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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, March 04, 1887, Image 5

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Ttf UMj ftECOftD,
riUDAV. MAU. i, lhs;.
llf l kltu tt t h. h.'u lm. (r llo Hot pv i.f
I b 1 pt"T will :
wi t.u j u tt i
If te nunlif r f ,! i rf ? tur ntm fit Itiin r
Ii it tk t t , or It-4 i tut i the n.i nl'ir of the
pyX'. 7ur utTi'ti r hnn eipi.-.-l.
w4 n t Mop tDe p ip.r until i order, d by
l.--?ubtcrtbor who 1 1 nt r i 'irrfiw no
tice to tfcn enntrary, an ronudered wivliluir to
continue thir nubt-.M ipoon.
t. If mibvjrlberti tr It r tttf 'M-contlnunnce
of their p ri'lioMl. t hi- publish- r may con
tinue lo i-a.l thorn until "all tin e n i,gt-n arc
a. it (ni.tj-rij.f-M in -ri.M-t i-r nr.nsi: t t-iUc
their ptio li.-.m fro'ii i .if " :?K- t. inch t hey
are direct'-.!, tin-v Jin- ii M i -p i m til
they ti ive -.-ttl-.t ttt.-ir lull- a a 1 rdore 1 tin m
4. Any ji'TTtt wli i r"'t r a newspaper
from tti" -t oli.-e. vli"iii-r h" li t o li n I it
or not, M held by tin- J'ft-il I.uw to he tt Vub
scrlber. f. If nulciii( r ii v in nd anrc they must
vlve notice to tic publi-h.-r at tin' i ii I of I Ik I r
Ciine .if tlnv 1' not w -:i t " ininii t-ikii'K it,
otherwise th" pu hii tier i mith i i.-d to -t-n I it
on nnd h MilM i ili--r will In- ii -i t i- 1 i n-ii t , o
until n tt expos.: n itu-. wit t piytiK-nt of nil
arrears an- cent to tin- puhli!i r.
C It is a t iic I'r.s u o.T i-o t talse a pa-pf-r
from th" A . a:i I tin-n return it the pub
lisher ri! u-l, l'. . ---hh Luwk i r news
paper. LrasiiiT Lvtt.r.
Lanin., Maiuii, :' 17.
For tin' i.i.t few days tho iiiein-
y c . i i : i l . t . ... .. v
oers oi uie legiM.uure iiie ioh ween
driving al.eaj witii nsnu-h l,rve.n7
as wueii tne unro in. iiou oi ouis n-
, , . . ,, ii ti ii i i uo i.tiiiivi ii jiii'iui inu v li
the order. 1 ln 1 well. lhMV 1
legislation some of which 1 shall
take occasion to refer to is some
times a delusion and a snare. This
session both houses have broken all
previous records. At the -ssjun of
lss.- the house c!o-d the oO-day
limit with a record of T jo hills and
l' joint resolutions, a:i 1 the senate j
with 4oj bills aii l '' ' joint resolu- j
lion, making a to'.al of lie- j
lore tie-epwai ion 'l the limit t h is ;
si'Ssinti tin' lioiisi. 1 r i ' 1 1 . . 1 ." bills I
and joint resolutions, and the i for "two hours. It was then amend-1 Hamilton !' i the Tri'.ity church
senate bills ;id j joint res, .In- j ,., ty u ,.t.riig t ie words '-knowing-1 yard, New York, with a monument
tions l.tT'i in all. or i-j more than i ly and willingly" before the word j above him. Joseph Hodman Drake's
two year ago. Many of these bill ; s,i;i! 1" in regard to the selling of I remains lie in a private graveyard of
are similar in purport - instance , ii,pi..rs to the inmates of the home, j the Hunt family, on Long Island sound,
those relating lo taxation, the regu -j ;,nd then t he bill was p.isol yeas j n,.nr X(.w York. Joscj h Jefferon, tho
lation oftlu- li.pior tr:i:ii-, etc.. ami .,, s m.. cUw, lies buried in tho Harrisburg
w hen thev eo!n- to b ' 1 1 -1 1 1 k -1 a 1 e i i I -x- ( . ... , , r,, t
Mm ii in I I eemctcrv, with an epitaph bv Chief
upon will have tie-ir .-alh-nt leatures, . , "-t T, . .. T.
..ml i 1 in s.ine om , t t '', t in-' ! t onu h iablc of a ftir was created I Justice (nbson. Francis Scott Key,
ellioo.it'lii ''oi 1 - " , , . i , , , . .i.ii . ci. i.i-T, ii
tie- rut - rs to whi.-h th.-v at.i rtain. '
t it ii 1
Tlu- raw- :.t w lr
ha l'i't n r;i!n-1 t :
i'iiK'iil.nt'd tu in ii
Tin- lii- II
tni'ln d r ipidlv tii
:vli l nut 1
t ii : i!i;!i:u .
ii:ur f ill u
:i iil :i
and Has uuinj; siiion Ii tl,c i-:iro--:
mcnt i-omiiiitu with nuiiu' oi'rs
wlun it wa ln-.m-iht t a Mi-hh-n
stand Ktill nv th' disi-ovt-rv that it
, i.t i- I
rnlailieil a Lire -lU-rt v (!l:i!ltleallm
-r i . i
i..,' i i' v I : 1 i ' 1 1 ri ' " i ; 1 1 . 1 1 I 4 '
IV'IT w .... ....
