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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, March 17, 1914, Image 4

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?lir?imf$4-?g?> fl i^pnlrli
Huflncfs Ufftc?....Tltii?f- DUimtch UulUlluc
XI South Tenth Fin-el.
Iculh Hlrfimond 10IC Hull Street
iVdhlncton ItureBii Mun?ey Uulldii.f
I'tteribuil liureau JOI N, S)>-ttnior? Street
l.ytu hhurg ilurrnu. :i? ';ii;luli Street
HY ilAiL One. SI* Three O'l*
i CISTACii; J'AID. Tear. Mon. Mo.
1'iilly x-Ith Sumlfcy.. 16.00 It.W ,&a
l.-?tliy ?ltlio.ti Sunday ? 00 to# l.OO .Si
i ?.!:!.?/ filltlor only l.W 1.00 K .Ii
Py . :rt'f" llsi-at, h Currlnr fell<-erv Srr
i- in iu.n.'iuail infill ?ueur!'?i ami Peters
l.:*K Od? Week
I . ?:rs 5un1?j ...... _ II crr;t?
;\li> "llhoul Sunday It rciiii
r. uy <--:ils ...? .. .. k <er,-.?
Ki-.te'e J: - .try T7 IM. nt KlchmpntJ V* .
? ?- i irntirr uiivft ?> t of Coturfw
rr. . ? w, i:<-u um.
in; \ ili?M>T \* VIIK.IM \
? report wit ta>:-dodders: are try- :
? *. V. 111 I la I ]:;?'? IV f S of til' low '
' ta\ ;. ? a mom y 'a.-t t;>\- |
. in ,ti s ;i'icr . - .it.- r. .lit- ^
Sl|,i :? Hi, senso and tlf 1 Jilr '
i:: .1 Virg r:
? .i;jj ..1 f it ' . lov. i at t 11:011. y
. t-ifly ? "f in -i!???.? n :? It
.:. i,; ; rat' \\ ?? coma . . lory, and
Im': ? ? i to demar.il of
? <. it a : i ill ? i its :ff??u:it a
. t..;,t a'* up more than half Ins ill
? ? li' ? In ' 1:1 !'?? a. t! ? -i. n- '1
?. ss in i.> l"< lliced '.li1' J at*.* and ?;?11 ? ? 1
; \ |:. > c-rs t>' V1 rn11? 1:? ? >
. fct-te half w a >
This is tin appeal which tio unit*
tier. ' . ? liiw . . 11 ? ?
i , i a ?- . j.l tit. pa > ::i.? Itt ?>'.
tli" Si ?> valuation, with complete
. inn ' r >m all l---.ll ta.M-s <>i,
money. Kiirel.v no innh etui aftord to
violate .'i law so generous as to t
,-. ta\ : i.. on $ LV'iiO In ensh!
. i; \'if ;:1 Mans will not fi ll In thit
? I h s fail.- . :i Ik '1 : poll the
.-Mat- nml i In vain, to display to
\\ an, the!
! ? _???>-: i dir. la-t l>.? t r. all ???->:<!
.. nest.> ili-mamls that ev<-rj man
I i1 a Hi- lull avi'- in' nf hi.*- nior.'-y.
. ? ? i ? .v, a- w>- 11 I. :---\v, v.,1
? . i,- in- -t . ? i ? ni'Ts.'.-ni-y. ? n<t will
t-r1. . nl.\ he i ? \ i' w'-ii i,v tli- ?; en era I
?. l ? i > t; ? -Mr i s-t-sfc:-.?n. If ?h?t
i>e ? .1, (1 ii ? it Hi, past, ar.d n It
1 iii-tuons?ti at<. d that an honest tax
wj 1 at : t t ? ->t taxpayers', l In a
. - > ?'.;?? t :' ? !.i -v !?? !>? i ?>p. .. !,?<!.
>-? r t. ..i. ' V tiaiey.- v. ?.? n . .-t lh?:
i i-. jii. ti> -4 . ? -.1 i av -nr .Ium? i;
v. > villi. I ? \ |) . t t lit I'M!.' . [,| ?, r a It IV
ran- ' taxation on I iit.a in. Ihlost, laid
i<jr '.he in >: tltii.' in iIn ,
It ? M.-ruled to t.iher elas-s'-s of
:,? -i ; ro; ? ft v.
\\ \ II I till I III: .II'I'IIIM MINIS.
I tin . 1J ? ? u.-ti "slates' of it-- new
t. \ i .-.inn: i? :i ii"w in . IrculatKni an
1-.-S- I Oil the supposed polllK al ur
? i'.-1 -u;, 1 sytnpai lilt - ?,f Sp. .-liter
. i.-i l.ieut etiaiit -< lov.-riior 1011 > son. 11:,.-y
i r j . s t.. e t ? t l:e who a i ? to
tiaiii. tin- seven l> :: lati v menihei: tif
:!. i.- important I- n>
*! In Tiim .? Oisjialch do. j not l"r a
l at < r- ill air rati, rs u hid. a:
I n '. a.it l.'iis ||, leu-alt- i-r that Senator
i >'<?. eho.- -a I - < .ills - he ! ;i known
a !:)tai| ?.{ Mr er of Mr.
? - n W > be lie v- t:. .. t t h ? .- t \t..
?: ? aitpre latlny fully the imi-Tt
? U task i ? he jt, rtoriuet! l y
' ? ? will not all ,i\ the least
' ?< ir rsoa.il -r . .
.?Hi 'I ii.s in selecting tli- m- mh. is
? ' -of uiissi'T t'a ih? < "'itr;i: .
1 a t<- them for a clelituial. rtu.ly
' -t , '.!? men,l--r.-ihip ol the House
n.il', .iiiil (nl the st leetii -it: the
? ?? ? ii.' 11, i best iiualui u b -
t*?ra f.ni. t -r th. < ?i
si'it .i i-:. . : ???..,ir>* ? i- torn \\ at -
tl' pat- ilia' the trainlan ol th. u
1" '' 111 ell -.? and th- .t kr, .v 1
th Sial< u husltits-s will all
I: : a, i ? ,a r. t j?.
that one th ? seven member?, ehost-u
?' .li I * ?? /a it -i minority, in or,ler that
iher ? ni.t- i>
- i: \ i; - - ; a t- liii-m-,- thai
front.it 1\
f: -.- . . .-.
- a: si Is to he t.onpart is a n
.-. Us iV".. ? . a: ion:
It :iie same a..-, wo ree-l'l i. ?'
. : . t : . i ' . r I -* I that " u -
it-le: d> clitie ti > rVe la
| liti :ii Ju'ur- ma> l?f ? r -
. er?;tl by their advocai > of any
j hi: <-f r< : -u M a who wotihl
1. ?,' I ' oi. t ? .- ? >u n t i t i. . t\ :., t
i.a - .c etiaiic" ol nouiinat ion a mi may
1> b?- *?'ll:;ii? Hotl No lejtrt -
a .-' a - aar^t-s his duti, .
J; ? ?: . : i s his 1'. la i! r; y s
Mil s ? ? but praise for
nt .i m: si- u of the l.-st
? :1 1 ? -i ? r 1. : wl a h th-. y
I ,-. -1 . ? ? 1 '. -l f .< t-t ih? pot>
1. .. !'??>:?? I; :id It -r
< ir. a . rti'.h-ry
? U It'll
: ' ? t Villi
' r ... ,.f Mt ? sn't
li I: a- a.- si ll I fa H j
. ? ? ; I. : ? > i , a?
? ???: ? ? a I : . '? th- ' lov
? I : T? . ? ? i ? : j.l- t" asi> a
? ' !-.t I ! ? U 11 ? *., J I 'ost
:' a- - . : n
\v.' ,-t 1
II'. w<
- } vril
' '? w'h,;' ' : v. .ii : lin
L* t . I, J hU' . -.. I . I
a alt'
t.-indlth s.?!'1 ('.
?i? *u-ars.
li Ainiai.iii p(, . i |^ ? i
V.. i la now i:,? v it..i ,.
' ?" of th '? ' ? , ; .
?tit'. Vork the r?the- r ? j, ,
'? ' : ? ? a ; .
?'S--r? >-sl\" r. : ]. v f - . ,.,
I ? a ',?-?! not W ? , t a . |
, -t .1. a.;..i > ? ,rt to h>- .
i y inda: - a < ' i ? ? i. . ,:
.: ? ft I li,- t a i. t;o lb I'll!.' -Hi? -Ait:
..... v, hen auman beinks ibnco lt_
I TIIK C.r.M M. S\|NT or (iKXlAI.
