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pjinw -m w i m um ix
I III DA V, MAY is lT.
W. t-iiiti' it nolle. ii i'Mivni'tin i-'mmnnlr:i-tious.
In all c.i'f w. re ii ir tlif writer's mime
mi l iH-liv-s ii t l.r p.il ln itioii. J. ut ;H
y.i intii il'u'M.1 I. inn. Anl curl I'-poii lt iM h
cholll t Wl it.' ipil eIH' Me ul t!nil Cll' i t Ollly
Tin' U Kin i;i U in".' of the best inedhnns for
n '.veitiM is in ii;iti.t I'l.imt.v.ln iiiif a weleemie
ii!..r t.i ii :irlv e .1 y home hi thin part of the
e..untv iin I imvii inljoininr. I ut to iitMMf in
"ili.iii tlir r-aiii.' v .k. M'Imi ti m ut- slioul'l
by l);in l.-.l In not l;iter tl.an We-lne sluv noon.
The Nv Y:U ( tiiinn Girl.
A t l.dt us :it llio Metropolitan Onera
house. Now York, cannot et inarrie.l, it
is s-tat;.'.l, ujiK'ss she iives the tnati.ii r it
least tvi weeks' notice, othenvi-e liet
contract I muues lutll. It Is further
ttatcilthat the manager has not been
known 'o vvitlihoul Lis assent iu any case.
TonVt' Cooler-" In H.tt!e.
A reporter nskel Congressman lir.icc
what ho Meant y the expression 'eoll'ee
eooler," ue-el in his speech I'-JT'iinsL tho
vi toi il peiiion Mil. "If you Kt Forties'
jiicturo of tho wnr," sail Mr. 15ra'iT,
"you will .-eo a picture o tho regiments
ns they niove into r.ction. On t lie Mile of
the ro.nl, under a cedar copse, there are
three ml. hers squatting ilown luMini;
their milco in cups, cooling it. And there
they remain until alter tiio kittle und then
rejoin their regiments. These tellows
were features in every regiment, and 1
was surprised at tho faithfulness of
I'oil'es' delineation of these skulkers."
Louisville Courier-Journal.
f.Vhh-:. f-h" si'.Ui', u 1 kar.ia,:, tLupP'l lur
"Will!.;. -I tl:..:i siai .f living tin ii a'i'l ika.l,
or fair ! " !s .'...He, ami far U'.uU i-iti-.l.
Fin, r w .f tl.ias i.Kiro inarve!.tn tlirm tli.sol
Of ( "i.!? si::: r:t tu Tel up. .:i w 'i.lr. us I ;;!,
( If S'": -s lil.Mil:, ef ril.'K'lW W. I'.'.! Ull-sli 1,
Vi tl. i :.:ii !i"i'u slnre n. in..!i'd fuut nu-.y
Cf s'...n ;-'X 'wi sa:i 1 unlielu.lik-n sens!
" Fi;M i"..ii,y a ; -I : v. li our 1 i'.:r pr ln,
AM !:.v an f.;ir an. I s!v; i. vt rMve.i;
Put p i .; s'.,- t th. 'Sei:i"!nT.ts rari' ai.l ll.it,
AVI -i r. 1 siiT.Klit, tn r.iuloiis ;.tid tl.ia,
s v.n.'k the pi;l-.'3 with t:umi!f.:"t;: 'ut
l-'or i:h-::.1-.'.vs i..-vt r weti or w;:n. 1tc I !a."
II. ArnivtaL ? in S-crib:,. i "s M.'amo.
A Norther in Tcxsk.
Thirty-two Miles further west wo nr
rived at l' rt "Worth, n 1 reczo swtpt city
of nl.or.t C.",.(i(.H Inhahitants, the younc
rival of Dallas. As wo left the train wo
found a (.-t'-iuino norther in progress tho
sai;:e slorin which in its inception we had
encountered further en.-t a dry, cold
wind, which hh-w furiou.-ly with ut es
f'it:.i!! and with constantly increasin.c;
l'.'fd'. 'i i." s-t.vos in our roo::: v. . .re kept
J 1 h' t all ii:..;i.t, yet, notwith-t .at:din.'
th! ;, ti t- wc.tir w:;s found to he froi.cn in
ur i 1 1 v rs in tl e in. Tiling r.nd tho storm
still KuahaiVd. The wind, h-iweer. t;rad
iul! u! vi,;,d (linii- tj,. day, ami hy 2
ij ! rk t!:e r.ir i eca:::c ineasural.Iy tran
quil, wl.irettpoji an ariiiy of . traj.pin:;
CAvtoys came fivth ii,m j.'iotit t he or
i:A fir.d st.it kyards se.-n in tiio li.-tancp,
an 1 .-lid irhi fully on the thick he whiI
had f rue d during the ni.-lit n a laro,
"ill like pond Uyond the tra k. in front
of fl:e l.oti 1, j.n.I as their hec Is o ca-ion-r.llv
sli d frotn under them and they
ftl! Willi tho force of pile lriers. I e
putcd, at J in, is. U : e them hi oak
tliron-h lh? ice, hut not a siar attested
that any fracture had heen occasif.nod.
