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[So. I.]
JM-T B_»o__T.o:i authorizing the 8-er.tary of the Nary
to expend n Portion of th* Contingent Fund for enlarg- (
Ing the Savy Department Building. >
Bt it reiolvtd by tin Senatt and Boust of Representa- \
tives of the United States of America in Congress assem- ,
fried. That the Secretary of the Navy be, and he hereby ,
It, authorized to expend so much of the contingent fund ,
heretofore appropriated a* may be necessary lor the in- ,
larg«ment of the Navy Department building to meet the
Wants of th* Department.
Approved, DtcomW 16,1864.
[ So. 3.]
A R_J*l.llo- Undering tho Thank* of Congress to Cap
tain John A. Winslow, U. 8. Savy, and to tho Offlcers
and Men under his Commaud on Board the U. S.
Steamer Kearsage, iv her Conflict with the piratical '
Craft the "Alabama;" incompliance with the Presi
dont's Recommendation to Congree* of the fifth of Dc
_*mber, eighteen hundred and sixty-four.
Retched by the Senate and House of Repretentatives
ofthe United States of America vn'Congreu assembled.
That tbe thanks of Congreaa on due, and are hereby ten
-ered, to Captain John A. Winslow, of the Uuited State.
Navy, and to the officers, petty officers, seamen and ma
rlnes of tbe United States atoamer " Kearsage," for the
•kill and gallantry exhibited by him and the offlcers ami
men under bis command, in the brilliaut action on the
nineteenth of June, eightoen hundred and sixty-four, be
tween that »uip end the piratical craft "Alabama"—a
vessel superior to his own in tonnage, in guns, and in the
number of her crew.
Approved, December 20,1864.
[So. 4.]
A Resotrti'... tendering the Thanks of Congress to Lien
tenant William B. Cushing, of the Cnited States Navy,
and to the Officer* and Men who assisted him in his
gallant and perilous Achievement in destroying the
rebel Steamer "Albemarle," ln Complianco with the
Prealdiint'e Recommendation to Congress of the fifth of
December, eighteen huudred [and[ sixty-four
_?.io!re_! by the Senate aud Bouse ef Repreientatives
of tht United Statei of Amtrica in Omgress assembled,
that tbe thanka of Congress aro due, and are hereby,
tendered, to Lieutenant William B. Cushing, of the Uniteil
State* Navy, and to the officer* and meu under his com
mand, for' the skill and gallantry exhibited by them in
the destruction of the rebel iron-clad steamer "Albemarle,"
at Plymouth, North Carolina, on the night oi tho twenty- .
seventh of October, eighteen hundred and alxty-four. " '
Approved, December 20,1864. ,
J.!.- Reso_-Tio. tendering the Thanks of the People
and of Congress to Major General William T. Sherman,
and tho Officers and Soldiers of his Command, for then .
Stllant Conduct in their late brilliant Muvemeut through
Hi gin
Be. it retolved ley the Senate and _/oi'«_ of Representatires I
•/ the United States of America in Congress assembled, I
That the thunks of tbe people and of the Congress of the I c
Unitid States are due, and aro hereby tendered, to Major T
-teneral William T. Sherman, aud through hlra to the C
officers and niou under his command, lor their gallantry 111
and good conduct in their late campaign from Cliattu- t
oooga to Atlanta, and the triumphal march thence ai
through Georgia to Savannah, terminating lo the capture ai
and occupation of lhat city; aud that the President causa SI
_ cony or this Joint resolution to bs engrossed and tor- st
ward-1 to .Major Oeuaral Sherman. fo
Approved, January 10,1566. b;
-MM. R_.ei._ii.:* providing for tbe Termination of tb)
Roclpr .city Treaty of fifth June, eighteen hundred and Jc
flfty.tour, .*tiva-u the United State* aud Oreat Britain.
TCatiutAS, it li provid-d in the R-c'tirocitT Treaty con
, — vT aiui'l-gton, tha _M*__ of June, eighteeu hundred
and fifty-four, b.tween tb* United State*, of the one part,
and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.of '•'■
tbe other part, that thi* treaty " .-'null remain in force for n.
ten years Irom the date at which It may come into opera- T
tion, and further uutil tbe expiration of twelve mouths li
after ojtbei- of the high contracting parties shall give no- M
tice to tbe other of it* wish to terminate the aame;" and a
whereas It appears, by a proclamation ofthe i'resident of C
the United Statea, bearing date sixteenth March, eighteen tl
h-__-red and fi.ty-fiv*, that the treaty cam* Into op«r_tiou t<
on that day; and wh*r_as, tu. I her, It Is no longer for the v
lutar.it. of th* United Statea to continue the tamo in a:
force; Therefore,
Resolved by tht Senatt and Bouse of Representatives o_
of the Unittd Statu of Attune- in Congress assembled. T
That notice be given of the termination of the Recipro- a
city Treaty, according.to th* provision therein contained ft
for the tumination of th* earn*; and the President of n
tb* Uuited states is hereby charged with tbe column nica- k
tion 0/ flucb notice to the Government of th* United J ac
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. I til
Approved, Januaiy 18, lit. I au
— lot
[No. 7.] |»al
A Rtiowno-i to proMnt tbe Thanks of Con_r«_s to ml
Brevet Major Oeneral Alfred H Terry, and th* Offlcers I
and Man under bla Command
_..iutitit by ths Stnatt and House of Representative; I
of tht United States of America in Congress assembled. "'
That tho thanks of Congress are hereby presented to
Brevet Major Oeneral Alfred K. Terry, aud to the offlcerß
and men under his command, for the unsurpassed gal
lantry and skill exhibited by them iv the attack upon a
Fort Flshor, and the brilliant nnd decisive victory by 1
which that important work ha* been captured fioni tho 1
rebel furces end placed ln the possession und under the. t
authority of the United States; and for their long and <-
faithful services and unwavering devotion to the cau_e of t
the country, in tbo midst of tho greatest difficulties and a
dangers. t
8«c. 2. And be it further resolved, That the Presideut
Of th* United States be, and he hereby is, requested to
communicate this resolution to Oeneral Terry, and througk.
him to tbe offlcers and soldiers under his command. j
Approved, January 24,1865.
[No. B.]
A Rl-Otl'll'■'•.- tenderlog the Thank* of Congreu to Rear |
Admiral David D. Porter, -v- to tbe Officers, Petty j
Olficers, Seamen and Marines tinder his Command, for a ,
their Gallantry and good Conduct in th* recent Capture j,,
of Fort Fisher. a
_.<-.-«_. by the Senate and Bouse of Representatives V
ofthe United Statts of America in Congress assembled,
That the thanks of Congress are hereby presented to Rear
Admiral David D Porter, and to the officers, petty offlcers,
seamen and murines under his command, for the unsur- j
passed gallantr. and aUUexhibited by them in the attacks
upon Fort Fisher, and the brilliant and decisive victory
by which that Important work has been captured front
th* rebel forces and placed in the possession and uuder '-
the authority of the Unittd States; and for their long '
and faithful service* uud unwavering devotion to tho 1:
cause of the country in the midst of the greatest difflcul- •
tit* aid dangers.
3_c._. And bt it further resolved, That the President J
cf thu United Statos be requested to communicate this *-
rMolution to Admiral Porter, and through him to the '
officers, so.men, and marines under hia command.
Approved, January 24,18C5. J
[__*.-._ J
___!.- Rxaoumo-I authorizing the Secretary of the Trea- g.
vary to give tbe necessary Notice stipulated pendiug
tha Intention of the United Statei to purchase the
Building known as Merchants' Exchange, New York
City, now used for Custom-lloute Purposes.
St it rewlt'td by tlieSenate and Bouse of Representatives
if tht United States of America in Congreu auembled. That
the Secrotary of the Treasury be, and ho is hereby, au
tborlxed to give notice to the owners of the building in '■
Sow York city known as the Merchants' Exchange, and *
occupied as a custom-house, of tbe Intention of the United J. 1
FUtettopuichasethesame, f.rthe sum of one million fl
dollar*, in accordance with the terms stipulated lv the 9
existing leas* of tb* property to the government. L
Appro Tod, January 25,1865. - ' pi
[N~lo.| U
JWT Rjr-OUJT-0.. reserving Mineral Lands from the T i
Operation of all Acts, p„.ed ,t _, «„, Se M ion™f the _
Tbtrty-.igbthCong.es., granting Lands, IT xt.udh.g m
the Time of former Grants. ' —»—«—■ pi
Bt it resolved by the Senate ami ffotitt of __»_____ JU
ofthe United Statet of America in -_J_-_a J?
That no act passed at th* first session ot the thirty einhih hi
-ongrett, granting land* to states or corporation,' to ai ,„
in tb* comtruction of road* or for other purposes or ti
•xt.nd thr time of grant* her*tofore made, shall i„ .'
oonsteued as to embrace mineral lands, which In all i _,■
•ball bt, and are, reserved exclutively to th* C__t_
State*, unlcst othsrwlto specially provided in the _. ior J "
Hta making tb* grant.
Appioved, January SO, 186 S.
[NoT"u.] It
A Rf-Oiri-O** tubmlttiog to tbe Legialaturot of tbo 1 \
■evtral Stat*a a Piopoaltion tv amend tb* Conatitutlou I '
Of tbe United State*. I
Resolved by tht Senate and Bouse _<./ Representatives of I
titt Unittd Stales if Amtrica in Congress assembled, (ruin I
(.ircii of both Bouse! concurring,) Tbat tb* followlug
article ba proposed to the legislature* of th* several 1
•tate* as an amendment to tbe constitution of tb* United
States, which, when ratified by three fourth* of *ald
legislatures, ahall be valid, to all intents and purpottt, v
tkturt of the tald conttitutlnn, namtly :—
' Aancu XIII.
Sionostl. Ifettber tlavery nor iovolunury terv itude,
«ic*Dt aa a punitbmont for crimt whertof the party
-halh.vabetidnly convicted, tball exitt within the
roiled Bta.tt. or any pl»ce tubject to their Juritdictiou.
U**?2. con-w-iba- bare ptwer to «iiet.t thit
iltlcle by aupronriata lagitlation.
Apptovad,-t-niwy 1, _8<».
(St. Ift]
Jam RisslcTTtw declaring oartaJn State, cot enUUtd to
Repr*«nUUon in tbo Electoral College.
