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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, June 22, 1913, Image 15

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RICH AXON 1), \ A., SUN DA V. J UN ft "22. mr-wTo
[Special toThf Tlm?. DUpatrh 1
Culpeper. Va , Jun? 31.?Miss
Hodgomon and her brother. Charles Hodger"
?on. of Itichnion<l. mid Miss Annie ifnencer
Zb? 'I*,?; U"n. N,r* Greane'r Ne Ti
at Mulberry tSreen." will return to thHi
hoinen nest week
hil'?8K. "l1"' Washington. who has
been visiting I>r. and .m, l.aure,.. .. k
Rlcketta In Oranr. nrtlv i,, rulpePer
thin week ami will -<pe,..| 'P.
rela lives he,... where -n. ,
Joined later t,y he, ,1Mr, Miss Nannie l|(IV
Tantl. niyV W ' il ,MU,}' i At
^V\,u ?!*?
o? MrV,,nioZrrnM,r/,;:^
i laytoit '*atton. ol l.ynchburfe l? visiting
Mr and Mr" Clifford Starkt on Wen! Htrect
and u ill i.. the gue- of oth-< t.:..|ves ,No
r^n .? V. l"1""' 'n,,M M* fit at
trip to u,pepe, sir,-- it hImiiii
twalvo years ago about
Mr. and Mr* William Hnwkin*. of Nnr
man. announce th? <ri.trt c- ..r th<lr daugh
ter, Mlgs Willi- Kll/rilietli. to Alexander
? Jiniht .1, ,f ?.rr s > W|,,. i, ,' ok
place ln_ V. ashingt.,,, on .(line i??.
>** N'l,y ""-I'hrtlr. or Haltl-u'ore. .,!n
panle<i by hei ...... mIm Ml : ? i
Blspham. and he, m... ... \| ?h \n,',,,. , (,
arrived in Culpepe, f ' ? t \,t ' ,'h? we.'k
and will spend the ? irnrnei at u, I
P* K'M Street \monc r.,|,er re.-..,it
ari lv-u s In i .ilpepe, Mr j,.hn N?, rl>
and Mil* Sandford .Vorrl. who also ?r-rA
{J?. winter ,n 'tliii'M .iij'l who at*- %i
* horii^ on M.iln Street for the remain
Oer or the xuinntM
V Irfjlnlu* Hroun. r.f Novum, a wtiid^nt
,hf i ' ?< I! ?' k' I!, - I
tnla week f'.t the nil- -net \ .. .,r.ii,n and was
the sue*' of relatives In <; p.-per b-forc go
ing to hi* Madison h/.m"
Mian Blnn< hi Newton !,?a\e i i?fr ,hls
week for a vlut to M|? Kllzale.h Stetson
on y Htre.t in Washington MIm l.oui-e
I.en\ ell. u ho hH?- t?**eii h[ii t linj; aeverul w#*ekH
in WaahlriB'on. Ih n- .? th? ^u< t ..I mher
friend ? ai < li.u r-j, ,vo
Mr?. IC'ig.-nr- Jolir-.iri and Mn- Rolie,,
Hooton. %?h" are vialtinc frleti/|?. ir- Brunt
"Jr? niH'le a m..~t 'I'? I Ir ri 11 n: trip
through the r.>1|n,rv |IU. Moot 'Mr
pair of ponle* Home >h. pit-.*" th?-)
Hopped ?n r-.'it? ?. ? i e \Vatt>nt M;):.
t11"* n. Lov?t*vl!le and Pur - vlile .,n | th> >
r.re enthuMfcftl. o-.?r tl>e <J,;|Rhte ..I .?
driving trip
lir farter <7ole. of N-.?n Vnrk. and Fte^
rhornpaon <'o!f of ri,.,.,,,- pu tl ,. ?
>een viaitltiR their rUrer M|?t- F-inni> < o|e
end other relative* in ,;wri?K tiie
week., returned home >..?tcrda>
Master Hdwln . .1, . ent.-rtalned a
number of hi- ??. \ trier,di- .... Kridaj
afternoon !n tio-ior ? hi- - -\e,lth t.irth"
< av I h"ee pr.x-nt v ? r. lli-nrv S-'t,..tlie,
il'ibert White,.-,,,., li.hti Merry !.?-s .
Samuel Len|? Jame> Another. Tr and Mirv
Jim Ptrother. of ' K Inlo. and l.ii i. n
Monereifer ?me. ,,f varlo . < i:n.|s '.r, t'..
i*wn and a spirited .ontr-v tl.e .
ImC a mort 'njovahle ?.n<- I ?- . r?? iin an.I
other re f r h rile ere ^e;-\ , ?
Mih* Sadie Arriftronc. wl,., j,a? I e?.? |,
Hl'hrnond tii? pan r Inter. r?turi.i "! t , i'u!
I.eper till* week e? rout" to h?r home in
Itappahanno. k. and haa vl.?|tiri? h'-r Mlr-e
Ktnma <ireet. of fioatioke
Judge and Mm lit-orgp 8 Sliat kloford
la\e announcer! the marriage ti.. :r
?laujthter. Nancy Holilday. to k?m cf,ri M?t
gan Hloch. of Woodberry i-'nrt et T! rr, ir
tia?ce -ejll be at. event of ? .i r v fal
(Spe. I a 1 to Th<- Time.. Idspa,. h J
A rnher*t \'a . Jtin<- 21 Mrs r,.).,, j; .la, K
l>or. of Trfiteu. . v .1,. thi!- week a g ,'.f
lie. sliter. Mir- Mary <? Kill.