>11: \.
: T < Saint who*e d.v wo celebrate
j remains ot .ill the t beloved Father
j of III;; a Re. I.' ! 1('S. becallSO of the
j good men who hail t'>?rj tin land ho
I M? y c 1 than becausi i f thy |;ooiliR'ti8
? >-f him who !?!< SM'il.
Throueh the centuri'S, tho person
j .ill* > i .il ti-,. character of Saint l'at
i i U k havt remained fresh anil strong.
! A.'ik :? ti\ on,- j i.ii meet upon the street
what p.minor ?>*. man was tin- Patron
i Saint i.! Irelait !. nnii the description
will I f ti,.> genial. RiiuToua, a
l"vi-r <?;" . ' il<lr. ;i and ot ItfAnd
tlii; ;?<?{? ucom eptlo:> of the Saint
.*= !?-?;.? >i :?< < a Ills blop.l aph.v?for 'if
, hint we Icinw llt'.l" timuKli l?ut on
th. host <? I men, nlal. r< nerous, lov
1 ? r:- >>f <? iti Idi < n . ? of life who come
i from St l'at; it it's |? , land.
The:-#' ,.v never be n a rei.iet In I
Anu-ilcn tl .'t the H l;; ,r. of 'Ir.al
I<ritain, lh? eru-1 fa:: v. s <?! tb<. years
when Up potato ? -p failed, the al- I
lui. T'u nt of n itie and the wan- I
:? ' sprit ... th- < ? It have brought
milll"h- i f I ? i? I::11? r to \tin rir.i. From
!!??? i-*rt ii cardinal w ? is Baltimore's i
1m : ' loVe<l i it i/. ? ? t t ? ?!.. h tint Id est toll- j
?r !:i t-:. city, tl.e li l; h have iiecome '
Ann rt' .si.; an ?; :.a\<* . .???. ?; their part to ,
the making of Up- natio.
i'l -. 11av? ? i:? v? i n genial content- i
:ii"iti v :th which t" complement and
' ??? !; t.'ie n tnr. I> i ? ? ? i\ spirit t,f?
the \ttie-Ic:? n; ti > Im v ;.;lvcn us j
? :ii l l.'.tn; ot that splclli.ial ; I ? 11 i t \ to
si^t a<ivorsit\ which has kept the!
? pirlt "I I - r i: i intact ti rnuith ;;encr
.ition." or' rv pi't n . 'I lung agc?j of I
.? spalr. thej have given ns laborers j
i.ntlri' . atid leaders unairaid: they j
have - .\-n us a part ? ourselves.
IN I'l.wslt.l nn.
What lew men It-vine havi; i ;.:r i
; ? en '. i romls d n I? > pi- -cut politi
? <? .ilie * in ! nnsvK ai.ia With
tlii i i parties in ti.-- I ? .Id and a l.dttcr
h.'ht ?:? progt'. ss within the lt> puldl- |
e.n. !>:? r t > , .jt I.teia - rat a I'l-.ited States
.Senator Irom the iitato which has '
t clung to its id' i:- tor hall a century
I i; not onl> a po: ; itdlit:?, l>tit an ini
111ir ? -l.t proliaiiiln Mi point t"
tin ? le lion el Miti hi 11 1 aline: to suc
ceed Hides Penrose
Tin situation 1 'en !-? sy 1 vania l.~
ut" |U? A hirg> in i- it tin; ptapl-j :
of the I-tati art tlii-. '.t'i with the
old mad i - '.lenit-nt ? t 111? U? publican |
pnrt>. and with tin ol i niuciiinu tactic.-; '
ot I'. and h- ilk. and yet thero !
IS a chai ce i hat I't-nio ? u ill l.e i, -.
l*n ii? ! t" l'ie Sena ;t to r :;t .. pee
pi - with wl <ni l;e I - .-in of sympathy.
Tin atilt nle o! the l'ro -r- sive party
Is rcspitn.-lldt Though '.t Is durs to
Up I . ssl'. c 1- ,'t. 13 that i'alup r
; st.lail- the he; I eh lit I ?ei; . elect t.-il,
j it P also tlue t" them that IVnrii.n',
has an > chance at all. It the Hull
don-i rs wn'.ilii unite v. ill. the Memo,
crats a profi t ;..Hivt: would certainly bo
'e I'd, fi - J'enroHe, even Ihouyh lie
.-lli llhi win the Kepuli.i'.tn | at't> ne:ni
nallon, could not i .ipv with tl.-- uiiitetl ?
I>e:iioeratb ..lid J'l e.- n s'-ivi ::upport- I
in^ I'alui' r
It . 1. i vlitj; Ho lU fiublica ri part> the 1
1 'ill Mimais iiei'iously haniilt ap tliel
liejitiblKans, and to that extent have
previ n usi till, hut hail th* \ ur
tIi* t antl supported i'alnier thej would
lave Insured What tlle\ prol'.>i to
t.e>ire, which is the c:< t. 11 of t(;._. .
it ; sly n at l.'itii. : y I'enrosn;. i;\ not
di.unu: to they prove that thej preter
I 'I lit hot to 1'cnro.se, hit lollies lll.lt
tin > jiri? f? i l'i moso to rainier. Tliey
hiive made probable Up election a
prourt iv? litiuoi ral, but they have
made possible tla- vlcctloii of a reae- I
tlouury ltepuhlican.
Nev?t-rthelei-s, tin 1 '-;mocrats t>! the
country r.a . - <: il! ne t t a t. f ?,i a ; i. j
'. act ion i- t: i-ituailon. Whatever!
results of th. . . ,.(;r. s-nmal cam- I
paimi, it l.t a oiiic.-i nearer and iit-aia r to!
?" '"B ;l ''I l tainly that tiio small Mfino- |
cratit ma orltv In tin- United Stat. * |
:"1"' u'!' "? Inert a .'d. ana
U it :.-ia.i'irit> be ti.. i -r.-mat. Hum '
i ciinsylvanla hi;> presence in tho 1
chamber will a sight of half a !
I Hit Ml It r I -1J I It 1IIA.
t ?' 'I'll I . e to Ie.'ollin- ltd a
. f"r our bintinT tlshermen'i- use.
" "? s not d. ribe Iiuite all Up flnnv
fell; <.j oni \V"Pt. m water*-, at -. it is
? Inciting In Information rfgardlnp tlie
: 0 Pf ? parli.i: th. s.- m.. 1
' '? ?' whie'i a: I popular With - o111.
t;"t ? t Contains all the i'o.-try a: i all
J i . common-sense pf poetry, together
Mi,h 1' '?< ? ?'f ?" I.t.mpla
llon %vh'b- one sits under tlio trees ami
? '' ? the tlsii t<i hi to it slid u 1 ti
' " ' v< ' Id*-.mtor's library, .nul u
?' u on I ? ,.( ,. ,ii>. u b> Ui.is. whoso
: ' Illy rod Is a pen ami oriij tish
It ^ pool In tin :r ojUc- Its 1/ ,;k
' ' ' J Ic .t \ r. . it.r, nubli la .1 ,:j
' t !' I tl I hint.' thai has
" ! -tppeart ?: ;i: I,. :h and br.-, / t0
' t ' ' ? > ' ' ' -."I - ; ?
r ' -I'll ' i haunter of sjhady
M i f Kt . organized hi:- .. ray for
? Ii;ty in M< ? ic ,
ii- in i'i S". r Miriini r talf ? the- :? 1
tii. : : -.1 <:ml r i.* Is !? e?. a i v to t at'
pt fpetl; i'1-.-ll of 1: trip Rplllt ol till
aii a:. ? i it a ei.' in l'a\ -u f Hit
al>o!:iloii of tie army.
\\ :Mi.* II- ar>t * 1 u I'.\ Ht: .* f ?
? o-. ! i. ? .... t ht Monroe I >?
t it- II 'ist ? i -iit ? !??:end It him
n il", < i ' pt that ? . tio. s not kno\
what ' 1 i'- 1 ? ' ?; i ,,. ;,e\ be.
aitackt. tl.
The ;i it w> pr.-lifts trouble fo
the ttlW 1*1 i' of \11 .: a I.-.- a . ? ti :
?le plan of pn iP.'-t intj.
