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Pythians. in Session at Norfolk,
Still Undecided as to Next
Meeting Place.
[Spo. lai to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Norfolk. Vn.. May 28.?With the se
lection of a place for holding the 1314
convention undecided, the Grand Lod^e, I
Knights of Pythias of Virginia, elected ,
officers to-day. and will tackle the
other question to-morrow. The officers |
elected are:
J. W. Baer, of Clifton Forge, grand
William McK. Woodhouse, of Js'or
iolk. vice-grand chancellor.
James Hailey, of Richmond, master
of oxchoquer.
Rev. I. K. Scott, of Warm Springs. I
1 relate
R. It Bell, of Staunton, master at 1
ti rms.
C. P. Fox. of Roanoke, inner guard.
Rev. .1 c. Holland, of Danville, outer
H M. Parnall. of Roanoke, keeper of
records and seal
Judge D. c'. Richardson, of Rich
mond. supreme representative; M. S.
Walton, of Woodstock, alternate.
Lynchburg and Alexandria are mak
ing a hard fiuht for the 1014 conven
tion. Alexandria wants to change the I
date of holding the convention from '
Mav to February. There is to he a big ;
?elebratlon in Alexandria on February j
14 in honor of the founding of the
order of Knights of Pythias. The first1
lodge of tho order in Virginia was or
ganized in that city about fiftv vcars
ft go.
T.ynchhurp, however, appears to stand
the best chance of securing the annual
convention next year. It will bo no- ,
ipssary to change the constitution of
the order to meet in Alexandria in Feh
inary. and a number of members arc
opposed to this
A resolution to increase the per can- :
ita front 60 to SO cents per annum was
defeated after a spirited discussion '
ourlttp the morning session. Another
resolution that is expects to cnu?e
lengthy .Ijscussion will he introduced
b?"Kln?J,0fU Wi" provi'J* for the.
hv ?Mt Vr'?ra,l?" i" crand lodge.
subordinate lodges according to I
membership. !
To-morrow afternoon the Knlirhtn
and Pythian Sisters will he puext* j
Ocean vfew? K'vcn on the Reach a! j
('?tliinn SlNtrrs Elrot Officer*.
At the concluding session of the an
Wanhincton. P. <?' 'otheio'mi?"'ort1' "f!
ed were Mr. ?<, "'tMPr officers elect - '
nirhinoml. KC*ijor^ 1
of wnsi,i,i, , i
?r.. -v/iVmr as vu?^H
Mn'rv ."""J0" .?!? t
i.vnX i,
Volume of Excise Tax Paid by
Corporations Unaffected by
Change of Regime.
sossmr-nts f!g'!ins'r? fx'isj> as
Ke. ond Revot'tu.: IMstrlcta of'^vir' i"i">
J*? sku index of ti?f? 0...1 ni, . IrslMa
'he tlu-oes of M* '??""?
the rein.stat. mfM,t into ' power'Tf 'J!"'
Democratic pnrly , f L
Trz.:1 .vr'""1
compared with $rj0v ?? js.. 1,H
collected from fV. "" w ls
the fts, a, v^r^ Kh r t'"'111'1'" ,lurh,B
n.i e - , 1 ' "ding June ;to. I'M"
Hip fJlM ttlaI ,h(,|( u ,(s ^ . I-.
h;;"Hh'Ks.a;en<!f ,,r
saris? .kt,:
tr 1 ? r of v,V . ,'1" i,is
election and change of reglm"
Dp put \ Collector .1 XVnda said
>'*eterda\ that {l Mgher p..rce , tc. ,!
V>' ""SfrfHiiient than ever
' ' orP()ratinns of the .sev
eral hOiis.'Mid failed t,, fi!.
'pportj. ai d most of these are
f.Ht 'J 'rr't1' ?' ' ' ",S Tt"' 'h"? limit <???
' " ' March 1 Tl,r...
wlth"M,!"rS t'"Vr implied
V"vx ?,v, u":'r??- ?
