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[Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
&3?>o City. V?, June II ? Although hi!
of the mountain resort* nre complaining of
dullness due to the late arrival of the
crowd*. yet the Brandon Is rapidly filling
up. and ,nearly every room In the houee In
hooked for .luly and August.
Several of the guests made the trip to
Btaunton Monday evening: to witness the
opening of the new theatre. nnd reported
a thoroughly enjoyable production.
George I*. Brlggs returned Thursday from
a business trip to Norfolk
Mrs J. 11. McCSahev entertained several
of the guests Thursday evening most de
lightfully n t her beautiful home ?>n the
Heights. |
Monday night a most enjoyable little
dance was given In the ballroom.
Several of the guests made an excursion
to Afton Wednesday to get u view of the
Horkflsh Valley.
Mrs. O. S. Robinson, of Orlando. Fla . who I
is spending the summer at the Brandon,
left for the Theological Seminary near Alex
andria. to be present at the ordination of i
a friend.
Among the late arrivals nre 11. M. Nelson, i
University of Virginia; Frank K. Ball. Shen- I
anJoah, Mrs. N. B. Girardeau. Waynesboro;
Miss Frances I. Sterritt. of Charlottesville;
H C. Patton. Danville; V. 1. Denny. Statin- !
ton; U. W Cnnvder, Covington; James G. !
Gwalkin. Richmond; Mr. and Mrs Melvln 1
Green. Winchester; Mr. and Mrs K Gray
Williams. Winchester; Mrs Rachuel Hoff- j
?nan. Miss Vletta Hoffman and Mllroy Hoff
man. of Holropple; A T. Smith. Richmond; |
Miss K C Robinson. Richmond, and E. K i
Ball. Norfolk.
Mrs A B. Carter. Miss Gertrude Carter I
and Alfred Carter, of Richmond, arrived j
Thursday evening for the summer.
[ Spool.>1 to The Times-Dispatch ]
Abingdon Vn.. June -1.?Mrs Alexander
Stuart returned this week from a pleasant
trip to Norfolk and Virginia Beach.
r.ev ar.ci Mrs William Crowe and chll
r.rcj . of Memphis. Tenn.. arrived Tuesday ;
ar.d have moved Into their summer home. j
Miss Isabella Phillips, of Red Springs. N.
c. w h'i li.is been the guest of Abingdon !
fr < nds. will leave Monday for New York,
where she will continue the study of music, j
Mrs M Cue and daughter, of Mississippi, j
hive joined Mrs MeCue at Stonewall Jack- !
son Instlttue here Mrs llcCiie is the n?w i
president ? f the school and has been here
sirve the commentement exercises, the lat- ,
te: part of May
Rrv I. Mi Mlllan pastor of ih"1 Pros i
l.jr.-rian Chur. h. of this place, left Wednes
day for Salem, where lie will enter <".i
i:,?! i <ti>rium for treatment It was
with regret that the people of his congrega
tion at. ; "f the town heard of his impaired ,
he.-.ltl. t.i. enforced absence. He has been
granted sl\ months' vacation. Mrs Mc
Mtlla . .md children left at the same time ,
to v.sit relatives in Cedurvlllc. O. Miss
R?che! Be'. will also visit in Ohio with Mrs
M? Mi..;'r.
Harris M Fit.dliy <?' the Roanoke High
Sd'.ii" hn- ret :rr,"il to i.p'nd his summer
v;,i atK.n here with his mother.
Mrs N it i e Smith, of Fredcrick.?burg. is
the g-.j"st r; her son. Dr. Frank Smith
M ? - I'.mnie Vance. of California. Is the i
guest of \M--r .on relatives This is Mis?
