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Amateur Baseball Rules Committee Meels---Phils Tnun_ Here?
Loss of Rixey and Douglas Will Be Felt, but There
Are Other Stars Seeking Places
Lfift Vacant.
(. Iiarluttrsvi?c. \'m., January :'.' -
\ irg.iua s basrbiill outlook is very
rrou.leii.?:. udgmg from tlie way the
mu?l has performed during 'he past
week of oiitdooi practices on Lambeth
>ie:j Six successive days in the open
In -i id-winter Is something unusual fat
the moderate climate whi< h is supposed
to pjovial at the i amp selec ted by t.'iark
Griffith for his prospective champions
It is quite evident, however, that
T'airer l.stmigan Is going to let no op?
portunity slip in his. effort la develop
a ?'lining team the coming spring.
The year INI has started off as if it
;? g'.'ing to. be a hoodoo lor Lannigan
No! only does he lose ten point winners
from the track and fleid squad, but in
taking an inventory of his baseball
-?? k he finds that two of the stars of
Ja*' year's ninS will be conspicuous by
ansaaoa? Sana H:xey Jr. and .Ma1
I ? ra Douglas?and neither was lost
by graduation.
The t resent indi. gtlons aro that this
>r?'s nine Will be very strong except
in the box. There is sun! to be an abun?
dance . ? iiii.-.enal in college for both
mfleid and outtleld positions. AI
?n. :gh "he ofTl< lal call for candidates
will tloi be issued until next Monday, as
Btai f ? a cut \-five have been at
work at one time on Lambeth Kield the
rast week Lannigan started out with
the idea of working out only the ba'
tei ?? ? gndidsies. but a number of appli
. ants for other positions evinced so
much interest that they were per
n r ed ta don uniforms and engage in
light work with the pitchers and
Kijtht prospective twirlers have been
seen in ait ion so far Of course, little
can be judged of their ability, for tl.ev
have aot been allowed to OUt li?,-f
Thev have just " lobbed" the ball over
witti tne view of developing their mus?
cles. The number includes LTysses
tirar.r. formerly of the Episcopal HlCh
Bi so.,;, who is expected to be the miiin
stay in the box the coming season.
?Iratit was among 'he first to report.
Jir.d his niar.y admirers in college pre?
dict 'hat he Will increase the splendid
reputation he made last year, when he
held Vale to a tie in Norfolk, and per?
formed almost as weil against some of
'he other college teams later on in th,.
s. hcduir Ha powenfM an ideal build
tor I t wirier, and is a glutton for work.
As lie )i icgatded us one of the beat
hitters ag tag PglSnd, he ariN very prob?
ably I"- used hi 'he outileld when other
twnlers are taking their turn on the
' m<>und. In 'he Cornell and Oeorge
g games last spring, on Lambeth
t ..'id. (Irani started nmt h-lnniiiK ral
.. - which turned the tide in tuvor of
i .>hI"s Grant there are live other
prospective twlrlers applying for the
team who are over 8 feet in height
They are <\ .' Hetiedl'.t. of Woodslde.
Ind ? .lohn Anderson, who hails from
;trt?? Mississippi Agricultural and hlsch
cal College, I' H. Calloway, of the
Norwood <Va ? High S( iiool , Walto'.
Rlxey, a brother of EPPO Rixey. ,lr .
Ol the I'hillies. and Strickland, the tall
substitute center on th? basketball
?quad, who conies from West Virginia.
, All of the above have reported for work '<
, save Hixey and Strickland, who are on
tag basketball quintet Other box,
candidates in uniform the past week
Ware Douglas Nett, who will undoubt?
edly be given an opportunity to show his
worth the coming spring. ?. S. Clarke,
v. h" was a member of the Richmond
Collegians lui t summer; Thompson.
. from the Culver Military Academy.
? Culver, lad., and Lewis Gooch. a left?
hander from the Paris (Texas! High
? S( ho.'l N'erT has shown up very prom?
ising thus far and is expected to live
I up to the reputation lie made last
summer as one of the best twirlers onI
the Blue Ridgo Camp nine, perhaps
Uta fastest amateur team in the State. !
Captain Kiniay. who did practically
?11 Ol the backstop work last season,
prai Mces daily with the squad. He will
have able ussistanee the cpming spring
in Oreeri, from the Episcopal High
School, and in Rruce Anderson, who
made his le'ter season before last, but
who was kept our of the gume last ,
apring by an attack of typhoid fever.