, r , , . , . , i nil ii i.irkii mv '
wl..?uTn.du.-..d tUl.illinil not reftd,(V t,i(i Mll,ru.r lo
it; it was nut r. I in ;;;mi: w-i-
th wlioie ii'T o i s il im-- il;
ci;h.T in !i:- -' t e ; t. e iio.
aii'i w;; u:j! v iv 1 l-v in
eh i ! forth' ret-on that thy e-.iiM I
not ery well eir':'o-s u witiiuiit Uu
in'j u. ' It -vas r i-;:'K-.l, ai:i 'ii'h d in
tin- M-j lte. nasM- i both huij-Ji-p, W;'.s
SlLTIlt'd bv tlie L'"V' Ml-)!' aiid bi'i-aill'
a law within two Louis' tune.
The bill dcf.-i'-Vni-r t. r:ito'-y liom
Il-irtisvil!.-. All ;. : eu'i tv. and or-
Itii.illLT there!-! o.u t!.i low.'iot (ii:-j
tin. i" another of iiio- h.t-tily pass-;
inea-'ire hieli r-u uir.- 1 to l.,- r--ni
lied bv a rep " t'lil
u a
hustled through 'lining ti:e absence
of Senator llai'slriw, wlio rejireM-nt"
that district, on the plea that it was j
a local measure with whi h every-1
bo Iv was sat isiii- 1,
that it w a-
necessary t Ii.it it b,- hurried through
in o!-.h r'i!.a; th-- p opi- ninJit ote
and oru-iinie'th iu-elves in the reur
ular way. It v. as u.i-'ily e:iuro.-s.-l
and approM-.l by the ltom iiioi-. and
then the dis.-ovi ry '-.as made that,
with the eep:iui ot- the individual
w ho had the bid intro lu' .-d. there
were few if any of tliu..- iuteiestt d
who desired such reeonst ru-t ion.
Aecordimilv Si na;or Ilafsh.aw intr
duced a bill t" repeal the aet.
If the pro'iibi'ory am-n Intent i
alup'.ed at the polls there wiil proV
ablv to ample j rovi ion m.v !e for
tlivnii: it immediate force and eiTeet,
ft a variutv of bids have be n intro
duced for that purpose. ( )ne of t'e
most mailed of these is 1 tint intro
duced by K -ue-. :i'a;ive Damon, of
Tueola! whi -h prov : h s fur the ap-poiu'm-
fit bv tlie iv.-rnur of state
miish.il at a sal ;. "I . ;;-;" :l v.-ar.
Tie.' o'.lh-e of the ii. it '.a! i- to be at
Lniisin-', tu i i: '.;.:!! ' hin du-y to
peri-rina a! it tl;- -.ii' hl.in
after inl'iavd-n- of the li.j-mr law. at
the same time s'.ininj up the local
authoriii.' when found derelict in
i...t- .li-v in t!,i- matter, lie is uKo
iii-ii ,
. . . " i it; -. ' i'i r " 1 1 -nsi
n' - . .
mty apl'omt oie .
,! l.fiie ;J -'Cities m
ii eo amy. w .u o. i . ie
' . -. hi t 1 ! ii
ThU bill cont -aii
t'ie ' r:i m i--'; r
v " : ' ' ;"
if : !'
. m
I: if ; ' ' : X
Vigil ' ' -
gested in a
t ... .
oe.te-i nii'-nr
en-.' hiw. and
lip ut e lt rii"
,1 he nee-led
.1 o:liii.ll
.i w i 1 :
, t r
1 1 ; i 1 1 1 1 :
ui i t . . . : i
lo irntl .onie d the oilier mui aiu
not so poViliro it trill not Mieeeed.
Therefore, not to fool away their day
of grie A01 mi tho lit ho.it, tho
lttu r hrc haJ Ilcjri-cntfttivi Wil
liam, of Jn-ksoii, introlnc a hill to
imhnriz th- hoRnl of htnti autlitors
t ft ljat ami allow t'liiinn for losses
ptifTetril ty any ersn, firm or cor
poration hy rensen of tho mrvkiii of
.iny law, or any change of tho con
stitution, wherohy any traile,husincs8
or occupation h(retoforc lawfully
carried on within the Ptate. hall he
made unlawful. It is the direct jur
po? of the hill to compensate hivw
crn and othorp in cafe t tie prohihitory
ainondinent cftrrieg. If it does not
carry they will have no use for the
hill and it will not he pressed.
