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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, March 14, 1914, Image 4

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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?irSlm# Dizain:
'.iukIii'C* OSlc*....Times-. l>l?p?tiii t*jlldl.tff |
15 ?outii Tfilh F'.'fft.
toi!rti RlcbnxjnO 10JC Hull rttr??t
v.'*#hlo<n.on >?ur**u ....Munpey Hulhllct
Uitrcaii....109 N. Kycomore Street
T.ynrhburr Hure?a IIS ^lifhtfi Street
MY tlAil* One Mil T^rtt lh?
."OSTAGJi PAID. Vf?r. SId< Mo* Mo.
tJully with Sunday .WOO a.vV $1.60 |
i 4 li? *ILhou< ... IfO 2 <M I M
l?vii'l?* OJltlon oi)!> ....... t.09 IOC .19 1'
V)t T|inef-DI?pi?tcb Cft! rl?r 'Drllvorr Ser
?' e In Itu b ui-.r <i tnr>d ruburt>?> nril r?t?r?
fcu.* ? Uu? u>fk
B y Il'.'i IS rrn'?
'' > without trunilA? . 10 < "III#
S iriJn* on if * c?ut?
t.iiff. r:. Wo, at HIcfcnion.1 Vn?
ft ir c'-'i M'rr uno?i ait of Cur.gre**
J .r . ?> x 1>.?
\Tl' 1 > 1 Y MMv'll .1,
liti oi i i i in Komi. ?
! . !-;i ' ? :? 11 M.V
? 1.- i ? n>? i. ' a** t^:> t in- j
r. . !?> W'ffl .*.?< r.v.-t\?T ?
? . ? ; .. . ? tJiftt r te<i l>y the
lit..5 -i t t <>: value
a .- * s :s.ll >" ?
; : c-.' al W? ' < ? r '-ill ram- ,
... - i >:? In ? ?? il.'vtc s ;?f the ! .
I *
? ? ? ;? !??? ? ? . ? ? ; ; - ? i yi-l math. (
. .. , :< r.f ; ?: allow i '. by j
n \ ?. ?si\ ?\ .
?v ' I ' 'Sltl.tfil
y 11 . :: It' |T ? ? . 01 1" ? i? -- '"'It j
* V. tin* hill had ;<?? '.tsrowirh t liv
: ? r. ''::t ?>. >? ' t? .ts
..! ? ?urptIs'.rm : i; it- patron ret-;
? is rthi:r'S the
a ? of rent iriercitlon, the I'lll Urn
:c It; . , -rail. ? t. ;? v?ry - . t?*trt
V.> f It up !:. \vh< " (
if r. p.?rt? i I)'. tin ?? r.ltl<?' t. -5 -a
that !t was little mure tha:i a slv.\i
- ?>? a riforr - v.- irthj v t the rin>e 11 ? i'
? ?- t ? '.. 1 '
-? ... ?! ? . rttfs t :!. ? - j-.-as ;? -? ? '
f'lrt) ?']? i.'Mond.'J c m the /locr ? ? * thr '
sen.".*.-1 to make it reach pructicalli.* :'.li I.J
< ? ? o ". ? i r-ar.'.lt -? f tlv si ?? . t I
tfu'lr co' :itie?. <>: eitli s. Whil?
! ? - r- ? ijifi t? ? i- t n *!m
.. ? ? . : ? I lie: 1 p. n?
eh- ;?*-? <l Into t
r. ? Strat
r -f r - ?1-.. t!. - roll (vtlls n the
? ? if ?: propo.si'd In tlio 1
t . ? :ir nbyohite i <?*?t? r j '
: ' ? - ? - i * : opponent < of pcntilno 1
??.j w!io ?' vur.-O a I ill
: er ? p. i ,i:ion vet--i
' . ' ? ? ? - ? )?'<! }.?" ?? '
" ' ? V. ' ? hut lvJ"
* ..? this stage of the '
- ? ' ' ? ii" hi;i inati. t .
>r:-.-r t .: the r'.-n.-ito. We '
' ? <: : in.11i<?n of '
' ' ' r 3rvthe patron ot
".an who is absolutfly :
- ' !er tvh- v. til '
st': ly th. roll enll.1* '
' i t* ?" . ?: r.tlment.1 propoaetl in the ?'
' tr at thrt .i .'.out a lit- :
crt?:i?- stood atcadfaeily for a bill ii
? ? ^1'- ? a r.-asoniilili r.t';Mi i
' ' - ii: re to f. ? otMi-era for iholr .
?or! Th?*y ?en : at lv r. rlcori.ii u:t I
?Tt.iln .'ri- r. s o* ?>"? rcferm urn! r
. v and all : tl- r.f, t
At th. v.ry hast, tin hill h mor> -
: i t!i? poopK: of \'li?;lr.la liav. ever
?. v. i |j. ; i r ? it ply.-- ,i> to ml ? i t
it the !??? rvlcea ( f clvrlt a court, ..f :
. t :?> .'..surer, or of any |i,:<- r In ?
it; tv rth rior* to t i'ot'n?
?n v.. ?? f . n ??. -?> of V >: ver: ? r ;
the Air tor ? :
? ? ui. rt:. e i' jur:
l ; -V
pr-slfiM.- f i,. 1
go- 1 fditiir^.- r: i
The ft
lni P"ctlor.
* ' '????*'!? .-.-.t both
r-.hr .... .'.
I It
?" 1 ' ' , ) | I
h i\ * ^ i y ? ......
any p" . .
A J ' ?
1 ohcri
? flopif ,
iirev'T.T; liir
? .millnt; olh' ?
r for 1
!,er, h" att< ?
?. r ' -?r-S> lvti 1:1.1
'.-.'.nl '11-1 r ,
;f re.. II; ?,
r. ;t rrr f'_h htm fit
y co T. watch
t,'re e^ulnlrrj't/, confi ['
t i.i h wtvof It re?uK?
i:u lIMt-M Mini I I' I Ol' N I I 111.
i <o? r.
Hofore the munlcs.-al ponnlon byetem
is extended it K!>'iitni'tnl the cost should
?.v .1.1..rmlti.-.l; the ? ? 4 operation
learned; the orr.:<nl/<t: ?'? ?? 1,10 ">a
clilnery studied, .. . ? very Im
liovt:ir.t i tinlUM't'' '?>?<? boarlm; "i tin.
subject !<?<?? < . ? > ?'! dls^cled.
-II..- !<?: .lit h ?' " ' : 1,0 1:,Mi l? f?"'
tho people Ihjit they nifty have f"11
J.,,. i \* tli ' vin<U rtaklny 13
t.. .. .. t ?> n. ? -? Uii ???v thai ?* Cor
rect i t?i ? ? i??? if ' '-JiTeclly and
ecohoinicall: applied: that they inny
know, in shcirt, that thoy lire to ?euure
tho l><" ' irS'lltF ll tlx- 'OV.I-SI p..SMit?lc
\ I \ ? r t ? ? * w u t V * . #
?fr, , .lie .?t IIMI'.I Ipal ptTflons
>o | . 1 ( vi j-i-'.iri'.' -'I The I'lmcs
I'i-PTtfrl. vmiM Mho to SCO 11 adopted
., , , Klelnnond Covii.ri\ 1 n pevsl
I I, flovvt vmany smimv: principles
? ay !?" ui.wis- ly and "* s. ".I'ljtilH'nUj
,1 ,;.1i.m|. Ties p: Imipb boon ftp
>i ? 1 ols-M\ V t ? t\ ? ???*'. it.it to tHo ro
..f tj... li i-cnu > I Municipal He
! ( \". w York. v- lu* h Ins made
. .!udy .'f (V. .s -p.i<-stl?>n, w iste and ln
iltiolency and heavy Ami tidal loss hus
sect! t!?" rfs. H li ma :?> . Itie." Tho
'tension f;.v.i th.- city of IMttsbuuli
m>xv 1 ' 1 ' "?> shot t. net I'C 'awe of
r. . . ? 11:itii 'i ? .. n. In;' '" onus ?
