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kassie opposed
jo mum on
Nelson Senator Denies He
Came to Richmond in Be?
halt of Aliens.
Details Conversations With
Governor Mann and L. L.
Spis-ial to The Times-nispaoh
l.yaebburg V?.. January U. ? Relativ? to :
a report -ent out yoWTday from Kleb mood
lo Ihr rlTr?t that be had appeared vi-ferday
isrfurs OasH?I .Mano and made a plea foi
. Irtr.rncy for (he Allen-. Stale Senator Ulaad
Massie. of Nel-oa i'sunlj a km-mao of (be
Isis Judge MaaanV a ?Hilm of Ihr llill.-ville
traged?. lo-da> taee out a Mairme-nt droving
? hat hi- v -it to noimiot Mann was for any
?u- h purpose.
Senator Ma?-ie stopped over hers early
Thi- mors ist intrndiiiK M take the uiorniog
Its *l home, bin ahsa SS round that the eeal
chiecl of his trip lu Kl'hmond bad been mis
? ecstrued. bs remained over In Luocbburg
1,01*1 this aftirn . n
Had (.reea Leiter.
This afirrro -n faa fare out the following
-tstsueui. aba t> Is st lf-'iplanatory
la ihr fir-' Baas? I received a letter from
Oaatgc O ??teen, which was addre.-.-rd to all
of tha i;?r.ihrr* of lbs ?,eueral A? iiphly.
aafcil I - met* I In the Allen ca-e. la .eply '
. . : iha: I lived a long way from ibe sea BS
of tbi n-u-dri and all ibe ln'or .nation that I
had was fre. m new>pap?r reports, but tbai
rlcvd and Claude Allen bad been tried by a
a<itr not ol Iben immediate section and by a
jury, wbi- b I assumed was impartial.and ibey
were convirted. the ludgr rrru-lnc to -et asid'
lbs tej-dict of the Jury Tbe Court of Appeal*
irfu>ed to cram a writ of error arid at that
time I could noi see nby ibrrr courts bad erred
id ibrir aaaeatoaM. and saw du reascu why 1
: bould ask for Cat 'Deary.
' I was in Kuhinood las'. Saturday, and
L L Scberrr. who li a member of the board
of directors of lbs Virginia P'nitenliary. had
a talk with Die and staled Iba all ihr mr oi?
lier- of tbc board of lbs penitentiary felt
tbal Floyd and <'lauds Alien bad o??t bad
fair trials, and eak) d me how 1 fell in tbe'
mailer I told him about tbe reply 1 had
made to Mr e'rrren Then be asked me if
there si. any one that would li-ok lo'.o tbe
? aaa thai I bad conBdruee In and if be could
convince rue tbat I eat wroag iu (be prem?
ises inat 1 eight change nay opinion I told
him if be mild grt Judge B. I <>?>Moa. our
circuit judge, to go over ibe. ra--e. snd if he
was saaadsSd tbal r bey had not bad a fair
trial (hat I would b? willing to change tbe
tone of my letter or (c withdraw it I believe
I tated further that Id ibe case of '"laude
1 would nr williag to ask that he be not sent
to ibe electric cbair.
Talk ? :'h l.oeersor.
"I talked tu Judge Oordoa o?er the 'phone
and ha -aid M us Impossible for him iu go
lo Ri-hmond I did not tell him what 1
wacted lo talk wiib bim akout. On Tues?
day I saw Oaajaraav Mann and lold him tbe
conversation I bad bad wiib Mr. S- herer.
1 slated tbai I bad written this lener to Mr.
l-'-een. I stated (bal I was rrlaled to Judge
Massie and 'bat if be fell tbat the-, people
txight (?> be raaajtted foi a while until thus
new evidc-o?o could romp in (bat 1 would be
sal lifted with anyth.ng he did in the mat?
ter, for I fell he knew mor> about ihr ca-e
than I did I was with i-ovirnor Mann for
about a half an b<-ur during wbien tieac 'be
t oneersation was noi online-i to tbe Allrn
case, but covered a number uf topi ?
"Bui now. after reaching l.ytu hbiirg and
upon bring apprised that Judge Bolen. Floyd
Aliens eaaaaei, saaaatad tbai < Uude Alien
flresi the flrsi -ho'., thai he fired ir at Judge
Massie. and tbat. he Boieot testified he saw
the lint fly from Judge Mas-is s coat where
? laude Alien s bullet struck h.?. I deem it
my duly to say that I think <'lau?ie AJaaa'a
seDltn?-s should not bo commuted. '
burleigh wins
He Is Elected Over Gardner.
