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Tj&xrjr.'iirp.n'.i'<w. v uwf^rj
"'TO"NEED ^-w^Ad
a situation 5SD-?23S
? Sale, Houses to
ICxtcnsion of Hostilities (o
Italy, the Balkans, Persia,
Egypt and India Feared.
Presence of Japanese Forccs in |
Western Asia Would Not
Be Surprising.
<?reat Britain CoiiMiltefl us to Pos
sible Assistance Oul.slfle
Far Kit si.
W ASI1 IN'ITON. S?-[>t?inb?i < Inll
ltirif lou^ has e eome to inanv Kuropean
diplomat* In Washington that liostili
?1" mas ??t<>i<i not onl> to Iial> .. i >i
tlir ft.' 11..Mi-. should Tiirlic;. ?nt*-r it-,.
? I'M, but tn t h? i' a U ea sV, f'ci si,i, Ki; s i > t
? toi India a* well lu !>ui:|i event, th*
presence of lap.-tnrne 11 nous and fie. is
'? Western Asia to assist KiikIuiicJ in
'?itli'T India of Persia, noulii not In
? iii j? i"is i1;g. !tci'ar'lliiii to diplomats i t1
1 - * htitii? tit'- a Hied powers
While Japan has cnni.ned h<-i in ? -
'<? operations .m'.njitt (iermaiis to
K ia iu;nan and lit)* China simk, tii*
[?nit ? i r tl< ,\ i,y 1m-.1 apanese alKaiio.
" wvs said. mi til l lead h?-i to 4-x I?- if t
!'? Ipl iih Ii.umI t. hei alls ? lscwliti.
in A-ia
s. Huston IJey. rur'iinli aml>ahsa<ioi
'?<re. tnaile pii hlii a ? ;??.!?-mam from hi
: >'S fiiilinfit. ? hi' Ii In i n I er pret e.|
''conclusive evidence" of tin* I'orte's in
t'ntlon t?i fniiiln iM-Mtral. hut h>r
SOWS VUII ?J|,( rr-.| I.S ?liplMIK.' I V
'lu-rac tiling tI ?- a 1111 - Tin latlei an
?oitlhleiii thai Tiii-kr \ ,? ni.iely d. la .
!?? ? J- an aiinoiincMiixnt. <stii|r ' -?? ? >i,->l> 11 >. _?
militarj p? < p., r.ii - The Turkish
nihaesador's. ' a hl> ura m \s.,? ax fol
low -
I ? - vi! : i <? ?. t ; i i : <? ii 11 a I i t v, ? > ha s <
?'tclaied, il < milii.'i aiithui Hies has.
' 'Si''l eidfrs t'. .in ui)' -.,(!i i ,,:
' < iI ehall t s ? s . ? I . ||,. l,,-lli?c-l eiil i ,
?ton: ta I, I ir_ ,
S?llt\ss Minn i I ,l(|\ I N
\ Mi:ill< t\? \ Iti; ? \ ! I.
Iln i ml.ai -11..s\ <.| S,.. | . | . ..
'?'.all tii)- Mt^, a -Mil ill it 11 i iii i ; , t
Sihctban." would he
"There 1-. no dans', io .\mcii...i
-i idI tlier)' r'f)*)t In no fear .i . t la t
jeel,' sai'l 111# secretary afterwards
lli? ti ; ? i I;,ti i atltnit ? ???! t I
if Tin lies . in) r. )i i .. . . i.fjj.'i
of ' ;< I ma . I A cstri ? -I,.
would in.< k? her operations as est.,,
-ise a.- |#o.--.*t;,l. ii British all.I Bussi. i,
po.-sesaiotf-* ; i? thought it in.it unlike
' '" '' ' s ? nt that Kp |.t iiiiiit i..
Itivadc. II. f.-it i .-rl iin Clilyai ia
woijl'l : '.'I hs Turkr . I.'it ..mi .||,|
net Is I io ss ili.ut 11 o II ilia ii i a ? .. ???.., >? has
Iiei arms ai ihilizi'il. iraii. io -.tni .
While Tuili.s I.- delasniK action, t;,^
?III/;;. rtrf mii s ps-tiif; th.- li? l,J, it r- l>. -
lieved, lookn - forward to Joining ??;.<>
rations ssiti. Japan in tho Persian ?;ulf.
