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Is the cause i?l all humors, eruptions,
boils, pimples, scrofulous sores, eczema or
salt rheum, a> well as of rheumatism, ca?
tarrh and other trouble-. In the opinion
oJ ma as that have taken it. the greatest
Monti n-rnedjr lot all these troubles is
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Get it to-dav in the usual liquid form
or in the tablets known as Sarsatabe.?
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,<.f "approved lobbera' to whorn the
(\'onp+.nj a wet aaa were sold
\VIr Hairier tried to bring out that ?
Jobt ere selling below fixed prices mere !
bajiA t out o) the trade.
a nosrn As "The Big Four."
The witness filially said tbe Klein.
W aJtha*.'? Crescent . ,tid Kevstone
Waaaa ?^ompanns eoasUauted whut is
known in .'he industrv 'In- lug tour.''
i ;t added that there san other sources
ft supply ?
Mr KitcK sail hhj eompany dis
? rimina'ed oix'v against ?,ne man. C A
Ke.-: "if KaSS York, whose transac?
tion* ha said, were < an'rarr to tbe
?loUcy of tbe Wabl.am t'ompunr
Kesris." ?ai?i i?l. Catch, "oanne to
tiie Wnltnexa*'* l oadas? agency and
?jld h* wanted to the watches in
'.?typ* a'd they w? re ?.?471 r , bun with
that distinct undefstarajint aud weie
delivered aboar<i a ship about to sail .
for Mgypt But before soling Mr. '
Keer.e -emored thai watches and let
them :imu:n in the ?SstBsd Slates."
"That was an aWfUl crime," .oin
tuented Mr Ra.in??v "Yon were willing
that tbe r-'grpttans* fSJIIipeil on the
Sands of tbe desert should get yotu
watches at rsasonn his pness. while
you compelled 'he American consumer'
to pav pe'haps douulo prlceV"
C A Keatoe. of New York, the
waiob retailer, whom E C K1t< b. of
ths Wal'haui W a 11 1? Company, crit- I
Icls-od for violating the company's price j
standard*, urged the committee to Ox!
a tarifT of 1K> per cent ad valorem on t
watch movements of lall grade?, and
with rej;ar f to watches brought huck i
from abroad. 00 per cent to apply upon '
tbe improvemets He said he found
several years ago it was quite profit-,
able to go abroad to buy American1
watches to sell here. Purchases In - 1
eluded a Wattbam movement $<i so
here, foresgn list price at W. which he;
bought abroad for JS He asserted
the Walt bum Company now seeks to
prevent tl?e reshtpmcnt *o America:
of tfceu watches by adding dials to
these watches after the latter get
-.broad, thus making them dutiable
As one familiar with watches, he.
said he could not see where there was I
any improvement, but it put up a I
customs barrier ir. the interest of their I
lower foreign price list policy. He j
said 'he Waltham Company had tried!
to force him to sell only at their prices I
i?nd tha' he could not get their watches j
to handle now
"If a dealer undersells their priee
be tanno*. buy any more'" suggested
Ttepresenta tive Palmer, of Pennsyl- ,
''Precisely.' he replied.
Bl la I lint S of Agreement.
The existence of an intrrnat ional
agreement covering the aluminum in
dus'r- was revealed at to-nigh* s scs-'
aion of tJic House Commrtea on Ways!
and Mean?
President Arthur V. Davis, of the |
Aluminum Company of America, ad?
mitted th.xt hie (ompanr, the only |
aluminum i.anufacfurcr In the Cnited j
{States o.vnrd the Canadian Aluminum i
Company, which in turn had perfect '
agreement wjrb all of the six or seven!
foreign aluminum companies This
agreement, he .?aid. < overs all the world i
except this coootry which, he admitted j
to Representative Raincy was exoepted |
because there is a taw here prohibiting
Examination into the so-called alum
inun truss also was undertaken bv the
Commit tea ArthurV. Davis, of Pitts?
burgh pfT-uder,' of tbe Aluminum ,
' oitpany Off America, testified that the'
? r..par.v s total SUrpflSJS is ett.BB.BB
and that the ? ompanv is oapitalixed at
gwnjft.ripQ. on -which II is is.~:nr.g dividcmlt
Oi t per cent. It had been earning be?
tween 15 and l* per cenf annually in 1910.
1?!1 and in:; Representative Palmer, of
Pennsylvania, brought out that of the;
JT- nftn riot) of capital, tbe to*al Balaam
of ca.-h acuai:*.* put in was ?i.sifl<?lll the
remainder representing earned rroflt*
Mr Davis pri.tet'sd against anv .
threatened reduction of the *.anrT on
: ;um:ni*n ilr said 'he company origi
r.aiiy ant sfkrtad.as the Pittsburgh
He; .-* c.:, ?, orLpanr in ???*? with ?."? *?? '
<*r:'a:. wtj: h gradua i? evo'veo with
IBS I -eof pa'ept?. wh<*>.?? value STS p H'. '
down a* MM int-- -he |,,'i.im.rxW . or- '
He denied that tbe company ex
?ataai atataabaaaa He agreed wjti-.
Representative Palmer that the pres
ent capital and surplus is from twelve
?o fifteen Masai 'he amount o! new
monev put into the plant
Mr Dk**ih admi'fsd that bm com
peny bad made coptrac's binding it*. !
