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Broad at Second
Warm Weatlner
From now on you'll be hunting for shady spots and cool
clothes. It is our business to know this in advance, and our
pleasure to announce our preparedness at this time.
In this great collection of Summer1
Apparel there are unusual opportuni
ties, both in price and in opportunity
of selection.
The chances arc that the very model you have in mind is
here, and if not, you'll be sure to find models that will in all
probability wean you from any tentative choice you may have
in mind. i
Wash Suits at - - $10, $12.50, $15 to $16.50
Wash Dresses at-$5, $10, $12.50, $17.50 to $25
Lingerie Dresses at $20, $25 to $50
Shadow Lace Dresses at - $22.50 and $35.00
Waists and Blouses from $1 to $25
Smart Inexpensive Silk Coats and Wraps
All Cloth Apparel and Silk Dresses
?' \ . ?
?;L: ?' ' -? f ' "
1 ?&}. '^grfsSR*
t-.i '
, Si
Newk Elected Officers
Cliohou Head of Philharmonic Orches
tra?Dr. Whitfield \ icc-Prealdeut.
James Whittet was elected president
of the Richmond Philharmonic Orches
tra at" the last meeting of the season,
held this week. L>r. J. M. Whitfield
made vice-president, and Fred R.
I>apprich, secretary-treasurer. These
oflicers, with Dr. J. M. ('owardin and
Miss Anita Kirkwood, will compose the
executive committee
Encouraged hy the progress made
last season, when the orchestra's in
come exceeded its expenses, plans are
being made for more elaborate con
certs next year. The aim is not to
make motley, but to give the music
loving public the opportunity of hear
ing the world's masterpieces at nomi
nal prices. The organization now has
forty-five members.
Rehearsals have heen discontinued
/or the summer, but will be resumed
next September.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch 1
Orange. \'a . June II ?Latimer K. ' Maron
and son. Latimer Macon. Jr. have returned
from u two weeks' visit to Pittsburgh. Sen
rlckley and l'ork. Pu
Mr. and Mrs. C. Marcellus Crafton returned
this weok from their wedding trip. While
atvay they visited Ashovllle. Henderson and
other points in Western North Carolina.
Miss Card, of Charleston, S. C., is on a
visit here to hor aunt. Mrs E. M. Averill.
Mr. and Mrs C. S- Waugh will move In
a day or so from Grange to their new
home near R.iphlan.
Among those from Orange who attended
the university finals in Charlottesville this
week were Judge George S Shackelford,
Dr L. Ifolladay, V. Tt. Shackelford. Dr. C. C.
Page. H. G. Shackelford. John S. Walker,
Stewart Walker, James G. Walker and Ra
leigh Taylor.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Warren have re
turned from a trip to Richmond.
Jamen G. Scott, of Petersburg, arrived on
Thursday to spend the summer at "Clifton."
the home of hie aunt, Miss Nelly B Scott.
Dr. and Mrs. R. Marvin HarrU have re
turned to Orange after an extended honoy
tnoon. While away they visited New York.
Niagara, the Thousand Islands and other
Northern points.
Miss Virginia 1-yneh. of Norfolk. Is visit- I
ing at "Montebelio." the country home of
Leslie H. Gray.
Quite ii party of the younger set of Orange
society motored over on Friday night to
Gordonsville to attend a germiiii given there.
Among those In attendance were Georjje S.
Shackelford. Jr.. Nolan and Robert Carter,
?Stamps Farrar an<l H G Shackelford.
Mis* Jnnlc F. Jones and William C. Ora- '
ham left on Wednesday for Fredericksburg
to join a party of Masons from different
lodges of Virginia on a trip down the
Dr. W. Grelner is spending a week In I
Misses Brownie and Bayard Taliaferro
have returned to their Orange home for j
the summer.
Miss Martha Taliaferro, of Kapldan. was a
guest this week of her cousins, the Mioses
Marshall, of Orange.
Miss Eugenia Coffee Is visiting Mrs. Henry
C.^ Warren, on Marshall Heights.
George L. Browning returned on Thurs
day front a three days' stay In Lexington,
where lie attended the V. M. I finals and
the meeting of the hoard of visitors.
