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Here*s a Rare
Some of-the?e tine trousers have
not been walking fast enough to
suit us. Our shop is no cold stor?
age plant for <;!othing>?so to give
cm a good push we've cut a huge
MKC out of their pr'ces'
Beginning Monday Morning
$12.00Trou-ers reduced'to $8.75
SfOuOOTrouscri reduced to $7.75
$9.00 Trousers reduced-fo $6.75
SS.OOTrou.ers reducedxto $5.75
S7jXpTrousersreduced to $4.75
S.^OOTrous-rs.mluced to $3.50
$J.5t>Trousers reduced to $2.50
All Berrv trou5ers?a.re?cut by t!ie*patcntrxi,HungerTord*System
and ? areaperiect - h tt iog.
Boys' Suits and Over?
coats and Coats for
Girls and Young
That were?
$6.50 and $7.00 at. .. >4.7.r'
$7.50 and $8.00 at.$5.75
$8.50 a-.;d 89.00 at.$6.75
$10.00 and $11.00 at.$7.75
$12.00 and.$12-50 at.$9.75
Th,sr were $1.50 at.$1.15
Thai were $2.00 at.$1.45
Thai -were $2.50 at.$1.88
That were Si.50 at.$2.65
The Berry Shirts are
in the sale too.
SI.<)0 buys a $3.50 or S4 soft
hat or derby either here.
The derbies are "seconds.'
but you nor I can't see why.
The soft hats are broken lots
from our regular/stock.
O. H. Berry & Co.
101? DUTY
Instead rf di.d*r*r.K inspection, a pri?
vate :n Company I>. Second Infantry,
a: Front Royal, walked tiilrty-elx miles I
to be iTe*ent at annual muster ar.di
1'r.tted ?hhtef .nspecf.on last Troirsdav.|
This boy. at work temporarily far lu
the coutstrt.-. ar.d being without means,
< ailed up Ciptatn 6. Gardner Waller
and askvd to be excused. Not under?
standing thar the private was out of
town. and. ucwiliunjc to excuse any?
body at wach an important time, Cap-j
ta:n Waller told hid he must he pres?
ent, flo. Allied to obediem.cc. hej
waP ed In.
just as .. .dj-tant-General W. W,
Sah? and Captain J. K. Part ct in. In-!
t-pee*mg officer for the War I'.^mi-;
''.ent. eniere? the armory, the paa^J
vom by his lr;:nip, fell out in a
falrr;. Wh*n revived, he told his
Ger.eral Sa,*? and ?*ap-ain ? Parteiin
T-frt much ejeaasMel wirft the first
weeks round of annual Inspection.
After looking ot the first two com?
panies?at Winchester and at Str.v?
t.x-R?<'apta::i .'arteilu said that not
even in the regular army had ho seen
two companies with sjdi perfect
equipment. TTve companies at Wln-I
r?i?ster. St rut burs. ?aniaoHburg and1
Frort Royal, with the headquarters
r,f the Second 1 nfarcry at I.ursy and
of the First Battalion at Front Koyal.
were Inspected.
The officers will he at home this;
week, and will resume inspection or.
January 2-K
r>etds o' bargain and sale reOSrSSBSj a
deaMa tranafer of nineteen acres of 'arm
lead were recorded yesterday In the Keertoe
-.:v CSatrt. The are#ert] 1* east of the
city, ana is due south jt ?nd adjoining the
groin.la of the Muonk Horn* Of Virginia.
It tra? sc.d to Edwar-i P ? -?th.-ari by .<?a
:~. P. Ortar aad EHiaboth Tt carter, ola
wife, for 11.00' and other valuable conal?
.ra-ior.s, an.' was Stasi BOt to a deed of trust
for JT.JSO 11 waa then transferred to llie
Meeonlc Home for a comlderatkm el HM
The Richmond T\-.t!?thea Union, at its flr.'t
aaaaal rally, h? d In Orae? Dil Sal Pni;>i
CSVjrch, la celebration mi the .completion of
? ??r of ?ork. i-iporiert that there er?
Kl rolls more than S.199 members fron- ]
fi ty-Stz c.af-ce. -me year ago. ?Vn first]
e-apaafSed, the leaKu.- numbered only |i*>. j
Tat folleartec corpa of officers was In?
stalled for tlie new year.
