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White Man Caught on Trestle
by Train and Kadly In?
jured f>y Fait
?tjjrccessfal kc\i\al Comic i u>
( lOM?Other News of
1 'eter.-burg.
T' IM* 1 dspatch Bureau,
j Bollingbrook Street
Petersburg. Va.. February 3.
\ white man named M m < irren was
r night on a trestle in the western part
p| .Ii.- . ity this afternoon |.y a Sea
hoard ?>!? L?M train, anil jumped to
s..\- himself. He was se\< rel> hurt.
1 ? \ternally and internally, and i
? as taken to the hospital fur treat
M?L The accident occurred " on a
curve in the trestle in the rear of
Canal Str. ? t
tleetluft ?! ? ouncll.
Tie Common Council will meet in
T< K ii.ji" Monthly session to-motrow
: . foe the transaction mainly of
th.- usual routine business. other
rnattei?. howe\cr. may be brought up.
At the 1'ei ember meeting a commlt
t-. ?ras appointed to act with the city
attorney, to ascertain what damage.
H an>. will he caused to property own- ;
ers on River Street by the proposed !
raising of the giadr and improvement
UtC street Tl-.e sum of flOrt was
appropriated for this work. It is not '
expected that the .ommittee will be
ready to report to-niorrow night.
Tl.- Cotsneil will adjourn to meet on
F bruai \ 7. to pass upon the ordinance
authorising the issue of jaco.oi.f
< itv bonds for purposes of public lm
j.. ..\ amends
One ..f tlie most successful revivals
Id the history >f West End Baptist
Cb in tiiis city, dosed last night,
after tasetlnari lasting exactly two
w . ks. vv hlrh were conducted solely
I the pastor, the Key. A. K. lx>ve.
I nere twelve conveisior.s lasft
! I ? m iking eiglity-nlne in all?and
t e church was crowded that hunr
? Is wer? turned away. Fifty-five
membe-s have oeen added t > the . hureh
as the result of these meetings, and
great spiritual ?ood also. A baptismal
nervi* e was held to-night, at which
manv of the converts receved the ordi
titni e.
V Mouth's linato
The re poll 't the chief of police
shows a total of 1?:: arrests in the city
Ig .Ian naf"). Among them sixty-four
lh .: .inkin::???. twenty-three for as?
sault, twelve for felony, twt-ty-T-ne
for larceny, twenty-five for misde?
meanors, twenty-five for violations ot
ordinances, etc. The arrests for In
*(Md it.'ii more than doubled those
for any other cause. In the Police
Court this morning some twenty or
more negroes were . harged with being
drunk Saturday right
Woman ? onveotion.
The convention of Woman Elders in
Virginia, Which convened in this city
on Saturday, closed last night. Three
pjh'.ii meetings, with addresses, wer
held yesterday. Klder C. W. Callis
president of the Southern Mission field,
was one of the principal speakers.
Th>rp are eichteen traveling elders of
the Mormon Church in Virginia, and
their work is done so quietly as sel?
dom to excit,. public attention.
< nn.Ii.Isle Withdraw..
laattca D. Twynham. known as the
"lire wir- ' candidate for the office of
With Ground-Hog Wea
ther here and March wind
and storms ahead, you need
a Raincoat.
The best sorts are here lor men,
wi.men and children.
Description?? won't show 'em
t<> you?come and see.
S3 to $35.
high constable, lias withdrawn frotr.
the field, having accept-. I a belter
position. lie doe> not withdraw In
favor of either of the other candida.es
?John A. MaJlory, the Incumbent, an
P. II. Wells, a former member of the
i hlld Disappeared.
The little flv---year-old ?OH of M:.
Anderson, of <'hcsterfleld County, an
employe of the Atlantic Coast Line
Kailroad. came to the city with
father yesterday ar.d attended S;;nda
school al the Tabb Street Presby?
terian Church. At the close of the
sohtsol Mr. Anderson looked for h
boy In the primary dcpanl.meiii.
failed to tind htm. An anxious searr'
was made for the little follow in th
city, but without avail, it was after
waiils found, however, that h
safe at home, having; gone there with j
some boys wh"iti he km vv.
Personal and Otherwise.
\V S. Magee and W. K. Jones left
l.i.-t night OB a visit to Jacksonville,
Fla., and other Southern cities.
