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The Weal her T*?-day Fair.
Marriage of Miss Hekn Gould and Finley /. Shepard Will be Notable Event of This Weefc
Hhn ?III perform i rrrmiinj._
I'rcsidcr.i-Elect Repeats State?
ment That He Has Made
No Selections.
ffopof ffuntil Will Prbpose Some
Substitute for Inau?
gural Ball.
Princeton. N. J.. January i? - Prca
idcnt-F.lfi t Wil-?>n reiterated to-night
that he had n.ade absoiut" l>" no de?
cision a* to the personnel <>r his Cabi?
net, and added that thus far he had
rot consciously conferred with any pros
I r. U re i atididate*.
T wouldn't do 'hat.' he said "until
I had finally mudc up my mind tu
ph-k a man I haven t <-<>n<-. iousI'. < ?n
siilted with any future Cabinet mem?
ber-' - and added as an after thought.
' though I nilgai have consulted with
Mime men whom 1 mich- ir:.
Mi Wilson again iA|ir"v-ril hi. he.
lief thai it was unlikely any of the men
whom he eelfi ts for his Camnet will
de? one to a-ttapt th?- portfolio* of.
;e?-..,| th-r 11 bi-en s'lgca'ed >') him
that tnan.N tiit-ti wore loath to give up
their busim-es to enter the Cabinet lie
said he raedaaai tmt sa< fnacen that
were neiivmry sometimes
"A Cabinet potulion Ion ' he re?
marked is a very responsible one.
where you do not r< I vrrv much credit
fo: feat saieeeaaa) .? nd ? .it< b -t hard for
vajatf fai Mag
lie ?n1 rtpated little -lelac be ?*;d.
in g'ting :i'? ? i tan i - Iron, su- h nan
as he mica' ? hi***- fi?r the vsriou
portfoh.i- and sali! tba' fi..t until he
had ma?|e up a ? omplete ?la''- would he
begin to loneott thoee whom be had
p,. I ed out
When Mr Wilson * *? inforte??d to?
night th?' p'-opp- in Washington were
taking I? fo' granted that a popuia
le-rpiien *rfH tv. substituted f<- ? t.
leaugural bafl he eaid h< bad expected
to re ?:v s ittei'lMs. a!..na <h.,t line
las- .fi.-d ?,e . i.,| I h ,r so toe-hing
Toiilrl be SO hot It Hll d I rather hoped
that Mr t'.ustis would lac ?nVn*. plan
before me '
Willmm Cormran l-.iietis. the m
augural ? halrman w?? r? r?oned lo .
mailed his reply to dnv lo tb. (fta*>
err.e- s le-ter 'r.-i?i,m?hi|iii| "li'mwiitiyii
' f -he hull I r,? < t . . ? ... rl I . I ..,(
not yet rweired it and p'nbmMy a.oild
' '-t r* _j_
Rest ?er*ira ra i eTrfsi ale, itamlat | nt
irnirV La'ter ai iaeeaih '-nrnf ucl?-a a as
net --nane? rf?tlT ?-r-p- ?nnda- ImN t*
t' ..s -g , ?.-. ... imi e v. k Mann.? % d
Accidental Discovery of Source
From Whence Supply Comes
to Convicts.
Ossining N. Y.. January 1? ? The
accidental dropping of a'aright has
? loared up a mystery which ha? been
been puzzling the wardens of Sing Sing
prison from the time of Warden Sage
down to John S Kennedy. : he in. urn
Th" v., icht in question ?howed how
drugs like opium, morphine. ? neaine,
in powder form, and other things get
?o the i-onvii fs The dis< overy will lie
of benefit to the wardens- of every other
priM>n of 'be s-rtt. .tti.l to keepers of
city prisons lik< t as Tombs in New
York. It has been -hipped in puture
post cards hurthei 'ban that from
investigations already adopted by War?
den Kennedy it appears tha' as far as
UM New York supply is ? nnoerncd ..ne
woman has been the principal manu
bJS ? irer. having a large sto- k <<f
drugg'd postals on hand, which fa? t
?*a.- known to the friends of men in
pi -..n a ho must hsve drugs
No one thought anything ol it ?hen
the |e-stal card ?rare manifested itself
In the prison flv at Shi v<-ar??Hgo. be
HaM * be convict- keep pretty well
abreast of the times
Some ni the cards were movable,
?he ?leb-.--mg being prominent and
large i'h- mall that arrived one morn
ing m week or BSJM Mg-> ??Warned
several score ??' these cards und all
*? i?- taken ha i he proper tsMlggaJ to
t?e examine' . - - ,. n-le The man
sat at tirs desk tbe cards befoie hin.