Th'. ojt-ter i't- ilitrnb in Ma- i n
an', where ? 1*? < . i? it 11-? . ? i ???
i ? rnles ure i ot
The ro w I W W I v. .at wai
Ti t flrsn thine, oi ??? i o;i'e ? i
the* tval'.e u|. in the morning
tal ? .'fiuliit at I'ncl' S- ?n to
.Mt'i.i in* T)o<*trlne I" ? tr- i- ht
1ltleh?* 1. vi' wines and lew pcop
liriov, ho'.'.' to llv> their..
Will iii'iN ?? \?;i: u \N iMMscKi'irr.
Tli--null stnnewhat surprised tli:>t the
wo;! 1 was 'nit riv'lml to it* founda
tions by Mr 1Je's 1'umoui after- i
? linnet speech hi Condon. Senator
Chain tn'i'l.'i in rw.vpr.s sultlcleutly to
declare that In Mill believe* tin- nm.
bassn.l..;-... remarks wero Indiscreet
They v., i, Indiscreet. Senator Chum.
Iiei l int. Ambassador should have
knu'vn that then arc people In this'
??ountrv who do not scruple to make 1
use ..i ;i?y opportunity to arouse pro- j
judlee a::air. <t Croat Urltaln to the .-n.l
that tli- auninist ration's efforts to keep
faith '.villi all nations may be defeated.
II. shnil.i !. 1 v?. known that his words.
Uow v.i aimless in themselves. Wouh.
be twisted ,n.l distorted oul of their
"ll " ? that the spirit of ji?.
Koisnt ii: tin;; country mii-ri11 be aroused.
-'""-I have known t'>at words
spok n ; .i. si would I e separate I from
their .'oni. v! and given an unwarranted
ii.t.rpic tali.>n that t! ?? administration
mi.;ht Ik embarrassed. lb cause there;
are alw.v ?ueii people, ind heeaust
I'V ?? ?:?!-! tn-ans can Mr Wilson's
pit ? tii? repeal ?>r tii- toll exemp- |
lion Ian--- i?' tli# ('.man i Canal be
11 a11> prospect of success
A" " ' -I'lo" Catre should not have i
Riven ' ? m th. npp .rtunltv With Sen
ator Kail appealing ? the Senate to
pa --.on. and W !; M. arst aprealint;
In hi* newspapers t.. ,,, judico and
.?heap p 11 lot i sni. and Senator Cham
berlain id others r-pr. ntii.i-- i|,?
?' - ' ? the I'iiciln Co.,-; stat' :=, | e
shon !d 1 .vo been nu . earri ul.
?Sen .tot Chamberlain Is riirht. Hut. |
I), inn of those t . distort his words
mid t-? pervert th.ir no .nitifi, it ill
beeoim s Senator Chamberlain to re
buke hlir.
m it at mi \ i.i. x\ i; \uii:m m miicv
They h; v<> <icu rmtned upon ihe arm
*?' the new I.?i. alnounht, the
keel of xvhieii u. Iai<i yesterday at the j
: oo? !y: \'av. V it i; they have. ,.f i
' ? ""-'d-d the thickness of her!
? i-'athlriK and Ihr crew sin is t?> e.itry,
hut I! t v 1 V(. not bcf.M .l|llc (0
?a : a name They merely call her
"Xum'er ;!?? and w ait w hile th- 1
rctary <>r the Navy searches for a hot- I
I er d'.si;rnat ion.
?I Kpp, -m that xve have exhausted .11 .
Ihe available names of States. with '
tin except ion of Arizona and New Mi x
'to W.. have our second Maine, out
.'??? ind \'. i- York and our ..-con 1 T> ?:
a- . unl.- s w?> i?i?? to chant;* the names
. some of t he nl.ler ships, we will soon
hax. to ehristen our battleships xviu
now titb-H
<hti renders v. ill r< member wl?rr. '
?e had cruisers nan; d after eitb-. .
monitors wlMi Indian names across ?
their !?owj;. and sMps-nf-the-llne '-all I
a t-' famous buttle grounds. <>ur Eng
lish brethren, who have never attempt -
' d to nam- their ships after the >hiies
o.v. .iot been diseriminati'itf. but have
b.mb -hips named for qu. ens. duke.-.;
aims. princes, classical heroes, bat-!
tie-, plants arid u hat not We read |n
t .fir naval lis of the Queen KIk'.a
b. th, the A! arlinrouv b. the St. Vinc-nt. i
lie J 'rime '.re, ti Hal nibiil, tin
.'ariii;:.- and tlu Goliuth, to say!
ii'ilt,1 ru; of I he Warspite. t|?e Monarch '
and the like. The Oerinans. hlesseil
witii a r>r..lirn? rei^nint; house and:
with many provinces, have as x-t had
iitti. (litllfulty in tindin>.; names lor
the.!- h:?ttle:-hlp!- the Italians. v?-|th ,
poets and painters, islands and cities 1
In abundance, havt named their new
: '? "fter Dante AJiirhieri. Lo'-nardo
i \ no i. s ? ily, lb.rne and t! 11'.e. 'J in..
. ie::> !t, u iili their usual cooti taste.
aa\e the names o! th-ir ships crouped
sc.Us. I'our battlship. <.irry
ii 1 ?:? volutionarv catchwonls?1'emo
. Justice. Ye, He and Wepublhiue
the i fxvcr I 'i cai1 noughts are named
afte th< n:cit.nt provinces; the 1 S.O00- i
ton ...,ti sii ;?> ,,i |;.) i ar, f:, , |. tll(.
I'liiion. :he Mirai.ati. tl>e Diderot, the
t omioi ? < t tilt* V.-isniaud ind t!. \'o|
t ti. e lloln spierre at;<l Marat beinn
ha pi iis ovi-i luok eti.
Whom shall wt emulate and what
.las. ol names shall we adopt"' l or
our part, ? d would suij^est that the
new *hip.- of fi class b?* named after |
the b adin;; statei.men of the dl;V. r-nt ?
of nui national history, but what '
sa\ our readris?
H everybodj who wears a bit o'
fjr.t-n to-dav were an Irishman, Sena
to: O'C.orman coubi be elected I'resl
dent cvt'i all opp<i.sit ion.
1 he Rappahannock
Seeiuv; I i><* orld.
"Come and on: in ..in-, and see the
*?. oi Id " \ t ti or
"Sixtv mil. an iioui on a fly inn I'ull
:i wiiii b < 1.
S'f I' < it i a in;., cities and their
peo| i, s as iv e rly.
W- .l I you -? i , ft, t-x'er here and
ncvti ct the world:'
< 'in with n a -xx'.tIkiriK In tin- path
'? e nte l he In t. i.,
'I h. t I U ? I".i ll.l-li! if JMll
U II pan ?? to : ee;
Kllin Ml. ; . ml fuel . if you "ill Mop
to look.
If >.?'! X\ o r. I ?: |.-ally see the world,
1 ' ai l w. Ii. w.th no
I ? il ? tin ton . odor of the darkllti'-',
pint -, otitis.
Si.n.h ? ? ? tii tio^ needles where the
In :?;! i r bu t > is bio w.s.
I' one I ? -t ;,,odinn in hi.- eailicst
? :1; I ? :oi?d.
lioi'i. I' 'III .Isle s v h.'I'C th" fiollo
? t ca. a let tlo ws
1 <>mc, :.<| | \i ;11 nimw you where tin
? I ell . I'llHl II iv ?? Ilw el i
W lit ? liu.nl wooi I - hi I ? i> btlild
that d not llock :th man;
? \< llie t.ci ii,?t ooilchuck has
' I ? I I l - Mi.it (ell,
Aii . ii ti -h\ Arcadians who hear
lb. pip. - of Can
'< \ : i \ , "a nl cec the Wet id
t -s the Seven J-.-a?.
1'he at" lis and Palestine and a.'i
' 111 'lie, er a 1j O lionit1."
!;ut v - J iiottld I seekhm those
when I ha v. evei these
' ' t t ills itiv] adveiiturcs within
a milt of home ?
"? hax- to wait, the ? . avonr
? ??t'li i ? me ?
'"ix* " i ?? h it:, colors, and bin;lei b\
Us 1.litis J
\Vh.ii inete inoie wondeifui i t fair
a- i oss i In s.-a
I'hat I shoiahl i^it a-hunyini; with
the kari let! louriat he;ds .'
V-bile ' i :? .t fled ,i l.h 'i-ami miles
' i :? ' " ij i . f ?: c.ii ,
' have i: i I ? .-/? train piny tlrouifh
I ?' I > ? In i .. i..1 meadow s ilea i
^ " I '' \ . ? ?? I the wo lid. . Ot fleet -
liu: woi Id and far.