,n,??;?r ' . " ??<
! Jg^r-Our Store Will Close AT
count of MEMORIAL DAY.
June weddings approach.
Is your "singleness" near
ing an end, or are you simply
to help "put another man
Either way, here's the
proper outfit.
Full-dress Suits?Waist
coats?Ties? Gloves?Shirts
Beside Trunks, Bags and j
Cases for the journey.
Use the Berry Store as you |
would a well stocked ward
Always ready!
I Special to The Times- nlspateh.l
Chattanooga. Tenn.. May 25.?The '
second clay of the reunion of Confer!- I
crate Veterans and the final business
meeting awarded th< next reunion to '
Jacksonville. No Virginia or North '
Carolina city was placed In nomination, '
although a great deal of discussion was i
held regarding one of the North Caro
lina sites for the next meeting.
The Richmond Howitzers, who are
here in new uniforms and in full rega
lia. made their first public appearance !
to-day in the parade of tlio Sons of
Veterans and sponsors. All along the
line of march they were greeted with
applause, and easily made the best
showing of any organization in the
entire parade. They led the Virginia j
Division, and were a source of attrac- ,
tion. They lire in Chattanooga with a
total strength of seventy men. Ar- '
rangements have been made for this
organization to leave Chattanooga Fri- ;
day night at 11 o'clock. They will make
the return trip on the special train
with the It. K. Lee Camp of Richmond. I
A stop-over will be made In Asheville. ?
The Howitzers ate the guests of the
tity of Chattanooga. They have been
quartered in the <"ity Hall, and every
attention has been shown them.
The Virginia Division in the parade
held attention. Three beautifully deeo- |
rated automobile Moats carried the
sponsors and maids of honor. Follow
ing this were tho .Sons, marching dou
ble tile. Judging from the applause In
the stands along the line of march,
there were many Virginians present.
Another division which showed to ad
vantage was the North Carolina Sons.
Two automobile lloats carried these
sponsors, and a long line of ihe Sons
<if Veterans followed. The ? rownlng
social feature of the reunion took place
to-night, when the veterans' ball was
The immense tent of chamberlain
Field was tilled to capacity, and a spe
cial section had to be reserved for the
sponsors. The ball was opened l>\ the
Ited Cross drill of the Memphis. Tennes
see veterans Following this, the old
veterans formed by divisions fot the
grand march. Virginia was the third
division in line. The veterans were
accompanied on this march by the1
young women from the camps. North
Carolina -followed Virginia
The reunion has been a success from
a social standpoint for the visitors and
sponsors, as well as the best reunion
for the old veterans Not a sit.gle in
jury or fatality has been report' <i in
the ramp divisions for North Carolina
and Virginia
The veterans' parade will begin to
more at 10 o'clock m the morning Vir
ginia and North Carolina will have a
Inrge representation in this parade,
and I'n.e Howitzers will again partici
Another social function has been ar
tanged for to-inorrow night, when li e
Sons of Veterans and their sponsors
will hold rtift annual hall
<?ne of the central attractions ;.t rt <?
reunion is t'aptaiu .1 Shakespear Hat -
tis. ot Hnleigii, N. <?. who, though in
the Confederate service, wore ;? blue
( Ulcer's uniform during the war on spy
,|7"V lie was once captured and was
sentenced t... he huug the next niorn
i ing. I.ut escaped.
mmsm a ? ||
Mineral Water
"The Drink That Cheers" and
Has No "Afterwards."
Mineral Water
lias always been l>c?t from it-,
lir-'t iu>d .it the world sixteen
years ago.
"The .\ri<u>crat of the Min
eral. Water World."
Your Druggist
Sells Fonticello
gifforu pinciiot.
wii.i.iam i.oeh. .ir.
the 31arq.ukttk coixty coukthorsb.
coi.o\E!i floosr.llM.T.
ja>irs n. (;aufiki-d.
fighting Rages All Around Famous Plaintiff in
Libel Suit, and He Is Unable to
Get Into It.
