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VoL 8. No. 48.
Pollasky, W aldby&Co.
SuooM)r. to ora-.n Comity favrni in
Kerelvc Deposit nd Alio ln-i.
Dincount O'Pinieri iftl U:r . ,
Transact ft General lUokln Burton.
aro ent for th following oompnnli
South imrnsii a Mr.iirANTiLB.
IXWN mi l L.VNC A HI""
A M A Z )N .
Uusiness Directory.
M. in. oiujkoii
MouSlW rW W:W: Sun.ly School
I2:u0. Evc..il..r 'iRKT. rMtor.
" " C( ) N 3 CI 1 1 J 1 1 CI I.
QKKVK'KS ntl'Vfl r m nnS T:30 p m! 9b-
b i.Mh scnoni 12 rk1, ANTWr,Ur,r,.,
r- FUVICFf tiro liHd at tho !' ra "o",
cti 'nt,itv WM. CHAUi.f. Missionary.
it each full mon.. wAKr,a;vT:.-y
O. A. R.
TTTm.Moyrr Po.t, So. '-P'JVol
W a. K., meet on -'nd. And 4th. Thursday oi
rath month. JinRY Smith, Comd.
E F. Moyf.ii AdJ't.
S, 8. TURCK A CO.,
& r.rncfil Hankln llu'lnos Trnnsfietel
Spwli.1 Attention tilvrn to t'.llcttlc .tv
wm. ?. Tt'in'K, a. w. "'JVit-Tri
j. n. :-EAra. c.k. eptek.
(Siu'iTMors to Gratiot Conntr things Buki
... . .. ,.nrUl linnklrur tn1ftess.
Druw iiruits uvrtiiicMe anywhere In Durop or
Amori. a Ih.nosH. of f 1 fin ,
and Interest allowed onstm unrter
ofthel.rtnk. Money to loan on
l.cte security. Collection given prompt artcn
rvriMi Hill fro-t room In
Wc't'.t) ti 1Hm:k Store,
. . v in.. (..(.,., Oif.er houri : to 11
U l U I I . I . n I 11 "iv ...... - - - - - - --
IT,, ,,,.2 1,, 4 i, in. llllk'i' In ITcLb 9 Vrw
To f, fiBt room up ntniri.
e7a. baoley, i. d.,
V-rOMi;oroTH It ' l'tivdclrin and Surreon.
.T IO-mUchcc SMtw trvit. (MT.ee. room N.
I Writfhfn (.p.Tii llou l-'rH. eni tloor.
v office hur. v tkm. hi.; to 9 utid : to p. m.
V. -- .
Oi J U T. unl llcridcnti', at th T. A. JAy
tw,... ..r.ti.wit tho Kulstot.lc church OllUt
. .n. i?. rr, a m 7 n. m. Jnrtfl-ry a
J. W, KAZEBEE, D. D.6.
)flie.' front room r r WeM.'a Uniff More
M fli'lnjf t.y tin- u-e of thu Klc tro Mairn. tic
.U. t a !' -tultv. A utli lnl t-vM lnprt-fl on
ll.rnt.Nrorc.'lnloi.l haf. All work '".ran
..xl to gu at1.,it rton. Alnifl.MUn.
St. Louis, Wlch.
Kvirv practical invention or Improvement
lithe proiesslon maV ue vt Mlexrcjl.
JvTro hnkvs.
Fn vsciV V-ai"mii! John I- Si-inney.
TT)UNr.Y at Law. Aivn.1 t all U'Ral
A busire-. the trial of aucs defeml In
criminal ciif', draw all klndu of paper. Al?o
real ( state, loan and ln-uram o arfentj.
Alm:i, (iratlot (. ounty, Mich .
ATTOKNr.Y imrt Counselor Ht Law All l.'iral
1.u1iip- t-v letter or ..thence, will he
pn.taptly attenedto, OUuoin P ra lluim
bl( , npftair.
a TTdUNF.Y and CounM-loi at law find Sol
Alcitor in ( hnncery, I'rut tken in all the
rotate lu..n't.itedMat !eourt(?, l'artleiilar at
tention naid to eolle.tloiis and remittance
promptly made. Monej to loan, Olhcc oppo
site Wi i tit Hotel.
