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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, May 06, 1887, Image 5

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Tu: 1 1 t 7 : p rrn PD
"Just for a Little Fun" in oin
FIJI DAY, MAY ti, Ist.
Hy lo iki.u' itt th" hf aim i.f tle Uist :iRe r
till pfllv f nil l !:
vMin.i:Ni:Miti:i' .
I f til'. mi iii 1 m r t, :nu iii.' your nl..i ou this .i
s tin- sam ', or Irs lliati the iuiuiIm r l lit"
PijiiT, th: ii your miIii rit'ti'iii ha cx.iict.
Vi-li n.it Modulo !. r tint II unltirit ly
1. Suli-icrilx r ho lo not irivc express no-tii-"
I i the contrary, r.n' coni.li rc.l v i-liin to
tMiitiiiii ' th'ir ciili-o'i itio.i.
'J.-lt sub-rnlH-i 4 or lrr tin- 'heotttiimioiee
df thi-ir pi i lo.lic il -i, tiif put'li'ht i in ay con
tinui'io K 'liil tiicm until "all m i c u .oo arc
Miii-iTihiT-i iii'vi. i t i-r iii:rrK 1 1 1 ike
their p 'l lo lieaH t I'oMi the ol!iee to v !li It t In y
a iv iliri'i -l.'il, lino .are In 1 I r. - u-. ! le milil
tli y li ' ! .-. 1 1 1.' 1 l .i ii lull - .i n i i tils '.v.! t In in
llToi'.t illt"'l.
4. Any p i-."i v,!h r '. I'i'.c.. a mm -paper
1 loin t li p' -t i.i'.'n . In i ii i - ii" li t - o ili i i-l it
. inn, i-i n. I 1 liytln'1 I h.ixv to In- a miIi-Hi-fi
l it f.
.. -II Milisri i.i. i p." y i,. ,uh nin''' tiny inuM
five iiMl li tin' p. it'll-.'. rr al tlir nl ol t It -i r
,'unc ,it ' tncy ilo not w i -h to coin in in takuur it,
tithi'i wi.' the pn'iii-.')! !' it mil hori.f.l touch I il
nil nil 1 tlir mi!i4.tiI, r wip In- Li'l'l ri-poiiMlilf
until mi p '44 in til' ' with payment uf all
linear a re M'lit to tlir puM i-lnr.
ii. It is a Mat" l'r!4.(ii oIIimim- t t s:V a pa-pi-r
troni tli" o!!i. '', mi I thru return it tin puti-
li-i"f I'.' tl-i- I. I'. S. N".M(MI I. IW4 lor IU W4-
Cimt!ic r. V.iv Cliicnrro catKly pnn, i. an
irk'l'.".i roll-rlor of Uit(r;niilis.
Not l i: ,' :v.: lio C-V f-'l' il h.'ikc-
f ;itc.;'i iMitrnijili, a:pl now Ikis bought a
An I ntrrtv.t ln;r lnsirt.
Tlsc ip.r-i'ft w:; cf j: l ri'lit t incrnlil p-ccn
rclor, tlmv inclics It l ad a facu
liki- a ili.itli's vit!i l:vix irotrti(lin
t'.M --, v. !.:c !i it iv !!;1 ;:! ut in a most cotu
i; :;l ii:.-.i;iii r. lis i vv U-::.s lvsrinUcil in:s
v.itli 1 ;!.(!, v.hkh it mtm titlnr
iiU- f it face a la riilii'd ol.l yvoiaaa.
AlN't'it. r it i ino-t luiHcrnu. It is
r.illil Lytic iuhnlutaiits tin,- 'J Intti-nt.t
Uoi.'' 'i'l.v Cifrri'.s a:o very snjfrstit!i:r.s
a?;oat i;. lu lii ini? tli it it is Uk- lorcrun-iK-f
in tl 'alli. I);;:l:m J.tliT.
A yi:zU Tr.uk r.ailrni'il.
A i:v::i v.iili i.l.vi," n U jroinj? lip
ai:d t!';vn ;v t'oi k tryii: : to put it into
vi !.,i.".!!'. ;.t c.va urioii, is i'X-('ti!,"ri'vsir.an
J'. M. i !y I!oiio'ti? ,,f ; !'Uii'.rt. M.-.'s.
ilis j :oj' t js ii tr;:ck railroad to la-
n.a l.y . u:::uv 1 , i : i t i :i i riiu ij li 1
ti l.ic.wli-. Ilo has w.ihrd tliu plan out in
tniiratw' t',-. tail-; and iiaiir.4 to he nlilc to
Ocnciiitratv' its I ractitaLihty to the luit
tsZix-L'. No-.v Vuth Tribune.
p.u row alaito IM'ln;.
