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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, January 10, 1913, Image 1

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? roy.Ca^-===^ m(), i NUMBER 19.226 BICHMOND, VA., FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 1913. ?* weather to-dav-f.?. _PRICK TWO CENTS.
THB DMFATCH FOUNDED KM. " 1 ',l,|jU_, _.. - - '-" ??
i 'eopleStarving tu Death
and Hospitals Are
Regardless of Action Powers May
Take, Problem of City Soon
Will Be Solved?Turkey Must
Be Re?dy to Submit Be
!oie Allies Re-Knter
SfNMsO, lan'arj it - OfBrNl n-ws re
? ? . <-l I?; th. BOoJOriOa deloi !??!! fjB>
m rl1*! th.- ait? IfciW a> tai. 'U'<- as
?Iet.pei.it' S< vcial s- l<l.. rs. ? Uo d?
rcrt'-d and i-.icce"?l. d III r<? hin? the
h<iidiJu ten of Um ?III?! sey Ute town ;
in ia its t??t aasp ('"iriMo.is are BO
narcc that IIm imllt^r;. authorifttra '
have r? 'julaitioned .'Jl fo.?| pos- ,
sensed, even b> "irivji- Individ tit t> and '
arc rnakmtf "tii> ??n<- d sti. ? ;t on. com-I
pi Ising a half ration daily.
CoatttJma hav- beea roajaJorcd. more
kia\e by the n mit? r of nick, who;
?ro?d tlie hospital*. ???!?-? ?? tin at-j
tendance is i n.i<i ? ? i-i t- Thus tin- d-ath ?
isle m r?rj Mfjfc Th- KuljrurSaiiH I
have allowed mrillrlrn n ? Ked i.roas
workers to i nt?r und? i t ? ? .?? wrt of
.-i Knixarian detathmaai
?lurir Halber Than ?n rrr ndc r.
Tin rnwuaaii af IIm fortreaa has.
d<-.)ai?d ha WOMM lailn-r all die i
of starvation thari Borreiidei the tuwn: |
that 1? why ..I. wl?o <?.n ?r? cii<li-avor
in? ti> >'<:,\u Th. i:-.ilt:aiia.? ??? llev. I
even lad* p< nd?-ntly of an; action the,
p a at a I'm may tak?- lae question of A?i-j
riauopl- .??oh will i>? so;v??d
it 'a understood Poaalantlanplr has
accept* d the ytewa of Hi?< hn.l I'asha. 1
who recently asked t<> l?e a'it horlied
to roeoa^voka |he conference, i.?- <>. ins j
president fo: ?M n>\t alt tin* The1
difficulty now lies In the d-leimina-l
tiun of th- allWfl n->t I* oarti?ipate un-i
less iiin *r> aofMaa] la advance wn?t
Turkey 'nt'-nds la aropoaa. They do ?
not wish !<> n viv? the diacuasion of
unacceptable drmi. but they wiah to
have it as a certainty that Turkey ia
ready to cede ?-bat ha? been pro
? nounced as the irreducible minimum of
the allies?Adrlanople?af t?-r which *it
*yi he BOaotMa to discuss the frontier
line, which must i-ave that town In
the hands of the aJasM
In nthti words, the allies do not
wish to play Into Turkey's hand? by
m-entering the conference room wlth
? 'it a definite prngiam which may lead
to neac?. The ambassadors' .-onference
ceaites tn?- Tivks and allies to decide
unofficially as to the main point*, ot
the territorial clauses ..f th. treaty.'
i? that >.ffi. rattSeation of the;
art' < iii?nt> c;m ft* bad In the confer-I
Meel oh >eiltral ?.round.
The dinit? i piv.-n to-night by Pool]
? ambon. the Kr?-ti.-h ambassador to;
?Jieat Britain, at which th.- Turks and,
:.ilies met for the first t.me on neutral
-; ?>und. ih lo-jk'd upoi. a? an ei- elier.t I
? ?ppoi tunity for the pienipnt'n'.;*rii <
t.i tak^ th- t;rst et-p in th? direction'
? an '.inofMiial iinder?'a-td!ij^ Ii I-,
m KX-sted also th^t tii- British Korkten |
ri iiatajy, sir Eahamrd <;.'> in hisi
? .p.i. ity as honorary p ? sit!- ? l af tin-.
? ..rif? renc?-. miah; fak. \\.- initiativ-.
?fcMeicby obriatiriR the ii?css!t> of
? nh. r of lh? parties aap I si Ins, ;?? '
a .ik?- th? Srat advances. Tili? aoold
? MecoaapUasMd ..ni> !? th' -ill' - were
r.?.-ured that Turkev noald b~ are-1
par?d M giv?- ,ip vdiidii 'T'
rorte i? Battnafatdi
<"on!-tantiiioi? ??. January f T'
Partd accoiUlng ta oaattel anna tax ? -
in>-nt. has S' nt .. eteCVtaj to ika Tt' V
Ish an-.baasador.? .i rood -
that .inless th-- ??tea ac . :.t Turkey's
aooca proposals j ih<- ai >i t a
wrek. the Ott?-m?fi d?-lerates ? I
invite*! to ret.irr w ?'? aataottassassi tsa>
??aJaBOate r ? iir-- -lar .?d-1'
H'hate-.. r hat?:-- ? Im P<- *? li d?
termined to maintain 'ts attlfio ? vrtta
?'Kara to Atlrian->:-le and lrt?" V"-? in
:slsnd?. ?n \t.-w t ?? fact tV.a* s- -
liflce? made *n other directions ha.'-'
?f?.-hed the aStroOM limit"
T ? 'or- nn arnM?BM?1'?rs r
/or iwo hours at th-- Austrian e-nhnss.
to-day. and aare.d irK>n th- form af]
i ^pr-s?-r.t:itior.a :?? - addr-ssed to the
Porte concerning; th.' cession 'if Ad
Manop e Th- task has ti.cn entrns?-d
to the Anatrlan ambassador, ?""oiint d
I'allsvicini. as dean of The diplomatic.