Marquette. *?ch.. Mav 2SZcoionol
?to-day. l,The"hilpr>it's.1
I'e'couhj nil
and the lawye'rs fo?Fd to. vl !,t
? l""l'"1' ,e"or,s '""I '???"' I
??'. orated, '
^ x*?v*ir
Eliomlcnt. iii ?|,"}h '"?"?"I'tiPer mra. ,
!ssJTy,Hr^;1id' 1
sjir,:"", "i"',n""|S i
sp-vssrrt r I
? ahinet" were 11^,1 ,rtlMO"s reams !
Ftobert Racb'11 f<->?- 1 next> hut after!
rotary rS S "ie^ !|'t A""l?'?nt So,- j
f 0 r ,11 or See re tar v 'o f "t h o $>H"
rifled. court adjourned J
?,:?toho'i?v?rt wU,ch r?usod tho lonp de
o, not "Benerar'ro1, "'i* a" lt> whether
,%irr ?^?raw:
??"'?MJtuted ronuTaTion!1 andYt" mj"'
"lit tlif coiinlrv r 1! V * ""OUKh
'ioosovel drnJfc f lhal o|
,, , .. ''tank to excess beforo 1.--1,
'^"spvmi-h reputation "r> 10 ' ol?"'1
-i''' ;!.| 'h|',,(!'l'(i '"'mlUiMI 11 n,,
I ?<?' ?. ri " ?""?Wllh'tl that ||,"
,1k? """ "" ?r.Irte
?"i*o,i ru,iou? ,,i,i 11
>21, ."a." callo.,, aad if,"
iii iii, . f, "p vv increased ardor
I" 'he . noon. ui.en the attorneys
hearlnp on tlie'matter'18 "ml dec,?'??n.
.indlre,,Iif'"'i8l!0n8 r?'?tl?* ,0 the 0,10
, 11 were Ihreahod out
?ne was whether or ,,ot
I, 11,1, 7T *'OUl,, '"trodure article*
. in lm,Kazlnes or ncw.s??po,s
I'liiii'r vo"""
?v- "rssr
.... .trxiv
">l?a|,era ?r mnKa,.l??, ?
hy Kditor Xflwnti, or iiiiir.
w?s ??*??? <- ^ Jziz
11 among var our rlas?es of ...r.
dlfferf-?t localities. ",on
Mr ft l.ou^hlln caiisorl ,ho altomou.
doni f defonae ,0 IndulKo in 'I Sl
? n of nir.Ht oarneat oliJertinK llo
?rr.?K|? (ho entire arrav of |.'dito
f? la wyars ,0 II,.-,, feot w, o
;> it a we red Attorney Mo|de?'? ?ucrv -,'i
ief r!'i" ir r.ft h'"' nfeK?thHed In behalf
>f folonel ftooaevolt with the Italian
(memment and the Vatican by
1 "I am a Catholic."
The fur new f.iwt for n while, but finally
. "h?a*o. -| a?, a <'athollo." was 01
"d Htrtokeii from tbo roooivj
? Mr. O'l.ouKhlln. In |,|M direct oxainl
" answer to exhaustlvo
M,ex Ion,, from Attorney Pound, "old Gf
K tonfC '"'lualntance with Colonoi
l;ooM,vclt Me nafd he bad 8oen the
<lone| every ?lay while ho wan Prowl
!l. i UHUn]ly ?'?ny times a dav
1 n.SV'i f'",' a,,ovc "hartoum to
t/.rrfL Cfdnnol on hIh return from
or , f nccoinpanloil him on much
'1 ,'fl fh|ol,Kh lOnropo Altjo
v,? ,.eV 'n",,y <"n,pal??lnK trl,,H
|m, ' "''"-cl, and had never ?e, n
I under the alightcst influence of
liquor. He had never seen Colonel
Roosevelt drink anything alcoholic at
state banquets or formal dinners, fx
c-pt jiossibly a single glass of cham
liagnc or white wine.
