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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, November 13, 1885, Image 2

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U. M. Fi.KMistj K.li r und I r
The work f repairing the slight
daruao done sonic aijo to the metal
in' ami capstone to the Washington
monument is in progress. Tlio circles
vt M'aii'oMinj; stirioimdir),r; tho apex of
the obelisk ive a very juvr appear
unci! to the shaft.
Mil. 1IoMI. calls hi- new iioxej
.'lie. iniiii-t- r'- hare: or, I lie Labors
vi Liiii in 1 far. ir." Its puldiealioti
will I't'irin in a winter number of The
I'tntnry As . he.idv stated, some of
tl.e cliaracti -rs of "The llisc t.f Silas
Laph.im" will reappear in "11m Minis
ter..' t. harc." tl.e so ne of winch is
aid in Boston.
SiTKi; rrrioN still has a hol.l on lilt
inanitv a 's evidenced hy the follow,
ina; I r ' it i the City, of l.'rotiierlv Love:
A I liilailclphia woman who has a fair
amount id sense on most sMKj i t-., in-i-ts
that her freedom Irom lendaclie
for the pi.t -M years has he. n (luc sole
ly to her habit, i f triminin her linger
nails .; r ridav.
Tin: k i-s n;,'of Henry Waril liccchcv
by secral pretty yum;; ladies, after
l.i I .'rant oral ioii in lenioiit Tenipie.
fusion, tint Other CYtliitio", excit'd
sonic -nrp:i-ej ati.oai; the sp" t ator.
until li:e Vi nerahle ri llt'cllKlll cp'.iin
cd the :.-iti.;v of this delightful demon
ktratiou ly ' at 'n' that the fair aa-gre.-ors
were hi- rand. laughters.
Ki.muc L. II. Ill i:r. onridfatlicr of
the noted Mi-s Lulu lil.l-i, the eltctlie
irirl, predi t. the cud of the worl I in
VJ.,J. ll- !( lares tli.it the u t year
will i' ii"--: symptoms of the coming
c viv.it, alt -i which star tlintr develop
ments wiii follow rapidly, such as the
.11,011 t HIT I .' Jo blood, till' Mill with -hold
in li - lijht and a general iterance
ucul t I Mill's.
J i i ;i: .l it n (J. O'Kkkk c
who died in M.f'p'.tte recently,
was well known tl.i"'jr!,.,i;; tire ,-tatc.
lie ys.i- Imiiii in li'.-i.wnl, ; radua'i d at
the L'tiivif ty i:i IL.Iiiiii. and had o
havi-his native country oa aei oiiut o
'ilr.oti-ip. i.'e wci.t 1 i r.-t to South
Anur'.c t, where lie served in lie 1'ara
:u:tan army witil serioii.-h dis bled
by a sa'iic wound He rose to the rank
i f coh d;el. lie then came to the United
S ates and settled at Marquette which
became hi- pennalieat home.
At a n cctiri of the Detroit minister
ial union h'dd t'li Monday, Oct. 1. reso
lutions ware pased : ell in;; forth 'That
mora! and christian citizens -hou'd titi
lliis akably deflate that thev will Hot
vote f'-r any man who is ii"t ihrectly
committed to t In eni-e of moral ie
fol v. ith " ei il rifeicire to the de
liver;, nee (e f ty politics from the doin
iuation ol i rcwer-, saloon-keeper, and
the ;renera!l d '-orderly cleme ts of
sot ii t . ;1..! .mm. diati ly after the
party i o:: h at ions a citiens' meeting
.should ! t'ahed to review the ticket-,
and where un-al i-factory, recommend
names t.( be -iib-titutcd then for."
Amom; the political documents is-u i!
by the or!. lnm. 'ii of .la--achu-ett is
one show ii' the wa1 s e rn d at the
state p.iso i and the l el .1 niato v. Over
ti") per cent of the 1 ' 7 men in thest .te
pr son ar em ployed I he p ty of the
me i ran c- Irom h t 7 ceiitn a day.
At the 1 1 t"i rnatory are cmph.ed b'0
men at tin- uniform rates of to tents a
dav. There arc 11" men at the state
prison not ( mploycd in ndu-trial p.r
s its, amll hou. h War en 1' her has re
pe:i!e ! aih rlied for bids lor their
al or. I h ie h iv! been no resj one-.
J he pii.c i a d lor siioi making will be
a Uaticed Mom 4') to ..Otei.t a day on
Nov 1.
.1 1 i m . i. Itiiini.i. of 1'hiladelphla re.
cenMy pup s il a heavy line upon the
proprietor of a theater in that e tr for
exhioti'ii of pictures representing
oharai tt r- in a play. I he jurv decided
that t pictures Were o mC e, and
the jiidn ruled that t he W hole object
was to entice people into tho theatre to
see rii.de women, and that it was time
to put a stop to this sort of thin.
Would that a like s ntiment pn.ailed
all over the land, and that judges were
; p. ally 'earless in imposing tho full
penalty of the law upon all wh no lla
jrantlv post the luo-t ob-cene pictures
upon bill boards in the lare villages
and e ties. If the posting of these in
decent picture doe-n't ome under the
heal o oh-ccne pub ieation-,its hard to
com rive how a law can be more t kill
fully evaded
At tiik re. cut meet n of the Loyal
Legion in I h ladelphia. an order com
posed of f oinniisMoiied ohicers of tie
Union army during the war of the re
bellion, a fonmi:ndry-in-chief was. i
pa ni .ei I with (rn W. 6. Hancock a
commander-in-chief; senior vice-cotii-niander-in
c: icf, Cn-n. 11. Ih Haves of
Ohio: junior vice-command r-in-chiofi
(Jen. Joseph II. Hawlcyof ("onm eticut;
roconler in ch ef. Col. J. 1 Ni hoNon
of I'c-nnsylvania; c banc 11 r in chief.
Captain lft-rl. Kciser of iYim- Iva
nia; tre i-urcr-in chief, Oon. John .L
Sicilian of Now York. 'Ihe 5tate i p.
res Mited at the imotinp were i'nn-l-vania.
New York. Maine, Massachii
fott, Connecticuf, California, Wi on
pin, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Minti' -ota.
and the li-trictof Columbia.
A ma -w in ikr rormtlr lnt nv(r 2 YlO
l u-n Mn,oii'f NorVak" fu: f l" f a Mi.
Wlxn ihe frially rip I on his .!:iV
th' mi tl h.el g'jri1 diiutln? for a i e jer
Vow n.
Closed Calcoa Doori
In the case ul tl.e I'ctiple v. Cum.
mi rfurd, fur k iliiLr hi s;d n eeii cnlraiy
to law . n j. p iilivl fioin t'.ic la- Tilei' v'lirt.
Delo.it. ., the ih l.ai.hoit. l lii. f .1 a-tiee fleise
ef the Sii.it iiic mil, ih liei the lolluwin
( .liiii'li. liui'll.V ililel'.rel inn 1 1 1 - l.in, uud -! 1 1 1 1 -lil
itt all e.l-ie Mll'it I ftl I.y ulilell
s-alooiii-ls ii.le.ier 1u "I. I v " 1!.U-I-al'ier
li oiii. :uil on aiil:iv. iilh loc.l fr.nit
llo 'I S
M..e. ('. .1. 1 lie d. U li.liUil Wis iMllvl lel
Hi tiie otl'ellse of lint Keeping Ills sal.'lta lo-etl
(II tin- lll-l.t ol the M Mil of .lllliU.ll, Iss",, tin hi
ttlid lifter Ihe h.illl of 10 uYUh'Si ill llieeV U
U'X until ti u'elo k ill fie III. ifllill of till' hlie
t. cl.lU' .1 ay.
Hi t.iie llu' nil s were I in I u lit-l- 1 in tii.'K'
f. r.l. l s eolllt ol tl.ecllV ot Detroit, where the
i use :l tile, I. the ilftelulailt lv tils e.lill-.l
in.. Veil to i.ila-!i the eilli'l:illlt "II I lie rniilnl
Itiilt it .hd ll"l Set f.Uttl lillV 'ib'll-e llltil. T the
lu ol lie-.-t.ite, wTiu II ni.it.'.'ii was .. nud
u:i I ei-.'pt:oii lal'ii.
till illaee, all olheer of the Metropolitan
l'ohi e, teslilie.l that the .leleiehlllt kept 11
r-:ilM'il wh.'ie n 1 1 . u-a t in li'll..rs were sm.l at
C.l ill Ti nt 111. I e w as u r. t iiiraiil i "line, te.l
witli miM s.i,.u-i; tli.it the entrain to the
liar room, the only r om w le-re mi. Ii I i. i i is
veies'ii. was on M li liiuaii (iialni ae line
M.le of ttie hnihlii'. Hi il Iho l'. -iu,iaiil aiel
h. ir ; Him were in sepmate inoin- itli a door
hel w ai t Ihmii, w In. li i I w it li a self act ina
spi.nu. 1 hat on the nlnl.t in i(U-li"ii tin- n
I ii nee t the li.ti r .oil I W il - e'o-ed mi till1 a - t lie
wene-s Ul;' at h' oeloik. ainl liu p r-o i
w. i;i in or eanie oiu of Mini har-room hv lhat
t nil ai.ee alter that hour. That the itlie--,oi
I aiiotln r o.Tieer went lli'- the restaurant lV
l!,e Uamlolpll -ireet iloor j.t 11 ;:'.il ..( lock thai
in-lit; I li:it -ail ih r v as open ; tliat the il-x.r
leailma Irom the re-taiir.iut to the li,ir-r..om
w ;-( . -e I; lhat they pu-lied il o"i a met i n
1. I.-, the I' ll -loom '.li-t t.etoie lie Went in
(lir ICV -cV.Tlll per-.. lis iiilr I lie 1 esl .1 II 111 II t
.led pa-- t!,!'.,ii:h I he -priia d'or into tii.- r-
Hi. Whieil was lih,, I Ihe foleoV ili
i, il. st.oii Vls tln-ll Uk."l ail'.e--. Wholllital
oll see 111 the h.il'iotni' iiie. eil to l' le
h'li. hint's eoiuisi I a- me, .nr. 1 1 lit , lrr levant
and in. mat l i:i 1 Ihe . i'eet.' n w a - a 1 1 ill. d.
