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tblm polut Of view the follow:. * I* ?<
la made
t >??<-. of JjRpj of Deaths.
Totnl ?rltll
f r ? ma all
eanees . 3.T1S --.715 S dec.
V.l?a? prevent
?kle ...awn. . BBS 4M lit" dr.".
It e ss e I n I nat
. ??nprcvent
SjBBSj . 3,tW? IM in.-.
This table Khows Jjist thei c were i-l
more J. aths In 1*11 than in 1 ?11 from
rauaea which are c mmonly regard-u
as beyond the power of aanlt.tr v
science (and benct uf any heatta da
pnrlcneat) to control. But the reUu.
tlon of U9 In 'he number of ?.??!..??>
from eight preventable diseases ??f
aunVueiit. not o.Tly to overcome thl>
Inoreaae. but to go further and briu*
aJKiUt an actual decrease in mo num?
ber of Je?ths In Klchmotid ff um all
Measles and Whooping ? auch.
"It Is only Ban? t? state. continued,
tie ohlef hoellh officer, "tust :n con '
uootion with two of the diseases la-'
. lud od in llt? first of th*?e> laid. -
measles and whoopu.g cough Ibfl
Hcallh 1?. pej-tnicut does not otalsi til
tho credit for has great reduction la
Ifta number of d-atl..-. Th. ee two di.?
easos normally show groat aaetsratfcsai
la the nui.ler of tiraUi* which tavsj
oooaaluu fioin | oar to year.
The year 1S11 was not a 'moasl.'S,
year' tt a 'whooping oouefb year.
Right BOW wo are la IBS ;:Udst of a
de<ads .1 spaasatls of maasloa aad wi
know that. In spite of th. fact thai
Wa believe our wurl: "111 t'.avu a ne.-i
docl??d effect In l-?s?ning the a USB bet
of death." WkJ h occur Uils year, itlll
tiiere win Inevitably as taaay aaora
deatlis from moasles In 1*13 thau. th?r*>
were In 191t'. In all probability tho
same will be true of whooping cough.
If we eliminate them from th above|
tables (and together tlicy wer. H
spotisiblo *or a assawaVM <>f af ty-aevia
out of the total reduction of 131) Wt '
still have, a reduction of >> rabty-tWO]
deaths from prevent- '-'??? ?l'-s" a.-, s 'I '.!-,
however, :* going too Jar the otic i |
way. as :-umv part of the reduction la
the deaths from oven tliotie twa
cause? wae very attibablj duo to thi
work of th-- Itichmond lU-alth Depuri-.
I be Typhoid Hate.
"We confidently claim that our worn
araS directly the means of saving *.
sreat many ttvea Take typuuld fever,
for example. We have done mur>- work
In connection with this disease than
with any other. And here is part Jt
the record of what lias aaea acooin-,
??Tn?' average nn-rual death rate from'
this disease during the twenty-six j
years (1S.SC to I Ma. Inclusive* preoed-1
ing the reorganlxatioD of the Health
Department. SrBS 77.S per 100.000. lporj
the six full years s.nce tho reorganlza-1
tlon. the SSSrajrs rate has been ilS.6:
for the past four years it has b?>en i'O.?. j
ajid for the past y.ar It was 16.S per
cent. The result* which have been ac- ;
compllshed In connection with this one I
disease alone has saved to the city}
many tlmoM the entire oost of running j
the Health Psjarlinaal
"Infantile diarrhea is not commxwil; j
reKar.ied as an inft-clioua disease, but
our Investigations of the past few!
years hare convinced us that it veryj
often Is Infectious, tbough not by anyj
means always so. Hut in nearly every'
case It is preventable. We have work?
ed very hard ftr the past two years
1n connection with tills disease, and.
Indeed, in conntction with infant mor?
tality in general The death rate from
?prantilo dlSI I lies In the year Just :
closed offers abundant proof of the
value of this work." ,
Vlt< TH llttlM.OHKK \ ??l l< 11)11. .
I aptain Jotinarn Brooded Oirr \el
?leaching Sewth Pole.
rhristiania. Norway, January ." ? '
Captain H.ialmar Johanser.. an Arctic ,
explorer who had achieved much suc
OSSS la polar rt search, committed shi?
eld- at re. He was a member of < ap- ;
tain RoaM Amundsen's recent Antarc?
tic exaedttioa i t waa left at the base,
of supplies when Amundsen ani four
l ompanions pushed their way to the
???la Pole. The fact that, he was run
smong the leading party preyed upon
his mind aad he had brooded over it i
aince his return t.. Norway.
Captain Jebansea was bast known i
through being Nansens sole sees pan- :
Ion during a fourteen months' Journey I
over deaert ice 0n 'he (sreenland i east
after leaving the Arctic steamer Fram
Ir. IS"". He was the author of -Nan- ,1
sen and I at sc Degr.es. it kUnntea
After Nansen'? r<turn from ?Ir--- ,:
Jokaaaefl was a n-.-rnher of nsssisi e\
P'ditacr.s. jacrtafInc th'?se headed by
the PririSe^ of Moi aco and William S. j
Frldf.'Of N. . king of .loha..-'
sen's w.jrk. n high Drib
character. . s ar. enterprislr.g
and brave esi ? r
fty^r.snj. %-:.????! laassary I.?Sal -
?red by nstive? m ye?; Gu::.'-a was the
fate of two ; , .. ? ? ?- . ;
Hermann Wewer, brothers. They wer^
set uncn by raanTbali who came from
the urfvp'id regions. Nn tra"e ot
th?:r bodies has Been fou: '. u
r.elleved that . wer.- rtevnjre-t.