Thomas Atkinson and Colonel Alexander
Cameron, of Richmond, were Orange visitors
on Thursday.
.T. Garland Pollard, condidate for Attor
ney-General. spent Tuesday in Orange visit
ing his many friends
smithTfield ~
[Special to The Times-Dispatch "]
Smlthlleld. Va , June 21.?Miss Gladys Cofer
has as her guest. Miss Minnie Pitts, of
Arvonla; Miss Elizabeth Ransome, of
Orange; Miss Sarah "Wilson, of Fergusson's
Wharf, and Miss Dorothy Ward, of Moon-,
Harry Garland Dashiell left on Saturday
for Chl6it{f<5. where he has accepted a posi
Miss Wllla Rawls. of Suffolk, Is the guest
of her brother. David Rawls.
Miss Gertrude Saunders, of Everett*, and
Misses Jessie and Martha Darderi, of Suf
folk. are the guestn of Mr. and Sirs. George
F. Whltty.
Miss Sallie Montgomery, of Fredericksburg,
is spending some time with Mrs. N. F.
Mrs. P. Walker Turner and daughter, Mary
Wilson, o( Emporia, are the guests of her
mothor, Mrs. T. Barrow.
Mr?. James L. Andrews entertained very
charmingly at auction on Wednesday even
I ing in honor of Mrs. Henry Day. of New
) York. Mrs E. H Williams cut the tlrst
prize, a pair of silk hose. Mrs. Day was
I presented with an embroidered centrepiece.
1 Those playing were Xlcsdamca Henry Day.
.1. L>. Gray, R. E. Boykin. I.. Barrow. Mollie
I Chalmers. W. S. Ames. W. H. Williams,
i KUniour Jordan and I*. Walker-Turner, of
Emporia; Misses Violet Lanson, Minnie
i Boykin and Pattle L.anghorne.
I John G. Wilson. Jr.. returned on Wedncs
; day from the University of Virginia
Theo. Barrow. Jr.. left Monday for the
; University of Virginia to take a course at
I summer normal.
j Mrs R. E. Boykin and Miss Minnie Boy
kin were hostesses at an auction party on
,Saturday afternoon in honor of Miss Cier
htrude Smith, of Bedford City. Mrs. W. S.
Ames won the first prize, an embroidered
collar. Mrs Eee. of Martinsville, a candle
stick. and Miss Smith, as guest of honor,
was presented with a boudoir cap. Those
playing were Meadames Frank Simpson. W.
C. Ames. James Andrews. Mollie Chalmers.
I.. C. Brock. Frank Moody. J. D. Gray,
Frank Berryman, J. E. Warren. J. M. Chap
man, Henry Day, of Now York: Coke, of
Newport News; Waverly Thomas. J. E.
Chapman. Charlie Warren. E. H. Williams,
T. Barrow and Eee. of Martinsville: Misses
Minnie Boykin, Merle Snyder, Gertrude
Smith and Patin Eanghorne.
[Spcclal to The Times-Dispatch ]
Clsmont, Va., June 21 ?Mrs. Frederick
Page apd Mrs. Hugh Morrison have return
ed from Raleigh. N. C.. where they went
to attend the wedding of Robert Page and
Miss Morlng.
Mrs. Grlgaby Shackleford and her little
daughters are visiting Mrs. Fred Page at
Miss Belle Smith has returned to Long
field, whore she Is visiting har cousins, Mr.
and Mrs. I-ongflold. Mrs. I.ongfield la
now convalescent after her long and serious
Terrence Alt. of the Missouri Military
Institute, Is at home for the vacation, at
Commissioner Koiner spoke to a very ap
preciative audience at the courthouse on Sat
urday afternoon. Farms and farming con
ditions wero the subject of his lecture. Mr.
Dunn, a candidate for the Legislature, from
this district, also apoke. Judaon Goodloe,
a well known and popular farmer of this
county, spoke humorously and to the point
on woman suffrage. Mr. Uoodloe Is In favor
of votes for women.
A X ?