I orps
The s;cneiai opinion here, howevct.
Is that any attempt by K.irope to
.oeree Turkev ir-to <-edinc -\driapople.
eveO if supporte d bv ?? -ia\al d-mon- |
?tration. V d'-'-med fa'lnre )?.
public opinion woi.ld rot toler.it- yi-l-l
:n( this p*dnt
a??( \nt ? ro?? II..,., -
St petcr>burjt. .lanuaey a - The!
? 'ahinet has lssu-d .in old, pr-.h;>'t
'?a foi'itrn l>al'?oiri>ts and BVlalnvj
tiom crossin? th? western frontier
;..r six months \ny one vlolarlns
i!.;s order. It is snnoonced. la liable to
at shot
l'r<?er?lt?s ?1.??^- Utm ? Realster
r?apna< UM 0>sts>ea?.
? 'trclnnati tanttar? >- Tb. "sdlbV
of the rninates of a "distrb t manas- t?'' .
? n held ?1 l?ayton. Hiln. In l*?"r. .
ajMMBjHdJ a lara? p'rt ..r ih, davaj
-esston at ttie trial of the th'rtv of
?'? isls Or formei effi. lal? of th- Maj? I
,1 <>sh a,(f,.i,- < ...,-,'*n' b, -e to.
dar. TM? fr. tu <* -po' t" from the
v * |om? Restrict msnaarers t^a^ ?t i?
. :,?efle wttll i OWOatttla? ?hc w a- it
"a* I'Slsai fo'iltki ?? ??t1 as nid" z
BJ f?- flpMlna ?* Wlll!?^ If rid
'IS?r|r. of I.*>nr?>1 WaO. wa? onf
?" -il ?Ol?n?ese? ??i ?.
-hoood s?iar?o??'? sflteo HHtej X?
t'onora and fold of how the National
?rent? tried fo petS'lsOe theto Bot to
he?p the marhln-o
I Muh? l'iotrriilu, ami He jmiMIcmos
i i ii ii .1 lie Heraed.
Rh ? V.uk luiiuury I.?ffcim?r<
RsMaveii ratilai la-slaj la a proposal
ridvaiu? I SJT I ?iiik A Munsey >eet*l
?1??- In I? ? 111 k iu- Hi riKi iMl i '<? Kv
|n.?.ll?nil partita tn?'-lliei He said:
"I sun simply speaking as BM of the
tin ii III III* milks of the Prop' eSSIV*
ii.ii t Ptmaall) i Mrangfti f*? i that
W9 IM I M iiion inlii iiifn i t'nin
MmUn with the Kep'iblican
tliHii the DatMCtatic niadiln. . I firm -
iv i.. iii vi th,-?t ail jonj PrograswiTss
who may happen > ei in adhere to
the K*publi?an Mit) or th?
II . ? ?? trftic party will in tnr 9M% see
tliai i - ha me for hone*' povarMMM
ii-n i>ni> in ih?- PragvaaalM p**ty- i
hold I ii.it vif an- und' t 'he hJM ob?
it- iion to n>D?n?((tli lik* JvjffcM
.?? .in.| linn I ?Ii kiiiMMi an am *\
If UpllBltf?
"To in- iiin. tlii ?hui- attitude of
'. ?raiaai I esponsihlc for the
l< .-?i-i-Sj,, m*n.ipem*ut ?,f tin- 11*
pabIU.-a , iuii shows Ibal it would
in- fnii? i., f to mwhlM with tlveas1
Mr. Hoxel *t ..f-ire.d '.o a recent
i' .1 i.. ???? si.itiit Taft, in Which he
? i .1 ti.i retail of Hi* l.'h. ?|u CM*
i.tl-.i, ntsj ' t I rn tat ?M pe'nian
HKi !:? p ibin nil institutions.**
Mr I't ,?. i II tkM reviewed Mhs slM
>i - .?? Ixtat Mi iilK.i". Indiana.
IV, s jf\ CaUXorala ?u some oth
Wuara Ike Id oijressive* re
? i ? . -ui- s. aid aidad.
'Ti.? ??!',.;?' Im '?' p? i man?, in*
? ?' Ftepubllcaa tMtitv out ?f which
\l Tafl ?peak?, was CM triumph of
fX?M am. t ?,. f> a*4 I! was rel.' kid
b| ?!" nsu.-rs 1 i.a.? *l**n MM?
th< vision* districts in which It WM
p*rp*t raT*il
l'niii ti ? willful o' tli? l'ep'.b'i- \
...ii pel ft) heath thill tiiaft and fraud
aod swIwUlas tiie p'ople Bai impo*-j
iM Ina will of th' bosses. whM they |
Meten ? ?' ;?. twa to HM majority a'< !
tIi?- primaries in tiie rrvetn. wa" . ie <
not tbe tu IMi In whlcii to a<riieve tlifc t
triumph o! im Ml Ulli in t ef Ci-i'uh- ;
Iii-all iMtittttiOM I' i> i'-l' to ?tacMSj
Setting Uigafhaf with th.-,n. ?