TT.e -ew ? wj? - .-iglit here hv
frlerdlv aatlvea Wbe fated that th
same Can nil , tribe ha* he-r. carrvi-e
on a campaiit-. oT h Jtc'r.ery tTtroug iou? |
the d'strlrt.
A p'i-.tt;ve ixaedttlon is planned hy]
ti.e ge-rar-.--. ?
Papuar.s the name g^ven te.e blacB I
InhaMranta of New Ottlnen a British
p ???*??? ' ' ed?r ?? -h, Ai.s
trsi'sr ripsgawaweati . ?>?? i
to he arr.en.nK? IS BSrtpl ns ...? oc'S
eiorall ? sr. ?-tt..eak of .-annihallam
occurs and w' t> ? are ^ a ?-??e-e?Vi
The more rtvUlaed r^anc^ns >a\e ??
rvholepor.e 1'r': law .
'Berry's tor lutiies"
Shirns from 98o to $3.BO, the
exHct styles mow shown in the
Q4HM New York shops.
WhHc (jrouuds with stripes
In color tu match your suit.
Stiff boboins, short bosoms,
full di?bb f.nd the plaited bos?
oms for tuxedos.
Neckwear to correspond
with the shirt color. Pure silk
knitted four-ni-hands. Rich
ijiucf.ded wido end scarfs.
Tlai in CPiap pattarnM?every?
thing new right here.
Handsome lot of |l 50 Scarves a:
Foes Think Executive Too
Friendly to Amalgamated
Steel Interests.
YVoshir.pton. .tanunry 5?A vigorous
prvtest Is being carried up to Oovernor I
VYoodr rW Wilson against the selection
Of former Governor V orris, of Al. ci -
tana, to bo Secretary of the Inter.or,
says Judaon C WsJJlrer in the Wash?
ington Times t)-day. Governor Nor
ris visited the President-elect a lev
days ago. and the latter complimented
him highly' alter kg had gone away. I
The Improeslon wag established smong
people who have been watching Cab
nvt-maklng j>rocedure that Governor
Morris :s be.ng seriously considced fir
the Interior portfolio.
Opposition to his selection la bas?d J
or. declaration mat he has been
uitogcther t jo frltnaly with the grs'i
A ma I gamated Copper political machine,
?. '.. rulea Montana, meet of the nine
With an Iron :,and, and has been decid?
edly unfilendly to the conservation
In thia connection, there is a consid?
erable movement favor of the re-!
temiou al (secretary Walter u Fisher.'
it la, "i" course, eatlreiy nonpartitsn
in i karactor, out is backed by a good
many people who supported Mr. Wil- .
son in bis campaign, i
One pi '(he movers in thie lusher
ram iu;. said. In Hay that he did ant
understand that Secretary Pipher whs
? ??Ii Informed aa to srhat was being
done; he eras certala. in say case, that
Mr. Fishtr had no mSpOaslhtlltj what?
ever for the campaign indeed, the ten
preasion even among those who gnalra
his retention, is that it is extremely
doubtf ii if t::.- secretary would con?
sider an uff* r of the portfolio. He
has been greatly overworked while he
has been in office, and the glamoc.r
has decidedly worn oft.
James .;?,> Gordon, of Philadelphia.
.!,;?? i ii to- 1*3 ? gossip as a prob
abllitv f,?r the attorat y-g-'.neralship.
Mr Gordon Is a righting independent
Democrat, who nns been prominent in
the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania
contest* of recent years.
In tl - ? anecth ?. it Is stated that
|I.ouis I>. Prandeis, even If he should
li apt i place in the Wilson Cabinet,
Wi Bid not das re that with which his
aas b en constantly associated?
itl ?. generalshrA, instead. Mr.
Braadeis WOnM prefer.. if he were to
have a Cabinet position, to be Secre
Mat rce and le.bo? In that
pseg a weald have a<t:n:riistra:f.?a
of the Hureau of Corporations, and this
ts the particalar iiiatrume:.: that he
arasild llk> to deveing and utilize, for
the purr MS of carrying out his ideas
concerning the management of great
aggregations of capital.
Tesl la l ead.
I If th? : ., m ? -t is to get the Sec- '
"etaryship cf the Interior. Joseph N. |
? ?f l'o:t!and, seems lik-ly to
bars lb* support of Um forces thaf
fonghl Balliager and Cat are anxbms
!? 1,4V. uISSSII?allen made an effective
Aiaoag the mos' interesting hiu? of
Cabinet h th* stabMBesaf, b?
lleved by a good many pe >r>le. that
William i MeCoenl ' ebalrsaan af the
Dl Nation.i. Committee. la'
i:kei> ? it be ndfered a seat in the
presidential boast held. Mr McCombs,
>s; ;. r ? i . .i . 4 th,. manager ..f the
ante-conventlan lalH and chairman of
I MtMSSgl light. Is not strong with
era] Perno-r.iTs. with who-n Mr.