A I her I lhiri:itz in Cleveland Leader.
The .J.ui"(M)itH of JiiihlUm.
The .'.avf-nie novelist, M. .uhcr-Ma.-och.
has rui t;tiy uivin an interest!-!!
leiture to a Paris audience on the .Jewish
setts in (hilieia. in the course of wliich ho
ilescrihed the Karaite-, w ho ai know ledge
only the iirst hook of Mixes as their re
lii'e.'.s L'uiile. Th Karaites, said the
eniim nt .It w i-h author, are tho .ran-iti-ites
if .Jtt.Iaism. Tlaylia-e their h. liefs
n the i .-.e of the divine: t iiey anM irtu-ou-
for iriucs sake. Where rea-on and
re!atiou a.rre'. they say, we a.c. pt them
i s two exi t Hi lit things, hut w here they
(ii-a.'rce we mut hold with revelation, for
if rea-on had he n sul'.ieieiit re tint ions
v.o;i!d have heen ) u.pert'.U' w.
The ICtraitt s con-iihr that it is not al
lowed to discu.-s the fiun'anientrd hasis
of n vela:: .u. Another of their precepts
Is; "If you cannot do that which you
Would like to do you luu-t he w illi!i'; to
do wh it you can." The life of the Kara
ites is very viituo!!-; they pray in He
hrew. with hctit heads. In the can they
l.evt r li.-'ht a tire, aii 1 in (Jalicia. w here
the climate is more riu'oroiM, they let
(Jhri-tians luht it for them. Tho sect
nurnhcr. ahout KI.CMtu in Calicia. One pe
culiarity hy which they are di.-tinuished
from all other .Jews is that they con-ider
that (oiiinierce in pods which they them
selves have not produced to lie illicit, for
which n a. -on they are nearly nil a-rieul-turi-ts
or stewards. Until lately they
who eveiiipt from military service, lint at
jnesi nt they are i in. loyed in the nmhii
Jaia i s. M. -;u h( r-Maseeh state.-, on the
authority of a hi-tonan, that no Karaite
has keen condeTiiued in any law (oart in
lvland forthehu-t four ceniurie.j. l'all
Mull (Jazette.
The husines; (Jf exporting nrij-lon i. in
cre'isin. Two j tars ao UJ.'J.hii'i harrcl.-j
were sliipjicd froiii tho port of Xew York
in Iks.-,. :,n:jx)0 barrels, nnd li.-t year.'
ul'J.W) l am ls.
Antclopr in ti e M;ult!
Two car loads of nut elopes were li5.
trihutcd ni.K'ii the lomnii.-sion houses on
S uth Water strut tin ether cfttrnoon.
"'i'liii hr:s It en tho greatest jcar for an
telopes we have ever known,"' fr.id one
Iia reliant. "Men who send the animals to
t:.i say that the Kocky i.-.otintains have
Ken swarming with tlicm all winter.
Twohunlers wlm left Ihnvir i.i rCovcm
her have : truc k two herds ( f 10, (jf; ) e; ( !i,
jmd they followul them froiii ranrt; to
rinse, imtil our S"0 of tho dainty r.iiii.v.U
fcll'lieforo tlu ir rilh s". Hunters v i:i tl.o
woody Mountain district tell iv.it .'torits
of nnti lopT.nd hullalo hunt-, lait thelulk
of the antdojis s:l.l in this market tome
from tho Rockies." Chicago JRrahl.
Teinliiry TwarJ I iia n 1 1 y.
The tendency of m'Mlcrn civili.r.itiMi is
toward insanity. It is increa.-dn.:; ihrou-h-out
Chri-?( mlom. and far More where the
lioasted influence' of modern education
nnd ti:o so called progress are mo t fully
realized. Tho whole fahric of education
r.nd fcoei'-ty" ! uubjuikI, and this is proved
ly tho rcsrlt.
