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IIa- kept om selling; because it
has kept on benefiting, and it has
kept M bonetiting because its
high standard of merit has been
Carefully maintained.
Ott M to-da> in tlio usual Tiiuitl foim
,.r in ttie tablets called Saraatab*.?
W, K. I ?m? 11 Irrealen ab ? Sartre of
traveling; Titcnii Mllra an lluur.
W. It. 1-vinaii. salesmanager of the
. ay <'oiiitiauy. Inc. was arrested
l..st night about e* o'clock in Cary
Street, between Uclviderc and line
Rnkts by Bicycle Officers Matt and
Traylor. on the charge of driving nuto
IsottiM No. IMt faster than allowed
bv law. According to Hm jiolicemen.
i . w is traveling at a speed of not
less than tweatj miles an hour.
There were several women in the
rai with I.- man. and In order that
I .e\ nbjrht be taken to their respective
? - > lor Jumped in the nniclune
;.ft.rwa>ds went with I.yman to
Second Polios station, where he
? hailed.
iiiul l l l'l.W QJJETI SETSJACbL,
\ t>< nlional training, as Outlined b.%
?to, loung. Is I stored.
ChleegO, February t.- The vocation
? ?1 Blag prepared] by Fdwin Q,
i "o. arha was seal tO Furope for a
year hy Um Coinrrlal club, was
t v, a setback to-day, when a school
l .;i prepared by. a conference of Illi?
nois organisations was made public by
William ii Edens, secretary of the cdu
cational committee of the Illinois
Bankers' Association.
Th- confers BOS bill provides that vo
eatlonal training shall be furnished
turoueh th< present school organiza?
tion, as outlined by Mrs. Klla Flagg
Young, Chicago superintendent of
s. i,,.,,!s Th,- Coolry plans provide for1
: a aexeti system Of schools for vo- .
ratteiaal training.
Under the conference bill plan, the
Btatc will par 0? par cent of the cost'
of eaeatleaal training, which shall be
provided not only la city schools, but j
111 ceuatrj districts where agricultural
rlaaeei will be conducted. It is esti-;
that State aid for vocational
training will amount to about J1."00.
1.1.0 a > car.
ladgl Rates 'that Company Need Not
furnish Mot Ing IMcture film?.
New York. February 4 ?The distri?
bution of motion picture films is not
a utilitv which nicht further the pub?
lic good- -therefore, the Qreater New
Y,rk Film Rental Company cannot
Compel the Motion Picture Patents
Company to supply it with films. Su?
preme Court Justice McCall BO ruled
"In matters closely touching upon
the public interest.'' reads his decision,
' monopoly of trade tO the exclusion
Of aae whose service might further
tin public g,.od may lie regulated or
restrained, but the subject of this ac?
tion?the liistribution of motion pic?
ture films?Is not within this class of
public utilities.''
Car lilts Wagon.
A l.aurel Street car la charge of Con?
ductor A. R Edwarde ami Motonnan
c. k. r.urnctt. yesterday afternoon col?
lided with ? wagon of Klagen & Goes*
nanjr which was being driven by A.
V. Johnson, of HU." North Twentieth
Street, at Bread and Adams Streets.
Johnson was slightly hurt and the
wagon damaged to a small extent.
-n> Be Fired to * Based Wife.
William Hall, colored, became angry
a ith his wife, Hattie Hall, early last
nigrhl after ? quarrel at Twenty-ninth
and M Streets and attempted to shoot
her. He tired only one shot, but his
aim was poor, and the woman escaped
injury. Attracted by the revolver's
report, Bicycle Policensefl Hart hurried
to the scene and placed Hall under ar?
test In addition to the charge of
attempting to shoot his wife he was
charged with carrying a concealed
I on ? barge* ticalnnl Negro.
>'. i T! etnas, colored, was arrested
yasterdai b) Mounted Officer Jordan
On the chatte of recklessly driving a
two-horse team in Cary Street, and
earning and abusing \V. i.. Sydnor.
manager of the <;rocers" Supplv Com
;??'?? v. I -'Fast Can Street, who had
eatonatrated with him for his tare
Ilanarr ?dgn? I ontracl.
>t I.ouis. February 4?Shortstop
I Hauser. a, Nat-tonal league club
heM aat 1 fa day signed a ihij con?
tract. Ihe only remaining regular who
I s;n:.-d is Konetrhy. who de.