M1"fteh Ktnrn.i and Kite le jt.-ard, who at
tend.-d the 11 a rri?o?i.-j, g Norm .. durr g
past ?en*|'it, .??r.> novt \l?|tlng their !>- -1 .
.1 W at,-: K M B. ?r !
r ? Mar> i. I-'l.! a r,i. of l.vr hijr;;. w;
t?'I? '?e.Jt a her brother. A'- ,tn? v
*' 1.. Kvaii"
Mi.-- |{e.,|,. Whitehead tin. retum?i fr.rn
a :e Ightf.il ? isit tela- v. - Ir. 1:;, hll.oit-i
..'or t.-, K at. 1 i hari-.t r?- ...
? ..'i't- i-ejr,-.. I; levari- at.d *'lare?..e i*,,v
of t h % r J a r.- *1,0:: r, v. h.rneR
her- ?,. spen i th-lr va,.it|..n
? >,, We.jt.eeda.v a ftMs- .-p s,<%
tie.!ghtf?':> ??r t,?| ? ?d f .. sr..-: :> ., . ?r f ?r
Kund.ty-o. l:?. ..???. l:a*f Mli.r game
played anl deli.lo,,. r er r< d, it.-r. t -
set-.-ed ThOMM pr..,er.t w?r- Mlares Annie
liarrUon. Orac? Ware. Myrtla Coleman and
ln? /. lllgglnt otharn
' 'har:!?? Ma -.I.- and Frank M- f ade,, ,.f
'?> .<hb-::g. lit th< ?...-k--? ' ,? .". ?.j
Mini He,, in Watedn haa returned from
It itr.pton wh?-:e he t.i ,g ? . .
the pa.it serri.ti
P.e-. and .Mr. J M > . .
turned fro:n a vt<-i? lti, hi- .... ....
' detiian e r? ? etir giw:
trior,d 1 oiies., i> *!.... u' hi- i.-r, ? i-rt ????
th< sumn.fr.
[Special to The Times r?i,p.i(rh ]
Old Point Comfort. V., j,jn.. ruirlnc
tiieir . ?< k ? \l.-it here th- . ...
Hrazlltari dreadnought. Mirias ., . \v?-,
the gti'tts ?.f honor at
nera and dance* riven by the \mori a,,
army and navy o?i- -re |, ,' J1., v ??* s-'
romm.indaut of Forties.^ .\|,,nro- .,,1.: M,.
iliiynrn giive a ??pU??u aim .? tTV ..
fi.iy inornh*K at their hon;t* .\|; ^ t - .., i v
T upper, of St l. uils
- - - - . - - . - .. ? i","n .1 i; 'i in ?? ?'] r
nay inornliig ;?t thei.- *
?upper, of St I.nils a:<? ent-r r ,, 1,0,. |~.
foririalH on Sunday for th. v..-u,.,. Wht'e
the South Atnerii'.tnN Ir.tr.kl-. -i|.'..-aed
their dtiia pproval or the r urk-\> on ? ii
bur.ny hits dan. -e. ?hi- it th-. ? 1
for tl.e iir?t time here u,..v ?. ,. , s
ti- at.d loud in t he :r ., 1.ir- 1
laiiioui Virginia mint
In honor r.f the recently appointed com
^ndlng onic er . "olon,.; Ir.t |..,y r,./,.
Mrs Haynej. Mr and Mr*. George 1 a lama
lav,J **? handsomely appohiteii dinnrr \\ ,? *
tie "day evening i:ov-i s were lal.i lot- fr.ru
tv.'o guewts m the atrium. wlil< I, wn . ,>n
* erted Into a Japanese garden with rr.-il
entwined with plnl; and purp - u later: >
bloHsomc trailing sniilax and th- soft clow
from lanterns *'???
The pr<s?nce of the yaeht Corsair ;,t 01,1
I.olnt on Friday and Saturday, with Mrs
I ierpoint Morgan. Miss Anne Morgan and'
Mr at.d Mrs Herbert Sarterlee aboard at
traeted mueh attention from visit. ,> i.
r^N.irt " lXil*
Interesting fratures r.f the twentieth an
nual convention ol the V,rginiM Hak-rs'
ABsori.it Ion. which v.,.- ]
( hamherl.n Thursday and Friday we're the
addresser delivered by Senator K.b.rt ,
Owen, of Washington; Judg.. C|, < i.:
Moore, of New Vot k: Hon lid ward I
fatten, of Philadelphia, and forr - 1 -s a
Pugsley. Of .New York Tlie I-ank'.ts - ^\
their friends left Friday evening r, ,
daily chartered steamer'for ? ,n'oo,,]VKht Vrin
tip the 1 hesapeake Hay tr. Wa diI? ,
spend Saturday, returning to the ?'h .?, !.
Sunday for breakfast.
Mrs Albert W ?;oo:dii. h. of fhl ,co
H beautifully appointed dinner Satur.' ? v |,J
guests being Captain and Mr s Cat ter "c iTi
tain and Mrs. M< Kinney. Mt, W illi.,,,, v
\ lucent and Miss Vincent, ol Chi Igo- Misti
Klizabetli (Soodrleh. Me.utrnants llai/ombe
Itogers and Armstrong and Captain lt..v r
Smith, United States Navy, of ,|I(. Arkan
Moonllgrht sails have berrne the- nonultr
diversion of June. A Jolly partv arranged
for a sail on the Osprey Tuesday- Included
Mr. ami Mrs lieorgo K Adams Mrs Paul
"S Tupper and her guests. Misses Kihel
Moses and Kmmu '.'ester, of St l,ou|>; jh^
Minta Jones, of Washington; Mrs Merriit
AVIHiain C IMgar and Miss Kdg r. ,.f Min
neapolis. anrl Lieutenants Mix, Keen, tiool
rlck. Otterson and Itogers.