"WHm ?if fei?-" Drew M?n? i hou?
Mmlk or lliiltnr? Kr..in ?r?. \dnm>.
n- ? Vmk Ja Mar) V- Kavorabl*
? ? !?? Ita ??: a midnight r<adinK of th' '
?? i.f Ii.? fat??i In a MIHlMJ POt "f
hvrli? limutfnt from a vHci'l MTCrfti
? ?it .in hMMMI in th? Wist Indios, in-.
? '.???,] Mir iMTiafle V. Adam". widov.\
?f AI Adams, ' polu v kirn ' to .sittn a
vn. f.,.- J. in t.t\... 4t J|r>. Mar-i
Li- 'i .ln-rt. a profi-i??iona1 rr.. ?ium. i
??.-?iin? to testimony in trial ofj
l.iiui>tii?l int?rf?t in the Supreme Court)
t'.-uv ilr>. OtlMrt, rMOftTfalMi in!
!i< r ow n MJMAIc w orld aa "Hm? <le!
Bran ' Ii ?? ekina; to recover ti.*
? of th* not* fmiTi Mrs Adams.
"H-ua ' with in?:a:ont demand"* for
?. in*>. was th. lhf#| who. a< -
inrdlris to Mrs. Adams's story
- 11 ;ir^s*fi-.?tions made to her. trans
'.ii*ii what UM boillnc pot had lo dl
VtslSr. After (IVisMJ Mrs Hilbert sums
of 11.000 fco? and 1500 so tiiat
"III son mitht visit the island in
WMCh of frMh h.-rt?s and MMJI
M:s. Adams said sh' handed the plain-,
tiff a $;.00i) noti- :n r-turr. for pro
MMi 'peaiaullaa" lac herself andj
familv dnrinji a trip to Mexico. Wnen|
'llfoiUli tha: "H-tgM" considered this;
annum: too small. Mis Adam? saidj
sh* wrot* ItM li'vOOO not*. teWaS
Mrs OitMtl to k*ep II until the de
CMMJsl iiad mad* a b>.|UCSt tmt UM
I.. MBMtM in her will. When this
pI'MlalM was mad* in tlat will Mrs.
?.ilbi-rA ; ? f us*d to tfirn th^ note.
Mrs AMaaa iMtMei
Tkrit Masa in Kirh> rase w til lie
I? >1ii:?fr<l Uy i.nnil 'nr>.
?'hi'-.iKO. Jan ;?ry 9. ? Actions i.f the '
atttai'aajl f<?r l?r William T. K'rt.y
and his w if*. Margar*t U Kirli' v. ho
w*re t'i- 'a> |Hn indeterni.nat* jiil '
]!??:. it .t) roiiu'iiion wi?h th* fall-'
ure of th* Kirhy privat* bank, .ire to!
.~ larMUajateal l?v a t;rand jur> re-'
i;ardlnif fm ; I Msslacl >n th* MM
i':.it".i >?.ti. i MatrMf Jj?js" LArMHa
a'taVj H i'isfi t Mm My WtVJMfMa
ta b*kin the in. -tixation of tl-.e at
laraffl with the obja<~t of starting
t?ro <t cut ions ?>T subornation of p*r-!
in . Tl ?? -die* s arra>ffnm*ni of IMI
ilefMM rrad? it .tear that h* b*li*c*d .
stary of Dr. Ktrby -o th* *ff*ct j
us! h?- ".ost II'miO'I bv a wf? tappln*;'
?< h*me wns -intrue.
Dr. Kirbi's attorne ? a'^ sinek*y '
MfCMMJsli Themas H iMtaT Fran?
cis J. WmMDM Mi .Iam*s Kos*nt* al. i
l'?-rMllna i **< ?*??? of th- c?se by toe |
tTasMi Staa.? Cir? alt Court ?f Ap- j
;?*ais. I?r an-: Mrs Klrbv were re- |
<*d ..n MMsfA
\ nriaal 'h-ircins PaWMTj was :s- I
-ii. .1 D*>MjM for R.ifter 'I* Qaiaiif*.I
? -? Mi i'i behalf of K'rby* I:
?Aas at tiie I ??? t;?v*rl\ home a.-. ordinir
to witness*s. that Kir'iv lost his mop? v !
t.. ii. wt* tappers T'e warrant war
\tt. 'i i i <r*sas. ?t'orn*y for
rn. .? 'k. which is acting- as r*ieiverj
? i!.. Kt ???'. institution.
I . Ii.. I ?>- i Infi? t>**??? ox ?mens
\. w To: k. lanuary s?Th# appear-I
. ? ..' a NRirf s'rik?hreak*r thi?'
afternoon in front of a downtown'
? 'othinc factory was the ptgaal fot
.i.<- <?' '^.< mo-: d?-?p?-ral* riots the'
? ? MM had to contend with since
tb? eirment wo'k. rs heaan their;
Mrik*. Strib?rs atta-k. d th' man. a'
...?ii . man w*nt to his aid. and In a ?
f*w nunut*s mor' than l.oaa men and!
w-re fightinK to tear th*;
? i rik. i.-eaker from his protector. I
A d??en more poini>m?n rushed to|
th. spot and heaan tn naake arrests .
lut most of th*lr prisoners were'
? r. n.-h. d awav as soon as they w*r* j
at Mai Attas a l?na >tru??le the pa?
li*? men reached the station hOMe with
??nlv Ihne t Inters they had Kr. n able
10 keep hoM of The police M*i th*lr
fMJH and t*>ft a tia l ?f i^k-n ! *ads
? ?I ? W ?
