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the Hi ptrlfiie of it ltununrinn Pa
triot nt II IMlantMII ( onvlct.
Irof. M. ll;iclir;u h, a nutivo llnnga
fiau, lif ty-f oti r years of ue, is lectur
ing throughout tho Uuitol State, hU
subject biin "Seven Years in Siberia."
The Trofovsor i a nervous little man,
with Miaiihi black eyea and long
black hair falling over li'u collar. Ho
wears utiriuinu'tl Mjiectaclud ami also a
tierce-looking imistaeho and gaotee,
and is altogether a personage of rather
striking appearance. For the last two
years ho has been lecturing to (Jernian
audiences in Aiuer.ca. Mr. Hachrach
tells an eventful story of his career.
He was exiled from his native land for
political reasons soon after tho Hunga
rian revolution of 1 H IS, ami from 1853
lSGOhe was found lighting under liar
ibaldi for Italian freedom. In 18G- as
a result of policy of Napoleon III.,
tho Hungarian and Polish legion, of
which llachrach was an ofliccr, was
transferred form Italy to Kusiuu Po
land, then just beginning toexperieuco
the Ihrocs of a bloody revolution. In
18GI Uachraclt was captured by the
Russians and sentenced, as a revolu
tionist, to serve twenty years in the
Siberian mines of Yatkutsk. llo was
freed by tho amnesty of 1871. The
history of the s-cven years intervening
forms the substance of his lecture, a
brief summary of which is given iu the
following paragraphs:
With others the lecturer was first
tent to Nijni Novgorod, where they
were embarked on a large barge on the
r.ver Volkhov. Convicts of whatever
class, age, or sex, were huddled indis
criminately together, an 1 wcro for the
tirst time clad in the parti -colored grab
of the Siberian prisoner. Tho daily ra
tions to each convict cons sted of one
pound of bread, onio barlev-meal and
a small qu intity f tea hardly enough
to sustain lite. At Pernau the convicts
were disembarked, and the rent of tho
journey was performed on foot. For
eighteen weary months tho exiles
tramped over an extent of territory as
large as the United States befo re reach
ing their destination. They were shack
led together in gangs of lifty, and each
convict was given daily a sum of mon
ey equal to three cents, to buy food of
the peasants about tho stations at
which the party stopped eacli night. Of
this munificent amouut one cent usually
went for a meagre supply of potato
soup, one cent for bread, and tho re
maining cent for the indispcnsible tea.
If one of the prisoners fell sick during
the day he was carried to the uext sta
tion, where he was left to die or recov
er, as tho case might be, without medi
cal assistance.
When lie arrived at Irkutsk, llachrach
met his lirat friend in S'.boria in the
person of a Russian colonel, to whoe
advice ho was much indebted for his
ultimate releas-;. After a brief tarry
in Irkutsk the convicts destined to the
mines, including the unfortunate Hun
garian, were sent on to Yakutk,
where the gold, silver and lead mines
bfgiu. These, mines are from 100 to
'J't ) feet deep, and tho convicts are
forcfd to work iu them eight hours
each day and every day, except on
certain days, when they arc allowed to
wash their clothes. Down in the
bowels of the earth the darkness is in
tense, and tho only light the miners
have to a:d them in their laborious
task and the work is cruelly hard is
emitted from small lamps attached to
their hats. The miuers are usually
quartered in a low stone building at
the entrance to the mine, and are
closely guarded at all times. About
lifty generally sleep iu one cell. No
convict is allowed to work iu any
mine more than a week together, and
by this system of 'constant interchange
familiar intcreourso or friendship be
tween the wretched prisoners is pre
vented. For the slightoU infraction
of the rules the miners are severely
lashed, death sometimes ensuing. If
they are s'ck or injure 1 in any way, Mr.
Uachracli asserte 1, no medical attend
ance is provided, but, incredible as it
may seem, the por wretches are
quietly poisoned to get them out of
the way.
After a y ar of life in the mines the
lecturer was Iise'i:irged an 1 sent to
IrUutka. where, af ti r Mmo trouble
caused by charge made against him of
attempted escape to C.iina, ho was
placed in a higher c!a-s of convicts
those who have the privilege of selecting
their place of abode as settlers, within
a certain prescribed district. Rachrach
chose a villege of fourteen houses,
where his first employment wits as a
farm laborer for a poasaut named (Jul.v.
