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W ^r.^^vS'vm WHOLE NTMBER, igj45. BJCHMOND, VA., WEDNESDAY, JAN UARY 29, 1913._Th> wither To.dav-E.?n. PRICE TWO CENTff.
Outlines Big Program of
Improvements for
Re Elected Without Opposition
Together With All Other
Officers Bishop O'Connell
Discusses Chamber's Func
tion, and Montague and
Mann Add Their Views.
business Vfll king in Richmond last
night, and s.t'. SBthf.1 in 'lie audi?
torium of ths Jefferson iiotri from
? o clock un'il II while ; he I 'liiinitxrr of
< ornmeii ? in atlBIHl meeting SsV
asm Men1 listened tu ? recital <>( n*
%i irftMJTtilfinirntt duri ng 'he pas.' I wel ve
months aa ?et down 111 address of
l'te.ul? nl i ,ifnri|[i'iii ami balloted for
?ne otmvmn ?hi<h will guide it another
> ear.
To the council of limnnrM men came
also, at the invitation of the chamber
' ongreseman-Elect A I Montague, of
t.hc Third Uietrict and Big hop Dennis
? ' O'CnnnoM of the CathoBc LMoceee
? ' IlK hmond The Congressman dis?
cussed the relation of Hi'hmond s in?
dustry and commerce to its representa?
tive in COUCTCSS, pledging his support
Id IBS oaiional halls of legislation to
every measure calculated to benefit
the city of his home.
BIshOB O Connell speaking on the
sitijet riu C horn her of Commotes
as a Ka< tor in the Material Prosperity of
lie City of Richmond brought to his
topi' the vision of a faveler who has
bora away from bis home for thirty
cars and returns to find U refashioned
.' n<l im blind Witb nOW MfS Thu timn tier.
he thought performed much 'he sane
service for Richmond ? business in?
terests, tha' the wea'ber bureau does
for the nation at large. It warns and
t airingtOfl Again President.
The annual election of officers which
followed lin medial ely after the presi?
dent s tepor' proi reded Cl'll Ihe unan?
imity and dispatch of a 'ran-.n ten
about which there is do diBerewoe ??'
opinion ? H K?nsten nominated
f'residcnt < arrington to tOOOOOd him?
self. The nomination waa promptly j
seconded and Acting Boi re'ary W T. j
Dnhnoy Instructed to cast the unanim?
ous vo?- of -he i ham her for Mr Cor-i
iington ludgs < leorge L. Christian,
who tool: 'he chair during 'he progress
of 'he election thereupon resigned it.
and the old king reigned ore c more
'i he . all for eotninntions for the other
of*I* es brought only 'he names of the
incumbents for re-election, and not
after another the members voted to I
:r.?!rai t the secretary to cast t he utian-'
iSiOus vote of the body for the nomi?
nees As rc ele< ted Last night. ! he offi-,
. ?-s who will guide the Chamber of!
< orn'iicroc durum the ensuing twelve]
mom hs air
T M Carring-ton president ?" T. !
Iteed 1t-- ?.'. e president E ? Laird, j
second vi? e president W T Dabney, I
business iniinagst B A. Dunlop, see-j
retary and r\ D Dunlop 'reasurer E I
s ?oodman, trafli. manager, was;
? lioseri again by the inland trade?
committee to head 'he < hamber n traf-j
fl. bureau
Ten New litre lacs.
in nnnnnni lag the necessity of sleet
? (SB Ii*? Snractors. President Car
ringtoa eipr-stte-d hi- extreme rcgiet
that the present efficient directorate1
should have ?., be dis'urt.ed A motion
froSS the floor naming for re-election
th" 'er dir>- ton whom it was proposed
rWtirS, was declared opposed to the
interest of the Chamber of Commerce
and a- variance with the by-laws Which
demand the election of ten new direc?
tors each year
President Col l illglon appointed a:
committee of three headed by former
President L. '/.. Morns to report to'
'he chamber the names of ten men 'o
replace the ten dirri tors retired under '
the by-law- The -ommit'eo named:
the following mm who were elected I
? ItbOUl opoosit '..n
Hugh Antrim. 1 i.?nt. W. Blown.
\s h BreeaMei nr. j. Cnrnrsnl. Jr.;
Artfewr M ' annon. R I. (i'Tdon. j
lleorgc CntTy, ?'. T Palmatorv W.l
' fatri-h .,nd w H hwar/s?hild
1'be hot.i-over members of the direc
'??ra'e. as reported by the committee!
and ratified, are
W Meade \ d d t -on Thomas P.
Bi juan Iwhn fl c.riev John C. Easley. j
iHSa II Hid. s T Morgan. lohn B.I
l inder, ? hartes C Reed. W f Bsch
. raOSn. Ir I Y It . land. <l J Sand?.
