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Influential clergy. *re against the You&g
1 urks
Knver Bey'a following, add* ihn dis?
patch, consists of several hundred
r." tri fa lilt, ted by the cry: ?'Libera?
tion ef aacred places "' and these very
men are likely to t urn against the Young
Turks If they do not succeed iu taring
Vole Is Delayed.
Constantinople January 25.?Draft?
ing of the Turkish reply to the powers'
not? has been delayed owing to the
difficulty Ol finding a permanent occu?
pant for the Minis'rv of Foreign Affairs.
vr...h was filled oiilv temporarily when
the new ? ahmet was formed Onnau
Nixami Pasha, the Turkish ambassador
at Berlin, is the latest statesman to
refuse the office. It is believed now;
thai I hi ash I III Hakfcl Pasha, a former
Oiand Vizier who was threatened with
impeachment on account of the alleged
Hi rarednese of Turkey for the war
Italy, will m vept the poet.
Reports Capital Quiet.
Washington. Januai y '-'5 --.-Vmbassa- )
dor RoOtthiU, at Coiistaatinople. re- I
ports 'he Turkish capital quiet. dfSP-US
the incident win, h resulted in the!
overthrow of the ministry and tire'
killing of N'a. im Pafltta
Mr. Rockhill says the new govern
I I || has given assurances thut all I
ceeesrary meat- i' - have been taker,
to guarantee th. - ifet) >.r persons and I
property lie a.M- 'hat there is ica
son to believe Parl ament is likely te
b ISIS ISSaSlI a' .. early tlute and that;
tt-e resumption id hostilities will nor
tecesaarily result from the coup d'eta*
Taft Defends Administration's
Stand in Disagreement
With England.
Baltimore. Md . January -3.?Presi?
ded Taft, speaking to-night at the
annual banquet, ol tho Merchants' and
Manufacturers rtisaolassnsj. defendetd |
the adruinistrat|pa ? attitude in the
rar.atna < anal tli,-.:iirei>iiisnt with Kng-i
land. Isaf Ihre rl rts uoattlusi was not
Unpatriotic or dishonorable, and said
there was no taenoa for any one to
oppose thi> pre>po-ai for arbitration
by an impartial tribunal.
'Whether you call it a subsidy or.
ret. 1 am in Liver of making the I
trat.sportation ra'es between the coasts;
?brough the Panuna Canal lower." j
sa.d tho President. "N'ow the question1
Is. can we do that under our Interna- I
tionai Ibligatioaa?
"If wo are bonnd not to exempt
I ? ?-? w lag veeeetg we . an agree to submit
tbe question to ati impartial tribunal.
"I'M willing to admit there ate
arguments on the other tide
"\\c are willing, however, to submit
our views to arbitration. There is
nothing in the attitude of the ad-j
ministration, us I have stated jt. to'
show that we have been dishonorable
There is nothing to show a disposition
to evade, and we are willing to rest
our ease with a tribunal that is im?
The President t Ott htrled his speech
with an appeal for constitutional gov?
ernment, endangered, he said, In the
last few months by those who proposed
lemedies, but who could not furnishI
concrete examples of their proposed
re lorms.
Attorney-General Wickrrsham was
another epeal-.t-r.
Th?; Presiden-; ieft abd?t 11 o'clock,
for Washington.
Attorney-General Wickersham. who
took for his subject "FTqual Opportun?
ity." declared that H is largely- because
of the "grors neg!e< I of th-- affairs e>f '
their eompanies by ihe individual)
stoekholders. that olricers and directors j
of corporations have in so many in- }
stances utterly lost sight of their trust |
relation ar.d used their official position
and opport unities to enric h t heinseive-s, j
?without regard to the interests of the'
s:o< kholders. whose agents they were"!
Af'er all." added the Attorney!
General, t lie underlying philosophy of
11 a ? lodern SO-calked 'economic legisla?
tion.' of whie-h the Sherman antitrust
law i? a ooaspscoovg example, is very
simple. It is m<rely to prevent a par
t uar group <.f people from compelling
oFftCIl Py !or'? Violen? e. fraud or un?
fair nif?rf trom axatckting their rights
*- freemen to pursue their vocation in
s_cli !awf jl ruanreras they thmr: best.
WINon M*j Ask Repeal.