>' 1111 ?? the Mediterranean Meets . .f tl.c
?Ilies flirect their attcntinn t'i Ttirliish
potts on the ss.ttorn coast .f % ,a
M tnoi-.
I he yiUiaiD'ii it ,s i>eliese>l alie.nlv
lniy caused Japan to consult Oroat
Britain an to possible assistance i>i
mint terr oth.,i than the I-'ar Kant.
At the. Jap.incse cmha. ?y, it was said
to-riay, thai strictl} speakinp. the
Anglo-Japanese alllan.r iiid not ohli
Pf^tc Japan to end troofis to protect
l>riti.?h interests in India or Ivrsia vet.
Veiled refi rences ii, .? ilispat)-h from
Tokyo that thousands i?i" Japanese
lioeps iiaii liccn emliarked on trans
ports. and ll.at mans nhser\.-rs iliouciit
i hey were goinn to l'rance, have
aroused soine speculation her)-. Some
thought It not tinIIIsei> that shtotnl-d
in the mysterj <if the strict censorship.
Japan es en .loss mas t?e pr- parinu for
? xtensive mosements in Western Asia.
t'l"l'ACIs us ff.lt>I \
i.?iv?;i.\ ro\si:(jt |.;m
The possil.illts of an attack hs Tur
key on Persia as a blow at hoth Kussia
and lOnclatDi. svlu. have spread their
protection o\ei that state, was dis
i-iissed anions diplomats as a lik"ly
consequence >>f a )h-claiation of war >is
the I'orte.
Incidentally, the landing of Japanese
troops on Chinese territory has assak
f ii)'<i to. dIplonia t ie apprehension aniens
?idminlstration oflh-ials. who are con
lident no hostility to China is Intended.
At the Japanese embassy the s-iess is
taken that Japan has as much rittiit
io pass through Chinese territory as
ihe Germans had to march through
Relffiurn. though Chinti has removed
'?oniplications hs deeidin^ not to oppose
*he march.
\<t oisortiiroit.s ?\
i'Aiit or ti iiknv
N'liW VOfti<, September 4. DJclal
Bey, Ottoman <'onsul-Kcneral at Xow
S ork, lute to-das l;-.-tied a stalenii-nt
denjing; ltusaiaii reports that Armen
ians had refused t6*sei ve under Turkish
colors, ami that fiplitin^ h<:t\v<>en Ar
menians and Turks had oci-urred. The
stiilenient reads:
"Another rumor etiutn iiini: fi oin St.
' etershurs thai Armenians and Kui')ls
who have been i-alled to the colors
in i urkes has*) refused to sers'e, hatt
no foundation, and a furthei sta l.'Ui'iit
that lias been nuhlislied .las ing tlial
tn armed clash has taki-n plaee it
onie place unnamed between Turks
and -Armenians Ik equally unfounded
''her) is no reason Io believe thai an>
I Con t iuijeil on Si.Mb Patre. I
r. .v o. ?'i)si(ii' <hiti)iv>
To t'ontlni:> l is ,- | > sun,1.. i?
?\>'| round i rip Norfulk <n,l , i,..i ?
"f llu.r r., I it aim -.10 A M v \| |
l.;?o noon, i riililien liulf (an, j
? 'all* l.'poii Mvecy Able-limited Man
.if Military Aye t<< I'.nli-c
for Service.
Premier .Makes Spei'fiil Appeal lo
Noncommissioned ((lllcor.s to I{e
( iii ii lo Arm*?I'1 n?I- AImadmit
' !?iiif?iri in Progress of War.
1. NDON. >? i-tcinbei < i * "i<* I' ,M ' ?
Premier .\s(|uit!i to- lay made the tirst
I a u - f i!!,?><?;?I> ' ii ? ti ii.iTf-.t- ?
? >f Hiitl.'-li l:ui'I I < ? < ? ? . AI .t lliectil.
:il ? ? UI !? I II.ill t ? dfseiibed I tl?- ?MII|>i:t
?i - involve! i!: ? 1.!,;..?!> a t-lii t ra men! of
aii;;ht \--r:oi?- . -:li? iiid reiiuested
??voi v ,?lde-b?idled I -.11 i ..II <-f military!
a ge 1" .loin I lie colors.
