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All commimieiUion') relating to hiialnesa matters con
nact.-l with thi- aejM should ho addressed to K. M
Brown, Norfolk Poet All communications pertiiiniiig to
Editjiial ninttrrH. and all correspondence Intended for the
liaper should he addressed lo John Clark, Kdilor.
Advertisers arorennosts.l to hand til their advoitiso
menta before six o'clock in On evening, prerloue to |ntl.ll
Newsmen and novfshojs desiring papers will picas,'
hnvo tli»ir orders at the counting-room the evening pre
vious, before si* o'clock.
M.iyh-w t Brothers, Bookseller! areatt
thoriM I agents to sell tho Norfolk \Pbtt, and all orders
ft with then will he attended to tlio aame aa if left at
lie OIIWI of rnlilicition.
S. M. Pettergill 4 Co. are authorized Advertising
Agents for tiie Post In New York and Huston.
The Dublin correspondent of the New
York Herald, asks- '"Will the Irish
fight ?" Will they? Will a duck swim?
We are daily indebted to Mr. Mer
chant, of Reid's Express Company, for
'.Northern and Southern papers In ad
vance of the mail.
"That was a horrible affair," said Mr.
Mars ton, yesterday, to Mr. Southgate,
" tho murder of Dean, and scaling upof
his remains in v tin box " "What Dean?"
asked the bewildered musician. ".Sar
Dean," replied the funny actor.
The People's column, on the first page,
should not escape the attention of our
readers this morning. Every man who
has at heart the sanitary and moral con
dition of the city, is interested in the
discussion carried on by our correspon
At the St. Charles Saloon, the other
day, a man boasted of having eaten for
ty-nine boiled eggs. "Why did you not
eat one more and make it fifty ?" asked
Mr. Miilwnrd. "Humph, do you want
a man to make a glutton of himself just
for one egg?"
Major General 0.0. Howard, attended
by his staff and Col. O. Brown, is in
in town, and yesterday conferred with
Mayor Tabb, of Norfolk, Mayor Collins,
of Portsmouth, and others, in regard to
the present and future condition of the
freedinen of the district. We give a
sketch of their proceedings, iv the local
The London Times insists that Wad
-?ell, of the Shenandoah, shall be cap
tured and treated <ih a pirate. The limes
wishes to make this buccaneer a scape
goat. Who pat Waddell in power and
gave hi in a ship and all the means of
piracy? England, most certainly, and
England is responsible for every crime
he has committed with his ship.
-«..»«. .—.— m
Petersburg Index makes "no apology"
for "introducing to its readers tho fol
lowing short extract from a private let
ter" from Qeneral Lee,whom the editor
characterizes as "the heat beloved man
in these Southern States." We make
"no apology" for quoting from our
Cockade cotemporary t
" It should be the object of all to avoid
controversy, to allay passion, give free
scope to reason and every kindly feel
ing. By doing this, and encouraging
our citizens to engage in the duties of
lifn with all their heart and mind, with
a determination not to be turned aside
by thoughts of the past or fears of the
future, our country will not only be re
stored In material prosperity, but will
he advanced iv science, in virtuo and in
" Wishing you every success,
"I am, most truly yours,
" R. E. Lee."
* -♦-♦ >
It is stated that Captain Waddell and
his ship, the Shenandoah, have boen
purchased by (he Fenians. She is now
doing business under the Irish flag, and
depredating upon British commerce.
We have chaugcd.'ouropinion about this
vessel, and now think her commander
a noble admiral, and his ship a magnifi
cent man-of-war. We trust she will
illuminate the teas with Britisli ships in
flames. There, is something like poetic i
justice about this Fenian movement thai I
is very pleasant to an American. Circum
stances alter casoe. " England cannot
put this rebellion down; no, never!"
"A heroic and gallant people like the
Irish can never be subjugated." "The
hirelings of Queen Victoria cannot suc
cessfully contend in battle against the
young chivalry of Ireland, fighting for
the independence of their native land,
defending their homes and firesides."
Dost thou like the picture, Johnny,
dear ?
They jest at scars who never felt a
wound. The Boston Transcript is poking
fun at the. English, because they are
afraid of the invincible Fenians. Th
British fright is legitimate. Tho saru
journal ironically suggests that "Mr
Sewfud is pondering on the propriety o
conceding 'belligerent rights' to th
Green Is.'c." All this is trifling with
great causo and a great people. W
trust that President Johnson will cliret
Mr. Seward to pause pondering fort!
with, and send out a manifesto by Sat
urdny's packet, stating clearly tha
America recognizes the Irish as a bell
gerent race. There is nothing in the
law of nations to forbid that, and if
there was, it would not be constitutional.
They arc entitled to this recognition.
But for a division of opinion in our cdi- I
torial department, tec should insist upon I
the government going still further, and, I
in the aptlit of reciprocity with British j
feelings iv regard to the South, acknow
ledge Irish independence now. What
are we afraid of? We have full faith I'
in the Fenians. We are Fenians; and I
there being no reason why Fenians ■
should not be free, we go for the freedom i
of tho Fenians. It will be seen that we I
take "strong ground"upon this subject; {
but this is natural in men who have been '
trained to arms anil who appreciate the
blessings of liberty. We hope the State »
conventions will take this great ques- '
tion of Fenlanism up, and make it a !
