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General Wood's Plan for Inau?
guration Display on
March 4.
Washington. January 14? -Major
Uen.TBl Leonard Wood. U H. A . grand
marshal of the inaugural parade tu
day announced the general organisa?
tion aud route of the parade.
The line of march will bo from the
east front of the Capitol, west on Penn?
sylvania Avenue to Washington Circle,
and the column will consist of four gen?
eral divisions, as lollows
First division, commanded by Oen
eral W W Wotherspoon, P. H. A.,
consisting of representatives of the
army, navy and Marine Corps, tJeOtttd
ing the cortm of cadets at want Point
and the corps od misdhipmen at Anna?
Second division, emmanded by Oen
eral Albert [a. Mills, t H. A., consist,
nig of organised militia and cadets
Iroto school* and colleger
Thud division, < (insisting of veteran
aud patriotic societies and organiza?
tion- in- luding the (irand Army of the
Kcpubli i and Spunish War Veterans. The
marshal for this division will be a Vet?
eran I nion soldiei of the Civil Wai.
who is not yet selected.
Four, h div sion. Hubert \'. Parker,
marshal consisting of civic organisa?
tions, i lube, societies, etc.
Joseph li Trueedale, of New York,
seer, tary of tho Woodrow Wilson
college Men's League. < ame to Wash?
ington to-day to ' onfer with Chairman
Harper of the civic organizations com?
mittee as to the part las league will
play In tho parade Mr. Trueedale
i old Mr. Harper that a thousand
students would come here from Pitta a
ton to march, und that tho <-ollego
men's leugne would send a big delega?
tion from New York. Practically
? kcry big university and college in the
country will have its represcntatives in
the college men s section of the parade.
Mr Trueedale. pointed out that the
league was composed for the most part
of graduates? not undergraduates?of
i ollnges. and that tb'- men who come
here would be representative of the
best citizenship at the country.
Mr TruesdaJe said that the college
iic n's league is to be made a permanent
organization. William H Hornblower
i- president of the league and -lohn I.,
de Dailllhc the old Yale quarterback, is
t reasurer.
raa league has enrolled more than
UiuOO loliege men as members Thero
are a million college graduates in the
country, it is estimated, and every ef?
fort will be made to get them to Join th?
The idea of orgam/.ing a college men's
league originated with William F. Me
Combs, chairman el the Democratic
National Committee and the "college
vote" will have to be reckoned with
?from now on. it is said
Mr Truesdale ?u 'ceded Mr M
Combs as editor or 'he Princetonian at
Princeton Cniversity during their col?
lege days. He will have a conferee.' I
with Wallace MrlMn of this city. ?
this afternoon in reference to the part
vhlch the !o<-al Princeton alumni arc
to play in the < oming <-elebratlon.
Wilson Staid to Consider Him for Saw
ernor-t .1 neral of Philippines.
New York January 14 Police Com
missions* lthinelande Waldo, of this
? ty likely to be the next Co verm-r -
t.er.^ral ?it the Philippines President
l.le? ' Wilson received application* on
Mr Wald ? s behalf before he went tO
Pet muds last N'ovemticr. and has re
? eived an increasing numbee since. He
has not yet made up his mind who to
appoint, but he is more favorably dis
rosed toward Mr. Waldo than anybody
else who has been suggested for tl.e
Mr Waldo's practical experience as a
soldier and as a member of the civil gov?
ernment in Luzon recommends him to
Mr Wilson re |e?s than his long -crv. *
in the police department, where he has
indicated to Mr. Wilson's mind the
Ml --ion of executive ability The
I'resident-ele. f hopes to see the United
States quit the Philippines in his term
of offloe. if it can be done, but while we
?e-ain our sovereignty there he would
t.kc to see the governor-g'neralship
held by some one who has lived in
Luzon and knows somchimg about its
needs Mr. Waldo answers that de?
How far the commissioner ha? gone
himself in the matter is not known, but
friends of hi* have presented a formal
ps'ition on his behalf to Mr Wilson
I he Oovernor will not take the matter
up until he ha* disposed of his Cabined
appointments, but it is going too far to
say that Mr. Waldo has a better chare e
than anybody else who has been named
for the place.
Adler. Who Married Miss Da? Is. Re?
turns and is Inder .Nominal Arrest.