The committee on the Michigan
soldiers' home presented their report
to the house ht Friday, with the re
quest to have it printed In full in the
.Journal. They recommend a sys
tem of weekly inspection of clothing
hedding and quarter, as well as the
providing of suitable printed rules
and i t filiations for the guidance of
inmates and employees; also that the
management take such action in the
c;iM' of Downs, the nurse, who ill
i rented a tdck inmate, as thev mav
feel warranted by the evidence, but
thev leave nil other punishment or
ee:rnro regarding any irregularity of
, , , , . , f
II1:inairt.rR. T,'H.V (1 not drfnTit their
. ,.., . ..
ill oi ;iu in-t'uu (..wiiii v.-i ivi nnii
the liome than to submit all the evi
dence for the Consideration of the
legislature and the board of man
agers. Jt has been determined the 4'veU"
at the soldiers' home shall have no
more liquor if lcral enactment will
lxi op it from them. Last Tuesday".
t he hill prohibit ing its sale to the
,v," u I-, il isi-tisid in the senate
1,( ,( Wrt'K llu" pnoncaiion oi ,
tilt- in i'Stii.';itini; (mmittt'l'S, dls-
i-oi-ri( v :it tin- soldiors' hoiiH'. Tlu
f n-is v, i-ic clcM-rlv obtained from a
.,.,!,. t .o:iiri' ly Chaili-y Thompson,
of t In- V. cniii'4 Ni-w s, miu'h to the
i-1i.ihi in uf tlu nn-mln r, :ind nru very
I r i : : r i : i t th' inanaLrciiu-nt. Now
tlu- ivp.Tti-r lein invi-tig.ti'd.
A Valley City daily paper charged
...I..- 1 ..,.,., t..,.. . . 1' I ? .. 1 . . '...l-
i ii.uwi i vi m .'Mt'i. wi iiaiuv vivi ,
, . . . ,, ... . 1
v it ii I ii 1 1 Tii r nil1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 v Willi iirui n-ii.
nir t ie ti- w who iirkTii:it-i
l..nk-..d" tl. .r.,.nviri. T.i?id4M",l-VI..Vnc oi ii. nc-inj? an account
me investigating i
eoii'.m ttee. This rather t-erious ;
. Imru'' ma-h M r. Mayo "madder n a
Mmi-.-h b in- " nn, 1 bi. riKn tn. in a 1
' , ... , .
ligneous inn Mi-iiMi mm i'h-ii lieu;- ... i ... r i i
, , , ',l . A. n i the wornlers tf an animal, insect and
nation and demanded an invefti::i-, vep-table life: the womlers of astron
t:oii. His bi-hest was complied with j amy, prenlty, lik'ht, heat, electricity,
and a committee was appointed w ho
examined Mr. Thompson, tho cor-
rc-poiidi-nt who hjtrung the sensation
uon an !uisut.pectiii jmblie. Mr.
Thompson swore Mr. Mayo not only
did not hitu a word of informa
tion but refiisf 1 to do so. Senator
Mayo sorc to the same fact, and so
the ehrtrires a 'jrainMt the senator fell
.t . .
i uat.
The senate has settled down to
.aim, diunitied work, broken only by
an occasional tilt over some measure
(),.,. (,f the interesting ciscussions of
last week was over the joint resolu-
(inn reouestiiie: nr senators and re-
pri-sentatives m congress to use their
i .
iiitluenee to btaiii, for the benelit ol
ltain, lor the herietit ol I ou-i s greau n exjuorers. Ac.aptivat
iversitv, the orant of aU i hig poitraal of marvelous discoveries
i i ,i , . . ti I and re ealat ions in every realm of nat
land in the state, as wel j Ure. gathered intoone maguiticent book.
the state univ
U"o el nniciit
as all that may revert to the general
government. Senator Seymour want
ed them for the benefit of the public
schools of the I'pper Peninsula, and
Senator O'l'eilly was opposed to all
land grants and land yrabs. The re-
olution was reported for the third
reading-, how ever.
Tin-re ha been w ailing and gnash
ing of teeth in the senate, all because
the bill introduced in that body mak
ing the senatorial term for four years
instead of two years wan "knocked
into a cocked hat" in the house. "1
would not live alway," has "nothing
to do with tho ca-e, tra la!" If the
senators wanted the house to give
such a bill favorable eonsideratiod
they should hae made it apply to
the it p: esentati vc as well, fr they
doubtless consider themselves just as
- 1 ;.s anvholv else, and maybe
Teachers' Association,
'1 l.o i . -1 1 : ; cxH'iii-iiOi- in of jenrher f.r lh
v. h . - uf (iritnif c.ititily In the tt Inif ft
i--;, v ill it nr ii Ihr pi 'cei ii n I on the ilut-
Y i. : r:'tn il :
1 I T :S s,.f J riil.i) nnd Sutur'l.iy in
M.i 1 li
. -t I'riiluv nii'l S.itur.l'T in
,o h.
I I n.t I i 111 v ii rid nitir 1 iv In April.
Ap: ' -.int f r f -t 1 1 1 j - t . tiiiit be . i - n t
.1 i in t'i 'i'i v ifiei ill .it. whii h, in -n h
in i .- will ' uiii tii t on Friday at otn
r l i . k n tn
. . . 1. 1 .1.... . i... .t. . i.i.t r.,.l will1
nil I." irt-eif ! i:"in Oi n-trnlnr exii'iiiiiiitlyu I
.- !! .. Ui" I t-t I il l iv In Man u.
1. -a. .1:111 . I,s.
(i m. l'.vr.itiir.N. (
ii man.
t.iit i lliow.v, Mcp-tuy
,' M h-i t Ilx.imitiers LJ'
.unty Hoard
H . I'' , M I I eH .1 .,! ( .I'i
ii : .1 C-'' ii 'I'.t f cm tit iils a-e jttid
,y.:,uL.!lrr:LlMm n r.miTnn piiri ishiw. m
..... t . tj i i i . i. . n-. i i
i.anu.u ot t-vuia. oiu iy i. ttcuu.
the an.irr.s of qrkat mex, A STARTLING FACT.