Mrs A S Burleson and the Misses Burle
son teturnied to Washington this week after
a two weeks' sojourn here.
Arrivals from rcichtnoud: Mr. and Mrs
Thomas H M. Ada,ns. Fr?d \V fai r liigton
Miss i:iiza both Beverldge. Mr. and Mrs'
Hlclimond Moore. Miss Ida B Moore. Mit;,'..s
Mar ynnd Anna Traylor, Miss Gaines, l.cwis
t! I.arus and Michael (} Traylor
f Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
Krnporla. Va., June '.'I ?The Kmporia Book
t.lub was delightfully entet. ained .,, t lie
home of Mrs J. Sidney Peter., on Fri<r..\
?veiling Thr rooms wore tast^fullv ?1 ??<?#?i
atcd ulth ferns and flowers An 'informal
dlr cusslon of Virginia authors bv the
bers present preceded ,)1C rendition of the
following program: Piano solo. "Ol,! Thou
sub Ime. Sweet livening .Star" (Mszt). Miss
SulUe Bailey; vocal duet. "Wanderer s Night
Song mubensto n. Miss Mary Turner ?n,i
? u. . ^ Hoh<''"tson; reading "i Me
recHatlori "The Haven." with music.' Mrs"
1\ W Robertson; \ r?. (| sr?lo m?.
TCos/el; ro.,dli.R. 'in \"irfjln 1 .mVm 'p K
Haven.-''' '.ZUtT" "VV
Mrs Peters at the piano. ,?.(1|c aiV'";,,pres
si.>11 on all who hetlrd il The music i ?,
ceptIon of Arthur Hergh. the ,o,' ' Ue -
was sympathetically interpreted bv Mr*
I eters At the conclusion ..| |i.A
daintily prepared refreshment!, wete served'
(Special to The Times- Dispatch. ]
West point v.i Inn* j| -The many pleas
ure* oIItmI by thtec splendid rlvrc, the 1
Mattuponl, Pamunkey and the magnificent
Vork at this point, are taken advantage
of In many ways while this beautiful June
went her lusts
Mi anil Mrs Lloyd Tabb an<l a few
friends took Mrs. Llzr.le Ulrninock. from
Sherwood. Gloucester County, who had been
on u visit to th"tn on tlieli boat the
Lucerne, down the York to <iluucrstor. a few '
<layt> ago. They ha<l a regular picnic dln
1 tier abroad and a good (line
Mr. iiml Mr*. iJeoi*o W Richardson gave
a launch patty on tlit-lr line new bout to
the bridal party In connection with the
marring* of Miss Emily Puller.
Richmond Blii nd. Jurn"S Olaytor and M
1*. Chandler left Tuesday morning In a
| launch to attend the Methodist Conference
convening In Mathews County. this week
?I. W Marshall. wife and son. and Mrs It.
Brui." Ware and Rev S Otto Wright at
tended the same meeting, going In Mr Mar
shall's automobile.
Misses Susie Corr and Margaret Burke
and Mrs Kinnia Hoy Spencer have Just re
turned from a trip to Baltimore. wh?re
they have been iq witness the graduation
j of Movoe Spender In nieilli Ine from the
? Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Kpencer lias
j oi i-epoij position In a hospital In Biltl
iiioii (or the summer, but was here lo as
sist >i th? marriage of Miss Emily Puller
to Wlllan) f'lshburn
Mrs .1 Ma rah a 11 l.ewls. from tJloucester;
Mt- -V i i 'antral. MIks Marv t'arneal, of
Richmond, Mrs W c. Walker' of Urban tin.
j ami Mrs Charles Barhatn. of Nashville.
"I'enn . are among tho?" from a distance,
I wi:v were In town this week to attend the
Fi 'n'liirn-Puller wedding
Mil V. 1' Ht.i> .iini daughter. Mis* Lu
? ii-'. t?ie latter a student at Hoiiin* Collect
! ;i st itiH ion, have i ??? entl; I guesta la
' i.ow n.
Mr nnri Mrs .\ F Smlth"r gave an elab
reception In honor of the graduating
? 'lass Of 1 he V. I 1 *o| it t High s-liool. of
'.vhi- h their daughter. Miss Mary Is a mem
ber T1 dining i'io11[ an a 11rai tl v elv
( .riti-.i with palms, ferns and daisies. the
I list be|iik th? ??lass tlow?r. The color
| ? ? heme ? ... ..rrted ..lit II. the r|:,HH rolol ?
j light blue, and gold, very artistically
Mrs II I l.i. 'is also gave an entertain
in':.t in honor of the cla*? as a'so did Mrs
\V 1" Broaddus
In . i! Mn Ueorre w Richardson are
mi. ,:tnr their arrai.c-in'-M? to ro down ih?
i "i n ft I vet t.i l|:. :r .in met home In M few
'lays. ,,t Kirr ''-ek about eight tulles
f r ? ??!! W IJ ?in rn.?bu r k
i:t'g i.-h l igl j -? ?:? of rharlei, r Bagh).
of C!?i:'lF'?n ,.j R?v Alfr*'}
i M. etc. Ii D. ..I Hb mom!. and who Iihs
te.rtti ? ? in \V. ? I'niti' throughoti this
tion |- .mi one the gt adtiate* from
I? r in* ? -1'?r ? r>tty.