The Rev. George K. Rooker. I> D.
<>f the Washington Street Methodist- ;
Kpis< opal Church, will preach to the
congregation of the Oak Street A. M. E. ,
Zion Church (colored) to-morrow I
The body of W. A. Thompson, a
former citizen of Petersburg! but for
a number of yenra connected with the
sheriff s oflice in Norfolk, was brought
to the ctiy yesterday for burial in
lila ml ford Cemetery, accompanied by j
? (tolegation freua the Norfolk Lodge
of Klks. The R. v. Father OFarrell
conducted the services at the grave.
It is now positively known that the
negro wiio was drowned In the harbor
last Thursday morning; was Edward
Hammond, sixteen v. ars old. The j
body has not been recovered.
Denth lakes financier.
Miami. Fla.. February :i?Arthur
Scho? llkopl. Of, Niagara Falls, one of
New York's most prominent financiers,
died here this morning. Me vva* presi?
dent of the Niagara Hydraulic Com?
pany. The body, accompanied by his
wife, will b? taken to Niagara Falls
There is no greater
convenience and
comfort in the home
than a Bell Tele?
phone. It enables
you to talk with your friends. It does your
marketing and errands. It calls the doctor.
It gives you a sense of protection and an
ability to cope with every emergency.
The uses of the Bell Telephone in the
home are almost countless. The whole
family depends on it.
By the way, have you a Residence Tele?
phone )
l.-.fu Hrll Trlephom i*
I j lh'larur Station
W9 E**t Grat? Street.
Call Contract Department Monroe 9000
.Official Estimate for Diplomatic
and Consular W ork Cut
BILL CARRIES $3,764,643
Danger.- oi Aviation Arc Recog?
nized in Grant of in?
creased Pay.
Washington. February 3.?The diplo
matio and consular appropriation bill.
? carrying $r:.7?<.?:4.;. was reported to the j
House to-day by the Foreign Affairs ]
Committee The total is ll'OO.OOO below
the oltlcial estimate, and ?mo,00 above
last year's apropriation.
: For the arbitration of outstanding '
pecuniary claims between the L'nile.l
States and Great Britain, including ar?
bitrator, umpire counsel, etc., the bill ,
appropriates |e#,OgtY There are sev
eral of these claims and the arbitration '
tribunal is expected to convene here
next spring. Another apropriation. in?
cludes $7.1?g as the L'nited States' pro
rata share in the administrative coun?
cil for the exploration of the sea in
the interest of commercial fisheries.
< hemical Schedule Considered.
Washington. Fob 3?The chemical ^
schedule of the tariff law, producing
4 per cent of the total government rev?
enue from customs, was considered in
executive sesion by the Democrats
of the House Committed on Wiiis and
.Means to-day.
Many of the items taken up were
raw materials used in the manufacture
of medicines, paints, dyes and in tan?
ning and dyeing processes, coal tar '
products and the like.
The schedule will not be material
ly altered from the Democratic bill '
which passed the House last session
by a vote of IT? to Iii", when the pres?
ent Governor Hanna. of North Dakota,
was the only Republican who voted
with the Democrats for the measure.
The revenue of $1 L'.oOO.OOO pained from
thd chemical schedule last year will 1
not be substantially disturbed.
Handwriting Kill Passes.
Washington, February 3.?The Sen?
ate to-diy passed the bll alread acted
on by the House making the admitted
handwriting of any person competent
evidence in I court of law with which '
to compare handwriting which might
be questioned
The so-calleo "enlarged homestead
bill." previous1} passed by the House,
ulso eras passed by the Senate. This
bill establishes the right of a home?
steader on dry lands to get a 320-acro
farm through \ residence of I've years.
\viation Dangers Realized.
Washington, February 3 ?Dangers
of aviation were officially recognized
by Congress to-day. when the Senate
passed the MU already approved by
UM llouso graatlag M per cent uddi- I
LlORal pay to officers of the army. ,
navv and Marine Corps who may be
detailed to duty with the aviation
corps of either the army or navy.
Repeated efforts have BOSO made to .
I get extra compensation for officers en
gaged in the dangerous work at the ,
practice fields and with the regular
j service.
Fluni truiinients llefore Taft.
