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OSlc*......TIines-Utapatch UulUltui
10 6outh Trnth street.
fc<jth Rlfhmonfl.. 10JO Hull Stroet
Wtihlntlon Hureau Munsey lVulhllm:
Petersburg lluroau.... .109 N. }*yeamoro Street
i.jT'cfiburje flurnu Kl*htli Street
lit MAIL On# Six Three Ooi
I'OSTAOB PAID. Tear. Mob. Moi. SJo
|Hi:y with Sunday J6.00 J3.00 J1.10 .55
{>*.11)' without Sunday 4.00 2.00 1.05 .JJ
luiidsy edition only.. ? .... 100 1.00 M .li
Mr Ttrne?-Dt*patch Carrier r>eItvcrjr Ser
vice lr. UKhrnond tand suburbs) and l'eters
Lurc-- One Week.
Daily with Sundry 16 cents
I'.illy without Susidcy.... ? 10 ? ?nts
iuuila;* only Scents
ITntered .innikiry
? if. end-das* matter under uct of Congress
: .V -,h S. irr9.
J -PAY. SKl'TKMBKK ?. 1313.
t.i:ru\<; this .1011 do\k.
:? -o. lio-: pessimism on national
i .1 :? to ic.td of how the Koverntnent
< ;i do 'i:o lip Nil; -tlio I-'a nam a faiial.
1 .--.Iw i>s beating the schedule
1 a th< re Tho dry excavation has
: ? ? :i ' ni.hel I e n days it 1.? ri. 1* ..t time
a 1'ike wiii lie blown up live
i!aj'? ? head of tho announced date,
t th<> rough st ? jrr loft on the bot- ;
i ? i bo suei<el up by vacuum
< ! ? tirru^t small boats may pass
tlti -1: in ocean to oc n by 1
It." I and tho pvent ditch be open :
>r pi:.g ea cly in Demnbr: That's
?"<: <???*?
s : 'in w1 v it;> 1 workers makes
tho silly .-Ml pre Ion- I palaver and
taiilo it i k? ;!ng ?.f Congress irritating
1;. ridiculous, We believe Colonel ;
eJoethals and I s crow could como up '
Mill tinker a tariff bill into shape
icke- than tho Solons r.t Washing
ton Tho e done! hns broken every '
promise, Onco he thought tho work
weId bo done by the first of 1915. !
He boats that by a wide margin. 'i'he
original tine limit will not expire for
nearly a year longer. We ought to bo
proud, m-.'l pet busy thinking- up some
r.t reward fcr the men who put it
through. nn t linked the oceans
Tho liymrn can pet a hint of what
this task meant by the chance items
of news He can imagine what cau
tions planning l y engineering genius
i- needed when he sees that tliev have
to ]r< enough water into one channel
to net as a cushion when they dyna
mite a barrier, and so keep the explo
sion f rotn, tearing things to piece ? till
round \ e would never have thought j 1
of that, .fust suppose tho men on tlie j
:? It forgot" Then think of having the <
casting-rests on which the sixtoen
inch puns for the forts will be hauled ; '
; rors the Isthmus made and waiting |i
month ahead! '
Hi thin..-n can be done by this i n- .
tio; The pn.xle is why we do not ? I ? -. 1
'' ? . - i- p i s per :?? 1 edule and done !
rig lit.
Till: I> \ \ I ON < II AJtTKH,
t has worked out a new cotn
!>?' 't tiiii !.''ip:il in th?
' "? ::tly adopted. It has talon
J- ' d's live commission* :added ;
? ? Staunton's k? ncral mai. ? r. |
and kept a kind of flgur< head Mayor
l-'gal and - i. lal purp ses. The)
Cmia. :.l is entirely abolished.