:< IT.i"" for plavlng first base this
Haraeaa um M.,t ?I < narlottr.
arteCte, N. C. February 4?The
to Harata-i'hihtthea Association will
et In this city April IC-Ii. Between
N and 1,291 delegates will be in at
? >' J !' Barry, of Kaleigi,. is
"f the r.ar.n a. and Miss Het
J.-.ot of Oxford, is president of
1'hllathea State organizations.
Free Today
Stop at
Herman Schmidt,
504 E. Broad St.
wtJaM you're down town and
warm up" on a bowl of the
Hot Porridge
?and a steam ng cup of 'he
New Food-Drink
Two iat ? t?i products of
the? FoaTtstn Co.. orVred trea
today for sejor approval
Contest Between Various De?
partment- May End in Legis?
lative Fight.
Appoint* Commission to Take
Matter of Discrimina?
tory Freight Rates.
(Special tu The Times-Dispatch >
igh. N. c.. Kfhruar.v 4?The ini?
tial move is imp* tiding for a big leg?
islativ.- fight over UM occupancy of
the |J .'v<ui i:r,-nroof State Building
thai is to M delivercd to the State
completed, except for the furnishings,
' on or about February IB, The Depart
ment of Insurance, the Oepartment of
Kilucation, and other State depart?
ments are clamoring for quarters In
tic building, on the ground that the
allotments that have already bet u made
arc not fair to other crowded depart?
ments. A resolution has been prepared
for introduction In the General Assem?
bly for a legislative commission to be
appointed to make a thorough inves?
tigation and report back to the Legis?
lature, with recommendations. The
legislative committee, it is proposed,
will be composed of three Senators and
Ava members ot the House. This
course is declared to be necessary in
order that tin- Legislature may have
light on the subject of what disposi?
tion to make of impending bills for
|Te.#M to furnish the new building,
ami bills to provide for two other
State buildings?the Agricultural
BulldiriC and the Aycock Memorial
Kducational Building. This contest,
will invojve an effort to have the Su?
preme Court remain where it Is. in
the old building, with additions to of
?ces for the Justices, and putting the
Department of Insurance and the De?
partment of Education in the new '
building. Some of the judges of the
Supreme Court have indicated their
willingness to remain In.the old build?
ing.* In that even, the State Library
would be given the big two-story sec?
tion of the neiv building extending
through the third and fourth floors for
quarters, instead of the iirst floor, as
now assigned, it would also involve
the changing of several Other assign?
ments of quarters that the State
Building Commission has made.
It is proposed in a bill introduced to?
day by Representative Williams, of
Buncombe, to establish a great park on
the top of Mount Mitchell, in honor of
the lamous explorer of the mountain. .
and stay the hand of timber destroy?
ers now- making terrible inroads on .
the timber. The bill provides for a
park commission.
A message from Governor Craig to
the Oeneral Assembly reported the ap- ;
pointment of Senator W. B. Council. '
Repreeentntivea F? .1. .lustice and N. R.
Broughton as the legislative commis?
sion to confer with railroad oSlclgla as
to the possibility of eliminating inter
Btate freight rate discriminations
against North Carolina shipping points
amicably, and report back to the Leg?
islature by February "5.
The Senate passed the joint resolu?
tion from the House to increase the
number of judges, judicial districts
and solicitors from sixteen to twenty,
and tabled a motion to reconsider, as
did the Mouse, in order that the mat?
ter cannot he reopened or receded
ffom during this session.
Th? House Committee on Constitu?
tional Amendments decided to propose
an amendment to the Joint resolution i
for a commission to formulate propos- !
ed amendments to be reported to a ape
eial Legislature next fall. The amend- .
inent provides that the Governor. !
Speaker of Uta House and President of
UM Senate shall each nominate their
respective number of the commission- I
<-rs. to be confirmed by a vote ot" two
of the three.
Indorsed for Post of Secretary of
Agriculture in Wilson's
(Spe ial to The Times-Dispatch.]
Lynchburg. Va . February 4.?The:
fourth anaaal convention of the Vir?
ginia Farmers L'ducational and Co?
operative I'r.ion convened this morning
at the CRy Auditorium, with less than
:?f> delegates and visitors In attend?
ance. The convention is presided over
bjr President Cannaway.
At the morning session to-dav ad?
dresses of weh.ante w ere made bv" John
L l.ee and H W Wranek on behalf
of the ntv. follow ing winch responses
were made by A R Thornhill and D
M Blankenship
After this Mrs R R Valentine, of
Rich mend; Mrs Lnnra M Read <.{
I.yn.hburg. and a F Thomas ad
dressed the convention on equal suf?
frage for women.
