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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, June 21, 1913, Image 2

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Gives History of Formation of
the International Har
vester Comoanv.
1 lad
fi v<
v >1;
a- I ?
Chicago. .Mine "0?As Ofnrse W.
Perkins, former partner of tlie late .!.
p Moron, viewed it from the .\itness
j, 13 n ? I n the International Harvester
Company's antitrust hearing to-day.
Jidwin P Grosvenor. attorney for the
government. know.* but little of
Tin particular "deal" In question was
incidental t<> the formation of the In
tf.'Tatloi'..11 Harvester Company in pro
e--: fathered l>> Mr Perkins >. particu
larly with regard to witness" eflTorts
t purchase the McCormick. Deerlng.
Piano. Osborne and Milwaukee Harves
ter Companies. Mr Perkins, under
. -ess-? e\amination by Attorney Grosvo
. ? ? ?: ???<! by his testimonx that those
eerns were under consideration, hut
not *V.ese alone
Th* title was successfully trans
fe: c i ir. the ase of four of the com
:?-s . ! the same date, wasn't it'.'"
si.iicested Attorney <!rosx onor.
N sir. not in the way you want tne
;<-? siv 1 was working on the proposl
-= si-v ilt. "'v- but ! think they
wore not i-r i.-lf to conclusions un the
The government lawyer said the four |
? . won .ill signed .Iul> 2>. 11101?.
m ^ explained that a doal
night be completed without anything
, j. a . ? jj j.'jt .in papei That was
. forinallty.
?pi ii: t you get all the men together
and <1 .sens.- the proposition?" persisted,
Mr Grosvenor.
T at.' relied the witness. with em
"would have been the last thing
world i would have done You
t know mu> h aliout deals t<> sutr- ,
Ko. - such a th :ig 1 was particularly;
,-te i in kceplnc the men apart,
they < inie together they would
1 was trying to got the
more firms, and they would j
adv:-.: ?iii their price on tne I
.id see this organization
ee :t You are looking back at it
err; ten yea:.- while 1 look at it as a
. n.< t i\ ?? whole "
Ye"" retorted th" government at-1
?r.:..;. 'w ?? aie looking at the legality
. . I s formation ten years ago. That
? w a we a:e Interested In"
? V. i o.?: : h..ve learned this long
r.c. replied Mr. ivrkins. "if you had
< . .:!!? d ? >:: :iv? [Iif i But you didnt
;? . I t' w ut until now. when 1
testifying under n otice I probably
will ? ?riminnlP indicted for having
v \ ? \. i this iiifvirmation "
I', k i ? > when he took the wit
? . < . i yesterdaj was warned by
Gro.-vt nr that conditions under
w 1( testitb d did iK'i give him
lam. ir?11- I possible prosecution.
>1 1 ? n.r.s s id !?,?*. was born In <"hi
i; that . ? n I lived in the West
enough to familiarize himself with it; I
had ?. ! se; v> i ac: : ",ilt uraI coinlitions iti
this iiil.tr- and in Kuropo He said ho
'ad ' Ifinm that \n.erica is vastly in
;.d\.i!,ie of European methods
AsV.c i ?r arrange I the Milwaukee
Harvester purchase, he replied:
"Mr. Morgan was back of this pur
. si and he alone Neither Mi ?'yrus
M oitnlck nor any of the McCorniicks
h:. 1 anything to do with it. except to
as a iempu-ar> loan to Mr
? ?? il? whi' h was used in
has* of the option '
nan> 1 the International Har
\ est-r ("fillll .:n> . '
I did
I wish >ou would tell nil this name
wa.s chosen
This name was a direct outgrowth
o: on: intention of developing an inter
national business M> experience in
the New York Life Insurance ("oiiipans
had been that ?? ir agents abroad ha I
t- and thnt if the\ were able to call
then film an 'international life msui
?V company the 'international car
ried nioie weight than 'New York'
"> determined our cho: . of the ivmil
??.nternationar in the harvester eom
"Phase state the basis on which the
i tenia:lonal was organized
!t was stri'tlj a cash basis There
?vi.s i c. watered .stock Everything wa;
? i i; f>?: dollar on n.tual values
? ? was no syndicate iii connection
thi o: nization
i van
1 o: g :
\V h
d Horn First Pn*e
:r ;' i, Alexandria I":
'A' a n? s ; ? r o ; VY I my.
(? a f'<i>ne, Lynchburg
Harris uibui g
. ! .-'a r.ds Itohinond
I. F Rison. Danville; A. I>
r'r .: r;o . a1. W III* hiiOll.
W . ' ? ? -.i l h Bee -
V . l MIS
. Ha: rise
\v Mil
b;.:: K > i
N' \? s.
1 i\
r; 1*: ? it
i!< velop
' r. tirinan
'? ' ' ! I
I'., Mcars,
:1a ski
n- '.\
rOli M
Br> an.