Tin* commissioners are elected at
la rue, an-' i- .? ?? - none l>ut 1> feislative-!
authority. 'J'he t i: dhlate receiving the
high' -t vof 1" (?! be Mayor, with a
. i\ .ry of Si - .I a year, while the other
fur rec ve The Mayor is'
t ae presiding offlcer of tho commission'
: .1 head of the city, much as are
ii I. >rd Mayo: s What 1 ' ins :m
inereas!ng tendency In all our nitini
? I' ll < p. : meats followed; namely,
to permit coApniJssifjners to grlvc only j
t time V?i eft? work. This enables'
" ' "ity to S. r ire the experience, ahjli- !
chnr.ii tor, dis'.ntfrcHtfilness and'
ex ability < f men of large nf- (
f. .; ; and proven succor. They repre- j
' t ?' ?: 'e. shape politi >? ami ill- |
!'<?' t <-.at ?. The> will n rvi! four |
years, and go out of ofllco by two and 1
r< ? vt ry ;. ond v. ,ir. This j)ian )
? '' ' * * ' v I: I. ? I . ;i to devote
i I t i . to t,e*.pi!;jf "lH'.r . it v. '
? b,;s'!i.:-.s manage: .^ executive!
at 1 n ? the ,i;y. }| appoints!
or rein'-'v.* s all d. partment directors I
and .subordinates, wltli some civil 3er
? ?? r> strii f -ib. ? n merit ;tnd iitness
'?< i- a;i i ippoi*ited whether
0 - b '?' of ' '.iyto:, or not, ntid the
? n 'li. ,c - a b- i ? ?? i , d as high ?:
f aecss.rv to ;:et a vo.-l ma.n. lb
1 .in remain ' . f- at his own option,
or' e (!.??'. S' i, or te . Mi-e.l |,\ the
I" . b in a?, the cotr.mission r- fiic-es
to him. The Idea here to
? r ; ? : t f r , I '
tlie country, to Klve lilnti full power,
mal'.. i.im r- hi: ible, r,l jiay hin,
W'n.it . ? v. . y 11.: i ;<? f.o . ?
?ty to .pt tin wise bu> ?
in t
. i . t ? , ... t. ,i ,{
the people. 1 i >: ,v<- have
a11 ? v pted to ? ?. ; >i ,
,-i ( (Olficil The | . ? v. or ?? i. .
It has prod u< el fr: :
r.i < at ration ar 1 pH? i ,
m: ? i .vn t rial.- ar. 1 ? e , >. . j
b-d-ig produced over the an ". ? ?
to iii able to make a n. ?
for our own use i . ,\t * :n, ?
the State will p'.ve lc h- *. '
, .gal o( home rule.
fe.eor Manue! do 7.ft.nine - p,
may ),ave a very diplomat n. v :
all we know.
It would Ve a pood ld? a t" u <
i,( il.o stern euro and c.-mtSon slow.-,
in tho navigation of the h a on 'in
transportation of human beings by
lailioads. We do not allow in
manned vessels directed by iruxpeii
> need or worn^ut ofllcers to put life
in Jeopardy. Why not the saino hlrbt
ne?s for trains?
Throughout the country tho count;
is the iiioHt neglected unit of govern
nicnt, 1 111 in Virginia there are heart
e n I n g evidences tliut the people ar
beginning to interest themselves in it
t>f late wo havo tsoon in our State con
temporaries communications and cdl
torials urging county boards? of super
visors to obey in every particular th<
statute which requires that they slial
publish after each meeting ji state
ment of county expenditures, it is :
healthy sign of progress in public af
fairs when tiie citizens of any count)
take thought of their fiscal status am
seek to fiti<1 how much money the>
iiave, how it is being spent, how mud
of it is being spent, whether it is beiti*:
used economically, and. whether it it
getting the best possible results foi
the outlay.
Of course, no wrongful intent is tc
be ascribed to boards of supervisors
who have chosen to nullify the statute
in their particular jurisdictions, but
now that they have so generally been
put upon notice that they havo ig
nored the law, the> should be careful
to sec to It hereafter that full and
prompt publications are made of the
county's receipts and disbursements.
Sound business management should re
quire them, even if the statute did not.
The chairman of one of the boards of
supervisors which failed to comply
with the law explained that "we have
passed over the requirements of the
law only when we thought it was to
tho interest of our people to do so."
but it is never to the interest of the
people to fail to fulfill the law's com
mands. Such a course sets unwise ex
ample, coming as it does from con
stituted authority.
.Nor should the responsibility of cir
cuit judges bo forgotten in this par
ticular. It is the duty of such courts
after each meeting of the boards of
supervisors in their jurisdiction to as
certain whether they have performed
their duties and if not to penalize
"AUK voir OK All TO GKT UACKf**
The friend who tires that query at
you fresh from vacationing usually ex
pects a groan of dissent. The accepted
theory is that loafing in strange climes
makes Richmond look like a dismal
prison yawning for a returned victim.
