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MA '
Vol. 8 , No. 47.
Alma, Mich., Friday, February 25, 1887
Whole No. 412,
Pollasky, Waldby&Co.
Sucoe-iwors to Otahot Couaty Savings Hank.
Receive Deposit and Allow IntviMt.
Discount Oommer iftl Piuor.
Transact a General linking Ihid.io-.".
We are nifonts for th following companies
Business Directory.
"m!'tc. CllUItCII
OU51NO Service IF) ;30; Sunday 9c faool
12:ii0. Evening Mtfnee , :yii
.1, 1. IlAlkli 1
SERVICES at ft m and 7:30 p nd Fab-
SERVICE are hold at the Opera Ilou?e in
tbo morning of the necond Min.lay. nnd In
the afternoons of tho third and hi-t Sundays of
C,fhnl",hji,v.W. OHAHt.r.s, MlMionnry.
A, ma i nnr.c. r. A. A. M.
A k. -i - ' - - --- -
EOULAR MeetlnRSonSnturd 3-on or before
each in moon. i o..i. .-."
W. A. IUiii.ke Sec'y.
O. A. R.
Win. Moyrr Tost. No. F.2. I p't f Mi;h.,(J
A. it., meet on '-'nd. and 4th. 1 liursd.iy of
racta month. j,rtIlY Smith. Comd.
E F. MovEit AdJ t.
HANK Kits.
4 General Hmkin llminem Trrtn;u-led
A Dealers In Kore an nnd Doin-stio I-.xchiinj,"'
Special Attention (iiven to 4'ollectitin.
WM.S.TUIICK, A. W. WlilfillT. U.S. WAUL,
(Successors to Gratiot rounty S;i inr llank
Transact a re:ioriit tmnklnu i.nlne.
Draw drafts available anywhere in Europe or
Amertca. D. j.r.its of f .m to f HU"i received,
and interest allowed on same under the rules
of th bank. Money to Joan on ro...l real ro
tate security. Collections Riven prompt utteii
3 rtP!ssiniil.
GENERAL Practice. Ofllce: tmnt room in
Webli'S Urutf Store,
PRA J K.'INO l'hvsleimi. I UTlce h.ur ; 0 t. 1 1
a, in, 2 to 4 p in. (Hlice in Webb's Dn;r
flto c, front rooms up stairs.
E. A. -iiLEY, M. D.,
HOMEOI'OlUV phvslcian and Siirnoii.
ReMdene? '...! itreit. 4MTW-, ronm N".
1. ' WTg-nVn t tpera House U'K k. soeond tloor.
Olllco hours. U to lo u. in.; - to a and to K p. m.
OFFICE and Reridenre, at the T. A. l'.!
house oppOFlt thO Kpi-Cnblc l lllirell t!lice
hours: 10 to li u, m. und B t 7 p. m. Surgery a
).1ice front r-in er Webb's Drue Store
ild fllUnu by the iim n the Llectn Miiioietie
Ulet a speelaltv. A tillciul teeth in-eite.l on
4.1, rubber or eclul.iid bn". All work yum-im
.el to Rive safJ--facnoii. Alma, Mich.
St. Louis, Mich.
Every practical invention or Improvement
lithe prolcssioii made u-e ol as deired.
Fhanch i Ai.MtK. John 1). Si'I.nm:y.
TTOHNEYs at Law. Attend to nil lcjral
J. tiiiipess, the trial tf c-au-es, d lend in
criminal case, draw all kinds of paper. A1m
real etate, loan and Insurance iiRcnts.
Alma, (iratb't County, Mich .
ATTORNEY andCounseloi at Law All b-prul
business bV letter or otlieislse, Will he
tntunptly nttendeij to, oUitein Opera Ilm-e
blot k, u p stuns,
VI'OHNEY and Couneloi at law undS.d
A. Icitor in Chaiu ery, Fructlces in all the
Stnt ami Fnite d Mates ourts. Particular at
tention paid to collections and remtttan e
pnm.fly made. Money to loan, Ollicc TP
sitc Wright Hotel.
A1TOHNEY at Law. Does a general law
business. Trial of causes a specialty.
Insurance and Collection.
NOTARY I'ublic, Colli ctor. Accountant. In
turanc am! General Ajnt. Engnissimr
and Ornamental Penman-hip neatly ejeeuted.