Special :?? The Tircrs-Dispate h t
Washington. -January il?( hairn.an
A Jainso;.. of t he House < 'orr. merce (. or.:
r.ittee. in a luriual s'at. m<i,- to-day.
r trtficted that on? of Preeadsat sleet
Wilson's first requests oa the incom?
ing Pnaaieea would be feg ? repeal
ol ? ? ?> frei peeeaap proviatoa in the
Small Baggage and big Lug?
gage make a good pair and
nrc iiactul and necessary In
most every family.
Going away trunks and bags
of ever y description here.
Suit cases, real leather,
strongly reinforced, $3.
Light straw and wicker
case?, $1.23 to $3.
Hands-omely fitted traveling
cases from to $10.
Trunks of all good sorts in?
"The Indestructo"?
"The Likly*'?
And trunks built exclusive!y
for OUR ti adc.
Wardrobe trunks arranged
for men's or women's uses,
$20 to $73.
Wc specialize on raincoats of I
all torts for women.
The Slipons?
The Mandleberg ?
The Cravenette?
The English Gaber dine?allat
prices ranging fr om $3 to $28. :
The virtue of a raincoat from
Berry's is its wear, not to men
Uon its style!
Because we don't give Sale
prices and Salonews promin?
ence In our ad. to-day, is not!
occause the sale is In anyway I
on the wane.
Oh, no.
Suits, overcoats, trousers,!
hats, shoes, shirts, hose, scar?
ves, pajamas and other things
for men and boys, are contin- 1
umg tlie hum with which this!
great cut-price event started.
Coats for gir ls and misses In
the sale, too.
Par.ama Cana! act applying to American j
"II Se- ratal? K BOX succeeds in avoid- |
ing or postponing ths demands Of Kng- I
land." said Mr. Adamson. be will un- '
douhledly remove all foundation for!
ths IIIOSTioal claims of our people, who |
?ay they ure opposed to subsidy, but
still favor discrimination in favor of
coastwise ships from tolls, which is a
subsidy. England may justly oom
piain that it the ?anal is to be used
a* an instrument to distribute subsidies
under the treaty those subsidies must
be equal tn all na' ions.
"The true is-ue for us to determine is,
shall wc rob our own people by an un- '
just like iliiilnstloii to snrtch the coast
else shipping trust? i ?ouid not at all
object to a brush with Kngland if we.
had a just < aueo. but it looks very'
foolish and unprofitable to maintain
any sort of row with her. commercial, i
diplomatic or warlike, to defend the
infliction of any int iden'al discrimii.a
?ion caused by the immoral and un
. tipt robbery of our treasury and the
?asses of -he people to confer benefits
upon a speci.,1 interest."
Bright's Disease
If you have kidney trouble
and neglect it you lay your?
self open to Bright's dis?
ease of the kidneys, from
which few recover. Not all
cases of kidney disease turn to
Bright's disease, if neglected.
Brighfs disease is so secret in
_ . its development, however, that
^nany do not know the:, suffer from it until it has taken
firm bold, and it if best to take do chances.
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Remedy
ha* proved so effertjee during the
the snsidious advances of kidney i
good reason aby rsjsjsjrb) suffering
trouble should take u . r,. .<? .?
remedy to-day. as dir^
It may saeo you fron, very
serious coaeequ* oe#*.
-Cannot Prasse it Too He/rily"
"I vseedvsjsS t?fn,snf ? S?i
absjajfj a trau | tm.ai it so eflr?-tsv?
that m tsea nmr*? I was a wvf xaar.
I '-aroot pewsr " too btaals far the
ssksjSj wer, suiter 'mm hsxner sr4
ben- trouoir I. C Fsnt SToamcr?
Boast Chasara Itl
sjcfl >cart in cheeking
eases that there is no
from even siigfet kidney
Herrin tak-rns; this great
Kidaarr mmi IMm RiMivr
llbrsnutK Rentedy
I tnakwtas paaisjk
I A?thcoa ResaaV
w? Itnita? C?.
is the warning cr> which now resounds through?
out our countfN.
Our Savin** Department bears interest at the rjteof
three per centum per annum.
Richmond Bank & Trust Co.
Nortbwcat Corner Main and I lewnth Streets.
News of South Richmond.
I Chesterfield Board to Decide Upon
Railroad Crossing* In County.