, . , . A It is not i-oinnionly known that a large
Of thr.so uhohavo adorned the liter-! rro,,ort;)m of ,he rIl0Iimatism and nt-u-
atnre of our language, Chaucer, Spen- : rnlia extant U tradable ilirettly to tho
T, lleaumont, Dravton, Cowlcv, Den- t!U'as..d eondition or imperfect action of
. ,v ' .. ' . . iIk' Uitlnevs and hver; tlitrtfore a remedy
ham, Dryden, Addison, Prior, Con- Cllrt.s thl. ri.hUluV disease inu.t
greo, (luy, Johnson, SI oridan and - found ami smitten tlie first cause.
Ca-nobell "lie in Wcstmiuter Abbey. Many persons umujt- Athloi.lioro8
. . . . .. . , i rheumatism and neuralgia have been
Milton was buried m tho churchyard ol mrvtM l() llnJ that ( hr(,nic jiw.rjeril cf
St. (liles, Crijplegate; Pope, in tho p,vtT an,j Jiuhu-yB have also been
elm: eh at Twickenham; Swift, in Ht. greatly relieved and they have written
T, . . , , 1t ... ,r, iia lor an exnlanation. The fact ih, that the
I'Ht.ickH, Dublin; lhompson. in the rcmeilv dircctly (,n thcsu organil(
chuivhyard at ltichmond, in Surrey; -leansng them from nil irritating hub
ray, in theclnirchvard at Htoke-Pogis, stances and regulating their action. Taken
H. .i .ill i, -i i ,
icKceneof the "Llogy; 0nilt
in the churchyard of the Temple church;
owper, in the church at Dereham;
r.uiiH, in St. Michael' churchyard,
Dumfries; Uyron, in the church of
llueknall, near Newstead Abbey; Cole
ii .!. -, in tho church at llighgate; Sir
Walter Scott, in Dryhurgh Abbey ;
S uthey, in Crosthwaito church, near
Keew ielc.
In this country there, is no ( no na
t'onal cenH-tf-ry ff pre-eminence. Web
ster is buried in "an ancient burying
ground," oveilo king the sea, near
Miirsliih-ld, win re he lived; and, in liko
inanner, Clay's grave is near his homo
at "Ashland," in tho cemetery at Lex
ington, liayard Taylor lies at Long
wi od, a little cemetery within sight of
his birthplace at Kennet. Seward is
but ie 1 at Auburn. Franklin's grave,
a:.d the tombstone covering his and his
wife's remain'', may be soon from tho
Mib walk through an iron fence panel in
the wall of tho graveyard of Christ
church, in Philadelphia. John Dick
inson, "the Pennsylvania Farmer" has
an almost unmarked grave, in tho
Ft Lends' burying ground at "Wilming
ton, Del. Gen. Wayne's remain?, ex
humed at Krie, in tho old fort, and
brought by his son over the mountains
in a box scventy-fivo years ago, are in
the old church at It tduor. Alexander
wnowroioine .iar npangicu janner,
is buried in Mount Olivet cernotery, at
Frederick, Mil. James Outes Percival
is buried at Hazel Green, Mich. Tho
tomb of Wilson, tho ornithologist, is in
the churchyard of tho old "VVicaco
Swedes' church, at Philadelphia.
1 7i Hade lj h id -4 tn er ica 7i.
Tlu1 .T. fMiillnn Pulil wliimv f'n . (,f
Detroit, advertise in our colurna for
.ur.Mitj .. ,,.... .....I ....... I .I'.-t I
m ih.i "ii ii in n .lii'i Ui) ( Hi' n 1 i u i j
u-,,rL- i . ...it...i tMn......t.. e... i
t nuiien .u.ir eious oi
of tlirillim? .Klvriitim'. f.nrnoii! i"ht
rolfl.r1( , Vflv.,LT(. .m.i rf.IllWflf.1i ,.Y.
pjoration- and disi:overies in all parts.
of the lobe, to which is added a full
:hd kMai.hie deseript i:n of the wonders
of the ocean and of the atmosnht-re;
i 'K'., tiio whole comprising a vast inus
eum of all that is marvellous and won
derful in the earth, sea, air and skies,
carefully edited bv Ilenrv Davenport
Northrop, I). I)., tlie well-known auth
or, (her sou splendidly embellished
pam-s, w ith more than h line eiiirrav
iuijs of scenes in the lives of Livingston,
Stanley and other pt-at explorers, and
with illustrations of the most remark
able objects in nature, science and art.
This superb volume stands without a
rivnl in the world of books. It is an
epitome of all that is extraordinary and
wonderful in every part of the globe.