M Hu:
1. i k ?
l.lll In ItetlrhiK I'ri-M.li
i: beh: . of t r
? r i
? x [(
wl M ""m '7-: :"V
token ir? a ?O.oit spe.il . f it
t:-.n, ai.d pr- -.-.lted . - ? . ? ?
th? i-.-sso. ? ? Jos.*p; ' H
? Iui t r nr.- ,, ??!:.. u :
a .gUI i ! ad .: > .?>?? ; .n . ess. d I
the belief t> ;it as i :.y a
Senator '?weti ?d Ftepr'-sen' : . .
:.re at tie iiea l < : th- t ? i .
ca?"N ! : c *i? I.ani'.>. ii. ?. -1 ...
Pre: dent Hu: t - ?
president of the association, and Ik it
? : t li . ? : of t h ? 11/- 1. - I i ? i ...4.
stone He was (hiirtnaii ?,f i < s,
< lation's committee < the \!dri. 1 jj
at the Hot .Sfnu.i '.uventK ?: in ?)
is a ir.embei of t: ?? bo^id of t ..t?, s
?William and ? <djt-,
.an ut tl 1 fina .' < >11111.11lee ol t) .?
.t. of Hla'-K-.t' :.i
N prii ker.i of l-'tuut lln>.
The .' p*:-: ? - of t. filial d.'? . <?
(it-, henaioi ' it., ut 1: h n
. x president Illinois ia.nr.c . v? ,
' >r. "The Soil -,?i tM i tos?-;.
': Hurt. "Rank 1 n c and . i- iitn-.
and 1 (' Sandy. Hurkovillr \n.
.ral I>enionstratlon Work 111 larn.
\ res'lution, adopted unar.lrrioa?'
directed the president to appoint two
'iclegateh from the committeer on ri
-ilturs and financial dexelopntant ar.g
- duration to attend the raeeth.K of the
For that over Sunday trip here
are special fixings that will add
to the enjoyment of your visit.
Neckwear in new, novel colors.
Socks and handkerchiefs to har
Shirts in silk, near-silk, linen and silk.
Negligee in attractive designs; special trousers in flan
nel and serge.
Caps and Soft Hats particularly for the country.
Straws and Panamas, of course.
Bathing Suits for men and boys.
Linen, Serge and Homespun Suits?Norfolk or plain
Just the Trunk or Bag you'd want out of thousands is
Everything to make you a credit to your host.
North 1 ':< ? Una Bankers' \rsociat.on
at Asheville next month to meet with
like conn, it toes from other Sout: ? :i
Sta t ?? s in furtherance of ac-.. imI
and educational interests The ? i ?-1 e -
pntes left at v }? o'clock to-r.:- t <?: a
specially < i urtered steamer t'oi Wash
ington. Ti ?" \\ ill return to < ?! i Point
i'omf'" i <?: ti> same steamer -'s? <:.a \
Spimtor Ouoti'K Sjircch.
"The time has come for the big
hanks of New York, I'.ostvn. Philadel
phia and I'hicago to ;n out of the c?.\
erninc business. and they are g? :.ir out
of the govertntiK bu.-.ness The new cur
rency bill, let it he h'.riie in mind, has
been framed with the idea of serving
the country at larpe. serving the pro
duce! the little hanker, the modcrate
?izc-<! bankei ev n the. biK banker. ex
cepting possibly the houses of .1 1'.
Morgan & <*o and Kuhn, l.oeh Co..
which have hitherto divided the bank
ing business of the country between
t hem."
Thus spoke .Senator Robert L <'wen.
of Oklahoma. chairman o the Senate
t'omnuuee on Hanking at i Currency,
to j tie bankets of Virginia. assembler!
at the i'hatuberlin Hotel n twentieth
annual convention 11. s moioing, in the
course of a clean-cut exposition of the
thoroughgoing; lii'tn-v reform bill
whic! sponsored l himself and Rep
resentative rartoi <. 1 a of Lynchburg,
will lie present" d t ? both houses of
Congress next week
!'ro\ision.-i of Vet.
The Senator addressed 1 ? . If to his
t,..-l with engaging dit ? *.: ?? s s. lit
outlined the chief p.o\i ; i > of the
act. tiling the noire:; la: i ? hanks
and banking, ami then in more
i -otil.ii speech of the me. ...??> l.-.r in
significance. Ill broadi st he,
? nhei the bill as peimittii - -it. racier
? h.lization of the i esci v. . of the
country, making them more i.-eful to
' "iiitriei i f. and as meet. - to ,t ai -
i>fat tory degree the den.at d a i ? . ?:
elasti' currency Strict!;. - ?-il.i .
said the Senatoi the ad r on- i
leform of hanking rathe- than t ; lit
re form of the ourI en
"There is no : ? ? ? i of period i.
