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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, May 06, 1887, Image 8

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r ItanM III He Miootln.
'Shooting at tin v.onl i fir t rato j-rac-tlcc.
It tilling t Tit eye- r'l-l tl t 1:1!' I in
work together anl i i s Hi" I nvii'r.. r iain
tho haliit of i:v.--,in j t!i iri . i;vr r.t jat
tho riixlit moment. C.n-a t!to rii! 1 m
j tho Kentucky ir.aiuu r r i.i I. (.,tv ids
I stylo, hoMIn tho l ull jti t ! -. th" 1 1-
I bow, ami Keep tlu' eye II'.'' 1 u;-. l!if
I mark. If jou c-.:i sin it v. iiii 1 cjn
I open fco much tl:o l-tt;-r. At llr v.,n I
( Kire!' hrlug tho luitt t tho id.oalder
quickly and rr.No t!:o Larul v.:it:i the
1 ' bights aro lu linovith tlu j.'.ark, i-ff-'iirr
' tho trlut;or soon r.H jolt n tluiiia
' lino. You inu-t hln.)t r.fter tho word
Fire!' and licforo tho counter llt.i-hcs
I count lap; three like tlio tic'; cf .iiucdc.
f Willi jiractic-o tho rillo vv ill come into jn-
Fltion Instantly, tlio cyo will Ulr'.aij'i to
mo lorount-r inai meair-i n n.-in ..a.i
tho finger will javss tho ttd ..".a r uaeoii
Bciously. Moil who tiructkv tVs tf lo of
shooting can Co more a; cura'.e work at
tho word than In taUin ihlibenito aim,
and they will tiro whui tho counter raya
"Another r"-Hl I'hm is to take a rer-out-Ins
rifle a "VYuuhcsli l for cxanipli and
try to put as many shots as I'ossiUo into
tho bull's cyo an rapidly ;m tho tm can ho
fired. Try'for acenracy llr.-t and raility
by dosvecs. It is well toxarythe mark
and not shoot at. a round Mack bull's cyo
all tho timo. Tiro nt f-vvinrtii'; halls, ms
ponded bullets, whilo objects, thinis of
irregular shape raid neutral color, and
then have r.oineho ly to- up bills or Mnchs
of wood and shoot them o:i tl.' n. It
is not so clink-tilt to hit k1:i- hills in the
air as sonic ieopl' fat ex. That kind f
shooting, as iicrionwcil in tho l.nw., in
nothing br.t a fako. Tho ball i thrown
from an old fa-hior.ed 15 u"irdtM trap, that
tosses it easily and on ju-t tho s urn- curve
every time. Tho shooter tlraw.i a Levi on
ft certain point on tho screen, iuul when
the ball conies int line ho kts hi r pi.
More than that, theso fahe he ..tors ilou't
Vise Indicts. Here is one ..file Wild West
stylo of Wini hosier irtrid s. You see
it is a brass rhell idled wit!i bird shot.
That kind of nnumniiti m is made in larvro
quantities at the factories f.,r these phe
nomenal riflemen. Carver actually shot
bullets his first reason, hut it was unsafe,
nnd he adopted the shot i ai tri l.:;e finally.
Xo man with ft bit of sense in his head
tvould fire riile bullets around n I'diHahr
Hill protends to do. Uo ini-rht kill s-otr.e-body
a mile oil after siua -hin a ;.'lass bal
in the air. There xvoinl.iTal feat 3 of
shoot ins glass balls fro?u hor-ebaek with
ft rifle 1 tall are actually p. rformod wdh
bird shot that scatters over a sp.it o of
several feet. Any fir wins shot cotddn't
help snnchins the ball. New Y r!; Hun.
TurK mid I' ri.in;s as Ilmtk I.v r.
It would be st rateo. In ! ed, if tl:e
Oriental love of hnKi.-iney in dei oi-at Ion
had not left its mark upon tho booh. f
eastern nations. The Orientals wto the
fir.at to apply gildins t bo-k covers:
at least tliey Wire tho piecp',irs -f the
people of Kurope in this iiia'n.li f d u r
Gtive art. Their look ; wi re h'M in
an estimation that bordered upon vener
ation. They not o:.ly inch-eil 1 hi :n i:;
book cases wit li ;.l.s doop hut they put
each book into or:, r, -.it.d bov, it i :i
which was writ ten theie;i.: of ..- r.i'A. r
and the litle of the .-!:. I5y ; :n in.-niot: -arrangement,
coi.-iii.is ' a to:d end
fah-o btjtlo'n ti the box, th- 1 k uM,
by simply pulii;u: on '!- -rd, bo i.ee'.e to
issue from its re-tins ph.e" and o::i ut
into full view of the i. it i-. T.he c:. cs
were of cedar, Oi:.aii.ented with meth-.r
of ptnrl and si'dimr.
InlVrFiatho books .-iv hiil t'at i.p.-,u
shelves, lilted into uiehes in tan iibiry
wall and thut in by rle!i l.-ir -:i i" lat.-.i-h-od
to the ceilins. Tho titles a.-e :':..;). !.;!
tooled upon tho td:e. a u. e.i.e thai i.-:
still followed in sorno jiarts of th" ;Jo.k-.
Upon tho floor cf thelVr. iau l.br.ry -tr.tid
book chcst, four feet in ht i.,hr. and in
theso likewise arc ft ore d the tr .eau..
of the collector. Tho Uookmaki-r.
List of letters rcmiinitis in tin' Alum
postoflieo for th 1 inoi.tlt en Kn .: May ;:.
; :;s r -.
Aiiihcws Frank. Aekoiiuan daeib,
Andrews Titus. Alexander Hie, Ani
olcl FraiK ( s, Hurt Chirk, lri (.k lhm
son, Hiijiluun Lafyctte, Jhii'i r S. M.,
.Urigss II. I)., Cross C, Clark Hobcrt.
Conijran Tim., Clay Alb'Tt. l.cttst
. Frank, Fox .lames, (iodlrey Ciiurlos.
(Joodrich Kev. 1. X.. Hart s'. II.. Hull
"Win., MeGuire N., Moi:eit .Jolm. llc
Kendrick Miehal, Nelson .J.:m s A..
Norton Jolm, M.. Iii-Mly, Kov. Josepii
Jtasinussen John llinelir (i., Mono Y.
TV., Shaw Arthur, Vhilins Wm. F.
Atlesea M"iss 'Nancy, lloiu steel Mrs.
II. J., l'm neli Miss Til'.ie. I'lowl'.eld
Miss Christie, llaseati Sarah I. J.
Shaver Mrs. Sarah, Wi! 'on Lodniv
Wl:eelerMiss Faimio II., Wood Miss
FdTic (J.
lVrsons calling l'.r tho tihovr i'ka.-c
say advertised.
I). Ki.y. V. M.
Alma. Api'.il -7. lw-7.
Council met in resubr se -ion at th"
Clerk's oilier. Apr:: Jliii. 1-.-7. Fn s-
flit, the Fie.-, ll Id.. S-.i.d l"l !. I ! i "S Me-
jy.id, l' i ir;y, IF- e;,vjns air! S-nith.
Abv.-it , flue i a, i 1 M" i:itis-"i: n.inutr
of last liie. tiiv; i'- ;' I i'-nd appr..' e I.
Claims pies, i.b-d:
J. V. Mi-Le i - ; ' - Jo
.). M. Mont A. I d o an i ; u;-
plie- fo- W. u '.1
J). S- Car, l.'h- r :. r 1 .V
Jus. L. C .,r:-:. .voi ;.. o: Or .i inn-
Cs -!,v'
Ik l La i'. (;.;;!. r
A. Fli V . .-.i ret t e e:i;,.;- ; in-f. . F V.o
0: nv ti "i :-''d d..i.iis y.vie a'hiwed
at ft o i:;:; and i ii I . i. ..-'. i 1 - to d; aw
( r h';'-' l'1' sa'-n;".