Mr. Be Id on questioned Mr. O'l^ough
1 i ii exhaustively, regarding Colonel
Roosevelt's presence at the Gridiron
Club's functions in Washington and
the liquors served at Its dinners. Th"
Gridiron Club served no intoxicants,
according to Mr. O'L/oughlin, except
a cocktail before dinner, champagne,
some kind of red wine and possibly a
liquer. lie had seen Colonel Koose
velt drink a single glass of eham
pagne at the Gridiron Club, nothing
more. Mr. O'lxnighlin finished his
testimony by declaring that Colonel
Roosevelt was the cleanest minded man
he had ever known and abhorred pro
Robert Bacon testified that he had
entered Harvard with the class of
1SS0, to which the Colonel belonged.
Air. Bacon graduated in 1S84; so did
Colonel Roosevelt. The two had been
Mr. Bacon told of his friendship
with the Colonel after college days
were over; how many times he saw
him every day In Washington, and con
cluded with the statement that ??Theo
dore Roosevelt Is one of the most tem
perate men 1 ever knew."
Truman II. Newberry, of Detroit,
formerly assistant secretary and af
tewards Secretary of the Navy under
Roosevelt, said that he never know
of Colonel Roosevelt taking a drink
socially and only drinking on formal
occasions a single glass of cliampai^ne
or white wine.
1 *uclus F. Curtis, a newspaper man,
told of many campaign trips in which
he had accompanied Colonel Roose
velt, and said that he had never seen
the Colonel drink witli the exception
of two swallows of mint jub-ps at the
Country Club at St. l.ouis. and a glass
of light wine at Senator Warren's
ranch in Wyoming.
(Continued From First Pa^e.)
late to-day ordered the npprehenslon
and detention of "Wade Stevens, son
? >f the dead woman, pending further
investigation. Nothing has been learn
ed of the movements of young Stevens
since Tuesday night, when he is said
t<> have announced his determination
to go to Chattanooga. It is stated
that Mrs. Stevens wished her son to
(" main at home, and that she had sent
his clothes to a neighbor's Mouse in
order t" prevent his departure.
I'ekalb County officers believe that
Mrs. Stevens and the girl was murder
ed and the house burned t<? conceal
tin- crime. Mis. Stevens was it-ported
t'i have kept considerable amounts of
money in the house, and it is helicvea
that the motive for the murders was
robbery The skull of Mrs. Stevens
was crushed as if from a blow with
a heavy weapon.
(Continued From First Page.)
hllity of certain testimony. Mr.
O'liOUEhlin was asked whether he
heard general reports circulated Among
t;i?? !K wspaperB thai the Colonel was
in the habit of getting drunk. After
tli" court's ruling, he was permitted
tit answer. His answer was that he.
hail heard such rumors, hut that he
regarded them as wholly unfounded
and r.ot v. crthy of not'ee.
Kqunlly I'nNitlve.
Mr. Newberry and Mr. Bacon were
equally positive as to Colonel Roose
vel;'s iiabits of sobriety.
Mv rnories of th? Cuban campaign
wen- brought to Colonel Roosevelt as
h< sat iii tlie court-room. A tr-l< gram
was handed htm from Hugh T. tlalben,
of St. Paul. Minn., referring to a letter
which the Colonel wrote while In camp
in Cuba to T* Guttmann. at forslc.ina.
Texas, about the ut-o of whiskey among
6oldiers while r?n duty.
It is likely that Colonel Roosevelt's
1 side of th?- case will be compR*t>:-d to
; morrow.
Among those still to take the stand
are Oifford Plnchot, .lames it. Ciarflnid,
| Reg'.s H. Post. I?iwrence Abbott. "Wil
liam I.o. bi Jr.. W. K. Roosevelt, a cou
I sin of the Colonel, and two secret ser
| vice men who traveled with the Col
on* I when he was President.
Killing of Court.
Judge Flannigan's ruling vraa as
"Tlie Michigan rule Is very well set
tied that the general reputation of the
plaintiff is a matter that the defendant
may dispute ? tjiat is. his general repu
ation previous to the publication of the
alleged libelous article?and evidence
of that nature will be received.
