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All Humors
Arc impure matter? which the skin, liver, i
kirirtcvs and other organ* cannot take care
<A without help.
Pimples.. Iioils, ecrcma and other erup?
tions, lot.- of appetite, that tired tecling.
liihous turns, tits oi indigestion, dull head?
ache* and other troubles areduc to them.
In their treatment be sure to take
Hood's Sarsaparilla
In the usual liquid 1
tri at Sarsat.ibs.
m or in the tutilt
? sin mr\ mm ? a?
New Turlrii
fgarlriB. January 28?With the pre
seiitaiiun Of their note to the Turk?
ish delegation, the date for which, how?
ever, has not vet lieen fixed, some of
Ihe Balkan delegates consider that
their mission in London is ended. The
? I reek Premier. Lieut hcros VclUZclcs
announced to-night thut he would
SOTS I,. |,,ic the end of the week and
the others within tin' next lew days
I-man. i ll advisers and military o II icer
..? BOhsd to the Bulgarian delegation
will start for home to-morrow
Despite this, the diplomats have
not given up hope, and many still think
the Balkan note is another uttempt to
Sisrtllst pressure on Tuikcy and that
the allies really intend to await the
imoro paper of answer of the new Turkish Cabinet to
rollowiiig ad 'he joint note of Kurope. a course which
lything honest ,h" ',"*',rB nav<'
urertown De
ase He Is
es Di.puii h
Januars -'S
pad thirty years
?rtown, a village
hdstock. has de-I
escn'ing many
all himself into
to wot k ; good
self info slarery
,t to eut . t hirty
?rice. Address
Mautertown. j
if Mi and Mis. '.
, the foi mer a ;
fortable means
i father's farm ,
?ed on nearby '
1 of farm life, j
W Va
woolen mill, re
louic in Shenan
mahan received
afion and early
imposition, con
one thing to
very old. and
ight of an eye.
lie McClanahan
fa* her. mother,
?ee sons. have
r Ma urertown.
ig man of good
lught of by ail
inusual offer of
very is . austng
< cause is given
lings, unless he
because he was
Harasses \\ ork
nn I.aus.
larv 2? \ ' ? ha
I Breeders' As
here to day a
declaring that
association the
riren of r.at ural
frorn the opera -
tf sho uld t>e at
Another day lost ' ' srrlaimad those
who believe that the only solution is
to be found la the resumption of hua
t ill ties, when the meeting of the del?
egates of the four allied nations ad?
journed this afternoon
' Another day gained ' retorted those
who believe thut psacs a to be reached
by postponing extreme measures
To-day's meeting of the allies lasted
five hours and the discussion was ani?
mated. The delegates reviewed the
whole situation and debated both the
whsreI resumption of the war and the policy
; of delay, trusting to time to solve the
difficulties. The head of each delega
I tion, reported the conversation which
be had had With Sir Edward Orey. t Bel
' British Foreign Secretary, and refer
1 ence was made again to the advice of
(the ambassadors lO observe prudence:
and moderation This greatly strcnefh- '
i cned the arguments of that section
favoring procrastination, their view1
being that after the powers note to
Turkey, w hich was in favor Of the terms
of tho allies the latter continued to
follow Europe's advice. Kurope would
oontinus to give its support.
The note was left with Sloian Nova- ;
kovitcb, head of the Servian delegation,
the delegates intrusting him to choose
an opportune moment far it- presen?
tation Some believe he will present
;t to-morrow. Other* are of the opin?
ion ? hat t his particular form was adopt -
ed with the object of avoiding an !mme- :
diate rupture and giving Turkey time
to reply to the powers.
With Presentation of Their
Note Consider -Mission
at an End
Don't wait until the weather gets so thick
you can't find your way to our shoe bin.
A pair of these $5 viscolized, weather?
proof shoes to-day may prevent a doctor's bill
More colds and resultant illness come from
wet feet, so the M. D.'s say, than from any
other cause.
The Berry Shoe, $3.50, $4 and $5.
The Hanan, $6.50 and $7.
J^*Special Sale of broken lots of S5 Shoe
O. H. Berry & Co.
Forty or Fifty Moros Died in
Struggle Last Thursday
Near City of Jolo.