slab in respective platforms. 1 1
Il'liere is an apparently well founded
rlition regarding the season of the year
icn oysters are fit for use; and they
i,bjr the rules of this custom, which
many places has received legal sane
n, "forliidden fruit," except in thou
mtlis which have the letter "It" in
■irorthographiealconformation; thin
begin to devour them iv Heptcmber
l cease the work of destruction li
April-the theory being that within thost
months alone the oysters are In propel
condition to be wholesome PI food. Tin
present month is, unfortunately for tin
I iter, but fortunately for the consumer
is highly favored, the talismanic am
jalistic letter standing very promt
ntly at the termination of the won
piember. It is shrewdly sutpeotec
at Augustus Cicsnr was very partial ti
sters, and in fact we are not left nuicl
am for speculation on that soore, fol
Horace, his poet laureate, bas v great
deal to way in their praise, and wee fond
of making an occasional visit to the
coast to take half a dozen raw on the
shell. Augustus, therefore, in order to
bring them earlier "in season," con
cluded not lo make any change in (he
nomenclature of the months following
that in which he immortalized and
eternized his own name. Hence,
thanks to the greatest of Roman Em
perors, we are permitted in Norfolk
to eat oysters In September; and our
people, to judge from the eagerness with
which they enter upon the work, .seem
to be really grateful for the favor. It
may be that during the warm and swel
tering months of summer, in which the
letter "II" does not appear, the oysters
are rather lean, and, being engaged in
tlie necessary work of Increasing and
multiplying their numbers, are, like
oilier species of animated nature, very
unsubstantial and unsavory food, and
only fatten up at the approach of cold
weather, when they become fit foi
general consumption, can be used with
out risk to health, and are palateable
the epicurean taste. Re this as it ma
they are very abundant in Norfolk, a
la good condition and cheap. Our pop
1.-ition could live oi. them, were itn
that their constant use gives to ilie co
tamer • sort of "ancient and fish li
smell," that is anything but agreeal
at all times. There is one interest!
matter in this connection, which miv
lie turned to good account. What is
hinder Norfolk from becoming a nn
Important mart for the oyster trat
than Baltimore? The oysters can
obtained, opened, canned, and sent
market much cheaper and more adva
tageously than in that city ; and
I large and profitable business could vei
soon be established, which would gi\
work to thousands qf idle people, em
ploy an immense amount of capital in
an active and paying business, and ai
much to our wealth, population, and ii
portance. The entire country sout
and west of Norfolk could be supplii
with oysters of a better quality anil
cheaper rates than Haiti more can ft
nish them. Wo think this is a mult
worthy of more than passing consider
lion, and trust that some one acquaints
with the extent of the oyster traflle
Chesapeake Hay, will institute iuquiri
into the feasibility of the propositi!,
and suggest sonje means of immediate
carrying it into operation. We had be
ter have an "oyster towii" than no tow
1 at all | and we must do something
keep the old place from going dow
even If we have to open oysters for all
ing. With the establishment ofoyste
packinghouses, other branches of bus
ness would be necessarily called into a
tive life, and we should have a large ii
crease to our rent-paying, tax-paying
and food-consuming population at one
We were led to these reflections by reat
ing the following from a l'hiladelphi
paper, which is quite interesting an
" It is apparently impossible to est
mate the eonsuniption of oysters in thi
city. Many hundred thousands ar
eaten every week. The trade in th
city is not only immense, but exceed
ingly profitable to those engaged in it
The finest flavored bivalves arc fount i
here, and from this point are furnished
a large proportion of those used in the
Western States. The Morris Coves are
not the largest, butthe finest flavored oys
ters in the market. Morris Cove is on the
Delaware, commencing at Egg Harbor
light, and extending six miles to East
Point light, which Is at the mouth oi
Morris river. The oysters here are
"planted." The freshue.ss or saltness 01
the oyster depends entirely upon the
water in which it is "planted." Two
objects are in view in transplanting the
jyster—to have the different transplant
ing depots convenient to the local trade.
!\ud to improve the oyster. It is singu
lar that, oysters "planted" in various wa
ters differ in form and regularity. Occa
sionally we get a cargo from the Chesa
peake, when the Maryland authorities
are not vigilant. The trade in the Vir
ginia business is constantly increasing,
some seventy-five to a hundred vessels
being employed in it. These vessels
c?rry from 2,000 to 5,0(10 baskets, each
containing about 200 hundred oysters.—
L riless the State of Virginia does some
thing to prohibit people living outside
of that State from gathering oysters, the
business the coming season will be large
and tho prices materially cheapened.—
V lrginia oysters, of various growths, are
brought to this ..jcy and sold without
transplanting, They are generally fresh
oysters and not to Be compared In rich
ness of flavor to those gathered and
planted in this locality. The sea star, a
fn.r 1 l „ .I _tSK" f as A ar - «*■ jt «««» lin
ing by destroying the oyster, settliii" on
the shell, and sucking out ulelfi Eas
terly there have been attempts to ship
oysters to Europe, and the paw, is fe J.
tble, if oysters are carefully packed s-iv
November. The business h^" b is el v
very profitably bo.h to the dealers
und their employees, the latter reeeiviin.
from $15 to S.« per week for their labor
rhe price of oysters has been Increasing
or many months past, but if the sup
)lles coming to hand do not fall off
irlces must decline."
— ———i
The statement of a London paper that
.'apt. Robert Lincoln, son of President
.iucoln, is in Paris, is on a par with
nost of the statements of those journals
dative to affairs in the United States.
'apt. L. is quietly pursuing his law
Indies at Chicago, 111.
■ >
The war debt of Alabama, which the
'onvention sitting at Montgomery has
efused to repudiate, amounts to two
TfinAT TWT'lo'TTTflT'RTr'lr'
Quunr*! Tin.ATr.i:—CoMi'i.i«i:sTAHV Benefit to/Mi«i
Kvrr. Kntisou.s.—The accomplished an.l gifted nt'trese.
Mis Kutu Ri'i:;uoli|s, win. Ims l.i'cn so ;f»iil.fnl anil un
tiring in In r tttorts to plana and interest our tbcatro
goera.luring thi' past three weeks, despite tho rather
doubtful encuuriiyeinont she has received in tin' way of
■laiililnitf, turn-, hat Svrawa- baatM Data evening. A
Piuibcr of our iTattng allliaill. eollllaatan* lit taateaud
.. r.ility, wh.icnn, mill it.i, ajiin-, riatoYeal ini'rlt, have'de
nuineil to m.iks) it a complimentary affair, antl « Iruit
will be it siibstantiel on.'.
The millMtnllloim at publish below is alike
crcilituilo to Hie modest worth ol'the 1.1 lisle, an.l to the
' kindness ami admiral ion which prompted tho khiiilpiiii n
i whoso immi'S arc attached to tin' letter. Tin' play choson
for Iho ocasion is an interesting Comoily, which has
ni'V.ir batara ba m p wanted hen, autllM "1'icollno," in
which iho l.iir 1.1-ii.ti. ini'j «iM perform threenharantara
ana ..i them r. presenting thartatna oftba goddeai Diana.