Ul.d Wltlit'-- t"filie.l that he saw Ihe le
lelid.ili? and . t!iel- at fie Lai and the ..iiteii.
il 1 ell. ml I lie I'.ir. I. Did "H see any li.jltnr
s .Id al that iini -; 'i;e. te.i I, tof tlie-.lllie
lea-oliS L'iw II ai'tiVe, 11 11' I i w I luhd. Witness
tin n j;ave M'.'iue that the t..ill. li'.. pill
li ink- on the l.ar and wh..! 1." 4; place in
li' I.al loom . and also lhat people a el e coil
liiniiilh a"iii- iii and ...aiiu ""t "I I t'ar
room tliroii.'li the n-t.ini.iut i.nti. ! . in tiie
lie 'i iiil'.
i 'Iher eviileiu e was ie. elv.-d.t.-i.diiu to fli
tl . -ame -tare of tai ts , aiso eM h ie e Oil the
pi.H o! the d.-terdilit t. l.dll.a ! colli ra-li t
tl.e witiii'sM's tor tin' I I i-ci ii! ion and that ii"
It'll'- W. re M'I'l ate I lio I'U-liie-
: I in tae t j.t i- r.ioiii
I he . em ! . li.iiL'ed tl.e i.r
i,L!s. ,i. follows "Ii the s.,1
ih 'lie of am )
lie Uii other I
ii w a- open ;
.CO -old to j
l.l:d eeoele wen' in and lejll"!
them, tiieii the saloon v. u
el ihe law ll lnh,o--!
! .i e . a- open oi u -tie-
icstanr.'.i.t .ml to
lie an- ot a,- 1 lhc I
;"ld theill la the f- : 1 'I
. i-ine s 1 1 make- in
people Were In there, tl.e
Hie -ah.oli o ea lor ta.-a.
I'o this t ... I of tie , h.o
4cii in lie' ne . 1 1 1 i 1 1 ii" '
!' I W 1 1 . I I I I
, aeie into '
loiiiid auv .
i "ii and li.,ii..: w a- '
'on r va- I-, ii t. r
lilt lell. ' Low lll.l,.
.lii .pi. -t 1' 'l is, W ,l- j
i in- .1. teiulaut e !
l (Me, I
U e li ii, 1 no error
Il ll:e pi , .icediU':. I he
!'!' to the defendant
l ! .tree ,. l 1 ,v. C.i
If the jiil toiind t!
tender I . hind the I, a
!!,. e-taiilalit a lie h
open it. uud thai
hi Ihl'.iiL'h the .loot
sal i lielil.'d. thehar
with a -plana do. r from
. lib needed : ptl-ll t"
pie v i I pa - lie Ul ii in I
. It u as ,i pla n I. 'hit ioll
I m ll',li"l w i ie s,. I ol
. iii "i;r !. ot the law.
ot th bt.ll'ite W held.
net It u a- the -am
a- an open l .o,j . n ei.tlali- vilh"ilt
il dooi . 'Ihe 'tat de i "lit. i'ij hit- - Hint a
. lo-ed d -hall I ne that eaiilio' L. opel.ed
L a lliele ,U-ll of tl e hand Ml' h II do.T 1
an C asion of I ho law , and its on I ; n .lame in
the -ha:-!' it a a- ill. in this . .i-i', we are in
eline.l to think would he a violation t tin
-tat It. w. aoilt e.th.rthe .1. fell. la lit H hl
1 .11. !:der i,.i.l, IVil.lV to Willi IC oll l'llstlll-
ei L. can-e if al
l lilted ll ;loV thev H
open tin- s'.niia ''""
It va- al-i entii' li
e'.-ons in the ic-taiiialit
oiilv h.iVeto ptl-n
, al. d l.-'ip the'ieehc.
v iii,i.:.i'!'. id to show w hal
( the i ar loom. If the
irelv lorki d and fa-telleil.
look ; l.''.e aisid
Mllooll had heell
Loth iit the main cut! an. e and al-. at the door
lea.: .j Hit" the r. st.e.il al. t, :. lid Vetattil' the
!,,, ;V . .1 111 o eh.e ill ! he f. en Ilia, the defen
dant and hi Lai t.-nd' f v. . ie ii.-id" fin ni-hma
dtillks to . .tll'T- ill-id"', he W o'lld Le imelid
aLleto the -tatnte. L. cause either the c -..iis
itl-hle tliil-t have a"t matter l' or ii.oe Le n
!cli Ill-id" vvh II the do' ! - w . le el -ed and
I. '!,r 1 1 11 ei! her C.l-c ! le la W w ..llhi Le io'it -id
W hen the statute l' ;Hiles the doors to I e
i lose. I it in. an- that ii" ne 'hall Le inside or
fet 'PMde t h-1 ea ! t e Le i ol 1 a W f 111 ll"lir. lit
le.i-t ' Ith the eon-eel ol Ihe .1. fell. hint "I hi
anthorl aa-'i.t-.
We hid MipiH.-.'.l the me inina of the loin
el -I ,!....r' uiid.-r th" statute had Le.-n fails
her. toioiv 't f..rt li I'V this court in the ca-e ol
Ktut . Pe-i'le. Ml. !i.. .:!', 1'. -pie vs
Wuldvoael, Mh h.. people v I'.i.ike, W
ail l otti.
is not alone He- intent or
I nr; use for w i.ieh
the siloon 1. kei t o;.en that
I- . ll.Ts. I, to the
law . t.'.tt riUo t!i" oppi.t'tliii!
t v fie i:i-hed iM i'sons t.. oi.tain ! I'lor-at th"
hoiii'. and on ,..- f.rohiLite I Li the
" d.l
'in; 1.
Mid J I
W e think the
i' nj li" err. a- tie
o ni t I- athrtii' d.
1 he otl . l .ll.-tH
lilt sUlll, ,
lit "f the
Down to Death.
a ident or. 'll re I
A 1 ri-l.t f ul i
a-t Paal
lit on tl.e
navv the o'h.T . veiling
lua '. '. M' I maid, I".
.'.li feet soil'h of the
lie ltlv l.efore T o cloc ;
net -. ns rushed in on 1 1
J -t
1' I
I". Id;
lo-k iitHeit
die t'l'da".
ti'imii r of
w enesj tl."
'de 1 he draw W ;i- j rn I
h' alld a Iiiomeld I ii. I
the soi'O, ,e ,,f the I rid." .
ty ."' Ve !.! i. .na UlVe
; reeipitatln fovtv t . - t l
i-..: ;!.! f M river -:
tha' ; oii.f. he ni.'ht wa- '
V. ! " lici:r. Idle the p'..
f. ."'i' i a in ' he w liter .ilia I
cf ' he i t id je. made II" a ' l
ct the lire Mas
the t..ot W.t!', "'
, . feet W :de 'Old
i d 1. a . ra-h.
, o'.le 'il th" e.ii.t
ten lee! .1. ep a' I
.du alld I.o ,;"l.t- j
. -t-da'-'hna an I
he Lrok. n det-ris
e, lie that Lathe- de
tiolJ A e'llrklv a- .ossihle help H ol
i d. tow Lo.C- w ere inai.r.e.t. Loard- nud
'- w re tie, .a n out 'in I ' he w or k of pick ilia
otiiiiiene 1 nlv one .r.ipplina if. n w ;i
hfhridae.LiitiiMipj.lv -ci.t down from
1 it'.ili.iw .is,..,- Looms were put into il-e ;is
i as j o.-iLle. I he ( III rent I verv strona
m:iu of tli' s; nh ke I up had diift-'d -..in
ni. .-dowi slreani. A iiiim'.er ..: tl.. ri
i v. el'e II. "le ol ie-- ili.li.cd. It i- ll.o'iaht
a. p. rs.eiJ peri-he 1. a- tv.el.e ol thirteen
i--l!a. .tame- I w ait- w a- te-eiied, Ltlt
I ad".
i - .
I'.. '
S"'l e
a i.
v l.ii-t .loan le'tie'iiL ir"
. h o Ii -n in. -h-ht
Ml nire I aiio'll 1
in lined. I d !
in iii.iani. d 'ot i . I tiie (oue.i, wa
" na "ii th" ' ttem tiethe" jiojit of tie
1 1 n it Weil i" Il I le on Id Hot -vvini
ml u a- p .! ; 'i i v the in.is-es of strna
n: !
to thi I o'tom ut the river twice.
.' 1 i.-ar and .'al'l na ''ov n luna t :t
1.11. .1 re-. ae.l. -u-taitiina sl ahl iniiirle-.
ie i'odv wa- re. ov 1 re I at on. e. that uf a
hov named sv Itie. l allotl I h- cuncnt Is
vt r. -a ;!f. and it i- tho iih! that s.yne Inidie.
lii . have Irdled -oine .li-!;iin e d"W '1 jtream
French Canadian Drqe Federal Union.
A conv eiit ion of the French Canadian resi
dent - of ; he I't'er renin- i!i wa-. held at
Miir da t!" lecently. Iteprt -entativ. ot 1-ven
tt'i ihi an ..I. an s..( i. ties w.i" pn-cti'. and
it so.nti .ns ,v 1 e pa-."l i.raina the l edeia'
niiioii of id! k: idred -oihtie. in Canada and
tiie I ii t. -I - v." : that a union of ttie Ma le-tl-.
n M.e I , per I'cidnsd'.a L formed: that a
Ile a Sp ij er p !. i-hed iti Fl ' tl. h he estahh-h' I
ll' "dal 'i I le . that al. I l elii h - 1 let le L"
1. an., d s.- , t:e. of ;. .feat, de I'-aJ t!-t '." and
tl .! 1 el. on societies. hcViln r- de F.'lf.iv
d', ..f N. a..i:nee. he J.ee.cr .t:-Larred troin
in. id I -ii tl - leh ;;iilo A lUltlll IT of
( ii'!,..!.. . 1. r . vv r:e present d'irina the con
Vet.'. :i A ie, linnet vei- I cl 1 ! liiaht.
Ai niriid c's of the eoiivciition man lied in th"
f ,:, t. '...'da ot .iil'ei ei.t - ,1 h lh s ,. the French
C.d ie I ' h'.:i i h. a he' e h al: i,u- w.i cele
Lr.it. d. aft" whiih 'he tit '.ea.it' - w cut home.
Condi'.ivinal Pardons.
o'.eiiior. ;u 'ina id"11 th' adv i-e f the
. . . ird. I.:i i-i.i "tid.tiotinl pardon -
. t 1 1 . W 1 iht. Wav n 'it.t v . -i -litem -
tile .::ii t l-onn nt 11. ssj 1. r iitteinptina
'" l.i'l; James . Moore. D tloi!. M ilt up ill j
1 s; r,,r . , v.n year f .t L ii"l ov : DelU-rt I.iv-1
t.Moiv ..f A1.....1. '.it,.,..dit iss4f tiai.t;
ears f.., h.f.e,,, ; d.vard M Ihrnrke, lienesee
I. ..nf-. , ,..'.,...1 De.eiid'cr.'.. l'. to two 1
veats for l.aa.rv; .t. D. Hampton. laklan I '.
:.', . ..n'.-need forth'... im. - lr.-mnctt.NT
si, fu" oLi.'.iiiiin.' 'l cr. fa!-- t n-v no .
Jo. I h " Watt, iV:imii.ed at CasOioli,
ni' a" I 11 ne an I taken to an osvliim. I.a
In . : n .da ;! , a-'. Fur Vear j a-t lie adver-tl-
,: Fin, ,' a -Prof. .1. V. W att, D D., IX.
