RtrMn
Civ and M'S. Ball) N> '?>><:. Baoeas
M-.se Margaret Oerdea, eunarhte* ?.f
Mr. ard Mrs ? aaway F QsKSSfc wi'l
Mfcas Prances >;ie.-. ..f Lynch kernt, win
roadoi it r. :?'?? i of rinnr seieetioai
Mam .viien ?? h kradaate ??! Rawds!pti-1
Maoaa CsMsiie. and beak maadctami areI
lists ol as fit * i ? - aot<
?'lob nsssanets Me BtUl '.i- B -
m- km el) saaspj saavj I Mma L
t:^,.t ihm .\ns.? Coi i vTimstea Miss!
rtuttol Bl I M's O ft..i, AtiP- :,t tie j
BMoa sjudama nmnasass).
k ... ,
Oat for a Record Ihis Week
To Exceed Our Best Previous Value Giving in
Coats, Suits and Dresses
Clearaway Sale
at Saving of 1-3 to 1-2 and Over
Peremptory orders have been given to dear out all winter >tork at once?and tor ,i
quick exit of Coats, Suirs and Dresses.
So great are the reductions, tor example, you may buy .1 Splendid Suit, made ol the
very best of materials, a copy of an imported model, formerly selling at $35.00 to $37.50,
to-morrow for $18.50, if you come early. You'll find other equal!) good values here.
Here Are a Few of the Many Examples:
$15.00 and $16.00 Suits, ( $16.50 and $15.00 Dresses.
Clearaway Price $10.00
Another lot of 25 Dressers, in eponge, cor?
duroy, serge and whipcord; made on tailored
lines; fancy collar and t uft- of moire, fancy
braids and broadcloth of contrasting colors;
ten different Styles to select from; all -i/t-;
one of our most exceptional values of the
$16.50 Chiffon Dress, Clear?
away Price $12.75
Dainty Chiffon Part) Dresses, mounted
on .-ilk. shadow lue yoke, satin girdle, fin?
ished in narrow shirring; blue, pink and white.
$32.00 and $35 Charmeuse Dresses,
Clearaway Price $18.50
Beautiful Dresses of charroeuse, shadow
lace yoke, vest of chiffon, embroidered in the
Oriental colors, draped skirt, others trimmed
in white satin and accordeon plaited skirt;
blue, taupe and black.
Clearaway Price $10.00
A lot of 53 Suits of serges, cheviots and
mixtures: Suits are mostly tailored; some
trimmed with velvet collar and buttons,' all
colors; ladies ami misses sizes.
$12.50 Suits, Clearaway Price
Sfafenats ot serge", cheviots and mixtu'H V:'
they are tailored models; with fancy back,
Norfolk effect. Others braided, -izes for ladies
and mi?-es: color.-. Hack, blue and grey mix
$18.50 Coats, Clearaway Price
Dress) Coats of double-faced white Polo
cloth, very appropriate for street and evening
wear; braid bound; patch pockets.
$25.00 and $29.50 Coats,
Clearaway Price $17.50
White Chinchilla Co.it s, braid bound;
other.- with black velvet collar and cuffs;
trimmed ia larye buttons.
The Great Sale of Undermuslin
in Full Bloom
Hundreds of new, dainty I'ndermuslins have arrived to re?
plenish the enormous selling of the last few day-.
The values for to-morrow are greater than your expec?
They are absolutely new merchandise to appeal to discriminat?
ing women lor the workmanship and the splendid savings offered.
Regular $1.50 Gowns,
To-morrow $1.00.
Made uf longrloth, Ktnpire style,
trimmed in V'.il. insertion and late,
finished with wide ribbons, beading,
ribbon trimmed; others with yokes
formed of Swiss and Cluny, fancy
(lowing sleeve.
Regular $3.00 Gowns,
To-morrow $1.98.
t?nwn of n.iin-ook, Empire and
straight Style, tueked and set in with
Swiss medallions, finished with VsJ. to
lor m yoke; some trimmed in Cluny
and ribboni others ? itJi baby Irish
in-ertion and German Val.
Regular $1.25 Skeleton I nderskirt
and Gown,
To-morrow Mc.