. !.sI disturliatii es it. 1 :i.- . .uiiti" m
a:tv oth*-i country covetned 1 . w:-.*
:??;<! eriuital'le law- sa:u the spc-a.-.e
It 1 iiad the tune. I h. iio\e I ? ???:!?!
demonstrate that fact . ?Die: aticall
I say to you that ? of the most im
portant things for hanks t> their pro
tection ftum periodic ut st u: I a lye.s that
can lie' inach- for crafty and smistei
purpci.sc.- it is not necessary to say
tl.at have been made for crafty and
sinister purjioses
ueKlloiied iiy l)flc?Uies.
Senatrir Owen .spoke foi :-.:t\ ai.n
utes and paused to answer ?|:i nn
from the floor There followed a forty
minute flic in which the delegates uh
initted the speaker to a grilling ex
amination on the details of the n-form
act. of which ho is <?< -authoi Piesi
ient <? .1 Sunns. of Die American N..
tional Hani of lti< Innond. suggested to
Die Sen. tor that it was not the pe.
uliar ' tictioii of *o\ ei iimeiit i > en
ga;:o ,ii the l<ankinK tiusiness and tiiat
p.-rha | Die new a. t gave Die admin
istration loo many privileges in this
field of eominercfe
"The trove: n me ti l is now . and must
always I )? the banking business."
replied Senator owen warmly "I: ha:
to ft m the fact t ha t it control.-: the
? irret.' > I s it a tiad thing? l.ook at
lour national i?.ink> tlien higliCi (?: ? -
t e a ? ??mpa ? I -.\it: Stat" bankr
'i .? solel. to ti.-. f.-. t that they are
III let ir o ve : I. me. " ? ; jiei v I - i< ? I 1 .? t
i it h< aftai <?: ? . ?:i. i oa. 1.ments <if
\! '? c ?. ? t nn i-i.t in 11.in to-ld The ti ou
I ie now is that Do nig tanks of New
V i ml '? niiadelphia ha ?? e
? ? ed Die kjoverning fuMtirin. \V?
wan' 1 ;? it ;.ti e: i t > the opportunity
of 1 tanks I' to into Wall .-'trer-t
? :- ? iic.e - i many giant sponges .suck
?P ' . . t i.: .- I ' ti,. , jilt. Ill I e 1.
|e.-s Si ? ? 11 a ? i o r,
I'm. Ileal i .11 ret of Itrforill.
?w?. t i . K - i, 1 f t lie
pra' ti
01 :a
' he
? ? ?>X -. m.i? oi . or the
ia! pap. The - ,ke.
1 : . ?''! ? !l Ji (Hi
' ' ' '???? a t, r.?. i:,j? . vi
,,f ? n ti? . ..e.ncnj
?? ?' '"i tutt :. 11 i
Of cl"l
on nil .... . .o. iiansa< -
tioi,.- It ?tl ' i ? * i.a ?? I.-11
r,r ?! ? ' k . a lid t ? t . ,. ul.it i v<
' purposes. The tei i.i wlJJ !<-? thoro ex
tl . rlefiins/l, he lei. I.. ??.- l-'edei al
i (? .-r >. ?? hoarrl ':-at. . t. . Di"
'! t <? nev, r-\ii i etc '? .i ?. ?. Sei.ator
? <?*. en. is thorough)* .? keeplM- .viil,
- irerierai fueling It i' D.e to e ,y
'??it:..: for ttie Kovernirient tr. ht?>p in
, i-.d f-K'ilate '-ertain kindH of big r.u>i
t.efc? in D.fc Ir.'.ereni of man ** opf.o?%d
t.o the tr.'eitfts of tr,":. Heneath D.k
?" 1"'* ",V 'ie sa'd. lie.s the purpose to
>ei\p the country"?not bank, is alone,
but the people at large.
count on my native Stat- ? Vir
Pin a and the bankers of Virginia."
saio ..eiiator Owen, "to stand bv ::?= in
. e* 1 . 7 hlIT,mn "iherty nKainst the
mote sordid accumulation of wealth"
<-lml to lie lu Virginia.
?w^'idV^VV**" 0,xprrsF0d hi* Pleasure
'?i V u himselt once more in the
?where ho was born. A ci.rin.is
tning not generally known, he ?nid
was the fact that Carter ass chai,
or the llou.se Committee on R-lnk
and himself" 'ha".
fac"ale Committee on Hank
r ^n.-hi! i -',UrrLfiU:y' are 1,01,1 natives of
he told' till S hank'nB experience.
five vl ver.tion, was of twentv
T, \f r stanointr. He launched the
A"' , ank Oklahoma, he said, more
n?arter of a century atro, and
Mlil connected with it.
At he next winter session, said Sen
ator 'wen. his committee hoped t.. he
.ad* to present to Congress a ue-ier M
I an for the codification of all the F*ed
re fo r.n r "that** * M,her ">?netarv
1"1?V '??" probable in the near
pornt?on of^ i m:,ty im: >"<?? inior
ot.tt ion of clearing-houses tSovern
/'ontrol of >t,.,ok ox,-h,h,
thought .might well be considered.
ti< V/th n* ,,ni,rf"e'1 "?e convon
w arm of ' L,rtC ?f M!' "?">
? of feeling, and th?: applause
pfollowed lasted for minute
HioMdeni W. M. Habliston of the Ob!
