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Health and Beauty Advice
Katie; I advise you to use this for
mula fur a hair-tonic. because to my
personal knowledge tt does more for
tho hair and scalp than anything else
and is easy to make: Into Mf pint alco
hol pour l ounce quinzoin ami add
pin! water. This quizoin tonic quickly
stops tho itching and cures the dan
druff unci is soothing to a sore or ten
der scalp The regular use of this in
expensive tonic corrects dry. sc;i 1 y con
ditions or excessive oiliijess. because it
makes the scalp and hair-sacs healthy;
snd to dull, brittle, faded hair will give
a brilliance mid softness, as well as
restore the former color For best re
sults it is well to shampoo with can
throx. (See answer to "Leila.")
Mabel r A thick paste made of dela
tone and water and applied to those
ha:ts for C or 3 minutes will entirely
dissolve them After the delntone is
removed the- skin should be washed
and dried This is quick, harmless and
in no way mars the daintiest complex
ion You must, however, he sure it is
delntone you get.
r.ertha Yes. exercise and dieting
sometimes reduce your weight. An
easier and better wax is to dissolve the
urnecessarj fat-tissues with the aid of
the parnotis treatment. This reducer
is m.-de by : <!<!'.na 1 ounces parnotis to
1't : ?. r-1 s hot water. When it cools,
tske one tablespoonful three times each
day Keep up the parnotis treatment
regularly, and in a short while you will
have gotten rid of the annoying fat
and vour I'.cut" will he Gracefully
plum i and right 1> proportioned, and
the skm u ill he tiuht ami smooth.
I.au a: Your dull eves will take on
s delightful sparkle ami expression
when . .t drop- of a crystos tonic
are put in them daily for awhile. It
is ? ? H-fa> lor fl and very econom
ical remedy which also soothes the
burr, up ind relieve* tl:o aching after
or r ? t w ? ? applications. it is simply
fine t r granulated lids To prepare,
dissolve an ounce crystos in 1 pint
cold, clear water and it is ready. It is
absolutely harmless under all condi
I.) In ;< case like yours, where
the - tip is so sensitive, I should use
cant' r ^x < let from your druggist an
original package and dissolve a tea
rpconful in .< cup of hot water and
? oui shampoo is ready Von will find
? ; throx shampoos very beneficial, be
cause they remove every trace of dust.
danurufT. excess oil mid leave the scalp
anil hair-roots hoalthv ami vigorous, t
C'antlirox is beneficial to the tlnest
head of hair ami to dull, streaky, life- '
less or brittle hair gives a Unfitness !
as well as restores the natural color.
Zoe: l,oss of appetite an<l that bilious ,
cast to your skin plainly indicate a (
derangement of your liver and kidneys. I
Prepare this excellent and inexpensive |
tonic and take a tablespoonful three j
times a day: Into % pint of alcohol
put 1 ounce kardone (do not use whis- .
kyt and to this add *4 cupful sugar.)
then hot water to make a quart. This ?
tonic will quickly correct liver and {
kidney troubles, and as a blood-puri
fier and system-tonic Jt has 110 equal, j
It is also prreatlv beneficial to people]
suffering: from lnck of vitality, and its
regular use will give to a blotchy,
pimply skin a rich color, healthy and 1
delightful clearness.
Dorothy: It Is a pleasure to know ,
that you are so well pleased with quin- ;
7.0I11 as ,*i hair-tonic. I have great faith j
in a spurmax lotion, because it is far |
sujierior to powder and will surely i
overcome the shiny, "muddy" condition ,
of your skin. Just get -l ounces spur- j
max from your druggist and dissolve 1
it in pint witch hazel or hot water,
and add 2 teaspoonfuls glycerine. :
When the spurmax lotion is 011 it can- ]
not be detected, and it lends an ex
quisite rose-tint and youthful charm :
to any complexion. Once you try tills'
lotion you will much prefer it to any '
powder you ever vised. It is especially
nice for tan and freckles.
Corn If.: To remove wrinkles. 1 use
this purely vegetable product, which 1
make at home. It is unlike creams
containing animal fat. as it does not
grow hair nor make the flesh loose
.lust dissolve an ounce of almozoin. ,
which you can get from unv druggist,
in Vi pint cold water and add tea - I
spoonfuls of glycerine Stir and let '
stand for one day. To remove wrin- '
kles apply a thick coat of this cream- j
jelly and leave on overnight. This
pr< toots the skin and allows all the
I lood action to be lived in construct- |
ing new texture. In the morning
wash it out of the porep and massage I
thoroughly with more of the cream It
makes the skin soft and velvety, while
it is unequaled in reducing large pores.