Democrat, and Thompson,
IttgUSta, Me .January IS-?Former
Congressman EdFwta C. BurMadji waa
elected United Sia'e.s Senator by 1 he
Maine Legislature in hattat ?"iivcntion
to-day. The vote whs as follows ; I
Butleigh Reptibln-an. M; OeurdfMT, i
Democrat. . Tbomppnn l'rog:es-,Ve
". nincty-une votes were taeceeeawj* for,
a choue.
a - tails to r.lert.
Conrord M . .ianwit y U The
l.cgi-:?"{., re failed to-day ' o eta ? a,
I'nited State- .-senator Tho branches
balloted in loint- convention as follows
Henry t Collis. Democrat. IW; Hear)
K tJuinby ll?-i>'ihli--an. lfN. R \\
Pliirbiry Republi a-. is. ."sherman f.
Burroughs. Republican. ZX a-i-i Robert
r. Bass. Frogaettotve. I?. Scattering B. '
tt ill Not Release Progressives.
hicago. January 15 ? "I shall not.'
release the l'n-g?-tssi ve l'gisiators ad
this time ' t--rir;er Governor Bate, of
New Hami-bire. said lo-nigbt.
tnting nn Hex I.urn's Sun essor.
Boise lorfh" '?r-?irv i - No e <
lion reaulte.i la day from the lomt
legis'ative r... lot <k'r, I ra-i.e .,
I'tnted s*ate- Senator to- 'he short
term !-.> .- eed :r.e late Bei itoi Hey
Hl? Klertlon Pro, lalmed.
Boston. January M - Official procla- '
wiatior. of the aleetleg --f ' engressman
John w Wee - aa . >.,,?-,
Maasay.bisetts was u.aoe to-dav bv
President G reenwnod ol Senate,
before a Joint eoeeentio? ?.-f both
br??- hes of the Leg Haturs
Twenty pleasant remembrarxuss1
The gre*t populari'v
cf Katima Cigarette! i*
due to the absolute
purity of the leaf of
this Turkish-blend.
In smoking them \ I
realize this pleasure.
A Suit to Overcoat talk with our customers.
Beautiful weather during the past fall?everyone enjoyed it?except our?
selves who have prepared a big stock of fine winter clothing for our customers.
Now January has caught us with too much heavy weight merchandise,
so here goes to lighten the cargo.
Fine Suits and Overcoats With the Berry Label With
Prices Trimmed to Catch the Eye of Shrewd Shoppers
$50 and $45 Overcoats and S45 and S40 Suits reduced to.$35.75 j $25 Suits and Overcoats reduced to.$17.75
$58 and $35 Suits and Overcoats reduced to.$27.75 $20 Suits and Overcoats reduced to. $12.75
$30 Suits and Overcoats reduced to.$22.75 | $15 Suits and Overcoats reduced to. $9.75
Verily, we say it; never such superb garments ever offered the men
of Virginia before at such fractional prices! Ye tailorites, ye good dressers,
all, awake to this really great clothing opportunity.
Boys' Suits and Over?
coats and Coats for
Girls and Young
That were?
6.50 and S7.00 at. . $4.75
$7.50 and $8.00 at.. .$5.75
$8.50 and >o.oo at.. .$6.75
$10.00 and Si 1.00 at. . . $7.75
$12.00 and Su.50 at. . .$9.75
Manhattan Shirts
That were $1.50 at...$1.15
That were $2.00 at...$1.45
That were S2.50 at.. .$1.88
That were S3.50 at...$2.65
The Berry Shirts are in
the sale too.
$ 1.50 I Hoves at.$1.15
50c Scarfs, 3 for.$1.00
Si.00 Scarfs, at.85c
Si.50 Scarfs at.$1.15
Trousers In, Too
Si::.00 Trousers Reduced to
S10.00 Trousers Reduced to
So.oo Trousers Reduced to
$8.00 Trousers Reduced to
$7.of) Trousers Reduced to
Ss.oo Trousers Reduced to
$3.50 Trousers Reduced to
Take Off
Hat to
Hundreds of $3.50 and
DERBIES go on -ale to-duv
News of South Richmond.
Mrjilr Memoria' Plans Kulldinc- of
< besterllrld t.ranite.