In eom' wa\ >-r ? ??her ?I'h-r * weigh1
? >r a t?~ k d- >t>|--d on one ,,f the largest
pos' ? a'ds in -i. h a manner 'hat the
edge f.f it stnick on :he edge of trie
embossing ?Utting a hole To ; he
sin prise of ' h< ma'i a" 'to d? ?k a tiny
a perk of while dt"p|f?-d before him
||< pa Seil a*ap It loo'ed like the
segmen' ?f a small morphine pil!
lie too* ?? 'o I prison ph\s!>ian and
mm b r prow i ha be
I h. ? inbowsing was ilrFf-d loose and
l he hollow spa. e of it was found to be
filled wills more morphine pills a
g.^mlb ? ??in ?ser -.f ihoii ?? Jialf gram 'n
si re ngt h and ?-oie erit rated
An en^rT)i?i?ti<?ri of erer. other
fmbesol t'os'a' ? ard in i?? be'.h
? f>..*.-d that ?wo'hird? of ihein had,
???nie kmd ? ?' d-Mg it. too, ????ugh to.
last a f.-n i 'inMl rhe ne?t postal t ?'d
?l< re?-et?ed
t H? eaatiitnatton hu? ?-or,? ia? ed tbe|
leisten rha- the , ???. .... ,.' ., ? I prisons
< oi nnuetl on S. . ... I Page i
r orte Will Fight to Re?
tain its Ancient
Balkan Allies Will Wait Till
Middle of Week; Then Armis?
tice Will Be Denounced and
Hostilities Resumed?Tur?
kish Fleet Put to Flight
by Greeks.
London. January 1*?Turkey s de?
rision, as indicated by dispatches froni
Constantinople to-night, refusing to
teile Adnanople anil the Aegean Islands,
it is believed here will lead to a re?
sumption of the Turki-h-Halkan war
within a week
The Balkan BBSS*, after considering
the whole situation among themselves
earlier in the day. arrcaxly had BSJBMBBl
to wait until the middle of next week
for th? answer of the Porte to the joint
tio'e of the power*., and if then the re?
ply was n ?? r--.et\.<l ot was unsa'iefar
torv. |sj add res- a communication to
the T irkish delegation in a form of a
definite ultimatum allowing Turkey
forty -oigh* or seventy-two hours for a
final decision
Should Tsrkey. a' that tune, be un
able or unwilling to come to the allies
terms, the Ha'kir, plenipotentiaries de
? ided that a ruplur.- of the peace <t>n
ferrm <? was inc--|tahlr Sofia Belgrade
and t "cttinje would denounce the arrnts
ti?-e and four days la'er the war wowld
he resumed
The allte. do not ad no I or to if more
exact <f.. RwC net lh< :-Ibiiity <?f su. h
proposal- fioo. Turkey- or the powers
as would ajloa of a res imption of nego
nations, ur.les? the I'orte open'-.- .|.
clares rfs readiness '?> c^- up Vdrtano
pie So far lost ru< I t'.tu. of the Hill
gar.an ?i?-;? g.???. af. ?..*??.I on this
s'|l ... ? <i.<| i|o n..- -droit of a d'-. u
soo . ' to p.. .1.. ??., i ? ha* I '!? v ?? fair:
AdrtanofHe even fo the disman' bug
of the forttBcattons or ointiniiinr neg..
'la'ion* on .. he- . ..tidi'o.n- leaving
the question of Adnanople to be die
posted of last
*H Wnaporl Bulgaria.
Serv la. Montenegro and tirees-e nil
support Bulgaria in thi? attitude The
mm ? ? s? bsBbbtsi swsjM bmbm an
? ??!?'? ? oti.ph-' ii ? n' ??' ?lo .- wishes
especially in I he our of t.reeoe. ?heb
m the conquest of V-'nanopie b\ Hul
gS'la see. the ?Ireelt in <-t|pa t ion of
Saiotitlri |?ss likel? 'o |.e disputed In
addition the aH.-s '????] thai the time
will never he mote favorable for 'tum
r roto the reports t?-?-ens?l It in evi
dent i)i?i the TBtwaw) rc?*??ir?-e? are
< ontinued on s?~ ?>tvd .l ag?- i
m mix t.n ?? < iimi ?i
Srm f tries s?. MoK.i. ,>? r ?.??-???.>.
levy ?besn rates and iSrnttew rannten
rsseitm-ls'leae. ? ta ?<>l Tl|r?\ u 111
t> < ?II <~ sh.n. < e. r-i. "*?,
Main a ? Rh SawmJ ta Madts..*
Tells President He Fails
to Recall His
Incident Occurs As Taft is on
Way to Dinner in Waldorf.