?'Advert isemont.
Ir the quaint 111 t ip Kpiscopnl Church
in Mlddlcburg, Fauquier County, yes
terday afternoon at I o'clock, 011c of
th< nii'jst beautiful weddings of lato
June took place and one <>f much in
ter 'st i' fashionable societv all over
A' ; cinia ami Maryland. Miss I.ouise
Triphtt 1 las;i 11. youngest daughter of
.Vi and Mrs. Boiling Walker Haxall.
of "Kxininc." near Middleburg. was
married to James Morrison Harris, son
o! Mr. ai ?! Mrs W. Hall Harris, of Bal
timore. Iif v. ,\ Stewart "iibson per
forming the ceremony, in Kmanuel
Church The bride s frown was of white
crepe, fashioned wi?h obi lace, and hel
ve i 1 was of old lace She carried a
shower bouquet of lilies of the valley.
The maid <>t honor, little Miss Anne
Haxall Dudley. wore a lingerie frock
and carried a basket of old-fashioned
Rarden (lowers The bridesmaids,
M".B.?es K it bar i r Knight Barton. Rniilv
l.isi Warner I:< sr c.ortloi Haxall and
l.isa Blair Atkinson, wore dimming
dresses of embroidered while mull, with
sapphire blue sashes and black hats,
and carried old-fashioned garden (low
ers arranged in bouquets of blue and
gold W Hall Harris was lus son's
best man. and the groomsmen were
\\ Hall Harris, .Ir . II. Patterson Har
ris. Francis X Iglehart, Charles Mc
Carj Buchanan. Charles Ktihn Harri
son. Billing Walker Haxall. .Ir, Mont
gorn<:;, Harris and John Ifenry Sher
buri' A small luncheon was Riven
inime .:;itel\ alter the ceremony. in the
home <?! th? bride, "Kxming." Only
relatives and a few intimate frrends
were invited, on account of mourning
in the family.
A irglninn In < nnoda.
; li< presence of the New Vork Bank
ers convention, held at Ottawa. Can
ada.. from June 11 to June i:;. prompted
many interesting: events in Ottawa so
cjal 1 if? -. noi e of which was more prom
inent thai, the dinner given at the close
i'f the convention in honor of the Pre
The Most Beautiful
Woman in the World
would eoon lose her title if her com
plexion was poor. ,
Tour features may be perfect?your
teeth pearly v.- h 11 e and e v e t* hut f
your skin In r.ot ilea: ar.d clean with
the beauty And fresh: ess of healthy
ar.d vigorous youth you have loei what
ever claim you may ha\e to beauty.
The regular use of
will Impart to your skin new life* and
a delicately clear and refined com
Thi? wonderful beautifler has beer, In
actual use. for nearly three-quarters of
a century, which is the surest sign of
its superiority.
At DrugpistB and Department Store*.
*"KrtI> T. HOPK!\S A SO>. Prop?.,
37 Great Jour* St., \cw l urk.
?i.'i<l.-? and .Mrs Borden at the
< bateau l.aurier by R. Medio-. s,-ov,l
vice-preaiden t of the Canadian Club of
Now ^ ork, assisted hy Norman I. . ?
Al.ither, of loronto, Canada.
This dinner immediately preceded t|ie
*7 Do?"?n?on covorim;,!.!
v ,, J",. ,.h0 ,no,nhers of tin- Now
' ? tato Hankers' Association .Mrs
am, ,he oll,Pr RTuests went di
\? , " /' l':,n f,om dinner
xt ,h? '""ner Mrs. Borden s-lt at
I alHl N115 <"ornolius
\ ? ?" v t J6 "f ,hc I'resident of the
?Mhi IV ? nan*??' Association,
?it 11 i f- loft rho other Ruests wore
John t.ilinan Foster. American consul
ar ' :,t * 'ttawa. and Mrs. Fori,.,
:;'f; '-pernor of Virginia Andrew
Ja< Ksoii Mont.-iRue. ?'ornelius A Piicx
!<;>. of .\ow York: !>r. T. Kennard
1 homson and Mrs. Thomson, of Now
^ ork; John A Stewart, executive chair
"f ' ho Hundred Years' Peace ,
mlttoe. and Mrs Stewart, of New York'
? 1 Mis. Booth, of Ottawa- Mi
and Mrs. Cruikshank. of Ottawa'- Mr
and Mrs. Calvin Brewer. Mr. and'Mrs'
. orvoss Mr and Mrs Graham. S. |'l'
!ii fO?' Cornelius A Pucslev. j,
all of New * ork. and Fred BoCco. of
Baltimore. "
'I <? s|ienrl Summer In Curopr.