In the afterpiece ol lb.. "Dnt.'h Actor," Mr. Glenn, the
talented manager, hat wuaautaal to catav for our amuse
ment; to ah great character of the German philosopher.
Tlif occasion vi.'l Hie Mil should I 11) tho aonaa to over-
I Sowing.
The follow ing is the coinplinionturv correspondence al
lude I It,:-
Nom-oi.K, naplamliai 26,1666.
Mih k.'ie Bnsmtati
iftttr Mist: —We ragrat to learn Utat your professional
ongagementa will tall yon from tnrftag Us in a lew .lays,
mil beg tli.l yon will accept a compliiu. utary I'l'ir-lit be
foro y. ii leave us. This wo tender, But aa an indiscrimi
mtti ottering in the drama, bui us a token of our appre
ciation of your unqneitlonabtc lalenl, unit in return for
il..' arlUeally correct and beautiful personations with
which Vuii have graced Uie Norfolk stage.
Should yon do aa the honor to accept, he pleased to
name the evening most acceptable to you.
An.l wo have the honor to bo, very respectfully, your
obedient lervaate,
ii"i Raagiter, W. C. Marrow, Jr.,
Tin i. liottiitioro, Satnii.il 11. 11., mm,
Johu 11. Hathaway, W. H, Roberta,
w.n. Loekliart, Win. n. inner,
¥.. C.Koliinsnn, Edmund Ki.l.lln
.1. Dnurtadter, C. a. Phelpa,
Tims. J.Corprew, .i.e. naweon,
S. Moore, 11. eolin,
Q.Seedhaadt, S. Trarick,
I). C. M hiliburst, Melville Wood,
[■.Berkley, . X..0. H...1.1,
T. lM'.ioil, S.U.Tullle,
11. It. Nlchola, w. J. Cappe,
.las. W. Olawvflle, W. f. Poete,
il. Worlhiini, A.W.Mills,
Win. 11. 0, Hall, W. K. Porter,
n. \v. t iniiU a Co. ('. Vansa,
a i 'liinilierlain, ,Ins. K. .lonea,
F. FlUpatrlck, Walker A Co.,
(100. 8. ii.uerinno, F.lias Sliipumn,
Au.l. 11. Chamberlain K. 0- Maraereao,
.1 11. Boater, William .1. Walker,
Win. .lolin-on, Martin W.Onbb,
James liulison, R, IS. Smith A Co.,
John T. Rainier, 0.11. LoWsllyn,
Ontberall * Kaynea, Wm. Behnoedcr,
.lohn S. Slilpp,' .1. 11. Whit, -hurst * Co-
R- !'■ I.ovi It. J. W. (liiimbirlin A Co.,
W. \\. Kins, Graham A Moore,
au.l many others.
Norfolk, V... September ST, IPC
Mum, Otorgt, dbjannrr, it. f. Marme, Jr., Thorn
Euiliiii.-jiT, W. 11. ttobtrtM,John It. Bathawan, Willi
Lotkhitri u/iU enWrtt
OrulliMtii:— l sincerely thank yon for the very k
• oinplinient you tender me, and .hail be delighted to
capt it, if agreeable, in Friday evening,
lama iiranger to Norfolk, and tnenfore fuel
ktadaata to be nnexpeeted ami really unmerited.
■ iteli.-ve luo yours, gratefolfy,
K.iTB RtntOtßi
— ■■■ _—_—___
Visit or On. Rov/att to N..uroi.K.—Yesterday int.
ns at a o'tlo, k, Cen. 0. 0. Howard, Chier of the I'r.-,
Bazri IliitVHii, who is now on a t.nirof iii-peetion thr.u
Iho Booth, to personally blqutre Into Iho ai-tual oondll
ol tho ciiored population, bad a consultation with
inuiii.ipal authorities olibe tuns of K.nfolk nud l>or
1 iimiith, at the Council Cbanibor In tho City Hull,
! olijeel.of v'.iiih was to agree upon aiiiuo delinite line
, netion to be adapted iv the adi.tinislralion of justi.o »
regard to freadmao iv ibis district. Ina meaUng <
largely attended, and a wanu irelcome eateadod to t
General by .Mayors Tal.b ami Collins end otbere, Tbel
uer.il azpreaied hiraeelf highlygrattfjod withtbeaapeot
nlTairs generally nl tboae polnta in Vir,.inia lie had visited
and hoped thai iniiiinie in Norfolk and vicinity would I
found inallko progressive condition. All that was r
quired to eetabUeh perfect harmony "ii a duraitu hi
laatlng baaia, was the hearty co-operation of the people
carrying out the e/kjhea of tho 1'..-.-i.|. Nt, to i
tii" citabllibment of his hnmape policy la rbgai
to the admlnlitratlorl of ynattca, among the rreedmeii,
older that lll'.y nilsht be fully protected iv nil tin
rights Id the present altered position of af&ura, aiulwhU
would tend to the amelioration of their present belpli
condition, and bring abont a speedy reftnatlon of form
proeperoiuatatuofaflWre. lien. Howard ■nggnetaaa t
beat ini'iins Of providing a provisional u.liiiiuistration f
thi» fit. .I.ti.ii, tlin c'leciion of some gentleman by eiih
Uie municipal autborltlee or thecltlr.ene, and a second i
the li li.iii Ilieaiii.'lvi'.i: tin..-.. [«o. wilh tuu reshle
ufflct rot the Dnreau, toconatUute a court for tho niljn. i
citiion of all matteiM t'liitii.i'ieii with the, colored popnl
lion, mi prlnorplea of enuallty and imtloo.tn carryi
out the laws ufthe Stal", In lieu of iii.i.h must bein.
lorih be ponaldcred as among the tbluga Hint were.