!'.." lid ha- elTetted t. Lclh-ve h!m-if 10-
: 1: 1 at d of lvini 01 U n, with a inli-ioQ to
l 'Mill Hil t re. h.iln the World. At tllllC llP
vtcnt :ii'u' i I illicit iii f.od;itii rail' idi-ina
i a Li i or L! o i a -mull horn or Iniuiprl. and
ifii. 1 n : from a Look cf hi- on n 'onii'osit!on.
I A ten VI HIS U';o h ' pehllslied a rlll.iil I i o ; i 11
, tile d the I i ii of Dav." v Inch he d. si"M d to
I lake phu e ef the I ill v. II hill n i ar . l o
pa-t he has nihil 1 1. ih. -ii to a i 1 1 posse-.-'oa Lv
' Ioii e of m tiaet of land lorinenv unu.' I Lv
h 1 in in New I era. u county. In thi-un-
tlert.iklua he has re-irte. lolht'llse of ihlli
: tl' to I- Meupoii- .,n.l ha tin ally heell proeeede.l
liaatraai niasU r It. nuet of tn.ii: Hit. 7 on the
, lo.liid Ihipids ,v Indiana railioad discoered a
stencil 'n hi ear Let. .re leachllia Murals the
, other iiiormna. lie located ll in u trunk and
tolled the lid opell. He W II- ln'l I'ilied to I lid
I l.c'ot'i"c ot a man iusid". 'I he Lti.lv v in too
larae for the space It occupied, ami ii-the Hi!
i of Ihe trunk was thrown Lack tic feet of the
corpse I'ew up in tie L.iuaaaciuati's face.
The lio.lv u a- in i, tide an in I v a need i-tiile ot
ileeoilljM.sitioti. Nil el!orl W.ls made ti) llseer
' tain w In I !iei i 1 . alii w as the result of foul plav
' or not. 1 'he i d was closed un.t the tiuuk
taken on (.ran. I l.'aplds, to which Hunt
i it wa- the. ki d, Lnt the odor was so Mroiij
' that th" trunk, with its oin.-t ly content-, ha.l
Lerli tralisf. Tied to the (i. U. ,V 1. tlolli thi
Uu! a-h ul fori Win ne.
l.'eeeiillv ill ptowina n.ine li nine t marsh oi:
the tin in of M r. .Jonas W olf, a larae iiiantltv
I f -tumps uu loo's oL-ttll. ted the work.
! Thi"e w i ie ul i ni nclv iimler a rm; let uud ilu ii
i'Vi-ti .li'r lllll.li' Wll Until Ihe plow ilia colli
. men. i d. lie wo i ajevats to Le tainara. k,
j and is mn l : lid linn ciio.iah tor lirewoo.l
! Thpol'lc-t rc-i i. nt . hav e never n-en tainaruek?
I orollni lie. . j.r wma at that l.lac'. Thr
I o l: has ii..: , I, MiitaLa tor 'he ar 'Wtli ol
tiinh, i within the memoiyot white uieii. In
some fotiiii i iiee, awn. Lack, there was a
i heiivv ".loath of iimler upon what i- known
as th I'.l.cin marsh, which wa killed and cov
j cl'ii! Up I'l ome chailae ill the level ot 111
I countr. thi le-i'.lt ot illikliown causes. i'v-
j K.lllUlll .'l' l'l'l
The Lolld-lliell of K. It Wood, e city treil.s-
j iiierof J.inm.na. have ii'fci a lona -'iae o!
Iillaalioli. ell.-i L- I a M ttl in," t w ith the lai'i
ilia city eouiiul Lv p ivma '.' s ,"., win. h Is ii
I pro rati lute fur t hive of t he -ev vii lioii.inan
uf a fb.'iiaae to the i it v ol a'...n.i. Hv so do
ina thev iiiii ly i-iioie. the isla.nod sctmol
inoii.'v also mis-lna. I he council In t.ikina
' Ihi- art ioa h ive . ulirelv ignored the u Iviee o
I lh. ir attorii" V - and the c.uiln tie.' uppoaite i
to prosecute Ihe i 1 1 in -. ALoiit a venr aa th'
, eitv i.a l secured a u lacineiit of s'.'o.l'.' and
I co-Is iii the circuit unit'.. in an appeal t"
: the -uprniie . ouri ii wa- sent Lack on lei hni
cii:i!:i-. 'Ihe eitv Lv this union j.r... ti. allv
take, j-'.i. il ,,r its "claim, a loss of aloii' MT.iMl
I l raiik .'. II. can "f M. Th e, Out., w.i-
I arre-i.d the o'h.r div in Ann AiLor Lv
: shenll W;.:-!i. . hara" I w.th havina i tt-re I .,
1 foraed I'hl draft on John M i l iirlane of 1)
l tioii. iiidois' d Lv A. i". II :iu d. r, r of Ann
1 iL..r. Iledratt ral'e 1 tor ', and vv ii !,
I 't Hoa.in p es. ni,- I a lelt , alleeed to Le fruiii
M.e 1 .ii lane. aoina Iloaim ei ud-siuii to
. raw .-ii I. uu to naiiaace anoiint m aoi
v..;s marr.id aLoiit two wk- ir.'u in M
Thomas and ha - -line lived ill Vpsihinth II
ictus - to admit or d. .' his emit. I. it nv In
v. a v cr i l ai d il p.
..lite months a-o Wi'.lard lodi;e. a wealthy
i iti. a ot Kalam ioo, died, and Lv his will L."'
iiiei(h. I ;n im to the M:. hiun Female
femiiiii'i In lied at this place. Atallieetlli
ol the trust.' -s ,,: this in-tiMitlon a f w day
ita.'the .nimini-1 .at"t cf the I odai c-t.it
hail h'd I .. ; ih. am. .nut to the loard, vvhii h
was L.:h. in I'hiecd 111 the hand- of the l'reas
llivri'l Hi,- ii'diiiiliini It was vt 'd nnlv to
us.- the hd. i.st on the prim i al at pre-eiit
Sol pllle hen- iii i.il illii'Vo'.. uu tits have re-
. . nt!v i.. en ni ide t t'.e Luildina.
lii t an eil e'lielc was ciea'-'il 111 II"Wcl
th"otl.f dav I" th. .!. li'.. r ite Mid hold nt
tempt to t a' a -;an of h,rr and Lnaav
I im am; ''. II. i l e av - hi- na ne. and
. I iiii.il. : I Li !o :a rn ln iw eoiintv. uii
hit he 1 and drove til. teal". a'.t.iV llll 1 Hil-'lll.lk
in; h Ilieaiivva. Ih' I h. 1 1 w a - so' ill d i " "
.a w hi n sj, ri 1 (.o.. tikin aliviryria
"aVeih.l-: .III I l.lpt'llel the lll.lll. who llo.V
hma lishes in j.iil Two. ther similar ritt'-uipt-have
Leeii made rcci'tlv, and II loo;v nke the
work of an oraanie I aana
Tu-. ol.l county li.'.- f", yejii's p.i-t Led v
Ui.irkal'U lire f: oin Inn. del . Lnt welnnl that
what .v I I p'oL.iLlv nltin.iit 'lv ud In inurder
i ci 11 ,'!. d in ttie t 'W n-llip uf At kt "tl th ether
nni iilii-. s.o.ei, 1 o .d. a fai n. r. during a
il n . ! w i h hi- v if', -t.iLL"d her in the riaht
-ide with .. I u!. her knife, illlli. tin; three
woiiiid-. iinv one of wheh w..il. jr.'.al.iv
prove fata1. V. lmanwa- Lruiiaht to ( aio
iind lodae I in the county jail.
Ihe troiiMc urew out of a liiiarre
oC . II" of their I...VS.
A voiina anl, naed llcais. dauahter of ,
ll. ni'v' llodae of West I'doomlichl. haj h.r
foot I. aolv rushed Ly irettina it L. tween the
. ,.'.' of a h- r-e power, if Leina Used Ly her
'i.thc: al the tune in ll m k in; i' lT. !sle wa .
otiierw i-" La llv injur, d. Dr I . 1 1 . Cha,inan
d" W ailed Lake w as inline. lint ly . ailed, w ho.
lifter l ( a' t ioll hid taken lace, sneccscfullv
amputated the 1. a m ar the Hlikle joint. It is
iolili'1. Ill 1 v epcct d that she will recover.
Pre I .luhiisoii. form rlv a Lai ten ler at
l l:el. -an, was arre-tc-t at (t rav iina r. Ci ii'lv.
.. i an i l 1 eharee "I :. anil w ith intent lo kill.
I. a-t 1 . 1 1 v Mi 1 1 i in Detiiian -j.oe slial.tinalv
of .lohn-oir- i if". hell the latt. r tried to .c
! ml hi.- iv il.'- name. Ditman jave him it
v ere !. atin;' I. at r .Tolin-oti and hisivile
m l Detm in. and while the f. .itner h 'id a
levol'.r utile lat:r'" heal. Mr. .lohnson
imvc her Ma im cr a -oimd hor-. w hin'ina.
I'. L r .hi. ..! -on. ;i f. inner liv lna near Shh.ev
( cut r. sni. hle.l th- other 111 )i n loir Lv hanaiie.'
l.iin-e f in ;i Lai ii. He w a-at.oiit ;',. ear- d
aae nud 1. av . s w ife in I two hlldleli. II
h it tli- hotl-e aLoiit ."i::'0 and w is found deiid
at out one 1... ir l.iti r. His w ife has t'Oen ,c
tia'iv in-. in. for -oine timo, and tr..uLle m.
tlii a. count is i.eheve.l to have Lecn the cau-e
0 his net ion
Yens im hin. lo M I'.ariics of bai.sina,
deeded what i- icwn ;i - . . .urt In l.se s ii.u e
Mason, to the coiintv of Ingham stipnUtttnv;
hat -hoilld the propel tV ' Us. d ! ir all' o'ln I
pari-o-. than that of a 'it.' tor county Lmld
mi-- it wo, ild remit to the oiL'Inal pro; mi t,,
Mi. I'.arnes has now ewented a j'.i:t l.i.u.
deed, w aiv in ; all h.s rial ts to 'h- -ipi.u e
The I. a:d . f -up. rv :-or- f Mare ...ant
1 ,ie '' ti d an I -et o'T a i cw town-!ilp, ni
' iiii'.i ; !i,r leiri'": v ...i.ta.n. '! ll: tovv:: 1
i.oi;;.. r a, : we.: 'J he -vn-Jap t L
ail. d I! lailt' in Ihe L. a 1 of m t r v i r
haw v- . mil an aiiieim t.t- t hav- th. I
coin , : o,i- and .ail vap. lie ' a it!, watc Lv
he wa r w.
sot an. White .V Mnith. th MI-s inkce count
'cinli -r thin, ii ne -old all their iiite.a sts t,,tli
Tiiaver hiin'i 1 . ..ii p inv . the con ideraf ion Li
ma s d .'".,0 !li I.I led in the sale are 1.VU) I,
no 1 feel ot st.11 duia pin", a 1 aaina r lilr.'.n!
an I oi.e ..I Mi. t s- ciulpi milis .n Ih.