W a Vrt e 1 fif "i''? W!,cal ?"?> Misses
? "i 1<I and Vaiinv Crenshaw left
ueci Satu,da> morning to spend the
Of Vlr?iMjOhtl?s travel,nR abroad "U
* i^lnln Intrrrst.
... ,,eni'V M. Comb Ban*s. of N>u Vnrk
? ??arrie.i Miss Nellie Tabb of IV, i"
t unoro. was beat man at the wee id Ins In
1 rovlde?ee on Thursda> of Miss nL !?
Anp.ll Arnold, daughter <-? f Mr .,*?
? ?> "ine.\ Arnold, and Marches \j IS
of M, ' >tvozz}' I'tulad.-l|,hia." son
''?.i.f0,','"?d ?? -s? .losephus s
was followed i,v a i -.' /k
I father' """ "f ?he bride's
l.oiin before the hour set f,... .
we(i"";y (ho church was filled u ,? "'
" istitif/ui.-h. d KathcriiiB tepreseiuat
!,_d';iK families of Bhode ui ...
? ? ?. Rhode Island
of the bideat. ,h# Arnold W2
Um' *s ">?ld of honor
V 1'onna Anna Maria Man-he?,?-.
Mrozzi sister of ?ie hi ideRrooin wh'o
-.me fron. Florence to ,v ,,e c t ,
Mro?, fanii!; . The ushers were Olnoi
Arnold hiothcr of ihe h.ido Willi-.:,
rs;:'! E?"ar" ??iM
? * o \ i(n rsi c, 14?i w !*<*i\t ? *
Mill.-r f v x. ? Kt'CVfM*
? r. .? r Now > ork. and Boheit (Jiloi,,
l-rvin. ,u Bhiladclnhia oiipm
Mill- ' -?M
!rv: ^%
riie niarciiese and his bride
, and nis iirirte
. fiom .New York for Kurop, vtster lav
Tl v wiIi?1'' a'"V ''f UH' ,,,r<f?>ch I.inc,
, --Pend the suuim. r in Floi .
?,r MJ<i at various wat.nlK p|:t,.,.H
dolphia " 111,11 thc to I'hila
<|ulet Itonic \\<Mldl??.
was 'tha!^ nhf?M*i U ''',"il,p of Week
,, , f A.tliMi ttertriide Oarrikori
laujjhter ?? t Mr. and Mrs Isaac CJarri'
-n. and Royal I Clair Sinlth. Rev J 1
"Iil> the inune
i to f. :?|,o, (,i hride and
' '' ' ' ! ' ' trifle won* ;i trawl
'JK k?ii ot import. ,i Bongalino s.lk ,,f
Mer flo'w " iiU.r'h. ---^-roi.^1, ha,
orciiwi- i'i ' ' bouquet r.f
After apendliiK their honey:
win be at ^ ?r,h, nn" Smith
"in t.f .it home about Julv ] at ""m
Jefferson Av-nuc
Dance f,,r Iveisrr.
?~a>s a I'a ! i tin pap.'f
?M" 'uliana Hr. -it and KUen
nr.1 K-Wff ,,u. Kll<lflI?
Tiiur sda ?
'iiif; at a d.nner
pai'tns, Mr. and
^ \ < !. n\
aMn-"whiMh d!.'" !<> ,lln"rr ''V'4<" "Crve(l
"S took place on th^
'ower floor --f the house. The guests
; -y- ??? ^ ?*<:<
, ' ' : talker, of Brook
? " Mii.-s. ? h ? i? \ isirtntr the M<i?( v
[\ Mr ai"1 Mrs William K,,.