Yd 1 -ts ot people seem to be right
alad tiny were spared to get back to
the home town at all after a summer's
adventures by field and Hood. In fact,
luwn in the heart of most wanderers
? a deep faith that life In Richmond
holds about as mu. h pleasure as any
where in the world. It's a right good
Did place.
Xot that we want to miss vacations,
i'hey teach us to appreciate our own
rt ley ring*. The man who goes to New
Vi? k, loses his trunk, sees a woman
: in over by an automobile, drips hi"
a: ne;. from him at every pore, is bull
I ,fil. cheated and scared t> death.
ts of: at I'.lba again with a sens** of
'?v< r?.f every soul In town. If he
cannot be happy over anything else.
< an rejoice that manners still exist
? r- a.'id that Insults and indifference
are not regarded as smart and up-t >
date. Of course, there are plenty of
polite people all around, but the vaca
tionist generally does not see them.
Tii'! people he met ts are generally po
lit" only to the lady "n the dollar.
The Impression one gets from trav
elers:" tales 1? that they arc glad to
get b.?ck. One comes with tales of
frosty nights and falling leaves that
make life miserable in the pleasant
depths of the North, lie unities at the
blooms o'erspreading hl? native
heath. Another can remember only
the trouble he had making i..Elec
tions. getting hotel accommodation and
doing lightning calculations between
Ills poeketbook and the tips h-> had
to pay for service. The camper from
the woods has long wails about,
snakes, and no snake medicine for
miles, or about swarms 'if black gnats
like the plagtio in Kgypt. The rest
..ml change did them good?and so ? 1 i'1
everybody else.
Then at bottom, most people nre glad
to net to work. I.lfe is not all beer
;ind skittles?or it would b,? bitterly
tires 'inc. There is fun !n doing the
job, it) putt ag yourself Into hard work,
and helping make the city grow and
other folks happy. Vacation i? a fine
1 Miry, hut everyday living is what
"At: error crept tn an obiiu: r> ar
t.. la' ? week instead of 'timely
loss this ought to have road 'untime
ly loss,' the 'un' was unintentionally
omitted in r-ettit g up the word,"
. j,':i;cs i e i.di-.t! Wisconsin, News.
"We n ?,.i j k, not as a matter ot
i ews but i'.i.st to show that Halifax
aiw: ? : h the best when it comes to
i,:!.g -t'.at black-eyed peas and
11. a > n (:? ? i ate abundant in thi; nr k
t!. ? wo-.;, a-,.! tl.e supply will ? on
: -i '?>(? to be abundant untii frost,"
. ,-p? the ilr ,:--ton Ut cold- SdvCl t :. et,
Now we -tfiow* why it Is thai all lite
f.d' ? ? ' e.'ijm- to iti' ):?: ??) i !: orn
Halifax are so fat, rosy and pr<" ;>er
?>UH II. : : pe ? : I: I., e
r.\liieilMy there is t > da: s;et < f rt
li'inger ft!':>.?? In Oiange, as t)ie ! !i
editor of tho i itiiiicii Observer, v. I.-.
;. t tin t i ? If- :d< ; of ?: e
man'tt movement in tliat town, ri: .m
ii: l.< r last if sue ' . w. et < i< r re
ts on. J'osaum atnl 'tavis are
/ ? ? The '? :er Is i <???': : 11,. :..
? on if Hire ! < j, . a Jo . n ;,.e.
'I he < ie 11? at will have 11H 1:11 op. j,
Ii In a few V.e< k) Kj/i/m are yi,
? 'a up and down?down the throat
I up in p r i< ? " The v. ;? trie 1 ? *<? i,
' re t tii': id thrower, U .'i
1 In <)rango
, ' th> " Washington M. r. ? i t
i was Opi nod to vtfitlofff 1o l1 ?.t*'j
I people l ave as ended H 1-, get ;m
, Inspiring vt-v. . ' Virginla.
v.'ho V.-Ili ?. . ,U tn, ,1
I"0 wlnn t: ? y I, inch 1 ho Panama
I Canal?
y tion.
. j The Newport News Press. In whoa.