Soon after, a meeting of the villago
commune, the Hungarian was given
permission to select a lot and build a
house, but he did not do so for some
time. He labored steadily for his peas
ant employer, an I in tho winter it was
his task to carry hay to tho mines on
sledges. In performing this duty he was
often attacked by wolves, and onco
only escaped by surrendering his horse
to the hungry brutes. About this time
an unexpected and undesired honor
came to the hard-working exilo in the
shape of an oft'er from Hulai, lis em
ployer, of tho hand of his daughter,
who was on-eyc I and otherwise ill
favored. It seemed that tho damsel
had long cherished an a'Tectioa for her
father' a laborer one in no way recipro
cated. Tho situation h id its embarasing
features, as it would hardly do to offend
(iulai by a refusal. Rachrach found a
way out of tho diti.":..ia, however by rep
resenting to h s employer that it would
hardly do for him to get married until
he had his house built, which would
not bo for several months. Reforo that
time arrive!, however, tho Hungarian
managed to leave tho village as the as
sistant of a tax-gatherer, whoso own
servant was taken ill. Ho finally
leached Irkutsk again and secured em
ployment as a hostler for a druggist.
In this position he wrote his first letter
home, which came to tho attention of
tho Hungarian authorities and was tho
ultimate cause of his being included in
tho amnesty of 1871.
In his remarks on tho country in
general the speaker said that as a wholo
Siberia was not unfertile, nor as cold
as reported, being blessed with many
natural advantages in the southern
portiou, besides mineral wealth iu tho
north Xeiv York World,
Mr. Dnnn Defended From the Attack
of an Unscrupulous I'uet.
We have from timo to time had dif
ferences with our neighbor, The Xvw
York, Sun. The views entertained by
The Sun about tho silver dollar, about
the protective tariff, about civil-service
reform, and about the president are un
like our own views, and we commonly
take great pleasure in events, tenden
cies, movements, and triumphs which
cause The Sun acute suffering. This
is because in these things The Sun, as
we regard it, is sinful by nature and
made more .o by practice. Rut we
think we know how to put aside mero
differences of opinion with an esteem
ed neighbor who. after all, is human,
like tho rest of us and, if we diagnose
correctly the emotion which ag. talcs
us as we write, we are capable of feel
ing a just resentment toward a wretch
who would covertly enter that neigh
bor's esteemed columns and revile him
with his own type.
This atrocious violation of the laws
of decency and hospitality was commit
ted in yesterday's isue of The Evening
Sun, which gave a prom nent place
upon its editorial page to tho following
Dc-llhtfl are they who at en. I .if the day
Are blessed with Tht tinj Sun,Sun;
No iuj.er on earth cau equal iu i rth,
Aud yet it Is ouly t.euu, irun, iiti.
It's newsy ati.l bright anJ atle to fi.-rit,
So that it will never cet left, left, '. ft;
An. ererr line will sjiarkle anl shin
From pencil remarkably d.ft, deft, JefL
Head always, you know, by a million or so,
Advertisements in It will pay, pay, pay;
L'nrlT.i 1 by all, it beinj so small,
Distinctly each al. Mill display, play, play.
This is :m acrostic. The first letters,
reading from top downward, make up
the words, '"Dana is a fraud," a prop
osition which is not only insulting, but
untrue. And the indignation mounts
higher as we reflect on the artfulness
with wlreh this diabolical villain did
his work. Wo have no doubt that be
is an outside contributor, but he knew
tho weak points of his victim. His
manuscript appealed at once to Mr.
Dana's love of poetry and to his yearn
ings for advertisements. He knew that
after a day of wenry gnawing at the
mugwump file Mr. Dana turns to poe
try for refreshment as the hart to the
waterbrooks. He had scanned also the
lean advertising column? of The Even
ing Sun. And he used his knowledge
o ai 1 his detestable purpose. His
caitiff verses he composed with a skill
which made certain their acceptance
and publication. They were not too
good in fact, they were bad, very bad.
Rut tln ir imperfections befitted their
commercial purpose and averted the
eye of suspicion. It was a contempti
ble and cowardly way of getting
around a poetry-loving and thrifty old
gentleman. And it was an affront to a
newspaper editor which the press
everywhere ought to denounce in the
severest terms.
Relieving this to be the duty of the
press, we hereby denounce this knave
and his work, aud extend to our neigh
bor, Mr. Dana, our lively sympathy
and the assurance of our disbelief in
the libellous statement which he has
unwittingly published agaiust himself.
'c io York Times.
The Poet Tennyson's Home-Life.
t-,.,. ... i ,i .
Lveiy now and then curious little
stories leak out about Lord Tennyson's I
life and habits. Tennyson's homo in
the Isle of Wight is a modest one; lie
has only one man-servant in tho house,
but it is as comfortable and plcasaut as
most households of the same class. It
is the poet's manners and customs
which give it its individuality. It is
understood that visitors do not disturb
the great man's ways, and that ho be
haves iu precisely the same mauncr
when he has company as when he has
not. Every morning, in hail, rain or
snow, the poet dons his frouzy cap and
his frouzier sdouch hat, and promenades
for an hour or so, none daring to dis
turb him. Every day at dinner a bottlo
of port is placed before the host, and
Tennyson retires with it (generally
when dessert comes on), and leaves his
guests at the tabic. The poet is to bo
found in his study with his bottle by his
side, and a huge dock-glass holding a
pint. This is filled half with port and
half with water, and tho bard solemnly
tills and relills till bottle and glass aio
empty. From a London Letter.