I n! St't.-rdirig. Alvin M. Smith.
Warren P. Taylor and ?! I. Wmgo. j
t-tabli?hes Neu S.OO I Iss.?
I n rnapeant to an announcv^nent by-'
I nj sident Carringtoii that a n'imber
of the larger industrial tns'rtutiop* of
ths stty had expressed rtsgret that
under the present rules of assessment
they are prevented from con'ributing i
to the suppor' of the Chamber of j
commerce a? large a sum aasswasvy .??
they would like to give E C Laird
I'Tcrnl a resolution designed to remove
the difficulty
Ihe Laird resolu'ion which was]
adopted unanimously .reales au AA
i las? of chamber of Commerce mem -
t?ers 'o ;??? a--e,sed IVTi annuallv The
maxtrr. uii ass BnBsSart |.os?i b!e under t he
sM rates ?* i? BJB1 ahsTsnBstB \U'??*'
I'abnev stated thai a number ?f
Urge SwaenasS rnferprise* ?r.,od rewdy
lo avail ? hemselves ..f this opening
for a greater ?errier t.. the
? haniber and President Carrington
threw wears the aartes .*nd 'tinted
t*arjbadj to g.. as far as he liked
Mr I)sbti"v in'r<nluced a ?otnedy
? ?te during the pr<?gr<v?? ?f the el. ?
when he nominated himself for trr
??? ? ? ??' of bns:ne?? manager ?>f the
Chan-'"-: ..; Commerce Nominations
had 1-ecri .ailed for hv the presiden'
and Mr Dahney ?'epp*d info th.
breach before anyone had a chance to
respond placing bis own name in
nomination ?<> ?u< . eed himself a|
moment later, with - ha'a.-'eristic mo?
dest v as he told the members he 'o?k
plea?tire in ??as'ing 'he unanimous vote
of ihe hotlv m favor o? his eie< tion
Plan? Big Thing*.
Prr-siden- f'.rrlnftoti ? report which.
>.*s 'he fl-?- ??? if." of I.?:?!:,e.? . ..
ered flfteen typewritten pages ?nd oov- I
ered m- lusiveiv 'he . haniher's work '
during the past year and Its r sr? "<r
the comine year If appears In full
iContinued op Third Page 1
rna ?on*g?ug??s awo roatrosT
eve r. ? o
Betsisii WwaaiivaS sew WsevVtlk tvaitee
t'seti. ens* halls*' a*-*** -ae* take >mi .o
? g o stauen ?:thes>? fesasfsr V?,
are laseed (a >Se beset ?f the city or yeefnik
Tbrss fast trslas ally?At LllHimten. !
Engineers Believe Levees
Will Withstand
Practically All Live Stock Re
moved From Overflowed Area.
Forces of Men Working Con?
tinuously to Strengthen
Weak Places Three
Towns Partly Inundated.
Memphis. Term . January A -Not
withstanding an untiPt? ted rlM of flve -
tent hs ?f a foot in the Mississippi River
a- Memphis today to a s'age of 3*5
at 7 o < lock to-night. WsetbOJ li'ircaii
officials man hold to their previous prc
di< UM lli?' llM maximum stage of the
proseal Bead vOI not exceed forty feet
when the expected <rest arrives Satur?
day morning
UkeWiM officials of tb<- St Francis
beard who returned to-night from a
tour of inspection Oi the river situa?
tion from New Madrid Mo . to Helena.
Ark and United States army engineers
stationed here repeat 'heir assertion
tha* the levees will withstand more
than the predicted fortv-foot s'age
A close watch howeve; is being
kept on the levee at Modo, and Ker
gtUMMI Ark whi' h collapsed last spring
and at hitlers handing. Mi?s A* the
! latter pom' the situation i? '?garde-t a
especially serious and I fOTCS "f :W>
Convicts ha? h?-ti ordired to the scene
to assist in bolstering the embankment
A private levee near pom* Pleasant.
Mo m also causing some , orcern At
Hiekman. Ky forces of men are work?
ing continuously streng'hemng several
weak spots South of Hiekman the
Reelfooi Lake ksvee is reported to have
sloughed slightly, but witfi no more
wate- than now in sight it will prob- I
ably hold.
Spreading Mewtjr.
A' Huelah Miss where the tOSS
porai ? repair work gave way seveiai
day- ago. efforts to '!?? the ends of the
orovaass so far have been without
US egg 1 he ^ap is M fee' wide arid the
water rushing through the break is
spreading slowly over the surrounding
country The grea'er part of Bottvarl
County. Mississippi, is now inundated
and the water has reached the main
Im* of the Ya/oo and Mississippi Valley
railroad, near the village of Helms.