I'tt* 1 hav. bee:, t waikinj; and >een
JIT " o M i ii'bl be e
Heprlulrtl from This .\rw?p*pfr.
Tin- (.noil I'.fV.cl of
Vi stci day (il l VatlRci prisoners wern
removed from 1.11>1 ?> .111*i ??l 11*?? prisons
111 It I' ll lll.'lld alld IttUcIl t" Hi'.- HOW
pi i-<>n a* jvni'M icti*. < ia. A- man.\ more
will Ik." removed l<>-ilay This will b?nv
Kichlnond ??nl> of win- li are
ollicot s. This rapid (h-pb t ion ol the
populalion will have tin- pood ?-Hv ol
I'riiiii'in^ tit* cost oi in v>\isions.
Yank--. prisoners must !?? I?? ? ?. and the
must a> i. i \ ? bidders ?>ti th- nuitk.-is for
pooii ili.nus to cat an- tlx am nt- vv ho
have to buy supplies lor llusc pns
Ollcl s
t inter liie llcntli Si-iilfin'i*.
llori than a do-/.. ;i iinoi ;u ?? in <'astli'?
Thumbr under s. t .en ?> of death for
ilc-? i t ton. ami all of ili<? t?i Ii.< \ ? p.-ti
tlons I'or ch-mcncy before tin I" i? i?I ?? ti t
t'm ??f ilo- cotnlctnin d no ? vv If? .*>?.? i"'
I : I ioii had t?? i 11 I ? I'llsod. a ? il vvl ' w as
lo have li* en shut next l-'i iilay. died
in (/antic Thundei * est. i -ilav. tliu- re
lieving ihc ?Nii|i I ioiHi s of a disaprec
tl'li (iuty. Perhaps the pour fellow
committed suicide m some wav. hut
if so the fact will never he known, for
no investigation will lie had.
.\ 4 ii|? Tit nt Clirrrctl.
A cup of pure cclTce was served to
(.oh of the rcturneii prison-is when
110 \ vvre assembled hi t!? ? ? Capilld
.S(|Uaio yesterday. It wu - tie cup that
chieied. hut da) not inebriate, ami it
h.is provided by tin comm. ndable exer
tion- of the Ui-V. S. 1". t'anieiuii, a <'on
fevit ' rili cha plain.
1 )es I rucl i? c Klrc in (he < otltil.v.
I... I>u ii uiii." I lo ele- ant country
iionu o lion, .lanos l.yons. on the
liii.ol Turnpike, m v.- ;>t;I? ? from
tl.e city, was bnrn.il in the ground
hetw 'i and t m-liwli vsiei'lav
111 o r ?. i ? 11; The (I ( s t ! IJ ? ? * o 11 involved the
vcr; l;iii;e and couiph '?? lihr-'.r} of .Mr
l<yons. nearly all of the furniture and
?'i :irii!i; appaiel. together with the
l.it. to ti and .-tur? liousi attache*), and
.'ill ? ? I tlieil contents. The file Was
undoubtedly of inc* mliai y origin. .Mr.
I.yo - was a wa ki lled by the .smell of
sni'ike. ml arose to discover the
? lie found tin portico in a lu;l ;
ii!: and tin- Unities were otiicUly
driven to ih> main building He hail
time otil;. to av.:ik?n and w;ii:i the
utile" III' lllbef i ot I 1 r ? llOUS" li"ld ami
to tr\ t?i save some of the furniture
by i ? tnov al
I iiiubcrlnnil l.nii.
\ : ai r 1 > well alit In nt i< :ite"l report
t ( i" h" il- t! :it < I. ; i .1 \\" 1: I. i|ic?,
with his troop;-, has !? lptuicil 1'tim
b" -l.-nd (lap. This report may be pr> ?
mature, and i-. ^--.v.-ti ius* ak w? have
rc. " IV I "I It It celt a i; that < o- it -
cial Jones was prepared for an as
-a Ml: on f'uiti bet I i ii il (lap, itul that
the <1 alike,. force tip;, had been
larirely i I'liuci d tl.it >? i nforceuieii t s
mi- ? t le - ent 11) Knoxvill"'
I'lcUpocKcf * \ re \ ciuerous.
I 'Ids pod. "-t s are i i n > r- ? numerous in
Uiehiei? "id than evct known !>? for*" I: -
p.'I ts aje I . Iiiii:; the p.dice otlicers
? very hour in the d:i\ oi offeree..- of
this ciiaractcr. Jo..a Tin. s tin he..,l
bi-rkei 11";i ot the I'uauu House, was
Kibbeil ? tl ? < '< n t r.i I i'ejml last ?111 - . I
of i u hi watch and dia.a %al'j"-d
Kctiiriieil I'risonerN llomireil.
Tin I"1' i "Hi: ceil pri- 'io r- who aim?
up f i ? ? 111 ?'it v I'oint ? ?!i the flair of truce
boat >? teiiiay were n ? . l conliall; f
ceived at the dock, They roll In line,
anil, u lab-1 ins;.I njr music b\ tin
Smith Hand, they i.iiin-heil up Main
Mrcet (lovernor Street, anil thence
to t ' i ("apitol Si|itaie where tliey wet -
idilr i! b v I 'r. ; b-ii t I 'a v i:- at 1 * Sov
? mo|- Smith All of : (i--.se prisoners
liny- I" en duly -X b ini . il, aiiii after
til* y have I -11! the u- r il furhuiirb to
vi- th'-ir lion in si-voral Slates tl ?'t
will b< r.-ad- for renew, d servi-* in the
( on f eib-ra t ?? ,i i my
l-'rom *'liarlesion.
There is ominous silence at and
about C'ha l.-ston. I'or tl.e p ist
tvv.-nty four hours the Vaiik..-.- l ave
not lit. d a j-in^b- shell in tin city. ( nir
scout I oats i- port that there is f;rrat
aetivlr v at tin.-m; and otn> r points, but
w- have not vet I able t" asci r
tiiln what movement t hr> t-nemy is
'I'lir Verr >lnnr> Issue.
'I'lle new issue of i .tifederate cur
rency .. b(:ni; printed in I'olumbla,
S i". About :lf end of tills week
ther- will I., received in Iticlimond tin
first i us I a I line ill of J l 0,01 u.OuO. The
i 'i. from tin- i t esses in Columbia
will averape S L'.O'Hi.iMKi per oa> 'J'tn
number of signers has been larpi-h
increased so as to net ornplish the ad
ditional work created fm- them
V <oa
(TV, j
ft Ike Pecpll?
Soiik* ( fiininr nls tin (lir llniisr.
To tUt l-:?i it "f ??! 'I ; n? -1 > t -1. i ? h:
\ ??: :lir in tin* gallery
f?f T I i ? I. ?ti - ? ?! I' >.*.?? ? the
.i- tuk* n l.i :fith? ? ?>-<?: (iit
t ill I u i l. ? ? |>ro!".* I iiiTiiiost Tiif far' ^
w!il. li v..i.- .Mia. t.vt wl:- < Sp^:ik?rr '?l
llmi.se ' itt? tl. 4 c|ilv:ilry of tin*
i.ifi; ??t \i . in I: I It ?? m :?> |!\?*
l!i fir l > worn- v. i mi in;;. A few
.in auo this -.1.i - Sp l.ti:.-.! to k-"??
,? i h r i r h ??: ??rti-*r uri T Ii ^ floor of '.ho
ii' i-" when ihr ? pial sulfiage hill w.i>
vot.ti on.
li -I ? ?. '-Miii-.' : \vo:n<*n ' .-\y
ii t?? th?? Mi..i ? I. ik'IU'T j.f.'l .-.".t.'i.'r.'
(?{ nvn . 'varn i #*pr* >?Mi\ tli? wish'1"
i heir ? <?!'? Hi i?-ri! ? In thi.' \ i?:it in* n of
Vi r.ini ?. u ith the r inuch-vaimit'l rhlvulry.
; ?*a waul /
\? lien ? p f at* and
t\an!lri);. ii il any \ ?n l*?r a ^It-reHpn-ung
woman rv * : ; th- <?! th?ir .it !
\\'om?an ! t?i <l.i\ :? - nt with loathing tlift
hov.'ii men 2i?? <Jeny thorn t)if* respect ?1
i tin er.t lii.m n Vir.1 know ??t ??*?iine op
ponents who >iav?? ilei lareii th^v w! I vt.ic
t??. our - ? nil .i y at t)i?* n?*\l I.
tnro it return* *1, am! thi.s chaii^o o: n:ti
tu<l?- was ?.? t iy l:niu<(*?l by th- un-l i*.'nili?'?l
a 11 ?- i * iMitiM: pt uoiis treatment *.? 1 the woiii?;ti
at ;h*- liana.' of thin hoily.