Wtasofl ha* seemed determine.1 t ? aast- j
elate himself.
The Hryanites are represent -1 as de- [
-;d?di. antagonistic to MrComb*; be-1
Minae I I their understanding "bat
< v-r.es sfa'ted his Wilson fight with |
. I al ?ntnaentsm to Bryan
nd th* Bryan elements in that party.;
Richmond's Death Rate in 1912
\ <-?.,?? >n <f iiratka n. ?iS n??r ?er l,n*?C.
>?iiw?IiImii? N"nr? ?tr>n: > "iirr?l?lr?t? > r ii r-*1i1?~nr?
??l*>r. IN.pvlatln*. tic-tanVrf I irln^m la.lnsVn. I'.trlavX.
WMN .. .. MMf 1 ?TT; l.l?T MaW 14.14
till Til .... 4vljl UM .-ro 3? 14
i.-. KM1 i?-*-t
Auto Owners, Garage Managers
JJfv SamsMa*. .'? i- i * t f k ?"???? ? ? ii->w|n?HU? !? oh
rot;??" ' ??>?-* .* h?v? th? ?jM?Mn*ry asm
C)m a tea t? 4M MBJBJPJ ?M pewit'I w-erk it-kj? *?
|M^r4IM<-'-??"??-? I . |.?.i-r? '..I mm* Mi parts
ssmssm 4m* ?*>?->?? l?sfsM| SMJ ?.sa>.
? ??!*?? I*-* /IMS-.* ??-? *%
Charles Carlesi, Painted Check
Forger, Must Go to
Sing Sing.
His First Crime Was Blotted Out
by Pardon From
I Ner York, January 5.?Charlea Carl
i eal. who was oouvlcted last February
M the head of a band of painted oheek
forgers which la said to have swindled
hanks in New York and other ulUea
out of 1500.000, was ordered to Slug
Sing yesterday by the Appellate Di?
vision of the Supremo Court to begin
;o serve o term of twelve years and
. I even months. Carlesl's scheme was
to make ohoto-ltthographa of veal
checks and to have them touched up
by an artist.
Carlerl, n ho has spent a small for?
tune trying to keep out of Sing Sing,
retain.-l tleorgc Gordon Ttattle to fight
his case In the Appellate Division.
Shortly after he was convicted, of forg
ary in the second degree as a second
offender a certificate of reasonable
doubt was granted to him by Supreme
Court Justice Blanchard on his plea
tltat the indictment as a seeowi Of.
render was invalid. He has since been
out on hall.
The lnddctment against Carlesi
charged that he was convicted In the
United .statps District Court In 1191'
of seUlng counterfeit sliver dollars an?
was imprisoned In the Monroe County
.'all for three and a hnlf years and
|L Carlesi admitted the convic?
tion, but contended that a full pardon
was granted to him In X9CI by Presi?
dent Bo one volt, with restoration of hie
civil rights, and that his record there?
after was that of a man who never
had been convicted.
It Tvaa upon this plea that Carlesi
was admitted to ball and It was the
real question Involved in the appeal
before the Appellate Division. Car?
tel's attorney basod his argument
chiefly upon the ruling by Justice Field
? > case decided by the United States
Supreme Court, in which Justice Field
"A pardon reaches both the punish?
ment prrs rlbr-d for the offense and
the guilt of the offender, and when flu
pardon is full it rMegateg the punish?
ment and blots ?ut of existence the
guilt, so that Ui the eye of the law the
offender is as innocent as If lie bad i
never committed the offense."
Justice Miller, writing the opinion
la thi ?'arlesl case, aald that Carles''s ;
full pardon hv President Roosevelt did
not "Mot out" the fact or record of |
h fa conviction, but merely restored
the defendant to his civil rights. The
> ourt said that tinder the laws of this!
t-tate. one who commits a crime after
bavins; been convicted of another ct'me I
is punished f >r tile second offense, to
which a greater degree of criminality
is attached. As to the effect of Pres- I
ldent Roosevelt's pardon on Carlesi s
SO< ond conviction. Justice Miller said: |
"it was surely within the province.
of the Legislature to attach mu^h I
greater criminality to the second of?
fense from the mere fart oc" a convic?
tion for a first, and the executive by
tm exercise of the pardoning power
couM no more interfere *"ith that
exercise of legislative power than the
Laglalartard could interfere with the
power o pardon."
For ytars Carlesi i-.a<l conducted a
cellar saloon at Thirteenth Street ar.*i
... whtria the poli< e ssdV has
been the hea . -.art. : a not only of a |
shrewd band of iforgers. biut of black
mailers and bomb throwers, ills con- !
vl -tton was due to the ft.et that after
the ;irtiet he employed to retouch
checks had used a $-3 check ae a
nods] Car lead, instead of destroying
It. cent it to the bank and cashed K.