*-_-__-» the Inhabitant! and local antboritiet ofthe
State* cf Virginia, Nortb Carolina, South Car.liua,
Georgia, Floriua. Alabama, Mlt*i_*ippi, Louisiana, Texas,
Ai a__i..., and Ttnnettt* rebelled againat tba govern
ment of tha United Stat**, and were Tn auch condition
an th* eighth day of November, eighteen hundred and
•Ix.y four, that no valid .lection for *l*ctore of President
and Vie* President or tb* Unittd Slates, according to the
oonttiti.ti-u and law* th*r*o( was held tbtreln on tald
day; Iheref re,
Bt it resolved by the Smalt and Boust of Representatives
ef tht Unittd Statu of America in Cbnpruf assembled,
Tbat the ettit** mentioned in the preambl* to thia joint
ta-Olution _ru not entitled to r*pr**entation In the elec
toral college for tbe choice of President and Vice Preal
dkrat of tbe United Stat**, for tb* term of office com •
Beacing on tbe fourth day _• March, eighteen hundred
had sixty-five; and no electoral vote* ahall btrtctivtd or
counted from tald ttate* ooncernlng tb* choice ef _.*•.
dtnt and Vlct-Prc*ld*nt for tald tana *f etSM.
Approved, F*br _*i y S, INS.
Janet AnotCTIO-t to tarmlnau the Tmtv of eighteen
bnudreo and tevuiteen, i*gula___g the naval force* on
th* Lakes.
wnt.ril tbe Vnited State*, of tbe on* part, and the
Vnited Kingdom of Oreat Britain and Ireland, of the
otbtr part, by a treaty bearing data April, tlghtMU ban
dred and »ev«nteon, he** re*ulat*d th* uaval fore* upon
the lake*, and It waa furth*r provided that •' tf either
™_rty *bould hei*after be deairou* of annulling thi*
itipulatlon and «bould give notic* to that effect to the
other party, It sh-!l c_et* to be binding after the expira
tion of »lx montL* from the dat. of «cb notic.; and
whereas th* peso* or onr frontier Is now endangered by
hostile expedition! againit tbe commerce of the lakes,
£2_7«tb*r M efuwltM pumu, wUch tbewTai
OFFICL_.L." , v ■ v
force of tho two countrit-, allowed by the exUting .
treaty, may b* lnsufflclent to prevent; and where-.*,
further, tb* President of the .nited State* ba* proceeded
to glv*tbe notice required lor the termination of the i
treaty by « cimmunicatlon which took effect on the
twenty-third November, eighteen hnndred nnd »'xtv
fonri Therefore,
Be it resolved by the ISenate and ITouse of Representatives
ofthe Cnited StaUs of America in Congress assembled.
That tho notice given by the Presedent of the United
Suites to the government of .rent Britain r.n.l Ireland
to terrninato the treaty of eighteen hundred nnd seven
teen, regulating the naval force upou tho lakes, Is hereby
adopted and ratified as if the aame had been authorized
by congress;.
Approved, February 9,1866.
[ No. 14.)
Joist I.e_oujtion tendering the Thanks of Congress to
Major-Oeneral Philip H. Sheridan and tbe Officers and
Men uuder big Command.
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United StaUs of America in Congress assembled.
That the thftnk. of conrxreia are hereby tendered to
Major-Oeneral Philip 11. SSherldnu and to tbo officers-and
men under his conin.uiid, for the gallantry, military skill.
and courage displayed io the brilliant series of victori.
achicved by them In tbe valley of the Shenandoah, and
espeeiallv lor their services fit Cedni Bun. on tbe nine (
teeuth day of October, eighteen hundred aud sixty-fmir, (
which retrieved .he fnrtunes ofthe day, .nil thii'au'i'ted (
a great disaster. . _
e*.c2. And be it furfur resolved, Vint the l'resideiit j
of the Unite.! States l.c, ami hereby is, le.jii.steil to com
municatn thi- r__oln_ton to __aj(_-__iun_l Sheridan, ami
through him to tbo officer* ami soldier, under Ins cum- J
Approved, February P. 1866. .
[No. 16. 1 J
A Ri-OUTION providing for tho Compilation ef a Con- t
gressionnl Directory at eaili Session.
Resolved by the Senate and House nf Representatives if
the Unittd Slates of America in Congress assembled, That
the Congressional Directory be compiled under tin.ddire- t
tion of tbe joint committee on public printing, and pub
lished by the superintendent of public printing—the lirst
edition for aacb session to be ready lor distribution witli ■
in one week after the commencement thereof. ;,
Approved, February 14,1-65. I
[No. 18. ]
A BisoL.TiON appointing Oeneral Richard Delafield to be I
a Regent of the Smithsonian Institution. •
Resolved by the Senate and Rouse of Representatives
ofthe United Stales of America in Cemgnss assembled, .
That Richard DelaUel.., resident of -Vi_.hi_g.on city, be,
nnd he hereby is, appointed a of the ..mitliaoninu ..
Institution, in tho place of AHfft 0. Tottcn, deceased j
Approved, February 11. Vm\ ~
I So. 17.1 _
A H-fTtr*" 1 " to extend tbe Time for tiie Ri-vcrsion to p
the I'liiteil States of tlio Lands granted by CcngreM to j,
liu'd In the c-'ustrnction of a l-iiUroad from Pere Mm- t j
ijuetto to Flint, and lor the Completion tt said Roncl. n
Resolved l"J the Senate emd House of Representatives
of the United States of America in Congress assembled.
That thetime specified in tlte focrth Rection of the-act of
Congress approved .litnu three, eighteen hundred and j
flfty-six, entitled "An act making a grant of alternate
•.'Ctrons of the public lands to the State ef Micliigau to
aid in the construction of certain railroads in said State,
and for ..ther purposes," for thu reversion to the United _
States of the land_ granted by said act to aid la tho con- —
struction of a railroad from Pere Marquette to Flint, aud '_,'
for tba Qoraplction of said road, be, and the *nui*ls hare- ,
by, extended for the term or Aye ysari. '
Approved, February 17, ISO*.
•■Til.* j
JqIK; Ri.oLtntos to anablo the Secretarj- of ttao Treaaury 0I
to obtain the Title to rei'tain Property lv Carson City n
and Stat* of Nevada, for the Piupo**> of a liraui If Mint t .
located in said Place. cc
*A__| the Secretary of ihe Treasury of the United Si
States, in order to carry Into effect an act entitled "An si
net to c. tabltah a branch mint of the United States in tho jef
Territory of Nevada," apraov»-d March third, oigbtcen Iti
hnndr-.faud bixty-three, has purchased ol' Mosea Job and li
f'.l his wile, and James !_• Riddle, the pre -emptors p
and occupan is thereof, certain city or town lots iv said a
Cnrsou City, together with all tbe valuable improvements t.
thereon; and -B_-.ee It is highly important lor tb* ln- li
tereat of tiie Ooverument to obtain, at un early day, th* v
use and possession of »aid property, to establish and open a
said brunch mintf Th.rcfote.
Resolved by tlte Senate and House of Representatives
of the United Slates of America in Congress assembled,
That the Secretary of the Tre-isury be, and ho is hereby,
a.>tMori. -J. to receive and accept trout said 3Ios« Job and
Margaret, bin wile, and James _ Ki-dle, such relinquish
ments and convoj-.mces of their right and claim to said
lota and property as he, ilia said Secretary, sh-ill deem ~
■ ulii.--i.iit lor the extinguishment of nny claim, right, or *,
title which the said Ml-*- Job and Margaret, bis wife, «
and J.uin-s L. Riddle may or can have thereto; aud said '
lots and property shall thereafter be raierved fmin public ' '
.ale, pre-emption, or homestead I ttiem_ut, and shall re- ..
main the propei ty of the United States.
Approved, February 23,1866. 5
[ScTig.l ;
Joi-ti Rtaowno- to facilitate the Adjustment of certain f,
Accounts of tbe American Colonizution Society for th. _,
Support tit recaptured Africans iv Liberia. |,
Be it resolved Ini the. Senate and House of Representative! B
of the United States of amtncii in Congress assembled, t
that the Secretary of the Interior be, and is hereby, au- I
ihoiixed and directed to adjust and settb. tho accounts of s
tiie American Colonization Society for the support of ro- ti
captured Africans in Liberia, under contracts made for , t
that purpose uud. r the authority of the act of Congress' ii
approved Juue sixteenth, eighteen hundred and sixiy, on I
tbe principles of equity. ■
Approved, February '23, 1566.
[No. 20.1
Jocfi R_3.Lt.ilo- directing the Secretary of tbcTre-sury A
to issue American Registers to British Schooners
"Minnie Williams" nnd "il. M. Baxter."
m it retolved In/the Senate and House of Representative!
United States of America in Congress assembled, .1
That the Secretary of the 'treasury is horeby authorized T
aud directed to issue American register* to the British ci
built schooners "Minnie Williams aud "E.M Baxter," a
•aid vessels being now owned by a citizen of Buffalo, New ti
York. si
Approved. Fcbrnary 25,1866. fl
— 1'
[ No. 23. ] II
Joint Bison-HON in Relation to the Distribution of Books "
and Documents.
Be it resolred by the Senate and House of Representative! t ,
o/ the United States ef America in Congress assembled, R
That the undistributed portions of the hooks and doeu- r ,
meats heretofore printed or purchased far its use by order ,\
of either House of Congress, previous to tbe thirty-seventh t]
Congress, aud now deposited in the Interior Department ,•
and elsewhere, be distributed to members of the present
Congress, under the direction of the joint committee on
ptinting; aud said committee is hereby directed to divide
the books in question into parcels equal in number to the .
whole number of Senators, Representatives, and delegates A
from territories, and as nearly equ <1 in value and impor
tance aa possible, and to distribute them to the Senators,
Representatives, and delegate" by such method a* may be
fouud feasible and proper. ql
Approved, February 28,1865. Ties
[ No. 24. ] M
Joixt K-SOLuno- to provide for tbe Publication of a full {!■
Army Regiater.
Be it resolved by the. Scnevlemid Home ef Representatives B
of the United Stutes of America in Congress assembled, te
That the Secretary of War be, and he ia hereby, author- c )
lzed and required to cause to be printed and published a >|
full roster or roll of all general, held, linu, and atafl* _ffl- i„
cers of volunteers who have been in the army of tbo
United States at any time since the beginning of the
present rebellion, including all informal organizations
which have been recognized or accepted and paid by the
United States, showiug whether they are yet in the ser- A
vice, or have been discharged therelrom, and giving casu
alties and other explmiations proper lor such tegister.—
And. to defray in whole or iv part the expenses of this _
publication, an edition of twenty-five th-iusund copies ot .
su. li enlarged register shall bo published and may be sold s
to officers, soldiers, or citizens, at a price which shall not :i
more than cover the actual cost of paper, printing, nud a
binding, and shall not In any case exceed ono dollar per ; ,
volume. jt
Approved, March 2,1865.