Snow lies seven feet deep in sunny Italy,
ana it is feared that the ban 1-orgun crop is
seriously damaged. I'hi'aU'tfca Call.
I Ta PopI of Oakland County Wild Wita
I'oxTiaf, Mich., March U IS?.
On the 10th of December, ivtl, I came
from Orion to 1'ontlac, to vi.it my par
enta, and was taken suddenly ill. lr,
Oalbreith of this place was called and
after making a careful examination of my
cane, de-ired council, and named aa coun
cillor, Dr. .Met raw of Detroit. They met
in council December l..th, made a caret ul
examination, and pronounced my di-ee
as Cancer of the l.iver, and stated that
there waa no hope for me. as it was iin
pohsible to cure me. The pain waa very
severe and Dr. (ialbreitn coutinued bis
visits, administering ouietinir wwdera.
A swelling or bunch had formod under my
rieut ribs alniOHt as large nn my he.id, and
I had given up all hope of recovery. Hut
having heard of llibbard' Kheumatiu
Hyrup.I sent February 1st lv7, and bought
a bottle of the syrup from Mr. 1'eter
Schinit, a druggUt of this place, and took
it bh directed. About March lit something
broke and tho swelling commenced to go
down, until it bad almost uisapj eur-u.
Up to tuia date 1 bave tukeu two a d one
half bottles of the syrup and have t-o far
recovered as to 1 e able to visit mv neign
bora, and I am truly rejoicing that I am
fast being relieve 1 Irom such ten Hle jnln,
and desiring to acknowledge the benefit I
hnve received in using your nyrup. 1 tond
vou this tuternent, hoping you will ue it
so that other who are afflicted mny be
benefited and relieved from pain as I have
t T ...
eeu. ei v iiuiy.
Of Orion. Michigan.
I'ontiac. Mich.. March H'th. 17
This is to certify thnt Mr. Ch-res A.
Hrier. mv tson, has mado a correct state
ment of hi case, as I have watched by his
Po lHiue during ins entire uine.
The undersigned certify that they are
well ac iu .Intel wltn inane? A. lier,
whose signature ap ears above, find we
h'ive no h itation in saying tint any
statement made by him can lie relied upon
as beiugtrue in every particular.
Druggists, Orion. Mich.
J. A. NKATi.
Editor Weekly Itevlew and Justice of the
1 eace, Orion. Mich.
J. H. KITl HKll. Postmaster.
Oki, Mich., March l'.'th, 1S7.
Do not despair of curing vour sick head
ache, when vou can ko easily obtain bar
ters Little Liver 1'ills. Thev will effect a
prompt and ermnuent cure, 'lheir action
is mim aim natural.
Snag Little Fortones
may le had by all who are sufllclently in
telligent and enterpi i'ing to enibra e the
opportunities which occasionally nr. oiler
e.i them. Hallett t lo.. l' rtlnnd.
Maine, have tomething new to olTer in the
line i. f work which you can do for tLem,
and live at home, wherever ou i ra
located. Profits immense and every worker
is sure of over k a dav ; several have ma -
ovcr in a migleday. All ages; both
KfieJ. I apital not required: vm are
tarted free; all particulars free. You
had better writo to them at once.
Lord (lerard, who took his seat in the
house of lords tie other dav, posseso
at at Newmarket which rejoices in the
name or "several. "
An Oil City boy has a pair of Cochin
China roosters of enormous size tint he
hitches to a hm-ill wagon of his own con
struction, and drives them about tie
Women Badly Startled or Alarmed,
flrieve.l or vexed, shoul 1 use Cautek's
Ikon ru.i..
The first inn boat is thought to have
t ei n built in 1777, on the river 1-os-, in
Yornshire. It was 15 feet long and made
of tdioot ii on.
Pa e'l Arnica 0 1.
The best silve in the world for Hums,
ound and sores of all kinds. Doils, hel
oris, i hilblains. Frozen Keet. Piles, Mather's
Itch. fore llyes, I'happed Hands, Sore
Throat. Scald Head, Pimples on the Pace
and all t-kiu di.e?:bcs.
Tor Liver Complaint, Sick Headache,
Constipation, u-e Pace's Mandrake Pills,
Above remedies ol by drugcits or sent
by mail for -o cents by (J. V . uow & lo.,
Sj racu-e. N. Y.
The Parisians are t-tn lying th statistics
or iterlin, and nnnotmee that there are 51,
frfl more women than men in Her. in.
I'fitE C1 I.!kk On. made from selected
liver.-, on sea -l.oro. by lia aid. I uard dc
Co , N. Y. Absolutely pure and sweet.