Washington lanuary 28.? Forty or
fifty Moros died in 'he struggle which
took place in the i'hilippines six miles
west of the city ol JotO last Thursday.
I dstails of Whloh have Just reached the
WtW Department in a report to Major- |
Oeneral Bell, commanding the Philip- i
You Cannot Have
and Continue In Health 1
t'nless you keep your bowels open
and the intestinal tract clean and
clear, they c arinot properly perform
thoir functlo ns of digestion and elim
nution. The system becomes
icloggcd and the poisonous condition |
resulting endungers health. Th*
blood is harmfully affected, and
through it every other organ.
Warner's Safe Pills
regularly every day. If you aie a
tegular or on aslonal sufferer from
constipation remedy tho condition
at once and avoid disea-e and suffer?
ing and consequent loss of time
Warner's Safe pills for OOBStlpatios
and biliousness are purely v egetable
and sugar-coated.
Vferncrs Safe Remedies
j up his proclamation of
two years ago. ordinng the disarming
of ull the natives of Jolo group, Oeiu tal j
j I'ershing, uccording to the report,
'dispatched Colonel Fbcn Swift, of the
Kighth Cavalry, to i leal up the country
I in the neighbot hood of Jolo. An
j expedition was organized under com
sssad of Patrick McNsily. captain of
the Philippine s. o .'- who lost his life
in the tight era* h followed Tha
expedition consisted al theFourteenth,
Thirty-fJrst and Fortieth Companies of
Philippine Scuts a ilctai hmeiit of
American troops with a field gun and
some More PaiUppias constabulary
muking probably a full battalion of
This force was sent against a < otta,
?at miles west of Jolo. where a larg*
band of Moros bad been a si.Hiding
Statutes to the olty sad the garrison at
Taglibi for a lotis' tlBBS The Moros |
had not hesitated to attack the Asser-I
cian troops in camp, and i! was decided
SS break the powers of I In t tin t. Sahip i
The Mnro position aas strongly tie- |
fended by walls. bamboo entangle-j -
mtnts sad dsep ditcbst Oeasral Ketall Furniture Dealers Launch Asm
Pershiag reporti I thai ths attacking elation Devoted to Their Interests.
an investiga?
te, h
for a
Kidnr, sad l.irer Kerned?
Kheumstir Kcaiedy
Dia Bates Krmrdy
Aslbms Krmtdy
b> all
Write fur s free
the number of remedy desired to
Warner's Safe Krmedlea Co..
Dept 28?. Horhrsirr. N
Biliousness /
aataji giving
will insure the action of the bowels
ard Oil officials indicted in Texas.
' Mr <?"rner declared to-day that if
I the Texas grand Jury adjourned without
further action In ths cases he would
Immediately press for
"When the Texas grand Jury ad?
journs." said Mr. Oarner. "I will de
? uie whut course to pursue. I do not
think It proper to interfere with th*
investigations now under way by the
Depaitment or Justice, but if District
Attorney Atwell, of Texas, abandons
these cases I propose to find out why
they were dropped and what influence
the Attorney-Oeneral may havs had
In the case "
I I nder Investigation.
Tex . January 2* - -Th*
force was handled with great skill
and the final assault, which carried th*
cotta, was characterized by many in?
dividual acts of gallantry.
Kobert Hudson Acquitted.
Having been SZOBSratSd by a coro?
ner's jury, Robert Hudson, the young
watchman who sodd ntally shot and
killed fourteen-year-old Lyston W.
Smith. Jr. was acquitted ef the, tech?
nical charge of murder when he was
arraigned in Polle* Court yesterday.
?tree! car. throwing Miss Bowers vio
Miss Martha Bowers Violently [Jtmtly to ;he pavement a moment
Thrown From Mount and
sf ?
Horse Instantly Killed.