Ihe ninth annual convention of the Woin
Hi's ( l.ri thin 1 tie, .era lire union 1 f the third
.!i-tt it t W .11 I," held at Kattie t t"k N. VcmLe
lnl.'. Mr . Mnv W.., J'.t id-..'. tate 1 tv.id' n
of I lino, -a 1 1 to
lilard. v id I T,
1 the pcet of Mi-- I- I rtll. e-
; art 111 the p: oceeildia-
j A Maeidi. I.eniaee ounty. fanner reccntlv
-.Id a lot of fat hoa t a " I et".ilii-eh Luver.
I Thiiikina L. im rease th.-li- vvciah'. the niah'
. Lefoic delivery he aave tliein an
j 1 e sivdv larae auioiint of food mid the in l
j llioinina three of them Weie tl. iiil.
I IJ11- .. I, WilLi-r, w ho re. t'iitlv pun has-d the
! ( li.ipinan hotel . ropertvat Lav
rinas. ' luc
It V.'ix eoiintv. lias so,. 1 ;i 1 ail
to C.W. Wal'.holl of II.::-dale
.liter -t 1 her i.i
Ihe hotel I
1 oti-cf the I' neat 'Uliiliiei hot. 1 ll, tie
and i lo ated on Fine hike
A iniliiher o' 'he h-adina it iell. uf linind
lhiplds met the oth. r riant to take tin-asnr.'"
to di f lid the suits Li'-un ill the Cliiti 1 Mat
court on the Shd'.iiiaer patent eoiieii te walk
iiifrinaeineiit.. It wa decided t" employ aide
con-el to defend the Mi.ts,
John Kunkl. inaii mid Matty llul s.,u ot
I 11 tl -1 11 a. while plavina nrd." eiiaaacd 111
fneinllv til-. I . and Ilull-on jokiii'.l. drew a
it volvt-r an I him-d It at Kunkletnan I In
nii.n wa- di-tl araed .'nt 1 Kunkleiiittti
face, and he may die.
Noah M. Clayiool. D. pulv MierifTof Ih rrlen
( oiili'v, hide I himself nt his residence, six
mill n rih of Mies by a j -l-1 .1 shot in tin.
' h ad. No icason is knuwii I'-r th-deet a. hi
w as in uo.id circumstance He leave a w nlow
' and several 1 hi. dter..
I Negotiations are p ndina l twe u the tat
j Is. ard of auditors an I a v ndieatc of I.anslnv
rnritali.t. fo' the j-nrcl u-e of the site of tin
I old -tate apitol. If pen !iio-. a Lrlck i.I.k k
I for I us ,n - - p ii posi wil. Le erci t'-d thereon
i Th- jurv In th' ca-e of the vi, lims of '!,.
' It Mae ifn i-'c :it I. .i! Svjin.-rv renderei". i
vt nli. t 'let I l iised nine tu th.-l: death b
hoiaeroii and tlcfeclive lirtda'
dud ' r.-'in d 1hLrid.e . 011,1 auv th rclor.
. . . ... ,. 1 , , , , ,
. "";:!." u t..eot
-,',l!- U""" Co - r . in,,, r.eat tMKo ..ak,
"-ii-' ;! I'!v- .:,v and . at- and -:
. ' 11 'T' , ,,,',v"v" S"'r' w'ri' r'':nvA
'''I,".' -4',M' ':"',"'.,:a.'rs, -
The s-,iaa stioi. th.it Mr ticn. . tt
should L up; olnti d p ii1on Bcent for Mich;
(ran. to suet . ed Samuel A I'ost, Ii meeting
w i'h 111 n i: lai a.n from Iieino rats and !!
pu'.la .-in. ah , -r thj taf ".
Work 01; the Toledo. A Mi ArlnrA North
Mii hiaait railr-iait prjrelnjr rapidly Tin
road Lid l ticailv t iiul 1 for the ti from D.i
ran 1 to Hvr.'ii. and LraiJ.n ti Lying j uin u
loiwarJ ak ua' the i:uc.
D. ad fold Itiooks f Kulum i ., hma'd
Itii jia-iiia counterfeit nlver coin, has In-eil
iMHind oyer hv CoiniuNf loin r Davis fur trial ut
the Mm h tcfiu .f the l iiio d Mate, dl-trkt
Mint nt (.rand Itapids.
Th- iiiaiiaacru .f ttie Itatti, t r k .mltn
riinu have expended " .II.o.mi In Imptov ina the
. iiildina bil l Its Mirioundim. s t!ii- season.
I h re are at present 'joo pali.Ms In the insti
tution. Two year- uao a liooe and l.uaay wi re
sto'en lloui (icorae I'.racki'tt of ( harlotte.
I he other V ulna the thief wa upt ill I'd lit
Ionia Ly MierilT I'ukiiis, mid he is imw in Jail.
'I homa Crow, a D.. c 1 1-V M. 1 I akt-man.
was t ruslied hetween the ni- while h train
was Leina switched ut I'.mtiu . ami Lad
ly iiriuteii. e may rei-ovi r, however.
Had Ae villaa' Ii is now a population of
1.0 m. n'tlioiiah in 11 the whole nuiiiLcr of
resident was only til. mid in dial v i ar m arlv
the entire place whs destr. y ! L lire
Ti l' Mlprelne court refu-es t . eoinM the
Jo-co cir uit jiid"'' to vacate the injunction In
sued Lv him to re-train the Mile of certain lauds
In Iosco county for taxes hi Ism.
The Clare county jail I- toinnlcti.l and
slit rdT Crahain has moved hi- fan ily into It;
The hr-t I'la-oiier w as oiii' .lo ti-, a witness In
t he Ciirr-ilkvv.l th uixui case.
'Ihe I'.av loiinty suiK'ivisors are eoiisl.Uriiia
a. i appiopri'.itii.n of j1,(I k vv Ith which to erect
a suital le I u Idina for the ear' of the insane
and idiotic in Hay county.
l i ster I., r.eiinett, iu: d "k li-l in Adrian n
tciv !avs aao. Unsettled in Uollin townM'iip,
1.1 llliw'ee oiility, in lss;, and had lived there
almost colilinuallv since.
Work at the I'nioii iniii-, rv-tal Falls, will
le tes.nne I -hortlv . and a u'ii nil vvukina up
is reported u'noiia tli' nun oa ners of th-
r-t.il Falls district.
At MM)om:nce th- mil! i vvne s an I ein !oye
h ive no red into iiii iiui ciiL'c an aiiaeim nt
under w Inch the mill w ill I run lill the i lose
tt the s. a fl.
A Mii-keaon man has jn -t r. - ived n .tice
that he D 'ii' of a va-t armv who arc mt I d
to a share in an laialish t.r.- niued at -,-'mo.ono
Hiain h count v isM i ioitslv i. v..lv ma the pro
prictvof lu Idina IK'W' eoint house, and will
ettle It Lv .1 Vote f her SoVetelaUs nev!
Fu'lv one ha'f the i ii-t riiui' n t s i c. on i.i I in
the CI lit 'Il countv n ai-ter's oltiee within the
I ust three inoiit!i- have L".
A 'Jtohclllhltl ' Il!s a--oe!'l"
f iill v pta t !. ina on farm, i -(irala.t
and lintoii coiinii.
: taaee
s t-U ce-s-
I.iiinhei in" in M.'iitiuorcnev ountv w I'd Le j
more extensive this w inter than c er lie for- in j
he hi-i'.on of the rolllitv !
I't ter Wil-on of l.ee. Calhoun eoiintv, Coun t J
into ihe t o.sc.-.ioti of f I..111.IMO Lv the death j
f a relative in 1- ii 'land
saniuel I iear . f Kan-oiu. II ill-dale .count v . 1
raised l'.:l Lusliet. . f potato. tr ail one-eighth
if iill ic re ot L'loillld. j
All A.Li"ii la lv had "n- n peas, h ttm e, uud
Lack ra Lcrras all from U t mi aat.leii the
hi t week 111 I tol iT. 1
Mis. F. A. Ka'hL mi of Ann A 1 ' ha L -r t
,, p.. inted v .ce r. acnt of Mn hiaan for the t !
V'itii ."i asi,c:a'i.u!. i
A. M T.-ld of Ni ttawa. S .1 ;h . ountv. j
I a-s,,!, id. mil Woit'i .f I'-ontiil oils to I
I UlojM iiii dealer:. I
W in M anae, a hrakcinan on tin c. .v W..M. i
0.1. 1, f.ll Let ween .ar at Miiskca'.n and w;i-
I'.ldlV . tll-hed.
stot k v aid-are Leina hud oil i ..u for j
onvcui.n.e in th" deitm-nt "t a1tle ulid
-to, k
Fast .siainavv and I'.ad Am- talk of a hn.
I c) mi load to conn- t the two pi le's. j
Mr- Feki. l NV. o I, in .11 .Matit .n, cailu-t j
have tin a '.'7" (. d.i'o' troin . 11 l"!l
A (.land Tiaver-c s ,1 a-!i vine i- ic-.it.dj
.- Lear in: - s'fia-h. - lli vi.r 1
I he .ta e 1 T 111 1 1 school nt V -llai.ti l.n I'dt
-'mlents ;o moie than '-t vear
Duiiu ihe pa - t vear u divorce- have Lecn
. 1 anted in Kent cunty.
I'.i iii - arc t'lavlna havo eh the 1 01 11 tie'dj ,
II ! I iii i al ci 'iint v . '
Wh.'ut-No. 1 white ? VI JfJ
Wheat-No id '' i" '.;' 1
l loiir r.il!. r pro. s t ::. . ." 00 !
I ioiir. stone j r... 1 ss I " t 1
I'.dc-tW In at pit LU ! ."' d ;.. j
( urn.. . 4'i c 4i I
Oats ." in j
Jialh V I .'- 1 ."St i
Kve per lno :i " " 4 00
lira. 1 11 ' '." '.'
1 lover r- 1 ' hit .. '. " 4.
I illlotli. Seed ; ."J! Ul 1 .'ti
Apples p. r LLI. . I ;:. (.-. no
( 1 an L. r 1 . 1 .. 1 io.... V ."loo
Itutter i' h It 1". ;
ClKt'S" II cf li 1
Faas .'' "' '.'I i
Chickem s ,,, ,
Turkeys l ' l! I
Dllck per in ' "' II !
I'ot.ito. s , p. r ii 1 n 40 j
siiiit I '..Lit . per Li.h . . . . : mt hi : 'St
Turnips i "i :r
1 inion- V I u " ' 'o
li'.it.v .7 '" Is
: .1 o ' " M
le ans t i hi d 1 '." "' I ol
I'.'-an-. '.it pi- im"1 i" 1 10
Hav I : i ' I .' ."
straw ' .rn 11 il 1
p,,r'. dr'id c '. o .'. "h .if 1.