There are also other candidates for;
c atelier
The outfield will contain two stars!
of la>t year's nine?Minor Lile. son of)
Professor William M. Lile. Dean of thei
Law School and Lande, the youngster :
from Woodrow Wilson's birthplace,
who made his letfr in both foe*ball
and baseball In his f^rst year in college
Report of Committee Will Be
Heard and Members Vote
on Its Adoption.
A rr.ee'mg of the Richmond Amateur
Athie'i ? r cderation will be held to- ;
morrow night at ? lghl o'clock in the
auditorium of McOUl ? CatBoUs I'r.nn
m Ota l Street between Kighth and
Nirth. to consider the report of the
committee named to suggest a constitu?
tion and by-iaw* and offlcrs for the
crganiza* i >n. It is iioped that all or-.
gan;ra*ions desiring to affiliate with the
fedtra;.?n w:il be on hand A slate of
officers iia* tern determined upon and
the r?-;ir>-<?:.? .i-ivc- of tho various or?
ganizations will be asked to vote upon'
the t tagest) d D uaes
Son of Governor Johnson Will
See Honors in Amateur
Boxing Tournament.
Su.. ' :at. is-.o. January 8?Assur?
ance ?i< gi'-'-n t'^-<iay my officials in
harg- ?I the Pau?c Coast <gislssit
: Bg InSaTBajBSgd SO be heps, in the
OtgSnpsO*"I t*b" to-rr.orrow eight -'.at
Archie .Tphr.ior. would appear as an
asptrar.' fss ths welterweight til S
'onr.son :s a son of Oov. Hiram \V
? t-.r.s^ti !a-e Progressive nominee f,,r
ce vi.-e-prrsider --
iid ISs-asgkl WOSjM bg a con
stan* H;? n:s' opponent will i>e
rrgo C of i. - Angjttsg, a weite; .
eight know l . ? sstlggsg a-.d hard
r*r.il Wand, dir?" -or or the tourna
ssst. sold I gl ?
' .f-.Lr.v I - S* of tl ?<?? borers
have sees sssrs snag I i aaudeae to
ring bg - the amatem i ?? retght
taaaptoi -t. . Ban I ?. ? .-? ?> h?
neithe* Oot en
nor Hir^m W
have voued at
ng < ?r? '
IsSssesBsgSsts Rule rgaegss
Be?t Grade Auto Lubricating Oii
25rc: Reduction on
Suits and Overcoats
#?15.00 ?am? or O Cogt now 111 a?.
faeoo "-uft or OCoet r.<? |H fia
???ng Bent or 0 ' - '? ?
kAHcTt Of mt:HMMM?,
714 t. Isrwad Btreef,
Central International Is
Merged Into Northern League
With Eight Clubs.
Minr.eapoiis. January 23?The Cen
trad International League, a four-club j
organization, passed from existence to
aavy, and in its stead there will be the,
Northern League, composed of eight
clubs, provided the sanction of the
National Cummis.-ion and the National
Association is obtained.
The new organization, wnjck was
agreed upon at a conference here to-day
Of representatives of all The clubs in- ,
volved. will he composed of Winnipeg
and tort William, Canada: Superior.,
Wis. ; Grand Forks. N.I) ; Duluth.Min- !
neapo'.is. St. Faul and Virginia. Minn. ,
Permission for the entrance of thei
lesser organization into Bt. Paul and I
Minneapolis was granted by the Ameri- j
can Association at its meeting in Chi- ;
?ago las*, week, provided control of the'
Minneapolis and St. Paul teams were
;n the hands of r.Iichael CantilJon and
George E. Lemon, of the American As
so fcattoa teams of Minneapolis and St.
Joins "'Comeback" Brigade and
Begins Training After Look?
ing at Heavies.
Philadelphia. January 22?"Kid"
McCoy '.he middle weight box?', who
ii*d tew f'ip-riors :n the roped arena
, f "rcvf years ago is going to Wy
his hand a' the old game once more.
Mi Coy has re-entered the ring on sev
< ?,. < ? ..- MM end while he always
made a good impression, he Beweg-fol?
lowed his effort aartooaly Toe last
i . .' bO had wa? w.'h Jim Savage, and
Ba -s' waa Bwtsateegj off in jig tmie.