Ehren then it took the poUce four years
to get enougu evidence to arrest Car-I
lesl. I
In l*t1 a. forged check for 13,200. I
signed by ttte president of Fine. tH?erT '
A- CSTWoll, Wae cashed by the Mercan?
tile National Bank. When |t came
to the firm ft wae recognised
as bavins the same series number aa a
check returnad some t'aie before. Ex?
perts found Usat "be signature on the
' ? h twee not only a forgery, but
thai th. check itself was a photo- ,
Lithograph of the other check. The
i-hadlngs mt the letters had been done
nd with a brurh.
A few days later the |2s check bear- I
ing Carlesi'e Indorsement burned up
at a bank, and a watch was kept on
CarleaTa saloon. The detectives found
that member* of Carlesn's band were
established In various parts of the
' ity .vs eeatanesn arse with cash
furn'shed by Carleal opened acoounta
In neighborhood banks. I/i course of
tlnie h check for i large amount was
d?posited the money was eolleeteat and
the atsnaM closed. The big che^k
was always bogus .
Shortly before Cerleat was arrested.
r>n November 7. 1911. hie artist fed
ioantlJ with a ?tim?n. who sang,
I ? ?? Metropolitan Orem cboras. 1
. ? ?e '
ranter and Deeewe t all Blsarre Daeces
Demoralising to
i Wilkes-Barre. Fa.. jar.uarv :.?The
? intr<*Juetion mt the Turkey Trot." the
I'Bunny Hug - and the '<;rape\lne
ITwist" *t several the fashionable
society daneee here has greatly shock - i
<d sta.d old society leaders and I
? brought fourth a wafBvna to mothers'
? e-rt. e*" IBS
1 Fresb>terian f'hurch. a&d the dee* o: -
I of his congregation.
The crare sr> thossoighly seized the
? "ting people that the Rev Mr Parr
'and his 4'arr.tu tr.-t and decided to
> Uaue a letter to mothers of their n
eregatior.. warning them of the evil.
Th, ? T-irkey Tr..t" .its' other ?. r.,? -
era rssevred] t" M 'demoralising rn>
moats which hav nop* ln?? society"
The dances are said 1* 'have hee
born amid the prorret of refined peo
i?ior. the |e?ter a*vs ' lr,
of the ris.mt generation rf
h e*?d eltv. w? beg
? of the vhurcu. to stand to -
:?:.;s' th-se Incredible
?? .- aded our social life ami
e le oor very homes Better
1 time, the cid-faah'oned
i of nur fathers than to eub
Midro? ta the sway of those
e^i, whlrh manifest f-.etn
the go area at the present ?r.
r?taeae teil Reveeesr? Be?i ? ?er.
Peking Tanaary S?The <"*hIneste
runtegis lessanee for 1912 amounted
to ?4S.2**.*?a That la a mach larawr
"firti than t 11 IL which was Aie
east previous record.
Oeorne ?. i". ran am, ~i ho??- election to ronirres? from the Second Concres
? tonal ?latrlct of l?rnnsrl venia ?ill he rontretcd l>> William s.-belV. of Phila?
delphia, on th,. ?round? that Graham ??? not a resident of the ?lale at the
time of his ejection._
Comrnittee May Recommend $50,
000,000 for River and
Harbor Work.
Washington. January 5^?The aniour.t
to be carri.d In the rivers and harbor-*
appropriation bill at this session of
Congress will be decided at a Ilms 11 nil
of the Hotrse Rivers and Harbors Com?
mittee to-mom-.w. It has been planned
to keep the bill to about $3(',uue."0", b'.t
prvssur? has been brought to increai
the amount to $50.000,000. The National
Rivers and Harbors CoagreSI baa
corsed an annual expei:dlture of $?"?".
000.000 for river and harbor improve?
ment. Tho committ.-e expects to write
into tho bills appropriations for about
Jn.000,000 for Improvement of the
MlsKis.-ippl River, to be devoted !arg> -
ly to strengthening .evees in th' not d
Action by the House Judiciary
mlttee on the proposed workmen'-*
eompeneatlon and employers' liability
legislation is exp.-cted within the next
two weeks. The measure has been |>.
fore the committee since early last sea?
son. It will be taken up when the
<<immltt?e eoaclttfSM Its pros, cution of
the impcachm?r.t charges air;.in-'t .ludet.?
-Vrchbald. of the Supreme '"ourt. proli
ably next week.
la storm Flinhargo. Kb Iteute to Hos?
pital. sufTers Uintry Tortores
Twenty Honrs.
Chester. Co.. Jan lary ?Marooned
with three men nr. Chester Island
from 10 o'clock Thursday morninx
until T o'clock Saturday, on her Way
to a hospital here for h-Toic purs- ry.
Mrs. Edward Rurk. of Floodgates.
Oreensrtch f'ounty. N. J.. was all but
exhausted, and the men with her ha?i
a twenty-);o;,r battle with the ele
menta on this winter's most vigorous
day and night Here the unfortunate
woman was 'aken to the home of
.Tames Pierce, on Oraham Street. Mrs
H irt;, wfio |s et-fferlr.g with a lamor
eaa growth, was heftig brought to
Cnester Hospital. She was accom?
panied by her husband orsi Robert
Youag. Joshua Runnford. of this city
who waa gunning on the Island, ar?
rived with tie* party.