I'. :!o t-ies. :m--v '. 'r ; ". 1
1'otk. :..mi!y 1! Vi ', U ;-,
1 lam- '
M.i .1 '! r- , .'. ,
I.al 1 7 i" 7 !
Dr '. lleef : ni 11 !
I al.ow
- V IV
H. f ra mess
Wood. Iteei h and Maple
Wood, Mai'le
Wood, Hickory ,
i.ivn STOCK.
att'e Ia k.-i i--t ii iv : ch. andcxtri
a 0 I "l a h-of -l.ii'l'ina . ul tie lire iploted at
i" '. II : aooii to . Iae. e stock. Ts 11 lid feeders
s .' : o l.T'i . common and ao. and mixed
native row-. ''t;l!- and t iinniiia ar.ide. 1 f eat
1 ie ai e '1'iot -.1 ..!. !' i.fi: a'o. to clioi.e
hro i.', l .vi- attle .ne stronaer at HH
; '.U; vm stern t.inaer-. tioiiacr; native, and
halt Liei d- ni ..;v.i4.'iO: . ..w- at i.',it;$;
win'.e:.-: l'cvans nt :.'.) A.
!!.-- 'Untnoii at:. I loiiah and mixed
Ltade- luiji are di"t"d a' .! 'Jiuv."! 4"; a'od
and , l.o "e a-i)t te 1 heav v a kina and ship.
j :nj "' l ie if !nas at i 4 1 "d colicnoii to
rood ;iaht 1 11 arad , 1 t oe. t ". do .1 d ;.t;
-ki. and -ul led Im: ;it .si a :i l 1.
'In en !h" lualket
-tcailv : Inferior to
,1 nt il 7i-..'t ?t;
si 7V"d; lauiLs,
fair native lirn -heep
wes'erii J iH'.'t; Tevat
t't r head. 1 " t '.'s.
A Bank Messenger's Mishap.
Fdwant C. Italn.a tnesetia rof the National
Metropolitan bank of W ashinatoii. h ft the In
s : it ut : n early ttie other uioiinna to make his
usual l.iih collei lions from the otln r city
lank 1 1- a few hours he returned and in
f .fined the cashier that lie had !o-t the .wallet
eontalnma tl. inoin-v he had collet t.-d. which
ainoiiided o ). lnu. Ih fore infoiiiuna the
t a-hi. r uf hi- !os Hain ilr-vr from the L ink !.
'CO. vv hi' h he had Ml ih h -i t t hi T'. and hand
1 d it to hi si-ter. to w ho.e house lie Lad a.'lli'
a si tm : he int. -eil ti e tnunev, and who ac
companied him Lack 'o the Lank. The tnn v
was :u hi and .'iO i.ute. Althouati HaiL
elaiin- t. have ..t th' iocket!itok ontaliilna
the cuoi-t tiuii the genera! supjios tio'. f that
it wa. -toleii Lv some lever pickM.t ket lie
ehilms tu have taken the pot kct!n.o! from hi
in. id" . oa! mi ki t mid put It in the hip n ket of
hi pantaloon- while in the eitv iosto!licc.
vv liei e he w etit !n net the man when he had
mad.' all hi collections, and to have missed it
at'er he I ad pine iiUiut a I nn k from the 1 ost-
0. 1 te. Itain has Leen in t!n- mplov of the
Lank o::!v x few tiiot.th. He 'saioii.it. uf
t!ie Ham !t:o.. of the th flllK t I Xeh oiae Kalik
if Noi .'. 1 i, 'a. lie w as tak. I: ! 1 oin C hcad-
1, uar't r- ..lid put through a severe exiim:na!ioii
Mild l ei adijvvt'd to k" Ihe '-hii! olhelals
have t tl-red a reward of J.'U ?.r the recov
ery ! the iimney,
B ok K s Ne.k.
.lohn F.an. fo- twent.-llve e.ir. 11 brake
man n the l.rta. West-in ilvisioti of the
(rand t runk, wa Dccidciitiy killed at W ind-i-or.
Out., rei entlv He was on duty In the
tnorninc. and alter hi train wa inn If up
started li 011 the eiiainc I'Vr-r the !o of the
car-to string the tell rope. Hy fotn.-menm
or othT the n e L'iaii:e cntai j;li'd oir the
rakc rd. and In nttetiiptlna: to anlasten It.
Fvatis wa prei ij it.itod c the around, striking I
ot! I.i- head nnd t rcakina hi td-ek. Hi, wa j
still alive when ui overc.l hv ins partner". L-,it j
died in aUi ;t ten iniiuit after Mi"- aicidctit. .
fruitl'. nttiinptwn made to tuie the
attendance of a i.hviciiin. and althonali four
were ak d to attnd thedvinv; man. they re-f'.i-ed
F.vans w- a inarrl-d man and c mat- '
j .d from hl wife a short time aao Ho and j
In two mall (hlldrrn ;lv-.l a th" (m at
Western hotel, Wiii.lor. He ha l Ihtii tn the
service cf tin; Ureal W et(m railway ever Min e
:t v 4 hui!t. ami w a ah 111 1 .V )cai of iK l
tLe time ot his dc4lU.
I5iitial ol' 1 1 h ' Ldto (icu. Mcl'lfll.m.
The Rfinaiu Quietly Laid t Rett.
The fuiicnil -crviccs over the remains
cf Die late Cell. CeolL-e I'.. M. 'eMail took
I'lai' oil the inoiliilia of Nov. '.' ut the M.idlsoll
Isnuaie I'n-sLv tci inn huri h in New Voik. A'
'eurlv as '.' o'cloi k, one hour in advance uf that
lixcd for holdina the a. rv l e, u j-ilice force
under lolnlnand of aptain William- took 1i
a .ositioii at the front door of tiie chur li uud
u waited the arrival of the tankct ontaiuiiiL'
the ren.iiin. They lid not liu de travel 01
prevent nny on' vv ho w iidied fsom ciitcrina thu
church, its It was tin' .-pedal vv -h of the faint
ly that lei oLsel Valice shoill l I e paid tin- Lo lv
that would not Is- alvvii to that t a pihait
cltleii. .No tickets wi re reiili 'd to tain a I
mission to the church and cvci v thina 1:: con
liectioii with the last rite, was of the most
simple kind.
Jn u little while alter the )H.l.e had Lecn
stationed in tioiit of the church, Cell. Han
cock, one of the pall Lear rs. arrived, ucroin
(muled Lv t .o ol hi. stall. The yen nil was
admitted to the house of Mr. Fume, when
the remain- were taken, Lnt nut
ids aides, uu, 1 it was learm d that no on'
would he rii.itted in ciiler the front part
save the palli eaivis and Ihe ladle of tin
family of the . 1.11:0, d and t!n-e ut tin
I'rime family. lie stalwart Lam of (icn
ll.aucoik. so f.oi.iliar t N. a porkers at
traded iitti-nli 111 and a n.w.l 1 c.-ai lo "nthei
ill the ielllllV of the hollse. Io n .loe.'ohll
mhi, aecotnpanied t. ton. Id' .Linn I'liit-r,
.I'll. Mc Male ni a 11 I l .en Inoiklin. 'oaelher
with the o:her pallLcarer. s,,j, .,Uo.ve 1 the
luelnLer. of the l .val h ej.,n w I.. vvcif eoina
to escort he Lotiv from Mr. I'rime's to tie
chun-h ami in. 111 ihe church L. the arave at
'I rent. 11 i cint t.-rv a-seml.led tn I wcntv-thlrd
A few IniliUtes I efore 10 o'clock th-polici
formed in lona tiles on en. ll side of the Mile-
walk on Twenty -third street. . vtendina aroiiu J
tin-coiner of thcihuich. Ihe streets vve:t
soon cleared and the I'.val leuioli took Up posi
tions near Ihe ridriiee .. Mr I'rime mid
aw aited the Lriiiaina out . f the 11 main- I hi:
collili wa. 11 Lioii.ht out alld (allied Lv -Ix
IIII 11. IIII, lei the 1 h.iiae of the 11 In lei I a kir
idoliatlie .idt-wal'. to the , Vim h. Ihe pall
t can rs walked iii front or on cither side. A
the colli 11 wa. call I j a-t I he s net a tot-. thev
removed tln ir hats. 1 he Im,. 1 al j.ro.e-si..u
followed. Thi; I'oitin was 1. 1 civ.-d at the main
entrain e uf the chinch hv Ih-v. Dr.. Fatkhurst
and Whittaker A. the Ih.1v was l.roiiaht in
to the t hurch tl.e dead Inaleli Ll'oke forth
troin the oraau. 1 h" ca-k. t wa. place I
"11 tin- eh. ml. ler. of the six Ili.'U
alld, head.-d Lv the two t 1. lavinen alld folio W-
cd Lv the pallhear.-i - wa. Unm- .lovvlv and
reverently u,. tin- mid lic aisle. A ra s.-d Lhn k
. ovcred platform -ii.-.d dire.tiv in Ir.e.t f 1 In
pullet .m.l on th -, the . ask-'t pil- phi id. At
its head wa - a Leant it u! ll.-ral de-in repre-i nt
lua an A 1111 lean Ihia If wa. 1 oinpo-ed en
tm-lv of muuoitedcs ..nd 1 luLclli-liel witii
Lunches of tci 10 . 1pr.1v- of paini and
Mnilax. Di ejoiiall . a. n.-h it- fa e Wii-a
-word in Lia, k in. lie 1 telle. II. 11. ath the tt ia
wa a pillow i anna the word ' Ih -t." n th.
luskct, win. h was covered w dji L in k cloth
and oil cdhel - de of win. h were three s.l.er
handle, a ll h tia. k L.u . r. -ted .1 wreath ol
oak have- t;. d u itii it purple I i 1 . ! 1 1 . It 1 1 I three
lol'.a . I'.tV s of j aim.
"A- -"ill ll tl."' liioUIIIII W lie all seated,
Ilev. Dr I'alkhu: I came f'.rw a rd 1 11 I he pul
nil and L.-.ui the funeral -. r i. . id tin
l'ic-Lv t 1 iau iiiidih. I ejinnii: j with-I an
the resurrection and the lite. 1 W hen lie had
tllli-lli d the thoil -al:a the I1VII1II, ".!csls,
loverofmv -"id '..ii.- of ti.e dead acin r.d's
la vol it e. in a t "in h.na 111:1 nm r At it - con
l .-i"i: Ir I'.i khnt-t nai 11 came forward
and n ad lli" . oi,. Li-ion ..J t,,. ..-rv ice. L.-aiii
nina with -I'.i.i now is ( hris' ii. n ti'.m t!,
dead." "IT. nd lip a I. .ilch ilia pr;ivi 1. and t n
i-h. d w itli tin- Lord', prav. r. Di ldMake
then read the tir.t ver-i ' l a F 1 1 in. "il'.
inoth.-r dear .Liu. ilein." which wa aft.r
w ard suiea Lv thethoir. Dr. l'.u khur-t t n n
aave the Lell ''hctioi), after w ha h the 1 a-k-t
w a. rciiiov cl to in.- h. aisf and the laui'iio
corteae st.irtc.i for the lerrv.