A graphic description of whatever
awakens curiosity attracts the ee.
creates surprise, imparts the richest
knowledge and facinatcs. A grand lec
ture gallery of the vivid scenes psesent
ed in the travels and adentures of the
I worl'l s great t exi'lorers. Aenptivat-
All lands, all peoples, all ojeets of sur
passing interest help to form this amaz
ing treasury of rarest knowledge and
most delightful entertainment. This
volume is the fruit of vast research, un
limited resources, the most careful and
painstaking labor, and the fullest de
termination to meet the ib'.rmml for a
book which shall Ik; nothing less than a
whole librav of wonders. Its pages are
alive and glowing with the most strik
ing descriptions of the marvelous, form
ing a splendid panorama of facts and
illustrations, which bring a fresh sur
prise as every leaf is turned. Whoever
obtains an agency will certainly meet
with large sales.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Tii" best salve in the world for Tuts
ItltiiM- Sun-. l'l rs. S.iH l.Micuin Tevcr
Son-. Tetter, Hiapia-l llun.I-. Clnlhlaln,
t orr.s ami all Miin Eruptions, and
positively mies Tik. or no pav rcrinired.
H is ruarantei i to L'ive comet pnti. 'tact
ion, or money refunded. Trice 2"j cent's
per 1-o.v. For sale hy 11. S. Wc hj.
A Nasul Injector free witlM-MrN tr t f g t I r.iortrinre, the sum of tl urty ilolUrK and thlrty
Sliiloh's Catarrh Uemedy. rriev.VJcf i two rent .f-.l-'.. makli iu ln all tbe iim of one
Sold hv 15 UVlili lit. n,m,ir, , nnd eli:hty-nlHe dollarc and thirty-two
i o i. . . ni. reiit-.f Is'.i.ir.Mmd no Milt or proceeding nt
1 rj n DIM HMO n r
V 'Jil njUfUhK0
f JH A Library r fit ,,r ... .
IfHV..v,.- Vfjf'l 11
VIM 1 lil- f'Jld IlOlGf
U R V- rl M , . r (.
U - I Kll. U LI C LZL IP
,(,(' C'ojie Sold hy 'mst-rtiivua
hefore the Work Was completed.
I'a-ti -t - -Iliiu' book ewr ih.Jl il A c.rf
I an .iroina of the wo-ldit irrnirm; m-toi-oa
', M-Kivo pair'. . ot; m.tnii , Mi ..
lllMltatlon. Only I, ,k of IM Wlii.l eer ,,(,..
Il-h'd. tlr.ler-4 ure I i !v ii iii t;ii! n 1)t .
lle;it ciin show Mi IV-.s .rill-.
. mpleu- nutht. '.II i ei IH. Hi
Agency, nnd roll up t , I I . r-l-
-I fodiv
I !:
in eouiiet uoii tin .1nu1p11u1w3 i
i,, without MWTtion, the w valuable
Kidney and liver remedy in the world, and
will cure a large proportion of those who
have these diseases.
Madison, Wisconsin.
Mv wife was seriously atllieted with
rheumatism, principally in her arm, eho
has now used two bottles of Athlophoros
l :. ii i e e '
121 N. Butler Street.
Detroit, Mich
About March 21st my wife was taken
with a severe attack of rheumatism, upper
and lower limbs swollen badly; sullered
intense pain, and part of time was obliged
to remain in bed. Tried various remedies
with no relief; was induced to try Athlo
plmros. May 1st, after taking, fix dose,
the pain was entirely gone and swelling
all reduced, The medicine has worked
like a charm, and I feel assured that
another bottle or two will give positive
cure. Yours truly,
P. n. Watson-, 181 ISth Street.
- I
Every druggist idiould keen Athlophoros
and Athlophoros Pills, but where they can
not lo bou-ht of the druggist the Athlo
phoros Co., 112 Wall M.. New York, will
send either (carriage paid) cn receipt ot
regular price, which is 1.00 per bottle
for Athlophoros and .r.0e. f,,r I'ills.
For liver ami kMney lii ii.x -.. 1st j-sin. ln
fliestioii. wciikui-s. in-n-ou-4 lcl.il it , 1im i
of wutni n, otistipatiuTi, lieiiliii-)n-. liuj uru
bll. Ac. A thiol -hurt fills are wiequaleJ.
A Severe Case of Acute Rheum
atism, which Baffled one of
our Most Skillful Physicians,
Cured in Three Weeks.
Jackso, Mith., May ), i&.
Itheum.itic Svrnp Co. :
(;-ntlitnen Last Octnbcf I wai itricVen down
ith a ry tevrre atUck of acute Kheum.itifcm anJ
m s all over roc, with a t-rritle pain in my tack nnd
about mv Itij's, this continuintr lor a few d.ivs cnly
before I was confined to my bed. We called one cf
the most eminent physician of our fet.it.-, who
rscur.H(fia, my nrsi svmriotn pcin a Rinrm .n-
naea me very launiuny ior tour '"i "
ch treatment I made no improvement. One cf
n-ii;htHirs cat!in on us advised me to tr llib-
fa llheumatic Syrup, saying he h.id heard cf
some, wonderful cures effected by its use. We sent
lor tiaif a ilorcn bottle and I commenced usmir it,
i!rn-,pin all other medicine, and before I had Liken
of the second bottle I va able to be up and
tlrer.sed and atxmt the house, and inside of three
vc k I was in mv More attending ti the tr iie. It
i truly a wonderful medieine. 1 believe it is the
best t nic for the .tv3m.ich and digestive organs ever
given to the public.
Vti-y resnectfullv,
I'l-ah-r in penerat poe cries, corner Wildwood and
Wist avenues.