To-Morrow He Goes to New
Haven. Where It Is Likely
He Will Resign From
Yale Corporation.
New York. January 13.?Ad Presi lei
Taft wmt entering the Waldorf apart?
ments in the Waldorf to-night on his
way Da the private dinner .riven hy
Otorge ?'. Holdt. he met Henry PMppa
in the corridor.
The i'.'e-ident smiled and put out
hi* hand "How do you do. Mr.
Phipp?'- he said, cordially 1 How are
you !
The steel man looked at the President
and without extending ht? own hand
and with no sign of recognition, said
"I don : Isrlieve I reeai! your face.
I don ? l.eitove I hax<- SSW t vou
Tto i'l'-ident laughed Hiid NM that
he Ihisaghl if Mr Phipps would exer?
cise hi- ?? M ??ry he would re. all hmi
There was a minute s pause Mr
Phini- f'-T'd the Situation. pul
out h>? own hand and oune'l 'he
r - - !? ?! ;ti ' he laugh
Mil) Roirn from ? nrporatlon.
Ne?- Haven lonn . Januaiy I*
According to Yale officials to night.
President Taft, when he com?-e to
Monda> to .:tiend the January m<? ?
ing of the Yale Corpora'ioti will < on
- ?. ? h. question id resugning from
h. i [oration a? he will ....oi lagSt
up hi- ?lutiee as Kent profeswo: in :h.
> ?l' iav ?? rtool and it has ?* i irrrcd to
hm. so i' was glvevi out to night.
>>.. ? it eo'lld Tlo? -?ern ni?l ngh' f'-r
hitn to remain on tlie corpora: lott ;<ud
al.o f,e a prof.-sor in 'hi mini
If be ren.air??-d on the < aggsM at MM
he MaaM be* in the position .,: (.? ,.
t n a! I v passing judgment ?n hi- own
fa. SJM I work
Mm Taft will - ome to \ew Haven
w'h the President, and the-, will look
over some ..f I he lo, ?| resider,.-r ? th .i
? iu? k?-d out a- the future
beeSS ??' -h? Tafl famfl\ * h? n rl.
i i omo here fot his la ? -? h
v oi k ii- ?: tSeptenibei
reeri-? tlrlor> Celebrated.
N. ? \ ..?K January Is I h. ? -
l.nar. ..f Ivrn s vx-torv ?< the battle
of lai'e trie wa?-. elehra'od ?.-. : he
Ohio s. ?? twenty -seventh annual
?tipner I ? '?! night at the \\ald-'t
Pie.i.p,,' Tafl ??. the ?,?,1 ?f hi.
li'M ?h? preeolent had a preypois du i
eaajpagen-en- .org? I Hold i
and ? . . ' ? ur.de- the ?ae s
wuh 't" fibm lot** waa unat.lr in
lliee* hwfote It ai'ularll I re?ide?t
Wldlaasn Si Hawses aa t he ?neteiv.
Bill to That End Is
Introduced in
Evidence Said to Prove That
Foreign Steamships Carrying
American Commerce Are
Guilty of Every Charge
Against Them ? Defense
of Rebates and Pools
Washington. January IS?The first
of ? he Hi v.-t-T mal ion of the *o
catied shipping in real iKation trust tiy
the Howee Mcrahvaal Manne t'nanniil
tee to-day ?.* a hill by Representative
Hni|>tMaj of Washington. to har
from 'he I'anama ' anal all American
or foreign vessel- it. combines and con
t< r? ru es."
Wit nosscs* have told the committee
that practically all vessels in * he
Alien, an \; ? - a st vrt-e r rade oper ?
a'c in agreement, and that the foreign
lines between New York and South
\h-o:i.-a. South Africa Australia la pan
China the Philippines, and India,
htive rate and sailing date agreements
and rebate and poolfhg arrangements
The evidence already produced at
ih?>" hcinrig- dc. tared ttepte?enta
tive Ilumphre;. . has fully d? :i,..n
-?? lt< I 'hat the for- iKh s* ca p.sh i p?
which ? arrv our . ? >??'. ? e aie guilty of
every charge made ag.otist then.. The
1 nited States is a mere way station
for these foreigt'-i I WmMM lines and the
evidci . haw waa mt rawaaaw] that these
to-elgn .??oohllie- Ifl'.-.id to monopolize
i. 'hrotigh the haWM t anal "
Itefends Trust Methods.