When the rein.iiiis arrived at .lev-, y it v
they wcte p!.e ed oil l"'atd a special t'iiiu
whfch s t ..l in waitiua and at liooii th.-train
stcatne 1 out of the ilepot f.-r Tr.-i.t. .11. where :t
arrived at 1 ;.'to p. in. It w a nu t Ly the M.i . ,1
and Common lln il. 'I here were al ..'.it Idtv
carriages in vv a. tiua. The 1 a-4o t was t hi. e.l
ill the hearse Lv a committee of I'.av ard l'ost
No. h The procc'saui w a. then formed and
IlloVed ihroiiah the riiuipal street!.! the
rellleterv ill the lower par of thec'.tv. The
city Li 11 were toll, d and a salute of ai.n- w a
tired at the Mate ar- nal. The stru t- tu-ri
lined vv ith people and n many h..ii-es flaa
floated at half mast. The casket was i.'ac.!
ina Lri. k hned. ceuieiited arave and Mowers
vt ere . al t.-r.- l ahont it in cr. f 11 -Ion. rseural
clatiorate th r.il d. -vices sm mounted the t. -ni'i.
The !at id. . wr hie I and -!., mi. . K. v
W. I . Maikhuid of I'.altlmore rea I the Lurial
-.-rvi.t of the l'ic-Lv tcrian hiirth ami Key
.! Im Hall of Trenton, offered prayer. 'I hen'
was ; Lira- -oiico,.ire in the c im-terv .
A Cowardly Assassin.
About il o'clock the other cvcuiiu;. A. .1
Hurras, a votma man, stoo I in the entiaii.-r to
It. .. Mini .V ( o.'s Luildina on Mont,. street,
( hicaao. wat. hlna the emplovc of the otli.-e
and p. iiit.na estaLhshinents of the iieiah'-.
h. ..I cotnina from iheir l.c'. laLor. Mi ld. 11
lv ciitt hina si"ht of two 011na woiiu-ll -Mr.
Hay (i'Msle iind Lilian W'alter- -w alkma ar in
in arm. he sprana forward. Ire.v a
revolver. tired two 'hot. In ..i;ic
succession, and dashed out of tin- hail and ,i
Moiir st. toward l itth ave. An otlirer -t.iud
ina n ar the corner f l- Jth ice
lioticina the crowd acciiuiulat na. divined the
cause of the ot;na man's tliaht nm I prolll, tlv
scie. him. 1 hey W .ilk. d Lack to the scene ol
thishootina- Tin' two uoinenliv in-. n:Llc
on the sidewalk. At tli" -i.d't Hie man W.:o
had attempted tl-.eir murd"i"rlie . r..w. I. -cmue
furioil-and attempted to tear him Ir m tl.e
oihcer'. aia.;. Soiih-IhmIv l i.-d. "Fyin h him."
and the olheer. reahina hi prisoner'-danaer.
hu-tle.l h in throii-ah an icl.-v hi t!ie d:ivi ti .n
of the licalc-t station. I he it. W.I ait. Ilipti .1
to follow. I ut only iamtiied it-i1f fa-t lu th
narrow entrance.
Th' wounded Women wen- taken Into th'
nearest ill ua store, and Hull. a- to the i ountv
hospital. It I Li lh ved t hat 1 1 eir W olllld an
fatal. The two are halt itcrs, uud caim
oilalnallv from Fl Pa-". Hi., wh.-re their par
ent reside.
A few dav. lw'fi.re a ijiiarn I .prima u
throiiah a rell-'i Hon Hurra, made of Ml- VS'al
t r and Mr. (i.H'de whih- wa- naaix I ina
ilipute w ith nnothi r letk. He wa told that
he must apolotise, Lnt ii he refused to do ,
tie wa dischar-acd 'Ihe leotivi
of the crime up; inentU . hovvcv.-i
comes out w ith the old htorv of a woman i
scorn and jealoii-v. and w.i- aiv 11 a repottet
durlnc 101 Interview wit'i Mrs. Hur
ras. the riininar wife. Mr. Hurra said
that the pre-eiit tloiihle oriamated in st. Paul
some year aao, w hen l.e entered the lun
Hsreiie'y as clerk. Previous t 1 that tune her
iiusLand had Leen cavina marked attention t
Miss W alters, and it wa a ncrally s.ipp ..i-.l
lhat he intended luartyiua her. He trmis
f erred hi attention to in-r-t-l f . Imw ever, when
she entered the oliicc. an I thu excited
the jc,ilouv of Mi Walter, who with hci
sltcr, Mrs. CiH.de. had Leen nde iyorina to
create troiiLle Letwein tn-r and Mr. Kuira.
M.e pro lueed the follow Ina. w hii'h had t--ii
sent to In r-
If von Leli ve that your hiishiiml Is jour hus
Land mid is true to "oti. voii'd Li tter follow
him home some nlaht, a he ke'p a mistress,
and olllv ke'tis Voll to keep hull" for him.
A Fmr.Mt.
"This letter I tave mv IiiiLiiiid," she eon
tinned, "and he tinme.li'ntelv r'cianie.l the
hainlwritlna a that cf Miss W alters, lie was
In a i'sitl.n. he said. t swear positively it
waa her writ lua, us he had worked w ith her so
lona. vnd had seen so much of her Hiatal
Mr. Hurras deelared that tin wa the real
caiie of the shootina 1 h- v ii tlin 1 nre t oth
lu a comatoe condition, nd it 1-asserted that
neither ran sun ive
How to Eradicate Polygamy.
The I'tah coiniicss mi. Alex. Kamsay chair
man, ha sii' initted its re, ort to the secretary
cf the intcrio- It 1 over the year i-i.dinu
Nov. I. and show that it has Uen iini.U
Imno.-ihle tor miv j o.yaatnlt either to vote
or hold otlue. 'lhei nf 1 em nt of the law has
resulted In a .h i reuse of the niimLer of plural
niarrhiees Tin- federa! tourt Is (omtnendeu
for It lirnitii 's in i f if ina the Fdtniiiids law .
The coininissj.-i. 11 1 ".i.mt nd the increae l
the term ' dnp sotimi-iit of eonvh ted jolv(M
infsts. th' .-v. im-:ui. !:o:u oLtainina prop.rtv
titl ot ul' w! . , . 1 ot vvear that thev are not
jh.1v a,-art.it. ai l the i.mendmctit of the lavr su
a t" fri vcii' '.' iininlaratlon of pdv aami-t
from forcla part- lhc tcmtni-sion sees in
the interna! d'-eii.ion atnona the mormon
relative '.0 ; .. . r.imv a hopeful sian for the ex
tirpation I ' e rtHl-t .
Andre's M , anient Blown up by Dynamite.
The Ai e Monument at Tapj.an, N. Y.t
was tlow up by the t-iplo-lon of a dynamite
farlrldac V:f2 H 0 other nladit. Pcth Faes
xvcrehlowu Into atoms, mid the Iron fi-m ina
that ill lost il tli' inonillliellt wus CompletelV
dciuolli-hcd. The sh.K k wa- so arcat that ft
Lrokc the 'alas In hoii-c- a mi!- uvvitv. Ina
hotel, one I alf mile tiirtaut, it Lr.-he the ai"L.--on
the lamps, nud the Wi s! h re Itadroad
depot w us jarred and i-cv.-iiil pane, of alas.
Wi le I roki .1.
Ill uLoilt llftet II minutes utter the ( Xplo-ioii
there were ahollt 'joo persons on the Pji.t;
some t ame riiniiin.' w ith revolver In iln-n-hands.
Ihe 'ostnia-t.l and his wife, lx,ih
ever iU ars of 1 a". w civ aiui.na the row..
'Ihls is the second attempt to destroy the
inoliuiueiil. the llr.l l ma a'.o'll six vcar avo.
When ilviiainite wa. pl:ic'd at the Litse and the
statu was disliaur.-d. The inoiiumciit w a
i-ri-cted LvCvrus W. Field of New Vork. to the
F.iiL'llsh pv," Andie, who vi-itcd the traitor
Arnold to n aot ulea Mirieinler of We-t I'mut.
I Our Amry.
I The (uart rmasti-r Co neiiil. In hi. annua'.
I rejsirt, avs the neie-sityof 1 s-einl.lina t r ;
i al lmaer or more ) ermam nt posts rear Indian
1 r. sci vatioim ;iii I in proxiiuitv to 'ir.a' strat
i ale pointv in 'lie countrv ad a cut to i'- puh
j lie re si-1 vatioii. hatlx.rs an I jmrts Lett. me
duly in. re upparent. He ura tint troop.
I L'atrisoii.'d lu iiseiuatcd forts I t kept in Lar-
1 neks out .ide tiie ca-elneiits Intiuie of peace
I for sanitary rea'.ii. He .av. Larra.-k khouhl
I Le Luilt ut once.
j The report proceeds to five the llmm ial
; show ma At Ihe Lealuiiiiiina of the U t al
! vcar theie n in unci in the treastirv L11l.1n.1-
; iit'i'lteal'le in . xpen-cs of prior year l.l':t.
' '.ij, appro) riat.'d f..r the vcar, j-.i.'.iII.ii.".;. Lai
: 11 nee undrawn .June. 'I I. lss.-,, jsvi.n; Then
folhev statements . f Luildina and Larra.-k
: ere tii!. needs for fut ure. e 1 nses. t ran ,. or-
, tati'.n, j un lia-e r.f h..r-es, chums settled etc
We are not Grateful.
! Th World'. Wa-h 1 a "n 'jM-cial gava that
j Mine. .tar,, ka. a aniirl lil.-c" of I'uhi-kl. the
I'.. 1 -h ; al : .. w h 1 .uaht under Wa-hinaton,
; l a - I-. n I - i.:.-,"l ...;i, the po-itl. f 1 lerk
; nth" w.i' t.. irin.ci.t Mie vv n ait. luted Lv
l'le- 1. lent : tlnir at the Mil It It. It. oil . I e CoV.
ui tiu w hen the Lttt.-r vv a. uuni-tei- to Kii-.-hi.
She W 1- o ili.'she 1 to -1 Lei 111 L, ll l-s:i In si; t
Lu t.o. na part in ihe I'olish " insu r. .ih .n Lut
1 Li-. ..iah M M-t. r Cm tin's eiTort- -he wa.re
1. a-e i and ( ;ime to America. I hoiiah a; Jkiln-
e I 1. del I Ih-pil' lli iili ad'Hdd-lratloll she
. Film- '.- L a lieiiio. rat and to have conlriLut
d t" ' :e t ainpaian fund on tti.u .id,.. No
M a-, m i-a-s;aii"d for her di-mi-sal. Mie is
I Mini 1 1 . I he V 01 Id colnment. -everi-lv 011
Ihi- treatment of the de-centl uit of Pulaski,
who wa. si, e m rous that he tcfu-c 1 Ihe lara
ar.int of hiu1 made Lv coiiar. alter ihe revo-iiti.-u
in rci inanition of hi. service to Aui'-r-
I lea.