Jar. I n-Me |a %a*ee M ?Heaed IVM
mt Hiw-nlrla
NMi Voih JanMrr ??Tha MM
hi Kiwari T Stntealur- the
I*hila4elphia ? ankrr animt <is<ar
11 m rrrmerstein to r*r??s*t tli J*S. r?
?o ?' ??? in no vrrdti-t The tnry
r. fwrrtr-d a <l?icri>?n?-nl ?nd was da>
rharaS-i. Mr. ftataMrr ronimde?]
thst the mower *?? Io*i .: ? llimri?r.
? t?m. While lh.- <i- I 'i ?a?
a mtii t ihuttnn.
Archbald Held Up as
Judge of High
Attorneys for Defendant Declare
That Senators Can Convict Him
Only by Violating Their
Oaths?Final Arguments
Will Be Made
Waahtactaa. la?ij ?. - a pgatatt
against any a< tion by tr.e Senate baaed
upon th? appeal to ivsmoii o pn ;udi<c.
msrk'd the uloaing argument* |p ittf
In the defense uf Judge Hohert v .
Am :i ha Id. of the I'nited Slateg t'on
m'-rr? '"ourt. i:n>lrr trial by imp.a.l -
mi-nl for misbeha atwM as a Federal
iJeriaritia that Jude? Archbald hid
irtadatad aa law. had been gu<lty ?'f no
misdemeanor and no wrongdoing:, anl
had been shown to be a jut ist of hlsh
integrity nnd hon-hty iiis attorneys.
Alexander Simpson. Jr.. of Ph41ade|ph:.i.
and a ft \\ orthingl-.n. of Vashlfielr.v..
tnaue a vigorous appeal for action bv
the s? nat. within th- limits t>f leSSU
prat > dure.
f.ullt y of Nothing H i !??
' ("plea* M.-nators ar-- going to vio?
late their ??atlis. they cannot pos.ilblv
taaVlet Judge Anb'oald declarer] Ml
Nasssa, "fcapaaaa it has been dl*
t-roVi-Ti in emctj eharge that he at .s
?rniItaf Kfiy wrongdoing, or af anv
The declarations of Manager Sterl?
ing yest.-rday in th<- op?rt!n? speech
f< ? The uTuaatatlan that the ??rnnstit-;
tion was on trial" brought bitter de.
nunciatlon from both Mr. Simpson and
Mr Worthingfnn. TIM] de.-lareel the
KtotMa managers srerC striving ?.. in -
peaea tudg.- Archbald upon ground*
that would not be recognized in arty
"It Is true the Constitution is ..n
trial." said Mr. .Simpson: "but what is
on trial is whether or not the Senators
who sit here can rise to their position
as judges and decide this case upon tho
?viden<-e produced and the law that
governs It. or whether they are to be
swayed by the appeals to passion an!
"If you are going to say that a man j
shall be turned out of office. .Hhot.gh
he has violated no law. although his
aWclalaa* have been impartial, altn Miftta
he has been an upright and honest
judge, then you are turcing uick the
hands on the dial of time to the point
three or four centuries ago. when the
Haaa* of Ivirds. at the behest of the
H NaW of Commons, turned lea out .of
offic.- .simply because they did n >t
?'gree with them. In that r-spect the
I'onstitution is on trial "
Mr- Simpaon declared the construc?
tion put upon Judge Archibald's acts by
I he Mouse led to the inevitable con?
struction that a judge would not be
permitted to order a suit of i Irtlaai la
? tailor shop owned by one w i.e. misht
some day ha a litigant In his court.
Outgrowth of I nrest.
"It is pr.d.ahle that this case mmwM
never hare been begun but for the po?
litical unrest of the times." said Mr.
Simpson. "I am a part of that un?
rest, i better* In it. but it aaaa not
:r.\.>!-.-. ? return to the times of the
IComart arena, when a victim's fate
wa? Battled by the 'thumbs down' of
tlM etwaaft This unrest to-day asks
no victims, least of all from a body of
m-n sitting as judges."
T c argument in the trial will lose
to-morrow night.
Meet llealk H hen ?teaarr'a Boiler Ki>
Mobile. ?IBm Januar? ?.?Tea men
are known <o lair been killed and.
alifren aeverely Injured, when the!
TeabUher River ateamer James T.
*>i a pic* wn? wrecked h? a holler es
p|..si.,n tbla afternoon at I o'clock,
while the h?at was fled np at Rladon
?nrin?;?. \la- The esploatan occurred ,
mitbin four miles of the grave of the i
pie*, who committed ?nletde In Mobile
a week age.
( aptaf n XV. ?I. r.r??. of Mobile, prob?
ably ewes bis life fo the death of
? aptala ?faplen. Captain i.ra? had
taken leave of tbe boat to nftead the
fnnernl of Ita former owner, and w na
nnt on the ?enael at tbe time of the
The dead iw-bltel are: (aptala Tom
Harter Mobile: (oof Mchee. second
i-lerk. Mehlle: Johnny Kopf, engineer.1
Mehlle: Ifenr-? Mwnlton. mate. Mobile.
The other al* dead are negroes.