Matters of considerable Importance
will bo discussed at the regular meeting
of trie Chesterfield Board of Super?
visors, which will be held to-morrow
morning at Chesterfield Courthouse
Among the questions to be settled
will ba the matter of an overhead
bridge across the dangerous crossing
at (liossman's. on the Atlantic Coast
Line Hailroad. near Petersburg. Ten
lives have been lost at that point in
the pact few years. The company has
already announced Its intention to
safeguard the crossing as aoon as the
? desires of the supervisors arn known
Crossings over the new Belt, Line
? will come up for discussion. Although
j the bridgos over several of the roads
'have been started the country people
have demanded that tho grade be low?
ered The board does not appear to
favor this because of the fact that the
company had been put to considerable
expense before any opposition arose.
The plans had been approved by the
board after ample opportunity to make
a kick had been given.
With Southslde Polite.
Cruelty to animals was the charge
lodged against Isaac Morgan, colored,
who was arrested yesterday morning
by Captain A. S. Wright alter he had
severely lashed a mule that refused
to pull a heavy load up a hill.
William Morgan was arrested yes?
terday afternoon on complaint of the
Virginia Railway and Power Company.
Tho man Is accused t>! disorderly con?
duct on a Richmond-Petersburg elec?
tric OW near Chester.
William Jackson, colored. Was taken
Into custody yesterday on a charge
of being druak and unable to caro for
htmself. A call for the patrol was
ncessary before the man could be
landed at the Third Station
The Southslde potto* have under their
care a cow und heifer which were found
wandering around the streets. Tha
owner of the animals can claim his
property, but must answer to court
for permitting them to run at large.
Qualifies In Hustings Court.
Roland II. Brandis yesterday qualified
before Clerk Walter K. DuVal, of Hust?
ings Court. Part II., as a notary pub?
Robinota Cogbill yesterday qualified
in Hustings Court. Part II.. as eTveutrix
on tho estate of Riebard T. Cogbill.
City Sergeant .1. D. Rotiefer. of
Bristol,WM a visitor to the Southslde
yesterday morning. He was seeking
his friend, Sergeant J. (3. Saunders. to
whom be pledged his support in the
interests of his candidacy for United
States Marshal.
Sue for Keatty Commissions.
The suit <>t the Mlddlo Atlantic Im?
migration Company against A. Dur
vin and ABtOB H. Theirman will be
heard before Judge Kniest H, Wells to?
morrow morning in Hustings Court.
Part II. Isaac Diggs will appear for
the plaintiff and R. H. Talley and
L. R. Pegs for the defendants.
The euil of R. B. Prother against A.
Durvm will be taken up immediately
upon conclusion of the first case. The
same at--..vs will conduct the suit.
The cases ne ? . I he collection of com- j
mission! leg to be due on the sale
ol propci t..
( hurt h Services To-Day.
A? the Stockton Street . Bap". ..?t.
Chur. h Rey. Charles W. McEIroy. the
now pastor, will preach at both eer
\ . es. The morrung subject will be
' Why Christians Do Forsake Christ."
"Ftent Chun h to a Murderer s (irave"
will be the subject at the night service.
At the Central Methodist Church
the pastor. Rev. Henry C, Pfeiffer,
will conduct both services to-day.
Rot. John W. Kinehelow. of Prince- '
town. W. Va , will preach at both
?ertTOea to-day at the Bainbridge.
Street Baptist Church. He will an
Bounce his decision upon the call ex- j
tended him last Sunday at the con?
clusion of the morning service.
To Sit In Amelia Court.
Judge Ernest H. Wells of Hustings'
' dirt. Part II, has been designated by .
Governor Mann to Mt In the Amelia
Circuit Court three days next week. |
beginning W ednesday. This wns done :
he aus? Judge Robert G. Southall I
before his elevation to the bench was.
interested as ejunsel in several of the
i iviI i ases set for trial. In addition
a young white man will be placed on 1
trial for the theft of one of the judge s
fBmotta horses.
To Krert Colored School.
Plans for the erection of a school for
l olarnd Children are being made by
Washington. Januar* 2? lorerst:
Virginia and North Carolina? Fair Sun
gay and Monday.
spriial l.o. al Data for Testerday.
B noon temperature.. tri
I f M- temperature. SO,
Maximum temperature up to 8 P.
.Minimum temperature up to ? P.
M . 44
Mean temperature. 47
?v .-:r. il temperature. .. 38
Ext ess in temperature yesterday. . . *
Excess in temperature since March
I.175 :
A'-cum. excess in temperature since I
January 1 . 234 ?