It is iuttTi'.-titr' to l.now, in ronraxtion
yvith the Kiv.'li?h sparrow uui aiuo tit
,rt" t p.a.rk. how thoso birds uiv trcaiid
ia dirmauy nml mmlo t i be a bhii:.;.
Trou :h are provide I at t!:. tavt-s of the
la u.-1' i tin. re for the tu'commodat ion of the
birds in l.niMiii'4 their n -ts. When the
yout:.: sparrows arc halehi l and the
iiotlar pn-i tnit to p roe are food for theia
wire st-rvviis are ph-.-vd oviT tliejn, with
inU'VNth'Cs I.ir"e eao.uh to jerniit the
of f...d to t ho yon:i."lit:'s but too
siaall to a'.! w t.'aia to e .rap.' l'rotn the
Tic;-;. As ; 'i n t!. y have ;:r .wn l.:r::e
arid pl'U".; I'.u y are hill.'.h and tin y make
a Vi (! iral i!e art iile i f fuod. Cilobc
)( ii.ik" at.
Lapland ;.!. I at r'liiroli.
I v.aid to Uil Oil 1. .. luaaiinas
nway u;i in La.plr.r.d he'ji their babios
from di.-t urbiii:: the minuter Sunday.
I'd r babi'. d I appt.-e il is ;-rovil:4 bad
.-: !. i'V( rvu lu re t take tl era "'.;t to
1 1. "urea. And I n:ppo.-f, 1.,., that the
loin! -irrs i.re privately as thankful can
be. lint the I.ajip mammas don't stay tit
home with th; irs. '1 he Lapp-: are a very
n li rioas pi ph Th' y p immense dis
tanees to hear their pa.-tors. livery mis
sioia.ry is Mire of a h.r.'e audience and un
,'Ut. alive one. He can luar n j in drop
that K s-h i'.i'.d l:e ih.'osc to drop one hilti
s: If; the ( .,.::;v,v.ti')ii wouldn't make so
much noise as that under any (onsidera
tioii. All the babies a.re out: ide, buried
in the mow. As soon as the family ar
rives at the little wooden ( hureii, and the
rcir.dcir is j-eeured, the papa Lapp shovtU
a Mm.: little bed in the slow, and mamma
Lapp wraps baby -muIy in skins and de-po-;u
it therein. Thi a papa piles the
siiow around it, while the parents p:o
(h'forou.dy into church. Over twenty or
thirty babies lie out tin re in the ; r;uw
around the hurch, and I i.evtr heard f
one that sutiocated i r froze. Smoke dried
little in attires, I si;ppo-o they are to'.uh!
15u t how would our si, it. tender, pretty,
pin!; and white babies like it, ilo you
think ? Wide Awake.
A'ocat Inn if th) C'iiwboy.
It surpii-e: one not to the manner born
to tli over how much skill, judgment and
experience is required in the pn. per
ham'.lin of bi' herds (,n the trail and
rund up. Many people look upon the
vo(at'on of the cowman with a tone h f
le'itciapt and imagine that his bu-iiicss
calls for little, beyond rou'ii oaths and
hard ridimr. And yet a ranchman learns
por.uthim,' new cwry lay. and is fre
quently called upon to di.-pl iy an amount
of tact that is the balance in the scale of
success. Did you ever see a couple of
f'ou-and ranue beevis n the trail?
Tl.cy will frLdi'm at their own (hr.dows,
and th only way to mana re them is to
make thim belii e that they are th.in as
tliey jlcee. To know vvheti to push
them and la n to let them rest, when
th'-y should drink and ho v.- much they
can be crowded v itlu-ut lo.-in.' llch nre
Miiij rti requiring as much Ketieral.-hip ia
their way as ti e movements of a human
army, and no one who has witnessed a
ntfc:'--fr.l hio will ever iifteruaid be
htlh' the knowied-T" f the much maligned
cowboy. (ilol e-Democrat.
The ( oii'i".) ('iiili'iil In War Time.