I I? e white peraons and eleven
neernea were aerloafalr lajnred.
tffer the ?iptoalon the heat aaak np
In the rnhlasl an* then tnraeat over oa
Ita aMe.
Tbe Jnmea T. staples wan hallt lit
Tear* nan at a eowt nf Mt*a. *he
wan ?aerated hy \*. T. WVait. agent nf
Mobile for the owner*. W It. (lark.
\\ T. Went and J. O- (iemld, nf thin
\o ( bole, for sra.tor
Piston Mass. .Ta-inry 9. IJ.publi?
can members of th- Massachusetts
legislature balloted for thre h.>u-*
:o-da? and adjourned until to morrow
n t reaching sn agreement on a
candidate for foiled .*tate? Senat >v
t'oncreasmen John W Week* and Sa en -
tte| MeCMI *?"' are in the lead, btit
neither eoold muster the ninety-four
Vote* neeennnM fot ;? . hole*
a> ?
Rrrnk. Match-Making Reeoed
\en Kfiiatn ? 'oarn.. faotiar a ?
\-tgl bors .tf Mr? John ?Tronholm de
< tared to-dav that *h? had be,.ken -11
mntcb-mahing re, oids when th? ? .e^ d
s1mult*n?o?t*1? of ?h? engagement of
ea< h of hei thre? daughters .Neigt .
bnea have apr'**^1 fr>r 'he rwrtpe The
wddRig Is to Iks a ttiple lilWfVh affair.
With 1 difficulty Chair
Maintains Semblance
of Order.
Claimed and Disputed Thai cics
ident-Elect and Senator O'Oor
man Indorsed Mrs, Ayers for
Presidency of Woman's
Democratic League?Mrs.
I Scott Is Insulted.
Wasn.ngton. Januaiy >.?<iui-.s lions
w bather Pi Mlrlipt ITIarl tVllaon la ;.
Itrader atid a single Lax adl?aal.a
and whctMf Mi MCetM* w!:r #? natu
; i'i'Uoiman. of N<-w "ioia. bad ladarai ?
Mi* MaftMra n. Ayeis for Um prwl
? Mj of Um ttomuiu National IsMM*
tratic i.'as'.n ranted dissension in
MMMtJ at th- second day's session at
the caBT< ntion uf that organization
[ here to-dny TIMM subterts pr?cipi
' tated a particularly spirited clash bc
iweea Mis. John Mterwla Crosby, al
.\? w Vork. the retiring; president of,
i to- anjaalMttM. and Mrs. Scott, pr.-si
I MBt-(dMral "f the Daaght'era >>i the
! Revolution. I
Mrs. Mat! had ascended the platform
I fron; which to make her speech aanil
MUM. Mrs Ayers. when she was d^lc il
by the president to step down and!
i-peak from the floor. The announce?
ment caused much dissatisfaction
among the delegates. Mrs Scott, after
d-elariiijr she had been insulted, he-;
can her nominating: speech. In whoh:
rh' made the statement that Mrs.
j Ay.-rs had MM indorsed for the office
bj I resident-KI' i t Wilson and Senator
j o'l Jornian.
Maaat ri itlaa displayed.
i Nominating and aCCaBlUnf, speeches
I diaptayad mueh feeling at times, and it
j was witli dlfaVllltj that the chair was
a i' to maintain a se mblance of order
I The greatest show of feeling came
'ch.-t, the -lection for president had
been completed, and the announcemet
made that Mrs. Ayers had been elect?
ed. At this point Mis ',*rosby. from
the chair, said:
1 am rerj glad, ia?ies. lUai "uu
have elected a new president. lCttar-J
mg tlie sutement referring to Mr.
Wilson. 1 wish to say that Mi. Wilson
la a friend of mine, and I know that
lie would rot Interfere with an elec?
tion of this kind. I propose that he
hear how his name has appeared in
this affair I do not care to preside,'
? ?v. r such a narrow -minded set of wo?
Mrs. Crosby's statement was made
I after Mrs. Scott had risen m a point
j of pers mal privilege and attempted
to defem! her pr ?'?ious statement that
President-Elect Wilson and Senator
O'Gorman had Indorsed Mrs. Ayers
With tin* close of this discussion th*
election of officers proceeded. They
are. besides Airs Avers. Mrs William
I. C-iUop. ladlaM; Mrs Kdward T. '
Taylor. Colorado, and Mrs. Duncan I*. I
Klef eher. Florida vice-presidents.
Mrs. John F-. f'.aki-r. California, record
lag aecrttary. Miss Josephine McMa-j
hon. corresponding secretary; Mrs.:
Grace P. Hopkins. Washington, field j
I secretary: Mis. F C Adams. Washine
' ton. treasurer. Mrs. C Morton. Wash?
ington, lu?itor. j
The Mard af directors was re-elect-j
ed. it is composed of Mrs. A. Steven
MB, Illinois. Mrs. ITenr; U Edmunds.
JCt w J. rse\ Mrs. J. Hedges Cror.ell ;
N. ? Vork ?'itv. Mrs. William .1 Urian.1
Nebraska, and Mrs. J. Horden Harri-.
M New Vork City.
>un rroimitfr> Ire no Trial 'or ?cnU
iaa Ii IHrougb Mails.