-fTp'oree and selling agents no*
enter into tie h-jsin***. and with j.ow
?x? eonaparne- binding iVm not la t-:r
men power ta ..*-** e'hst alumln :tn I
manufacturing ? -??mpany within a aar* i
tain patted
*.dm;ssion "t eTi?ten<~? of th"> agree
ment amazed member* of *he , ommit
tee. some of BtBBB poinieri eal ihai.
aior.g wfh r>r??,o;? Bjattaaaaqr reg;,-d
tag foreign tru-'? in other inio-e-*? r
p.eeented a pro! eta Beam befi rs ta i ;
by a ta-tft r"..i tasg ? set a Btes
Mr DbwM asaMBsd tha* h? and h:?
I/OBdon rep-esc. ?a'|v. Hi. ac'e,
ir.ent made ?? ... - tiat> plant wit ti
all tbe I'lrni'" ;n Bejraaa
"I submitte-i t?. r ">raw?d f. im if
th* ag-ee|?;en' BS , . la At- cr.
Oaaaral WtckersbatD and when the B
??*'?'. ?-?.?..- j ? '
ersbatx. a copy ef it
Mr Davis BSt r. .r what - tl<-n
the Attorney OeaCVal look in the rr l?taf
Mr Wlckersbam had no cognuanc*
af MsMeaBBanasaat haften : , and ?
ta* res: of ?b? ?-.r.,i ?x
?~t.-?p " r.t' ? .. el HeK'e-eoiat i *? H
.'-Ir |y?T s ?-,?-.?; affair.** aay r?-1
d-a^steaao' ?b. tai'tf w t. I> 1
Democratic platlorm propc^rs to cut in
When the < on mit'es adjourned the
members expr*>r?i the suspicion that
tbe Aluminum Company of America
might be interested in the $10.000 (WO
company being orgam/.ed in North
Carolina. In new of the agreement
with European plant?.
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pledge* taken prior to the November
Tbe election will be ratified at Joint
session tomorrow.
Borah la Elected.
Boise, Idaho, January 14?On the
first ballot Senator W K Borah was
el-. t"d 1'tilted States Senator by the
. Idaho Legislature to-day.
.Many Candida ten Voted.
Concord. N H . January 14 -Neither
branch of the Legla'ature was able to
reach an agreerr.eu' ot. the choice of
United State? Senator to-day In the
Senate the vote wan divided among fee
< indMetea. three Democrats and two
Republicans, aud If* the House the
names of 16 -andldatcs were presented
The Democrats in the lower I ouse
nearly all voted for Henry K Holds
and tbe Progressives for former Gov?
ernor Robert i' Baste
Michigan R?-I.l<-<-ts Smith.
Lansing. Mich . J --.unary 14?Wil?
liam Aldeo Smith. Bepublh at., was thai
afternoon r? -elected IT nil ad states Sen?
ator by the Michigan Legislature.
Weeks Succeeds Crane.
Boston. January 14 --John Weeks
Republican, of Newton repel Ved a
majority vote for Uadtad Stat?s Sena?
tor in both Houses of the .\| aenwg] h user 11
Legislature to-dav Ho will sttCCeed
Ser ,t. i Murray Cnsne
Will Try To Oust fall.
Santa I e. N" M . January 14.?The
sei ond State l.egisl(,tvij-e of New Mexico
a.-seinbled here today I'ltcip.-' in?
terest centred around a fight for "he
Ctiited States Senate seat held by Al?
bert B. Eall Senator Kail's first term
closes March 3. Dil?. He claims tha* he
was legally elected by th* last legis?
lature for another term beginning
March 4. His enemies aseert that the
se. ond election was illegal and will en?
deavor to have another.
Re arrsentative of Decorating Com
pan> Will Reopra Studio.
Mrs Emma May. manager ol the
Detroit. Mich., branch ?.f American
'erarnio Decorating Company, cam*
to Kichruwig; v?.-l?Mar to take cta.'ge
of tbe local office In 'he Vir?
ginia Apartments, but *ns dumb?
founded when she found the studio
cloned and Profeeeoi 11 v l: vans and
Mi?s Minnie Wil.gate. ?lso known ea
Mrs Keller and Mrs. Evane, mining
She was informed by a janitor that
the studio had been cloned by the police
and that two detectives wero looking
lor Evans and his companion She
found further that the plane '.ad been
Stormed by students. young women
who claimed they hud been swindled.
Mrs. May went, at or.ee. to police
headquarters, whero she saw iie-e. live
tientrv. who bad been Investigating
the case She told the offi< ??! she hud
no Idea of the stste of affaire here, and
would turntmuntcnte at oaaoe with the
math office nf the decorating company
in Chicago. Mrs. May dec-tared that
she would reopen the atudio in a few
days and was certain that her firm
would not permit any of the students to
lose money, whi.-h had Seen paid for
tuition in china paintinc. However .-he
wiil take no steps until she hears from
Although no wariants have been
sworn out for Evans and the woman, an
efiort is being made to find out their
Chief Health Officer Levy Speaks
Jtn Colored People on Mortality Kate.