A lot of the popular New ^keb-ton
I nder.-kiri- and Goorgtft, high and low
neck, of longrloth, trimmed in em?
broider, InOt and insertion.
Regular $1.50 t'etticoata.
To-morrow ?1.00.
In the popular new skeleton -avie <,f
cambric and longeloth, with floun<?s
of Val and Swiss insertion; others
trimmed in forrliori edge and in-iiftMM ,
tome with du-t ruffle.
Regular $3.00 Petticoat*.
To-morrow $1.98.
Skeleton slvle of line lonqrl-ith.
plaited frill- ot wide plat Val , others
trimmed in wide (limy insertion
joined with autre deux : v.m<- w ith deep
ruffle ol Swis- embroidery.
Regular 38c and 25c Corset Covers,
To-morrow 19c.
( ..rset (Swan "f loiifciloth, trimmed
in tort hon edge1 and embroidery.
Regular 50c Corset Covers,
To-morrow 38c.
Cor-et ( overs of c ambric, lace
trimmed, in manv different itytta.
Marabous Just Received
New arrivals from abroad. Our own importation of fluffy
Marabou and Ostrich and Marabou combination in Scarf and
Cape effects, at the lowest prices in the city.
The Sale That Mother's Have Been Eagerly Awaiting
Our Annual Clean-Up of Our Entire
Stock of Children's Coats
Bargains Worth While Laying Aside for Future Use
The best stvlcs of the season
and Mackinaw effects.
$2.0" bearskin Coat, 2 to t, \ car
white and red, $1.50.
$4 00 Kull Length Norfolk Cotta, 2
to (> yatrs, red and na^A . $2.98.
$s INI Chiiuhilla ( oat. velvet collar.
2 to o years, tan and brown, $3.50.
$7 00 Grcv Mixture Manni-h Coat,
2 to years, $5.00.
Children- Rain Capes, of -atin.
with hood, in BSV) and red, $1.85.
Children'a Ian Rubberised Rain?
coats, $1.98.
Sv'*' (.id's Coat of camel's hair, S
tn 14 vrar-. tan and brr.wn. $3.50.
to choose from in Tailored. Norfolk
$7.98 Children - I'l.nd Mat kinaw
( , 8 to H via: -. $5.00.
$7 ?> Gfafa (Vat of btact crushed
p!u-ii. (. ti, 11 years, $5.00.
$8 '*> Drunk and Re?f Corduroy
Coata, 14 and 16 vear-: special $6.98.
$'?> 00 Casti of black seal plush, 6 to
? ? <r-. $7.50.
$lS (>o Chinchilla Cbat, helfd, grey
and tan. '? to 1: years, $10.00.
118.50 Fnsjiih < ut s,??< h Mixterv.
Coat, jcri-v and tan, S to II \e.ir
Sale of All-Silk Narrow Wash Ribbons
Note the Unusual Price Savings
Sold only by piece of 10 yards.
Block Satin Wash Ribbon. White,
pink and light blue.
No. 1 10 yard* to piece, regular
value 25c; special. 17c.
No. 2. 10 yards to piece, regular
value ist : -pee ial. 26c.
\o. .i. 10 yard- to piece, regular
value- ;"< . special. 35c.
Pane] Dash Dot Satin Wash
Ribbon. White, pink and light bine.
No. W. 10 vanl- to piece, regular
30c value: special. 22c.
No. 2, 10 yard- to piece, regular 40c
value; -j" ? i.d. 27c.
No ;. 1" yank to piece, regular 5<V
value; special. 36c.
No. 5. 10 yards to piece, regular 60c
v -i I tit : -pe* ial. 45c.
Double-raced l.ihertv Satin
Wash Ribbon. White
blue, lavender, ret). Nib and corn
No. 1, 10 yard- to pSBCC, regular 50c
value: srx-ci.il. 35c.
No. 1 ' i. 10 yard- to piece, reguiur
65c value; special. 50c.
No. 2. 10 yards to piece, regular SOe
value . M ial. 62c.
All-Silk Satin-Face, Taffefa
Back Ribbon.
No. 2. lo yard- to piece, regular out?
value; -peria!. 19c.
No 3, 10 yard- to piece, regular 40c
value: special. 27c.
All-Silk Plain Taffeta Edge Rib?
bon. White-, pink ami fag blue.