A'lTOUNF.Y at Law. Doe it k neral law
lio'in.. Trial r chums a specialty.
) muraiH'p and Collection.
NOTARY l'ul.lic, Collector, Aci-ountant, ln
Mirauce an I den. ral A, lit. Lnntos-iiitf
and Ornamental l'e;im.in(-hip nc.itly eycutid.
onjcf iwith .1. I.. Clnrki. Uooin .No. Opera
l..ue Ulock 1. O. U ox Alma. Mich
."Wins l lii'A l ' H'i
DHAI.FU In tic t-vt 1'iomUnf Clears, Tob
acco pipes. v incs and Ll'iioi. l'uie AU o
hol a HMM-initr
Arcrio.NKF.R. Anyono wi-hlntr tlit mt.
lees i an ex pel i'-nred nudloiif wr c an
find him at ld olTu e in the n-w lirery barn. op
po;te tli M(thdi;t church. Satf action
guaranteed. 4CV.C
IKOti: New Yoik .
I'NlJF.KW UITI'.HS-N.w York, .
FIUF. ASs(k lATlON-I'hila.
A(iHICi;inUAl-Vateilown. .
(J HAN I HAIMDx-iiraii l Hapldn
N. Y
Co. .
jil.w iinm i.i r i. .
N. V
ACCHn.NT IN!. ().'.... .'...of' North Atn(ft
Ju(iec um t lit IVjicc
A!'. Icu'al Pj'd 'lri'Mi it' nentm-s
rl -lifjutcli.
Heal IMato Aucnry,
A".ll 'lao'Uc U'l.l L4.ti "ii reaV.l.f.Uc
I ) .li l mi' l I e I o I U. W. A lliv.l..
An ln?pciulcnt Locnl Journal, Tub
IUtkxI tn'ry Triilay morn lng at
Alma, Gratiot Co., Mich.
Mia. C. M. FimI50, Bihtoh isn Owmh.
C P. Biiown, IlcsisE Mahaoir.
TERMS II " per year In advance; 75e
for MX monthn: Mo for three months. Hate
of adTorttln. made known on application,
offlce aouth aide Superior street, near corner
w.iouworth avenue.
J. E, Stultz was in Shepherd Tuesday,
llubbanlston thinks she has oil wells.
Ed. II. Schweier, of Shepherd, wax in
town Tnesdav.
fJeo. X. Wright, of Saginaw, was in
town over Sunday.
Jtix. A. Stuttz was in Detroit last
w eek buying goods.
The Union School will graduate sev
eral students this year.
Dr. J. II. Lancashire, of Saginaw,
was in town Wednesday.
BomtoMrs.II.il. Waldby, Sunday
Feb. 0, a 10 pound daughter.
Dr. Morris Hale, of Ypsilanti sanitar
ium, was m town "Wednesday.
('has. F. Brown, of the Kkcoud was
in Sheridan, on business, Tuesday.
Washington township was tho flrstto
settle with the county treasurer this
Humored, that a large rake and shovel
manufactory is soon to be established
Mr. Harrison, the new proprietor of
the Ithaca Advance, made this oflice
pleasant call Monday
The T. & A. w ill be pushed north
from Mt. Pleasant as soon as the frost
is out of the ground.
H. U. Waldby has been confined to
the house with a severe attack of neu
ralgia, for several days.
Prosecuting Attorney Sawyer, of Ith
aca, was in town on legal business :
couple of days this week.
Judge O. W. Powers speaks Friday
evening, March ll, upon the Mormon
question. io and hear him.
Married, Feb. 0, Charles J. Eggert
of Alma, and Carrie A. Sherwood, of
Arcada, by Justice Ytrington.
Tho Journal says that "Prosecuting
Attorney Sawyer is now occupied by
W. L. Phillips as a justice oflice."
Mrs. S. A. Smith was in town Wed
nesday on her way to Detroit to join
her husband at the Kirkwood House.
Married, by justice Yerington, Feb.
4, Chauncy D. Morris, of Bethany
township, and Kittie Crasher, of Ed
more. Mr. Konk, of tho new dry goods firm
of Honk .S: Baughman, is expected every
day now. His household goods arrived
last week.