Efforts are being made to divert the'
flood into bayous and -mall s'reams arid
if this is accomplished railroad officials
declare traffe will not be in'errupted.
On the riverside division of the Yazoo :
and Mississippi Valley system, in 'he
immediate vicinity of the break about
ten miles of road-bed is under water
The town of Buelah. Benoifc and Rose- '
dsle ate partly inundated.
In sou?heastrrn Missouri the town of'
New Madrid is flooded and the low 1
lands of several OSSJBtSSS are covered
with water 'omir.g th-ough a 400-foot 1
gap iri the levee a' Uig Lake
So tar no lose of iife has occurred, ami
pra> ticall ?" all live stock has been re
moved from th?> overflowed areas
To-night's She patch es show the Ohio
River falling a' all points, and the i
Mississippi receding as far" sou-h as St
la?ns At r'airo the river is stationary .
three ISSt and nin? -:en?hs above flood1
Otilv light rams jr? -er.or-ed to da
over the northern Mississippi water
Appropriatrli Celebrated at National
< urn Bxpesttssw,
Columbia. S. C . January .'? > i'h
Carolina Da* a* the Itf'.h National
Corn Kxposition was appropriate!;,
celebrated to-day with eSSfrOBSSS by
Oovernor Cole L BtSaSS and ItreSt
pageant comprising twenty-nine sec?
Bassesgss during tat sseraiag were
devo*ed chiefly to add res*.- In addi?
tion ;o fleseiaoi Blease the speakers
wet e l,ictjtenar>f-Oovernor <' A Smith.
Mendel L Smith Spe?aker of the S ate
House of Kepre-e- ?,, ? ... ?-,j Ma\o:
Thsswies c Thompson. Cbottanoepa.
The parad< this afternoon was a
spectacular feature of the day s ?cl
enration I ully bom) marc hers parts
ipated Civic- and military represen*
atives tiM'k part and there- were a;
number of beautifully decs orated ;V>a
Wha' is said to be the iarges' die-i
play of poultry ever seen in the State
was 'hrown open to the publi this*
aftcri.n Met! 'hsii I M bird- are
entered in the South Carolina I'oultrv
As-o. iafion s show whn h is being held
m connection wi*h the corn deposition
? Livestock da> will he fittingly cel
ebrated to-morrow Many thousand
visitors already are hi I n?- >tv Down?
town s'reets and I he "xposrion gr" .nl
have been crowded for the pa?t ; \ .,
North CoeeaSSS Legislature for l>irn t
tlertlon sl "senators.
Washington, 'anuary 9?Of deep
stgnitVanc*. be. ause ?f fs bearing
? -he probable fa'e of the proposed
i i.rniii utional amendment providing
for 'he dire--- election of Senators by
the people IS -he faet repor*?d to -he
S'ate Dfpartmest officially fo-dav
that the LegSahssars of North Carevsng i
bad gl . en Its approval to the proposi- ,
It had beep freely pre,):. -cd tha' ;he
Southern States unanimoeisjv would j
he proposed amendment be
cause ,>f its implied extension of Federal
Pat of sis States so far favorably re?
corded on 'he propose ion th? otter
: five* being Minnesota. Michigan. Mae
, sachuse*-s New York ai.d Arizona
Mlrhtean *.t?n In rarer.
Lansing Mich .fanuary * f\\
unanimous -.-.-.?e -sr h.s-er ho>ise , f
the Michigan l,esgi?iatu-~ this after?
noon ratified 'he amendment to the
reders.1 Con? .';-|oi p- ? ?>.:? s fo- -he,
fWi.on o* l"ni'?d v-afe. Honator* hv
r- p f"'? s-tmilar action a|r
has Keen taken bv the Senate
? toefc KsrhMSjV Membership Is fScstd
for SlS.IHrO.
Voss Ter? .neuer- a ThjegBseefg
Stoeh CS ethanes -er ? r for ggl.SSS
? ??<- .te* This is exactly
half tha rwsrit prices at'ained at the1
bo..en period several >star* ago and is i
the is was* ffajvvre gnoted is hve rveea. '
Six of Those Elected A?e
Democrats and Two
To Fill Out Unexpired Term and
Then Serve Full Six Year
Term Expected Opposition
to Tillnian in South Caro?
lina Legislature Fails
to Materialize.
Light Cnjted states pension wsre
elected yesterday la eight different
Staf-s of the I'iumi Six of the num?
ber are Democrat! itnd two Republi?
can*. Three of the aaaiber already
are members o| the national upper
house and were te-clc, ted
Tae Bee aew aaaatate ate wiiiiam
H Thompson. Dessoerei ol Kamee;
William Hughes. Democrat, of New
Jersey. Judge w. M Kavanaugh.