It's Scope Enlarged.
lie jm. .tu slier d.-partment ha. I..111.-I a inoli
ti.-d 1 inular of instruction to postma-ter-i
-..licet 1 1 . 1 1 -a the special d. livery service. Th
11 "w 1 1 -t ul ir includes j o-t.il 1 aid-and sealed
aeka.'e. in the liiattel flildled to special dc-
1 J 1 v -1 il pit.p. rlv stamped l'..-tnia-ter are
j It ll 1. d !-. 1. jioit liiolitl.lv iii-tr.ll ol w eckl.V .
j and a in I c the l.ll-'IH-.. I- hill it e I a- to pi C
I elude Uit Iid'l-'V III. l of I'-a'lhii- III -s-enaet-.
tin- p..-tii..i-icrs ..ie din t t.-d t" make other ;ir
raiia. ii.ent - ..r .1. liv cries. Lav ina n-aard to the
pr..vi-ioii ol law that f ' : 'id- t he pa unelit of
moie ihaii . taht .-nts lor the delivery of ea. h
let!. 1
l'"-tina-tcr- arc i ho din cted to place a
llo'iee oil tiie lace uf n alstered Jmekaa- oll-
taiiiina -p .al !!: verv letters in'oi in:na the
i''"-liii.i-t''r- .d point- of deliverv of lie- nature
of t ion cut. t.t-. 01 that t!ie p.n kaa" ni iv
-l-!i'"! !::i:in"hatclv and !ua!t"M!f liv-rcd.
Mn. Crant'i Reasons
Mr-, (.rant ha written to Ma.or (ir.ueof
New Y01 k tiv Ina the foiluwiua reii-on- .v hy
(icn 1 it nut - r.-m.i.i'. 'v ill n ot L rem. 'V.-d from
l;ivcri.i" park
1 H' i .iu- I Li-lieva New York t 1 i
pre:, r. ti. e
'2. It: ar the rr-ldeiice the I h..;.. Jto 'oc
cupy a- '..na a- I live and w!i, r' I w illi.e aL'.e
t" v h - r. stina place.
'' I h O c LelieV e.l. ail 1 atllllo'.v 0 nvilli -d,
that the I. will Le vi-dcl Ly as mail'. ' f In
c. .iin I ' Hull a it vto.il, ! It aliV ottal place,
I II.. ot'ei of a j aik in New Vork iu- the
1 r-t -v ii h .,!, served and in n -ervediv dseiiteii
totl. 1 1 : ! V , otiddl-. ni.'.o.ed '". "I1 linint
h.m-.'.t 1 ,::..: t:..t I ....-. Id have 1 .'.acehv
hi- -:d.
Attemptel Assnsmation.
I n-il - .i'i'i- c. !:.-!:.. :.t .v.e t ica'cl lu
Pari- ' v .1 ,'t. ; . ,,ate M. 1
! ov in t. '... 1 1.1:. '. '., 1.1- te- of '..;. iati
a:!. 1 r-. f - 1 ':. i.d.: a 1 .c-ii.e: n." t.i a M.
Il'-i' .v ,e t .t ! -.in 1 I. tin. ill.'
o 1... '. ceil; d Ly M." iiiini-'rv ot
,l'i i- .. m.i'i -'i p;'ed on; n'. h'i adw.iv
lid ; ' e 1 .. 1 i .'-I '!; c : I . :.' Hie , art ..l.e dl
w . , !: -a a- . I'.-d ! I I t. v. :n- I -rf..n i e
V li - - I." ... i.a-m'i-.- all I c or the . il!
;'. it .- uhi ,.a:ci In' w a al l'" -te I Lv a
od'.e A e tie i.l'.M-Lc a-.s-!U V a c
am i.ed a the , . lire -I.ition he i..n!e--e I that
h d n t kn "v M. I'e Fn-vciin t p i'".n ii:v
lid e.'.-e I to a.ve h.s I. line ol oct upatioll
I I:.- r, -o!,. -t ! o like a Tin- hail'." od
-uve: a. iiitel::.' r.--c and appears o L o'
I'allai. on-ill
Beccher Saed.
The K v. Mr. Heechi r has Let n sued by a
lecture coiuui tic for Lieach of loiitracf.
".ome lime na" he wa. announced to speak at
'ith. hi. I '..in, . 'I he hal: w is i row. led. hut the
It etijii t did Hot put in nil l.p'Ciiran- e. The
( audi, in e di-p.-r-ed all I tl.e liiotiev taken t-T
tick.- "a-" refunded. "l!-c.Ue.t:v Ml"
ih-et h ! w role all tip' ).."! tl.-a! letter -av itia
tti.il :, v n-w of the di-iipt'ointini nt 01 i-a-iolied
tie aoi:!d collie to Villi. Id and deliver a lecture
tree ol "sf I, . th,. -tudents. Allot herd Ite w a
-itiai.a. d ami t . he'- were sold utid th" an. li
en, e ratline. 1 a- L. fore, t ; : t Mr. Hee, h.r did
not ti.lf.il hi. eno-aaemetit Th! secoiitl fail
ure l 'In- cau-e f the Ult.
Restoring the Public Lanis.
! The ..a r. tarv . f t'.e interior ha continued
the ii' tloti of the 1 . - mini--imi r o? the land of-
i in r.-t'.nn: t., tin- pu , 1 1-..i,.i n the ira. t
t land -ii s,,u'l .-r 1 California and tl " inter
s' . tio i ..f the I . 1 Paeiti" and s,ei'h. t n Pa
. i i i.iilr.ri I at.o.t- I h. -. 1. t , v h"! l-that
In- s . i' In 1 n l'.u in - tr..ii im ! i led oidv such
Ian I- a in iv not , owred " ..l.r railroad
arani and therefore cou! I not im lmh' the
irn t in 'Uc-tioii whi.-h formed part of the for
leite I l ea- Pacilic aran' The cae had
.ni' unto the secrctarv on appeal Lv the
southern Pa. itie oinpany from the fouiinis-siomv-'
dec -ion.
1 Needs of the Army.
I h.- iiiiii 11 il report f the rpiarter master
! a'-ni ra! .-f the army has ju-t L.cn made puhlle.
; Tin a; pr.-pi latioii avaiiahle and exH'ii.led
, d l: ina the vi ir Were s 1U.OO.I ,IMI. The la-ees-:-ltv
!" 'rnia.k and ipiarters at David's
i -land :!!! -'e'!"r."!i . arracks i ura-1 aTnl th"
! Iiee. ..itv t-'t .sseiiL!ilia tfoop iti l.irae! post
: ii''a liidan reserve ant exeat strati-aic
I points .tdi ic-nt to v ilmiLle puhlle reservation.
; 1. le'.rre.l to a L. e .111 in a more aicl more up
i par nt. An appropri.it,.. 11 . ...ked for siipt.lv
na headstone, lor Liave. of soldiers ol tli.
j revolution and Sit'.e.Uclt W:ir.
j Victoria Speaks.
I he Oi. cell has leplcdtothe memorial of
j he pi ii. e S. !i tv pravinafora 1 omtnutation
of t!ie 1 11 1 ti sentence' recently passed hv the
( ana. Han court on l.oui Kiel. Her Maietv
repliid that -1,,. unal.le 1 1 in'irfcre in the
ca w ithout lir-t 1 on-ultina her reM.nshle
j advisor Cl. F. A. Mauley, the Colonial
I M i r. tar. stat s that the tjuce'ii Uas deleaated
j 'he piinloiiina ovm r to the Manpiis of I.an
iil .wne, .ov.-i nor t.cn. ral of Canada, who Is
! at 1 re. nt impiiritia into the rnafer. mid that
i .t Is i n 1 1 o-ih'e for Hie home government to
j nterfcre in Kiel's h. half.
Orowiug Dakota
I "Th1 j.cr'nlatlon of Dakota territorv," sava
j (inv. Pu re . in hi animal report, ' has now
i rea. h.'d 41'. 01x1. as aaal i-t l'i.l'l) In psi."
1 The report ta' that larmes were never more
I i-ro-peroii and the material interest of tiie
territory have advanced wonderfully within
! th past few vein . I he aovcrnor recommend
: that Dakot.i U-admitt" 1 to the sisterhood of
I 'tate. that the school lands Le j.rotected from
J ., natter, and tl e Crow Creek Indian reserva
tion be tut up an 1 the land clven to the
Indian in severaltv .
Riel's Second Manifesto.
Foul Kiel h is Issued another manifesto. It
is written In Fnu Mi an I Frcnrh. and Is an un
Intelliir h'e (araon. indi. t'iiisf that all will come
ut rii;h' for I Im.el ami the hilfl.reetls.
When te. I of the jriw e uuii's ileeiioii In
hi cae Kid a;d he ki evr it already, that the
spirit ha I told him He r aid It was all he ex
jetted from -lohn Hull, but he was n t !e id
Father Helping.
Mrs. J. Frank CJIIini.re cafe Mrth fo f.ur
child: en o, t U. all t.P whom died within fonr
hours l ive Iniii. lrtd people v .lt'd the house
the other dav, tl ejta'het;tlianziei 10 cents lor
a view of the Uidle. ' I Le ui ..tht r H doliaz
President Cleveland Issces a Proclamation
Th' follow luif pro: lamatloii wa isMl(ll
2, hv the. pn sidt-iit of he I'lid.-d !tav, ol
The A merit an people nave aiwavs u'iunjan
uuse to he thankful to Almighty tio.l, who
W uti hf ul 1 lire to:. I a' 1 1 i . i 1 1 1 o liand Iiav.-Le. lt
inaiiiffsted in evirv staa' 't thciitiati.ii.il
life, auardina und ) lotei Una theill ill the I,,.,,
of darklies. and l.iiiaT. It is littina a; I
J roja-r that a nation thus lavored should
one dav in everv veur, f..r that puipi..
i-.-jh-i daily appointed. pnLIu - ai know !e !j
the einliie.s of i' l and r. turn tliaijks t
him for all hi ara. io.i- e,ts,
I Inrefore I, ti rover lev land, ple-ident ,
th" I inted kites i. America, do Li rcl.v U: .