? hier Health Ofthuei E. c bevy
spoke la*-' night before the neighbor?
hood <iui> ot the Eirat Preebjteiian
Chinch. ? eeered, eejranT ?,f Monroe
arid Cat heirne St reet s. calling attOatlon
to the alarming death rate among
colored people in Bat hmond. He
urged the club *o < ...operate in methods
to relieve the congesred condition of
some of tha colored sections if the
city Employment of a v is i ting nurse
to make visits from ho is* 'o nouse ir.
su. h secfrons is ut.der di-cussion. Th*
club Is undenominal lonal and has the
approval of leading ?l:r .-i.e.?; WOT It
Rut He lac.-s Another Trial on Similar
W. A Putterworth w,ts ajajlteal
11 a retry ir the H letlnaja < oun ,-.-t
i.tght of th? alleged attompl '.- .i gr?*">
? rime egalMfl II?-. I Mm* :or?. unfl-r
fourteen yenrV efd The j.ir, wa- out
or.* her ^n<: ">-ertv mlmit? bef-r*
rendering taw ve.cj; i r.t r<(1.
H-it'er w.fh s*:'.. fa^ee anot he; . harg
fel ~ri allegeo ' fTensa against l.r... e
Nether*j stm. ..t < hnrtges are ,,; ,.
pending again-' ,'..."nt OhMtOttl rd
Charles Oelhrtt. Ali of the? rimes
nre .?ij t.. have !,?.., csaenanrtted i
J .r.e ai.oaid a r.o-jseh.ut in the .'arr.ej
*<; vcr
All livelihood of Strike In Atlantic
t "a-t I Ine "shop- Disappears.
Wfltn ? gl i K T.i.i.ary 14 ?
AM likelihood of ,. st'ike mi th* shop
men ?>? "he A'!,.n".. < .,-?t Line system
hen : at >i 'h-?i ??- ,j,n, -., a s.,,.e
ment to-day ">f i ier eral MeaWaawg
I rail. ?" ' . Nt Lin* Mr Royall
e*ld ? f.:.- 'fieri,! j the en I creneea
' re;-- ant lives r>f Ue work?
men atct >?? .., - ? ?? tve r' .?d .in? to a
...? -e.?e-d ?7 -ab.e, fc!l difference*
weee ? ,.
An trcrc.se r>f Wage* w?s tie mm
demand nf th* ?' putee No au
rionnecmont line h*ei mad ae I - ?
tie dtPer? r. ?? wre wtjurted
A p*rf*? * Tooth Waat) and ? xaie and
ffhc*r,: antiarptar (or *ofe roootaa. For*
?ananoa b?/ tar rr.?-?rn:
Tha wmah ?r.l rio far you- rnrrarh atvi
*?*? - . ? preparation ?aa It
?a- i rrxorarnetaied atai aaa staod *ba
art V 44 Year*
At KntaaU DeaJer*.
?tu eac iai UM.
Berry's for Clothes.*'
and overcoat them all.
Never such a w.de range of
: novelties in becoming styles?
all lengths from kneetoankle,
from rough shaggy silky fab?
rics to dressy Oxford grays,
silk lined with velvet collars.
For all ages and all weather
special coats?big loose ulsters
? belted, form-fitting, walking
coats, Surtouts, Chesterfields
and all the radical styles and
Prices $18 to $SO.
"Years of wear in a Berry
Thins- Thrrf Should Br Pnp?l.r Bf.
< eption In Rotunda of Capital.
WashinE*"!-.. January 14 ? Pr esident
WUaon'l inauguration, in the opinion
Ol secretary of the Interior Mailar.
SB till Id bo celebrated by a "popular
reception ir. tbe rotunda or the na
ttobal Capital, tu which '.hero should
I t do charge whatever for ad ml .-St on."
instead Of ay an lnaugu.atlon ball, as
in the pant, tvi'b accom pa n y 1 i.g son
? ai I and supper in the Pension Hulld
! inu. to whi.l admlsstot. I* ch.,tged
Mi Fhfhei expressed his new to-day
, In a letter to s?n;t*ot Sutherland and
Repr?sentative sheppard. chairman.
? respectively of th* Senate ami House
COBSmittees on Public Buli?ing? and:
0 rounds.
' "The ti t.s has arrived." said the
Isecretary, in whose department is 'he.
Penaten Bureau, for oaal-ing a fun?
damental ? hange m tha method of eel- i
? ebiating 'he IxssaguratbsB ?1 tie Pres
. idenl Ol 'lie t'nited States He should
: be Inaugurated In a manner fitting the j
dignity and importance of the occa?
sion. It should not be left to the vol
untary ac tion of Sublic-spirited citi/.en*.
1 most SCepsOtfully and earnestly sug
geel tbal Coaaraaa LtaaJf ehoiii.i take
charge ,,: the inauguration celebration
and make the n-ce-sary appropriation
$125 A MONTH
Order Against T. K. Sands
Pending Decision in Her
Suit for Divorce.
New York. January 11. ? Vice-chancellor
I ilowell Mgned a.i ordinance In Newark te-day
directing Tucker Kingsland Sands, vtce-prcsi
Ideal ef <he Possssereial National Bank of
"?V.,-bington. D. < to pay his wire. Mary
: Harvey Sand-, fjtt a month alimony and MPJ
. .??uo^el fee. ,>etidieg a dartsssa in the suit tor
allstes on the ground* uf desertion, wbicb
shs brought again I Sand?
