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V. W. Zulllrn.
II. II. arber.
O. Spring, Jr.
K. I>. Caadell.
II. K. Mitchell.
C. M. Clnrk,
T. W. Wyatt.
C\ K. Crltchefw
| <3. C. Pnrker. |
Dr. Tompkins, Retiring Dean,
Tells of Medical College
of Virginia Growth.
Minister Describes Development
and Opportunities of the Medi
cal Profession.
A splendid future for the greater
Medical College of Virginia was
prophesied by Dr. Christopher Tomp
kins, retiring dean of the Medical Col
lege, at tho last commencement of the
old Institution In the City Auditorium
last night. Ho stated that tho con
solidation of the two institutions will
do great things for medical education
In Virginia. will he a great Im
provement in the educational facilities
of the city. He said lie hoped, to see
the day when the Medical College of
Virginia would ba considered without
h superior In the United States.
Dr. Tompkins has been a momhfr
of the faculty since 1S70, having been
dean since 18S2. and h?* told of th?
developrnent of the institution, which
had twenty-two students when he
joined the faculty, and now has several
times that number of graduates every
year. At that time it had practically
no national standing, and in 1011 it
was ranked the fourth medical college
in the United States. In Its early days
members of the faculty had to guaran
tee its obligations to keep it going;
and It Joins the other institution with
a .sound financial standing and a large
sum to its credit. The retiring dean
told of Ms regtet upon leaving the
college, to which he has given the best
years of ):is life, and toward which,
he said, he feels as a mother toward
her child.
Addresn bjr Mr. Uowle.
The principal address was made by
Kev. Walter Russell Bowie, who de
scribed the development of the medical
profession, the benefits it has conferred
upon humanity, and the opportunities
that lie before it. Ho read a letter
written by Kenjamin Franklin describ
ing the death of King Charles II., which
states that the dying King was "cupped
and blooded, and hot frying pans put
on his head," but that His Majesty
passed away in spite of these heroic
measures. The speaker showed the
tremendous strides which medicine has
inade since then, and especially during
the past century." Thus, he said, diph
theria has been known historically for
l.SOO years, but the antitoxin which
' has rf-duced the mortality from this
disease by half was not discovered until
i 1S94. He also spoke of the blessing of
anesthesia, which has abolished forover
such sufferings as are described by
Mary Johnston in "The Long Roll."
which tells of the life of wounded sol
dieds in Richmond hospitals during the
! Civil War.
Mr. Howie told of Luther Pasteur, the
: son of a French tanner, who discovered
the existence of germs and how to
combat them, thus making the causes
of many diseases concrete and accessi
ble, and of the conquest of the bubonic
plague, which destroyed 69.000 persons
in London in a single year, but is now
successfully treated by an antitoxin.
He paid especial tribute to the men
who laid down their lives in Manila in
order to prove then*theory that yellow
fever is caused by the bites of mos
* The speaker pointed-out that great
opportunities still lie before the pro
fession in the treatment of cancer,
pneumonia, tuberculosis and many
other diseases. And in all 6f their
? work, he counseled the young doctors
l r.evor to neglect the human phase of
their profession, and always tp remem
ber that the alleviation of suffering is
a higher good than the solution of
scientific problems.
Alumni Society Meets.
The invocation and henediction were
spoken by Rev. J. \V. Morris, and the
! exercises concluded with tho presenta
I tion of the diplomas and the reading
' of hospital appointments by Dean
9 Year Old Child Rescued from a Monster
The Escape of a Horrible Death Xnr
nowly Averted?The Child Could
Not Have Endured the Awful
Strain Much Longer.