Newburg. January 14?Desirous that
his association with the I'nited S'a'es
service should be honorably dissolved,
i.lmer K. Adler, of the Cmted States
<"or$s of Cadets, returned to the Mili?
tary Academy at West Point on Satur
Rftfjl carefully and shipped by pre?
paid freight.
A genuine California 5-)car-old
Prut Wine?plendid .'or
table or COO king. Incal C1 Ilk
Ion gla?? ;us;s . >nlv, f?i vlilv
Clam Bouillon
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I". the mc-' . I A
??? h. p... l.-d ,11 J.,-., 2V. *iUC
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! ma r|; r> U ratf d T Z _
for -pcial occasioat; new. . a?*/C
Home Made
Made nv thiT ? r.ay ,'rnm pure
_ l."C
Telephone Monrrx l#l-l*t?.
F. Broad.
Auto Owners, Garage Managers
Mt ??? illti?-? for rr-pair and rebuilding- work ?>n fnitem^rtilr? ?? vir.
mrpaeeert br ?*?v similar shop in the ?i-> I have thc ma' tiim rr and
ibr men to do emrw-rt and prompt ?'uk ??j'h
ateeaJri**- Radiator?. U*ip?. ?> ?der?. Oft ri?v and all ?art?
rt. rpi Ike rnsrlNr. frlre? are rfcrfcl.
Madt?*>a IMl?. tie*) E. Car* ?t.
How They Looked Several Years Ago
J???il? a? =-? ? "? *? ass!.a as s -
day afternoon and reported to fom
n..?:,dant of l adet? Colonel Sladen.
Adler had left the reservation on
Wedno-day afternoon without leave,
married Miss r loren> ?? E Davis, of
I Buffalo, at Tarrytovtn, and taten started
on a brief honeymoon. Realizing that
hip af. had precluded a poseihilitf of
continuing as a < ad' t at West Point,
he bad mailed his resignation from New
. York Citv. but it reached West Point
only an hour or two ahead of him. It
was not ar. oaaaanaaed by a permit from
? his father that he might resign, and M
Adler is under ate. the resignation DM
I no effect agd has not l>< en forwarded yet
: to Washington.
Adler was a sergeant when he ieft
West I'uinl 'His ah.-eni e without
leave robbed him of his rank, and he
returned reduced to the rank of priva'e.
||e was at once ordered to his room
under nominal arre-i Me joined his
comrades at mess, at drills and at
: recitation*, the only difference in condi?
tions ix mg that ho is < onflne.; :o his;
room when not on military du.y. It
[ was stated from headquarter* to-day
that it may he a week before it will be
decided what will be done ?>? his case.
Mrs Adler did not return to the re?
servation with her husband, and i* pre?
sumably visiting n latttses at Baltimore '
Adler says he is resigned to whate-.-er
his fate may bo. and doc* not regret
Um step he has taken. .
Rumored in Norfolk That N.-S.
Railroad Refused Their
special to The Times-Dispatch
Norfolk. Vs.. January 14 -According to
persistent rumors here to-uight which could
not a - rifled however t?smer> conductors
sod brakt men on the Norfolk Southern Kail
rosd vill go out on a strike to-morrow morn?
ing More ware*, shorter hoars s"d better
workinc conditions, it is claimed, have been ?
asked for and not granted
<"onducto.-? and motormen on the electric
division who threatened to strike several
weeks ago. are not involved in ihe present
control' "v Ofarlats of the railroad deny
that there i? a probability of the employes
coins out on a strike
Merrltt T ?'ookc. former memher of the
House of Delesate*. was elected presideot of
'he llo.ri nl T-id- in-tiny, to xm-ceed llarrv
k Woi'-ott. Mr Pooke defeated William
S. Benslea wh<> ma J a flght for the ofOce on i
a refo-rr. plstforai.
Special Examiner Prou'y of th"- interstate
t'eranjerec rommi-'iiin sill begin an Inves?
tigation here to-morrow is regard to the prac?
tice la weighing large shipments of coal and
lumber by the Chesapeake and Ohio. Virgin?
ian. Norfolk and Western and Norfolk South
ern Ifad-usd- The investlgaiioa Is s part
of a general Inquirv ihe commission is making
op all railroad* in the I nited stales x?
vprellte charge has he. :i made against any of
the railroad* to Ik- Im cstigatcd here.