It i- but ju-tic-' t i the corre-por.dents
to ad; ai that' v.ohoi.! th- if a; I Ihe l:..il!"s
if tia' l.di ar v.oi.'d f:ccr bae lr ell
fully known by the j ablie. i: e ( an dis
covi r in 11a- I'M i. lf the . r ut
line s whii ! t main lo i, . intle d.ape of
hi t' l'i .-'f the .V .i:. n v-. vtie rb.cnce
cf t!ie ia:. ii' vat i . iv ; ,'. dt Little is
known . !' that :!:! . t . e tie b'.aterhil
fur.:i : ! in th ,:-a I r : -rt-a V'iirc in
; . ia h. the pul-at-
i-e: 1 lo" 1. the ;.r : a :icf lhe are.vli:- nt.
1 w;- r I .: I ten ho t In :r m; .lily
jnv at ! to t: ! i I r the c :i!':c t be-tv.-.
ut: - : !?'.: d : '.;;!'', crd f. r t!d.s
the j ;j! he i, j ,r lard lo the 1'ejTe -( !ita-
t'.vi f b i :a . 'i'hey d.-r rr a i'h"c.
i-. I V 'I i :. r a.rd 1 : i b.-.n :c::.t.
J-oh:;- ' o i: v . ;- .1 ); ; ::'. r d.:i: .a f,
vh ' adi... 'In!.. . ia. atel : iraia r :. I x
l.il ;: d ! : i -t :c:.t, 1 aw t et n 1 rc-
I. v,'. -: e, :.- j l,-!f , ni. I iri ca--.? of
II. , ir i , :. ability, the t '.at? e: !es
f. r th' -.a r t! . !r f-.t ulh s. 'i he la; -.u
.;,.! . ! i '.vh ; "i iei to the c .i r .
jor.d'td; v.hct be oil v.aa rn.inly fi'o-.j
the love of his niofiooiou. "l'ohuto" in
Chicago Tiuies.
Buyers will find everything they want in
our stock.
i -i -- w ft li ,1k. v. d
This Seli'iol will i K ti with I'lcjiaiatury,
! , r, ' )-' .- i
Departments uibler the care of tii'.t-c!:i.s
September ISthSJ
Ciivulais with full particulars will be i--u. .l early in June.
Execuitive Com. Alma College.
The Celebrated Stallioi
III IP gi ii U m m m I
Will stand for mares during the season of
1887 as follows :
MONDAY, at KI1N Potter's, for ,linn, r.
j ri'KSDAV. at I.aiivhaws iic:iil - Yri
I WKDNKSDAV, a; tlu .ui..r farm,
ITIirUSDAV, al h..u.c. FIJI DAY, nt 1- ;ae IIuss- ll's. for ni-lit.
j SATC 1JDA Y. at Alma.
I "Vnr; N'niiMAN" w;.. -in 1 i y llav N' .iin.ia. v.Ii mv.is l,-t .l by Tli -. Pafri. k. lb. p. of
I nMertoii. int.. and imp. i te I o the I nai d .- i.a.w v i,, a -In, :i ne .nt li- oi l It.: v Norin.inV
d mi w is lor .-ii!.;iu-h b li. r known a la , tl li. or.i'. Ilo b li i Warrior, h" lo 'black War
rior, li" br 'I'ippo. i.m I he b'. nj- l. u', le. M.'.-r. id I h ' r.o- iaue d M n lu t -bek. Hi of.'
s I i iiu are l.irue. raicy nnd t li-h. Th" l.ini of Vome Norman is a foil blood Misentn r on
the 4ire-4 iiud I'r-neh u tin- .l.itn's side. sh.'4 ti'w owtie 1 bv A. W. Willu and can br
M'l'ii on hi farm H"ar Alm.i. Mi. h.
I ,,Vor.N; NnKM.'.N" is a d irk bay, with heavy tmne and t ill. N I'l I; ind- hili an 1 weichs
l.-i'i I'oiiiid-. and br ino. ulnr i u bu.iiu i- n -.: -mi pa"-. .1 oi ; ii c m nt i v. Voun Norman i"
I perfeilly jrentl" Mid cm In- driven by any jaa - ui, in itle r -a ,.-, - r dni.l'ile harne.-s.
TKKMS v H'.oii to I ii --lire. t;.oo fii-Sca-ois. -d.'M for Siiiirli- .Ser.iee.
All owners b.ivln,' m.ire- in-un 1 eod not r. turnia Hu m n iv,. Iv t the hei"e, or parting
wit.'itliem beioie loaliiiu time, or t::kin;.r them to any other Imrn' duririir th" h'Iihii, will be
h"!d tor lie' sir j, c moii ,-. Mom v i - doe w m n m:.ir i- rmo n Lib' otli lo a', and all man-s
mil' pi-op-rly lakeii can' of. .Mare and roll an- lio(;..u ..t rviee of hor-ti. Accidents ut
ri-k of (e.Miei'4 i t ni tres 'I'nn.: to remove hoi i aed.
