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The name of John Boyle O'Hellly, the
Fwcct singer of Ireland, is familiar
from one end of Ariiorlca to the other,
and his poem, "In Holiffinln," is one
of the most popular in the Knglish lan
guage. O'UetJly wa? 50 long identi
Ccd with our country that he seemed
otie of us He adopted Ameri' ;i :<h his
Jhome when the tyranny of the ltiitish
government ilrove him from liis he- ;
loved country.
John Boyle O'Reilly was one of the
most romantic figures of the past cen
tury. He was Idolized l>y ins own 1
countrymen and admired and respect - '
cd by the people who adopted him. He
was horn In Powth Castle In 1M4.
Karly In life hf went to live at Pres
ton, Kncland. where he learned the
printer's trade and, for diversion, took
to .soldiering with the Kleventh Lan- ,
cashlre rifles.
About this time the famous Fenian
movement was t'ogmning to develop.
These Kenialis were sowing the seeds
of revolution In the British army, oise
thlrd of whom were Irishmen. O'Reilly
thought he could serve his country
best by joining the British army, and s<>
he went to Ireland and enlisted In the
Tenth Hussars when he was only nine
teen years of age.
O'Reilly quiekly became a favorite
with both officers and men and began
Interesting his Iri-ii comrades in tin
Fenian movement. Men of the pres
ent generation ean scarcely realize
what this movement meant in
when O'Reilly was attested. It shook
There's comfort?good
satisfaction in every cup of
New Method Gas Ranges
"Flowers of Guaranteed
Tel. Madiscp. 630.
Direct Action
Tit*' ?'i 11" K:t ngo
Tl.il T u t i 1 ize* nil tlx lient.
McDotigall Kitchen t.abinets
and Detroit Jew?? 1 'las Ranges
make sweet tempered house
Adams and Broad.
Have It.
The Different
m?n 'I!! I/'1'' ?,U"tl,1"i "f
52^"^5^ XnaS
B IU !. Co l Cr<i Jrt-Hmen which
fiinnnc of i.s.|.s. Mnce the
ouT'oi 1^,!"!l,!"?rin,cn,1 ifr"ir ??-otv
'H?ld Inov. liK'ilt In 1V., v T^ ,r"
"ort lint j;u 1 ?m!in{VaT t'uppor'tU '' S"'V
'It'fldctl it u ,P ,!1'x"'ty- T,"'v
inu hj'mim ?????>, .. * 1
l>>' thi- arid ^ Its1 thtU iUS Sf0ize(l
XT hi, ' ? ??ok?,r out
, ? , IIVI1 .1. UUI)V
l?onov:u, llo^a, xv.-ro hi*
?:uv one ,,i hiu f, I, ? w,,cn 11?
hours )!? ?J.s'r'' "U!li" '""V
a"><t 11.11 military prK^wj,
l-i '.U(-It'i 'to h!'?"1"'5' ","1 p,'css,??- 'w as
?Kainst hi- ficiirai'lc-s'" 1,,forr"
' -
'?"> il Uarrark, TheL
, ?? -i^uJy. iV';v
!:r,-r ;;i? ?..SrS.L":,*
<nXjV-u"'"T ,"S\: ?' Mr.
,? , , ' I4' 'Hlfil "t|<il cilillv
' apn.li, \\ h.?!.???. ,,f ,| .. Tv , V
illU'llt . . H \V' ' ,n,> '*?K
. ... \ ' ",l ??..l ?,
? ??W||N ,?.t ,l.,rui ,,, .
I v <'<1 n<? in, rev. | . .
ttiillty. and, on July r. jv,*a*
Kontenoo ,?r death w.s i '
Mm it -i <? pa',-s^<1
ZZ "av ,VwJ' V?SiKlftrt Si
!----? I"::r l:;;rv:;v,;
!?. convlci
li'i'l ' d ' " !' U?: ?, I he Sf.'lf't.s ' V. I ImViV
v?;? a":1
Ml ,' ,i .'"'son' from to
?I Vinrv .. ',T\y"" l" -f
'?he sen'.,,,, ofiuined j?