No. 1';, 10 vards to piece, regular
25c value: special. 18c.
Hartha, I>a\:s. Sue lUrrlnc. Archie.
Ur] l'rjnio, < '.n lie and Sara Btik
?:. > Miitai11 Henry Tyler, Arthur M
C ib. . TlNNMHl Gary, \\i;; Parriah. T.
MiN Simpson. Jr. Wat'. Robert A.
Gary Jr. Claartta* Tr-aman. a. Ran?
dolph TaM? and Richard K. Berkeley.
Jr. The ihaaanaw arete Mr ajaj Mrs.
Roh? ? I M !'?? rk*le;..
<'? Interest llrre.
Maya a leeead exchange:
A ? .cut of the VMOUt sra
wa.s th- n.??: na" r. ,-? :itl\ at
n kork, of Miss Caen lemise Duncan,
md P^lmrr Tennant. of llatTTStown.
M l . ?. hi h was sol, mr.i/ed at the hon-.
If there it. ?w n,-t r a hi
' ?'Oil l.uck i? irtdiNfiCTtviNr.
>h.x one uer ? m making pat
Ard. In* the arav. whv n?*
I ??' *r,n'e ck"! horne macie
(iinnc. with iafht
< hat a ill r|'?jt?Je the f.im
i ? ???eni rA v-eur cooking.'
' !-oa?rkrcj<ra find that
"'"??) I. ;rk" is a eecenaiy for
?"ana par ? ruet. Yry it,
fat ?"? hv eh ai?ei>.
Jtt bcdjllifri MaW.ttinif. C#.
K.. aeaenen, Va.
I of the bride, in Haffermown.
"The ceremony was perforna ?1 b]
Dr. John A Ingnam. of the a.- r>M
RefSSMSd <-hurrh. of which the brtdl
i? u member, assisted hy I?r. \\ ;1.t a in
W. Knox. of Umj Kirst I'reshyterla I
Charch. with which the bride has M
connected as a singer, only the irn
'? mediate relative* witnessed the nup?
tials, but at 7 e'eaocfc a b?-r reception,
v. as held, many % ..est? helnir present
from New Vork. Rroolti' n. Phsladkl
pMa, ITaaninglen. Biltirnor-. iia-ers
' town and other placea.
"The bride was given 'n marriage by !
j hi i father .-he wore a gown of Ireej
j satin hro'vidr. Tbe skirt at the fron;
I ? ? - e.i.i^ht ui> in panraVr style with
? lusters of avataare blossoms. reveal?
ing a petticoat of Japanese hand-ruade
I lie This lace ?\ i- i.so ;s. ,| to orna
i mm ine i?ft MnsaMer nf the |*ea
J and was caught to tile < <>rsase witu
i a i iust- r of orange bioesums The
| neck i'iiI short sleeves were banded
nitn ro;>. ;.eHrl trimmings. A diia h
nhls tawrl train, three and a half yards
, lone, was a distinctive feature of IB*
hm . Heff tulle veil was catgh:
:;? ml ? i i TOM t ol ...ange b!?'*>w>ni*
I and athe - in led ? shower oon'iuet of
n! ? reaaa an i lilies af the safety.
Mi r oi > ..rnament was the batfe
. eeanTs gift. .. string of pearl* t?'!h
?hanotnl and platinum clasp.
M. - - lenuise Jen ell. of I'hilsdelphln.
a a; the oai'i <f honor and wore an
kr- ?? of pah cn.i-meiisi x
eaaa I aei aa Cautv aat.n add~;
, Kr< t :? touch to the gown She car
i led an aim rwv.iej'iet of American
ll-.iu:v nn?? and Wore the Bttale'd
? .? ? le; <>t sanphlres and dla
II f HrSdges of Kaltlroore. ?j<
t-e?t ?n.ii The hr rdejri oom's atfl
him ?as gold cuff links There were
M . .1 Mrs Tennsnl Ister ? fnt
I eft hN Hl I -? ?rings wher
??i- l.oi,.\-no ... .till t,e spent
Th- '.ri.:- s Koin.-awa'. costume
m< of ztl e Ine. gold snd brown, th
two tasnsf ?'h*. ? it t oa? was of broan
, velvet. Tarn O* MamMar. and Ita only
aJBK wes en amber s aded piume
?w.. ? a. r -kin f .r?