"The other question is as to whether
or not the defendant may show that
other newspapers published similar
charges, and may show tiiat It was re
ported aipong men that plaintiff was
guiltv of similar offense. The court is
very well satisfied that the defendant
Is r.ot entitled to that testimony, and
no testimony of that nature will bo
"< liison Gardner, a witness, yesterday
, testified under direct examination to
the opinion of certain correspondents
of Washington. That testimony will
. be considered drawn out by the plain
i tiff.
"I think the defendant will have the
"Doan Make de Proper
Use of Mint Bed"
[Hpeclnl to The Tlnies-Dlspatch.!
j "Washington, Mny US.?"President
Wilson only iisch his little bed of
mint sinier for Imiili?lie doitu make
lie proper iinc of It."
i This itns the comment of "t^enrge,"
the head chef nt the White House,
to-dny. when nuked If the President
ever called for nilnt Juleps from the
"little mint heil nt the White House,"
concerning which Colonel Itoosevelt
testified nt Marquette, Mich., yester
day. The "proper use" of mint, ac
cording to llenrKP. Is only in jtileps,
of which, he snld. lie had made many
during former administrations, hut
none during this one.
'?Movies" for Schools.
A committee of teachers from tho
Southsidn schools inspected the mov
ing picture machine si I the John Msir
shsill High School yesterday with si
view ?>f purchsising one. for use in
I'owhatsin and Ruffner Sclictyls. The
stun of $li>7 has already been raised
for this purpose by subscription smd
benefits, si ml the "movies" will be
offered to ihe school children next
For the benefit of backward pupils
desiring to make up their deficient
studies, or ambitious scholars, who
wish to make a grside, the schools
i will he open this summer. The term
will begin on June 25, and will run
six weeks.
Vacuum (leaner for I'onf-OHtfr.
1 Superintendent Lloyd received yes
terday a telegram from tho Western
F.lectiic Company announcing that the
vacuum cleaner recently ordered for
1 .Manchester station Is en route. The
| machine, which is the latest model,
l cost $100. and will he n valuable aid
j in keeping tho station "spotless."
< iiurch Hrnrflt.
I?e cream and refreshments will be
| served at Hollywood to-morrow'for the
benefit of the building fund of Weath
orford Memorial Church. All members
? >r friends of the church are. requested
to lend their aid in making the day
I a success. There still remains si noto
j ui Jil.ugu tluo oil Lho new church bulla*
Ing, which must he met by July 17, find
the finance committee is making every
effort to raise the required amount.
KIiir'n Dm lighter* to Meet.
An important mectiiiK of the Swans
boro Circle, King's Daughters, will he
held at the home of Mrs. ,1. IS. Norvell,
2'">02 Hull Street, this sifternoon sit 3
J. II. Slaughter Captured.
After a search Isistlng for over n
week, Ofllcer Way in a ck arrested J. H.
Slaughter yesterday on si warrant
sworn out by C. F. luinnlvsint, charg
ing him with the theft of si violin
valued at $10.
It. h. Williams, charged with beipg
drunk ami disorderly, was taken Into
custody yesterday by Ofllcer C. F.
For cursing and abusing J. II. Rul
lock lsist night. W. I,. Badger was sir
rested and locked up in the Third Po
lice Station. All three csises will be
heard by Justice Msiurlce In Police
Court, I'art II., this morning.
lfrnr One Suit To-Dny.
On a motion for Judgment by the
plaintiff, the suit of Tyler & Ryan
ngsiinst Stephen A. F.lllson & Com
yanv for dsunnges will he heard 1 n
(listings Court, I'art II., this morning,
(Soorge R. White will represent the
defendant smd Attorneys Smith ami
Uoitlou will appear lor tho plixtnUff
right to robutt that statement If he Is
able to do so.
"Whether or not the dofondant will
bo entitled to show <fio source of his
Information for tho purpose of estab
lishing goqri faith 011 his part and bo
llef In the truth of tho article, must
turn, It seems to me, on the other fiues
tlon of whether or not tho (lumaKCs
may be Increased by reason of actual
mallco In tho publication, and the court
will not pass upon that question now.
