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Schwarzschild Bros.
Engagement Rings
Should be of such quality as time cannot change nor use make
ie^ attractive.
Our Diamond Department receives our most careful at?
tention at all times, and we are constantly evoking new de
?ignf and new ideas.
\\ i invite your inspection of our Diamond stock, which
<nini tu?-* the Fancy and Elaborate Set Rings as well r.s the
more stapft Solitaire Diamond Ring.
Svhwarzschild Bros.
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c News Stories From All Over Virginia
i ? ?-1,1,.11'h Institution lliie
M.. .. rn I a. iliti?"?.
v ? ?. tmn - -Owing 10 *"
? ,,n From in? CM? council fori
rum In tpu Fourth Want. :
, .. , i. ? ,??, ni the n-? (x-huol building on {
, t Fifth and Je8*r?oii Strebt? aro .
, |U ? m ol UP to-date put a -
? .......c?'? ty non? in the
o sjipar.itii? ron*l?ta of a oonreete
< parting rln??. laUdcr*. ?IIJ
? :.t bar? a"'! ewl?*? and th* I
' , airu railing ihi-m?iv?i of ?
n,?ir opparthnalUaa and ara bc<-?mins quits .
, nit In the ryninuKtir exen-lc?? for '
., aood ??:? v:?t?-n 1? now supplied. ;
Btaa r > :he City council api'ro
to ha used i" developing a pub
u i In Fo.irth tVard of the t
Tl betas 11" a\ atiable lot for au< h
was fe rag t>y me n.tir.' ? ?- of ,
1 Civil 1a.idle, oho ha<l secured the ap- 1
. ..: tl. : >noney could not ba I
x. t? 'tf a ant mentioned purpose. Th?
- ? tb< Patraaa* I.?acue of the Jef- i
?tr< 1 aV heal however. Intareate.i .
I 1 aaaives in UM matter and asked that th? I
Pif Installed in th? Jefternon Street
houl-yard. winch i* accessible to all chil
diatrlcti who are of school ace
The ears of the school aided In the act
That Crres Sick Headache, Sour, Bloat?
ed stomach, Inactive Kidneys, Rhru
matiCT. and that Dreary, Languid,
Despondent Feeling.
Dr. W. S. Burkhart A. He h Today. Owes r
Robutt Health and Cain of 90 Pound*
to Taking Hi? Own Medicine. As
Needed, for the Past 25 Yean.
ft tvnn'f taJce thirty d;iys. but any
drnpjri-t in thai vicinity will jrive >'ou
thirty days i<> prove, that Dr. liurk
h*rt s Vegetable t'? gtpaaad will cure
you for only 25 cent*. Joel think of
M !'.jrkh;irt having egftied nut thin
policy for tuc rsty-:H r* vear*! Da you
wondor thiit tWehre nuilion fit hit
trc;itn:ent- ;iro Med every year":
Imajrfne. it y.iil c.tn. tlie wonderful
telicf t?. -!i h a !n*t of people, who
ham?! ihrotijrh !>:?? do. torV (.-cncroiity
that .1- Vegetable (?.ton<>tind ?Ines all
he claim- and he ?outrafiteee the resnll.
Isarl :? ? |m iloagltf that all the
djMaisI? agree witk turn, and ?II you
do i* ;o dfpoail 'ho saaall nit*) ?
cent-. an! it yog are not <-ure.l <?r sat
i?fc<!. yoa can gel yeas 2." eeata hack
)>v men 1\ a.-kint; f'-r it. (iet the t'e.it
lueirt t?-daj sag* |a a>k fog and
see thai jrow gil Dr. Hurk'nart - Vege?
table t'or::;-i:ind. ? Aiivcrti-ement.
Cuts and
No rrrmdy will deaden the pain
' take the soreness from Cots,
Strain ? ! ^nr.iir.? quicker
?... ?. ir *r.\
'?i;nt ? : [..in and
t for i sic,
? tiins i? ttcr *
One trial aiii runtince >ou.