CU-i Vvicp' t t-. ii ''id ".li -i. ; . :'
.Ino.' S;-i' '. , "':'
Ieii ah.. . . Moid i.e : and .J. I . S.iicr.
rs Water Comin:.v-e-!e i s. 1 iha C.
L. IXdavoii d.'tlui-'it (ji: i!iiy i! v,.iti i
(.ominlsu.oicr: Cun'-uiilM- t: s'.re. !.
IVJ'ol t vvb:i!'y. i e. e,,!ll M.dins ti..;;
portion of n.d'.' it .'.. ea;:o l.dcc;
Fir.e nn.l W.it'-r s!rd- bo '.lad. J.
on in 'lion k i ort a op.e ! an I :tit
Conuuivs!vii r ins?r"-t d i. do t h voi h
under the s ip. ; v 1: of t!i i in;ai!lv
oil stieoi ;.
Cotnmitb w : ;b i jaoa.;.. n', i i
u v. t iluu ' '.!. ., . ,
Xo t;io C .mm ;i C-i iio-ii ; .. .1
j td lima: Your c. !.., r. t .
lVl. .-jt kls i.-s,iiv I 1..m:. ,:.. i ;n
l:liri tho jo t -oidN oi . : i. -r-
nsor liM'.iivr b-r this v..nhi
ieIei'tfilll) rejoit th.it ii.i'j Lave v ,
aniined the treasurer's bools ami find
them eorreet ami that he had tut hand
at tin Hid of the liseal c:ir, March Mh,
bss7 1,4UH 75
i;ec"d nim e for water taxes. . -1) 6d
avails of discount o(n) (k)
lines and licenses 11 -"
Sl.Hl') .r
I'.-r whiih anoint he held II. 11. Wahl
lij".s receipt. Respectfully submitted.
1). 11. (ireen.
licit. V. Fulfrey.
Cim. Vajn iX: Means.
On motion said report was adopted
a.- read; moved and supported thut
tin vote taken at the last mettins
when by the report of the health ollicer
and committee5 on health was amended
by iusertins the words "four inch tile'
before the word "drain." be reconsider
ed; motion prevails. Moved and sup
ported that the report of the health
ofiicer and committee on health be
adopted as amended; motion lost. On
motion the report of the health otlleer
and committee on health adopted as
read. IA pior bond id' Simon Fink in
the sum of s;.ttM, with II. A. Dehiven
ami J. F. Saxton as surities presented,
and on motion approved. Liquor bond
of (it'o. V. McCarty in the sum of
:;imi with John F. Schwartz ami (ieo.
V. Foyer as sureties presented and on
met ion approved.
Moved and supported that when the
council adjourn that it be until April
il'.ith, iNsT.'at the usual hour. An or
dinance relative to the punishment of
vasiants, disorderly persons and com
mon prostitutes was presented and on
motion passed to its lirst reading
nm ed ami supported that the consent
of the council bo and the same is hereby
siven that said ordinance be put upon
its second and final re id ins. Avesand
na 5 called as follows; Aes, Mo I. cod,
Fulfrey, Hawkins, Smith (ireen; al;
sent, Mi litis 1: ayes o, nays o, absent
1; motion prevailed and the ordinance
sin en its seumd and final rea lms;
moved and supported that said ordi
nance be adopted as read and stand
as ordinance Mo. one, of the ordi
nance of the Villase of Alma. Ayes
and nays called as lollows. Aes, Me
Feod. Fulfrey, Hawkins, Smith', (ireen;
absent, Montiel; ayes ."i, nays 1.
absent 1; motion prevails.
An ordinance relative to the restraint
and prevention of vice and immorality
presented and on motion passed to its
first readms.
Mmi d and supported that the eon
sent of the council be and that the
same isheieby siven that said ordin
ance be put upon its second and final
readins. An t s and na s called. Aes.
Mekeod, !'iilr'ro, Hawkins. Smith.
ireen. Absent' Monticl. Acs "
XasO. Absent 1; motion prevailed
and the crdimtnc" siven its second
and filial readins; moved and sup
ported that said ordinance be adopted
as read, and stand ::s ordinance No.
two of the ordinances of the x illnso of
Alma; eyes and nays called; ayes.
MeJ.eod, FulJius. Hawkins, Smith,
(ireen. Absent. Moiitisel. Aye. o.
Mass. (. Ab.v. nt 1. M-diun prevails.
An ordinance was presented relative
to the construction of, rcpairins. re
building or chansins sideu aalks, and
the keepins the same free from obstruc
tions, snow, iu, filth or nuisances, and
tie- proper protection of openins-4. traps
aiid stairwa' s therein, and on motion
pas.M-d to its lirst leadins: moved and
support oil th.it the consent of the coun
cil IK and the : anrr i hmuby vUUkt
said ordinance be put upon its ' second
and final readins. Aes and navs call
ed for. Ae. Mi'Feod, Imlfiey. Haw
kins, Smith, (ireen; absent. Montisel:
uc.s "), nas o. abs nt I: motion pre
vailed and said ordinance siven its
sieomlaml final readim:; moved and
siipj'orted that said ordinance be
amended by insertins the words "laey
e!e. trieM !" or velocipede" after the
word "vi hide," in sectinii L'r.. A)es
and nav: ave. Me Food. Fuliiey, Haw
kins. Smith, (ireen; absent. -.MentiLrel;
av e o, nay o. absent 1: motion prevails;
moved and supported that said ordi
nance be adopted as amended and stand
as ordinance number three of the ordinance.-,
of the villas of Alma. Ayes
ami n:tv.'.: aye. McFeod. Fulficy, Haw
kins, Smith (ireen: absent, Loiitisd:
av es "). nays 0, absent I; motion pre
vails. An idinance relative to t he buildius.
reb'L1ild:iis and jepairius "f cro'-swalks
presented, and on luoti-.n parsed to its
first re.id'iis; moved ami supported that
the eoti-onl . 'the coma il I ami t!a
same is het by siven that said ordi
nal! ( b at upon its sc ..ml and final
l eadins: av es and nav; ave. Me Food.
Fulfrey. liawkin-;. Smith," ( ireen; ab
sent, Montisd: avc.n ", navso, absent 1:
mot ion in i'v ail s and said ordinance siv
en its second and final readins; moved
and supported that said ordinance be
amended by .-trikins out the word
foitv " amfins' rtins in its plae the
word "sixty" in sec; ton t wo; aves ami
nays; ave, MeF'-od, Fulfrey. Hawkins.
Smith. (Ireen: absent, Montisel; aveso,
nays u, abs'iitl; nioti.-u j rev a;,s;'mov
ed and sujported that said ordinance
bo adoptou as amended, and stand as
ordinance number four of the ordi
nances of the , iilase oi Alma: aves and
navs: aye, McFeod, Fulfrey. Hawkins.
Smith. (Ireen: absent. Montisel; avis .
nays o. absent 1 .
An -id i 1 1 a 1 1 ' c rcJatF e t i fa.d d.rivins
l'i t -o-tit r !. and (,n i.i-.; j n pa-ed to its
lirst reading; ia.e, ed and sappo.i ted that
the ci.m i nt of the i otiiK il ! r.nd the
same is 1. e:v! y ;;ivi-n that said ordi-narr-e
be tint up'Ot its second end liu;;i
readins' ayct and nas; ave, M Food,
l'ui li . ;. . 1 : i v. uins. Snioii, (ireen; al
m :.t. M.'iit!r:i I: ,ivt i.av.- .. al rent 1;
Umtieii l'eaiis and se.id ordina:n-o j.;iv
en i!s .'. end and final re td;:u.;: niovi d
and orie-! th:d .-..lid tirdim.m e be
adopted as ce l l. and. .-I and i.s ord'diafee
nuiii. er l:', e t. t he eidiu;;:;Ms of the
v il!a :e I' Alma; a.'.".; an ! navs; ave.