[No. 26.] 1
Joint Resqictio.. authorizing a Contrart with William il
II Powell foi a picture forth. Capitol. Q
Be tt resolved by the Senate and Bouse of Representatives '*
°/tie Unites! States of America in Congrest auembled,
, that the joint committee on tho libraiy be, and they are
hereby, directed to enter into a contract with William H.
I raja ot th* State ot Ohio, to paint a picture for tlio .
a States, to be placcc. ot the head of oue of tha *
1 gr»ud Ft__c_._ in tno Capitol, illustrative of soma naval
_.___,' the particular subject of tbe painting to bo
______ bythe committee and the artist: Provided,
I tw_> iS_____**f* 'ipenaeof said picture shall not *xce_d .
____n_7__ tui, «»*nil dollara, and two tbouund dollar* T
■_____- !•_ 'o *aid William U. Powell, ln advance, to iz
_M____m_ *° P!* ut r ° r "*• w "' k . th « remainder of *aid p.
laat init"tV luUry »l« of not less than on* y*ar, the ipi
pl*t*-aoipu..J° ■*• •"«-<*«« unill tlw p-ctitra to com- I*
-PPt~*a-_Urch2,l. W . j *
, *^*a^» a __r ,^, - , -J_
petc.ns honorably dl»cl,arg-i, r Z l| 'r M « "'"mdiUd, That
.ervice by r__»n ef ___Bte^nJ___*S_ u _ or •* i > v * lt
> slckuesa incurrwl in tho li r , o of dut. ,' ' r " m wound* or
lor appointments to civil o i._., ii',. ,"l' 1 , 1 " pref-.red
I iound to posses the -»S-B__il3_____l -______" hhM be
proi-r ilischarg* oi the dntiw ol ._, i, 2H__ , *~ •* —•
S_C. 2. And b- it further reiolwil i.-,'', B'
recognition of the wivicea, a. entice. *__i „ "txlotal
p»mun* honorably Uiscbaigej lr.,mtL U i" ug * "*
naval »ervice of th* country, by rra_ou <it » y *"* < '
case, or the expiration of terms of " 1 *- .
apectmlly recomm.n'.ed to bai,k*ra, m, rch_r.i ltUru - bi
facturer*. mecbani-*, larm-ra, and pv_*_* en°'.,^_i n ?' S
Industrial pursuit*, to give tki-m the preier«n_7i°r n !'
pointmcau to r*-_uu*r»tivo mn_,uoii|.s] «m tool.?"
- Msacb *, im. \ •
[No. ».] j
Jontl B__ol.no. of Thanks to M*Jor-0«-___ Georg* w !
Ihomu and tbe Army uuder hia Command. | '
Bt it resulted by the Senate and Bouse of Representotitei i
of tht United Statei of America in Congress atiembled.
That the thanks of congree* are due, and are hereby
tendered, to Major-Oeneral George 11. Thomas and tha
offlcers and *oldl«r* under hia command tor th*ir .kill
and daunile*. courage, hy which tLe rebel army ondtr
Oeneral Uood wa. _Ign__ly defeated and drleen from tb*
Stat* of Teannaee.
Approved, March 3,186..
INoT"_S ]
A -.i-oict-o- to encourage Enlistment* and to promote
the Efflolency of th* military Force* of th* United
Rut**. ,
Resolved by th* Senate and House of Representatives of
the United States of America in Omgress assembled, That
for the purpose of *ncouiagfng enlistments and promot
ing tbe efficiency of tho military and naval force* of th*
United States, It 1* hereby enacted that the wife and
children, if any be ha-re, of any penoa tba. baa been.
or iiHi\ L.t % uiii-it-i• tl into themilitary or naval service of
I !.-■ Ihtttn Statm, shall, from and after the pa-tape Of
this act, bo forever free, any law, us:.k<., or cnstom what
soever to tbe contrary notwithstanding; and In determi
ning who Is or way the wife and who are tho childrea of
the enlisted peraon herein mentioned, evidence that he
und the woman claimed to be his wife have cohabited
together, or associated as husband and wife, and so coo
ttnatd to cohabit or associate at the time of the enlist
ment, or evidence that a form or ceremony of marriage,
whether such marrlnge was or was not authorized or
recognized by law, h;w been entered into or celebrated
by them, and that the partiei. thereto thereafter lived to
gether, or MMOtettd or cohabited as husband and wife,
and so continued to live, cohabit, or associate at the time o
the enlistment, shall be doomed sufficient proof of mar
riage lor the purposes of this act, and the children born
r,f any such marriage shall he deemed and taken to bo
tliechildreu embraced within the provisions of this act,
whether euch marriage ahull or shall not have been dis
solved at the time of such enlistment.
Approved, March 3,156-.
[ No. 30. ]
A BM-CVtfe-* to authorize and direct an Inventory of
Articles In the Quartermaster 1 -! Depots of the United
BtAtea, ami in the Posnesßion of the ..aval Storekeepers
of the United States.
fir-salved by the Senate and House of Representatives of
{},<■ Lnitfd -Ka_M of America in Congress assembled, That
Ihe Secretary of Witt be, and is hereby, directed to cause
a strict inspection to be made of the quartermaster's de
partment, an H'Uii as practicable after the passage of this
i < M.iii i ■!*. .iii-l a comparison to be made between the re
port" of the officers in charge of the quartermaster's de
'ii'fu at New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Saint Louis,
and li-misville. ami the articles on hand.
Skc. "iv. And be it further resolved. That tho Secretary of
the Navy, in like manner, be directed to cause an in
ventory to bo made of all the property of the United
States, in possession of the several naval storekeepers of
the United States.
Approved, March 3,1865.
[No. 31*]
A Ri ■ ..i t ri'.s relating -to International Exhibitions at
Hergen, in Norway, and Oporto, iv Portugal, during
thoKiimmerof eighteen hundred and sixty Are.
WmntAS the governments ofthe kingdom of Sweden
and Norway, and of the kingdom of Portugal, have com
municated to the government of the United States the
programmes of two international* exhibitions to beheld
respectively at Bergen, in Norway, and at Oporto, in
I'ortugal, during tho summer of eighteen hundred aud
sixty.live: Therfore,
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of
the Vnited States nf America in Congress assembled, That
the President of the United States is hereby charged
with the duty nf making known to the people ofthe
United .States, by proclamation, or otherwise, as shall to
him MM best, tl c fact" In his possesion relatiug to the
International exhibition* proposed tn be held at Bergen,
Norway, and Oporto, Portugal, during the summer of
eighteen hundred and _ixty-live, and of inviting their
partieipatijii therein: Provided, That uo expense shall
bu incurred for nny agency with regard to such exhibi
tion; nor rdiall any claim of any agent of our govern
ment bo hereafter recognised.
Approved, March 3,1865.
Joint Resolution to amend tho Joint Resolution entitled
" Joint Resolution in Relation to the Public Printing,"
approved Juno twenty-third, eighteen hundred and
J"_.e it resohzd bylUe Sf.nateand House nf Representatives '
of the UniUd -...ft. of America in Congress Assembled, !
that the superintendent of public printing shall be, ami '
he is hereby, authorized to purchase the paper required '
for the public priuting by accepting the sealed proposals
of the lowest bidder or bidders for any specific portion (
or portions' of the whole amount of any particular kind
Of paper required, for either three months, six months, .
or ono your, the minimum portion to be specified by the .
superintendent In his advertisement for proposals, and
to be ns low as will, in his judgment, most increaso
competition, and be most alvantageous to the United
States. In ■< l! other respects the proposals aud contracts
shall be subject to the conditions aud requirements of the
existing law; and any contractor falling to comply with
the term*, of his contract, under this resolution,-hall bo
liat.lt to the M_M extent, and in the same mauner as -
provided in the lik-- ca.e in the joint resolution hereby
amended, nud it .hall he the duty of the superintendent
to report fully in regard to all proposals and contracts
for paper in his anuual report to congress, and also in
[Mm to all proposals ai_.l contract* for lithographing
nnd en^mviug-
Approved, March 3,1865.
[ N07"33. ]
__ Risorcnor-r directing Inquiry Into the Condition of tho
Indian Tribes, and their Treatment by tbe Civil and
Military Authorities.
Resoleed by the Senate and Hottse nf Representatives of
tht Unittd States of America in Congress assembled, That
there he raised a Joint committee, to consist of three *
members ofthe Senate, to be appointed by the pi est- -
dont of the Senate, and four memlier* of thojireseut
Uouse, to be appointed by the speaker oi the House of .
Representatives, to inquire info the present condi- f
tiou of the Indian tribes, aud ei.pccia.ly into the ,
manner lv which they are treated hy the civil
and military authorities of tho United States, .
with power to Bit duriug tho recess of Congress; to send
for p_r .ons and papers; to empl.y a clerk, to subpoena or
compol the attendance of witnesses; to boar the com
plaints of Indian chiefs, nud examine fully luto the con
duct of Indiau agents aud fiuperiutendents, and uleo into
the management of the bureau of Indian affairs iv the
Department of the Interior; and to report at tho next
session of Congress such legislation as may be necessary
for th" better adminittratiou of Indian affairs; and that
there be, uud is hereby, appropriated out of any moncv
in the treasury not otnerwtt.e appropriated, the sum of
fifteen thousand dollars to defray the expenses of the
Approved, March 3,1306.
[No. 34.]
A Resoution to extend the Time for cooetructmg the
Burlington and Missouri River Railroad, iv lowa, uud
filing a Map of Relocation.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
That tho time allowed bythe eighth section of the act
entitled "An act to amend an act entitled 'An act making
a grant of lands to tho State of lowa, in alternate sec
tions, to aid in th" construction of certain railroads iv '
said State,' approved May fifteenth, eighteen hundred aud i
fifty-_.!__, for the const metinu annually of lections of |
twenty miles each of the Burlington und Missouri River
Railroad, be, and tho MUM is hereby, extended one year, j
and that the provision of tho second sectlooof the act t
apprjved first of July, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, i
entitled *An act to regulate the compensation of regis I
ters and rcc. ivers of the laud-offices in the several States I
and territniies in the location of lands by the States and I
corporation., under grants by Congress," which requires I
that h map of the cliange of location shall be filed with
the Com niii. si oner of the Oeneral Land-Office within oue i
year, be, and the same is hereby, ropealed.