Sufficient to Enable Him
to Draw Mileage.
res that in spite ?
and en- Missing Messenger's Excuse
?ally and phy
ohtain entrance
letnment ol th
uc future of the
tie* should he
ts of lmmigra
cpecially at Ellis
says, in order
examination of
and that expert
idfd for mental
Washington. January 2* ? While
horseback i idimr today with Miss Helen
Taft, daughter of 'lie President, and
two other companions. Miss Martha
Bowers, daughter-'; the late Solicifor
Oeaeral Lloyd Bowers, was thrown
from her mount, and her right arm was
broken while het bores was instantly
killed in collision with a street car.
Miss Taft and the others escaped in?
Ths party was ruling down a steep
hill when MbH Bowers'! horse became
Unmanageable, and dashed away at ;
breakneck speed. The others followed,
but could not overtake her. At the foot
of the hill, which is in the fashionable,
part of the City, at Sixteenth and I"
Streets, the boras ran wildly into a
later Miss Taft and other members of
the party, which included Miss Isabel
Vincent, of Minneapolis, a guest of Miss amf Dl
Taft at the White House, and Dr. Cary
T. QraysOBi past assistant surgeon la
the navy and naval aide to the Presi?
dent, reached Miss Bowers side.
Aided by Miss Taft. Miss Bowers
was carried to a nearby physician's of?
fice, where she was given first aid treat?
ment Later if was decided to remove
her to a hospital.
Miss Taft immediately telephoned
for the White House automobile, and
rode 'o the hospital with Miss Bowers
Physicians made a careful examina?
tion of Miss Bowers'* injuries and
found that, la addition to a fracture
Of tha right forearm, she sustained
lacerations of the scalp and bruises
about the body. It was said at the hos?
pital to-night that Miss Bowers was
resting comfortably.
Beta 11 furniture dealers of the city
: met Monday evening in the offices of
Sydnor A Hundley and organized the
Hii'hmond Hetail Furnitur* Associa?
tion. Delegates from practically every
firm in the city were m attendance.
'I'h* organisation elected as officers
? tor the ensuing > ' Ur
Simon P. Jones, of Jones Bros A
Co., president. A. J ftSSSDhlOOm. Jr .
' of M Kosenbloom A Sons, viee
? president; James C. Cherry, of Charles
J?rgens? Sou. treasurer, and Samuel
; Sutherland, ef n nun ties lliitksrlsiul
Cherry Corp.. secretary.
The newly-organized association took
'Mi the discussion of plans for its govern
I tnent ami adjourned aft*r deferring to
the next meeting the work of per
I footing th* organization The next
meeting will be held on the evening of
February 3. at 8 o'clock, in the offices of
Svdnor A Hundb y Furni'ure dl tiers
who were no', represented Monday sie
urged by the officers to scr.d delegates
to the next meeting.
di< Tuents mentioned by Repr?sentativ?
Oarner were returned here August 2?
' They charged that the Standard Oil
Companies of both New York and New
Jersey and the Magnolia Petroleum
Company of Texas, and a long list of
offt, tals of these companies conspired
to put out of busings* the Pbroc-For
dyee oil BSBscihal.ua ef Texas by prtc*
cutting and other methods
The Department of J settee at Wash?
ington refused to BSTVO ?h* warrants
on three of the m*n indicted?J D
I Archbold. H. O. rolg*r. Jr., and W.
I r eagl*
Mr. Wickersham said the evident*
thus presented was insufficient Sinco
then furth*r papers have been sent Mr.
Wtckershem, which are retorted now
under investigation.
Mrs. Margaret Mason.
Special to The Timss-Putpel
C harlot tSSVille, Vs January 2*. ?
Mis Margaret Mason, aged sixtv-flve
? ears, widow of Major Robert Prem h
Mason, dieel this afternoon at h*r home
at Clerment, mar ths university Two
wee ks ago she s it;, red ,, stroke of
aralyst*. from which che never rallied
aras a daughter of the late Dr
Thomas J Cook, of Albemarle. H< r
mother's maiden name was Emily
Bernard Four c hildren survivs, Mrs
VirginiaMinor.wife of Benjamin s Nlnor
Robert F Masos of Washing?
ton, and Oeorge and Maynadler .\ia-<>n
of chariottesTttle. The funeral ?rill take
place at J 3<> o'clock Thursday after?
noon from her late rteidSB I
funeral of .Ml-s Hawthorne.
spc ial to The Timm-Dispatch i
C harlot teevlUe, Va.. lanuary 2t ?