,f ui. ?; ii" cdmlt.l t i-iiti? r. 1 an un
? Otind sy?tc T' is and oti.nr !??llui'.'?
t;;vv p?. iiv. : i"'l by tho city of liit h
otid i..j a 1Utie study -i' v.othod ami
,v , l;tt:< . <rri pondco. ? w.r.h those
Alio have studied the theoretical nn?!
?motI ju' ^tlontj lnv'dv? .l rhi lUi ?
. ?' Mux.' I| i'. H -'f Now
Vi :k i:if fact: ? i.IU:iiro.- and digest'
tlic ri- : <?*. failtifo.* .t'd ^
?vfses of other:- lt:> hnewlrdge and
,.t vi . ,i. i<? r. v. of the < 'Ity
'.??;r\c!l <>' P.I hinond.
9 I
w i vi ivi.iun M' ? :m?\? ik vi
inr. \ i t?. r.
,.r -? o W. \V>iritli him\ who d 1
ri'vtrS'.ay. vv. s th* \V. -Ml s ^re'it
lion, becBuie he coniblriod In hlriiiiolf
wo of tho elements of greatness. There :
inv o h. ? M ?:ro:.- ? . - ' and * ?t
? i : ..-?>. i ? ' ? t ? -' ' o
h ?... \vh._- ,???-.-? ?? t t ? 1 ? ? ? ? ?
iivvcr of api li' ' t \V- -? fit ?isc
.he Inventor, was ;i practical Idealist.' a
. v. l l?i 1 ' :? " . : '?' ??' s
nitigihatlon and put it to work; rather
.han nil wo.i ; 1- <c'f t o be tr ?1 <? ? I
;iv It. He applied his own theories
tnd proved them sound. Going further)
ie reaped the ihonetary reward of his
?vvn inventions by manufacturing th;tt
.Vhlch he Invented M:*r.y of his visions
i\"rc de Inred b> prt'.??'<? al nvr. to be
i-lslons only and Impossible ' -^al -a
i :? \V? s11c 1 >?> * t c-r.lv -va l it
nade: not rl- dreamed i ut r. '.o
lot only adv.-: - : -.lth. : r. v
t by works
Weistl#?ghouse was fifteen when h^
v?n> ?-lve.'i the !.l?a ?>:' t "
uul scat rely paf- i h -
?hat Idea b^ca.v.e >:?
ind p.cnerall;. f.p- ; f:-1 11 ;
ihreoscor. wl.e:
4<>?r>"l turV': 5 ' '
pc- 11c rs, d ? lar 1
ind applied by t.'-.^ United Stafte
: ?urliiK th ? ir.ter ? ? r.. * tr 4
?pra. ti si r!<:. ? '? : ' ? r
ernat'ly er.c->ef ; -r ??' "' n.
ol.lilt;, of the ? X'
vnd rej 'idlat tier t.^lr .??? ?
mil., save Th- :? I
. ?.
won to ' i
. ? r : i-T'OOSsit >.
in; rts r-a - - ' ' - " ?'
? s- ' ' '
will 'A* with a .'.ip
jf ?he ! " v ? ' - ' ' ' ' '" '
? u . ? v \ ** he ??I. h' 3 rj *? w
1 Dors < orure-s Kr -w Its own mind?
1 a V C ,1 . t. ' * !?' ' , i ?? ? 7 ' ' ' ? '? ' ? '? ?
s !th Carolina r< port* ' whipp'd a
aP".!"- "??! ^ i? Bl' S"
iaa tfilkfrt a sreat deah but has ye*
'.o place himself under the necessity of
?; 1' i;1 /1: it
V, ?? f j or1.' '.'ho If the',
r- tv.-i Ir.t"!';irent. r- .ht V
. t. ? t: ? r tv t r ati In de
I I . .r .. f.J
il'-fat ran/a surelj sveffnates
... v. ? . t ? a -f efts til !' 1 n *. ?? :? -
i " 1 ?! ' <?
; r . . ? . 1 ; f I ? J r >? '.f ?' C'.Jt. d j
? ?. th* ' sot'*'- Ol '-'-rvi r
? ?, d-, ;? * ? *.s ? v. - t: it it
Hire h- < 1 ;!r* poh! *, 1 f'I
; -?? r ? th* h'nlted Stati-?.
\ ? ? . ? ?*h?'111 " . w? told.
Ml ? * ?* jc i>i tnlnl: not; one rari
? ? n \ \ : * :,r"! effect.
The v.'"rl'i Turnn;?K^itorlAl head- I
II*. ? ?"s?? *i" no '
ft .* t r* i i ?' ' th:i'
i f ? h".'ie?, r?! i- h I by a mill-.
. 11. w < h> - ? h Mii-fd
in t.ir.\ .? a'.hony Com- j
iii ' lit: ' a h:' fid Its th': !>h dill ?.
T >. i: I- : r " ? ar?
? " ,t i,'it Informant fnilh
. ;j ? . i< iri th>;j i ifler t;< m most
, *. ? i. i ho i W x\':v. as i,
?\ 1 n ' ne itr? 1 /*?< Is ,
I I :' |
? J , t * 'I I ? '. 'II I'* 'I"1 tIs ? 'O
VieKsioriiti fiecord: "intereHted in mln
, Who' ' i rmtot
of 1 ? ? f"
, . h * ' h- ' ?V< '-I
-;* < I.. * . ? ' ' I' I V'IlV
., i ? ii >- o ri ? 1<" iii i1 a. but TiUcre7.it I - or
,?ir.'i ? t". erlooi.< d ei.i Irely.
' ibr.'iriftn ?' o-'lilni'ton -.-s- n. inv
... Plildl 111' 'Ml ? ti-* ir s;r v. h
, r i... t) Mi'1 ' ' ' i ? 1 : "
*;<-"i! RraV'i Wll.lt thell ti : s*>.
. ? ,i..r i II i. . I ? ? ' '
? nil d* :i t h l"ll W rl'i \\ 111 If ' '
- toll i.f k-"'.d till* h'-t
,1, the VI r k 1 r 11 a I" ?':> ture
'..w diir.-'- If It new n .n 'Tbr Half
n,.if ? H It I- h.'lf go'.'d und half
L.*d It If ivii linproveinent.
ow \s iu?.
'!'!?.v crtort made tn Con?roSM Thurs
day to ?. wlet Innocent uml humorous
l mini i;? ?.f Aim l'tlgc hlto u
.- mr.tr fbsolmely foreign to his ln
?? nti-Mis. tit! - to ti>" them as a weapon
wth wlti '<> ? ho repeal of lh?
toll cm run ? t<?n crt'tfc of the Panama
r ,n: i \ ill i';tII. It wltl fall be
iinf ;i -i:. tt.i? t lo pervert their
nu'unlitf) Is ridiculous In view of J
Uu> Urn n ? .ui I because the pur- (
pot r ..f I'm ?:tenptcd pet version Is bo j
it; i\ i . . :? ? :I l?y one of those who ?
ttttotUi . it i!:< r-'tihtllott falling upon ;
him l ' ?' tt expln nation The net re- !