Approved. March 3,1865.
I No. 36. ]
A i;. ■■i d" . transferring Maps and other Documents '
relating to the Surveys of the Pacific Railroad to the '
Department of the Interior.
/.._<...•... by the .Senate, and House of Representatives \
ofthe United States of America in Congress assembled, .
That all maps, profiles, and other drawings, together with ■
Mt-BfttM aud reports connected with oxploratious and j
Htirveys for the Pacific Railroad, made undar the author
ity if tho Government, and all other information upon
the -übject of said road in the possession of any depart- ,
ment of the Oovernraent, be transferred to the »part- ,
ment of the Interior; and that the Secretary of the In- ,
terinr bo authorized to furnish copies of the same, free of ,
chuige, to thu Union Pacific Railroad Company, io far as .
they may be useful in aiding said Company In determin- ,
Ing the proper route for said road. ,
Approved, March 3,1865. i
[ No. 36. J
A __neunrm respecting the I'M >• til at ion of the Papers of
James Madison.
ffUHil th.- ioint committee of the two Houses of (
Congress on the library were authorized by an act ap
proved August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty
six, and umended June twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred
aud nixty, to cause to be printed and published one thou
-1 (!<_ copies of the papers of James Madison ; and where
as in.* sum appropriated for such purpose has been found
insufficient: Th refore,
Resolved ty the Senate and If mat of Representatives
of the. United States of America in Congress assembled,
That the said joint library committee are hereby author
ized to contract for thu publishing of five hundred copiei
uf said paperi, in lieu of the one thousand cop.cc hereto
fore authorized, and for the same sum.
Approved, March 3,1866.
[No. 37.J
A Resolution to purchase Mail Pouches or Boxes of Mar
shall Muiilid rateut for tba Postal Service, and for
other Purposes.
Resoh-ed by the Senate and Bouse of Repreicntatiats
of tht I'tuted States nf America in Congress assembled, I
That tho PoHtmastor-Oeueral be, and he is hereby, author- i
ized to pure has. of Marihall Smith such number of mail I
pouches or boxes (constructed n the principle of let ter i- 1
pate ut issued April twenty-eight, eightoen hundred and <
sixty-three, aud May seventeen, eighteen hundred and t
sixty-four, to .vi Smith) as lie may deem proper to fully «
test their utility aud value in the postal service; and also t
to test a u<--w mode of fastening mail-bags, Invented by t
Solomon Andrews, and to secure a patent for the same, I
and thnt tho expense thereof lhall be paid out of auy up. j
propriation heretolore made er bereft-, ter to be made to "J
Ibe Ft-st-Office Department. I
Approved, March 3,1. _&. I
-.BtaiA*, tb. act of congre*t or the __._. ot Septem- \
h et, lt-O. _Nt tl._ "An act to creato add tlona collection
ili-irict« in the State ot California, and io change tb* ex- ,
•ii n- dUirlat* i i.vi.-in *nd to modify th* existing col
lection dlatrlcts iv the Uuit*d States," extends te nisi
m. rch..ndlae -ba>ebo__*U under bond th* privilege of r
'••-log exported to the Ilrltish Nortb American Provinces, •
adjoining the United Stat.*, ln th* manner pr**crtb*d lv
I ti.* act of congre** of th* 3d of March, IMS, which
-eaignat** cortain frontier port* ihrough which mer
-li-ndiae may ba «port_d, and further provide* " that
anch other ports, attu-ted on th* rrontiara of th* Uuii_d
Stales adjoining tba British Uorth American Province*
aa may bur-after ti* fund e-pMient, „„, „,,, _. t ,„_
to'them th* Ilk* ,Prt*U«g*e. on the recomniendaiiou of 1
the ImM- of ilia Trwaury, and proclamailon duly
made by tb* Pr_*id*nt of tbe *onit-_ Stat**, ap-clal .
liwignatinn th* port* to which the afarnald prl*tl*a__
are obe extended :" P«*-tgee
ti t>0 _-' '"""f o ™. I. AiaiHAii Lbicoui, President of th* i
-Oiled state* of America, ln accordanc* with the recom
ii.-n.lat_. n or U* S-cretary of th* _r_a__ry, do k__ta '
Ware and proclaim that th* pert of Newport, in tbe
siate of \ ermont, la and shall be entitled to all th* privi-
Irgej iv retard to the exportation of mtrchandiia in I
omasa tließriUah North American Provinc** adjoining
tne _ nited States, which ar* ext-iided to th* port! *nu
■*ntM in the 7tl_ action of tbe act of Concr*** of the
3d of March, 1845, afor__ald, from and after th* data of
thi* Proclamation.
Id witness whereof, I have hereunto set my band and
csvuied the teal cf th* Cnltad Bute* to be aifixed.
Done at the city of ffubington thu •ighu*nth
day of Ai_g.it, la (tt*y*_ of «v lot. out l_o»
ft. i.l .and eight hundred and tixty-fonr, and or the
f Independence of th* United State* of Americn
theelghty-ninth. _„___,. __„„„
f By the President: .
I Waul* H. SrWARO, Stcrttary of State.
] —
[No. 20.]
It hat pleased Almighty Ood to prolong onr national
, lifo another year, defending us with His guarding care
against unfriendly designs from abroad, and vouchaflng
to us iv Ills mercy many and signal victories over the
i enemy, who Ia of our own household. It has also pleased
) our Heavenly Futher to favor as well our cltizeui iv tbeir
, homes aa our soldiers In tkeir camps, and our sailors ou
• the rivors and leas, with unusual health. He has largely
augmented our free population by emancipation and by
Immigration, while Hh has opened to us new sources of
wealth, and has crowned the labor of our working men
in every department of industry with abundant rewards.
r Moreover, He has beeu pleased to animate aud inspire
i our minds and hearts with fortitude, courage, and reso
, lution sufficient for the great trial oi civil war into
which we have beeu brought by our adherence a* a nn
r tion to the cause of freedom and humanity, and to
[ afford to us reasonable hopes of an ultimate and happy
, deliverance from all our dangers and afflictions:
Now, Hirer.-*, I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the
". United Suites, do hereby appoint and set apart the last
Thursday or November uext aa a day which I desire to
be observed by all my fellow-citlzent, wherever they
may then be, as a day nf thanksgiving nnd praise tn
' Almighty Ood, the lieneflcent Creator and Ruler of the
r Universe". And I to farther recommend to my Icllow
cithens aforesaid, that, on that occasion, they do revo
i reutly humble themaelvns in the dust, and from thence
!• offer up penitent and fervent prayers and supplications
to the Oreat Disposer of events lor a return of the in
estimable blessings of peace, union, and harmony
throughout tho laud whicli it has pleased him to assign
as a dwelling-place fur ourselves and for our posterity'
throughout all generations.
llv testimony whereof, I have hereunto let my hand
5 and caused the aeal of the Uniteil States to be affixed.
Done at the city of Washington this twentieth day
' of October, lv the year of our Lord oue thou- |
■ ft. 8.l sand eight hundred and sixty-four, and ofthe
| Independence of the United Statea the eighty
-1 ninth. „ '
'By the President: '
William EL Seward, Secretary of Stale.
[No. 21.]
I Wh-REAH, tha Cougress of tho Unitod Statei pasiad an
r act, which was approved on tho 21st day of March last,
entitled " An act to euable the peoplo of Nevada to form
a constitution and State government, and for the admia
' lion of inch State Into tho Union on an equal footing
with the original States;"
And whoreas thu said constitution and State govern
ment have been formed, pursuant to the conditions pre
scribed by tho filth section of tho act of Congress afore
said, and tho certificate required by the said act, and also
a copy of tho constitution aud ordinances, have been
submitted to the President of the Unitod States:
Now, therefore, be it knew, that I, Abraham Lincoln,
President of the United Stutes, In accordanco with the
duty imposed upon me by the act of Congress aforesaid,
do hereby declare .tot proclaim that the said Statu of
Nevada Is admitted Into the Union on an equal looting
witli the original Statos.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and
caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.
Bono at tbo city of Washington thi* thirty-first
day of Oc ober, in tho year of our Lord ono tbou
[L. s. ] sand eight hundred and sixty-four, and of the
ludep.ndencc uf tho Unittd States tht eighty
By tbo Presldont I
Wulum U 9_WARI>, Stcrttary of Stat,.
[No. 22.]
Whereas by my Proclamation of the nineteenth of
April, one thouiand eight lniii.li ed and sixty-one, it was
declared that tl.e ports of ccrtalu Statet, Including those
of Norfolk, In the Stateof Virginia [and] Feruandiua aud
Pensacola, iv tho State of Florida, were, for reasons
therein set forth, Intended to be placed uuder blockade;
aud wheroas the aaid ports woro silbsequeutly blockaded
accordingly, but having, for some time past, been in the
military possession of the United States, It Is deemed uil
viiablo'that they should bo opened tv domestic and foreign
Now, tb.ireful.■. be it known that I, Auß.iti m Lincoln,
President uf the United States, pursuant to the authority
in me vested by the fifth section of the net of Congress
approved ou the 18th of July, 1801, entitled "An act fur
ther to provide for th* cullcctlou of duties on imports,
and for other purposes," do hereby declare that the block
ade of tbe said ports of Norfolk, Fernandina, and Pensa- **
cola, shall so fur ceuso nnd determine, from and after the
first day of December n*xt, tbat commercial intercourse
with those ports, except as to persons, things, and Infor
mation contraband of war, may, from that time, be car
ried on, subject tv the laws of the United States, to the
limitations, and in purduuticc of tho regulations which
may be prescribed by tlio Secrebiry of the Treasury, and
to Buch military and uaval regulation* aa al* now iv force,
or may hereafter be found necessary.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and
caused the seal of the United Statei to be affixed.
Done at the city of Washington, thia nlnoteenth
day of November, in the year of our Lord one
[l. I.] thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, and of
the I ..dependence of the Uuited States the eighty
By the President:
William 11. Sewaid, Secretary of State.