I'tiring the session a resolution favor?
ing woman s suffrage was presented,
bal wna afMl ttaiShl withdrawn because
the ...r, vert Ion had not vet been or
ganiaed The sessions during the re
? ? the convention will be
The reneantlan this afternoon ln
?- mtrretl of Georgia, pres?
ident of Ike National t'nion. for Ser
; retarv of Agriculture m President Wil
.- ?? s ? Icnet
Fi. feilewlac committees were an- |
I rouneed Una afternoon:
^t>edtntlnle- I W < iwtborn. II. JJ.
Banett || !. Petty, F .; cahanian J.
m <JJS. ..-,:..r ,.e Business I?
M HUnkenehip. .Je,..?, || Bowlen. R
? .1-1.1,1. T T Hardv. I. T Outhrie.
u> i_.w? nnd Ponstitatlai ?; .??: Jone?
w K nnwaing i \ p.arr.hardt. s'
i ?t t*" t"' ' T A Sehou
."' ' sniltei. **et> ?? (travel-. |
' **eaj>ti i m. Wat aha hi
Good of t'. . ,.i?r :,n,| ...?akere for
work dur.nr reei I: R Rtakewefl B
I ' . . A sahlas P It Wray.
? * ' ' v; " ' j "
?taken. Dr I: > Mart r ,. .peratio.
'reorge T ?: . r. - y K
mar. C S ?rord. e. b 1? Wilson M V
'?ewning. J W Cawlhnrn J || Rop
? MUieer.berrv'
. a H w Jfasl -?e reports
Ti - mas H St?e> 1 R Wrav C ?
\i.b..t?. edu- a': ?. a- ? p .r.a ..
v ? <J>ntrv. I>r I. htwrrkj D v
teaaja T w ?.n,er tv n r,?. ?
vv "era Hannen. Wit ft Tin Haag. J
Terry. Kdmord Parr legislation_
t' m Rlankenship A It Ti -r'- ii r>
? P "pain. K T. Remdurnrt ,,r;m>,f ,?
T ? Meanest. . | ..??nw
,J at ??Oiiimh. a M Be i? w c
" ? ban - i n .ska r...
' A Harnhardt. w II tv.tin
...,-ne li How lee. c f. .1 ?
*"*V?r Hunter M Green, eer,,,-,.
?' aims Frank Pi eat ae a
A quarter is as big as a half
dollar in Us buying power to?
day, as we've put a bunch of
ourBOc neckwear on the 23c
, line--i e., 4 for $1.00.
And some of the new dollar-fifty
: Scarves, at 95c that tie in a snug knot
? and have, a voluminous apron. The
Clothier aid Furnisher says this style
Is coming; in strong. ,
Special offerings in other
lines that will interest the
careful buyer.
Increase Over Last Year Due to
General Growth and Desire
to Raise Pay.
In an estimate of the financial re?
quirements of the Fire Department
submitted to the Council Finance Com?
mittee last night by the Board of Fire
Commissioners. II 12,272 is asked for
pay roll; $28.000 for expenses; $20.000
for new motor machinery, and a num
ber of special items are listed. The
report was presentee1 by Chairman
Charles F. Taylor, Commissioner '
Franklin. Chief Joynes and Secretary'
Jones. in explaining the pay rail
Item, Captain Taylor explained that ;
the present authorized pay roll
amounted to $1?2.?69. To this he add- |
ed $S,557 to meet the board's request
for an increase in pay for members
of the force, an ordinance in regard
to which is now before the Council.
The board also asks funds to change
sixteen call men into station men,
which will cost fll.tlC There are now
thirty-two call men in the Depart
ment. th.- budget of last year having
provided] funds lor changing sixteen of
the call men to lull paid station men.
To install a hook and ladder truck
company In South Richmond, using one
of the horse trucks replaced by the ,
newly ordered motor hook anil ladder
truck, (he board asks for a pay roll
item this year for ten additional men,
the pay roll amounting to $ i o. r> 30.
The request for $2S.oOti lor expenses |
is an increase from $22.4K<i actually
expended during last year, notwith?
standing the claims of economy by
reason of the use of motor apparatus.
For new motor apparatus the board
wants $20.000 as* a further step to?
ward motorizing the entire department. :
For machine shop equipment the boa "d ?