Mrs Llllie E'lett. president: Mlaa Myrtle'
c.try. first vtsa-presfoeirt: Mus Ida Ho'd
erafl second aaaa-president: M:s? Kuth ;
\v .t.cit-.d. aacteaary; Ms- Mettle Lipsremh. ;
assistant secretary: Miss Alice Smith, eor-i
reepon.: eesretary; Ml.?s Yirgle <"ook.
11 easel at Mr* >-arri? H Parker. chorister:;
Mum Ft..?ie oavia pianist; Mlaa Kllzar-eth ,
L. ?"ark. reporter
The addreas of the occasion was made by.
Rev. D. '"lay Lilly, l> Dm pastor of theI
.,-. , Rreet PYaSaVtartaa church a lea*
? ire ef the meeting was the preser.ta'loo.
mt a mi'l from the VrnaKe t*tr?et Baptist j
Church t" the or-anizatlon.
Thlrt> 1H?}? for Theft.
f.ncr 'U'a?f.in?-;er.. celcred. was -?nt to j
.-at! tor thirty d ??>??? restliSdajl mornlrg SB
r- lea Ceen for opening a regia* ?red letter
.*' ; . property oi Jak;
A Lame Back or Sharp Pain
Mar.y people fail To reropTure the warning* which nature
give*, or they f ui to act in lime when they know the signs of a
oise*e*d condition.
A lame bark, torpid bVer, cloudy mire, inflammation of the
bladder ard painf il passage of xmr arc- indication that the system
is d"ranged If not promptly remedied diseased kidneys lead to tbe
terrible Bngfct'? drs^ax , rhaomatmn orgutit.
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Remedy
iadr from the
jeSv 1(8 effi
_____"} ? h ?
rom the pareat Birrenr.d for 9M yam it has proved
efficiency. It has baan used and rnc.orsed by thous
wto have sawec. i.-.**;^, rat from the consequences
mfmti to ci ack aaHaaa i f Mm kidneys before mo:
? i< arsa fata; r-o-mf::- at:-1
-A W?0 *'mw |a Has Haagkr*
"?v^ ie?ti--? ???ar I aar?-. ? -.r
W?rw?r'? Safe R*ti.*lr I wae a wr.i
waaaa aeleaaw sasar vaMai
acte. baada.-be ?-4 tea. rc
eradrbcr that ri>? one .'e?l ?aar: -f
aorta and d?Trea??d." - Kri C-ma
Amo- J Krrmy. Cat.
1 IL-drrr ae.d LKar Rtmdr
2 ?We---r??*^ E?.,.rdy
3 P? r
4 Ankura ricaeor
5- ^ m i iai
Sir a - aama* t tar
<?? ?aax? ?f ra???t ta
- Ria/c.h Ca.
A perfect Tooth Wash and a safe aad
ef's- en an?i*e;.t,<- for moatbs. Fo?
: .utru ' .rnt
T>a waeh will do tor yoar moath and
tee- - srS.,t | >-Se- *>cev>?'Vtto aa It
a ?tchhr ret.urni.tended and has stood the
e st \ ears.
At Reslabh* Dealeea.
25c. Mr and f I M.
Decator Street MetkouUt upl-eopal C" urea.
btjev. w. asbikv ctaasTfAM, ?. v.
rev. it. m. ?Wim.
Appropriate dedleatorlal exercises
to-day will mark the openi-rg servicesI
In the main auditorium of the newly!
completed edifice which will hence-j
f< rtli be the home of the congregation
of the Pecattir Street. Methodist Epis?
copal Church. South. The handsom?
structure, erected at a total cost 9i
f2v,##9, is located on the southeast
corner of Doeatur and Ninth Streets
It is the prettiest, and prcCably the
most up-to-date church plant on the
Rev. R >L White, who recently sue
reeded Rev. G T Forrest.r as pastor.
Will have the honor of conducting thej
first public service in the new church '
He will be assist* d by Rev. George H-j
M< Fadrn and Rev. G. T. Forrester/
termer pastors. BiShOfi Denny Collins.!
!> D-, will also lend his presence to the
o( casion.
At the night service the sermon will
te delivered by Rev W. Asbury Chris?
tian. L>. IV. pastor of the Union Station
MetTendttat Church, and until last
month presiding elder of this district.
I?r. Christian able assisted the congre?
gation in securing the new house of
worship, and has preached before them
innumerable times.
i inl Music
The regular choir. consisting of
twelve will he augmented by the ad?
dition of Miss Irma Reams, soprano;
Mrs. T. T. Wallace. aJto Messrs Hid?
den S Watklns J. W. Watklna and J.