Heil BsMfc and Sta':onci (.vmpsny
914 I ?? *'
Tat IsM ? kt Ocas aai Cain trsai
New Factory
Ml 1. M Sl Cal lai 7148
ual installation of Iii? ?quipm-nl. and now
ihi> r . ?i.i present* a moat ear at me
.ippearal e.
Thanks are doe from the teachers, chil?
dren ami patron*, for this improvement of
the school grounds te the Cat] Council, the
I i \ it ;.-??? le and ty the Rev A C. Thom?
son, for their Mat ar eat aad aid in the good
AmouDt of Business Ituii-llecl at >onlh Bo.
ton Posl-Officc ^surprising.
South Boston \n.. Feoruary !>.?Approxi?
mately i.sW package* *are handled at the
local post-office in lb? uj>iT.tior. of tbe par
< ri post system during the month of Jan
uary?the nrst month of it* operation.
This number include* omy the packages
seni out from tbo South Boston oltic? and
not those tr.Wv I here. and few people
" ould have imagined that such a large busi?
ness vvou.d have been uone during tlie Ural
month ol operation of ths new system
The peopia appear to if inking advan?
tage of Uncle Sum s latent departure in the
postal service, und It is proving Quite a
? ne r. t besides saving a great deal of ex?
pense For Instance, a package that re?
quires but some 7 er I cents by parcel post
would more than likely cost \Z> or .*.'. cents
by express Hut It Is said ths express com?
panies will reduce their rates, something
that ought to have been done long ago.
The buslne-s at the loead post oni. c sur?
prises even those ?ho were most familiar
with the systria, tnu it grows la vo.ume
day by day.
Mrs. Susan Whitmrr Makes Her First
I rip.
Harrl.sonburg. Vj, February I - Mrs Susan
Whltmer. seventy years old. oiler driving
several mii-s over muddy roads from her
home in Mi.nesville. Augusta County, to
liarrlsonburg last week, she bearded lor the
first time, a railway train for 120 mile trip to
Wehes rille, this county, where her daughter.
Mrs N Wise, who accompanied her. resides,
and with whom i-he will spend the remain?
der of the winter. Mrs. Whltmer rsnie to
Manassaa on train No. 1?. wnicn gave her a
little time to breathe easy, alter her thrilling
experience in winding around the curves
In the Blue Ridge ami Bull Run Mountains
behind a prancing steam horse, whose blood?
curdling shrieks, at the touch of Engineer
Amos, was anything but comfortable to a
novice In rapid transit
She was also afforded nn opportunity to
see something of this town bet?re she took
the >>?< on.l degree" In railway travel be?
fore reaching her destination When the ,
conductor announced "all out for Nakes
ville," the good old woman doubtless felt
relieved of the dreadful anxiety of what I
she had concelveu to be a hazardous undet- I
taking at her time of life
Lynchburg Cavalry Mii-terrd In and out at
Mass liacc.
l.ynchburg. Va. February ? --The Confed?
erate organizations of Lynchburg, beaded
by liarlai.d-Hodes Camp of Veterans. Is
rearranging for the erection of a shaft la
Mi >r Purk here to mark the spot where
the Second Vlrglnta Cav alary was mustered
in the service ol the Confederacy in lo?>l arid
out In ls?V These two occasions took place
at -'most Identically the same spot, some
tl.'.tg that Is said not to have happened to
: aaioiher regiment which saw service In tbe
' army of the Confederate states. The city Is
appropriating 11.000 for the purchase of the
shaft and the < on/eJerate organisations
have already provided SSV several arenas
tablets to t>e placed en it Ihut will cost
? more than the shaft Itself.
I Diversity of \ irginla Msatfceal School I?