Then, to the surprise of many. McCoy
the :ir,g and wen" to Europe,
where he had several thrilling exper
.<?!;? es before he returned to his naitve
.1 ay hag been Boing s< me light
I ( at ths New i'olo A'bleti' < lub in
? riers for ties la I wee .. leeisng atas
? ont I! he thltiks that he ?an ant
..r.y"hing r.ear hi; o.d-"-me form
Basal all comers
Ml ' ay BtSOtsdJad the tournamee.?
t i.? a ?.-vw? ights held at en* of the
ibs lastsssaic and] after ii was eerof
..red ? r.a- If the men entered re pre
ited the beat of the division they
ere a pool A hsttMaV
" ' ? bag been < ToselV Ider.f'
I I with boi ii g for some tin.e **.d laol
rvef ^ t be wit have Bttts
there a., when McCoy
: ?a-< ?? en at t:.e <>' MM heavy
w. :gn*- wh ?? b nr.g now and I
et* .? ? h* i ? owing fl ve
ea and he d "?in
Ih'-.- Wi? r?-.-?r . r: e . >?er looser
thai ? snd fw ?.,.,)?? ..s hard
All Rumors as to Tradet Are
Norn- Set at
? evs'end ft . Januarv u ? -g
as ? ?? rumors "ho; re ??s .
-d o the Sew Yog tn.sneen*
x >vr v?r*"" ?> ??
- f u . aenwrh ?sg ? ? ? ?
ea*?-sf fie, sgi.r' * ? ? * a
? ha - * ekg . ? ,.?
eis a ted ie? ias> gear and !? s sei
e? ggf of at ran ?? baa *w*etved fi
>le M f?-r >eere w.:: be cof .t.?4.
Capital City League
Meets To-Night.
The t apltsl City l eague will
mri't to-night In the office of the
sporting editor of The Ttmes-Dls
patrh at BlW a'atecs; to arrange
for next season. Several matters
of Importanre are to he consid?
ered. Including the personnel of
the league. 1'mplres will be se?
lected anil other matters of Im?
portance dls< ii->N?-d. President
John Dunn Is sal leas that all of the
clubs he represented.
Committee Recommends
Amendments to Amateur
Baseball Commission.
The mies i ommlttee of the amateur
baseball commission held u busy ses?
sion yesterday afternoon and after a
careful study of all the suggestions
made by 'he several leagues and man?
agers, decided upon some changes
which will be recommended to the
commission at a meeting which will pro
liubly be held eaily next Week. While
no provision was incoorated in the rules
reducing the number of clubs in rgfig
league to four, the maximum num?
ber was reduced from eight to six.
with the recommendation that the
leagues, as far us possible be com?
posed only <>f four teams. The
whole question revolved around the
number of games played between
each of the teams in any given league. 1
Kour clubs will allow the clubs to
meet more frequently and it Is for this
reason that the committee suggests ]
the changes.
The waiver rule was amended
that it is mandatory upon the clubs to
ask waivers from ench of the other j
clubs in a given league before a player,
Is released. Last year this was op
tiotial and some trouble arose there?
from, empires will be required to !
send a written report to the secretary
of the commission after each game,
re. I ting the ocr urences of that contest.
Proteste il any. and other items which
the commission will want to know.
There were a number of other changes
suggested all of which will be presented
to tho commission.
Invites Members of Washington
Ball Club to Witness Wil?
son's Inauguration.
Washington. January 22 ?-Manager
Clark OnfTith. of the Washington
American League baseball team, has
planned to have the regular members
of The Wl Team see the inauguration
of President-Hier" Woodrow Wilson as
the guests of the club management
To-day he sent letters to members of
the team ordering them to report here
March .1. The team will go in training
at Charlottesville. Va . March 5 or t>.
Kentucky Futurity to Be Run
as It Has Been Since
Lexington Kv . January 22?The
Kentucky Futurity, for three-year-olda,
wiil remain as it has been since its in?
auguration a three in Ire beat race
This was the decision reached by th<
stockholders of the Kentucky Trottir j
Horse Breeders' Association at a roe.-,
ing here to-day after a heated argume-it
lasting several hours
The following officers were elected
for the coming year president. K A.
Tipton; trice pre-iden-.- lt. C Kstiil
and Ur .lohn Haggard directors. Col?
onel John it. Allen. David M Look. Is.
v Hark nee?, R c. Stoll and J. D.
Orover . -e rotary, J W. Williams The
resolution prohibiting the giving of
records to yearlings failed "> pass.
Murray, of Intrrnatisnal. Gees to American
Association fsr Blerfcslter.