' ' ?'"' "Iptltit to ' H( .-| 1)0 O'ilollU
y as t iken Hon, Mdlhank to fort J
? moml, IMl.So,,. "" ?
I '!');!? ?? '' ' tmoot
?nd horo
fr,,n , ,(riK tM)
in ?],, Ul(J ,|ra., nf
I" al 1 f?,;y |? AU: trail;,. w,,,r. 'M
? SU( li it fcivorifo wit), 11
a:::,.'- ,r- 'r,
;,r .MHp:pr4/fr?.
| th. Stars at 1 ?trl-,e?
S3S *?'
and t)i. following dav' to.'i1" *'
'"/T'u ,Vf
. :.n.1 .soU|. ,L" A?cat,.
1 '"nipple Mnrinnlntlf*.
r ;--'V M?,apt,o
? 'itfe ill ,h. ? ' '""C
pound . (
woij-h and al<<
1 o each I.n??, ' r"v. suprtir
\mSi wrM and
tiiornlnv , , ,i , .7, '1 '?
unw -
?"Wni ... itlo 'ami co," ' J!"
'ton*i l,ii mil,
v:r; ss r":
?W?" "?<"??? T';;
It ir , ' 11
i ra*g ,t
'J;;;; m... 'J-.,
fry 11 , ' 5"'"" "r '",rK 1:1 - an,
;'r-n '-'.."and ^
?S?d..i, 'aV;;r;:,V,I!-;'-';;;;;;;.;;
Strawberries r. 1th Sugar and Cream
Hntn and Eggs
Cor 11 men] Griddle Cakes
Baked Co pop, Stuffed
? , . Currant .Telle
' olatocs Canlidower
Celery Salad
Prune and Nut Jelly with Cream
Assorted Cakes Coffee
Welsh Rarebit Toasted Wafers
Sandwiches olives
Preserves Orange Cake
In the Municipal Review for Janu
ary n long list Is given of the women
oincehold.-iM In tho United States, for
? t appears that at the present moment
women are tilling every position in a
in un id pa 11 ty from that of Mayor to
police olllcer, as well as national an(|
State ollieos. Though the list was a
lone one yet since it was compiled
many more women have been either
elected or appointed to Important pub
lic. places. Even another woman May
or has been elected, making: the sixth
In the country. Mrs. Clara l.nrrson. In
Iroutville, Ore., who won the place b\
n majority or five over her male coin',
Thirteen vnmrn are city treasurers
all in Western cities.
'?list l'\ll illlVK Suit.
I own 01 city women clerks are no
loniier a novelty !n the West, and the
innovation is spreading in the Eastern
portion of the country, for Mrs. I.il
j lian \\ King has boon made assistant
i town clerk and assistant registrar of
vital statistics in .Vaugntuck. Conn.
1 The only woman running for otlice
lit a recent el.-, tion in Santa Ibirbara! i
' ?* 1.. was .\l iss ? hristino Ilolmberg, who
U',K a candidate for the otlice of town
?l? ! k. Miss I lolmherg carried practl- <
*1 !> every precinct In the city, even 1
thav or her male opponent, who was
: beaten three to one.
Wahkiakum, the smallest countv In
the stat.- of Washington, has a woman
clerk. Miss Alary c Cooper, whose work
is highly complimented for Its effl- i
c:ency in the last bureau of inspection
The first woman otliceholder in Chris- ?
tian County, ill., is Mrs. Minnie |?a'i
tei sen, of Rosamond, who has been I
elected by the township board as tax '
? olM-ctor to succeed her husband, who
ioied recently.
Miss l.ucy 1. Wilson has been ap
pointed deputy recorder of deeds In
Sussex County, pel.
A l.cgal ? It y \ .1 vi,m*r.
In the absence Of the eity attornev
i i' u 1to, Moll., and the illness of the'
two assistant city attorneys, all the
It-Kiil business of the city Is In the hands
of Miss . harlotle McAul. y. who is act- ,
iiik :is the city legal adviser.
Miss Margaret Oardiner Is assistant'
? prosecuiing attorney of l.os \np-le?
'Shl' hantlh-s the eases of women'
' hcyonnc, \\ yo? lias adopted the coni
j mission torm oi government, and Miss,
Me. h:i Mvcrs. who is known as one of
the most expert aceonntant.s In the <-lt\
bus bo ii appointed deputy to ihe coni
mission of t|nance.