The> ?er? married in i-*V and bave two
; children, a son and a daughter According to
Mr- s?t,d- he husband left her in December.
when the\ were liviuc in Kicbmnnd. where
??nc|> held a hanking position, telling her be
wa* gcing to New York fbe did not SSS hi SB
again -hr ??}.. until fb? following February,
wnsn h.* % i-11e<| her in Richmond, leaving toe
same flay shs ha- not seen him -ince then.
Aftet tracing her the plaintiff a-serts her
aasaaad SSW her an a momb until last Sep?
tember when he reduced the amount to liOO
ab:, h h- ha- since t.ecn sending monthly Mrs
?and- I- now rr.idins In K.Il/..h<-tb N J . wits
l.er ihl-teen-vr?r-old daugbtrr. ss, SBJrS
?Iocs oot know why her bu-hand left be.
f or, t, Cssfrrenre fenrenes.
-^raai 'i r*.? Tinv-U'i>p?r.-h
Fajerrrvillf \" <" .fsnuary 14 Tb? P.'
hvteriao <" onfsrnr on Kvanaeilsa asd
Ptesrardsbip ef the Kaj r"evfl|e presbytery. ?
? f r seaed here in ine FtM Pre-byterias
f hurrh ts night The conference, which Is .
part ef lib camnaisn rvtns waged hv the '
s?nttier.. rvaseyteraesa ? horch r?; tbr n>
t'.-" o* . h-jr-h rffictcr.cy will cor'inus for ?
twe days
Washington, January 14. Forecast:
Virginia Fair: warmer iTrdaeadaj I
Tharsday, Im rr??Inj cloudiness ana
warnier: moderat? variable winds, be
< onilnc southeast and south.
North ? sreMaa Fair: warmer Wed?
nesday and Thursda> ; moderate north?
east fa southeast Minds.
Spcilai l.orat l>ata for Teiferdav.
13noon tensi seat .re. at
3 P M temperature. 41
Maximum temperature up to f
P M. ?X
Minimum temperature up to S
P M. ?I
Mean teeapes stare. sei
Neeaaal taaaaevsaare . ja
f ??fl' lerK v In teniperatijre .... J I
i.i< ass ir. f osngx rslTe since
I tr h I . is
a nm en ess in temperature
atteee Jaaaary I ... ijg
De Beten i'nfall ?in?*? March
i . t ;?
A. an. deficiency in -tinfall since
sWaajaryi,-. m
I . *l ?M.-erT^tion a p. M. Testerday.
1 er, i^r.i* are. . . .. tt
Humtdtty . ri i
Wind, direction .. ...N t>.
sates ity .. t
Wea-htr. Clear
t nndltlne? In Important CTttes.
iA? * P M K*?fe?n stunda'd Ttm?j|
1 a< - Ther H I I. T fff I
rfcet 11 I i. T weather
* - i ?? !?. a> ? n
V/ltcii l
C(4 m
Man Arrested in Norfolk for De?
frauding Banks Will Not
Discuss Operations.
(Special to Th" T;rr..-s- I >isputoh.)
Norfolk. V'a . January 1* Absolute
I silence as (o his operation* is main?
tained by the man arrested yesterday,
'charged wltl. defrauding a.I the bank*
i In Norfolk and Portsmouth. He aald
he had been advised by his attorney.
| R. W Rornlln not to *a.k. und he
would keep hia mouth oloeaa.
The case wa* postponed this morning
when it came up lor pi elimi nar j hear?
ing in the police tourt. Saturday was
set a* the date for the healing
Every effort la being mads by the
man to conceal bis identity All the
Ilm* be was In police court be held his
hand* before hia face to prevent pho?
tographer* from getting a snapshot
When ashed for bia right name be
MM ' Voung man. I have a mother
whom I greatly love and I would rather
lose my life than that she should bear
one word of tr Is "
In regard to the ' barges against him
he aald "Judge not from what you
hear. n? r express your opinion There
la a Judgment day coming when nil
of un will have to answer lor every
scurrilous, word which may escape our :
lips "
His partner in cell N'o. 11 began sing?
ing We re here because we're here."
wb"n the man topped bun You are;
young and Ir. the -zenith of life and Baa
outlive your shame, but I era well I
paet life's meridian, and each year:
means something "
Officials of the several banks up- |
peared in (he police court to decide
What Should be done with the money;
found in the man's possession The
*j.57u found in his pocktes will be de- |
posited in a safety vault, in the custodv
of th* police department, and t-'."40
was taken over by a private detective
for one of tbe local banks and is held
subject to the order of the court.
Three banks to-day Died attachment
proceedings, against the money to se?
cure the loss they ate claimed to have
su tiered There is ample money in
the hands of the police and of the
banks, taken from the man. to make
good all th* defalcations upon the
Banks in Norfolk and Portsmouth ,
(Continued from First Page I
do about this two ?hieb need not be ex?
pended if the committe* doesn't see a*
All ta.s talk iookr to me like a garo* to
block extensioia of the aita tttaita,
Ihn .gb 1 don't know why "
On his motion the rule requiring re?
ference to the Finance committee was
suspended Mr Gunst'* motion *o
amend by striking out the appropria?
tion item, requiring tbe whole resolu
lion to go back to th*. Common Council
for cant Itrreni e In the aanendaeent -.-???
rejected, recatvtaa' only the vote* jf
Messrs. Mitt hell. Grimes and fllinal
The question was called on cencurr
rence. the vote standing ? to 4. as fol?
lows : > j
Ayes? Messrs Adams. Powers. Bii
Iey. Uisney, (irtindy. Melton. Nelson.