Hibbard's Ithcum.ltic Svrup 1 put up in lare
bo'.iie, and is so! d t'V lruiri' feneraliy. True
Ji.oo, or six bottha for ! ' It your iimpt '
riot have it write us ntid we wwl send it lo anv
address on rerei; t,( price, lrciht prepaid, bend
for our medical pUjmpIi t.
Soi m.tx.ifacturers, Jackson, MkIl
Jackson, Mich.
Cr-nllt men I hnvi enffcr ft beyond mens'iro
vlth NVitr.-ilk'Ifi. niKl I r.m 1 tily toot;ln'l '"
Unit HibbariPs Khf-umatic t '-yrup Khi nfTonlel
me con idcte relief. It Is a t ipI remedy.
Vc "rs trnl v.
Dealer in Flour, Feel and G n.in. H .Mill Si.
Jacksov, Mich., 0a obor. lss.-.
This Is to certify that 1 have ti?rt vni:r medi-
f ine for tho euro of semtk' Rheum 'irn with
bem-ticial results, nnd can n-comi H'tid th'-
fi.-uni' to all jn-rsotis similarly atlllcte-!.
I'nlike an external aj'pliration. It eerns to
remove tlie di as by purifying tho Llo 0,1
lUIieetfti lly, .
liKUKiiC W. KKNNT. .
Secretary of JacktKJii Electric Lih f-l-
m an iIjti : a ce t i 1- i .....,, i v, ....( n ,r fwn. n
JVL mi..!!, 'in' t!i. ' .'r.ii.litloim f.f a. e.-rt-ll.
m..rtiar.-, MiitltiR ,lHt.- November 2Mb, lt.
execiai-'i i'j-ji bii rimtinuliimi ami j.ijiocii
( 'iiiiiiiiijbiitn, bin Tilt-, of tin- township of
Kk hlatid. MotitciC.in (,iititv.Ml hiKitti, u Mor-
timer l;ly. of Stot kton. N'-w Vork. ami n't - ord -
"1 111 tho ottiee of tho ri kfi-t'T of deed of (iru-
tlottsilllitv, Mirhiiiin. Ill lll.'-r 4Dof lll'Ttf atf' "
o ti put'.- 111. on 1 ti o- jth day of li-icmlu r,!,
upon which there N claim, d tolM-dtio anduti -
paid Ht th-date ol t hit! m .tic-, t ho Mint l f one
hundred and ninety-two dollars and fi-ven
cents ' f iC'. iin-1 no suit or pro. eedinp at law
. ... I .it. Km li... i .... I ... . .... ..r
the am.a'ut now d ie, or anv part t cicor, i ,, llStorV of llle I Il'lb d Stdb's
Now. then-fore, notic is-hereby icn t nat by , 1'IOn- , tii;- wi' '-'i y ivt!- '. OC" W
TirtlK-ot the power ol sale n sod IIMH -ttrate . cw b Verert v' 'Vt ti. ei--V..w r.i.-V'
iiiiitiiliied. imii in puruam -cot the stall it.- in , oii y"r. .... T ,
ueh case made nnd provided, trier.' t iil be, (jvi- liOhl.Mi AM I'll I 1 bl
sold at public iiiK tloii, to tho hifcrhest b d iet-. "-, . , , n. r
at the north front door ol the court hmi. e. In; Fo both th l..tor, n . , n r
the village of Ithaca, in sal 1 count v (that. Peiutr brown s MlTOi:l H ,Y." '. , t t'.i ts
th" place of holdinir the i trcult emirt to r saiM , our country, i 01,1 niV.eiir'ty;.
eountyi. on the 19th day of May. If', at M present iy. . ni t,r.-int tn i !! it Ti.-.i -
o clock in the torenoon t f Mini i a v. the. t rem
i ,...o . .1 i.. . ..t.i ..
lk..rr...r I... ......... j. ... tin.
nh. ,t now ih..r ,o. ti . i. . 1.1 tt.
ill..i.li.r utt...n.. tX r t ...... .I..11
......I... lir 'i lit! CM - - , '
provldeil by the Stuf Ut;. Viz: ' J he west twt n- $4Htlt'IJ'tHl
tv-two nnd sixty-hnndrt .tf hs acre oftno; no I'M 11' t '' iY.
west hUfof th- n..rthwet uuarter of w-, A 1 hhMIl 1 .".in. .11..
tion elk'hteen iiv In town-hip twelve ( 12) nortn j of Th'K wrr '.i.Y INT7H ocfan
of r..ne tour i. Wlt, !W n the toWIfhip I 'ar .nJt .ny lr-o.r ...'....j, fojir jea-ly
ofM-Mlle, (iratlot county, M .chimin. ' ubertption for tha -V'1;,"-.-..i; i.Vk--.w. wia
Pat'-d 1 binary 11, 17. . ub.criv.'inn pri.-f - jK ,',;, IOHY t , j. F A1.