' '!'? Kath' rine Moment Davis has been
j made commissioner of corrections in
;:;w:h,i'k ?>.v the Major. She has su
" x '?v'" ! til" 'I Olllliy I'.acHweir.s Is.
Inn. . tin seven prisons of Greater New |
',Vr:- ,V"\ "V"1' Institutions .
? >s I .hi- is tin jirst Woman to head
tin- city departt: <-nt.
..r'M,V' W""'' Margin has been
nommatcd by President Wilson as
register |,i tl.e Land otlice In Colorado
Mis,- Margaret c Fitzgerald. of Ash
[>"in to-. MontKomerj County. Pa., has
appointed stenographer In the
new Inc. me tax division of the Int.-r
Miss I n if red Stewart is depute of'
commission public lands in Wyom- ,
lis . one Of the most important appoint- I
is- offices in ihe State.
Miss Charlotte Humboldt Is chief of :
tl.e recreative department of the. clt\ '
government of St. J.otils.
Miss Pran.-oB I-avis is State Ubrarlan I
in \\ yovntii^.
N 1lj|.VMtrlitis#?f I'lrNf
Miss 1 tarba r;i On I pin has 'been an- !
point.-, a member of the planning boa id
.-?t Mimcrville. Mass.. said to be the,
in.st womn:i so honored in the State
Miss .Julia I .at III op Is chief of the.
*< d? r;iChildr. n's Hun-au. and Miss
'? Sumner is the statistical - \
in Hie .suiut' bnt'oau.
I Mr- (o,:,e II Eat 1c. Mr Ah Nat, I
tier l.aughliti and 1 ?r. Mars- X Wolfe
-lie iiu-nihcrs of the commission to es
tahlish a cottage colony f.? r.ehle
niin<!< i\^ W(mum) ??ii ;? StMto rIn
I'etinsj Jvanla, appointed by C.overnor
I r.
i I be post-ollice has always employed
women, (he latest appointments being
that of M,s. Ellen M Holies for the
pos t mast islilp of I .Imiiertoii. N. M
Mrs Colics passed a civil service iv
-iint t:a I Ion and obtained more tl.au th>
i e.j n isi t e sc v.-n t y.
Miss Urate M.-Arron is Jtennaraplier
the Houghton founty maml jury
investigating the copper miners' strike
in Michigan.
?Miss Kate Harnard is State commit
; "r ' harities and corrections in
, 'klnhonia. Mrs. H. ?? Mc.-,e.|l. has
been appointed on tin- state board of
health It, the State of Washington, and
is said to be 1 ml. f , titrable and capa -
ble. Miss Helen l.ynii is su pcrnl t en
'lent ot nurses it. the Municipal ll..spi
tiil. Ot Houston. Tex. Miss Mabel ,hn
iett is assistant .superintendent of the
Ossinlng Hospital at Oss-lning, y.
I Chicago Winner.
Iir Sarah llobson, of fhlcaeo, has
t-b.-t.d editor and secretary of
the American Institute of Homeopathy
Ihe,, were t w<-nt> male applicants foi
the place.
St. i .on is. Mo., has two women .fudges
who ait- probation others of tho in
VMille court. Mis, K. C. Hunge
Patherlne I'mtiu. Their jurimil,
Jo-'' is Kuulteil t(, the cases of ,-irl de
lin.im t ts. who will no longer be tried
ill op. II com :, but it, a private i
no outsiders I'l-iti-.' admitted.
The lit st woman probation ollicer In
Nevada lias b.-en appointed to look af
lr "'f interests of the women and cbil
dren ..f Ton,.pall. Already there h as
l e r an improvement in the life of the
mining camps, saloons and dance halls
SI;.- drops into these two latter at anV
time, day t>r night, and sends bom.
minors she may tin.I there.
The woman poller olilcei ls proving
a .success, and more ,iti.:. are employ,
inn them. Major PuiikhoiiHer, a depu
ty superintendent of police in Chi- :,po.
says that eitv needs mole than the teii
already on the force, and Councils Is to
he asked for funds.