Is se.-king $l.r>00 in order that with ;
the machinist already employed it may
do its own minor repairs. For a new
automobile hook and ladder truck, sin 1
Item of $10.000 is included, the pur?
chase of this truck having already
been authorized.
For the Fire Alarm Department. Su?
perintendent W. H. Thompson briefly
ask- d $1.f<16 for pay roll account, which
includes increases in salaries of cer?
tain members of this department in
accordance with an ordinance ap?
proved December CS, 1M& and MM
for a further increase recently recom?
mended by the fire board. For lire 1
alarm tliprnf Mr. Thompson wants
$2.V,o, which includes the regulation
allowance of $2,000, and $S50 for pur?
chase of an automobile runabout for
use of the superintendent. For fire
alarm construction. Mr. Thompson
asked IICSSS, as against $3.000 ex
p. adcd last year, the Itemized state- ;
ment including considerable extensions
in the underground district and the re- j
placing of some out of date equipment. ?
Ask t'iDHDce Committee to f.lvr Them
More In New Budget.
Major B, W. Bowles and Captain
Joh n A. Catch las appeared before the ;
Co>i nc i 1 Finance Committee last night
askinc increased appropriations for
mantenance of the Richmond Light
Infantry Mlues' Battalion. For years
the city has appropriated $1.",10 per
annum to the Flues, giving this
aimcivt when there were but two com?
panies, when there was no armory,
and the command amounted to little
i.lore than an occasional dress parade
Now that there are four companies,
well organized headquarters and band,
and the battalion fully drilled and or?
ganized. Major Howies asked for an
annual allowance of $2.SSJSJL 1'nr equip?
ment of a gymnasium. r>e w-nnts $1.200;
for completion of the rifle range. MM;
and to refund to the battalion the
amount it has expended in furnishing
the drill hall balcony with chairs. $10?.
Messrs McCarthy, Folkes and
Hirsa hberg. of the Administrative
Hoard, sat with the Finance Commit?
tee last night in the budget bearings.
Chairman Whiffet being detained at
home b> a severe fold The budget
hearings will be continued to-night,
when the Finance Committee will haar |
from the Health and School Depart?
ments, and from an\ outsiders desir
it g to l?e heard on anv matter relating
to the buda-et. including- public rharl
les receiving citv aid. and petitions
for special street Improvements.
To-morrow night the committee will
begin to take up in tarn the depart -
? ??s ander d!re*pon of the Admin?
istrative Board
Jt R> ? MM t nii?
Ulli Hear Ksldee.r la Retrial of Bete?
ten Im?! ?at?.
W o - BJasfSs February 4.?A Jury
?as sec.,re<i late to day to hear the
?\ <t?-,<- -? t>-? retr'al of the govern -
? asjM against the so
ib ? mat charged with con
?pits. reetrasas of trade ?me wit
oeaa] w?- gBjad hf the govern merit
1?e 'ak< m <.f testtsnor- la e T pec t ed
to oeeijp- re* Mr two weeks' lime
I'tnur) 4? In a
- Aegvat Herrmann,
ef the ,- t-r,a;i National l>eg<i?
: baaebali v,1 received to-day. Man
?? J"* Tinker announced Be had
?' ** to obtain the aerv
Ki'-g for the cincln
ra'i ?? BB] it, a^mn ^4 h, was con
tii <? i K # weadd not play profes
I si .r.al ball this eeaeon.
dh. erntmoK w. cakjuhgtom.
News of South Richmond.
U?.>inai'k Isen Novel lim I'MMSCeeee
ful Tactics to Get] Fugitive-.
< >n a technical charge of being ?
suspicion* character. Jack Matthews,
colored, was arrested yesterday after?
noon l>y '?.ticer W. K. Waymack after
a thrilling chase, in which a locomo?
tive was used to pursue the fugitive
The man eluded capture for several
hours, hut was finally nabbed as he
came into town.
Matthews is suspected of stealing
several articles of Jewelry, which he
was trying to sell at a nominal price
at an uptown Ilona ) esterday morn?
ing. Oltlcer Waymack was detailed
on the case, and sighted the negro as
he was running down the Atlantic
Cogat Line tracks toward t'lopton. A
freight engine was brought into use.
It was forceil to stop several times
to throw switches, and each time a
burst of speed would put Matthews
out of reach. At last, realizing the
futility of attempting to escape on the
railway, the negro dashed into a
thicket and hid for several hours. He
ventured to return t<, the city, but whs
caught without trouble. He will he
given a preliminary hearing this
morning before Justice H. A. Maurice
Children t.lve I lever I'rrforninrr? Re
?luented to Repeat! ?hov?.