(Continued Krom Second Pa*? )
?ho C-hurch of the AscenVic^?Mn^d
,he,r honc>
M!** Tillrr \\ cd?.
M?uV Tui"1"^ evening Miss Lottie
M W t ': dai,Kht^ of Mr. and Mrs.
am? ' , . . wua "tarried to W p
wasnerV ^ladelphla. The ceremony
bride "-f>-"r?? . 1,10 home o f the
T'nfJ 'm l ritrlt Avenue, Rev. R. H.
orated? withl'n'f'i ',IC house wa' flee
SS Tlilor "m?iS ?"*?
IovpIv f.r i 'n,,1v honor, wore a
lace" nid Mrl iP'nk cljarmeuse and
can led an arm bouquet of
Klllarnov roves 'pi,A ? . ,
tered w,\h h"" nJter. ^ a^oinT
blue' hir?S||pf nllJ? rno,ro stlk ami a
biunueV" ofHm.J.#w0V*trr(fre shower
.. imps or the vallev arid
?t/l Woodw Ih? best nmn was Rict'
KownedinA,1: ,Miss Kellain,
wftddli.tr mn 1? charmeu?e. Played tho
,h? n 'K '"arches. Immcdiatelv 'after
fSr a we n*? MV aml M" Ali??
ror a wedding trip jn the North. Tl.ey
adelphla "" fUtUI"? home in 1,hl1"
Pupils* Iterltal.
place6 [n?S,s? T'l;11 of the seaso" took
Dansev na v* ?'! of Miss Florence
uansej. no North Meadow Street on
lovers onfn "T ,,A" audience of music
bv the r 11,l"" Program rendered
and iL! J'ng Pupils: Misses Bessie
and Josephine Winston. I.illie and
MrhT" r MtJS*r- Ullii'n ?>'d Fannv
ton Tii- 1: ' r'h'"1S Thon^son. Pember
to.i Thacker. May Mills. Mabelle Mo
l ur'm** >efi Couslns. Vivian Coshv,
Lucille Ledmnn. Laurie Creerv. Cath
erine Minor. Inez Kelley. Hugh Han
cock and Edwin Mitchell.
In nnd Out of Town.
rohirn^'l Mrr ,NHson Vaughan have
returned to their ho,? here, after a
Fatmluie MrM" C" W ??
Kuford Scott has returned from the
Roys Country School, near Baltimore,
and is spending a week at "Roval Or
chard' with his parents.
Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Warrenner are
the guests of Mrs S. T. Adair, at Vir
ginia Reach.
James McGraw is spending the sum
mer at the Fitzhugh Cottage. Virginia
Miss Theresa Higgins. who was op
erated on six weeks ago at St. Eliza
betli s Hospital, has been removed to
her home on Governor Street.
Mrs. J. K. Howison and Miss Howison.
of Ashland, arc- spending several weeks
at Virginia Beach
Lloyd T. Wilson. Jr., spent several
days in Newport News last week.
Mrs. H. H. Hurt and family are
spending the summer at Virginia
Miss Constance Bernard, of Freder
icksburg, is visiting friends here.
Mrs. Lavalette T. Arnette, 303 South
Fourth Street, and Miss Frances Hen
shaw, are the guests of Mrs. A. D. Ar
nette. at Mineral Springs.
Cadet Davie P. Dogpett has returned
from V. P. I., and is at the home of
his father, G. Brooke Doggett, 312 West
Grace Street.
Misses Alice and Emma Netherlano
have left to spend several weeks in
Albemarle. Eater they will go to Mich
igan and Canada, returning home in
the fall.
[Speclat to The Times-Dispatch 1
Norwood. Va.. .Tune SI.? O. l.ee Saund?r?
i* on Thursday for Bluetield
,*ie r?yi Cttl!*w-ay returned on Friday from
the University of Virginia.
M iny of the teachers of Nelson are nrenar
| next n-e-k"" ,h' N'?rmal ln Charlottesville
J Miss Kvyilnn Robinson, who attended the
j home^ here - ? ? K?