At No. 120 South Linden Street re
sides Mrs. Florence S. Duggan a.:.l
her two little sons, 11 and 0 yeurs,
respectively. Little 0-year-old Lon
nle has been almost a constant suf
ferer of one malady or another for
the past six years; has had three at
tacks of fever?in fact, he had a
cough at times seemed as though he
had consumption. He has had the
best of attention from a loving
mother's hand, and the best of treat
ment, but the child could never fully
regain perfect health. At times he
had a ravenous appetite; then again
the sight of food would nauseate him,
stomach would bloat, lumps would
form, heart would jump and flutter,
pains in back of hea<j, sometimes
over eyes; dizziness, weak, run-down,
tired, languid feeling. His mother
said: "I have to be very careful of
him; It seems as though I have to
give this child some kind of medicine
all the time. He has had a bronchial
trouble ever since he was born. I
was afraid he inherited the tubercu-'
lar disease that his father succumbed
to; but after reading in the papers
about the worms that ^ffect children
and adults and how the wonderful
Quaker Herb Extract that Gray, the
Quaker health teacher, is introducing
at the Tragle Drug Store, would expel
all worms from child or adult with
out sickness, dieting or any ill ef
fects. 1 decided to try them, and a
thousand times pleased I am, for
after giving it only six days, little
Lonnie expeled a monster life-sap
ping tapeworm forty-one feet In
length, head and all complete, and I
feel that this has been the cause of
most all his trouble. And tc think
how easy the Quaker Herb Extract
did the work!" Gray says this is
only one; watch and see how many
dozens of monster parasites will be
expelled right here In Richmond, for
hundreds of children and adults are
sufferers from worms of some kind
and don't know It. Many supposed
casos of stomach trouble is worms.
There Is one reason Quaker Herb Ex
tract has made the wonderful repu
tation in curing different form's of
stomach trouble?it expels them.
This monster along with several other
specimens of worms, can be seen free
to all at Tragle's Drug Store. -Gray,
the health teacher, Is there, and will
cheerfully answer all .questions per
taining to Quaker remedies. He also
claims thoy cure Rheumatism, Ca
tarrh, Kidney, Liver, Bladder or
Blood Trouble, Indigestion and Con
stipation. Call to-day; it costs noth
ing to talk. If you can't call, order
by mall. The remedies will he sent
you by express on receipt of price.
Quaker Extract, $1.00 per bottle;
3 foj- $2.50, and 6 for $5.00. Oil of
BalnV, for all pains, 50c. Traglo
Drug Co.?Advertisement.
Tompkins. The graduates and alumni
then adjourned to the Commnowealth
Club, where a banquet was served.
The Alumni Society of the Medical
College of Virginia held Its annual
meeting at the college yesterday after
noon, a large number attending;. Re
ports of committees were received,
showing that the organization i3 in
excellent shape, and the following of
ficers were elected:
Dr. It. U. Stephenson, of Toano, pres
ident; Dr. J. B. Fisher, of Midlothian;
Dr. J. W. Brodnax, of Richmond; Dr.
H. O. I-iatlimer, of Richmond, and Dr.
John Mann, of Petersburg, vice-presi
dents; l)r. C. C. Coleman. Richmond,
secretary; Dr. Ben M. Rosehro, Rich
mond, assistant secretary; Dr. F. H.
Beadles, Richmond, treasurer; Dr. J.
McCaw Tompkins. Richmond, regis
llor.pltnl Appointments.
The appointments of graduates to
hospitals, as read last night, were as
Memorial Hospital-?F. If. I-.ee, F. H.
Redwood. D. I.. Elder.
City Hospital?A. T. Welnstein, J. M.
Cofer. L. S. lfaynes.
Retreat for the Pick?R. H. Putney
St. Elizabeth Hospital?S. S. Conner, |
E. L Caudlll.
Stuart Circle Hospital?J. X. Elder,
F. S. Steele.
Johnston-Willis Hospital ? F. S.
Johns, H. P. Mauck, G. C. Parker.
Orthopedic Hospital, Philadelphia?
J. A. Board, S. \V. Thompton, Jr.
St. Vincent's Hospital. N'orfolk?C. E.
Flowers. Isaac Trachtenburg.
Lewls-Gayle Hospital, Roanoke?W.
C. Caudlll.
Johnston-Willis Hospital. Abingdon?
V. W. Quiilen. J. \V. Wilkins.
Johnston-Willis Hospital, Rocky
Mount, N. C.?F. W. Lewis, Jr.. C. M.
Lancaster General Hospital, Lancas
ter, Pa.?W. II. LeFevbre.
St. Luke's Hospital. South P.ethlc
liem, Pa.?C. If. Arnold.
Reunion of First Regiment Feat
ure of Ceremonies?Judge
Richardson to Speak.