ChHrlottesv Hl-, Vj February I The t'nl- 1
versify of Virginia has again been accorded
a r'ae? In the first rank of medical Instil i- I
Hons In this < ouutry In the final rating of
coiiegc* l y the council "f Medical Kduca
tloii of tbe Arm rb an Medical ASSSCl itlon
last month. Virginia was ..ne ot the three
Southern colleges < onslderrd to be the best
In the Catted States The other two South
ern s-hoois are the Fniverslty of Texas and
Tular.e Inlversity A rang the nio?t pronil
nent Northern schools mentioned are the
I nlversity of Pennsylvania, Columbia and
Johns Hopkins
HKl.li.KH - < t KMNs.
Taken !>> < hurt h Kej,re?rntali?es in >?oiith
South N'orfoik. V?. February ? The fol
, lowing HalSWIIS were compiled by Rar.
: C. F. Pleasant*, chairman of the census
ISasBiUIS from the facts gathered In a re
cent r.'iigicus canvas t .ken In South Nor
folk and vi-lnlty by SCleatSOTl from the
various deromlr itions ot thnt place.
The work waa done a Sunday afternoon.
I requiring about one hour and a half The
: f.gur-s Include the number in various de
aeaaaaatleaa and tbHr a?hererts:
. Charrl of Kng'and. I. Reformed
'??.urch. 1. Tiue Belbvsrs, I; (Ji.akers. I;
Millennial Irawn'sts. I. Spiritualists, 1.
t.reefes, 3: Congregational. 3. Cbur. h of God.
It; '.ospei <hjr<h. I: Lutheran. 11. Pente?
costal, it; t'hnstlin Scientists. 1?; CathsliSS.
) ?:. Presbyter! ms t:. B-NsVces-aJteas Ma; t>is
1 < Iples of Christ. XH; Christian. 331.
? Metholts's. . Baptists. :??.. .\. hur. b
I preference." *r>l: "Insufflcleat address," s?.
i No? ?t home iw Total ssdlilnaaai or
j homes canvassed. 1071
It i? b-iievr,i the c?nvsss wpi result In
; great sood to the remmunlty and to the
?hurcr*?a especially.
Ol.lct I mplove of < omnwn* Betires from
\etite Work.
0>s*OeSBtvkIa Va . February * -Captain
f*arter >> Anderson, the oldest employe of
1 th- Chesapeake and Ohio Railway and one
r f ?!> ?ideal railroad inen In the country In
i i.M of aawrvtcQ, was retired yesterday on a
p'naloe. of f:/i B month, and will spend th*
. - hl'JIf* at his home near Ash
? ap^sln Anderson Is sw-reatf-flve years eld
asi hs? ?er e i the Chesapeake ?nd Ot I?
F.sltwsy t.rar.v rfty three years of that
tin - ' hl J me t tit was ai pointed b. ?
g-.ge n.a-ter. a; ? early ra th- ?j.-u.g of |wi
? -'tiirr Ihreaeaeet ths
? ?r ..- traits ba ling soldiers and commts
thl^r" f'. "rrnr h* ?"'?red
'S* ? ?r aeriir? - ; jn j. j WB, m?,j,
1 "?' * ? years ale; he aaa ap
i'iV," ?' * etsnes ef a heet ef
^ '- ther ef Mr. o?n.
I ?> I M lit- NM ,., KIOK
sere MHh t.rgiaha
1 ? llarrr T
T^.e Time.
urt Va ?
?evrre ef -.
?d Miss
ef Mr
' ?rt,w l?w H.H. . a
na-T .o bara. Va febrasrv
n| Mt jm, kscn. nr.i
i ? ,, f. h?n revived the en?f
ard a?| rwtMren win Mra te ev
, atreeu every nicht at ? e'UogA
Meakcn Arrested for Carrying
on Business Without
Paying Fee.
O. F. V. Meakin. who claims to have
held a commission as captain in the
Uritish army, was arrested yesterday
by Detective-Sergeants Wiley and Kel
ltun on the cahrKti of carrying; on a
brokerage business without a IsM nm'
He was hailed for his appearance in \
Police Court to-merrow mornlliK. >300 I
bond being furnished by 1^. W. At
According to Captain of Detectives
McMahon. Meakin lias been selling ,
shares ot" stock la the Hurson Platinum ;
Gold and Silver Company, of Yuma,
M |a Wlldbore told Captain McMahon [
that he had re<KMsttf inherited some
money from a relative in England, and 1
had nought $9,999 worth of stock from
.Meshin. giving him a check for $^'0(),
and a draft lor the remainder. Meakin.
it is .lleged. urged Wildhore to have
the draft cashed, and the latter cabled
to England for $1,000 pounds sterling.