.Pp" Thursdayn"
Willi' \Vr' :M/f' \V v* Carrl.o .-pent Sunday
lUl.ilco rh' Carrln*tor- Carrloo. of
j Monday 'C"rriC? Fpent
Arvon?a>.eCVa'.."june ^l'-A p-lriiv'of 'moi
Hix Erne<Tt*'?* ?f ^
Mrs' LoulSil T. Jones and
' Store i ^ ?Ye over from Xew
, Store. Buckingham County, last week und
I i/!'V at the Arv?nia Inn with Mr
I and Mrs I lununer F. Jones, returning to
the southern en.l of the county that same
afternoon. They reported pood ro:ids.
Miss Winifred Alineda Pitts left on Wed
nesday ,,t this ueek for a visit of a week or
it!L ;1 lilarty" ?ofer. of Sinlthfield.
I>le of Wight County.
Mrs. Charles Graham Thomas left this
M-s n? \rnv U'.no "t,h her mother.
Couiity n>an, in Somerset. Orange
ivhi5* M*rpar'\t Mable. of Mahleton. Ga...
Sell/v v v me vlslll"K relatives in
\t . v. ? s,,oppe<1 herp to vlslt her sister
GeorKiar '-"?-her Pitts, on her way to
i Edwin E. Crooke and E. I.. Pettit r.f
WashitiRton, visited Arvonla this week," he
inK quests ot the Arvonia Inn. They in
1 Pen'lan Propcrtiea near Johnson's and
srs&ijr'"'In ,h'
A. I. Pitts. Jr.. of Scottsville. passed
through Arvonia last week, spending a short
while at his old home on his "*ay from
on hisfne""1 C?ur,h0us<f' he had been
The Arvonia Royal Arch Chapter of M??
on* held their regular monthly convocation
in the Masonic Temple here on Thursday
night of this week. urs(ltt>
Chambers Williams, of Hinton. W. Va
visited his mother und grandmother here
this week He xv 111 remain here for some
j time before returning to Hinton
(Miss Appling Moss, of Hucki'nghant Is
spending some time here visiting her friends
| Mrs. Reuben Ayres and Mrs. .James Ayres
this week SP'" S'Vera duyS ,n RI'hmond
j Charles Graham Thomas spent last Sun
'day at the home of his mother in Fork
. Union, returning here that afternoon.
j [Special to The Times-Dispatch 1
, Appomattox. \ a.. .Juno 21.?Mlsj Gladv*
1 f? xSrib*"ca'iS?
dSdSfrir'" * ?" "?>??'?
Ernest Abbltt left this week for Rich.
Smoothest. ^If) <t
Softest \ a
Talcum Powder\ hoyr
Madev?.?-. 'AWW
1 \
V's^ TALC ^
MJJ ?? v, >-.??
Borated. Delightfully Perfumed. White or Fil"j
1 int. Guaranteed pure by
TA B^JKTPUFF ?nd Manafattaren
!2bbb^* oo,tJrn, N*
II you have a Kodak, wc have
the FILMS. Let
supply you.
Third and Last Week of Our
Great Pre-Inventory
If you hav
markable sale,
time, however.
This PRK
stock previous
labor in taking
the sale is tak
The few i
list the entire
e not as vet availed yourself of the exceptional opportunity offered bv this re
you have neglected a chance that is presented but once a year. There is still
but the coming week will be the last.
-I.W l-.X rORY SALE is an annual event. It is used as a means of reducing
t<? the taking of inventory. It serves the double purpose of saving time and
inventory, and also makes room for the new stock coming in. Every article in
en from the regular stock, marked down a^ it stands upon the floors.
terns below will convey an idea of the savings offered?we could not attempt to
line, but those given arc a fair example of the wonderful reductions that prevail.
Stock include^ all the requirements of the dining-room ? Dining Tables, Chairs. China
Closets, Buffets, Sideboards, etc. All the woods are represented, as well as the various finishes.
Price reductions prevail throughout the entire line.