JOHN HIOKS, Prop'r, Alma. Mich.
lip : H 1
Il I k is 1 1
ALMA, MICH., in :!. n-miP
Fiiiiiitu: e Co., are offciiug fors.tlo t!ic large:
b t selei'tcil Mock of
Ui DIP!!! TJ!) I
All IISvJUj! I h
I lai'je
:: !i!!'
WMtm & mm mm mmio to 25 ots.
Pn 1-'U 11- Iy the b. 'o-. - h i
an. I Il.'Hi i-n:i W.i'.roii-; Cania;
Wa ;o;-v.r;!:o M ilv:.!.!.c IL'n !, ;. the li-.:hb-! ruimii"..' bin. lor in the
loarl.ei: Wa!. r A V...! Imorove: l.V-1. Whito an.l !',!!. Mow-
.' ,1
' !
' '.'"'i
I '.'O
Alma, Michigan.
Ni :nal, ( 'oiium-reial ami Cill'iati
i'Npei ieii, il to:: "l:ei s ua r ahont j
- t Mill, for .linr.ei-.
on Map!.- U.n.kN i. ;p(. for nir!it.
fee; :;ilv aea'oil by the Stuttz
H)l 17 T f 1 C?
Ml hljMM 0
i:t of tli" justly c.-lebrati 1
to day. ali liauitle th Jackson
lb"."!' --s. IJ .a 1 ('.nts and Sorini'
1 lo.k ;. Wi ,-. 1 !..bf.
e Fe: ai. v' !'. i r i t Drill.
ait-- ':' i. a-Iy all kinds uf Im-b-,
a'o ii1 'i e ! of ; : ry siieh, L;:;;.- us
i , ,'j a;. ,
:. ! t i'a ;, pioi .1 :!y.
I Id
Farms, Farming and
Timber Lands and
Village Property
for sale by
Attorneys at Law Gratiot Co.,
Look Aft- r Xoti K;'si.l. :)t
Laml, Loo'v uj T ,
Pav T.in. s, .
M.i I'.!' i i. i v.
i '' 1 N thi prico of rt . r kt II iiK.1- l'l.i t
Ij'tsln Kiyton. 1Ioii-i- ( ,n In- -Kviipie 1 ty two
1 1 n l.i-s, (fooil well.
t i4 t; e pi k'.Mil ;i two Hi. iry II.U1 uii'l :
t Il i will lit v ft first -el iss, i.to!nnl II .no'.
Injr lioij4i. latrtl h r;in v jjoo 1 reus .ni i' r
wanting in hi II.
Two tin' b l4i:n whleh 1.4 n Liru'e lmiiso .1 1 ol
Iii in , pine ?;;.". H:r down, and l!i. reinain-
iler in tlir ! j i m: 4 nt T per cent.
11 'tnsi uii'l one aire ol Uml with ireh:irl In
'a4nii. I ii u ii on 'o.. Mi' h. It o,-t tuc own r
; '1 lu l l' li a nioi tMve on .t of .) d.
4 l iieie farm 4 miles uoithof Kiver.lak pood
Ior hoiife. 'J he place H worth hetwicu J.Vki
and i Wi; uio,tjfarfe on it of J",a.
rrieefTit'. 40 acivs of l ui I T indts from
! S'inM:iti..n, .i'MHt!i 'ounty, Mich , li neres
i el areil, . am if K(od lain.' limbered with
j b. in h und in iple, frame hoii-e with a lo barn
and n I well i f water. ii down und your
! own lime lor tiie balnnee at 7 per rent.
V,' eish down, w ill buy a two Mory House I
on forner una two ot m iir the U.ipt i; ihureh
i.onl ei.-lein, no well but water near. Will
sell on time ul a l.ir.r r 11 Lire.
t.'Oaeren in Il -th iny township. .1 aeres pn
pli.Ved, house and Hta'.le on piei!iies (Joel
lioaid 1" nee in front; value ot ptaee it1.--Owni
rliad Ji;t as ko.ii exelnniK" for U ius"
i ..I i. .i . .nt. i.i.i 1 1.. . i .....
, Ifi , tu I .-! ,'l ,1, 7 V I.. I " I II I 111 I 1 .III l.
Two lo4 en ij iratls addition. l'i ie. i''
eiieh. impiio 'ui. ni4 on lots aajournira .
I ioo I llelB'i.bol . iod.