;? r : M ?'id Mrs floral ?. L Whit
? ? ? ? '1 ! Ml , Jam. s lMp.-r. Miss
1 'Ortlof llaxall, .\Jis? !?;,!.,; !?
? K11:' '? Thom, M.'-v, Helen
\li.. p, za Muronce HofTman,
; ;s !:i '????tii.rin.:
' ' ? -v ?- '? ::-.i B.i t, 1 < | _
!; ?: -? Anne \V:nsiow
Mi-l> ? -yni'-u u-hit. t.,.,..
Uood -I ? III.. K Good, now,
. r>av:.l >t.-viait Rld?ely. Albert
'.rahnrn < ?i,. r. J. . William c ...
U'"i ? lark. i: ? . rtson ' Hr., wol-l'
Barton. Iredell ;y |s;Iehart !;
urzon Hoffman, Jr.. C*arles Kllio,,
' 1 ?',i' rie '? Colston. .1 Marshall |{
Bruce a/uJ Cliarle I i
IliiKMKoinfiit \ tiiioiiriei'd
r*.overt nd and Mrs 'iav^ Oiyphant
'rv:np of ; v., Mdl.i d w,:i?, |,lM
"r,inR'. N i annoiiiicrrl the
m< nt of th. ii .j.. i?!;t. r. Mif.< i;b
Irving. to Theron Hart Brown, Jr., of
At a small afternoon tea on Thurs
day. Mrs. Irving and Mrs. Herbert 1.
Hall poured tea. and a few of Miss
Irving s intimate friends were present.
??AiirHn In Art" to t?r Itepcnt eil.
"Angels In Art." the most beautiful
and artistic spectacular performance
ever attempted by amateurs In Rich
mond. will be repeated next spring at
the Academy of Music, immediately
after Easter. Mrs. Henry Wood. ?f
Baltimore, will present the tableaux I
again, and they will be given under
the direction of the Kings Daughters
for Sheltering Arms Free Hospital.
A pretty wedding of last week was
that of Miss Anna Belle Womack. of
Chatham, and Jesse Lee. of Emporia
' h?' ceremony took place at the home
of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs
Charles A. Woniack, "Meadow View."
Kev. W. H. Grubbs officiating. The I
hou^e was decorated with evergreens
and pink flowers, and Mrs J II. Wo
mack played the wedding music. Law
son Hardie and Miss Elizabeth Womack
held the ribbons that formed an aisle
for the wedding party. The bride wore
n traveling suit of tan. and a soft
tan hat. and carried lilies <>f the val
ley. The maid of honor. Miss Mvra
Peebles, wore marquisette over pink!
eatin. with trimmings of lace and j
rhincstones, and carried Killarney ;
roses The matron of honor. Mrs J '
M. Fitzgerald, wore pale blue crepe ;
fashioned with chiffon and rhin<ston. s
and also carried Killarney roses. The ;
bridesmaids, who were Misses Bet Be''
''? e, Mary Stone and Mary Younger,
wore frocks of palest yellow, blue ami
green, and carried pink sw.-et p is
B. \V. Wydre, Jr., was the groom's !>? st
man. and the ushers were S. Stone Wo- j
mack. Dr. L,. C. Womack. and the j
groomsmen were Norfle. i linin rison. j
Holt Newson and E. E. Eanes. Miss
Ita.v Womack carried the riiiu .1
lily. Mr. and Mrs. Lee art spending
ih. ii- honeymoon !n the Virginia :n?? 11 r?
< >iit-of-town guests for the wedding
were Mr. and Mrs. B K W.itki: >. M
i iid Mrs, S. W. Loe, Mr. and Mrs A. j
W. Womack. Miss Lula I. M: .1 :
1# Hardin and children. Miss Rettn
Lee. Mrs. L. M. Lee. S. S. Womack, !
Misses Katie and Mary Stone, E j
Eanes, B. W Wyche, Jr.. Norileel Rob
ertson, Miss Mary Younger and 1>: and
Mrs (? T. Womack.
?Mi?? Itlnlord Itetiirns.
Miss Ella Bin ford has recently ye- :
turned from New York, and if. the
guest of her sister. Mrs Frank Hob- i
son, :n Westhampton. Miss Biriford
has spent two months in New York
taking a special course in children's
dancing under Professor Dury. ? She;
also took a course, in all th< n?-w steps
I lie latests fads in social dancing.
Meeting of St. JotinN < Irt-le.