Deficiency in rainfall since March
Acc um defj. ier.ey in rainfall since |
Jan lary 1.I 43
Loral Observation ? P. H. tetterds*.
Temperature. 4T
ilumiditv . 7?
Wind?direi tion. B. E
Wind ? veit* ity. 3
W ? at her.Cloudy 1
Rainfall last u hajeeuj.e 07
CtnsUMnUS In Important t Bass.
(AI I P. M 1 ts'ern s'Mndatd 1 ime >
Pia e The. II T LT Wca-het
RjjjeeMnond .... 4? *? 44 cloudy
neusrt mm. fa -a a* clear
Atlanta. L' N i! Clear
? e ' i-v. . 44 .">. 4S c.ear
Beetee. e s n ?i*e
guSBsa.. 34 M at Clear
i iif.tr . 31 2? P Cloudy
..-'eston ... H 7s st r iotidy
kg*. e? 44 ?4 Cleer
leaver. so M 34 Cloudy
th. 34 34 12 rioudy
Parei!at? .... so ' ?? K Clear
ran. BJ <* 34 cloudy
. rt* 4f 3S Cloudy
.. - : -l le... 71 :? t* Clear
4* S4 74 Clesr
L.-I.?":>?? .... m s* 34 Cleer
? ? .- e-T . .ts 44 i? Cloudy
.ew ?>? ean? . ?? #4 4C P cloudy
See? Tor*. et ? ?r. ? tear
Vorfotk . 44 44 44 Rain
Oklahoma.... is 42 3* Clear
-?. 44 at at Cioody
ft. M e> at rioudy
s. 14 M 39 t leer
B| I ?. :l . St 3S 3? I? Cloudy
s ?n 1 rar..-. ?> . m S3 St Clear
savannah. ?4 < |e?r
Pii sunns. sn 44 ?n Clear
Tan. PS. 7.' 7? 7? C|es
ShlTUrton... 4.' M 41 Clear
nrdeeg ... ? -. ? id v
> . . e> s* st Clear
MiMii i hi tlMaH ??
January 3* tttt.
High Ilde:
San rises .. j j Mernuisg.. . . . . . ffj
i?i?W o *Jt t.vsattsg..M... IJI
Superintendent William O. Owen?. <>T
Cheeterfleld County. The new build
ins will be erected in thu Oloyhr JHIli
District in the vicinity of Winterpock.
It is aleo planned to rebuild a echool for
white children In the Haute district.
Now Oppose Annexation.
Opposition to becoming a part of the
city of Richmond has cropped up In
the Southslde suburbs. An effort is
being made to get the majority of the
property-holders to sign u petition con?
demning the action of the mass meeting
which unanimously voted to ask the
City Council to consider them along
with its general policy of annexation.
As yet the petition contains but lew
Fraternal and Mortal Affairs.
Maple Camp. No 1S?. Woodmen
of the World, will hold a banquet
and musical entertainment Tuesday
night at Masonic Temple. Cowurdin
Avenue and Hull Street.
A social meeting of the Industrial
Chapter of the Meade Memorial Kpis
copal Church will bo held TMOSdsy
evening at the home of Mrs. T. 0.
Lacy, on Lust Twelfth Street.
Personal Mention.
Rev. .1. J. Fix. formerly pastor of the I
Torter Street Presbyterian Church, was |
in the city yesterday visiting friends
Mrs. K N. Orogory. Mr., who has
been ill at her home, on Bainbrldge,
Street, is reported considerably better,
although still unable to leave thej
Mrs. J Fay DuVal and her mother,
Mrs. S. II. tiraves. will leavo to-nvor
J row for Atlanta, where Mr. DiiVal was
transferred recently b}f the Southern
Hallway, with whom he is employed.
New York, January 15. - The ??sys?
tem." as the various combined foroee|
for evil in New York have been I ailed
and the part it plays in the corruption
of youth, were described by Assistant
District Attorney Frank Moss to-night
at a dinner given in his honor by several j
hundred representatives ettteent Ba
preme Court Justice Hughes. Andre?
Carnegie and other noted ir.cn paid
tribute to the prosocution of Pottos
Lieutenant Charles Becker und the
'"gunmen" for the murder of Herman
Rosenthal, the gambler.