Olticf iwlth J. L. 4 link. Koom No. 'i opera
louse Hlock 1. 4). Ilox SA. Alma. Mich
DEALER in l.v bet brands of Cigars, Tol
aceo pipes Wines and Liquors. I'uic Alco
hol a special! r
AF4Tln.NEF.il. Anyone vjhinr the ser.
vic es of nn perii-need iiiictioiii i r can
find him at hi oilier In the n--w li r.v barn.op.
poslte Ihu MrtLodisl church. Sattslaclioii
guaranteed. 4i'J..i'i
MOM E-New York N. Y
FIRE AS-() IATION I'hila. . Fa.
NMKR1CN- .... . ..
AH ItlCl'LTI'RA Ir-Water! own, . N. Y.
Ult'll. FIRE A MARINE -Detroit . Midi.
HHAND R APIDS-Oran 1 Rapids
ACCIDENT INS. CO of North America.
.Justice ol' (lie INmcc
A M'diNVI.V A ..'1.1:
l. ,; i' Ira . i i ' .I '-.
.1 1 1 1 j , t II.
Ileal .Miile Auciic;. .
win liwdN ii. i;-rtii- oi :c..-..i,..'
) II. f '!ie ! ' ol l. W . A 'li-
An Independent Local Journal, Pub
lWnxl i-vvry Triday morn in at
Alm:i, Uratiot Co., Mich.
CF. Brow.k, IlL'siirw Masaobii.
TERMS tl lr year In advance; 7.V?
for ni months; ."Wlc for three months. Rates
of Advertising mado known on application.
Office south side Huperior street, near corner
Wood worth avenue.
C F. Ilrown visited Lyons Monday.
Kastrr comes April 10th this pear.
Did yon hear the thunder Wednesday
Kd. It. Schweier, of Shepherd, was
in town on business Wednesday.
The teachers and pupils of the union
school enjoyed a holiday Tuesday.
Miss Ma.?iio Mero, of Charlotte, is
in town visiting Mrs. .1. F. Suydani.
Only one state in the I'nion that
ranks above Michigan in inventive tal
ent. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Watts visited
friends in Ithaca the greater part of
last week.
John Salmon, of lhcckenridge, is sell
ing his goods and preparing to move to
New Zealand.
Alma appears to be upon the track of
a large-sized sensation. About next
week there will undoubtedly be plenty
of particulars.
The Masons will have as finely an
arranged hall as there is in Michigan.
Work upon it is progressing finely and
the dedication will not be far in the
Six mails per day now arrive at the
Alma pn-di'ilice and nine go out from
it, so it will be readily seen tljat there
is not much time for idling in that in
stitution. The sleighing is getting a little thin
once more in this vicinitv. South of
Ionia everything goes on wheels, ileigl
ing having been a minus quantity ft r
some time pat.
The farmers h:i ing stone to c!l are
reping quite a little harvet here now.
From the large quantities purchased
it would seem thut a building boom w:t
S. A. Smith, formerly manager of the
Wright House, is now chief ch ik in the
Ki.kwooit, Detroit. It is hardly neces
sary to add that the Alma traders
will patrenie the Kirkwood hereafter.
15. S. Webb, formerly of DeWitt and
now engaged in the drug huiness at
Alma, w as in St. Johns on Tuesday, lb
reports his business as nourishing and
Alma booming.-St. Johns ,'. lul'vnn.
The motto of the Alma Kecord is
"devoted to the interns of Alma nnd
vicinit) ," and loyally does Mi.-s Flem
ing, the editor and publisher, adhere to
the spirit and letter of the motto. -Detroit
Then-is an old belief that thunder
storms coming earh in the spring are
sure to be followed by severe weather.
It seemed Thursday morning as though
there might be some truth in it. for the
air was decidedly frosty.
A sign has been placed upon the
store adjoining that of W, L. Hough A;
Co., which reads something like this:
"Konk IJaughman, of Charlotte, will
occupy this store March 1, with a new
and complete stock of dry goods." Flm
Hall I.nrnl and Detroit A"w, please
(uite a delegation of our solid busi
ness men haw; been in Lansing this
week looking after the Fine Hiver an
nexation question. St. Louis is making
strenuous efforts to defeat the project,
but the prevailing opinion among the
Alma people who are posted on the
question seems to he that the justice of
the measure is ieeogni7ed and that the
bill will pass win. n the right time comes.