New York. January 9.?F. H. Cilber'.
who was f'r* owner in the Philippine
Plantation Company with A. I* Wisner
and Ml la Meyers, now on trial charc
rmt with fraudulent use of the mails -n
stock promotion, tistitied to-day 'hat,
he had coniplalned to Meyers aho-;t the
? \travagan. - of the adrertis'ng litera?
ture distributed b> the Wisnei can
pan y
Ir. reply to his criticisms, the wit
ness declared Meyers Invariable safd
that "one had to have literature' to'
sell the stocks
According to <>orge W Sto-k. a
government bank accountant, Um lit?
erature af which 0M*M rt .omplfljiiefi
was resp-ins ble f.-r the sa'e of 47J.?o,v
shares ??( >tocfc in the Philippine com
[pany for a total of SI 43.* Ian.! t'-r
books of the company shoved that divi?
dends to the extent of $.V"f.; had If. n
declared on the atock.
?MM nn.l rrlstea Metier I 'Uel. |e
He Inefmied in VMew.
Waslrngtnn. January p. .< iike
l> in the in Igrnent of authorities of
the Po?'-irSRce I >-part nr.' :it. to le only
> ?h?rt rmc until books in.l "t:'?r
printed matter now handled a- rl.tr ?
i las? m.itter at ? cents a no"- . wll.
he mal' n ailable as pa ce'.s | ist -r.at
ter. SM pa It tvecsrie kn>*n to-day.
alresdv iiave b;?n tak?n to indie*
l'on?r?o ?o to a -il e e - tee n. , e's nos*
.??. I s, as tn permit prlnt-d matter to
be ?ent b\ parcels post
In lin^ with ?hl? idea. IVstnaster
? ?-?nenii llltch'-oik AMMMI fti ihj tl.a*
?ende'? ot Ha poal ;?a<karei . op
talnlm frier, hsndlse miaul ? ? MM
print., m.''.- dewc-lptlv? ?.' t!-e .on
trnll without affecting ?h. .r , as,trtel.
lion. Mb) ord?r is :(n ?n.'jlmeni to
existing regiilatu n? w 'io ??
thai the hMtaaaM in a package of an; I
printed matter ? h(er|? the ff,r?
nachsge to the thlrd-ciesii -ate of p. ??
Tokvo .lau? . I The ?,e- ire-e
rre* o .h?n lon ?ha
prafert of In-rea?H'g the ?rn> M taoj
d 1.1...,. w M< h hrou|T?it ahotff fie re- I
cent pdltHal crlsie If win also Ilm
II Its nsi>: ,>*ogr?;n h) t| e rpa iitc?
an. a of the normal atantard.
Star Wttness at Money Trust Hearing
They Disagree a- to Lxistcncc ot
Agreement Among Ship?
ping Line-.
American Locomotive and Other
Companies Complain of
\Va*inugtor.. January 9?Thai the
,i;".rcm nl entered into in 1:<0S by the
Trimport and Holt. the Prince and the
Marnhurs->o-ith Amern an j-teanislup
<"ompaii.es. constituting tbe s<>-< all<-?i
"shipping trust." between the United
States inii South America, is still in
toree. except as it applies to .1 pooling
of interests and rebate system on
seuthbo in<! l Ommene. was the testi
monv id* ?'1 :u-day before tiie House
M.>reba Marine Committee investi?
gating the alleged trust.
statements Ito Not \gree.
Th" statement was in tin- torm of a
cable form lb* foreign agent <>f the
Prlaci IJne. who cable ! the company's
rtpre aaatatlr* bar* on t.ie question.
It did ii-?1 atriee with the opinion of
lyi-izo I'anieis. agent in this conn-'
tr.. for the l^ampurt and Holt Com-j
p.'ry. who snld ":ie thought it ha.i t?: -
rnmat d NFr lar.iels acknowledge 1'
that contracts were made by his eon:-;
pa y. aad that srytne contracts were 1
mads .-?-?njolntle with the other steam?
ship ims-s. tiv.rig tie freight rgt^s
. h .iged. Ti-e Tnlle States >$teel
Cat papal I ?a, ;'i Baldwin le>o>tnc.?i\e
? 'ompany, rh? finger Sewing Machine
? 'omnao rtl 1 Hn B .rbrr Asphalt Com -
.nny. h ? s?! i HI till to ship all their,
goods by o:. r.' .he :r-.ee steamahip
-<?? nra m s" baats. r ? tigti. bav- j
ever, that III "? ' I aa saving.
I] i| f.. ? TV,. :'. n. i ????ip bp any oth
er It*)* A- ta t. ? >ieel C rporail >n.:
p.. s~| ; ? ?.,, , ontracrs were specific, not'
nllaulai The'raf* to be charged,
be H '* ed. were axed abroad, not la
?ftW Y?> "-:. bv th-> ? im.roltee there of.
the companies. The trelgbt rate*'.
varied he said, from week to week.!
tecan ::i-_ t.. the m ? r h at * bit he >dd-:
"<i t'.i. a*r* was to dtsclmlnatlon in;
f?*r - ippc-?. irtd that the!
w~rc prnte*ted so as to!
, 1 c l-.-v a" loar rsites aa any one:
' iaa ?
V. i-en >tt. rs were read from trie
Vr.erir n taWM :notlve Cotnpa"' and!
oth?r -V.;i-. d..:?.ng i"it th?v had!
?~ ? r. d.e. bjaVaatad ..gait.st ?r. rate;. M'
l-jrlr!s 1 C ri.:;-;y denied it. der-Urtngj
that In the case of the Americas l?co
mntiv* Cip.nwr.v effort had been madej
h\ it to pr"c-tte 1 .ne,.?ni.in?. and lhts|
?aa refused iTo knev ot or.i\ onei
1 o/f.-e ? or ?? m which was bt'rtgi'-.g lt?