Every member "of the First Virginia
Rc^ment during lt3 entire history, In
war days and since, is to be invited to
attend the laying of the corner-stone
of the First Regiment armory, at
Seventh and Marshall Streets. It Is
hoped to make the occasion a reunion
of survivors of the gallant command.
This was decided upon at a meeting
of the First Regiment Aesdclation, hold
last night In the temporary quarters
of the Richmond Grays at Twelfth and
Capitol Streets. President C. A. Craw
ford wan directed to $eg to the pLans
for a gathering of the veterans and of
the militia of younger days.
The date for the affair is Thursday
afternoon, June 5, at 5 o'clock. Tito
former members of the command will
meet at headquarters of the acUvp
battalion half an hour earlier, and will
march to the scene.
Judge David Crockett Richardson,
of the. Hustings Court, will be the
orator of the occasion., ??
President Crawford lias still further
Idea* for the ceremonies, which will
I add to the corner-atons laying, but
I which he Is not yet ready to announce.
Klrct Ilctrctlve-ScrKeaiHa.
, For the purpose of filling two va
cancies in the detective bureau, two
i Kergeants will be elected to-night at
a special meeting: of the Board of Fp
I llco Commissioners, which will be held
1 at 8 o'clock in the office of the Chief
I of Pollce
Verdlct for Plaintiff.
In the case of Susie B. Hol2apfer
apainst J. B. McDonouph, tried yes
terday in the City Circuit Court, belnp
an action of detinue for posacsmon of
one bay colt, the jury found for the
plaintiff, and fixed the value of the colt
at $U>0.
Health Restored by
Eckman's Alterative
If you nre a sufferer from Glandular Tuber
culoids, or know of any one no afflicted, It
might be well to Investigate this case, where
the writer declares after a year of suffering,
he found permnnent relief and full recovery
to health by using Eckman's Alterative, a
medicine which ha? been effective In many
cn.'es of Tuberculosis:
157 l.nruHton St.. Phlla.. Pa.
"Gentlemen: In March. liKW. my doctor
pronounced ray case 'Tuberculosis in the
Glands.' and a number of operations In a.
hospital failed to benefit ine. In the mean
time, a friend of mine advnsed Eckman's
Alterative. The wounds In my neck were
itl.'l open and in a frightful condition when
I started to take It. After using two bot
tles I found 1 was improving, having gained
weight, could eat and was able to sleep. I
continued using It until I was well, which
was In November. 1010. Before I took the
meclKlno I had three hemorrhages; since 1
have been taking It I hnve not had any. On
November 11. !!?!'? I started to work, and
since thnt time I have not lost one day's
work through sickness. I highly recommend
E< kman's Alterative to any one who is suf
fetliig from Gland trouble."
(Affidavit i JOSEPH B. WHITE.
(Above abbreviated: more on recjuest.)
Eckman's Alterative has been proven by
many years' test to be most efficacious In
cases of severo Throat and Lung Affection*.
Bronchitis. Bronchial Asthma. Stubborn
Colds and In upbuilding the system. Does
not contain narcotics, poisons or habit-form
ing drugs. For sale by Tragle Prug, Co. and
other leading druggists. Write the Etonian
laboratory. Philadelphia. Pa., for booklet
tolling of recoveries and additional evidence.
205 E. Broad St.
OLD nickoriv rt ?vjTi :: E.
John R
News of Petersburg
Tho Times-Dispatch Bureau,
6 BoUingbrook Street
(Telephone 1486),
Petersburg, Va., May 27, 1913.
Charles Watson, one of Petersburg's
best known and most respected cltiRens,
cl loci this morning shortly before 3
o'clock at the home of Mrs. A. M. Steele,
on South Sycamore Streot, of tuber
culosis. He had been in declining
health for several years, the advance
of the disease batTling tho best medical
skill and treatment. He first spent
some time at Asheville, X. C., and later
took the open-air treatment at tho
sanatorium at Loomis, X. V., but in
both instances he received only tem
porary benefit. From Lioomis ho re
turned to Petersburg to pass bis re
maining' days in his borne city and
among his friends. I.ate last night he
was taken alarmingly worse, and his
physician and closest friends were
summoned, only to witness the end.