The church also seeks the aid of
women in an olliclal capacity, the latest
being the engaging of Miss Clara Hun
jham to be an assistant to the pastor
Be Beautiful
I'oird Ity l.oiilnr IlrrMnrr.
<>f the Central Congregational Churcli J
in Philadelphia.
Wimn'ii an1 filling- positions on
school hoards in ever-increasing num
bers. A fi xv *>r 111" latest ap point rnnnt *
are those of in. Margaret Schallenber
get\ who w.?s elected State Commis
sioner oi education for the elementary :
schools of California. California is the
llrst State to create a commission to
promote the efficiency of the elementary
Mrs. Charlotte Vale has been ap- '
pointed hy Governor Johnson one of
the trustees of the nev, State Normal
School of California.
In the lllue (iriiN.o Country.
Mrs. Cora Wilson Stewart Is superin
tendent of instruction in Roman Coun
ty, Ky In two years Mrs. Stewart re- 1
duced the number of illiterates In her
district from 1.152 to "3, certainly a
wonderful record' And Miss Kva Ueich
ariit Is State organiser of the School
Improvement Association of Arkansas
She has visited every county In the 1
In Delhi. X. V , Mrs. John C. Stod
dart and Mrs. S. K. Ahel are members
of the school hoard, and the Delhi Ex
press says they have been more elll
cient than the men in securing village j
Improvement, for the women "got the [
things done." i
It Is Interesting to note the activi
ties of women In other countries than J
our own. Thus Germany employed i
women police officers long before j
America and now has them In sixty i
tow n s.
fiermnny I<rndn.
Germany has just conferred the title
of professor on a practicing woman
physician. Dr. Uachel Hirsch, of the j
Charity Hospital. Berlin. There are!
only three other women professors in [
Gerrtiany one Is a professor of phll- j
osophy at Bonn, another a professor
in the State Musical College, a third
Professor I.yd la Babinowitch, former
assistant of Dr Koch.
More and more It Is coming to be j
better understood that governments!
ine established and maintained for the I
hem lit ol the governed. The Depart- j
tnenf of Agriculture at Washington Is
lit' l:>t( y< ars taking Infinite pains to
i make Itself serviceable to all the ?
worker's inside of the farm houses of ;
tl ? country as well an to the outside
workers In the fields.
i .illn.i: attention lo this active and
helpful interest of the department in
all the affairs of the homtdlfe in tin |
lonniiv, a writer In Suburban I.ifo '
I says: ,
11 a \ e "on been wondering why your '
seeds did nol come up? Have you
stiulh i what shrubs to plant in your
i garden, and how* they should be treat- j
ed? Do you need any assistance in J
tin- woman's part of the home?-In diet, 1
In food Information, in better ways i
of cm 1 nr. |V? i milk and other foods? fs j
.your automobile club clamoring for
: l>"tter toads, and do you wish to assist
in getting them? Write to the De
partment of Agriculture in Washing- j
ton, I'. C.
Although a dweller In the country- I
side, you niav have recently migrated !
I from the city apartment. Without :
! previous experience in their care, you
; may come into the possession of a
| lawn, a tree oriso, shrubbery, a hedge
or flower beds. Vour ambition and'
enthusiasm may lead you to start a
kitchen garden or to keep a few chick
em- The Department of Agriculture
recognizes the fact that there are |
niaii> people, who, whllo not reverting
i?\ivr* ihhihhh cap.
j it is xii Swiss embroidery and uicol
i edge
Dress and Conduct
When on the Street
.Manners are not morals, but they
are tho sign of them, which In a point
many young women seem to* forget in
their coiuluvt on tho street. Women,
apparently, iiave the sumo Idea as the
man from the country, whose excuse
for wearing untidy clothes all the time
was: "When I'm tit homo every one
knows mo, so why should I dress up
for them? When I go to the city 110
one knows me, so why should 1 put
myself out for them?" So, with many
of us, wo dress or shnpn our ways to
"get l>y" rather than for nny desire
to keep tip to a high standard. The
old Idea of preserving the best silver
for company use .ami of keeping our
best clothes done up in tissue paper for
State occasions bus died the death 11
deserved, but we hold to "company
A quiet, dignified bearing anil quiet
manner c.an pretty safely be counted
upon to preserve one from annoyance,
and a woman lias only herself to blame
if by loud manner or an exaggerated
stvle of dress she invites It. Any man
will take "n dare." and he has the right
to read a dare In tlio careless manner
that many women, perhaps innocently
enough, assume on the street.