First Will 0a South. Then to tale
and New Htirn. and Then to
Murr??- Bay.
Washington, lart'i.-.rv It - President
Taft ha?, completed plans for the "r?t
seven months of hi* private ettizenship
sfer March 4 He will take up the
duties of a tfw professor at Yale, and
will not make H world lour in the h
?. of pen'-eand arbitration He vi'l
reside in New Haven, but for three
meathr of the seien he 4 |Wi Is to live
Mr Taft will leevr Wo*h;ng'..n with
Mrs Taft and Mi*s 11.'e? ..n March 4
sfter th- inaiiauration of Mr Wilson
will r?
? f ?
id Mrs
? : < Murray Hay on the b Law
k ti> >-. fur a three months' -my On
s. ptember >. 4 and the Preaitfent will
at rend the annual meeting of ihe
American Bar Association in Mon?
treal Ho has written a personal let?
ter to Lord Lorebitrn, the British Lord
Chancellor, asking him to attend these
J. Benjamin Tweed).
- r> he Tin *as>1 > eiiai- r> |
I.'. n hhirc Va. lanuary M I Ben?
jamin Tweedy, aged sixty-two years^
(Bed resterttajr at his home near Con?
cord " He was e br?chet al Robert T
Tweedv. of this ? tty, and icavrs the
following . hildren It. \V K T
<> H..B C . A. C Tweedy and Mr
Lizzie May and Mrs. Lulln- p. K'>p. r,
of Campbell Coun'v. Mrs Matiie
s Wilkinson, of Lviehburg. and Mrs
Sa?ie B Wright, of Washington. Mr
i m edy bad beam a member of the
v I'lmr. h l'ir ? eiaj
Quickly Dispels
Stomach Distress
Whatever the Trouble, it Disappears
in Um Minutes After Taking a
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet.
All of the unplca-unt sensations atten?
dant upon caiiiiK too heartily arc almost
instantly relieved bv a Stuart'- Dyspepsia ,
Heaviness of the .stomach from I n
diftested Irsrxi Ouickly Relieved by
.? Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet.
\\h<n y >u \*Vc foes! into a -lomat h
that i- tired ami ovrr1a\rd the gj-tric
I n ? -I" not form ia-t enough to digc-t
it pr.i-rl\ S> tin f'sid !~-?omc
and at ontc begin- to throw ofl ga-e->.
Your stom.it h hei urnr- inflated ju-t as
surely .1- :! you altar hed a toy balloon
to a ga- ict. Then the cases and foul
. ? ' ''i .ui'l js.llute \rnr I.'! ,ith
Your toruriM- qur-kK iw-rjjmc-s c<sited and
\ou 1.111 ta-t. ,ht- foulness that i- within
V.? ..II 'hi- '<-in!dion is (hanged al?
most i'l-iai.'I-. i>\ .? Muart - Dyspepsia
Talild Ihi- I'tflc digester get- l>u?\ at
eon- Hninc, of the -toraach and bowrK jnd
rrMtirc- |e i" .''id < ontenl
One tram of 1 -ingle irwrrcdwut in
?sti.a.' I> 1 - t? '?< fablet- will .jifr-'
'.?J00 c.r.4ins ol I.-si This saves wair
M1MM1 h and Liive - it the Prat it need*.
All muertee require occaeeoeujt rest at they
are on I I he -t m.i. h 1- :io
enteptinn to thi- rule.
Try a Itost of Stuart's Dvsparrua Tab
In- and yon u ill n ond^r horn you ever
got alone mntS0.1t them. Thaw are sold
f tdrertls.-meat 1
W?m.h Urges Radical Revision
of Statutes in New
Trenton, x f., -January M. Preai
dent-F.lecr* Wood row Wilson, in hie
capacity as Governor of New Jersey,
sent his second annual message to the
Legislature which convened to dar
It was his last formal appeal to the
legislature for the completion of the
program of progressive legislation for
\vhi? h he dec lared himself when he took
Foremost among the law? advoc.-i-od
are a radical revision of the Statutes
governing corporations, and heMer laws
in the matter of drawing Jwrteg The
Onset nor recommends the commission
form of government for titles and
speaks strongly in favor of i ?nomif?i
in the state administration. In con
clusmn he expresses the hoi>? that- New |
Jersey will ratify the constitutional
amendments providing for a tax on
incomes and the election of t'nited
States Senators by direct vote of the
people The Governor's message was
written while the President-elect was
in Bermuda, and constitutes his only
political writing since .lection
Note of Regret.