Va ?'(? t.rst visit to Virginia since she ictt ,
nvt tv-one vears s -o
H< \ Homer McMillan. >.f Atlanta, was the j
week-end guest ol his brother. J U Mi -
Spe *l.r. to Tl'.e Time;. Dt.-patch 1
Bon At: V'r . June VI Miss AUKitrta Bar
'r. : and Miss Bessie C'->-<ka entertained on
M>,jn?fjiv tn honor of tl.eir house cuon. '
Mr- O H Bissell. of Charleston. S. C. Those
r.e, fpttng the hospitality the hostesses
??!?? Mesd.inies Ai.it Ferr-ison. Percy Glltm,
? ,rl Eosi hen ?: Mcf B.:'.'.::.gt"n. <>rke,
Veito:. Chrl:?ti; M'Clure Miller. Pinker- ,
tor.. a:.d M: - >??"- Moor". Mi r Cocke,
|*ow t Ill-- i.t het
Mt: I'lfsby .tr.1 ? s M ? ? * l.ou l!"ll Jones
md M:s> K.'e M sp. nt the last week
end will Mr an.I Mrs John Armlster-.d.
M - Haxel Hudspeth luis been the recent
j?-?-r of Mrs 1'. McC Bullington.
M: j s. s Virginia an! Mary Thomas '"ox
llhve been vi .'.ig Miss .lu'.i.i Wherry
The Mis*'.- M Hi. hri ; with them over
S-jtidav Mrs H li Johnston and Mis- relia
Burwell. of Boston
Mrs O H Bissell and Orvll'e Bissell. ?.f
Charleston. ?' and Mr and Mrs I.e
Grange Cooke spent a part of the week
with Ml.-.- ft ? -Held
Miss Anne Kerr,. ; if visiting Miss Nell Mi - i
Mrs V' i -en Mr and Mrs DeSattssure.
Mr sr.ii Mrs Finland of Richmond; Mr
?:"1 Mrs Hugh Sto. kdf II. of Petersburg. !
have t??i'i?ro! 'at the inr
|. I'- }'. ,<r-on was here last week
' Pi.tterson spent last Sundav with
M- . 1 Mrs Percy GHnn
M s Clara Powers i- visiting at Forest
IP; .
M ? ire j- jn r>orrhe?ter, the guest |
t rott er. l>r P. ites McClure .
Mrs il lusion Carv spent several
'.if! week with Mr und Mrs l,u<-|en
l. 'jrs .lore was with Mis* Harriet
for t!.e wrrk-eud
Daniel Ainslle hi
M: p.. k Millei
f r
M r
"en the recent
\ ?.
?>* to The Tim"- Dispatch ]
.1 me - \V|.'h the approach
we.ithe: the b.otels are be.
1 " f ' for the season.
Vhrldge Inn. Ho.-k
?? ???? H it li- are
M ??
l.een visit intr
ioke ?- now on an extended
A G Hnrmati
i'. ? r. 1 ? St l.ejiiy. who holds
tt.%n with the P.tuanin
-t.pj-nc (or i? few da>- with
M. 1 ? :iiii,r en route tr.
M i. ri . <?! Alleghany, is
r i M t - S M Alvis
I' i 1 i was t ei rnt l> In
? ? ::npri . mg. and will soon
i ? lie out again
A > v - who has been ;.t
II n rr!sOii!>Ut p. has te
horiif for the summer.
Dirlctions: Make a parting and
rub gently with Cuticura Ointment.
Continue until whole scalp has been
gone over. The next morning :-ham
poo with Cuticura Soap and hot
water. Shampoos alone may b(
used as often as agreeable, but onct
or twice a month is generally suffi
cient for this special treatment.
Cuticura Soap and Oictir.eot sold throutliout tn
world. Liberal tample of eaeb mailed tree, nltti 32-j
book. Addrwa"CutJcura." Dept. 12R. no?too.
orMts who (have and st.atr.poo wltb Cuta-ur
Vwp jrUI i&d U fetal for ikls tiCfJv.
[Special toThf Times-Dispatch 1
Berryvlltc. V? , June 21.?Mrs. William
Byrd l.ee. of Gloucester. Is visiting relumes
in town
Miss Florence Bnuchmun is visiting friends
in Hagcrstowii, M<1.
Mrs A. Moore nnd Miss Elizabeth Moore
attended the ttnals nt tho V. M. 1.
Mm George Hice. of Peeksville N. Y
is visiting Mrs. raul Kelley ut "the Ite
trent "
Samuel Taylor is home from the V. I*. 1
for his vacation.
Harry and Wlltner (Invcr are home from
tho nlvorslty of Virginia for their vaca
Miss Mattle Davis, of Harrisonburg, was
here % Isltlng Mrs. A. Cummins, at "Audlev."