L. I. Hodman, the ice man, has been
doing a li-ly business this season, as
the following few figures will show:
He has cut Lb'.'; cords, 1:00 of which
ha e I ecu shipped to Ithaca; .''. cords to
Ashlej ; 'JiH) cords sold to the farmers
in this vicinity; and Too cords stored
here in Alma. He has paid for labor,
.$':!. oj during the winter of It
will be seen that this is quite an in
dustry and we doubt if any other town
in Michigan, of the s une size, can show
a Ik tt r record.
Kditor Itrown, of the Mt. Fleasant
Ti ibune, is never happy unless la 's in
trouble. Not satisfied with a threaten-
i.il Iw-liiKf from Miiii.r l.nliif of Urn
j soldic i s' home. Drown devoted a col
: tuiiti of h'.s Tribune Friday to soi k us
cl.aigcs a:;'di;st the father of Mrs. F a
IK .tie lady is 1 lie of the editors
t the Mt Fbv.saiit Lute: p: i-e; and
Sat: :d.;;, rwniog Mis. Doughtv nut
the led. ul, table 'J' -potiiidt r at the p
i;'c.'. Si e hoi ew hij I e him. ami
!Te( ti ly, and Si.iida pa-si d witlai.t
IJrown Ciojiping lie Psi.al puml.i'd
iii Ui I into the bun hcoiiti ibutioii box.
"Lvening Jotmrnl.
Mayor Hill, of Fast Saginaw, was in
town Wednesday,
Chestnutty "new" maple sugar is
making its appearance.
It is rumored that Alma is to have
another saloon a high-toned one, this
J. M. Ashley and W. II. Dennett, of
the T., A. A. A; N. M. IFy were in tow n
Hev. A. F. Hart went to Ionia Mon
day, to spend a few days there with
llov. K. 15. Sutton, state temperance
lecturer, will speak in the M. L church
Friday evening. March I, upon "Home
vs. the Saloon."
T. A. Miller left town Thursday for
a trip to Fast Saginaw and Flint, com
bining business and pleasure. He will
return Saturday.
A Model jobber has been added to
the lli:eKi job outfit, and with our
three steam presses the work is tamed
out at a lively rate.
Ye editor and one of the Alma peda
gogues visited Lons Tuesday. A short
account of the sights seen there may be
found elsewhere in this i.vsuo.
Dr. I. N. IUainard severed his con
nection with the Normal school last
Friday. Dr. 1. is an excellent instruct
or and the Norm il people are. of course,
sorry to lose him. We have not learned
what his plans for the future are.
At Kalkaska hist Friday a shower of
ashes fell. C.ering the SI10W to the
depth of half an inch and frightening
those of the busy citiellH V. ho had
time to remember the fate of lleicnl
ane'im, Foinpeii, and other cities of the
effete east.
Friday evening, March L'nd, the first
lectur of the course w ill be deli cred by
Win. I. Marshall. He tells about the
wonders of the Ycllow.st . ne National
Fail;, and illustrati s his lecture by
over fifty line iews. Admission .".0
cents, or seasi-n ticket, good for li'.e
le dured. $1. "0.
Tin damv given Tucsda cenii:g by
Me.rs. Sfittz and llutton proved to be
quite an enjoyable affair. The attend
ance was good and we Lave heard a
numbu-speak of the excellent mtisie
furni-hed by the new dance orchestra
V.'hi h. it i-; h", 'd, may becrnn- a pel ihJ
anent org miati'di.
The lirm of Chadv.i. k A. Waldbridge
Was di-olved the l':r-t id' tin- w -ek. Mr.
Chad, wick keej s two . f the heavv teams
and w ill coiit inue to do heavy draing
as before. Mr. Waldbridge has enter
ed into iartnei shiji with Mr. L. D. Kod
man. so long in the business, and Wald
bridge A IJodtuan will carry express
and mail and do light diaing.
Saturday. March ". is the day of the
regular annual meet ing id' the Ladies'
Library Association, when ell'ieers are
to be elected as follows: Fresident,
Viee-Fresident, Secretary, Treasurer,
Librarian and Assistant, and three Di
rer tors. A full meeting is urgently
Ca tiiauim: Dkla v an.