Patients pre'er it to all others. Physicians
i h ive decided ;t superior to any other o.ls
in market.
Ciunr.o HNi, Pack. Pimii.fs and
rough skin cure I bv uing Juniper Tar
Soapinule by Hazard, lla rl . Co., New
A Mexic in has been selling to the un
wary at San Jose, Cal., nug.ets of tinfoil,
rej resenting them to be of silver.
A Pitiful Sight.
What sadder siht can be imagined than
that of a not.le man, whom the world can
ill-aflor 1 to s ar. stricken down in the
prime of n useful life by consum) tim.
Thousands are tarlv Idling cunsump
tives" graves who mL'ht be save! by the
timely u-e of Dr. Pierce's ( Jo Oeu Mo" lieal
Disc-'very." which is a p .s.tive cure for
consumption in its early t igs. It is the
the best alto atiVM nnd ic toral in the
worl.l. Ad druggists.
The Ue. n icgent of Spain h:is givm
Capt. 7eluir, of !-tateii Llund, a big told
medal f r saving (OWl1 shipw ie.kt d Span
i-h soldiers.
Confidential advice, t either ex. on
deli, ate disea-es. D.ok lo cents instamj'S.
Address. World S Disjens;iry Medic tl As
ociation. ' ' Main St., HuMulo, N. V.
Sir William Armstrong's new gun to re
sist t'Tpedo atta -k-. is a : o j.oun N r. and
develops u muzzle velocity of l.'. Ui f t t per
Jinn's inhumanity to woman makes
countl-s thousands m turn, would be an
nppli ab'e rendering of Pott' 1 ; i . in
view of the indi.nit es ti had su iere I
nnd pains undrrone at toe hands of en
I -kiiifui physicians and iua ks. Nam
ino lest shu su'lers on until forced to
Lit n phvician reciidinu' some f
III (it
difficulty whuh she we 1 knows is sa? ping
her t-tiengtii. All this emb-irrastneut fin
be avoided nnd a cure e fleeted by pur
chasing Dr Pierce's "KavontH Prescrip
tion" of vour druggist, and taking as di
neted. Price reduced to one dollar.
Scott Par. Cal.. has the tallest potmas
t-r in the I nited Stat He stands over
feven feet in ids stockings and weighs -H)
Hronchitis is cured by frequent small
doses of Piso'a Cure for Consumption.
A Carlisle dog committed suicide by
pushing his bead under a gate and choking
to death.
America's Pride.
True American men and women, by
reason of their stiong constitutions,
leautiful form", rich complexions and
eharacteri-tie energy, are envied by all
natior s. It is ti e general use of Dr. 'Dar
ter's Iron Tonic whh h brings about the-e
Lieut, llenn and his plucky little w ife
nro cruising about the Florida rivers iu
their yacht.
Sir Hoger Tb hborne, the original L'ng
li'h claimant, is selling tickets in a Ilrook
jyn th ater.
A mitrailleuse is being tried in the Aus
trian army will firo l.ooo bulletts in yj
Ihp university of Leven owns four mil"
Hon'do'.lars' w orth of real estate.
BURNS and Pcal.rs are Instantly rendered
f alnless and Invariably cured w Ittiout a near,
j the use of i urholUalve, the great skin
remedy. 2. and 50 ecnt. at Druggist? or by
mall. Cole A Co., Clack i:icr FalLs, Wis.
A ramont Detective.
James Jackson, the famous state detect
he, reside iu Sing Sing, und Is gepeially
in attendance at the prison. His duties
are to examine cure fully the face of every
convict asheentcrs, und toscrutinie every
visitor in order to prevent any discharged
osnvlct seeing his pals. Occasionally he
has to make long journeys in pursuit of
runaway prisoners or to identify criminals
convicted in other states, lie never makes
a mistake; it once lie looks a man in the
eye he will know him under any disguise,
as he tells his man by the look of his eyes.
Once an escaped conv ict had his nose pared
dow n one third, but Jackson detected hint
at once, notwithstanding this remarkable
change of feature. Mr. Jackson is atout
5 feet 8 inches in height, about ''" years
old, of a light and sinewy build, with
black hair and piercing black eyes, and Is
altogether remarkably handsome. He
knows about 10,000 criminals, and it is
simply wonderful that he can distinguish
the features of every one. On this long
journey he cats very moderately and al
ways takes one Drandeth pill at night.
When much fatigued by the jolting of the
cars on his tiresome trips he uses two Al
lock's Porous Plasters on the Mnall of the
back, which give him renewed vigor aud
quickly relieve hun of all weariness. These
are the only two remedies he uses, and
lie attributes his vigor ami remarkable
health to Alb ock's Porous Plasters and
l.iandretli's Pills. Sin Sins, (A". '.)
Ihiilv jii trr.