1 * r*" Mi'.? Th'mipMin l*fi f??r
' ? j P-Jnt to ;iTfon ! rr.n *r Ol'l Point
' %:v* * 1 ?h?f th**y ha\c a son.
J ? V. Thorn [? -"ii
.?ii- M .? ry .!<>hn >'-n who h?iH be?*n at*
: t ti . st ?* 'Cor;- 1! ;ir \'tr t.
! > ' i r K h ?*L r'''ir i? 1 t?? h^r Ii ? ? rn ^ at
1 P.-. ? 11 ir.c Wi:!;%in
M :v A-h' "f A? lii ? ?? o?ir^tft?|- <*ountv,
)'.?m I.?-.?n th' K' * > ' *?! r ?- Trmpl" fr*r
t h '? p.ft two u?-k
T'" I 'l to Thi Time*-1)1 spat--h.J
, A,*h" 1 "? '? .1 S'l-h a ilellght
! iniiy ..ire .ree feeling steals over the visitor
' ' ' I.and of the Sk) ? that It Is small
\ <? n*i..t ? 1 tire of the . loud ? topped moun
"1. ' h s1 jt rr-ut ; I| - te^-ir.!! on every
' ' *' -iI ?' ? to 'he id' i: y.ictal leader and
ine I .ii"iw.tn i.iitme . man. v hl!< the vouiig
I men and women find a never-ending pleas
I g 'I".1' pii ture.sf|ue mountain
' Nor ? h"i nern are j , oimnenclng to
?? iilte t! i i an *>e mu-'h ? mil?r tti the
>'>'jth r?: ide. they spend their time |n
? ".???ut.taii, regi'.ns tliati at many a
! ? riiseq "ntly each year
1 ?' gt'ater i.umber of them iomlnc to
A - tie-. |llp
I'll" \v<r-k ; tournament at the Country
t-resie.; many of the ctieets
? f t! e t that the one-time
- i- champion, Clarence Tlobart, of New
- "f I-. le 11.1 1.1....,- . .o Iti the ijuai if y -
*' g tout 1 Tt.e in* ot slMe.sn s.iiree have
: ? ? 1 ? 1 r.-1 ...1 It. It. Itch !...>' during the >\ei-k
. he prixe is lor the men's I'hatupionEhip. and
tl.e nt.alf- were played ofj to-day fullowed
?? n-iir tea at the Country Cluh The .-om
? ..til l. th" elllhhoilse will lie the ocraslon
?' ? large uolf te? held on July 4. at wlib-h
i I ? r <. > ?.. t ?. ? that li'.vernor l.i.-ke Craig, of
"?orth t "a r< ?:! mi. and Mrs Craig will |.e
gue.ms ..f hoti'i: I<>r th' summer i-apltol has
"en t e tnpor an:transferred to Ashevllle.
"" the liovirr.nr - headijuarters at the
Mattery l'a: k Hotel
I* ? "ins: in- :.:st visit to America and
hearing of the i\ ottderf ul attractions of the
I - ?1: * 5 of the Sk> Henry Merger Moti
1 : " :? th- Battery Mark Hotel the
-s of the \iee| and has been one of the
. -t '!? guests ever here. he|ng
l"tid m his p.'alses ,,f th<? mitnv natural
' .? I .Me- whti h ahounri In this region
I-:: I.? ?t .-???horn, who for many years re.
? ii* in Hlrhmond. but who has been living
in Iialias Te v ia:n" here to Join his
:.."'her. Mrs. lieorc" S.-horn, who has been
-penning tl.- greater part of the season at
this hotel. He I.as been absent on a fishing
trip In th- northern part of the State, hut
IS ? pe. ted In A ?h"vl!!e to-day.
Iloriitx e ratiull, of Hh hmond, spent last
! \\ i "V. ? ei,.i lie; <
Miss .Mary Boss ha- bej-n visiting friends
In Ml htnon-l attending a number of ln
f ..rr-.a; aff.ilts given In her honor.
j .ludg.,- 1'rit. hard, vvlio has been h'thllng
? ourt all th-- season In lth hmond. lias again
j returned to Arheville, and was warmly wel
coiiifd by a large number of his friends.
Mr? M.irv Henry and Mis:, Vloltt Henry.
, Ml. ? spent the winter In Richmond, are now
:-.mmerlng In Brevard, on the outskirts of
ii I'. llovvell and J C Tyler, of Ml. hmond.
arrived \\ , ,lt,. ?c!ay at the Battetv Mark.
(Special lo The Tlniet-DiMpateh ]
Houston Va . June II Miss Mary Barks
dale, who hfi? been teaching at Centralia.
has returned to spend the vacation with her
patents. Judge and Mrs. William R. Barks
Motrin carrltigton hns returned from
liampd?!ii-.Sldney College to spend the sum
inei .it Houston.
Miss Mernice rierre. of West Point. Is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs 1> I). Leslie
Jo. k and Frank Faulkner returned last
week from Washington and Lee University,
v here they graduated In the literary de
partment at the session just closed.
Mi-.- Mamie I>rnpcr hae been spending
oinie time vilth relatives In Lynchburg.
An entertainment v*a* given in the court
house on Saturday evening last by the wo
men of St. John's Episcopal Church. The
program consisted of many wonderful feats
ot legerdemain by Mr. Warner, of Lynch
, burg, ami singing by Mr.-. Warner and Dud
ley Holt, also of Lynchburg.