The Ithaca "T-epians' will present
"Nevada, or the Lost Mine," and "The
Emigrant's Daughter," during the first
week of court, i, nextweek.
Will Carnahan's little girl was severe
ly injured while catching on sleighs one
day last week. The runners run over
her foot and bruised it very badly.
The new town of Perrin has raised a
bonus of f 600 for a Fowler man who
will build a grain elevator And store
house, loxts. roofed and sided with iron.
Don't fail to sec Heywood in his new
character of "Wok Shing, the Chinese
Launderyman," at Wright's oprra
house, Tuesday eve., March 8th. One
night only.
The editors of Michigan will "excurt'1
down the St. Lawrence next July, after
the meeting at Port Huron. For our
part we are glad that the date of the
meeting has been changed.
Simon Messenger and Mrs. II. B Hul
tert go east Monday to purchase goods
for Mr. Messenger' millinery store,
probably the largest and finest Mock
over brought to Alma will be the result
of their trip and buyers should bear this
in mind.
J. II. Jennings, of the Fenton Imb
ef nf, was in town Monday, and made
this oflice a pleasant call. Mr. J. is as
sociated with his father in the manage
ment of the Indqunilcnt, and is an enter
prising and energetic worker in the
newspaper field.
One of the best things that Sam Jones
ever said is the following: "The most
beautiful flight in the world is to sec a
family around a cheerful fire, with the
head of tho family reading from hU
local newspaper which he luu paid for
in advance,"
Thu Mmuo nays Clinton Nelson
lmw a load of stone to Alma, a dis
tance of four miles, which weighed
11, (kk) lbs. We rise to ask W.Ukh 1 tho
biggest, the load y Ut story. Ithaca
Adraticci Thr load, dear brother, the
Wni. I. Marshall was a pleasant call
er at this oflice Thursday morning. He
left with us as Yellowstone souvenoirs
fpeeimens of the rock formed by the
springs and geysers, ami some leauti
f ul garnets.
Alma. Mich., Friday, March 4, 1887
Humored, that St. Louis is the sick
est town in the state of Michigan.
Poor old thing, how have the mighty
fallen, whence "ipiecu" is humbled and
Geo. Axtell, of Howell, late proprie
tor of the Harrisville Jitvinr was the
guest of his brother, C. H. Axtell, over
Sunday. He made the lii:coui oflice a
very pleasant call.
W., S. & S. are. buying a great many
loads of stone thi.s winter. Thev will
be used in building the addition to the
Wright House, Dr. Lanchirc's and
Fred II.Hamlin'h new residences.
Probably one of tne largest loads of
stones handled in this vicinity for some
time was that brought to Alma this
week by Edwin Medler, of Arcada. It
weighed l,ono pounds and was drawn
4 miles.
(Juy Milliken has been engaged by
Mr. Sprang to assist him in his book
and stationery store, which he will open
in the postofliee building. Guy is an
honest, ambitious boy and will render
Mr. Sprang able assistance.
St. Louis raised Sb' the otho day to
buy a gold-headed cane to present to
Senator O'Keiley, of Detroit, who, by
mistake, as he afterward stated, voted
against Alma in the Pine Biver town
ship squabble.
Pequegnat A: Son will move their
stock of jewelry, etc., to one comer of
Mrs. Messenger's millinery stoie when
the room is furnished, and will largely
increase their stock, giving to Alma a
first-class jewelry store in every panic
Dr. Suydam and Glen Saulsbun were
in Cirantl Hapids a couple of day-, this
week, attending t lie meeting oi th"
state board of pharmacy, by whom Mr.
Saulsbury was examined and granted
a certificate as being a competent pre
scription clerk.
J. E. Scudder, Jr., of Iheckenridgc,
who was arro-ted tome days ago for ob
taining money under fale pretences,
escaped from the oflicer in chargr and
his whereabouts is a mytery. He h it
numerous creditors to mourn his un
timely departure.
In the case of the people s. Is iac
Packer, before Justice Yerington, Mon
day and Tuesday, the defend vnt was
bound over for trial and required to
give ''Otsds in the sum it' i-j'.o f hi-,
appearance. The ca-e grew oat of the
dispute s to the ownership of a fan
ning mill.