The new Je-sey residents left Flood?
gates In a naptha launch, which broke
ilvsn urTf the lower end of Chester
Island. After fighting the wind-tossed
venvee they reached the Island. Rum
foTxU who occupied a gunning skltT. af?
ter endeavoring in vain also to make
the Island ?n his craft. w+ilch as
swamped, swam to the shore.
The three men arsd woman were
drenched Id the sklr Finally a fir.
was st'.irted. h it s>>n>i# ra i
was experienced Ir. ktv-ptng It burn
i: K
The men hunted- for dry eatt.-ill*,
whloh were tied abe;;| Mss. Burk te
keep her warm. The marooned people,
however, were eon-pe'ded to walk fast
Bp ?cid down the >iand to keep Ihell
blood <n circulation, the wintry btasti
oenetratlng *n their hin?? Mrs 1'
cried, suffering eTom the cold, and was
in Inten?- agonv all through the ?j*y
.ted I ght.
Vhirther flr? signals were lighted
and other attempts made te eXtrs* *
ntten*Jon. but ea:i.' ye??ercf*y morninK
Rumf o-d end Y?ur.g came over In
Rumford's bateau, whb h had neea
saved after being swamped. The>
landed at Pe->ond Street Br'dge bsM
Andrew A. F-eney of tbelr plight I l
he proceeded to the i<lanr'. and bro.i-r.t
Mr and Mrs Purk to th.- city. Th"
w oman la in a ?erl? is condition. She
fells a rdtlf- ? *a'e of suffering
PetOMINF.NT ?I TthlK? Will
iniiHca? < M tvimiR or < oviMt n< i
Washington. January ? ?l?tit?ort_?.t
1 e-.astrrs aile. t. r. g the relation of busl
I neas to legislation will be dlesai?ed
' l-v promlr.- nt speakers at the annual
I convent i ? of the Chamber of ?>>n
i messen of tke ifnited Rtatea wbieh will
Convene here January 21 fag- a three
oar/ session The eonverttton will be
femtureri hv a barn-let on January -I
when IheeWert Ts ft. fsaeaker Chamn
'lark ?cd Dt <*>arles W. Eliot, for?er
president of Han erd CWvarsity, will
make addresses.
Repri s? i.lstive Carter Class, of Vt
' gtnis. chairman the ewbeomr-.t'tee
of the Ho'sse Committee en Ranking
and <' irren v. will be en* erf res spe th?
ere at the ceaiimtlaay aTsjiasalasi cur
I rency reform.
The P'-s den* and Mrs. Taft will
ieeitee-rain ib. d'lefrataa at tea e_d re
\ seatlsti January 22.
Charity Agent Banished Them
From Lackawanna House
of Detention.
S?-ranton. PtL, January Z>.?Asserting
that the character of the average
girl Is reflected la the WS* she
??ars her hajr. Mrs. W. I> Dug
g-in. agent for the Board of Associated
Charities of Luckawanna County, has
decreed tfcat her charges'In the House
of Detention banish purfs. rats and
velret bands from their ooiffures. The
style of he-ddress In w-bich a band cf
ribbon or velvet f-neiresasj the head.
Qrgefssf) goddess effoet-like. comes In
for the particular condemnation o_ the
StlSrtflrj a font.
"My expert. Des has taught me that
frankfurter puffs and mountainlike
rats have no niaca in the toilette of
the misacst. sensible girl." said Mrs.
Duggan. "Th? girl who makes gocel
pr gress in school and is not above
helping her mother with the hens. -
work fhuns these flashy Miseries, and
lewess thena to thsss who patronize the
(heap theatres gfhl da:ice halis."
ritra-tight sklrt.-i and coal-fcuttlo
hatg "re placed in th? same aatSC try
hy the agent, although she admits
that the demands of rashion may in
cllno a cultured miss toward closely i
tailored garmenta
Mre. Dttstk?n'a rtstsrs became sgsSB
yesterday while s;> had uns*? r as ual '
nation a young girl who Is said by
her parents to be Incorrigible A red
velvet based an inch wirb- hugged the
girl's scalp and held a mass of hair
in such a position th?.t her eyes Wage
just vi>:ble. Her i.irs too, wer-- well
protected. With a police magistrate
and a n^an reiatlTe Of the girl nidlng
in the fiamlnntloi:, unsatisfactory
progress was being made. Finally the
agem lost petlestes and, approaching
the girl, e-ave the velvet hand a Jerk.
"t.et your hair out Of your eyes so
yon can look at tiy," she said.
The hand slid to the rear and the
front hair fell info nr. easy, natur.l
eeesetoa that revealed the miss in a
much moie ittractive pov.
"I don't know why gir.s will disfig?
ure thems-ives so.'' remarked Mrs.
Duggan: but they wPl do fa. The
nearer they tan come to looking like
chorus girls the better It suits them."
ssa-eswweaei VOt\ IKK? THKT.