Milt h ? tt!> to notify ndvocnten of te- !
pi"il tit I. ticht will not lj'' won, '
Ktvc tn. ? detci mined opposition, malt- '
in; u- of i-M :> l>*yc\ "t" national i
pride. ha?e nnd prejudice which In- |
>:? ttt:!t . ,l; create out of notlilnn |
? n ? ? t t ? .t tt 1 n i. that this the Cham- ?
bet ;.i i!'-M it i' i> rcs?ohit't':> has iiuiio.
N, ? . "p.iftbet lain ami Kepresen- ?
'?iltvi Miura;. look exceptb ?> to Mr. i
Pag"'?j allot, .-d sVntements t'? the effect
that the M'-moo Doctrine means mere- i
ly 111 t t! '' r ? d Slates would prefet
t".-,: 1 ? ?, (juv'TiinM'nt would
tin 111>-11 ? I :? In the N ew \\ oi U1.
ami ' h ? X't . .-iates fouii'l its great
est . me in butbilntf tht Panama
r.tf .; .? t U';owU"?? in 'te fact that |
i.Jie.t" Piit.utt u ou hi tl*"ivt the most
i i . ftum It. Mr 1 :?..?- declares
? t, . t thc-i' :-i?r'.arl?s wore no-.?tit huiuor
i ;.ml points in proof to the fact ?
11,. i '>?> W"ie received si-.lt bu^iitir.
M. >ver 'J ? lull report ef his speech
>1. ? - w s ' Mr P ?pe fade some ex
? ??. it. r.ly s.-rlotts remarks about
l\.t-.a-- ? Canal tolls contradictory of
pei sir.aite. Wilson advocated re
f-al, he d" dared, net to please tlrc.ti ?
; ? H;..?but to express the true sent i
< nt of >"!f -expect of 'lte American
: ill":! "The voice of 'he President
W th(- voice .if the Atncrl. lit poo- ;
t le.' he told his hearers Of the Mon
roe l'octrlnc, lie said that the I'nlted
-'..tes d"i-s not Intend t>? oppose for
elcn lrvesltnenls in tMs hemisphere,
; n. ?i oppoSt ^ %1 V PS ? r P111 OY COU*
r.s \-l%'.<?!. c:\ri v with thr?n th?.
ent' tl i r the pov, rn-f.ents of any of
?he Centra! or South American states. !
S''- at"t <"hntnhe: lair, and Conpressinan ;
Murra> dhl not have to read this
speech to know Ambassador Pace's
c w - or ri'ic Monroe Poetrlne. rtl
? ? : ths a>ro ho made the same stato
? ? ? t !:?. a more elaborate f"rm, there
! '.t; . wn upon his heed the de
r; ?; 11? ? rt of i porti'-n of the Fi ltlsh
. - i ij ?'i? i r.furr cr:ted uj"'Tt In tills
?>':ntry rs e-;er '..r.tr the tneanlnsr ot
i? .? m. - j l?octrlne to leriuihs lteie
: ' .- tin ttcmplcd, and there were
? e on ti '.s s. le the water who oh- !
. '.t>i? as far as the American
.... ? .. t r had por.e Ambassador
. - r .on further advanced
? rr.-p.y Americans, and, s<>
' - ? V;. -v- evert more advarvel
- - * -???:?, 'or Chamberlain and \
- . --c.vj r-'-.v The attempts
? v- i_-' r. to ra?t doubt upon
p-r- ? r "'.eclar.ee to the doctrine
.-. ??! e vr of these facts.
? : =.-> -? r'llous as to rp.l!?;e \|r to j
? ?- ? ' ? r? r?al motives Were. ;
? ,? r.-? have to wonder ionir.
? - . * r ? tjs rr. i'lPi.f"e. both of
? ? .? r o? f.r?e the repeal of the
11 ?-ti ? r' \ rr r>t! ? n rlatise Hoth
' ? '-rr rf ? u ia'.e th? alt"'-st universal
't " re ? -. ? ; " n of the ! t n v-P;? uncefot e
a:'! >, o t! t o? them ribject to
r! ? t' e-. pretei 1 t" believe lc Prlt
>, ?i r:\lr.atl' r. of tlie Prilled States
t- .verrrtter* Naturally, ther? f re. they
^ II ri'-pN |-t r ?> opp'?rturlty to ere. te
.? j??t; re-sien that such dorr it-.itlon
-V exists. nd Mr. Page's remarks I
c>.?..? such opportunity.
We -.re rt' ' ur.der the neet salty how
. ver of o '.vlnir upor. peculiar ' o n
We hav facts to surta'.a
>'? u ew?facts furnished bv no te1-:!
i p' "rr>r re, than " A 1 falfa BlII" M'>r
r.- of Oklahoma With charming
? t e. , i nCer'T' of the Plx-foot
? ? .r, . t .. 4 foot hat brim heated
ly Ir
j-t re- if a new American polio
t, .. t ? - ir.'-ti *'n weal to the
: .? ?nf ? at ;-?ns of rut-ope"
1 ndi 'ijcj -. i rea.son for the de
(|i- 1 tl." law now Irt force
V: r-ric rt vessels coril'ir.'l
? '-or ?tv;: (? trade from canal
r. . i(r j i out o< Ho- Itul-r The
, r.Units of the res'dtillons is dls
. r if t ClianiVter lain and Repre-en- i
i vc Murrav have overplayed tii.ir
? nds it will be easy for Amba.ssa
r I' ?: e t'? al ow thai hi " remark' are
riot ;.:11? lei? t {< ant such Intei pretallon.
;.r<l i' will be ?? m'i ediny 1 \ dilh tilt for
it... t-? tleiiir n fr c?rtt Oretton and ''klsi
Iionia t' explain Why tticy desire.1 an
exportation of an Innoccnt after cltn
t,et speech, the i..ef portion of x%? b
v.'tis devot' <1 to lelllna tin* lirKi'di
j,.,,. i,. the Mon i oe l>< - Inn' means
that th-? mir t keep out of Amer ican
politic. It will le liupttj : itde for them
to explain their r<" 'lotions on any
oth. r f round i h.. ? a desli e to arouse
p.f nob e .ti- i? I rut <".|.nt P rlt.'?In audi
.o-aict Wilson s canal policy "Alf.tira ;
I;111 ' has co'nf? ?' I ?"f- "iu h
The Rappahannock
Dim* II In llie < itj.
The oltv inuiiiiui? In Its troubled sleep,
?j'|U-r to ? a tin obbinK noise i
from alar;
j A r.. j.ti. i; -o'n.d. a f?rat i in;, pulsmq
V. it a r 111 If 1 ? t > enplne 'I'.in t'> ?' r ? i?.
?rite diowt v : p.irt'ows in the cutter
1 Ano'dt.'.n"^ the motor of tin ear I lout
The ' iainps irrow pallid as . pnlitnt
That does too late Its morniim vu;ll
The ndlVman hurries. clatt- rlnK on ho
round. , .
iTIn c;ti ir newsboys cry ?>' Morn
11 t: Pot ?
i vt alh>w< <1 In tJo? nimbllnp of a dmy
j p.,,.1, ;; . -i t swell' tin- volume ol the
iiound, .
I Till. the tumult of a warring
i Thit tin' wanes, a-ronrlnp. to the <1mv.
llrurlntril from TM? \r*T?|iiipcr.
or wit h Hi
of. or at
point OTt
n lit''hf 15
1 ll >? (Mill -
dlow vie - i
Saloon* Vrl CloMrtl.