MayorTabbaald the people reoognuied tho fact th
the rebellion had altered our social system ton certa
degreet thattlavery waa dead, but tho midden cluing
baa Mdemoraluud the negro, that their Idea ot freedc
ii.is to do Inst ac they pleaaett, It waa necetaary thai tl
law alioold be maintained, and from the very natore
the negro it renidred atiingent rcgulatkma to rontr..
hint, whlrhehould boadmirdaterad with moderation ai
justice, rrco from all ure|udlce. Hoiirew tl,eniteiitiouo
UehanJ Howard loth,. |„.| i|„,t Nonblk had been ml
represented by Itenerant ami prejudiced corrospouileii
of the Ntnlln1 1) press, mnl Utat they Intel (one so t'araa I
place bim at the need of the h|gb rent movement ore
which he bad v i tmntrol. ami which he denied all i onnec
lion wilh. .Mayor Coliins aoovptad the propoaltlon o
General Howard aajuil and equitable, though! that H,
meaaurei recommi mled would soon bnrmonfeo all antag
onletlp nlementa, and pnuiiotn harmony, concord an
good will, lie eaprcM .1 his desire to heartily co-onaral
with tho suggaaMone of General Howard and the polk
ot the Presiileiit. Th,. conciliatory,calr,i and dlgnjfle
addreaaol general Howard waa greatly admired, and hi
■nggeerloni fully appreciated by every liberal thlnklni
man proet'Ui
Ocneral Howard waa aooorapanlod to the maatbu bj
Bilgudier Oeneral W. B.Strong, Inspector Oeneralo? thi
Kreediueu a llureau; Brigadier Ueneral Mann, coniinainl-
Ing this sub-military dlatrict, and Col. Orlando Brown,
Superintendent of the I'r.-eilmen's llureau for tho State
of . irciniit. Alier the inectimradjourned, General How
inl nil.il Hi, Xavy Yard, in company with the olticcrs
ot hi- Bureau, Ueneral Mann, aad other Invited guests.
Wttota-V-Thellshing Biuack Jobauiios, of New Vora,
bound to Moliile, •.nis wrecked upon ship shorn to the N.
K. of Coljb'a Island oil Saturday night dnriug n heavy
blow from aattward. The captain and Ida family, cou
eietint; of wifennd child, with the era* of four others,
wcresivid by Mr. Oabb and his sons, wlo ningnauiuioua
iy put oil' in his whalo boat and toon all hands from the
wreck. The wreck shortly after went to pieces. The
Captain and crew of the Johannes arrived here yesterday
...••inn;; in tbaattitano,Captain Ili.ks,from tho Kost
c. ii Shore,;.;,.! etpmaad their heartfelt gratttoda to Mr.
«' I o aad his s;,ns, to Whom the* OWS the safety Of their
Ives, and to Capt. Hlcki fir his kind conetderatton and
wnovolenco iv bringing them hero free of charge, and
in ntoarteg them all iho aid iv hi. power.
1'..:.'.i. Ktran >.lita^Mta\yiiltiß||,ganl
.: r. Ifltlon tho houiio and lot on tho northwest comer of
UtUa Water and Commerce stiee'.s, for 5i,.103. They be
longtd to tho estalc of Jiu.niy tlroen, deceased.
The lota and shanties tliercun i.itiiateil, on tho corner of
Falkland and dispel itreeta, advertiaed by r. v. For-ut
eon, auctioiii er, were bid in nl $2.(100.
Uouae'No. 30, wist sido Dank street, advertiaed by
,clgh 4 Phelps, wai tiid in nl $H,nM.
The bouse and lota on the corner of Itro-.vn. York and
•rincess streets, atlvertisetl liv Ilopklits A Milli.au were
bid iv lit $3,000.
It will, therefore, be aaaa that real estate put up on
imit, baa n .lull sale. Everybody wants to rent, but no
no appears disposed to buy.
i'lOHT.—Yeslerday morning about 0 o'clock a fight oc
urred on tho Now Limf wharf between Samuel B. Clark.
he wntchin hi and shippin;; agent iv .barge of tho wharf
Bdaaegn man, named nWanwn Thomas, drayman.—
..tl. were arre.ted nud taseii bclore the Military Court,
lore Clark was discharged theeaae not beingsustnined,
rhloh waa foraaaanlt and batten preferred by Thomas
uoro for natisfiictian than aa} injury received.
—— — -r- -. s.
The Wemiier.—Tho Thermometer at Dr. W. E. Lew is'
nig Store, under the Aliantir, Hotel,)indicated tho fol-
Wiag .late of the weather Thundav :
;;••>••••:■••••■• 1
JXMIIIOT t'p.—Six H.-hconois arrived yesterday from the
•"tli i '..tolinii sounds, loaded with grain and other pro
SotUWMn per RaaanaUp Albemarle, Captain Duuriie.
.in New York. Sept. _Bth : I;, p. Tnbb, L. Ilerkely, Ueo.
ngstor, I. iloitslierger, M.A. 4 C. A. Santos, 8. Ham
"■rger, W. F. Ali.n * 00., Lublin A Steiner, Mrs. M. A.
"!h, Taylor, Martin * Co., 0. Blllups, Kico & Bro'L.
lu-i.,111, Helilner 4 Co.. W 11. Iftidgins, .1 11. Sanner,
Myirs, it. il. Shaw, N. D. Roman, F. H Tfaiblal, Chaa.
loid, J W. A., J. S. Orriii 4 WOUaant, J. W. Southall, and
7 pnsaengeiu.
The Courts.
CoCRTnr Till. CiapoRITIOMOFTHE CITT OV Notrolt.—
•' »' ST!"** 011 ! 'tmaa I'ornii It, Thomas M. Wilson, Jaa.
Pollard aad John 1). tlhealin being duly aworn, were
Pj.oii,t«i appralaenof Thomas Newton, deceased.
Heir..!, WeirUKhnar, K. Camp. A. Obernduffer, Martin
un, ..iitnj tin- lf 1 1,—1,>. wen appointed by the Court
iiWiiilsers of the eatnto of 1,. Ruth, deceased.
Joseph P. Long, a minor of Henry Long, deceaaed, ap
'-■'. | .pp-ii.eil in t t and chose Mary K. Long, hla
l .'','"*''" ttuirtlian, and tltercuis.n Jlary X.Long
. ci John H.Umjm,ht eeenrity, aataied rata and ac
"« edged Heir 1„i,.l i„ tbo penally of 1400. Condi
■ne.l nieortiingto law.
Th- last will a ,„i t.~.t„ment of J. R. Hubard, deceased,
was prcaented inCiirt an.l proven,and Edward C. Brnce.
tne ciccntor thereon, entered unto and acknowledged ba
i *•
hv said will and certilleute granted for obtaining prolate I
of suid will in ,In.■ lorn..