Th'"?' in^ii .i * th' niaU'T ? c.f tli^ law
f".- women anil rhiidrori Tlip.-f men put
dollar.4- ami cents iiKftin.st the f!-h a.nl
hlco.i of on: liiui. ']'h?*y rf.Use to dr-r jitiv
rM.-i'lf! 1;f! aK"* hi:i u !il h wherever
ii*-' ir t?? I.. >. h ! ''??? i*ffe? t of fivins
i. pj*\ *. hut who pi* .oi
lo 1.- ? wc?ai<'ii ;it \\ i j : l{ ii- IhiU'ir >liop. .-a
- not t ? put t}i*- " "pi??-??? ihinr.-* out in th?
<??.: wotl'i fo:- 'oth! The t po<?r tiiir.K.^"
? i he \%orkv<! . ior.j; as *?.?? n,M worh! < an
? iia^t .? :??! 1 iir out f?f t:i?' ?*\tra hour.' ??f
work without e\t:.i pay. \vhi< h are he-ioeil
on th" * WMinen ?iuri-u: rush ?? ty?m r This,
ti n ? r >i?ti? I . ?*.! liocir- ami window - to
; ? r11 ..very \ \ tljt- "? ?h<.r ir^". v. ? -r
i ? : -r.u?rrf ? ur lnv\ . ?overnliiK lh?
work of WiutKfi. We <i? ?* n o : .?
i with a *<*w i.onorahlf ?*\ ? pj .-: .
w o i <1 ? Ci.l'l tor V. .?111 r T j to till ' .1 ? " it:,
w . i . r ? . do rn| w.iii t and foi t h?*m to r ?
r.iai te t Worn in sin? c .4hf l^arm- i tin*
? . i' t jia-* h. d">?!-oH Ic-.rn-i t?. h-ip.!
?vi f-trai^lit upon hei own feet She
?!???* t \ nt nifii'H >"ats lrt any d?*j..:t
i* ? u'. o' life U'hi-i d??' s want i- an
i opportunity. onuiioii Justir** and the
? j? t n < i-or?1 * I tii en who onsid^i th<*m
h \i able to eiitorec re.-pect in a u a , which
Abe Mairfcm
.Man woman vvonbln' Unow her
liii'diand if she saw him chinnlli' a
' dinin' room pn l. Th" road t happiness
rui.ia lliro' th' kitchon.
' should tn>t be resorted to In this day of
! mutual enlightenment. ITsts. however,
rather than brains, have been much more
In evidence during the i.1 ??>?? 11( legislature,
which easily sums up tlx* situation U? to
I w It> th<- ?'moral measures" wero talked in
death. tli" sufli'iitec I'HI sneered at. and tho
co-ordinate ? ollege Mil killed, after pass
ing Hit' Ht'liitli' by a good majority.
tiitovK avi:xit.
Cannot 1 "ml Ciilvr*.
To the i'dltor ot Till" Times-IMspatcli:
Sir, Many weeks iiku an excellent nrtii ie,
contributed l>y "Uiiirynuii," appeared In Tlie
Tlili"s-1 >lspatch. I .a (or on another \v:h pub
Kii-mI ovci tli" sip nature of "\V t'. Cousins.
Nutliallv. Va."
It appear* that Mr. Ciiuslim iutd loaded tip.
but could 1111? I no excuse to tlr?- until ' Hairy
mail's article 11 ppeaicl Keen then lie hung
?l? ? m'v. r;il tvci'lt-. hut sin ceeiled In getting
oil to" following mi March 3:
"I am glad that '1 lalryinan' calls attention
to the selling of oalvi-s lot veal. I Icel that
a lav. that ivouhl prevent tli?? slaughter Int;
n! ?_..l\"s woild ? ??rtahilx lie ti> ihe advnn
lui;i! ol .i malorlty ? ?( the people of tin1
-tit- I'lii' killing <>f i .lives not only make;.
I mi scarce anil IiIkIi, l)Ut affects the price
vt I' itln-r ami shoer a.s well."
Sui h wwillier as vve have had I truly
hard oil a man In need of nn at ami si
U. yiupathi.'.r with Mr. I".. ami 'loo!"
"S'li" l.oid does m>r feeil ?ov.s in Virginia
in tin* winter, a- II" fed I ? r;?. ! 11 In the
w Uib-m. ? ?-. and Hi" M'lf-assumed p.iardians
(?l our ralie:- cannot "force" us to tied them
? veil with laws galore. If a man ha-* beef
? attic ami lives in a grar.in;; Meet ion he |
only !???? gin I to k"i p c. vp? grow Into
lieet . it he lives in a se< tion where there l.s
1 it lilt!" c.;;ivv ami keepi dairy cattle, h"
will not iio It. On la:in ?l ."A m rrs of
l.uiil we have forty-four he.nl of <lulry car.
lie Such <alven we don't want, when
tli")' ai" .mi or three days old, we give to
i iir friend. or s**il t<? o ir enemies for jl or i-'
a hcail. generally. Irlenils ami enemies keep
llivm until they .ir" six or ?-inIii we, its ?>!<!.
when they uro Bold tor voula. Thus they
iontrllc.it" Hi"!, all ??> III" beef -apply. \
ca 11 mi i - ?? 11 lot more u! -Ix nr eight wi.*k>
ol I th in li" will at .". or eight months olii.
I: we i *"uI? I not hull him 'it tii" former ;i|;e
li" v.nii'd ncvei a tali, tlie latter, i! hi- >".f
asiimc-l i. tat<lialis <llil imt leed him or p ay
us a bounty to ilu so narsclxes. ,
Hut .Mr. ' i-In- 1 ay.' ' lor the feci of t'i"
St i' a*. 5 ? i? K ?? wi ? ?rueiiiiie.i have t-> lunU
turther li r >>ur own |e"si.iiul Inter*" I
That Is c.. u'liit ?? Some i are
ih-iiiK ? wiic?- otli"i are not. Since Mr
i'on Ins wa< ln.rn w ?? ha-." Mipplicil him anil
III- party with ill til" in I Ik Hi. > hav had.
\\ >? hav" lurui.sh-'il rhetn . ot the butter,
ch"" i-'. I- p ?? k. fowl' frttltf, yepe.
in I i< r, tr;i"t "verythin?: tiil ? "
?ia-1 !?> ? .it aim 'i t .if th- material ot wiii"h
their ? lothe-- are m.nle otr-n at a pro ? l e
iow t iclr lost- to us. fehlun lnucli . t j ??\ -.
Nov. Mr ' onI a s I.- eager to have .. la.-,
enn -teil that w ill "fori' ' us to feeil o-ir
alvi ? iintl th?s ..r" urown tlin' h- rrray
, el tlf mi a ;<ri? ? than h'.lf ' .- it
11 :.|mi\ it. \.l.
Ills Ideal Woman.
T. :..iitor ..t The Time -1?: pat. h
Sir. I Have teati anoth-r open l"r:. !n
year pupi r from 1 Mr.nl I'nrler <?: I7.li ?;
n ' 1- r . *?: I n a ii ea rlli r ir'-vie I a r-i 11? r * i
at .Mr. I'iifter> litter I thought tin.* i
v. aytarlnir li in r:> en ?.??? 1: \e erred" !ri
i i.nit till ill: i.i y iiie-ltion "li n- i|in -t! ? ? !
?? iin.an ??? j<: 1111y m>-. i 1 c Mr I'or -
t? !i; ? failed to '. ? i. I--1 li m> llitranlt.
i ft ? ; t '.iipteil to "Xp r .
They \ t!! adtr.lt !)?..?. 1,< w i j. ittea*
I I'ii*. the;, w ill ilcn;. titat In- ?? a . a treat
ii. >iii."