I ar|ti< from Brazil h-- in oejsendent
iv-mlolm tlwiTi ?onabt
I sae?j aootjt the Booth steamship
line to Br.i.1. Mr I'aAteU ?atd the
. . r. rs? 1 ? r ? i-ssiot.ali' Iis.I asked per?
mission :o rut- into tor. itory now m\
ered by or.r of the othe: three line*.
He said thee t,ad tweti told that It
Would .. k' no dlIT. rei.ee If It "dtdj
ti ?* t'laol sh s pr?c/Hlent"
I r|d no| t'e ver lit of fhe|r aak
;n. ? Hep 1-0:, tative llardln.
'f Texas ibow there waa an under.
: landing ""
I think r.ot. was Mr Pamelas re.
pl\ V 'J ..' b. en doing buatness aide
1 ..de r-r -.ears Wr would not enter
?' ?',<?? '? t? n ithiiit informiee
ft-: desire to do aa. hat |f*Bl
is -ii- th. raarV thing to do it
<,,?? t d n ? r. :.iaf the,. 1, ,?.,.?_
fntthaw Hill
".'asbnglon. lanwa
app: opt lotion bill I
(?"ontlnne.l on I
Xcw Jersey Troops Will He His
I'cr.-onal l-scprt at .
v Inauguration.
F're^idcnt-Klcct Piscewaca ArTair*
With CyGurnMIll and
Trenton. N". .1 . January fc ' rreatdewt-l
??lect Wilson to-day I ??tin?d his con?
ferences with I '??mocratic leaders. ITe
talked with Senators O'tJorman. of
Xew York, and Culberson. of Texas,
following, as he expressed it. his usual
course of Inquiry as to the most ad?
visable subjects to talk upon in the
extra session of Cnngrese and obtain?
ing the personal views of his BBlViHj
as to certain Ca Miel possibilities.
?\\e discussed the special session,
v hat should be done and how little
should be attempted." explained the
Governor Mr. Wilson pointed out In
? idfntalH that while he was s-, king
to consult as many of his friends as
possible, the fact that some of his
intimate advisers in the campaign had
lot \ et. arp? a red a* to.- State H ?
should * not be const rued as a d'sin
elin.ition on his part to consult them.
"As a matter of fact.'- he declared.
"Some of my friends are catching up
only now with personal business neg?
lected in the campaign, and really
are too busy to come "
Ths Governor to-dav reviewed with
? barue?or Walker and .fudge Van'
SjrctMl the corporation law? they have
dr-alted for inin?ductlon In the com'ng;
session of the state Legislature.
These bills, tin- i'rfiv?rnur says, will
have the effect of Increasing the nurr-|
1 ei of-offenses designa!e,| as misde-;
?aeanors. and will prohil .' as fa: is
uoeetMe the nirmjt'nti of holding
The President-eje.-t announced that
I.? hid chosen the Kssey i-avalry troop,
of Newark. N J to a.-t as his personal
escort in the inaugural parade He
??.;i he >-..;?. < e ?o'ild be found
.n the procesalon for the Princeton
.? : ;:d<nts. who have expreaesrl a desire
t.i participate h.it that three arrange.
jn the hands of the tn
auaaral committee.
M- Wilson will stay in Princeton
mmw until :. 4 7 I* M when he
v ill |e?ve for Chicago, .ir'ivma at
S I* M Saturday for the ban.rot that
r.f tCemmerclal <*;?*>
i'-t*. .-Inn 1 ra?lre? t tlri4 KelieMnf (..??
ta Prewldeat-t le?.
Pr:ne??ton. V. f. Jarnarv * frmH
dent-Kle. t \Vi|?n<i wa? con*.ratulated
Upon his erection in a res..!- ?
ed bv the bo?rd of frnste. ? ,-,f I'rtn. ??
Ion l'nlv?rslt> at the .juanern mee 11 na
here tn-da\ The resolution which was
Introduced b'. Ill lohn ?;rie II
I>r- -Id. nt of fh? unlversil
"The trustee* nt Prfm eton T'nlver?
ttv offer to the lion tA ....d-W i!?.-n
e>t|e of the dtstlnejuiabeTI
unive-sitt aoaie time Its pre?idepi <-id'
now p'e?ldent .if th. b...?. ' " ?
f.,^ir . ..ngra. ulatt ? on h'. ? I- t ??
f?? the pesairti nc> of the I'mt-I shai.-s '
letes' ? ,, the fresat eta e
t.. m ? ?
It VTIIscn t- I. reeasM erf his post
?ler, ?? i;.i\en..- ?' \ i..,?ei t?e
et-ndlftii ,oe? 1. - 'regard of
frw-teee "f prln ? TJSfc.
George F. Baker Testifies
Before Money Trust
Since 1873 First National of New
York Has Paid Dividends of
18.550 Per Cent on Its Orig?
inal Capitalization?Wit?
ness Is Cited for
Vi ashing ton January J - F'.itO! moUK
profits by the First National Bank of
Xf* York arar* recounted to-day by
?George F R.dter. chairman of the
r.oatd of diiectors of the bank, aa a
witness before the Hons' matte) trusj
committee. Mr. Bak< r furnished the
committee with record* showing that
since its organization In US* with *
capitalization of the bank has
made profits amounting to more than
In the four years since im*. Mr.