The funeral of Miss Bessie Wilkins
Hawthorn*, who died yesterday after
an illn*s* extending over two years,
took place this afternoon fiom her late
residence, the ssi?los being conducted
by Dr H W Battle, of the High Street
Baptist Church she ana born at
Fork t'nion. Pluvanna County, thirty
four years ago the daughter of th* late
John Hawth ?ras Bhs It turvivsd by ,
her mother one si-ter and two brothers, j District of Columbia
Aged Woman Drops Dead.
Harnsonburg. Va . January 28 ?
Mrs. Oeorge W. Smith, sever.: rar?
old. dropped dead las' iiigh? a' l'< o < !o< ^t
on the porch of her hivm* a: Rushviils,
Uockingt.am County. 'I he body was
found by her husband, who hj a promi
tie-pt merchant of that place She was
MStS Mary Beeves ot \ jgusfa County
On* son. Jasper Smith, is in business
with his father
favored tor th*
while the 1'Jlj
Id at the Pan?
nen i' is planned
and foreign or
iii genetics, eu
rial breeding to
I of Washing
? Bad Lsfs
's Death.
an of U22
est ? :?;.> .
i tstecl I es
tge ,,f being
o com mil
dei lared
r 'he ba:
wkers h*
':'?'? Mas, led
.?? first floor
elvi w sea
t Polios
egretted 1 -
drink on
mth m reral
Washington. -lanuary 2? Wilfred i
IT Webb Arizona's electoral messSBBerl
whom Seaators Asbarsl and smith have
I been searching by telegraph for twoi
days delivered the official vote of th*.
State to the Vice-President a OfBOS I
, late to clay __________
Although a day late th* excuse Mr. ,
' ? ' ' ' ? Governors of New York Stock
considered sufficienl to entitle lum to
, the mileage of BBMI and to entitle th*
sta'e to the counting of Its vote in the
? !. . -oral c ollege
Mr Webb said he retc bed New York
early to-day A: breakfast he picked
ap a naWSpepsr anci read with surprise
tha' the Senate was searching the
country for him. Iis Immediately
telegraphed to Senator ft shun I and
took the text tratn for B*ssblllgllll|
I clidn t know anything about the
law." said Mr Webb "80 I go' a law- ,
VCr-friend to draw mc up s set. cif m , t:
struutions Hs told iae I had to deliver m
the v,,'c to Washington February 1. _
and so I have been taking my time to
g. t there. || spoiled iii y SpPetttS fOT
breakfas' though, when I saw h'>w
i adl, I ana fronted this morning "
Mr Webb was escorted by a body
of newspaper n?*r. when he went to
draw hi- B one-, t, ;r no objection was
raised || ? r ?? lisnur-ing eflaOS, and he
heaved a stgh of re lief All el.-'oral
votes are ri'.a- in the hands of 'he S> n
j',- ready to bs <anvasse<i at th? ? , ni
M M as of '?ie House and Senate
Exchange Protest Against
His Criticism.
New York. January 2?.?Oovernor
Bulser'S strictures on the New York
Fx- f-..ttg* coatained la his recent
special message ??> th* Legislatur*
"are not justified by the facts" in the
opinion of the governors c?f the Institu?
tion More r,ver. the governors "eat -
retry pretest ' sgslusl his ac tion, ar.d
hile they are anxious to co-operate
iti tfi* iea'**r of legislation, they ask
for a conference in tho near futureto
discuss the situation
These views arid this resjaasl were
it sde in a leiegiam .':.' to the Oovernor
this eftereoon, by PrsaMaad James. B
Mabon of th* Stoc k Kx'hange.
'I he telegram says bl part
son ? i.
Ittfal r;a.r
ste ^n St
.ates her
In kses
Father of Secretary of Interior BxpSfeS
of Heart Failure.
Washingci. '^r IOTJ Kev. llan
i*i ay. Phibur, D.D., fathei el Be retarv
I- isher of the inte'toe died here to-day
, of heart failure after an illness of sev?
eral months He was seventy-five .ears
As a Presbyterian minister he had i
? h in SOS in New Orleans ar.d |
Wheeling. Of. Va and was a m?n.ber
of t be committee which revised the
. ,;, ,." I;, 'b H,- wdl be buried
at Hatweet*, Indiana next Thursday.