< >ne of the largest audiences that
ever attended an amateur perform?
ance on the ."?outhside last night wit?
nessed the Lilliputian marriage at the
Masonic Temple. Oowardin Avenue and
Hull Street. All of the parts were
taken by small children. The show
was given tinder the auspices of the
Young People's Society of the Central
Methodist Church.
The hit of the evening was little
Miss Mar^aiet Knight, in the role of
the bride. She was dressed in a gown
"f satin anil was extremely handsome
Master Joseph Nuiinally. Jr.. the
groom, was clothed in the conventional
full dress These children are about
five years of age. but gave a smooth
interpretation of the Tlifticult part.
About thirty children took part in
the performance. So successful was
the entertainemnt that several re?
quests to repeat it have been made.
With the Lodges.
An important meeting of Hestia Con- ,
Warner's Safe PILLS
lor Constipation and nillonsness.
These pills are purely vegetable
und are sugar-coated. They restore
and maintain normal action of the
bowels They contain the laxative
p-inciples of nature's vegetable
ltxatives only.
Doctors Almost ALU It*
??rescribe a cathartic or laxative the
nrst thing for a sick person, either
s-parattly or combined with other
medicine. Doctors do this because
tnere nntiot l?e good health or
recovery from a diseased condition
w it! out regular bowel action and a
?lean svstem. This shows the
importance of keeping the bowels
>pen and regular.
?' \rr I-penally f.ood. "
011? user says: ' Werner? Safe Pill?
are ?jipe.|a,!\ good I Mope thia will
l-e of great l?enefit to all others trhe
suffer ?* I -lias <ie?rge K. Whipple,
r^' Wa'hington A . e.. Brooklyn, X. T.
Safe Remedies
r ack I - Kidnrr aad I i??r Retard?
fee e Kh<-a malic Krtardy
perpoae J Iriabetra Remedy
4 ??ihm a Rrrardy
S?l?l >rr?tae
Riliotjsneee /
frre sarnplr giving
the number of rrtnrsly desired to
Wararr's *af? Remedies to.
2?i R ?rkrstrr. H. T.
I'ruf fists
Write for
leasts longer than a buttonhole
collar and is easier to put on and
to take off. mm\ 2 for 3Sc
PalII. Peeeody at Co., I
? lave. Heptasophs. will be held to-mor?
row nlglit at Odd - Fcl lows' Hall. Fighth
and Hull Streets, at which time pro?
posed amendments to the by-laws of
the organization will be discussed.
Manchester Lodge. \o. M3. H. P. O.
I" . will meet to-morrow night. Two
candidates will he mitiateil.
The regular meeting of Stonewall
Jackson Aerie. F. 0 EL will he held
to-night at Fraternal Hall.
Henderson Lodge. No, IM, I ' > O. F.,
will meet to-morrow night at Toi.es s
Porto BcaJsa I safes Homi.
In lieu of a tine Justice II. .V? Mau?
rice yesterday morning in Police Court,
l'art II.. required James Staus to furn?
ish security for his good behavior for
twelve month*. The man was arraign?
ed for the second time this week on
a charge of being drunk and unable
to care of himself.
Willard Johnson and wife, arrested
on cross-warrants, were ordered to
leave court. Fach accused the other
of raising a disturbance From the
evidence it apeared to be merely a
family row, in which harsh words were
used Ml both sides, and for which both
were repentent.
ooothnlde funerals.
The funeral of Virginia Helle, the
infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. W
Pierce, was held yesterday afternoon
at 3 o'clock from the parents' home
at Stop .". on the Petersburg Turnpike.
Rev. F. Krnest Warren, rector of the
Meade Memorial Kpiscopal Church,
conducted the services. The burial |
was in Maury Cemetery.
Funeral services over the body of
Mrs W. C Lester, daughter of Oeorge
Jariell. of Swanslioro. were conducted
yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the
grave in M; jry Cemeterv. Rev W.
?'. Sale, pastor of Weatherford Memo?
rial Church, officiated.
Steal Prom laranl House.
Charged with st-aling window
weights from a vacant house, John
Stevens, colo'ed, and his wife M:rv
were arrested yesterday afternoon.
They are said to have stripped the
building of th- weights, w ii: en were
then sold as junk. Roth will be tried
this morning in Police Court. Part II.