Democrat, of Arkansas Represents
tive Morris Sheppard Democrat, of
Texas, and Key Pittman. Democrat,
of Nevada
Bepressatativs Bbspperd, of Texas.!
was elected both to Ml! out the unex
pited term t.f Joseph1 W Bailey sad
ing March 4. and for the full six-year
fetrn commencing at that time. Ho
will succeed Colonel K M. Johnston.,
who was appointed by Coveruor Col* I
quitt at the tirxM Senator Bailee re?
signed, pending a<non by the Texas
Legieolt ure ludge Kavanaugh of Ar- J
kansas will serve only until March 4.
the unexpired term of the late Jeff;
Davis. I N HesakeU was appointed
to the pteeO bv Governor Donaghey.
pending the Legislatures meeting All
of the other Senators were elected for ?
fUO terms
Senators who were re-elected for'
full terms were .
A B. Fall, of New Mexico: Fian' is
E. Warren, of Wyoming and Benjamin '
It Tiilman. of South Carolina. Senator?
I-all and Warfen are Republicans while
Senator Tillnian Is a Democrat.
No Opposition la Tillnian.
Columbia. B C .. January 2* -?United
S'a'es Senator Beniamin P.. Tillrr.an
was reelected t inted S"a:e* Senator to
succeed himself this morning seessons
of both Houses of the General As?
sembly. This is his foarth consecutive
?em, Last night there was a current of
opposition to him in the Senate but it
disnpa'ed this morning and he received
11* votes in 'he House and 37 in the
Sena'e. being the entire membership
present The election will be ratified
later in a joint session
Sheppard Succeeds Bailev.
Austin Tex . January 28 --Represent?
ative Morris Sheppard was to-day
I steeled 1 niteo states Senator from
Texas for the short term ending March
4 next and for the long term beginning
on that date for the short term he will
succeed Colonel R. M. Johnston, of
Houston, who was appointed by Gov?
ernor Csagulit recently upon the resig?
nation of t'nited States Senator r. W.
c /Ionel Johnston's friends made a j
fight to rr-ain him 'or the short term
To-day's balloting was in separate'
Kansas Bsssrta Democrat.
Tapeka Kas . laaaary St Judge Wii
iiam H. Thompson. <>f Harden City a
Democrat **.as , boeea I'mted States
Senator te succeed Chartai Certls, Hi
publnan. by the Kansas Legislature in
separate session to-day
ludge Thompson will be formally:
elected at a joint BSSSSOO to-morrow.
Hughes I hosen in New Jer-r).
'?"renton. N" J . January ?> The:
two houses of the Stale Lcgi-lattire
voting separately to-day. elected for?
mer Congressman *Villia"i .Hugh's
Democrat of Patcrsor,. 1 nite-s BtatW
BewaOse t<> sweoaed trank O Bngg
Hepublican. whose term expires March
4 next Mr Hughe- w.,r, ?be senator
ship Ut the Democratic primaries last
fall Bad receive,! the fu'l Democrat!'
vote in each boils' of the L.gi-la' lire.
Vi arren Is Rr-Flo. led.
Cheyenne. Wyo., January 2? ?
Prate-is L Warr.-n BepabaV an was
re-elected t ruled States Senator in the
two hou.-c- <>f th'- W* > om i ng Legislature
to-day. The joint -csson will in ht-Id
to-morrow to ratify the election
Kaianaugh for Short Term.
Lrtle Bsefc. Ark. January ?
The Arkansas l^gisla'ur' io..tay faib-d
I" sele. ? a long MIHI I ruled States
Senator to suc-eed the late Jeff Davis.
The Senat, gave Oo? .loe T. Robison
14 votes out of thiny-flve.
In the House Oovcrnor Robison
received forty-seven of the |fln votes
Net essary to < hoi, . eight
Robirison s leading opponent Stephen
Brundigc rOOSftrOd ? votrs ami fori ?:
A t torney-( ieneral Hal Norwood six e r,.
fudge w M Kavar.augb was chosen
I nited Slates Senator from Arkansa
for the short term to-day by a separate
vote in the Mouse and Senate. He1
received U of the MO votes in the House ,
and twenfy-Ove of the thirty-five in the
Sen f.
T. C Jobe and E L King contested
the h"rvt *i'fi M: K-, . ? >.?:'.
Plttssan I? Elected.
Carson Cit'\ N'ev . January 2*
Ker Pittman was chosen LTraited States
Sen?">r to-day by 'he legislature
While Pittman is a Democrat, his ejec?
tion was asau'-ed by the primary vo' e
Oeorge S'ale a Socialist, received one
vote in each house
Will Be Batlfled T-i-l>ay.