That question may bo properly raised
and argued when that testimony Is of
fered . That disposes of all the ponding:
questions, I think."
Kxrrptlnn Taken hjr Mr. Ilrldrn.
Mr. Belden: "May w? not ask news
paper men like Mr. O'Loughlln I11 ref
erence to this charge published In largo
papers In tho country?"
Judge Flannlgan: "Publications of
similar mattors by other newspapers
are not accepted In mitigation of dam
Colonililn Trcpurlng <0 I'tmh Case
Agnlust I'iiUciI Slntc*.
Washington. May 28.?Colombia's
claim for reparation on account of tho
separation of I'anama was tho sub
ject of an hour's conference at tho
Stato Department to-day between Min
ister Uelancourt and Secretary Bryan.
It was stated that this was merely
preliminary to formal resumption of
negotiations suspended last January
011 account of tho failure of the Co
lombian government to appeal to tho
Incoming Democratic administration.
It Is understood It Is the desire of
both parties that the negotiations bo
resumed at Bogota, where they were
Initiated, as soon as a new American
minister succceds James Dubois, re
was offered by Lieutenant-Governor J
I Taylor Kllyson, of Virginia.
Ovation for Young.
The re-election of General Young and
his departmental ofllcers was tho occa
I sion for the greatest ovation which has
1 occurred at the present reunion. Kous
1 Ing "rebel yells" rent the air when tho
? name of General Young was mentioned !
' After he had been elected by acclama- !
j tlon. General Young said:
"This Is worth more to me than all '
the gold In the treasury of tho Called j
States. 1 would rather have your ro- I
j commendation than that of all tho 1
ether men and women In the world. I
Goil blfss each one of you. 1 thank J
1 you for this high honor which you ,
, have seen tit to bestow upon me a seo- j
1 ond time."
Three (heers for "Old Kentucky"!
! were given as Central Young received
! the congratulations of many friends, j
Kaeh of the departmental officers
I was ^ivvn a hearty ovation, and all |
; were deeply moved.
, Many thousands witnessed the pa
rad<- this afternoon of the Sons of the ]
Confederate Veterans. Attired In unl- j
forms similar to those made taroous
throughout the Southland by tlielr
fathers, these young men presented a
striking spectacle. The HI hmond
Howitzers, tho l'elhain Guards, from
, Macon. c,ri . and two companies of Ten
nessee militia participated In the pa
geant and sponsors from many divt- |
sions of the organization.
\eternns at Doner.
To-night the aged veterans were
1 given an elaborate ball at Bennett M.
1 Young l'avlllon. Regardless of the
fart that they are to stand the trying
; ordeal to-morrow of a street parade,
many of the veterans danced late into
the night On the spacious pavilion at
various times during the night,
dances of ttrty years ago anl of the
present flay were executed. The state
ly Virginia reel was followed !>>' the
"turkey trot," and young as well as
old appeared to enjoy the occasion.
I To-morrow, the veterans* parade. In
: which tlie aged soldiers will be given
1 the places of honor, will conclude the
'? twenty-third annual reunion so far as
' the veterans nre concerned. The vet
erans will he the guests of honor at a
grand bail to-morrow night.
"Natural and unavoidable conditions"
? have during the past year depleted to
an unusual degree the ranks of the
United Confederate veterans, causing
proportionate decrease In revenue.
| according to the annual report of Ma
' jor-General William K. Mlckle, of New
'Orleans, adjulanl-genera! and chief of
start, submitted at the organization's
annual reunion here to-day. The re
port was. in part, as follows:
"I have not been inclined In my an
nual reports to take a very cheering
view of the future of this association.
1 have predicted, year after year, a
speedy decline in the income, based on
natural and unavoidable conditions. In
1!'12, I regret to nay, n most decided
, tailing off in receipts from both otll
'? ( ers (which 1 do not understand) and
? from camps, must he noted. Tho
amount realized from these two sources
1 in 1911 was $5,627, and for 1'.'12 $4,930.