The houe boats that are so popular on
tie 'J hemes are coining into fashion on
the Kbine. A man near Mayence. is build
ing -i veritable flouting tene'ment house.
Teari of Sorrow Turned to Smiles of Rejoicing-
It H lIK.-TKi:, Aug. 31, Issfl,
PvuorK Mriui in k Co: (i k rr.Fvr.N : I
am now seventy three years old. and until
1 wi s seventy 1 was alwavs strong and
healthy ; but the amount of suffering 1 iia vo
en. lined since that time. 1 feel to b. suffi
cient fr a life time. I lr d a severe attack
of sei itK" rl eiimatim, which ompletely
pro trutud me: my iimbs and feet, and in
lai t my whole body, was so drawn out of
sh ipu that it was im ossible to move
without a-sist'ince. I wi.a unable to
straighten my limbs or to step on my feet
for more than a y ear, and my lile was
ip'spnired of. Children and friends were
called in to see me die 1 was treated by
three good phy-i 'ians. and they and mv
frit n Is did all they could to relieve my
Hiil'ei ing - but with no avail. My Lips
w ro bustered. and tnv limbs rubl e 1.
batled and bnn lased. but nothing they
could do atl'oi ded m even temporary re
lief. Tongue cannot de-crib my suffer
ing. 1 ured them to let me trv Dr. Par
dee's Pemedy, as 1 had read so much
about it. and "of those who had been cured
by it - u-e. that it gsve me confidence in it,
although I confess 1 had little or no faith
in so culled patent medicines.
I lommenci d using the Pemedy as dl
recte 1, and after taking it a short time
could see it was helping me. 1 began to
per-pir.j freely, and as the perspiration in-crea-ed
the pain decreased, but my cloth
ing andbe ldiug wns a sight to behold, be
ing noirly as vellow as saffron." I ha 1
taken tho remeiv but a short time, when
1 could sleep like a child, and relish my
food like one.
Thank Co I it has cured me. and I am as
healthy and as strong as before, and can
walk and have as free use of my limbs as
ever. 1 have recommended vour Peine ly
to very many who were attlicttd. and 1 do
not know of a case that it has not cured.
1 am confident that it will cure young peo-
f'e. if it will cure at my a;e. i on are at
ibcrty to use my name, if it will bo the
means of inducing any poor sufferer to
ue your excellent KeLuedy. I am very
greitfi.Py v our-.
.von Jefferson Avenue, Rochester, N. V.
The sale of Dr. Pardee's Peine ly for the
East three months in Western New York
as e.x ceded that of any remedy known.
Py cures wholly unprecedented in the
history of melicines it has proven its
right to the title of "The Cm'rt Lh-t
1'nrififr" ever offered to the af!'icted. Wo
challenge nnv medicine to show an appre
ciation at home, or w herever used. 1 ke
that which has been poured upon Dr. I'ar
de s Pemedy.
The perman nt cures It has effected have
made for it a reputation that no other
remedy has I een a'. le to attain. Send for
Twenty cir loads of Lott ed beer recent
ly started in one consignment fiom Mil
waukee to tiie Pacific c o. ist.
"Bkown's Puonuiiu. Tuornrs" are
widely kn iwn as an admirable reme ly f.r
isroncimis, Hoarseness, LoUginand luroat
troubles. .s-( 1 u' . i bii Price c
Cnrvi r'.tir!iT,
Bhconklltm, t.Qiolcn,
B-kcb, Wknts, CuM In
f lh ( bI a I all Achtt KirlD.
"llWr Of InltAtlntia nmAmr lt1"".
ionoJInf H4in. An.ro
liCStoM a AD T(l
Mt y Mkukiaa ayii.nf ana
l uiluf It Inr mr m iiu
Cir I
ft! Ul
r .t. lot tit. K 4f -j .
vi I f M
nr"Vi' frvlYJfsy inn
X Th Ft! IlKiMD SLICK FM Ii w"
ffti, a 1 1 ttn hirtet tnrm. Tin nw fill
4.N W U M LX YA ;'' thntl' Mid, .
D It ll.'n.f' e.l m-k. l;lmi.tJ
Why did the Women
of this country use over thirteen million cakes of
Procter & Gamble's Lenox Soap in 18S6?
Uuy a cake of Lenox and you will soon understand why.
Yuncr W'nj. a Chinamen residing in
I'ait'ord. La beeu elected president of
the I'nitarian club.
Hrr Krupp is Roing to start a daily
newspaper at K sen lor the instruction
of his jo.oo-i work nun.
A leadinR real estate agent and private
banker, Mr. Ira Urown. ('liiinc'i, 111.,
w rites: 4,1 feel it my duty to nay of ht.
Jacobs Oil t h it I lay on my back thret
monihs with rheumatism. 1 tried it, was
cured, and have never been troubled
Mrs. Hendricks, widow of the late vice
C resident, has been visiting th family of
er cousin, Mayor Marfan, ia Vahinton.