MoF -o I. Ihdlivy'. J law !-.h:;s." Smith.
(ir e.r. absent. Mont's 'I: av .s ". nays n,
ab. e.tt l: motion r vails.
( hi !:e ! ion council ndjou nod.
A Vi:i:t..'i ros, CI -r!;.
H. S. Vi:;m, Fm -A dent.
A in in :.i, ls-7.
('-unci! met pnivuant t in.'joui iiment
at th'- clerk's office Aiil -.lh, Iss;.
Fi- - ii;. the Fierident and Truste-s
MeiVo-i, Montis-d and Hawkins: alt
s' nl. (ire, n. Jh.lirev and Smith, llead
in:; of minutes deiVnod.
1 ' 1 1 : i t 's 1 1 of 15. S. Webb in the
.-.a;.! . t -J ,tH . w ith John (. Funis leu
and .1 .me.; A. St nit:-: as sureties, pre
s ;.! d and o;i mot i, n aopmv ,'i. 15 ud
.." ''. A. Miller t: C,.., drus'.dts. in the
ani d r l.o io. witii Win. S. Torek and
1'. '!. Hamlin m mm t ies. prsent'd
.". i om motion approved. Irussist'
i i; i i f F. S. Wi aver, in th' sum of
- i.'-O'. witii Matthew. F Fsrdi'.s and
S.mii.el F. Anderson ha ami tiis, pre-
tented and on motion approved. Lli ;
UOi-btndof Otto Sanderhoof, in tho
sum of S.l,(KHi, with A. Ziesse and M.
A. Hopkins as sureties, properly justi
fied, presented and on motion approved.
Fiipior hmd of John Hicks, in tin bum
of :rX,(HM, with A. Uahlke and Christian
Sartor as sureties, propcily justified,
presented and on motion approved.
Fiipior ImuuI oi Annul W. Wright, in
the sum of e:f,(H, with IF F. F.
Schneider and II. A. Deiavan as sure
ties, properly justified, presented ami
on motion approved. Smith appears.
Fctitioii of F. M. Smith and Hi others
for permission to orsani.e a new hoso
company presented; on motion the
prayer of tho petitioners was sranted
and permitted th' use of tho old hose
cart ami .'too feet of hose and to be des
ignated as Hose Co. No. l Fulfrey
api ears.
Moved and supported that (ieortfe
McCarty be notifie! to abate the nui
sance alluded to in the report of the
health ofiicer and committee on health,
forthwith, ami that he be permitted to
put in drain as indicated in said report,
and that same be done under the super
vision of the committee on sewers ami
draina.se; motion prevails.
Moved and supported that (Ireen be
Slanted a fish peddler's lisence for one
year for the sum of S-"j; motion prevails.
Council adjourned.
A. Vi:uiNiT(), Clerk.
li. ,S. Wr.nn, President.
May ., isvr.
Council met in regular session at the
clerk's oflice May a 1SS7. Present, the
President and Trustees Montisel. Me
Food, Hawkins ami Smith; absent,
Trustees (Ireen and Fulfrey.
Select committee on pound rep rt
verbally that they have had the matter
under consideration, and find that Mr.
Pollasky is unable, at present, to give a
perfect 'title to the laud near his facto
ry building, which he proposes to ex
change, with the villas' for the present
pound lot, to be used, for pound purpos
es; said Pollasky proposes to give a eon
tract for said land, for a warranty deed
to be given when he can give a perf ect
title, and receive in return a contract
from the village for the present pound
lot, deed to be given when he lulfills
the conditions of his contract. On mo
tion the report was acitod and the
committee instructed to exchange con
trails with Mr. Pollasky upon the terms
indicated in said report, provided he
builds the necessary fences, gates and
shed, according to instructions of April
Committee on public lightins repre
sents the necessity of some manner of
storing gasoline and recommends th'
purchase of a suitable tank for that
purpose; on motion the report adopted
and committee instructed to purchase
Chairman of board of water commis
sioners reports that in accordance with
instructions of council he was procjed
ing to cut off M. Pollusky's water sup
ply, when he was informed by Mr. Pol
lasky that he had paid his water tax
to the marshal. Peiort accepted and
chairman granted time in which tv in
vestigate. Clerk reports that A. McNeil, who
was appointed chief of fire department,
has mt qualified. I'eport accepted.
On motion James A. Stuttz was ap
pointed water commissioner for three
On motion the water tar; of N.
Church, for building purposes, reduced
to Sr. 7.. "in. i
On motion the clerk was Instructed
to make sight draft on M.ucus Pol
lasky for cdtUHi for water tax.
Comraitlco on sewer and drainage
report verbally that Stark and
Pike ask permission to tan the Superior
street sewer and recommend that it be
granted when sewer tax is paid. On
motion report adopted.
An ordinance relative t regulating
and licensing public shows and exhi
bitions. presented ami on motion passed
to its first reading; moved and support
ed that the consent of the council be
and the same is hereby granted that
said ordinance bo put upon its second
ami final reading: avesand navs: ave,
McFeod. Montigel.' Hawkins, Smith;
absent, (ireen and Fulfrey: ayes Fnavs
o. absent motion prevails and said or
dinance passed to its second and final
reading; moved ami supported that said
ordinance be adopted as read ami stand
as cr.linan e number six; ajes and navs
called: ave. McFeod, Montisel, Haw
kins. Smith: absent, (ireen and Fulfrey;
ayes 1. nays o, absent L
An ordinance relative to licensingaue.
and auctioneers and regulating the sale
of property at auction presented and on
motion pissed to its first readins: mov
ed and supported that the consent of
the council b and tin same is hereby
given that said ordinance be put upon
its second and final reading: ayes ami
nays called: av', McFeod. Montisel.
Hawkins. Smiih: absent, (ireen and
Fulfrey. aves. I. navs o. absent L'; mo
tion prevails and said ordinance siven
its second and final reading: m-ivod and
sopp uted that said ordioanee fi. adopt
ed as read and stand as ordinance Mo.
7: aves and navs called: ayes. JcFeod.
Jontigel. Hawkins Smith; absent,
(ireen and Palfrey, a v-s 1; navs. 0; nl
se.tt motion j rcvads.
. u or i'nnuci' n ! dive 1 l;--en -dm:
ltd re. uiating I.;h-!;s and other pubhc
.vhi. -at am! on m !:'::
; r. ! (o its first lead. ns: moved and
. ; ; I ted fill t!i" eu: .,-nl of Sue o ai..
ed b" mid th" same I .;'; : : . e:: .
tl.:o : .id vdu.aneo be pi a op. ', jjs e -o
id a id linal reading: ae.-.a..d navs
co'el; ay s. ci"d. Jon! u el. I law -Ma
: in lib: absent (Ireen and 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - ;
aves F nay. 0. al .-.out L': lu'.th.Ji ie
v;.i!s. ami s :d rdimmce ;r;ve:i its m-c-
u-i and final ; editor: moved and snp
;; led that s-id ordinance ho adopted
is r ad and t ed as ordinance n;;m?",r
. ; avi s aiel navs called; ae. . e
Fed. Mi litis. !. Hawkins. Smith: ab
sent, Fulfrey and ( iiven; ayes F n-;. s o,
absent -; Indian prevail
An ordinance relative to lie. using
hucksters. eemi'ioii peddlers and victual
ns presented and on motion passed to
its first readins; moved and supported
that tho const nt of the council he ami
the same is hereby given that said or
dinance be put upon its second and fnd
reading: ayes ami nays called; ave, Je
Feod. .'otitis 1. Ilavvkins, Smith; al-se-.it.