'tnitnion Trust Connanv. of H
?nond moved a rising vote of thanks
speaker. and the motion was
enthusiastic response
Biped* Illll to I|P Passed.
To? 1!' "* 'a ^ correspondent of The
i in., o-liispatdi Senator Owen snoke
?' ?pe;l the bill to he introduced
?1 nd.iv oi Tuesday." he said, "and I
ye ..ssurance that it will he passed
material alteration he
?as adjourns for the present
*ill be presen rod sinum
u ii \fM,ses- President vv
on the measure.
will he the att.Luuc oi [tlfe
?'is to the bill?" he was a.la
S-... I, ? ?"<?* present H-i
i *i.| he presentod ,-imult
- ? ... u?th houses. President vv
"'ii appear m person before
? Mon,,ay lnfl will deliver a spe i,
1*- f on tht- measure.
HennhH.1 ''e lh* att'tud? of t
V.""";ihs to "?* Ml!?" he was ?
rc-'i'i.'fi"' eh! ? wUh us in this reform
; ..??? ? ???iiator Owen. "The cunen.-v
? ? ">t a party measure?it is t-re ?
parties and platforms As "f r
' K"". v "'? Republicans in
V'"'1' h;""l hand
? ' tat>. in securing its passage ?
<;, ' r' 'f " Suicide.
?'"* -s < . .Iune 20.-?Fred u*n
; a u,-j'l|hy member of the s..ut i
:r,.. r. 1 , ^ "r Rep resent a t i v.-s
? ? lis iiunty, committed
i-.a' ? it un',,n at hi? hom?j a,
1 left a note In which h
? not vrasy, but ,
???? ?... ????
v !* I \ I S 1 "" ?' HK Jl o n IA l? ^ .
'??? '?rmluiilf I Ite?? AucJcnt i:,?ni
, . ",, H <?' I nju.Ht Itecall.
j. , ,V ' . June 20. Ass., it -
.r?, KV'v? and recall . ,-i
-Mcibiades and Socr.v. ?
, / r.^. aim had worked about ,s
t T V i ",ay expected to w .?]?,
" ' , / ,as Chaffee, Jr.. who ... ? , .
i I i* ? " ' !tii a lawyer at llai \, .
! . til'. r,t speech yeste, .la v
, . f 1 ' * '* f,;r H hoslilft alt IN; ...
?r tho public tow a n| rh..
\Vi.il ? v.iircoR Of dissatisfaction
u : V-' now'. said Mr. fh.nf,.,.
1 ' Wae of chariKintj one law
_ ' bench for anotiur who
'? in much tbf- same way?"
wi ll IN Ml Ml LAW I-lliH WtV.
VirKliib, w.uiik People Meet with Dir.
nrulfy Hrforf Orrmonv.
V. a.sniiigton June 20.?Amid the
;, ' ' tonics (,f i he law librai v < f
AJ??"ciation or the eitv bal
VV .?od wa t d. of Norfolli
, ? 1'11''? ?am old. and Ma'i i.
Sni vi""' nineteen yoars, of Karlva
?II"-. \ a . plightcd llielr troth. The
'? .pie ..ah.-'! W ,i hIi I tig ton on . j 11.
?'ji- ? -vpei i-n.el some difllcult
?i t !' ' ; ;;:i assistant ' let k to ist ..
1 * license
, / ' , 1 ?' was called on tn
t i--phone and consented to ?o to ? .
jourthouse t.? t.erform the .erernon\
'!l . '' a" Hiil of the minister the
< -in i-i-tunj paitna and four witne..'
{'. '-??I'd i-. ii,0 i a w libiat y. when.
fL 1 ' rutipon , uaa held. u
? '>ii;.l- will bp.'-nd t,e v era I da <
before returning to u...
' ? 'i I "in. i:: I on
i-'lrnf \\ ftnc??r* ( nllrd,
?''in. at. tihio. June Id ThO f i r ^ ?
l" '*''*? In the trial of Ooor'ge i'
S "V (,'?<: '!f'W /Ar,h' . "ilsa ppropi ia 11 ric
; . -I , J; r,1"ds of the On,
I? I r'.Kt < ompany. wore called t.?
oa. and gave purely technical e\j.
If f. . 4 Htat" will produce moit
j'. la exf?J'^nt avldenc" to-morrow.
New Officers of Virginia Bankers Association
Sei'ri'tarj", ?*nnliler I'lnutrra' Lliink of l'rc!?l?l?*nl, ou.slilcr t'iti/.ciiH' Ilimk of
Knrmvillc. Ulnckatouc.
Vlcc-l?reJ?l?lcnt, \\ nrronton. Trfnsnrrr, t'axlilfr .Nntloiml Slntr nnil
I II)' Itiink, of IlW-li monil.