There has l>oen a great deal ol' dis
cussion as to the efTects uT the statute
passed lii the closing hours ot I ho ?
tela Mi re, outlawing saloons and bar
rooms. Tin- Attorney-tienoral of the
L oin in on wen} t h yest.rdiv rendered a
decision that the law elositm 'ill "I' the
saloons In the cities and towns of tin
State cannot 1><. retroactive, inasmuch
as It applte.*. solely to the ^i int iu; of
license. 'llu* licenses that now exist
are in the nature o? a contract between
tin- Comiiioii\\ <*a 1th ami !).? holder of
the license. and eannot hi* cancelled
until they expire. Therefore, ti t Ikense
now In foree must hold good until
April .10. And so, under I lie net of \s
s. mbly. after the 30th or April Intoxl-:
rating liquors will only bo used by |
those who are aldo to lniy by the largo
quantity, hi who !m vi! been lucky
enough to find their way Into t! e dark
cellaru and secret gnrrotSi where it will i
be dispensed by persons who are wlll-i
inn to ovade the law, and thereby amass j
money by its sale without incurring the l
expense which has hitiicito been re- |
culled to obtain a license
Tl?e Liquor l.uu.
(lio law < losing all .saloons and bar- ?
rooms at the expiration of license April
30 is as follows;
lie it enacted by the (Jeneral Assem
bly, I'liat it shall not be law ful for any
eonrt of this Coiiuiuinwi ilth to n?;mt \
license to litc|i an ordinary to any per
son within a city or town.
live miles of thi limit I her
nr.\ ih'pot, station or ? thet
any railroad.
l'h? a hove Is the law in n
The othoi sections pertain t.
nlty and th< pan.shmerits to I
la t Ions of the same The fienaltb s are)
heavy, but the means of Mppieh* tiding j
tli violator s of th,- la%<? and bringing
t-o'in to Poo'k ni> weak nn<l deficient. :
The law can be rnsils evaded
Ivoliniigr of DHtliiKiilitliPil Cenernln. j
The latest lint; of truce boat brought
j> r ivat >'S ami flftv oflb-ers from the I
prison* ot the North to tie exohanned;
tor as many Yankee prisoners contliie.l
In the orisons In and about Richmond.
Vuioi i' th< ofllcei s brought up the river
was ltrlnadier-tleneral W. II 1*. Lee.
who was captured by a Yankee raiding
party while he was sick at his homo in
Louisa <"ounty last summer In ex-!
1 hiinpe I'm tieneral Lee, (leneral N'eal
I'ow, of Maine liquor law notoriety,
who lias been a prisoner here foi sev
era I months, was sent down 10 <'|iy
Point on the flat of truce boat yester
day afternoon d.-nerals Dow and Leo'
met at the wharf, shook hands most
cordially and ex< handed the compli
ments of the season
I'liH. !lii Mill Itobbcil.
Rlehnnl li.irry. a eavalrymnn belong
ing to fask'Cs Ranters, and a small I
1 ov named Charles Isaacs were ar- 1
rii:nod In the Mayor's Court yest?-nlav I
'?ha' ired with robbing Philip A liaxall;
of an ordei i or J1.000. a watch ai
pair of f.adilleb;;i; ? and a I in.I.. i:.>. .
cause of the absence of material w it - '
1,,-soes th- c..so was continued. The!
< lb' ga t Ion is I). ? the man and the boy
??<?1! I'hil. liaxall up on the road In
li nrlco i out: t ? 1 lid stripped him of the
valuables above named
Monti "'iiIpji.
T>nvenport ? 'ompnny had nri auc
tlon sale of Confederate bonds at their
of!lce yesterday Confederate coupon
bonds of tli" $ IC'.OOO.OOO Issue author
'zed by act of t'onirress two months
atfo. ( ivabb- In cash fiom 1*0.; tr> 1-SS1.
sold raphllv f.jr from 1 at to li4 Six
h'.indwti dollars of American pold coin
.?old for J1! 01^ for one
\ Ciirito '"iilr.
At Ken'. I'aine ^ t.'ompnny's cargo
??n|e v< st i-rday. c round coffee brouirht
?!i per pounil; crusln-d suttar. i 1 1 per
pound; black pepper, $0.25 per pound;
apple btar.dy f'.< 7 per gallon; whiskey,
}0ij p.*r (.'alion,
\\ ooil Is Ill^ehr i.
The winter ban been very hard, and
the sprlnu does not se< 111 -o be much
better The wood dmlers have mate
rially advr ro od the pri. es for lirewood
I >r oak wcoil th?> are now demanding
? rid Kettfne $11 per cord, and for pine
J3f? p -r cord.
Il'nh i ost nf I'lsli.
The bnrkwrtrrl sprint? arid the f.-.-t
that the Yankees are holding Die larger
(?art ol the water front of Virginia,
make f res 11 fish v? ry scarce and un
usually high. Some shad ore com inf.'
in from the N'orth Carolina rivers, but
they are - Hint' verv hi^h, all the way
from $10 to $20 apiece, accordlnt: to
size and condition.
l-'rniii i liurleston.
Onlv ritriit shells were fired Into ihf
city i if (Miarleston yesterday. It is
soinethlim of a mystery as to what the
Yankees are waltit.^ for. Their land
for. os, as well as their gunboats, are
being verv closely watched by the .ic
fenders of the city
! >i bo v. I (il a tl 1 emn^eulated. the
Fo-cfilled West bill for correction "f
a t.nt,. imde the fee synteni "f com
pel - , 11 in* p>i!.*,i< of ' i: ? 1 s '?ervey ar. a
e : ? i:. er to |h' people of Vireii-'a that
yet iinolhe: i |c tron will he ne -c-'sarv
i r i tin S'en.*il< <:u. ???? (iiaifM-riy iv
? e<i to a 'I !? ?-?;>).itive bint;. reiAre
??entative <o' the popular will lis mis
sion for yea's ha? I?en ob Irnetlve of
p> turrej-.v itixl reform TJie mo>'us
op.- ?",?'1 11 I:'':-- applied t ? the fee hill
i; th.< s:!i .e that was bvoncht to l?ar
two vears airo on -peaKe I: r.l's m.-as
ill. ? pu ? I !i i II t Oil of ? I ee: loll IViet ri. h-.
ai d lb it has often been resorted lo a
a r . in> ol .ir'? I all/ii i the nood effects
i f :. 11 ? nnctniei.t> t liateniiirr the po
litic. 1 a- elitlair V of till' OI'Ka II i?.ii t ion
If I. : ? fl' I Mi; I lie ptiil or e-iol Ulneii t s of
its letril' e.'i' Without the colli:.K - to
kill outi ii'iit propositions supported by
public ser. t in i r: t. 'he h??l'l-over extio
i:> !its of staiu'.fast and react;onar\ poli
cies resort to tactics which while ap
paieti'ly or stifier liclally eonce sloitary
li. ehaiaet?rr. a*e really tliosi of h M'.e
prevention. Stave off. smother in i om
i.-ilttee in.til the storm of popular dis
sat'i't icl ion begins !<? assume violent
11ia?pi? lb.nti, then preieivl to bow to it.