. | Judgments :is to political questions w<
o j have .mo often concurred, declares it
t. I self yet unable to pcrcolvo either tin
. Wis,lorn or the expediency of a Uc.no
. cratlc State platform convention, "ii
-lis usual for the party to promulgate
0 its platform when the candidates art
1 nominated, and the candidates the,,
. ; pledge themselves to support it." out
, .....temporary 8ays. correctly adding
. 'that ?The Times-Dispatch proposes to
,? j inako and promulgate a platform long
1 ; after the nominations have been made
j and iniifc after most of the candidates
, have committed themselves and made
j definite promises to the voters." The
5 I Press does not "believe in an ex post
? , facto convention and an ex post facto
i declaration."
, The convention which we suggest Is
, not ex post facto. While In an over
. , w helming number of counties Demo
cratic nomination is equivalent to
? it>,<?ctlon, let us keep In mind tho fact
that the general election is many weeks
away, jf the Democratic party of the
Mate in the existing interregnum
chooses to assemble and formulate a
broad declaration of fundamental prln
jciples to chart the course of Demo
cratic legislators, ils action in no sense
would be retroactive. The Democrats
! who have been nominated either by
convention or in the primaries for the
(icneral Assembly have been chosen on
pel son.il and individual platforms, and
! not upon a general party platform.
Jn a number of advanced States there
1 are mandatory statutes requiring that
the candidates for the various State
odices and for the Legislature nomi
nated by each political party shall meet
at tho State Capitol before the gen
ii al election and formulae the State
| platform of their party, which is to
; be published not later than twenty
| four hours after its adoption. Such a
? course Is not considered ex post facto.
There is room for honest difference
j within the Democratic party In Vir
ginia. and there is room for honest
agreement. I.et the differences nlone,
sa> we, but let's have the agreement
as to the things upon which we can
all come rogether. The people of Vir
ginia have a right to know what are at
I least the broad and fundamental prin
ciples lor which the Dtinooracj stands
Jin the state. The Democratic platform
hastily adopted at Norfolk in J!'!" had
ineligible reference to state issues and
but little to national issues. We Dem
ocrats. no matter where we hail from
;01 what differences we possess, have
j much in common and we ought to get
j together In harmony and declare to
j the people of Virginia our common
| principles. We can easily veer away j
j from lite shoals of too specific declarn
The Democratic party in Virginia
must come under some cohesive force
which will unite and solidify it. The
'Press admonishes the party, "He still 1
and keep still," but our appeal Is, i
"Come, let us reason together." Dot I
ins have a declaration of Virginia
i I K'inoeracv.
Tim l'\\ It SI Kll'S MUST I IIIKM).
| Why has the value of the butter and
j cheese annually produced in Wisconsin
j increased in the past twenty years
from $21,000,000 to JS0,000,000?
Tho answer Is; the Tniverslty of
Wisconsin. It hits introduced
scholar to the row and the scientist
I to the plow. I 'ruler its auspices have:
!been invented the great fundamental1
scientific methods upon which the
modern dairy industry Is based, such
i as tho Hahcock fat test, the ll.u t ea
j f" in test, and the Wisconsin curd test.
N.-.v methods are being installed which
will prevent the annual waste of not
less than $1.000.000 heretofore due to
losses of fat in the whey.
Ii. the jieMs, the application of the
principles of farm eugenics as dls
covered at t Do university have,
through tho development and dis
semination of pure-bred seed, increas
| ed the wealth of the state by several '
million dollars yearly. Wisconsin No
j ' ' or", developed by the university
Jcvperiment station, has demonstrated
iti the results of 1,500 growers that it
yields twelve bushels per acre more
! other varieties. The similarly |
I produc ed nberbnicker barley has,
through a five-year test with l,ytn>
growers, yielded almost live bushels !
per acre more than the best varieties
?\;th which it has been compared
l.'lua 1 ly as striking results have been
i > cf.mpllshed in other fields of farm
activity in Wisconsin, because of the
scientists in the laboratories at .Madl
ton. who, tired by a passion to build a
;fc: eater state through full realization
j of its agricultural potentialities, are
: putting the university at the elbow or
"fa. me. I:< sults as beneficial,
both i<. the farmer and to tho State.
? I attained in Virginia. The
'i iniet-Dispatch confidently Relieves
that the Virginia I'olytechnlc Institute
it.. in a t ::oriaM-: time ? ;11i and will
" i ler that eflb lent service to farm
'"K in "?i-t Commonwealth which
Wisconsin's university is giving her.
| Wouldn't the easiest way he to have
the Washington baseball club play
it two games a week in Rich
mond ?