St. John's Circle of King's Daughters
will meet on Monday afternoon at
1 ::o o'clock with Mrs. W. A Cheat
wood, j 110 East i trace St re. ; v* this'
will be I he last meeting before the
adjournment for the summer, t full
attendance Is desired. All wh<> have
not given in their ticket report for the
moonlight given June 17, will ple.-ise
do so at this meeting.
'I'll (in to \\ nslilngton.
Mrs Richard Alvev and Miss Byrd !
Alvey w',11 l.ave Richmond next Tues
day morning to spend some tim- in
Washington. Later Miss Alvey will
join Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Robinson and
their party, to spend the summer '
abro id.
.lack sou?Collins.
Miss Rebecca c. < 'oilins. of Penoln. 1
was married last Thursdav to l:a li
Jackson, of this city, in the home of
Or and Mrs. Winfrey, of Washing; vi,
Kev Earle Winfrey otticiating. The |
bride, who wore a going-away suit oi
tan. with a hat to match, and carrying f
a shower bouquet, of lilies of I he val- \
ley, was attended by Miss Julia 1'. Col
lins as maid of honor. Edward i Pul
ler was the groom's best man. Mr. :inJ
Mrs. Jackson are spending their honey
moon in the North, and after Inly 1
will bo at home at 'JOltJ West Brace j
\ I tend < 'onimeneenien t s.
Misses Alta and Brace Campbell ha\e
returned to their home here after -H
tending the commencement exercises ;it
Raiidolph-Macon Woman's College and
Roanoke College. Miss t!race Campbell
has been a student al I'.lackstone 1".
nu.le Institute this year, from win h
school she received distinction in !"?'!
Insti umental and vocal music Mi..
l-'dna Dudley was; also a guest of Ho
college for commencement with Misses
< 'ampbell.
\N llli.>?Itroiver.
St. Paul's Episcopal Churcl'.. Ilav
n arket. was tiie scene of an interc n\
weilding on Wednesday, June IS, at .i
o'clock, when Miss Bess Bennett it! w
er. daughter or' Dr. and Mrs. ?ale
!?'. Brower, l>ecu.me the bride of Russ. ll
Uulrnitn Willis, of Roanoke.
The bride was becomingly gowt.-V:
n white churmeuse and carried a show
? I bou.juct c-f lilies of the valley. .
was given in marriage by her father
a nd was attended by Miss Tillie Louise
l>i I'-ell a maid of honor, carrying plnl;
? se= Misses Dorothy and Marguerite
? tuilbert, of Philadelphia, cousins ;
the bride, were bridesmaids, carrying
pink and white sweet peas.
Little Misses Dorothy Sanders and
Josephine Peters preceded the pa:'
'as ribbon hearers'^ followed by t:,.
bride's sister. Miss Marjoric Randolp:.
Brower. and Catherine Peters as tlowi
girls, carrying baskets of roses. Lilt!
Miss .M.sejdiine Knex was ring heaic
Mi Willis had for his best man !
cousin, Marion Cordon Willis. Jr.
I 'reder ieksburg. and the following w . ?
the groomsmen; Sam W. Lacy, I!.
C T. lor ai.d < 'al ter E. Talnian. : j
1: id i: ii i .nil; Frank W. Browei.
1 iiiii.e;-ville L- wis M. Walker, of D
ville a nd Dr. II S. Willis, of Rapid;
The church was prettily decoi ? t. .i
with terns, dairies and nink r?>s.
forming an arlmr at the i hancel ;
where the betrothal took place. 1 .
cereiiK,., \ w as performed by Rev A
< !nunar? assisted by Rev. T. N. Law
t eii.-e. ?.t Ft anklin
Miss Browei is a graduate of P.:
ilolph ? Macon College, where sin w
v<r\ active in college affairs. Lei in: .
l':eyci,t a p.. rand president of Si
Sigma Si:-, ma Sorority She is a >?
of ehitrmini: personality and has i 1:< r
of friends throughout the State.
Mr Willi.- is the son of the late R.
lohn Milton Willis, of Cwlpeper c., t,
t . and Mr> Mar> llnlinaii Willis, w .
now resides at I'.uena Vista. lie i ;i
tnembec o| the law dim of lla:
vmvpvr tr sew
\ mi !* Hie Time to l.et Bid ol TIicm
I glj >|>ot>.