Whereas by the act approved July 4,186-., entitled
"An act further to regulate and provide for the enrolling
aud calling out the national forces, and for other pur
poses," it ia provided tliat tho President of the United
states may, " at his discretion, at any time hereafter,call I
for any uumber of men, as volunteers, for the respective
terms of one, two, and three years, tat military service,"
and " that in case the quota, or auy part thereof, of any
town, township, want of a city, precinct, or election dis
trict, or of any county uot bu subdivided, shall uot be
filled within tho space of fifty days after audi call, then
the Presideut shall immediately order a draft for oneyoar
to fill such quota, or any part thereof, which may be
And whereas by the credits allowed iv accordance with
the act of Congress, on the call for five hundred thousand ,
men, made July IMb. Is. I, the number of men to be ob- i
tamed under that cull was reduced to two hundred and
eighty thousand; and whereas tho operations of the ,
enemy in certain States have rendered it impracticable to ,
procure from them their full quotas of troops under said
call; and whereas, from the foregoing causes, but two
hundred and forty thousand men havo been pHt Into the
army, navy antl marino corps under tbo said call of July
18,1864, leaving a deficiency on that call of two huudred
and sixty thousand (260,000) i
Now, therefore, I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the
United States of America, in order to supply the afore
said deficiency, and to provide for casualties in the mili
tary and naval service of the Unitod States, do iesue thii
my call for three hundred thouiand (300,000) volunteers
to serve for one, two, or three years. The quota* of the
States, districts, and sub-districts, under this call, will be
assigned by the War Department through the bureau of
the Provoßt Marshal Oeneral of the United States, and,
"in case the quota, or any part thereof, of any town,
township, ward of a city, precinct, or election district, or
of any county not so subdivided, shall not be filled " be
fore tho fifteenth day of February, eighteen hundred and
sixty-five, then a draft shall he made to fill auch quota, or
any part thereof, under this call, which may be unfilled
on aaid flft«enth day of February, 1866.
In testimony whereof, I havo hereunto set my hand,
and cutiaed the seal uf the United States to be affixed.
Dune at the city of Washington, thia nineteenth
day of December, in tho year of our Lord one
[L. S.i [ thousaud eight hundred aud sixty-four, and of
tho Independence of tho United Statei the eighty
By the President:
WttlUM 11. Sewaro, Stcrttary of State.
I No. 24. ]
Whereas the net of Congress of the 28th of September,
1850, entitled "Au act to create additional collection dis
tricts iv the State uf California, and tv clung* the exist
ing districts therein, aud tv modify the existing collection
districts in the United States," extends to merchandise
warehoused under boud the privilege of being exported
to tbe Hi iii-li North American Provinces adjoining the
United States, In Hie manner prescribed in the act of
Congress of the 3d ol March, 1815, which designate* cer
t.,iii frontier port* through which merchandis* may be ;
exported, aud further provide* " that auch other ports .
situated ou the frontier* uf the United Statet, adjoining ,
tht British North American Provinces, as may btreafter ,
be found expedient, may have extended to tbeui the like t
privilege* on the recommendation of the Secretary of the t
Treasury, and proclamation duly mad* by tba Presldtut i
of the United States, specially designating the porta tv :
which tho aforesaid privileges art to be extended:"
Now, iherifor,, I, Abraham Lincoln. President of th*
Uniteil State* of America, In accordance with the recom
mendation of the Secretary of tb* Treasury, do hereby
declare and proclaim that tba iort of St. A.baui, In th*
Slate of Vermont, Is, and .hall b*, entitled to all the
privileges iv regard to the exportation of merchandli* in
bond tv th* British North American Provinces adjolulug
tbe Uuited States, which ar* ext. nded to th* porta cnu
in-rated iv the "tb lectlou of tbt act of Congreaa of the
3d of March, 1844, aforttaid, from and alter th* date ol
this proclamation. . .
In witnmt whereof, I bays hereunto let my band, and
caui*d the seal of the United State* to be an.ted.
Done at th* uity of Waabingtoti, thii ttutb day of
January, ln tbe year of onr Lord ont thousand ,
[I. 1.1 *tgbt hundred and aixty-five, and of th* Indt
pendence of the United Statet of Am.rica tbe
By the Presideut:
WilUi-t B. ilWAan, Stcrttary of StaU.
[N0"...] J
Waißtxa object* of inierett to the Unittd Statea re ,
quire that the Senate abould be convened at tw*lv*
o'clock on th* fourth of March next, to receive and act
I upon auch communlcationa as may be mad* to it ou th*
part of the Exacutiv*: i
Now, therefor*, I, Abraham lancoln, President of th*
Cnited Statei, hay* considered It to be my duty to l**u*
I thia, my Proclamation, declaring that an extraordinary
occasion require! th" Senate of the United State* to con
- vene for tbe transaction of business at tb* Capitol, ln th*
f city of Washington, on th* fourth day of March nut, at
twelve o'clock at noon on that day, of which all who
! "' t * >mt Ur n* be »ntlt led to act a* member* or tbat
body ar* hereby required to take notice.
> OlvenundermyhandandthtsealoftheUnlt-dStattt,
at Washington, th* -cvt_,t*__.tb day of J'tbru- ,
t o_mciAL. _.„ f ...
rTTT~*ry in the year of our Lord one thouaand eight
hundred and sixty-five, and of the Independence
ofthe United State* of America the eighty-ninth.
By the President I
W_-_i___. H. Sewaep, Secrttary of Statt.
[ No. 26. ]
Whereas the twenty-first section of the act of Con
tress approved ou the third instant, entitled "An act to
amend the several acts heretofore passed to provide for
tho enrolling and calling out the national forces, and fur
other purposes," requires " that in addition to the other
lawful penalties of ihe crime of desertion from the mili
tary or uaval service, all persons who have deserted the
military or naval servico of the United States who shall
not return to said service, or report themselves to a pro
vost-marshal within sixty days after the proclamation
hereinafter mentioned, shall be deemed mid taken to
have voluntary relinquished ond forfeited their rights of
citizenship and their rights to become citizens, and such
deserters shall be forever incapable of holding any
ulfice of trust or profit under tho Uniteil States, or of
exerci-dng any rights of citizens thereof; and all per
,oiis who shall hereafter desert the military or naval
service and all persons who, being duly enrolled, shall
depart tiie jurisdiction of the district in which lie is en
rolled or go heyond the limits of the United States with
intent'to avoid any draft into the military or naval ser
vice duly ordered, shall be liable to the penalties of this
section. And tho President is hereby authorized and re
quired forthwith, on the pasßage of this act, to issue Ills
proclamation setting forth the provisions of this section,
in which Proclamation tho President is requested to
notify all deserters returning within sixty days as afore
said that they ahall be pardoned on condition of return
ing to their regiments and companies or to such other
organizations as they may be assigned to. until they
shall have served fur a period of time equal to their
original term of enlistment:"
Now, therefore, be it known that I, Ann mv.i Lincoln,
Presideut of the United States, do issue this my Procla
mation, as required by aaid act, ordering ami requiring
ail deserters to return to their pr.per posts; and Ido
hereby notify them that all deserters who Bhall, within
sixty days from the date of this Proclanation, viz; on or
before the tenth day of May, 1865, return to service or re
port themselves to a provost-marshal, shall be pardoned,
on conditiou that they return to their regiments and
companies, or to such other organizations ns they may be
assigned to, anil servo the remainder of their' original
term of enlistments, and, in addition thereto, a period
equal to the time lost by desertion.
In testimony whereof, I havo hereunto Bet my hand,
and causod the seal of the United States to be affixed.
Done ut the city of Washington, thia eleventh day
r i Ml °' March, in tho year of our Lord one thousaud
■■" * eight hundred and sixty-five, and of the Inde
pendence of the United States tbo eighty-nlcth.
Ry tbe President:
WILUAM 11. Seward, Secretary of State.
Whereas, reliable information h:i_ been received that
hostile Indians within the limits of thu United Statea
have boon furnished with arms and munitions of war by
persons dwelling In conterminous foreign territory, aud
are thereby enabled to prosecute their savage warfare
upon the exposed and _&■___ settlements of the frontier.
Now, there-lore, lie it known that I, Auk ul vi Lincoln
President of the United States of America, do hereby
proclaim and direct that all persons detected iv that ne
farious traffic shall bo arrested and tried by court-mar
tial at the nearest military post, and, If convicted, shall
receive tho punishment due to th"ir desert..
Iv wittiest whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and
cauteJ the aealoi* the United State* to be allixod-
Dutie At the city of Washington, thi- seventeenth
ilav of March, lv tho year of our Lord .me lliou
[_. I ] tend eight hundred aud lixty-flvu, aud ofthe
Independence of tb* Uuited Statet tho eighty
By the Presideut:
Wiuiah U. StwaßD, _*e_r.farj" of Statt.
AN Act to itutiiui i/o tho Is-mug of Patents for certain
Lands iv the Town ol Stockbridge, Stat* of Wisconsin,
aud for other purposes.
Bt it enacted by tht SMt and House of Representatives
of the Uniteil Statei of America in Congress Assembled,
That, upon satisfactory pit-cif being mad* thut an occu
pant[sj of unpatented luud iv the towu of Slock
bridge, Calumet County, in tbeState of Wiscon-in, ivWcii
bat, by treaty or otherwise, ban allotted touny indffiil
uul i.H'iiibi'i ■_ vi ilif Stockbridge or Munte* trilio ot In
diana, aro the purcliattrs, grantee*, or lu-igueca ofsuch
member* of said tribes, the Presideut ol'tlia United States
be auili"! v.d to issue patents for the land so occupied to
•uch purchasers, grantees, or assignees, respectively;
Provided, That lv case of conflicting claims to any of the
lot. of laud the commissioner ol the general laud office is
authorized to hoar tho prout, ofthe respective claimants,
and to decide whicli ol such claimants, aro justly entitled
to aaid land, anil patents sha.l bo issued iv axordauce
with such decision.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That patents issued
according to this act shall vest in the pateuteo titlu to the
land di.y'i il'.'! In such patent, In ice simple, subject to
any valid lien or incumbrance thereon created by suid
patentee or those under whom he claims.
Ssc. 3. And beit further enacted, That iho lot* of land
in said town of Sto.kbrl.lg.. bol-uging to tho United
Statea, not hereiubelbre directed to be patented, shall be
attached to ami form a part of tho Mcll.i-ha luud district,
and if, iv the oplnlou vi the commissioner of th? general
land ofiice, it shall be for the public iiitcn-t, tho samo may
be*oid at tbeniiniiiium prico ol three dol iart per acre fur
lot* fronting on Lake Winnebago, five dollnrs per acre lor
tho two tiers of lots fronting un the military road, uuo
tier of lota ou each sidu thereof, and two dollars and fifty
cents per acre for the residue of said land to actual
settlers thereou pusscsßlngthe qualifications requisite to
acquire pre-emption rights, who shall prove to the satis
faction of the register of the laud-office at Menashn, Wis
consin, that he or she has made improvements to the
value of nut less than fifty dollars, and is actually resid
ing upon the land; the tiino of paying the purchase price
may be extendeil for a period not exceeding ono year
from the passage of this act: Provided, That uo such
actual settler shall bo permitted to preempt moro than
two contiguous lots uu which he or she has made im
provements of tiie value of not less than one hundred
dollars. The lauds nut sold within one year as herein
before provided, shall be brought Into market and sold at
not lest tbau the minimum prices fixed by this act.