The ? entry of the Mcjaate Memorial
iptsiopai Ckarta) yeeterday laawt^haeed
t s'*e for .1 new t bjttri h. whi- h will in
all probah'ilt y be en teal within the
year, t he site is located on the north?
west < ornei of < owa'din Avenue and
Eair.bndge Street The p-oprr*v has a
frontage: of "si 'eer .!? d .1 d-nth Of IV?
I' w..s ht_.ugh* fr..r,: n. A. Patter?
son estate and ooet M ?si
It is iilatu? I to ere ? ?* < hureh and
-are-ore building on the new site '| he
roral eoal ? t tbeee tHiikdii ^s will ex- eed
Meal through l??e energy el Ftee I
r Priest War re w r? - tea of :h? i.-ir- ? ?
stiff: lent sum has been pledged to
make ?he t'tati ??? -tar* work at on- e
t. ?-:b.e The material to be need in
t - - rsteaHrax llwa m ill be ( h"'"rif .1
ai.:'< i f-e 11;.ins his now in hand?
ol aa o'-hfe ?
Loafers and Vagrani- Move.
Threate of tbe pot tea of the Third
1 to start another rmssfic to
?lean up the b". wa-. - ar.-i nignwa -
?i.e s u'hsld* has . a i-ed . . .
or habitual loafers and vag-?r,rs mho
bare been infesting th?s seetion ! >r
I try wr?j given sarninj that thrir room
?uv preferable to then < ompany. and
:the minority took the hint and left for
I m warmci climate A lew have le
n ained, and aie .-till to be foond around
thell icgular haunt- A quiet raid will
be nondueted this week and the dr
liaqueni rounded on
Ak .In I Hilft Arrest.
1 Ol ike tlii-d time m ten days. Watt
Duvil rolored et Hon air, is under ar
reel The mm sn. arrested v.-elerriay
afternoon on e charge of murder, lie.
a* i be time of the artest, was out undei
li>*> hoajd, but thie was d"? mcri tneuf
Orient in vie-? of the gravity of the
offense ' harmed
Dart* 1- ,o u-ed of shooting Per>|a
Wr?e,i<lrtejKe. ?h'p was paying attention
to the same girl Wooldridge died one
we.-K later. Davis has b~en ordered
?.ent .,ti 'o the gt.ind jury ,>r the t'hrs
terfleld Clrcutl Court, w'hn ft convenes
next month for the spring term.
Bo> Runs Into Plank.
Welter llite. eleven years obi. wa?
severe | ml yesterday afternoon, when
he ran Intfl a plank extending across
aaresnenl in freed ?>f the Dale*]
Trunk and Hag Company's plant at
s ve-.'h and Porter Streets The hoy
WM *aki !? to hi- home at II Last Ninth
street., where he whs treated by hia
family physician 'i hree tee1 n were
ed ti >at t i e see Rata A sum
t: oas '?? appeal in Police Court. Part
II ta ar-vcer for an ordinance Tlole
|| ,n aa I ?>< < n hausad faff the company.
I nable to appear In Court.
Danle ? emai Ion d who was
-hr? through the arm by Charles White
?? ? i v Was unable to ap?
pear in Police Court Part II . against
it ant ve.|. rd?v morning The ;
oaee has been continued until Moo
'ieorge F Talbert. charged with he-j
:r.g drunk ind enaate to care for him?
self, was yesterday ecnt to Jail for ten
dar? I ' -'? e ll A Maurice At the
expiration of t? sentence he willi be
?r ihr ?are of the probation
Realty Transfer.
sale v -terd.iT r*aptain
- Wright purchased from
bmend .el feel cf |.r?r
*.u .. . Htreei r>e
' and fourth for tz ?wi
t'.ranai?han. trustee, pee
? to t w Blunt. 21 t
tr. ntmg on Mtockton
at I ? .?i ond and
--ts for ft.**.
?rau Yesterday.
.Tis \iarr -Ian*
< f ? W Atki??c.a
.Sh S'tf" Ihf
j tesrhrJ we- ia Maura CieilefJ.
f luh and Horial Meeting?.