\ew < on.ern. With ?2...000.000 t spiral
to I iiolrnl Wnaaen'a Hats.
Chicago, January .v?A secret meet- ?
ing of wholesale milliners has ksasj in
session in Chicago, and 'it was reported
that plans were discussed for the for?
mation of a large , urn bine with head?
quarters here. Tentative plans were
made an?l a committee was appointed,
to decide on capitalization.
Fourteen cities, outside of Chicago.1
extending from Pittsburgh to aVa?I
Francis'i . and from Louisville eS M i
Paul, were represented One hundred
men were present, represr tiling twen- 1
ty-ore millinery, manufacturing, and.
jobhing concerns.
According t<> the plans. It was said,
large warehouse* and branches. In each !
<'tv ...itside of Chicago, will supplant'
the present scattered method of con?
ducing the milllnrtry business by In?
dividual concerns.
According to rumors the new con?
cern was to be capitalised at i:S.C?S.
?OS. the merger to -eut through t>":
a New York financial Institution.
Kill* l> *?? HOOf, COI RSf.
school snperlnteanVnt and a Plnmber
I nlted far r^loestten.
Madison. N J. January J.?Superin?
tendent of Schools William T Whit
iney. who has been doing thlnrp with
the echoed s-.r.?~m ever a'nee be Sc
eeesb*d etwee lass fall, has named a
new course of study. When the pupils
come back on Monday they will find
nmvls'o-i has been made to wssh them j
during school hour*
In the p.sf dirty rhibrren were sent
, hesne. but it was found they rarely
1 went there preferring to employ their
enTr reed leisure plavlng In the streets.
8- It inn. ha. k to ?? ijfol the ne>t
dsy dletler than eve* teupertntendent
Wh?tr#y decided that some TBSsnS
imust f-ovdeo for cleaning the
children |n?''.w1 of merely ordering
The jajgnluli nip a I i.-ters>*ted Sir heed
I saw that the* were set ip and con
netted w'lh te^ water supply In the
? eeitral Avenue scheel A beater Was
I aim provided an tnat the temperature
imay be just right. I
Arin\ of Cnitcd States Rank
Lowest in Aerial
Lieutenant i'oulouis Complains of]
This Country's Lack of
New York, January R? Lieutenant
Benjamin L>. Foulois. of tue Army .Sig?
nal Corps, who la. in the opinion of'
such authorities as Orville Wright ami
Major Samuel Beber. of the Signal
Corps, one of the most capable offlcer
avlatora In thia or any other army. '
and the aenlor mVUary aviator of
America, depagres tf:e lack of public,
Interest in aviation *,n thig country,
? hieb, in ills opinion. I* responsible
for the fact that the United States
stands at the foot of all the great
powers in the development of military
aviation. I
Lieutenant Fouloln writes in the
January issue of the Journal of the
Military Service Institution, published
on Governors Island by the. SSeOOrs "t
the arm,. He suggests the remedy
and teils what knd of om.?-ra shouci
ba entrusted wltlh plates In the!
American Army and Navy.
"The public spirit that prevails
abroad is the mig'ity factor In thia {
rapid ili-v, a?.?ni," be > iyn, "and It Is
the lack of this spirit la tbe United
States that is respons!ble for our being
so far behind. We .1:1 never expect
'o se- any great amount of public in-,
lerest displayed in the development of
aircraft in thia country ?mtll it is aat-1
isfactorily proved to the people of the
Cnlted States that U is ? good finan?
cial investment. The .'act that thia
new science is particularly useful for
military purposes does not appeal to
the. great majority of our complacent
money-making people.
"The army and the na-'y are at pres?
ent the only branches of the govern-1
rnent service actively engaged in tbe;
study of aerial navigation, and are
fully competent to take charge of thia
work. By placing the military aervb ea
In charge of thia development, we will
not only Insure the s>stematlc de?
velopment of aircraft for military pur- |
poses, but we would at the same time
be developing typea of military ma?
chines that will lend themselves to
many commercial user. As future mili?
tary development of uroraft progresses
it will bring with It maghlnes having
great weight-carrying cin-acltv. great-I
tr proportional spee : machines capa-i
ble of flying in all kinds of weather at
any 1 nd all times, and with a maximum '
of safety and comfort to their crew
kl i ra*sengers.
"These iiuallf;cat!ons nre identieal to
the requirmeents negananF* in the de?
velopment it aircraft for conimer. lal
Lieutenant Foulois in another part
of his paper expressed liie opinion that
at the present skilled aviators oper
at.ng properly designed and construct?
ed machines, equipped with powerful
laotirs, rag fly In alr-iost any wind that
blows Lieutenant Foulois then goes
on to quote Orville Wright, who he re?
fers to as being "without doubt the
tnoet reliable and cotiaervative -tuth-'r
Ity In the world." as having roc sally
stated that It Is now possible to con?
struct aeroplanes that would carry
tw. nty-ftve persons and which could
be driven at a speed of .00 miles an
hour If necessary. Such' a machine.
"Foul-.is adds, would cross the United
States with but two or tl.ree stop*.