' hicseo. Jscusry at \n ri? hange of BBs*
pir". by ?iinh Jame? BtBiiaj Bf the Inter
BeetBBal I-eagur. CWaSSl IB BkS Arneriran As
>o--1?ti?n and Wiilian. Bo rhalt ,- of the latter
IsagBe, gor- to the International was an?
nounced tore ? -t.rday by President <'hiving
ton. of ibe agesrleaa aasacattiee < hiwnx
ton says th*' Murray wa? the niain?ta> af BBS
International la-' |ear and will prove a eat"
BBBtl addition to the -'aff of ihe associstlna
l.oi He Takes I p New Duties.
Pittsburgh lanunry 22 William H
laOCke resigned to day as BSi "'ar; o!
the Pittsburgh National League club to
take up his n*w duties with the Phil .
?it.. of the same league Les?
lie H. Constans. aartataaf aocrttaij,
?uceejeded Mr Locke ao aaerotary 0? fan
io<-ai . ah
Son Tech
fi&lTly lit 1
Freddie Hick
Ml (,..',rf> Defeats lllrks.
lary 22 - Eddie M< -
/ph. Wis defeafed
itetiolt 11' a ten
o-night _\|. <.
thi ? ,gh hat seem
, his pun- BOS
Ts* n'et-Tt Beit Finer
for Afteaiso?f Trrcv
Tlsoreughij Tested
f.mut Tried.
Lees II
aas% ff ????**?>
Airmatm TV* fitter fa
14nS and Pa. Awe.
satniatrON c C.
Special Sale of Women's
and Misses' Suits and Wrap
Gordon Motor Co.
In the Wake of the Game
I Glimming the reports teilt* the sorrowful ?ale that the Phillies are without a
home ax yet . I hat is they are without u lioinn wherein I bay will develop into Ulaut
Killers, for it is the tlnn belief of Charles Doom, thut it is the (Hants, and not tho
Stogies, inclining I 'i 11 sbii rgh, who will be the chief contenders m the league whlc.-.i
Horace Fogel and Charles Webb Murphy have at lust mi. reeded in making
famous. Southern Pines In t he State of North Carolina is st ill In the running, but
I so is Richmond Mike Doniln, who changes his allegiance as often as he does his
l mind, now a member of the Phils, says that he is empowered to enter Into negotia?
tions with Richmond. It ni.iy be true and again it muy not. but it listens good as
long as it lasts Mike will be hero next week, and will sing a little song entitled.
"There s a hole in cverv doughnut, where it really ought to be."
"Now by the rood." or words to that effect, oursombre friend, of the Ichabodian
proportions, the parcllelopoid of the human specie, who from even an orthor
graphic standpoint occupies as much space as In- does perpendicularly, the Cor?
nelius MctJilll. ud.lv. is muchly worried. J. Franklin Maker hi,- i>,.i signed Talk
of fsnodgras* costly mufi dwindles into insignificance besides .1. Franklin s profit?
able swat, in the good year IUI I Therefoie. since Cornelius has hopes in 1013. J.
rranklin. who hasn't signed, is a muchly sought individual
Petersburg is anxious to sign some of the local sandlot stars Kspeciallv do
the floober adherents want men in the gardens Of course they must be big. inust
hit hard, be speedier thun the hnre. cover all the ground there is and then a little
more, have basebull sense well developed, young and willing to learn and some
I other trivial attributes hut possessing all these, the fait thut t hey are sandlotters
i will not interfere with their opportunity to shine on u < loober field Sacrucino looks
I promising from the Pc rsburg standpoint and liulcher. last year with the (Trays,
is also a likely individual besides others, who. while they might not quite measure
up to specifications, would provo valuable to any minor league club.
Huben Marquard has still to be heard from He is acting yet Hut it is
hinted that h,s par: net lilossou. N.'ee, is about to dash across the o~ean for a
?cars sojourn If this is true. Hube will lind that he isn't quite a smu.h of an
I attraction us he thinks lohn Mrdraw tells the whole story when he says that
Matui.'aid must teali. e that his value on the stage is du? entirely to the reputa?
tion ho has made m baseball, Without that be would be a frost", vea, verify, he
would be a whloe flock of icebergs But Rube will come to work, and he will have
; to work awful hard to make up for the stories which have been acredlted to him.