0. Wlnsor, Marshall Parka, and William Oalt, wore ap
poinleil appraisers of J. R. Huhuiil, deceased.
On motion of counsel, tho will of Mary Drown, de
ceased, was admitted to file.
At a mcitlngof the Court and Bar of this ciiv, _*U in
tne court-room on the 28th day of Septeiuher, 1805,
Justice Simon Stone, presiding, was culled to the chair,
aad announced Ma death or .1 units K. Hubanl, who for
roor- than forty years had been a distinguished member
of the profi'ssiou, and during seventl sessions of |h_ Gen
eral Assembly of Virginia had commanded the highest
respect as v wiso and consistent legislator.
The following resolutions were adopted upon motion of
Mr. t'hiirles Sharp, a member or the Norfolk bar, viz:
1. That wo truly lament the occasion which has brought
us together, and remember with mixed emotions the gen
tleness ami inodiHiv. the uintiliii-ss. fidelity, social worth
anil professional ability which distinguished the long and
active career of our departed friend.
It we will, In memory of the loss wo have sus
this sad dispensation, wear grape on the left arm
y days,
t these resolution?!, with our profouiid.isl Hympa
communicated to his familyi and that/byor.
c Court of the Corporation of the Cityof Norfolk,
spread on the record of til" curt anil published
ity newspapers. After whirl, the meeting ad
mit then ordered Mat tho proceedings of the
Ulitl above resolutions lie entered upon the recur. I
lioli W. 0 Yeaston, one of the executors nam I
st will and testament of Mary McCausluinl, ile
ivhich will has been heretofore proved iv this j
ipeared anil entered into and acknowledged nil
bond in tho penalty of tIS.OiH), without security, aa direct
ed hy tho said will, and qualified aa executor of the la«l
will and testament of Mary MrCausland, decanted.
Walt Whitman, "the poet," writes
for the New York Tribune ! He is de
scribing the dawning of "The Fashion
Day," and lets fly in this style :
" Splendid August, poppy-crowned,
kissed the eyelids of the cool September,
and stole his sceptre while he lay supine
in her sultry and slumberous presence.
" In the fields, when the late corn ri
pens, and the grapes Mtill (ill their purple
chalice with the sunbeams, these days
are the crowning Rift of lavish Nature.
Among the hills they keep their shining
procession, mutely wondering at the ab
sence of the lovely urban visitors who
fled as summer waned, antl thereby
missed their beauty. Over the beaches
they pass with noiseless feet, for the
echo of the summer's mad gaiety is in
their ears, and the endless melancholy
of the ocean. Yet, from their purple
presence a glory streams over sea and i
land, such as the vanished season knew
not in her prime."
Mr. Greeley, who sometimes writes
poetry, and lectures on poets, must have
written what follows:
h Beautiful Land, where 11,e bountiful sun
. Blesses the bead of MTaanah and sen,
Neither ».. lovely till blended In one I
Path lo the other shall I'l'iiiiileiiniit he,
Magical tlew, that the day
Kisses to rapturous odor nud hue,
Myrtle and laurel and orange and buy,
Purple and emerald, golden and blue,
Yonder Indlgenoui tndogeni vara
lliiuii.r-like blades on a mystical bole,
And, with a vigor perennial,brave
Boreal blasts from the alien pole,
Over the plaited palmettos, abroad
Drawuetl like llriareus, century-old,
Grimly magaifieont evergreen gud
Realm of thcjgreenwoi.d the live-oak doth hold.
1 Tempests the thunderous foliage toss.
Locks of the Deity wizard and hour,
Awfully sighs the oracular moss.
Art thou incarnate, Dedoaa of yore!
Dead generation! rejoice at thy birth,
Peoples have nourished to power will, thee,
Cities have leaped I'mm thy generous girth,
Art of the shore and the ark of the Ha,
Norfolk.—The Lynchburg Virgin
ian, says of Norfolk, very truly :
This ought to become tlie grreat ship
ping port or the (South. Willi its mag
nificent harbor, its fine inland commu
nication by buys, rivers, oanah) and rail
roads, it possesses advantages which, if
properly improved, would make it
second only to New York as a commer
cial and maritime centre. There is no
reason why it should not do the groat
bulk of shipping of the .Southern States
—on the contrary every motive of inter
est and i.f pride dictates that the capital
and energy of the South should be di
rected towards building up Norfolk ns
the exporting anil inip,.rtiiig harbor for
Southern trade, In Septa of waters, in
facility of approaoh from sea, antl In ac
cessibility from the interior it is unri
valled by any other seaport on our coast.
Nature lias dowered ft munificently ;
and human enterprise can convert that
ilowery into one of splendid wealth and
prosperity. We merely throw out these
hints now, Intending to develop them
more fully in future,
Colonel Thomas, Assistant Commis
sioner of the llureau of Refugees, Freed
nien and Abandoned Lands for Missis
sippi and a part of Louisiana, has made
a report, dated on the lltli Inst. Sixty
six thousand acres of abandoned hind,
subdivided into two hundred and lifty
one plantations, have been leased by the
llureau in his Department. Of these
there have been leased to whites one
hundred and seventy plantations, com
prising about fifty-three thousand acres,
|"d to negroes eighty one plantations,
.ver thirteen thousand acres. Near
the whole of tin's property belongs to
zeiis who wijl resume their rights to
ti January next, in accordance with
ireular recently Issued by General
ward, the Commissioner in Wash
ton. As yet none of it has been li
led for confiscation. Lour thousand
i hundred and seventy-eiirjit negroes
receiving government aid, and two
usaud Whiles arc living on goverti
iit rations. Colonel Thomas says the
I'eau is constantly growing in useful
s in his Department, and so for, there
been but little trouble between the
idiuen and their employers ; but he
irehends serious evils from the organ
isation of the Mississippi State militia
and the withdrawal of the national
A Blohmond paper speaks of some of
the best friends of the South iv the
North as Abolition ghouls. Ghoul is a
pleasant phrase, and brings back the
good times of the Davis dominion. In
return for this and other "healthy indi
cations of Southern loyalty," we advise
our "ghoul" friends to send an Ameri
can flag to these Richmond people.—
When they have another meeting it
will not be necessary to borrow one from
tho military "authorities."—A r . Y. Trib.