Batilers' ISsweasSsSa t?? balhrr tted
aeetlai at tnnual Kan.met.
1 ?' lee larv js - Neanr
.? of the banking resour.es of
??? ? ??? i State it i- rstlaieted. will
"The sn" i 'tng committee have a!
wavs endeavored tr> SUfTeuad tr.e deal?
ings in s" u-.'i*s on tbe exchange with
the restrictions and limitations that
experiea ?? '? m - ajspmeaO, which have
been fi**rri''d from time to time la he
praoticaetS and enforceable.
Th?--.- have fmetaeeaesty sought and
arc now seeking for any and all n.c-a
? re- ii,i' will enforce just and equitable
Song Looks?. Like Piaipie. itdrtog ^
ar.d Torr?etrtirt?. Ankle and In
ste? Safoiiefi. |Jse_ Ciiticuni Soap
and Ointment. In 6 Wseks Weil.
principles of trad* and protect tho pub?
"They feel very strongly that th*
? Oovernor's charac'eri.:ation of th* gov?
ernment of the exchange is unjustified
; by the fact? and with all due respect.
earnestly protest against it.
"They respectfully request that th*
Oovernor receive a committee of the
: exchange at an early day to present th*
vi*ws of the exchange, and to convey
to him the assurarc* of their desire to
? co-operate in the consideration of
l*gisIation that will still further pro
n.ot* the highest standards of trade
and correc t deaiirtc
"Will you riot kindly designate the
time when you will receive our commit?
tee ?''
Forecast: tirginia Local rains south.
snow ssrtb poi Use Wednesday; Thurs?
day fair: light to moderate variable
North Carolina CsSSMf] Wednesday:
Thursda> fair; light southwest and
west winds.
?special Lee Si Data for t*f llSldSJ)
12 eeea bampsrsleis. . ..
r: P. M. temperature.
Maximum temperature up to g P.
Minimum temperature up to t p
Mean temperature .
Normal temparatars .
Def ieaey bi fenipera'ur* to-day..
Kxeess in temperature since March
I .
A- cam excess in le-mperaturi? since
lanuary I.
lim y in rainfall sine* March I.
Accum d*t!c ienc y in rainfall since
lanuary I.o 2*
? -wt in. 1 iiiB-i-U. By
t*??lers ago tat sbs xawtdss of She night I
?bs sai ban it -ish w_m I baltcvsd to b*
a sting ef some kbvl on my
left sxdds. It was vary sSSSgg
I ssmasasd a as 1 tau it afl
?y body JVvxt day It
e-Kdcsdlakaaptsspas Than It
b-wtsnad me svary sAfbt and
Lb Ox mraisas P.
to she ans of a
I o. al Obser, ation - p
Ham I atl y.
Wind ? dire* tion.
syiad -veiocit.-.
Bf sat her .
Rainfall !a-' i: hours
M. V-sterday
<?..,-;-,.. in Important < Itles.
[AI * P M. Kastern Standard Time )
I ha '? i her 11 1 1. t Weather
A?h? viile. . . .
Atlanta. ...
1 (Btl ' ? C|t y
< aigary.
< barles'on .
< hie ago.
Detath .
Oal ? -ton ...
Hatteraa. . . . .
V* Hooper Inaugurated ?...,. .
of Tenne.-e.
1 >,ehal'
bs"? whan
I* cloudy
P c loudy
? Tear
P cloudy
P < le.udy
P cloudy
' loudy
1 l*?r
J. Turner stone.
J. Turner BtOtM, twenty-four years
! old. son of M r and Mrs S M Stone e,f
Taylorsville. Hanover County, died
iterdav afternoon after a brief illness
[at the Retreat for the Si.k Mr
Stone was a ministerial student at
Richmond College. Besides his parents,
he leaves on* sister. Mrs E II Ja? at
I of Taylorsville The bod] etil ?.al
to-day to Hanover, aber ?th* funeral
will take place ro-u.orrow
Captain V\ al t er >t aples.