Sarah Pernhardt always re at noon.
After breakfast h amiis.-s heelf with
chess, her sou bein of ten her antagonist.
Mrs. Payard Taylor and her daughter
Lillian have rt turned to (ierinany to re
Fide. Count Miranda. Christine Nilsson's new
husband, will shortly pre ent her at the
Spanish com t.
Mr. T. J. Murphy, 'd De bnvoice Place.
1'rooklyn, N. V., says: "1 was aftiieted
w ith sciatic ih 'umatism and fouud .St.
Jacobs Oil very efllcacious."
The sign ' To let" hangs on the wall of
the PrcoUvn residence of the late Henry
Ward Peojdier.
No Shotgcn Practice
About Cum: it's Lirri.ELivr.it Pn.i.s; mild
und gentle.
(.'en. Sheridan's increasing frtoutness
has caused him to make friends with a
p'lir of Indian clubs.
Quaker Tostimony.
Mrs. A. M. Dauphin, Philadelphia, has
done a great deal to make known to ladios
there the great value of Mrs. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, as a cure f or their
troubles and diseases. She writes as fol
lows: "A young lady of this city while
bathing some years ago was thrown vio
lently against the life line and the injuries
received resulted in an ovarian tumor
which grew and enlarged until death tretiud
certain. Her physician finally advised her
to try Mrs. Pinkham's Compound. She
did so ami in a short time the tumor was
dissolved and the is now in jerfert henUh. I
also know of many cases w here the me li
cine has been of great value in preventing
miscurriage and alleviating the pains and
dangers of childbirth. Philadelphia ladies
appreciate tho worth of this medicine and
its great value."
Sent by mail in Pill and Lozenge form
on receipt of price, tl. Mrs. Pinkham,
Lynn, Mass. Also iu liquid form, all at
whn applied into
tl e nostr.ls. will b
ahsortrt'd effect unl
ly cleansing the
head of catarrhal
virus, causing
healthy secretions
It al ays iuflamma
tion. protects the
membrane of the
lias il passages
from udditiona!
colds, completely
heals the sores and
re-tores sense of
No: a Liq lidor Sanff rf AT mr E. Vt R
A ((nick ICel rf & Positive Cure.
A fHrticle ii1 applie.l int. i each nostril nrol is trev
si.lt-I" iim. Price .Mi i -entii. It niHil r ut ilriik'tf
on.t f..r o!riulur. V.L bUOl'lltlts, DruKisls,
i ivrrux, i. l .
Hto troit-l Pror'T "J com.lli-ati.pns irh thr
mo-l 'inl rrul nn s ; u vciretutilt r'iiii'iliri n(u.--I
liarinl. is. litmovt all r iiiptitim of ilrpiv in riht
t-i t wetit.v 1t. ( 'nro imtiriiti. pronoun. .1 h.K I-k. .y
tl.e tw-t of ph.Vflciaii'". t roru thr ttrld.e flu- ttiptoiun
rapi.llr (h-apprar, ami In t n cU) at K-sl Ihu U.il J vt
all s in (i l . ma are remnvi-.j.
hoine rn.iv cry hiiinliiiif Ithntit know ng atiTthlng
al.oiitlt. Kriu. inbcr It dijf n. ,t rt cn ttii.i tlnii in
realize thf merit of cur treatment for yourself. VNe
r rorihtantlj curing rawn of ion Ktainlunf ra.t
tn.'T liw liet-n tapi il a r o nil r cr timeii an. I trie pa
tient li- lari-.l unable to lOo a e k. Go.- a full In story
of rare, nnie, k.-i-. net, how lonrf ar?!l. u-.l. Ae. Heticl for
tree pamplilrt. v n mnitf t.-vtiin..inal.-. Ti n tlavs trt-at-
tii.-nt fut nlhhi-.l FREE !'. mail. If oil or.Icr ti Ul wn4
iO rerun In fUuupa tu pa vt.ir. r pil. -y i f itn i poM
ivkIjt cufed. t "M.-nt ion tins paptr.)
,U. li. i.rir.t .1 t: miss, m. ia.,
iJ'l ilarii tta btnt t, AILA.VT1, G.
rss Frs7g:is
Stiff Nock,
fjntrker thsn any known rem'ly. It ns the ttrt
Hinl is t he.. n It I'Aiii n-me.lv I liat i list ant I y t opu I lie
tii't eirrn. iHtinrf pam. allays Inrtaiiiiimtioii an.l
-iire ( utiKrM i..n, w het tier f the l.UDfc', Mottiacli,
UowrN.ori.t herwlanilsor i.rrfiiii.