Perdue and Puller.
Noes?Messrs. Grimes, G'ins".. Mit?
chell. Paul
Absent ? Mr. Oilman.
Not having received a two-ir. Intl
vote, the reeoluthae vac declared re?
jected. A motion to reconsider with a
view of having toe paper sent t-i a com?
mittee received only five votes.
The Powers Besolution.
There I he mat'er rested for an hour
while the Board traneacted other busi
eaat Aldermen Puller and Power? got
intc conference and consulted Council?
man Morgan R. Mills, who was in the
room j
Aaa result Mr. Powers offered en the
roll ?all is new business a resolution
identical with that juat rejected, save
that itere was r.o appropriation In?
cluded. Messrs. Mitt hell and Paul op?
posed suspension <>f tbe rules tu put it on
i'a phssage. but tbe rules were suspend?
ed Ml Nelsen. who voted for the
former resolution, took the opposition,
t iaitaing that the council should first
Inveettgate the tansSe of its prevent
territory, and should not consider an?
nexation :rit-J i? has tn.pteve-1 si. street*
in the present . Jty limits His objection
to tha spptoprlation having been met,
Mr <; n.-t thunged "ides and favored
rhe I'owers resolution, which Waa adept
eu or. a viva .-o^e, vote bv a bar*
jorlty, and will now go back to
tha Common Cunt n for concurrence
It was etatad :hat opponent; to an
nexatlon voi.d -ontlnue their Ogh*. ir.
?h* lower blanch. Mr Powers then
?f|ereci * ?*' itiri reeariattta* providing
tSOO for the expenses of the geactaj not
httttee or. ?nr.e-atton. which whs re-i
;?^-?.) 'o the Finance committee
Other Business.
The Board cencuered In adoption of'
four ordinances consequent it the re- j
organization >f th-> Cour.cii. flxing the
.. u rr. I >er of new . o..,rr.T'.ssj and Be-1
fnfIf their duties, flxing ?t* duties of'
?he ?omir.'tte* rlerk. abolishing the
Mattanfl of Chirk if "he ?"ommltte* on
Printing and Ctalsaa, and designating
the .ffli.es af the '"ity Attorney An
npprt prtattnn t* "is wa* joaagnrred
Started on Lees. Came Ail Over
Body. Arms & Sor? Coiird Hardtv
Work. Could Not Sleep. Cured
by Cwthcyra Soap and O'Btnient
J *rv**?*r. Tea.?" Three years aap hat?
ing searted on ray legs and t* kept l
upward* to my body anil M t
body I? I
.wlJrr pcj-ies* arH t?urr,<s.
so that I bad tosarwarn. than
It broke eat ha Bttte pavsass
oa nay arras aad kawaa They
eaat aatwar aod
ah After the Bret
I satt r-4j*f eaat f rapt an
ud-ai 'have far ana man ah
be ' aeisai'a'aeaaa
aar as, latB.
dag ana ta the teehev haeh
eeean they pseaaoea and
arhhee. - * i -c r-*,
ttowr* fVaap (34c.) aad
OWa.) amaeMrewrywhave
axaOer: free. *fhs tdbev fehh
Suffered Twenty-One Years
Finally Found Relief
H.. vino, suffered for twenty-one years
j with a pain in mv side, 1 finally have
'found relief in Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root.
The physician- railed it "Mother's Pain,"
atuj injections of morphine were my only
relief for short periods of time. I became
so sick that I had to undergo a surgical
j operation in New Orleans, which bene
; fited me for two years. When the same
I'n" came back one day I was so -uk
that I gave up hopes of living. A friend
advised me to try your Su amp-Root, and
I at once commenced using it. The first
bottle did mr so much good that I pur
j chased two more bottles. I am now on
my second bottle, and am feeling like a
new woman. I passed a gravel stone as
' large as a big red bean and several small
? ones. I have not had the least feeling of
pain since taking your Swamp-Root, and
! I feel it my duty to recommend this great
medicine to all suffering humanity.
<iratefully vours,
Avoyelles Par. Marksvillc, La.
Personally appeared liefore me, this
15th day of July, 10,11. Mrs. Joseph Con?
stance, who subscribed the abo\e state?
ment and mule oath that the same is1
true in substance and in fart.
Notary Public.
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Ringham ton, N. Y.
Prove What Swamp-Rwl Will Ds For You
Send to Or. Kilmrr i\ Co., iiingham
ton, N. Y., lor a sample bottle. It mill
convince any one. 'You will also receive
a booklet ol valuable information, telling
all about the Irjdntyi and bladder. When
writing be sure and mention the Rich?
mond Daily l imes- Dispatch. Regular
fifty-cent and one-dollar size bottles for
sale at all drug stores.?Advertisement.
in for grading certain streets in Cow- !
j ardln s uddinori. under contract. tMu
I was appropriate'd ?0 .lame* River pay
j roil, ar.d tH 30 to pay Rufus C Williams
' for damage to his j.ntomobile, struck
i by a efty ambulance on September IS,
tB4 embulam ? being at that time on a
"Joy ride. ' not answering a nail An
wrdlnar.'-e amending the, milk regula?
tion* to allow sale of milk trom Hoi
j stein cows, eeen though below the re?
quired atrount of butter fats. ?.<i eon
j curred In. as wa? a re?olution remitting
I ton' due the city by the \ irgimt Sta?e
' I-air As-o- la'ivn up to November I.