( ireen j.nd Fulfrey; ajes F nays o,
at seiit -; motion prevail a'mlsail orli
naiu' given .M'C nI ami final reading;
moved and supported that said ordi
nance he adopted as read, ami stand as
r linan; e No. t; aves ami navs t ailed;
avc. JoFeod, Jontige!. Hawkins,
Smith; absent (ireen uim Fulfrey; ayes
F navs 1, absent -; motion prevail ; on
nioth); council adjourned.
A. Yr.niMiTo.v. C! ik.
11. S. Wtnu, Piusidcnt.
j Ordinance No. C-
Uelatlvo V llcctisinir publle hliowrf mii-1 evlil-
The VI11;ik' r Alta i M'laltis:
I I. An) peix'ti or fit riim w ho fl iti; e. h.lat,
or lUO-iiipl to f iliil.il, in s.il 1 illMj-i- f .Mnia.
liny clrcii1, iii iii'Tie, iiiii-umn, th'-rttif or
th ftti li nl i foniiHi t-.', pniurrtiii:i. roniini'H
Mtiow.ori'.xhibitioii oi uny k!inl, wlihout h iv
liiT tlrst tt rn duly li.-.-n-c! tlu-n for Lv lli
U-tMiimoti I'ouiiril (,r kM ilhiy', hhull f. t r ti
i lite Mini of lift y tlollars to be it i-oven-il us 111 -
I I hi'i tcrioi I ooltnuiieca tl hniil illajfe j-ro I !e.
1 II. Any clrcn. niTiHtrei if, or "iii'!.liiiit'oii
: IlieiMtl, imiv bo tfi loiinl a licence, I 1 1
liy tl. villiuro clvrk, to exhibit in mi. I vIIIiilm-.
upon the puytn nt lit Mii.1 elfik of tin' huhi ot
It'll lol!iiM tor emit iay or pint theieoi" t.'
Hieh ( vnibitlon,
III. Any tniisfuin, th'.ilre, bi iiti!e;d i-'i-foi
iiinne', pioioriiiiiu, common Iimw or exli l--It
Ion ot tar klii'l not fpceitli.l In -etion to
ot lliis onhnunee, may I t- ur t - 1 licence, to
be issued y .i. elerk, to exhibit In KfiiU ol
Inye, upon the pit)in'-nt to .tU eierl; i f tho
um of I wo ilollar tor t-aeli ilay or p.trl tin u
of of Kiich xhi!'itloii,
IV, Tho eonitnoti ronncil of s.tM :!aieo,
may, at any linie, rovoko any lieenn-ij-iantea
uivl r seetlons two ami thr el tl)i8
ordinance; iui. when Mitch ri-vH-ati..n r. -,oii-'d
l.v a n.neonipllnneo xvllli tit" Omiih ae-1
c jtvlitlon upon which mioIi lie; iim xv.i vr'.int
'!, or lor vlliition i.f nay m (Jinanf-e of miiI
illiiKe, the peisitii or per-oiin li I'lirur fih h
liceime hhall f uleitall payment iiui1 lor th.
same, V The village elerk -'.nill 1 u a lirei-e for
any fif tho pnrpo nienttoni .1 in this ordin
ance without tin- payment nt the son unt
lu tein M'.'.cMifd, xvln-n h dircc ted l y n -olu-i
i m of the council,
VI Any person or pervoni r. lm diitll e.!l,it, or
att nip' t cxhltiit. any eiren. n.- ie:vp. i i mu
ni inn. thoiitie, theatrieal pertormnneo, panor
ama, common show or exultation of anv kind,
in aid x illatf -. without haxinur til t htained
a license tlu-r. lor, ih f.-eiled in n"ci ioni two
undtliroof this ordinauie, flinll, up ai eon
1etlon t lien ot tore alv co-ut ol e- eoi tenl
Juri-diciion. noTTuaihi-d by a line not ex 1 d
1111; twenty-live ii liar, an I c.h:- i.f pro' iti
tr hi, or l.y 1'iipi N aimi nt in t cxceetiji-j." f-i'.ty
days, or l.ofh tu h hue nil in.pi -I.nim.-ii! mi
the K i t inn ot the court ; an I in dri.oiU i t
ttm pa ini id of mii h tine, said p -i -on m- p. r
iis may It so impi l" ih I, in t exece.au.- si x
ty lajs, nnli? pani. nt th'-ieof l.e miMh-i
t a le, or naid per-on tir persons i,e Inii
by due ciair-c nt law ; and aid p' i o ,ii or pi-r-wuimay
I"' kept at labor liunny ne-h im
prloua.eiit. VII. All ordinances or pu ts of i d!n -in
heretofore p-ted relatiM- to the Mlti.j'--t m it
tc r f this o.dinunee are iu-n 1 y u p. mi d.
VI.' Ttds oi-dinam-o shall take !bs t inel t c
In force twenty days utter its pa--sve tin 1 dee
We hTeby citify that tii" fi r i'lr inii
nance wmn'lof ted at a reeul.ir mectim;-nf tin
common council of nan! illume i.r Alma. h-i '
May :t, ls.7, by a ooncMiriie.'- vMi' ot two
thirds of the- members elect ot -! i coiim i!.
A. Vki!1.xi; iux, Village lei L.
H. P. Wiaia, piestdf nt.
Ortlinar.ce No 7.
lie pit h e to !iecnim.r tiuet ion -ind -i 1 1 : ' -r -i .
and n 'ul dinx the ;;lei I rop.-ny nt
The Villa, e,,r Alma onh.i .
I. Any p'-rso'i : p -! ai ma a r : ! nt oi
ai I x illau'e. xxl.n "hall ot!er f..r !! aiy c m .!
wares or m-'i-eliftud i-e at putilic vudu' m -aia -
tioll is Hli t Vlll U'c. e.Xceit ,.l. I I. td p .ll-
anf tft fouie order ot 'can it or public : , v. ab
out hnx inif fht been duly li . n-.-l tin e-tur
liy ttie ceiniiKin toilllcll ot Hid Xil'-li;e, ti i I i
torteit the sum ol twi nly doll n, t b n cov
ered ns the chatter atid ordinal. 1 1 s ot l
village prox ide.
II. Any person or per. on not a red b ra
of said x illate, x ho .li ill de-ire to i.;p r f..r
sale any I'ooiN. xvare or m"rchandii'. tn said
uillare, ut public auction or v u ne, except
ales mndo pin uant t some in d r of t o u t r
iMiblie law. haa L-rantcd a li.epje. to b.
iued by th" x ilhiirc clerk, for uch mik tion
I or renduc, up hi tho payin nt to sal I i ! rk.
j ot the sum ot one dollar and City c.-nt pit
day, or part tin re f. for tin- II r-1 li da i.i;-!
! one dollar p.-r day tor em h day in i .c ---i f
j -aid !i da .
j III, Tie co'n'nvi eou::e;i ;' - d-I xl
! mav, at any time, ri x'oke any li.-ei'.-e jn- o-.n
i eiidi r sect ion two ot this or inane : an I 'vh"ii
i 'icli revocation U cau d by m ni i:n p. inr.ee
ith the H-rtns nnd ondltion upon w hi. h ?o
j license was grunt d. or for xiol iti ai of :i:
' ..rdi!iHiiee ot s-ud villajro, tie- ju i 'oii or in r-
son hoMinir mi h liceese shall i'oi-:eit nil pa-
mcnt mad.' for tte.' sau.e,
I IV. Anv pi i ' -n or p-te.-n- not , r':d'ni
lofaid xiiiit-e. xxho sliall i.;I(-r t r.j -.i" nny
I ir od, warei or aiert h:'.iii'ir-e, nt put-lie ':e-
tioi, or x c-ndu'. rxo pt .!! maoe pu!e,ln,
ti ts -.me order of ouft (r public law, wi: li mt
hax in? tirl obtaim-d a been." tluof r. n
p citl'-d in m-i tion two of thi op! inane. fia.'l.