. TU- " r. ee.,?- t>f fftat
l Seeth iti ?. .1 . rate Out will
he heid to-morrow night at the dak's
UUsrtera in Fraternal Haii The annual
election of officers will he hcM
Host is Conch*ve, No. 4>9. Imnroved
Order Hopra-oph*. Si" meet to-night
at Odd-FcMows Hall. Kighth and Fftiii
.streets, for the purpose of voting upon
amendments to the by laws. AI! mem?
ber!" are requested to be present
An important meeting of the South
Richmond Mother.^ flub will he h?;d
this afternoon ai 4 o'clock in the audi
toriurn of the Powhatan School All
members are urged to be DfWSnl
Motbewrs not memheis of the club
are invited lo jom the organisation.
Personal .Mention.
Mr and Mrs T E Burton have
returned home from a delightful trip;
'o New York and Boston
Mrs Bart lei Harris, who has been
visiting he- parents in Chase City, has
if urned home
Mr". S'ratton. of Washington is
the guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
F. P Robertson, of t'owardln Avenue.
Mree F'.milv summrrville. who has
been the guest of Mis. Mary Vaden. ;e.
turned home yesterday.
Dr. A. J. MrTyree Dead.
Dr. A. .r McTyree, one of the oldest'
re-i,|en's of ' he-'erfle!d County, died |
yesterday morning at 7 o'clock at his
home near Falling Creek. He wrts *?t-.
enty-seven years old. and leaver a i
widow two daughters am' two sons.
The funeral will be held this after
noon at 2 o'< lo< k from the home The
interment will be in the family burying 1
gl outids.
t.lcaresirr Farm Ssld
epe,i?| in The Times-I>i?patrb '
r.louir.ter. \* .Isnuarv 14. Wnonda.
one of the farms belonging to Kit bard Jan
Bey, of Koaring Springs. OloeresCer County,
has been sold lo O. r Burr, of Falrfield.
corn. 'Waonda ' which formerly beion?- d
to Charles r. ? ary is ,.r.e of the best of the
Highland farms In iJIoocester.
Arrested for Non-Support.
rVen'ar-.m i.-wis ?rraigr.ed in Police
Co in f-'erdsy morning on the charge
of failure to r rostdo for hlr. wife, was
e I on hall of lifln pending the
hearing of the charge on January 22
The bond ?*s furnished by J. H.
i I^ewis.
silify Davs for Theff.
Benny White charged with the
the!' o! I? si >n ? urrency from tb*
CraaSP and West Coal Company. Was
sentenced to sury days in Jail resU
day morning by Justice CrutcbSeld
Safe for
Nothing I? more annoying to a re
"?? ! -i n. ? .,, offensive perse.!**
tion or body odors. Those wbo basa,
se 1 i vrer ? AnUseptro I'owder know
i it to im the one remedy which never
j disappoints. Kor general uses de- |
, pendable in all castes?it should be in
rtr-t ).'. '"hold Inequaled as a
dou- he Recommend d by physi. i*r,
everywhere, as it contain* no poisons
frne ? bos make. ? wo gallons stand?
ard solution*. All druggists or write
for booklet and free sample,
fa t>. Trree, t beeilst, W asbtagtea. D C
It Gives Doomed Commerce
Court Stay of Execution
Until June 30.
W?.-hington. January 1 ?. By a vote af
10 tbe ?rrat? In-day adopted an afflruJ
mem to >h" legislative, executive sod judicial
appropriation Mi bng'henm:; I be life of th'
Commerce Court until June :tf>. aeit
l'nd'r exi-lins l?w ihe court would become
a ihing ef the pa -: aflat March ?. but Coogre.-vs
bavin: fsiVd to t-an-ter the jurisdiction of
the eourt anil make arrangements for the dis?
position of r??es thet, pending before it. the
Hrnsle to-day emiended the life of Ihe court
to enable it to clear up Its calendar The hill
will ha', e I . at ? ? <l " !?? .1 < ..:.f-r? ::??? :'
the two h.1 -
With ssarhlne-llks precision. th? legislative
hill r?rtcni spp-oTimaiely US w'"it. went
thr.-ugb II"' n'liam.nl?r> pr.jcrdlirc of th'
Aerate and probably will be passed early to?
The ??omn.erre < eurt provision precir,;
tated a lenghtv dehste Progressive- Dfmu
rraCs and Kepubli an< were split ever the
amer.dtivr.: ''?? 1 natending that tbe
1.111c -bo .' I ??*-?? on March 4. while many
members of the other two parties held I hat
the court should be permitted to continue
until < engross had taken w me appropriate,
action fee ihe disposition of pending rw?.