Mis Beulah Ellwood McNemar. a distin
guished entertainer, gave her popular recital,
I "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch." in the
! courthouse on Friday evening under the
I auspices of the Ladies' Aid Society. Her
audience was charmed with the program,
which was a happy combination of wit, wis
I iloiii and philosophy.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
Pocahontas. Va . June .1 W Irvine Jen
kins. of Folwer. Tex . Is in the city, the
guest of his parents. Mr and Mrs \V. E.
.1 en kins
Dr. John P llaller. who has been spend
t ing some time in Richmond, has retuurned
j home
j Frav.ler Enkitt. who has been located at
! tJlun Alum. W. Va.. for some time, has ac
cepted a position with the Pocahontas Con
' solid.ited Collieries Company.
' Mr and Mrs. W. M Sheets have for their
guest this week Mls? Bessie Smith, of L'nion.
U Va
Butler lleminett. <if Boissevain. was here
this week, the guest of Mrs. Sprolm, on
| East Water Street.
Miss Fannie Catlett, of Bluefield. W. Va ,
is the guest of Mr. ami Mrs. W. E. Jen
. kins
Mrs Willi.mi Douthat. of Cruntpler, W.
\ a., was here this week the guest of
' friends
Mr. and Mrs. L. B Crawford had for
llieit guest this week Frank Crawford, of
Rolf. W. Va
(Special to The TImes-Dlspatch.l
Freellng. Va.. June 21.?Miss Samantha
Remines, of Cllntwood, was at Freellng dur
ing the week, en route to Dorton. Ky.
Claude F. Beverly has returned from Sal
em. where he l\a/i been for several weeks.
Mrs. Daisy Vanover Is visiting her mother,
Mrs Lucy Fleming, of Flentlngtown.
Mrs. Sallie Taylor, of Isom. Is visiting rel
atives al Freellng.
Misses Minnie and tJroce McFall. of Us
| bot n> i lap. are Iti town.
William McFall, of Osborns Clap. Is visiting
his father. Reuben D. McFall. of this place,
i Mrs. Noah L. Vanover. of Isom, is visiting
| Mrs. Lea Trlvltt of Freellng.
; Mrs. Nancy P. Kllgore Is visiting her
daughter. Mrs. James D. Llpps, of Osborns
I tJsp.
[ Spe. I;, I I'll.. I'tlll"' 1 >i?|M t <-|| ]
({??? kv Mount Vh . June .'I W I. Con
nell. of I ?. ... hburg. formerly Kb hniotnl.
hits l>i?e-i spending ii few (lays here with
his f t I? >: \V llnliMn.
The Rocky Mount iirhnul bottid hits ap
pointed i"Hih>'tH for t li ?* Hlfli Schol for
the coining Mission. an follows: James It.
Stafford. of Penrlaburg. V*., prlnrlp.il: M l??
Carrie Martin, of Callaway, tirnt assistant;
MIrh I,u?-y Rons?r. of Palmyra. second as
sistant; Mlii ISHen Roberta, of Rocky Mount,
third aMlittnl; Miss Myrtle lluiWI?. of
Crockott. fourth assistant ; Miss Minn Pear
son. of Pearlsburg, fifth assistant; Miss
Fannie P. Anderson, of Lovlnsaion, sixth '
assistant The next session of the High
8> hool will he hold In a now $12,000 modern
school building, work on which ha* already
boon com mr need.
The Franklin County veterans arn pre
paring to go to the Gettysburg reunion, and
a party of tlfty or move will leave here
over the Norfolk and Western In a special
car on .lur.e
The mull' pupils of Mlas Myrlla Shoaf
gave their annual recital Tuesday evenlnfr
at the home of Minn Shoaf. and delighted
a lar(i> company of parents and Invited
guests with the rendition of a well Re
let-ted program
MIsh r'arrle Martin, of Callaway; Miss
Pace, of Rldgeway. and Mlss"s S'le MiNiel ,
and Maude Hudson, of Rocky Mount, will
leave Monday for Chat lot te.svllle to attend
the summer school of method*
M Ij Dlllard County Superintendent "f
School, has returned from Charlottesville,
where h? h:i? l???ii attending the linals of
the University of Virginia.
Mls?."s Hclcti i,nd Annette Bernard have
returned from a delightful visit to their
cousin. Ml?? May Allison, at Glade Springs
A W Robbins editoi of the Chronicle,
with Mrs Ri'.Mt.s mill |e:,\c Monday for
Mt Klltott Springs. iti Augusta, founty. to
attend the ?? ?,-jr? 1 meeting of the Virginia
Press Amim L.tloti
Mrs Julia King ?v[ie. m to leave about
the i?t of Jul) (oi .-n extended v isit to
frl?ndn and relatives in Richmond and
vii utlty
Miss Kllzabeth Rc.trles and Master lx>ule
Row |es entert'iir.?d 'heir young friends Wed
nefcdll} ?ver-.lii.: at *hel 1'le.tsant liome on
Diamond Avenue Their mother. Mrs \V H.
Ron |"n. ? af assisted in entertaining by
Mrs H N Pillard Nearly fifty voting
people wer? p ? "?s ^ 111 who spent the even
ing most onjovaMv In various games. music
and a general time Tlio-* who lur
nished thi* tri'iM' were Mr? Di'lard. Mrs
Howies Mit< :-'h?.-.r?r and Messis Mdtou
and Sa under* Refreshments Mef .-ftveti
at a late hour
f Spo lal t'? Th' Tnney Dl.-piti'h ]
11 j i J ?. i: ? \ i- .1 . _i .1 I. Morehead
wan stormed Wednesday evening. and it was 1
.. v. ;. delightful ? . pri.-e to him on Ms
birthday II fr:?-nd>. made l? an enjoyable
<>. i aslon ft ??m ; 1V> in 1* o'clock, by dancing
A ? h i rnilnr Inn h*i>n wa- nerved.