I'fim coin ii t: n thereof t.f i re r.:i e ni-. t .!
cott-p. l.-n' jui idiet ien. I e fniai-li' d i y a
not i .c eibnif ten doihin am! -ol - of p:
lion, or by impi ioii!!te' t rot xc. e.ldur ten-
! t? dax , or both sn h line ami im: -.-i-onrci . i.'n
th" bTfdion i f the "nil : atid i-i d-l idt el
t iio pHTineiit of -uch lite , -aid )ei-o.i or p.
sons may be o imprlon-d t-."t exi' - lii ,t t . :.
ty day unle payment ihotvuf b- .-on. i
made, or sai I p' ron or pi-roiM !.- d'-i !i ::-.:i--i
by iluec .nil of w: an I ,i !i j. r in .- eer
s.ms iiiny bo kept at labor duiiri u. i: im
priotinu rit.
V. All ordi-.a'ice- or artJor ur iiie'-i-.
heretofore p;i-ed. n laiive to 1) e' -i i
matt, r ot ltd orditianc , ar - l.ercbj r j.e,.; d
VI. 'I Ids ordinance -Y-.'.l t.d
in fo-.-e t v. nty d iy- ale r il
putiii" at (on.
. Wc In r.-by v rWly tti.it th--iea:ce
a- ad- .eled at a r. rala'
l'ir -"'ll eilll' it id lie- X
ay -'Id. 1 by a c..-v'ii i'.e
third- the l.e '!' I t -i !(
I b
ue ;
;! Ai
It. V.'K ..:.
Ordinance- llo- C-
l.-;.l tx e to ! i" ti:t u ::i I r-f ..-O't. : Ii . -. -i.:.i
elh'T . iiiii." N f id. .-".
TJie ida-i oT Am, a oid.di :
I. Anv pi r-i n or p -'-.-oc.- : -' a': . -.
in t!e I.-, iie ot op-T onm- a i e. .
or di .tv im.- i .r !.::-. la -1 a 11 e, - ; v. a
-.mil tr-in'' r an p.i--'.i.-r fo V ' - '.
ir - or in- ivn i'ii' ! i- 1 -. . in i! .-.
-h tl; Is- vriann.-d an a ru.al b-.-r-.s... to I.i - ue l
.. 'v t
ti st v ! of Mi'H vvliilt' liavi'.i.' vary
, vamp serttiis Io not !mi-: h fla
".X A ' VK, .r V . V
V r-'M -a'- ''X
j l US jm w u U.1 U w uiU xy w ij t; u i ujv.- u u a u. z
in tin- mark t. Wo carry iti sto-A flu- Finest atnl un. ('inn-
.!ctf MNi: of Ii.lU'A :.!iM a::d ( tiiMroj; l'i N Id !. s
' fiiiiinl in Alma. Y t will liiel Slnu-s t vu t;y as
Je.iVMd'.f-l, an I I'rfo t T!t rill Ml,:n'si (:
Cto.it st Ilttyirs! Call atnl m o for y!in.M'lvi s.
by tho village chik. upon payment to t-ald 1
clcikot tlic muii ol llui i- ooi!at lor a one
hoi i-e Inn li, I'liaiihe. or dir. v, t. d lie- -'Hii ;
ol the dollar tor a two l.uie l..n , o.na.:t ..s :
oi'drnv. i
II A II I i en -- - i-iii .l i.'i.d i t!.- pi i iic.r ft--c- (
tioll I.I till oldilliill. ". s'llOl tie lxiiedi.ll t'lCj
Mt Mi.ii.iay in .lull. ot i-i.cli eitr. tot t .
ear eoinieeiio;n.: i n that it ix. and -iniiiiir "ii I
the I: i -t MouduV ill .hoi" next t tn Ti al lei'.
II. Any i.-T-eii ra- p; r-oti- t-'tj-.u in la '"eii '
b.t-ini . after tiii- tO-'t Mo.n-.t.iv ai .l.a.e. hh.-ol
be H! ai.t- d a Ih-.-i:-e, o be I-.-HI I l y l!i'.''-j
la-e eii rlt, epon p t en-id to 1 vid i i 1 I. id On '
proliitK p. on ol th - iicneal lie. n m n- I
l!'i:io !fi e" on i no ej t!i ooliu e. . nrl'irl
l-eie ;.!!!! r ' ' li - ) em- em! ll.r o-i tie - !lo-' V' li !
J !i: ill .liii.e l.'-.xt lui icatt I. j
I IV. The Jie"i:e or I'.'i n - i h i u.i.h-r
llii-. i.rdili-on i r-h.tll i,oi b ii. vnui te T tr.iii
I teiable.
I V. Tli on nation cram il of iaid iilawe, ina) .
nt mi)- tune, rev o!o- any Ii t";- j.- ranled u . I. r
i tliis i rdiiiaeee, and wia-n k . 1 1 1 1 o it ion i
'eiu-ullij i : i ! i c. a i el ' a m ' - v. i ! 1 1 th" terms and
l ci.nottioi i. pi. it wioeh ','ch li-i i,e v n ned
J i .1. i i lor x a la I .mi ol !iii oi iiiene.i e id '.!!
I x .! a .- -, I !-e pi r on hn'd-ii-; k,e !i I.:-' ne t-Ii.il.
. foi I.-;! i'; j ay:.n tit ma t.- ta- the urn-.
I VI. Any p. r-ou or p-r-o;i x-.iio 1 1 i n
i (.'iit'- in t! '" be-iif's- ol o(. -i-.ii In r iiim- hai-K,
i iandiii- oi'di i line, in .1 1 . V ai.i : ior hit e,
or m ho shi'.'l Ir.i-li r au pa i.e-" r-. irei.-ht.
VimhN, xv,ifi-. or .e m h.cidSe lo:- I. n -. in .ii.
xii'iiye, xvithu o liax in;,' lirst b'-.-n ou ly bi-ei...-d
lli.ielor, ll.l!l, llpnti eoMVK'.i'll lll-ieol
tn tore tiny court id comp -o-ni .iin i-di. tion. ! i
I un.le-I by a line nit cm .e I in tin
d-'Il.ii , a ml c)"t - cd pi o-'-euo at. r by impri.
emnnit led e.ee. din.r .ii ly l.i.'i r ti .tii
S'M h li'i" ll'id bnar! -o:ime it in I ; i " d i -e i . : 1
of t h eon rt r Hnd in .!.-!':"ili .dt!:.- e: ee-ni -1
j melt tine ai Ii ier -oii . .- n. r .-) : neiy l.e : nil
I pri' tn d ret r-i edluy I m nl y i!,' Hit!' - .
I I'll.', i. -cat lle-i'i of ( Mioi. r -I.. -. or t- ti l ei-
-l II Of p I -o! I .(' 1 1 . i l I I" .' 1 'I i'V i.iM-i'.i:,!- I i
i l.'.'x : and Mi'd p i -i.:i in' p i -.-ih i,:,i , b" !. pt
3t !a ior i,i 1 1 u h I ui , ! ; toi.e i.l.
VII. "1 1,' in-.!;- an- e -'i.i'! t .Ue e't.-.-. a. 1 e
in l i : ( i i e-ay .:.i alter pa---.f..- a!el d'J"
ii.!-l eiii inii.
Vvf h n I y c-'i llly that t'." (ore-o:io: f.i li
! ( wi I'd. ijio :: t a i '. - e !ar u i -! I 'it ( X
I i-lll.t ai council i I lite iJ.eii Aluel. In i i
'..-i.v . .1. o ;t M . f mi n i j 1 1 ; ore ef t w -I
hi I ds i:' I he lo it)'. -r i l'-.-t ot a id c urn il.
A. Vi i.T.. I on. Village- U I k .
It. S. W I l.e, Pi r id. i.t.