What we mod now Is a daily per
table in iho Attorney-Oencral
?' fiorn tho plump -no! never
.?krt of the fair vacat ionists
' " ble?.sing the Hummer deso
' 1'' 1 biigtli <>f itroad .Street will, their
? we. opine Richmond did homo
anic y.fig this season, if not In area,
?'' I'-.; -t !;, avoir dupois.
It is time to lake down the motto,
? ? t tl,. Fly," and put. up, "Do Your
' 'iHtmns - hopping Karl v."
Jh o ii Fashion Week to be a Cubist
i :? flair?
, Home SO.f.f.o Richmond children are
I admit that tho melancholy
I '!a> ? ha \ ?? i.oir.o.
fi rent.
It's great to have a million:
, A feller can stand pat;
Or e'en a hundred thousand?
A man ran live on that.
And fifty thousand dollars
Is not so very had;
If I could net hut thirty
I'd he most mighty glad.
| I misrht say that five thousand
Would look real swt 11 to tne.
Or even say twelw hundred.
It's not so bad to sec.
Five hundred ain't so faney,
Some folks would think it tame;
I'.ut 1 would take one hundred
j And he glad Just the same.
And net right down to fifty,
j Pome peoplo call it. .small.
But twenty-flvo is better
Than having none at all.
j Ten dollars ain't so many,
You say, but man alive,
I'll j-'ivo you my opinion.
It's great to have a tlve.
1 I'd hate to lie awake and plan
To crlcumvent the Mexican.
I'd hate to lose good hours of sleep
Involving schemes to try and keep
Tl^e friendship of tJapanese
Who seem to bo durned hard to please.
I'd hate t?> have that tariff tiling
l.'pon my mind all nii;ht, by Jing.
I'd hate to change tin- currency,
It is a problem far past me.
I'd hate in squabble and to fight j
To keep my party lined up right.
I'd hate to have not<frotn the powers j
Ootisuiiiini? all my waking hours.
Whoever would be President
(.'an have the Jot). 1 am content.
'?axe Your >lnnry,
There is only one way to succeed I
in 1 ifand to pile tip a fortune which j
will keep you from want during your j
old ag*?
Save your monrv.
When the doctor bills and the plutn
ber's blls and the grocery, meat, seas, |
:i i . lighting. coal and laundry bills
pour in upon you and the collectors sit
:ii the swings on your front porch |
waiting for you to come out?
Save your money.
When your wife tou lies you for a
no v. gown, a coat a hat, a pair of
shoes and three or f<j:ir pairs of stock
inns all at once ami you have to ante
to keep peace in the family?
Save your money.
There is not hints like this system.
When you are Ki tting *1S a week and ,
j our legitimate expenses are $25 and
growing heavier all the time on ac- ,
Abe Martin
sure to Jay aside a certain amount in
the bank every week ?
I '.Save your money.
According to liielc Alinrr.
Elmer Jones'# red necktie set lire to
us s>li?rt front last Sunday and tlie
names quickly spread to his celluloid
.collar, which exploded and .lid much
; damage I,-fore Wlde-Awnke Hose Com
I puny arrived. IClmer suffered tho loss
nlH iinir and eyebrows. No insur
! Hank Tumms savs nothing keeps
him cool in the summer like goin* clown
to the hank and strtkln' Arise Frlsby
for a loan. Anse kin reduce IIank'?
temperature thirty degrees in two min
utes The last time Hank went he <
? nearly contracted pneumonia.
After a feller has been married fif
teen or twenty years he don't care
I Whether he combs his hair pompadour
j&r parts it in the middle.
< >ne way to make money is to play
poker fer it, but there are several bet
ter ways
A mo Hillikor can't t*ll the difference
between oleomargarine and butter
J he reason is that he has been eating
In a restaurant for fifteen years and has
, never had a chance.
Hank Tumms claims he pot stung
hv a street corner medicine man the
other night. He bought a bottle of
medicine fr.r two shillin' and he got
v. ith ii a x*ut>t>*r cornh, a pookoi Kiii
six lead pencils, a fountain pen, two
quires of writing paper, a corkscrew,
one package ?.f chewing gum, three
decks f.f playing cards, a handsaw and
,1 <opy of Webster's unabridged dis
tionary. The feller promised to throw
In a bunch of quill toothpicks, too.
but didn't do it. Hank savs you cats
never tiust these travelln' fakers much
to give y??u your money's worth.