Our lden of hopes blasted" carried irno the third dimcntion, is the holdout,
meeklv returning to the fold and anxious to sign the first payroll. And our idea
of nothing to say, is the prattle of the recruit who explains why It was that he
I came back to the bushes
? Ty Cobb In Augusta and Sam Crawford contenting himself with clipping
coupons is by no means compensated for by the fact thut Jean Dubur has for?
sworn t ranee and the offers made to introduce baseball in the frolicsome clime
to come back to the Tigers. Still it is inconceivable that either Cobb or Craw
I ford really mean what they say?Crawford surely, as he is not a young man by
any means. Guess the headlines will read the same: "Cobb Steals home'' or
j "Crawford's Olive scores Cobb." At least ours are still in type
Red Doaobne, Fred Lucia and Fred Westervelt All three at the same
i time punctuated the usual quiet ?.f the den last evening Aside from disturb
; ing everything handy, hoisting feet upon the desk and acting generally as if]
Pierp Morgan was a selling plater, they made the evening very enjoyable. As'
I usual the visit was brief, starting about II o clock and ending at 2. Jake Stahl <
(John MtOraw. Hughie Dully und a few others wh.? really don't know how t.i
I manage ball .:ubs were thrown to tho discard and a new deal ordered. Some
Chance for the big leagues in that trio.
Damon Runyon opines that the (Hants have signed everybody in the South
but Robert K. Lee. (leneral Lee would hardly be welcome in New York, though
they do say that he made some up m thut neighborhood establish speed records
on the paths.
ITysses Grant playing baseball, and pitching at that, for the t'mversltv of'
Virginia might furnish some of the orators who spout of obliterating the Mason
, and Dlxon line something to work on
That was a happy thought on the part of President Henry Louis Smith, of
Washington and Lse university, when he told the alumni of that ins'itution that
too much attention was paid m colleges to highly developing a few men along
I physical lines at the expense and to the loss of the rest of the student body
I far. Smith very rightly holds that physical development should be an etna of the
(university or college; that whils teams are very good things, the individual
{should not be lost sight of. lie wants all the men trained phvslcallv as well
I as mentally, and he is righ*. Kverv man entering a university should be given'
1 an opportunity to develop along phystoal lines and sholud not be made to feel 1
i out of place because he cannot make the team.
This thing of highly developing the few has gone too far Th? pendulum i
I about to swing in t he Ol her direction. Along with the awakening in cities w, the
'fact that the development of the man and boy. woman and g;r' along physical
lines is just as essential as 'heir development along moral and mental lines, um
I versities and colleges aro also getting la im?'. The misfortune is that our great
J seats of learning, such as Washington and Lee and the ITu\ rrsit" of Virginia. V. |
!m. I. and V. P. I., have not beea the advance guards lnthis principle. Extra
! dinary football teams and baseball teams and track teams are go.,.) things, but j
j better l" the knowledge thaf the entire student body has been given every oppor- '
tunny to develop. By doing this each man turned out with the glow- of health in ,
j his cheek is a worker in ?he cause of u better physically developed citizenship, i
I Playground movements will then not lag but will find ready helpers in these men
i who have found playgrounds even while they were pursuing knowledge.
Richmond's chance to become affiliated with the leading bowlers of the East
Mies in t he mterf it v series. The National Howling Tournament Is a thing of the j
pas! It lies with Rii hmond. Washington "and Baltimore to organize a tourney .
I which will be to - he North and South and F.us* what the American Howling Con
g,es- |a ?<> the West.. The nien who like the game even if not highly prom-lent.
,can. by lending I heir moral InfhlSSlCS, do much toward consummating this highly
desired end Let Richmond be well represented. Let all who can attend. It is
not so Baach for the glory of winning as it is for the glory of Ric hmond Wo ?
1 want the tournament here next. year, and what Richmond wants Richmond usual- '
lv ge's. At least this is true along other lines than bowling. If the bowlers are,
1 real Richmond men. let them show it by going strong after the next tournament
I in 19M._m '
Giant Leader Corrals Young?
ster and Hopes to Make
Star of Him.
New York'. -'anuarv 22.? No ?noi.fr
had lohn t. .Mr-draw arrived a' h;s
desk in the headquarters of the Giants,
after a strenuous histrionic career, than
he announced the acquisition of a
member of the Event family, the most
conspicuous representative of which la
Johnny of Chicago Thw Evert, se?
curities have proved such a bonanza
on the baseball market, that the "Little
Napoleon has done some prospecting
on the quiet this winter, and having
struck a lead, intends to go mining m
i search of valuable ores.
It seems ?hat -Fohnnv. he-o of the bat?
tle of MS, when Merkle forgot ? further
details are unnecessary -has a younger,
brother aged t ami v-t hree. The Isiv
has been plavmg bascf.al! around the
rand iots of Troy His fame as an in
flelder reached the eats ul M<Graw
who tos' no t.n." la go" i rig into corn
muni'a'ion wi'h the youngster, and de
dared yesterday that he in'ended to
take his 1 find" to Marlin Springs next
month for a personal in?pe< turn.