There's no longer the sliglite ? . .. ;
of feeling nshaniid of you.- i.e.-xi,,,
an the pi . script ion othir' ?? r
.-trer.gjl. is guaranteed t>> re: ???\.
tllf.e ll ousel.v Si I >t/t S
. In. ply get an ounce of oi I. me--<1<<>i
lde strength- from Tragic Drug
and a]>ply a little of it night . r ?!
' ruoriiit.'t, and \oil should so.,), sr.- t ;. .?
even tlie worst freckles have begin t ?
ilisappe.r. while tl-e ligiilei ;ics 11. i - ?
vanish'-d entire|\ It l? : ? lilolu t 1 .it
m re than aa em c i - necfifil to ci.n
pletclv cleai the skin atoi gain a beau
lilul clear complexion.
Be. sure to ask foi the <i"Uble
strength othine as this is sold iilnl- r
i guarantee ..f moiie\ back it it tails tu
?remove freckles A *1 vert isement
This is the tinio when wise
men and women lock up their
expensive jewelry and leave it
carefully at home, substituting
elTeetivo but less costly sorts
for vacation wear. Such as
theso, all solid gold:
Lapel Chains, to keep the
watch safe. ?2.50 to $5.00
Tie Clasps, to prevent one's
scarf from flying up 70c
Sleeve Links, $1.08 to.$4.08
Shirtwaist Pins, many pat
terns. at 70c to $4.08
Also beautiful suggestions
in sterling silver for the June
bride. Main Floor.
Corner Fourth and Broad Streets
Ready with Bathing Suits in a splendid variety at $2.98
to $12.50. Materials range from plain mohair or cotton
serge to luxurious silk taffeta and peati de soic. Styles are
particularly pretty this season. Second Floor.
The Great Annual Sum
mer Clearance Sale of High
Grade Kaufmann Millinery
is now at its height.
Thousands of beautiful
trimmed and untrim
med hats at half-price
and less.
First and Second Floors.
Our Largest and Most Decisive
Reduction Sale of Women's Suits
Prices marked 50 per rent less to make this absolute clean-up. We did not take a few suits from one collection, some from
another, hut we have gone right to the heart of our entire suit >tock and have taken our finest imported modes, as well as our
reproductions and modifications, to make a sale, that i> unprecedented in the history of KAUFMAN X'S, and one whose
equal has never been known in Richmond.
At $25
Were $45 and $37.50
Model Suits, navy and black; imported
brocade and rep. Onlv 9 in this lcjt;
a!l sizes, including only the very be.>t gar
ments in quality, style and workmanship.
Entirely exclusive, they will appeal to wo
men who know.
At $4,98
Were $7.50
Stylish Linen Suit-, tailored effects: the
lightest kind of vacation garment. Bul
garian blouses and cutaways: draped skirts;
colors, white, tan and Copenhagen.
At $25
Were $58 and $45
Imported Colored Silk Poplin Suits.
Just 6 in this lot. Colors?Light blue, navv
and tan. These garments arc the top notch
of style and workmanship, and exceptional
bargains. Suitable for present as well as
early fall wear.
Were $25
Tailored Suits of serge, eponge, smart
mixtures and fashionable shepherd checks;
40 suits to select from; mostly tailored
models; ail sizes.
in Smart Styles
For going away, nothing as useful or needful an extra
-kin. Acquire one at the>e little prices to-morrow:
Tailored Skirt of French serge, gathered
back, in black and navy
Smart Shepherd Check Skirt, draped side
front, trimmed in buttons, $5.00 and
Travel Skirts, shepherd checks, in very nobby
cut. trimmed with buttons and button holes....
Second Floor.
Coolest Corset in the World
'These summer models are fashioned with the self-reducing
features that make the MADAM IRENE the most hygienic
corsct in the world?the only corset that cannot be duplicated.
Expert fitter in attendance.
.85. S6, 83.50. S10, 812.50 up to 820
'Third Floor.
Frc-announcing the coming of
Coining on
Tuesday, June 24th.
The Vacation
Sale of
Muslin wears
The sale will include odds
and ends from our May Sale
and remarkable purchases just
completed by our buyer in New
Thn complete detailed an
nouncement will be made in the
N'KWS LKADKK 011 next Mon
day. Juno L'.'Ul.
urchase Extraordinary
Five Hundred Handsome
Silk Parasols
Every one spic. span and new. direct from one of the largest
factories in this country. Every conceivable style of the season
at almost half price.