It may not be generally known, but
it is a fart, that many of the sharpest
business men of the country judge a
town as to its prospect i e growth and
the push and enterprise of its people,
by the aiiiioucemi'iits of its merchants
and mmufaeturers contained in the
illage paper. The illagc f.aper shows
whether tho people are w ide awake or
Some six weeks ago the quarterly
catalogue of the Normal was sent to
Detroit to be printed, as the principal
of the school was in a great hurry for
them. The l!i; ni:i had made a bid on
the job. bidding nearly the same as the
Detroit firm, but as only lo days could
be gien us in which to piint tho :i,ooo
catalogues, beside doing our regular
Work, we thought best to tell Frof.
Wolstead what we thought about the
matter and let him send away if he
chose, because wo should be sorry to
take the woik and net have it complet
ed at the time agieed. Six weeks ago
to-dav the work was sent to the Detroit
la m which promised faithfully to have
it done and deliveied at the nd of ten
da. The fust of this week one of t!:e
completed catologiM s came w ith a h t
ter st;'.ting that the :;,ooo had just been
shipu'd. A hasty look through the
book brought to light lg' errors, some
of which are very "rank" and all
show ing great cai elessncss to say the
least. Frof. Wclstcad's feelings ran
1 e iimiL'ined. After all the tedious tle
la to Iiave such a job sent back made
him m i;, tired, indeed. He will not
a 1 ept t!i job. and -.us th it tin- Kl.f
m:: shall hie hi-. ;uk hen-alter
I.-1 1 er w e can gi t it out in ten das
I I.' .. t 'I,.' job r.'OUn ;:c fullv quip-
ed :.iid if a leL.: i.'a'.'e h !:ctll of Wiv.V
is ;,r, c;i we goal I'iiti e as got d a job as
can he gotli n oul.dd -, and our patio: s
will Hot he obliged lo wait six Weeks
and then not accept it.
(i. Paul Smith, the third in the Dun
bar course, will be here March L'L'nd and
-.'!rd. Yaple's date has not been given
Where ytu observed that long da h
in the article describing the "Ft e Ilise"
stores, last week, just put in .Y'.s(i b 1 1
and it will read better.
Wednesday's Jcr, J'ir.s tontaimu
the following dispatch from Mt. Plean
ant, lated Feb. At about I o'eim k
this afternoon o0' ritiens, genth men
and ladies, marched to the ieidi n. ' o!
Mrs. J, It. Doughty, who hot Saturday
horsewhipped e ditor Frown, and pres
ented her with two elegant ( hairs co.-t-ing
.). Tin proi'cssion of teams and
footmen was headed by the cornet
band. They marched back in front oi
Brown's tlice, where a scaffold was
erected and Frown hung in elligy.
(Jreat excitement prevails and fatal Je
suits are feared unless the libel m ; pub
lications are stopped.
As the time for township meetings U
near, it becomes the duty of tho-e who
have tho care of our village inti-re-! , to
see to it that nothing i; left und. .i.e.
which should be done at such 1:10 : im
that will tend to our pro.-pe ri:y. M;,. h
can (d"ten be done by way of a j ; 1 I i
choice of men to fill tin- see;al town,
shiji otlices. To this end it is .-e.
that we know what we wan: d--:,e ihat
we may ihoose the right mm !' :!.
right place. Some t in.p-a,ro w e i 1
attention to the importance t'. ; . ..!:
the road opened diivctl ea . : !
for two miles. All the ,!. -, ; . , -,
since that t ime hav e not on! - '
U-ove the t P 1 1 1 h f 1 . 1 1 1 - of the t!.i;, ;
aiieed. but that it V.a- no. ;;i , :.,
strong elioligii lo eo;.'t the ... . , ;.;
nceesit 1', , the impio. :.. : : ; ;
to. This load, w e think, -he .id i -ef-.
promjd attent ion. Am tin v !:;u- ii d
e l impioM meiit is the .; -1 : : 1 1 g 1 h. :
1'oitioli i t' the qua; !e: -lim- ; .... ! n- : 1 ..
ot town which lies in -1 t : : 1 17. 1: ,
done, would sa c two mi!' - ;:.
the round ti ip to t!:,-r .:i : . .- 1
in coming to our tow n. -. .
will cause more m me; t" .:
eei jear than tl:e s ;M j;.;..- , . .
would eo.-t. Now Ii-t - ii .-:
tow n on the center line" 1 ; ! i .
e iilid the lo.ol 1 1 u"od 01 i
ijilt s. then one mil" f po..j ; .1 i ;.; .;
:i tdie ol no n ad ;.i ad. V. !i. w "... :
:' ..11 that? imp!y this. To -e v. : .
l. e ( ;, the tow 11 ;m a.i.l ;t !: -i . , .
if t..eV e Hie toolir illagc .11 e Uq.eh ',
to go '..idiin one of Ithaca, or 1 !- to
two miles wi-M and then m the th-e -
distance east ai:aiu to j c. i- h Alios .;..!
to r turn over the same 10... 1 .
make tin; distance for the round tiip
eight miles more than i; ought to b -.