Crtliinnc llo. D.
Ihlr'ivi tol c i I,', le.ii 1,-1 ; r, i mi. nam p ii-
i.i r ..ml iel ...in i .
Tee ', i.l of , i:,i.i ord.iin:
I. An Ire r. a. r. - oiui-ion e . d 1 1 r-. x ion: ah r
r any per on i.oi a n -id.ta ot -- u-i xlllio;.-,
iio !i . i.n to id. r m.i Ii li in k ti r, c nana n
li'l'lar : a t i:ii-r, any j.ool, xar--. m r-
e'.'.t ". eotiji i !. m r, r n ! n -I: aa-ni . in
-:Od I at- , -b ill b- ":ial;t.d a bell-.-, to be
--.. ; Tie -,, ; i. ,,j . ..'.I x iilie.- -. 1 -: -m h
p.:i --, : pen l'i j'. x .in nt I" .-aid i a-; ' id
lie iaa oi one ,(,,!; j- per day fi r ( acli day or
.11 I ill' ! I In,
!l. An ..lineal iie i - may be minted tor
:or r.i; ! Hi.-j; , o . im-iitiom-d ill m cf:on
on.- i i th e- i.i,,.: by n -olatioii of the
i" m....-.ti lo'aa:! ol -aid x.d. ve. and ujun
oicl i t a i : : .id i-o, id i n a idiaii be ja t. .-i ili-
d lie ii n.
IIT. T.I..' f'.v; -. ,'! i".i;::ic;l i.f Slid Vill.O.e
may. :.l uuy t : -. n -, . be any ieetie eiaiaed
i.,',i; i lln ri,.i..'i. ; -,,i In ii -uch ie-.ot n
t ' .u i c;ie.-i I-".'-, i -m piiati.-e v. iili t he t rm
and i i m'i',o:i l i o ' liicli si.cli l:ci n-e wa
t rant d. or ! r . o. i i n o m y .M.r ,,'nr
id .-Hid N'ii ave, ! de pi -oil or p. -o':- bo.ditiL'
..-eii In-.- n-.. m...i Haliit ail pa !.: at ir.udc
l'i 'T t h :i tic-.
IV. Tii" viil.i.i- (''' i'; lia!l t".' l:eeti-e
!"r.tti;. o: the p ;rpo' : mentaai. .1 in t!:i 0101-liata-e
xvtih -a. t tie- p 1 :n it of the a",.n,r:t
la I'-iti )i- 1 died. , hen o din eled by : -oiutioii
ot the Coillieii.
V. An 1 "-"!! or I r-oi' m !ti . all, a-' '.-eh
bi;-kter. eo:;," 0.1 p.-,;.;;. r or vtw! v. s; !l i t
1 ild r for sal . an y 1.01.I-. u.;ri , i.n 11 !i -ndi-e.
co 1 1 1 1 : i :; -i ; 11 r ! r -1 1 ;: 1 u -. in . i. I x Ida
u dl.o a! . i a ; t i r o: tamed a licen-e t'.i re-lot-
a ,'' e. - a- 1 in I 'd y '. cane, r '1 .1 '. '.. . 1 -or 1
eo!' e I a .11 t ... t ei .f ', .1-: 1 , 1 . ; ji 1 1 :' 1 .11
p. tent .biri-d.ct ion. I"- p,,e; !.i-l t r.m- 1,0!
e t-.-rd 1;. - :; v dV'al. : . : 1 I i . , - 0',' p,o.,cii
tioli. ir I v if'l ri liiiii-l: ! !., r excel d.l ten
da or l ii a a ,ie'a l'ii- am! impi ,on: , nt in
the i.i.'-;vt:,:i of r '" e. '! 1 : l ; cm j., (1( ot
the p;' ;i,i M of ili-ll li,)", li i p.-l'-oil or p I-
-i.ie lea.' I : iii.pii o:;rd m l vw edin- t.-a
'.i.i uaie., p..y:'i'-;it t!i reo' bo . ,. in; : t-t:..!-.-.
or s"i h p. is.i'o' t 1 i-c; ! 1,,- I -a I'm-. I l.
in" c i r- o" I 1 ; a 1 I - : 1 p ro i or per
':. l'i.'.-. be ki 1 ; at l.dio;- ia 1 --.je.i i ; : : j 1 -. - -en."',
VI .'.ii ..rd'.t.u:-.- or t ,r! 01' oii'-n-aa-i-s
)..,-. p. pa--o-l te!;-.;ivc To ;',r ;.d,. ,t
1. a! ! r . ' till ei d in.: a- -, .1 1 U ri by n o :'.. d.
VJI. Th! or.idi im e -bal: fa.." IT ,-! a: .1
h- "t ii Tee t - ej-' y i!.. ..: !. r tl pi- ;.:.d
d'..C pid'i c Iti.'ll.
We r ! V 1 ( : ! I . 1 ! .it 'i - ! ot ' ' -ie , '. I ': .
nance v a :nl : ' I at a r d r 1 r-: t 1 r t'e
ci nm.i -t 1 , ( 1 t x t , .!:.:l, ,, 1 )
iay :'d. '--7. ly a toitci ru'.r vote o; t.e-lldr.!.-
oi ti o tin inbi j 1 ! 1 1 f -ai l eobia :!.
A. t in sot. i.
i.ia-v l'!i ri..
::. .-. vvr..;!.
1 ,c- .:!.!.
PlbKt TK Itrii".!C. i!Ho- o! Mi-ldtaa
e ,-.i'it v of 1 1 ri 1 1 !-1 , s -
At il s.'-io;i of Hi" l'lobite 0111 1 for Hi -e.
UI-! ol 1 1 r .! i-.'t. Ie tide 1 1 at t lie i d.il'- ) p..
iti tl.: x illar" of ItUae:!. on T.e 1 i'-. th-- tl aid
:; T '-':. In the ji ,'.i' oe.e th nsai-.d ei-hi
lea 1 ir d and 1 i : ldy-. n
I '1 , '-m' , .1 tin"- I '1 I !' 1 K . .T 1 I.t of 'r Vd.'
In the m.ijti-r "1 th.- -( io- ol I.ruie Woo !.
die- '-. l. t. r.-.-bnr -md (t!-n - I ': p i !- 1
deiy Xi . ah d..-! ''li -. M. Wool, pray;,;-..- rt. a
e:r. ;-.:-'t ti'...:. . ! ' ; i 1 - in: 1:1 V b a'a.i-i
lo.' t .: i !-(.!- M.'- Td Ii ef j i ' .1 1 I , J., "J,
Tic 1 1 o; a il '- .' d. that Tii 1 !,t- . tli
'!'!:':;., da--t .by . t ;.t t.-i ., 1 k i-i ih.
1 ' ri f.'" .11. I " : -'l ri.' I io:' I h" It'-.'t: i 1 . . r 1 I .ild
; ' !d : 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 t : - ' h 1 1 - 11 ! la's- o, ... ; ,!,..
1 - I. in I -'I "": ; p.: - t" inter - I I 1 I
1 -t-n . a : r ': ' : ' I l 1 1 e. a. at 1 s i n
-ai . eo- I t i."., o 0 . it id. -1 a! ! IV-!.-.
1 ( . in t a dl ' l' 1 1 ac a. ' 11 I -Ie v 1 t a
, r any t'.l- fe ;-..--.-. t'l ;V o; t i, . ee! 1! ;. e 1 r
on! I n--i- tie j.t .i?el : I'det i ! i-- 1 1 ' i t h r 1 'V ' :
. a. t'ed d i ! t 11 .... r -. ' 1 ' i' e t 1
j ,. r p! ed i a - : i e-t - a o'' t a p a-
t -al p-e i e n :e d th- l 1; o .- :. :
'S ;. e ! of tl.!.; . f-r " t.. 'e- p-- 1 -i -
. d ;'! t'l - .1 ; a I.i: a v p. ea, d
a ! d'.-.t! .d i i a. I i oai.t of i , ; , : i a i hi
:n .- -i . e 1 . , , rei U t . :;ol ,!v oi
!: oil:-.