Washington, February J.?Final ar- j
gumoatS for and against the Joiies
Dillingham immigration bill, with its
much-discussed literacy test, will be
made before President Taft Thursday .
at the White House. Some prominent ,
Jewish leaders of the country who op
post the literacy test, labor leaders ,
who favor it. and others interested in
the bill, are expected. The conference
with the President probably will take
several hours, arid lie has cancelled all i
other engagements for that day. Sec- \
rotary of Commerce and Labor Nngel
aril! be present during tin- conference. ;
friends Not Willing for lllm to He tut
Out of ?rcoud Term.
Washington. February 3?Another
attempt to chaage the proposed sK
year single-term amendment to the
Constitution so it will either lengthen
President - Fleet Wilson's term to six
vears or make him eligible for re-elec
UoOa is expected in the House as soon
as ti e resolution passed Saturday by
the Senate is taken up for considera?
The passage of the single-term reso- ;
lution in the House is expected, but j
manv Democrats who favor it insist I
that it should not be so drawn as to i
? ut President Wilson off with a single I
four-year term. The Bfiaatl passed the
resolution in such form that the Pres?
ident in office and all former Presi?
dents would be Ineligible for re-elec- <
Rcpresentatlve Clayton, chairman of j
ti:e House Judiciary Committee, al- !
ready has a single-term resolution now j
before the House
wenelik Keportrd Head.
London. FeNruary I M*hUJ Meneiik. of
Assesses, Is dead, according to a dispatch
reeelved here from Addis-Arte!>* to-.Jay
Hi* sax BOSSsr, Prime LsaJ .leaasu. ?ne of his
grsndron- entered the , spiral on Sunday
win great pomp.
aaytaaj SThaa PS lie I.ratified.
[Special to The Tinies-Dispatch. ]
Winchester. Va.. February J -A few
moments before dying to-day. after
sever.il years' illness. George A. Tim
Ff OdjOf h.b County. requested that his
butt] be interre?! in Stonewall iCon
federat l '"emetery here, and his dying
wash will be gratified.
Going to England
in Search of Health
im t iil>s mi town gut. i
The best music
for the entire family
Any one can play the
Victor, and every one will
enjoy its beautiful music.
And while this wonderful in?
strument is entertaining; you. it
also helps to develop the musi?
cal tastes of your children.
Surely such an instrument
will be welcome in your home!
Come and see us about it
Victors $10 to $10f. Victor
Victrolas $15 to $200. Easy terms
to suit your convenience.
The Farley fa
213 East Broad
Students Continue Boycott, and
Will Take Complaints Up
With Faculty.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch )
Charlottcsville, Va , February 3.?
The boycott of the University Com?
mons Is still the chief topic of dis?
cussion nt the university. The stu?
dents who went out on the strike are
standing pat. awaiting the action of
the faculty. The resolutions adopted
at UM mass-meeting In the law build?
ing, following the walkout, will be
formally presented at the Butt meet?
ing of tlie faculty, to be held to-mor?
row or Wednesday night. The chair
mail Of the committee. I> H. Kodgers.
will probably present the case of the ,
The commons was patronized to-day '
l.y between seventy-live and IM stu
?toBta. At the beginning of the ses- J
atoa about L'?i) men took their meals
at the dining hall.
Those who went on the strike are
scattered over college in the various
boarding houses. Among the lot is a i
number who take a prominent part In 1
Cfjteaa activities The walkout was!
conducted In an exceedingly orderly
waL "Jphe men were very cssl ?
deliberate in their action, and seemed
Intensely in earnest. Complaints of
the service at commons had ap?
peared in the editorials of College
Topics, the weekly published by the
student body, on one or more oe- j
caslons. it was stated to-night that 1
an improvement in the fare was notec .
President Alderman is away from |
the University, on a leave of absence
in the ..dironda-, ks. *i?an J. M. Page |
!s acting president.
Affects Lungs
Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Phthi?
sis, Asthma and Anemia
Often Directly the
Result of Rheu?
matic Blood.
* Tf you have a persistent, nagging bron?
chial cough beware of cough remedies.