We begin to breathe mure freely
since receiving a bundle of St. Andrews
Bay papers and half a dozen handsome
shells from members of the Ploiida
party. We have been tning to think
tnat they were intended a a sort of
"peace offering," oii know; Many
thanks for the ik and let us hear
from you again.
Editor J. S. ILdden. of the Midland
'ini, has been vindicated. After being
caught in a h use and coiifeing that it
was his intention to gi t into a joung
lady's room, a jury of his peers has .ie
clared that the confession was not en
titled to belief, and Mr. Holden r luuis
to society a greatly wronged but freely
forgiven fellow citizen. His "insanity"
has also been cured.
J. W. Fitzmaniice has been in the
Northern lumber woods this wintc-and
claims that the reports concerning the
disreputable dens there have la-en gross
ly exaggerated, and that the greater
part of the sensational articles in the
various dailies contain more fiction
than anything else. Mr. P. is in a po
sition to know what he is talking about
and every Michigan citizenought to take
comfort in his statement.
One of the most "baldheaded" state
ments ever made by a St. Louis paper
was that made by the U'nhVccm last
week, that St. Louis merchants had.
in the last four months, paid out for
produce, grain and bolts, brought in by
farmers, ."jno,onn. This in the face of
the fact that all three banks in St.
Louis combined have not done hall that
amount of business in the last e.u!
"Go to," brother Smith, such tales will
have to bo made to a more credulous
community than can be found in the
state of Michigan to-day.
The store, corner of Superior and
State streets, recently occupied by pol
lasky Bros., is being thoroughly over
hauled and will lx- elegantly fitted up
for the reception of Mis. Messenger's
millinery stock. When complete 1 and
the stock all in this w ill undoubtedly be
the finest millinery store in this part
of the state. Mrs. Hulbcrt, who will
havo charge of the millinery branch of
the business, is an accomplished ladv
in that line and can be depended on to
make selections that will plea-e the
ladies. The stock will be large. aided
and complete. Ecr thing in the line
of millinery and fancy goods will be
found and in addition will be found a
first-class dr ssm. iking establishment.
Wait until the store is opened and then
f o and conrince yourself that we have
eii stating fact-.
The second lecture of the course will
be delivered Friday evening, March 11,
by Judge (). W. Powers, a man who
knows what he is talking about.
The Alma Dramatic Club will play,
"I'anchon" in Mt. Pleasant some time
this month, and if the people cm s,top
quarreling long enough to attend, they
W ill -ee something good.
Oil" day last week the receipts for
telegraphy alone at D., L. X. in con
nection with tic Western Cnioii
amounted t s:.7i', w hat oflice in Grat
iot county can give a larger amount.
The papers that have announced that
a breach of promise, case in which Max
r:. I'ollasky, tf this place and a Miss
Smith, of St. Louis, are the interested
parties, have, to say the least, taken
time by the forelock, as no stub suit
has b 'en instituted, and in all probabil
it t. ill not be. Besureuiu are right,
and then go ahead witli the scoop."
Tne lecture committee need have no
fears, we think, concerning the finan
cial success of the Dunbar coins,,
of lectures that hae been so kind!
pi;dco:. one very enjoyable (cnmg
has been spent and we feel sure that
evi n more of our citizens will be on
hand mxt Friday ewning to hear
.Judge Powers' addreoi.
Alba Hc wood gave two of his un
equalled performances at the Optra
house Wednesday and Thursday eves.,
to packed houses. As an impersonator
Mr. Hey wood is simply without equal,
lb; swayed the audience from laughter
to tears. His Cuckoo song and recita
tion of "over the hills to the poor
hoi;.-e" were simplv immense. t 'aro
.lc-,-v ..,-.
Alba Heywood, who gave an enter
tainment at the opera house Monday
and TuosdRv ees.. is a character aitist
and w ho ranks high in his profession.
Hi-, renditions of the new church
organ" was true to life. 'Samautha
Allen" w as immense, and '"Silly Bill"
brought down the house. -Ml who
lll'.s M- I s.-eilig
him missed a rare treat.