I ' ... ii-hl, . - I li ie iltl. that !
li.1 ?!! p.alri in utiec|Ulv > ii l-".ni;li-h. II '.v ?
ever, Mr. l'orter tieemli to think that I
wo iid t':ver* to the a^" when v.. mat. wn
? i "I.e . of I? i?.! ri." ||" -a tli i I -i
i "irli . I'i rli.i|.- M r. I'c.rtei may
1 loi :. al In 1.!- ? oti"! i-lot... ilr.i vti Ir ? ii
rn\ ? i but either I li.n' forgotten ' .. t
biter or Mr porter ln< cniul r ueil it - ? i j ?? r
i jic 11i 111 V I'? ' i ri . . i.e i h -
ct'Uilltc, li!o?|c 1. P4I ty '?> rill- lltll" i nntrn
versy. Thu (ornier ho certainly is, the lat?
t"l ll" I "IIS ' ? be
Mr Parr.-r- ay that. ? ? far . m- 'Mi.c
tho artcuniehts advnnceil for n vo-urillnate
coliepe i:- cot:?"rtieii, tn> method of ratio*
ilia'.at. is hl:np|.' and nl'.y Pe hap- .-?? I
wi.S ii-.: "iii. ' th'.ni ler a., t. t i i ? -1 * i Tlie
? I: i at" ci :! e?- proposition I t'.o <.;.
!? Iti. ? It r a m ad ifsae a* present.
Ilowevi I di i >tit tn> iiotiltlon. my atti
tude towai woman, iimb "?t ? j I '.t not
? nt 11. ? Mr Port i * ?? n. I ? o| r r u. ? !,.ti .!
i' i . < it -pram; fr?- i t:i" erijp oyr i"tir ?.f
the phrntie;"of ol !." by me. Thin mu.it be
r "sp. ? a - " ?. ? t ?: ti-.e nn - in.ter-t.ir.dii i: W ?
ri,a.. dilf-r Ir. ou ? .n- . .t. if w nat I
r:i".int of ?? . ' It !s Itiileirni I (jt .rit.
'Ill- tl I IT* ? tic" in !l|e , ot,. ep' .11 '( tl.e in.
port of tbe term of old may arb" from
rli- db. t"pat.i'i in our hi;"- < ir . d. '
:h n to Mr. l'orle: meant the "Inirdeti-aK-"
i.t won in To m> i' me.int that 'iRir tn
Viririt a s hlstor> ?hi> it It llairi' Ii i I
ei! "The Ai'. of p?-rhrle.?.' lie ilc.-cri!j".i the
on.ati ot tli'.a tiui" r.: follow'
"The uajn .if th? trr'r it w ? ? r!.I bid r? ?ed.
I ? ? 111: iiko, to la- her way- She ll\ i !n
;itt." wi.rlil ot liei own. She i .<??? ! cot t i
ke-p pi e ivlth the f: st-i hanylr.B f.. -ilori.t.
e hi- 1. to her p mind, w ere not al iuyi
for tl.' n"tter. 11": manner ?.i? not. Iri tin?
usii i i ? ?r.r-e hli;h hr>-d fo- her* w.c the
luisher ! I r eei.ii.i;. and sV.e hnd no milliner
Hut her w<- o|n" a* von entereil her iini,r.
mil her jrreetit,}; rti"et h'r w hen yo i mlKht,
oti the ei. i;cs:< round of her duties, indoors
or out, was ai simple and ?.-? ? til a. suti
ehlt.e. and as ?w,?r ... fpriiiK-water. Full
W".i ,sI?.? knew th" serlousne-h of lit" iiie.
ai.d over tlie i ,r< s and re -pun'ii 1,1111ii ? of
her *-tat ion. iin tii*. mot|i?r - ? >,-r i hlldren,
tli- tnlstre 1 of - many eer' a:.". ::r.? t 'he
hostess of munv j;.iest-< had utterly
overwhf lined tn-r . . To h?-r own sor
rows s;ie added tiie sorrow: of her frl-ml.'*.
Ii"t uel|:hboi -i t.?: dependents. Into how
many "no ciibltiri had t-h? not pone, when
the nlpht w:.' tar .pent and th" lamp of
Ii!? III. kirre 1 . " in tii" brni"t of rite dyinp
iv"' What poor woman tor miles
aroanil knew not the hrlKhtnes.i of her 'util
ity To :? ed. t?i doth", to teaeli. to
ir ii |e to eornfor'. t'i r.ur ??. provide for.
an l t > wa'.' h ov-r a pre ? t iious'-l old ami 'o
i;",.p if. en:up ? m. i hInery In riol- 'lrji
order ? ;!>e-- wre thf woman"' richt- which
'tie assorted, and there v no one to <IN
I tii e. hoi mtesloii. ir.d none ever
dated to i|.i>o,:lon I'.. .Mother, ml-iri In
.?truer r i out.sell,r. benela. trem. friend,
:irnr"l or she nlik - room ! In ? t and purest
of i t ?? itur-s ' . . Iler i|e||<i,j te|i
? !?tii"--. fresh? e??. qentlenis- the nhso' ;re
tmrit- of ii"r life and thought. t\pitb:d 1:1
tii? spoil";:- neatness of her apparel and
her i-va*t > > j.-roundtriK. it Is quite Impossible
to inian W tint plear ire. what toy,
Indeed, ir wan to visit n Inure over whh h
one of these dear Virginia lodioe presided'"
Perhaps the writer has overdrawn the
pht'iie i know not Whether nm h a v.o
iii :'i e v"r existed or not, 1 do not know I
do know that tlie Is my Ideal woman. Now
..in I plain?
A*, for Mr. Porter'H other .illusion*. I will
?n.t t ike your space to reply to them If
Mr, Porter thinks a man's wife iri his "eijunl
atci rival." he may ? ontlnue to think ho If
the slstet'.es.M men of ills acr|ualntatc e are
al! l.oors. (.'sscaile dlffei ? from Surry 11 the
tun .torP.y of his tiachelor friends are
"??tusty" instead of chivalrous, I* pity him.
A I.I'M N'l.'S.
< ompliilns of < orpor.itIon ( otiniilsslon.
To ill" Killtor of Tin* Tim"P-lJlsp:itrh:
Sir. I have made numerous complalntsAto
tli" State Corporation ('omrni.-sloii repaiil
l.'iT" i r tart. unlawful ways in whli )i the
.? * ipei.l." and Ohio Itallway Is ih.li.K buti
? - on their line. I we: r o t:ir on one
i irioti as to pel sworn affidavits. Die ex
pin-" of which I paid out of my own
po i > will, n were sent to Juiipe Uhea at
i.: htnotiii
1 notico from papers on certain occasion"
nidi as- wreck.- that mme one i-ontiei teil
with tin* commission will j;o out on a . pe.
tli to: n ini lo-tlpatlol). but always : i ie
l ill 'lie t. ?? id ' oil p.l'li"' I.t. So l .HIS"
of a. ? hi' . Why Is it that t.ui h cases a re
n-.t ii.ve-? U;ate?l previous to the wrecks?
Tills won! . :-.*ve life a: I property, espe
(i,illy where they are caused by run-down
tr.uk> Seitiou men are not allowed to put
tn"re ihan siirce or (our new lies lo a rail,
(in or e oi-casloii n section loieniiin on the
I: ton l'orpe division was laid off for put
II: t, in ttioie than lour, be a use lie thouphl
tin- track unsafe. If the tracks on tiiin
division were looked after It coiihi lie shown
that o\>r half of the ties ate rotten eriouph
to ptiSI off at the ends, ami the company
make, it a point to turn them a:i soon an
Lake:: out. to keep them from heinp ."eon.
i March 1 a train wast run west at a
! peed of more than thirty mlleti an hour
t :-"i in* hack lap ) In a I?. 1 n< 11 ti|; snow .'.toi m.
will, h It a violation of the law The law
| t en nit i -i blillctili boards at each telepraph
it.itlon and trains posted, which is not done
;.t hiil' the .stations on the Chesapeake and
till 11? There is not even a board at this
place, ami has not been for aovornl years.
I had a shipment of freipht refused ine
h"." last August without any provocation
v. iiate\er. They liave men worklnp lor them
, i Mint? on passes and liolnp other ( ommer
? I ! Inifiiiess, ipitip pa.-seri in violation of
b. w . l in y . 1 si> h ive been working for them
, In inei .nitlle biislne.-s and have had poods
[ dca iai I led to tiiein In b.tppaue cats. Tlioy
| are violating tlie aw every day by holdliifi;
i a: and freight without collecting dernur
1 rap - or itornpc charges (except some per
sona. trleml ol an agent, who docs not have
to payi.
I have called th" nttentlon of the Corpo
ration Commission lo each of Ihe above
statement*. Can any sensible man Inloriu
iii< wiiat tlie Htnte Is paying out money to
support such a commission for? Il would
I.- iiitoresitng to know if the rorninlsiloti
i: beitiK paid bv the company or State
iJfll- Valley. Va. C. 1'. J.
| Qwerrnss arudl A\mi3w?TS
I'rn tcrmil liiMiirnnce.