' oil <ef sloil SHli--tif|ite ?lecei1 f(.|
I.I lb e and illldei the soinblance of
"pe fl til.ii" proceed to take out of the
propo ed legislation every feature tluit
t-.- i.r folks ar<^ uuletly n. naturally
eharitalile an' otlie-r use an orchestia
Hicoiap.iiiiiaetit. What's become <>' th"
ole time feller who used t' win lilh
could render It rohuslly remedial, or
slip Into It "IfH" and "ljuts" uimltfyltiR
its meanitiKS to tliu point of incffec
tunlltv II was Just In tlio s-ame wny
that tho Uepuhllcan party In Co?iKre?H
dallied and tamjtfti oil wltJi tariff ?-?? ?
vision until Itself wan damned. Issue*
should I met not oviidod.
"I'll*? time tins come when the Dctnocrats
?? l 11 kIhIu hliouiil forcp tliolr ostensible
loadei s to declare wIiitb tln>y stand on
the font-??vfi tcil ?inostlon? of Statn
policy. Tht'ic must be a convention at
which tin- I M'imtrnit if party shall de
cline Its attitude ami issue its Instruc
tions. anil then it will In- for "the of
Knhixutlnn" to cutiform to ilin ono ami
carry out the oilier. The tail lias
wiiKired the tlop |iii> lonu; an<l that's
tho mam reason why there Is no tio
laiity ni purpose or unity of action
iimnnii the lUmocratif intnilicH of the
ilcncnl .\S"'inl>ly. There Is no chart
for thflr imidancf There Is no rnllv
nr point, because tho pnrty has neither
Mnndarils nor wsir fries A party
without a platform Is a ship without
a rudder, a fhurfh without a creed. a
machine without a balance wheel.
TIip: ? Is laeklnu something; whlfJt only
a ilt'leKBted assembly of tin' voters of
the party can supply, a pronounco
tnent of principles ami policies cover
iiu: all pressing, domestic ouestlons anil
liimlitiK on rank as well as lib1, hiith
ofliclals ns well ;i s privates As mut
ters stand now. ullcfjlnrtee S? asked only
to a piece of partv machinery and tho
ehRlneers anil stokers In charge of It,
ami that Im pultimr the cart liefo'c tlir>
horse, olovatimr the servant above the
master. ? Norfollt Vlrulnlan-I'ilot.
| Vok? ?? ta?.s P?opU?
Mr. Pllt Not l'ftmllhir I'luurc.
To tho l-M I tor oi The "I* I it i -1 dupii tcjir
fir. I -I" not ImriKllii' the public ran ? .1
lb: nli tier I visit the l.eclftlature rarely or
frentietitly. I?'11 wc ntay an ivoll 1. ???p the
record ?trn!Bht
In your ."tccoiitit of tho "?trained fltua*
lion," which ,o . ?r-ll'T I" your report v. r>*
predpl ? at e.|" by Sc ali.i Mart on W'ednc
ilnv inoriiiiiK ttlp n he .i-U? ? I fo- 11? ?? enforce*
ment of the f ii** w hi h fol'hi i*? vli'iln'
while i.?i>ri'|?lnit i;>" privilege of the foor oi
the 'inl? t >? t ?-e|( SO tllM.I-'Tl " irgl'.i t (toll.
>'"ll hn\c thl*l 'lOlltPtll'e
* '1 ??? the lii'M'h i?t tli? rear of SVnitir
Sautid' r.<> desk were seated t'r .lamp*
I'annoii. Jr ii" ! two iiih?r minister* who
I. a". ? been fa mill r : core i site | j; ln| ;K U . n
?1ur Ini; tho presrtit ncsMim."
I'll" Iniplb itlon p'aln thnt f?nnter
I'nrt "> nuKse'tlen wflH inn.ir with reference
to th" prison. e of the-". m!ntsterii J was
hip of thi? "two other mlnlMer".' I hail Juhi
entered tli? ' tiiiintior w tier Sentitot Hurt
I'll.." am! hail i "t the slt|:hte?t Men what
tiirl"' ? ? r. I.,'ni" tli? 1111 ? I \ I' tny fiKu'?
h.ii !'? ?a "f mi: Ini ' 'in the |,rrtt?'aturi> <hir
Inir ihe pr?-< -i n"*lon" It Tc,ii?i have h?>en
due to HoriK hltlirrt't uriw-ti< i t?-<l I'.lftitie
?i ci h i:. ?|i; " 1 have only vl-lte<I the
t'apitol i few rime'- ;,a<l then very briefly.
uhile I lie I .e|r|?| 11 ii r e lire t.e,.|i here
So i:ir Seimior II irt HUKK' -tlun |i rnn.
? i-rneil. I netol not wlisc?. for iny withers
.ire anwninc M> tlvlty In protnot.piK I?e
? ?Intloii h.ir been conflni >i If t!i<- ' t? u' may
l? pardoned, to nn appearanre of tlve mln
iitei Iii opposition t'i tli" i',nnr nntiexntloii
bill liefnre the committee of the l!?.i|?e ot>
I ? ?!,< ii-ure It thnt ii -e I v. t? ?pe. Ilirnl
ly rn : ?-"il to appear, .irnl I,'.\e.| It to li.>
< "mniiit.lly to do >?>.
1 have warm personal frtrnil? arid ti? t a
f n h? hiiolm a t'1.' la the Ir ? ' ' ? i: e ,i 1 I ?
plr,?!(*(? me ?iniettir,".-. ti win .>r U|? IhertJ
fi,r ii lltt . hilt w'.til tlieni. mill ?"?netliiie^
:?> lith? ri, in iI'Imte. ! <io n,t think >"' n
ntor llart ohj.M - t->? * 1?Is. :u. l I int.ot
Ihltiic niv friend- of The TItne? I)|?p,it."h
v...H i! I " i? . crn< ' to forbid II
Faithfully. II H PITT
The Optometry l.iiw.
To th" 1*Mltf r of The Time- 1; :
sir.-?Were Mr Beaton's Article <?; March 10
lr yo'it \ oi > of the People ? : .< ?.| pa?n
wltleoit li f 1 riK ioiiiii i.ne tn , .i.ii/i. m ( ,. ,j
i* lie v lite Its III effr,t !t tvo'i'il ?ure|y ?.
d< rotsiit ir> S" Mi" n.uny ' itpjo-. i ? ?; - <?! the
optonii'try i.Ml. ?hl 't ><?-??- i'ite ?1 th" llou?e
wltt. very little o|p.,^lt|ori.
Tl:l-' I'. provlil- i' ? r ilie rerulatlon of ep
toaietry. and cule ? i|ii'-M ;y rs enten n tio|
of ex uniaer* \> ho?i- <! t> It Ik to ex.nnlne
? tub pef ii* who i??p|rr to hl? pro'eisl a
. ti? 1 spr th.it they are ahly ?in:iiltled to p ; -
lb e In iliif, pi'.Ii '.-Ion
iiptoruetry In tlilv !?! i I* d ?fln?d to be tt\e
ptnployiiieitl of ttiy rifiu* other than the
use ot druRM. tor the detrrtnln.'i t Ion of
ir.ilurnl ai. i film tloi al i!? fb , , k nt the
eye, mil the adaptation of le- e- j,.r ?|jp
.' i I t hereof
The dllfereni e b'uvem I h? t p'.lcl in and
the opt .?lien ,t t h a' the optometrist I
, :i! i! ' ? of e \ in 1 til ii fr the i . c* m t pre*-, tib
ial' i'ln?"'-s when tie. ?>??-iry. whereii* the
iVJ'tb Ian llt r.ll" th" opt oriiet t l?t ? pre.