A little dispute which may end up
in a fiifl class lawsuit is mnv one of the
topics at Kierda!e. The paiticulars
as near as we can get at them are as
bnl.jw-r. When the D., L. a. N. rail
road laid its tr;.ck along its present line
v ' ('.:ud through which it passed be
od to Mr. Bi. idle) , fath.-r id N. and
V'.' . A.. f w h"!'i the i ight of way w.i
obt bii. -d, or j-retended to bo, for, as
o:.e i : !!:- chh.'f oiheials of the road
sa;. s, ,t J. at, but ow ing to joy at secur
ing the land so heaply v,c think it
must have been that there was no papers
made out and Mr. lkadiev still holds a
clear title to the land as shown by ab
stracts tc. In the meantime the rail
road company hae erected buildings,
water tank, etc., upon the ground which
now turns up to belong to
Bradley. Mr. B. s i s he w i.she.Uo show
no bad blood i:i the matter but will
stand up b-t No. 1 until all is serene.
We look lor in. le.-lilm Hall I.-c-'l.
The filt lecture of the course was de
li eied Wedn sda i ning by Wm. I.
Marshall, to a fair and thorough!
plea v I audieii' e. Mr. Marshall is well
poted upon the wonders of the "Won
derland of w hich he speaks. ha ing is
lted the Yellowstone National Park
several times, studying it long and
caieiuov. His description of the
wi'stcin country iie ioiis to the com
pletion of the pacific B. B. wv.s cry
interesting, and showed how people
did when they were only l,woo miles or
more from a railrood. The entire
le.ture was pleasing and instructive,
and the beautilul iews thoroughly de
lighted the audience, livery American
is proud of the natural wonders of this
country and as the Yellowstone Nat
ional Park is a'so out; of the World's
wonders, more than ordinary interest
is felt, and everyone in attendance
must c itainly have learned something
new. For otiiselws, wc could go again
loiii-dit to hear the lecture repeated and
enjoy every word of it.
This morning one of the m st
interesting law suits ever originating
in this city was commenced by the
banking hou.se of Harrington Saviers
against F. G. Knceland for years their
cashier. The coinplaiiients alh ge that
for a long period while he was in their
employ Mr. Knee land was in the habit
of taking and appropriating to hi- own
Use moneys that belonged to them. The
papers uerr eerved by I'nder-ShcriH'
Claik. Benton Haiiehett of Saginaw,
and C. J. Willctt of this city, are attor
neys for Harrington A: Saviers. This
case is the st nation of the town to-day
and is c reating a good deal of talk, as
Mr. Kneeland has always been consid
ered one of our best citiens, and many
ai e bat kw atd in beleiving that it is true,
thinking that perhaps there has been
some mistake, w bile Harrington cV Sav
iers claim tlify can prove all these
and even more. Criminal proc eedings
will follow the suit commenced against
Mr. Knee land to-day. St. Iouis li jmh-Ucuil.
u m .wm must. m wjuti w tui vmmmj. nxmi
When the Dramatic Club decide en
the date d their next entertainment,
Wright's Opera Mouse B.'iid w ill give a
grand street parade, at noon.
Bro. Hopkins is in a pei k of trouble
and is not particularly popular w ith tl e
senators and representatives. Ivor
Next week Wednesday the annexa
tion question w ill be dec ided and our
citiens n n,,t need to guess but once
US to the outcome. t. Louis will be a
sick town, "and don't ou forget it!"
A f'lb'iihor a'-ks h,,v long an
alien must have resided in this ftate
in order to declare his intentions to
become a citizen and take out first
papers. Article VII, See. 1, of the
constitution of this str.to prouder
that an alien mut have resided in
thi-- Htate two years and si months,
and deolarcd his intentions - mo,
preceding an election.
The man. woman or child w ho k i 11 -an
English sparrow is puldie ben
efactor. TLu Mi'-hig.m Fanner's
way of getting rid of them i a- fol
lows: "I'm some corn meal in n
dish lor a lew days till tie-y br;n
a habit of coming tlr. re to e it; tie n
mix r litth- Hough on Hat-, an I
there will be a grand clearing alo o,"
sparrow s for spring trade Ibr this
now while the native bird.; are
Following; i a list of the jnr--r?
drawn to serve at the term of tie'
circuit court called to meet at Ith.v:.
Murch Ih:
Fred Kinkerter,
Ym. I). Letts, -S.