I.raat val?on Meensen.
Applications for license to sell
liquor in South Richmond were re?
ceived \??terday by Judge Ernest H..
W-lls Nineteen of the twenty-two |
licenses were granted w.thout protest ;
The remaining three will be granted ?
this morning after furnishing, the:
proper surety.
The suit of R. H Haskms against
Annie Oppl-man for judgment :n the
sum of $.-,oo resulted In a verdict for
the plaintiff, who received $>?
W. C. Clements yr-day transferred
a lot fronting thirty f<.et on the east
line of Thirteenth Street, near Deca
tur. to John W. Fills for *;.<):."
lo Krbulld Taper Plant.
The plant of the Manchester Board
aid Paper Company, which was re?
cently de.?tro>ed by fir . will be re?
built in a short time. Workmen have
started clearing th, site at Second and
Hull Street* for the new building. All
that remains of the plant is apile of fal?
len bricks nd damaged machinery,
which It will be necessary to replac?-.
First of Forged Bills of Lading
Suits on Trial in Fed?
eral Court.
New York. Februarv 4 -The flret of
the forced bills of lading suits, which
followed th? failure of Knight. Yen
cey * Co. the T?ecatur. Ala., cotton
merchants. w^? put on trial to-day In
the Federal Ostrlct Court. Litigation
involving about |4.i?e.eee awaits the
result of this teat case
This sctlon was brought by , Han
nay A Co cotton merchants, of Uw
po< 1 P. g ? '.uarar.t. T-ist
Company, of New Tork It is baaed
on a draft for t7.2i?. made b> Krlght.
Tancex A Co. which waa dlsooented
by the defendant The draft waa er
rompanled bv a bill of lading for ins
balea of , ^tton. which afterward
turned out to be a forgerv The Ooar
anty Truat companv d'seounted thla
draft In February. !?!?. and It waa for
warded to F.r.giand. where the Bank
ef Frgla-d accepted It and charged
the amount to the account of A Han
nay ? c?
Tb* plaintiff, msiitaia that the draft
faee waa draws aerainat the ape
eifie balea of cotton 't described ?"-1
that by discounting It the defendant
warranted t*at the cotton bad been
actually ahlpned end thst the bill of
Grand Lodge to Conduct Funeral
of Grand Secretary, ^Who
Held Office 18 Years.
The funeral of I>r. George W. Har?
rington, for eighteen years grand
secretary of the Masons of Virginia,
who died yesterday morning at ?
o'clock in his home, 302 South Fourth
Street, will he conducted to-uiorrow
morning at II o'clock from Grace
F.piscopal Church by the Grand
Lodge. Ancient, Free and Accepted Ma?
sons of Virginia. The remains will be
Interred in Holy-wood Cemetery with
all Masonic rites.
Th?j active pall-bearers will be
Charles A. .Nesbltt.. James II. Price.
] Fred Pleasants, J Alston Cabell, W H
McChesney. of Staunton; Fid. N. Ku
bank, of Newport News; Thomas N.
Davis, of l.yiichburg; Dr. R L>. Page,
of Ratesvllle.
Honorary pall-bearera ? John R.
Charlton, George W Wnght. 11. <>
Kerens. John \V. Kellani. Joseph W
Kggleston, Reulien M Page. W. II
Pleasants. Alfred R. Courtney, R. T W
Duke. Paul Howie, las. M. Clift. John
S. Raltlinore. Sol Fleishman, Joseph
V. Ridgood, John F. Mayer. Sol Catch
ins. George VV. Poe, Frank Suttou, o
A. Hawkins and Frank Nelson.
Long Masonic Leader.
In his forty odd years of activity in
Masoi.n- affairs, at tlrst locally and
later in his c apacity as a State officer,
1 >r Carrington won for himself the
universal esteem and admiration of
those with whom he came in contact
His administration of the affairs of
the iiraud Lodge as its secretary was
most noteworthy, and he was continued
in that position from the time of bis
tirst election in ls?5.
He was born In Richmond in 1S3S.
?bt son of Richard A Carrington, at
one time Mayor of Richmond. U
I graduated from the I'niv.rsiiy of V.r
glnla. in the class of ISM'M, and eti
' tered hospital service in New York. In
which he remalne" until the outbreak
of the Civil War. In lh?i he came
South, and. volunteering his services
to the Confederate States, was as?
signed to the hospital corps In Rich?