? from all I i an earn." said the leader
of the Giants, "young Evens has the
brains of his hro'h< r. and I am going to
m-?ke a ball player out of him. Given
a copious supply of gray mat'er, and
everything el?e will follow I should
no? be at all surprised if the youngster
develops into a star."
It has been sa;d -ha? \I< Giaw can
make a ball player out of almost any?
body, and if F.vers, the younger, has
any lament ability, the leader of the
Giants < ar. t e depended upon to bring
it ou* It probably will take a couple
of seasons to do this, and his devel?
opment will be intcree&ansj to watch
The line-ui> of the Giants would sound
queer with an Fivers in it Having
suffered so much a' 'he hands of one
n<fi,t.- r of t h? family, it will be what
the liter.i- -'a-; all poetn |i;s'i;e to
have another member help New York to
s?n pennari-- Ins youngster evi
len'lv itelieves M' Graw can teach him
more than his BOXStoMV fohnnv. and so
he has cast his fortunes with the Giants
rhf< !? r - <!? ,1 ? about hi? showing
great |,e..dwork In picking out a tutor.
He evidentlv is possessed with brains
and good ridgtnent H this, hie first
s'ep m the gsme is a fair sample of his
discernment, 'here may be no fear
about fbe future.
Athletics Famous Home Run
Swattei Is Still Considering
Terms of Contract.
Philadelphia January tS?Frank
Baker, the dnrn* run getter of the Ath
.?? . s,. ... ret irned his .igr-d < ? n
tract el'hough if was mailed to hin. on
Derer be, ti at the same time the rest
of the rontraets went out Nearly ab
turned s -h s.gnstore. Manager vi?, k
?oda . S'kn'.whedged that Hale r had
not signed bat said that be did not
si <? - arv trouble ani did not con
?Idee lia.ei as a holdout.
Races in South Carolina State
Will Attract Best Talent
in Country.
Charleston S. C . .January 22?No
doubt exists now of the success of the
coming race meeting of the Charleston
Fair and Racing Association at Pal?
metto Park Alread3' the city is filling
up with horsemen and there are up?
ward of 600 horses in active training
at the track, with several others on
?he way for which stable reservations
have b- ?!i gaaata
Yhc doubts thai were expressed of
the holdings of the meeting owing to
the adverse aws fha? wer?? enacted
last year, have all been removed, and
the bill to permit the operation of the
pan mutual machines, introduced af
Columbia bv Representative Miller,
seems to be aseUTwd of pas-age
On?- pleasing sign for the success of
i the lacing at Charleston is the fac t
. that g number of the sportsmen who
have been ra< ing at the far away Mm
? an tra'k a' Juarez baas made their
arrangement - ??. move to Charleston
It is the natural winter track for those
stable* thar contempla'e a sea?on in
'he Hast, and as a matter of fact it ,
is the best winter ground for those who
will campaign in Kentucky
A party of 100. n.ade up by .Tames I
larkson. is due to arrive from El Paso ]
next, week, and a horse special n> also ;
on the way with manv of the horses
that have beep performing over fh
Me?ic an ' i ai k
i Fror*. New York comes word ?hat
several carloads v.i i be shipped fr..rn
>sl:f c-psheud and (can ?? i, ? where
the horses have been going along in
good fashion ever since the close of
racing in Norfolk, thanks to the mild
weather fha? has prevailed in the big
From Bennlngs the old course of the
? Washington Jockey Club, a number of
particular, v fit horses will be shipped,
and Norfolk will have a considerable
delegation of the I borough breds that
have been there ever sinc e the |,c\ v
track f lease" in the fall
One id the most important shipmc:,-?
from Hennings has been the stable
trained by ST P Hijrcb who has in his
care the horses of several prominent
! owner*
President Murphy Will En
deavor to Obtain Konetchy
and Sallee
iry S - Presi
rphy. of tb?
:ue leub, ar?
id announced
inn to-morrow
si. iger or the
1 eadsavor to
|e both First
and Chene'
line ell ?;iven Dec|?l?n
n-round bout bers to
Though Southern Pines Seems to Have Call, Donlin
Will Look Over What Richmond Has
to Offer First.
Philadelphia. January 22?Southern I
Pine? is practically suie to be the Phil-'
lies training camp President Locke
j mulled a letter to that resort yesterday
closing t ho negotiations, and acquiescing ;
to the terms submitted to the Phillies
management for housing and feeding
the squad. Inclosed in the letter was
a contraot. which will be signed and j
returned to this city, closing the mat- i
ter. Since the terms of the contraot !
are almost without doubt acceptable
to the Southern Pines people, there is
little likelihood of any hitch
An attraotive offer was received yes- ?
terduy from Hot Hprings. Ark . the
scene of the disustroiiH trip of last year.