.Iu.it what kind of a business the
Arizona corporation has been carry?
ing on in Richmond Is now the object
of the Investigation by the police.
Meakin has before had dealings with
the |>ollce. The last lime he came iri
for notoriety was when he waa m\s- i
teriously shot while living In Clay ;
Street. He told the police lie had ae- j
eidently wounded himself, but never- I
theless the affair was the subject of an !
investigation, though It produced no
results. For a long while Meakin was
in a ciitical position at the City Hos?
Shown Effects of fl!a Suffering?vi II
llamx Soon Will Re Tried.
TSpeciaJ to The Times-Dispateh ]
Hayes Store, Va.. February S.?Ben?
jamin B. Howe, who has been danger?
ously ill in a hospital at Norfolk since
he was stabbed by BBMMtt Williams,
at Piew'g Wharf, la?t December, has
so far recovered as to be able to be
removed to his home.
A 'hrong of friends at .Severn
Wharf, la lower Gloucester, awaited
the Old Dominion steamer for the ar?
rival of Mr. Howe. With assistance he
was placed in the family carriage,
which hod been taken upon the wharf
for his convenience. The gre??t physi?
cal suffering which Mr Howe has late?
ly undergone, rendered this once able
bodied oung man almost a physical
la the prosecution of the case against
Emmett Williams and his accomplice.
Frank Shaekelford, an early court trial
is to be arranged. Oreat interest and
sympathy is expressed for these rep?
resentative families. At one time It
was rumored that a compromise would
be effected. This is emphatically now
denied, and the law will take its usual
action. In the tracedy a pathetic in?
cident has occurred, for young Wil- !
Hams has lost by death his wife and
child, since the stabbing.
Hail was furnished for the release of '
F.mmett Williams and also for Frank
Shaekelford at the time of the tragedy.
Dinner to Norman Hopgmid.
Norman Hopgood, formerly editor of
Collier's Weekl\, was entertained at
dinner by Mrs. n. H. Munford on Fri?
day night, when he mot many promi?
nent men and women of Hichinoml who
are interested in civic end uplift worn..
t, V
? If You Use
ami is' ?an. I rt-ra' aatf* ef ears.
(re <tt? t<ol k tM ill- ??aoes "?~o*J
eara." Hep* . > l'na-?i r -ay*r r*a*d a
Sases sSa> CMieara *eaa> flaaviat S'ira.
W. Fred.
Richardson, Inc.
Storage and
Transfer Department
Main anil Rrltlgeir ?.treet?.
be ?? tiv'dc-n and up-to
? ' S'o-ir?. HuMding
'r tr<- .??>. Vaults for Silver
arid valuables. Individual
trunk r...- ? -tm ? ?.f cd plant
' ? ? ' 'her modem
""tie..r ?he t are of houee
ac.ld s-Kwte (imn our eel I ?aas
m crating and stripping v?e?
f irr. ? ire T nr <i Mi.
1011 East Main St.-Store of
The E. B. Taylor Co.
Has underpriced thousands of items and made it possible for
the housewives of Richmond to save money at this sale of
China, Cut Glass, Aluminum and Enamelware, Glassware,
Kitchen Utensils, Vases, Lamps, Clocks, Cutlery, Etc., Etc.