- riptli.n 1 r, other wi.ro- the optb Ian
th r> i ? ? tif isle -e a. o-.lii i," to the optome
trist- ? ill i. Oftt in * you will find thai Hie
oi'tonn trt-l I- alo. an op'l< Ian
Mr Seatori 111 111 * ? ? - in illltude fom*
wl ? t bor'ierlr i: on blroiry In 'he bellt' lni;
manner In wlih h he il. ..Is with n nue*tior.
that tie nppaienrty nnderestl'Tinte? II' 4m
to tli' <ij tomes 'in - .<?? '" ? 1 s am: d" i:-*r
entirely * Ind t the fact that they a re junt
a" m n h Iti a pro ? . in i- the d? ntl -tp i nn
II l.e po-Hlble that Mr. Keaton fi.l - to re.,'.
I ire ||ta? there lire thou" ind' noil (hontafnH
01' i."ap> who e:Mi ?? v iiej.?l|i|ent upon
their 'y trlas'-'s for klj;ht and livelihood r
| . ,..j |p. , hoove to for iset that a irres-t per
I -HI. !??? of the-- people ate r.'fr..<ted ind
tltt"d to opt'jini'trl-1 - in I not sf llers?
Mr S? ton l.i'i'.i!N tlie fail 11 > 1 the bill
itiriiP' 'tie e?'tn|i'lon ?ii.i'-e f.. 1 tliOM- who
l.:i\" pen *"'? ibil.-hed In .1 permanent 'o. ?
tli.11 fur nn? year II- should know thai these
liei.pl.' cannot be put oat of busl|.-,s bei nur'
ol ih> tnle tn< 11p.1t I lly ot p'- diiR kii ev
ii m 111.1 ?.., tftf: v.-ac of j-, ? i.:.a'. Ion In llwdi
respective colleue*. I <iaie ?-.?>? there nre
ii"j tew met, of colleplute ? Imaiion wlio
ciiiihl p.. ami p 1111 ;t< adi inii examination,
even thotiKh their aveinite.t were h'Rh in
t heir ? ol'?? d ay
The optometrist- tally r'allz* that snin?
In. otnpi i"iit men wo uld (dip I i on this.
II o\,\.-r thi I- notlilrif to iili'i .n en
for ed e v a ? ,1'i.ailon upon old prai-t It Inuers,
w l-.ii hfivi- proxeii their worth by a rs- pra'
(11 won' 1 e At worst the opron . ti', I 1 %v
would pro e too ffreat ,, b.irrlet i> r u:.
H'i.i . 1 lied m'-ri t<> fui iiount In the future
Att-r ftutlruf tli?* thirty on" Hlatps in the
Union had lawmal.erf >\ ho saw ftt t.> r< >-u
l.it- op'' tn <?' t J . Mr. Sinton assert* that
"even 1 ho'iph the v hole world should ae
on! In prlsllepew to 1 i ertaln 1 In.-*
of o< t ?r- that should o- no excuse tor
VJ-j-lr I > f all; "lr Iri II tie
1 r 1.i.'ed \'lt isliiln needs no er nee for fn'llng
In ilri?, loir the needs an awtuliy pood one
for nr.' didr,(t fo. Here nre n fe.v opltilotH
ri I [ere 1 by '.'veal Bovert or- after signing
the oplom<-tr> hill in \arl' ii< .-'( ise?:
>t It I. Mil,:. M.n I. IHt.
I would uiy th ' th' aw It .- been of
Mrv 1 -e t.i the people of.till- >';ati\ I inre
se." iy believe 11-.. t Ihe b< ' hnv perform
ed 1 pri-at service l-i thls that It has (ire.
v ?... 1 c.t many |n- - n- from pn.. t|r lni; opto
metry who at' not 1. : 11 pet cut. ind It hi?.
thereby prof led '.if psib;ic.
JOHN A. .li.HlNhO.S liovurnor."
' Albas y. N V Mnv il. IMS
'"I iie pri.etb !? eMst s and will ? ? t'.mie. i,t,d
ii.f) nest In'- a rdy foinis n proper subject for
?'K'iinll"li I ther-tor? nfit'ove the bill.
I'HAItl.llS I. HlTiill ??ovi rinn."
Nov Justice 1" . ? i" i'III- I lilllt. >
"Nashville. Tenn.. April ??, Ifdu.
'Tenrt' s. e optometry law has proven a
complete -vi ? r--s
"MAl.i'Ol.M It. I'ATTICRSON. rjovernor."
I ( oiild itlvii many other; but I do not
wish tu consume too much of votir valuable
. i- l>. A. Itlti ITHTKIN.
Views of the
Virginia Editors
I'lie 1 nxe of l-'riink.
II Is harii lo lo ilevf iii.it u jury coin
I mi it-il i?t iiti/.oti.s of Athinla would, he -
I cure of ili< fact that lit^ 1 c. a .lew,
hi i 1114 in a vcrtlici of lit st ilvgreo mwi
II ? ? 1 afiiitiHt an iiniofcnl man Arid yet
then- la a well-ot Katil'/cil campaign uf
puillicit.c l.einp car 1 ted on iinv. all over
(In- 1 aster ti lliiitiil Males which at
t ?mills lu create HCiitiiiici.t 011 Ju-:t tiiin
A, wc reiiieriiher il. 1,1 a Krank was
chained with a peculiarly loathsome
main- 1 a inurdtr atienileil 1>\ att
o:h- 1 crime which made the murder <ie
I'. ? horrible ile and others wi re ar
ic'ilcd, l?nt evidence wari hrouKlit for
ward winch showed thnt the others
could not h.1 vi' committed the crimen
and fixed I hem. lieyonil a reasonable
doubt hi the nilada of tin.. Jurors, upon
l't .1 ai..
1'i.ihk, through his lawyers, has ear
ned the ease tip to the. hiuhcsl court
of lieorirla, iiml that court has decided
that the evidence submitted to the
Jurors wis .iccoi iIIiik to law and was
convlnciut;. The Supreme Court found
nolh.tiK in Hie subiriittid records la
waii.ml Its allowiiiK a new, trial, and
it leftist.I to lake i'oi?niz!incn of
Frank's appeal
j It niny have been that such was the
I fmti-Hemit if feeling' in Atlanta that
Prank miRht have hern In dangm* of
bodily harm at the hands of a mob. It
Is entliely possible thai he fllrl not re.
je'ive the eonBliieratlon at the hands of
his jailers that Is usually piven to
prlsoiu-r's We do not believe how
ever, that the tneo leelint; rnns through
'all tho courlR of GcorKln, ar.il lliat be
cause of it the Supreme Court of that
S'tnte refusco to give a fair trial lo a
j rim a of tho Jewish race and faith.?
I L,ytichburfc' Ailvsnco.
! News of Petersburg ;
iho tiuicm-DIkimiIcIi Bureau,
.1 Mollingbrook Street,
(Phono 1485 ),
Petersburg, Va., March 13
Hubert K. oill. ? well-known buirl
ncss innn and church worker. to-ilay
h,!; ?"'<"'lacy for iho oIlS
' . % or- subject to the Democratic
hasll,S|,y i'\,ay?r '-'"barilss, as
has licmioIoM! been .slated, has >No
Comn.o c T'"1 ?f ?',<?
U J r. im CO,"? tbo
lilliiK notices and |))iv|?u lt
h,i,ulU"lU;' tor .Major a.e
f !l ">'<l for the r wo
uf ?>?e Council f4 fca<?. in
i?; .u?n t,, ,1|OHO previously mentioned.