T. Morriaset, tenors, and W. R. Shar
1 ritz. Baritone a splendid musical pro.
gram has I een arranged
The morning service will begin at
[ the customary hour. The order of
j errvlre is as follows:
Morning? Voluntary "The Lord
Bcigneth' (I. H. Merediths. choir:
hymn, prayer, anthem. "Consider the
Lilies" iTopliffi. choir; psalm. "The
Gioria T'atri-'; ftenpturo lesson: an
riouncementa. offertory. "Fear not Te.
?i Israel' (Dudley Rucki. Miss R?ama:
hyt-.r. sermon, by the pastor. Rev. R?
K White, prayer, hymn, benediction.
Fv. n ng- Voluntary. '-Jubl'.ste Deo**
<J. Ro?o ?'orbln>. choir: hymn, the
A poet lea Creeds prayer, anthem. -*Cal
>ary" t Flodne> -Shevherd?. choir. Scrrlp
t-in lesson; solo i?.ele. tedi Us. "Wat
hlr.s. hymn; sermon, by Rer. W As
bury ? hristisn. D l>; prayer; hymn.
t? nedlctlon
t.radual (?ewvctk.
The fieratut Street Methodist Cnur-h
Is a concrete illustration of what
ceaseless plugging will do. Its i-lae
waa from a small hog-Inn I ng Indeed.
From a mission Sunday srlirtot, estab?
lished in lie* hy members of the con?
gregation of the '"?-rrrral afe*r*od?st
It IS to-day the equal of Its
? in str.e snd Importance.
The ers* meetings were held In the
-.: , T< ropi' at Flfl h at i Ite-r
bridc streets, a s'ructu'e that has
long a r. - disappeared. From this he
k ? ?tunrlv ci.ngregstVon arose.
I In l*"1 after months of careful de?
in.?-a-i - t struggling members de
?!? ?! ? t their ewn house of wot
I ship, an J a chapel waa ere.-ted at Fifth
and !? el r Streets. Thte structure
waa dedicated early in the year Hid
?erne of the Kl'tri Street
??? .cRev it a. Kowell wno called
to the Bssjsi rate, gl a yaers later, *.a
IMM Iths |? > reaae In. the Site of the
?oJiaaal . s wing waa added to
the bt:.:d>ng.
the neat twenty year*
?tperlen-Mi a natural ttrowth The
floe, tier, be ante too ssaalL It
? -e? ar.other and muctt
la aer or.- The encratncbSSent of has!
I ' .:.,-! a mc e of to
nation, and the present site was se?
The lots were purchased and the
movement for a new church was]
started In 1907 during the pastnrat"!
of Rev. K. B. McSparran. A residemsal
on the lot was purchased and re-j
modeled. It Is now occupied as th?'
parsonage. A school was completed In1
I Ml at a cost of $6.51)0. It fronts on)
Ninth Street, and was used oe a chur- h,
pending the completion of the maln:
< orneratone I.eat Veer.
Early la lMi* the foundations for thoi
auditorium were laid. With Masonicl
exercises Manchester Ixdge. No. 14.
A. W. & A. M.. laid ttie cornerstone
.'aat May Governor Mann was th?
principal speaker. The cost of this'
part of the church, exclusive of fur-i
nishir-gs. was Jln.oOO.
The new edifice is entirely of hrlck.
It follows the Gothic style of archi?
tecture. It rronts on Decati-.r Street.
Xn a setting of huge trees and sur?
rounded by a well-kept lawn, it pre?
sents a hea-^tlful vists from Hull
Street througi. the trees and spout'ng
fountain In Washington Square
The Interior Is finished in dull oak
The ce'.Iins; if of metal, with an Indi?
rect lighting ays'em. The celling, car?
pet and upholstering for the furniture
are in gTeen. This color schem? :?
followed throughout the building. The I
Home Cure
for Piles
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You Spend a Post-Card for It?
If you are a sufferer from piles, instant
relief is yours for the asking, and a speedy,
permanent MM w ill follow.
The Py ramid Drug Co.. 40H Pyramid
Rldg.. Marshall. Mich . will send you free,
in a plain wrapper, a trial package of
yramid Pile ( urc, the wonderful sure
and certain cure lor the tortures <ii thi*
dread disease. Thousands have already
taken advan'.i.-' 'icr. th"u*vtn<!
know for the first time in years what ir
i* to be ine t - ?hc pains, the itehinr.
the awful Mm mi piles.
Pyramid Pile Cure relieves the pain and
itching immediately. The inflammation
gr?rs down, the swelling is reduced and
?>on the di-ease is gone absolutely.