San'a Fe N M 'anaarv t? ?Ran
a'or A B tall was chosen Senator to.
dav by the ? xS If.,use* of ftie I,egi.
lat'ire which voted separate!?- The
. ? .^n will be ratified in j<nm ?*?*?iop
to morrow
Important Business Blnrl Bursrd.
<auslas loss nl aiuo.noo.
V lo'stii* Ala. January ja PI re
wan h originated in the telephone as
< hsrige thi? affernoon Ihreatenad for
S time tha whole btistnesa sect Ion of
the cttv and prat M? ally deatrovml one
of tha moat Important him nee* h:, ?.
tha derr.as* being -all ma ted at SSSX SB)
Two bwiMinae ware sat) -
strayed, end the third floor af the I,<km
BaHSavag was *erlou?l v damagad To
night ell telephone servsre is eat en*,
fteverai at" the gart spsiatars nod aar
r? as'apas.
Democrats Not a Unit as
to Independence for
Virginia Congressman'sArraign
merit of Administration in
Islands and His Criticisms of
the President and Gover?
nor General Forbes
Bring Sharp Reply.
Washington January 28?Division
that exists within Dm**** ratic ranks
over granting independence to the
Philippines was emphasised in the
House to-day wh?'n American adminis?
tration in the inlands was made the
suhjee t of a severe at'aek by Kepresen
tativc W A Jones, of Virginia, chair?
man of the House Commit'ee on In?
sular Affairs
Repri sen'a'ive .lones 8 sugges'ions
for Philippine independence, which
have been considered favorably by
President - Klee ' Wilson were opposed
by Representative Shirley Democrat
of Kentuc-ky. while rrttlrlsiaS of Presi?
dent Taft and Cuvf tnur -tie iura! < an
eron Korbe s brought a sharp reply from
Represen'a-i\ ?? Murray. Democrat, of
Massachusetts. The speech by Mr
? lones was both a demand for inde
penden'-e and a severe arraignment of
the administration in the islands
Mr. .lonee spoke in reply to a speech
by President Taft at the- Ohio Society!
dinm-r in New York lau' Saturday, in
which he attacked the ./ones bill The
President was quoted a- saying "the'
passage of the Jones bill would result
in a mess and a muss, whic h would for?
ever return to plague its makers.'*
Mr. Jones asserted that the govern-,
merit of the Philippines was not com?
parable hi any Sroy to those of Canada
and Australia. 1 shall undertake to
prove." he said, ?hat the governrnen
whu h the United sta'es has imposed
upon the Filipinos, and under the dOltsi
nence of which they ;<re for?ed to live,
s an oligarchy of the most Intolerable,
despotic ar.ej unrestricted character."
Denouncing the action of Oovcrnor
Oeneral Korbes ir. expending public
revenues "as in his sole judgment
seemed desirable." Mr Jones declared
that "many an official has been Im?
peached for less ; hari this."
? nvt of Operations.
Mr Jon? said what naval and mili
*ary operations on ace ount of t he Philip?
pines had ooet the I'n'ted States prob?
ably nrvfr would he known, bat that
Vu? on (reu. the estimate of the late
Senator Hoar, probably would be nearer
? ciirre , than rev cut official estimate?*
Representative Murray charged'Mr.
Jones with having "slandered CamTin
Korbes." and "debased President Tsft."
Mr. Jones denied these charges, but
insisted the administration of aflairs
;u the islands had violated at least the
spirit of the laws governing the Philip?
The fight that ensued over llepresen
tative Jones s speech broughf out the
rant :ha* an investigation mt Philippine
affairs had recently been dis.-usred by
the- HoueS Committee an Insular
rVffalrs. bul no action taken. Repreeen- j
tetivehi array, a member of the eeea
mittce. declared that had he known
? 'hau man -loner, inteoded to make a
speech i hargmg Gove rnor 1 orbes
with being a grafter." he would have
insisted on having Governor Korbes
brought before the committee where he
could reply to the attacks.
I have- riot charged Governor Korbes
with being a grafter." retorted Mr.
, Jones
"You have been Snuttcrably unjust
to him in the speee-h you have made."
said Mr. Murray.
Mr Murray further declared many
?Ig Bibers of the Insular Committee
we-rc wondering if it is wise to commit
Ulli sol I IS and the parly" to the support
of the Joans pill, whl' h would give the
Philippines independence ,n eight years.
HedeeJared the United States should
not withdraw from the Philippines
until it had made' treaties of neutrality
?ith other nations so Japan could met
m UM ? he islands
Revealed in Trial of Bank OlillSSlS.
Vi ho Are Found Guilt j.
New Orleans. La.. January Js.?A
I leidht of guilty was re-turned after
only ten minutes' d?liberation to night
in the ease of Kilgene K. Buhlcr p: cr .