The most of us would think that a 1.
waj w in n the roads are mudd a!
Now readers of the l!i:( mud. th- - - ;
no fancy figures but stem Ice:-..
facts too, which should n e. : daec n
sideration and pri'iupt and dei i.l. d .: -tioii
di the pait of the..,- int vu.-.t e ! in
the pros. erity of, our village. L -t -ri'inember
that the trade .-.nd pat;on.:..e
of the farmers around us is ;, . , ;-
pelled tocoine. There are tn Ii;, ;- -and
marketing place, all aio.iu! :, .
We may buil 1 maguiiii -,-nt buildiu .: ..
till them w ith ever thing that t la- t ; to.
demands and beautifs our -licit-. 1
unless we open avenues of i:r;;v- to
uir town, business m.'-t lamr.i:-:i
Come now. let us rcsohe our d'.t into
a commitlee of tin- whole and see to i:
that this work is all done bet'.-ie i 1 .
first day of November next, and let n
be on the alert for other needed impo '. -nients
to our village.
The law crentiu;; an additional
Judge of the Supreme Court h is
passed both houses of the legi'Iatui-"
and has received the approval d" the
(lovernor. The court as heretofore
constituted consists of four Judges;
by this new law the court will here
after consist of five Judges, th:s
precluding any possibility of a tie
when a full bench is present. In
accordance with tho provisj,,, of
the law, two Judges; w ill bo chcttil
this spring, one for ten yi;i; m!
one for eight; and luivaltir o;;e
Judge will bo elected eel'V two
years, the term of oHko being tell
Years. h'.rfifuni.
William Steadv hi 1 a hors - taken
ill vestcnlav morning ami brought it
j from his home at Prairie Creek to
j Dr. Anderson's at Montgomery's
I livery stable. The physician g;ie
! the animal some me icine that le
j lieved it, and Mr. S. took her home,
j Late last night he heard a giv.it
; noise at the barn and by the time he
; had dressed himself he :iu the hoi - e
'go bv the window at a ten ilk- p :-e.
lie gave chase and :'o;:m! In r in
. front of the livery stable, lolling in
the miow. She had grown worse,
kicked dow u the barn door ami in t !
her way to wIk-iv s'n- had tiiM it-ci-ived
relief. When given nnuv
liH'.iiciue she too'; it v. itli ihe -cm
, ing knov!i'd;ge that it would ! lo r
jhm1. Ionia Jov7,
A Vi.-it to Lyoa.-.
Having je.il th - liumcro.is ieatrts
( em . 1 nin.; the dev astation and ruin
v. 1 01 ot at Lvous during the past twoj
v. e.-l;-. by ti e ice gorge and consequent
dood, v.e d. i.-rmim-d to i ,il the K-eno
end : if all that has hc.-u said could
really h.- true It did not take us long
t'"U elm ! -. alter ;ui i ing there, that
there ha 1 km but little exaggeration.
On 'fie -day. the .lay of our visit, the
v.eier :...o-l fi.-m two to three feet
deep al! t!.r a h ll.e jucater part of the
m.d:; -!;:, The .-.!.!. -walk had been
"!e. .. a ( r i snutshed into kind
ii;..", v.. i.d. . :.d ., ; i of trestle Work,
eoii-islmg of htrav boards laid upon
Wooden k...,-.es Id id;-;ed ov t r the llooded
porti-di o: the . tie. t. For the length of
le-ai ly two hi.., hs ..u t h south side of
the '.re. the s.t-r s are emptv. the
dci k . having bi en m .vcd out when the
hu::e 1 ;li -.: !.-,., me apparent. Th.vse
i re . ;.l a : 1 r appearance, the
i;o-.; I:. 1
and i ' t- t
and th.- .