Tl.r Premier ??ii"iii'?l his address with
' ?? Ii i .i it e n i i - . n i.hi in ?_? men t tl.;-t 'ii1
tn lo 'a' 'iclwi'i'ii 'J jn.O'Jb am! JOO.f'OG
i ? i i iiit.? had responded to the cull
"\V<- now liiid ourselves Involved |
with Mic whole strength of this em
pire in a >lood\ arbitrament <>f might
versus ri^ht.' t lu- Premier declared.
that \\;jJ heen entered into with Hear
judgment and a clear conscience. What
would hiiv'1 nccn our place among: the 1
nations if we had ticen base enonpli
oi so paralyzed in our sens** of honor
and dnt> tn be false to our word and
fa i t h ler<s to our friends" We ?hould
have been standing by with folded
arms and with such countenance as we
could command, while thi* small and
unprotected state. Belgium, was de
fending In" vital liberties :nd making
a heroh .ia:.-l aoainst o\erivbelmiug
The Premiei detailed the heroic ef
forts of Hie P.?-l;:ian forces, and cnum
i crated countless outrages on tin- part
of what h?- "Tiiied "IniccnneerinK ml
venturers" He declared that the
creates! i uur against civilian! inn v as
the sacking of l.ntivaiu. "This shame
less holocaust." lh?* I'reiuier cent limed,
"was performed bv hliini hurhariali
vengeance. Sooner than stand aside,
we would see this country of ours
blotted out from the pages of history."
Mr. Af.(|uith declared the invasion of
Belgium was the first step in a greater
policy to crush the freedom and au
tonomy of the free states of Hurupe.
uoi'iiNstiHi.irv or wAit
is m\ i.i:iiii
Th? i'remier t>aid a compliment to
the poliev of Sir I'M v.'a rd ilrey. the
British I'orcign Secretary. Iteviewing
the incident* leading up to'tlie war he
'declared lliat (ieriiiany, and <.!erm.?ny
(only, war responsible for the war
| "It would be a criminal mistake to
underestimate either the magnitude,
} the light i it ir qualities or the staying
power o! the forces arrayed against
the allies" the I'remier went on lie
declai cd ilia; if tireat Britain wei r to
play a worihy part in this war she
? must enlarge the scale of her forces,
increase Iter 'lumbers* ami mnffiply
> many Mines her effective lighting
| power. i
The Premier made a special ?i|?t><-nl
t.> noncommissioned ollicers to return
| to the nrtnj lie said his appeal was
addressed as much to employers a<- *o
the employes. who should bf assured
reinstatement in tloii positions in
then retui ii.
The navy, the 1'remiet Indicated, al
;?( adj waii doing itpai l It had sealed
up the fleet of tret-many. h- said, and
was thirsty for a trial of "trongth in,
the open.
British warships, Mr \si|tiilh said,
had hunted the (icrman merchantman
from the high seas, ami when the few
?'iernian cruisers which still infested]
the distant ocean had been disposed of.
iF 11n? J.' Would oi \ i'i > sen, llie nav v
Would Jtavc achieved it.i Brlt'sh and
(.< 'ununited on Second Page.) I
German Ambassador Mukw Charge
Against Vessels Flyiny Amer
ican Flay.
Itcclares 1'oii" Has Been Made Sup
|?)> I>epot for lOnglisli Men-o'-War
for Some Time?Intercepted Mes
sages Support Contentions.
\K\V Y??UK. September 4.-?Count
\ini l!ci iistorf:' lii'Viiiaii ambassador to
tlw L'nit. <1 Stat. s, announced here to
day that In1 had made ?n official com
)<l.;int t ?_? Secrctar; Krynu that ships
l';. tut, 11;American tlap were pro
visioning .i.t'l -oaling British crulseis
Ixtng oft' N'ew York Mai'hoi
Tin- amhu.-satlo'' said that .he infi r
t-iation on which 11 e based his "otn
plaint had I'onif to him fliroimli his
sciTPtarj'. wiii? icceived it from "otjicr
"I have positive information. ' ho con
tinued. "that t It ?? cruisers sent wire '
ic.ss mcssitack t<? the British consulate
in Xciv York * Soon after, a vesstl
flying the American tlag. accompanied
^>> several coal barges. put out of New
York Harbor to the cruisers, ami at a
point ten miles outside tli?' three-mile
litnit. supplied litem with ammunition,
coal and provisions. According to my
information this lias been going on
for some time. and tii? port o!" New
York ha*, been made the supply depot
for Knglish men-of-war."