A truf r IvI'izatlon ndvTnc!n:j in wisdom
Mti;. 'evdr.p t!)f nhility to correct its
own evil', hut tho civilization that we
Iiavo is drifting on, ilounward nnd help
less. Journr.l of Mau.
r-inperoi' AKDiri Itonoon itonk.
Of nil tho Moul t inperoM Akhar was
hyfar tho nhlest nnd Kieatest, hut Shah
.Tehan was tho Most inanllloont. Tho
Kmperor Akhar suecoedeil to tho throno
when ho was hut 11 years of nso, with
only tho Punjah under his. rule, lie had
tho wisdom to show no distinction liofvccn
Ids Mohammedan and Hindoo subjects, and
Made every elTort to mold them into a com
mon nationality. Horn on Indian soil, ho
Made every effort to nivo tho country
of his birth what bho has never had,
nationality. Ho even went so far as only
to marry into tho families of tho royal
Hindoo. Ills Military success was ro
markahlo, and at his death almost all
of India was firmly securiedto his empire.
Ho loved and favored his friends, but had
no use f.r those who proved themselves
his enemies. His double sided box of
lonbons is a matter of history. No one
dared to refuso tho great emperor when he
was otTered a lonbon frum this well
known box, although none could tell
whether it was nn evidenco of favor or of
displeasure until after it had been eaten.
A bonkm from one sido of tho box meant
favors of no ineau kind, w hilo one from
the other side meant a sudden drowsiness,
soon resulting in tho sleep of death. It
has been said that he camo to his own
death by accidentally eating a bonbon
from the wrons sido of his box. India
Cor. Ualtimore Sun.
Worry, Not "Work, Kill.
"Tho prrcnt man," says Kmerson, "is he
w ho in the midst of the crowd keeps with
perfect sweetness the ferenity of solitude."
"How many of tho troubles of life," asks
Sir John Luhlock, "are insinnillcant in
themselves and easily avoidable?" It is
not so much, in most cases, rcat sorrows,
diseases or death, but rather the little
daily dyings w hich cloud over tho sun
shino of life. Wo most of us Rive ourselves
an immense amount of trouble, incumber
ourselves, as it were, on tho journey of
life with a dead weight of unnecessary
bauLjaso. In that most delightful fairy
tale, "Alice in Wonderland," tho Vhito
Knight is describes! as havinr? provided
himself on starting for a journey with a
variety of odds and ends, including a
mousetrap, in case he was troubled by
mice at night, and a beehhc, in case ho
camo nereis a bwarm of bees. Home
Stocs in Crummy.
German stoves, by tho way. arc of n
lar:-v, cumbrous size, usemhlea furnace
in shap.-, but are miythin:; el.-o in reality.
One can never catch ft '.limp-e of Uame,
r.nd fn.m their nature, if heated in the
Mortiin-r, bcL-in drawi:t;: in the afternoon.
Their merit lies in tho l'aet that they pre
serve a in1 m at a uniform te-uernture,
without allowing it to bee-onife Aot. The
favorite attitude is to lean up against
them, to rseerlain w hethe r it is heated or
not, as there is no possible danger of
scorching. Tho white col or of tho porce
lain is in striking contrast to tho dark
iron east of ours, and, looking somethliiLr
like an old fashioned cupboard, a strancrcr
would never recognize a stove in one until
the fact is mentioned. In parts of tho
emi ire, particularly in the Rhine district,
the American stove is beint; rapidly intro
duce d, in f piteof the fact that the average
critic: declare s our stoves as most of our
practices looking to comfort to be very
uuh'-althy. Cur. Charleston News.
A N. vv Material.
"Woodite" i ; the name if a new ma
terial which t-ossesse the elasticity of
rubber wit ho-.t leiii.; either inilnmmnMo
or injured by : ::lf water. It is proposed
tome it a- a finder on wharves to pre
vent injury by collision with ships and to
protect the tmarmored parts cf war vca
tels. Tranli. Leslie's.
L:ir;e-st r.ml ir ' l, fuinletc line of
u the I 'it y e "ii-tanlly :i luuul. Dont
forget to ask for
W li'i: on w ail to v h.tea r t:nf yon
'A';.!!-. o"oo pounds jus', riceived. lie
inem's i the pi.i i Kel i.t re in Wright's
JIF.ST I.' u COUSKT in the
Try 1 hi in ami on w v.t.
' : In r, all M h" in Lnii's,
..in! ti iisinr, mM at the
HIye Store.