<<n April it, 1*?4. he married Miss
Mary Annis Alexander, of Campbell
County, Va. His wife died som.- years
ago. After the close of the war. Dr
Carrington practiced medicine In Ash?
land and Campbell Counties, return?
ing to Richmond when he was elected
grand secretary of th<- Masons. He
leaves one sister, Mrs. Kmily f* Page,
Of Washington. and the following
children: Richard A Carrington. of
I.ynchhurg; Mrs L T. Stan?rd.
Richmond: George Carrington. Pan
Francisco. Mrs. I*. C Hubard, Lynch
burg. and Mrs. R Hancock, of the
Philippine Islands
He tlrst became identified with UM
Masonic Ord-r in 1S67. when he be?
came a member of Prudence Lodge
No. 41 In -m c xsiun. he be?
came master of Ashland I.odg ??.
No 14$; master of Hill City Lodge. No.!
is:*, Lynchburg. master of Maskev
1/odge. No. ??, Rustburg. ind district
ib ptity grand master of the Lynrh
burs district. After filling that office
for eight years, he was mad.- a mem
b'rf of the grand working committee'
and lecturer of No. z district In 1**3
hd was appointed grand lecturer, hold
?ng that position until his ? lection
as grand secretary in 1S95
Lynch barg V. M. c. \. Itlrretors Plead
?Ith ?ri'rtlsri to ?taj.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch J
Lynchburg. Ya.. February 4?The i
director* of the Lynch burg Y M. C A.
late to-dav, after a long conference,
the object of which was to prevent
Secretary H. C Suead accepting n call
to Houston. Texas, sent Mr. Snead a
lengthy telegram pleading with him to
remain in Lynchburg Snead went to
Houston to look the field over, and
now it is feared he has decided to
accept that work. He completed his
twenty-years' service as ge..?r..l eec
retary to-day.
Rilbane Lets Decision.
New York. February 4?Johnny Kil
bane. of Cleveland, featherweight
champion, outpointed Your.g Drixoil.
of Rrooklyn. hi a ten-round bout here
Funeral of Mrs. Held.
Funeral services over the body of
Mrs Rosalie Held will be held at 4
o'clock this afternoon at the Temple
Reth Ahabah. and the burial will be '
in the Hebrew Cemetery. The follow?
ing grandsons of Mrs. Held will not as
pall-bearers: Irvinsr f Held. <;erson
\V Held. Herman Heller. Sam Heller.
William Heller. Herbert Dallman.
Jacob Myer. Leo t'Rman. laaac Hutxler
and W H. Schwarzschild.
Kev. Jamra Hrowe 4 raigbill.
< Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
WytheAllle. Va . February 4.?Rev
Francis H. Craighill received x mes?
sage this morning announcing 'he
d?.ih .,f his father. Rev. James Fro-* n
Cr -ii.hill. <f heart failure, at hia home.
2?tL Q Street N W. Wash 't-cton. D
C Mr. Craighill w as fiorn in Charles
lo\m Jefferson County. W \.-. in
1*3S. and was tlie son of Nathaniel P
aid F'laabeth Rrown CraigniU. He
v. a-, a student -\\ the Alexai.dim $r>n j
i-iaf. when the Civil War hrol; ? ?ut.
mm* enlisted ir The St one ? ? 11 Rri- I
?.rlt. serving through the ear. aHSf
of the lime as ordnance officer on the
staff of General Pendleton. He was
oi.la,ied deacon n I-<:-, -mi priest In
1S?9 by Bishop Johns During hie
ministry he served Hi following
parishes. Eastvilb. Va . Msvsville. Md .
Suffolk. Va.. Belair. Md . Ihtlton. Oa.:'
Forrestville. V,l . and for the past eight !
years had been on the staff of the
WasJti. t'ton call 1:. I H' - wife. who.
wes *M daughter of D- .Viilltrit ?.il
t.?r S-mitn. of N I m,< <>n C.ntnv
r>.< i r< dacght*-.- : ml three eona sur
: eive i 'ft aa Mean i: Mm M<? t{ c^vnt
The best music
for the entire family
Any one can play the
Victor, and every one will
enjoy its beautiful music.
And while this wonderful in?
strument is entertaining: you, it
also helps to develop the musi?
cal tastes of your children.
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successors cable; piano co.
hill, of Washington. I>. C ; Itev. Fran?
cis 1'. Craiarhr.l oi Wy thi vill'j; ?-?