(Conti-ncfl Krom First P. ^c- ) i
our present system of national banks
and the nystoni of botid-secu: ed cur
rency appertaining to tlicm. At best it
>an only !>e looked upon as a tempo
rary tneas :re."
'''mi Not Vet 1 ndor>rd.
Democratic members or the commit
tee expre:- ed a desire to p,. over the
measure in detail with President Wil
son, and far no committee meeting
has born ? . llo?l Tho plan embodied
m the ineap'ire 1 as never been passed
upon or Indorsed by the Senate com
mittee. but i- wil! furnish a basis upon
which it will attempt to meet the
President in case he is insistent upon
legislation at this session.
"I a sin apainst th< plan of central
political control embodied in the bill."
said Senator Hitchcock, a Democratic
member of the committee, "just as I
would be against a central business
control oi th>- system. I believe the
regional reserve associations should be
independent, as banks now are, and
rrrst the government should limit its
control ti> that of a supervisor over
their actions
1 he bill also,. In my opinion, shows
a total failure to provide any reserve
for the payment of notes the govern
ment propose* in issue, and for which
it can be 'required to pay out gold at
any time."
l-vorv Al?l for Charlton.
Washington, ,lun?- 20.?Judge Haul
?'harlton, father of Porter Charlton,
who will soon go on trial In Italy tor
murder of his wife, was assured
b> Secretary of State Bryan to-day
that L'nited States diplomatic and con
sular officers in Italy will lend his
;.on every possible aid in paining a
fair and impartial trial.
NKtiltil'S Mil*I,I. rRACTVSED.
Assaulted by l nidentifled Man at Second and
ftmud Streets.
!ohn Tjier. colored, about twenty-one
? -*,irfc old Mru k on the head with a
?. k last nntht latween !> and 10 o'clock ai
?nd and Hroari Streets by an unidentified
?gro. and his -mill fractured. As far as
>"'d learned no one saw the assault.
. -r u?.s t.,und lyinR unconscious In the
treet by .i ? iiueii. who summoned l'atrol
?.:i V' ^i l.<> Tiie latter sent In a hurry
?all for th> <'K\ Hospital ambulance, and
'I T Hatvklns responded. 'J'yler was
tli- hof>;>ltal and at once operated
in i nnditi'.n u-us regarded as critical
. ? in early iio.ir this morning.
1 >t-t ect Ive-SeiRcant Malley attempted to
-(.in,.. :i:tlenient fcont the Injured negro,
! a'. v as tin ui ce-tful.
The Only Market in Rich
mond Without Flies.
Special Saturday
Pot Roast il/C and 1 1C
Leg of Lamb 15c
Shoulder of Lamb. 122C
Boiled Ham.. 30c
Best Creamery But- QO
ter C
All Other Prices in Pro
Baker Bros.,
8--W. Broad St.--8
(Continued Krom First Pace ,
WV'" arres' uas ? soliTU,,-,,
nearly F|>; hours, and while a terrible
| commercial tragedy was being enabled
?" Ui? busing life of Kinporl.-i. ,he
i fcrcne was one seldom witness .1 by
one. Seven box cars belonging to
the Southern and Norfolk and West
ern. which were standing on the ?ldlnsr
n"ar the plant, were totally de,,,oyed
by the fire
Th? plant of ,he Emporia and
Herniation Corpora which is lo
,cd. wJ?h?n 300 yards of th<- box -,11
IS HI Ili.mA.I... . - ?
?f lt*n miles. The emnl. v
Pl??t may he e'n ?re'V; ' ,,he
;??nlto u n d e rs t a n di n g c.rm. ? e n i i n c f
fa- tor! ownei-B of ,h? d. stioved
'-oniMoiitU believer]
theowners will rebuild ,-v as po"!
pr*?u?? Jfth?"?'1'' ?f in
piesnicnt of the coiupijnj u <?
?? ?ou II, < 'a rlsbad, .onSr^l
h nrrLC?rr e" il":' 00" "durance
the pioperty involved i? th. loss, di
vided antong live companies
fast mile"at < aimioi..
heart talk with itself n . ?o
when tt-f. this arte; noon
bers ' t |,a t IM evident ^niVon1 inle, Vi'l'Vo
rtud a currency message to thr- iV ,
and Senate in >i^ i? \? ln<: H-Jtiso
il,. , ?""'.'<!?<> 1 h" member.- M,\
?'? ?,!:? rrr'^.marr" <r
?Monday one t>,;<ol would 1 <?' D i'v1
each Representative and one* ,1' ^
given to each Senator. and Hi .t in ... '
Hon had been given in r
strictness the rule of C Si"'1'1
seat ' lu ket, no
Representative Austin ,.r -r,.