Pare Sterling Silver, Plain and Fancy Patterns
Medium Eorks. $18.00 to $.25.00 dozen ; to close out. .$6.00 set
Dessert Forks, $l6.0D to $20.00 dozen; to close out. .$5.00 set
Table Spoons, Si8,00 to S25.00 d< ,zen; to close out.. .$6.00set
Dessert Spoons, $16.00 t" $90x10 dozen; to close out.$5.00set
Sample Lot English
Covered Dishes,
Plates, Cups and
Saucers at Prices to
Close Out
Royal Bayreuth Incrusted Gold Band A. D. Cof?
fees. $9.00 dozen; this sale for.$6.00 dozen
Roval Bayreuth Jncnmed Gold Band Tea Cups
and Saucers, $12.00 dozen; this sale for.$7.50 dozen
Aluminum Sauce Pans
1- quart Imported Aluminum Sauce Pan.29c each
2- quart Imported Aluminum Sauce Ban.39c each
3- quart Imported Aluminum Sauce Pan.59c each
4- quart Imported Aluminum Sauce Pan.79c each
Regular Size ftickel
Alarm Clocks,
Special for this Sale,
55c Each
Cut Glass Tumblers
Cut Glass Tumblers, star pattern.10c each
Cut Glass Tumblers, vine pattern.10c each
Lenox Silver Plated Teaspoons, 10c each?five-year guarantee.
Lenox Silver Plated Tablespoons, 20c each?fivc-ycar<?guarantee.
Old English Gray Enameled Double Roaster.39c each
4-quart Blue. White-Lined Baking Pans.14c each
2- quart Gray Enameled Sauce Pan.17c each
3- quart Gray Enameled Sauce Pan.aic each
4- quart (.ray Enameled Berlin Kettle.23c each
14-quart Gray Knameled Preserving Kettle.45c each
1 1-2 quart Gray Enameled Coffee Pot.23c each
Blue Mottle, W hite Lined Slop Jar and Cover.98c each
Be Sure to Attend This February
Inventory Sale of The E. B. Taylor Co.
News of South Richmond.
Civil Docket Im Large?Try >f?r? In?
fer Ktlllug Hival.
With Judge Robert G. Southall pre?
siding;, the winter term of the Ches
! terfield Circuit Court will convene to
1 morrow morning at 10 o'clock at
('h'Sterncld Courthouse. The docket
is said to be unusually largo, and will
? ontaln several important and inter?
esting civil suits.
A grand Jury has been summoned to
investigate several criminal matters.
The most important ? ase to be pre
is that of young Watt Davis.
< olored. charged with shooting and
fatally wounding P?nla Wooldridge. a
negro boy. The negroes were paying
: attention to the same girl at the time
the affray happened. Davis elaims
that the shooting was accidental, and
has a number of witnesses summoned
to substantiate his contention. He
bears an excellent reputation, and a
number of white neighbors went on
his bond.
Jnrtge \\ e l u K.tndc* Itabltaal Droak
ard Deflailloa?T?rmer <>a Prohatloo.
Rather than assume the r< sponslbil
ity of fixing the exact status of an
habitual drunkard. Judge Krnent H.
W. 11s. of Hustings Court. Tart IX, yes?
terday evaded the Issue by placing
? Frank Farmer under the care of a
I probation officer for one year. The
' man was convlcfd before Justice H.
A. Maurice, in police Court. Part II,
I on a wnrrang charging him with being
an habitual drunkard. He wan sen
! t?nced to serve twelve months In Jail.
I An appeal was r.oted. In th* meanwhile,
yarmrr was roarifjenj in the City Jail,
and had served sixty-one days before
his case came before the upper court.
Hale la Dlamlaned.
T'nahle to prov fraudulent Intent,
the prosecution failed completely to
make out a case against Sam Hale yes
terdav i" Histlngs Court. Part II.
and without hesitation the Jury re?
turned a \<rdi?T of r.ot guilty. The
I ras? earr.e from Police Court. Part II..