They are merely local in action, and if
they do relieve it is the narcotics that
do It. What you require is a blood puri?
ner, a searching antidote that removes
from the circulation the acid poison* that
by their reflexes attack all weakness,
aaaaogcthes spots and thus create local
nymptoms The very best remedy known
is Swifta Pure Specific You will find
It on sale in any drug store at tl.oi per
bottle. It goes s'raight into the blood,
becomes an interr.al blood bath, wonder?
fully increase* the red corpuscles, cures
all the local fever spots and Irritation*,
increases appetite, you take on flash and
feet a wonderful sense of renewed
strength. Hundred* of people worried
heg111id control at cough, pains in the
chest, sore ihroal ard constant expectora?
tion of thick ami:ens have experienced
the most wonderful change after using
R P 8. All doubt and apprehension la
gone. tho?e perullar nalns and aches van?
ish, there follow* a period of moat In?
tense rejoicing tr, find that worst fears
were based entire' - i.r?-n a mistaken no?
tion that eo.jgh and chest pains coma
from the l.rr> Tt-e<e r->:T..'li
conditions, and you will ejtltckly realise
ft after using s. s I for a few day*,
f ,ei a boitie if s s H to-day at the drug
?tort and than ear good by to all thong
pains that have worried you.
Write to The Hwlft gpeciflc Co. liT
Swlf* Bid*. Atlanta. Ge>. for medical
advice ae.d worderful facta concerning
the greatest blood remedy ever known.
Zoo lift for Classification
T.--T \ liTRSoN MoT?:!. FIX
? ph-TN .t/>. IV IU.A?
i ' mn.ii iio c x u came* n
' .*? T I' >NS AJ?K F.l?
W It . . .\v \RI>lX ?OMf!
??t . Fast Main Street.
Born in Bavaria in 1819?Was
Widely Known for Works
of Charity.
MBS, hdsu.ik HKi.n.
Mrs. Rosalie Held, ninety-four years
; old. died at 11:3.1 o'clock: yesterday
, morning ,ai the home of her son.
Isaac Held, ISt] .Monument Avenue
I_?~.ith followed an Ultrss of short
duration, beginning on Sunday, Janu?
ary Ma with a stroke <>f paralysis. She
is survived by her son, Isaac Held,
and three daughters, Mrs. Amelia Hel?
ler ami Mrs. Selig I'a 11 man. of this
City, atid Mrs. Fanny Uallman. of i>an
Mrs. Held was born !n Hagenbat h.
Bavaria, on Juh 4, 1*1?. and came to
this city in 1S4S. Her maiden nam?
was Hutzler. Shortly after her ar?
rival in Richmond she married I^ewls
Held, who was favorably known fot
many years as a prominent Rroad
Stre. t dry goods merchant. Mr. Held
died In 11>81
l Widely known for her works of
charity. Mrs. Held was r-garded highly
by a large circle of friends and ac?
quaintances. She was for many years
treasurer of the Ladies' Hebrew Benev?
olent Association, of this city, and took
'an active Inter* st In a. many related
forms of welfare work.
In recent years, on each succeeding
July 4. Mrs. Held gathered at her
home her numerous friends and rela?
tives, who came to pay their respects
on the occasion of her birthday anni?
versaries. The survivor* include, be?
sides the immediate famllv already
enumerated, twenty-nine Krandcbild
ren and eighteen great grandchildren
She was at the time of her death th"
oldest member .of the Bath AhabaR
Congtegation. Arrangements for the
funeral will be announced later.
Settlement Means End of Threat?
ened Strike on Norfolk
(riperial to The Times-Tispatch.)
Norfolk. Va.. February 3.?Wage
questions in dispute between the Nor?
folk-Southern conductors and train?
men have all been settled through the
mediation of Judge Martin A. Knapp,
of the Court of Commerce. The set?
tlement was on the basis of an in?
crease of from 3 to 14 per cent to con?
ductors, brak-men, flagmen and bag?
gage-men alike.
The trainmen, composing brakemen.
flagmen ami baggage-men. were hold
Inc out for other concessions, lachst
ing a recognition of the union, but
finally accented terms of agreement
similar to thoi>r accepted by the con?
ductors, which call for increases rang?
ing from 3 to 14 rr cent, effective as
of February 1 Judge Kr.app has re?
turned to Wash'ngton
The settlement S* the wage differ
eteSS means an end.ng of the threat?
ened strike troubles on the Norfolk
(,a>nor'? *.?eailant Dead.