As for the qualifications that appli?
cants for the aerial arm of the two
services should poas> ss, the first is a
sound heart, strong lungs steady
nerves, well-trained mus'les and good
eyesight. When proved physically
qualified. Lieut, ngnt Foulois says that
the future aviator should be reiuirel
to take up a systematic course it prac- j
tlcal ar.d theoretic study of the fol
lowing a ubje eta 1 Meteorology, median- 1
lcs. Internal combustion engtr.es. theo- .
retise! and practical radlo-telegrsphv.
metal and wind working, military art !
and ma-, making and map reading.
Paris, January 5.?A Protective
League, based tpon the co-operative J
principle, with ramifications In most,'
European countries, for the benefit of j
travelers shopping in foreign places. Is
one of the most atrikir.g developments
In the trading and ro*im*fclaI spbefe |
Of the young >car of l?lj.
For some months, not only at Its.
? i i inarters in Paris, hut slio at ether
important cities of Europe, an army
? ?? business men has been concentrai-;
ing Its attention upon Hat detalla of
the scheme, which has now begun op
, era Mona.
Although a well-known Parisian or?
ganizer is nominally the head of the
league, the idea originated in the
United State*, and it is certain that
Amer.can monev 1? hark of the con?
As s matter of f.ict the organize
tlon extsts mainly for the protection of
Americans holldav-m ikiig in Europe.
It Is a well-known fact that the money
spending r.ablt anvong the armv of
; American tour lata has come to figure
a* esse of the most Important factors
'In Europe's shopping im< ver v, j...
I than I3eo.eee.oae. la spont annually byj
' Amerrtcans abroad. Amet1r->n prodigal?
ity In Europe, bsvwever. has led to the
creation of ? trading class whlrh has
r tie jeactlc ,.f ..-?croharglr .
td a fine art. and It Is lo protect travel?
ers fr^nt the wiles *J| ihese unsrrupti
l. -.s anonkeenses Ibat the 1-egne na?
hen formed.
?re. ?1. A. Iterate*.
Mrs fl A Bovnton died 'sst night
at < 1? o'clock at her home. S04 |.?
Nv-fh Twenty-fifth "?reet. Her death
was ?lue to pneumonia
I nsersl of ttrs. Kord.
T e funeral of M s .;-rtrude Lillian
T ord. wife of Stanley B. Ford, who died
Saturday wralng at her home, 40? j
N-.r?b Th'rty-flrst Street W..odlan1 ,
H< ghta wUI take Pl*oe from the f*a
thedral of the Peered Heart at I
o .lock thia aflernton. Bnrlnl will Ke |
in Mount Calvary Cemetery. The pall
and this warranty guaranti
BOTH the pi.ino .nid the play ? i
device for five years,
that thi> rearinffff i1- issued bv
tht MAKERS, ami this should be
? strong f,if tor in deriding you to
pure hate an instrument which has
responsible assurance of durability
and merit.
iMatWI ' able I'iano to.
Mad. 25Hh. 2\.i K. Broad.
bearer* Will be a* follows: Lee Bishop,
P. K. W. OlllafJaX J. Horton Grave ,
>,. ? Peyton. Maurice Powers, Joe
Mc.Sw i.ii-y. J. M. Sp.nce and James
if. stainassls
i m., , as Oat ST. at v nurvwyn.
[bps a. to rtM Tissas Pissstsa?]
Hslfilffh K. C. Ja.iuu.ry 5.?With tba
sStlltao band, local militia, the Cor.
c tu lei Vetern:,?' Association. bead' a
by (jeneral Julian S C?rr and Adju?
tant II A London, of UM North Caro?
lina DlVlahaSa tinned Confederate Vet
? rSSSj SOd the ContederaAi- l aBlesf M.
mortal A - hoc la tlon m inn paying ti.o
lust tribute, the body o? Colonel W.
11. H. It iraTWyO, honored soldier, banker
and au'hor. of R eldon. was lal l I ?
rest here to-day in Oakwood Ceme?
tery. Tne fun- raj waa from Cartel
lauseop^: c'hurcJa. oondnotedj by Kt.
Itev. Jo?"p!i U. '"heanirt, Bishop of
North CSroUBe* and IU-v. M. A Harber,
the rector.
"'on.*, Bursrwyn died 1n Richmond
r'rlda>, und toe rema ns arr'ved last
evening el d Were conveyed to tho
home of Colonel J. \V. lllcsdale. SS
llillsooro Street, to await the funeral
to-dii>. The as ry w;.s accompanied
from Richmond by Mr? Bnrgwys ana
ner two Inothers. Frank and ftp hard
DttBlSf Dr. W. 11 B*ker and 1. P.
Burs sty a. Rlehnaoad Henry K. Bur
srarya, Oeorse P, Burgwya. W. 11. B
Bur ku ) p. Jr.. Dr. T at Um(. and
John BSrgwyn MOatae. all at North?
ampton. The eSVACfcoUa old church
COttld not uceon.nodate UM fcreat
. row.l tt-at attended, ur.d the funeral
cortege was one of the longest ever
seen in Ralelffa f'>r a private cltlsen.
>tra. James P. \\a?l?r>.