Our stock of Parlor Furniture is complete, and presents a wide assortment in style, design
and grade. Price reductions prevail throughout the entire line, a few of the items being shown
(Regular SI25) 3-piece Mahogany Parlor Suite, up
holster^ in best quality Panne PA
plush; sale price
(Regular $85) 3-piece Mahogany Parlor Suite,
seats ami hack upholstered in hest
quality Panne plush; sale
(Regular $50) 3-piece Mahogany Parlor Suite,
seats upholstered in line qual
ity silk plush; sale price
(Regular $35) 3-piece Mahogany Parlor Suite,
upholstered in silk plush; sale
'arlor Suite,
Many Suites and Odd Pieces for the library, such as Turkish Rockers, Easy Chairs, Library
Tables, etc., will be found, all at reduced prices. A sample of the reductions made is this?
(Regular $125) 3-piece Library Suite, up
holstered in genuine Spanish $92.50
leather; sale price
This department includes a most complete assortment of furniture, all woods and finishes?
mahogany, Circassian walnut, bird's-eye maple, etc.?and an almost unlimited collection of styles,
sizes and grades. Matched-sets or various odd pieces may be had. A few of the items are
given below :
(Regular $150) 3-piece Mahogany Suite, compris
ing hed. dresser and toilet (PI 1 O Kfl
wash stand; sale price. : . . . . Jpl-I-"1'""
(Regular $135) 3-piece Golden Quartered Oak
Suite, comprising same pieces <PQQ
as above; sale price
(Regular $85) 3-piece Mahogany Suite, com
prising same pieees as above;
sale price tpuZi* I O
(Regular $80) 3-piece Golden Quartered Oak
Suite, comprising same pieces
as above; sale price I O
(Regular $50) 3-piece Golden Quartered Oak
Suite, same pieces as above; tfJQ'T KA
sale price i
New Method Gas I Gibson Refrigerators
This range must bo
seen to appreciate its
nrl vantages. Its many
improvements are all
exclusive. aH each is
protecteil by patents.
The doors, the burn
ers. tne oven and many
other features will be
found only in the New
Method. Come In and
witness a demonstra
tion? no obligation.
The New Method will
positively nave In
Khn bills. $1.00 down
and ?0c a week will
put the New Method
in y?ur home.
The Gibson is most
economical in ice con
sumption. Its con
struction is such that
the maximum of re
frgeration is obtained
with a minimum of ice
consumption. The in
terior is equipped with
a series of vents
whereby a constant
and thorough circula
tion of frigid air is
mainta:ned through
out the entire refrig
erator at all times.
There are many other
features that can only
be appreciated by a
personal inspection.
Sole price* prevail
t It roughout the entire
Our liberal credit terms hold good during the sale the same as
usual. A small cash deposit and the balance of payments to suit
vour convenience.
^ foUSItfcE^BRQADSTfii
The Store That Lives Up to Its Advertising
YVillson Advertising Service
tnond, where be goes to enter a business
college there.
Mrs. E. II. Hantmersley, of Richmond, is
visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. U.
Caldw ell.
Mr. and Mrs C \V. Hancock nnd daugh
ter. Naomi, left this week for a visit to
Boston and other points.
Mr. and Mrs W. II. Booth and children,
of North Carolina, are visiting at the home
of A. J. Sesfr?
Mrs. ,1. B. Abbitt has returned from a visit
to Norfolk. Atlanta and other points.
Miss Madelene Ill\, of Norfolk, is visiting
friends in the village.
Mr. and Mrs Charles Wright, of Lexing
ton; Mr. and Mrs V Campbell, of Lynch
burg, were visitors at the home of Mrs. T. H.
Hancock this " eek
Mrs. Howard EH'tt and baby, of Nottoway,
were visitors in our town this week.
Miss Mary Purduin is visiting lelatives in
Nottoway this week.
Mr. and Mrs it. I.. Burke. Miss Euln Mae
Hurke and Miss Paulino Clement attended
the meeting of the Bankers' Association at
C>1<1 Point Comfort this week. They w ill ex
tend the visit to Washington city before
Fork Union. Va . June 21.?Miss Annie G.
Gregory has returned to her home at Stoval,
N. C.. after spending some, time at Mrs. K J.
Joseph I*. Snead and Edwin J. Bnead have
returned from College.