The ambassador sa.id tiiai it was liis
information that the conl and pro
visions were supplied by American
The ambnssadot said emphatically
that tierinany had m?t rccoived arms,
ammunition or provisions from dealers
in the Fnited States, and wutihl not do
I) |-:< -1.1 NTS TO taki:
vorti i: ok < iiaki.i'.s
Sir i.'uuricnaj Waller Bennett. Itrit
ij'.i consul-genera 1 tit New York, de
clined to take any notice , of the al- 1
legations of the Herman ambassador.
Count vnii Bernstorff declined to give
his authority or to say what steps he
intended to take, if any. The neutral
ity laws are so vague, eh said, that
he did not know yet exactly what he
should do.
Intercepted wireless messages copied
at the vat-iotis stations in the vicinity
of New York at which the United
States government has placed censors
scent to support the ambassador's as
Maritime men have been tillable t,
understand why one and then anoiliei
British cruiser would come within the
three-mile limit, remain a while, and
then.hurry off to sea again. Ilow these
cruisers managed to obtain provisions
has also been the sources of much
One of tile wireless messages which
has helped clarif\ the myster; was
addressed to II. U llunt. at No. i'.'s
West Seventieth Street, New York "1 lie
message was picked up on September
I at a station near New York. While be
ing 11 au.smit ted from the British cruiser ,
Suffjdk to the Marconia station at
Sinsconset. Mass. In this message .Mr.
ilunt was directed to bring a ouan'ity
of provisions and some newspapers to
?i point I v. o miles south of Ainb'-oae
lightship at II o'clock the following
morning'. Among the provisions asked
for was fresh beef.
mi:ss \t.k rtt \Ns^ii ri i:ti
Tlfitot i;ii i t \ \itliKlt !
Tho following day. September as i
the Cunard liner (ilvnipic pesjed quar- j
ant'iie hound out. she sent from her;
(Continued <?n Sixth I'ace.) ,
t.xnoit i>.\* ?;\< t itMtiN.
We i I'iiIiiI. ?)? i mi if I trip. Spei'lill 1
train 'i'.vi' A. M. Kruirn 10 I'. M,
Charged With Fixing Prices by "llal
lots." "Suggestions" or Ver- ?
Iml Agreements.
First llig Development in Investiga
tion licing Conducted l?y 1 Apart
ment of Justice, by Wilson's Or
ders, Into High Cost of Living.
WA.SU I\C!T? >N. September ^ ?Tlilriv
one food dealers won- indictcd here to
day by .1 Federal grand Jury under the
Sherman iaw on counts charging price
lixing. It was the first big dovelop
ui.it in th? investigation the Depart
ment <>f .1 ?i?t?>-1- Is < ov:'lu. ting, at the
direction of President Wilfon against
food deales ? who are alluded to love
seized up- the Kuropean war ;is a
pretext to iti' iea.se the cost of living.
All ill- indicted men nr. local pro-J
duct* dealer-- or coin mission merijhnnts.
N'o i-.Htio!iall> known rtrtc. was indicted.
At tlii* department of .Fustier it whs
said i!(iv"-r:niieiit neeais working in
many States for evidence or price-fix
iiit wer* ? .peered to make icports soot,
which o'licials hopeii would he the
basis of other itidietnu'tits. Attorney
?Jencrul 'Im ijory said:
"I'mh'i tuitions i.ow existiri?
throughout the world. capitalization of
misfortune and oppression of our own
people h.\ the arbitrary Increase of the
prices i.i" foodstuffs are so peculiarly
reprehensible. that whenever convic
tions car ho obtained the government
will ii--i.' t upon sentences of imprison
ment -no tine or no civil remedy will
h>- ? I, i mod iKb-ipiHte.
"I'nitcd States attorneys are being
instructed promptly to ask for indict
ments whenever the facts will permit,
t>, push these to early trial, and, upon
com id ions, to insist upon prison sen
tence:! f
"It niust. of course, he remembered
that, without the District of Columbia,
only those: agreements and combina
tions which affect directly interstate
or foreign commerce can he reached.
As to other matters, State statutes
must be relied upon
The men indicted hcrt to-da; are
chained with having (ixed prices every
da> b> "ballots," "suggestions." or ver
bal agreement, and to have circulated
pi it e li;its which completely eliminated
a competitive market for food. That
is alleged to be an unlawful restraint
of trade prohibited by the Sherman
antitrust law between thr Stales and
in l-'ederal districts. The penalt> on
? on\ let ion is a ,\ ear's imprisonment on.
a $5,000 line, or both.