" 'The system' cares nothing about
differences of ra'O. religious faith or |
politics." declared Mr. Mos?. "Its
members work together for their mu- ;
tii.il protection. They draw to them
, selves young men and women, the boys
and girls taking tbern even out of our 1
I public schools They corrupt them . t hey
! add thern to their numbers and the:
! army of < rime and vice grows in Bam- ?
l here and In solidarity."
Charters Issued.
Vaca Land and Lumber Corpora"'"'
Norfolk. Va. Capital, im to 115 tmu.
WUItam W. Old. Jr . president: Charit
Webster, sir a iiieehlstil i 3. r. ivcs.
secretary?all of Norfolk. Va.
I Will Gladly Tell You
It is a new way. It is something abso?
lutely different. No lotions, sprays or
?cUy i-me!ling salves or crcaitli. No ato?
mizer, or any appa?
ratus of any kincl.
Nothing to smoke
or inhale. No
steaming, or rub
bing or insertions
No electricity or
vibration or mas?
sage. No powder;
no plasters; no
keeping in the
house. Nothing of
that kind at all.
Sum-thing new and
different ? some?
thing delightful and
healthful ? - o in c tiling mstan riv sue-,
1 crs?ful. You do not have to wait.,
and linger, and pay out a iot of money. You ? an
, ?tijt. it overnight?and I W#l gladly see you how
FR?E. I ant not a do. tor. and this if not a
?o-called do-tor s prescription ? but I am cured.
and mv iri?nds are cured, and you can be cured. ;
My catarrh wa> nltrn and loathsome It made
me ill. It dulled m> m.nd. It undermined ray i
health and aas sasaaajsjsa) my will. The hawk?
ing, uvrglnng. spitting nude me obnoxious to all. J
and my foul breath and <!,.gutting habits made j
e\?n mv >o\ed ope. avoid me sr. retly. My t|r- i
light in life was drilled and my faculties impaired 1
i I knew that in time it would bring me to an un
timeh grave SecSSSJS e\rry moevent or the dsy
j and mgnt it ?an slowly jet surely sapping ray
! vitality.
But I fci.n 1 a i ire. anrl I am ready to tell vou
? about it FREE. Write me promptly.
t-end no nionev. l_?t your name and address I
on a postal .ard. Sa\ Deur Nam ICaiz. please )
tell me bow you cured your catarrh and bow I I
.an < ure m.nr.'" That ? all you need to aav.
I will under-tand and I sill suite to you with ?
rasagesM infotmatiun. FREE, at once. Do net j
delav. rsend the postal card or write me a letter
tide Dei r ttunk of turning this page until
'you have asked for this ?onderfal treatment
that can do lor you ?hat it has done for see.
StM K \T/.. .Suite ;.M
UM Mirhigae *,?e . I hlcage.. Ill
The Oectrlc Oven
The latest thine for the comfort of the
Electrical AppMafsr** of all Kinde.
Robinson, Nelson & Co.
? I terrtninft Rl?ctrtc?l,"
711 East Main.
Later Arrested on Charge of
Stealing $4,500 From His
(Special to Trie Times-Dispatch.)
Norfolk. Va . Januar/ 28.? Sam
Jone?, of South Norfolk, a farm-hand
employed hy Joel Do/.ier of Norfolk
County tut 11 raalad to night charged
with stealing 14,from a chest in
Dozier a home. The youth is about
eighteen year* eld. and had been work?
ing for SI6 per month. To-day be
deposited over 83.000 in Norfolk banks,
and had tN< when arrested.
The young tnun attracted attention
this morning by flashing big rolls of
money when be went on a purchasing
expedition. He bought the finest
clothes to be'found. Before noon he
was wearing diamonds and showing a
gold watch und ??hain
He was an est cd 111 Princess Anne
County late this afternoon where ha
had gone to buy some land be had
learned was for sale
Washington, January 2,"> - I'nsea
sonably wurm and wet weather in all
purts of the . ountry has < uused a flood
(>f < orrespornlcm ? to pour in on Pro
lessor Willis L. .Moore, chief of the.
Weather BUTOnU,
A young Women in a small town in
Virginia wrote to inquire what the
weatiier would bo on two certain days
in April expressing the hope that both
would Ijc blight atid cheerful. She'
naively closed her letter with the state
nest that she was to ho married on the
second day.
A youth in New York City wrote
ROSENDORF?Died at the residence
Of his daughter. Mrs. W M. Arnbeim.
Tarboro, n. C., DAVID rosen
Funeral to-day 'Sunday), at Ift V?