Trrn.inatlon of tbe actlrlties of tbe court
M?r? h 4. it was claimed. woo!<* result in
I raaoti onriition? in the business world
Senator lllxcn. of Montana, Progressive,
derlsrrd that ihr extension af lime would
only result in the piling up of more ca.se* In the
Cnmro?T*e * curt.
The ivifker it is abolished, the happier the
people of (be country will be." he added
sro?' - ? ommins. of lows, who had op?
posed ihe court, tu in fsvor 0' irsa?femng
It* Jurisdiction 10 .?ome other liihuosi before
abolish in? it.
Doe. ih* sVnator think the President
would apprevr a mrssurr ?' ? !.-hrr>j tt.' 1
merer I nnn' ' he ?sked 4rn?td' Olte-n.
' I sm net in the confidroce of the Presi
dent, replied the latter
Richard l_ lach?. Owner. Hies Peti?
tion In District I nurt.
Richard I. Kacho trading as t he Alb -
d debts due l
?e? fifty-nine ??
1 M v m -, darter 4 Cr In IIS '
v w<rhiid * NotgaejM Compabv.
4a |ii?. Company.
IIIIN; William M l uck. ?? **. Bla
v Pratt and Produ-e Compenr.
W M. Harri? Orocery
f3M *l 1 w < a"e? 4 ' 1
Mot is imery a i o fit: iv
M-hllll-rr . s A f. Haitlrnc
SnPn , ?. ?nnamake? A Co PKe) (?corge
D iWd. tilt. Natioaal Cash Regi
.-ipany II*? *nd < meines.t j
M ! brrs fsupply Cote, paar,
am??, Okie. mm. a,
A. C Jones, Once Candidate forj
Governor of South Carolina,
a Suicide.
Spartanhurg. hX < .. January 1.V--A.
C Jonet?, a native of Newberry County, ,
and one of tin- best known traveling
men of the Mate, and one time can?
didate for Oovernnr ol south Carolina
M lite IteiiMx rath- ticket, ended hla
life here to-day shortly before noon by
firing a pistol ball Into his brain. Death
j was Instantaneous.
Mr. Jones had been unwell tor sever?
al days suffering from an attack of the
grippe, hut was thought to be rnui h
Improved. He mid bis ?l'r he was going
to step to an outhouse to bring In some
wood and It was tblle there that be
fired the ball Into his temple. Mr.
Jones bad been In the limelight recent?
ly by reasou of his conspicuous place
as chairman of the rommltteee of the
Travellers Protective Association and
I tilted Commercial Travelers In their
flghl against the railroads for laws re?
quiring mileage to be exchanged for
I tickets.
; Miniature Reproductions of Associa?
tion Building and Father's Car.
St. I.ouis January 15 ?Two unusual
I presents will be sent from St. Louis to
j Miss Helen liould on the day of her
marriage to Kinley J. Shepard of St.
I Louis.
I The lurger and more expensive will
? be a gold and bronze < lock, an exact
1 duplicate of the architect ure of the
j loced Railroad Young Men s Christian
A-r-o. laiiun Building, the gift of the
members of the ansociatiort.
The other, a gold and bronze Jewel J
case, a miniature reproduction of her I
f.Cher's private car. the Atlantic, will
be the gift of thirty other Railroad
I Young Men's Christian Association
j branches scattered over the Could lines
in the Southwest
The designs originated within the
I association The money for the gifts
' is being raised by voluntary contribu?
tions and limited to sums ranging from
? cents to II Many old employes of
; the lines have begged to be allowed *o
i give larger amounts, but the requests
have been refused.
Tells Commltteee How Cgrrent \
should Be Reformed.
Washington. January 13. ? No ef?
fective currency reform can be accom?
plished without a central control ex?
ercised through the medium of central
i reserves and a uniform rate of dis?
count, declared Kdmund D. Fisher.
[deputy comptroller of New York City.
: to-day in a statement he read befor*
I the House Currency Reform Commit?
This control, he proposed, sould be
made effective by the organization of
a Federal national reserve?in effect, a
lui.d managed by a board of Of teen
UraeeeSaT, oeaa posed of seven bankers
?b?sen by a committee of the State
bankers' associations, three merchants ,
appointed by the President, four gov- 1
rrnmcnt officials, and the fifteenth su-.
pointed by the President and con- ,
Armed by a majority of the fourteen
The pioposed national reserve would
be the consolidation of all the reserves
of ?uch number of subreserves or re?
gional banking units as might be re?
garded sufficient to serve ail sections
of the country.