Among the styles shown are the DOME, the
Parasols in keen, clear colors, more brilliant than ever. Parasols
in gay colors and Parasols in quiet tones. Parasols for every
occasion and everv frock.
82 \ alues
81 .00
82.50 Values
$3 Values
81 .98
Main Floor.
ViUis ,s. Halrstnn. of Roanoke, and is
: f i m/.i <! as one of the leading metn
? i. "f it o |?!??.fession in that city.
\ ft or .1 wedding trip Mr. ami Mrs.
\\ illis will at home at the Uains
"io Apartments. Konnokf.
Anionic those present for the wedding
?in I'tit .if t < ? \s ii were Misses Sal lie
nl. Margerite Zane, Mr. and Mrs
? n is Mcriwcafher Walker, Mr. and
! Marion Cordon Willis. Miss Gladys
\ ill . .1 i;. U \V and It. L>. Tritzen
?-.el Miss Kmily Walton.
v' r. DUk' s (o <?(> \liron<l.
Thomas i Hinges. State secretary
? Virginia Sunday School Associa
h is !? ft for Europe, to attend the
eonvciit ion <>f Sunday School
? ? itions, whi.-h will he held in
?? '/.? ! l.iml in .11j 1 >?. Refore his return,
? Cigges will \isit Condon and Paris
-Ulvs CrleU'a Musii' <la.s?.
tii;?. 1 annual commencement of
Mari. i i*'i\< U's munic class took
' list Wednesday in the Audi
??i' i n of the .lohn Marshall High
1. Amnnii those ta"k ing part were
? and Cavid Cooper, Albert and
'..on foster, Willie Hawkins, Horace
int. Misses Ml.ineh Crowdt-r. l/'ona
> ... hum, Cora H?-nry. Irtna Miller,
i.ouise Turden. Cladya Ford, Ruth
'-?kh".-, Ida fa plan, l.Ulian Chappell,
'> .rk11 M' tzger, Robert,a .latneK, Mamie
WevTnr.uth. Heta Stahl. Josephine King,
Pearl P.-rklns, Florence Hamilton, Min
m. !'? mor, F.dith .lurden, Mary Clark,
.'i ??? li.hardson. i irace Trexler, liuth
:tansli'.iRett trice Taylor, Hosa Co>
do' i, Marv Whelton, Doris I'rhan,
? t: . -tray, Kli/.aheth Melvln, Miriam
?; Cole. Thelnta TucU, Rernie Wilson,
? i'i:. i Taylor, Kthel Napier, Virgie
U. : '.^.-r. <dlie Weis, Kstelle Ford.
Tlu medals were delivered by J, G.
Corley, and Miss Prick was presented;
with a silver vasn from her class.
NVrililiiiK in (irurKifl.
A wedding of interest in Virginia ;
was that of Miss Annie M Smith and 1
R. B. (iraliam, botii of Danville, on last J
Tuesday afternoon. The ceremony was
performed in tiie home of Mr. and Mrs.
I). \V. Newell, at Cornelia, Ga.. Rev.
Kendall officiating. A wedding break
fast followed the marriage, and lateri
Mr. and Mrs. Graham left for Vir-j
MI.nk Tnllej'n Itccltnl.
Miss Mary J. Talley's mufdc class'
gave their closing recital Thursday
night at Stieff's Hall, which was crowd
e<l lo its capacity with a very appre-j
dative audience of parents and friends. I
The pupils who took part reflected j
great crcdit both on themselves and
their teacher, and were recipients of
large quantities of flowers. The pro
gram consisted of duets, trios and so
los by the best composers, Ooetschalk,
Giece. Mack, Verdi, Relir, Hayden, Ros
sini, Koevalski. Wely, Kieldhouse. <
Mos'/.kowki. Miller. Mason. Rev II o. I
<". Maclachlan presented the seven gold
medals as follows:
class medal for general excellency?,
Miss Rose Meyer.
For progress?Misses Grace Roberts,
.lane Robinson.
Intermediate class?Misses Dora (To
ken. Virginia Onesty
Scales and exerdses?Miss Artie.
Beginner's medal--Miss Margaret
' Full.