Baker told the committee, the bank
had paid dividends ,>f 2M per cent, or
?tor* than twice tbe total capitaliza?
tion, which is now $111.ono.000. When
the capital was lt?cr*a**< la that
amount in 1!?01 a special dividend of
|S.M?,aM was declared. Mr. Baker
said, to enaOlo the stockholders te>
take up the additional investment. In
IMC, In order to provide $1".000.0*0 of
capital for the organization of the*
r'irsi Securities Company to take over
the business, "which the bank eaoM
n-:l do under the law." Mr. Baker said,
?a special dividend of flo.OOn.OOO was
<-?'?; a red. ' This was in addition to tho
regular yearly dividends.
IIa? Paid afsySM I'er Cent.
Samuel t'ntermyer. counsel for tho
1 ommittee. from the figures supplied!
by Mr. Baker, calculated that since he
assumed the presidency of the First
National ,n 1\;:; that institution has
paid dividends of 1 s..r.:,o per cent on.
Its original capitalization.
Mr. Baker flatly opposed the sug?
gestion made by Mr I'ntermyer that
national banks be required to mako
I public their assets, in order that de?
positors and stockholders might know
the nature of securities held by the
banks, the witness declaring that he.
saw- no possible good that could come
of such a provision. That there is no
impropriety in one man holding dl
lectorahips in two or more potentially
l onipetlve hanks, railroads or iridus
j tHal incorporations was another stand
taken bjr Mr Baker. Mr. t'ntermyer
i ..viewed with him a long list of rail
i cads It) which he was a director, somo
of which the lawyers held were po?
tentially competing lines. Mr. Buker
? c.-lared that It was rather an ad?
vantage to hold such directorships be?
cause ?differences between the com?
panies can thus be readily adjusted '*
''Such a situation.' he continued, "is
often beneficial to all parti ea con?
What may becime a test In tho
courts of the powerful committee in
investigating affairs f national banka
developed to-day. when tbe committed
and the House unaalmonaly directed
J the Speaker to certify to the district
attorney ,f the IMstrlrt of Columbia
the cJse of fleorge Ct. Henr>. the N'ew
York banker, who refus. d to ?livulge
th- names of national bank oitV ?rs
who profited by the KotaUo* ..f Cali?
fornia petroleum stock The district
attorney will be asked to proceed
a^a.nst Mr Henry for contempt.
Mr. Baker did not approv.- of tho
voting trust form of control of cirpo
i rations, but said be would not disaP
' prove of it if stockholders daatpsd it.
I He further said that the voting trus
| tees >f the Guaranty Trust Cotupany??
himself. W H. Porter and H. P. Itavi
son?had never he'd a meeting.
Elections I'nrrli Formal.
Mr Baker said the election of dlrec
I tor* by the voting trust of the i;uar
anty Company was purelv "formal "
i "Then th* director* are a se|f-per
petuating hody 7" asked Mr. FatttlMS.
j "Yes." replied the witness. "Thinga
: are done in New Y->rk that way with
? out much consideration. If a corpora?
te - s going along all right and is
1 pjying dividend* there is no , >? . I ?t
l about the re-election of the di-> rl >rs "
Mr. Baker stated that his bank and
? I P Morgan * Co. h*d three dlltt-W
i in the National Rank of Commerce
?Would you object to giving that
ommittee the list of ->i irlvidtial
lioldir.gr in the laiwSWS ba ks md
trust companies :n N>w York a?ked
Mr. t'nte-mver
eye*." repiled the witness wttS
sonn- .mphasls "T th'r.k the -or--tita
te, has no m-re concern w.h thaS
[than with my tailors bill '
I "isn't it th' ? aa* era af Congre*at
[whether ore nation >l bar.k c ntrwMJ
(another pact bank"'
No I see no -e?? ? , ? i a* banR
? oiii nM aatrw aaotbar." de.|?redj
the financier. .
Mr rateTiayer argued with "he wita
-,e? at ?om- I' 'tsth ar..l sf'-r a -one
I f-rence with a I* .onsel Mr Rake*
.?'?,;?, o-.*e-,t I to \r the ll?t Hfl
'?aid tha- be*l 1 ' ?bares .<f Ktrsf
v',. . . - ? , . ? i apa . ?-e*
:r. \-,tkoaal Rank of r.mmer-a,
I *,'n scares in the Chase N*::?nsl
Fi'kei T *
T- as* fSd la ib* v?a?
?/erb T St, In the Farmers- Tt *?
,,nd ."?"?? tn th* *?tor Trust Compaav.
rarehaae of tbe lewttahte
Ur mtermrer took :-i t*? ?
I oo* .Hare* of v,. ?est
,f r..mm-i' ' -v hi Mr Rakeaj
. >i ,? '? 'at *? >a
taal and F.qHtsble Tr?i-a--- ' ompaa
M Raker aaid - ? aol r?*
b?r the d-t?d- <?' ?' "' '",."21?
bat that he and ? P "o.g^n ana jpJTj*
Stillmao bad roe ferro* ' ?wo"
baas and that the. M? t-. " ., r
I st I? 'o-k was ?o he ?t 1 Jttjf
e ' " ' ',' Vt.' ' ? .e 'dt
gaa. M? Rah- " *
the afarl ? * . .
Ke>rlet\ b- M' **?*'**'' ', 1 g SlOW
gent 'Stt*re*t bj

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