Ment <>f the defunct Teutonia Hank,
here, and Joseph OsSJSSlB dire, tor and
chairman of the bank 'S Ariane e com
nmi'tee. i harged jointly with having
reosreed deposits, knowing the- bases.
tatSsa to be in a failing condition.
s. ? . ??eesjbered
The trial brought SS ligh' many
VtarthaSJ disclosures ?.f kjegS batikirig
methe.ds 'krttng. ? falsifying e.r
SgSji Bad other methocis of frenz-ed
financing resorted to by those a* 'he
head of the institution to ke^p it from
going under When bank examiners
flnallv cemiplefed their investigation
?t aas found that more than $rt*> m
practically worthless pape- was in -V
i i ?- Manv notes were sigtied by
M7i a mnn'h ? lerks and others who tes?
ted tha" they never owned propc.-tv
anel had no aeaets
The lawyers for the defense bars
indicated ?hat they expo, t ?a re...-'
to every legal expediency to free their
? ' - and final disrtosit ion of ?he case is
rupee-tad to he postponed manv mm'hs
The maximum penalty that may be
irfli. 'ed on the two men is ten years
PfmoeMilr tttltude Ktpesssd l?ur
Ing National I nntentlon.
Washington. January J* -In view
of -he friendship extstirg r?'i."
i ?- lent Kle- t Wilson and Mesnator
O i Vorn an of \?* York, some sig
nifte-ane-e is being at I as hed to the'
Itenator s statenieni to-day when aeke.-f
as a report that the Incoming ad
mlnie'rntiot. we.old recommend a re
pesal id the fro* tolls prortstoa of the
Panama ae?
f seems to me Senator O eb.rn.an
saht tha- Derne?, rai? who favor a
?? ,- ? ? ;< ? fee I pre- ision o. is!
wait few the SVeotsral sse of an
Soli? That ta Dea?e?*ratt?
ae*w, and I thmh it will stss
Urges Independence of Phil ippines
May Be Feature of Tariff Re?
vision Plan at Extra
Wool Hearing Closes, and Sun?
dries Schedule Will Be
Taken Up To-Day.
Washington, January 28.?A feature
of the tariff revision program of
the extra session of Congress rcay in?
clude the raising of flWOOO.UOil from an
income tax including tfM corporation
I tax. as pa" of the HOO.nfKi oon basis ol
revenue from the tariff. Representative
Hull, of Tennessee, a IOC sails* of the
Committee On Ways and Means, who
has been active is iaoorne tax problems,
plans to introduce a bill which would
provide such a source of revenue j
This would be considered by tho
committee in connection with con?
templated eariy ratification of the
constitutional amendment to san, Uoo
income tea legislation. Of the eecss
sary numt.er of {States required for
ratification only two arc lacking. Mr.
Hull expects these to be drawn from
N'ew Jersey. Wyoming. N'ew Memo
or West Virginia, 'or from Florida,
whose L-gisla! ure, however, will not
i meet until April. The Deesem otic
majority of the committee favor aid
income ta>. but in the event of failure
I of ratification will renew the excise tax
plan as an extension of the present
corporation tax law.
Will Be I ndisturbed.
The CO toss it toe today finished heal?
ings on wool and it is likely the D*mo
i ratio plan as embodied in lh- two
previous Democrat, wool bills will be
undisturbed This is true of all the
so-called fighting -chid lie- - ull WBSCB
.the Dcmo.ra's went on record a" this
I Congress?wool. settee, metal, chemi
, cal and sugar and the farmers' free
list?so far as the Democratic hatdsaTS
) now foresee
Mohair used in the manufacture of,
; clothing, for felt plush** and other1
SawpesSl bids fair to he reduced from
40 per cent to JO f?er cent ad valorem
lohnsfon Robertson, of Del Rio. Tex .
an Angora goat producer, pleaded to
stay for a sper ific rate <>f B ? erits a i
pound equivalent to the present 40 per
? cent dut f
chairman t'ndcrwood pointed out,
that it was the raw material for gTcat.
industries, ami although now a luxury
C was rvery dav becoming more of a
n?-, essi'
Representative lamgworth. of tlbio.
and Krank P Rennet?, of Boston, a
witness, had a live|v tilt Mr l.or.c
wort h accused Mr Benrie?t of evading
answers, and Mr Bennett retorted that
evidently Mr lamgworht * .onstttu
i ents had not thought much of his aer- 1
i viis-." referring to his defest for the
n*x* Congress
The hearing on wool was closed and
the s indries schedule, the last of the
fourteen schedule* embra-ing a large
; variety of articles not o*h?rwi-e pro
\ cle.j for -.Mil be taken up to-morrow.
Man Who Terrnriied Pollre station
i;ets T?enl> tears* Sentcm*.