I IMS, amounting to t- Ms* rn. the money
to be expended ir, :*;a?n?nt .mprcve
ments of :he grounds
Price of Gaa,
I On roll call Mr. Mitchell presented
the petition of C. f Waidrop for W 1
for Injuries to his llttlt daughter. In?
jured ? Septembei II. MS, while play?
ing It Kiverside Park. ?Mt^> was re?
ferred to thi ' ommittee in Ofalfba
Mr Powers ofT?red a lesol'.iton ,;,r?-t
lr.g the ommittee oti Pub:ic Buildings.
Properties and CtttJtiea to make an
investigation and to reno't whether it
WM practicable and desirable to make a
> reduction 'n 'be price of gas charged
[consumers, 'ne matt-w having tiled in!
the old Finance Committs?. afte some I
I discussion. Mr. Powers tiso oTe-ed a 1
resolution directing the Administrative
j Board to report a plan and estimate for 1
! improvement of shockoe Creeit from ?
1 Broad to Hoenl'al Street.
Mr Puller reintreduced by request :
'he pen'mn o< the Virginia K nlway
j and Power Company for West Knd '
[street r-ai rrack eXtensior.?. which aied ,
I In the old Street iJornmittee. Hot
'asked whether any out Ifenl t%S piane
of r.hs Richmond and Henrtco Ilaii
way for its promised Kulten Hill fx- ;
tension, but there was no reply, and
' nothing was heard from that company 1
I l" regard to us building plans
I A communication: from the Board of!
i Health in regard to vnattlatior of thea?
tre* and public buildings was referred
[to the Ordinance Committee, and one I
increaring the pay of the clerk of Ihe ',
Health I)ep*rtm?n' wa? referred to;
I the Committee on Finance A ? om- ,
1 munit atiori and ordinal e re'-ommended
j by the Board of Public Commis->
: sloners r?du. ir.g the number of li?
censed pawn brci.ers wa' referred to
: the Ordinance Committee
President William II Adasns ????
jele-ted a member of the Board of
Sinking Fund Commissioners.
Deteetl-e t.ets Negro Wanted fnr
Assaulting Chinaman.
De*?y~?,lve S?rgean' Wilev retu-ned
! last night from Norfolk with Havswn!
; Jac-l-san. ?olored. wanted here for
? assaulting Satn I.ee, ,1 . htnaiasar., o?,
Oetahar itif.
T n heoa was arre??ed I t ths Nor?
folk poll-e as a suspicious character,
s us pec tod of being r.ntt o: 'he persons
who murdered Kitas Baroody. ths
North Sec..nd Street or.te.vton?" W.
1 ley was sent, to 'dentlfv him. but the'
nes,rc prov?d caaelnatealy -hat he was!
no- In P.; hmond at the Vme of the I
crime Oecember 21 I?. developed. I
however that he was Wanted here for,
bea'ing up the L'h'narr .n.
Woman kills .Man Whom she Alleged
Was Intimate With Daughter.
Brookhaven Mies . January 14 The'
sensational killing yesterday jf lohn I
Mullin. a married man. by Mrs Ma'.Me
Clements a widow, who alleged that
I Mall la had been intimate with her
! voung daughter, has < aused great ex- I
I cat a meat m this tmn ef Mssesssipfnl 1
las has no other similar affair in retent
I years Popular sympathy Is with Mrs.)
Clemen'", who has beer, released under
[tVtta bond
i Mrs Ciesnenta assert* that when
I Mullin came to her home ye* .-day she
made ?he 1 ha'ge against fcim. and " I .
t. <;-ew .. ,.t:fe and threatened ?0 kill
her The widow then drew a revolver. I
iShe say? and shot. Mullin dend. four I
bullets entering hi? body
Mr? 1 len,ent? telephoned for the
sheriff, wbo found 'he knife still
rlinehed in Milling hand when he,
tea- t ed 'he widow's hon e. A photo- ,
graph of the young ?dements girl was
alwo founxl In Mullin s pocket
. ,r> has ftv. bi.dren. hut for I
several months has not been living with i
h<s wtfe He and Mrs < lements had
been neighbors several vears. Mrs
Clrn?n'< will fa*-,, charges before the1
Retire in Body From
Council Chamber
(tit Members Break Majority and
Present r.leetlosi of Officer
to fill Vsraary.
Special to The Time? Dl?pa' h
Alexandria. Vs.. Jaeiiao 14. Nit
members of the f nmwaon t ?an. II
to-night simultaneously airhed as
their bat? and eoat? and mm a aalt
left the 4 ounrll chamber ta show
their dlsaeprnsoi of the proposed
?. tins ot the majority. wbo had
Intended to go ln?e the election at a
?oon.-ltmar te mi the TSrssr|
ceased a shsrt time he I ore hy the
?vesentattoo sad aereatanee af the
resignation of I mitifllrruB C. B.