No matter bow desperate you think
your raw is. ?-rite in to-day for the free
trial treatment. Then, when you have
used it in the privat y of your n?n home
and found out lor yoOrsetJ how efficacious
it is. you can get the fuM-me package at
iny drug store for SO cents Every day
.ou suffer jfter reading this notice you
uffer needle !v '?vmply till out free
oupon and mail to-dav.
40J Pyramid Rldg . Marshall. Mich
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Pile Cure, at oace by mad, FREE, in
plain ?-rapper.
Name-aMaeassws re.
. - -
<A<rre.ttasujiir?t >
h?ating system Is modem. The seat?
ing rapacity of the church proper is
400, while the Sunday school room seats
the same number. The rooms can be
thrown Into one.
Mat <.r Pastors.
Heratur Street Methodist Ctrerctt I J
hepn blessed with a ham-working
?junta of pastor?. In Its thirt)-nine
years of exister.ee. the following ttitk
istf-s have served th?* congregation:
Revs. B A. Howell. <;.or^.- l; V :
ley. A. R. L*ugh an. Mrl'aniei Rucker.
J. O. Babcock. Osorge H. >T Kaden, j.
S. Wallace. Asa 1'risroll, A. n gharyo.
P. B McSparran. W. E. i:dw..r<U. O.
T. Forrester and R M. White, who
njw occupies the pulpit.
The official church board consists of
t'harlea V <;r?en. ?Jeorge \V. I'ayne.
John W. Childr<ss. ? P Smith. J. li
Smith. R. B. Campbell. Waverly Nli;
nally. L? R. TOW a, W. la Alley. <;
W. Reams. W. 0 Kan?lett. < K.
WaltheJi. E. H MnM-.. R L Best and
James P. Jones. The buil-.lng com?
mittee, under whose s iperviston the
church waa completed, was James P.
Jones, chairman. E F Smith. Charles
V. Cireen. George W. Beams and E. S.
The church has one of the largest
Sunday schools on the Southside.
Three hundred and fifty names are
on the roster. James P. Jones, chair?
man of the building committee, is su?
perintend!, nt.
riffbi on >BepherH-Hea'?n Rill Will
4 omc to I nd February IO.
Washington- January 11?After two
days' debat? on whether the Senat?
had th? right to rescind a unanimo
conaent agreement, that body late to?
day fixed February 10 as the date for
a final rote on th? Sheppard-Kenyon
bill prohibiting shipments of liquor
Into States where prohibition laws are
in effect.
An agreement for a rot? January 9%
asked f >r by Senator Sar.ders. of Ten?
nessee, was mad" yesterday, but imme?
diately waa oh'octed to hy Serator
SKnoot The fight to rescind the a' t;on
ended to-day. when a motion to re
? insider tho unanimous consent agrc -
ment carried. 40 to IT. S. nat< r .-moot
enterei ohtr<-t'-m t ?? a final vote Jan?
uary SO. and S-nator Oall'r.ge: imme?
diately atked |bjf a taa*. February 10.
t*> which r.o NfMfjM was made.
r>Hr<.. ? \i>, -,-r?
Jn<1?- P-<-1?J<-? RiBtl Mmt ><>? -p-rtj
More of- ( Urlkra Itt* on Km).
r*er1??. Jannar-y 1 I -? s n?w standard
for r?-nila': n- th? amount that mar?
ried *<vm?n are entitled to spend ort
dre-e has been laid rlnvn by the presi?
dent of the FTfth Civil Court.
In xlvioa uaamrnt on a -redltor's
claim h? rtrcKP-d that a -rife a attire
ought no' to ro?t nn-e than the rent
of her home, ar.d added that a woman
i who spent more than that amount on
dTeaa rat CJll'y of ?Ttravaaan-e and
TV -**? befooa th? rmir? wan that
of a womar, who ord-red I..75* w-ortft
of dr-Saas and furs per y?ar. while the
r-ert of her horn* was only ?SO?. The
1-1 burial r*do<-??<1 to f?'o t>? au-n for
wT.tr?, the huaband t? personally re?
sponsible to ike d re-was or.
AH trains of the Norfolk and West?
ern Railway iiw the ?pirfoiid new 1 n-.^n
I'rpot at Norfotk.?Adverta>tnnrav ..
See Our Wonderful
Victor Stage Window
A reproduction in miniature-of the Metropolitan Opera
House .stage, showing scenes from various grand operas, with
the orchestra, lights, scenery-and accessories vividly portrayed.