It- :j i;.l . :
c oe.ed w ith water
li of r e. ral ineln-s,
nd p.o l ( f the w imlows
Ai t!:e M.;.t ef t!,e hill
ib : i.-d so that the
:. , m I for business,
: .; gl -l.e 'o see that
;'..'!. h i: of the ex-
c . 1 e damp r ml
1 i : hap.-. Tho
1 . .1 ; . b. 1, k building
:' ;:.e ,-;;.-rt. is md
. .-;:, b :t is waiting
l v...: . . i,t of tie- ,.f
... ; :a i . i most of
:.. .: .. , :l.;s build
: : . :.: time jut
M: . l.in.; posts
.. ..itle l ef..e the
F; : ..is not in
, . i...--l ..ne-s one
. .. b. and
: ; ;, :n - t and
. ' i 1 g 1 o -1 s in
.1 ! .gi,-'. Acct ss to but
,!..-- I : . : t V. cs J.o-Si-
' . ; dip and un
. . cannot realize
1 tig' c-gii until
: . ' :1 below
1 . - . s o.;i wedged
; ..i'..-r of si, apes,
e : . ;: a pei'-e weigh-d.-.
; .el I'iiim that
1 . a . : . 1 .,ird
.. .. .. i . -.. .. 1. This
: r. : .v o ..gT. r. for
: ,. -s -iria-k a
. o,l ,.f
;'.! gave
im coii-
.o;, i vi ; . ;. ; ,,. . .1 ii ;( ,- nces down
; 1. :!... ..: i i ; . ; eiod ts were
'. ;., : m . 1 : : t!c lower end
: 1 .' ':-.!,!.'- ..11 to loo.se 1 1
- ;.u gal:.-. There
. . ' - ',. .: . . f : : .:;g d-.-v, n w here the
. . : : ,. -s ? v one felt
ii . ., , 1 . : . : : . -ed one inter-
: .: ' 1 le-ii factory is
i : ; '; 1 - ! up and if Mr.
'. ; 1' 1 1 :;. : .Mm 1. bethought
i. . . f dh would now
, 1 r . 'I'..- ntii- side of his
, ' .1 : :. :,l wis crushed in
a...-:..-;.' . . V 'e -i --er in other respects.
1 . , - . i: - : n; Idg -1:1! stands its
. : :!...;.-' ii . a , feared that it
v. ''!. ; 1 -d . ,; . Tin- 15. ink and
i ' . . . e d 1: g, io-:ii'-. in the
ha .:! - lis M. il. t-huieh. and pri
'..'.' 1 . ;' :1 ; -. ..; en to the v is-
;; i -1 '.: : c 'i'l-e . nlv sounds
. ; h;. v..- .. (, i d,,o in., 01, r stay ..f :i or
I h- . o a th-- . ,,f dviiatnite
'v .. :. .1. lute r and tic- s. -raping of
l!.e -' e , 1 1 . : -; li e i 'e was laboriously
do-; ..'at of - :.. d. 1 1 led shop.
It v.. add be d ! a:: il the people Were
le t di-' . ea ag.-d an I disheartened.
The , a , ' e , .d'iigo r .1. L.VoIlS is IlOt
1; llr-t. ! -. b ;s'i;e-s town at the best
and it :.- !e ,i , 1 fn it v. id be a long
t in. in 1 e. 1 . t 1 ing i 1 ai l his set back.
W i.;',e : , me el a on that the damage is
le t .0 er , 1 i.i.ou. thoM' in ;i position to
hi: o . M, th..t -:;o..),io i ml ;i dollar
loo hi'.-.d. Niariv i.hi j r.-pl.. are desti
tuleoi ev.rv thing and are being cared
f..r iiii',,1 t !..-;. an gel bach to their
l.oiii. : i.-i 1 vi ii liicil the) liuist be as-.-i.-ie
1 as lie ir ail h.r. b eu .-.wept away.
The : ' n r -us .- i.ou.i .1 . qu . qa iii t i m w ill
do t!a- h -w. v.-r. an 1 it is loudly hoped
tie t tl i w:d.t i now over and that
1 ! la- ..an i an ! aue l ;:i- ;it an 'lld.
Tic f..od 1 1' v. ,!1 be long it member
I d ia ti.at v ;. iioly bv those who have
s i!!.-r d ll.ro'igh il and also by those
who have : 1 1 th" .. 1 1 i") looking town
it has ma",. of a.
Dr. D.e.vuev ha b en on the sick list
the mi-id ;h-.- wi ck.