The scholarship for summer course? j
Miss Lucy Crowder.
The class roll?Misses Jane Robin-j
son. Grace Roberts, Bessie Inland, Ks- ;
telle King. Artie Kotr, Margaret Bull.
Delia Hamilton, Margaret I<ewis, ICdna !
Bull, Laura Lee. Mary Onesty, Sallie. |
llowerton, Virginia Duke, Rose Meyer, j
i Dora Cohen, Fanny lose .lonos, Helen |
Hermann, Dela Miller. Hose Herman,
1 j * si Clendon, Fanny Hermann, Hnss,
Jones, Lumsden, Virginia Onesty;
Messrs. Ma.son Lumsdcn and Otis Jones.
Honor* Awarded at Peftrnm Seminary.
Myrtle Vera Snelson, gold medal for
scholarship. Graduate in book keep -
ing, linglish (including geography, his
tory. grammar, rhetoric, physiology,
.spelling, American literature, arithme
tic. civics). Diplomas in junior ancient
history. Knglish literature, elocution,
10 per cent in deportment.
Bcnetta May Httlcc, gold medal for
elocution, graduate in spelling, rhetoric
and composition. Diploma in Junior
ancient history and junior French.
Franklin Kain, completed work re
quired in Second Grammar grade. 100
per cent in deportment.
Gladys Hargrove, gold medal in First
Grade music.
Clemmie Sisson was graduated in the
teachers' training class in November,
passed examination and took charge
of the public school at Howletts. De
portment. 100 per cent.
Kmily MeGill, prepared for arid
passed French examination at the high
Kdna HefRey, prepared for and passed
examination Fifth Grammar arithme
Bradley Kain, completed the work
of the Second Grammar Grade. 100
per cent in deportment.
Blanche Davis, completed spelling,
grammar, history and geography of
Fifth Grammar Grade. Diploma in
junior ancient history, junior French
and composition.
Dorothy Hamilton Jenkins, gold
medal in Fifth Grade music. r>iplotna
in elocution.
Hugh Ewing, prepared for and passed
examination In language and arithme
tic. of Glghth Prlmai / Grade.
Katherine O'Sullivan, scholarship
average, 07 per cent for three and
one-half months. Best compositions for
the session. "Roman Customs," "How
a Young Lady Should Behave," "Lov?
of tlie Greeks for the Beautiful."
Newton Gordon, prepared for en
trance examination at Richmond Col- p
Vernette Haase, prepared for and
passed examination for First Grammar
Ida Lindsey Rose, scholarship Ofi for
four months. Deportment, 100 per rent.
(?iicMm lit Ocean View.
Those who have registered at Dlggs's
| Cottage, Ocean View, are: C. I!
Weekes. New York City; IT. Slgmund
Baltimore. Md.; Mr. and Mrs. 15. Carl
< Schnahel, New Orleans, I,a.; Mr. and
Mrs. M. T. Vestal, Nashville, Tenn.;
Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Zirkle, Norfolk; J.
Tlttehanm, New York City; If. K. Lyon,
Norfolk; R. B. Cross, New York City;
\V. C. Kail. \V. N. Wells. C. D. Rogers.
Petersburg: W. J. Bryant, Cheriton;
W. A. Macdonald, L'. S. N.; Mrs. \V. A. .
I Macdonald, Master William Macdonald,
j San Francisco. Cal.; Dr. and Mrs.
George H. Smith, Miss Lucille Smith,
Mrs. J. F. Williams, Miss Frances Wil
liams. Little Falls, N. V.; Dan N. Jones,
1 Charles A. Bridges. Misses Bridges, G.
T. King', W. C. Jones, William M. Arn
heim, Richmond: Miss Margaret Per
kins. Miss Kvelyn Nutwell, Miss Adrla
; Martin, Washington, *). C.; Fred II.
; rolenian. Mount Vernon, N. Y.; Mrs.
i G. C. Sullivan, Miss Lilly Sullivan, Mrs.
i Horace G. Jennings, Mrs. James J.
llieks, Mrs. Lucy D. Parrlsh, Crewe; I
'Mrs. Arn Huffman, Baltimore, Md.
Wedding Aiinotiticril.
I Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Valentine an*
I nounce the marriage.of their daugh
ter, Miss I5dna Rose Valentine, and
I Harold Marriott Draper. The ceremony
took place last Tuesday evening in
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