'Special to Th* Times-I >;spat< h
Arvomu. Va., January 21 -The fu?
neral of the late Captain Walter
Staples, who ejieel af the borne of hi* son.
Powbataa Staples, la New Kent Coun?
ty, on Baturday last, was held al tii*
Trmity Presbyterian Church, New Can?
ton, this afternoon at 3 O clock, th*
Arvonia Masonic Lodge having rssjgs
of the funeral arrangements
Captain Staples was a member of
Trinity Church, having
eight, or ten years ag"
111 Cornwall Ragle Wd.
young man set oal for this muntrv.
spending six week- or. the sea voyage
He was much on IBS as, hiving re?
turned to hi- natiee country a Dumber
of times, and having traveled exten?
sively elsewhere Upon em.astoa,
-t. i le in ths A . .' ladles, be accidentally
became mixed In a revolution, from
wliu h he> narrowly rmaped H* was
ati e xpert miner, and well versed in all
mining operations Hs worked a
number of tea gold mines el Bu, King
ham < o'iii'y '.' a.-- .igo and had much
success. Hi* children settled here and
bets mil admirable citizens, rearing
splendid families.of boyi and
with these children and grand'hildrcn
be spent his de lining years
Thr** of his son* and a number ef
his grandchildren were present at the
funeral, which was largetv attended.
Grej i hllders.
'Sp? . la! to The- Times-Dispate h
Bristol. Va . January J? Orey 1 hild
er. a la a -e- In Memphis, died there to
night of meningitis. He was thirtv
p labt yeare->o!d, ar.d a son e.i Jcjhn B.
Childers. a pniniitient resident of Brie
tol He is survived h;- his wife He
went from bars to Memphis tea yeats
M ago
44 James T. ??herldan.
j (spec ial to The Timm DsspatohJ
u; Lextagton, \a January 2J - James
' T. Sheridan youngest son or Mr John
Sheridan, died a' hi- father's home in
Lexington yesterday afternoon, after
a long and painful illness ||e was in
his sixteenth year He was a great
sutferer and bad been under hospital
treatment n I: . . and New York,
but could not get relief The funeral
will take pla- e from St Patric k's Cath?
olic Church W ednesday morning ?on
247 due-fed by Fathee M cKeefry. or Staun- ?
6 t? tob
I Surviving are hi.- father and three
1 brothers ar.d three - ?'er- They are
J. Dennis Sheridan, of Pittsburgh
Pa Lee (i and Thomas Sheri?
dan and Mi? -' lam Rath and Minnie
Sheridan, of Lexington His ssesther
died seven months igo
John T. Kev tun.
spe, ini to Thi Time s Dispatch I
HarTi?onbijt-|r Va . January 2S. --
J'?hn T Key toe, -?-venty-cight year i
old. a retired farmer and ? onfeejerate
veteran ?>f Ihe Bridge-water neighbor?
hood, died yesterday lie leaves six
children. m? iuding Mrs Kate Oarhcr.
of Cosiest CO He *a- for for'y years
a member of the Brethren Ckart h
Mr-. W.llian, |> MH'..
mi I>. Mayo died Monday
f ler bro" her In law p. t,.
Ma> Abolish Hanging.
Washington. January 2s?Lie, ero
ciitioti instead of hangtng will f>e th*
punishment f?ir STSi dSSjrSS murder ,r:
if a bill passed
by the House to-day and already passed
by the Senate is signed by President
M1YO [),ed ?? the |,nITia of y,m.
brr.'her-ir..|UWi p i. Mayo, in Phil?
adelphia Pa lariuarv 27. MKS W.
D MAYO, wife of Mr William i?.
Mays She ik surviveel bv her hus?
band, moth*!. Mrs Kmma Proffltt;
Bister arid broth*r.
H'?r r*maii.? will r?ach RI*hmond
30. 7 o'cloe-k. and will b* taken tc?
ttie- home of her father-in-law. Oe.>
W Mavo r:i? Beverlv. Funeral u>
tice lat'-r
Roanoke papers please copy.