Samuel M. Wilhite. controller of'
Louisville. Ky , and president of the
National Associations of Controller
and Accounting Officers, urged upon
tan commute* ;he aecaaatty of putting
all reserve agencies on the same foot?
If New York and all the principal
i :'ies had put upon a like footing in the
beginning." he said, ' there would have
been no accumulation of reeerves in
New York upon wbn h the business of
the coun'rv has grown to auch an enox
tuous pioporti-'n *
t ourl Accepts statement Fron Negro
Prite Fighter.
Chi. ago. Jan lary 15?lack John-'
son wbo was in'errupi-d at battle j
;< reefc ves'erday while on h? wav
j lornoto. 'ana la. despHe the terms!
I of a bail bond holding him within the
jurisdiction of the Federal Court at
t Chicago, gave a satisfactory explana
I ion to Judge Carpenter to-dav.
He was not. surrendered on the $P> -
! aoo bonds covering his appearance to (
(answer charges of viola'ing the Mann
net hart sraa artroa up on a i ?o bond
I < It ?BS lag a charge of emiggling
j Ths ghtbon bond was allowed *o e'and i
land the pn^e fight, r was given time
I tfl se. ure ? ne w h..f.d 001 rhe smuggling
j . harge
'obi son to'd the court that he had
no intention of evading trial He said '
he war.'ed to bait with Tom Flenigan. '
his former manager, at 'loronto. t an-'
j ada. on business matters.
I ' But you shipped two automobiles,
did you not'" inquired Judge t'arpen
.tonhjun said that was true, but that
he had merely intended to enjoy a few
days vocation before skipping them
back to I'hii ago.
? OM U IH.s ITS t itl
Cincinnati. January IJ?With the
exception of one witness and some
dos umentary evidenre the government
finished the r r ?r.tation of its case In
the trial of thirty offi. ia'? or former
officials, or rhe National '"ash Regi-?er
Company, charged with having violated
the < rin.inal section of the shern.au
antitrust law
high' weeks have been consumed by
' the govetnn.en- m presenting Its case,
and the attorneys for the defense stated
to-r.igh' that ihey expected to take an
equal length of time
she Wouldn't t.o Bark for Tumulty,
but Mar Beirat for ?.e?ernor.
1 Trenton. N J January 15 ? PresS
, lient -ele t Wilson's ' speediest ateno
graphcr has quit, saving that she will
not be ' hoeeed" by Charles Swen
'he < hief stenogrpaher on Mr. Wil
MB < s'aff Bbe tore up some notes
whi h she ha.1 taken a short while
i before from Secretary Tumulty, and
.n-rt the State llouss Mr. Tumulty
I -? r-.r a rrv Sf.-nger ?('?r her. but she
I would Bot coene back.
'me I Hf was the indignant
..? it j woman She Said she ba<l been
?aktr.g delation from Mr Tumulty,
and when -he wen' to her office to
transcribe her notes Swen bad pre?
sumed to tell ber what to do
I he I resoien' ele. t it ts said, will
have a talk With her aad probably
e ic will relent
Harper l-ee.
! special to The Times OtapaN h ?
I l r?d.-r? kst.urg Va . January r>
Rarwaey. Pardeeeg br Taft. Maw _
af PStisesrgk Isstti tSsa
PttUBwrgh Pa Jssoar-r c ? w\ Kam
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Stay at Home and
Go to the Theatre
Sounds funny, doesn't it? Yet
that's exactly what you can do
when you own a Victor?stay at
home and enjoy the finest kind
of a performance. The greatest
singers, musicians and comedians
in the world are at your com?
mand, and you can arrange a pro?
gram to suit yourself.
Stop In today and get a Victor for
your borne. Any stylo Victor (110 to
II'?' or Victor-Victrola <$1S to I2Vij
yoti prefer on easy monthly payments.
The cost of a few theatre tickets a
month will pay for the permanens
enjoyment, of the Victor.
213 E. Broad
rlor Court was refused, snd on March iJ. tit*,
be entered the big prison. President Taft
pardocrd him after be had served fourteen
month- Its left tbe prison on May 1*. Uli;
snd through the influeocs of certain power?
ful financier* received ? position of truss
in the Third National Hank. Tho same In.
fluenllsl m?n made it possible to elech tlm
lo the prisidency of the (irrman .National
It is said that there was bitter strife In
the board ?f directors when Hamscy'a ele?
vation was first mentioned, but tbe opposi?
tion to him was nol strong rnough to pre?
vent his election. Ibe deposits of the Third
National Increased remarkably after Ram?
sey received his appointment there, and H
Is predicted among bankers here that the
(?rrman National deposit* will show a like,
pronounced Increase.