At the outset of the document there
is a personal note of regret at leaving
N'< <? 'ersey. and an expression of
gratitude and obligation to those who
stuod h;.- him in carrying out reforms
Almost without preface, however, the
Governor <-ulls attention to the laxitv
? Um Mate's corporation laws With
the hope that New .lersev shall never
.<gaiti be called the mother of trusts,
the message is addressed to a legislature
that is for the first time during his
admtnist ration. Democratic in both
Plea for Farmer?.
The farmer has not hecn served as
he might he ' continues the Governor.
\\ ? have .. ? ii .??.) sih-udi/.e.l agti
cultural schools horticultural -chools.
schools of poultry breeding and the
rest, and they have done escellen* work
But a more effective way sMll has been
font <! bv w ?.'.. h the farmer ? an be served
found by which the formet can be
?..-.,-1 i.ec'uresand ?.-hools spd ex?
perimental farms attached to schools
like laboratoeiea are excellent but the
cannot of themeelve* push their work
home Some States have gone mu< h
beyond this and we should follow them
tin the question of economy (lover -
nor W ilson s?j ? I r< business of the
'the need and demand" for a constitu?
tional convention in New Jersey, and
concludes ins message with an appeal
for the ratifl. at ion of the two pro?
pose.! amendments t.. the national
constitution I le says
Two great ano-ndments to the Con?
stitution of the I'nited States await
the ratification of New Jersey, the
amendment conferring upon the Con
Itreea el the i niteci states in bmatte
takablo terms the power to levy taxes
, on incomes, and the amendment pro?
viding for the election of Senators of
the United States by the direct vote
of the people I cannot too strongly
urge upon the Legislature the ratifica?
tion of both these amendments. We
. anno! keep our place among the pro
gyeeetee Btetee of the i'nion and rejeul
them. Indeed, we shall be in very small
? minority if we do reject them.
Praises Successor.
"May I not, in dosing, express the
satiefai tion I feel in the knowledge that
when I lay down the duties of Oovernor
I shall leave them In the hands of
Senator Fielder, a man of proved
character. ohpnCttT, fidelity, and devo?
tion to the public service a man of a
type to which the people of "he State
desire their public men t.. conform.
I look back with th<- greatest -?.|rmra'ion
to that fine group of nn-n la the Mouses
whose names all the Sta'e kiocvs and
honors who set the pace in the days
when the State was to be redeemed
It is men 'ike these who have rendered
the policies and reform of the last, two
years possible. It is men like these
who will eeny them forward, and MM
people of ihr state wtll sustain them
Thev will sustain no others. Woe
betide t|:,- individuals or the party
gr.up- thai i urr away from that path'
The fut'ir>' is with those who serve. anjf
who servo without secret or selastl
purpose. A free people, has rrOBJS las
know its own mind and its own friends. ?
Griffith, of Washington Club?
Arranges for Housing of
His Ball Players.
< harlnttesvil!? Vs. January 14. ? Ha\ lag
sinned roatractit t-ed*. fur the lease of the
Di lls CU Kra'erTii.y Id.us.- and th? dwelling),
now being erected by th - Das weil?
on Chancellor street. Clarke ?.riffitb. oie
ager of the Washington hasehall club, now hag
bU plans complete for the visit of his squad of
players In March The two buildings will cost
fortablv house nearly forty men Meals will be
obtained at the baordltig house pr. sided OVSS
by Mrs. Saniucl Sauoders on tbe same ?treet.
Mr- Maunders superintended the prsperta?
,,f meals for i-nffith s players last spring. ?n?
save entire satisfaction.