Mr. Watson was sixty-seven years
old, and was horn, educated and lived
in Petersburg all his life. He was a
good man and useful citizen. He be
gan life as a merchant; was successful
in business, and later became inter
ested In other ventures. Ho took a
lively Interest in politics, and virtually
became the Democratic. leader in Pe
tersburg. For eight years he held tho
ofllce of city sergeant, finally retiring
because declining further re-election.
Ho was for many years -a director of
the Petersburg Savings and Insurance
Company, in which he was a large
j stockholder. He was a man of wide
popularity, of generous heart and of
genial disposition. His hand and purse
were always open for the relief of
: the needy, anil his charities were many
j ?unostentatiously bestowed and never
; advertised. His death is sincerely re
gretted by a host of friends.
I Mr. Watson was never married, but
he is survived by a sister, Mrs. For
I rest, living In Ohio, and by several
(nieces and nephews. s<ll living away
from Petersburg. Funeral arrange
ments have not been completed.
Mr. Watson, as a niemhef of Com
pany K, Archer's Battalion of Reserves,
participated in the battles of June !)
and 16. 1SG4, and of Fort Mahone, April
2, 1865.
I '
| Will lie Helil *t Norfolk nml Western'*
Experimental Knrni at Ivor.
The Xorfolk and Western Railway
j Company will bo the host of a large
: gathering of farmers at that company's
experimental farm at Ivor on Friday
j of this week. The beautiful farm, with
! its modern hnii successful methods of
; farming, will ho shown, and gen
' emus hospitality will be provided,
i Addresses will bo delivered by emi
nently practical speakers, and besides
enjoyment practical instruction will be
given. The Xorfolk and Western ex
perimental farm Is one of the hand
somest estates In the Southside section.
' Simple Services Will lie Held at Ceme
tery in Dinwiddle.
In observance of national Memorial
Day next Friday, simple services will
be held 9t the National Cemetery in
Dinwiddle, under tho auspices of Pe
tersburg Post, Q. A. R. About 6,000
; Federal soldiers were buried in this
cemetery, and tho grounds arc kept in
; beautiful condition. Services will also
i bo held at the Xatlonal Cemetery at
I City Point, where a large nuinbor of
j soldiers are buried.
I Confederate memorial services In
Blaridford Cemetery will bo held on
June S.
General Xewii Xotei.
The Rev. rieor?e K. Hooker, P. D.,
? pastor of Washington Street M. E.
Church, continues quite sick. His
progress toward recovery litis not been
us rapid as his friends could wish. Dr.
Hooker was visited yesterday by the
? Rev. S. C. Hatcher, D. D., of Ashland.
W. Gordon McCaho, Jr.. has sona
| abroad on a business trip. Robnrt
i Claiborne, of this city, will soon sail
j for Europe on a touring-, trip of sev
? eral months.
Walter Richardson, negro, said to be
' wanted in Richmond for horse-stealing,
j was arrested here last night by the
I police, and this morning was cam
| mlttod to await an officer from Rich
! mond.
Mother's Friend
in Every Home
Comfort And Safety Assured Before
the Arrival of the Stork.
In thousands of American homos there
is a bottie of Mother^s Friend that has aid
ed many a woman
through the trying
ordeal, saved her from
suffering and pain,
kept her in health in
advance o f baby's
coming, and had a
wonderful influence
in developing a love
ly disposition in the
I There is no other remedy so truly a help
to nature. 11 relieves the pain and discom
fort caused by the strain on the ligaments,
makes pliant those fibres and muscles which
nature is expanding and soothes the in
flammation of breast glands.
Mother's Friend is an external remedy,
and not only banishes all distress in aii
i vance, but assures a speedy recovery for
the mother. Thus Blie becomes a healthy
i woman with all her strength preserved to
thoroughly enjoy the rearing of her child.
Mother's Friend can be had at any drug
[ store at $1.00 a bottle. Write to Bradfield
Regulator Co., 228 Lamar Rldg., Atlanta,
; Ga., for their free book. Write to-day. It
is most instructive.
j Ask you. undertaker. Price.
Write for booklet. Reinterring
, clalty.
I Cement Burial Vault

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