This is a very interesting window display, suggestive of the
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have a Victor or Victrola>in?your*home.
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*urrenmom Cable Piano Co.
213 East Broad Street
News of South Richmond
< hlld ???flint at Kalra Mm ?uddeelr.
Brother Scrtoioily III.
Richard t.arland Brock ??II. two
? years old. said to be UM h?avi?st child
for it* age in the wjrld, died suddenly
yesterday in his pa-ents' home, at 111
I>ecatur Street The funeral will be
held from the MM thla afternoon at
n o'clock The b*. rial will he in Maury
Tbl bO] wai the soa of Mi. snd Mre
Herbert C Brock-.veil He ? II th?
JTWUMel of a pair of children who
were exh'b?ed at the Virginia .State
Fair, and other big shows last fail.
The children wer? billed as the fat?
test in the w >rld. The eldest tipped
the scales at 13S pounds, while the
dead child ?e;?hed C' pounds Tili
other beat is reported to be critically
Mr and Mrs Broekwei: are both
Bouthsldera Both are slight of hu-ii
and nelfrh less than the combined
weight of their offsprings. The chil?
dren have ho,.?i abnormally large from
Mrth. Their baby ea.-rlane from In?
fancy was a grocery wagon and they
were faailHar aights jn the streeu
Saturday niKh'S
???ill Isnli vi ( ?nlmrlnr and Hli will
He Hrnrd To-Morrow.
Hearing Ot STllloai S i:i th<? personal
InJury suit of J <; Schneider aea'nst
A. J. Chewning and i'ompany and the
City of Richmond wil, hegin to-mor
re>w morning at 10 o'clock la Hustings
? 'ourt. Part 11 Twelve witnesaca have
been t?min .pri'd. and It la probable
that the case will roejatrs two or more
days bacauae of exper* testimony.
Schneider, who 'a an employe of IBS
Old Dominion Iron and Nail Company,
alleges in the declaration filed In court
that he waa injured by a premature
.'?last of dynamite which was being
used by Ch?wnlng in excavating for
the water mains, which will be ex?
tended across Relic Isle. He la rep?
resented by Thomas K 'lay. and t> ask?
ing t iv damages in the sum of It.CM,
The defendant company will be repre?
sented by Smith * Gordon. Colonel
0 Wayne Andaman -jip?u for tne
i city.
Te Clean Out Vigraali.
In compliance with orders from
1 eadquartei s. Captain Alexander jj.
; Wright, of the Third District, will be
! gin the annual crusade agair.it va?
grants and habitual loafers to-morrow
l morning. Such of thes> gentry found
! araund the ?ouths'i?e will suffer hard
,' at the hands of I us fee H. A. Maurice.
1 bofoca whom they will be arraigned
in police Court. Part II.. as fast as
j caught. Sentences aggregating forty
1 seven years were Imposed last winter
upon sixty-three who were caught In
' the dragnet. Many others, however.
?. learning of the police activities, mi
i grated to warmer climes.
Women* Club Meetings.
Tt? School and- Civic I<?ag ;? of
! Swansboro will hold a called meeting
I in the franklin School to-morrow af?
ternoon at I o'clock. Rualnesa of lm
I p .rtan-e will be transacted. Among
' the things to he discussed is the
' means whereby funds to ecjuip ? the
schon' with fire escapes can be raised.
Chesterfield Chaster. In toed] Paugh
i ters of the Confederscy. will meet
Tuesday afternoon st 3 o'clock |n the
Paw kolas School. Eleventh and Rain
bridge Strrets. for the p orfMM of elect?
ing officers for the ensuing year.
Arreated for Aseanlt on Wife.
G i: B.ankenship. fort> years old.
wss arrested yesterday afternoon by
Officers W. E. Waymack and C. T.
I Tlnsley on a warrant In which he waa
eg iscd bv his wif.-. M-s M. K Rlank
'c-.-hip with assault and battery. He
i will be given a hearing to-morrow
I morning before Justice Maurice In Po?
lice court. Part IX
? 'l>.!e Wall, col red. wns arreat?d
last night, on a charge of hr.ne drunk
and disorderly.
11 ? who was arrelgnet*
yesterday m jrntn* in Polle? Court.
Part H, on a warrant, charging him
with attempting to heat a hoard hP.J
amounting to $19, alleged to ba dadj
B. Crawfarg, waa dis?
missed by Juatlce Maurice.
Heath of Mrs. A. R. Hooker.