M- T nnant who Is a nat'.ve of
\ k ion a resileet ..f Ms
4.rrti>?n f?r lb- last fifteen yeers
id <-,.?? heen prominent In notifies ??
, v ii >. snsaaNi Me as* asbMafj N
jib- l^atlslat.r- in iss4. and In WfM
Jsa< tt.. ?? eta mile aoaslati for J*s>H I
mt Hi'jrerstown. but was not elected.
Ho was appointed ay <7o\>rnor War?
th Id as om- of the Maryland commif
M.m?rs to the Im stown Imposition
at Norfolk, and ;s. hv a: :>o:ntment at
:h? Governor, a ISSSbtr of the board
of visiter* of liV Maijlnnl "??chop; for
?In- I???uf. at Kr r-d. ; .< k. !(?? has been
for a n Ssfser mt T* KT eor-espondinti
>?? eret.try ??( Mac H-. t?rst?Wf| Fair As
Mr. TViinunt |g .1 son of the late Dr.
Ckflaa I Tenrinf. of c'nnne? tk ut. a
surgeon in the Darted states Army.
His mother, a ?0 d-re.is d. I.efore h< r
marriaif? ?as fa Id w-11 Harrison.
<>f Norfolk ??
\ nniinl Vr? tins.
' >n U 1 ili 1 >.:.. niornirs. Ja . aty a,
;it II s'rJack, the annual meitnc of
? Meanaand Caanaee*, ITafteai DaraaBk
!t rs of MM >'o?ifi-J'-ra. y. will l-e baM
Tin r. mmt t of Ian president. M-n. No:
man V. Randolph, will be read, and
? ,,f dues 1 nst l?e mad- The>
? '???::vrlifi|i of S: ll?- meets 111 Klch
Ask ynue >*ea|?r or ,>hor.e us? ? mdt?
$8X0 24-pc Tea Set
iVMd' an nni ?n ?in aaattao Ca>.i
S Kaat Letsk Mmt
the Richm in<1 Chapter A Mi alt- nd
anr? ;s desired.
TTinaifcl HrtSiUgg.
In the JTirst I'resl.yteri.m Chur-h, ;
Itn.ttioke. Tuesday ??venire, at . o'clock,
was solemnized \h- marrlas:.- mi Miss
Kmily f'amphell to .* Allan QtMB*
land, "f I'ort Wayne. Ind. T ? < r> -
?MNUJ BM )?erform?d by ll.v U illlam
??itrhtun Campbell, father <-f th?
?rid.- and past ir of the eh--'?: . The
ii.-m-? I was ? laborately de o.-a'ed, a
SerStM of ceJar trees to each side >f
li. m, can and ivy vHIInit Mm choir
rail. The pulpit alro win entirely
rivrr.d with irreer.ery. A ISS of
?rruups of candle* ?as placed Just
wilhir: the rholr rail, and th.- tall col
nmna >f the rhurch w.--. also < nvered
with ivy.
I?r. Krederlrk fluff was at the or
(ran. Miss Hannah Oss)k ;>l,iy<d S. hu
1?? rt't "Serenade" pr-cediii?: i ne ? er
? mony and accompanied !?? fluff ?iur
iner the weddina; marches. Walter 8te
!?? ? ns.?n 'ii'l William ?t. -ihensnr.. Jr.
acre at the rfSjdSMSk whlcl, wer. <losed
!?> .xt ropey The Usher* w. r. fiun
MB Wilson, of Clarion. Pa Harry I.
Stii'hi n^.n. of Buffal ?. X. T.: Blake
Campbell. ?f C.rnelt T'nivers:t' hro
ther of the bride: Stanley Shuaart. of
Philadelphia The< ?nt?red sinalv
down th- two alsl'-s. . rossln* and t-.k
Insr thetr pla-rs in 'rent of th- altar.
The oride'n attendants were |SM lm#
- a. maids of h -ri-tr M ?'< ? Anna
ard Mir-, rampbell. Taev rr'ar- lovely
trork of white point d'esp-t ?\er
silk, with trWir/llngs of pink rosebuds,
j.ink sarhes and tulle kalr bows, and
? arried arm honqneta of K(llarne>
i ? l.ride entered with her brother.'