Is. oitf ie(|uired to pay liccnse iti Vlr
Ititiiii for Holicit inir iiistti .'iiicc among
uu*nihcrn of a frnlcrnal orrlor?
li the fraternal order Itjauca tho jtoli
i-:es lie is nut.
? Superintendent Itrjrr I'lipri-tN lo Start'
.Not I'or l.iut- \?v\t Month.
Work is proKtussinu rapidly on the i
laying ol' connect inn tracks at both
i iritis of .Mayo lliiilm*. .Superintendent.
W. 1?\ JSryce, of tin- \ irglnia Hallway
ami I'utvtT Company, said yesterday i
that he cxpcet s to route the Hull Street
?line over the new luldi;* next month,
which i44 earlier than was ??xpccteii.
The ears will run down Hull Street,
jam!, crossing the liridue, pro-eed Up'
Fourteenth Street, connect in?? with
the Main Street line.
The I '< tet shtiri; cars will not nir: '
over the bridge, hut will continue to'
use the terminal at Seventh and I'erry
Streets. Civic organizations on the
Southsido ashed that this he done, be
en use some ol the passengers may trade
I oil this side of the river.
.Mmi.t I nnrii to lie llrnrtl In lluntlngK
< ourt, I'livi II., nt Thin Term.
I 101 l est II Wells set the civil
docket ve.steiday in Hustings C< urt,
I 'a rt II. as follow .
I' Smith against 1C. A. f.itlin, j
March 1? and -U; Onirics K. T St< a
aid apainst <?eort;e W. I'.!. n: M itch
< 'Ik ian Krotlicrs against l-'r.ink
Mori is, March "1. Sowers Instilling
<'oiupan> tiuains! ?JHiiii m'.v,
Miii'i-li .1. I. U. I '.row n against li A
Ku'Jii. March -i: W. II I'lunt against j
the Virginia Hallway and I'ow i <'om
paiiy. M: I'll lit. Susan Taylor av > i 11 ?: t
the Virginia Hallway and I'ov. ei i orti
pany. Match -I; .'. II e .list
l.euls .landon and otie-i . XI irch _'S
I'M'ar Kills against Phil <1 Kelly.
March "7. Charles W. Shields . gainst
'i'. i; I'air. March C.' Theodon- llapky
against W illiam McKeyriolds Ma:*'; : i
1.1 1.. I.wids<iy, lie- , against John Ta*.
lor iv Company, Mat ch 21: 'i I i M
lllic against <; C. and M,u. I ?ora t'ock?
Vprll 1: Mrs Minnie I TayP>r ?? :ali :t
tli - Virginia Hallway a: (1 l'..wei- t'otn-.
pany, vpril , ll'-nrlco l.'i'n'er <"<.in
pariy. In? . again-: II !?' Kuclirmutnl
and ot li?? rs. April . Lilly I ,cst < i a t?a 11: ? "
li.-- i Ity of Hit hmoiiil, Vpril ' v. 1.
S t i -? _? a :-ai i - t I .<iu i t .? I ?!?? I ,i f .? 1 iisu I a m< <?
(Society, Apr.l 7 ami v. 1. .i Tcv.p,-!
against tli- Virginia Nnvig;. tloi <
pan;., April J*: .1 11 ? ' Kirr iigain--!
I II t.ivlngslon. Aprtl It Th'??:::?.? T
Hulcher a^aiti.-t the city I; ? i:. < ?-.<!.
April 1 . A^nes 1! Itlllill-'i i r 1 l; ?
city, April 1"' Ceorse l.eonard <) . v ?
'.ualt'.st the Virginia Hailw: ? and 1' iw
?r t'ornpany, April 17 and 1 ,s , \\ ,!1: ? ?:>
It. Stublis aramst I'r.-iiiU .Millor, April
VI; .1. T Talloy itgalilst thu Vlrglnitt
Kailway and I'owvt ?'ompany. April 22;
Maiivlfio's adtninlst ratoi? against .lo
si'pli 'I'laup, A|?rll -.'l; Charles .1
Strobrl against tlx- Virginia St it?? I'ali
Assix'iaI ion, April 1!7; I.Hia 'iertrudo
\V:i'l'' auainst 'In- .1 < ; MrCrorcy ' 'otn -
pany, l:.i'? April '.''.i \V. .1 Harris
ni;ainM ?:? oi:;c Uan* . \pril Simon
lnim t:i arum t i:l:i< liinoml l-'orc.
iiiL-s Conipan . M. I 'Sari' tt ,v
1 ?:111\ iilmii,' i Mi I'." > i<' II. Anion, May
!. Simmons llarilvva'. Company at'ain.A
It. II IlK lianl-oii M.i y ?;
Tin- s-ilt i I ,\li>. Kmin.i Mey?i again.-"*,
tin- Yii inia ll.tilw.iy and power Coni
pany will In- heard to-day. T' ? plain
till" asks It'll. <1., iii ,i:? ? - lor i* 11 ? ? vi <-? I in
jiii ies sustained iii an ar-id-nt She
claims that a enr rail Into hei automo
bile at lint and Urmi'l Street:'.
Srnt to ?.rittnl .lury.
Ilaiiison Henson. eolorod, was sunt
on to tin* t;raml Uiry I. lusti. e II A.
Maui i<-" yesterday in I'olhe Court.
I'ai t II . on tin1 eharuo of f< lonlously
: i' ? ? o11 ? i: A ii11ie Ioh r son. eo loi? <1 A nnii
was Htruek hi tin- thigh by a I>\i11?? t
\v 1?11 <? v. l'.i! ? on W. ,.t Klrtitli Street
11? ?' 1'1 that :-l did not know who
ii l 1 11
I'll ftll> SflllMll I'l|lll|IIIIPIlt.
Thf Sh ? ???I'oro Hi liool ati'l (*lvl<:
I<r-ague h? Id a mi ? ting ?? ? st?- nhy af
tcrnooi An cntert: !m> ?? rit way planned
to In- ?: i \ i ii on Mritili ?' for the pur
pi. -c i : raisin.: '. mala to buy cipilp
iii?*ttt lor tin- i ? w :>wan:ili' ro S' nool.
Ilnsrliull Tl'iiun t'rjirl leliiK.
A Mlli.'ibi ! i i t an iiJ. ti'? (gr thfc
South l;h l;> ''I'll hn.i-i'liall teams t irt -
ed loi piai-ti ?: psti-n'. iy. ami m ./an
to tram in rrr^t n.o ? ? ? r: in- .???a
I o ii With tin it- '-nt tnatiiial, the
So i| t h: I ? I? ? || have :<:VCtal
mIi on i* 11 air ? this yi i r
?lh. 1,11 t..i -ii Woodland neigh's
liavc li'iruii pii-tii" u Manager
Co..} ti'.i r Will ? ? ?..hi. ? i?jc
? f-ntial I I-. 1? whit'h It made a
good HhowlriK last year.
<. rn c r ii I \rns Nitlrn,
Mrs l-ianl; !. I-.ij!/.. of ?.?I ?? lJurtn?
Stuist, . itin? ivl..:u.-- la Phila
II ?? i P h i.
Hf-v ' ?. II Mr!', i' 11 l? I'lTiduitlr u .o
Viva I Mfivni;. till v. . ? 1; ia Ii... itui
? ? t '???' M. t! :. ' apt ia.1
music i: i f.-ii'le: ?-i| i-ry r,inl;t.
A ' "'?.t' . ? ? il : i- j;l vi? ti
to.nu-i.t it, I;,., horn" o! Mi: . Virginia
Itol.oi tson. .'7 ''owardin A ?. nnwi< un ?
ii. ? tin 111 s p i i ?' i ? t tin I: iribrtibr'J
Mri'f! t
News of Petersburg
Til' Tlni'-- I?. 11 .t It l'.i. r .-.ttj.
C- 11 <111 nk brook t r? -? ? I.
? I'l 1 ;>? . ..
Pet< -Hbiir^. V ti.. M i r ii ' <
T! political situation \\ ii" ? I
?onshie; ably to-dny following <ci kl>'
on l iii- itrinou neement ? ? f S'i j.ia: ? . ri
didat ? v for h 11. * .!v. !? l?? 11, I ?
of the Common Council. There tire to ,
i.' contest!- Iti fv. f want to f re ?
{?ritnai y ami, look I- r ??> t>? ? t wtt:r ? <ii.
tlihtltloR ol 111111:1' ipal "|!i ? ?. 11.::? a
may depend on tin- primary r-.suit ?