Mite and set apart 'lhuidav. the '.t'.lh' ,i.m .":
NoveniLer, instant, a. a d.lV n pnLlie thank
aivina ami 1 raver, and do invoke the 0L-.1 .
lime of the .ime Lv lill the J pie ot th'
land. On that dav h t all se ulai l u-in.--- t--.
sllspelnled and let tl.e j-eojle it.".ii,l,.
their lliial place of Wot-hlp. and with ..iv.
and mas ol praise d.-voiulv te-tnv theirai.i
tilde to the aiver ol t verv i;o...i and pe: t-
.rlft for all that He ha. done h.r Us in the v.-.i.
that has passed: for ..iir preservation
of a united nation and for .ur !-,. .-r
mice irom tin- slio.k and .Idt;
aT of j m.i it it al 1 onv ul -ion . Lu the Lie. in.
peace und o-our Mite) v and .,1: nt who.- vv.ii
and rumors of war have aait.iicl and u ll! 1. te
other nation, of the earth, t-.i om n-euri'v
uaalli.l Hie scollt ae of pc-tileice w hii h In
other land claimed Its dead Lv t ll-! 1 -.He I- ,1'i '.
tilled the -teet with n.oilllil ls. .u ph nte . ..
orps. w hlch le.vind the hnsLiindm.in ulid .:.
i-rcii-e our nation vv call h, and tor the 101
tent in. nt t hi oiiiilio'it our Loardi-i whih :
lows in the train of prosperity and .iLumhin
And let there 11I-. 1 ! 11 the d'V thus-."
ai'iirt a it union of fumili,.. sam titi. 'l ,u, :
chastened I'V tender meiiiorn- and 11-'" ,.1
lions, ainl l.-l II. e social intercourse of frier 1
with pie.t-.int 1 em 1 11 1 -i 1 ti'-c renew the tie- ,'.
litliftioli Ulid stli'liatliell tiie L.,,d- ot kit.
fitlina.. And let ii I'V 110 means to .-. 1
while we an e thanks and e.iovihe tomt- -which
have t row ne I our li.c 'h..t in. .
aratefui hearts are in. Ili.e I to deed- 1
1 haritv. and that a kind .m l th' :;iitful
itit-tiiLranee of the jMK.r -louM.- 'hi pie c
nr.-o! ..ur 011I. lion, and iciid-i ur pi.o
and thankaiv in-.' more ;i, , . t.t.ii I ,1, -lie -i.' .
.r the l.r.l
Done at the ( itv d W .1 -1. 1 li C ti tl.i
day of Novi'iiiLcf. mie thou- n. e:a!i' h;.'
died alld ciaht V live, undo! tie . 1.. le .. 11 h lj
of the tinted "tilt- - tile Mn- , .1,. I'e 1 A ', .
tenth. 1 It" 'V ' ll I I '. I I. v V 1.
Hv.the ptesiii.-nt.
"1. F. livv vni. -( 11 '. irv ..; st ,-. .
The Wall Street Napoltcr. Uets Tea Years iz
State Prison
Ferdinand Wa: d. ti. 'i..o, w (: ,
coiivictel ..( 1 -1 11 a im; i . i'-- I ., j
llio-t ahllilia ll.ll.'l.ii-e' .',. I ....
that Inive ev. i . oin.- ' 1 i:. .c i .. v f
and w ith w Li. L t ! , . ,(U;t . ;i:;,..,,;r
w as on at '..- i., 1 ) ' : .i)v -et.teiic.-l UV
.'udae lhiii'-' 1 1 ten v.-.i;-' oi -Lite prl-.m al
hard l.i-'.u. I tn- i-eL-.-'. ..il.l.'e-- :., ;i,.vn ,
I r Wa- .1 III. -I i'.',il:j ,k. . .: tj I i , . ! . 1 1 - j t -d.
hv rv let a m ;- ii . f tl.e ) is-u.' i V- laci
, h.l! ..'"!. II- I" wed !..- i.e. id I Ut did in ! -Il.jvt
.mv t . nh iire ..; : ' i.i : I . :.;''-nrc e wa.
ta k.-t; t" tin- Mna " .- 1 1 .-'-I. .-n 'iif '.'. !:aii:
in tiie .it:. 11," 1. ;' '." -ame dav
.m I -j ci.t '1. ..1 i. Mli?:
J.ele III Colli '.' t ' ith "I." h 1 i II 'll'Cli f
ot , 'i,l I' I o.VI t
U a.-'icii liru-h -aid ti..it o.:i would U
tn-ate I as .11 .rd.n .rv e. :, . n '. II: in-'iie)
. :;;, i n..t pi .i ii-e hcu mi-. .v,.k .t..tv 'ro-n tie
c. 'llliii' II .'"I ( hie? Keep, i I ..'..... tall'o'l '--C'
t!..it U atd .:ii . wt ;ahi il . .-' , id- when l.r
air.ve.i a' tl.e i r.so;i. I i,! wo. ill wciiiii a'
l.-a-t 1 :" p 'Ut.-I wit Lai : month...
.Me !...- ! " ell a-. Iie.'i to '....l iv oil ttie s. li-J
tl-.or of tie s,.vi-i.otii ::r.a -hop, hi task Le
ma to i:r tie-i-o'iah "n-t.i.js I efore they ere
til,lh-l I l.e Wol K 1- e.l-V .it. 1 e.'liiparatlVelV
cl.-an I he -tale w ill ii-i :v e v--;x teiitji a
daj f'-r I.i- si-rv ices.
News From the Elections
The tollow ina is a ( iimtiiaiy A thr rc-nlts"
of ci.-. i on- iii the t a-t and s-iu'.ii on TutvUv
the ;'. 1. ui.ide up from the latc-l let urn?; re
c ived from the several states :
New York iect Hill (lem ) for inveillor
Lv :il.,ii' ll,iill rlurul.tv. ILc stat- I-.- s
hit, ire i- UepuS'.ican "ii jo:ti Lt!!-.t I y .1 ma
. r'.t . ..f .'j. in a total vote of lo".
In New ,). rs.-v the Kcpn' o'..t! I..... " mi
jontv .u the S nate ..ml 1 .1; th-- A--i.- ;..
tn.ikina a in.ij. r.'v "1 11 n i'-:i.' .'.:ot.
lu (. ouiic. tn ut th-1: 1 ul.,.. .0. :. iv 1 i n. 1
j : it v "ii ) ' nt I allot. 11 ll : : I -.ei : -- of 7:,
In Virauiia. lem ......em.
v id-out '.-VOi o :ua:-.r;tv. .s .... :e; "itv.
the li'L'-'.iiture i. h' a-.o. i. In :l'-, 'h..'
nai t v h.o :i,a . "'it o p.. Mr',, :-. ..f ;!.
li..U-e l.l. i J ; ."it of I ' :: '': S. ii.e'' The
count..-- to Le h ar 1 !'-:i, .. r .Im'-Iv J:ti
cn-a-e their tn.ii'.rit.r-
In Mas-:,, h'l-ef.. l; n 1;. p . - .'... t
ed "ci i.or Lv a 1 u.. i . "I u'
The World claims tha' tin- 1-1 i it
iiu inLers in the H..i.e and T in th- i;.;'.- .
In Marvhind ll. I' ne 1 i.d..-f:.te ! 1.
el e. t.-d l-v aU'iit :$'.. 11. ..li'itut-' w;!
'land aL, ut as follow.; Nr.it.- F-pt.hi!' ans
1'.. Itciiioi rat-, '.'ii; llu le i . . ei'i,-. '.'.
I). lien rats lid. Demo, rati- n, . .1 y on y::
Lallot Tiie Ml'-ce--"- , f i n.ti-d s'a'v.
nat..r liorman will ! a 1 re - -rat.
In reiinsylvan a. (ii? , . K -: i.i i; ui . f : ''-i'
trea-urei th -inly state .:!.. .t v 1 -i . -ide.
ted Ly pr.LaLiy ..v: :'. o. !-il t L
chatiaes in liaure In tha 'tit- -how
l.c.iti a.iin-.
Queen's Demand.
I Le late-t adv ices from. M.m 'd i
the iiuecii of liiirmah :- .. :.i.
;. n
:.i. l i- nr.
lto:d :t 1 f'Lti
t the a'llC'h
to hel hea!
su'u.iit to t
her hii-!iand. Kina The' a v
w th the Utitisli, .h i hirma
aunpowder would Le innin
hc h is re'iuested the kina
licit i ti demands temp 'fari'v and tiaht
I-nali'h after .he ha recover.-1 lrmn h.T
peinliiia oiitineineiit.a.ertina that it is of
utmost important c t Loth to have an heir
i. now Lch.-vcd that the kina will sen. I
1 v.i-ive replv L. F.naland'. ultimat'iiii.
Woman's Scheme.
The votina w ite of "Fph" smiiiii'HH of
Volk 111 .1.11111.11 V. Is.', secured a divorce
her liu!.an I. it isaid witli hi cun-eut.
she Hindu 1 tin, marrv a 11 .ii.iiuipt 1 v e. .
i. Ileiirv. a onna man worth si m,im)
weeK alter the ilivone vvai -et nie.i
iinmi n did lull t y lleniv .isie;t.
lie .lied. hviVilia al. the t-.'.it:- to h w Iti
child. I van . I. llenrv. father of the do
hu-Laud. ha Instituted 1 nc-eedini
' an I
th Will revoked
A Decrease
The 1 hi. f of the I'.ureau of rtatltit s report;
that ttie total value of the )inH.rt. ..f mer
chali'll-e ilurina the twilve month Ml'!.-,
N'pteinLer !-. lss.",, Wcle f ."i'O.ViI.'J s and d -iua
t he pi eceedina twelve in.'lit li Si."is, Uil it'.',
a d -ereae of e I..V.MI.". I he Values of I V
port of meli handl.e lor the twelve ni -.nti.i
crnle.l s'pteinln r, mi, lss. wi re 7l" ti;i i.;i
and forth.' twelve months ended N-ptclitLcr
iss. wcri' ?r';;;.iNs H .lecrease ..r ni'.i.ar
Fatal Derailment.
A sUxk train on the lUirlinatoii, t e! u
Kai'id it Northern railro.nl iau of the tra I
at Sort lie tl, near the .Miiiiits.ta 1 lie the other
liiirht. Kice, t ie enaineer. 1.11 I t onnT, head
t reakma-i. were lntantl, k llle.l ; .lohn v'olliuv
the tireman, w as La llv scalded. Nine cats oi
stock were lied upon the nainc and '.? ht i
.f tattle were killed.
Navj Expenses:
The annual rej-itt of the fourth u.iditoi
the treasury show the total ex endituies -n
account of th' navv during the liscal vcar to
have Leen f 17,1M.'.U t. Legislation t "pro; -r
ly pro'ect the unknown F a il heirs of r.eic.i-w'l
seamen ami marines 1 re ..mni''tide l.
Intestiftrating Accounts
The second comptroller of the treasury ii
inaklna a thorouah investigation of arro uit
ef Indian agents, width are rej orted in a c 7
lat condition, and ha already n-ferri I '"
a doen cases to the the s lu itor of
treasury for suit to recover h.ilatne found J-"f
the govcniin tit.
In the Deeps. .
A iteaiii dredc- en I.on a Island Sound si
ink hj the evplo-ion of her holler !ui: ho.
Nov., 1. Not a trace of the dredge was '.ft
liehlnd. The eaptsin. four cf the new ai d .
man workluir I.ia tai?ae,wtul Jo.-. a ,vF. lui

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