Mr ami Mrti K'lgeh** lliro'l, of Atlanta.
? ia are i -i. visiting Mrr Hooc. s parents.
Mr hii'I Mrs .T A Hood, on Burch Ave
1. C Brogden. '.f Raleigh, who has been
visiting his hri.th'-r. Mavot Brogden. has
teturtieii home
Miss Ruber. MIchle has gone to Winston
Salem. where -he W1 I be the guest of Miss
? Anna 13 e 11 e f, r . v
Two t'ubans Manuel Gonzol.i tvuevrto. and
Ills brother John 'jueveto. have bcctt III t h"
city the pan week. :h" guests of >> I.
forth, at the ^ M ?' A They are natives
.of Cnloit tie Rey ?? s l-';ba. atitl have l.e.-ti
maklns ? torn i f t> ? States They tea>.h
the Spanish language
Mm T c I .-ft gone to liel'.It ?
sun to visit friends
Kittle Misses Margaret I/oulse ar.l Annie
Carr ar? visiting their grandparents. Mr
and Mrs J W Cannon. In Concord
Misses Mary I.ouise and Rachae! l>ontte||.
of < it eensboro. who are visiting their aunt.
Mrs IS !> Patterson, near Murhani. w?re
very pleasantly surprlsetl Friday evening,
when taelve r.< he' friends assembled to
relebrate her twelfth birthday Supper was
server} at ? o'clock, and it tvas a delightful
oi ca nlon ;* II round
Mrs Alberta Itoliblns Wynne and Mus
1'alsy She by Robbins have gone to New
York. ?here they will spend th?- summer
Misses Rosa and Carrie Broughton. of Ha
lolgh. are spending a few days in the t lty.
j the guests i.f Mt and Mrs. W A Mabry
Mr anil Mrs Joseph R I'sffleron. who
I have been on a short visit to p R (.'ameron.
left Wednesilay for their home in Indian
a polls
Miss I.illlan Honeveutt has con" to Kagle
Rock. Whete she will visit Mrs ?' M M it
1 tin.
Miss Annie West h*s g.itie on a vi-lt to
friends In Salisbury v
Mr a.?t! Mrs H F Primrose have re.
turned fron. a visit to R.llejgh
Miss Mildred King who has been visiting
, Miss fteulab t happen in ihls city, returned
to her home in Rmeigh Wednesday
ISpe. 111 to The Times-Dispatch.)
Burlington N ?' June il -Mr and Mrs
1: .1 Hall. Misses t'dile and Ruth Hall.
Alonzo and Arnold Hall. George Isley. Vitus
Holt and Misses Mary and Reulah Foster
left Saturday for News Ferry, where next
.Tuesday Alonzo Hall will marry Miss Made
Farmer, of that plai e
i Invitations are out for the marriage of
Miss June Ray Kernodle. of (iraham. to John
Jay Henderson, of Mebane, to take place
next \\ ediiv.-iiay in the Christian Church at
i >i .than.
j ? Mr. Rob" a comedy, will be presented
lietc ne*t Tuesday night by local talent un
<icr the auspices of the Civic League.
Donal'i H lsley, who spent last winter in
I Florida as civil engineer, spent this week
' here visiting his mother, and left Wednes
day for New York, whence he will sail tor
Panama, where he has a government posi
Mrs. W. F. Merchant, of Manassas. Va .
visited Miss Hazel Albright tills week.
The Oiris' Missionary Society of the Pres
byterian Church entertained the Boys'
l.et.gue at a delightful picnic Tuesday even
inn A large crowd enjoyed the occasion.
Bawln I.asley. who makes headquarters in
Macon, tin . is here to spend the summer
with his family.
Mrs Kusene Holt, after spending two
weeks visiting her parents in Richmond, re
turned home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Neese have return
ed from tlielr automobile honeymoon i:i|i
to lireensboro. Fayettev Ule. Selina and In
termediate points. Mrs. N-eece was Miss
lOlon Heritage.
ISpet ial to The Times-Dispatch.]
Columbia. Va.. June 21.?Mrs. Roberts and
I son. of Chicago, are guests of Mrs T R.
' Willard.
Misses Frances I.eigh and Marion Nelson
left Tuesday for Harrisonburg where they
, go to attend the State Normal School at
. that place.
| Mrs. C. H. Randolph, of New York, is the
I guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. M.
I Harvey.
Mrs. Joseph S. Payne returned this week
from Memorial Hospital much improved in
! health.
Mrs. Virgil Mosby is spending some time
at the home oi Mrs. Virgilia Mosby.
Miss Frances Hodgson leit Thursday for
Varlna-otJ-the-James. wliert she will he the
gi.est of her sister, Mrs. George .1 Stone
Miss Susie Shepherd, who lias been spend
ing the winter in Susan. Va. has returned
here for the summer months, having < om
pleietl her term as principal of the high
School at Susan.
Miss Annie Shepherd was h recent visitor
In the home of Mrs. A. Walton.
Kddle Nelson returned this week from
Blacksluirg. having been a student at V P.
I. the past session.
Kugie Hughes was a visitor In town this
w eek.
Miss fOdwinia Cowherd, who h'ts been
spending a month with Iter aunt. Mrs. A. B.