No iiuitter h..w violtuit or excrnclaf Inu the rain
the llheiimat I.-, HmlrKllen. Intlrm. Cnpple.I, er-
n. .NouraljOe, or prost rated witU Uiavuaej oiay
a(T. iTl lntiint ease.
Thirty to nitty dr-.p In lm! f a t nml.ler i if wnt er
will in h j.m minutes cure t'r.imps. sp.isiiin. Smir
Moimuli. NaiiseH. Voiiiitirik'. I'lt.'pitutioti of the
lleiirt, r'.ioil m-. Heart hum. m. lleit.liii'he,
liiarrhe, 1 ivi-ii(tt, t uln-, VVinJ m tho ll.jwcls,
and all mtcnial pain.
There l r t n ren.e.lia tu-. r t In the w .rhl thst
will cure lever nn.l Arue, miiI all ft her Malarious,
lliM.iii ari.t t her fevera, niile.l by li.-i.l way g PUis,
i.iin. lins lt.li tv' Kea.lv Itehef.
fifty eeiils ht 15 tile, ."..hi hy ilruKKists.
Proprietors of Radway's Sarsapari'.han Re
solvent and Dr. Kadway'a Pills.
Tie Best
nd lrrrnof. 10 I w'M tnu dr In
ri)MlM. M.K Kf.it it a (Mr. riimc ", r.
ImttaMont. on r'noln it' out tl. "riia
Olrr" a J Tow', Ho.Uti. Malt.
.... r - v uj m
WANTED.-HisTlust i.rire in Car
Loads for J)ry & Slaughter House I Jones.
losirf.V. Sample, worth II VI KUKK l.inet
Mil unMrr the ti. r' feet. Wntn lllUT I
bUtrly y.Vin ll .l.lrr t'v.. Hilly. M e k.
A. I.FH.tlAX '.R''lrm
t latei.U. VVA.sMIMiTOX
Anillf 1 Mwrwhla llnbll ...ir la !
1 1 1 1 1 1 ltCUwy. Airli)!nrw
Ul IV III ta- J. trarHaat. La ., Oli
UHlir MTI'ltV. Ho. k kfeplnif. Il lsliiPKs form,
llUInC I'einiiaifh p A I itliinetie, Miiirthand, He,
tlioroiik'hly ta.itfl.t l li;u i 'ireu lur I rej.
ii ic v.tvTMoM.i:ui:, itunMio, .v. y.
f I?l'VTh ( .rriponot, mm l-pa
.WVltltl I pa.rr, dvil to inarrla. Cnta
t out MM r.'t in h iii for rorroa lvnta.
tin rharrf' f'.r ad'TllMiirf Mail I t nin(ha fur IO.
liter. Idditii I'ua ( oaaasi-usi'ajiT, Cin -u.BwU,Oh:o.
Haklt PitnlaMly
I' iJuretl at Jloiu. Trftaimnt
II mrni ou trial an4 NO PAT atted
w antil you ara hDvfltr1. U f rmi Iowl
Uaaiaa Jtaaacd C.. lm,ITm$mtf, l4.
If yon want r1!f
and cure at your
horn, and for
Ir. J. A. Sherman '
Urcuiax nt iaatxuctioaa.
M UrtMnlwa, w kMa
A Sora
relic for
lor auy Bind of I or t'mrm Ilall4l.
Wrl for ttimonial from your Htat. Addraaa
I'OUTfU IUO UVOriU CO., ClaclaaatI, OaU
I Vrrtiui. Ilrhllllv, .lr. '1 rml I'H.ka.o mil
M pun.) hMik ul inlrurleii, lretj on receipt ot
25 Cflita ostaie A'l'lre,
'ill I; I'KIII ( III MMAI. CO..
MIlHuukri-, VV iMuntln.
15 ear' ex.erleiiee : i fri'
esiuiiiuer In U.S. f'atrnt m-m
Send miKlpiirBltetoh iorrr
oDlninn w het her l.atflit cull ! asure-l. ew lx It
on i.atents fret. rferen'-en:C'.'niiii'aHloner f Pat
eut or anr i.ih.-r effl.Ml . f ih U. K. Patent Ofllee.
E. U.TUtlilNU, Att. rney HI 1 FSi
aablugtoo, I. C .
Dest t 'onuti s run 'I Hte gM,d. Us 11 i
In tune.' Ki.ld hv driitftrmta. Ir
One AKcntiMcn hantUnly .wan cd In erery town for
Yf.nr '-TaT-ill I'urr'i" Tc eifc'ar (rive K'uu'no
ntlifuet.on. till' eitii.tiMiill is ery limit I t t,IDk
after awhiif I li 'II I"' a hie sill .re of thrr.
T Hiiitiik- 11 K K tt. K'eh"""id. Va,
AdJre-i IC. W. r.N4ll.l. .V I II., ( Iilrag-o.