Miss Julia Grove. of Shepherdstow n. \V.
\a. Is visiting Mrs. IV 11 Powers.
Paymaster tsharpe. of Norfolk is the
K!-est??.r Mr' i4,", Mrs "? Smith, at the
K noil.
'Vi,Sr. ,SoJ?,;ie Towers has returned from
a \ islt to friends In Harrisonburg
a"d Mrs S. Goldsmith. of Hlrminc
... . ' aro 1,1 tho home of Mrs Gold
smith s parents. Pr. and Mrs H P Pige
TUfnrH AJ,ne,.?1trl|'"',e is Visiting Mrs. J B
Tilford. In \\ in^hester.
( w- ,1! Patterson left this week to
Join her husband in Washington after
and" Mrs T'r-We" U"h 'U'r p',r>*nt!i' ?r.
the entertainments given this
andStrlbiTn* C", KlVen ,by -Ml'seh Baldwin
ivmi !i *? ,u"'?' of their guests. Mrs
andirlm? i U'? unt' Mis* Jane i\ Alex
? <
at%eheR'lM^ """
I Special to The Times-Dispatch 1
Ma vern Hill. v? .. June 21 -MrJ Paul
WestoiVerenAtrU,i,I,ctl ,ho ?Sew,n?! Society of
?? * Friday Vast! Among h Mrs
guests were. Mrsdames >.M. K. ' Bell* p r'\/
n'Mr'sot, .r B^e H ril,, T ,{ Harrison,"
L-... . * lark. J. M cti; a o
fended to ?ti ?,'0F"ph H'lk'r Having
?*'? business before the socletv
'h* '"ember* enjoyed a delicious luncheon
?ith their hostess. \tter ihi* T-i.
daughter.. of WestoverPhut h h.?M ,'V
regular monthly meeting d thclr
skSLv?* ? a^isr^swE-ji
"a ?!."n.
the iMielt**nr rart0r' of ""itimore. Md . is
ford. ut Shiriev*" COU"n' ?M,H A ^rans
r,.n!r'?,J,t,ala talker, of The Glenn." has'
??*'? r,m'TbS,' i
returning home Monday n B*!I' ?
"S! ? lailiorne Carter. <>r ' The \!m ?? <. .u
guest tills week of Mr. i iV.! .. ?, '* ,h'
of Providence Forge "utsell Parker.
turned ,' "'.TV I,n,i .WUiia,,-. ratlin have re
turned u> Itlchmond from m week-end vui?
1 l,ls neighborhood %U,t
, / r; M Hell, of Richmond, i? the sr ,?st 1
Mt-""" ?" a c*.,15 ."! I
'.r. 'vr, r,:!ffis!r?ss' rsv;K?'S; 1
i?:e '.%iTr ? ?r i-irvfi
J? .Sr^!K% j.*o" !
ton'T- ':',VJ" 1, ?"wlrl- "f Stuart Hall. ?taun. !
ion. ^rspe?d|nB -ho.nune. w?h her^. |
' :'d '':!caiK"" IVndleton
&?$iih6r9' -,h
Mis John Hancock and Miss Fllzaheth !
Mrs. James KHlv. ttna
Alexander fcJtuxirt, of Abincdon is rh.
f!'a.o?'.,r """? ?"?"
tiUs1"'Bweek'i',lo',M..riHney Wn" ,n ^'"'"renton I
man's l^u.U Su^ge rfuh"C ?f ,he |
? p. ]o Vrn-B. Ui^She'lbyvine. IvT* !
{{M- ?nrM a'n'd ^"Scc^y ^ !
ifnley bungalow on Boyd's lllll.
11 . Bo><' and son will leave this '
r.r,u* A*" K"
I .-pedal to The Times-l>u p;i r.? >, 1
.in enton. Va , .lur.e .1 Miss <niiv r>?xK
7> 1/11 -^larshall. has returned'to'her home
i W artriiton. after n visit of some time ht
' harleston. s. r. where Mie ?< .v.