suggested that the
jf'ies he numbered as 'in theaii* i
that tickeis of admission iw? ^'
provided with a coupon sea? alu'>s
j Representative < ? i P, , .5**,'
House that many iiVc-:nbe,'s had I r Ul*
beaten the doorkeepers -in.i r '.0w '
friends without tickX,, ,l1"' /fcwl in
?seats so tn?t ticketholde?s
later could not t.e n . . '^ming
There was a general '
seats and tickets it is V.rnhnki f'ut
there will be ,,o re?,?im?. 'V ,hat
crush seen in t|ie <', pi Vol . ' /ll0
when the Preside,;t read his firi, '*
sago. nis nr.st nios
wkos, ni t titers mo\ev.
j Court Holda Attempt t? Prevent M.,r
n'.r^KC' -*K,lr,u"? Pul.il,- p?||,.,
1 renton. .V ,r.. Jnn? '.,i \ ? ?
stand that it is "jrains't "nuhii n '
to restrain marriaKe. the Court o'fJ V
rors and Appeals hero has ef./sL !"
aflirni a decision oi tip. lower *our? * ?
ting aside a note for S3 00o MviV'
the late Henry Van Riper of i?lt^ J)1y
to Mrs. Mary Lowe. A n,'w tr Ji V
joourta?ti0n haS l'ee" 0,'dcre^ by the
Mrs Rowe before he,- man laRo was
Miss May W ooils_ She testified that Mi
Van Riper gnvo her the note t,e ?aV(j
out of his estate, on the .-..million VVt
^he should care for him until his d . <th
and that she should not nlarrv Thl
j exoc.Utor of the estate refused pavm nt
on the sronnd that Mrs Lowe h-.,i
broken the ajrr. ement by taking a h .s
band. The lower court upheld his at*
t ttide and it was from this declaion
that Mrs. Lowe appealed. j
Proposed Tai on liauanns by 1 nifed I
Sin ten Alarms Jniiiniea.
Kingston. Jamaica, June "ti con
sternatlon has b??,n caused among ba '
nanii planters here hv tiie re.^ipt from
Washington of a cablegram announ- iiur
that America will impose a tax .A.
Jamaica bananas. The government v.
appealed to for help, and a cablegram
asking for details was sent to the ,
British ambassador at Washington
The banana industry is the principal
one of Jamaica, and as n.ost of the fruit i
goas to tho United States the tax will
be a serines blow to fho UritisK colony.
Mnu of Many AUllctlons.
Now York. Juna 20. An extraordJ- '
nary case of human aAllctlon was fil
tered on the police records r>( the citv
last night, when a poorly drossod man !
about slxty-livo years of age. was
lound seated yn a Washington Heights
doorstep and taken to a hospital. The
physicians there discovered that the
patient was deaf, dumb, blind, a orip
ple and insane. Owing to hi9 condi
tion the authorities were unable to
learn anything of hla Identity.
i Actress Voluntarily Surrenders
| Her Claim on Judgment Against
Klaw & Erlanger.
I (Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
New Vork. June 20.?Miss Edith St.
Clair, ingenue for many years in Klaw
| Krlanger musical comedies. has vol
untarily given up her hope of Collect
ling a Judgment for $22,000 against lior
former employes, ami has made allldai'*
: its In their favor for uso on a motion
I to have her judgment sot aside and a
: new trial granted. She explains her
surprising action In these words:
"Since the trial of this action iwhen
I a Jury awarded her a verdict). I have
(thought a great deal about what 1 tes
! tilled to upon the trial and what oc
curred proviously thereto, and in pursu- j
ing the course 1 have In coming to j
Mr. Jeromo (counsel for Klaw &i
Krlanger). and In making the ailldavlts
above roferred to at his request and I
j communicating the facts that 1 have j
told him of. f have been actuated by
the following motive: 1 felt that a se- I
i ious wrong had been done Mr. Brian- I
ger. and I desired to redress that
wrong so far as it lay in my power In
do so This was the'motive that led j
me to do as I hnve done in coming to i
Mr Jerome, and there lias been no I
other motive leading me to do this."
Miss St. flair sued Klaw & Krlanoor
to ?idlect a $2,500 installment under an
auiP' tncnt to pay her |2fi.000 as a !
compromise This agreement, which
was mi writing, purported to hnv? been !
made in consideration or" Miss St ?'lairj
teleasiiiK Klaw A Krlanger under a .
disputed oral contract with the first to
pay her $7r? a week for life.
Ten Thousand May Find Them
selves Uncared For on
Gettysburg F-ield.
Washington, June 20?Ten thousand
veterans who aie planning to take part
in the semicentennial c<*lcbration and
Blue and <!rav reunion on the (Jettys-!
burg battlefield next month will find
themselves without quarters or sub- j
sistence unless the celebration com
mission can arrange t<> provide for
them Tho War department lias been
notified that 50.000 veterans will at
tend. but there are funds to tare for
only 4'i,000. and Secretary <!ari i.-<">n to
day notified the commission that hu
would not accept responsibility I < ? r en
tertaining the additional number.
The secretary sent His telegram to t
the commission
"If > nu have arranged that lo.ooo. in
addition, are to attend, .sou must pro
side the funds to take care ot' them.