.IX'KS p ApMlCW, Jiel ' of I'lolat '.
i r;:r:: cni'Vi
! 'V V :ir;i;. isi. :i.t;i."l I'll', t'-ia
- j oint s nnd i llnTid.'i- f!;?
Timi: Vaule.
TjI.-'u, Aau Arlor Ic North Michigan.
Colli t: d lo Jitu. 1, IsT.
.N mill It i. ad. Mandiir l Time. South Uoutiif.
N..'i iN i.l" No .: " " S o.l N o.-T N S
Ac. b. M. .1 .-Tvn...v. J Ka. j Mail
I'.'!. I' xi. -. I A. XI. i I'.M I I'.M.
i ! a I . -. i. 'I oil do. . r' vJ' I II :n
. r. a ! .. :.'.. "taabatt. Il Je. ! 1 I ?; II
'i 1 ' o a " ' .. A ley;- ...I It M. I Mil 11
, i . I ui Ct.'. Monroe ,Ie..' 4" I 4-dO "il
' i : 4 bi ! T. .iii;.dee.. li M 10 VX
s it 1! t; .. ;:h,n .. i il i Id l' Ji
li 4a 4 .:: 1 i" 1': 1 1 -ti. 1-1 ... ' T li. 1 1 4 (, tl 40
Mel : 1 ' 1 i .Ai.it Alitor.. ' " II V U :iu
I" ; i...VVoid. i,s... a -1 i
il ..South I. von..! :i
a ,llait:buiv
l .12' K .',2
I t 4't H 47
hi 'i h i.r,
a 4 i : a:
tf .Vi 7
h ''I . I II to t .it r v ,J-.
:iu . . I low ed
".el a !'.
: '. u'" '.i :..
i -: t -m:
i ' i a .i :J
i 7 e't bi on
j S b id e.
i s a: ':.
I . .v.
: 'I ' ll !
, '. b- li -j:
i i : a 1 1 4
t' il 11 ;
a M ; .' b;
! V. e. p,
in m ;:
. It. ron
..I iiir.iii l. .
..Virm m
.( 'oi ami, a.. .
. . i'.o ,. . . ,
I MV .-o Jc.
.. .I.l-i.v ...
. . A-Jtiey ...
.Nor Hi .-tar. .
.. Ithaeti ....
.Kt. I.oui-. . ,
. AI.MA ....
r :-. t II id
I'm ldi,i,n .
! Ie ia.er I .,
'.I i leaant
I '. es i :ti
it i:u t:
y :.:
i m :n :iu
; s bi 4' i
i 7 r7 .rt fi
! 7 4 ft lft
I 7 ','7 4 f,7
i 7 "i 4
; 7 us t :;s
i 7 "I 4 'ift
1 i fn 4
i; ;i 4 ixi
A.M.' I' M
cm. I'.aa
A'l ts ail: r dai'y, e.xi" pt Sunday.
' i: e ( ' i - rn -; - V ! Ti i do witli all liie ili
Xil.'i a! M;e i. ."'.' I .Illtietioll with VV'hiel
in .V I ..i K I a n ; a: '. ! i , ii m t j. a i wit h M ( '.,
ai i i Vi. s ; :.t .'-io'in e .Jutteiion xvith
A a i ai I l o 1 1 Ii I,. S. i.- al. ut lliil.dec with
l.,V.i., i-ii'i b. r . , M..; ;it Milan .luictiori
uith 1 1 1 1 : i ' : 1 v t em V i.tv ... .-!. I,. I'.; nt
t'.t" .: i ; ivi;'i V -ai'i'tl I tarn li I, S. .V M. S.j
at A i, i; V : Ir I u i ' i : . i . I : u I ma , f h I ,x I Ii xv il h
1 1. I.. '., an-i . I . ; at Il.iudan xvi'ih M. A.
I. i.e oi. i-,. a .. !'.: at !l . . 11 with 1.. N.;
at inn. m. uhlir, ,V (i T., and J). M . ; at
i iwo - i .1 1 : : e . io u wilit I b . M ., arid M. I'.; at
al St. Lieu wuli lb I.. ,V .V. end S. V. t. h.i
at A Im.. witii ii. I.. N-; at Mt. IMea.-anl With
r. r. M.
V.'. II. J! NS..TT, d n. I'a3. i IT-'t Av't.
II. W. A-nta.v, (leidi .-aiji't.
A. .1. ii I.oiiMt., A; i nt. Alma.
Dst.-cit, Luii'-in;.; k NortLcm it. K.
In Idnet Auyu-t Ism'i.
;''.T"Tr..liis run bv Central St and aid time,
C'.in.-' West.
tJoin Hast.
A. M.-.X. M.-f. M. A. M.-l. M.-l'. M
.b.) d: a I.v I) tr it Ail I : i;:4t SLfti
7:Vi I bV. I ., l'i Mm. nh ,, I - 7 'J:.i :i;(
s:IT II::. i.::."i S'th I.yen e;;jl X:S -,:t
A. M.-lb M.
!:Vi 1:1 i sai-j 'Jp I.tidif.- S;Vl 12:11 r,::,fl
1'.; hi ;i S::: l,an-,uif ,, l.':ll 6:.VJ
A. M.-l". M.-l'. M.
li;.'.. ;i:l"t '.i:i.". intra ,, 7 i In: i'i .".:1ft
I', .x: -A. M -I'. ,xt.
b.'.' ti I :' a b):2."j ,. (', ret !. dl- ., I di !i;.V 4
I :.':." I 4:11 llowarl I .ty H:lft l-lft
STAN'JO.N i.a .( it.
I'.M. A.M.
':: s:''I.X" I-.nia Ar ...
4:o '.laftAr lidmore l.v ...
:1." U :.. UiK.tpid-
A. M.
Ia:4" 15:4.1
U:it 2;20
h-tft I2;."tft
a in pm ai.in xw it o n i: Ai'ins a m I p m
'..'' t' l'i li.i-1 Si'.i'iuw !1..V k.u".
7 -i i i ..i. sajfiiiitw it v II. 4' M.ftl
7.;."1 i. r paim V- .' 11. '.'ft' H.-ft
'din- 7. a: st. la nil M.2.".' Td'-V
,i . ' 7..:. .... Aim a .10-lftl 7.M
7.- ". s ; i.dmo.-e ;t.2.-,; .
l'b" lb Hi ward Cttx KdRI: ft. 2d
.. .ia:.d latp.'U ; 7.J 4. no
i:ilO l .T. I.OCIS AM) AI.MA.
fin 'ca "..!' u :n !.:t a iti .mm fidfjpm
All. i.t. ... - b". b".l 't " ..Vi a in tl.fta "
I..-U-S., I 2d:iMiil;.l5
M-.lal'r.AMi AI.MA TO IT ! Af.'A.
M.i.e-i'.-. a i.i IJ'J i ;ni.'iiira
Vl-aa .. . -.4i " lb-,')iiii I .-ii " s.,rt') "
Ilia. et ... I '.I I " l a.. " ,l.."t " M.l't "
1; 1 1-' a. v ",h Uaiir-oa 1 - di' eru inir.
1M-. ni -oiti i !mt 1'i-ro IrtrUetti- y.
Si adh Jr. on l'oi.-do. Ann Arbor .V. (J'tl Tr'nlt
lt- A ' !. ne l:v. i. i . I;y.
'!'i owtaaaa. (.tid auo inand Trunk lty.