Hench warrants were issued for all
the Indicted men, and bail whs given
for their appenrance in court
l-"in??.hoil Diplomat \ ppolnfri! I'npnl
Sci'M'liirj of Stale.
I'OM K. September 4.? 11 was an
t.ounced oilicially to-dny that "Cardinal
Dominic Kcrrata lias b-eu appointed
papal secretary of state.
(Cardinal Dominie Kcrrata. newlj ap
pointcd papal se?-r?tar> of state, was
born in l.sli at .Monl efiaseone, Italy.
His work nr. papal nuncio at Puris and
hs prefect of the " 'ongrcga lion of
I'lshopx in Home stamped him. as a
finished diplomat lie presided out
the Kucharistic Congress last year' at
fn 1001. when t)|p late Cardinal
lUiuipolla resigned a> papal secretary
of state. ?'ardinal l-'crrala was men
tioned as a probable candbiale for the
In Personal Address, Urges Legisla
tion to Raise $100,000,000
Year Additional Revenue.
Committee Immediately Begins Con
sideration of Plans to Raise
Amount Needed?Yarlous Mem
bers Make Suggestions.
WASHINGTON', September 4.?"W?
shall pay the bill, though we did not de
liberatelj incur It," said President Wil- !
yon to-day, presenting before a Joint
session of Congress his appeal for an
emergency internal revenue measure to
raise J l no.000,000, the government's
probable less in customs receipts be
cause of the Kuropean war. Prompt
action was necessary, the President
said, "to keep the Treasury strong."
Ilis only suggestion as to the method
for levying the lax was that sources
be chosen that would "begin to yield at
once, and yield with a certain ami con
stant How."
Tin- appeal met with quick action.!
As soon a^ the President had left the
I louse chamber, amidst an outburst of'
apoluusc. Speaker 'Mark referred the
message to the Ways and Means Com-i
mil lee. Democratic members of the i
committee met to-night at the call of ?
the chairman, Keprcsentative Under-I
wood, and began consideration of plans i
to raise the additional revenue. Va- <
rious menibets suggested sources which
they helUwd would he properly sub
jected to additional taxation. On tlir
list suggested were.
"CJasolene. a tax of I or ; cents a
gallon: railroad and amusement tick
ets. a tax of ."> I<? 10 i?m- cent; liter, an
increase of .">0 cents a barrel: domestic
wines whiskey, an increase of 15 cents
a gallon: proprietarj aitlcles, tobacco
and tobacco products, chewing gum.
pott drink;- playing cards."
It \ II,ltd A I) Til lvi:T TAX
is NOT \VI-:iil. JIKt 111 \ 1-11?
The pi opoatil ti> ta\ ra il road tickets
was not received with enthusiasm b\
members of the committee, although it
was estimated that a ?> per cent tax
would raise $40,000,000.
Chairman L'ndenvood said the ar
ticles suggested would be gone over,
and a list of taxable articles agreed on
by elimination. This list would be
qtihmitled to the Treasury I>epartuient
pro ha bl> en rl> next week. \\ hen the
bill is completed in committee, it prob
ably will he brought Into the House
under a special rule and hurried
President Wilson was gi\eu an en
thusiastic greeting when he entered
the House chamber#, escorted by Sena
tors Kern. Clark and Oallluger and
lU'prescntatives L'nderwood, Fitzgerald
and Maun.
The President said lie bad come to
discharge a dut> he wished lie cpultl
avoid, but made it plain that addi- j
tional revenu' was necessary, and that
lie'performed his dut> without hesita-j
t ion or a pol"g> .
Unforeseen conditions occasioned l>>
-tli'- eontlict in lOuropc. lie said, had
created conditions which, unless -l^nlt
with promptly, might involve conse
quences of the "most embarrassing and
ih plorablr sort."
To borrow money, th?- President
urged, was unwise: bond issue would
nialie an "?.iiitiuiel; and unjust iiialde"
demand upon money markets, leaving
taxation as the onlv method left to
raise n \enue. In 1111 ^ situation, he ap
pealed "to the profound!) p;'.triotlc pen
pie of the country" io take up tho
l.tJi den
I' III, Kit ll\ IMIKMiniN'l
Tiic President in his allures* said.