"It is a source of pleasure that I am
j able to say that at. 110 period In the
j history of the association has such a
large percentage of camps paid their
j dues as in 1 !? 1 3. The amounts, of courso,
' are smaller, but the number paying is
' far in excess of any preceding year.
"I cannot think that those holding
? commissions do not realize the burden
J of responsibility resting 011 their
1 shoulders. For some cause, however,
! their responses for the past year have
j not been so ready nor so numerous as
j formerly. Holding all the honors the
I association can bestow, they should
manifest their affection and patrlot
| ism in a way more beneficial to tho or*
j ganlzatlon.
I "I am pleased to say that there are
{.vet a few old Confederates not in L'.
> c. V. who desire to become connected
'.with this glorious federation, and dur
! ing the past year there have been
1 eleven charters issued to now camps.
| "For the reasons stated in the past,
and which will ever prevail, forty
1 camps have forfeited charters.
"The following table will show the
J present condition:
"Summary of camps by divisions:
Last No. payment On
Division. Report. Added. Hues. Roster.
Texas 207 .. Hi 107
Georgia 133 4 1 136
! Mississippi . , 84 .. 84
Alabama .... 81 2 8 SO
{ Kentucky ... 7"i .. . . 7.ri
IS. Carolina... 74 2 fi 70
j Arkansas .... 70 .. 1 CiO
Virginia 67 .. 4 63
N. Carolina... 64 1 3 62
Tennesseo ... 60 1 3 58
Oklahoma ... 58 1 2 57
Louisiana ... 40 2 .1 48
Florida 47 I I 47
M issourl 4.1 11 2 41
W. Virginia.. 22 1 1 23
Northwest ... 15 11 1 14
Pacific 14 .. .. 14
Maryland .... 12 .. .. 12
Total 1,175 15 40 1,150
"Sumary of camps by departments:
Lust Yr. This Yr.
Army of Tennessee.... 528 520
Trans-MlsslssippI 392 407
Army of N. Vlr??nta. . . 230 C39
"Cash receipts for the year 1012 were
(5,540.20; expenditures, $5,700.20.
"I reported last year that 1 had five
volumes of the minutes bound and one
voluuie of orders, Since X hive sot out
It's a Fact!
nine of every ten who have
the following new records
have purchased them:
"you Can't Play or. Evory Instru
ment In tho 13find."
Sung by Cawthorn, comedian.
"A Dre??."
By Ilarrieon.
"I Hoar You Calling Me."
By Harrison.
"Welcome Home,"
Peerless Quartetto.
Our soundproof rooms are at your
service. Come in and hoar these
"The House That Miwlc Richmond
rtinf?0?'1 v<?lumo of order* nnrt an ad
? Itloiud volume of minutes, will be
ready In the coming winter
"I am proud to he able to state that
thes? volumes are being purchased bv
libraries of the No,t|,. N(, ?
nouiicement to the members of this or
gnnizatlon should elicit a greater fe<-!
Ing of satisfaction than this J have
-nnd, examination of the volumes on
the shelves iu some libraries. an<) was
plea sec! to observe tl.at thov borU"
I cad!1 evidence of having i?>eri
?The grim reaper has called durintr
be ,-ast tw(lv? months for |,|H U,K
tomary toll of veterans, amon* whom
may be mentioned C. \\\ c.
Of ifnern 1 Hobet t E. I,eo. and a m'aioT
iftiSJJ." rcy *??'
Itlchmond Hoys Are ( entre of Attrae
Hon u( < liaUunou>:n.
? nattanooga. Tr?!ii, May c* r,p.
splendent in their handsome n?-w full
dress uniforms, the Itlchmond Hovvli
*ers completely captured Chattanooga
ami its thousands of visitors to-dn
?ben they marcbed through two solid
hanks of cheering humanltv in the an
nual parade ,.f Sons Confederate
\etcrans clad (ll Confederate urn
with artillery red and gold trimmings;
and with red plumes blowing gallv in
the bre<ze. tiie Richmond bovs ea?iiv
topped any organisation In the lint- \
battalion of Tennessee and two coni
i'anles ?r Alabama Infantry acted ?,?
es.-orts to the Howitzers, while the
. rd T^nnessef- Infantrv Hand had
nssigned for duty with them
rietween social activities and miiltarv
dut.es the Howitzers have spent two
busy days here Their distinctive un|?