Tstes of the rirst Ward The de
I swrtwee of the ?lx member? at 4 now
I rll left hast eight fwe?ent snd ? ma*
j laHty af ntnkera of thst body la
1 ntne. After a rente effort to art aa
IS!.?- ntee to attend, roaarfl had ta
adjowra witbaat doing aay asare
Measure Introduced in North
Carolina Legislature?Tax
Income Matter.
Ralelgh. !s'. C. January 14.?In
the Hon?? to-day Representative Kei?
tum introduced a bill to provide fund*
for road building through four por
cent State bonds to finance live per
cent county bonds, running forty
years?the A'tlaon plan advocated by
the State Oond Roads Association
Keitum also offered a bill tor work?
ing convicts on public roads through
the State's prison authorities having
power to hire out to any counties for
road work convicts not required for
keeping up the Klate f arm and main?
taining the State Prison
Another bill by Kellum. concerning
Income tax, exempts Income up to
$: iuo. taxes inroiiej up to tVOOa at
I per cent. over 15.000 and up to 110.
000 at one and one-half pet cent, and <
ail over $10.000 at '.' per ? er.'
Miller Introduced a bill to require
boots and shoe* not made entirely of
leatbei to bn no stamped.
Carltoti. of Rowan, introduced
bili to provide six months school terms
the state- over, also a bill to require
mortages and trustee* in deeds of trust
to flin rang*, pig and disbursements In
?oredosure tales.
At the request of Chairman Justice j
the Committee on Constitutional A
in a ltd ga etile was empowered to in
1 vestigate the ..eeds for constitutional
[ amendments and the .d vtsabil'.ty of]
separx to amendments of a consti?
tutional convention. the Investiga?
tion to extend to matters of taxation
^p?aker Connor an-.ounc-d the Stand?
ing commute* on Finance as follows
Williams iHuncombe). chairman.
Doughton. Wallace. Ray. Koonce. Page.
Majette, Divine, Clement. Roaa. Betas,
S'ewart. Seawell. Stererm. Wooten. j
snell, Oordon. Young (Harnett), Kel?
lum. Wilson. Bennett, Capelle, Maeh
betra\. Deavers.
In the Senate, Senator Petereon In- |
troduced a bill for optional commission
form of government for cities and
tewr.s. It being a modification of the
New Jersey as t procured by Oovereor
Woodrow Wilson.
'I'he Seriate adopted the Watts
resolution ratlfring the Federal con- i
atltutlonal amendment for election of i
? ei itc,r* by vo-e of the people. Senator
Ma?on declared that he voted for It :
with the conviction that it will not
remedy the evil* complained of by
?he people The Sena'a adopted rules
reported by the Rules committee
after lengthy dls u*ston.
The Senate and House In Joint
s?>:on to dar < anva?sed 'he vote for
State officer* In the general election,
land declared tho?o duly elected, the
vote for Governor being Cralg, 14?.
?4. Settle. Taft Republican, 43*2*
and Meares. Rull Moos*. 4?. !*A. The
. Htivassing if the vote was preparatory
I to the inaugural ceremonies'.o-rnorrow.
Ohio's N'ea Governor Sends First
.Message ro Legislature.
Columbus. ?> January 14--in his
first message to the General a ?
delivered to 'hat body fo-day. Ohio's1
new Oovernor. James Cox. strorgly
fnvored 'he .ii'-err elect loo of C'niten I
S'ates Senators. rj?e short bailo* In .
the government <>t the State, the estab?
lishment of long-term farm loans, com
a gir.e.'i'n oompeneattoa
redu< -ion in the hours of labor for
working wotpen ar.d a law based upoji
a ce ent amendment to ttte spates ConV
i-ion to shorten legal procedure.
Qasemnr Cm, in strongly advocat?
ing the direct election of L nited States
Senators. differed from the recent
mes-ag* to the Legislature or Govern or
Harmon, who re'ired vesrerday. Oov
ernot Harmon did no' advise the Legis?
lature whether to reaffirm 'he proposed
amendment to the Federal Constitu?
tion or to follow th* example eat by
the Georgia LogialntUTQ In refusing to
doao Ooverraor Cox advised an immedi?
ate affirmation.
WA LI.F.R--Die,| January It Hat. at I
the hon.e of hi* mother, in Spate yt
vama County. GEORGE C. WAL-i
LEB. i
10 O'clock at Sa. red I i earl ' a* hed ral ,
Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Hartford
papers please copy.
ATK ISSON ? Died. Jarmarv 13 1??."
rilliaat'e Point, Va . formerly or
M*:.ehester wire 01 f h* !?'a < ie*rg*
S A ?on. i* '.h* eight} -sixth yeir
of her age
Sb* is survived bv six chlldrer
c M . G T I. A . t. T . J. fi and
M's I V Taylor; also Six grand
children and fan I rreat-gr ?ndoiiil
funeral from Asbury M E.
Church January 15th. at I? o clock.
Intern .-nt in Maury Cemetery.
Special ?0 The Tunes Dispatch )
Bristol. Va . - .>> .-try 14 ? News was
re e;red here to-night of the sudden,
All trains of the Norfolk & Western
Railway gse the npJctalM new I nion
I>ia>t ai Norfolk.?Adveriiscmenf.
you have
a Victor
be sure to get a
copy of the new
Victor monthly
bulletin which
tells about the
newest music.