"I come io you to da\ t<> ilischargt a
dut' which I wish with nil ir.\ hci.t I
might have b.een spared but it is a
dill? which is viir.i clear, and. there
foic. I perform it without hesitation
or apology. 1 come to ask verr carn
t('out timed on Third Page.)
? *' i ~:?-t .i lift melt ??tlraettv'i mntr \ m
York 1:ix ?'! and i'.'he.*ai?e.?ke May JI.D-) rouii'l :
t dp. Kr et \e atitloroimi* now. '
<SEjy.I>'jWGZ?S ~
Cojv/wjvdztyg, soxjzr
JV?EJYC*? <=SZ)CW cn^ps.
Federal Reserve Hoard Will Proceed
Immediately With t>r
Little Hostility Shown to Karlj- Open
ing. and ORieials Hope Ail Oppo
sition Will He Overcome Hefure
That Time Arrives.
V \SHJNt;Ti>.W Scoteuihei ? A ftoi
:t ii all-day conference with clearing
house delegates from imii. y larpe
citk?. tin- Federal Keserve Hoard an
noniiiTil to-night it would prut'oot! lm
uiy?JIntelv with the organization of tlio
twelve reserve liank; provided for by
the new currency s\ stein. It generally
is Aeocpiad tho system can he in oper
aticm about i >? iniwi I The artnal
opening may he delayed but it was
?ii?: the twelve hanks would bo re.nl>'
t<i do busineps within the next six
*\ ecks.
According to members of the hoard,
there wn v little ImMtHit'x I'hinvn at the
conferemr to early opening of the ne?v
system. and fcovernnient otlleials hope
all opposition !iy hankers wilt he over
come before the linte of opening ar
il ve.s
Th" ii?iifiMciu:e i\a? confined closely
to the question of opening. anil t?? a
discussion of foreign and domestic -x
cliaugc. A bulletin furnished such in
formation the hankers possessed hut
l"ft the hoard without much concrete
in forma i icn
A committer w-hs named to consider
foreign and domestic exchange. ami
formulaic a plan hy which American
obligations to Kurop*' ean he adjusted
without taking gold out of the couii
t ry
There was some ii-cnlciita I discussion
of the general financial situation, and
of I he recent steps taken hy the Treas
ury I n part nieni to issue additional
hank ourrenc>. In consequence of the
meet ing, there will he no effort on the
part >?! i he i esc rve hoard to muiic ih?
class "<directors for the reserve
hanks I'o: xniie time. Kvcry oth< r
step w'ni 'h must precede the opening
of ihe hanks \\IH he laid out before
the director" arc announced
Following Is the conference e.xchange
commi 11 ee:
.! I!. I'Vrjran. I'hicago. chaiimau
I! I'*. Storing. New \ hi L
I. I.. Hue. I Mi i ladelphia
Sol \\'t v li N'.'W i ?! h-.i iis
T. is. locale, lioston.
Attempt to Envelop Left
Wing: of Allies Is Frus
Between 70,000 and 80,000 Will
Join in Fight Against
Seven Torpedo Bout Destroyers Ar?
rive at Kiel in Damaged
German Right Wing
Checked by Allies
While nfhcinl n n nmiiieemen t*
mnilr lit the Itrltish ntnl I'rftn'li nu.
tliorlflm Inxl nichl lrrrr li? the ef
(pfl tlint there had been no ''liniiRP
in the nltiiatlon of tlx' hetllKCrent
nrmirx, iinnWcliil report* Nnhl (lint
the (irrmnn right >?in?l lind been
rliri'kril anil fnri'ril lo ri'llrr nn St.
(liirntin, mi Ihr Hlvrr Sonimr, thirty
miles nortlmfiil of l.non.
Tht llrltlnh official preiw bureau.
In It* atxtcment, nnld n (>ermnn
movement nna developing In nn
eantrvard and tioufhriiitivnril illrec
(Ion. The direct Keofcrnph lent In
rntlun of tlili inovrmcnl n?i
I'llrther coiiflrmntion nm received
In Neve \ ork ln?t nlghl that many
thoiiHnndn of lluixlnii troops had
K?ne Into France to Join the nllle^_
agalnNt the (Jemmnii. 'I'helr till in- ?
her Kan estimated nt between 70,1100 '
and MO',000.