I will bliv a li'Mlii-, htove, ot!1ee, bil'tl Mild
two lnt4 r. of Waliiiiton an t Cli 'Miiut St.
ia tin-viii.ii' of W lu i h r. l ine location tor a
l'ii.t i aan und -iinii) d rur store,
fK.l'J. A re-i lent on the wo-t side of St .t
ntreet neur Sanitarium, l orn tine homy tl:i.
pla -e can Hot be ciei II I lor the nioii' y.
ftn lo res ,f land in S vilb- township
for ile, at tie, 1'ijrin and nine dollar.-, per
ttnc ;!: rt r ne eonier lot. (iood hou-e iln
i'hed mi. I pla-f.'i d cm opt one room up Mulr
and tlmf ceiled. Small trame barn and
wa il. I'r.'ee ?7'i, about I o down.
at i in:.
Beiowa re a Jew ol the
Cloth Bound 12
mo. Books that we
are selling for
David CoppcriieM.
Nirliola N icklchy.
I Iypcoion LcniLrfclIow.
Kth.ui Fnainl ilawthorne.
Cny Manncrin.
Fast I .yn no.
Fern Loaves.
Lone Cringle's Log.
Shardon lidls.
L'ltiMM Leagues Under the Sea.
Too Children of the Abbey.
Van it v Fair.
Felix 'Holt.
Mill on the Floss.
ThaiMcus of Warsaw.
.Stoddard's Headings a Kocitaticns.
Oalf Hours with Host Authors.
Tom lrovns School Days.
Jane Kyro.
John Halifax, Centleman.
Last of the Mohicans.
Macleod of Dare.
Pickwick Papers.
Maid of AthensMcCarthy.
Half Hours with Croat Humorists.
Sartor Kasartus Carlylo.
Lat Days of Pompeii.
Adventures Among the Indians.
Martin Shuzzlov.it.
nlar works m l-am-phlet
Form for
Also, Stationery,
School Supplies,
And News.
l"rscHrt'cn of ft fihyslclan who
itSr'r'f trratirrr ferr-al disoaacs. la used
jienthly mlth pcri?ot success tf
ever I'J.iXW ladies, l'lea ant, Mf
o cctiiiL Ladies oskyourdrus
pbt for ronrjroyal WfM ttnJ
t'utio rulisfitutc or IneloM
fVJrsi'.vNaqo f.-r Bal'J iiartlculara. Fold bf
tv. v ell riniex-Un,f l tierlor. Adi'rrss
1 HE LTlilXl aiOlU. .. VU, Uituoit, Uiui.
Hats worth $1.50 to $3.00 for only 98c each
Now is your time to buy.
V 11 - - , , . TiX ,
1 td
Given with every pound of ovr 5Cc Tea. j
Guaranteed euai to any 75c Tea 'n
the market our own Impcrti ticn. "i
null el
iM C'ejraarJ aiTJ
Take tho Lead
Alma l'nteid. coc ju-r a: !;.
(iiatiiit, I'ilUnt, oe iel'
O . ill, kLOil Jl
V . J . P . .i M
jlT HIIIIK t li
.mani'i .( r:e.:!:::s or nii; ci-'i.i;m.ATi:i) 1 !-d ' 1
Ifitearf? lit mm tm
Carriages. W agons, Steel Plows, and
All kind of
i .r.i
Job Work of every descriplion execatel with r .Much r.nd di.'pati-h ixpuLt
in2 Iloiler Tubes aniFllrass C'a-ti'd-'s & specialty. '
fin 0
9 P5'oV
vA M 1
1 S v
so PA
Bast inthcWoirU
n : 1 I I
L j n U u uy
VaytS' cv-xr yU
1 .a. .iJj, J
Michigan Patent. o'c pf-r Sack
Magnet Patent, 3? ?c per Sack.
13 M
M o
1 Vi
pi 5 1
-y. They
jJHi.! Co - - -.
r i r I u " " r
n n
'T nii: Tin. )
Kobo, rha.l.e!s, Vvdoj-s. atal cvitA'lir
piltaitu: ;: lo tnv litic, j,t tl c
Lowest i-rice !
Your pitroiiafc 1 s(l!iuad
t t T-r - .lianco
J.. X'. rtJJLiV
"Wood for
Dclivcidl fiic to ni. y t f ti i f i
A. J. W ES1.CN
1 I
1 f
. ?
I" r ?. e tiy ll. S. Wi! , Aln.i M. H p.
We t Siipir: r, (or.k'ra.

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