I.o* A n gel es. januarv J* Cat R'e
delbach. who terrorised the Central
poll, e Station N'orsmtier tt with an In
farnai machine was sentenced ?
to twenty years in the peniten*lary
Th? sen'ence wBt imposed after R.id*
bach had de. lared he baileved dynarr.r*
was a good mean* of fighting some
se .a wrong?
|f 1 thought 1 our allegianea ws? sn
unalterable -,rm---r'e I a-ould aen'er e
i yea to life imprisonment ' said in*
eour* ' but 1 think twenty years if
the penitent lary will S've yea plenty oa
tim*> to change jour mind
lle*>end? on Weather.
tt. k.burg Mia* lanuary JB Oap
r?.ri < 'l o'llngar assistant ?Tigme*.
.,? -he II If! -vs. dt.lr, ? .aid '
thai th* situalton at Fitters ejefw-nds
to a great *'?*nr upon the weaiaer
, . -id. ? 1. ? n* Wi'h mora rain he said.
? sines nosh1 larmtnata *t 1 Bsatrowsl>' at
tha" patni K UffVinu*?t ,m*V ? .1
w-,.. v e. 11 - .-. ... . *'*r Trnsti 1 jfT now
at Beulet) rssaoriad :*> dsv 'in' 'ha
Keula* twees has wheats** so about *?*
Steel Trust Charges "Unreason?
ably High" Rates on Ore
Carrying Railroads.
Obtains Practical Monopoly of
SiLuation in Lake Su?
perior District.
New 1 ?i k, January 28?The "un
MHMHi high ' freigh' rates charged
by the 1'nifcd States Steel Corpora?
tion over its ore-carrying railroads in
the Lake Superior ore regions, it, was
asserted to-day at the hearings in the
government suit to dissolve the corpo?
ration under the Sherman antitrust
law give the steel corporation an unfair
advantage over ite eonipettiors.
j P. M. MeJ*4M. Of Hihbing. Minn . an
ore expert so testified, declaring that
the advantage had eliminated ail
istwptilllleil ' in the drvelopment of
; new mines Mis testimony was ad?
duced by th? government in an effort
tc> show that by the acquisition of the
Hill ore lands the corporation had ob?
tained a prac tical monopoly of the ore
situation in the Lake Superior district.
Corroborating the testimony of Wil?
liam k Corey, former president of the
? orpotation that th" royalties paid hv
th? corporation for the lease of the Hill
properties im MUM were toe, high. Mr.
Nelson said that Use average royalties
paid on ore at that time were around
.>' cent* a ton. ???mpaied with **5 cents
a ton paid by the corporation Inde?
pendent companies could not have paid
three* royalties and developed the pro?
perties, he said, because of the fact the
steel corporation controlled the fai ill
ties for transporting the ore The cor?
poration, it was brought out by gov?
ernment counsel, made a net profit of
iS cents a ton on every ton of ore c
carried, which was too big an adren
tagc the witness thought, for the inde?
pendent concerns having no railroads
i of their own to overcome
The ore ra'es on the corporation
railroads, which were formerly ?' cents
a ton. were reduced to SO cen's a ton
at about the Mmc the present suit was
filed The witness though' that a ra'o
of ?1 cents a ton would be more reason?
Mr. Nelson will continue his- tes?i
niony to-morrow.
fSjSSasM statement.
New York. January 2S ?The flnah
? : a 1 s'atement of the I nited States
i orporation for the fourth quar?
ter of 1st* shows a total earnings of
.i?7 and r."* irv on c t? r?4.W?. mak
?\g *hesi -o-a!s for -he year r?spe -r ...
?? i> ?t. and got.nsn. ton These fig
?:? gasj ?TT.fJSB.igi. These flg
,> Ti'h|l?,li'??n<ist.at.
JWT m 1911 and ?141.<?4 7S4 and ?II? ft* MB in
Total earnings for the last quarter
of I?'TJ are ti |J3 04S irj ejcessi of the quar?
ter immediately preceding. While net
earnings are greater hy St.SST ?S7
Compared with the fourth quarter of
t?ll the ?orrcsponding period of istl
-how? ????al and net satis rrspe.MMW9%
of II.' nsn 442 and K 7?* ?K
Surplus net income for the last quer
remains as against SS.eS.SW tn l*li At
the end of |9fn a balances snrplus of US
sjs 7fS was car i led forward
Th? corporation hrss trad* no ap?
propriations on arrount of etprndi
?ures s jch as rew p'se. s e- sddittor.al
property stree the :.,s? q ;????- of tets.
when to -irri em was >* d* fo- ?
purptae. with an additional M.W.SN,
to cover advanced mining royalties
ne?ular quarterly dividends on the
preferred and common ?hsre? ef t??
ard It*' per cent res;s? tively were SMV I
e lured to-day. The sta'anr.ent in
?hows beat earnings fo- o ..ber with
m marke?l reiwssion in S'ovowiher and
MM twonverj- lr> t ?ecoew r*or
I'halrvnan Can referred to the S*S
hlMt aa resanrkahiv good as>d spshs ?
hopofultv ..f tr- . ,inss? SS Tg 'hat
iltteure r ? .it
Deputation Tries to Force
Way Into Par?