Trenton. N. .1 . February l-J*mtJ .1. Qnl
1 iagher. the man who shot Mayor Gaynor.
of .New York. n??r:>- two y??rs ago *t Ho
hok?r.. died here to-day In the New Jersey
' State Hospital for the lnsai.e. Death was
I due to paresis. _
AVcgeiaWp IVppartfion forAs
si mi la t ii rg the Fo*jd and iip^uia
ting die Stomachs audljowekof
Infants /Children
Promotes Digeslion.Cl*frfti
ness and Rest'Coniams netttur
Opiu^t Monihine nor. lm*L
Not Narcotic.
PbMfJm Sttd
AmtStfJ ?
I;-, w
pcrrittf Xqt .
hkmtijrrm ffanr.
Aperfrrt Remedy forCtrofltn
lion, Sour StorttacirDiamrc.
Wornc Cwn-ulsions.Fevtrish
ness and Loss OF Sleep.
FtcSirnit Signatur? of
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
fexar ''->py of Wrapper.
For Over
Thirty Years
Fight in Norfolk Will Be Sim?
ilar to That Carried On in
Chicago and New York.
rspecial to The Tlrties-lHwpatch |
Norfolk. Va.. February 3 ?It was
learned to-day that ?M Tidewater
Ministerial l.'nion. an orsranization
composed of pastors of the several
Protestant churches m this section of
the State, have organized a commission
to wage a ? rusade agiinat vice, simi?
lar to the work that hss been carried
on in Chicago ar.d New Vork. Rev.
J W. Shmkleford. pastor of Colonial
Avenue Methodist church, i* chair?
man of the commission Other, mem?
bers include prominent laymen of dif?
ferent churches, as well as a number
of ministers. No one connected with
the commission would say Just what
the organization proposes to accom?
plish, or how it will begin its crusade
against vice.
Hear) I? < arter.
Hent v L. t'arter a clerk in the City
' ?as I'??partno ii.. died ot pneumonia at
his home. ?21 South Pit e Street, yes?
terday at II oCi.~ck He was in the
seventy-second vc.ir of his age, and
had been prorr.iiiert ir political circles,
having served fo- two terms as a
member of the Hou:-e of delegates,
and for a longer p< find as a member of
the Board of .?ide.re.en He had been
for twenty-seven years a member of
Metropolitan I.odire of Masons He was
also an office! anil active member In
Fine Stree Pa, t st Church He was
born May 14. If*!? At the outbreak
of the wr.r ho enlisted in Courtney'g
Battery as .lurMermnster-sergeant.
and was caplun-d and held for some
time as a prisoner a: 1-ort I>elaware
He is survived hv hh| ? ife. who was
Miss Mary Jar.- Fi *n< is. and one
daughter. Mrs. W. J. <"owardln. and
four sons--W ::. c W, H. U and I
M. Carter?and bv four brothers and
two sisters.
Mia. Kagenla Perdue.
[Special to The Times-Inepatch.l
Rocky Mount. Va.. February 3 --Mrs
Eugenia Perdue, wife of Randolph Per
A Widely Known Woman Worker
,Uue, a prominent tobacconist of Rooky
Mount, died yesterday of Hrirlit's dis?
ease, aged thirty-eight years. She
had been at Hot Springs. Ark., since
Noveml?er. but was brought home last
week desperately ill. The burial took
place this afternoon at Rocky Mount.
Mrs. Perdue leaves a husband and lit?
tle son. her mother. Mrs. J. H. Hennett.
of Qtade 11:11. two sisters and four
Mrs. H. Im Triable.
[Special to The Times-Dispath. ]
Frederlcksburg Va.. February S.?
Mrs M L Tribble. widow of < ha?les
' Tribble, of Caroline County, died at
her nor-e Saturday, after a brief Ill?
ness of pneumonia, aged forty-eight
reara She is survived by one daugh?
ter, four sons and un? brother
1iir??n J. Hisler.
[ Special to The Times-Dispatch. ]
Harrlsonburg. Va . February 3.?
Morgan J Blxler. seventy-seven years
old. a well-known Confederate veteran,
is Ssad at Singer OsssV He was an ac?
tive Den.ocrat. He was a native of
PagTs County, commg to Rockingham
County many years ago. He is sur?
vived by his widow, who ?ras Miss
Knther'ne Funk He leaves five chil?
dren Re was a Lutheran
Thomas V?. t.araett.
I Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
Etna Mills. Va.. February 3 ?Thomas
W tiarnett died at his home. "I>oeust
Hill." at 7 o'clock Saturday morning
of pneumonia, after an illness of four
weeks. He leaves, besides his wife,
who was Miss Susan Carter Alexander,
of King William County, one daugh?
ter. Mrs. J. Frank Moren. Mr. ?Jar
nett was tifty-two years of age. He
was one of the trustees of the Mar.
gohick District school board of King
William County. The funeral was held
at Beulah baptist Church, of which
he was a member, at noon to-day.
Deaala M. Joaea.
I Special to The Times-Dispatch. 3
Elisabeth City, N C. February J.?
Dennis M. Jones died this afternoon
at 3:30 o'clock very suddenly at his
home, on Main Street, after a brief 111
? nesa of one day of acute indigestion.
! He was about fifty years old. and is sur?
vived by a wife and several children.
Mr. Jor.es was one of Elisabeth City's
most prominent business men .n.d most
highly esteemed citisens. He ?ras
owner'and msnager of the D. il. Jones
Hardware Company. He was close!y
identified with the various enterprises
of the < itv. and was a leading spirit
tm all church work of the First Metho?
dist Church.
Mrs. Msry Adeline Bassels.
A message was received early yes
terdav bv Mr?. R H Harwood. of
22<?0 Monument Avenue, stating that
her mother. Marv Adeline, widow of
Isaac Newton Hussells. died suddenly
whlie on a visit to fear daughter. Mra.
James A. Warren, at Bdgewood Park.
; Pa. The Interment will be in the fam
! ||y burying ground af White Stone,
I Lancaster County. Va.
Mrs. Russells was in her seventy
flfth vear. and is survived by two sons.
I. N. and J. F P.usscll?. and three
daughters. Mrs. L. M. '?wens. of Balti
' more Mrs James A Warren, of Kdge
' wood Park. Pa., and Mrs. R. Henry
i Harwood. of Richmond
Mrs. Harwood lefi Richmond yes
' terdsy for het old home to attend the
I funeral.
Bl'PSELS?Died, at Kdgewood Park.
Pa. February *. MART ADEUXK
Bt'SSKI-S. wife of the late Isaac
Newton Russeis. in her seventy-fifth
The remains will be brought to
Virginia an?! buried at the family
bur> ing ground at White Stone. Lan?
caster Coun'y. Vs.
LEST LR?Died. Februar. .1. 1 ?13. at
3003 Midlothian Turnpike. Swans
boro. MRS W C LESTER Sl.o
leaves a husband and one child,
Clarice I/*st? r, Sjgc-i four vcnra
Interment in Maurv ?>metery TO?
DAY st 2 P. M Funeral mt I vkiea
conducted at the grave by Rev. W.
C Sale
SMITH?Died, at 112.1 North Fifth
Street. Kebruarv X. I ?II. MRi*
KM KX SMITH, wife of Alexander
Funeral W EDXESDAT. 2 P M,
from Ix-lgh >trect M E Church.
GARRETT - Died February J. 1.1? P
M. at the residence of her brother
in-law. ?' I.' Ws^ner. 1.'. South
Beech Street MR* [?>KA A ?.AR
RETT. widow of I-sfayette Barrett.
Burial from residence WEDNES?
DAY. 3 30 p u
Charlotte Gacette please cony.
BRAN?'H - Do 1. Mundav morning at 1
o'ilock 8AMI EL BRANCH. Son of
late lieenn Branch
Fu-.er-il To-DAV at ? P H. from
Ebenexer Baptist Church.
BRANN'M-K - Entered Into rast st
7 IS A M Monds- Febmery 3. at
the tcsidemc ,.? her daughter. Mrs.
Iluhhard ? ?'srlton. me ?Jrov* Ave*
MM-K. wife of th- late Dr. i. M?
Funeral from th* residence WKO?
needay st Steg P. M
GILL.? -Died ?t fbe home af hr?
grandparent' 12 North Meveaft,
Mtreet A CGt'STINIS.
John I. .i Jever.?
Funeval THIS 'Tti
IN?; at If e rtea w fro*
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