' ';'J .If ? to: d ''r la- ill' of I-ii I sin.if I,
'and f!. Bowdowln Oraighill. of Wash
' i.igt Mt. US alaVI lci>i-s on* h.other,
??f. .? A CrBlsBHI i Lnctimm'tt esvl
litre*, sisters, M.aaos Ellen and Marv
i -vn'tli, of Chi ? ? ?.ov. t. V.. No. and
bfrg ri-rles 11 ? rr, of Kh.';im!slo?n,
??? Va
Danirl K. Propst.
'Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
Harrisonburg, Va., February 4 ?;
Daniel F. Propst, seventy-two years
??id. a gallant Confederate veteran, la
dead near Franklin, Pendleton County.
He was a member of Company E. of
the famous Twenty-flfth Regiment,
v is wounded at McDowell, fought at
? ?cttysbuig and was captured and im?
prisoned In Fort Delaware. He leaves
a large family.
f uneral of Ihrniian W. I.arnett.
Etna Mills, Va . February 4 ? The
funeral of Thomas W. Oarnett was
conducted at Heulah Baptist Church
yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock. He
leaves, besides his wife, who was
Miss Susan Carter Alexander, one
daughter. Mrs. Frank Moren. and ono
brother. Oeorge William Oarnett. Mr.
Oarnett died of pneumonia, after an
illness of three weeks. He was fifty
two years of age. The services were
conducted by Rev Mr Bowden, of Rur
tOB Height* Baptist Church.
>1r?. t ran. es HeOln.
(ftp0rial to The Times-Dispatch.)
Fredericksburg. Va.. February 4.??
Mrs. Frances Heflin. who died a few
days ago at the home of her grand?
daughter. Mrs Kate i Virbln. in lower
Fauipuier County, at the age of eighty
\cais. was a native of Stafford County,
was tWiOS married and leaves one son.
one daughter, sixteen grandchildren
and thirty-three great-grandchildren.
J. Lindsay Mansie,
i Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
L-nchburg. Va.. February 4 ? J.
Lindsay Mansie, who was seventy-one
sears old. died Sunday evening at the
home of his cousin, Dr Page Massie.
in Amherst County, after a brief ill?
ness of the grip. He was a Confed?
erate soldier, having served through
the Second Virginia Cavalry during the
war. The body was brought to Lynch
burg for interment.
John M-Donnld.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
Lvnchburg. Va.. February 4.?John
ODonald. aged seventy-tlve years, died
at the Eyn. hburg Hospital after two
months' illness.
HELD?filed, at the residence of her
son. Isaac Held. 3.i'il Monument Ave?
nue. MRS RiiSAl.lE HELD in her
i.metv-fourth year. She leaves Jour
children, one son. Mr. Isaac Meld,
and three daughters Mrs Amelia
Heller Mrs. Matilda Dallman. of this
city, and Mrs Selig Dallman. of .San
Francisco. Cal.
Funeral services will l?e hejM at
Temple Beth Ahabah WEDNESDAY
A FT E RXOO V, 4 o'clock. Interment
Hebrew Cemetery. Please omit flow?
CARTER- Died. February 3. 1913, at
11:16 p. M. at his residence. a2s
South Pine, in the seventy-"J-"1
?e... of r.?.-e. II L CARTER. Ho
Waves a wife and five children^
Funeral WEDNESDAY, *:$? P. M.
from Pine Street Baptist Church. In?
terment Riverview.
RRANNOOK.? Entered Into rest at 7:45
A M . MoaManT. February 3. at. the.
residence of her daughter. Mrs. Hub
hard <: Carlton. 1SI0 Orove Avenue,
wife of the late Dr. J M Hrannoek
Funeral from the residence THIS
WEDNESDAY at 3.30 P. M. Inter?
ment private.
FFROFSoN ?Died, Tuesday. Februarv
4 Ifta at 11:20 A M, at his teai
d'ence 107 Dwaay Street. WILLIAM
J FEKOCS'iN. ageil thirty-eight
vesrs. He is survived by his wife
and four children- Miss \ irginia,
and William T U I#~>t- R and S
1^ Ferguson?four brothers and two
??ters?Mrs. Wren. Mrs Thomas
Armistead and James M , A. B.. C. H.,
and T. U Ferguson.
Funeral notice later.
SCHMIDT The funeral of HENRY
SCHMIDT, of Stockton Street,
will be at 11 A M To-DAY from
St John's Church. Eighth and Mar?
shall. Interment at oak wood.
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