Mrs.; .1. P. Snead. ol South Boston, Is visit
ing her sister. Mrs W. C. .lonos.
Miss Lena Strange is visiting her sisters.
Misses Alice. Eva .-fringe, and Mrs. B.
Thoinns. In Richmond.
The play ciitill- i ' Parson's Poor's Dona
tion Party." was largely attended at Holm
head for the boiielit of the chapel there.
Mrs. Martha Snead Averltt, of New York,
has returned after a visit to Captalu C. G.
The recital at the Baptist Church here for
the benetlt of th? new pipe organ by Mrs.
Edith Hather Marcum and Mrs. Martha
Snead Averitt was la.rgely attended.
James Cary Jones. Jr . of Huntsville. Ala.,
graduated this session at the head of his
class at the United Slates Naval Academy
at Annpolli. llt> Is a mvphetv of W. C. Jones,
of this pla< ?.
Misses Maude and Eva Snead have entered
the Summer School at liarrlsburg.
Miss M. A. Marshall, ol Pittsburgh. Pa.,
Is visiting Miss Altec Kci k.
Professors Benton and O'Nell, members of
the Fork Union Academy faculty, have
charge of the Summer School here.
Altftvlsta. V*.. June 21 ? MIb.i Jennie
Wllklnnon returned Friday from Lexington,
Ky , whore she attended ihe finals of Lho
W. L. L\
Miss Dorathy Stelndori. who has been
visiting relatives in Chase City, returned
honia Saturday She was accompanied by
her brother. Paul, w ho will spend a week
hore visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
C. Stelntorf.
D. A. .Smith, formerly of this place, now
! of Monticeilo, Ky.. paid a brief visit to
! friends here Saturda>
Mr. and Mrs, \S". 1.. Proctor, of Brook -
; neuI. were guests at tlio bungalow, the home
I of Mr. and Sfrs. T. V Elsom. from Saturday
I until Mbndaj
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hasklns spent
from Saturd iy until Monday ut Boyd ton,
guests of the former i parents.
Mrs. lamina Lee. of Lynchburg. was the
guest bf Mrs. J. L Arthur, on Broad Street
over Sunday.
Miss Stella Garbee is visiting relatives In
Miss Ambler Bobbltt. of Lynchburg, is be
ing entertained at the I?llcrsleu. by MUs
' Paulino Lane.
Miss lsds liutton. of lluttonville, W Va .
, is at "Kllorslta." guest of Mi?s Florence
I Lane
| Mr. and Mrs. W E Bowling, of Lynch
burg. were entertained Saturday and Sun
day by Mr and Mrs T V. Klsom.
Dr and Mrs. H. IC. Price and little daugh
ter. left Tuesday morning for a week's stay
at Montvale. guests of former's parents. Dr.
anil Mrs. S. M Price.
Miss Marlon Harvey. of Danville, is visit
ing her sister. Mrs Kobert Clanlon. on Bed
ford Avenue.
Mrs B Q. Boss was a visitor In Lym h's
J'rotessor P. S. Barnes was entertained
Saturday and Sunday at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. B. li. Boss: from here he wilt
visit his mother and friends in Washing
ton. Baltimore and other part? of Mary
Mrs. A E Elsom, of Richmond, tho
venerable mother of A. T V Klsotn. is
visiting here at his home, "the bungalow."
Mr. and Mrs Robert Burnette spent Sat
urday and Sunday with his parents near
Leesville. .
Thompson Estes. of Richmond, is
spending a few days here with Mr. and
Mr.- T. V Elsom.
Nadine Face Powder
( In Green Boxes Only )
Keeps the Complexion Beautiful
Soft and velvety, and re
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It is pure, harmless.
Money back if not en
tirely pleased. Purified
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Prevents sunburn and re
turn of discolorations.
The increasing popular
ity is wonderful. White, Fleih, Pink,
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Wedding Flowers Delivered Anywhere
It coats no more to have them "of gtmr.inteed freshness"
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FIRST. We deliver anywhere.
ion E. Broiiri Street. Tel. MaU. ?W0. RICHMOND, Vii.

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