Tin- proba bllity I thsit a 11 ?? cam
paign |irui!r',s?',f h. n ? I rrsnlt:- ? ?
more ciolin11?-1> i--t ???:. ; h. i ?? ii ? '?
some withdrawal fr in t!??? ? :!
manic tickets At preset,t how v* r
there is determination on tin 'it
all the candidate; In rvmalii in the !ii i'l
to tli.- end.
Ml.txloiinry Sin*l??ti?-<, Mrrt.
Tin- Woman' ? 1". ? i-- :.-:? >.! ir. ?
S .ii ti. i of tli' P ? tersbtirp I ? t :? t r 11* t
the Virginia Conference held .? ml -
-lonary mass-no-, tin:; In .'.1. sif t
Phurch to-night, wltl. : n addr- -I?
th' State president, Mr." !?? l!rl?t of
Suffolk. To-n:'irrn'.v': . ? ions will i.?
? 1 ? ? vot'''I to bus!l'.css tin i. i ptlon a: ?!
consideration of report - fr<>r-i t K ?? varl
ous aux 1 liar les, hut :i.< re will !?
number of Interesting features .? ? r ? i
brief addresses.
Slid I'fimlly A III I e I Inn.
ll.ir\ey J;? ? 111<>ri. tt,i sixt. ? r. ii--i.ii
and only son of Mr and Mt\V K.
Mlze. ili.-d last f veiling at t 1. ? l.nm. . f
his par? lits 'in Wilcox Street Ii. Janu
ary last live- children of the family
were ill with typhoid fi-v.-r, one ,-f
whom, a daughter of ten years, died on
February 1 (>n February i?; Jacob It
Mlze. father of Mr Mize, died nt his
honii; in Rttrick. Thus there were
throe deaths In the family within six
Koliliers liM'it|>ed.
Government detectlv s v isited Wa v
erly on Saturday with the hope of trac
ing the thieves who broke into th<*
pnst-otflee at that place ori Friday
nli-'lit The t respiissi r>- wi re evldentlv
amateurs Mail matter and the va f,?
were riot disturhed. and onlv some
loose chancre found iri the cash drawer
1 was taken. N'o trace'of the thieves
has been found.
Mnl'imllil Mindnr ^i'IiimiI \ Hio<-i ji t Ion.
The monthlv m.-e? inj.- of tlo Method
1 ? Sundry School I'nion A. ? ?io:> of
this cltv and Vicinity u to -
? lay afternoon at 11\> 'Matoa- ? <"hit?-li
l Tli- attendance wan large. and a fine
address ivn delivered ?>y I! '1 I .
of this city. Th'- music w-i? c.\ '> '"-hi
:-'!i! the I V. rcj :e? of Milch Inter t !:??
ports from the ? ? i? i 11 /e-liools showed an
a ggregat o averagi register for the
| 'oonth of '..' III: averatre attendance,
1.742: t>er cent of attendance, 7"; money
1 collected, $220.21.
Wiodifnsslon to \Pnnln UlKlntii.v.
A meeting will be held in the Cham
ber of Commerce to-morrow tnoricr in
jthe Interest of the proposed Wasli nir
ton to Atlanta lllirhwav. in which thr.
American Highway Association and t!u
. I'r.'.ted States OHiee of Public Iload;
w ill co-operale with local o<'i<-ia!< alon'
! the route. Kepresentatives oi tin
II ii ? i ii K ' H> It..in)-..
? .1 . rid thi '! i;!Ii- f IIli<! i'ii;n.ii.
iot.i-t: '? 111 f. <J? >- . t i m ?. i - Till'
iiit .shkiiu'I .? .!'?? ???' vt ?? 11-Inn ,:j .r
? nr.- ?> t1 ? r '!>?' ?r. .til ? 'I i? i - ?
. ,.!s i?..w, . ' :i t'UI! .i- i '???;. ina
. - M' d
I.rHerat Nl'US Null-*.
(lo'ifr' y .V ?! I : ? ? . li f ?.?,???.<?. ..
airit'-i who wa.s 1 i' i ? . 1 i!. r ii . .\ v
I'':. on .-???turna <??? ii ?
;:???' t : ? ? ?? !. ' ? >..
?i, n- h lo-ii.i??
A i ir;- : ? = .!. r. v 1 : - I
. i .? . f Wv. : !:? and . . - i ot
ti.it v: I: tv v. . - l ? t ic.sn nil
ai ? ? Iri , ii!.;* : i h .in' pi ? ? i ' h
1 i ;? rs' l'i . i., ! ? fi'ir ;??. ??{ v* '.ich
was to i . in '? !? ? r I'Uiiii' - >?'.?
?: . i ..i I i lit! : I ' ? 11 |T" .M.i )>?
. We . ? I.
I'r. .1 .-nt W .1 a 11m II ?"a r. iff, of t!.
'V Yo: , i US.d I."': K ill ?
r< ad. ? ' 'Ml ? tiled !?<? Ills f.? ui! . and
ij.-rn 1 M.,.'| N'.'.lN.-, ii! the Nor
: .: .1 !:'i \v. ? i; i: n? v. ? r< in tt ??
i it> to-day, and vltj.ltofi the battlcftolUsL
A I ? It l< I III II M. "I It A IN
\t i \it ri:it>\ 11.1.13
|:-'j.ioial Th* Tutu - Dlspatf h. }
< 'arii-rsvilli*. Va . M; r h 1?Tr.?
i *h? s.ii>'-il ' at d Old igrl' iiltii! ..I ttuln
rt.i:? two lii in :*:? I; 11 .. J < a ri ? : - v 1lie la
day, tillI at !? i'l K'fi i C'.vdi* Hire v.ttlt
I!)!.- |.| 11 ? .? r I ho .' pt" '?!??
Tin* ? rain wa ?? In charge of K T.
Cnnvi. v, of th' i'ho.-.i|k-iUi* aim Ohio,
and .1 <ihii .1 <iw?-:i, oi if." I ?**|?;*i tincnt
ui \i! i ivulturr. A i". Iliwuid, i: Farm
villo, talked "ii dalrtlt ;*, and .1 I' 'jor
dun, "T <lri'i-n ? ,'oti n t y, O., tulltid on
soil lir.provoii:?nt and corn irrowltig.
It was Blntuii by Mr. Owen that Dr.
Knnlon 'W illi:i'ns. of thi Stat" De
lia it till- n t ? ? i" 11 ?'a I th. 11 ? ?' Ii. t "iiiI I'd < ? in -
lilt;, and that l>: <"atii?.i ami J <"
Star< ln-t . fi ?? i. t!i?' Vir-ii-sa I'.dyteehrlc
Inst it ti ti'. would s|icnd three days with
th- Main this wfi'li
Mi I't awl'-y j 1 a tI'd that ho thought
tl.i attendant ? tn dr. y VS .". the I.I .-t ho
had si'i*n hotwren 1:i< iui'? >nd and [>;!!
wyi since thi- I'hfsii i" aki- and <>liio lias
I.??? n o|ii;? atini< t! ? l'iu n.I?!' t:alt..'
?Il\l.\ l'Ut>V \< I' I'lAMMI,"
l'orim*r I'ri'inh'r nl tin.slit I nniini'iits
on llnlUnii 'I'rouliU'.
I?111 |??? ? * .\l. : i I'l. mint Kur<U
W.ttf, I'm iii'-r I'l'-mi'M of Unssin, in
:.n mti'ivi.w ir.ililishid hoi'.-, is quoted
as s:i;. ;nu
"< >! I> tin lif t act ui' tin I'.alUan .-tr
f:t!t lia:- hi i-ii plavt'il. It i:< now the
intiTiiii -"- ;<ni. u hicli may la I fur ycara
or t" rha|i- i>nl\ fur iihii ins.
"Thi- I' lationy in Iwifii Austria and
Itoiiin.a nia c<ui-'t i tiit<? on*' of thi points
of tla n ? ? I-1. w 11 i 1 ?' tin- relations hitw.?-n
thi--triple alliance (<;> rni:'n\ Halt ami
Austria) and the Irinle i'nt<? tit? (V;ro.it
r.ritam. 1'ianet iiiul llussia) are it. no
wi ?? ilear."
This huge sum represent* the Capital ami Surplus of
this old, safe bank. It stand* a> an assurance of absolute
safety for your money.
Why not start a Saving.- or ( lucking Account t?vdav?
Jt will he the best and safest investment you could make.
Your account, either large or small, invited.
National State and City Bank
Richmond, Va.

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