It extends to tho Phillies the use of the
I nig] grounds, the better ones, un'il
March 20, and from then to the end of
the trip the new grounds The offer,
conies just a little tqo late to receive a
fair cham e of being accepted.
Notwithstanding the above. Mike
Donllu. who will be bor? next week
with (.'huine (irupc-wih, in "Between
Showers," and who will bo a very Im?
portant cog in thn Pbiily machine next
season, will com? with power to enter
Into negotiation* with Secretary Brad?
ley, of the local < lub. for the uee of
Kroad Street Park Word from Phil?
adelphia m to the effect that the con?
tract with Southern Tiiiee ha? not been
closed, though negotiations have been
going on. Already satisfactory ar?
rangements have been made with a
aMsV hotel, and the Howitzers, it is
understood, are wilting to lend their
gymnasium fo* the benefit of Doom
and his men If Mike Oonlin can pull
the deal by which the Phils oome hers,
he will win an even warmer place In
the hearts of local fans than he already
University of Virginia Follow?
ers of Game Expect to Have
Busy Season.
Cburlottesvillc. Va . January 12 ?The
I ni verstty of Virginia Oolf Club has
elected the following offleer? Alex
MaeDonald. president; R. la*. Balthis.
treasurer; A. E. Jamison, secretary .1
Announcement was made that mat' h>-s
had been arranged with the Richmond
and Hoanoke country club* Keveral
other matches with Virginia and Mary?
land clubs are contemplated, and <
negotiations are under way to play
Princeton on the course at Princeton
Ft was decided to hold a handn-ap
tournament about March 1st. and the
regular championship tournament early
In April.
Leads All in Initial Trials of
Sixth Midwinter Trap
shooting Tourney.
Pineburst. N. C. January S5 ? 1
Eighty-five contestants faced the traps
at the opening here to-day of the sixth
annual mid-winter handicap. trap
shooting tournament
V. 8 Wright. Audubon fliih, Bu f
falo. was high man of the day. with
1*3 breaks oat of Mn targets. C. H
Vewcomb. Philadelphia, araaj one tar?
get behind Wright, and E. B. Worden.
Harnsburg scored 1*1.
Elected by Baseball Men of
Washington and Lee
to Lead Team.
Lexington. Va , January 22?E.A.:
Donahue, of Massachusetts, will cap- j
tain the White and Hlue baseball team
of 1913. He was recently chosen at -'.
elec tion made necessary by the failure ,
of W. A. Krwin. who was elected cap- I
tain last spring to return *o college
this veur 1 Jiggs ' Uonahu? has played
on the tean for two years, and he is
generally conceded to be one of I he
best, if not the beet, catchers who ever
handle?! the big mitt for the White
and Blue. He puts luts of "pep into
the team, and is in every way well
qualified to captain the nine His
throwing to bares has always been a
feature of his work, and he is also one
of the most dependable batters on the
team It is generally felt that, not?
withstanding the fact that new mate?
rial is not as plentiful as in trrmer
years, the lflj team will be a successful
one under the captaincy of the stocky :
calc her
Manager K. P Davis, in a recent
interview, said that he had almost
completed Ins schedule, und that it j
would be ready for publication in a
Ihrer days.
Besides Iionahue. the old men in j
college arc peoples fl.?t base, and Tur- I
by till arid Sitewart outfielders Moran. I
Thoiopkins and Itaftei y stars of last;
year's team, will no: be i ngible to play
this >ear. There are several men In the
freehmen class who have played good
ball in prep" schools, and. under AI
Orth's coaching, they should be able j
to All the positions left va< at.
Expected That This Number
Will T8ke Part in Intercity
Bowling Tourney.
i Gradually p'ans of Richmond bow-era ;
for the Intercity tournament to be held
in Waehington nex* month botw.-e,
representative teems of the capital,
City. Baltimore and Richmond, are
cryetalizing it is now thought thai?
seven aV*-men teams will be on hand
to spilt the pins for Ri< bmond in I b?
class ' A" division, while several addi
tlonal teams will go and try for h< I I
In cteee "It". Petersburg is almost
euro to send ore or more teams Jeke
Rowsev and Hrrmos Me? ur land. the
local men who are looking after t h
raiigements are highly pleased with the
responee they are receiving. Appli
cation blanks have not been re .
nut aret*xpeeled within a day or two
after which they will be diet - b????
among the men Who may desire to take
' part.