-r Uoutenant and Mrs
Ml>: i-.ilazabeth Wilbur, ut Devon Pa |.
sr?rr?? '
Kichmond; Mrs Pinkney and Miss' <>u"tln?
' of Norfolk, are th" reient ciie^t?
o! Mrs J B Brltton. K>iests i
s V, Maphls and Samiifi \v M-,nhts
.V leu on Wednesday o,
? ??. K. *>?.,. k. where the.
"""Ping party for seve..,| weeks
i Mrs Maurice ?' i'ilsoii, \v ,?h
;'lh'?l?'> spending the Mimm"r
i \\ .irrenton as guests of . ' .rter Hall rn
tertatned at the country t'luli on th - even- i
Ing Of in<- -ja instant at a .ia-v-e
Mr- Wilkinson and the Misses Wilkin*?
'?( Kirkwood Mo. are guests at the lu-mo
c-f M.s Hugh Hamilton Mrs rjeor,
M I ettyngill. now of Washington. 1- ?.No
Mi.- Hamilton's Miss I I,. r. pr|. . of
? ? ??" " " and? who in- V.een ..po?.j. !
Ink th, p. ? t ? inter there reached Warre iton
the patI xveok ami It with her trtotiter M?"
'* ' M? ?\ it Mr?! liiiniilton'N
r IV T1;',1"lo guest of Mrs .
I W Keller. Ir. Washing! <itf.
Mrs Thomas Games-Smith has returned
to VNatrenton. nfter an absence of s<.me
II me spent in Atlantic City, itlchmond and
W ashiugton.
Mls.s Greeley, r.f Chicago. II). is the RUe^t ?
? ?, "sr. '* All?" "uwell. .it I
-leal Hands ru ;ir Warrenton
Mr- Harry <? Groome has returned to
?Mr.le near Warrenton. after .. visn ,.t
"> Philadelphia Mi G:onme
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500 Marathon Racers
To Be Given Away To
Boys and Girls In Ex
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Is alto at home after an absence of some !
While in Warrenton the past week. Mrs
I. U I.ewls. of l.ynchburg. and Mrs n R 1
Valentine, of Richmond, were the guests
of Mrs R W. Ililleary.
Mrs. Stephen Putney, of Wythevllle. wa*
with Rev and Mrs. Edwin S. liinks at \
"the rectory."
Miss Mary Nelson, of Maryland, and
? leorse Nelson. Jr.. were recently at the
home of Mis <?. \V. Nelson, on Green Street
Mis:- Delia M Garner has returned from
t'hariottesville, where she spent home time
with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Arundnle
Mr and Mrs. F. .1. Grace have returned
to ihelr home near Warrenton after a vl.M*
to friends In New York
Mrs F. A. R Portmftn will leave h?r
iii Warrenton on .luly 12 for New Yorlt,
sailing from there to England, where ?h?
will spend the summer.
Mrs .Tames K Maddux left on Saturday
h'M for New York, where Khc will *pe?:-)
?: ? time with her parents, Mr and J!r
1 I R. Muerllng.
I>r nnd Mrs F. <*. Hodgklns have as ilieir
s'.i t Mrs' N. P. Johnson, of Wilmington
(Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
Marlon. Va.. June 21.?John R tind T K
George of Bradford. were In town on Thurs
day and had the will of their father, tin
laie \V \V George. probated. He died p. -
of ii very considerable estate, mos
line grazing lands, and left It all to his t-a n
\ >n Kame'eternal camping ground the reveille is beat.
An.] North and South are hurrying in friendship now to meet.
From I mm.- I.and they're coming?the remnant of the Gray,
Who fought sn l.rave at Gettysburg when Pickett led the fray.
And th<- Hoys in Mine will greet them, hut not in the old way;
I'.i M.iiilc's and Sedgwick's guns art spiked -no more the cannons peal
Siiv < tiftv years arc long enough a nation's wound to heal.
What means this wondrous muster of our heroes of the past,
Who now meet in friendly concourse?not to the bugle's blast.
Tiie shadowy lines of Blue and Gray. marching side by aide,
Is not to form a rampart or stem invasion's tide;
l'nr plows and anvils take the place of bursting shell and steel,
Sin?'?' fifty vears are long enough a nation's wound to heal.