Moirr impr lt.v. Mnrtirmre.
r.ujir.n .v mm.i.m.v, Ati'j a tor :
"-oini.(.lS -A l.i: Dc-fnult hnvitu-t
ma le In the conditio .h i.t n errtain n
k'liRi-1 Hereby ttie power therein rontain
m-I I ia heroine ni-mttv1 m, executed by Jatne
W. Me 1,4-od and Lucy j.- t. od. Iii wlte. of
il... ill...... ..r l.-l.- il ,v . ti..i.i
rn. to William Ii,t(in! 'f th" city
"(- nil. TllllOl ci'iiiUT, .'lion
f A'lrlatl
i M;'e-n.ni.-l ',t,"pHtli day of October. .
t XJ
Mlrhltfun, a Uht.r ,,f , ortM-atre-. on pave ri.
p,:,lUh V' .1 inotttufe wim .entered for record on
tho lir . ..... .,. nitotie.-. lss-': uron which
u,"rr ftkfe iieeordituf t" the ti rtu thereof.
..'iu iiiw il to lie d lie at the date of thia.
M' itti. .. f.,r intneit. the tit.i of iie hundred
i ar d hfty-nliie dollars t IVJ.fm. and for money
Mi iid for tae, acconll tur to tie- 1t rr.. of all
i " " 1 ' . . ' . r . i . ... .1. .1 1 . .. ... i i.i r. ...
law or in equity haimf necn
1 cover anv part there, if : no
heretiy irHen. th it on l-'rtdaj.
instituted to
tier if therefore
tierer.y trUeu. that on Ti-bbij. th- K.th day o
April at M o--l. ck In tho f-renoonl
' sha.l -ell at put'lie at Jlltn the h.irhct hid-
- .1. r .the -,ue t Oik- place at the fr-.-it .loor of
the UriHlot -omit.v circn it cunt I...L-e, in th.-
,lla.'..f Itbacic. Midi . . hopteniis.'onUine,
; tu Kind moiK-iik" .or HomiK-h tbc-reot a-tli!ll be
ti.ces-;u.v to s:l,wiy the Hmoi.nt due on -aid
nioilirHire. nn.l t.le. Wit b . p r c. tit. Intere-t
and hval reK ned tei nt O rnev fee of twewty
H ve dollar- iv."n. n- i- by .-.tuf ut pro i b l. th it
1 to av. th- follow iiij- p.ree : ;mcI ot l.uid.
-ituated in th uet.v of Oratlot, -t:ite o
we-t half I',' ot the noith -si -U:iiter .!.t ot
wetin'isi.H it town n Ml imttli of
I-Hiure two -I. coti'ai -h:- -mlii s i, j,,
of liltl'l ; sll I ..je.-t , li"' !' ' Oi'' pi UK 1 1 'I I -II III
or Jieven htin.lt. -I .!..n;ir- .,, ; . , , , t r , . t oil
the ntiuii. from uti I . ti.-i N, . u l i r 16th. I-n,.
Mt the rtitoi I ; p.-r.-.-ot. p. r j tir.iiiii.
Ihited .Jaim-u. Ij. Is-'..
I I; N K W . t L. V.
So e MimM'u I'.tM'uinr .d the will and
i Km ate of W ilium I'ution. deca-cd.
JJahcis oLl.AKr, Attorney for Kxccutur
M Cti a.i. t t. I -il.eu us to ,iow . ,. ; .ill ..line
Founders, $la.oMw
.MANur.(:T.vi;r.iw or
Schwartz patent Boau Cart-
Carriages, Wagons, Steel Picv:;, i :-nd
All Kinds of Agricultural bvtf-??nor
Ah AcKN'ls l i
OlrlYER GIIIIrIxI-:i PliOI.'-:
Job Work f v ry des- ripti n xe
ing Hoilcr Tubtn tnd l'.ras- Ca.siin.s a
3n Circulation fvnrt I ' '-' ' ' '
THE ir.'Tvn ocK.e: t.
tli Ar4ti.AT cf l.orr. r
lrt.(o It U Uf ri'lv... r
for th Uw. f.f prf.-'
of the Ui "int Am. i-:
arC.y Amr:fir. V v I
KcpubUr. M
Uirii, holriw to !hf .--.
p-.re wJl 1n 1!i- V . !--
i end titgr i:i 1' ';
titic 0 btwwn 'hf !'"'
i citv 1 thn s-nt." a--
TH K INTIi: oi !.a:-
Rjmlil'.i.iin j.nrfv .-. .i- "
of mt i-ur-y r- . . . .
riot out. ;..- -v... 1 ; - -
enc t. .:. . -
,,, ,.,,,, :. ,
or )U. ( ini.,.H
TJt!. oi i. :..
th vm.m. m m. r m;
It from
n1. .'i
ii h v
emu I:;
of tl -
t,.Tsl..i it h.--
V.-..T-M. t. ' 1 "
V.-1H1 "f,!:.
tt ht
jirmu h o::: n
The 8emi-Wr.fil;H; .ti' r 0 '
la published i n ViN ' "
(-ui-.ttt'.ii t!.- N- 1 ' ' '
Ami-Pi nth.-r '.n'-.- 'V.
print th Scrtot ? 1 r... ' '
Miul:r "! i'i-1" ."
I 'l ill', ! -.." ler 'e:il .
fbe V)-cI;ly Inter Qcaau,
!! the I.AKlKS-
v. - e r y
. :t p- 1
In 1W4. t.ffort Ci
1 for I'Uti I AO'' OS
j i5:ooo
rit , 8 1 .OO j) r 'l!ll'.
pvry fnrt ! u"1 ' ' ' ,
INT.'-at OOKAN n Mo:)! I i y.llA
one thu can be tnkn :i, v '
mch uf it n-.fiiib-n : .- S-..i .