Payne, left Wednesday for Richmond. Miss
Cowherd will remain there a week visiting
friends, anil from thence will go to Char
lottesville, where she will be a student at
; the Normal School during the summer
I months.
Mrs. J. M. Cowherd is spending several
days In Richmond.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Bowling Green. Va. June :l. Mrs. Powell,
of l.onlsM. spent a veek with her brother.
Rev. Preston A. Cavf
Mrs. I.eslle Reed lifts retained to her home
in Richmond after s',tending some time with
Mrs. W. W. Green.
Miss I,iivy Jordan has returned from a vis
I it (o relatives In Ashland
! Miss Annie Rroaddu.- Is visiting her sister.
Mrs. Catharine l.ee Bert In Uaverlv
Mrs. K. K. Butler alter spending several
weeks with her sist&r in Sti-se\ County, has
returned home.
Mrs. A. A. Anderton left this week for
Washington, where she will spend some time
with her son.
Judge K. C. Monrt.re. ? ho has been quite
sick, is still conilned to his room.
Where Things Are What They Seem
Mesh Bags
And Jewelry of all kinds re
paired at wonderfully low
prices. Silver Mesh Bags re
paired,-relined and replated for
81 .o'l and si.75. Made abso
lutely as pood as now'.
V. J
We Sell More Ready-to-Wear Garments for Women Than
Any Other Richmond Store
Coolest Spot
in Richmond
Electric Fans all over this
store make it an ideal place to
shop these hot days.
The Thalhimer Store is Truly Inciting These Days
Fvery department from basement to roof ?>ft>r~ a liberal quota of peerless merchandise on which little prices have
hern placed, and if you visit every store on P.road Street to-morrow your journey will be incomplete unless you visit this
store where savings of the true kind arc apparent.
Summer Dresses
at Wonderfully Low Prices
Striped Voiles, in all shades trimmed with
batiste emboidery, also Pompadour Voiles,
dainty embroidery collars; special
Ratina Dresses, in Copenhagen, lavender
and natural pepluin effect, embroidered collar
and cuffs, at
Sheer Lawns and Voiles, in all colors, plaited
luras, net trimmings, with silk girdles, at $7,48
Black Diana Silk Dresses, for mourning
use, in smart styles, at 88.48 and
Black Jap Silk Dresses, all new styles, at
810.00 and
Katina Dresses just received, in purple. Copenhagen,
rose and blue, coat effect, with batiste vest,
collar and cuffs, at
Crepe de Chine Dresses, in all shades,
fancy combination chiffon trimming, at. . . .
All Lace Robes and Dinner Gowns at big reductions.
Linen and
Ratine Suits
Attractively Priced
Smart Linen Suits, in purple, old blue. Copenhagen
and natural, fancy belt backs; $5.98 and $7.48
values, at
Oyster Linen Suits, in all sizes, also broken
sizes in Colored Linen Suits, $10.00 values, for
Ratine and Pique
Wash Skirts
White Pique Wide Wale Skirts, two-piece model, with
tucked back, finished with belts, at 81.00 and
. Extra Grade Pique Skirts, in smart models, several dif
ferent styles, 81.18 and
Ratine Skirts, in stylish models, pockets, with tucked
backs, finished with belts. 8*2.08 and
Extra Grade White Ratine Skirts, fastening to side,
stitched laps, new backs, at
Novelty Ratine Skirts, in fancy stripes, finished with
fine pearl buttons, draped and tailored models, at 8.5.00
$15.00 Linen Suits, in natural, white and
colors, fancy and tailored cuts, now
Early sample models in fancy ratinas,
$20.oo suits, for
New Blouse Ratina Suits, in purple, Co
penhagen and rose, fancy lace collars, at. .
Novelty Ratine Suits, In all new shades.
$25.00 and $30.00, now
Special Sale of
Summer Coats
short models, all shades,
Ratina Top Coats, in smart
$7.48 and $8.48 values, now
$10.00 Ratina Coats, in all shades of fancy
$17.50 Black Etamlne Coats, silk lined,
$20.00 Eponge Coats, In navy, checks and
Waffle Cloth Coats, In white and green, 4 0-inch models,
with wide belts, at.
$25.00 Coats, white and coral eponge, also fancy sUk.
models, now
$15.00 %
$17.50 |
Monday Art Dep't Specials
FREE CLASSES, taught by an expert. Knitting, Crocheting
an^l Artistic Needlework of all kinds. Only the purchase of ma
terials admits you to these classes. Private Lessons given also
if desired. ONE MORE OPPORTUNITY for the would-be bride
to fill her linen chest with the CHOICEST LINEN. STAMPING
DONE FREE! This means, ONE DAY ONLY, any linen bought
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Fine Linen Sheeting. 90-inch, 81-25, 81.SO, $1.75, $2.00.
Pillow Casing. 75c. $1.00, 81.25.
Towels, hemstitched, 50c to $1.50 each.
Damask Table Sets, beautiful quality, $18.00, $20.00, 825.00.
Damask, by yard, $1.25, 81.SO, 82.00 per yard.
The above will be stamped in any of our new designs FREE.
You should not miss this opportunity.