: v i)
- Ml wm
The liomoliest man in Alma as well as
ns the handsomest and ethers tail at our
storn and gctm' atrl.il liottto of Kem'M
Ihilsain for too Throat and Limns. It
cures acute ami chronic coulo. 1 'rice 50
cents ami 1. Sold by 15. S. Webb. 1
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Th best salvo In the world for Cuts,
Ihuisc Sore-, Ulcers, Sail L'hcum. Fever
Sore, Tetter, Chapped Hand, Chilblains
Corns and all Skin Lruptions, and
positively cures Piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give comet satisfact
ion, or money refunded. Price 'J 5 tents
per box. For sale by U. S. Webb.
I trinl overythiog, without relief, hut
Kemp's Pile Suppositories cured me, so
writes A (i Hose, New London, Conn.
Price 50 ch. per bottle. I! S Webb. 2
Do you know that you arc liable to at
:acks of Dyspasia and all kinds of Stom
ach Derangements? Yes, vu still, as
D abates or osi!ly Hiights DNcae.
They are often fatal and that in a Very
short time. Los of appetite, sour stom
ach, ilimnossol visi; n, di.Iiuss, pains in
side and back uml many others are but a
symj toms of dis.ase. H", wise in mind.
Parmlee's Dyspe sia, Diabete s. Kidt.ey and
Liver Cure is t li sovere ign reinnly. 'Large
bottles SM.UO sold by II. S. Webb. Apr
The guar mfe-ed remedy, Kemp's Hal
Fam, for the Throst and L ing-. It never
ails to cure Coughs, Colds, Croup Hron
ehitis and all throat 'and mz trouble's.
Prie-H Mi cents ami 1- Tiial bottle free.
H, S. Webb.
Scientific Investigation
lias proved that notlrng but a direct
application can cure the many forms of
riles that so trouble all classes ei man
kind. In nil ft run of Piles immediate
and careful attention Is needed. Hv faith
fully follow ing the directions given will
tach box of P;iimele,s Pile Suppositories
a cure is ceutain. Warranted to give im-nudii'e-
relief, Piiee.0e a llox sjM by
H. S. Webb. Apr
In the Spring
Nature intends that the hi: man body
should ho relieved cf the heavy, sturnant
humors which a'w ays accumulate dui'u g
the winter Month, and the ery best nud
ieine f r accomplishing this object i
Paru lee's Pdoo l Puntlcr. It w ill e lcai.se
ami purify the system and eirive out all
humors and impurities s ife y and ijuieklv
Price &1. (Hi f,.r lare bottie Sold I v 15.
S. Webb. A pi-
Tonight and tomorrow nidif, anl all
other lime--, ca 1 on us f r Kemp's Piie
Suppositor.es. 'I he new treatment tor
Piles. Price 50 eents per box. II. S.
Webb. 4
A ftptain'eF ortunate Discovery
Capt. Cohtnan, -1chr. Weymouth, plying
bc'.wvcn Atlantic City and N V. had I ten
IroubVd wl h a c -ugh so thsd he was un
aMe to sleeji, and was induced to try Dr.
King s New Discovery foe Consumption.
It not only gaue him Instant ilief, I ut al
layeel the eMrcme sore'ticss in his h'tas .
His childreh wen similarly affected and a
single do-e had the s:ine happy e fTee t. Dr.
King' N-w Discovery is now tho standard
remedy in the Coieinau hous hold iiinl on
boyrd the schooner. Free trial bo'tles of
'his stiai'iard teniedy at I. s. We b!'s (!rur
store. " 4
Coughs and Colds
Are- the inevitable usuhs of sudden
than n s m t he w tnti r. Iintm iinte alte;:
! ,on houhl be given 'hem so Mi.'.t tliey
may not h come c.otahli'd.t d ai.d n -uit in
Ihonchlits. ('. ngc.-tion, Intlainlnali' l or
i'Vi n 'on-uinpti'Mi. ilami t " 's Crugh
Hal itn soothes the irritated membrane,
and assets in remo ing Phlegm and Mi.
cus, that, bv it.s a Ihcs on to the nicmhian
e. causes Violtiu Couching. tireat re
lief is rccieved by even Hiom' in the 1 st
ti:es i f Cotisninption In croup and
whooping cough it s ir.e quall 'd. Pric e 'J5
cents per bottle at H. S. Webb's. " Apr
Renows Her Youth.