A "M , frog] Hebrew Mortuary
Chajie!. Friends invited.
smith?di ed, TAN I.'A R V 5?. MB, I
at Virginia Hospiral, M a s t b R
LI8TON W SMITH, JR. son of
l.i-toti W. Smith, 2711 Last Grace
The funeral wilt fake pla'-e Sun- I
duy afternoon, 838 o'clock, at St.,
James' Methodist Church. Inter-|
merit 'P Oukwood Cemetery.
CH Till. - Died. January 23. at 9:12;
A. M.. at the riirronugo of St. |
John s Oermati Evangelical Church,
MRS anna 017the. nee Han
stein, tic. beloved mother of Rev.1
o C.uthe
Funeral notices later.
Q1'A K LES.? Died, in her home, at'
Lakeside, Friday, January 24. at !
11 50 i' M aged sixty-four year*.
Mrs. jam. McKenzie quarles,
wife of Lemuel it. Qua.-les. Ska t
lessee, besides her husband, five
children. William Edmund, enraea
c . L. Cleveland. L McKenzie Quartes
an'l Mrs. Luther a. Binford.
The funeral will take place from
Emmanuel Episcopal Cborch, SUN?
DAY. January 26, at 4 P. M.
CLARKE?Died. January 25. at the
homo of her I rother. Mr. W. B.
Clarke. ?15 N. Sycamore Street.
fif* v-rune.
Funernl notice later.
1'henijc.Jt. !.. Springfield, Mass..
and Washington, D. C, papers
please copy.)
rial Hospital. January 24 at 12 4 V
LAHAN. reib? of Eugene DO ET
la HAN. rottet of Euegen Cal- j
lahan. The following children eur- [
vive: Mrs. Louise Paul, T p., 1
John. BttOgenS mid James Caliahan '
Funeral service from St Peter's
Church this Sunday afternoon at
4 o'clock. Remains at residence of
her son. T. p. Caliahan, 422 West
Clay Street.
HOL \ N ?Died Bl his residence. MM
North Fifth Street, Saturday, lan-i
narv at, I Bl P. M JAS i*. DO LAN. j
in euc-fifth year of his age. Sur ?
elend by his son. Rev Brother Wal-:
tcr. tif Leoiiardtown. Md . and four
daugh'ets Margaret. Mary. Eliza?
beth, and At.nie Dolan. of this city.
Funeral from Bt. Peter's church,
MONDAY. January 27. 10 A M.I
Baltimore. Atlanta and Port Jervis.
N. Y. papers pi^ase < opy.
READ?Died, at Hillsboro. N. Cal
January at, 191.1. at the home of her'
daughter. Mrs. Shepherd Sterlin. '
wife of i he Inte Clenient C Read.
The burial in New Bedford, Mass.
CHRISTIAN - FeS asleep in J?sus
el 8 45 A. M Saturday. January t>,
tan MRS \ Dl.l N r. c CHRIS
TIAN. at bet daughter's Mrs. J. J. I
BUI tOWS. 2f>42 Bainbridgc Str-et.;
Swansboro. Va Sh< leaves four
children and tWo sisters to mourn
their los*.
Sister of Chris* well done.
Praised be thy new employ;
And while e'ernal ages run.
Rest in t ny Saviour's joy.
In Memorial!.
FISCHER Iti sad. but loving re?
membrance of mv devoted mother,
who departed this life one year ago.
January 23. 1912.
One vear has paased ind s'.ili I miss her.
Friends may think the wound is
healed :
But little they know the sorrow.
That's within mv heart concealed.
Devoted daughter,
WALDROP ?In sad but living re
anaanhrahiin of mv mother. ANN
REBEC! \ lit \ I.DROP, who de?
parted this lifo five years ago,
January 24. I**
Call not hat k the dear departed.
Anchored safe, where storms are o'er; j
On tits border band we left you.
Banna ae asset and part no more.
When we leave this worl of changes:
When we leave this world of 0080;
We shall find those gone before us.
In our hather ? mansions fair.
By h- r Daughter.
MILLER In mernorv of our dear
mother. MRS EMMA F. MILLER 1
wife of I.- ita ? Miller, -vho dir |
at her late residence. 708 North
Twenty-sixth Street. December .'6,
Our mother is sleeping, so free from
all pain _
Oh. watte h-r not. sweet Spirit, to
suffer again
She is re.tmg so sweetly. O let her
rest on.