Mill .i n v.1!'1K? rosU"""
?undld-it ? ""c" f<" the 'ouncll. a re
f , K"'Hl '* *
s, ci ,'%? V*' Uu" 'lS A,<1"??"'
?Vcond Ward; c. I. Outlu-ie. for Alder
.. . f "'""'"'?'""'mIUm, for the
" . for Ihlrd ward; J. u Mh;;ifor
A Idyrjiin ?i, . I:d It S. rlluil,?,.r ,{
?.UIK1r,,vos r,,r lh? council. f0,
tli 'i* d. I o-inornnv will hrinii
out the f(1|| U8t or candidates ?? aJ]
IIK? W ;i J US.
''his ..ft. moo,, the following addl
ona, announce,re,.* w.-re ? kV ,
'\v' ? u >'????*
ij.ii aidner and Samuel A
?r I OI h'0t'o?d Ward ]> w
I Uck?r, 'I'htrd Wind. Kor It.,am of \i
derttien?M c i.i, u, ' ' , 11 A1
' '? >ccoml Ward.
*??rnin l.tiimcli Sink*
A sle.-.m latlit.li. owneu \'IV M s
aupelt, of < i???. Prince George County
and loaded with eighty-two bai-n of
Iranian. I.Honing to hi-vera I n sn
' '",.8 nf Oeor*e County, bank
at the wharf In this city For,,? time or.
\\-d,?..da> night Th.. (lf lhv
sinking or the launch Is not known
I I- believe.! to have I . on
i being or. piles extending '
""" Ul" ? hai I when It was ii ? h
water, and when the water went down
the la o rich toppled over an,I H...ik
'- ^ ??l?elt nas on the boat tit vh?
Former Commissioner of Fish
cries Takes Issue With
Ilis Successor.
^ AT.~Don.ild !.<?(>, former Con.n.ls
Hlonei* of PUherios, deiilud la?t mKht
that th.ve v.iih more than a t-chnl.-al
d im i f par: j between the aci'uuiib if
U.c ??omnilJislo.i..r,}. socictary and tr,c
at.- Auditor s books, a.-, rnlnht Im |,i
j' 1' Ir',!> ?n Interview b-, .J.,l,fl s
? arsons. tlu- new common.nor. and
published In Tho Times. Dispute;!, on
i hurwday.
r M.r ,'e" "flS o? his way to attend the
iWki meeting In Norfolk of tho n.-w
eo nun is ,s|. H, yto;Uu,r
! >. on ednosda\ ril^ht, sin i< in
"V"-.-/ ^Veyunoke, and remained un
-Mr. Ia:e ,
v., , ,, . . " ?' i'Ort fi orn
I oik i.edk-.r Dispatch a? to tj,
. ., .... ? * . ,ll"i ' eina III
III Ihursday afternoon. Mr. la.. ?ui,.
\, 1 Ik , f7,,ow,"? "l-ort from the
N'. lolk l.eiU'i i Dlspat.-h a*. in
meeting which he missed, in e\i>lnii-t.
tlon of r|,e seeming delicti
?Th.. \ irpmia State Klsherlcs Coin
on 'IC'" l''1- hav ia,.'
< n the IIrM meeting !n .Vo. f/,ik of
tio> neivly.appointed commlsslor c-om
poyed :f John s. I ?arsons, b 1 Accomac,
? hairr?an. Walter il Uyland. of rr.
?nnr.a, secretary; former Siato Senator
SEW, 2 'V" r'"' "r "ooklnKhani:
.h.iles A .Johnston, of Cl.i istian-M,! g
and J. I r a r.k Wy ..r, of I'.itr n-k
nienibers ot the h- ard we,. |.;r.,
Ihc hoard discussed a teal deficit
?co far as It !s concerned, but onU :n
e.ppiirent -Icd-.t. so fa, aS lho ..^tiring
l oard i- ccincerned, of j, ,s ,H
clearly explained that th.- Auditor n
r epot ted dedclt of the amount men
tioned has i,cm cau> d 11v the ch ui
ii'H 'iff in the A mil tor , o-|-< e at the end
< f cad. Ureal year of all surplus money
to the .T. .111 ,.f the rial,, lies CoinmiM
.s.on before warrants drawn r<>' ex
penses durlncr that t .cal year had been
pt osuntoil for the pnynifnt
"It npocared that tho Auditor refused '
to pay out of the years appropriation
ror the I lsherlcM' Commission an> war
rant drawn on the fund unless i? ar- ?
lived before the cloro of th. business
lo urs on the last day of the board's
fiscal year.
"It was shown hy calculation that fie
retiring l-Msheries' Commifsion durlnr
Mie roui years of Its . vist.-rce spetil
't.SJl I'i less th.-'H th.. total State ap
proprla t Ions lor the f.eriod m.ntlonc.t
not Ir eluding $2,100 paid to u-. sst lt?
mernbe,? ithat pe>lod, and tint ?
i I lid In ir th*- 52,41'rt paid r-. up St ,tc
i i- fioers, the . Id coinmlnslnns actira' '
? \ pe' .se.H n:i tohl wen }2,.|3| |ii J. ss
i ran trie Stat-'s total appropriation to
e 'wild, whereas the Auditor reports
a dci|<-|t ,o the n< \v hoard of $2.<5t'4.I?7 j
"The new hoard memb.-rs explained
llier.- was noihlnu what.-Vfi In the Au
dltor'r. deficit report of to re-!
tie. ? on tli. old lioiird, aa the old boarn
dniiiiK the four >cai> of Its existence
iiad r|.ent less 1'iati Its total appro- '
priatlons. and the "apparent-real"
?b-liclt had only com. about l.y the Vn
ditoi < h.arclng olT fuuds to the credit
of the board before warrants issued
tor the yeni and payai,le out of old
funds had he.-n received. It seemed
that last year then was balance on
the i.ool h to the credit or th hoard
"t il.lOo, which the Auditor charred
"n 1,1 t'illf wen In and wotthl
not let I he Old I.ill, I... pa Id out of
tlim. I he money charr ed ofl w.-nt hack
to the ciedit of the Slate."
.Mr. I.e.- said that the following Mtate
rrieni was submitted ovei the phono hv
htm to Stat Auditor l\ Dee Moore and
veibaMy ip|.roved by (he Auditor.
Ihc methods purvir. d in the Audi
tor's oilier are to now close all a;.- ,
p'oprlatIon ac.ounts the flrsi ol every :
March, and any warrants issued prior
to that .late not reaching the Audi
tor's olliee hy Mar h. when th ? n< w ap
propriation begins, are i.-linrgid against
the new yearly appropriation. Until
last year unexpended balanced of ?p.
pr opr in t ions rev .ted to the treasury
bleu.dally only. Acting upon th. opin
ion of the A t torney ienera 1 this re-I
verting was adopted yearly
"Tho seeming overdraft' of the lain
? on,mission of Fishierl.-s came about
through failure of warrants to show up
n tl,n.. and more ol their ai.proprla
on money reverting to the treasury
Inaii they look oiodit for."
More Sniull|M>s KoiiikI.
l.y noh burn. Va.. March 13.?Three
cases ot smallpox in a negro home near
? Jnf?."n. SI reel were reported
o the health depnrtment nliout mid
night last night, and after the patients
wen. hurried to the rmalipox hospital,
between 12 and 2 o'clock, u,e inspe.
tons vaccinated fifty negroes who were
exposed. This makes thirteen cases at
the hospital, the largest number since
the dtscimo appeared here three months
time, and escaped by J11 ini> 1 rik on the
'wharf when h? heard the wator rush
IhK Into tho launch Tho peanuts,
hailly damaged by tho wator, wero re
moved to-duy, and eitoits will ho mud*'
to-inorroy to raise tho launch.