Approved, March S, 1865.
A*. ACT to qtilot Titles ln Favor of Parties in actual Pos
session* of Lands situated iv the District of Columbia.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa
tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
Tbat all deeds heretofore recorded in the land records ol
tho District of Columbia, which have been executed and
acknowledged by renames covert (their husbands having
signed and sealed the aame) for conveying any real estate,
or interest therein, situated in said district; nnd all ac
knowledgements of deeds heretofore recorded, as afore
said, which have been made by f.inmes covert (whether
they have executed the deed or not) for the purpose of
releasing their claims to dower in tho lands described
therein, situated as albrcßuid, in which acknowledgements
the form prescribed by law baa not been followed; and
all deed* heretofore recorded, as aforesaid, which have
been executed and acknowledged by an uttoruey-lii-lact,
duly appointed for conveying real estate situated in said
district; and all deeds heretofore recorded, as aforesaid,
executed and acknowledged, or only acknowledged by
tuch attorney iu-fact, for conveying real estate situated
in laid district, as to which the acknowledgement waa
made before offlcere different from those before whom
proof of the power of attorney waa made, aud as to
which the power of attorney was proved before only one
justice of tho poace; and all deeds heretofore executed
and recorded as uforesaid for the purpose of conveying
land situated In said district, acknowledged out ol
the District of Columbia, belore a judge of a United
Statet court, or beforo two aldermen ol a city,
or the chief magistrate of a city, or beforo a notary
publics und all deeds heretofore executed and re
corded us aforesaid for Ihe puri>ose of conveying
lands situated in suid district, acknowledged hy nu at
torney-in-fact, d.ly appointed, or by an officer of a cor
poration, duly authorized, who has acknowledged the
sama to be Ills act and deed, instead uf the act anil deed
of the grantor or of the corporation; und all deeds hero
tofore executed and recorded us aforesaid for tho pur
pose of conveying land situated iv said district to which
there it uot annexed a legal certificate as to the ______
character of the officer or officers taking the acknowledg
ment, shall be, and the sama are hereby, declared to be
of the aame effect and validity to pass the lee simple or
other estate inteueed to be convoyed, and bar doner in
the roal estate therein mentioned in favor of parties iv
actual possession, claiming under uud through such
deeds, a* if such deeds had been by such femmes covert
executed and acknowledged, or acknowledged iv case ot
a dower right, in the Ibrm heretofore prescribed by law;
us if such deeds had been as. uteil nud acknowledged _y
th*grautor iv the deed: aa If such power of attorney
had been pruved before th* officer or officer* taking the
acknowledgment; at II such nowor of attorney had been
proved before two justice* of tbe pe.ic*; and if such ac
knowledgment had been made before auy judge ul a
State court, or before two.just.cea of the peace; a* il such
attorn, ys-in fact or officer of a corporation hud acknowl
edged tiie deed to be th* deed of the grantor or ol the
corporation; at if such deeds had thereto annexed a cer
tificate, iv legal form that tho officer ur olbcers taking
the acknowledgement were really what they purport tv
be- Provided, That the certificate of a.knowl.dgeuunt
by a fummo covert ahall show that the acknowledgement
was mado ••apart" or 'privily" irom her husband, or
use soma other term linpurtiug lhat her acknowledgment
wa* made out ol hi* presoqe •, uud ul»o that ah* acknowl
edged or declared thut -lie willingly execute-, ur that she
willln„lv acknowledged tho daed, or that the -uuo was
her voluntary act, or to that clTcd: And proiia-J,id.!a,
That when thoiwwer of attorney shall have [boonje-0cn
t..,l by a femme covert tbe same shall be effectual and suffi
cient if thero shall have been ouch an ecknowletlgsment
ofthe earn* as would be sufficlunt, under the provisions a
this act, to pats ber estate and interest therein weru she
a party executing tbe deed of conveyance, tho record
and copy thereof of any deed recorded aa aforesaid to be
evidence thereof, in tho same mauner aud tv havo tho
same etlect asif such deed had beeu origiualiy executud,
acknowledged and recorded according to law.
St..'-. And it bt farther tnacted, That all exceptions
in favor of parties beyond the District of Columbia,
which may by exiitingiaws b* rsplied or relied un in any
action or proceeding brought in said district, are her, t.y
repealed and abrogated: Provided, That this section shall
not effect th* right of parties In actions now ponding,
and tucb as may b* brought within thru ye___ from the
passage of thii act.
Stc. 3. And be it further enacted, That tbe acts of Con
gress approved May thirty.firat, eighteen hundred and
tbirty-two, and April twanty, cight**n hundred and
thirty-eight. In referenoe to the acknowledgement and
recording of deed* of land aituated in aaid district, *hall
be taken-tad conatru.d as cumulative with th* acts of
Maryland ou tho earn* subject in force in said district at
tht pasaag* thereof, and that an acknowledgement mad*
and certified in compliance with any on* of said acta, and
before any officers authorized by either of tald acta to
take an acknowledgement, (wkatlur in or out of the ids
trict of Columbia,) shall ba good and effectual: apd tf it
shall appear that tho grant er " acknowl :dged aaid deed "
it shall have the same effect a* if he or ihe acknowledged
the deed lob* hi* or her act and deed. And any ac
knowledgment mad* by a fetnnio covert under either of
•aid acts of Congres* (which shall bo lufficlent under the
provision! of thii act; of any deeds executed by h*r hus
band, and hurt tutor.- recorded in th* Digt net of Columbia,
•ball be good and effect-*! to bar nil -lata on btr part to
' »"-... t\
dower in the lands described therein, situated lv said dis
trict, although she shall uot hay» executed tbe game.
Approved, March 8,1966.
An Act further to provide for the Verification of In
Bt it enacttd by the Senate and House of Representa
tives of the United States of America in Omgress assem
bled, That all consular officers of the United States be
and they ore hereby, authorized to require before
fortifying any invoice or Invoices under the provisions uf
the first section of the act entitled "An act to prevent
und punish frauds upon tbe revenue, to provide for the
more certain and spoedy collection of claims in favor of
the United ytate<r, and for other purpos«B," approved
March third, eighteen hundred and sixty-tliree, iu.ti-.fac
tory evitl-uce, cither by the oath of the ponton or per-suus
pr seutiug hucli invoice., or otherwise, that such iuvoicH.
ar correct and true: Provided, That in the exercise of
ili'V 'iii. i.■tit.ii hereby uiveu, tho said consular officers
shall be governed by such general or special regulationH
or instructions as may from time to tlmo )■•■ estublidhetl
or given by the Secretary of State.
Approved, March 3, 18ti0.
An Act amendatory of "An Act to amend an Act enti
tled au 'Act to promote the Progress of tho useful
Arts,' approved March three, eighteen hundred and
lie it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
ofthe United States of America in Congress assembltd,
That any person having an interest in an invention,
whether as inventor or assignee, for which a patent was
ordered to lr.su.. upon thn payment of tbo final fee, as pro
vided in section three of an act approved March three,
eighteen hundred and sixty-three, but who has failed to,
make payment of the final fee as provided in said act,
shall have the right to make an application for a patent
for his invention the same as in the case of an original
application, provided such application be made within
two years after the date of the allowanco of the original
iil'l'li'-ui-Mi: /"<•-■,■...-<., That nothing herein shall be so
construed as to hold responsible in damages any persons
who have manufactured or used any article or thing for
which a patent aforesaid was ordered to issue. This act
shall apply to all cases now in the patent-office, and also
to such as shall hereafter be filed. Aud all acts or parts
of acts Inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed.
Approved, March 3,1866.
An Act to amend the third Section of an Act entitled
"An Act making Appropriation for sundry Civil Ex
p-iincs of the •Uofernnient for the Year ending the thir
tieth day of June, eighteeu huudred and Blxty-five, and
for other Purposes," so far as the same relates to Wit
nesses iv the Courts of the Vnited States
Re it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the Uuited States of America in Congress assembled,
That the third section of an act entitled "An act making
appropriations for sundry civil expeuses of the Govern
ment lor the year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen
hundred aud sixty-flve, and for other purposes," be, aud
the same hereby is, amended by adding thereto the fol
lowing proviso: Provided, further. That inactions by or
against executors, administrators, or guardians, iv which
judgment may be rendered for or against th<mi, neither
party shall be allowed to testify against tbe other nfl to
any transaction with, or statement by the testator, intes
tate, or ward, uulu ._> called to testify thereto by the oppo
site party, or required to testify thereto by the court.
Approved March 3,ISG&.
An Act iv Relatiou to the Naval Observatory.
Be U enacted bythe Seyiate and House of Representatives
of tht United States of America in Congress assembkJ.
That so much of the first section of thu act of third ol
Auguit, one thousaud eight hundred ami forty-eight, en
titled "Au act making appropriations lor the naval ser*
vicofor the year ending the thirtieth of June, ono thou
sand eight hundred aud forty-nine," as reautre_i that the
suptriutcudeut of tho uaval observatory at U';:shiugton
city shall bo a captain commander, or lieutenant in tbe
uivy, be, nud -* hts-roby, repealed, and uo olf.c-.i- oi th"
navy uupl-ved as superiuteudent shall recuvo other
than tho shore-duty pay or hi. grade.
Approved, March 3,1566.
AN Act to oxtoud the Provisions of tho first Section of
"Au Act for tho OoVdruuiont of Persons iuccitalu i'Uh
cries," approvud Juuu uiuetoeuth, eighteeu huudred
und thirteen.
Be it enacted by the. Senate and House of Rrpresenta
tivesof theUnib-d States of America in Qsl&ftM HI
sembltd, That the provisions of tho first sectiou of "An
act for (li- 1 government of persons lv certain .i-di.rl.s,''
approved on the nineteenth of Juno, iv the fmt ont
thoitsaud eight huudred and thirtceu, shall extend ud
apply to the master or skipper aud seamen of vedsul*. of
thu burthen of twenty tons or upwards, qualitied ac
cording to law for carrying ou tbe mackerel fisheries,
bound from a port tn the United Statet to be employed In
such fisheries, in tho same way as If such fisheries had
been embraced iv sold act: Provided, That the agree*
uM.iii ri'iiiH'.l in said sectiou shall bu duly made, iudorsed
aud countersigned.