InTlivfi .?'1 th* ccnt,e "f attraction,
a id limitations to social events have
piled In on them. To-night thev at
ended the Tinted Confederate Vete
tans ball at General Bennett H. Young
pavilion hy special Invitation, and to
morrow night attend the ball given for
the sponsots. maids of honor and c?n.
place"tC V0,ernnh' son? the same
Many of the boys have made side
n luca m 0|k01" -Mountain. Chioha
mauga. Missionary Ridge and other
places of interest. To-morrow the
Tn v,s,t ,he battlelleids
atound < hattanooga in automobiles
supplied by business people here
Aii invitation to dinnei has "been ex
ended the batter* by the Eleventh
i ! -St.ite? ( avaliy, encamped at
' hi. kam.-iuga Park, and the Riehmond
ers will be the guosts of the regulars
r day. A feature of th* day will be a
bull game between the Howitzers and
1 loop I .M,-Curdy a nil Mar Karlane will
be on tin- firing line for the Virginia
'bo.vs. 1 he entire battery will he pres
ent. and is practicing cheers for tho
1 he advent of the Howitzefs in Chat
j tanooga has given an impetus to the
gaiety of the Immense throng of visi
I tors The Richmonders have been the
ringleaders in all the fun on the
streets Their serpentine dance through
l the business section and the principal
hotels has been a feature of reunion
\\ herever Is fun, there will be found
a bunch of Howitzers forming the cen
tre of attraction.
in to-day's parade the Howitzers
clearly eclipsed all rivals, and have
i been highly complimented wherever
jlhey have been seen . To-morrow they
| will be tiie escort of honor to the Vir
ginia Division in the main parade of
?the week. Their uniform has been
'pronounced the har.asomest ever seen
"this state, while many prominent
visiting officers declare it to be with
jout peer in this country. It was
ordered several months ago, and
j reached Richmond last Friday night.
The material is tho best obtainable,
and, with seventy men in line the
number making the trip, it makes a
; beautiful appearance. Instead of guns,
? light officers' sabres are carried. '
Ma rc!hlng proudly behind Captain
William M. Myers in to-day's parade
was A. B. Faxon, a native of Tennessee,
and tiie only man from this State serv
ing with the Howitzers in (lie Civil
i War. Mr. Faxon lives in Chattanooga,
j During the war he served with tho
I Second Company of Howitzers for the
entire four years' struggle.
The Howitzers are quartered in the
City Hall, and are better fixed than
any other organization in attendance
here. The Council chamber and the
en tiro third floor of the building have
been turned over to them. Cots nnd
blankets were brought from Richmond
with the other equipment, and there la
planty of room to spare in tho spacious
structure. The floors arc carpoted. and
two Janitors, in addition to a porter,
attending the battery, are keeping tho
sleeping quarters spick and span.
Regular military rules are being fol
lowed. Reveille sounds at 6:30 In the
morning, while taps is blown at 12
o'clock each night. Meals are being
taken at restaurants, and. although
overcrowded, the proprietors are ex
tending every courtesy to the boys.
He Ileelaren Belief Thai Frlerfmann's
Heriim Is -Absolute Failure."
/Tew York. May 28.?M^iyor Gaynor,
after a conference to-day with Health
Commissioner Mderle, declared his be
lief that the Frledmann tuberculosis
se!.V.V! Is^an absolute failure."
? } .If1*.15''- Frtedniann came here."
said the Mayor, "I gave directions that
he be given a fair show. When a man
comes along with anything new he Is
usually howled down. I do not like
that. He has had a (\ 1 r iVow, and I
understand that his method is an ab
solute failure He'cannot go awaV
a fair ?how",V tha> he has not had

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