Her ?? kness i? ended, her trouble
Oh. ti.irik bow she moaned end Buf?
fered w.-h pain
In the long eia;i,t hours as we soothed
her in van..
Till Ood. m His mercy, sent down
from above.
An angel that whispered a
of love.
Have you a mother' l/ose her well
While she is spared on ear*h
Walt not ull death has called her
To know her precious worth.
Her languishing head Is now at rest,
lie- t funking* and a? hing* are o'er.
Her rj.lle' dear u r. ITO'V a M c t ?. , , ?
" H v" I 111 'ill s'm \"l> ' \ N t ?
S, I.IH v I ? ? d but lortng rrrr?m
brat, r , <r ???? f .:)o'her. ( OH
T>Ft,M ?.LI,KN MELDEN. who
died Jan-iarv ?. I?I3. one yeOT ago.
'Asleep in teeu^ anajanuajaajgRag, |
Victor - Victrola
The prices are certainly attractive enough to make
everybody want a Victor-Victrola.
And when you hear the instruments you won t be
without one in your home.
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Other styles of the Victor-Victrola $40 to $200. [Victor*
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213 E. Broad St.
for a special forecast a? ?o when there
would he lea la the vicinity of his city.
Ha NM he had received a new pair of
tefeaa as a Christmas present and
wanted to try them.
James P. flolan.
?fame* P, Dolan died at his home.
North fifth Street, yesterday
afternoon at I 20 o'clock, after an i!l
mcih of five mon'hs Mr. Dolan is
survived by his five children ? Rev.
Brother Walter, of the Naverian Con?
gregation. Leonard Mall. Leonard town,
Md . and Muses Margaret. Marv.
Annie end Elisabeth Dolan. of this
? ity. The funeral will be < ondu' ted
from S' Pater? Church Monday at
M A. M . with interment m Mount
Calvary Cemetery.
Da\ld Bosendnrf.
David Rosendorf, formerly of Rich?
mond, died at the rrsldt nee of hi*
daughter. Mrs. W. M Arnheim Tar
borO, N. <' . veijterday. Mr. R'.-cn
dorf is survived by two daughters
Mt?. Oaston Zander and Mrs w. M
Arnheim. both of Tarboro. The fu?
neral will be held at the Mortuary
Chapel, Hebrew Cemetery, this mom- 1
liig at 10 JO o clock
Mrs. *nna Oat hi.
Mrs. Anna Out he. mo'her of the
Rev Oscar O Outhe, pastor of St. I
John's (lerman Evangelical Lutheran
Chur< h. die ! yesterday morning at ?
O'clock iri the 1 t- ir- h parsonage, sr.)
East Marshall Street She was sev?
enty-five years old Arrangements for
the funeral have not. been announced
Mrs. Outhe leaves two sons, the Rev
Oscar O Out be being one of them, and
two daughters, tshe hud lived In
Richmond with her eon for several
\cars 'On account of her death there'
will be no se; ril eg to-day in Mr. Outhe ?
Sidney R. Smith.
'Special to The Tim>S-Dispatch }
f'ulaski. Va . .lanuarv ?>?Sidney R
Smith, dformerly a re-idrnt of I'uiaski
died yesterday at Bluefleld, W. V? .
aged forty-two years. Mis death was
due to tuberculosis of the bowels, re?
sulting from a fail of ninety *>. ? into
the Ohio River while working on a
fridge last July He was a native Of]
OUee County and leaves a widok and
several children
Bird Bitter.
Bird Ritter, aged seven tv-five yrars '
died last night Bl Dublin from dropsy
and a complication, after an illness of
?everal weeks. He is survived by a
widow and the following children :
Mis). Laoy Anderson. Mrs Dora .l"-i;.
son. Mrs Tom Rorer and Allen Ritter. !
of Dublin. Mrs. Maggie Taylor, of,
Koanoko. Andrew Rttter. of Radford.
Vt 111 Be Burled To-Day.
<spc< ia! to The TtsBea-Dispatch.)
Crewe. Va , January 25 ?The re?
mains of Miss I^ottie Moon, mission
ary to China, will be brough* here
la lartX)W and Wffl t,.-- interred in the
Crewe Cemetery Sutiday afternoon,
r.:;-- ?.!??',n was on her way to this
country for her health and bad rea'hed
Japan when death came She had been |
a ii.:-sionary for a number of years .