('ntWitness is unforgivable at any
11 mo, but It Is doubly so in one's street
attire, where in tho glare of strong
light every defect Is magnified?a 1ml
lon off. soiled gloves, impressed clothes.
Tho only safe as well as tho only
ethical way Is to keep up all the time,
and taking care of one's clothes, like
caring for one's manners and morals,
;s "a matter not of money," as Uouise
Dresser explains, "but a system." As
taking ji stitch In time saves nine in
one's clothes at perhaps a more In
convenlent time, so keeping good man
ners is much more satisfactory than to
be continually bolstering them up.
to actual farming, are seeking to es
tablish their homes close to growing
things, and it is equally ready to assist
these emigrants from the close quar
ters of the city, to beautlfj and enjoy
their surroundings
In addition to sending out matter al
ready printed, the department holds
at the service of the people some
employes ready and anxious to answer
individual letters and give specific ad
vice to people on how best to manage
their agricultural activities. The or
ganization of this vast army of work
ers is exceedingly interesting. A spe
cialist with a trained staff of assistants
stands at the head of each bureau, and
under each general head there may !>??
from live to twenty subdivisions. Kach
carries on ;i particular phase of the
It makes, therefore. no difference
whether the government has printed a
bulletin dealing with the particular
subject that interests y.11. or whether
you know the name or number of such
a bulletin. A letter or postcard mak
ing clear your problem and the matter
on which you desire help. If addressed
simply to the Secretary of Agricul
ture. Washington, IV C.. will at once
receive attention. On receipt of your
letter of Inquiry. It Is immediately re
ferred to the bureau or ollice of tin
department in which nre employed the
specialists best fitted to give practi
cal help. These spccla lists know
everything that has printed in
their particular fields, and. If they are
In doubt, they have at their service in
the division of publications a very
complete card Index on which Is re
corded any mention In any of the gov
ernment publications of the matter that
interests you. These specialists, there
fore, study all the printed matter avail
able. and, If It completely answers your
question or gives general Information
on the line that you arc seeking, see
tlmt It reaches you. If the printed
statements do not fully answer your
Inquiries, the specialist then writes a
letter giving exact Information fitting
your particular need, or supplements
the printed information with added
particula rs.
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Sir Hugh Bell Admits Points of
Superiority Possessed by
Other Nations.
Sill HUGH IIKLU who has Just ar
rived from KiikIuiiiI wltli Lady
Hell, to visit the Hrltisli ambus-"
sad or ami Lady Sprlng-Hlee. at Wash
ington, Is one of those broad-minded
and traveled ISngllshmen who are wlll
ing to admit points of (superiority pos
sessed by other nations over Great
"Men." lie declares, "are wealth, and
sinco the United States has now a ,
population ?>:' over 90,000,000, and ?'?or- |
many a population of over 150,000,000, j
whereas Great Hritain rati boast of but
41!,000,000, there is a greater consum
ing power, a greater power of ex
change, and consequently greater
wealth In America and Germany than
in England." He insists that the Uit
ter has not been idle, that she is not
to Maine, but argues that there are
some forces : gainst which neither
people nor governments can fight.
I A? one of the lending ironmasters I
<>f England, Sir Hugh points out that |
'formerly Great Hritain was the fore
most iron producing country on the j
face of the globe, tlie rest being no- j
where. Now the United States is first,
and Germany second. This, he armies,
is not England's fault. It merely I
j means that these other two countries j
have more resources.
Sir Hugh Hell's wife, T<ady Hell, is \
.in aunt ?'f l*ady Spring-Hire. ;i ' a
daughter of the late Sir Joseph Ollufe.