F. iier HusmI,
ItobiTt BosWel,
Fr:nk Helms,
J. J. Wang.
IJiuncy Cdlin,
Jas. Y. Iarn;ird.
Y. Y, Baker,
Jcpth.i I-Iarl,
W. S. B.ings
.las. O. Hilton. -
b . (lardn. r,
Wm. H. ilouck,
Wm. 1). Clark, -(
too. End w ick, -(
ha. J. Tiioenen, -N.
Henry Curtis?,
Wm.'ll. Kobertf.n,
G. K. Drake,
John T. .''utton,
W. Y. Palmer. -
- Elba
- lir.miliou
- Wleel.r
- Wftshington
North Star
- Be'hanv
- Newark
I;n.' I liver
-Nortl- Shade
New I Ia e:
- Whu-ler
W.vl.-'j .ton
North Star
The passage of the bill to detach two
sections of the tow n ef Pine Bivtr, all
the p.utioii of the village at Alma whii h
lies in that town and t!io anexation of
it to the town d' Arcada. hn aroused;
fury in the minds c;f many St. Louis
people. They an reluctant to b.'rego
their authority over Alma and feel
ing shom of power have indulged in
dreadful insinuations against the .'nate
The idea of the bill is to phi, , Alma
under harmonious and well dispose,!
township goc miuent. tla-ieby remov
ing the rancor which has ixi-ttd by
1 1 aoii of a belief that St. L 'i:is was
unju-d toward la r smaller liv.d. But
the t. Louis people and lue st. La:;.;
newspapers have attributed c-urup.
motives to the sanate in picsj.g the
bill, grounding the innuendoes, for
there is no direct charge,, on the r.ctiv ity
which Mr. A. W. Wright, a wealthy
citizen of Alma, has manifesto 1 to .sc
enic the annexation. I u pai t ii uh.r Sen
ator Post, w ho it present.-, the dit rli t in
question lifts heell vi('!oUsly a-s.;iled.
He j. aid no attention to the matter un
til a copy of the Si. Lollis L 'id C , OW li
ed and edited by an attache of the Sen
ate, w as rec eive d here, w hich contained
a paragraph intimating that he w:
probably corruptly influenced b act ;n
he did. lb- .said that if the responsible
editor was not cmp! ed by the Ser..te
he would disregard tho matter, but
umh r the ( ircunistances he felt cried
upon to ask an ins o.stig at i n into the
matter. A c 'mini tee w ill be app -int. d.
The bill passed the Senate with only
one negative. It is now pending in the
House, where the rivalries of the two
villages clash to such a degree that the
inelnbeis think the best solution of the
matter is to set up Alma by herself.
Detroit I'i-ik.
At the republican county conventic n
in this village on tho lth inst., V. II.
Morse offered the following resolution:
,' We-. . That in the opinion i f the
rejiublii-an county Convention cf (irat
iot county , a c hange in the boun iaries
of this judicial district is not desirable.
After considerable discussion regard
ing the matter by attorneys present and
and others, an amendment to the above;
was edTerc il by Giles T. Blown as fol
lows: And if a change in its boundaiies
should be made, that Gratiot county be
grouped with Isabella and Midland
The resolution as amended was tin
animou dy adopted, ami the secretary
instructed to forward c opicsi.f the. same
to Senator Post and Bi I'lcsentative
Wood. Ithaca Jvurml.
Whole No, 413,
u jm mi h acc r
Alma Church Nct?.
Ladies' hem volent society meets with
Mrs. II. A. Bogardus on Wednesday
afternoon, Marc h u. Invitation to all.
Mrs. Gibson is se rving very accept
ably at the organ at the morning scr
Nic'e. She is a!wa on hand.
Some unoccupied church sittings.
W ho will mi the my Come and shake
hands with us in the sanctuary. Please
ci due. "I was glad when they said in
to in" -Jet u t;o up into the house of
the Lord."
Will thee,,. wi, r . ll ,ii ink to the
drunk, n on uiid.iy nights, contrary to
law. keep their customer from disturb
ing the people in the home of God?