But as long as <?od's sky is blue, and till old Time turin gray.
Kaoh side will laud her heroes until tin judgment day.
Twas the wiestle c?f the giants?a noble nation's tight?
When each had thought the other wrong, that they alone were right.
'?i'l scores are I est forgotten?Gettysburg is a sac.red field,
Since fifty years are. long enough a nation's wound to heal.
Pennsylvania, Keystone of the Union, curious to relate,
? 'olon.N of peace-loving Quakers, thine a wondrous fate.
r?.?- s cab ndnr, one old July, broke 1 ndopendencc Bell;
A i fi.i'iiy 1;11? i it sounded the Confederate knell
But now in glorious p. .?< e paeans all the bells must peal
Sunt fifty years arc long enough a nations wound to heal.
Tli' South will look with reverence on Old Glory waving still
? > er their comrades who have bivouacked on Cemetery Hill.
'1 nough Southern Cross, baptized in blood, at Gettysburg was furl'd,
f t Dixie gave at Valley Forge a Washington to the world;
So th<- South mourns no Lost Cause, but great Union pride doth
Since fifty years are long enough a nation's wound to heal.
Miild now ate Sunilers "it.-hel guns' that echoed o'er the sea;
'1 ii Bun and ' 1 ? i c * ? i manga live only in memory;
ii .Ir\?!l1' , f alms ?'??>'>? wherev.-fr the immortals he,
. it-1 " a?"hington l-'ranklin stand our Lincoln and our Lee.
?ns a reunited country our power great we'll wield,
Sin< e fifty years are long enough a nation's wound to heal.
sons above named. Mr. George for many ;
years, was one of the most successful eaitle j
rather* of Smyth County.
The hoard of trustees of Marion Female
College mot on the 17th ami matured plans j
to complete the unfinished work on build- I
Ings and ground* The financial agent re
ports a considerable amount subscribed and
collected, and the outlook Is bright for
raising the needed amount of money
The Krnbrohlcry Club took an automobile
ri'ie last Tuesday evening and had a picnic
..t South Kork Baptist Church.
Marvin Anderson, a cadet at V. M 1
for the past session, and a son of Postmaster
n A Anderson. if at home for his summer
\ .c ation
I 11 (iollehon find C II. Shannon, of
Saltville, ?ore visitor* to Marlon this week.
Mr and Mrs Charies H. Cappell are now
in New York State visiting Mr. Cappell's
tela lives
t'.corge \V Wright. Masonic grand lec
turer. who has b*en at home for some days,
1-fl for Hot springs this week
I. Phlpps an ! wife are in Grayson Coun
ty on a visit to his. mother.
MIhH Mary llowze, who has been attend
ing school in Washington, D. is at
home for the Hummer.
Professor W It. D Moncure has been elect
i ?d principal of the Marlon High School for
the coming year For the past three yeari
he has been one of the professors at Fork
I'nlon Military Academy, but gave up that
position to accept the one here.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
South Huston, Va.. .June 21.?Miss Bessie j
1 Glltnet. '>f l.ubanon. was the guest of Miss ;
I.eon vRfuves for the past week.
Miss Maty Bethel, of News Ferry, spent
several) days of the past week, visiting Miss
Marie Easley, on Main Street.
Archlbal Douglas Gilllland loft on Wednes
day night for Brookneal. to attend a house
party given by Mr. and Mrs. N. 1. Walthal.
Miss Rut it 1311 lot t and Miss Adelle DeJar- :
nette ai?- atlentmiK '? house party glvon by
Mr. <t11? l Mrs. Walthall in Brookneal. J
Joe W. I.ec, Jr.. of this placc. left to-d.ny |
for Durham, where he will spend Home 1
time visiting his brother. It. Ej l.ce.
John Wcssloy Klliott, a graduate of thin
vear at Richmond College, has returned to
his home here, where ho will spend a few
weeks with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs B. M. C. Glenn, of New York
City, spent several days last week visit
ing his father and other relatives here.
T IM gar Harvey, of Chicago, visited
friends and relatives here on last Mon
l.iv and Tuesday.
.1 lt.illey Kasl<*y, for the past nine months
I student at V. p. l . has returned hotne to |
sjond the summer.