.v f..t ir urn Iruli tlt
tr t
m-KNK'rr. mihs en 1
mkhsks sloe.1:". o . a
! I ' t
: m!" it SO ro !' I ' ! A !: I N ! i:
All th l.-ii'1'nrf r
r. t t : 1 1 A a.s .
. vsrnol.Ksov.K nkw-scaci i;
. cnmni firLTDQ -V
j -f( jrLLIL Ul 1 Ll J. H
' trn nt .'. i- 11 1 rru'-i C1 T
! Tb r for e.rr...'t U .t ! -. It. -': uf
' eount stHfe, y.,.. ,.f hu. i i k a-h . tn
l ... imv a- t.. i n . it . f ti..-:. i. 'i f
, S..", Y-t every . ir..l K-.rl ..-U'! t." f. '
i ;ar wlth ti-.. ' htury ..f ; ...-; "1"- -hV'in'
1 )v f1Vi to r. lt . ',.
AnvLK Vi.l rriut. ..,ifl. Ill .1 !.- . .. j
- goun w ne i ' m.i i s: ;A no:, s nut ovr m .
h inevr tnanniAii
'lui.r .ii; .i a
i if iv a.
ITS .11 f.HT th0 LlU'cT 1
.'. A'-."';, t
I Bnu n.... -..euro f. ui r 1 1 ' r: T-rs,
j TATrXl V
1 1 ii t i hi. 11 I ' ' ' f- r-J-y
JK IT r l n i
1 1 . i. r i I1 ' . ( I I r. 1 ' . I i
- ' uTvo hii.i.m;aam t.r . " ;s;... ...
o.r,l. eonle, of ny e.lit "n ". litol-
BawipU eopi
OCEAN will b rnt on i -it'.
RemlttAnee may b "J,
i . .r, r.a no5l".i'" orucr
e. -ii
rl. e.tner
trr. ex,irt'( order.
; nri i. M,,.rp,l Ift'er Muney nn
Muney n
poaiai ""' rl,4 0f tii" tiarsoa ee.iainrf
any other way
It. Addrca
H.r. Mp ' 2t CMr cry
Choice bottled he r at the Mod.
Par. Ten eentf l'cr hottlo. tl'.
Durirc crlon-iun of wlioopin cm.'.i
I Stillw ;iter, N. Y.. the phi i-m" I'-ni-.d
litit Arki t's Kndisli lleuiedy was a p.-i-.
o,t ..rvtrili.-d it vcrv free'v.
re - I ' '.V ', 1 .i . :.. ..it t.i. .,"
; V. C. Ct) ) Uiai mi in -
v(. 0V(.r known anj Hicda n
x 11,. .nnrantees iftodi'ea.l ( '
, H 1 i li '( ill '( C'ISL ) ( 'l ( 1 p. A v
f cpeci:illi ' ." Clsl-.'. v i
u ml (.. i .-uttit i .:i
, wv,r, n Cnro is Guaranteed
! WbouiHUroi3Uuai,a.ia.i
Why wil' vnt re!ne t h r- -ei v
that ou.d wlile i is !i ihl.-to h on., ,r,
on our liins" and t e.ui-e "i many
s u II T h day
id si- cp'e n -ill!
--r , . :,t.
clill ilutl til' lia''t'' ' '' "
( "r up and di'" In tore a oo ti r c m
.1 p.. XVJ.,. mul f ' t 1 1 ; i : r. '1;
,,,',,;,,, ,,,.,( .
t II it W 11 II t Ll tt''"
' , ,1. hooi ( . i . oi;
() J( ,r u , ur. Ham itoii'- C
, "., i i ,i ..,,,1 1,,
Mm H41H. ol tl a I inls ami c
. trif e. r i e at d oU tct.t- per ho'
o .i ,1 bv U S. Wtbb.
C ' f'f
tin: ri.i:r-i:.v.
I l.l.t V
( 'IMS
, : ret
v V IV
: fa.!
n I
is (
I' r t ..ii
i'.l t!;:it
r. l:
ry p-
i ry
o cure
. I "l.)!lp
I- (
.i- ; lite
!! ,i:.e I.e.
: :.. Tally
;. Kraco
!'. 1 aiifl
1 lodl
1 . :i h iVC
i . . What
v. M --uify
i ..f Livtr
r'.ty, niul
t'i." Such
:i ic Ttittera
.. i;
;ti. i u;
jiv.- ri
a m- .!..
I',d Oi
- -
.)'. il f rr.T" ZTT
- .!. - s . V
! . I ' .'I K 3 i'i r ? U t
t i K1 ' 4 , I 1 'il
Pi '- ' . :'J
L '. V V.. .
r'iV.'. l - ' -
J Uv.' '
i i,i ii i:ovo.
. . i! j i.ir.tir
1 . . : w i .1
; j ! a l.:.'.;tll UJ
.. .
' '!i
-, . '.;-r,t ...t
. . 1 ..rt. r. i'.t
l. ltrtiat'-t.l
.... i l
'' i
I III - I i- !'.,.. , - i - ...
; fi'i ..m.v . ' . . .. . i -.
l Auuo . o i i . . .
. ' i.t Onei ii

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