We '1 v H.u i i -on. ,.f I uid. 11. w a in 1
; ,,v. 11 Tc i c. . -' 1 I 1 d.a- .da) oil bilS-
M,.i. as Fob. 1 l.v has been in Lansing
tie- .11 .s, oi ihe lim- dar.ing the past
t w ' v. 1 1 i s.
Ft . e 1 r. - to l! . 'I, I'.n lv House "
W i.i '. ! ' h a- a ne w bu for J
l'i,,i l.oii l a l ' 'o 1 , ! - 1 It oi ih led of j
.1. M. Montigel ,V C
Alma Church Notes-
During less than one hundred yean
the number of translations of tho word
of (od has inureased five-foldfrom
lifty to two hundred and fifty; of Prot
estant Missionary societies, fourteen
fold from seven to one hundred; of
male missionaries, eighteen-fold from
one hundred and seventy to three thous
and; of contributions forty-fold from
two hundred and fifty thousand to ten
million dollars; of converts fifty-fold
from fifty thousand to two and a half
million; of mission schools, two hundred
fold f nun seventy to upwards of four
teen thousand.
Ladies social met with Mrs. Dr. Cur
tis, Wednesday. A very pleasant time.
Mrs. A Ycrington is doing a good
work in leading the morning choir and
also the Sabbath school in the service of
Prof. C. Yerington has organized a
choir for the evening service from stu
dents at the Normal with Miss Spain as
organist. This moTement will be duly
Normal Notes.
Three thousand new catalogues hae
just arrived from Detroit, but will be
returned as they do not give satisfac
tion. Miss Kimball has organized an art
class at St. Louis and has met with
much success from the citizens of that
A debating society was organized last
w ick, which promises to be a success.
The society meets every Monday in the
The literary w hich was j ostponedlast
Friday, on account of the had weather,
will be given Friday evening at 8 o'clock
New students have arrived week this
term and the number has steadily in
creased from ',." to 12. The Dormitory
is now full every room being occupied.
This is the first time since the school
has been opened that there has been oc
casion to use every room in the building.
The Normal has now one of the mos
commit te business courses in the State
The Actual IJusiness room has been
furnished at a cost of aoo. From 2 to
o'clock every afternoon the offices arc
open for business transactions. Two
it ies are represented, containing banks
wholesale, retail, commission and lum
ber firms. A postoflicc and freight of
fice is located in each citv. A cordia
invitation is extended to all to visit this
Glad Tidinga.
For Sali:: A good milch cow, cheap.
Inquire of J. F. Toitino.
Sheet music of all kinds at (i. H.
do to (i. IJ. Porter's for the latest de
signs in jewelery.
Money to loan in sums of 200 1
"),( mi. Time, 3to .5 years on good real
estate security. Marct PollaSKV.
Marcus Pollasky has a number uf
choice residence lots for sale on easy
All goods hvught of P. & Son are
guarranteed to give satisfaction m
money refunded.
Call at P. & Son and nxamin ur
line of silver plated ware and flocks
before durchasmg elsewhere.
(Jo to P. & Son for fine watch, tleelc
and jewelery repairing.
Violin, guitar and banjo strings at
ii. II. Porter's.
Pequegnat & Son have the finest line
of jewelery in the city at greatly re
duced prices.
You will find rare bargains in loots,
shoes and rubbers at K. L. STAnivV
(i. IJ. Porter carries a line 4f musical
instruments, violins, fiutes, flf(s, acor-
dians, mouth organs, etc.
We handle the best rublier loota in
the market, and prices always the low
est. K. L. Stark
Full line of the (Joodyear Glove RnV
ber for ladies. Misses and children at
K. L. St a Rued
The most complete line of ladies kid
button shoes of Uith hand and machine
sewed goods ever shown in Alma, are
at E. L. Stakks'.
If ou w ant a good Sewing Machine
buy the New Improved Singer with
oscillating shuttle. Sold by
J. F. TorrrN.
I have under my control some choice
(arms and farming lands that I shall
offer for sale during the next 0 months
at prices that defy c(mpetition.
Alma, Mich.
( Mie million feet of White. Red and
Swamp Oak and oOO,KiO feet of llass
wiM.il l,ogs. Highest market price in
cash w ill be paid.
Wnioirr A LfmsDkn.
Noth r.. Subscrilfis to the Ladies'
Library are requested to return all
iMM.ks to tin' Library on Feb. P'th, the
several Saturdays in the mouth, in ac
cordance with Ibile lHh.
Catiiarini; Dhlavan.

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