Stop in and
get a copy, or
drop us a postal
and we'll gladly
send it.
you haven't &
a Victor
you'll find the
Victor bulletin
interesting any
how. So send
for a copy. Bet?
ter still?stop in
and get it, and
of the
213 E. Broad
death, at Jonesville. I**e County,
on Sunday, of Captain H. C. Joslyn.
for many years prominent in that
county. Hat death resulted from heart
Failure He was seventy air yeare old.
He wa? horn neat Boston He served
tnrough the war as a captain In the
Federal army. He cam a to Virgin!*
edlatalr following the < ivil war.
and ein.* that time has held various
positions of trust in Lee County.
Vor 'hirtv rears he was a magistrate
He had sei .ed as Republican county
chairman, and for many years had been
pron.inert in political conventions In
the Ninth District. Some years ago
he served M a deputy collector p*
internal reveaue He is survived by
two alsters. Mis E K Holden, of
pennlngton Oap. and a Mrs. Warren,
of Maesachuse'.'s His wife died ten
vea-s ag" Ther had no children
Captain Joslvn* estate which is valued
at stu MO, :s divided under the terma or
the will abou! one-half to hut
M.s W. S Martin of Jcneevlll*.
and "the remainder to hi? sisters Cap*
oslyn was presiden* of ihe Black
Mountain Lumber Company, of Keo
Beverlv 1. Tfysor.
tp.ru' tn i he ; in.es-Iv.opat. h '
Rlchlands Va January it - Bev?
erly J Wysor. one of the most promi
an-'. ei?l ? sen ed < It I -ens of
p -.?II County, died on Sunday mom?
ma at the horn* ol his son. A A v. ran
of Rlchlands. and was bur:?l rie*
, I, crank y eet-r da y Reh
.,. at wer? caaenacted at the Me.n
odis? OfcaTOt by Rev I) P. Hurley,
ding elder ol Tezeweii District
assisted bv R-v 1. A Merray. A . om -
intt'ca ?1 v ftf which order Mr.
Wvaor was a member, from Richlands
and Blucfiel-i. W. Va.. attended in a
b?MTr Wysor was a successful bu-me.?
man "having been identified ? lovely
with manv of the important indus.riai
development- of 'bis section, la a
number of Which he was a*SO^t*d
wi'h Henrv c St.iaf "e heId and
filled with ieVtltty a number of l?PnT
tant public trueta. When a II?tie
more thai, twerty-on* years el age he
was ele^'ed ?''mmis-ioner ot the rev?
enue of Russell County Buhee i ier.t.v
he was . ated by general F^?huK?
Lese na caabis r the internal revenue
affiee the * ated a- ? "?b,jrP
mt th? second < leveiatid adm?nu?
trition In im be was cheena hy the
State Corpora-ior I ?.rntni?.ou as *?sist
II . erh He was an ardent Jemo
-r.d stood high in the party coun?
cil- of -bis aec-ion .?.,.?.?
A sen A A ^rsor of Richlands.
end a da igi.--' Mrs Maree D?via, or
Bwerde i -ees aarvive him
Mis. f lara T. Npllman.
rSpecial 'o The Time- lfiepateh >
Warranton Va . Jatiu.rv M -On
Tve.dav night, at the home of Mr?.
.-.nr.es t- Jeffrtee. with whom ahe had
beer, hoarding all winter Miss Clara
I- Spilman. vounges' daughter "f '??
late John Armistead Soil man. died
af.-r a brief illness of only a week or
- n.on.a Miss Spilmari was a
n an of rare c, .all* at.ons and a mu.i^
of considerable ability She wa?
a r, ember of ihm Baptist rhurch an,1
librarian of the Wvrrenton, I, brar .
f uneral services will be saldatUnM by
Rev M' le.Hson. pastor of he ?ap
ttot Church' at l ggg*.
Miss Spllman to survived by her sis?
ter. Mrs F. R. Boston, and II C. SpH
Kuneral of John S. Bagle
rSpeclal to ihe Tm-e..Dispute* )
Spencer. N C January M ?The
funeral ei 'din ?'. Lag- ^^'T1
?-?? - lav i .gli* from a malignant al
.* Vro?ymeoingM,s. was held* ?undar
afte-noon and was perhaps 'he most
UaVaely a-tended of any ever held at
L ri. enc* ? Spencer He wae a. poP
,1 .r member of the Machinists- t r ion,
and -eve-a! hundred of the -mployee
here were present to p*v
th< r last respects to the.r follow work?
Our Entire
Stock, of
Now on Sale at
20% Reduction
Po vrvu rrali/e what it rneans?a
sale of Ha.iw Far*? To say the least,
Every manufactured fur in . w "k i* in?
cluded- -absolutely nothing withheld.
Mai t COATI, WPtTf >,
M NRr*. : ...t 2wPKRf.EVr.Tllk.
These tV? axe rrrsv-w-?tarne of the arid'le known HAASE QUALITY?
wll made from rarefutfy selected ?kin>, up to-minutc in style and jjuar
?ntrrd perfect in erery particular
This ?nnrHiocrmrni.rrttmni from * hou <? eith the rrpotstifWl of CHAS.
HAASE * SONS, carries common and i* sure to raeet with qoick response.
Therefore, we itrgr vou to nvJat an carte election before the stork of more
flcsfrable mndcl? is rU nsctatl
Chas. Haase & Sons,

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