BHINE - Died suddenly at her horn*
111 Norfolk. Va . January 2S. MRS
ISA BL LLA I SHINE, widow of
Java es Not! Shies, and daughter of
the late John pool and Marv Shields
S? hermerhom. of Montexuma. Hen
? . .. CouatT, Va She is survived hv
her daughters, Mm. N b Oreoms and
Mrs Waiter L Fa-e. both of Nor?
folk. Va
The body will he brought to Ricl.
mon?! Thursday mor.rlng. Funeral
notice later.
BTONB Died, at R*tr*a' for th*
Sick. January 2* l?13 J Tl'RN'KR
BTOKE son of Mr and Mrs. S at.
Stole of Tavlorsviiie. Henrico Coun?
ty. Va
f uneral from Taylorsville THURS?
DAY. January 30 |vn
Many Offers
to Make Up Aged Soldier's
New York. January 21?Supporters
outjed about of Oeneral Darnel E Sn kles. arrested
r'd "in " ar'd Misse?- under bail yesterday In
a OOnneCtiOB with a t-j/?*"' shortage in
funct* of the State MseUsSBSatS i'om
mission. said to-day that in their
opinion the case would neve?r he tried
So many e.ffers of e mill Iba I h Mai to make
ip the deficit have alreaci v bSSB ItNelsed
ernor Sulzer to-day noelrlhlllsd I'm
of Contributions *? H f,J"'1 u pil/ n"" 13 4:* unaooouated
for by General Daniel B. Sickles, as
shaarmaa e,f the New York Monun.ents
i omn.ission. In announcing bis con?
tribution the Oovernor said :
' Very f*w men in this country hav*
done more for th* State, th* country
and the flag than Oeneral Si< kles Mv
sympathy goes out to him In this hour
of trial."
Oov*rnor Sulz*r recclv*e| s t*legram
from Se nator William Aldi n Smith, of
Mn higun in which he sanl
"Are the prosperous .md generous
men of New York la allow a gallant
they said.that they BoBoas thesbiprtesje| here ii** Oaaaral Btcklea to suffer
will be wiped out by popular SUbee rip for th>- want c.f twenty-three thousand
tion. The general remains secluded in , dollars' Can you not appeal to th?
In? Fifth Avenue home philanthropic and generous men Who
- have profited by a united country to
Sul/er Contributes. m**t this situation before it is too
Albanv N Y. January 2??OOV late**'
A perfect Tooth Wash sad a mfo and
efficient antiseptic for sore mouths. For?
mulated by th* eminent
pyU>i iJrmhB-i^Ba
This was- will do for yosr mouth sad
teeth what no other preparation can. tt
is highly recommended and has stood th*
test lor 44 Years.
At Reiisbte
29c. sac end f l.tO.
Mr* mm
st th* boms
Mayo, in
!husband sf
' er and h?T
fltt Th*
Rlchf. or I
o'cle* k ad
the home of her
W Mayo, nit
Mr-. James Bjj. Shine.
Mrs Isahella I Shine, widow
James Not! stun*, and daughter of
Miniature tlmaaae.
January Jt. Itll
is Morn tag. .... t x?
. . . ?2? I. enir g. It 43
on th* -hast urd*r *h* v**t
snd i*M the und*rt*k*r to
drtvs or What? OOWAN B j
7|cin ' .- pn*timoris. To-ip.
soids exiagbe. pains and i
Sor*n*as and troubles oom-1
lag from tnnem motion aad I
ecrigest'^n it at external I
snd q itrklv sb*orhed. Bold |
by all druggist* from Ii re
la la* ftuest ear gettiag J
?ovan s. no Just ss good. 1
Positively Last Week
of the
Auction Sale
There -till remain over 200 choice- pines, ^nd <-1 ir ordere
are to sacrifice them, as the owners must have rash, and we
truthfully *av you will never have *urh an opportunity to buy
Oriental Rugs ?? unusual quality as ynii find in this rollertion.
Kvery piece sold under a strict guarantee.
AurT.on saies daiix at 10 ;o A. M., 2:,to and 7 V* P. M.
W . (". Barbour. Auctioneer
>S F^i?f Broad Street.

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