Ilel. -tse of rebating, pooling ar
rangemet.'s and -ate agreemente In
ocean frtis*?t traoe hsadejrad the testi?
mony "f Uni., i Haihc president of
r h.- ? tri.e^ Compan v. of New > ..r k. lo
mwi hefwra the Mouse shipping trust
Mr Hurtsr hdd the . omrr, i* t*e yee
, ?. h ? hnes represented l.y his
. on pan., hj the trade Iw'tveen New
\. orl? ar I v cith An.erica South Africa
i hin., iaic.tti and the Philippines were
IS. ...mo I ? i ! '"on los. ph '
1..P. "f Norton m C? ?f New
? i ore a boo' rn'e and sailing date
BJBjd i ???'fig *grr>enirnf*
Itetwecti lioea in the trade Isetween V ? w
>..rk and v-eith Mrs, Australia
I a pal 1 hltia ? h? Philippines and
li.l i Sofo? Inas repieaettfed hv his
he wtf I teas said, were in these
I P.. p-ea. f?nt el the W It
. ,,s. ? ? oeetaany New V.rrk told the
. olnr ilt'?e *i pet .rnl of Id- trade lie
t , N. .. . \ ,.r. NIM I 'h- < ? . ,.' .,f
daughters of Krank J. t.ould. flower girts._gj,
Backed by Secretary Mac
Veagh. He Declines to
Answer Questions
Washington. January I? ? Kurth?*;
c-omplualmn? arc threatened in the
fight between I r.ifil State? Ih-mi. ?
?fudge B<?yd, of I Irecnsboro. \. t' .
and Koyal K ?'?hell. ?'on rn:--n.nrr
of Internal Hrvrnin . in an alleged
?Thi-Kev ftaud i a?- in N'or'h ('.?roiina
by the i-oii.inis-ioner> refusal today to
submit to diree-t ?>r croes-cxaminatton
before I' IM tad stat?*e C ommissioncr Hit t
of this i r \ . who was ordered by Judge
Koyd lo take \?r < ata*|l ? deposition
The imm laaeeessf - attitude was baa
ed iiiH.ii written directions of So ri-t
Ma< V'eagh 'hat he offer the court
wifho-.t question as to its authority
a i-ertifted .??ov of the Treasury lie
partn-ent s iesord in the case and de
. line to answer questions in eonne. -ion
with :*. The SSan* Sri** h is dire, -ed
againet |? >' l-oster. h ?lisii'ler and
V (Denn Williams, said ha have been
the purvhaerr of toe whiek-jr m qu?*S
tSSSI also is being riv<sI | ? ? > ? the
House t'ommlttee eat Kxps-ndifures in
the Treasure liepartrnent
The 'sending i.su- in
warehouse a' I#ouieviib >\ ig
Kovd ? nioin*>d the removal and a|
pointed a master t<> take Nwttinoi
The> tdvlsed teMon
M ? h- Ii! ? ordel < c T. - .s .-? e
Hitt -v.is au'hori/ed
aition? of Mr ?'abell and n-iif
of the Infernal It. e
Kie?. hs>r Mattos. HMMl <-f inter i,
?e . t i- . P. H Talbef . hier of -he la?
divieion arwl \\ Huhbard '? . I. i
Three re.< 4,
edtas aas-ena
?a?e Rlrtiirwr
a r at. IX1
No (Ostentation About Her Mar?
riage to Finley 5
nemony Will Ho Per(otmmm%%
Wi dnesday at H<t
Country Home.
Special to Th> Times-iMpr-a'cn.)
\?-w York. January is -For mm
ijulv r: ) Maa HHen
?ll?l wiil have 'he -im pleat n I lIlllBR
?t taw taken pla?-e >n three ports aft a>
1? while K* has aln ? ? ?. form
y announced her se(i<1ihst to Kinley
?aaita nl to the pi i ill it east
M-e Missouri Pecif* ?v*<em. will bo
emui/ed at Mies i ioiiid * beautttat
. ? :hurst" at Tarry
rn-oa-tne II i W cdnceaay
to mm Mtaa
r-onje hu' Terrr
' ? ateepy ekl to an of
where her father bam)
(?or-* to Roahiirv
Or. Raserei to Mem Ibra.

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