,-r<lalit'n ?~jfnpb,ll. of Crockett
*prln?s. who save her In mirr a?e.
t . 1.tide's |n*n was an . HR I M
Mkjtton of charmeuae. wltb. chiff'm
nd lace draperies. Her '- fl a as a'
. .41'aed In can rfT."-1 w!tt larr .-..<;
..ml wltb Itll.s of the \iM? >. and
? Tte?j n bouquet of llTUf of the
. .11?? tied with tulle "Hi- wore ?
-?r phf re and illi aaoml ?sstdanf. i
iilft of the a?oorn T'.. am m was at
? . ' ;., his . eusli.. 'I. nn " .< of
?i T*a
Mrs. i:, .'til. -i?l has fo- se-era| years
ksjsj ortfan'st at the e*lrst Pres?- ...
ir h sn-1 Is s talented musl< tan
I Mr 'treenland I? a prominent business ,
i man ?I Far 1 Warn?, Iod. ?h-r? k?
m ill take hl? bride aft-r th. !r wedding
Mr. and Mrs. W. C Stcnhenson, bro?
ther-in-law and sister ->f the groom,
entertained th" wedding party and
? > ;t-of-town km..vts Monday evening
after the rehearsal. The out-of-town
ituests included Miss Dorothea Camp
besa, Harry and Hush Campbell. oT
Berkley. W. V.. MkSs Anna M.n y il.-n
"haw. of In wood. W. Va- Miss Emli>
- ,.;les. ?f Brooklyn. K Y: Mrs. V. ft
Smith, of lYincess Anne. Md.. Mrs. J.
B Kendsll. of W.isn'.ngton; Mr. and
Mrs. C C. Campbell, of Crockett
Sprinss Miss Mat" 1 Wine, of Norfolk;
Mr. and Mrs. TT. TV. Greenland, of
Moberly. Mo: Mrs K W. <~Jr<? n.and.
'.f K-.rt \Va\n-. lnd : Henry Wils in. of
'larion. Pa . Stanl- .- Shigart. of the
I'niTersitv of Virginia. Harry I? St. -
phenson. of Buffalo. N. V.. John Baaks
?"ampi.?l|. of Cornell I'nivorsity. J Wil?
son Greenland, of Warren. Pa. Mr. and
Mrs. Kdgar Ket.dig. ,,f Baltimore.
*A alrk Party.
Th- V. P r* gar- ? watch party ">n
T iosdav evening. T>? '-emlier Is, at the
residence of Miss Ktvria A'klnsor
.????a Kast Broad Street T' I rooms
w-re d'coratid in holly, a ? olor schema
el rtd ar.d green b? .ng larr-.ed out in
ferns and red hsslls. In the dir.lng
: eom where supper was served late
.n ih, evening, a Christmas tree was
.?? d .,s . ? itr- nl- ' ? ? i h tat>V,
and Masrsj was ejult- a display as* fire
w irks aft?r mldn'g .1
The members present were Misses
Avis Certer Ruth ColUer. Riehe Vl< k.
Cauleoner. Ruth Woodward. Au?
brey Seat on. Marie Mies-1. Km :la At?
kinson Henry Ridenoui. Temple At?
kinson. William I-sthsm, Marlon Rld? -
nour. Kob?rt Skepherd. William Halb,
''harles r*art'i. Warren Ridenour, Fid
\ Rust N'.ival fhr.stlan and Ra> -
mood W hart on
MenjajBnpj Thia ???
In the Service yf ihe King Clr-'e
r?f K? as Dauehters wlil mvrt wit
M?.s W.-ndv. of 117 North Ts-rnn
ninth Street, on Monday afternoon St
4 aSefsp k All membs rs are urged to
... p-i e, nt
1 h. regular meeting of the r?:ir.e,!
of Jewish W lltl'tl Will l?e b? M lb the
>. hooiroosa of IBs* ISynsgOtTne Beth
Aha)>ak on Toeeda. sfl?rn?oti. Junnwrv
7. at H Ii SA le<k Th'Tt will be an
address by Mrs Kate tangle % Bosh^r
~~ (Continued ?n Third l'**e?

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