Dr. Isaac Thomnson's
:im a i i:i i:vi: uati:
Th art!. 1 U a rar-fnlr p'arril PhT'.-!an' pre
rrlptlcn. in.l tu hern In citintaiir u ncarlir a rnta
rr, and trntwl' hiain)lrg th man oilier nri'i aratlona
that hae t.ren tiur.iilu. Into th marift. Hie al
tf lliln rt . ! I r'ltinriinrljr lii. rHMfni,". If th! dirrc
tlofi ar f l.uwdtt w ll never fail, vs'r rartlcularly
lovt" the at i '"t Ion f.f i liif1. lann to In fn'rlt.
Tho Original and Only Conuine.
Fafe and ala l( hal.le. Tteware of warthlr. limta
I'.mK I.a In-. aU your lrufflal fur "t hlehratrr'a
Kaall.b ' nn.l takr iu uthfr. r in.-.m 4-. iNtajiiiwi to
u. fur iiartu'uiar in letter hr return mall. Siai
t.ria. i lilt lit - . ( II K VI It Al. CO.,
88IH VlailUoa hgyarr, I'hllada. I'a.
aUbT MruiiUO ritrjnhrrr, Ak for hlr'.ra.
trr'. I.nfljh' lrnaral I'llla. Take no olken
IMPFKIA I. FOfl FOOI1 wlllUrfPly1n''rii
r pcpr.Mluetl.Hi utreritfthon wonk and ir.Hiin fnwl.
ptniimtp th he Uihr tir th and de tr lo .e in r t of
all ariet nf p,,iil' ry an.l en'ir tin rondlnon
and Mii.M'th iiimar. Ih'K Is n f "rc na tr.iee;
ti.iu mniplr (five th-m the eh.vii c il t mk
i f a ((! of l- t nan one cur a w enK tor h fowl.
VV mini rHrkace. f..r :h- n I f I. 6 1. l " and 2; ID
arVnk'ef1eliered t ) Iretht or n I irM . r- f ri t.
r.ti'lnlfi'.'J"i re.iieet ivel v A '
,,nr llM'lll traHo.
nitn "r write t-
Hartford. Ct.
V 1 Will rtirlff tha BLOOD ranlata
i tha LIVER and KIDNEYS nd
fiUnt Vfjtmt Ili.i.i.llUlDl
i ..... , l.i.lin. lukti
Htrn'b ana 1 ird I aaliDg D
oiat.lr curod: Poi.., naa.
claa and rrr. rrcia uaw
ror-a. tniifMiiiii'BiDii
Su!Irriu from romr'a'af
R A llll"f .tt,., ... .Ill fln4
TONlCa.afa and .pawdy rum. a claar. I.al-
thj completion. Fraqiint atinrta at roonttIit
Inaonlra.tfi to tha ror.ularti T of tha cririnal. Da
BUaxperimant cet tha OR!'MNL 4NP UlaT.
...nvm.a mra oil I O
M JTm nRI tfl s Llir n riwwo
M Cora Conatlpaiton.Ltvar Comolalnt and Blea
I Haadacba Sample Po.a and Draaro Pno
1 taal.ad ca receipt of two cenia In poataga.
Addrena DR. llaKTKK MEDICINE CO.. St. LooU. Ma.
nave teen fnjoyd bT tho cltltcna of nfarlr ercry
town and eitr in the t'. S , and thotmanda of popia
in testify to the wonderful healu (t power of
Hamlin's Wizard Oil.
It Cures Neuralgia, Toothache,
Headache. Catarrh, Croup. Sore Throal,
Lame Back, Stiff Joints. Sprains. Bruises.
Burns, Wounds, Old Sores and
All Aches and Pains.
The many tepttnionm l reeld by ua mora than
r-elrd by ua mora than
thu valuable remedy. It
proTe all we elaira 1
only relietea tha mt .erera pain!, but
It Cures You. That's the Idea!
For aala hf all Itrnvvlat I'ric Aft r.nt. m,
txittle. tur SnNfJ Hook mailed free to ercrTbiKly.
W.N. U. D.--5-I9
Tin: GiLvxn kapids iiekd
Holstein-F riesians.
''KAHtffal s; ? ,yas
Abont 100 IT I' AO of toth aeira and all
wrriti nrau ni
hulls ui:ai)v for sr.uvicn
Lp to two ye..r eld. Choice Cowt and UeifCTS
r rej o my prue tervice built
vFrins MIdluni nnd Jonpo Carre,
V ho have no mperii.M. A uperialty of younp pa.ri
rt akin for foundation tt... k. Every llea.i
i(ea;iterei ami (iiiaranterd f'ure-llred.
Write for Catalogue and price, and ttate ace and
tea de. red, rr rome and ee the herd.
M. L SIVI.I'T, Ererder and Importer,
Mlxim luiarAiaK.J Criud Kidda, MJch.
. .1
I. ' ' a
. v.

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