Approved, March 3,18*36.
An Act to incorporate the Colored Union Benevolent
Be it enacted by the Senate und House of Representatives
of the United States of Aimerica in Cvngress assembled,
That Our den Snowden, Charles Brown, Jiuues Wright.
Sandy Alexander, Henry Logan, Charlee Wilson, Henry
Brooks, Johu Shorter, Joseph Shorter, aud their associ
ates and successors, be, aud they aro hereby, constituted
and dechuvd to bo a body politic aud corporate, by tho
u-iine aud title of tho Colored Union Be no vol •_ lit Assocta
tion, located lv the city of Washington, aud by its .orpo
rttte name said association shull have perpetual succession
with power to sue uud be sued, to implead aud be im
pleaded, iv any court of the United States or of the
District of Columbia, of competent juri .diction: tore
ceive subsetiptious, gifts and benefits, and to mako such
rules and by-laws as bhall be deemed necessary and ex
pedient fur thegovorumeut of the assoclatiou, uud to
alter the same, from timu to time, In such modu as shall
be prescribed therein: Provided, always, That such rules
and by-laws shalll be in nowise iucouslstent with the
constitution aud laws of the United States, or with the
objects of the assdeiation. The objects of the assooia
tion are hureby declared to be to provide for thu care and
comfort of such members as shall be sick, disabled, or
dependent, aud of the families of such members, iv coses
where the proper officers of the association shall deem it
expedient, aud also to provide for the decent interment
of such persons as may dio iv membership of the tissue! -
utiou or belonging to the families of Buch members.
Ise.B* Andbe it further enacted, That said association
•h ill have p >wer to hold real e-utiy ■_ personal and mixi.d
estate, by purchase, gift, or devise, for the purposes
of euch association and no other, and tv lease, sell, or
convey such real estate, or mixed estate, or personal
property, as may bo devised ordouated to such associa
tion, and the leasing or sale of which will promote tho
interests of -ai. l association.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That Congress shall
have the right ut any time, to modify, amend or repeat
this ttct.
Approved, March3,lß6s.
An Act to amend an Act entitled "An Act to Incorpo
rate the Metropolitau Kailroad Company in the District
of Columbia."
Beit enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the UniUd States of America in Cvngress assembled,
That an act entitled "An act to incorporate tho Metro
politan Railroad Company in the District of Columbia,"
approved July first, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, be,
and the same hereby is, amended as hereinafter set forth,
namely, that tho first sectiou be, and hereby is, amendud
by striking out all after the words "along I!street north
to Seventeenth street west, intersecting the double-track
road," and inserting: also a double or single track rull
way, commencing at the intersection of D street north
and Four-aud-a-half streot west, aloug Four-and-a-half
street west to the gatu of tho arsenal; also a double or
single track branch railway, commencing at the luter
section of Ninth street west aud the Wushiugton canal,
along Ninth street west to M street north, along M street
north to Twelfth street west, and along Twelfth streot
west to tho Washington canal and Maryland avenue to
the Potomac River; al_o a double or single track branch
railway, commencing at the intersection of Massachusetts
avenue aud II street uorth, aloug Massachusetts avenue
to X street north, along X street north to the circle, with
the privilege of extending tho said branch roud at any time
along X street uorth to Rock creek, across tho bridge
over Rock creek to Water street, Ueorgetown, along Wa
ter street iv Georgetown to Oreen street, along Oreen
street to Gay Btreet, and aloug Gay street and First street
to Fayette street, Georgetown, with the privilege of ex
tending at any time the road now in operation front Sev
enteenth street west to the Capitol, trout the present ter
minus of said road on A street north, along A street north
to First street east, along First streut east to East Capitul
street, along East Capitol street to Ninth street east,
along Ninth street east to L street south, with the right
tv run public ■.. ri i.i .<.■_ thereeu, drawn by horse powor,
receiving therefor a rate of fare not exceeding eight edits
per passenger, for any distance between the term'nt of
eithor of the said main railways, or between the u-imiui
ofr-aid branch railways, or between eithor terminus oi
said main railway aud tho terminus of either of said
brunch railways: Provided, That tha use and mainte
uauco of the said road shall he subject to the municipal
regulation* of tho city of Washington within its corpo
rate limits. . _,
be.ft And be it further enacted. That section eight
be, and hereby is, ameuded by striking out tho word*,
"fivo hundred thousand dollars," and inserting the words,
"oiu: million dollars;" Provided, That thu directors of
Bald Metropolitan Railroad Couipalf shall have power to
require tho subscribt-rs to the capital stock to pay the
amount by them respectively subscribed ut such time, tv
-tuch maimer, aud in such instalments as they may deem
proper: and if any stockholders shall mfuse or mglect
to pay auv in .t._l.ut.n s. as required by a resolution ul the
board Of directors, after reasonable t_ut.ee of the t-auie.
the s.id board of directors may sell at public aucti.-u, to
thu h glient bidder, su many shares of said stock as ..hall
\>.i\ said lu-.talu.eU'.*, (and the highest bidder shall be
taken to bo tbo person who otfer* to purchase the least
number ol shares for the assessment due,) uuder such
genera regulation* a* may be adopted iv the by-laws of
said corporation, or may buo for aud collect the same in
any court of competent jmiodictluu.
Sec. 3. And I-. it further enacted. That section •even
tuen bo, aud hereby in, M amend.d as to allow the said
c.irponuioi. threo years from thu date of tho approval ot
thi-act iv which to complets thu railway* herein de__-
M ribed nud those di_.ciibt.d iv the act to which this is an
SEC 4. And be it further enacted. That tho twenty
second bo, aud hereby is, amended by striking out th**
wurds "ut tho rate of twenty-five for one dollar," and in
serting the word* "at tho rate of sixteen for tbe dollar."
Stc ••». And be it further enacted. That tho pro virion
prohibiting any exclusion from any tar on accounted
color, already applicable to the Metropolitan _U Iroad, is
beroby oxteudml tv every other railroad In the DleUlct ul
Co-iimbh*. _ ,„_.
Approved, March 3,1805.
A* Act to incorporate the Continental Hotel Company
of th* City of Washington.
Bt is enacUd by the Senate and Houst of Representatives I
of ths tnited Mates of America in Omgi**s |
That Lewis Delmonico, of New York City, B. B FreucV i
Henry D. Coofce, John W* Forney, of Washington City, ]
Stephen Flanagan, William Overfleld, Jr., J. Wxmm ■
Brown, of Maine, Thornton Smith, George D. KeHo,*
.md George Plowman, of Philadelphia, and their utoct
ate*, and all persons who now or h*reafter may be holder .
of tbe stock hereinafter mentioned, shall be and tbov _
are hereby, declared to be constituted a bote ______rS
corporate by the .tyle of the Continent IJotJ. G DT
to ltavo perpetual racceielaq, to be capable In law of •
suing and being *ued, to have a common i«al and to _______ t
bold, receive, etjjoy and take, either by absolute con
veyance ia fee simple or upon ground and la L,.f i
a conveyance upon ground !«m * Ith power to eiecuU c
the tweesary covenant for eecuring Urtpaymont Xneof! _
»uch real estate ai may bo neces-ary w prow forth* c
construction of a hotel ln th* city of WastiuVton with t
such supplementary building* as may b* adapted to and I.
forajtrt «tbo («_«_. plot N*,Uf«
* _ _
power to furniih and equip the same for the accommoda
tion and nseuf uny parties wbu may be desirous of rent
ing and occupying the same, and the real estate, or auy
part thereof, when in the opinion of said corporation It
may bo proper to do so, to sell aud to convey to any per
son or p-raoni who may bo desirous of purchasing th*
same furniture and equipment thereof.
Stc. 2. [And be it furtlxtr enacted,] That the capital
itock of laid corporation ahall not exceed two million
dollars, divided into twenty thousand shares of one hun.
dred dollars each, ond that It shall be held at personal
property, and may be transferred under such regulation*
as the corporators shall Judge convenient.
Sec S. And be it further tnacted, That a general meet
ing of tho corporators shall be annually held on the
second Monday of January, for the election of five mana
gers, and the transaction of other business; but if such
meeting ur election ahall uot then take place, the corpo
ration shall not for that causo be dissolved, but such meet
ing or election shall take place as soon thereafter a . may
he, one week's public notice thereof being first given iv
at least two daily newspapers iv the city ot Washington
Sec 4. And be it further enacted, That tho election of
managers shall be by ballot from among tho corporators,
and that ln the enactment of by-laws for tho govern
meilt of the corporation and its officers, and In the de
cision of all questions, whether of election of officer* or
ill-franchisoment of corporators, cither because of their
delinquency in paving fur the amount or stock by them
purchased of the corporation, ur for other causes, and ou
all questions at the meetings of the corporation tho cor
porators preseut, either in person or by proxy, shall lev
erallv vote onco for each share of stock held by tbem.
Sec. 5. And bt it further enacted. That the manugera
Bhall continue iv ofll'co until their successor! are elected j
they shall elect a president from nmotig themselves,
. Biipplv vacancies in their number, whether occasioned by
death', resignation, or refusal to act, aud shall havo the.
general and entire control of the affairs and interests of
the company, except so far as may ba otherwise provided
by the corporators. Three members shall bo a quorum
at these meetings. , ,
Sic. t. And it be further enacted, That until other
officers shall bo duly elected, the persons named ln tho
first section of Ibis act shall be held to be managers of
the said corporation, and shall have power and authority
as such.
Sec 7. And be it further enacted, That Congress may
at any time hereafter alter, amend, or repeal this charter.
Approved, March 3,186..
An Act providing fur tho Confinement of jtivenilo OfTen
ders against the Laws of the Uuited States in Houses of
Be it enacted bu the Senate and House of Representatives
ofthe United Stales of America in Omgress assembled.
That juvenile offenders against the laws of tbe Unitod
States, belne under the age of sixteen years, and who
may hereafter be convicted of crime by nny court of the
United Statee, tho punishment whereof shnll be im
prisonment, shall bo confined .luring the term ofsentenco
in toino boat of refuge to be desi.-nate.! by the Secretary
of the Interior, and shall be transported and deliverod to
the warden or keeper of such house of _____! by the mar
shal of the di.trict whero bucli shall have occurred; or ii
such conviction be bail In tho District of Columbia, then,
and in such rase, thu transportation and delivery shall bo
by tbe warden of the Jail ol' aaid district, and the reason
able actual expeuse of the transportation, necessary Bub
-istence, and biro, and transportation of assistants and
the marshal or warden, only, shall be paid by the Secre
tary of tho Interior, out ul' the judiciary fund.