Should Richmond make a rood show
me and there is no go'?l icjxiti <*h-.
Hi'hmond should not the nex' tour
nsrr.ent between *be three t it see. will,
in nil prnhahili'\ be staged here Rut
whatever the reeult. ten ntn bowling win
receive a etimu.'ue who-h should put
I the sport en the highest pose* Us plane ^
Reorganization of Eastern Car?
olina League Is Proposed
by Several Cities.
Washington. N. C , January ij.?
a .ailed meeting of the cttlsena of
Washington, who are interested in
baseball wiil be held In the rlty hall
on Friday evening for the purpose of
discussing the organisation of an
Eastern Carolina Baseball League for
the coming season The proposed
league will very probably be composed
of the towns of New Bern. Kinston.
Kocky .Mount. Wilson. Tarboro. and
Washington, if the ieague is organised.
N e a He-n has already taken the
initiative and has written to a number
of baseball fans In the different towns
of Eastern Carolina for their Ideas on
?he subject
I > nc-hburg V. M. C. A. Defeats Dsn
vllle Five by Overwhelming
>> ore of 94 to H.
Lynrhburg. V? , January IJ ?The
Danville V. M C A. basketball quint
to night proved an easy solution for
the local asso. laMon team which won.
W to ?. in halve* of twenty and fifteen
minutes respectively. The visitors
w?>re <>ut, lapsed, though Phillips did
some good work for the visitors The
locals threw goals a!mos* at will and
broke up nearly every play started by
Danville. The game was devoid of
fouls throughout.
Line-up :
Lynchburg Position Danvihe
Jan.erson . . . K F . . Bustard
Campbell L F Swan; Dlckerson
James <8haner) ,C..Flora
A-lams.R fi .'Phillips) Ca bines*
Offtt idinger . . L.C? . . 'Carter) Forbes
B friary. Field goals. Jamerson.
is James, g; Offterdlnger. 7; Campbell.
5 ?hi:ner 8. Phillips, 3; Dlckerson.
Keferee. Mr Warthen. Lynchburg.
Bristol. Va . January ??Jim Pnulios.
I,r.el? middleweight wresller. has won his
fourth vlrtory bere in nucceasioc Kereat I y
he threw Joe Turner, middle weigbt champion,
rssaagfel he won two fall? in succession from
Krank Bares <>'? Baltimore, although B?ro? B
fift. ? n pounds heavier Burns surrendered to a
t..e bsM in lbs first fall, after fort>-flve min?
utes of strenuous work Poullns won a double
arm lock In tbe second. Id tsroty rnioulijs.
Richmond Deg Wins.
Rogers Spring*. Mias . January JJ.? A
Richmond. Va . letter, handled by Dr. O. W.
Overall, of ' aSaSga. "or. the amateur all-sgs
stake ?t the field trials of tbe American Set?
ter Club to-day.
Johnson Furnishes New Bond.
Chicago January 22?Jack Johnson
furnished a new bond of ts.OOu to-day
with Johnson s mother and Matthew
Baldwin, a r.-ul estate dealer, as aecu
rlties lo t he;iedera! charge of smuggling
a diamond necklace into this country.
New York January 23?Ofgcial
sanction was given to-day to the ar
' ir gen en- pending for some time by
el n the New York Amertcan Leegus
Club will play on, the Polo grounds,
?he home of the National Leaguers, the
- OSaiag season The lease on the
High Top grounds of the American
!.? ag :e is aboif to expire and the new
stadium and feid a* Kingsbridge will
Bad ba ready for another year. I'nder
..creemenf. ssncfioned by officials
of beCb leagues, the playing Schedule
will be aa arrange.! that there will be
Da ?ont.i'Mr.g dates.
Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday.
Matinees Wednesdav and Thursday,
3 P.M.
Frederick Ward
Illustrated 77 Motion Plctursa
Prl. rs. Night. 2Ae. to gi.OO.
Matinee. 2... ..... 50.
ACADEMY, Fri.-Sat.
Matinee Saturday
and His
\I I UMatasCAwl MINsTRil s
Price. Matinee. 2*x} jor, 75c: Najht,
j V to f i on.
53? BIJOU -TmrnTmlsZ.
Rose Melville * Produkten of the
I W-de Famous Cotnedy
Fo'i'-eenta Annual Tour aad Still the
NF NT WRIK- Cbariey Orassrwin,
Miks DonJia and Anna Cbaace.

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