Bands of Suffragists Break Win?
dows of Government Offices
and in Shopping Districts.
In Several Cases They Are
Roughly Handled by
Excited Crowds.
London, January 28.?As a protest
against the withdrawal of the franchise
bill by tue government. the suffragists
resumed their militant tactic to-night.
While a deputation which the Chan?
cellor of the Exchequer. David Lloyd.
George, had refused to seo until to?
morrow morning, was trying to force ite
way into Parliament against an over?
whelming force of police, und women
were being arrested for resisting the
' officers, tho other bands of women went
?hrough Whitehall breaking windows of
the government offices and through
Cockspur Street where the great plate
glass windows in the establishments of
shipping companies were ruthlessly'
The women also visited Oxford,
Regent and other streets in I he shopping;
district, where similar damage was done.
: Later mail boxes were attacked, quan
' titles of liquid being poured into them.
1 In the outlying suburbs, too, the sulf
1 raget tes damaged property,
j Twenty-one women were arrested
' in the vicinity of the Parliament, build
l ing. but were allowed out on bail after
''he House rose. Most of the police
.stations had one or more prisoners
?charged with destroying property.
Jostled by Cnruly Crowd.
The demonstration in Whitehall was
not as large as some of those previ?
ously h>'id, the force of police and n
drenching rain mitigating against any
great turnout. The wildest ccxite
ment prevailed, however, and besides
protecting property and arresting wo?
men engaged In window smashing or
who refused to move on when ordered,
the police bad the greatest difficulty
in protecting the women from an un
i ruly crowd of youths, who gathered;
land jostled every woman wearing suf?
fragette colors.
In soveral oases the women were
1 roughly handled. An attempt to duclc
' four of thern in the fountain in Tra?
falgar Square was frustrated by n
police posse, which had to ndc through
i the, crowd.
j The entire deputation of twenty-one
; women, who attempted to make ibeir
way into the House to interview Chan
i ceil or Lloyd George was arrested.
The prisoners included Mrs. Orummond
and Sylvia Pank hurst, who marched in
I front. Refore starting on i heir mission,
the delegates listened to address??
by Mrs. hmmelinc Pankhurst and other
Mrs. Pankhurst said the withdrawal
of the franchise bill, including the -
speaker's ruling, was a plot decided on.
long ago. and Premier Asquilh wan
aware of it.
"The answer to this treachery.'*
she said, "is militancy
Bylvhs Pankhurst declared their in?
tention was to hold the siscaker ha
. the < hair and leave Mr. Asquith on
! the bench and wr.h this the deputation
The police gave 'hem safe escort as
I far as the entrance of Parliament
where an inspe? tor informed them that
the Chancellor of the Exchequer would
1 be unable to sec them until morning.
Mrs Drummond retorted this in
tonafoolerv If you do not let us in,
there will be trouble "
At tha' 'he members of the deputa?
tion threw themselves at the police,
?t who s'ood six deep a> ro?e the entrance,
; and in the scramble Mrs Drummond
and another woman were either thrown
I or fell to the ground
? nance- to It ithdraw.
The police gave the women several
? hances '?> withdraw quieth but as
they refused ali were arrested. The)
crowd showed Utile sympathy for th?
women ?hoi? they tr:?-.i 'o ;ostle an
they were being led to the station The
authorities, it is understood, contem?
plate arresting the leaders for locitlngr. )
. their followers to break the laws.
i hristobal Pankhurst. who is often
referred to as the brai". or the or?
ganization is believed to be rn Lon?
don, directing the demonstrations Shej
is known to ha'-e left Pari? where she) f
had been living s.n-e a warrant for
r.e a"''-- wa? iss j.-d a- the time bee
n.other \f-s Kmmeline Pankhorst,
land Mr and M rs Pethiek lavrsseS 'J*
''were rontkisd. and all 'race of her
is lost
The damage t" property to-night
I would have been n .? lad not
i shopkeepers taken the precaution MrcH
{board ;p iheir windows
Killed K > Holl, ts Posse Infrared
for Oetlsw.
' ? ? ? ?? > 1 - a *! g h t
he-ween a sheriffs peeee and John
,-?r. . as '.' ????: S horn*}
near Riding Mountain to-dey. a woman
and . hild wsre sh^' ? ?.? ' er*.cera.
u Itrtk sns ri- 'ism sf th*i

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