Sec'_. And be it further enacted, That it shall bo the
duty ofthe Secretary of the Interior to contract with tho
managers or Mnoßl having control of euch houses of
refuge toi' the lmptii oniiicnt, mil'.istence, and proper em
ployment of all such juvenile .ilVeii<ler«, mid to give the
several courts of tiie United Statea nud of the District of
Columbia notice of the places so provided lor thoconflne
ment of said offeuilors, and such uflen.lers shall be sen
tenced tocodtln.iiient In Ilia house of refuge nearest the
pluce of conviction lv deaiuiuit-d by lb* Stci'c'.iuy of the
Approved, March 3,1865,
An Act to amend an Act .milled " An Act to provM* flu
the belter Organization of Indian Allaire la Calltoi nla."
lie it enacted by the Senate and Ifiuse of R.presr.:i!ii!iriS
ofthe United States of America in CmgrcssussirtNeei, That
the sum of sixty thousand dollars, or so much thereof ns
may be necostiary, bo, and tho sat.io is lioreby, appropri
ated, out of nny untiey In the treasury not otheriviso ap
propri.ited, for tho purpose of enabling tba Secretiuy of
lie Interior to pay tho sutlers In Hoop* Valley, Cali
fornia, fur their iniprovemeius on tho Indian reservation
therein: I'rovideil. That before ihe nmi or any put of
the money hereby appropriated shall bo p.id, tn. sniu
!ii'|. "i men!,-hail bo appraised by tbo snpeiiiiti'iiilei.t
of lii'li-trtilfalrs, tbo Indian agent ntoaiil reservation,
and thu surveyor-general of CMifornia; aod If. in the
opinion of tlio ..cretary of th. Interior, tbeir appraise
ment shnll be reasonable, and slmll not in the ~_greg
ate exctod the turn herein appropriated, the said Secro-
J tary is hereby authorized ti apply tlio same, or to
1 much thereof as may bo necessary, lv payment fur
the said improvements, taking tho proper releases
I therol'or: And provided, further, That tho moueys
hereby appropriated bo reimbursed from the proceed* ._
the antes uf liidinu reservations iv RflJd Slat* under the
provisions of tho OOt to provide for tlte bettor organiza
tion of Imli.ni uifnir- in California, approved April eight,
eighteen hundred uud *i_ty-..iti'.
Approveil, March U, 1.65.
An Act authorizing the Secretary of tho Treninry to
lease or sell cot tain Property of the United States situ
ated at Rath, iv the Statu ol Maine.
Be it'eiiaeted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United States of America in Congress assembled.
That the Secretary of tlio Trtttury is hereby authorized
to lease thu wharf property belonging to the United Statos
.dilated at Bath, in the St it 1 - of Maine, for a term of
years, the lessee making all repairs thereupon; or be may
sell tht same at his discretion if it is no lunger in us., or
require il lor tbo public service, and he is lim.'l.y author
ized to make, execuls, und deliver all needful conveyan
ces to the purchaser or purchaser* thereof.
Appiovcd, March 3, lie.
An Act to increaso the pay of Midshipmen and others.
Be it enactedhy the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United Slates of America in (Migress assembled,
That midshipmen, after their final academic examination
ami until their promotion tv the grade of ouslgn, shall be
paid at the rate of eight huudred dollars per annum, while
on sea service.
Sec 2. And be it further enacted, That acting musters*
mates Bhall be styled mates, and tho Secretary of th*
Navy is hereby authorized to increato their pay to a turn
uot exceeding sixty dollars per month.
Stc. -. And be it further enacted, That horeaftor mates
may be rated, under authority of the Secretary of the
Navy, from seamen and ordinary seamen, who have en
listed in the naval service fur nut less than two years, and
such rating of an enlist" 1 man, or his uppuiiituu .it as an
ullicer, -hall not ditcliurg, him from his euliitment.
Sec. 4. And tie it further enacted. Thut uo person ap
pointed or ruled mi officer or clerk iv tho nuvy shall re
ceive any bounty while holding an nppointmunt.
, Slc 6. And be it further enacted. That all act* or parts
of acts which are inconsistent with thu provisions uf thia
act nre hereby repealed.
Bee. 6. An- be it further enacted, That acting passed
assistant surgeons and actiug surgeons may he appuinteil
in the same manner as noting nssi.tant surgeons are now
appointed, who shall receive the compensation of their
respective grade*.
Approved, March 3,1865.
An Act to incorporate tin, " Capitol Hotel Company," in
Washington City, District of Columbia.''
Be it enacted by the Senate and Bouse of llepresentatiivi
of the United States of America in Congress assembled.
That Charles C. Little and A. C. Washburn, of Boston, iv
tho Stateof Mnisiichuictti 1 tleorge Polsom, Charles A.
Stetson, und Frank 51oore, of New York city, iv tlio State
of Ne- York; and Z. (J, Kuhbina, of Wushlngtun, lv the
District uf Columbia, and their associates and successors,
be, and they aro hereby, incorporated and made a body
corporate, by the name of "Th., Capitol Hotel Company,"
and by that name may suo and be sued, plead uud be im
pleaded, iv any court of law or equity, of competent Ju
risdiction, und be entitled to not and exercise all the pow.
er*, rights, uud privileges incident to such corpurntiou,
for the purpose of establishing and maintaining in said
city of Washington, building or buildings for a hotel,
witli rooms, shops, and offices, to be used therefor unci
therewith ; and Ihey may purchase nnd bold real and per
sonal estate required and convenient tltctelor; aud may,
afier construction thereof, sell, convey, or loaae, and re
ceive root therefor, in w Uolo or iv part, as they may
choose and fliul for the Interest of said corporation.
Sec 2. And be it further enacted. That the capital itock
of s.ii'l corporation ahull not exceed tho inni of ouo mil
lion five hundred thousand dollars, and thnt the ttock
shall be divided into shares ol ouo thousand dollars each,
and shall be deemed personal properly, trunsleinble In
such luauuer as tbe said corporation by its by-laws may
direct. * *
Sec 3. Andbt it further enacted, Thut tbegovernment
and direction ot thu aflairs of the c rparrton shall be In
vested in a board uf directors, not less ih-n five in num
ber, who shall be elected by the stockholders at their an
nual meeting, which shall lie held on Urn |ir»t Monday uf
May loach year, irom among Hi. corporators ami their
•__-___ M and snecettors, in sii.ti manlier us the by-lawa
or said corporation may direct.
Sec. _. And be il'.further enacted, Tliat tho said corpo
ration shall have lull power to ni.il.. nnd prescribe »i[c.
i.y laws, lules, and regulations ns tu.y luayduum needful
and proper for tho di-positton and maul-genu-ui of thu
stock,. roperty, Mai*, nioi effects of t_- corporaUoa nut
contrary to tho chillier or to .he IsWi of (ho Uniteil States
and the ordinance* or tl.e city nl H_lijngton, and shall
___££__ 'V" r , r 2 . nl, " d "■• *"'■*•"' from tim? to
lime, as the interests of tho corporation, |„ theii opinion,
may 11. ju 11 d
Sto _. And bt it furllitr enacted. That this act may bo
altered, auieuded, or r.pealed, at the pi.a.uro of Con-
Approved, March 3,1865.
*!_______ ■ff.'T.'",",' ,° __> Act entitled "An Act to
amtnd the several Act* re«pecti,,~ ('ni,vr___it»ennl_*'.
Ed February third, cMi J__
.here.. " Aaai " 0n and Amen-lmsnt
_*•<__. _-_s__. -!.___ _?*_" and Btu - If Eeprcsctatives
f. .. tl-?. r.-i-},- J J ;\ miriM '" Cu\\sjnu auembled,
I hat tho pruviaiulm ot „.i|_ act shall extend to and Inl
ClU r";,. b r°!,o ! .n!tf _"_ '''•"••""v- *l-00 -hi hsh I
uoreafUr bemade, and ,|,„ii „-,,-- ,„ „ , fl . ,
________! a_ '. M 0 '" "*" "*"" m ™»"- »"<1 to <h'*"'uo
Jrinu __-._£*._£*"" '"**»» - l 0 «*• ■*«•« «*
Sto 2. Andbt it further enacted. That a .---.tod, cony
of overy book, lw.mphlet,map.cbart,n-,nsicalV_mpllitro P n y
print engraving, or pbotoxraph. for which a c.pyright
shall b* secured under aaid acts, ahall bo trautmlt"' , !
of puiiag* or oth-r expense bythe author o- „ -V"****
thereof, within one mouth of tb. Dat ~ „'. .P™- 1 " I *'. r
etor'-f .' k i '' • fwrU " r ox"*"*. That ir any j*** .
"tor of a book, pampnl.t, map, chart, inu-lcal • " ° pi- .
- iv l - 1 1. •*' , -™ving, or photograph, for «•'. .*-°n*Po_i
r ght ahall bo teenred as aforesaid* shall „„,_-,„„ ,°W
l.e lame pursuant to tho require!.- n , „"?* ."*", **. < J < "! T »
be the duty or tbe librarian.- .- •* nt of . thl * f x - . l ,h *< l
thereof in wriiing a .', v ' n K r f~ 'om.kti demand
after the nubile..'' ." n - v Um ° """* UI tvely " m-"tha
livery th-i—""• ,h *"' eol; •*■"* lB de f*' ,, • of 'he do.
' -eof within ono month after tbe demand shall
-svebeen mate, lb* right of oxclutlvo publication a.
enred to auch proj.rletor under th* acts of Congrett r*
ipecting copyright ahall be forfeited.
Stc. 4.. Andbe it further enacted, That In thoconstrnc-.
I tion of this act the word "book" shall be construed to
mean tvery volume and part of a volume, together with
Rll maps, prints or other .-tgruvlngi belonging thereto;
•nd shall iuclud* a copy of any lecoud or subsequent edi
tion which ahull ba published with any addltloul, whether
the first edition or tneb book ahall have been pnbltth-d
before or after tbe patting of thlt act: iVoiiifc-t, hew
ever, That it ihall uot be requisito to deliver to tha
laid library any copy of the tecond or" any mbsoquent
edition of nny book, unlets the lame shall contain addi
tions as aforesaid, nor of any book which la pot th* sub
ject of copyright.
AppOT-d, March l i_«_,

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