I. a:ia;' u;', li . of M.C. Id lb, Lake Shore
.V M:cH.:.n 'Utlieri. b'v.
loni i I ).,.. II. M. J.' v., nnd Stanton It. It:
II we.-li ify-(,r.oid K.ipld.-.V Indiana ,c It
le- ;.., :d-'. VV. M. lty.. ai d ti. It. & I. U
I. il ai :it: !W- . )n . ol M. -. Ii. K. : J'. ic
I. . M. i: .. I. II. N . . T. .V II.
J. if. M i i.iaut x. ''i-ii'i Manager.
c( t,i'r."i,M i u, Traine Man. Detroit,
in-ra K iil.t es Itetn-it. Mich
VV. .x. VAld.iL.!.', Acur. iina.
T.p' '.'! dV'i'. V Id:.-I)i!ault having been
.ij. -a i b- in li.e e-.'inlitions et u ceitxiu
: -o: t: -..-'-.'. ' o ii. e date .oember 2Mli, ls"2,
e.ei'.i! a i J o . 1 1 ini!. ini.ii am nnd t.udocla
ne.iiai; aam. I i- !lt , of the townhip of
id. !! i d. i '.o-e ee in coin.ty.M iciiiiriui, to Mor
t i '!" t b .-f l '',!; ui. New Vork, a lid I'M-oni-I
I O, the o:;iee of tile a aji-tei of deed Of lira-,
i.'b' r::. . !ia :.n. in lil . r 4" o( niortjriiirc
e. p; t ' 1 1 ' 4 th d ty o Jeeember. 1."J
t: . o" '.idea fa i i- ;.iim.-d to be due and II n
; a -i.r t ' 1 1 1 1' i 'i 1 1' - in tici . t lie sum of one
la: , 1 . : : na :.v-tvvo '.:;,-.. end s'vui
i r. .'. '. . an 1 ir ' -a.t or pr i -i edim: at laxv
i :. , r m I e -a jn t . t mi d to u e. xcr
d - ea i. i-t v da". o;- iu, al t therof,
. ' i- i- 1 o: i . 1 1 -' iit j , I.t r I'.v t len that by
. ii , ' . ".a p i f f ..!" in a.d niorta.re
e 'a.' ! a !. an d iit UI -1 a, lie'- d the l-tiltute III
!:.!. c i mad.' ami poxidi d. tl.ue will la;
.- il 1 :.' a l . e iii ii i i 1 to the hi.lnt bidder,
r.t 1 1 e a, r. a 1 1 1. i.t boor of lie- et iit rt )ioum, in
t..c x i.'ej. o: lil,,ea, iii -aid c.-unt.x it hat Iti-ioir
d p.. c ot l-oldi.'tf t.h circuit couit U,r said
. ..nut .-. . i.e. tin Hih day of May, ls7, ft 10
'.'i . ,n the tin it.41111 i l iid day, the prein-:-.
id -.-i ibi in .ml !,,oi t ;r. l -, or so much
!:..;".'.;- l...!i b l.a i-vnn 0 f-atisfy the
::i n - i o..' p:c 1 1.. : a . n, it't 1 1"- Ii in ci sts,
i.a .,!-..i: : an r.t b a i.e !( tf t',ftc n dollars
i . . . u dm -t Of-, x i.-.: The xvet tscn-!-'..-"
od -: M :-i li I:s hcii-.j of the
We t i : ol ,. !. .1 th-.-."'-: qu itter Of M'C
lion ei -i . i a I e. i. - ri i ! wt I vc ( p.'i liol't h
of raiiire f,tt- it) wc. Uiny- in Ihe township
ofsc.i:.-. (d.ae.i . ... i.iy, .'.ikhiKKn.
Hab-d I i bruar.v II, IsS.
idoa i mi n I'i.y, Vnirivwt.'v,
rAi.xti.': A: Si'iNxtv, Atls lor .Mortjutf t-.
M u . :;.(.r. A:.ld-Ief:iuit having bv n
a i b ia t lie co.i la oas ol a certain mon-K.-W.
tr:.... an t cmvu;; d by John VV. toBinf
a ad bi in i li aim , bit w i-, tu VTiilinm Hat
t i. ..del ii' i .f, l'-.', an I r cord.tl
iict i a a ...id, .--', in lai.cr 4-i .f i-u.irtiHffi'K, tai
P U'- . lb o.le e o, t h,. i-, Ki-o-r of needs for
i:a!i -a i entity. Ma -n ir-ni, lor tli" sum of Two
llun be '. I i.os. oil tin topi win;.- di -cribcil
Ian t l fit : T'!.'ee, licit tl.2' tf the went
ii.Uf.-2 id the -ail a. at ipimt"r i of t ct
i .a ti nty lour ail in i .wn-hip twclxe H2)
t: 'i th. o: on, re ban- t m - , in i i i at lot con nty
Mk !! vnai ; tn i : ii .ot v i,ii ,m Hut ton ha r nig
il' pai iel init i,;.. . n oi i, l out llm ,nli daj of
icio'.ei . I----4. icavtiiif a la-t wili and testajank
xvha Ii w. pioM- 1 oi i piol.iitcd in the probate
e un I. r the conn oi la-nawco, nnd thu ex-Ci-oliou
i ie r. of e i.i i,np d to t llall.as M. Cro
w.'tli'.ni Piaas V'.'. lay, or th" "nrxivor t
t !:""., w Ii h is i ji b nid and i nt. red ujun
I '"- 'I'll. I i.ei e u ; a ,.! , 1 i-i t as, tin-re is cl.om-
M to n due i, ed te, a d i t tine d He ot th:n
a ::... bu- i.a h -:. i!,e nm t MAt-ieur 1M
i .-a.-, a . . I 1 1 f .. : 1 1, a' ,i 1. 1 i.f Ten oollars and
: -.v--.it -:i, i- i t t r t ix--s pai 1 for ihe jrcara
d '':.':. I - a - nii.U..; ; a to; .1 sum on.' nnd un
I a a ..I -ai I in e t of s vciiiy-l.,ur dollar
aid i u i m -Hoi - c e.t. aid no" piK'eeilliitf
-i ' : i a r, ., in i j aiy iiax Inv b.'i n tn"tilut
! t . a t i i. a i,. , in,v i ,j f. ;t i . l debt
" ' red ! .-. -act li.o:, lue.
do..ti; .- ,'.:. by v.ifu ' if the oxvcr .f
" .11 f li mor it l::e eol.t.ofied, t'.i.d tf tllO
sl iM. in '. t, . -a ie: de nnd piovidcl litk'u
I ' i-x i,i:.i fiit said im-rtirao xvill n
I 'rain e! i.v :isiiia,l t!i bi ll Hint premier
nl. e d . . id'-d at pubbe tucti ai or xiudii.;
titi 'liL-!i t i Id l. r. a the noriti Ir nt iIiht
of t.i -id or t un-) c-ii.t li-iu.-e, in tin- xil
bU -or i.l' ( i. V ,t Ji!..'.n. in the .Mh ila.V of
Au.u-t. r- ., ,t I i o'i b.eii m the tola ii.nm, for
th lirpo-e ". i!.f I -e iiliMiur.t llllll
'iii.l iii at ''' . with lldi ret inai nil li-Ktil
'. t i .. r Min -n idt' i: ( r . f litte.-n
I i ,-:-i, i 1. d by iat u ". Saal ik c xvill
b m.i b--ti . . i t i tli pi lm ipat rem ol two
b.iii.de 1 d I ,i n it y et dc, nnd inl ie.t en
thi'Mime tio. ii nt l utter ihu - t nay ot Oct
ei f . l-sti.
lbtie 1, :;ay tli. IssT.
Fit xsk vy. ci.Ar,
Surviving r.v i n or of the la-t will wil triit
ameut of VV Pliant Huito::, 'ic aseil.
MAUC'Ci 1'oU.askv, Attointy lor Lx ecu tor.

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