; A member of I be Baptist Board of
{ Mi.-stons He oinpamed the remain*
beta and will he present at the inter
? merit. Or Willlngham. of Richmond,
i and a brother, Dr. Moon, aleo of Rich?
mond, will be here. Mn If. Moon,
of thia place, went to Richmond Thuia
day to meet tho remain*. One of her
last renueete wan to be buried here
beeide her brother. K. E. Moon, who
died eeverul years ego
Mr*. Sarah Brown.
^peHal to The Times-Dispetch 1
I.vn'hhurg, Va.. January IV?Mrs.
BlrU Brown w:fe of .lame- H. Brown<
died last night after ehr, months' di?
nes*. She was forty-one veara of age
and was Ml-- Sal ;ih log. of Petersbuig.
prior to her marriage In adetulon to
her husband, Mrs Rrewn is survived
by one daughter. Miss Esther Ft. Brownj
and the following sons: R C. E. F.
! I. O . I, It. and W. A, broea, all of
this city.
Ell Vanorrr.
Bpgi ski the Times-Dispatch i
rreellni Va . January 36 ?EM Van
over, eighty-four years old. died at
tho home of his son. Oeorge, near
Clintwood. on Thursday, after an ill?
ness of several months. Ths parents
? f th.- dro-ased moved to thle se. tion
from North Carolina about sixty-five
years ago. while he was a mere youth.
Me reared a largo family and was well
known over the entire county Mts
wtfe passed away about three years
.?if'- since which time he had been liv?
ing with his children
Jsmes V. ajmsn
Special to The I ime* Dispatch 1
Norfolk. Va , January 28.-?James
V Kirn.in. a prominent buslpess man
of this city, diet! this morning a' his
home in Duke Street He was flfrv
four year* old and is surtved by a
snabVw and four daughters 1 be fo?
re: ui will beheld at sal red Heart CalB
1 hurch Monday morning at ? M
; o clock
Edward Mahoney.
(Special to The Timee-Dlspaf eh>
Norfolk, Va January ?Edward
Mahoney. for many years promtnsnt
in business m this city, died this morn?
ing at his Some in Colonial Avenue.
He retired from attive business twelve
years ago In I'X Mr Mahoney. with
hie brother. John. ef.iabli?hcd the Urtn
of J. A E. Mahoney. which is cue of
the leading industrial Arms of Ports?
mouth. Mr. Mahoney was a nativs of
Ireland and was seventy year* ojd.
He is survived bv *'* daughters. The
funeral will |.e held at I" o ' loejc to?
morrow morning at the residence.
Kurlal will be in Oak Ot tvs Cen;etery4
Mrs. B. E. Blre.
Sper jal to The Times-Dispatch )
Etna Mills. Va.. January 2$ ?Mr*
H I Rice died this morning at it
o'clock of pneumonia She was ?Sal*
years of age She leaves, besides her
husband, seven children, two daugn
teH and rive sons, as follows: Mrs. .1.
W Sweet and Miss Verna Rice. Rus?
sell, Oeorge, I>eelie. Frank and Sidney
Pi. e. a!! of King William County, and
two ?Utters Mrs Aleii nder Davis and
Mies Nannie Blake, and one brother.
I. N. Blake, all of King William
County. The funeral will be conduct?
ed at Corinth C'.iristain Church, of'
which she was a member, on Me.nday.
I)o rorrif foods vou cat hit back?taste good, but work had!v. ferment ffifrj
stubborn lumps and cause a skk, sour, ;.i>sv stomach.-' Now. Mr. or Mrs. Dyspeptic,
jot thi-- down: Papes Dia pepsin digests everything, leaving nothing to sour ana upset
vou. There neve r was anvthinc, so safely quick, so certainly effective. No difference
how badlv your stomach is diw>rdrrcd yiu will get happy relief in five minutes; but
what plea-cs you most is that it strengthens and regulates your stomach so you can
cat \oiir favorite foods without fear.
Most lOBBIBa rf'^c >"u ri?el ?<>mcti;ncf.?they are slow, but not sure. Diaprpein
i- quick, positive and puts \our stomach in a healthy condition so the misery aaa t
come bark.?Advertisement.
ft ??AIM Te&AMOUUt) 0?
A perfect Tooth Wash and a tare aad
mleient antavptic for tort thi Fee.
mwktad by the erruneat
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a hiahlv reeornrnoadad aad has stood the
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ate, ?Sc aad II SB

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