There are no funds available to me for
tins purpose, and I am positively pro
hibited by express acts of Congress
from incurring on* dollar's worth of
expense o\er and above the amounts
specifically appropria: t'd foi this par
ticular purpose Should I do so, 1
would not only dls>b?iy the depress
law. iiut would ln\ myself open both
to rivil and criminal liability. If you
have committed yourself to ihe enter
tainment of more than the 40,000 orig
inally vxpe.-ted, miu must make it per
fe< tly pi tin tf ill thofr over |0.0<"? that
the responsibility is entirely yours and
that you will provide for them. I have
no facilities. 1101 any prospect of si
ting any. which will enable n-e t>> do
more than take <?( the 40.0eo, who,
up to this tune, have been the ex
pected number
I?iscu>sir.? the situation h't^r, Sec-;
rotary 'is*. rrison said:
"I'r.le-s the commission is in a po
sition t ? ? stippls the. money needed tor
the additional and unprovided (<<: ex- j
pense they will i.?i\e created an
alarming condition of affairs
"The camp itself was placed by Con
gress under the care of the Secretary!
of War. The app opriation from ?'on
gress ami all previous arrangements
have been has-'.! on an estimated at
tendance of < ? , veterans. If 50,000
siiould come a serious situation
would he en'-oiinterec '
Six Confederate and three Union
veterans will i>e included in the com-j
mittce uhi?h will reoresent the House
at the Gettysburg celebration. The
1 Touse to-day :? : wa.llr- accepted an in
vitation from Pennsyl\ aula to partici
pate. rind aut;.or ire I the Speaker to
appoint a committee. headed by him
self l.ater. the committee was an
nounced as follow/- Representatives'
Talbott. Maryland; Stedman. North
Carolina; Taylor, Alabama. Hichardson,
Alabama. Jones. Virginia; listinopal.
I.ouisiaiiH (Confederate veterans'!;
Sherwood, Ohio, (ioulden, New York;
Kirkpatrlck. Iowa il'nion veterans);
(irahain. Illinois. Sherley. Kentucky;
Hooper, Missouri; Dixon, Indiana , Mann,
Illinois. Payne. New York; Burke,
South Dakota; Austin. Tennessee; Moil
dull. Wyoming'. Hillings. Pennsylvania, j
In making the appointments, Speak
er ("lark discovered that there was not
a single Union veteran on the Repub
lican side of the House. The Speaker j
shook ills head sadly as he commented
on this, and recalled that when he:
came to Washington, In 1S!?3, there
were a dozen Civil War generals and
a score or more colonels, majors and i
captains in Congress.
l.nst Surviving Member of House of :
KeprcHcn(htivcK of ISUI.
Reading. Ph., June 20.? Major Eyden- [
ham VV. Ancona, eighty-nine years <>'.<1, ;
believed to have been the last survlv
ing member who served in the national
House of Representatives in 1S6I. died
here to-day. He was a Democrat and
served in the Thirty-seventh, Thirty- j
iipiiih -and Thirty-ninth Congresses',
and had a personal acquaintance with
notable men ol the ("i\il War period.
(?n the occasion of his lust visit to j
Washington a year ago the House of
Representatives took a recess for flf- ;
teen minutes in his honor, during
which he was accorded a reception.
Large I '"occupied Kngtlsh Mansion
Prey fo Suffragette*.
Birmingham, England. June 20.?A
large unoccupied mansion at Solihull,
near here, was burned by an "arson '?
squad" of militant suf?ragettcs to-day. j
A number of suffragette placards J
were found in the vicinity. One of :
them demanded the release of (he wo- ?
nifn suffering imprisonment for the !
cause. A second bore the words, "votes
for women." Another was addressed
to Sir Walter Phlllimore, the judge, who
three days ago sentenced six of the
suffragette loaders to imprisonment In
London for conspiracy. It readu'Mudge
not that yb be not judged."
Fourteen Dead nnd Twenty-five
Wounded in Fight With .Moroi.
Washington. Juno 20.?Ttrigadier
Oeneral Pershing reported to the War
Department to-day that In addition
to the fourteen killed. twenty-flvo
American soldiers. Including one oih
cer, were wounded in the recent dis
armament of the Moroa, on Jolo Island,
Lloutenant Edwin N. Racktey, of the
Going to Buy a Piano?
Run Your Eye Down
This Line:
And Others,
Several High-Class
-The House I l...t M?de UkhmuuU
Philippine Scouta. received R nevero
injuiy. Of tlu? wounded, only on**,
Private John Mattala. Company^ M.
Eighth Infantry, is m serious condi
tion. H?> !*?<lvc?l a gunshot wound
in the left lung. The liht of severalv
wounded included: Benjamin M ?;uxr
and Harry Kou?h, Company M. Eighth
Infantry, William AI Ransom and
Seuch T. Whitton, of the hospital
The Fifty-flrst Company c.f the
Phlllpplno Scouts was in the thick of
the n 14 )i 111) k, ten of 11 c> men being
Mrn. Hflirrm lllurktiiirn.