! Lady Sprlng-Hlce's mother, the late
Lady Uiscclles, who died as Hritlsh
ambassadress at Merlin, was I*idy
j Hell's elder sister. Their father. Sir
) Joseph Ollitfe, %vas the Irish physician
I of Napoleon 111., played a notable role
in Paris throughout the reign of that
monarch :.t whose personal instance ho
was knighted bv Queen Victoria, and
'in conjunction with his Intimate friend.
tile l!rst I'uc de Morny, created the
I now so popular seaside resort of
? 1 >eanville. Lady Ollifte was a Miss
Cnbltt, and belonged to the same fam
ily as the now widowed I?ady l'aunce
! tote, formerly English ambassadress at
The Hells ar?* Northumberland t>pr'
pie. although Sit Hugh is lord lieu
tenant of the North Hiding of York
shire. He is the second holder of th<
baronetcy, which v.. is bestowed by
' Queen Victoria In ltv?> upon his father,
the late Sir I*othl?n Hell, wh- f
the great ironworks to whi?"h
family owes Its fortunes. K-idy Hell is
Sir Thomas's secot.d wife. by whom he
h-i< a son. who 1- :? clergyman, and
two married daughters. It Is l..n son
by his tirst wife. Major Maurice Lo
thi.m Hell, of the Yorkshire 1'tngiment
(who served In the South \f-f -an v'
who is heir to tlie baronetcy and t"
the estates, which are situated in
1 Yorkshire.
i Has I,ord llaldane become a convert
tr. the Honian Catholic Church'.' The
reason for asking this questional." that
in the latest issue of Yacher's I'ar
; llamentary Companion, which ha.s Just
I appeared and which Is the oldest
standard work of reference or this
kind an I the vade inecuni of every
member of both houses of the nationitl
(legislature at Westminster, prints, for
the tirst time. Lord Haldane's name in
tt iose italics which have always been
reserved f?r the enumeration of the
Unman Catholic peers, in order to dif
ferential'- them from the others
Vachcr's h.-.s suit h a reputation for Ute
absolute corri'i tness of Its information,
and .or its amazing freedom from
errors of any kind, that It is almos
inconceivable" that* it should have made
a mintake in this particular instance.
' ?n ?h? other hand if the rumor of
the conversion of Lord llaldane were
true, lie would, ipso facto, forfeit Ills
place on the woolsack as Lord lllgh
Chancellor. and as Keeper of the
' Great Seal of the Itcalm; for by !!.?
Catholic emancipation act of tsj'1 It
was particularly provided that these
offices could no! be held by a Roman
i Catholic, although there is no legal
| obstacle to their being held by a .lew,
a Moslem or an agnostic. It ?"
I question, even, whether Lord Ifaldajie
* would in that case be accord.
' pension of $'^r.,'ino a year fot the re
Imainder of his life, to which Lord
'High Chatic-Uors are entitled on C'
! retirement from office, even It theii
tenure has only lasted a few days or
hours. The salary of the chancellor
jshlp is ST."),000 a year.
There is nothing, however, to pre
vent a llomati Catholic from becoming
Prime Minister of England. Hut he
cannot hold the office of Viceroy of
Ireland, or even act In his behalf In the
,case of the absence of that dignitary
from the Emerald Isle.
Some time ago 1 related in these
letters that Tins X. had decided to open
'the ranks of his Noble Guard to for
eigners of birth and breeding, instead
1 or restricting Its membership to scions
j of the old Italian aristocracy. Those
japointed from now on will receive no
I pay; and among tlie first foreigners to
l join the corps is a young Irishman of
the name of Luke Teeling, son of Cap
itain Hartle Teeling.
! The captain is one of the few sur
viving veterans of the battle of Men
t tana, and has tilled the office of eliain
iberlaln to the. present Pontiff, as well
las to Plus IX. and Leo XIII., making
| his residence at. Home. He was but
j nineteen when, as a Pontifical Zouave.
| he took part in tlie battle of Mentuna,
in 1SG7, and won the Mentana Cross,
afterwards joining the English army,
and serving in the llifle Brigade, and
in the Ho.val Irish Uifles. from which
he retired with the rank of captain.