Five Catholic priests have been arrest
led in St. Louis for preaching without
I taking the oath, and several ministers of
1 other denominations, in various parts of
the State, are now under bonds to an
swer for the same offence. Father
Cuuimings, of Pike County, who refus
ed to allow his. friends to pay his tine
j and was lodged in jail, lias thought bet
ter of his conduct and given bonds, antl
will appeal his case to higher Courts for
Pardoned.—Mr. Michael Donoghuc
I Maine, of Richmond, has been pardon-
Thi I ..in oms Dit long before the system loses He
youthful vigor; this should not be so. To prevent this
species of necrosis use Fragrant Sozodont. It kcops the
dental bone alive, the enamel spotless, the gums rosy and
elastic, the breath pure and the mouth clean.
Arrivals at the Atlantic Hotel, Sept 28.
Jas 8 Ridditlt, Stiff..!. ; A E Crocker and lady. U S \*. ;
S I Halsey, N J ; J J Halsev, Ornngo to. Vn : T M Tal
cott and lady, J A Clifford, 'Washington, DC IT (Iriscom,
Petersburg, Wa ; J c Tate, ThoaO Walton, X C person,
Morgantown, NC;J FA Saunders, Miss Hunton, Mrs.
lin hi .i 1,11.1 two soin, Miss Morrlss, Mr Vming, llii h
mond; X R (Iriflin,Southampton co. Va: W X U Spalding,
Jno Russell, Washington, DC; W M Cowell, Ball; Major
i" i. .'.'11,.it,,,,1, Brig (len WK Strong, t'DS; Cm
Brown, Richmond; H IC Nichola, S Ca; J R Uorham.Sur
rp. Va; N J Brtwdford, B Shore, Va; Wm Davis, West
Phil; 0 0 Crump, J A Parker nnd son, Isle of Wight co.
la; II Harris, Henderson, Me, M Machiiffov. Ilohert Bsn
ford. Isle of Wight, Va; J A Slscod, Washington, D C-
Jno R Klll.y, Suffolk, J X While, J HecKowith, Hertlorrl
Ji C. Mrs C It Holmes. N O, H Onley, J \V Thonuw, Va;
■ M Oldham. Wat Han OMham. Northampton, Va: H
-522. J J Hol «. B E Gawatt, NC, John M Robarton,
» ifgl til*.
PORT Or NORFOLK, SiPTcmir.R 25,.
Steamer deo. henry. Tulhott. linltlmoro.
st-'iiiiier I.ouiliana, Porter, Bsdthnore.
Sl nicer Magenta, Himlsii, Ri.'hnion.l.
IteaiuarCltj of BJchn I, Powera, Richmond.'
S. ImonerT. P. Simpson. S lUgletar., New
I ncr 111 rsheba, Qalluway, Havre .lo Oraee.
Schooner Triumph, vYeacott, liertlbrd, X. ft
Schooner Ocean Wave, ZelUaY, New YorK.
Schooner Eranui D. Blk. b, Eliaabeth t'iiv.
M ier Spray, Tar Creek, N 0.
5|....p New Packet, A,i. tin-, Si.iiililiel.l.
Se oiii-r l.oui-iiuia. Porter, BaltiOiOfa.
Manner fleorgo Lew... Tall -v, Baltimore,
tteatnar Thomas Oollyer, Mitchell, Richmond.
Si. .niier Dictator, Deer Ing, Richmond.
Steamer Oamtlen Union, Do*tor,Coweiri Bridge,
Ta. Iloiids. lis H p? i'O
y 0 " sl A 00
T.-nu. " Tl 9 vr
lUaao'ri" 72Uw» 73
N.C. llii.lt Notes 20 (.n 25
V.I. " '• U «: 90
Hank of Vn SI & 80
rartaere Bank of Va "0 A 25 .
Xxi ihangi Bank of Virginia 20 (..} 26
'• " » Alex Hi 9 45
" " - " Weston 99 f3 —
Smith Cnroliua 1.1 uc —
li 'gla 20 A —
Norfolk Saving* Bank lstuea M (a •"'
Bortiunouth •• " •• 20 ea 2.'.
Gold (large) 140U© 144
Silver IN l(U 1.7
City Snip Su
ALK—Philadelphia and fludson,.-;', 2A.
BBANDIES—AppIe ID.oofdi4.oo; Henneaey, Otard,P
net,Oistillii.n.i.'..510.W)(91f1.00i Fancy Brandies: Cher
ry, Blackberry.Ginger, «c., t>S;OOQ6.£O; Domeetk (com.
mon) 12.36; California, pi r cue, 120.00,
BITTERS—Boh.es, Dral '- Wahoo,Rnau's,Bcheldara,
ic,[email protected]; California Wine Bitters, per case, H3.00.
BACON—Baltimore, Sides. lofi2oc.| Hum., 25("'aOc.
BnilthfleM Ham... cul totird r, 23 j ifie
HEKr—Estra Me a, flß.ooft>2o 00) Mess, Shi.iiOt?. 18.00.
BBICKS— l.r I quality pressed,sß6.oo; 2d i 1...,*22.00:
BAl'iill'S PHOSPHITE FERTILIZER, let per tag,
CORN—Whit . Vi'o. ~'.'.; Yellow, $80(6 BSo,
COTTON—Ordinary, ;.:u,„ :;i..'.; Good, [email protected] Mid
dling, BSIS 1 "..
CANDLES--Adamantlno L [email protected]
CI.IARS—Ii-,e.-ii"i.nd Imported,2o®lßo.
COAL—Pint quality, 40c.: 2.1 quality. 85c,
DOMESTICS U rrlmack Mats, 83.88: tpnga* da
27|.JA:.i ri . n 1. 801 AmoakeagdoSTHi Dutches B .In
80 ; 1., i.il.'ii M. turning <!., 21 '..': Amoskeagdo, 27: l.i.ii
easier .:;,, lianu 86: Delaines, :;".; Standard Sheet,
tag, 86; 14 Rue Brawn Sheeting 801.; ::-l do 80:44 do
Bleached doMa 16; Ticks -".»...i'. • j; Striped Shlrtlne
23a26; Colored ami Blenched Drills, BjWaOTl Colored
Cambric 20a27k
CLOUR—Pamlly, tl2.ftOvais.oO; Extra, iM.75i.12.2r.;
Super, t.i.i'i-.'i.ro-. Vim.. : : s:. 5.,-,,1.