The funeral of Mr? Rebecca Blnek
htirn. who died Thursday afternoon at
the home of her son, Charles \V. Blnck
hurn, on Beverly Street extended. Hen
rico Countv, will he held this morning
at 11 o'clock from Ridge Church. In
terment will he in the church burying
ground. Mrs Blackburn was eightv
tl\e years old She is survived by four
Hons and three daughters.
II r.i. I". S. \\ ndriell.
[Spc-' ial to The Times-Dispatch ]
Goldsboro. >?' C., June 20 -Relatives
in this city ree.-ived telegraphic ncrs
'if the death of Mm- E S Waddell,
which oc. -irre.l e;. Iv this morning at
a Hrtiiat' i iu:u ii Montrose, where ?he
had Kr>ii" for treatment Mr."- Waddell
possessed a i" . "f friends ir. '.Solds
horo, wi;>-re st ? li\od for several > ears
ii' til l ist winter, when she ar.d Mr.
Waddell weni to make their home :n
Wilmington The remains will reach
this ??it'- to-morrow for interment ir*
W 11 lowda lo i ?emetery.
\\ illimn C. Mc tllMrr.
(Special to Tin-Time- Dispatch ]
H irrisot l <?i t:. \'a . .hint 20 -William
'* M ? A 11 ' r. se vent v - nln>- v > i s "hi.
a retire . ? intra- tor ami < .'onfederate
\ et>-ran. dieit \esteidav sfter an illness
r.t only a few hours from apoplex>
Hls?flrst wife was Mis-:- Margaret Cath
erine Hoyer. or y avrisonburg. and his
second wife. who survives him. was
Mrs Marsaret I. Hv<!e lie was a na
tive of Mount .lack8'>n. 1 ut had lived
in Harrisonburg f"i fifty-nine, years
He leaves a snn, John K McAllister,
of Staunton, anil five daughters Mr:
B 1? Dechert. of Ashland; Mrs. D. S.
Kyirer. of Montevideo; Miss Mabel, of
Harrisonburg; Mrs M I- Sautn. of Har
risonburg. and Mrs uv.cn Clyde Phelps,
< Bluet.eld, V.' Va 11 < was a staunch
member of the Methodist Church, and
b-lonued to the S P. Gibbons Camp
of Confederate Veterans
llermiui Mnughtrr.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
< So:doii-iville, \'a , .lur e 20.?Herman,
second son of Captain W T Slaughter,
died suddenly ;.t the home of his
mother-in-law, Mrs Jam. s T. Bailey,
hero Thursday afternoon about 4
o'clock. Beside his father, he is sur
vived by his wife. Mrs. Hattlo Bailey
Slaughter; four brothers. Charles Mel
vln and Per. y 1. Slaughter, of New
port News; Harrj Slaughter, of Cov
ington. and Vivian K Slaughter, of
this place, and live sisters, Mrs M F
Watts, of Newport News. Mrs \V. H.
Jenkins, of Mineral, and Misses Hattio
I.ee. Ethel and Vera Slaughter. all of
this place.
MInh l.elln Scott.
(Sp 1.-1 to The Times-Dispatch.]
Amelia, Va . Juno 20?The sudden
death of MIfs I.elia Scott, da lighter of
Winfield Scott, of Morven, was quite a
shock to this community. Day before,
yesterday she was at Amelia In her
father's automobile She had been a
popular teacher in the county for sev
eral years. The burial took place at
the Union Baptist Church this after
ARCHKR-Difcd. at 8:30 P M. Friday,
June 20. 1313. at her home in Char
lottesville, MRS. ANNE) E. ARCHER
Funeral notice later.
CRIMES- Died, at his residence, 2"M4
Fast Leigh Street. JOSI3PH FRANK
I.IN GRIMES. He leaves a widow,
w ho was before her marriage Miss
Ellie Goode. and an infant son.
Funeral from the residence SAT
URDAY, June 21. at ."> o'clock P. M
Friends and acquaintances invltod
to attend.
RYAN.?Died, at her residence. 2417
Holland Street, Swansboro, June 19.
101 a. MRS. MARY A J RYAN, be
loved wife of Edward Ryan
Funeral from residence SUNDAY
AFTERNOON at I o'clock. Inter
ment hi Alt. Calvary.
TURNER.?The funeral of MR. A C.
TURNER will take place from the
residence of his son, Mr. Loyd
Turner, of Winterpock, Chesterfield
June 21. 10 o'clock. Afr. Turner
was twice married. He married
Miss Fannie Smith, of Chesterfield,
Va. His second wife was Miss
flattie E. Tyler, of Richmond, who
survives him with two children,
Master John and Nannie Elizabeth
Ask you. undertaker. Price, $50,00.
Write for booklet Relnterring a spe
Cement Burial Vault Co.
Phone County 3204. P. O. Box 032,

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