! One ot" the best known foreign resi
dents of the Internal City, he. has for
i the last thirty years or more been a
familiar figure at the Vatican, and Is
i lineally descended from Hay Teeling,
| "Albi" Lord of Suydan, who in the
j twelfth and thirteenth centuries gave
I large grants of land to the chut.-h In
i Ireland; while mother ancestor, Sir
1 Nicholas Teeling, is on record as hisv
j lug fallen In the battle of Thomond,
in r-J'.'T.
Lord Heading, Lord Chief Justice of
England, after having had his conduct
In connection with his unfortunate,
speculative dealings in Marconi shares
[Investigated by a conuuitteo of the
1 House of Commons, when he was a
{member of that chamber as Attorney
General, is now about to undergo, as
a pacr, another inquisition, by a com
mitter cf the House of Lords, to which
he h.'.s tei.ently been elevated.
The verdict of tlie committee of the
House of Commons was to the effect
tbnt both he and Chancellor of tho Ex
chequer Lloyd CJeorge, had been guilty
In th o alTalr of Indiscretion, but not of
actual malfeasance In olllce. This en
abled the 1 rltno Minister to advance
the then Attorney-General to the of
fice of Lord Chief .luslleo, on tho re
tirement of 1 ,ord Alveratone.
"ho committee of investlgation ap
pointed by the lTouse of Lords in a
much more uerious affair. It is com
posed, not of partisan members of the
Hc-uho of Commons, but exclusively of
those inernberH of the House of Lordu
who have either held, or still hold,
high Judicial oilier, as Ijord? Juni'-oi
of Appeal. Including Lord Lorehiirn.
the former Liberal Lord High Chancel
lor, they constitute in all Judicial mat
ters the highest tribunal of the realm,
and, while they are not sitting In flits
particular case as a court of Justice,
yet their decision will have all the
weight of that tribunal.
If the committee has been appointed,
it is primarily for the purpose of In
vestigating the conduct of Lord Mur
ray in connection with the Marconi
speculation scandal; Lord Murray hav
tut; only lately returned to ISngland,
after a prolonged absence in South
America. Ix>rd Heading being lh?*
only other member of the Mouse of
Lords Implicated in the affair, will
I necessarily have his conduct. Investi
gated at the name time, and If the
?committee reports a?:*.lnst him. It Is
(<r.ilte on the cards that his Impeach
mcnt may follow, with a view to hi*
| removal from the bench.
' (Copyright, lPlt. by the Brentwood
Lady's Own Friends Assert Could
Not Recognize Her When
Brought Face to Face
Arritts, Va.?Mrs. 1). J. Bowen, of
this town, makes the following state
ment: "For L'O years I Buffered with
womanly troubles, and although I
tried different treatments, I did not
get any relief.
I was unable to look after any of
my work, and my friends thought T
| could not get well.
Finally, I begun to take Cardul,
the woman's tonic, and I hadn't
i taken one-third of the first bottle be
. fore I could notice its good effects.
Now I can do all my work, feel
like I'm not more than It] years old,
but am really -J9. My own friends
say I look so well they don't recog
' nlze me when we meet in the road.
My daughter is using Cardul, and
j she says it Is a fine medicine, 1 also
i have a number of lady friends tak
1 ing it, since they found out how it
i helped mo.
: Whenever i feel a little fatigued
? after a day's extra hard work I just
tak*- a dose of C'ardui and am all
j right.
I can't say too much for Cardul."
. Thousands of women who now
suffer from womanly troubles could
be relieved and benefited by follow
, ing Mrs. llowen's example.
Are you of this number?
If so, try Cardul to-day. It can
not harm you, and Is almost sure to
, do you good.
! At the nearest drug store.
; N. U.?Write to Ladles' Advisory
I Dept., Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chat
| taiioogii, Tenn., for Special Instructions
'and r.4-png? book, "Homo Treatment
j for Women," sent In plain wrapper, on
ft YOUR &
| Hot Cross |
| Buns |
;W Early This Morning. ^
We bake a double sup- ^
?* ply fur Saturday, but ^
these famous buns arc ??
ft' the most popular catble ?
in Richmond just now. &
A ?
, jf Made after a recipe ^
[? several centuries old.
? 9
| L. Bromm %
Baking Co. ?
I &
K. Marshall Street,
li r,ftl W. liroad Street. <%
Siurte Qunllty Kvcrj Day.
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