Mrs Andrew R Hooker died yester*
day afternoon at 2 o'clock at her home,
nzi Deoatnr Btroot The funeral wMl
be onducted this evening at 4 o'clock;
front the Meide Memorial Episcopal
Churrh. Rev. F. Ernest Warren, tha
rector, will ofTlclste The interment
will bo !ri Maurv Cemetery
Mr? H oka- was fort;, -seven yeara
old Besides her husband, aha- leave*"
two children. If M. Raokdt and Mise
Heien L? Hooker
Funeral of Inf.nl.
The funeral of the Infant da-.ghter
Of Mr and Mrs T. C I'arver waa held
raau day aftan.o n at t o'elaak from
the home. IWJ Cherry Street, Swans -
baro. The rhild. one of twtna, died
at midnight Friday. It was six weeks
ited Mej? to Oat De?aaai
Indianoia Tribe. No ".2. Improved
Order Red Men. will kindie ita regular
council fire to-morrow night at tha
h :n'ing grounds in Toner's Hall. Kiev -
enth and Hull Streets Ali chiefs for>
the ensuing term will be ralaed by
Deputy Great ?achem T. P If I IRS a
?? chWef dearea wt9J be conferred on
eight candidatea. after which short
speeches will he made by various mem?
bers P.?freshmenfa will be eerved.
Kt Oouthalde ( hurehea To.Dir.
At the Centra: Mathodjat < h rch. the
pastor. Rev. Henry C Pfeiffer, will
pr-eseh at 11 o'clock this morning Th?
? c.ngregatlor. will worship ?t the D?
catur Street Methodist church to?
night. Sunday school end Wesley Bible
Class wMl meet st 915 ./elock.
Revival services will be held at the
?lopton Street Baptist Church begin?
ning to-day and will continue through?
out the week. Tha Rev Pecat ir Ed?
wards wH' conduct t->e services as?
sisted by Rev J H Wiltshire, of Wash?
ington. Song service w;:i begin st
and preaching st i P. M each
i r.'erht.
PeraonaJ Mentloa.
Mr. sr.d Mrs \\". J. Carter and son,
I David Walke Carter, hare returned
Newport News, whera they were
i the guests of relatives
J. T Wlllard, who has bean spend?
ing th" week with his father In Ras
; kervllle, Va.. haa returned home. He
waa ae. impanel t>v Mrs Wl.lard, who
1 hae been vielliog her parents In Dan
I ville. J
I c F. Conley. of 140t Porter Street.
' m ho was badly burned Wednesdsy
, morning hy an explosion of kerosene
I oil. has returned to work, tine of his
I area escaped the flames but it is fear
I e<i the right of the other is Impaired.
The four children of Mr. and Mrs.
1 Arsvl". Campbell, of P >rter Street, who)
[have been down with an attack of
! scarlet fever are improving rapidly.
; Mrs R. H. Williamson, of Driver,
Va will be the guest of Mrs T. WIK
Mam Robinson, of Forest HM1. next
t week.
I Tames H Rvland. secretary of tha
' Standsrd Paper Company, returned last
night from a business trio to Philadel?
phia, i
Fifteenth Anm*a: (.'ri::se ???
i tr.rtti m Fabrmary 15 to April 37.
Ferenty one <JVo-1oua DM at ? "r-jlstr.g: ?>y rhg
NEW ( I >ART?ER 1 IfWIi"
? f :? -f < o?l Moo a;-.i \cte.a.
! driT??. etc IWflM Madeira. Spate. Al
j k rri. Malta ?thers. <"r>netanttnop'e. :t
: dare la Ps'.eerlne and Eeypt. Rome. Rlvters,
1 ate
e' H. BOWMAX. E Mala St . Rich?
mond. Va.
FRANK <~ rn.ARK. TtmenR de. New V orte.
FiTlr-d carefully and ? hipped bypre
nai<i freight.
A jrreuinc California 5-yttar-old
Pott Winc??plendid for ton;c.
Vi 1(1
Ion gfaaa jng* onh i. i! ojlolv
Clam Bouillon
I'Hiciou?*. no?.rt?hing and rctainrrl
_ - '. in tl??-. . Tl/C
A cr.sp. delicate b'CHditirlti?beeu
??fuilv nrcrwTjed: dcJirfitful 'IT
for ?peria! occa*ions: box.. ava/C
Home Made
Made mother ? way frr>rn P'irt?
M 1 C
_ ?..<?? 111Q
Telephone Monroe lel-IC*.
564-NrS E. Broad.

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