Ladies' Knit Union Suits, the "Nukut" 3-piece suit
that tits perfectly, lace or cuff knee, for
Another lot of Knit Union Suits, lace or cuff knee,
extra sizes included; some Swiss ribbed among the lot, for
Very Fine Ribbed Lisle Union Suits, lace or cuff (T?
knee, extra sizes included, for ?p
Haudsome Mercerized Lisle Union Suits, cuft or
shell knee, extra sizes Included, for
A lot of Union Suits, lace or cuff knee, extra sizes
among them; worth 39c, for
Boys' Union Suits, size 4 to 14 years; several makes,
Another lot of Boys' Union Suits, 4 to 12 years,
's Furnishings
Bought at the Thalhimer Store are the most dependable your money
can buy. and there's a saving of nearly 25 per cent on every purchase.
Men's 50c Conde's Mesh Under
wear, the cool, long-wearing kind;
sale price, 35c, or three garments
for 81.00
Black and Tan Leather Belts
for men. all sizes; 50c values
for '? 25c
One lot of Men's 50c and 75c
Underwear, various kinds and
broken sizes; sale price will be 25c
Men's 50c Balbriggan Under
wear, sale price 30c
7 5c Bar Underwear, drawers
knee length 50c
Wash Tics, a good 2 5c value;
sale price 12^c
One lot of Men's 12 c Sox, in
purple, dark red and dark green;
sale price. 3 pairB for 25c
Check Muslin Underwear, looks
almost as good as the 50c kind,
for 25c
Wonderful Shirt values at. .50c
Some of these sold for $1.00.
None worth less than 7 5c.
One lot of 50 dozen Fancy Four
in-Hand Ties, all handsome new
patterns: sale price 25c
Men's $1.25 and $1.50 Pajamas,
in white and fancy stripe madras,
trimmed with silk frogs; sale
price 98c
Wonderful Values from the
White Goods Section
Pique. Bedford cord effect, two
size welts; being 36 inches wide;
the season's fabric for the best
wear in or out of the tub; a regu
lar 29c value only 20c
Special lot of Pique, several size
welts for separate skirts; just the
weight wanted, 2 7 inches wide.
only 1 7c
A Novelty Crepe Pique, fine im
ported fabric, light in weight, yet
looks heavy; 27 Inches wide,
only 50c
Fine Voiles, both sheer and
heavy weight, ideal for summer
dresses of beauty, plain and stripe;
40 inches wide; special 10c
Embroidered Crepe, very stylish
for both waists and dresses; a
popular fabric this season, 27
inches wide 25c
Ratine Stripe Crepe, stylish and
effective for one-piece dresses,
36-inch 39c
Crepe Voiles, fine, sheer weave,
the popular kind, 25c up to. . .75c
White Ratine, imported, 38
inches wide, per yard 81.00
Special in Plisse Crepes, plain
and mercerized, for waists and
underwear, for cool summer wear,
27 inches wide, only I2^c
Pajama "Cloth, for pajama mak
ing, 36 inches wide, only 10c
id-Summer Trunk Offerings
Only the Most Dependable
and Substantial 7 runks Sold Here
This great showing of Trunks includes newest models, slatless trunks,
brown fibre trunks, mottled fibre trunks, heavy duck and canvass trunks, all
trimmed in guaranteed and exclusive hardware and brass locks. Shown in
snappy and good looking colors.
$18.00 Fibre Steamer Trunks, $15.00.
Three-ply veneer body, brown fibre glued
on. fibre binding and centre bands, linen lined,
large tray, polished brass locks and clamps,
protected by extra heavy brass bumpers; full
size, 36 inches.
Other sizes in proportion.
Strong Canvas Steamer Trunks, durable,
well finished, in various size!-.
Regular $5.00 value; our price 84.oo
Regular $7.00 value; our price. . 85.00
Regular $10,00 value; our price. . $7.50
Regular $13.50 value; our price. .$10.00
Heavy Canvas-Covered Dress Trunks?
Regular $6.50 value; our price.. $5.00
Regular $8.00 value: our price.. $O.SO
Regular $11.00 value; our price. . $7.50
Regular $12.50 value; our price. . 80.OO
Regular ?15.00 value: our price. .$11.50
Regular $16.50 value; our price. .$12.50
Three-Ply Veneer Slatless Dress Trunks;
these high-grade Trunks, the product of most
skilled workmanship, made to stand the
knocks and bumps of rough handling; some
covered with extra heavy duck and some with
brown fibre.
$22.50 value; our price $18.0ft
$20.00 value; our price $15.00
Three Big Suit Case Values
$4.00 Leather Suit Cases, $3.00.
Brown Leather Suit Cases, size 24-inch,
linen lined, shirt fold, short straps, protected
80.00 Cowhide Suit Cases, $5.00.
Cowhide Suit Cases, strong as an ox, size
24-inch, beautifully lined, heavy corners and
long straps.
$8,00 Sole Leather Suit <'uses, $7.00.
Sole Leather Suit Cases, linen lined, shirt
fold, size 24 inches wide and long straps.
Extensive Assortment of Traveling Bags
Including many popular shapes. Tourist Hag.s,
Oxford Hags, Club Rugs, and many other
models, made of various kinds of high-grade
leather; a grand showing genuine seal, wal
rus, whale, zebu, seal, pigskin and cowhide.
Note our prices:
Regular $20.00 value; our price. .810.50
Regular $16.50 value; our price. .$13.50
Regular $15.00 value; our price. .$12.00
Regular $14.00 value; our price. .$11.00
Regular $11.00 value; our price. . 88.00
Regular $10.00 value; our price.. 87.SO
Regular $9.00 value; our price.. $7.00
$<J.OO and $7.00 Oxford Hags, $5.00.
Cowhide and Black Zebu Oxford Bags,
leather lining, 16 to 18-inch size, polished
brass locks and hasps; protected corners.

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