I'OHAIIK— ll.iy. 160(il . '.I pel nil. < lorn, WVVIOO per
hush. 11 Onta, 1V.,.',., per hnahel: BrHti,[email protected] per hnsh
Hours -None.
hUJIBER—Char per thonaajid, tTO.OO: 2d do., Mii.no;
_ LIME—Fu-stqnality, pel hbl_ [email protected] 2d .polity
OlL—Whale, per gallon! 12.00®9.28; Unteed tI.TJ
Intel $2 10w..i11.
PORK- ilea -i-.'/'0... :,;,•'i: Prime 525fi.32.00.
.PORTBB—London, best brands, $4.W: Philadelphia,
' RUM—t2.4offi6.oo.
ROSIN—Not quoted,
KOPE—Maullla, 23<j 26c.: 11. i,■ ;■, •".'.. ::n.'.
lUOAß—Brown,l4'.i n 1 ■.- Refined Crashed, Powdered
andOrnnalated, a white, l-.it ..■; ii White, lit; t;
I'.i. I'i'ii'.
SHINOXKS—-'.-■"»=(.: 10.fu..
BT.\\'i:s-.-;'. in.,..-.-.11.011.
TAR---1 50i 15.00
TOBACCO—C lectlcnt Leaf, 20td176r.j Virginia, none;
in mark. I; Manufactured, eoc.ffifl.2s; Smoking:. ."•". '.4a
$1.00: Snuff, Mc.<jiJl.oo,
vTHEAT—White,SI.OO , ■ in; R0i1,»1.60®1 7.1.
irartKßvs-oid s ...,...!..i.. ,i,.i. , ntajoaj
SOi Bye and Bovrbon. 12.356' 7.00. '
IVIM-:—Champaimo: "Star," »HeJdalck, B "Oreon Seal,"
DeSt. Miir.'.-iiii. "I! I I ," *c, $26.0003 12.00; Blieray -i
c - is.oo ; Port, Clat-el, In cases, $5,00 - c. to, |M
SlO.im and RJI.00; s.iiiteiu,. per ease, $9,00(a)lt; Oallfor-
WIIITK Ll?Al!'--;,.'i7" "
FRESH MBATB Mth tails, Beef, according tacat
.OfiyUcta.; Veal B®locU.; Uattoa 12®15 cte.; sii..i
KOWLS—Chickens [email protected],aeeordlngto(ize) Daekj
».! mi... I 26 per pair; Get 10 02* 75 els.
FRUlTS—llropt . Black nna Scnppet ~-, 10 rents
•orqnarti Figs, «l:i|. and Id ". ~-„>• periioa... Pean
fl soa_»2 00pnr Imshol; Applei . . -0 etc, per t eck
VBaETABLES-CaLUgfl [email protected] 21 30
cU.per peek: Onkma 101 tl pot bum h: BeeU 1" .1- n r
l.iuieli: Soup Vegetables l(i*locts. per I.uifli: 1',,, ,|.....
7:d':d OO per uusliel: S»e,'l Potatorn 7,.,.-.i e ta
Plgn-Hog Fill, 11.00 i„ ft 03 ,„. ,
toShES'lF**, " "■"-■ ■••«■". 1 iV.;.-:
'' .pel hunch ; Shoep Head f-i'i-si .•■•.
BITTTF.B, LARD AND CllßKßß.—Butter BOattati
wrnonndtTs.nl [email protected] eta.par ponad| ctMMM :■:.:,
Marketi generally firm, with the exception of corn,
which Is dull at quotations. Oold firm. Slocks Sat,
tato hunk units in ordinary demand by tbON who dfah •
Tlic Original nnil Best iv the World! The only true
d perfect Hair Dye, Harmless, Reliable nud Instaata
ous. Produce* I ledlatelj a iplendid Blank or aata>
I Brown, without Injuring tho hair or skin. BemeaUai
inline Is signed V. llll»mA. Bfttchslor. Alsof "
lor Reetoringand I:, autlfvln. the Hair.
miglOly OBARLKB lIATi IILLOR, Nlw York.
I. E N N ' S T II E A T li E.
FA R EW E iTiTli E N E X i T
On ul.i. I. .i.in.-ii.ii aha will appear in <iv roUralj
M I! W 1' I oTli AN C O 11 X D V ,
Wiiitcn etpraaaly for her, and lawhißh ihewlll as-umo
'■■r T'.'i-'li eUABACTBM. -ja
Vinl. legothor with
I. W. 11 v: x R .
In Lis Qreat Qennaa tpactalfry
FRIDAY KTBaiNO, BKPTEltßffli 2.1. MM,
Will be performed, Rw the first lime, aa intense!; iuler
f-iiiiK Comedy,called
M.inn:. an Orphan Olrl )
r'liciiLivo.im Image VenderVMISBIKATI KUI'.INOLDS
'i'ut stau'k tir Diana )
To ooaclade with the langhable Parce.alwaya laeeWad
with man at laagbter nml delight, called
Srnorr MR. S. W. iir.KXN
The T.iieuti',l and Faseiimling
\V E ii B SIS T E ]>' B
Willaoea apaatt.
SS~ Doors open al ■ Juarter before 7. fan Ik Slllin In
oommence ut ■~ quarter before S o'olook, lepSS—it
17on BOSTON.—Tho Steamship
. WM. KKNNEDY,Capt.W.A. I! ui.r.TT, nil! sail on
SI XDAY, 01 lililKU I, al to o'clock A, 1!
For freight or peas . . apply t,. w. PATTBIt, .lr
No passage second until paid for.
W. I'AI'TKX, Jr.. A ( ;.'!,t.
aep29—at ChamberUlne'i Wharf.
•STSIA.—I respectfully oner myself as 11 Candidate to
raprceent you in tht nexl Congreei of the t'nit. 1! stales,
am! Lope to be able, belbre thaele. Hon, 11 addn -- rou •■,
your respective Counties. L. 11. CHANDLER.