KiirnirrM' I'tchnoKf Opened.
The Southsld? lO.xclutngo of thn
> Farmers Kdm uth'siial and Co-Oporntlvt}
I'tiion, i event I y incorpoi atod, has been
opened <>n llollingbruolt Street. Thw
oith eis aie president, J. K. Johnson,
of Chost?*r; v l?M"-pi esldetit, ,\. N". ite.n
harut, ol I'ctei sburg, sooietary. With
ers Harwell, of Chcsiei hold; Ireasuiur.
? >iam ('iiiine, of Pi nice <i(i"iB?. The
J exchange wil! handle farm produce of
jail kinds, ami will aim to hvII at the
j lowest ponsiole Hkuihh, not, however,
with lilt: View to Undersell nierehuntif.
lientli in OliniItltlle.
Mr" Mary A Tntylor. aged forty-ono
j.veins, ivifo ol" John W. Truylor, tiled
! > e.iiei oay iiI'tei noon at her home In
1 Dlnwlodh' I'ounty S11? i wail a native
ol I'i inue (inn!?<>, and, besides her hus
band, is survived by foui children ami
;<i veral brothers The burial will be
m I '.In no foi d Cemetery.
tiled in iinldiiiorr.
Miss F'annlo DuVal, horn and reared
in .ti Petersbuitiled yti*d;t> In IJal
i Minorc, where she had llveii for many
y. his. bin- wiih a member of Tabb
:siio..| Presby tr.iian Church, with
which she united herself In early life,
[.she ?iin n woman of strong personal
tty iit'il of high ordei of Intellect. Tho
liody <it rived in I l < i shui g this af
ternoon. and the funeial will lake place
j to-morrow morning. with burial In
| Klandford Cemetery.
I'rrnonnl nnit Otherrrlar.
Mrs Iv M Mien, of this cltv. In vlsw
'Ping h?'r daughter. Mrs Thomas A.,
I?lr<>r, In ri?-fivei, Col., wn* ro she ?x
pects to remain for several monthn
Mi? Diner was formerly Miss Kannlo
| White Allen, of Petersburg.
In and Mr' J. M. I'tiiko have re
I turned from ;i visit to their daughter,
M i h. F J. l,oii!{, In Now York.
The. Woman's Missionary Knlon of
the Peters b'.i i k District Haptlst Asso
elation met In 1).?? First Haptlst Church
to-day am'. 11 an.*--act ed inuch business.
Bedford County Man Faces
Court to Answer Seri
ous Charge.
f.^'t la I to The Times-Dispatch 3
Med ford Cltv Sfnreh 13 The case o!
the Commonwealth vs f. ,s. Patterson,
barged with malicious assault upon
blr wife, wan called In the Circuit
Court on Thursday afternoon, Judge
ftennett Co-don. of Nelson, presiding
In place of Judge J 1^ Campbell, of thlt
Ireult who Is seriously 111
The following Juioih were chosen:
Mi sm f John I- Douglas. 11 J' iltirkp,
I 1'iarilf Key. 11 C Thaeker, Jloylo D.
Clay, Wiley u Arrlngton, Jesse Doug
las, ItusseH Turptn, Wtlltnrii I'. Ma
Jor. Horn-?? N Knight. Samuel J{. t J lie."-,
Jtohert l,nyn''.
The '.'ominonw* altli In represented by
!,.union l.owrv find Aubrey 10 Si;<><l?,
tin- ib-feiise by .N'elsori ? !< Thu I r i**
v.ltM was Mlftt I'.tilh Patterson tin
itnuulitor of the ilefeiniant, a will of
tl ? in llft< en vial." < f poise
nr.'l lit I p h t n< ? w lio. altliotmh kept on
th' -annti foi seveinl hours, never ho
confused hj <|u>.'StlonliiK or de
viates fioin the hlstoiy of the clnnitn
stani -h the fin- she had related bo
fo11- die Krttnrl Jurv
Th" tii'e li brief Is thlp Several
month' m;o the home of Mr. l'atter
??'>!i, neai Flint 111)1, In this county.
hi* destroyed by (Ire th> wife and
five children iV.ely eweapini? with their
lives while Mr I'attei rooi ha<l left
h'iriie to st cure n ph; sl i.in to visit hi;
wife, wl,?, he said, bei aine ill In th?
?ill-lit Miss Uuth state.-; that her fath
er had told her he was tfolng for the
doctor, but it would not be necessary
for her t.? leave her room upstairs,
u If it; sht ,'t nil thrite othor children
hlopt until her mother should call her
Some tlrr.u later she heard tho cries
of the youngest child, who slept in a
room adjoining hi* mother's on the.
Imver tloor, and as r,he started down
stalls ?? h? saw a Mi;ht from the win
tbtws shining out in tho yard When
she reached the bottom of the stturt
.she found the door fastened by a hut
too on tho outside. This sho forced
ripen, and found the bed on which the
lit:b boy lay all allainc. Her mother,
thotmh conscious, was horribly out and
brul.-od, her bed saturated with formal
deltyde. antl a strong odor of kerosono
f.i! [.c i \ ruled the room, which was like
wise huinl'ii/ The girl, with wonder
ful pieseii'-e of mind, rescued her moth
er and tio four chlldien. even remern
hrritti- to ^r'i bncli up tho stalrn fos
comforts and blankets to wrap them In,
though the si"ps were also on fire.
Mr. Patterson about this time arrived
with I ?r. Thurman. and neighbors,
aroused by the luiirht lurht of tho Are.
came, and the fatnllj was made com
fortablo In some of their homes. Sus
picion concentrated on Mr. Patterson
as the Kiiilty person, and ho was in
dieted by the grand jury. He hears nt
excellent character, It a member of rv
large, wealthy and prominent family
con miction, and there had never been
at my time discord between himself
antl u Ife.
There ar?- approximately nevonty-fivc
witnesses summoned by the prosecu
lion and defense jointly, and irreat In
terest rittiielH's to the case. Tho evi
dence foi tho prosecution Is all ? Ir
cumstanttnl, unless Mrs. Patterson
should testify; and It is not ludievetl
that she will. Sho has stated tli.-? the
attack was made upon l ei by a netrro
i-bi did not know Shi- hns mitli knt
iy rt covered t > be hero now. thorn;!
the bears terrible sears on her face
untl throat ;i:i a result ot the struggle.
l-'ntiinl Meiitl In Snow.
I Speeia I t o Th'- Times- Dispatch. J
Danville V.t.. March 13. t. M I'arth
Inp. a well-known farmer of l'allinp
Creek, was found frozen to death on
White o.ik Mountain bv Ttobert Oroff,
a farmer, yesterday evening (Jrofi'.
w ho was Koliig to see some land ori the
hillside, stepped on the corpse, whb h
was Jibblen beneath the snow, before
lie discovered It. Farth nj?, who wa?
sixty years old. had been ill for several
days, and he set out from his home to
visit some friends Just before tin snow
began falling. l''arthing was a highly
respected man. lie is .survived by sev
eral children.
TIIK convenience and economy or a
Checking Account are best experiencod
by maintaining one. Wo Invito dopoa
Ita of Sl.OU or more.
CnpKnl, >urplun iiud I ndl\ltleil ProJ!t?,
National State and City Bank

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