The Nationals battery candidates wltl
resch the urn. ersity March I. and will work out
on the main floor of the Fayerweatber Oy runa?
slum, doing most of their work In the morn?
ing hours and immediately after lunch, in order
to give tbe candidates fur I be college nine an
opportunity to limber up from i to j o'clock. A
week Itter the remainder of tbe Washington
?0 iad will join (iriffitb. and on the Mtb the
professionals and collegians wilt clash fD#
tbe first time In a series of games. It U a pretty
,ale bei that the Nationals will this year turn
? be tables on the collegians. I.a?t March, with
hp pa Klxey in tbe box. the Virginia nine caps
tured tbe first game, earning a clean-rut vic?
t.riffith received splendid treatment at the
university last spring, and was anxious to re?
turn It Is not iie!i, \ cd thai be had any Idea of
taking his team rlsewhere. He Is very popular
with the students, who a re delighted over hie
gedstoo to rrturn m March. Walter Johnson
is a big favorite here, and the undergraduates
are glad of tbe opportunity that will be givsa
to see him inaction once more. The days that
h. Is scheduled to pitch are the days of crowds
fur the 'own-people are Just as daffy otrer big
performance* as tbe inhabitants of the capl?
Subject Before Senate In Connection
With Six-Year Presidential Term.
Washington. January 14- That dis?
cussion of proposals for a change of th*?
da:-- of inauguration of the President
and Vice-president of the United State*
will mark the debate in tbo Senate on
the Works resolution proposing a six
year non-re-election term for Presi?
dent was indicated this morning. Sena?
tor Cummins sought a unanimous con*
sent agreement to vote on the six-yea*
term resolution on the legislative day of
Thursday or of the following Thursday.
Mr Hoot urged that the Senate should;
not vote on the resolution without a full
debate and consideration of its full
meaning and extent.
"There is before the Judiciary Com*
mitteo a resolution for a change of the
inaugural date," Mr. Root said. "That,
involves the broad question of the ar?
rangement of the short term of Con
gresss and the time for beginning the
new Congress as well as tbe new*
presidential term "
Senator Works remarked that the
change of the length of the presidential
term and a (hange of the inauguration
affec ted different parts of the Consti?
It seems to me." replied Mr. Rootj
that If we are going through the pro?
cess of changing the Constitution
affecting the term of President it would
be appropriate to consider at the same
time the date of the beginning of the
Senator Works commented that the
raising of the question of the change of
the inauguration date might delay
a. riori on the other proposition affect?
ing the length of term and ex presset?
his opposition to a joint discussion of
the two propositions.
After further discussion Senator
Cummins withdrew his request for Ax?
ing a date for a vote, but announced
? hat he would insist, upon the consider?
ation of the matter by the Senate.
St. Louis Banker Thinks Aldricb)
Plan Is Best System
Ua.-hington. January 14?"Thig
Country can never have a sound monea
tary evstern without a central bank.**
declared Feet us J. Wade of St Lois*
i,er of the Hanking and Currency
Committee of the American Hankers"
Association to-day before the llouso
Currency Reform Committee. Mr,
Wade said the so-called Aldnch plan)
propose- the beet system that iiadj
come under his observation
Chairman Glass told the wime*t|
that the declaration of the Demo,
crattc partr against the Aldrlcfc Hi I
practically precluded 11?consideration
of anv plan embodying the central
i iture, and asked for an opinion
^ system of divisional reee-ive banka
supErvis.'l by ? '-entral board
'Von may be able to work that out."'
the witness replied, "but the systera
will not be sound without the central
Mr Wade insisted Democratic oppo?
sition to a central bank was largely sen?
timental and recommended that th*
r-oseflntttee report a measure similar to)
the Aldnch bill.
'Whether it is sentiment or tha
ghos' of Andrew Ja- kson. ' repliedl
I'hairman Glass, "there is an lnsuper*
a Lie political obstacle to the Aldricn
-:- 1
The V & W. is the most com?
fortable way to Norfolk. The Nor?
folk Limited and the Ocean Shore Um.
ited run through solid and qinVk--cut?
ting down all other schedules.?Adv.
If You Value Your Eyesight
You will equip your jT^^-mr/?T\\ I
reading table with a jfVCLVC/ JLetfJIip
Authorities agree that a good kerosene oil lamp is the beat for
reading. The Rayo ta the beat oil lamp made, the result of veara
of scientific study. It gives a steady white light, clear, mellow.
Made of aohd brass, nickel plated. Can be lighted without ra>
moving chimney or shade. Eaay to dean and rewtck

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