Mrs Charles Skinner, of Greensboro, N. I
the orimb
lies in the use of bi
chloride tablets, car
bolic acid, zinc and
other poisonous so
called sanitary retne
Oie?. Their use should
>i)joiutely avoided,
especially when
'lis* In the us* of Tyrce's Antlseptio
?"^wder?a harmless, powerful terra
in sud prercntif*
of isfectloui diiestei
of tb* delicate mtm
brasci A 2>c box
mitt* two gallon*
of Ko'.ut 10?. Cnrquil
ed if a douch*.
Sample free; all
Washington, D. C.
C. is visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs J
W. Essiey, on Main Street.
D T Vancey and Ills son. James, are visit
ing Mr \ani cv's parents. near VlrsHlna
V. I. Fou l kef and family are vitltlng
Mr. Fowlkes's mother in Nottoway.
[Special to The Tlines-Dis-patch ]
Pulaski; Va June 21 --Prometheus Coun
011. No. 1M3. Royal Arcanum. Ik arranging
for a banrpiet (o he given to it* met'iibers
and friend? on next Monday night al Mrcplo
Shad* Inn The function Is held In cele
brallon of the thirty-sixth anniversary of
the order Among !he especially invited
guests who have Mgnifled their itnention
to ?t tend are fir K. T. McFaden. of Rich
mond. fuprein" reg?i,i t.nil W T Dabnoy, of
Richmond. piist grand regent The nimmiI -
tre In charge <>f tlie arrangements has been
active in preparing an elaborate affair.
Mrs W ?' 1'rli i> was at home Wedneii
ilay Afternoon trom to 7 o'clock to Imr
many lriends. During the hours named
fully seventy-IH'e called at her home on
Jefferson Avenue
Or. Hedges and Or Byrd. of the Univer
sity of Virginia faculty, passed through
Pulaski this v.eek with their cunoe. J'hey
had made a trip from Fries to the head
waters of New River and return in the lit
tle crafl. being a part of their second an
nual outing spent In the waters of New
Dr. and Mr* H King, of Elizabeth
College. Charlotte. N C, were guests of
two of the students, the Misses Keister. a
portion of the week
Dr. and Mrp .laniM S Miller and family,
nnd Miss Julia Miller have arrived from
Emory to spend the summer vacation on
their Pulaski bounty farm. Dr Miller is
professor of mathematics in Emory and
Henry College.
Hon. J. C. Wysor and sons, Joe and Billy,
have returned from Ulnton. XV. Va.. where
they accompanied his daughter, Mrs. Flnley
Dunlap and children home, after they spent
several weeks here
Miss Kate l.owry. of Clifton Forge. Is visit
ing her classmate at Christian Colltge. Mint
Agnes Howard, for several days.
Miss Cornelia Gilmer, of l.ebantion. after
a visit with Miss Lucille Glllnier. left Wed
nesday for Harrisonburg, whore ,ihe will
attend the Hurrlsonburg Normal.
Mm. D. Gray Langhorne and two chil
dren have gone to Alleghany Springs to
spend n month.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Taylor and C. A
Bevcridge have returned to their homes at
Bristol, after a visit with Mr. Beverldge's
daughter. Mrs. II. H. Roberts
Home from schools for the summer vaca
tion during the week have heen: Miss
Madeline Askew, Furmvllle; Walter Fry.
Roanoko College; Dave l.mi?hon and Billy
Wysor, Hampden-Hldney; Guy Laughon,
Washington and Lee; W. G. Wysor. Arthur
Bloi.-ksldge, Caddall Harmun. Albert and
Harry Bopp. Virginia Polytechnic Institute.
(Spoclal to The Times-Dispatch.1
Hot Springs. Va. June 21.?Driving and
motoring through Virginia are popular re
creations this month, as the mountains are
beautiful with laurel and rhododendron in
full bloom, and scarcely a day passes that,
tourists do not arrive at the Homestead
for a lengthy visit or a short stay en route
to somo of tho other spring resorts. A
parly of a dozen men, n number from Rich
mond. arrived from Covington by motor
Wednesday night and dined at the Home
stead. In tt were E. E. Davis, H. R. Pol
lard. E. G. Williams. F. O. Baldwin. A. C.