We La e received two copies of the
St. Andrews Fla.. M, ;KI, r, started in
the young city at the begining (f the
new yi ar. From it we clip the fedlow
mg items one, rniug tie- Almn party.
beiM ing date ,J,;u. ":
C pt. Turck and il. Bogersare ama
t ur bcat-buihlers. They are repairing
the old Blue Bell.
Cupt. W. S. Turck, Harrison Hogers
and J. II. Kohe.ibat krr with their fam
iii"s act t.mpamed by K. W. Ely com
pose a paity fit ni Miehig.nn spending
the winter her,.- in h
Notif able- in the improvements of
tin- town is the new building and wharf
in front of .las. Gargett's residence.
Wm. Humbert, late of Alma, Michigan,
ha-, a m at ;-l-ro of dry good, and gro-
i "lie -, in the rear room of the building.
Ih. i--trr will occujMy the front room
as an o.:l o and drug .store. Mr.
Gargett is the builder of tho first
plank sidewalk in town. D extends
irom his res- !(:( to the store.
Ee-cticr. Notics
Notice isheiebv giventhat the annual
ilft tl .u oi ' ihcejs for thoVillag of
Alma, will b.j le-M u Mondav, March
11th. 1--T the Fiiemans hall in raid
Village of Alma. :-A which time the fol
lowing ofliceis will be balloted for:
President, (-hik. Tie-surer, thre
Tru-tees for two years. Assessor,
Mit e! Commis.doner and Constable.
The poi; or" -..id election willfe opened
at eight o'clock in the morning and
Kept op.-., uniii live o'clock In the after
A. Yenisei TON,
Acting Clerk.
t i;u..- -V;U?go of Aim.,
ht ;; lv give a that the board
. f i
oil '
gisir-:t ion will ! o in session al
mans Hall, in the ilktgo of Alma,
aturdav, March lth. P-s,7, from
o'ch'ck in tin- joienooji until eight
ck in the iiiieinuon. for tho pur
of completing the registration of
the t
is of aid ilht-ge of Alma.
A. Ykkinutoh,
Acting Clerk.
Ch;l Tliugi.
Go t
terns i:
Call ;
b :t!ou.
t. ih p..; t it's and s- e new pat-
lev, style la lie's collar
li'i and pin at. Porter's,
in in sums of .-?o0 to
;;: ." years on good real
M. la rv i'ni.LAKY.
. ; . i 1 1 :
to h
M.ile-Us Pe
choice i.-lde
All -g Is
money rein::
C.iii at P.
line of slll
1... b a t' il: ;rch
has a numl er of
for s;i!e on easy
1 1 1
it isf action
and examine our
ware and clocks
-cW here.
-mg (
I il
Son for line watch, clock
i cpuii ing.
t;r and lianjo strings at
"a i i r
lin, g:
Pojuegnat iV Son havf the finest line
of jeweli ry i;i tin- city at greatly re
duced pi ices.
You will liiid rare bargains in boots,
shoe's, and ruhbi rs at Ih L. Stakks"
A gold-iilh d watth. warranted to
wear ten years, w itli Elgin stem-wind
and Pendant set move-ment. for Sb"i at
i. P. P. ite r's.
G. B. Peitt r carries a line of musical
instruments. io;ius. flutes, fifes, acor
dians. iiioiitli organs, etc.
We handle the best rubber boots ill
the market, and prices always the low
e st. E. L'. STAItKS
Full line of the Goodyear Glove Hub
ber for hidics. Misses and children at
i:. L. STAKKe'
The most complete line of ladies kid
button sho. s of both hand ami machine
sewed goods ever shown in Alma, are
at E. L. Stauks
If you want a good Si wing Machine
buv 'the New Improved Singer with
oscillating shuttle. Sold bv
J. F.'TorriNG.
I have under my control some choice
farms and farming lands that I Phall
offer for .sale during the next months
at prices that defv competition.
Burr WooDWATtn,
Alma, Mich
One million feet of White, Hod and
swamn Oak and .".(HUnk) fret of Bass
wood Logs. Highest market price In
cash will be paid.
Wwonr. & Lumsden.
Foi: Salt.: A first-class Singer
sewing machine that has riCTer been
used but little. (Vt -rod and will nell
me for -a,li. It is as good aj
I new anil i warrant d to do first-clajg
wuk. Inquire at this oflice. tt

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