Ion arpesl. Hale was charged with
ordering a load of roal sent to his
home, for which he was to pay on de?
livery. The fuel was placed in the
house bv the driver ?Ithnut consulting
Hah-. Not having the money at hand
he t' I' p?l"TI' d to the dealer that he
w..iild pru a' the ?tcre This he failed
to ?In. and he wan afterward) arre*|er|
A State staf.te c iver? the offense, hut
! makes fraudulent Intent a necessary
. element
Te rem? ?r?<k.I I eagee.
r?"it? with children attending the
Oak r.'nti pnbl'c school will meet this
I week, probably F'breary K. for the
purpon? of ftrm-i r a I hool and civic
league. The school la in aeeg of a
piano, and a number of preeminent
j women will J .*n 'I. i-ague ar.J assist
I In securing ??? -
The itwansbore league will meet
Thursday afternoon at ; o'clock at the
eehoe>1h.o,-c Mrs .1 F. Norvrtl. the
! president, wUI prsaAfs, Among; th>
speakers will t*r Hup? rlnfendewt Wil?
liam <; >wa? and Dr. fmaglaa Free/
man The latter will take -ItealtV
s? hla subject Ml?? Addle Crldlln will
give a r.c fntloa a?w refreshmeatS Will
be serteg by school girts.
DlearSeety aegro Ftoent.
For g'nof.v-iv rondwet na a tfoll
?*t re? '.Tarnen farter, colored, was
y. ?t.-tax gp'g |ig and coat* ay J as?
tir, if A M? ir -? n Police CoeTt
Par t ii. lit was accuse J at eoaosieus
actions toward other passengers on th?
car and was arrested by Officer W . I
Waymack at the request of the cou-!
? 'Maries While, colored, charged with
shooting another negro through the,
ai m, was yesterday convicted, on aj?-!
peal to Hustings Court. I'art II., ,iri
fined $2) and costs.
General ?w? Notes.
A social me. tir.g of the Industr'al
Chapter of M? i l- M' mortal KpSropal
Church will We h?ld to-morrow after?
noon at 4 o'clo'-k at the residence of
Mr? P. A. Prentlas on Paxatsjg Street.
The Ulllputlan marriage, which has
been successfully rendered during the
past wr.k will be rtp.ated Tuesday
night at th< .-tockton ttrewt Baptist
church for the benefit of the building
Manchester Council. No Royal
Arcanum, w'11 hold Its semi-monthly
merlins: to-niorrcw night at 8 o'clock
at Fraternity HalL A full attend?
ance is requested.
Fire caused by a defective flue did
small damage yesterday afternoon at
4 o'clock to a .?mall frame dwelling at
Fourth and Maury Streets. Kngine
Company. No. 13. responded to the
alarm and quickly had the flames under
To taatali >crr Minister.
At at public service this afternoon
at 3 o'clock. Kev. C W. McElroy will
be formally installed as pastor of
Stockton Street Itaptist fhurc!. He
will preach at both services to-day.
Iiis morning subject will be "Follow?
ing Christ." At night he will discuss
"Making a Living and Making a Life'
Rev J. W. r>ixon will occupy the pul?
pit at Central Methodist Church this
morning. The night service mUi be con?
ducted by Uev Henry C. Pfeiffer, the
The first sermon of a series of five
' on "Prayer" will be delivered thia
morning: by Rev. F. Krnest Warren,
rector of Meade Memorial Episcopal
Persoaal Mention.
Mi-? Mary F Pierce, of Ashlar.d. la
the truest of her aunt, Mrs K T. Ruch
Mr?. S II. PleasaMs is visiting Miss
Klla Mayo
?Jeorge Kriend. who has been spend?
ing se\eral months ?ts the guest of re?
latives on the Southslde. will leave to?
morrow for his home in Alaska.
Mr. and Mrs. W J. Carter And their
son. I?avld Walke, have returned from
a Mail to relatives in Bnltlmore.
Sec Our 1913 Patterns of GO-CARTS
Rothert & Co.
Fourth andRroad.
We have six large medium size Bright
Novelty $40.00 Heaters left?they are
self-feeders and also base burners; one of
the VERY BEST stoves you could possibly
put your money in.
To close them out we offer them for
$20.00 each?put up complete.
Right in the Centre of the Furniture District
We Also Offer Reductions on all Other Stoves.

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