Hai*m'an and E. C. Long, of Richmond; W.
A. Rlnehart, W. E. Allen and W. A. Luke,
of Covington, and Judge C. F. Moore and
Thomas I<uke. of New York.
A driving party of four women, members
of the Southern colony In Now York, ar
rived here the first of the week en route
to White Sulphur Springs fend Natural
Bridge, and spant ft day and night here.
It was mad* up of Mesdameii Wllloughby
Sharpe. H. Snowdon Marshal, 1J Henry
Clalborno and George Etherldge. They
motore$ trom her* to Covington, whera they.
| were the guests for a day or two of Mr. .
itn>l Mrs Robert I.. l'arrlxh.
i Dr Lewis Coward i?n and Mis* Nannie 1
( Cownrden, of Hot Hprlngs. are absent this j
; week on a trip on their motor boat tip '
j the Jamc* River They started from Rich- [
j montl, ami took at their gueat*. Rev. .1. A.
, N'orrls. Miss Helen Norn*. Dr. Frank Hop- |
j kins*, and soma other friends
' Hot Springs In .tune Is a Mecca for honey- !
rnooiiers and In not falling this year to !
sustain itfc reputation The beautiful walks. j
driven and bridr.l paths which abound offer I
lavish opportunity for exclusion. and
; \ iBitors just now are scarcely able to turn ;
a corner without meeting a bride and
Mr and Mrs Robert X Allyn. who were
! married Monday In Louisvllle. arrived Wed
i nesday for a stay of several wepk? Mrs.
: Allyn was Mrs Loulf Alden, of Louisville,
and the couple met for tho first time last
j year at the Homestead, where both have
; been annual visitors for some Heaaons.
Mt and Mrs Francis R Larkln. who
( were married in New York the rtrst of the
month, arrived a week later and will stay
through .Iun<? Mrs Larkln. who was Miss
Hcssile Voakitrri, Ik one of the prettiest brides
seen her* this suson
Mr and Mrs Sidney Berg. whn? marrlige
was followed by the report that the hrld-?'s
grandfather. Adolphus Bunch, of ?t Lotus,
hail 151ven her a check for 11.000.000 on her
wedding day. have gone to New York after
spending the first part of (heir honeymoon
nt Hot .Springs.
George Randolph Chester, 'he novelist,
with Mrs Chester, after a two years' ?tip
In I>urope. which included tarveis In Egvpt.
wound up in Mot Sprln** last week, and P
O Wodehouso. of London, author of "Ths
I'rim e and Betty" and other novels Is the
Kin'** of Hamilton King at his studio near
the Boone Log Cabin Mr Wodehouse i*
having a play produced In (.ondon this
month, and is said to be at work upon an
other soon to be produced In New Y?^rk
the scene for which Is ?o he laid in Arizona,
where he will go later In teh season for
local color.
Mrs. B B Valentine, of Richmond has
arrived at the Warm Springs Hotel for
the summer, and OtiH Skinner. the actor
with Mr# Skinner Is there for tho early
summer. He Is still convalescing from the
dangerous attack of maMoldltu* from \vhl< h
ho Kisifered In Cincinnati last month
Y?y Can Do What the
Other Fellow Has Done
A soap boiler's son traveled the streets of Philadelphia
with a loaf of bread under his arm and a Dutch dollar in
his pocket.
From this humble and obscure position Benjamin
Franklin became a great statesman, a philosopher, a philan
thropist and a man of science.
The sccrct of his success was hard work, SAVING a
portion'of what he earned and "keeping everlastingly at it."
There are better means of saving money now than in Frank
lin's day.
Open a Savangs Account With the
Commonwealth Bank
where your money will be safe and earn three per cent;
where it will grow rapidly, and where it is always ready
for you. i.
The man with money in bank need shed no tears over
the lack of opportunity, lor it will knock daily at his door.
Commonwealth Bank
22 N. Ninth Street, Twenty-fifth and Broad Sts.?
3914 Williamsburg Avenue.
William L. Walters President
W. Creed Davis Vice-President &
S. E. Walters Vice-President Jj
H. G. Proctor Cashier 5j

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