Mrs Phoebe (,'hejlcy, Peterson, Clay
C.. Iowa, tel's the following story, the
truth of which is vouched for by the rcsi
d nH of the town: "I am ?.' year -M,
have been trotib'cd with Kidney complaint
and lameness for many ytats; cot. 11 not
dre s mysr f ' w ithou help. No.v I am
free fn in all ain and soi-cncs, and am
able 'odo all mv own hou worK. I owe
my thanks to I.hctrie Utters for havixg
r:. tw d my lou'h, r.n 1 reir.ove.l com
p ly m'1 d. sense n 1 paia Try a bottle,
only 'bc ut P.. S. V.,b's Drug Store. I
Craco Up.
You are feeling depressed, your appe
tite is j oor. you are-bothered Willi Head
ache, you are- ridri tty, ne rvous, and gen
erally oir eif sort and want to brace up.
I'rae e uji, but not ith siimuhiiits spring
n.e dicines, or bitters, whic h have for their
bisU very cheap, bad wh skey. and which
stimulate you bran hour, and then ! :r e
you in worsi condition than b fore1. Whit
uiuwantisanalletatieolh.it wll purity
your bload. start he.i t by ac tion of Live
a: el Ki inev, restore your vitality, and
g ve renewed hcallh and slienglh. Such
etnedie ine you will lind in TJe trie Lit
ers, nnd on y 5:)e a bottle', at l S.Wtho's
I )ru Siore. :
mn re
T, hoar i:i i.iirel Tl I !2 ACT
e ."I
Than anv where- oLr in the ee.'.ititv.
(iivc u a r!i
"Double our
Having just movetl into my now
quarters, at INdlasky ln's hl
stand, ojjosite the Wright
House, with a larc and
complete? stock of
Clocks, Watches,
Jewelry & silverware
U()(Ji:iIS UllO'S. la'st Knife- and
Fork at l-00 per lo. Wanvnted.
Niekle CLOCK l.rn, with alarm
Vt 1M
jE2 Z, 3r Z 2T
wamtdkx. rieiN(;ni:Li.
WA J, 'J 1; A Movements.
'J 1 11 A Ai Ik ki ii ii
Gold and Gold-Filled
-0 A S E S--
AI! at e xeee .lijlu'iV
Low Prices.
Call irnl evamim' ln-fore jiiireliasinLr
) .ft t
mm mi
1 1
that we are inakhi;: a hj.e.-i il rlTo-t
-Ami that THIOiiC DOLLAK
r 1
1 mi
i o I '
Our I'oo'is are ! to'
tuv to ; , im." o that to Luv yo ii-
K 1 ;
I 1 LU'i i-i
1 A. -,'. VB
Sales and Divide our Fronts" O . r W.otcc,
' uLLAB.K" v" BBOB.
Have just opened a Hew
Line of Boucle Jerseys, in
Black, Brown, Navy Blue
& Garnet. New clinsiiams--
i-- ; a
A l N 1. S S v. II tll'l
a i n i: s s y ) H o r :
F I II D L Y 5 M 0 R D E II
Yil'keion li in! a eon; let hJ.ek o
Vv'hij.s, Collars.
Swot r.i-K JlJruhcs,
Comhs, ll.llteTs, fie.
.n'Tk: W- r.i oi.r o .. e !...:-
i.I ,i, n me In! OAK-TAXN!!!. ...!, r
Is w.iir.fitr.l ;.s r- j.r-. -:.'
I: : i r : ? i ir 1 i.e .tly :, i-l ! i:i J. ly
:m-l a the ': . ; t.i for o-.'l w t...
Findley & Morden,
Alnta, Mieh.
IN Tliiil UK1I A!.' in y.vt:n!i'
will I uv i;;o:v at th
L5 f". ?!
inM.hi'- : i r i 1 :' t sv
:n i of r,;- a ,'.,
- fiv;a io TO -'
-o is , u-, i- l-
Cloths Printed
Alma. Mich
!ina Furniture Rootfi,
II.oi:. :.kl .1 :o '. i:.t ly - j;,V 1''.:it. ff
I . I:: .'. v ji?e . .ir'. tl 10 ilo
Shaping and
General Repairing
So i ';. ;. !. I tioo i l e V ( I. to
I hli.i!! s'so e . i r i y i .1 line f
, - r r y s. - t auj tt-"-
blL i iiV I AChliHb
O: t' .:!... : toukes.
rrUNITl' UK ClMMpcr Than ICvcr
A' i li! f. r !,.
j3VAN2.'.7D r.nel CHCWN OHCANS.
for tin t.i tlu- very Lot stork of
IN fj
i I
;;)" cnMprn': Vr,-;

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