I Fisherman Finds Copper Slag,
Exhibits It and Charges
Admission Fee.
I'iverton, K. I., September 8.?The]
meteor of August S. to-day was re
moved lrom ;he realm of natural phe- I
nom.-na l?y two young men, who con-!
r-.saed to the poll:-,- that the supposed
celestial visitors was composed of six- j
ty pounds of dynamite and a quantity
I of copper slag.
1 he 'meteor" which wa? reported to I
have falljn in the Ceaeonnut River was
fccompanlod by a blinding light and
a dea fen In.? crash. Two fishermen later
found in their nets a heavy piece of
metal, which was declared to be the
i.tlien "metor." The fishermen put
their find on exhibition, and did a J
profitable business until a Urown Unl- j
versity geologist pronounced the "me
teor'' nothing but copper slag, found
in quantities near a local manufac
turing plant. '
The police closed the exhibition and
an an investigation, which result
ed in the confession of the two young
men that, with some companions, they
j had taken the dynamite and exploded
it behind Gould's Island In order to
cause a sensation.
Washington, September 8.?Head
quarters were opened here to-night for
the third International Congress of Ke
! frigeration, to be held at the National
i -Museum during the week of Monday,
j September 15, with nearly f>00 delegates,
representing forty-five countries, at
! tending. Each government will have
j an ofllcial representative, and, besides,
there will bo delegates from technical
and Industrial societies and experts in
terested in the application or refrig
The first congress was held in Paris
In l'JOS, the second in Vienna in lnio,
and the United States was selected for
the third meeting upon an invitation
extended by President Taft, under au
thority of a joint congressional resolu
tion. Secretary Houston, of the De
partment of Agriculture, is honorary
prosldent of the congress.
IlooNtcr Tour Arranged.
Bristol, Va.. September 8.?Bristol
Jobbers and manufacturers will begin
a tour of Southwest Virginia on a
special booster train September 25,
TWO days will be spent In visiting
towns along the Virginia and South
western and Carolina. Clinchfleld and
Ohio Railways. The purpose is to moot
and form closer ties with the mer
chants and business men of the terri
Miss Jessie Wilson Gets Her
Permission to Ride in Father's
Mail Wagon.
Washington. September S ?Th* little
blind daughter of rural mall carrier
Sherry at Manila!", O., may ride with
her father over hla rouie, although a
post-ofllce regulation expressly forbids,
because Miss Jessie Wilson, th?? Pres
ident's! second daughter, Interceded f.*r
the little rIi) and pot Postmaster-<"2cn
eral Rurleson to Issue a special permit.
I,title Jessie Columbia, thirteen yearn j
old, of Cleveland, spent her vacation!
this year with h'-r grandfather, the
j ostinaster at Mandate, and saw the
blind girl's plight.
She wrote Miss Wilson of how little
Miss Sherry longed to ride on her
father's mall ? art, nnd an appeal to
the Postmaster-) ieneral was forwarded i
by an order waiving. In this cas?>, a
regulation which forbid that any him
l>ut the carrier should ride on a mail
MrrtliiK" of IJrltlnh Axnoi'lntlon of In
IcrcHt to Scientific World.
Birmingham. Rng., September S.?
The. cost of living and the economic ef
fects of tin- opening of the Panama
Canal, will be among the principal sub
jects discussed at the annual meeting
of the British Association hero Sep
tember in to 17. which is expected to
attract hundreds of scientists and so
ciologists. The meetings of the asso
ciation are tegarded as milestones in j
the scientific world of tin- United King- ,
<!om. Sir > diver Joseph Uodge, prin
cipal of the 1'iiversity of Birmingham,:
will preside. Professor Adam I.
Bowles. of London University, nnd Pro
fessor Adam W Klrkaldy, of the Uni
versity of iiiriningham, will he among
th<- principal speakers.
I Washington, September 8.?Secretary :
I I>.iniels has authorized about sixty
enlisted men of the navy to take an
examination for appointment as as
sistant paymasters of the navy. Ap
? plications for the examinations, which
will be held next month, are being re-.