1 Special to The Tim- I at< h_]
Blacksb'-irg. Va-. January 0?Mrs.
Kila B aaStgy. wife of James P. Was
key, Of rtlarkaburg. died ;it her home
here Prtday, after a tea ?!??:? Etta BS
of pneumonia. The body w;i* taken t .
Lafayette Saturday for burial In the
family certo tery. near that r la e. Mrs
Was key was fifty ye^rs old. and h-s
been a resident of this place for some
years. .She is survived by tier husband
and two brothers. James W.-iskey, of
ShawsvJll?. and William Waskcy, ot
Kenova, W. Va.
Mrs. Charles < . i.lhson.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch 1
Ablngdon. Va.. January I.?Mrs.
K Hirer. I a Preston, wife of Charlea ?.'.
i;il>.?on. died yesterday afternoon. Tho
f las ral arm be hfld Monday morning at
; l o'clock.
1.1. Boykla.
f>per iai to The Times Ttlapatcb ]
Favettevdlle. X. C. January 5.?
Ed. Bes/kin. a Conlederate reteraa, and
tor f?/rty-four yeara custodian of
"Third Vanoe." a famous cannon,
whloh he had fired on tho occasion
of every Democratic victory and most
Of the political gatherings heH here
since the BelIll'WSI and Pislr campaign,
was burled this afternoon. The old
rannnn flr<?d a salute over hlf, grave.
IL o.i'l I*! :..gnt. Tne lJ:c-:vu w?te
held from the Campbellton Presby?
terian Church.
Mr?. W. C Jaeka?n.
iBSet |aj t o The Tin:Dispatch. ]
Columbia, IS. C JWjary r>.?Mrs W.
C Ju kson. of Am.-iia Court nu'.r--. Va..
died ts.-day at noon al ?M BSBSS of
h'-r <:., .liiii. r. M:.- Johr il. Chatham,
at Easly. S. (.'. II- r iiix-et-s d it..s sev?
eral we. ks She was sssty-two years
of age. dfr.s JsckSSS .tu a native of
South Carolina, being Mire V?otorl*
McOee, of Be.ton. .she has r: any rela?
tive*, in this fftatS as wr.i as Vir(UK
Oeorgte. and Tennessee. The body will
be taken to Virginia and Interment
will take place at her home at Amell
Courthouse Tueeday. She is aurvivrd
by her husband, two sons, one daugh?
ter, five sisters and. one ..rother.
Mrs. BV ??. ?.rlfflth.
[fepecliu BS 'i hr Times-iJIapatcu.]
Basic, \X January .*,.?Mrs. B- f<
rirlffith wife of Dr R S. Cr.tnth. of
this place, died earl;- on Kri>!ny morn?
ing, leaving a hust and and two le.ys?
Lewis and Maryland Mrs Orlftlth
was "beforn marriage M.ss Anno Julia
#aSjSt dsnghtee of Mr. end Mrs. Wit
liaro Webb, of Friendship. Md B
was bcrn In Friendship. Md . on Ju'.;'
tlf 1*5". making her mora than flft
five years eld at the time of death.
Hhe was marriesl to Dr. lt. S. CriBlth
on December 5. 1?H*. Of her Imme?
diate ifamllv only >.ne mater and one
hrxdher s-irviv tier, sll living near
the old home place in Maryland.
Mn"ONNAU?d'ed, Saturday. January
4. at i.JO P. M-. at the rrsidenco of
her aon-in-law. Dr. ??'. M Keade.
.107 llin era. Mr. et. Ml:> AXNIVj
krCONN.M, v : iw of Janas Mc
raaeral from the above residence
Monday. Jssasssy ?. at a p. m.
poyXTON.?Died, of pneumonia. Sun?
day. January "?? 1?3. ?1? P. M . St
her residence, "t 1-J North Twenty
fifth Street. MKS c, A. BOYNTON.
fSjnoral notice later.
Baltimore papers please copy.
CA ".TTTR;?DSSS, Frldav. .Tae.uary 8,
1>1f. In Petersburg. Va JOHN CAU
o'clock from GliflelS Baptist Church.
ANDF.RSON ? Died. suddenly, at her
rcsiden. e. South P^ne. Saturdav,
Jannarv 4. I til, at I 45 P. M. JO?
loved Wife of Charte, W Andereo'L
Hhe is survived by her mother. Mrs.
ST. B. CISTS'; three hroihers Herman.
I>o:iis and flenrv Boechen. 'onr ri?
ters. Mrs .T W Chltfrn. Mrs. Louise
p.. . h. n. Me- Iran Clerl . of Wal
kerton. Ts., and Mise Minnie
Bos.hen. _
Funera' from Kt Andrews Chares
Monday, January *. 1*1.*. st I
r, ? lock Interment in Hollywood
Friend* snd B~oiialntaa*es Incited.
SCirCTtM ?Died at his residence, asf
orlear.s Street tFaltna?. JOsiip*
- . i m i|. <ve? one Saegbtes.
i and two gTB~d
Ftnersl from Fullen BaStlst
Oinrch TSTEfjl-AT A KT "I.>? >? -N
S*eWaB. Inrerment te Oakwaod

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