Xewapnper report* lo London ln?(
nlRlit i?nl?l the tieriiinn* irrrr ope
rating; In the dl*triet between Mont
nnd Termoiide, llelRlmn, nmt thnt
the latter town nn? brine hoin
Tlint nuother navnl engagement In
the \orth Sen him oecurerd leeniM
linaillilr trom n statement iu.Mied Itr
the l.oitdoti oHIchil profi.i bureau. It
antd iieven tiermmi forpedo-bont de
strojfDi hntl arrived nt Kiel in h
tlnnmged oondition, nnd thnt others
were understood to Imve been mink
"In the ilplnitj- of the Kiel t mini."
In Home iiunrtern. lumever, it linn
?niEfteiteri thnt tlie vornieN may he
loiiK' to the (?eriiinii force thnt no*
engaged in the reeent tlKht with the
llrltl*h nIV Helgoland.
Tlie otllclni ItuHHlnn statement
concern Inc. the capture of l.cmhurg,
capital of tinilclH, *ajH thnt It In lie
lleved the remnnnt of the AiiHtriiin
n 1*1113' left nfter the Munsiau attack
no longer Is of military vnlnr. Ilr
?idcN the lliouNniidM of inrn killed,
wrounded or made prinonern. the
ftusslnn* report tlint tliey took '-00
KUiiK from the AimtrlHtin.
Grand Dtikr Nicholas, the Husninn
commander-in-chief, linn ordered,the
enpturrd territory In Austria-Hun
gary administered hy tlie Itun.iimi
general in command in thnt eonntry.
The ItiilKiirinn minister to tirceee
declare* tlint ItulxHria ha* tleelded
to mntntnin her neutrality until tlie
end of the war.
.4 Herman aeroplane which tried
to approaeli Pari.* Ii reported to
have lieen imnHhcd liy the gutis of
tiro IKreneii aviator* in mi aerin
Iiii t tie.
'Special to The Times - Dispatch )
!.? >.\T?OX. September I lienorls nre
reci iveri hole that the allies have ail
ii i 11 is|t?rocl .1 severe rcpulM tu-lbe Ger
mans along Hie entire battle Hue.
The German ti I tempt to envelope llio
:?11 i lei's wing lift* been f ru.t rated
The advance of tlie German* lias
neon cheeked and lliev h.ive been forced
to retire on St. Qtientiii
Si. (?uentin i.*; seventy-five miles
north of Paris, ana thirty miles beyond
Scnli.s, twenty-llvo miles from I'il ls,
to which the Germans were reported
to have advanced on Wednesday. In
forty-eight hours, from being within
iventy-iive miles of the capital, tho
' Ici innti.H are nor. srventj -live miles
from tlie ruiter rim of the I'art-.. forts
In a battle alorin the German eeii*
Ire. ile.-' ribeil in I'.erlin di--*patebe.s as
' t li?_? greatest in history." whieh iv i;is
111V" between Hlieims ami \ im-Iuii, \\ itli
the 'ii'i'uan rown prinve In active
eoiiimami. ami the llinp.-.roi on tlie.
>??one, odu i.il I'reneh reporlH eiaim thi>
enem> lia.s been eheekecl.
< >ii iin* e\treim rl^ht. a Ueimati irmy
eominanded by General von Bennlitif;,
ii itniortiei|( 11 >' reported to have ei osand
fro >i i.ai i.iuie into Switzerland to
eape t be Kreneh. Ofheial I-'rencii re
ports elaim eontinncd .su?*cesse? m tnia
legion. \
?.l l( MAN* MKI.T |-'lIts I'
si:iiioi> mi;\i:iim:?>
At three points, tl e allii*s left, tlie
eeiitre. and on tlie ri^ht b\ a ^ ?? ier.il
advanee of tlie Kreneii ami lOnpiisli,
the Germans by these reports have mot
tlicit tirst nerious reverses since
The selbnek on tlie Gorman riijht an
tlie repulse of me tiirninc movement i.t
tne most Important atid si>; nifi-anl
The Antwerp correspondent of Ken*
lers. usually a most conservative
a-'eiii'v, ? iivs !>> w av of ??steml:
"It is learned on gmid antiiority that
tlie .ulxanee movement of the. German
iiyrht wins; bus been checked for th>*
last two days under pressure from th<<
left wliin of tin- alley.
"The etieniv Ii.'ik lieeif eompelled lo
ret n e on, St t^lieiit in.
"A i?ttf t'orec of tin n>.in ca\nlr>
vat' advattciiiK on ("ompigne, wtis v ?v;.

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