I ceived dally, and Indications are that .
; fully 100 candidates will present
i themselves before the various boards.
The examination Is limited to mem- i
j hers of the erill?ted force, and the J
j questions have been framed with a |
' view to favoring these candidates. The
I examining hoards will meet on the At
lantic and Pacific fleets and at Ports- .
1 month. Newport, New York. Philadel
i phia, Washington. Annapolis. Norfolk, !
Charleston, the Great l?akes naval!
training station. Mare Island, Honolulu ]
nnd Cuantanatno.
In addition to the ten original va
cancies, which became available by
act of Congre??fl. July l, there are also
two vacancies created by the resigna
tion of Assistant Paymaster Arthur
Middleion, and the death of Pay Direc
I tor K. M. T. Ball.
Haddingtonshire Folk Joyful
Over Birth of Son to Former
Miss May Goclct.
London, September 1 TtU' l>ueh< i
"f lioxhurghe, formerly Mlsh May
let. of Newport, U. I. cavo t.. .1
son last i.If;Ml at ?'!?< it- _.-!!? M i 1 ?.v:.
The duke and duches* w> t <? marrl*- 1
I Ji 1 Tim Oukn's brother, Lor'!
.\!;c tir 1 i t Innes K< r, had tip | i
tho ; r? . ? ut l'< -n the 1?? tr presumptive
tli" il'.ikvilotn ;i >. ? 1 its O .". i in i. - v.
The liucl ' ss and baby are ?lolng well.
The chilil will a.wimt the title oI Mar
Muis of Bowmont.
The birth of an heir to the dukorion!
caused wide* pr cad Joy 111 til- i -
iler country, where the family 'i~!<iH
Immense Influence Bonflr.-s will l! ire
from the hilltops to-night, and jtil
kln'is of festivities a*"e I., intr prepaiil
i>y the people of Haddingtonshire.
(.i:m:iiai. iiootii coming.
Will Mart the Campaign for *Mil\nthin
Army I'linil ?>f 51
Now Vork, September S.?General
Bramwell Itooth, head <?f the Salvation
Army, I* food to come to New Vork,
ami to remain in America to visit most
of t.'.i- principal cities. The e>.a - t ilatu
has not yet boon llx'-d, hut will be i ?:
later than November. The purpose of
hi svislt, beyond Inspection of* the
army In America. Is to take part i> h
whirlwind campaign to obtain 51,000,f'i'?i
to build the two memorials to t!.?
founder of the Salvation Army, the lato
General William Booth.
Next Thursday there will Mtart from
Salvation Army headquarter* in l'crui
teenth .street, six automobiles on a
tour to last twenty-eight day?. It will
cover the principal towns in the States
of New York an<! New .Jersey. A worn
en's band will occupy the first two au
tomobiles. Speeches will be made
every afternoon and every night about
the army's work and on evangelist!,
The money campaigns In which Gen
eral Bramwell 1 tooth will take part
. have their centres in Chicago and New
York. Tralnin gschools costing JfiOO,
000 are to be erected in each city. Ono
thousand men, friend* of the army and
willing to give some time, will take a
week In an effort to raise the entire
$1,000,000. The sum of 5220,000 has
been obtained, and there in some hope
that J200.00I) will be given bv the
churches of the country.
A big mass-meeting is arranged for
Carnegie Hall, and Mayor Ga.vnor has
been asked to preside. The meeting is
to inaugurate the campaign to indiicn
New York to complete its part of the
J 1,000,000 fund.
After General William Booth's death
it was decided that his memorial should
be schools to train army workers.
|These schools are to be in London,
in India, and other countries where
the army Is strongest, and two In this
country?Chicago and this city.
Serloux Stabblnp: A flrn y.
I rSp >cial to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Bristol, Va., September 8.?James
| Vernon, twerjty-ono, is in a serious
, condition as the result of having been
slabbed In the left breast late Satur
j day night, when he and Frank Kig
i man, twenty, had trouble. Slgman, it
1 is charged, used the knife. Signian
I was captured.
The Question of Safety
Every depositor should make safety a question of su
preme importance in the selection of a hanking institution
This hank affords ample security for all funds entrusted to
?its care, because of its large capital and surplus, together
with its conservative management and large resources.
National State and City Bank
1111 East Main Street

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