Norfolk, 811 1"...1.. :■ 6, ltna. sept—»
C E (i A Jt. S ! BEGARgf
Just to hand, a invoice of lino Havana and Ivi
mestlc SEOARS, which we offer at a smnil advance
wholesale or retail. .1. r. DAWSON ,c rjn <
sep2—tf No. Co Main street, Nolr.uk. Va.
ItHANIiV will he ruiir.il v.ilimiih, Kemedjea Ibi the
pi. • iiiiini! Complaints 1: the aoason.
California Wines Rxclnsrirahr
PaMTP. .v-oncfsTtu Agent, No. 12 Cwnpbelfii W'ha
SH A w
ConNKR Wan.-Wati.ii and Roanoke
(lend, cnnsi.-ucil MM I . Bm lies; a.lvantr.c.and liberal
*„' T.-': ',"""", ''"/. ri'""" 1 -" H-. enii'ithesaleo
Red Estate, and 1. ntniß of D«. Ulna Houses
1 ,' ) ;:';::,;:: l ,::! I ,Jryti " , " K,;r *»■ *• •"« *• r~-
Wi '"' C ""WWIISM MM
0 \Tiii;,
nil-\ W H W RoM
with .iv Tiir. ciioict; rnuii svr.upN.
"« X LKWIS' p„ ljr ?l , j.
The Be*t Remedy for Dteeait in the.
New York Prices in Norfolk.
No More Traveling North
Norfolk the Great City of the

Wine and C ocktails at
$10 75 PER CASE.
$11 25 PER CASE.
Blackberry and Raspberry Brandy at
$9 40 PER CASE.
Lemon Syrups and Ginger Cordials at
$7 40 PER CASE.
Polo Agent, Ho. 25, Market Square., Norfolk, Va.
„~,~~~ 1 r_____~~
t C. DAWSON * CO,,
No. 65 Main Street,
Dealers in Liquors of all Sorts and Classes.
15RAND I E S ,
WlllSKlES(iiunlitie*tc!onumerous t„ mention)
mm,iifnt lined expressly for Medicinal purposes.
1"I0X L E S ,
F I. A S X B ,
XX A L B .
We are prepared la supply <mr Country Customera
with everything In our line at the shortest notice,and we,
offer imhircniciitK and facilities » hich are bound to pleas*
no and all.
**- WANTED—One liundre..,! Thousand Slono ALE
JUGS—lor which the highest market price will be given
*«r Ojafak sales and -iieill|i'ioliis is our motto,
pi—l m
WAN TE D—Th ree Hundred to Five
»V Hundred Acres of TI.MDEIi LAND, binding aa
any ol the navigable waters of Ms Potomac. Rappahan
nock, York or .lames rivers. Those having Timber Lnml
as above, can Sad a purchaser hy applying to tho sub
scriber, l.y loiter or in person.
sepH—Ut* Wo. 417 D street, Washington, D. C.
From One Thousand t.. »lye Thousand Cords of Good
Merchantable MM CORD WOOD, at some convenient
pl-v'c to lighter In vessels. There must he fully four feet
of wsli rat tile shot*. Apply to, or address.
Messrs. DUDLEY BEAN 4 CO.,
_aiigl9— H No. U Roauoko Stiuare.
A couple of FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for a Oar*.
tleiiinn nud his Wife. Apply ut once at this Office, either
by (attar ot personally-- soiling terms and location. Sult
iihhi for housekeeping pratsliaa. auglo—tf
T N B U R A N 0 1"",
y l 4 %
Insurance against losj or ilamago hy Fire and the perila
of Inland Transportation,
Call and examine the superior advantages which thin
Agency affords, before Insuring elsewhere.
«epi!7—lf No. 17 East Maraet Square.
■vf~ 7) TIC E~.
The undorsig.iod have this day entered Into co-part
nership under the firm of
for tho purpose of conducting tho
and tender their services parllcularly to Shipowners and
Masters of Vessels, convinced that they can ronrfar thero
materia! aid in procuring Charters, Ac.
Tho strictest attention will he paid to- everything ap
pertaining to tho Commission Business.
sepll—tf No, M West Wide-Water sereer
That very desirable Family Residence, situated on
llranhy sheet, three .lours alsive the Methodist Church
|'~l now occupied by Mrs. foster, is offered for sale. '
I has n wide entry, with two parlors and a diiilujr
in on I he liret floor, four chambers on tho second floo"
eomf.irtat'le rooms in the garret, aud a dry cellar"
ived yard with kitchen and smoke house conveniently
tied, and a large gulden.
For further particulars apply lo
Mast Main street, rour doors from Minuet Square, at
: i. M nt ocoopiad by Chambarlalna & Co., is fur rent, and
possesion given lsl January, 186U
This is one of the best and iiio-l conspicuous huihlinga
iv the city. It has a huge Cistern of pure water ou the,
first lliior, a fine Counting Room, Gas, Ac Apply to
_sep2B—st« JOHN tt. WHITEHEAD.
■N ° T r . c "* • '
Having secured the Steamer
"MATT A N O , "
I oil! commence running Iter, ou regular trips, to >_.
lone, M.illiews ii i Yoratown, on the 271h be r "
ows ; ..taut, aa
fill leave RorftdS, from whaif foe' r 0
tare, every MONDAY, W EDNESD' .• "„, ",' _■ „ i''.'.'.'S'
Mathews and Yoratown. sad P . ,;} »'"• FRIDAY*.
ESDAY. Till ItSDAY an.l
.ire to old Point ...
Fare to Chcrrystouo, Math.'w!-'ami" Yore.
town >i(g
ExcursionTtcFets for the Hound Trip". _do
™ "^^
T? OR R"g N T I '
And possession given on the Ist of Jannary next, seve
ral very eligible STORKS, on Main etreot and Markot
square, in the mo»t business part of tho town. Also
le.crsl DWELLINGS and OFFICES, and a very eonve-
Hent Wlnirf Properly. Apply ut the Offlco of tho Nor
______£ sep2.V-tf
r\ il m or "TTtTuirE - :
This tltst claw HOTEL has been newly furnished

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