At the banker ? trial M was not charged
that be profiled by any of his relstiocu with
the grafting ? ouorllraen. He was simply
one of the banker- who scqulesced la tha
corrupt system tbe ceunciluien had for
i housing Ol y depositories.
< hsrters Issaed.
Oasolene Safety Appliance company Inc .
( apltal. t)w to I1M.0sc Frsderairk O. Farrall.
president. John Mr.iBo. vice-president;
Waller L. Cob well, secretary and treasurer?
all of ?0 Church sueei. New York.
Kudt.lpbl ard Wallace In. Norfolk.
Va < apllal. XV..m to US 0? W.A.Wallace,
president, C. ? Rudolpbi. \ ice-prraidenl. A.
t . Keecb. sarXSasry all of Norfolk
North ' aroiina Investment < orporation.
Roanoke. Va ? apital. u.900 to XaMM. O H.
Watson, presldenti V W. I^eftwirh. ?lee
president. K. A. Cannon, secretary and
ireaaurer?all of Roaaoke.
National Slate Corporation of Virginia.
Ar'vunia. va. Capital. ttYSX lo ISWMO.
Oeorgo W. Kirkpatri.k. president; <. M.
Pitts vice-president: Joseph Frltaoh. Jr..
secretary B *.. Richards treasurer?all of
Rochester. N. Y. A L. Pitts. Jr . ScoitsTllle.
%*Araendment to charter of Craddock-Terry
company, of Lvorhburg. Va increasing Kg
man mum capital from I; JO* san *? XlXD.t?.
Amendm-n- at charter or Vt'g.oia-Mary.
land Coal corporailon. of Richmond, va.
Increasing M* capital from IM* ?"? lo HW.090.
ITu.chfi^d Te^ Porres Abater Must
After imposing two flr.es -.; |jo e?rh
or, Va. i>. Korbe-, for maintaining a
nuisaflfce on the Hermitage Road.
- Crutchield yesterday morning
issued an edict to Ihe eTe. t that-abat?
toirs around the < Ity must, be odorlesg
as well as noiseless
If you (an t s'op this n usance.
.?,d "he tu-'i e ? yoti V iuw to shut
down It you cant find a remedy. I
will. "?"
OftV er W L Knig who was de?
tailed to investigate former reports of
offensive odors coming to the resideri'ial
section of the city on the breeze from
the Htrmitaige Road, testified in both
cases -V H Birr, of JOTS Monument
a, v'nue said on the star.d that h" and
the members of his family were awak?
ened from sleep on the night of JantJOXy
It by odors from the .orbes abattoir.
A fine of S20 and costs was imposed on
thai ' hurge
Offleer Krug -od H W. Allen '^fifi'd
of offensive odors from the ?^nj?**r.
hoce on January ? and another fine of
t>f) and costs was banded down.
.1 1-1? East Broad f?t.
Phone Monroe ?'?>? Phone
Special For This Week
pillsburv's Best Hour. IS lb.
lie- 24 lb bag.
Rumford Baking Powder, lb.
Best Oranulaled Sugar, lb.
Hundley'* Blend Coffee.
SSc value. J?>- lb.
Best Mtf ha and .Tara Cor
fee. **c value. 33c lb.
Ii kapaej. Soap. I bars. 3Jc.
Brookdale Asparagus, can
"l.tbby * Large White Peeled
Asparagus, can, Jae.
I.ibby's Tips. -t> 'hii, ? for
II re
Finest Prjnes. ? M *> to
tbe lb . UK c
.t year old CaPeert Whiskey,
quart. 7i
Imported Medium Pea*. 2Je
quality, can It*
Imported Kranch Mush?
room" J-V quality, rsfl.
lrr.pc.rtod Hxtra Pine Pea*.
3Sc quality, can 29c.
Cascade Whiskey,
Full Quart $1.00
? allforals. * oafclwg Hherry,
Part or t atasrha Wlaes uvrdd
ealy wy the Gallon. si.on
Pure l-erd. IH.. Mr.
mail oitnncs promPTXT

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